3 - Winding Up

7,000,035 years ago

Heartsong is small and held in my arms because she's my dolly, and we're in a roller coaster car but instead of Disneyland it's in SPACE! We're at the top of a big hill, but instead of falling down the hill, we go to warp, with star-streaks rainbow around us!


Warp ten means you get there instantly and we do and come out of warp again and are heading for a red planet with some kind of circular metal thing on it which looks alright I guess, I bet that's a Space Bridge like Transformers that takes us to Cybertron, but--


Rails thud under the wheels again and we start corkscrewing super fast around and around and around WHEEE until the world is so blurry I can't tell if it's stars or something else but it is something else because we stop corkscrewing and start zooming along a crazy course like Big Thunder Mounter through CANDYLAND! Candyland is awesome and we always go here but why NOT it's the best.

Fun flying hard like this--oof--hehe sodafalls up there let's swim in a fizzy lake!

The track twists suddenly and we zoom off the end of it and splash with huge spraying waves into a lake of grape soda! Great idea, handmaiden!

Present Day


Hold my hand out. You put the key in. Hold the key.

I felt a psychic interface, didn't I? In my hand, key! It jumps to my hand with a weird retconnish transition like it was always here (which after an eyeblink of annoyance that it would mess with my head like that makes me grin with how summoning it unexpectedly will mess with everyone else's head). Things that could interfere with summoning?

Nothing that I can see, and I really meant everywhere. If the key exists, and it had better, that's a part of our friend in there, you can hold it right away.

I really do love this. And you. Pluck.

Reach up to get kissed by you! aaaahot tongue in my throat, lips around my mouth pushing softly...

Aaah, much better. Now, let's have some fun with statue sex. First, that hole in her. There's no way this didn't make horny stuff we can do with the penetration angle.

new page appears: horny stuff for hole in Sex

I get to one knee behind Sex's motionless form and push her hair aside to see the hole, and flip.

The pussy that the key fits in feels hard outside like a keyhole but there are nerves connecting it so it will be sensitive and she'll feel the key in there. When you wind the key it's turning stuff triggers a big nerve so it probably feels hot to have her key be wound and stuff.

The hole has a burgundy-anodized metal rim, shiny and narrow, and goes deep into her, makes my eyes weird with ontological engineering in there my star-sight sees, so I try to just see with human sight for a minute and peer inside. It's dark, so I light it with a gentle iris-glow, and the metal shines colorful back to me, and at the bottom of the hole, beyond the physical nubs of the ontological engineering ports for the key's teeth, I see something like...snow or ice? Literally? Acme Station scan log flip.

Scanning hole in sex...deep scan...nerves--


Ice seen at bottom. Cold frosty thing made of water ice held by warming fields to not freeze her lung. Not part of the wind up key but hole goes to it anyway. Weird to me. Can't see under ice. Also weird, very good shielding if Acme Station can't get through!

Analysis: melt with my light.

Water ice turns liquid. Don't know what's inside, or if fields can hold it. Could bring water out hole but then what?

I put my hands on my hips, anxious to make Sex dance over here and have the fun of explaining her new life to her, but this is bugging me. Pluck.

Acme Station sensor sweep going...


From her liver to asshole...where she said pulse flowing has balloons inside and her skin and stuff is elasticized. You can blow her up! Expansion fun. How is that priestess? Tracing plumbing for inflation...keyhole! Why ice thing, then? Don't deflate? Already down.

Oh that's fun, if the key's her inflation plug, she can know the only way to deflate is to be statued. Any sense how big she can go?

Veeerrrrry big. Heartstone elastic.

Inflate where...down from ribcage to ass. Hips and thighs affected too. Makes her shape like, more!

Okay that's a clue--

The ass shape thing! Frozen that we like that stuff. Take ice away to blow her up. The ice up there is really big. Freezing other stuff. Ice away, free that stuff. Priestess stuff, what could that be?

Okay what's with this? She took the choice of staying this shape, did she not actually believe me that I think it's hot? Am I just being superSade, or does she seem to get hung up on simple stuff a lot even for a Vena? She's not new to the Dreams that I can see, can't be she had us for six years, and...like I know Vena can be soft uwu but like...you see me. Flip.

