18 - War Never Changes

The tarry rubbery smell and painful grit of it is all around but especially on my side where I'm lying on it, Valhalla again I guess but now Mad Max instead of--wait this road is like, sideways. What the sandpaper taco pops? Boobsong!?

What the--hey, dragon time! That's not done till-

Necessary transition. Optimized pleasure before ending time.

My hands are still in her hair, it's like we got plucked out of her inside and laid on our sides on--what, a street in San Francisco? It's forty-five degrees and asphalt.


Nuzzle your mound super hard raah!

Still lots of lust what's next.

What's next is thunder, apparently, rumbling far away. It's a coolish summer night, rain would be okay, though it'll make this whatever extra grody no doubt.

What's next dolly is click.

Unshapeshift leash away. Make stretchy goo that reaches seven inches between our nearest parts and then we snap back like cartoons and go splat into each other with probably hentai face in boobs for one of us or maybe sat on face or things like that.

BEST WAY YET OF LEASH! Seven inches far, how about three?

I mean if we were on Isht Visht right now and/or knew this was just her trolling us we'd be trying out zero and have to keep enough area of touching but this way we have just a little flexibility and much more importantly now our seed-ghost has some slack to work with to make us land "impaled" when we boing.

So many ideas, though! Like what if the leash is, I have to be carrying you? Instead of can't put my eravahk down, it's just can't put you down? Not practical all the time, but...okay expert sub am I getting some kind of weird subspace? I'm all squishy hopeful to see if our seed-ghost or my game picks up on that and messes with us when usually I'd be terrified.

Your very sweet succubus says she got you now! Yes you are into that because it's a subby thing. You're stuck real good because you'll ask for more and more and they'll definitely give you stuff that makes us more close like that. But the subby thing's doing what?

...squishing me into the domme you want.

Not just that you're making yourself tied up in your dragon's hoard now. Only thing you can be in there is dom she wants and it gets tighter...and tighter...and now you're asking even tighter after seed-ghost let you out! This will be good MUAAHAH. You know you can't stop yourself. You know you'll give in to this. Say it say seed-ghost entrap me more. You know you want to come on!

You...grape-soda-seducing--I keep on thinking you're soon to tell me its time to switch back and be your sub, especially after how I felt while you were collaring me, but...that's the voice of experience, you squishy little candy fuckdoll, isn't it? I mean look at the predicament you got your self into, talking about not stopping yourself.

Yes. It's very hot and you get so horny you just start saying stuff or making your will a fruit for your Mommy to eat because that's such a sexy thought and then BAM! Stuck for good and so happy so there's not even spiking out.

Alright well you're not wrong, buttons-butt, this one thing and then let's find out who we ask for permission to see this time. Seed-ghost entrap us more!

Succubus will slow you down in her big body. Has to be small unless using. Returns to small when capped. Only for this outing. Comes back in future or if Rada says you spend time this way.

Just where the hell are we going that your bouncy gummi ass will slow me down!? That's sweet though. Hehe I can yoyo you on the goo!

My squishy-sub-ness about our arrangement really doesn't bug you?

Where indeed that's so weird! No it's exciting because she'll get you now, sweet pretty, and you'll domme your doll, good!

Okay then brattily brat with that Rada thing and all this adult supervision being needed shouldn't I not have a sub.

What you say? Up to you? You're the slave. Take command. Collar's on, can't come off. Try Dreams, what say?

This is the weirdest ever especially the--

Storybook, collar, soylent bottle, green checkmark. I have to wear my storybook's collar and be the convenient soylent bottle like she says...but her being a book is part of the green checkmark. That needs her sexy domme.

Alright, guess I'm just doomed then, hehe. More waffles, cocksleeve!

There. Hurry up and domme--wait what's that smell? Stupid cocksleeve, Princess mentioned waffles doesn't there are any!

 If we're doing the psychonauts thing again we might have just fixed that. Click.

Crawl up and get snuggly with your boobs yes PRINCESS.

Her nuzzly face in my cleavage makes the world feel more in order, and it's nice to have the leash gone. This is the same idea, right Dreams? At the same time, I hold my hand up and shine, feel the light trapped like before. Candy? Same thing, can't even make kid-stuff grape bubblegum.

The Dreams show me the nose of an RC plane but the plane is also a muse. Mouse. So that's you, dolly, follow our noses I guess, no metagaming. Do you have a vector? And can you see?

Smelling for anything...Princess there's something else. Smells like tanks and gunpowder. Can't be sure, might be cars, gunpowder is hard to miss thought! Not the high explosive kind. Old like we made that time. Dolly can't see this is just like Sex's heart.

Wait, what the hell!? That wasn't thunder, huh--and double what the hell because none of my handmaidens who was enough of a warmonger to use this metaphor would do World War I or whatever this is, would they?

At least this explains why we had to go through that whole big Laarhi thing, now we can be sure all this war stuff has nothing to do with him...though I hate that's how we remembered how to do stage shows. Everything seems to get tainted like that. I half want to call bullshit on that.

I guess it's time to stop ignoring these. What can you smell, butterfly antennas?

Smoke. Turning my head boings them around, but either they can't smell direction at all, or it's everywhere. My poor handmaidens. We'd better at least be getting to this one on time instead of like hundreds of years too late like Sex (which is shenanigans, and there's going to be a reckoning over, which is probably why we carefully didn't get time to talk to her before). Anything else to smell?

There is direction. Fires or like plumes of smoke...err, is this sense not sight? I get like vision but there's only one pixel, it's IR, maybe? Hot red and cold blue. In a very sort of burning-city pattern, um.

Okay I feel like a bitch for not using these yet. I feel really cute now.


Put head up hair back with hand listen. Fire and burning stuff is just everywhere, but far, that's why we missed it before.

While she listens I pet her waist where it's so nicely curved, think about what I might spank or twist, wonder if the goo will look sexy like nectar, go up and play with the base of her wing where the membrane attaches to her back.


That seems to be all we can get. Oh well, it worked last time.


There's a scrabbling to our right, a sound like a wooden window opening, murmured voices:

"There's somebody out there!"

"Well close the window, then!"

"I don't think the demon is hurting us or we would be dead by now. It hears us, look!"

Scuffling, hissed words that might be something like THE WHAT GET DOWN! It's two girls, with really similar voices, making it hard to keep track of the conversation.

Click. Like you'll never see my clit again, but meek, remember.

"We're probably more scared of you! What is this place it smells terrifying! Fire and smoke and sounds like bombs before! Please help, we're lost and our friend is here but they're in trouble and we came here to save them but we don't have permission to see right now. You don't have to help but at least can you say where we are? Pretty please with a very sad grape on top?"

Beautiful, that was pathetic.

More voices. A pause my brain insists on imagining as a game of rock-paper-scissors between the people we heard for some reason.

"She's really soft. Look at her."

"It's a trick, dumbtard."

Honesty worked before and I like blowing things up. Click!

"Yes she is very soft squishy submissive cute demon! This succubus' name is Boobsong and she only just wants sex from humans but she has one right here she likes best so not even that from you just don't leave us stranded! Even that we know if it's day or night that's something! Please with a begging heart we don't mean you harm we're just really stuck right now!"


"Are the only parts you see her knockers? It's a demon! It'll suck your soul right out!"

"My soul is fine! Actually she's kind of been helping me fix it a lot. Oh! Look! She really is harmless, check it out!"

You know, except for that time we killed a god together. Click!

Give you fast kiss that aaaaaAAAAH babydoll capped.

I snuggle her newly-small form to my chest pitifully.

"She was only big to comfort me. She has to be this doll unless she's helping me."

"She's under your command?"

"What is WRONG with you!?"

"What's wrong with you, look at them! Dolly as small as a teddy bear, what's it going to do, pick your skirt up and run under it and climb up your legs to have sex with you? You're on a rooftop in Hamburg and it's World War One out there which is kind of weird I know it's one of two, don'tcha think? Are they always so cute or is she like a special kind?"

"Bwahahaha sorry sorry that just so hilarious imagining her trying to run in doll form! She can move it if I give her lust but she can't really walk it's just meant like as a teddy bear--oh! No like literally she has to be this doll, look!"

I hold Boobsong's motionless dolly-self up where I hope they can see.

"She can only move if we mess around enough to give her the lust for it. Otherwise she's like, I can read her mind and she hears us so we can talk but she can't do anything. Um...they're all a special kind? Like her mom looks like a My Little Pony pony. I guess she is from kind of a cutesy family."

Boobsong back to boobs to hold so tight.

"Wait, the--hup--HEY!"

"Come over here. We trust you."

There other voice starts but is cut off by what sounds like an elbow silencing someone.

"Um...I can't see. I'm scared I'll fall."

"Watch the horizon, the fires--"

"No, like, I'm dead blind. I don't have permission to see here, at least that's how it worked the last place, until someone tells me I can! She's the same way! Our friends all got lost in a war and we're going to different worlds trying to find them but something's messed up or something--"

"You're from Fairyland! Okay we're calling you--yes we are!--we're calling you in. Get up and walk towards our voices. Reach out a hand and we'll pull you in when you're close enough."

Shivering. I hate heights, at least this kind. If I could fly, maybe I'd be okay, but my wings might not even work.

"I don't think I can."

"That's an order, that should have compelled you."

"Oh, I'm already owned, that's probably why."

"Who by? Would we know their name?"

Whispers of something like shut up I'm working here follow it.

"Boobsong here. I'm her pet dominatrix. She really is under my command though! She traded her free will to me to for my freedom."

More whispering.

"If I was lying I would make up a less confusing story!"

"You've got me there! Okay a rope, ready? Just a second."

The working here is a little concerning, eh dolly?

Very much. At least they can't order you!

Something flops over me, so I grab at it, and it pulls.

"Just follow that in to us. It's only a little way."

The rope pulling up the roof, so I get up on hands and knees (owie) and wrap it around my hand and try to crawl, Boobsong still clutched--ugh, need four legs to crawl. Um. The goo! I put Boobsong down on the roof carefully, then lean on her with my boob and take my hand away. When I get back up, I can feel her weight hanging from my breasts. It's not the most comfy, but it'll do. Swinging along with me, dolly?

Yes the attachment is very strong.

It still makes me shiver desperately to crawl that way with her just hanging there, but it no time hands are grabbing for mine and pulling me through a wooden window frame into someplace vaguely carpeted-feeling. As soon as we're in I grab Boobsong to my cleavage again and just sink down to the floor and clutch her tight.

"Are they owned by each other, then? Boobsong, dance for me!"

Usually I'd try to be strong and mean for that but I don't think being tough here is going to fix anything so I just clutch her and shake waiting to die if it works.

RRRAAH! Princess' dolly takes orders from Princess! Want her to move? She will come bite your head off!

Nothing happens but Boobsong's motionless fury. It still takes a while to chill out.

"I guess we kind of are, aren't we, dolly," I finally whisper to her hair.

That's the way this dolly sees it!

"Anyway I said she can't stand up like this. Look at her feet. We're not bad, okay? We're terrified, mostly! I know why you won't let me but not being able to see is really freaking me out and I kind of lose it when I can't see her and she's my whole life if somebody else turned out to be able to command her I think I'd just jump back out that window and kill myself. Please be nice. At least can I see her? I don't even know why I need permission for that! All my other senses are fine!"

You can't you're owned you'll get zapped. Your dolly will eat anyone else who commands her and it won't be the fun way you get so don't worry. RRRAH.

I love you so much.

"What is a sex slave and...their sex slave doing on our roof at night?"

"I wish the answer was as good and kinky as that sounds like it must be! We're getting sent places by the power of--I don't know what you'll call it, Heaven, or the Four Dreams maybe, like, the good place, paradise--we're getting sent places to look for our friends except it's all random and sudden and we don't know where we go or anything it's just like having sex and then BAM on a roof and it smells like World War I and you can't see and it's really weird because the person who comes to talk to you or the people anyway--"

"I talk to myself, to not go crazy. That's just me."

"Okay well the person knows there's another world war after this one and what My Little Pony is and the word dumbtard and I'll tell you everything but please can I just see Boobsong not anything else just her I just need to see her face to be okay though I'd really like her body too. Here's a start I don't know where here is exactly but I don't think it's really Hamburg or Earth or World War I but I do think there might be a sex machine store on the first floor of this building."

"All the others tried to get free first thing. You're uncontrollable, and you just sit there blubbering like a cat lost and tired. What's your Fairy name?"

Dreams this is all way too oldschool fairy-tale and I'm scared and don't know what to do.

Tongue depressors, say aaah, open up. Okay but you'd better have me on a really short leash here!


"Rainbow I command you to stand."

Terror shakes me, but nothing happens.

"You're really bound to her! Alright see Boobsong I guess, but how does that figure that you own each other? There's got to be final authority!"

Boobsong's face appears, nestled in my cleavage, forced back to look at me by my Boobaliciousness. 


I hold her up so I can see her there, hanging in the black void, even my own fingers blacked-out silhouettes where I'm holding her. Can you see me?

Yes because your dragon is holding you back from melting so she always knows every part.

Oooooh. Can you let me melt on purpose?

Yes but then your dragon will eat you because it smells too good. Strawberry goo you is delicious you can't understand it's unexplainable.

Holy fuck I want you to lick me up soon.

"Hi Dolly!"

Seeing her really is sunshine. Things are much more okay, though that's not saying much. I'm just playing up the pathetic to win their trust, right? I don't know. This feels pretty real.

I gaze a minute longer and then hold her tight.

"If I stop it's because she's correcting me but um...I think there is a final authority for each part? I'm her--okay like literally I'm a pet. My ancestors were genetically engineered for it and I got hit with all of that because genetics and I really like being owned but I also definitely have that scared housecat thing as you can tell. She's my owner and she can tell me I can't leave her and like keep me locked up with her and stuff and if you try to make any deals with me I won't be able to because I'm just a pet, but her command for me is be her domme, like for real, like she has to obey me. I can't leave her or stop doing that--this collar like shocks or chokes me if I try, just for starters, but that's totally justified because in exchange she has no free will like whatever I command she has to do and if I don't order anything literally she just sits there. Even thinking it's more like her mind is a book with pages I read and can like pick up and put down trains of thought like reading a book and stuff. We're really into it, but can you see why she felt the need to chain me up so tight? We only just got straight on this because I'm a huge stupid bimbo and have to have it explained like fifty times before I got it enough to be like are you sure I'm locked up enough though which I am now though I guess it's keeping you out pretty good. Anyway I can't just tell her to let go of me because yes I have to make all her choices and decisions but what holds me in chains is her greedy dragony heart saying this one's mine and that doesn't change no matter what I do with her will because what I control is her will, not what emotions she has so like I guess that might be the final authority you have and explain why whatever it is that took our sight away can't control us too because that's built on love not like will and stuff and our kind of love is really scary like we're just really greedy for each other."

"Which actually that you should know I'm just telling you everything, see, ask me questions or I'll just talk because chattering keeps me from freaking out as much. Anyway um she won't hurt anyone else and it probably won't happen for a bit yet because it just had when we came here but if she gets hungry enough for me either because we can't play for too long or because people are like objectifying me and it's making her want me she turns into a dragon and eats me and it can look really scary but I'm okay and I like it and she doesn't want anyone else just me she's like really single-minded that way."

A little looking-at-Boobsong pause, but they don't say anything.

"So I'm looking for my friends. We all got lost in this like interdimensional war and our memories got messed up and I must have died I guess because I came here from heaven like I said and this is the next place to look for them. The last one I went looked like part of Heaven call Valhalla SORT OF except it was weird to find my friend there because Valhalla is for brave adventurous people and my other friend is kind of a housecat like me. I'm not really sure what that place was. The Dreams--that's what I call Heaven, The Four Dreams, you said Fairyland and I don't quite know what you mean by that because it's one of those names where people think they know all this stuff about it when actually it's like, Fairyland could be a lot of things and one part of Heaven people call Fairyland a lot but it's not the whole thing and it's not the horrible one where they like kill you for wearing the wrong corsage or whatever though it can be scary because it's for people who like weird stuff."

I take a deep breath. Our apparently-sorcerer is quiet or asleep or gone.

"So the Dreams told me with the last place that my friend and me were sharing a like dream together so I could help them wake up part of their soul that was all frozen because of trauma from the war we were in--"

"You think this place is similar. Some kind of delusion or construct, because my mind can't withstand what's happening. Do you know where I really am?"

"No. I'd met my other friend already, like in the real world, and then the Dreams sent me into her like, construct like you said, to help her. This, they just sent us here. I have theories but I'm a pet domme not a doctor so like, this is psychological advice from Garfield, okay?"

"I understand. This is weirder than Garfield a long way, but I catch your drift."

"Okay so like, the Four Dreams can choreograph stuff to an insane degree, I can't even begin to describe it except to say that a couple of nights ago--"

The Dreams show me a green checkmark out of nowhere...nononono I'm still all scared be nice.

"Wait back up. Do you have any kind of higher power or anything that helps you here?"

"Like a fairy? You're the first one who hasn't gone back again when I wouldn't let their eyesight come. That's it, unless you count Aveh, and you know how he is--do you? Maybe his lightning doesn't reach--now hold up a second. Did you say Fairyland is a part of Heaven? Aren't you here with a succubus? Fairyland's the front yard of hell, isn't it?"

"Did Aveh tell you he runs Heaven?"

"Come to think about it, yes, in a mighty fat book of his. In his autobiography. With a distinct lack of fact checkers, if you read some history. You say he lied? He lies about other stuff, so you've got my ears perked up."

"You know enough about the otherworld to try and command me. Can you talk to Aveh directly?"

"If I want to get my ear torn off with born again this and new beginning that!"

Okay Dreams I'm taking your green checkmark as her dreamtalk being up to this and Aveh answering.

"Wanna hear something really interesting? Call him up and tell him Rainbow and Boobsong say hi and we hope he's well--"

Why. Why can't I just actually be as much of a sociopath as all the right-wingers thought I was?

"--we send our love to him and the new addition."

It would hurt so much less. Whine.

"Alright, I'm calling him. Just a sec."

Time passes--

"Holy overused catchphrases Batman he thanks you!? AND SAYS TELL MY DAUGHTER HI FROM HIM!?!? Jiminy Christmas literally this time no wonder I can't command you!"

Dammit this wasn't supposed to be so affecting. Dreams it's such a peaceful quiet snowy place don't dig it up please. It's not hurting me or anyone else and Boobsong deserves to be allowed to be angry till the end of time even if I can't.

I sob, and sniffle.

Mommy your sex dolly is very angry for everything that happened and it's very hard to listen to a message from him but all that stuff was Eden's fault and your sex dolly did feel very satisfied shooting that dreamskin to break him out and breaking the shell Eden made. That was your sex dolly not Aveh smashing it.

That was you!?That's why you said take that before we left! I should have known you would get your pound of flesh. I hope that was satisfying, it looked like you broke it real good.

"He's callin' me back again...got so startled I cut him off--says dragon or succubus I should listen to them...there's a thousand years of--FIVE thousand years, excuse--I can't get the number here he keeps correcting me it sounds like he's saying seventy-nine thousand years but that can't be human history starts thirty thousand years back at the outside unless--here we go again with angry Aveh just hang on a second..."

She's quiet a moment, then lets out a sigh like an air compressor.

"You guys are crazytown. Have your eyes, Rainbow-Bright Starshine Hardred Princess of Strawberries!"

At first not too much seems different because I'm staring down my own cleavage at Boobsong, but I can see sort of a white-painted old apartment with blue-green carpeting and wainscoating with little kind of beads between thin boards, all painted cream-white a million times. It's upstairs with sloping ceilings, and everything seems all jumbled for a moment, until I figure out we're sitting on the floor against the wall under the window with a big old desk with a green glass lamp on it. It's all very 40s, but in the nice way, not the steelcase way. Where's who we're talking to?

Oh, standing over us. Dark skin, thin, wearing a crazy-quilt skirt (or is that a blanket wrapped around, yes, because she's in like an old-fashioned nightgown. She doesn't look old or young--or middle aged. Huh.

Any recognition, Doll--no, like the Succubus game.

"Thank you," I breathe, looking up. Everything seems much less panic with my eyesight back.

"Why did that make the difference?"

"Well, like you said before, lies would be a less confusing tale--"

An ear-shattering air-raid siren cuts her off, and her face goes from silly confusion to dark anger.

"Like they're listening. Every time I do something important--wait a minute. If this is my delusion, that's me having panics! Cool down out there ya putz! We're trying to get something--holy hell--"

Everything explodes, fire surrounds us, Klu Klux Klansmen with knives like from a horror movie step out of the blaze, before their swing can connect with our host that vision shatters and becomes arid desert but the SCUD missile launcher gives it as much menace as the other places OH this is THIS fuck THIS what to do this makes no sense psychologically but don't send Starlight if you don't want a battering ram!

I leap to my feet and grab or new or old friend by the wrist and seed-ghost this is no time for games or cartridges sex dolly click!

Game escape denied.

The fuck fine I just get real close to her and stare into her eyes intensely.

"Listen. I've been here. All these places. Princess, right? I survived a coup attempt. I saw it on your face just now, what's inside me, with that air raid. I knew that face. You are so much angrier than they are. They are ants. Crush them."

The world wavers and looks like it's going to change again. One war to another to another, on and on. She stares at me.

"This is your dream. That's why you could tell me I can see or not. Why you could command all the others. I'm special, you're right, but what isn't special is all of that. All that you can command. Tell it to sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up."

She's still like a deer in headlights.

"I know where you really are. Heaven. I think all the people I'm looking for are and I think what your mind can't comprehend is that all this is over now."

The world's going white. Is it working?

"Even the war with Aveh. It's all over. I've been going through this all day myself, I keep thinking there's another fight or horrible thing to brace for, and there's not. There's just paradise."

I'm closer still, revealing I'm taller, about to go for a hug, the world's gone white around us.

"Rainbow? Is that you my friend? What is this, I--holy fuck--"

The world goes white with golden sunlight, it feels like a bright sunny day but it's not from me, then it's like we're being pushed back from her--where are we, beige, then a Galaxy-class starship is under us like it's the intro to TNG then we seem to zoom up and into a new place, there are little lights and ah this is a viewscreen, one of the post-TNG floor-to ceiling ones like on Picard, and we seem to be at warp following a Klingon Battlecruiser--

"What the hell?"

The new voice is masculine, and okay yes you would get that particular one in a place like this, but, huh!? I start to turn slowly, gathering ideas, keeping myself from crying, dissolving into giggles, or just exploding because Dreams seriously what the hell. The viewscreen wraps around probably like a third of the circumference of the bridge, which is more of the same post-TNG comfy-submarine-chic.


Bridge stations, the higher area in back with engineering and science consoles, it's all very late-Federation capital ship silver-and-gunmetal but I'm missing--no, that display, the full-ship schematic up there, big ship but nacelles packed up close to the saucer section like a Miranda class, but she's right, this ship shouldn't be sailing this Sea! That's the right captain we just heard, though, dolly, why are you saying--

The hiImprincessrainbowbrightstarshineandIhavenoidea I had queued for Admiral William T. Riker who's standing right behind me and delivered the what the hell dies on my lips, because--wait is he flying it with joysticks stumble grumble fizzfrozen--

"Security to the bridge please,"

Says Captain Reginald Barclay of the USS Titan.

--think quick, Rainbow! Could be guards or an emergency forcefield any second, get ahead of it! Under my feet, soaked into the carpet, I leave an aromatherapuetic candy surprise that should be enough for the whole ship if it doesn't get spiked. They're invisible, but if they get hit with I don't know let's call it verteron radiation this week, they'll glow one for each of my feet, a hot-pink six and three. It's delayed a bunch and only goes my preferred direction, so if I don't end up detained in a second, I can always just shake the antidote off my fingertips or whatever when I decide to do the boring thing...but here's the fun thing about Rl'yeh Sade. I just planted my surprise without any trouble, but what if I get spiked trying to administer the antidote? This little funtime could be the whole reason I'm here, after all! The Dreams would never let me be so mean as to ruin it!

Oh yes this is shooting first and asking questions later. When in doubt, always add boobs. Never fails. Ask any character designer.

Burly guys--and guys, and only guys--with phaser rifles march in. Actually the whole bridge crew is kind of handsome slash dashing. Like I think they have a lot of male officers on The Premise.

"I don't know why we're here either! We'll be nice! This just happened!"

Given the company, I scuff a little schedule hurry-up into my surprise, and bit my lip innocently.

Waitwaitwaitwait what am I thinking here never think small shields up, game.

Giggle-sound. Okay!

Purple walls of energy snap into being around us.

Game I think they need to have a sQuirt gun fight.

Your game agrees with you!

It's usually syrupy-soothing voice (which is so embarrassing because it really does help every time I hear it, did you know that Fairies can be EXTREMELY PANICKY?) is a ball of giggles now. Q-flashes ripple through the bridge and the phaser rifles are replaced with crazily-colored water-shooting contraptions straight out of Heart Home.

"See? You guys look like you need some fun, so here you go! Don't worry, I'll put them back when you're done playing. I'm not like my boring little cousin, always so serious, Mon Capitan I'm sorry I had to kill half your crew! It's my point I'm making my very big annoying philosophical point! YAWN! I just wanna have fun. I won't take your guns away forever...I mean unless you'd be into that..."

They all just gape, so I poing around as bouncily as possible to face the viewscreen again--oopsie, there goes my underfoot surprise, better exhale the an-tit-dote, if my game's in on this we can think so very much bigger now.

"So what're we doing? Look dolly, Klingons!"

I hold her up to the viewscreen facing out so she can see good, and give her a very licky and mean bite on the ass to get her moving for the next bit.

AAAaAAHG sex dolly can move she has lust!

Actually what is this? Why is Barclay captain of the ship whose big episode in Lower Decks is about how its logistics officer is trying to transfer to the Cerritos because he's sick of being epic-- 


Alright dolly we kind of already started but these guys are officially in the current episode of Starlight Princess and today's lesson is SILLY FUN!

I bounce back around to face them. Shields down, game (they disappear). Click.

AaaaaAAAAAAAAH BIG. Slide down to slave pose by your feet head way down.

"I was wrong, I do know why I'm here! I don't always realize at first. Don't be scared, okay? I'm not like my cousin. He's so uncreative, and he tries to cover it up by torturing people. I'm here for fun! Anyway, the Federation's awesome, with all that post-scarcity and stuff--swirly great Denobulan chocolate bombs, I'm so rude! I know all you famous people, Admiral Riker and Captain Barclay and probably superhot but I'm too gay to tell security guys, but I can see you have no idea who we are! This is my dolly Boobsong--guess where the name comes from--and am:"

Click! With the tip pointing down at her head.

Boing to feet and curtsey then stand up straight with arms behind to present and inhale all the air in the alpha quadrant gaaaaaaasp with a smiley face

"Princess Rainbow-Bright Starlight Hardred, Merry Fairy of Sugarfeast--AAAH!"

There's a boom and the lights flicker and deck lurches under our feet, and a bridge bunny (if you think this can't be a male station I want to know how your fanfic filters are that precise) calls out:

"Hull breach on deck nine!"

"HEY! We're playing--"

"Happy birthday, Boobsqueeze! We're crashing your party-ship!"

Isht Visht is apparently quick with Federation computer systems, because she's coming over the intercom.

"SIS! I didn't think you were coming! Come play, we're teaching them how not to be epic anymore!"

"It's very gooey on deck nine! What have you been up to?"

"Huh? Nothing, yet," I giggle. "What kind of goo? Sweet or savory? It's in trouble if it's just yucky!"


Dance bouncy impatient dance. Running down with your eyes on you Sugarfeast Fairy Slave is so horny-wet.

Captain Barclay has a red alert up now, but they're all kind of just deer-in-headlights-ing outside of that. I wonder how long we can keep them hypnotized with sheer--ooh good idea! Game please make sure everyone gets some of this.

I bubble it up on my tongue (which means I get dosed of course) and it comes up kind of fruit punch because of all the mixed-up intentions. It's light and soft, nothing scary like Sexy's key, just a little inevitable fun.

If you deer-in-headlights after eating (or otherwise ingesting) it, or already are, when you try to move again you'll statuefy with a gentle statuefication that just holds your body comfy and still (no scary heart stops or anything) until...stuff. Dunno.

Or, if statuizing wouldn't be a fun wham line, you get a very clear sense, that a few hours from now you will cum very dramatically at the most interesting (and if fun least appropriate) moment in the time window. It'll climb up with lots of crawlingly distractedly horny warning...until the lull before it pounces where you think it's worn off.

If that would be boring or squicky, you...just get matchmade a nice no-control fooling-around session with a mutual crush-of-the-moment...and temporary transformations will ensure those exist. Does it make you actually fuck? Don't know, but sure seems like it will at some points!

It'd get spiked anyway, but...I think I remember making this last one it's important I never have to specify my candy won't like mess up an existing relationship, or get you stuck in something bad, or wreck your life other ways. It's candy. Sex gets to have that nice scary windup key because she loves it.

The Dreams show me a dealyboppers headband--my own butterfly antennas.

Oh my fuck, how was I ever like that!? I can see why it Paused before dropping it on me, but wow, self, relax.

Three nights ago

Top, Cane over above-breasts ribcage held down to be fucked with legs past your ears, Evident reduction of sapience

The Evident Reduction in Sapience isn't being made stupid but I do have something I can take losing without not being myself. The game takes my face by a picture of aliens from Star Trek with long silver bug eyes and cute little nubs on their foreheads and puts the nubs on my forehead so I have butterfly antennas the right shape and color to go with my wings. The nubs look like eye-stalks and bounce when my head moves and the game says I can taste things on the wind with them. They make me feel silly like how the game making Rada read to me feels and I want to hide them before they make people laugh at me. How can I feel sexy like this? Game why did you do this to me!?

It chooses these words for me but I really feel heartbroken like I can never look sexy again when I just found out how much I need that--the game is just faithfully expressing myself for me.

The game says I still can be beautiful but it's taking my dignity because I use it to hide myself and the game wants me to be seen.

And it lets me free--without fucking me? Hey!--and I can't move but I still mentally curl into a little ball and clutch Lyra for hugs. At least they don't have to exist--knowledge, and I want to scream from it: the game won't let me imagine or visualize myself without them, even to Lyra.

Goddess I'm still your wet little cocksleeve hugs cuddle shift myself deep in your heart so you feel how I live in you.

Something moves in my heart, silky goo instantly recognizable as Lyra being cuddly there and not just in my hug, reminding me of her dependent nature. She so close and snuggle I feel a bit better but now I hate the idea of her seeing me so I imagine holding her close to me and see if there's a way I can squeeze the goo I felt move gently--there is. Hug.

I really can't even have my own imagination, game!? 

The game gives me knowledge: it's taking my dignity. Imagination is still mine to use as long as I don't use it to make myself not lose my dignity with Lyra.


It really doesn't help that this i--slip--in--slip--aaah come ON FINE it really doesn't help that throwing a tantrum like this is already becoming so easy there are you happy game have I embarrassed myself enough in front of my seedling for you yet!?

Mommy I think you look cute with them. I'm not very dignified either and you like me and think I'm sexy, right?

You're the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, little one, but I don't need you to be dignified, I just need you to be a good cocksleeve and love me which you do better than I could ever ask or imagine without any dignity at all but it's different for me. I'm your Mommy and Goddess and you need to at least if you can't look up to me follow me without feeling dumb!

Goddess I look up to you with all of my silly giggly heartstone cocksleeve me and I always will follow you I love you and you own me too but I still say the same thing you can't even tell me to leave I'll be naughty and stay and you'll just have to change me until you like me because I'm not stopping being your cocksleeve not now not ever. I don't need you to be dignified, I want to respect you but I just need to know you think I'm worth keeping and like me to be able to feel safe and Goddess think of all the fun we can have if you don't have to be serious because the game is making you stop and let your guard down forever and just have fun doing whatever you feel like. Goddess if you were trying to be smart and cool would you have been able to play like that on the table with nectar and cum mixture? Rada wasn't grossed out by it so you didn't get to make her drink it and have to be all tough cool how she is always but how cool is it that you tried Goddess that was awesome and you never would have done it before the game made you start acting sillier I know you try to have fun with me but when you got on that raft with me you never would have tried to make Rada make faces by liking to drink your own cum and making her feel like a wimp if she wouldn't try it!

My heart is trying to get my face to smile, which is an improvement. I guess that was kind of cool.

You can really still respect me? I don't think this even like, the beginning.

Game-knowledge, salted with a vision of a 2-litre soda with a thing screwed on that I can see the cross-section and it's a rocket-nozzle: It's doing this because like this rocket this syrupy-fizzy pop-rocks-and-coke silliness is where my power comes from.

Goddess the more the game does this the happier you make me and the more badass and powerful you seem to me. I'm not like your cool serious alpha slave I'm a wicked kinky demon cocksleeve and I wanna have fun Goddess not stand around looking serious that's so boring!

Come on, you know you want to, Goddess!

I know you feel like it's taking everything important about you and you are losing dignity but so what who needs it Goddess I sure don't and I don't think you do either.

There. GRAAH. Done expressing how I feel.

Suddenly the strangeness in her dreamtalk resolves into it not being dreamtalk. I just see her the way she can see me, out of nowhere. What the hell?

That was a really huge moment, looking back. I'd finally noticed she saw all my thoughts, but it took letting my being able to imagine her liking me best this way, to be able to see her. I wish I could have known I called her Boobsong, then! You're such a very patient dolly to put up with that name...smirk...

Gasp that's the name your sex dolly calls herself inside herself! That's what she's supposed to be, she's your Boobsong!

Oh fuck game don't let me cry and spoil the mood CLICK!