She doesn't have the experience we have. I think you are being superSade.

Sigh. Okay. I can melt the ice and blow her up and try to scene her into unfreezing but I don't think physically brute-forcing it that way...except why set this up otherwise. Hmm.

Maybe that's why keep ice up where her heart is instead of in her thighs and ass. Keep ice where it hurts for her. Expansion is fine except this other thing. What thing, don't know. What heart keeps there?

She said it was the top half of her lung. Air, Vena, Isla Virgo, she seems like a cute sweet Venus but she goes through the looking glass to wank to a weird statue she's obsessed with every single day and keeps on drinking more and more of its mind control cum and she's terrified of Sade and yet her solution to trying to find English is to say lets decode the weird scrawl and go to a place called Happy Chains and drink cum from a random source in Rl'yeh Sade, that'll definitely not make anything weird happen...like she's obviously straightforward and telling the truth but something drives her that doesn't add up. It's easy enough to see that she hoped sticking me in an iron box like this would make me containment breach her silly, so why cling so hard to Venus? You can be both, you don't have to be afraid to be Sade too. Anyone knows that.

Oh spike this. We need to toss her room. She has a wound right near her heart somehow, and probably there's a story if we can get it out, except I don't think she knows what it is.

Okay one more thing. Why'd the Dreams say to put us here? The view is nice and I'm sure whoever that is out there will be interested to meet us, but like--no, Sade again. She had to build my temple in Rl'yeh Sade.

I put my hands on my hips and look at Sex.

"What is your deal, freezerpop?"

Let's meet the neighbors. I lead Boobsong up to the window and look out.

Outside, not even point one AU off, is a nice plasma-shell that looks deeply swirly-colored to my star-eyes that can stare right into the laser I was attacking the darkness with before we got into this awesome predicament, averagely bright, but we're seeing their Sadish side here, where their freak flag flies. On the Isla Virgo side Helios is probably a very nice normal yellow star named for the now-long-lost mythical sun of the bizzarre fishbowl-world known as Earth, but here...weirdo! Nice to see a kindred spirit.

And rare.

With a bright warm pulse from my waving hand, I dreamtalk out to them in a chirpingly cute voice that does nothing to hide my baby-ness from a star's perspective:

Hi there! Sorry I couldn't be polite before. Things got extra-Sadish.

Usually stars like images, not words, and I'm great at reading that (which is why the Dreams always talk to me like I'm a star, with visions), but not so much speaking it.

Hello, starkid. I see your feet unstuck. Is your pet human fine? It stopped moving.

Count on the star to see who's been orbiting who this whole time.

It's fine, I just paused it so I could think and say hello right. Um...apparently while I was stuck the Dreams told my pet to put me here. I love your photosphere effects, so maybe they just wanted me to have pretty company when I unstuck, but do you have any idea if there might be something else they said that for--

Of course they put you here! Don't you see--oh. Oh Rainbow, terrible! Terrible news! I hear your game say awful things that happened. I would have played stuck too! Take a breath and call me back, I'm not hurried here. This is aunt Lucifer.

OH! Of course it bugs me when people try to turn my human name Lucy into Lucifer because of that Herald of the Apocalypse thing! That's my aunt, you numbnuts!

Auntie! Why are you going by Helios!?

It breaks my heart to realize I can barely remember her, but there's recognition, something hungrily calling, I want my family back.

Oh that evil Earthling myth. Then it stuck. You know names.

Yeah. Tell me about it, except we both never want to think about it again. Um...I will call you back, but you're right, I'm kind of dizzy still. I just woke up and stuff...

[shiny wave]

[Shiny wave]

Cobwebs seem to float through my head, noise of not remembering my stellar relatives. I shake it, then have a nice hard Boobsong kiss, and feel a bit better--wait how does auntie not know after all this time--

What am saying. After these fifteen minutes of star-life. Yes everyone's immortal here but your nectar-shy lifespan is what sets your perception of time. She probably just hadn't checked her mail yet.