Princess' Boobsong calls herself Boobsong inside and to everyone. Princess' Boobsong calls herself Boobsong inside and to everyone...

Okay wow this fills me with stupid bubbly resolve. Let's. Get. Ridiculous.

But it also reminds me, some of the stuff my candy does can be scary at first, and take coming to terms with. I'm sad the first time I dared accept the things my antennas tell me was to smell the fires of that dream we were just in. They're a sweet gift, and rejecting them now feels like having turned away one of Grammie's silly Garfield birthday cards.

Looking at this crew...that's got to be applicable here. I'm a naughty wicked Fairy, and I can sure be mean as Boobsong will tell you, but I'm not cruel. Even Boobsong only mostly got through to me about my antennas, so how am I going to make sure all these nice guys can enjoy my scary gifts? Stuff that makes it so they have no choice can be a start, but can't I do something to help them loosen up so it stays when they're not being coerced?

Maybe as sad as it is that life and death moment on the roof there was the only way I could open my heart to what my antennas were telling me, and embrace their cute boinging around on my head all the time (tingles aside, I'm one big rainbow-colored fidget, so they never stop).

There's a squishy wet place in my heart where they hook up, that was ice before, but the water's still cold. Maybe sniffing with them now will warm it some?

They smell...breakfast? Pancakes and bacon and eggs and...not in here, but it's nearby. Just what is going on on this ship!? The IR-or-whatever sees each crewmember as a warm red place against cool blue bridge, big it feels like maybe what it sense is life, not temperature, and I was seeing the dream-city's people, not fires.

This is the coolest! Now I like that they look stupid. It'd be less if this was like a cyber-implant.

Isn't that what the crew of the USS Beefcake want, though, badass cyber-implants?

Maybe the question here is whether I think all this badass is as shrill as mine was. Hmmm...no, duh, whatever bimbonic masterpiece I'm going to work here, what these adventurers need is a life-and-death reason to use it! Now I feel like a Q, sheesh. Okay, need to know everything that's going on here, so I can work with it.

Wine!? Oh, my candy came up a little alcoholic, I mean I can hardly be in this situation without thinking about The Naked Now. I wonder which effect I'll get? Statuification is so familiar, but so good...the cumming thing I bet. That sounds like fun. Anticipation, you know.

The liquid treat disappears from my tongue, but not before soaking in a bit.

Your game will be sure to distribute this to the entire ship, but our kind of fun is great for Ferengi! Can you make some for the ship your game found? It's almost here.

OH MY HOLY GOLD-PRESSED SKOR BARS GAME I LOVE YOU. I bubble up a huge mouthful, which disappears right away. It has girl potion built in, this time.

Now game, have you got it, or do I need to do something to make sure they don't dishonor their culture?

Your game will be sure of this, don't worry.

Almost done this bouncy dance, soon a statue very fast...THAT'S INCREDIBLE! MAKE SURE THAT'S ONSCREEN WHEN IT GOES OFF!

The game will be sure of this. You will see everything.

Well. That's not even a little ominous.

Lots of worship from someplace? Oh, like half the bridge crew is making my heart-sign and grinning.

"Aww! You guys are good, you really had me thinking you had no idea who we are! Alright, what pose should Boobsong run down in, and then every heart-sign get candy."

"--well, gets more candy," I grin my evil-sweet grin.

Eyes widen, but a few, including Riker, have already found out about deer-in-headlightsing.

Okay so is Riker actually Riker somehow. Stupid question, right? Must just an incredibly hardcore cosplayer, right? The sky's the limit in a world with stuff like my candy, so there's not reason he and Major Tom Riker can't go annoy Jonathon Frakes really bad at conventions, that's the obvious explanation, but...am I cosplaying the Sugarfeast Fairy? I can't remember how exactly it went but I know if you'd told my nine-year-old self I was going to grow up to be her my response would have been the kind of squeeeing only a nine-year-old real actual princess can manage.

But that's a religion I'm pretty sure Boobsong made up just for us, and like, an isolated incident, right?

I mean you'd think so, except for the time we met Guinan.

Three Nights Ago

ME TOO MOMMY! That feeling is what a place called the Hollow Heart Abyss is made of and it can give you a piece of itself in a necklace like the one I have on me right now but it's a hologram every piece actually the whole thing. I went there to get this when I was getting ready to meet you to make sure I'd be lucky and be able to help you escape Earth. I wore it to make your game too just to be sure everything about it would be just right to make you be happy in slavery without making anything come between us. Then it made us wake up from Limbo near the raft Rada came near first because this is the ship that most will help us be together.

Do you see why I'm telling you now Mommy?

Yes, I think back to her, as the doors to Ten Forward pssssh open for Rada and Jackson and I realize that duranium and carpeting have replaced green wood and polished floor, and the Enterprise-D's life-support thrum has appeared out of nowhere. Even the plants are the same kind.

It's a left turn, so I nudge Lyra to follow--

Haah turn left yes Mommy!

Of course as we enter I beeline for the windows, but what's outside them isn't stars, it's a view even this pixel-perfect rendering of the Enterprise's bar can't distract me from. When we get there, I plunk Lyra in front of me and pull her against me in a tight hug facing out, my free hand on her breast.

Haaah gasp ohmifuck it's so beautiful!

Snuggle you Mommy push myself even closer.

In the water ahead of us is...

Mountains. An undersea asteroid field. A city, exploding, ignoring up and down and horizon in the same way the Sea does, illuminated by the light of its own windows and that of great lights hanging in the Sea between the buildings...

Statues. Great figures, massive stone effigies in gleaming black and alabaster white and every color between, contrasting as they intertwine, the same style as the inlay on Cleavage’s blade but on the scale of buildings, of mountains, of planets in the distance, every size down to the limit of sight and up to geologic, every gender and every possibility in between, every possible kind of monster, tentacles and scales, claws and horns, wings feathered or batlike or translucent like fairy-wings catching the light in that rainbow-edged high-refractive-index way only possible by way of gemstone, all reflecting the riot of variety in the demons swimming alongside us, a...

Words fail, and mythology breaks, and futile goosebumps cover me as I start to see.

This actually is Hell. It must be, because here’s the wall of tortured souls, but these souls are in ecstasy.

Ecstasy and agony.

And it’s not a wall, it’s a web worked throughout the endless 3D fractal of this place. There are places that are more buildings and mad geology and places that are more empty Sea, but there’s no hard boundary anywhere.

An orgy worked in stone. Every sex act, speakable and unspeakable, is written here, in perfect pornographic detail - why, I realize, would su'khora sculptors do anything but disdain a line between art and pornography, if they know of one at all?

Without the game, I could never understand it. Not truly. I might see the pleasure, and the pain, but I wouldn't read the melt of submission, the wonderful safe terror of helplessness, the wicked, naughty smirk of my attempt to shock Rada and knowing abyss behind the predatory grins on the faces of the doms who understand exactly what they're about to inflict, the lust and hunger and hope and fear and need and love, carved into the stone faces with a sense of life I’ve never seen in stonework: 

A bound woman, spread-eagled and affixed to the rock she’s carved from - among the statues are rocks, mountains hanging in the sea - face-down, twists around to sweetly kiss the angel-winged man who stands over her, hand in her hair, a whip captured in the moment of being shaken out of its coils in his other hand. Two men, one with long tapered horns curving back along his skull, embracing, the horned one supple, wrists held behind his back by his larger human partner as they kiss. Unapologetically phallic tentacles from an indeterminate source twine through the scenes, wrapping limbs or gripped for support, penetrating where they will, devoured with the lusty hunger I saw on Lyra’s face during that first ritual. And on, every possible combination of partners and activity, caught in moments of connection or passion or wicked-grinning fun.

And here, on the doorstep, I understand: people have seen this, and turned back, fought back through the ordeal we survived to come here, turned away from the greeting the captain gave me, cast aside companions like Lyra.

Who would do that?

The ones who saw Hell here, and described it to the rest of us, because they’re the people who looked at this, and saw only the agony. Only the danger on the faces of those statues holding whips or floggers or just raising hands to strike. Only the fear on the faces of those statues gripped by the neck or held to the rocks and fucked with cock, finger, or tentacle.

None of the lust, none of the care, none of the excitement and love.

To see this, and turn back here, you have to be someone who can look into the light that burns like the birth of a universe for us monsters, and see only darkness. Look into that light, and not even see it reflecting off us.

They see Hell here, because they carry Hell with them everywhere they go.

For the course of human history, those are the people who’ve described this place to us, and today I’m seeing the truth just like I’ve felt the truth about this in the things Lyra's game has done to me--and sold me into--and fire her own helplessness sets in me. This was the light that claimed Persephone, and for millennia poets have called it the kingdom of the dead because they couldn’t see.

--Persephone. Unapol--slip--

Game why'd you let me sound so grown-up just now?

I sigh as the ontological tentacles entrapping me slide an Order into my mind, nice and thick: I'm going to write a poem about this. I needed to be able to think in my poetry-voice to be able to process enough to write poetry from the experience. I'm not going to write the poem now, but it will happen.

It might have to be a whole novel, game--suddenly a reflection of a wide-brimmed headdress on someone taller than I am behind us breaks my train of thought.

"Can I get you anything?"



I can't look away from the view, but her reflection is easy enough to see.

"If that's what you want to call me. I'm actually a Time Lord."


My mind, entirely without the game's help, splits into two parallel tracks. 

In one: Of course Guinan's a Time Lord! It really does explain absolutely everything about her character. Hell, this probably even the real Whoopi Goldberg being a Time Lord spending a lifetime on Earth incognito as an actress just to make sure her favorite TV show gets made.

The one that has control of my mouth says, after a long pause staring into the heartbreakingly beautiful madness in front of us, says:

"Okay, good one, you got me."

"You're standing in a faithful recreation of the ship's bar from the Enterprise made by a sentient shapeshifting submarine with sails on the outside, holding your demon girlfriend by a leash made out of videogames looking at the underwater civilization called Rl'yeh Sade because it's the place wet dreams go when they come to life, and your problem is with Guinan walking up behind you and telling you she's a Time Lord?"

God damn but it sounds exactly like her. I turn us around to look at her. Yes, it's exactly Guinan, and her clothedness reminds me of my lingerie.

Interestingly, it's exactly Guinan, but not exactly Whoopi Goldberg. The face is close, but...almost as if in the ways Whoopi Goldberg isn't precisely Guinan, this precisely is Guinan.

Turn following Mommy hehe have to be fast fuck it totally actually is Guinan. Look at Mommy can I talk?

Go ahead, snugglebutt, I think, speechless.

"Are you actually Guinan like did you take a time machine to Earth to pretend to be an actress so that when they were about to cancel TNG you could be like No I want to be on Star Trek and make them keep making it because if you are THANK YOU SO MUCH I LOVE IT SO MUCH."

"That's the first time I've ever had to ask if someone can read my mind. Yeah. Think it was worth it?"

This is not allowed to be a p--slip--I can't actually think this might TRUE, I whine inside.

"Why are you here, then? Please tell me it's not to say hi to us--not you Guinan's--you're--awesome, I just already did the 'chosen one everyone is waiting for' thing already."

"Everyone resists the call to adventure, honey. No. I'm here because this wonderful ship we're on called me as soon as she saw me and said 'come see my Ten Forward and meet the fun people I have inside me right now they're all into Star Trek', and here I am."

Game, PAUSE.

Instantly there's another double-ding pause-sound as the world rainbowfades to blackness and we're back in the floating nothingness of Pause.

Snugglebutt, do you have any idea what the fuck is going on here?

No Mommy but the Four Dreams aren't saying she's lying or telling a story so I'm thinking she's actually a Time Lord until something tells if that's real.

...oh. Are the Four Dreams fast enough to grant wishes while I'm paused like this?

A giant, block-capital YES covers my vision for a moment.

Dreams I wish to know if "Guinan" here is telling the truth about who she is.

In response, they show me...Santa Claus?



It's a good thing I just...everything, or I'd feel ridiculous asking this:

Four Dreams, is there actually a Santa Clause, like literally in the Yes Virginia sense?

YES, they reply.



In the same way that there is actually a Guinan (which is apparently literally)?

Yet another YES.

But...how? Is someone out there making mythological figures real whose not being would make fools, little children, and ships named Enterprise cry?


You're fucking kidding me.

NO, and it lingers for long as if to say we would never...but...really? They created a whole person just because it would be lame if we couldn't meet her when we walked into otherwise-perfect Ten Forward?

Mommy it's millions of people, not just you and me. Remember wishes made with love come to life. You wished to meet her when you were watching TNG every time I saw you imagined it and thought how you'd ask her for advice and she'd say something all like wise and insightful.

That's how Santa Claus and Guinan exist, right Dreams?


Okay but you just said--suddenly I realize that the Four Dreams have been replying in my teravolt-blue-glowing black-mirror hand and I didn't recognize it because the crunchy VT100 pixels have been replaced by smooth feminine curves.

Dreamer and Dreamer and Dreamer...or rather Monster and Monster and Monster...fuck.

Okay I still can't believing I'm asking this, but...you're saying here Lyra and I can literally write an actual Letter to Santa Claus and there'll be a place we can send it and...get presents on Christmas? Just like we can walk into Ten Forward and have Guinan sneak up on us and give--I catch myself ahead of the big word this time, gulp--weird but really good advice?




It's Christmas Eve Mommy our seed-ghost told me remember? If we hurry we can still get a letter to him, right Bones?

How does this all manage to keep getting weirder.

I...don't know what to even start asking for...my mind wobbles, feeling over-full.

Top, Write letter to Santa Claus and send it, Get out to the field before midnight

The game takes hold of my tippy, straining mind to pick words for me. The meeting with Guinan is because we both wished we could meet her, and we should have fun playing along with her actually being a Time Lord for a minute, then sit down and watch The Next Generation with Rada and Jackson and Klapta because I am getting ready to have a breakdown from being hit with so many strange things all at once.

Knowledge: the game is unpausing, and won't let me pause again until Star Trek is over, and Pause can't always be used--the game has to think it's appropriate.

Guinan's face blueshifts back into focus, and the world starts again.

"I'm so glad you came it's awesome to meet you! How do you like this Ten Forward so far?"

"Aren't you sweet! I like this Ten Forward just fine--only thing it's missing is a barkeep! Now before you go asking for presents, tell yourself one thing: you aren't the one they were looking for. That'll keep you on track. Go have your lunch, now, I think she's starting to collapse."

...oh. I'm the lunch. This idea actually comforts me enough to have fun with this.

"Yeah, kinda...you're a Time Lord, you see all kinds of weird stuff. How do you deal with this?"

She smiles kindly, pets my upper arm soothingly.

"Just stop trying to get used to it. Then you can actually deal with it. Until then you're going to keep freaking out. I'll be on my way now, but I can't imagine this is your last time in Ten Forward. So long!"

"It was so cool meeting you!"

When it starts to come out all fanb--slip--fangirly, I lean into the squeak. It's me. It's true.

"You too, sweetie. I'm sure you'll be as fun as you're hoping when the time comes."

Guinan whisks away, headed for the bar. I cast about for Rada and Jackson, see them sitting in a theatre-looking area to the left of the entrance where TNG never shows, and nudge Lyra ahead to take us there. Rada twists around in her chair as we approach, amused.

Present Day

So other than my being a huge bitch who didn't remember her own girlfriend...what's this mean? Is Guinan made out of whole cloth, or is she like me and Santa? Is Santa a cosplayer? When does the simulacrum become the original on account of the original never having existed?

If you want to ask an expert, Derrida lives in Rl'yeh Sade with his partners Derrida, Derrida, Derrida, and...zing! Actually I have no idea.

Wait holy fizzfrozen--dolly do you think she somehow planned that line for now, about not the one they were looking for? Like maybe this isn't just a party ship the family arranged full of fans--oh fuck panic attack real fans this means I'm back AAAH!

That makes sense but why say it that way? Prophecy's hard, why so important this gets that?

Huh, good point. Maybe it's something else after all.

Anyway they didn't expect this, or anything like it, as the blank stares showed. Good on my fans for holding back until I had things in hand, but this ship is just...doing what? Well, getting boarded and SuQarfeasted, now.

Speaking of which, back to the flow of time...

"It's kind of like, lemony custard? Not like your cum Sex was taking. This is real dessert topping."

"It's a floor wax in most of this place. This stuff is everywhere!"

"Gigglewhat? HEY! My cum is a great dessert topping!"

"That's such a shame they can never taste it!"

"Keep pushing buttons, dolly--oh wait, only I can!"

This is weird, there's hunger for the taunting game. Like later we need to sit down and make each other like, cry--except we won't cry, she'll eat me and then I'll torment her until we get a fuck with my real clit.

Maybe the hunger is just to be there with each other's terror at what we've done to each other, and celebrate anyway.


Ooof...dance bounce around and bend--oops. Sex dolly's stuck with her eyes on the captain's chair and her boobs out between her elbows and bending down to stick her pussy out for Princess. Help your dolly? Or leave her here if that's more fun, but seed-ghost says ensnaring more!

Snuggly Stops: When Boobsong runs out of lust, she will wake up and walk to you if she's not right there. She has to be held or restarted or coldness comes. If you choose to restart she'll go back where she was and keep going.

Porny Stops: Good sexy poses are hard to escape. Each one's a trap that will grab her and stop her sometimes. Only escape is your fingers inside her pussy or mouth. Otherwise, she's stuck for good! Each sexy pose can stay like she is for a thousand years, and her lust will stay where it was when she stopped that way. Restart and there she goes!

...weird, that's very conservative of you, Sugarfeast Fairy! These are great but I just want our simple succubus game--OOH. This is like before with all those games about whether my clit can be had. There's something behind this that isn't games-applicable.

Right, seed-ghost? As fun as these are they're not actually replacing the succubus game because you're nudging me somewhere else?

Yes. How to keep track of how far is okay and what connection. Keep trying ways with abandon. Leash change enabled anytime, without lust. Succubus game to defaults.

Ooh! Let's see this stretchy goo before we do anything. Boobsong was dancing right up against me (which goes to show how unpredictable her lust can be, shouldn't she have not been able to run out?). I step back--hot, it looks like nectar, check this out dolly! I wanna go down on you like whoa now!

Wow that's the biggest drop of stretching-out nectar! Feels super strong! Nothing will cut through that!

Alright well this is a classic, anyway. Maybe we'll use it for movietime. We need something dramatically variable that's shaped by our feelings like how when she eats me and whether I can have my clit is--YES! Telling my eravahk how much leash feels super wrong every time! Okay seed-ghost if it needs to be beyond our control what form this takes then just do it otherwise we'll keep trying to think up stuff but we need something. I don't know which is better...yeah.

Control of your length is inside of you. Feel greedy and she's pulled to you. Freedom with need to see her dance around. Leash takes the form that you choose. Right now the goo is at half an inch. More greed can pull you inside of her. You are eaten then. Come back when leash gets long enough, but your need can keep you a million years.

Oooh hellll yes that feels right. Get ready to be reeled right in, dolly, you're not the only greedy one in this relationship! (making an Empire is just hoarding countries, so it's in my blood, oh yes)

Can't get reeled in if your dragon eats you first!

Oh bring it. I'm surprised this gives us a whole half inch right now--

If you want to be stuck super snuggly, just wish! Seed-ghost can hold you tight and make sure it feels uncontrollable.

"Oooh! Okay you really do get candy, fans, and everyone else who wonders how the spike this isn't spiked...maybe we can help you? You're officially Q-ed, but I like to help, unlike some people."

"BUT FIRST! AUDIENCE INTERACTION TIME! Boobsong and me are kind of messed up and still remembering stuff like how our leash works (which we just did). Right now it's at half an inch. THAT'S TOO LONG! We're taking a walk to deck nine after this. Give us suggestions for how snuggly we have to stay on the way and how long after that, and our seed-ghost will pick the best ones, and we'll be stuck with 'em. Make yours nice and fun if you wanna get picked!"

This...it's being us again. We got so much from our fans, right dolly?

Our fans were our lifesblood! We always did stuff like this and got stuck in sexy predicaments! Our fans are very strange people, it's the best!

People make various signs of dreamtalk as they commune with our seed-ghost.

"Seed-ghost has chosen."

"You have to stay arm in arm with your hips touching at minimum when walking. When standing still Boobsong has to be hugged around her body and pressed against Rainbow from head to foot except if they're kissing or having sex. If they're sitting down, Boobsong must be in Rainbow's lap except for sex or worshiping. Lying down, must embrace with arms around each other and bodies pressed, except for sex. At shower time, soapy water lets their bodies part for cleaning off, but one must be washing the other and a leash will form that's as long as the width of the sponge or brush."

"See, this is how these get fun. Seed-ghost wwwwwwhy is there an entry for showertime there?"

Again I can like feel that there should be a mic in my hand. Is that just what I carried instead of an eravahk?

"Sex doesn't have to keep every rule, but the spirit is to keep them very close, so sex must also be close. Have to keep petting and holding on. Hands will just stick otherwise.'

"Time is one week from the starting time when Boobsong moves again, but there are breaks planned. Showertime is not among them."

"Hot. I knew we could count on you guys. What do you think, dolly?"

I lay my fingers on her helpless ass.

This is the best ever! Going to be stuck so good...wonder why breaks? Why not stay always?


"You're so cute."

I look up at everyone.

"She loves it, and so do I. Game make sure everyone whose idea you used gets an extra-special supercut of our silliest hottest moments from this, at least, please?"

I bat my eyes in its nowhere-direction.

Your game will give all five a Rainbow kiss! They decide where it goes on them...

"Hehe, okay, game. Secret just for winners, sorry!"

...so they get to be the ones to tell the story. I seem to remember my game would help you win at Pics Or It Didn't Happen if your got a prize like this, too.

Wait, has all this connecting with Boobsong actually got me feeling weird about whoring!? (I'm a massive whore. Part of the breeding. It's just I was expecting to cost stuff like "20% of your GDP for the next hundred years"...this is totally better though, I like to give a personal touch) Except right now I just want Boobsong! Watch it just be the family or something. It always ends up fine so I'm not worrying.

"So seed-ghost why have breaks? I mean, this is us we're talking about."

"You have to be able to play your new game! You will see what this means when the time comes. Dancing is also needed or you miss watching her. Don't you want the control stick on your eravahk under your thumb as she moves for you?"

The only response to that is to stick out my big weird tongue and liiiick the control stick of my eravahk sensually, then give it a little peck.


Holy fuck yes okay we need like daily RC time or something weird things I've said about my lover that are awesome hehe.

"So if there's anyone left unstatued now, what were you all doing? I think we totally smashed your game, but maybe when funtime is over we can put it back again--and we can definitely--" (I get a good evil grin up for this) "--make sure everyone knows you had no choice in what happened today! Princess Starlight's birthday parties are a real force of unnature, there's no stopping this now. I mean, unless there is, Dreams."

The Dreams show me a ninepack of Strawberry Soylent, speakers, an astronaut, and multimeter-soldering-iron-logic-probe. Me and my handmaidens performing for the space-people is fixing me...no, feels wrong.

Ah. Strip 'em down and bimbo 'em up and call the dance is a giant leap in fixing me.

The Dreams show me a harrowing snowy drive to the flying field once that gave me a magical day there with just Boobsong, flying in beautiful snow. Taking off from the unplowed runway was hard but the flying was great.

So this might seem like a bad idea to set out on (I sure thought that driving out) and have a rough start, but it's going to be magical and fix me lots (I feel it already doing).

I grin a grin where every tooth is made of the green checkmark the Dreams show me in response to that.

"As always check for yourself, get it, but that looks to me like an official hang onto your tits everybody! Huh? No you'll be able to, don't worry! Now, while there's still time, like I keep asking and then not letting anyone answer:"

"One, whatcha doin'? and two: why the sweet squishy lemon-tart gusher-pops is deck nine of this ship full of lemon custard!?"

They'd better hurry with the answers, because I can feel my house of birthday cards starting to fall...

"We're carrying food weapons for the Klingon High Council to use in the war with the Skeksis. There was an accident just before we were boarded, and a custard mine went off. They transport the munition in a hundred meter radius when they detect Skeksis biosigns or technology but the one that went off wasn't armed so there must be a spy on board."

It's Riker. Apparently he gets to talk? I mean I did say soft statuification I suppose--wait what'd he just say? Oh my fuck. Game what did you find me. We're holodecking, right, or something?

Your game thinks this is fun, but it didn't take you here. All of these are real people, so be kind to them.

[!] If they're having a food-war you're the ultimate weapon! This is going to be amazing!

Alright Dreams I have to admit that is some truly epic irony given my history. Fine, being a gun here will be great. Watch out, Skeksis, your days are gumbered!

Your Sugarfeast Fairy Slave has a food feeling about this...



I bounce with excitement saying it.

"And here I thought you would all be boring because you look so serious--"

So much to process. As Riker talks to me--and looks me up and down--my antennas life-detection of him warms up from blah yellow to a nice hot pink, because life is definitely not what these are detecting--I mean, what'd I expect them to detect?

Teehee, so complimenting! I wish I could have taught Earth better that objectification isn't what feels gross in the gross-feeling you often get from this there. It's the being unsafe that makes you want to curl up, slash their throat, run away, and puke all at once. Like you guys are getting force-fed fugu whole, of course it's horrible! Properly prepared objectification is delicious. You can get that really easily by playing in a totally safe environment like the Dreams, or by being an unstoppable untouchable terrifyingly powerful eldritch benevolence like me. Just need that safe feeling. Having both? Both is good. Both.

I glance around the bridge. Blue means nothing there, yellow seems to be "not asexual", my fans are all nice and pink because, gulp this was hardcore--

The Dreams show me a blue Federation-standard barrel of Klingon Spine Remover, like fell on Worf in that episode. Odd to show now? Oh. Break the proud warrior guys--

Now they interrupt with rockets launching? Oh, the hard launch, is important. The snow flight day was important because taking off ward hard--the snow on the runway sent my plane turning this way and that, and made me think I'd run out of runway and end up in the icy pond at its end. All the ice in me is slowing down my usual hard launch but it's going to be okay, we're get...hair-borne, mwaha.

See, my fans are ready to go, because if you did one of the various things you could to make my game think it was a good idea (mainly, directly asking for it), you'd kind of get trained to become a stiffy gooey mess as soon as I showed up. That's hard work! It'd be very mean of me not to start of launching the rocket right away.

The snow really is holding me back. I can feel the takeoff roll that wants to happen like my Kavalier would leap ten feet down the runway and then just be heading straight up--

Another interruption from the Dreams, to show me the pull-to-inflate handle of a lifeboat, and ideas blossom. Destroying their sweet ship is--ooooooh. Muahah okay making some assumptions here based on what we've just been up to and that butterfly antennas thing but--okay I have to have the fun of finding out OOH and it can be part of this okay here we go.

Game you've got radiation of the week covered, right--no like I need to ask of course it does.

You get a reward for your faith in your game. Puppetry to look like the Admiral attracts you while you invite him to play.

Oooh perfect I hope this doesn't feel too icky.

Time starts moving--you had us Paused, sneaky game!--and the game moves my eyes to stare at Riker's thickly admiral-tunic-covered cock for a second, then makes me look at his beard. I can't get my eyes higher than that far--or move them off him.

Alright, we'll save the dick(less) jokes for after, then. I take a deep breath I hope shows my (real) excitement, and not my ew beard.

"Okay we're here to help. Sorry I'm not in uniform--"

"Actually you're just how I usually like to see women. It's not--"

My game gives my hips a twist as he says this, and I blush on my own.

The apparently-terrifyingly-dedicated ops officer speaks up behind me:

"Captain I have a strange reading from the warp core--there, it's gone now. Must just have been a plasma fluctuation."

Okay if Riker the master of separating appropriate workplace conduct and appropriate recreational facility conduct is saying that now...hehe Dreams what did you find me?

A nice phallic Golden Age of Scifi rocketship, from when all fiction was pulp, men were MEN, and women were cover art.

This is why the Dreams are incredible. I knew my birthday would be pretty epic. I knew we would be having some Trekkish fun when Isht Visht turned into a shuttlecraft, and while I might not have expected to crash a food-fight Dominion War versus the Skeksis from the Dark Crystal...like isn't that just so perfect? We'll have lots of fun.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined the Dreams would drop me into the middle of that, on the side (or at least ship) of Gorean Starfleet.

This is going to be so educational! I mean like if that's the game they want, fine, I'll make them all little pill-shaped expand-with-each-load candies in packs that say MAGNUM XL ALL NIGHT but if that was true, we sure wouldn't have just been spiked onto their bridge. It even makes sense, bringing desserts to an interstellar food fight is one good chant from a way to summon me for sure.

Oh. Oh I know what Riker gets, if there's time before Lt. Chekov's Gun just now goes off. No the timing, just long enough to consider it...MUAHAHAHAH!

Okay but just what the hell is going on here, you ask, readers. Me too! No way of knowing, really. If I need to find out I will. Until then, this is the real Gorean Starfleet off to fight the food-fight war against the Skeksis with their Klingon allies. Maybe the Borg will cum. Come. And cum. Who knows! Let's just have fun!

"OOOH! Oh I see. Where are all yours, then? I mean, I don't let mine more than half an inch--literally, today! You heard my little game thing before."

I pat Boobsong's ass possessively as I talk, try to stir up condescension toward her to go with the blushiness my game just aimed at him.

"Our women spend time in chains every morning. They're back in our beds, where they should be."

This is...actually kind of cute (yes I know, never leave a bound sub unattended, but there's no way the main computer isn't playing baby monitor for everyone).

Dreams are you sure? I don't want to scare any slaves--but they show a green checkmark as I think, so okay, here goes.

"And you're just flying along with the Klingons. That means we have time for games! You guys must be horny by now, up here doing work with your sweet ones all chained up and naked--they are naked, right?"

The Dreams were egging me on before, and I'd usually kick this faster I think, but this foreplay is as fast as the snow will melt--green checkmark again.

"Of course they are, sweetheart, we take good care of our women--"

The con officer cockblocks him once again, so perfectly timed, as my game makes my eyes drop so he just catches it as he looks away.

"It's that plasma fluctuation again, sir. Just for a moment--"

Riker cuts him off, oh this is working so well.

"I'm sure it's nothing, ensign--"

"That's so annoying, this was just getting good! Sis, would you and Isht Visht go see their warp core and make sure it doesn't do anything distracting while we play? I'll suck you real good!"

"You got it, dollyhole! Just make sure your mouth's watering when we get home later!"

I lick my lips like I don't know I am and blush back:

"Oh, like it's ever not."

Riker's eyebrows are raised and his mouth is opening with his Several Thousand Questions (holy sour patch kids what an expression), so I cut him off (muahah):

"My twin sister. Um, paternal twins, don't get too excited. Her heartchild's the best starship engineer I've ever seen. So obedient and loyal, too! I've never seen her so much as talk back. Anyway I was saying, all this time up here doing work, away from your sweethearts, no wonder you all look horny. Especially you, Admiral. It must keep you so busy being in charge of everything, and it's not always fun, is it? Why, I bet you haven't had so much as an interesting moral dilemma all morning!"

"I can't say I mind seeing you here, now that I know you're on our side. You had me confused, a bit. Your cousin is much more--"

Riker's warming to this, and here's what I was saying before: would anyone other than the real William T. Riker still be able to flirt, with Q's bimbo cousin, while statufied?

"Of a boring edgelord prude? Do not get me started. Wherever the fun is, that's my side. You guys must be if you have custard mines. I wanna give you some cool weapon upgrades, and fix that mine that got wasted, but first, let's play some games. If I let you out, you'll be a gentleman, right, Admiral? I'm already owned, see?"

I tug Boobsong's collar, and Riker smiles condescendingly:

"I might have to turn you in, if you're here against orders, but obviously. This is a Starfleet vessel."

Oh my fuck this is so hilarious. I'm still going to blow it up real good, but I totally approve.

Yes really. I mean first of all, there's no way these guys are ever more than half a transporter accident from meeting parallel-universe Amazonian Starfleet, but more importantly, to play here, in post-TNG Trek-land, and dare to still be the guys even Heinlein looked down in disgust at from the top of his tower of incest, takes courage. These aren't just Golden-agers too busy having fun death-raying their females out of the clutches of six-headed monsters, nor can they miss the Golden Age if they're all the way post-TNG.

Can they?

I'd tHiNk tHaT mIgHT gET sPiKEd tHOuGh!

The Dreams show me...Geordi? What...oooh. Alright, full steam ahead, then.

Yes Geordi means something to me here, namely, the incredibly spiked up subplot about his obsession with Leah Brahms, the designer of the Enterprise's warp drive, where she finds the holodeck copy of her he's fallen in love with, and she ends up looking like the bitch for being mad--

Now they show me Riker, but he's got the helmet and control panel in the background from the boxart of Missile Command for the Atari 2600, then the Lorax on his tree-stump.

...oh. Oh that is epic. Okay just give me a minute to sell it, Dreams.

Readers, just hang on with me for a sec. The Lorax thing might seem obvious but you're wrong. The first part means Riker's been playing missile command shooting down the message the Dreams have been trying to bring him and his crew for a bit, so now he gets to be on Starlight Princess, which is probably why his bridge is already full of operatives.

"Oh no, I'm here on orders. Someone on board must have called out for me, and here I am, ready to make--"

Riker's eyes widen. Is he...scared?

"I'm not here to punish you! I teach people how to have fun, that's all! Ugh...somebody's been riding your ass, right? Giving you like messages, shape up or else?"

"Constantly. It's incessant. I keep telling them, our ladies are perfectly happy, and the Dreams let us keep them, so I don't see what the problem is, but they just keep after us. Why doesn't Rl'yeh Sade spike them? It's not my adventure to get lectured every day over subspace. They even have my private channel!"