Oh! Acme Station reports. If the keyhole's her inflation plug, won't the way her stasis works keep her inflated even without the key? Could I melt the ice right now?

Yes the key keeps inflation in. Only when in her. Air can get out, not part of stasis effect, stasis effect keeps flesh soft.

Ice not sure. Stasis field is very tricky stuff.

Alright. Back to tossing her room, then, which means let's have some fun, first. Time remaining?

Forty minutes and fifty one seconds.

It makes me all squeey getting to break this to her. I click stick to my side on my eravahk, then lead us to sit in front of Sex again. Pluck.

Bwaha make sure she can see my knowing look yes Princess.

Cocksleeve memories, where were we with her...

You were saying to think about whether to tell her if she timeskips.


With the key held so it's not clear what it is, I put my other hand on her cheek, tender, caressingly.

"Hey, you. So what do you think? Know if you timeskipped?"

How did you move so fast--you did timeskip! Oh I feel wonderful! This is so sexy now. Have I been here a century? A destruction-of-universe? Who knows and who cares? I feel just the same! You still came back to me! I hope it's a billion years. That means you'll never forget me no matter how long it takes. Tell me a little bit. Please I hope beggingly. Was I far away? Did you keep me close? Did you tell all my friends or have they just lost track of me?

It dawns on me that interacting with her forces her to think, like I'm force-feeding her time. Hot.

"Sex, I'll tell you this one thing, that your friends haven't lost track of you and those relationships are waiting for you whatever you want to do with them, but everything else, I need you to start embracing that you don't get to know or care what happens when you're statued and I'm not being with you like this--that's what makes you conscious in statue-form by the way. When I stop interacting with you you'll be just a very sexy object I can't stop looking at. All you need to know when you're here is yes I came back to you, we missed you while we were doing other things, our lives were quite nice while you were statufied and it was quite convenient for us and you pretty appearance as a statue really was nice to have, and now I came back again, when it was most convenient for me, because I got hungry to play like this. It's just so delightful to talk to you, and you're so pretty to look at. Maybe I'll play with you like this for a while more, or maybe I'll want you to move soon, who knows? You certainly don't, and you won't, and caring will just waste time and heart you could spend on being with me. Now I'm curious, can you feel my hand here while I talk to you?"

Yes it feels wonderful! I love you to touch me in statue-form, it makes it feel so strong that can't get into it and lean on you, it just nothing happens.

I will yesly try very hard to be small and just have the happiness that you're here with me but I'm curious about all that stuff. It's hard for me not to be it just goes along. I know it can't help me now but my heart is just hungry for it.


Jump up and get behind Sex and lean on her back and snuggling arms around.

I run my hand down over her neck and breast with it's big hard nipple and then strokingly down teasingly close to her pussy before starting back up again.

"I know that's hard. It's okay. Just try for me. Try to let go of it, and embrace how good this feels instead."

AAaaaaaaaah is your handmaiden hugging me!? I feel breasts on my back and her hands on my tummy that's her--

"Yes. She'll keep snuggling while we hang out so you can properly enjoy your statue time. Now I want you to do something, make sure something is how I think it is. You obviously love being the amazingly pleasing decoration, so convenient to talk to--in my mind you're like one of those toys I crank a handle on and it does something, except the thing you do is be Sex which is so. Great. It makes me feel all softly warm inside to talk to you like this--see, you're distracting me with how great you are this way! I was saying I can see how you love this, but of course you like moving too, and I know there are hopes you have and places you want to see and things you need movement for, so there must be a part of you that when you sit still gets hungry to move again, every human has that or we'd statuefy without cool Fairy magic, so I want you to find that part and tell me how it's doing. I expect you'll say it's saying not even remotely yet I need lots of statue time but you never know, so it pays to check."

I think I can feel it, yes...it's there but not moving!? It got statufied when my body did! I can feel that so clearly it'll just never move until you unstatufy me...holy zipsex what's that mean can I just never move again and not care.

I'll be happy if you never unstatufy me!? How can that be I want so many things like you said! What if my friends--no I'm silly there. I can talk to you like this, they'll see all of me but I guess that's just how it goes.