"Guys this warp core's in perfect shape. I can't find a single thing wrong with it, dilithium cells to nacelles."

"Alright well, keep an eye, please, if Sis says yes, I don't want anybody cockblocked by an exploding console, and the Admiral's got like a stalker or something, so watch out down there."

"Goosleeve your blowjob is getting longer! Muah!"

Laughter from the crew, so I put my hands on my hips indignantly.

"That hat better not be the only part getting longer! You know how hungry I get!"

Riker's got that what did I just hear expression again, but he blinks out to say,

"Is your sister your owner, then? We can find you a real owner if--"

He says the second part so sweetly tenderly, he really means it kindly.

"Oooh no no she's just my big sister. Kind of plays mom a lot, you know. I'm going to take a page from my cousin's book and say your puny human minds couldn't take knowing who my owner is--yet. How'd you like to be able to? You look like big boys, I bet you can take it, with a chance to prepare first. The truth'll blow your minds--and your cocks, I know what life's about."

"I'm all ears."

What if you make it a flying cock that flies over and cums in his mouth to unstatue him and then it keeps cumming all over him if he doesn't catch it and eat it?

Holy fuck I love you so much and I forgot my candy can do stuff like that.

"Okay. First challenge then. This will set you free--everyone else gets out in just a sec, unless they ask very nicely to stay--and then the fun starts, but to get free you've gotta prove to me you know a little candy cum isn't going to wash your manhood away. Low bar, I know, just consider it like a start button for my game. What's your favorite taste?"

"You might be, to look at you. I've had gay experiences, you're pretty--teasing me, aren't you? Alright, candy cum, let's go. Make it big, I don't like little boys."

Full-force I'm so proud of you grin. That'll make this next bit easier.

"Rainbow explosion mystery treat it is then."

I hold my two hands up and put them together like there's something in them, then bring them apart as I make the candy, and a three-foot gummi dildo in swirly rainbow colors extends between them until it's balls drop and it takes off on unfurling fairy wings, dropping sugar-flake sparkledust as it takes off for him, and he makes me even more proud by laughing out loud as he opens wide.

"When you're free, catch it and show it who's boss, unless you want a facial as much as I cum to think of it do."

"Boobsqueeze, don't make me cum up there!"

"Boobsong and me are going for a walk soon anyway, but I've never seen a locked turbolift stop you before!"

The dildo's flown right into Riker's mouth, and he's taking it like a champ though it definitely doesn't fit in. He lurches, his hands come up and grab the dildo, and he squeezes its balls until it goes limp.

"Usually I make people eat my candy as soon as its in their hand, but we don't wanna spoil your appetite, and you never know when a huge cock's going to cum in handy, so you should hang onto that. You'll want your hands for this next part, though."

Yes for breasts, just not these ones MUAHAHAH!

Riker licks the end of it off, takes it away from his mouth with a kind of giggly what-the-hell expression, and then--


--walks over to set it still-statued Captain Barclay's lap, curled up like a cat looking up at him.

"Awesome. Okay, come here. I'd come over but I have a tradition that the fun really starts when I step off my pedestal, and it's not quite time for that yet--and anyway, I don't wanna move Boobsong, I like where she is. Dilemma of the leash, you know. Speaking of dilemmas..."

Eravahk, stick to my hand.

The eravahk never doesn't stick. Let go of it, it will stay there. The mind-control game to get you used to having it is over with.

Oh. Handy. I let go and it rolls aside, pulled by gravity but staying in contact.

Riker comes up and stands near, very kindly not blocking Barclay's view of us. I hold up two closed fists, out to the sides a bit so it doesn't look like I'm putting 'em up, and make the candies. In my left hand, the corners of a waiting-to-unfold cardboard packet press, while in my right, a nice phallic test-tube inflates.

"Now, before I give you this, understand. This is hardcore. I'm playing hard because I think you guys can take it, but I also want you to know, this is the end of whatever nonsense you and I'll bet the rest of the crew have been dealing with. I'm not here to lecture you, I'm not here to punish, and I know the very last thing all your ladies need is for their daddies to be all stressed out from nasty messages all day long. I mean that's just the worst, isn't it, dolly?"

I stroke her ass with my eravahk-tip, and look at her.

Your Boobsong can't move because she ran out of lust because she danced without flirting hard enough to keep going. She says very softly, oops. Yes when hard stuff distracts you its awful!

"Oh that's right, you're stuck."

Eyes around the room, then back to Riker. Some of the security guys are statued at attention with their weird water guns, which looks hilarious.

"Actually she's being really sweet and contrite about not flirting hard enough to keep moving while I had her dancing--have any of you guys ever tried remote control with yours? You'd think you'd miss the intimacy of good verbal command, but, watch us later, see if you think we do."

Something feels cold--is this the fear in the room? Riker's looking real tough, but--

Your game sees them freezing up. Break the ice with confession.


I fidget and look at my eravahk in my hand.

"Actually, like...she kind of had to kick my ass about that. I feel terrible for it. It was her idea, if you can believe, and she had to keep on me for like a week to get me to hear that yes, clicking her around like a remote control toy instead of commanding her--yes, we've gone full remote-control--would be so much hotter to both of us. It does like mind control to her, it's the sexiest thing. But me, oh no, here I am trying to all oooh I honor your submission and your will to obey is so important to me, like so high and mighty, I couldn't hear her going, come on, Mommy, harder. Do you get why I'm telling you this?"

"You're not here to judge us for keeping their chains too short. You think our girls have the opposite problem?"

"I mean maybe, but what if even they don't know? It's sure not their responsibility! Or not even that. What if it's just that, there's a whole new world out there, levels you haven't even thought of to the game your playing, a whole entire reality you can only half-see right now, even though you're the biggest baddest boys in starfleet? But no, I'm damn well not here to judge you. I'm here to party, and celebrate with you the awesomeness that is power exchange, and give each and every one of you nice boys something new to bring home to your beloveds tonight that'll make them melt at your feet or scream in your beds...or, y'know, whatever you like to hang 'em on. That's a sacred relationship, to me. I'd literally just melt into pink goo if I didn't have my Boobsong here--I've got her on a magic leash that's the length of my feelings about how far she's allowed to roam, and you just heard me bitch about how it being at half an inch is too far--so I can only imagine how you and your ladies feel. I guess you could say I'm the Lorax of the subs, but I speak for them because speaking up would totally ruin it for them--I mean if you let them talk. Reasonable restriction, depending, sometimes you've gotta remind 'em what their tongues are actually for."

Hmm hmm hmm I have a family who can read my mind yes they can.

Riker's smiling now--

"You sure learned that today!"

"I wasn't assuming that lesson's over just because I got summoned!"

Now Riker's laughing, and petting his beard like he's trying to figure out just what the hell is going on here--

"I see you're not in charge of everything."

"Mostly just Boobsong, really. Um, and stuff like this...actually, that makes my point really well. I know both sides, and I love 'em. I can sympathize with you nice gentlemen, and feel that wish your ladies surely get while you're up here doing all this important stuff to feel your hand, right between their shoulder-blades, just pressing down..."


"I get all tingly just thinking about it! Anyway I was saying, I'm here to speak for the she's, but mostly to make sure they never get free, and get to feel those nice heavy chains every moment. I mean, what's the point, otherwise? This collar zaps me the second I get out of line, and you see my smile right now."

Okay good, I've got Riker in full thoughtful-beard there's much more to you than I thought cutie smirk mode. Much better than all terrified.

"So, long sermon I know when we could be having fun, but I don't want you to mistake me for whoever's been riding your asses--unless I'm mistaking them, which I'd like to be--when we all know perfectly well, that yeah, if your ladies are in trouble or need out, the Dreams'll spike it real good, you won't get long-winded emails about it. A message you can blow off sure isn't much of a spiking--"

Ugh, this is getting so long, game should I cut to the chase or get into that?

Cut to the chase will get through to them.

"Which I'm saying, so you'll know you and your ladies have our full support, because this game is going to scare your balls right off, and I want you to know I'm not here to do anything but help you and them take their submission and your dominance to strange new worlds where they smile up from your feet at how pretty these new stars shine on their collars and cuffs. Ready?"

"Hit me."

BWAHAAHA but somehow I don't think it's me you'll need to worry about! I waggle my eyebrows and Morpheus my hands out to him. In my left hand the silver-on-black cardboard pack of a MAGNUM XXL ALL NIGHT pill unfolds with its red hard-candy pill shining in the little blisterpack. On my right hand (please oh PLEASE let the fact that he's Earthling enough to want to captain the Titan mean he's seen both Estradiol and Viagara) is a baby-blue diamond-shaped blue sweet-tart-looking with an where the Viagara mark would be.

"Kansas is going byebye either way this time, so it's just a matter of choosing how we play. Since you're the Admiral, and used to making decisions for everybody, you're choosing for your whole crew here--whichever one you eat, your whole crew does. Should probably think about them too. Responsibility, don'tchaknow."

"If you take the red pill--alright obviously I'm not thinking anybody on board needs one of these, but why go all in, when you can go all insane? Whatever you've got, this'll take it through the roof, probably literally so you might wanna crank up the structural integrity fields on your beds and make sure the emergency hull breach shields are online before you go for your morning delight. This'll make your ladies prove that poster for Alien totally wrong and then cry at your feet for another, the very moment they find their eyeballs. It's not permanent, just the one night like the package says, but that's probably just as well, because there's the small side of effect of being mind-controlled to follow any command given by someone with a pussy--me and my family excepted, to show you that's not who I'm thinking there."

That gets an eyebrow raise from Riker.

"Fair warning on that: don't let lack of imagination about what kinds of things you might get told to do in that state throw off your decision making here. I'll tell you how that got me afterwards, and we'll all have a great laugh, won't we, Sis?"

"Hehe...Mommy-boo terrified her! Her face was so cuuute to see yes it was. The order sure made her light up though!"

Sis obligingly (and blushfully argh) goes fully baby-talk shzz shzz shzz for the cute.

"That's an understatement! She's not kidding, though, I know that's a terrifying thought but you really might be amazed what kind of order you get and what it does for you. Mine changed my whole life. Saved it even. Consider that, and know I promise none of this stuff will mess up your relationships or make your ladies stop respecting you, may that be spiked--but fair's fair, this really is the hard stuff."

"On the other hand, if you take the blue pill--anybody recognize what this is a candy of?"

"That's Viagara."

He sounds extra radio-announcer saying it, making me smile.

"Almost. It is definitely going to give you the most amazing boners later, but they'll be all-natural home-grown Rikerwood (or whosever, you get the idea), not from the candy, just the fun you and your ladies will have. Any other guessers? Fans, no fair helping."

"Estradiol! My sister is trans."

It's the world's least flappable ops ensign again.

"Dong! Yes, but why's it shaped like--right, already explained that part. Okay, I'll start explaining this one by saying that despite how I might look right now, I know from personal experience that we can all be very sentimental about our cocks. Original parts only, accept no substitutes, you'll hear it from me first, SO. This test tube is to say your cock will be perfectly safe and very much enjoyed by your ladies when then give you your evening blowjobs after our games are over and do that awesome little expression they make as they slide down your shaft and their eyes go out of sight on your mound. Until then, however, they'll be safe away quite intact and still hooked up in your own little pocket universes because you all will be taking a walk on the other side with fully-functional girl bodies made out of the ones you have right now--again, only temporary, transforming only takes about as long as cumming, and feels about as good."

Riker is making the best expressions for this, kind of smirking. Does he think this is cute because I'm not being as hard as I think?

"You're there to learn, so for encouragement, you can still use your cocks, or anyway you can use your imagination and you and your partner will feel how you're using it while it stays in its pocket universe getting all the forces transferred magically which is mighty convincing I can tell you. How's that encouragement? It only works if and only if you've been learning enough from being a girl! The expansion of your own mind is what drives it, there's no like curriculum or anything, just get your Starfleet on and go where no man has gone before. I'm sure your ladies will be happy to help."

"Oh, and you mind find some interesting conditions on who and how and when it works. I'm leaving that one up to what the candy finds in each of you, so I promise awesome restrictions only. I woke up in a place called Happy Chains this morning and I guess I'm kinda trying to bring people that idea today."

"Gotta have a catch, though, right? This will make you screamingly horny, so don't think you can just white-knuckle it until I get bored, but the catch for this one is just, you're stuck as a girl while my game goes, but afterwards, you stay until you ask sincerely and wholeheartedly to change back. If you wanna keep exploring, I mean isn't that the whole point of Starfleet? Anybody who gives you trouble for that--is totally spiked, actually, never mind."

"Take your time, but you're eating one or the other. I might be the family pet, but I've still got my powers."

"You're my cute little sister! Also, Viktor's the family pet."

"Bwahaha little cigar chewtoy! For real though, sometimes I think if it wasn't for all you supporting me I'd be learning to bark in five minutes. Love you, Sis."

Love you too but I'm letting Riker decide quietly.

Cool. And awesome way to lighten this. And hint at the important lesson.

Now, juuust the right amount of time to freak out before the decision gets made for him--his face looks ashen, I haven't seen him so scared since Measure of a Man, he reaches out but not for one or the other, hand wavering--OOF! The deck shakes like we've hit a big bump in the spacetime, the lights flicker, and Riker looks up, annoyed.

"Now what!?"

Opsdude again:

"Plasma coolant is pouring out of the starboard converter manifold, and we've got a--warp core breach immanent--what the hell? It's stopped. The whole MARA's offline, but the internal sensors show it still present--"

Riker rides over him:

"Engineering, what the hell's going on down there?"

Instead of anyone from engineering, however, the world goes dark like with horror-movie darkness, and the voice of--eep is that who I think it is!?

"Little Rainbow, how sweet to find you there! I was just going to teach them a lesson. Are you ready to help me, dear?"

Weird emotions boil, I can't find the part that should respond to this, angry hurt rebellion fights with family longing...and I suppose you can read my mind too and you'll see how sorry I am I can't remember how many greats it should be, grandmommy.

"W-what can I do for you, grandmother?"

Doesn't mean I'm not enough of a Princess to manipulatively use my freakout to sell this with an evenly-wavery terrified voice GAME WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO AAAH!

"Well, you're right on the strawberry with what they need to hear, so I'm making sure Admiral Riker makes the right choice. A hundred hogsheads of girl-juice by sunrise, or the ship blows up. You know I'm serious, I still have gravel between my toes. Talk to you in the morning!"

Wait holy fuck that can't possibly be right, can it? Gulp? Why's it feel bigger than I'd imagine? The Strawberry Dynasty. I'm sure the astute reader will have figured out what strawberry is a metaphor for, but--suddenly I can see them, remember royal strawberry gardens, when I couldn't before. Strawberries have been evolving, you see, because humans like them. In the 21st century CE they're all big and often woody, but eighty thousand years ago, on the same fizzfrozen planet, they were about the size of clits and grew on thin little vines that looked like green pen-strokes, but packed about the same amount of flavor into that size, so the joke was eating them was a lot like cumming, and they were considered an aphrodisiac, or you could make one, something like that. They were one of those plants like Jasmine where you need huge cultivation for the tiny amount of good part, so that made them a royal treat, and having strawberry everything food and enough strawberries to use to make dye was a huge dickwave--strawberry pink was our royal purple. We didn't make our buildings pink because even we couldn't afford that (needless to say my color-powers really mixed things up on that count). 

Oh sweet swirly grape soda rainstorms. Eden must have restored from backup after I destroyed the place, and started again with all the "sinful" people gone. Is there Noah end to my Biblical connections?

[!] There sure is a flood of them! It's very spiring!

Yeah these concordances are really exhausting me. That was a real lightning rod of a pun, though, dolly!

Your Boobsong is incensed. You're the Sugarfeast Fairy, not Veggietales! Unless it's eggplant, that could be...

Very different show if Bob the Tomato had been twins. I don't know what to do with that concept, but here I am thinking it and this is how you know Boobsong really is a demon.

Reader, if you're wondering just what the fuck...all I'll say is google it, but do it with your safety glasses and hazmat gloves on, and not for the usual reason I'd warn you that. Content warning evangelicalism.

On the other hand, The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything is an absolute banger.

The lights come back, and Riker looks at me.

"The gravel between her toes is the pulverized castles of our enemies we used to pave the courtyard of our fortress before we ascended to godhood."

Riker stares, waiting for the punchline.

"I'm deadly serious may the Dreams spike any lie I here tell."

Instead, a few bits of gravel materialize between us, fall to the floor, and roll to my feet like they missed their mommy.

"A hundred hogsheads! Whew, that..."

How'd I miss Geordi!? He's up in back at the engineering console, fuzzbeeping the conversion.

"...about twenty-four thousand litres! Even if you take that pill and we all work overtime, that's not happening!"

Wait, what the hell? Oh. Fucking epicness running in the family.

"Alright I can't believe I'm saying this but are there any M-class planets or starbases--"

"There's a Ferengi vessel on intercept, but I doubt they'll help!"

It's Unflappable Ops Guy again.

"There's another option here. I liked that candy cum, but it was real. Can't you just manifest the girl-juice?"

"Okay pussy gushers for everyone after you change to reassure you you still like girls as much, and yes, but--"

I futz the gravel with my toes.

"--how do you think my grandmother's going to take that? Boobsong here could probably do it alone, too, but same problem. Probably the same with any superpowered su'khora you have on board. She'll know. Either way, I'm sure not calling her to ask!"

"Even with Ferengi--"

If my hands weren't full of doomful decisions, I do a full Picard-style facepalm as I realize.

"Oh for the love of...it's a riddle. She's the one who's been riding your ass, right? Not very nice, maybe?"

"The Strawberry Mother, is all the messages say--"

He gets that very Riker annoyance, saying her name.

"Yeah, that's her alright. Fizzfrozen...be nice, grandmother! Hogshead is a medieval unit of measure on Earth, not our world, but we still had the idea of pig-headedness. There are at least a hundred guys on board who are going to totally love this transformation, and if I know grandmother also discover a deep submissive side--don't panic, I know what you're thinking, I almost killed myself over the same thing earlier today and it's going to be okay, I promise, but you're in for a hell of a night because we need you to take that pill Admiral so we can find those hundred officers and present them to grandmother at whenever your dayshift starts tomorrow."

Riker looks bad. I know that face.

"Look at me, Admiral. Even if you're one of them, it's going to be okay. Think you have it together enough to hear how?"

"I'm standing here, but that's about all I can say. If there's a way out of this, tell me now."

"There's a way through, with your relationships intact and your life okay. That doesn't mean it won't be interesting. Record me or whatever you want to do, because obviously you're crew's going to need some explanations before you eat that candy, but that's your call, you know your crew best."

"Ensign, get that on. Go ahead."

Fuzzbeeping, and the computer announces recording in progress.

"Okay, so check out Boobsong here--if you haven't been already, I mean that's why I left her stuck this way. She's a succubus--yes obviously su'khora--"

"I don't know that word."

--was that record-scratch real, or just in my head? I drop my candy-filled hands to my sides in surprise.

"Now that's just impossible. Do you mean to tell me, this ship is entirely baryonic people?"

It's one thing with Sex being frozen, but here--huh? Not everybody heartforms, but it's hard to avoid hearing of!

"All the physical crew, yes. We have one psychokinetic entity who likes to play raquetball, but it doesn't seem interested in anything else."

"No emovores or demons or...like I'm trying to make sure we're not having a UT failure here."

"Nothing like her, if that's what you mean."

"It should've been me to begin with, not grandmother! Sheesh! Okay, after we get this transformation done and things underway everyone who finds themself unhappily underattached has an appointment with me. I'm pulling a doctor's orders--"

"I see the sickbay sign, so I guess that orders me."

He seems completely blase about this, and I find myself exhaling internally. I really did get used to people just not getting it about the Dreams on Earth!

"Good. Alright short explanations I don't even want to know how much time we don't have. Boobsong here is a succubus, like from Earth mythology. She's powered by lust, and when she runs out, well, you see. It's our little game. She's fine and awake, just held nice and still, she'll tell you what by in just a sec. We like the running-down part a lot so she can only carry enough to keep going for a couple of minutes at most, and her sense of how much she has is terrible to make sure we get this fun often, and if I want her to move again, I have to charge her up with, you know, lust--only mine works, unless I say otherwise, or I'm sure she'd be bouncing around like a ping pong ball with all you tough guys ogling her--that's not flirting, by the way. We're playing hard games because we think you can take it. Obviously my grandmother agrees, though she's a little more...traditional in her approach."

The Dreams show me two train tracks merging into one with a...switch. Oooh. Switch, and merging.

"We actually do have the same goal in mind but I bet you got the worst impression of her from those messages, to say nothing of what she was telling you. I'm pretty sure I am her or else, and we're not spiked because this is your spiking. I'm not quite sure how I feel about that. I hope the Dreams are playing me to do this kindly. What's being spiked, if I understand grandmother's riddle, is there's a cultural structure on board that's keeping some people from being themselves and having the relationships they want to have, not--unless I'm really wrong because I think for that the Dreams would spiking this completely differently and in a way that'd make stuff be over before anyone knew it was starting--that's making anyone have relationships they don't want to have. With the history I have, would be crushed if the Dreams made me be the messenger of that. I can't imagine anything that'd betray my love of Boobsong here more--or the rest of my family, for that matter. We've had a long road, getting from there to here, and it hasn't been smooth. Maybe I'm hugely projecting by obsessing about reassuring you about that point, but I guess I'm hoping that the fact that the Dreams sent you someone who would project that is the real message you need to hear, here."

"So what the hell structure am I talking about, right? Explain your concept of a Switch, like y'know, dom, sub, switch, to me, or get a crewmember to do it."

"It's someone who likes to dominate sometimes, and submit on other occasions."

"Thought so. I'm a Switch, obviously, but...like, I'm just short-circuited. Both sides are on, full blast, all the time. So I must be doomed, right? How the hell am I supposed to do both at once!? Best I can do is ignore half at a time, right? Well...give me a second, but first let me explain. I'm not telling you what I'm about to to say I'm prescribing what I'm about to describe for anyone, or say that finding out you like to take a spanking after all means you're like me. I'm...really scary, actually, in what I'll bottom for, but that's my point. Earlier when Sis said I was scared of Mommy-boo, it wasn't because I was afraid she was going to bring out the Headboard--that's what I call the paddle that's the last thing you see before lights out, like happened to me earlier today--it was because I could feel I'd just let her eat me up so much I never saw Boobsong again. I mean if Boobsong let that happen, which she wouldn't, but we'll get to that. Look at me and see the worst case scenario. I'm how bad it can get. I don't know that you can go much further than me and have found the wish to get a collar on somebody in the first place. So me here, with Boobsong frozen in this sexy pose because she didn't flirt hard enough, waiting for me to mess with her helpless form until my horniness gets her moving again so I can press her literal blowjob button, is the worst this game could do to you, if it was permanent, which it's very not, unless you ask nicely and don't get spiked."

"Okay but the crazy Rainbow girl is still collared and I don't wanna be and you could definitely accomplish that in a night and then what, you say. Welllll...time to learn who my owner is, but remember, this is just a worst case scenario. Boobsong and me are cute and we're trying to be sweet to you guys but toward each other we're very scary. Whatever happens to you will probably be way more soft than this."

"Now, we need Boobsong's help for this. Hey fans, how should I get her moving? Give me some hotsauce, I've been sugarfeasting all day."

Wicked grins from a couple of fans, including Very Official Security Guy Who Reminds Me Of Tasha Yar.

Your game picked three choices:

Pussy spanked with your hand until she screams

Eravahk into her ass and give shocks

Whip tail against her ass

"Oooh good one whoever you were!"

Hearts to my Boobsong.

That's super relaxing! Hearts, Princess! Feel that tingling? That's our saying love and you're digested so you feel it everywhere. Your Boobsong is in your womb so she feels the same we you say that. It's to soothe your star child but it works on us real good!

That's so good! Hearts to you and gulp to what that means. We're a circle, alright.

I unmake the Magnum candy, grab Boobsong's tail, and pick it up to my mouth where I can give it a nice yummy lick, and a little kiss on its clittish tip.

Wet flesh stings a lot more, you see.

"It looks like pussy-lips because it is. I could get her going easy if I keep going, but I think you guys already figured out what really turns me on."

I move my hand down her tail-shaft until there's about a crop-worth of tail, and then bring it down with a good hard whack on Boobsong's ass.

"EEAAAH!!! Your succubus is moving, she's moving!!!"

Giggles. "You are so cute. I don't see you moving, though!"

I start to raise her tail again, but read "out loud":

"Your Boobsong has lust but she still needs you to click commands or she can't do anything! Not even jerk her tail away because she's scared of that that was super hard!"

[Vision: dark scary dungeon door]

"Oh you poor thing. No more tail-whipping for now. Here."

With my eravahk pointing straight down at her dramatically, I click.

Get up from staying here and turn around and kneel slave pose but tail in hands all defensivly hold it close and look up.

Holding tail is horny! Comfort too but feels like saying take this please. Only if not whip more eep!

Her thoughts shiver with fear, the poor toy. Click.

Keep tail away from you until not scared is so uppity! It's for comforting? Oh, feel safe. Tail avoiding you. Have to stay that way, no choice in this, just tail that's fast and quick can make sonic booms. Your Boobsong feels better now.

Next I hold my eravahk up to see its tip and click up a big drop of milk, hear its dst ring through the room just as intended, then hold it down in front of her face.

"Your Boobsong would like that milk very much please."

I wait a beat to make it obvious she's not moving without it, then click.

YUS! Grab tip with mouth and suck on it lick all the milk--even more!? Slurpy glug...nice and lots...eeeee that's yummy thank you Princess!

I stop, and take my eravahk away, and she bows her head, still holding her tail cutely.

"Feel better? Enough lust to finish what you have to say next?"

"Yes to both Princess."

Respectfully downcast eyes. Very good Boobsong. Never be the slightest bad again after that tail-whip!

[Food metaphor: yummy ice-cream]

That's exactly where I want you and I'm glad this is yummy. Click.

Get up to kneeling and turn to face everyone. Back to slave pose and head back down look all subby-soft. Here it goes ulp please be merciful your Boobsong is trying best.

I believe in you. You'll do great.

"Princess commanded this succubus to explain that she really is controlling this succubus the way it seems like with her button-clicks and that's the only way this succubus can even hold her eyes up to see her Princess' face, and that she really is a real person here, may the Dreams spike her if that's a lie."

Waiting for spiking. Nothing happens.

"This succubus is Princess Rainbow Starshine's owner. It's this succubus' collar on her neck right there. She only has to follow one command, but it's big. Be the domme this succubus needs to keep going. Yes of course the buttons thing, but this succubus would die to not have her Princess' hand control her every motion! She bets your ladies say the same for you! That's a scary way to feel, so this succubus made sure she would always have her Princess. The collar that her Princess wears makes sure she's awake and calling dance with zaps and choking. Never worry now! Always got her Princess. How do you feel? Scared to find some thoughts of subbing that make you lose your ladies? Here's the worst that can happen."

There feels done now.

Hearing her saying it out gives me a huge weepy smile, which I'll use to full effect. Click.

Poing to your feet and get snuggly!

"Today is the happiest day I can remember because she put this on me a few hours ago. I was living so scared and I only then realized what I was afraid of was I'd let somebody other than her collar me. Now...like, she's a dragon. I'm her hoard. This thing is locked tight, if I even cringe submissively the teeth go for my carotid arteries until I stop."

Lust report?

Feeling halfway down but hard to tell you know.

Yes. Worship? Overflowing, thanks fans. Still making something big with it, or there'd be candy everywhere.

The Dreams show me a fancy dessert cup full of hamburger meat? Oooh. OkaaaAAAaaaay but that seems like an awful lot for them to haaaandle...

"It goes far. The thing about me is...like, my sub side would devour me if I...let it? I can't control it that much! I have my preferences, I'm gay for one thing, but the right domme can just eat me right up! If you think that about your ladies and get all kinds of noise for it, know you've got one here who feels that way, too, and thinks the noise is idealistic nonsense trying to insist there's a way people can't work just because it gets you hurt on Earth. Too bad it's dangerous, it's how I work! No not all women, blah blah blah you guys aren't audience for that, my point is, like, I've gotta dom, but I have to do it on a leash for my--my own safety, and Boobsong's, but she has the most fucking metal leash. She ate me. I'm not actually one piece right now, her shapeshifting body's just holding me together so I can play with her. I'd be pink goo without it. That's why we have the short leash. Every so often, she turns into a dragon and eats me up so we can have private playtime inside of her, just the two of us--still me throwing the whip, mind you, I just don't have the keys to the dungeon--and when we're not actively playing in there I'm just a blob of goo, all eaten up. I can think and talk to her and stuff but my body's dissolved entirely, she just keeps stuff connected so I'm still alive and thinking and stuff. It's the most soothing thing, none of this hurts at all because I'm the hugest wuss there ever was, and her eating me is the one thing about her I can't control--which means no matter what happens or what kind of chains I get myself into, my dragon is always coming for me, so I can never be lost from her like I was afraid of with Mommy-boo--because it's powered by her dragon's greed, not her free will which ate to turn into this awesome remote control thing. Yes like she can't take action for herself now. She'd be that good on her own but she wasn't taking my milk before because no amount of desire would make her act until I pushed her button."

I can command it, just not stop you from diving for it, right?

Yes but watch out there might be dragon form eating the rest too.

[Food metaphor: fancy sandwich shop]

Hm, maybe not then. Good to know, though, muahah.

"That's hardcore, so you can see why she'd want me locked up like this, sub or not. On the other hand, seems about even for never actually being solid ever again--outlandish, right? Scan us!"

Riker nods to OpDude and there's fuzzbeeping, then--what the--ooh that's my star-sense feeling the scanning beam. Kind of like whale sonar-pulses, tickticktick tickety-tick.

"She's human, but this internal configuration is--Ops to sickbay, take a look at this--"

"The fun stuff's at the cellular level. Or proteins? No you said cells before, right."

More fuzzbeeping, a shred of emotion might be entering Ops Guy's voice.

"There's a matrix of supports, and connective tissue is missing, that I can tell, I'm no doctor--I can't get a read on the material. Our sensor suite sees optics, and it's taking up space, but there's no--this material isn't here, as far as I can tell!"

"Yeah succubus flesh interacts pretty weird with scifi stuff. It's sure what's holding me together, though, I saw that for real earlier--anyway. Why the melting strawberry ice cream am I telling you all this crazy stuff, do you get it?"

Riker looks off significant-way to the side like maybe his beloved is strung up in his ready room (I mean that's what I would do if Boobsong being in another room than me wouldn't make me melt right into goo eaten or not), absorbing, fuzzes his beard most dramatically, looks back.

"We're the opposite way you are. We devoured ourselves, but we can let go of that, because we have the leash. Some of us, a hundred at least, need to, and your grandmother's betting the ship we don't have the guts to see that. I call. Give me the candy."

I grin--click.

Look up at Riker so proud of you!

"Good man."

I hand him the test tube, he starts to open it.

"That kicks in right away, so if you're going to tell your crew anything, you might want to before you find yourself indisposed--um, it hits everyone at the same--actually no, what am I thinking? Wild ride, commander goes first, right?"

"That would sure be my way."

This works, right Dreams? I ting the test-tube with my eravahk, intention in my mind.

"There, it doesn't hit anyone else until you give the order."

Game, I don't suppose there's any way you didn't--no it was in my room wasn't it? I think we're going to need my bodice ripper but I can't tell if this is sacred enough for it.

Your game has a better plan.

Oooh, fun.

"Your scene, now. Word of advice, though, don't just take a pill. Enjoy the candy--ooh, here."

With another ting, the test-tube grows properly cock-sized, and the candy with it.

"You're going to have to go further if that's supposed to hold me physically."

"Oh no, obviously." I wave a dismissive hand. "I'm just making the candy big enough to be fun to eat. My stuff works better when you enjoy it."

"Not surprised. You have a very candy way about you."

He uncorks the test tube with a little squeak, and raises it, like he's toasting.

"Admiral William T. Riker to the crew of the USS Titan."

The little general-announcement whistle goes off. Boobsong's head is too low to reach with my hand, but I can lay my eravahk on it affectionately.

"Today we truly go where no man has gone before. I'm sure those of you who can see me on viewscreens wonder what's in my hand here. If you can't, get to a screen on the double, that's an order. You're going to need to see this to believe it. I'm not sure I'll believe it until I see a mirror afterward--thought I guess that might be naïve, judging by my new friend's face here. You'll see what I mean when I've taken this, and you'll be alarmed when you hear me say it's your turn, but don't worry. We made a promise, to seek out new life, and strange new worlds. Today, we find one in our laps, and it's our duty to explore that, wherever it leads--and lead it may, as you'll see."

Holy gummi gagh in rainbow sauce you fucking chad good on you for actually having some fun with this. Radiate pride at you you're a huge badass right now.

"I made another promise--a lot of us did--to be there for my lady, so much so they come with us on these dangerous expeditions. The promise I'm making you, now, is that wherever this takes us, we'll be back on top of them by 0700 tomorrow. We'll be stronger, better, more creative dominants, and have stories to tell that'll keep barkeeps throughout the quadrant saying our names for a century. Best of all, our ladies will be coming with us, like they always do. You might find this unfamiliar territory, but I can guarantee you they won't. There's a lot to learn like this, if you have the courage to see it, and if you can't, I'm ordering you to take a breath, and get your command posture back, and stare your lady down until you see it. Don't make me court-martial you for neglecting a lady, Starfleet! The rest of you singles, hear me out, and then stay on for instructions, because apparently the Dreams themselves have sent you--something. Details are pending."

He gives me a Riker not-wink wink as he says this, obviously wondering what I'm up to.