Okay Princess I can't believe I'll say this but I think it would be nice to never unstatuefy.

And this is where this gets evil, because I can take her through what's next while making sure she doesn't get to think about what she just said very much.

I breathe hard as I look at her, openly horny. Moreso than usual.

"Holy frozen fizz, Sex--hehe which I guess you are right now, I think you're a fizzy girl--that may be the sexiest thing you've said yet. Are you really so sure? You would actually like that? It's a very rare thing, so I want to be sure. You understand why I'm asking this, right? How I caught you with this game I play, and why, and what my house will be like when I take you there, if you're really so sure about what you so nakedly thought for me just now?"

Yes. Yes that sounds so sexy I bet your collection is wonderful! Are you going to be taking me there now?

"That's not the kind of question you get to ask again. You can wonder, but I'll just ignore those thoughts. You'll be amazed how hard that gets rid of them. Instead of that kind of thought, take example from Boobsong here. She's like you, you know. Her thoughts only move when I'm making them somehow, she has no free will, she just a book that I'm reading out--but she's still such a person, isn't she? That's a good role model for you. The biggest difference between you is that if I order to move, she can, where as you--"

Put your hands up in front of you like you're holding them out to receive a gift, and set your eyes straight ahead and make sure your face shows how sexy this all is to you.

I will keep trying to let that stuff go. If I could move I would obey with such happiness. I guess I might miss that some. You look like a solar flare when I obey your commands, and I liked making you happy, and my pussy felt very fun--oooooh fuck oh no is that so horrible I would die if I wasn't statuefied or am I horny enough that I don't care that I'll never cum again?

"You remember my order, right?"

Without letting her answer, I lift the key, hiding it half with my hands, and blow into the top of it gently. Sex's hands come up as commanded, and her eyes turn ahead, and then she freezes again, but her face looks mid-orgasm she's so turned on.

"Goooood precious display piece. Maybe I'll keep you in a nice glass case. You make me feel like I have an irreplacable vase, so beautifully delicate, I'm hungry to keep you nice. The problem is with it is that makes it harder to cum on you, or use this to give myself a way to rub myself off with you--of course our sex life hasn't ended, it's just beginning! Now listen, Sex, when I make your thoughts move, I'm doing that to have you with me and spend time with you, and give you the chance to experience stuff like Boobsong hugging you, but I have an agenda here. I'm going to take everything, you won't have a part that's filed away all dusty, but when I make you think, I'll make it clear what it is you're meant to think about, and I want you to think about that and not other stuff, as best you can. That's the only hard thing you can do for me, now--everything else is just happening, like that position change--so I expect you to really put yourself into it. It's part of what makes being statufied permanently work right for relationships. I know you can see me when I put myself in front of you, but your eyes can't move, so you don't really know what's happening or what path to take. See that metaphor? I keep telling you to forget the questions you can't ask about so you don't confuse yourself. It can get really dizzy thinking you see the world when it's actually just the slice I show to you because I want to share with you or I think seeing it will make you happy or feel good. Give me some absorbing of that, now, about this unmoving eyes metaphor, and try to stay on just that for me."

To emphasize, I move to the side a bit, but not out of her view.

Seeing you move that way is so powerful! You're just to the side a little bit but there's nothing I can do and if you moved even more or even just raise your hand over there I won't see that. I have this image of everything in my head and keep thinking I know stuff like that there's a star outside but how can I know if you timeskipped me long enough before or even just moved me to a different white room without making me think I would have no idea and be completely wrong about that. All I have, my whole reality, is this what you're showing me. Everything else could be made up and if I don't keep carefully to only what you share with me I could think you just moved aside one inch and actually it's a thousand year timeskip and the world is all different now! You said my relationships are still there for me, and you haven't said they're gone, so that means that's true still, right? You made an exception before because friends are important and you are going to take care of me including not take my friends away so that means you would tell me if that changed, even if other stuff does and I have no idea. I have faith in that. I know you care. We're back to the goddess thing! I have to just trust in you and your plan. That's all I can do like this. I do, Princess, I believe in you! You will be good to me, I know that with certainty!