"This is the only we we're getting through this, so don't get all huffy when it doesn't seem like we have the authority to keep everything as we'd have it. We're spiked, at last, but not the way expected, and I'm very sure you'll be just as surprised. I'm going to explain everything, including why that warp core breach is standing there like a cadet at roll-call, but my lady's going to need me first. You all go to yours, on the double, as soon as I take this candy and blow your eye-sockets out. As soon as you get there, you're having one courtesy of the Q who's standing here, but don't worry: she thinks our Q who tested Admiral Picard is as tedious as we do. She'll be helping out, not burning ants. TEN-SHUN! Don't make me think Starfleet discipline can be broken by anything, least of all ladies! I'll review recordings, and I'm not feeling lax today, so stay on protocol! Watch me now and then head for your lady's bunk ASAP! No diversions, no discussion, no holding turbolifts, use a Jeffries tube if you're less than two decks away. Ready? Good!"

And he bottoms-ups the test-tube and crunches the candy, grinning. If it's bravado, he's good.

He smells very scared to your Boobsong but he likes that it's making him horny.

Oh this is so reminiscent...

Three nights ago

Fire seems to pound through my veins, a rush like I've never experienced as the motion of her curves, the hot splash of nectar that squeezes from her cunt, her dreamtalked peal of ecstasy, and the sensations of her breasts and thighs against my now smooth-as-the-rest legs conspire with the way her obviously-overwhelmed throat strokes me like her loving hands (helplessly pinned to the floor not by magical bondage or mind-control puppetry but the somehow far more erotic enforced knowledge that that's what they're for)--


Orgasm takes me suddenly and launches my hips a good foot off the cushions as I crush Lyra's face onto my cock with equal violence. It wrenches my whole body so I can't breathe as shockwaves of tingling, burning please thunder through me. My heart pounds wildly, vision blurs and my eyes squeeze shut as the throbbing of my cock convulses all of me. 

I've lost my grip on Lyra's horns and am splaying my fingers against the cushions to support myself in the need to keep arched, keep pumping into her, but she stays obediently in place with her lips clamped firmly around my shaft, sucking away. My eyes open on her silvery hair between my legs, her wings raised and tail lashing joyfully above the swells of her gently-swaying ass gleaming in the purply light. I can feel eyes on us: the blowjob-couple from before are standing side-by-side, watching, having seemingly decided turnabout is fair play--

Fusion flame surges through me as the sound-eating spikes return and I scream out loud.

I choke, something stuck in my throat-

OooooohmiFUCK Master I love you too I hope I always make you cum this hard now!!

--an unbidden clairvoyant vision of Lyra's true dreamskin flashes through my mind--

The hot flood of orgasm through my body intensifies, overwhelming, and I look down to see my skin smoking and...I don't understand I'm too busy choking on the phantom bite of apple, trying to get a sound out to warn Lyra or ask for help, bucking madly. Somehow I manage to get my hands back onto her head and hold it desperately in place like her lips clamped around my shaft and her sucking swallowing throat are the only thing holding me together.

Swallow, just swallow it! I gulp, and whatever it was goes down and suddenly my airway is free and so is whatever is happening with my body and I arch against the cushions, burning inside, exploding, screaming out loud in pain or pleasure or terror or more like all three at once, top of my lungs, my voice crunching and cracking with the sound of overdriven eardrums.

UUnnnnnnf glug GLUG yes Master suck you off wait what NO NO FUCKING WAY--

Something's weird with my voice - or maybe I'm just screaming that loud. My body burns, stretching, changing as I flail, struggling against the sensations of pulling, expanding, cinching down that feel terrifyingly like the happy tension of growing hard and pulling back my foreskin while trying to deal with the fact that this feels absolutely amazing, like my whole body is responding to Lyra's sucking the way just my cock usually does.

-- but I thought --

I thrash desperately, trying to understand what's happening, looking down at my smoking flesh, but I can't put the pieces together. My head feels strange, and something soft falls over my shoulders as the flood in my body seems to fill that vessel and come surging back up my neck to reshape my face, filling it with heat that makes the flesh feel liquid.

-- fuck it nevermind got cum to drink here Master's cock needs me slurp suck glug.

And then it's over, and I'm left panting. I still can't process anything and I spend a few beats just watching Lyra's head bob against me as she finishes her job. Reflexive words escape my lips, only to be run over by a bossy-sounding girl whose voice comes from all around me:

"Holy fuck."

Omifuck omifuck omifuck glug suck omifuck.

Whoever it is, she's a perfect mimic of my tone and meter, and nails the timing phoneme-for-phoneme.




My eyes move away from Lyra's shining hair and gleaming horns to take in thighs of a completely different shape, broad hips, a trim waist, and a pair of perfect, voluptuously-round breasts with erect, defintely-female nipples standing out, squeezed between arms that have inexplicably become both more graceful and heavier and stronger-looking where they converge in front of me to hold Lyra.

I pant and stare for a long while, still holding Lyra in place.

Nnnf fuck i wanna see and you're out of cum nnnf please let me see Master!

At last, I muster enough coherence to lick my lips and find them different, too, subtly, sensual in a way they aren't before, explaining I suspect I'll find when I get hold of the mirror a lot of things. Smoke curls up around us, still rising off my body as I pant.

"Close your eyes."

Yes Master shut.

Somehow, I find her tail and push the kneeling-with-hands-on-thighs button.

Okay up there slave pose over your legs what's different you can't--right can you I would know I--am just your little cocksleeve and knowing you were trans before you did would be horrible! Imagine if you'd asked me!?


I'm slumping from the--what just happened, so I sit up, and gasp under my breath. Long hair tumbles down my back, the weight of my breasts settles in more fully, and my ass and hips feel weird as I reposition them against the cushions. The air is cool over me, brushing my nipples, and the weight of my breasts moves portentiously as I inhale to speak again.

I gulp, and then manage to get words out:

"You're into girls, right?"


"Open your eyes and find out why."



Her eyes open and wonder plays over her face as her eyes play over my body.

Look ALL DOWN YOUR CLEAVAGE UNF figuring out if I can get you to suffocate me as soon as I have a chance for sure.

I can't stop looking um...squish them Master please my hands stay where I can almost but not quite touch my pussy but yours can move you can squish them!

She's stuck on my breasts, glancing to my face occasionally but always returning...

RRR see the rest what does Master look like now oh Goddess your face...

The worship with which she at last looks up at me unties the knot of tension in my throat, choking my voice for a moment.

"Bow for your Goddess."

--for your Mistress, but whatever part of me has been skulking around the shadows of my soul thinking this would be awesome seems to have been ready for me here, too.

Eyes wide eep down worship face right by your cock DUH it's a girl-cock of course it looks all swooping and pretty.

Aww petting you're pleased!!

Present Day

It's weird to think how long it took me to remember our goddess game after that. It like, ran away back into hiding. Better make sure that doesn't happen to Riker's crew, but how? 

The Dreams show me a whole bunch of X's. No? Weird...

Ack I'm missing it. There's a little crash as the test-tube falls from his hand to do the totally-necessary falling-test-tube-transformation thing, his mouth opens and he manages to give me a sort of you weren't kidding look, his uniform strains around the chest, his eyes widen and he starts working the clasps of his jacket to undo them and desperately shrugging out of it, I'm about to send Boobsong to help but he's too fast and I've forgotten I need to stay snuggly and he has the jacket off revealing a normal-looking post-movies grey-and-black uniform top.

He coughs, looks scared, face starting to change, tries to get at his uniform to undo it and then--pops behind a wall of blurry censor bar!? Hey! That's a weird thing to spike, I was super curious! I look down at me and Boobsong, and we're both still just as boobtastic and alright well I guess I can't say uncut but you get the idea--

The deck shakes like before, the lights go out, everything goes black--

Snuggliness, Boobsong cuddled up to me.

Light, my eyes are all blurred.

Just as she changed!? No fair! Your Boobsong was looking forward to seeing the look on her face! Where is this what's happening.

We seem to be on a couch or something. I blink. Lots of random fainting today, how Princessly of me. This might be the World War I apartment? Or any place with white paint and sloping ceilings? Moving seems yucky so I don't. Is that because I'm a doll? No, the way my cheek is vaguely unhappy to be squished says flesh, and I think I can feel my blood pump.

Blink, blink blink. We're on a bed. There's a nightstand, and this is an upstairs bedroom in a definitely-not-Federation house. It was hard to see because there's not much too see, we're looking at a corner with just room to walk beside the bed before there's wall. The nightstand looks weirdly like, exactlyl like, on my parents had on Earth. It even has their lamp. The bedspread is satiny, but that doesn't fit the afgans-and-dust vibe the room is giving me at all.

"What," I explain. Ask. Exclaim. Noise comes out.

The obvious, inevitable response of crunching potato chips, bag and all, comes from behind us, and I gather Boobsong close and climb the mountain of rolling onto my back--oh.

Actually I feel fine and quite bouncy.

Rolling onto my back reveals more bedroom. There's a dormer, with the shades drawn but a warm bright sense of summer day outside them making it nice to be in here, down to the left of the foot of the bed. At the foot of the bed, is a wicker-framed mirror that implies there's a vanity there I can't see over Boobsong on top of me and my own breasts, but in front of the mirror is a lady in a victorian-looking blouse with a high collar and like opal broach holding it closed. Her hair is up in a tight grey-streaked Janeway-do, but she's more thin and delicate-looking by a long way than Kate Mulgrew, and her face looks young, not the age her hair would say. She's munching chips from a bag of the sunflower-oil Ruffles they started making in the 2020s that made me so happy I could snarf potato chips with impunity without cheap frying oil making me feel gross. There's a box of Froot Loops on the vanity behind her, I can just see around Boobsong, and this somehow makes me realize everything in here is pulled out of my own memory, which is weird, because she's not, that I can tell.

Also all of it is like the chips: cool, like vaguely happy Froot Loops are yummy, but hardly Earthshattering, this is no The Camp. Even Janeway I like just fine as a captain, Voyager's disastrous writing or not.

The girl primly eats a chip and then rolls the bag's top over and holds it in front of herself in two fists like a handbag, looks right at us, and blows a bubblegum bubble. It's green and smells of artificial Strawberry, again something nice but that wasn't like, deeply beloved, it was just cool to find the only flavor of bubbleyum-style bubblegum I could get where I lived then just so happened to be strawberry.

She pops the bubble and pulls the gum back in.

Then she turns into an impressionist painting in a frame, the one of the girl in the bustle-dress standing in rain with reflections in the grey background, leaning against the vanity.


Look at Princess. Your Boobsong is your Boobsong and she's just as wigged out as you are!

Boobsong's face looking up at me is comforting. For some reason this place is really freaking me out, even more than the random surreality would indicate. I look to the right, and sure enough, there's the door of the house we stayed at when I was fifteen. This was our bedroom there, and like everything else, that house was nice, but not like, super meaningful. Even the painting, I like impressionism okay and what that painting does with light in the background is pretty cool--those reflections are the real star of the painting, which no one seems to realize--but it isn't like, important to me. Peeking over Boobsong I can see a toy Spiral Zone--I forget what it was even called, like this one-wheel take-bike thing, it shot ping-pong balls, I thought it was cool, but not like, overwhelmingly.

All of this is rewrite stuff. It's all junk from the redone history created in 2014 that made it seem like Earth had never known a speck of magic since the beginning of time, things I never experienced in the real world.

"Dreams what the fuck!?" My voice whines with fear and I'm not confused anymore why this is all terrifying me. These things all aren't bad in and of themselves, but they're the face of my lostness from Boobsong.

I resolve not to make her eat me until I get their answer, but that's as far as I can get. This is too horrifyingly random and awful, and I'm out without one hell of an explanation.

The Dreams show me a toolbox with the lid open. Not good enough, don't care. Back to hell with all of this.

I put my hand in front of Boobsong's face, and click for it to start turning to goo bit by bit until she snaps and eats all of me.

Princess goo!? GIVE ME THAT RAAAH! Jump up and slurp it off of you!

Soothing tingles run up my arm, making it still, as I feel my fingers start to lose form, and then Boobsong's hot tongue and mouth are through them like the statue-force in Happy Chains, kissing each cell individually. It's incredible, and so is feeling her tongue carefully cleaning up every speck from my chest, right where my hand should be!

She finishes that and then leaps for my dissolving, tingly hand, grabs it in both of hers, and starts nomming properly, soothing me.

On a high shelf sits the cardboard-looking RC warbird--a Hellcat, I think--someone from the RC club I was in in the dark times build, and then crashed on its second flight, but but here's it's unfinished, no paint job. That wasn't even mine!

This is a world of second-best, cast off rejected memories, my brain's junkpile, except not even because then there'd be irrelevant details from my day today instead of this compendium of reminders of how the dark times' bright spots were all banal and small.

Boobsong is devouring hungrily, about halfway up my palm now. I shut my eyes to get rid of the chilling emptiness of the place, and start seeing if I can crank up a firestorm without ruining the tingles. Maybe we're just here to see this stuff all burn, that'd be okay I guess.

The Dreams show me a blooming tulip, and the King of Cups tarot card:

The tulip is how you say to Boobsong and me an adult here needs Sugarfeast (the flower's stage of development tells us what kind of candy to bring, from silly Willy-Wonka kid stuff through the grownup fun I've been giving today), but I can't make sense of the tarot card. Normally I'd make Boobsong chip in but the Dreams don't get any help selling me this. Anyway, the only apparent person here turned out to be fake, and this is just a very cruel filter over my brain's junkpile, so, nyeah, unless you're trying to say I have a tulpa or something after all, Dreams.

Click, dragon get nomming good and fast.


Her little teeth sink so lusciously into my wrist, but the Dreams show me the girl from the warzones, and I click Boobsong to pause.

Nope not stopping this now your dragon is HUNGRY RAAH!

I pet her head to say good job getting where I told you to, and then rub my forehead--

"Is that doll eating you?"

I open my eyes to see painting-girl again, back to being a girl who looks nothing like the painting.

"Yes, it's awesome," I blurt.

"That's incredible. You're not bleeding, or anything. Is she cauterizing the wound somehow?"

I curl my eaten fingers into Boobsong's pussy and pulsingly squeeze.

Mmmfmmyum HAAAHH FINGERBANG this'll make you think twice about sticking us in Princess' Eden-bank Dreams! EERRAAAAAH HUGE BITE MUNCH!

"See her squirm? That's my eaten fingers fingerbanging her from the inside. It's not a wound, she's just taking me apart very lovingly. Everywhere her teeth bite, is my pussy. If she makes the hole all the way across, I come apart. It feels incredible."

I don't know why we're having this conversation, me and my imaginary no-one. It just seems like the most destructive thing to do. Spike this place.

The Dreams show me that kids game with all the fish that spin around opening and closing their mouths and you have to hook them with a fishing rod.

So then I do have a tulpa, and the poor thing is stuck here in my junkpile, and you're trying to pluck it out, Dreams?

Red. No. Whatever. I'll be eaten soon, Boobsong's on a rampage now.

"How do you stay alive that way? Does she put you back together on the inside? But then your nerves won't connect, so you couldn't finger her. Do you have some kind of radio control?"

Wait, I think I see what to do. If it gets us out faster, so much the better.

"Do we fascinate you? Is this stuff all interesting to you?"

"Yes! I'm studying your origins. These all--"

She's suddenly holding a spiral-bound notepad and pencil, clutched like she had the potato chips.

"Are lies and garbage. The only things in this room of any worth are you, me, and Boobsong here. I told her to eat me because that's my way out of situations I don't want to be in, and all that's here is banal junk that isn't even the brightest spots in the bad times of my life, so I'm leaving. You're not going to learn anything this way. Come here. Look in these eyes as my silver dragon sex slave eats me so soothingly up and see behind these impossible rainbow irises and see if you think the soul in here is human. I can tell you an origin story that'll burn that prim little shirt right off your body--or are you scared?"

"I'm not afraid of the truth."

She bounds up on the bed and looks right into my eyes. There should be nothing to stop me...yes, because now it's covering my vision: making your retinas glow will show you the picture they're glowing, so I see a big rainbow-brilliant every-wavelength-shining plasma-shell star with lots of flares and streamers. When her gasp tells me she's seen it, I turn it into my shining-heart sign.

"That's incredible! Are you--"

I reach my still-there hand up and touch her face with a hand made of gentle summer sun.

She leans into the warmth, eyes closed blissfully, then grabs my wrist and holds my hand in front of her face to look at, mouth and eyes wide.

"I'll tell you everything, but you have to come with us and leave this place and all this trash behind, every bit of it."

"Okay, yes, I'll come with you!"

"Good." I twist my hand palm-up without taking it out of her gentle grip, and make the sunlight seem to flow together and become a red Atomic Fireball on my palm. Her kind grip and Boobsong's hunger--she's eating up my forearm now and it's all I can do not to bliss out for just that--have me all soothed and tingly, but I can manage enough fury to make this good.

"Eat that. It's hot, watch out."