"Sex I am so pleased and so proud and so...touched. Kiss you."

I lean forward across her hands and turn my head sideways to sensually kiss her her lower lip, and lick my tongue into her mouth, and place the key on her upturned hands I do.

"Yes, I would tell you if something like relationships changed. That's part of taking care of my statue friend, to decide what picture of the world you need, and how your relationships are is definitely needed! Now, feel that on your hands? It's what I changed your pose with. You can hold it for me, that's your first job as furniture. You're not just a decoration, see? That's important, too, it's the only one of it, and it's made just for you and controls only you, so it needs a nice holder. Now, keeping this clear for you, you just got kissed, and what do you say to getting a job to do like this? Those are your thoughts next."

You kissed like a star holding me in firey arms, that was so great! The only thing I wish is that I could kiss back for you, but that's only statue-thoughts because it's saying how GOOD it felt to take that kiss and how I want very much to make the best statue I can and to my thoughts it says I should kiss back to you but in my heart I feel very right that my lips are just motionless things to kiss.

"You are so romantic! Yes, you are how I want you and it was wonderful, just exactly to taste for me. Your heart is right. Hang onto to that. Now to job to do."

Well it's strange because I actually am just a statue still, but it makes me feel beautiful knowing I'm posed like this and you can change me anytime so this must be the pose you like, and I really was worried you'd get sick of slave-pose me--you can even fuck me, can't you? My pussy is still able to be penetrated, right?

Good question, smart toy. I reach down below her hands and between her legs and find it's open lips, and press, and my fingers slide into slippery folds.

"What do you think?"

You can oh YES okay I'm begging you desperately but used all kinds of ways--

I straight out laugh at her. "I named you Sex and turned you into a statue. What is it you think you're even for?"

Beautifully making your living room have me in it and using for cumming with and holding stuff and looking at!

"You make me so happy I think I'll cry. I've never in all my years seen anyone get this as well as you. I think you were born for this. How's that feel, to hear?"

This is all I ever want again. To feel this way. To feel like the prize you wanted.

Ooh I've had that flavor, watch out for it, it'll get you so bad you never get back again.

Speaking of which, don't I have a date with some bondage rope and a certain couch-room wall? It's fuzzy, but we had a plan I think, and poor Boobsong hasn't got to service me when I'm helpless in ages.

Flip I love this page...

That's when Princess needs me more than ever! I can be my very best helpful handmaiden when she's tied up like that.

Now back to Sex, hehe, and her only wanting that ever again...

"The situation you're in is the best way to have that happen there is. Just think on that some."

How did I get this to happen? I didn't, huh. You trapped me with that cum. I'm glad. I'm glad. It's holding me so comfortably.

Repeating it twice, that she's glad. See the darkness rushing up, you can't believe it yet, deny the fall, yes you're heading straight down but what does that mean really?

I mean, unless you do actually just want to be a statue forever. Some people do and this is all just a bright sunny day for them.

Sex and me, though...bend the rod, through the hole, heading straight down into the bottomless abyss. Just about time to bend it back to level, but irrevocably kinked and inescapably trapped where it's supposed to be.

What's going to really fuck her mind, though, is realizing I made her more my own than she could ever have dreamed of, and yet still somehow it wasn't me I Z-bent her to attach to.

Nobody gets that from me. That's Boobsong's place, the hole is filled. Holy fuck do I like to play this way though, and I can do some good for people like Sex on the way. If I can do this right she'll have both more of Boobsong and me keeping her as a game to play, and those long study sojurns and sortie-esque life she loves so much, than she'll know what to do with.

Or we'll get back to her room and find out the sortie-esque thing and all this weird with which Dream is hers will turn out to be the just putting the tip in of some kind of big emotional wound and we'll get her help or be her help and she'll worm the rest of the way into our hearts and we'll all live happily ever after playing Sex whenever the mood is right and giggling at her joy to work like she's going to.

Alright, Dreams protect us all, here we go. Don't let me break her please.

They show an odd icon of hands round-shaped hands holding a heart so carefully OH MY FIZZFROZEN SCREAMING SUNDAE POP WRAPPERS, DREAMS, YOU DID NOT JUST "YOU'RE IN GOOD HANDS WITH ALLSTATE" US NOW.

WaY tO liGhTEn tHe mOoD I GUeSs HoLy fUcK

Now watch that have some kind of incredible deep meaning I can't see right now that ends up saving the scene and all three of our lives.

"There are some things you've been really looking forward to. It's time to think about them, now, to process that", I say gently. "Remember I'm starting and stopping your thoughts, not you, that'll make it easier. You are completely controlled, I'm not going to let my beloved friend and delightful new decoration get broken, understand?"

I've been wanting to feed you to your handmaiden--oh. How can I as a statue? How can I ever be able to fill that need? Please if I can ask would you tell me, I'm very scared right now.

"That's good. You'll understand very soon, okay? Just keep going. Remember your faith in me. I will be good to you, even when it seems like that's impossible. What's another thing?"

The flurry fair! It was almost Yearhop and you can go I guess and tell me things or take me on your handmaiden's back (she's very strong I bet) but how can I beat icerink games like this? The Yearhop parade--

Oh, Sex, I can hear you starting to cry. Hug her tight, handmaiden.


"You're doing so good. Be strong for me. You need this. I know it hurts. Just a little more. Let Boobsong's hug hold you together--and yes, if I told you how strong she actually is, you'd be okay because you wouldn't understand, but my aunt Lucifer out there would run away and find a star-sized bed to hide under. Go ahead now. You're almost there. I will be good to you. I am right now. Remember that."

EVERYTHING! Orgasms I haven't cum for what, centuries?

"Good job. Good job Sex, you did it. Now, it's hard right now, I know, but you believe in me, right? You know I'll be good to you, and that I have this all figured out? Because I do, but you feeling this hard stuff right now is part of the path to the life you want more than anything in the worlds. It'll all be clear in just a moment more, but you have to answer a weird question for me now. You've been doing very well with the focus thing I asked of you, even when I made it so painfully hard I wanted to cry, and I'm going to reward you for that so very well, but we have to get through this first and you have to keep focusing so nicely as you've been. It's made you a delight to play, you know."

I stroke her cheek, get up and kiss her forehead, glance up and nuzzle my face through Boobsong's boobs, thinking about what Sex collecting her reward is going to be like, and sit down again.

"Here's my weird question. Did your world have those toys that have wheels and a knob you turn and the knob twists a spring that untwists to make the wheels spin and send the toy zooming along the floor or dancing around all crazily?"

That seems--up. Aetherwork? Hyperspace battery?

I glance up at Boobsong. Sharing significant look flippluck.

Princess what's going to happen now? She'll be so confused by this!

No. It'll make it seem magical.

Game, we need a nice big screen, holographic please, you get the size, give it when I switch places with Boobsong so she can hold it for us, and make it show what I'm doing nice and hyperreal vividly. If you can sneak that self-as-porn thing you did to me way back when up on Sex while we're doing this go for it.

Knowledge: ready and waiting, just like I wanted it, so watch out for my hyperreal sexy self.

Alright seeing as I'm already a porn cartoon, that has me curious.

"Good job. I know that was weird. You're just going to have to trust me now. You know I would never let those precious things you were just crying for be taken away by this, but you have to be strong. You have to have faith in this and see the view I'm presenting you. That frame and only that frame. Not what you think the world is, or your statue thoughts will get confused again. I'm asking a lot from you, this time. The view will be clear, but it'll take a leap of faith to see what you see in front of you and know it's the real world, because remember, you're a statue, faith is all you have. You'll recognize what you see, but it will seem different to you, not like you knew before. This is one of those times where I'm telling you something in the world has changed, because you need to know it has. It's not your friends, don't worry, and it's good news. The most magical news. We both put very deep desires into that candy I gave you. The candies are my very strange way of having sex to make offspring, other than making seeds with Boobsong, of course. Your wish and my wish get together and become something new and two of our wishes did in that candy I gave you and what they created together is powerful. You might even say there's a new person now, though not in the way you'll be thinking of. You'll understand when you see."

I pick up the key caressingly from her palms, dragging it and my hand across them to take it, intimate.

"There's one more timeskip now. You know you can't know when or how long or why, but you also know I would tell you if something you needed to know changed had changed, and I'm not saying anything like that. You just need to be coming off experiencing the thing that's the biggest reason for your needing to just have statue-thoughts about the world I'm showing you moment to moment so you'll be very sure to stay with that. Everything can change if you lean on that, if you let what I show you next take you to a new world."

With my free hand on her palms, I reach in and kiss her again--it really is hot, the helpless stillness of her mouth with the life still pounding in it is...otherworldly--and stand up, giving her an eyeful of my clit as best I can.

"I'm going to go behind you now," I say from out of sight except my nice feminine member, "but I'll be right here."

I walk around her with my hand in her hair, and come up beside Boobsong, get snuggly, and read the time remaining to wind.

Fifteen minutes and twenty-nine seconds!

Good handmaiden--oh drattit. Game can Wetpeace hear me without interacting with Sex directly?

Wetpeace available.

Mechanical Dreamtalk in a smooth nonbinary voice that I bet appeals to Sex. Hell yes. Range limit on reaching you?

Never inaccessible.

So much fun.

Flip to windup analysis, controlling how long and whether we can section.

You can wind the key as many times as minutes she'll have movement for. If you try to wind too soon, the key won't be able to fit. There's just enough space for twenty-nine winds before a special thing. On wind number thirty, she has to bend herself down to keep going, because it gets very hard as the winds build up, but that's not the only thing.

What would I do without my Acme Station... 

The next piece of the special thing is her twenty-nine winds give a minute each, then after them is a commercial break where she has to be statufied for seven minutes before the next episode. Then the next fifteen winds give her a minute each and another commercial break this time it's six minutes. Then the next five winds give her a minute each and then the part that's a special thing is this feeling extra compressing by making commercial breaks come at random times until the end of her winding. She gets an hour of moving all told and an hour between moving times plus seventeen minutes of commercial break. Then she has one final special thing. At the end of her winding time, she can be summoned like the key, just say Sex it's over here. You can do that just as her wind runs down or anytime after that, until she winds up again. 

That's all her special things but there's still more to say for this. She can grow in her motion time if she works up to it, or she can say please cut me back, and you can tell her clock to get smaller till it has only fifteen winds. She can't make herself get small, only you can, and it takes time to build her up, possibly years if she doesn't keep up with it. If you cut past a commercial break, that break gets earlier to fit the time she can have. That means that fifteen winds is actually six minutes of active time, seven minute commercial break, six minutes of active time, six minute commercial break, three minutes of active time with random commercial breaks, then she's done. I don't know what you could do like that!

She has to be statufied at the start of each day, no waking up and going right to work like I said before, but each hour that's after an active time can wait until she's back in her statue-pose in your house again or wherever you want her. That only works if you summon her back again.

Why not just use the key for that?

She can just become statufied on her own this way. You can just summon her and say hi get posed or just send her up by her posing spot and she'll get into it.

You knew this last time. Reason commercial breaks thing is so hot other than cartoon fetish, flip.

You're feeling the squeeze for her. It's a sexy thought that it's just enough to live and no more and no long spaces to forget you're a statue in. I bet you two cut her back before one commercial break to feel the squeeze of that.

Holy fuck you're right this whole thing is one giant maze of horny. I think I'll explode just from not being able to decide if I want to try this ride or my impatience to start being Sex's keyholder.

...now or never, in the horny haze that'll give me the courage. It's not like Sex can't wait a minute! I pull Boobsong off of Sex and take a step away from her to give us space, and take Boobsong in my arms, holding her close, click eyes to mine on my eravahk.

Follow Princess off and snuggle held. Look up into her eyes controlled.

"Ready to ride the roller coaster?" Flip.


"Okay, seed-ghost, I get it now. She has to still be my RC toy, but I'm ready to start playing games I can't control like this with Boobsong, too."