"I love atomic fireballs! Burn you so pleasantly. How did you make that? It just appeared, but the light went into it--"

She grabs it and pops it in her mouth, sticks it in her cheek.

"The answer to that would vaporize this whole room, and then you'd miss out."

"Wow, this one's spicy!"

Her voice is cutely mumbly with it in her cheek.

"You don't know the half of it. Look at me. Real close. Closer."

She gets kissing-close, intense deep-blue eyes looking into mine, cinnamon-starfire breath washing over my face.

"The truth is stranger than you can possibly imagine. It can't fit into a world made of these things, so to know you have to leave them behind. Do you believe me?"

"Yes. Absolutely. You're already the weirdest thing I could imagine. If there's more than this--you'd have to destroy the universe to fit it in."


"Then the first thing is your clothes, starting with whatever's keeping your hair up."

A beat passes.

"You're serious! Okay, um, do you mean here, right now?"

"Take a good look. What do you observe about the clothing--"

She turns away to look up and down our bodies, then stands up again at the foot of the bed, starts on the waistband of her skirt.

"You said hair, that's right. Why the hair at first? Is there significance?"

Her hands are up, working on the bobby pins or whatever.

"It's magic. Catch a glimpse of yourself in that mirror before you go on, but not too long, my beloved here's starting to really make progress, and there's no stopping her when she starts."

She turns and looks.

"I don't see anything extraordinary..."

"That's enough. Just remember what you saw. Back to it now, better hurry, or you'll miss the interesting part!"

She turns back and sets in on her hair hard, face determined with--

"Drop the bobby pins, you're not picking them up again. They stay too. It'll save time anyway, and look at my arm."

Boobsong's about at my elbow oooooh I wish I could just focus on that. Good hungry dolly. Pet your hair.

She drops the bobby pins, and looks, and pulls a ribbon out of her hair, untying, pulls it free of a complicated knot, and shakes lots of pretty grey-streaked brown hair down past her shoulders, and starts working on the broach of her blouse.

"That candy made you fireproof. Look."

And before she can react I hold my free hand up and slice a path of every-wavelength weird-shimmery laser across her body that should just feel tickly warm to her, but slices her clothes quite neatly. She watches, looking down, mouth open with wonder and indignity.

"Shrug them off, we don't have much time."

She looks up at me in wonder, gives what might be a flicker of recognition, squirms for a second, then pulls one arm and then the other out of her blouse and the underthings I also sliced to reveal pert, upturned little breasts with big nipples, pushes her clothes behind her, and shimmies out of the remains of her skirts to leave her freckly, thin body with its bony hips and forest of dark pubes looking so vulnerable.

I smile kindly, not pretending not to check her out.

"Check out the mirror again. What spell did I do, with your hair and my laserbeam?"

She turns, show her back, but she's so thin, it doesn't even look good-but-not-my-taste. Her ass is cute anyway, but it makes me question this part of my little game.

"I don't see anything...oh that's silly. You did a beauty spell. You think I'm pretty this way."

Her voice sounds happier than it has.

"Yes I do. You're hungry, though, aren't you. You've been trying to live on chips and junk food and it's not nourishing you, I can see it. You need energy for this next part. That fire in you needs something to burn. Here."

I bubble up a mug of hot chocolate on my palm, and it comes out all curvy glass with a ton of whipped cream.

"When you get the real truth, you'll understand there's a way in which this candy isn't too far from what Boobsong here is doing. You need this to get there, though."

She snatches it off my hand and is chugging it, whipped cream all over her upper lip, before I even finish talking.

Her body fills out as she drinks, hipbones disappearing, hips appearing, arms getting thick enough to look like they could actually lift the mug, she must be noticing, but she just keeps drinking. When she's done, she dips the remains of whipped cream out of it with her finger, intent, nothing else exists.

"Mug goes smash on the wall as hard as you can. You're punishing the wall for falling so far short of that. There's infinity more wheree that came from."

She hurls it with everything she's got, and it makes a nice satisfying explosion of glass.

"Did you feel it? Look again, the mirror."

She faces it, presenting a much nicer, fuller back and ass, runs her hands over herself.

"How can that be, that was only one mug..."

She turns back around, looking so pretty.

"I want more. Give me the next big shock."

"It's already inside of you. Feel it? You're so careful, so meticulous, you've been working so hard, so patiently...it's hard to feel much, when you can't seem to get fed no matter what you eat--if there even is anything to eat--but you're not so weak now, are you? Feel that fire? That frustration? All this stuff, all this stupid meaningless crap distracting you from the truth you saw in my eyes just now and that's gently eating me alive now, that hid the taste of that hot chocolate from you...aren't you furious? Don't you want to just burn it all down?"

She fidgets, curtsies(!?), and then nods, eyes wide and white, making her skin look dark--no, it's turning dark, like the girl from the warzones.

"I think you know that's not an atomic fireball in your mouth. Let me see you roar."

She puts clenched fists up in front of her, and suddenly turns and faces the wicker chair beside the vanity, and lets loose a stream of sunfire-white dragon's fire that smashes the chair before burning the splinters to nothing and setting the walls on fire.

"Burn it! Huff and puff and blow this worthless house down--and then come give me a kiss with that stuff, it looks delicious!"

When she turns to look at me, her eyes and mouth shine like holes into the sun. It's beautiful and makes me grin and I make sure she can see my light in itIt looks like she'll talk, but then she just inhales like Boobsong breathing in to sing, and hoses down the entire room with fire. It's so warm and snuggly as it washes over Boobsong and me...

Everything is luscious fire like a hot shower, it all goes white.

Her face is there in the white fire. She's the target Malina found for the exhibitionistic adventure, back in her high-necked black dress, looming up against the white that's full of flying black sparks, but it's burning away from her--or should be--

We're in Church of the Advent in Boston, right in the center of the cross-shape its floorplan makes, she's on her knees with hands up to pray because the black dress is a preist's cassock. I'm standing over her with Boobsong still working on my arm, snuggled against me. The white fire and the church are here at the same time, in the same place, but not intersecting, like Sex's knife and my hand.

"Ancient stone and stained glass are right, and I am very religious, but these are just monuments to my brother screaming in agony, and it wasn't Aveh we worshipped. Scream for the truth they took from you."

The last sentence chokes me, I know I'm saying it to myself as much as her. I can feel her want to turn toward my voice, but it's like she can't move--oh.

All my handmaidens needed this. I walk around behind her, tugging Boobsong along, lift her hair, and laser from my eyes down her back, starting with her clerical collar. She glances back at me as it parts, then stays still while I finish. Everything goes white when her back is visible and she starts to move.

Now we're in the planetarium at the Boston Science museum, and she's leaned back to look up at the starscape above, and Boobsong and me are on the edge of the seat in the next row up. I lean over her and glow bright with my unearthly rainbow every-wavelength light...and black out the world behind me with anti-light.

It doesn't feel sickening or crazy-making, just beautiful, though I can feel the danger in it. Do this to make myself the only star in the sky, instead of creating contrast, and...that was why Eden chose Aveh. It wanted someone who could blot out the world beyond and make a universe believe he was the center of everything.

"My family's up there--"

I let the anti-light go for a moment, to reveal the stars around my shining head.

"--but what you're missing is I'm right here, close enough to kiss."

And I pull the blanket back over our heads and lean past her shocked eyes and kiss her, my lips hot with starfire. I remember I liked her because she was full of fire.

Everything goes white, and then we're standing under the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, she's in a mortarboard and academic gown, it's like Boobsong (who's past my elbow now, it feels so incredible) and I are floating over her head.

"My empire covered this whole world like strawberry creme dripping over a chocolate, and we were sensual and cultured, but we're not in the history books."

I struggle to get down, whisper in her ear, but it's like we're stuck up here, out of reach.

"We're not in the archeological evidence. We're not in the legends, we're not in the fossil record. None of that stuff can reach us. We're before all of that. I came before all Earth's gods and monsters you know now. Even Atlantis is just an echo of my people...but our strange powers came from LaVerdiers and Sears as much as sorcery. Understand that if you want to find me."

She looks up from her book at last, right at us, I see her graduation sash and it makes me think of a beauty pageant sash--it goes white and--Ouija board, with a planchette, now we're getting somewhere!

I grab it and feel the tension, how her hands keep up or not with the other side, and start spelling:

T H I S  I S  R A I N B O W   [sun symbol]

As we spell, I start to be able to see her, sitting there alone at a table in darkness with a candle, bent over the Ouija board, eyes shut, intent.

It's hard to do the next part steadily enough to keep her hands moving with mine.

W A K E  U P 

She looks like she's going to cry too as I get to the end of up.

H A N D M A I D --

It's hard to get her past that, we're both crying so hard, but those last two letters are important, I don't know why and it has nothing to do with Margaret Atwood but they are.

-- E N


Her voice shakes. I know you enough. I will remember enough to target this.


"What's happening?"

We're bringing you home. You're almost there. You know me. It's there under all the lies.

Spike you, limitations of this dream.


She gets intent and I hold to the sense of her mind with silent I'm-here dreamtalk and take my hand off my planchette and reach into the vision I can see her in and put my hand on hers. It tries to ghost through, but I harden my will and demand that that's not how this is working now, and though it feels like my arm is being painfully stretched a million miles to do it I feel her sweaty, soft fingers under mine, and she starts, but I hold tight, and as I start to wrap her fingers to try to pull her across the gap the scene goes white.

Fire, darkness, metal poles holding a cauldron above campfire, she's there holding a camp-mug and wrapped in a blanket, Boobsong and me are ghosts hovering in the smoke, she's drawing a pentagram in the air in front of her with a knife in her other hand. Fire flashes on her glasses as she looks up--

I'm from beyond this world, yes, and a demon is my servant, but I'm as much of the Earth as purple milk on Saturday morning! Find me in the candy aisle, not the apothecary! MAKE ME A PENTAGRAM OF TWIZZLERS!

She stops, and stares, and drops the knife, and everything goes white again.

Rainbow I'm calling you. Please pick up.

Whispered, unsteady dreamtalk, but it's her!


It takes a moment to find words her mind can expect enough to take. Boobsong and me just seem to be together in safe darkness. Boobsong's a third of the way up my upper arm now.

Hi! You got it! It's Rainbow! You called me! Good job handmaiden!

What is this? Are you really calling your handmaiden back to you? Is that real, is that you saying that?

Hang onto your tits.

It takes a little wiggling, but hopefully the unexpectedness but familiar expression will--

That's a Rainbow thing! Okay I have them, what's the shock, hit me!

That's me saying wake up handmaiden. I'm calling you back to me. I think we're in paradise. Four--

Why won't the word Dreams go in why is the only thing there Nightmares!? There's a vision of the wall around the world of death in The Furthest Shore by Ursula K Leguin I could give her but try not to, it's what she's thinking I think, but...

Paradise! Nightmares are over!

I almost lose her after nightmares, but just barely get the words in.

Okay then how do I wake up from this delusion! I'm in a war that never ends! Just keeps changing, it's always a different one!

The Dreams show me the animate tea-set from Beauty and the Beast, in a battle line...the hell? Oh. The elegance, I can't believe this all makes sense! Wherever we are you can still giggle there, because I'm wracked head to toe now!


Listen. Rainbow insanity. So stupid it must be mine. Very careful open mind. I promise this makes sense at last. Open mind. Expand horizons. Ready?

Hit me!

Try to choose the war you get next time it changes. Keep trying. There's one you can find me in. See the psychic vision? Twizzler candy? Candy war, fun, there's a food fight between Captain Barclay yes Star Trek, and Dark Shiny Rock Evil Eighties Villains Muppets--

Fuck, if she doesn't know the reference, she doesn't have the skill to hear me as sound and find it that way! Different tactic.

I'm on starship Hit Me. Poker William Riker Admiral now. Doing fun things but super scary crisis. Go there!

Candy war, you can't be serious, unless you're Rainbow! Okay but what's that villain thing?

They're the other side. Ours is Sexist Starfleet (about to make them hang onto their tits though, made some candy) and Klingons. Fought with food. Custard mine exploded before I got here, floor wax and dessert topping now.

It's hard to get more in, so I stop and listen.

Sexist Starfleet!? This is rainbow all the way!

That's the idea! Too unique to miss! I'm scaring their balls off, so if you're following panic times this should shine like a lighthouse! Details, ready?

Hit me.

Riker says that. He's here, has me convinced. Barclay is captain, Riker next up Admiral. They think I'm Q's cousin. Or playing well. Who knows!? Dreams weirdness. Ship named USS big strong mythical Titan! USS Titan! Whole ship filled with male doms fem subs. Giving them a helping hand to relate to their subs. Gender candy. Scared stupid because my grandmother is blowing the ship up if they don't go through with it. Geordi on science, convincing cosplay again, Isht Visht and Rada boarded and hanging out in main engineering. Following Klingon ship with curvy nacelles not angular wings. Bringing weapons for the food war. I'm giving a heartforming lesson in five minutes. Time stopped for me so we have all we need here. Keeping up? Feels good, tell it back!

Barclay made captain of the Titan?! Like from Lower Decks? This really is Rainbow! Barclay the captain, Admiral Riker is there, they think you're Q's--I didn't get relationship.

Going through train to take you there. First, father's sibling's kid, cousin. Got it?

The fizzpopping Sugarfeast Fairy and they didn't know you? Are you in disguise?

OH! More important details but finish telling me back first.

Okay. Cousin. Q's cousin. Female subs, male doms. Helping them see things their subs way with girl-candy. Scared their penises off hehe! Grandmother Strawberry being herself. Very scared crew, gives me scary life to find. Isht Visht and Rada main engineering boarded. Following Klingons Vor'cha class. Bringing arms to food fight. SKEKSIS that's their names! Badguys are Skeksis! Okay this is Rainbow so hard I'm surprised I'm not there already. You give heartforming con when game unpauses you. That's it.

Daaayum. Every thing I said.

It's interesting how this goes, I can say every and then thing but not just everything. This is going to be a killer dreamtalk lesson for our readers, eh dolly?


I love you too.

Okay, good, more important stuff. Big huge. Ready?

Hit me.

Did I catch a bit of leaked thought? Something something there's more...

Okay. Not disguise. Fans in crew but hid fandom until I got going. Riker doesn't know me. No su'khora onboard but Boobsong. Never heard the word. Heartforming con, necessary! Has to be only ship in multiverse like this! They've never seen heartstone. I think that's it. Oh! Boobsong has me half-eaten up my arm. Probably cause freakouts when we unpause. Might help you. I think that's it, how are you feeling?

Scared beyond the ends of my eyelashes but hoping that will help! The moment this dream changes, I'm aiming for you!

When I was in them with you it seemed like your reactions would make them change. Just surf till you get here, if you can figure out the key to make them flip!

[Vision: rainbow] You were here!

My heart wants to break into a million pieces.

We said it's over and it changed. Say it. It's over. It's over. It's over. Just repeat until you get here. 

Dreams, like with Sex.

Green checkmark. Okay, I'm trusting you, because I'm still flying blind here.

I love you.

I love you too holy snarlygrapes it's good to hear that! Okay I'm changing it THIS IS OVER!

We snap back aboard the Titan, with Boobsong on my arm now munching away--my other arm gets pulled to wrap her up as best I can, which pulls her in front of me, but she resists, clinging at my arm to keep chomping.

Riker's privacy screen is still up (weird since he intended to do this publicly), but I can see the transformation is getting somewhere. My arm being gone will be so great but we need some extra scaring so I click for my arm to stop gooifying and my side to start under my good arm where she'll be easier to hold.

Aaaah, tingles. Smell that, dolly? I'm dripping, don't let me escape!


Hot sexy tongue licking through my side makes me breathe hard with the kiss that's everywhere.

Did we just eat me up and then put me back and start again over and over? Because that would make awesome sex! I want to cry for the joy of what her hungry little tongue makes me feel. Spooky cool airiness where there shouldn't be follows when her mouth leaves, making me feel the growing bit out of my side, but it just feels super-hot. There's zero sense of wrongness.

Of course knives and things freak me out! Nobody gets to penetrate my flesh but my dragon! That's hers! Yeah, holes, but that's different. My pussy is special and it's just for her, for my soothing, loving, hungry dragon.

I look around the bridge but don't see my handmaiden who's name I feel like a bitch for not remembering anywhere. Maybe it's not time yet, the panic won't truly hit until Riker's change is done.

"The change is slowing down, but I'm halfway there! Don't tell me I get stuck like this!"

Their voice is halfway, too, not androgynous, just...both.

"Not on my gay-ass watch! Let me guess, your uniform's a little tight, yeah?"

"You must be kidding me! They stretch to anything! Klingons to Catians!"

"You're Galaxy-class as a man, of course that's going to turn you into some kind of huge Amazon! You know what they say, height is just a guy's cupsize! Anyway...don't you wanna really fuck everybody's minds? Everybody in the galaxy gets boned by Riker someday, or so I hear. Come on, I triple dog dare you. It's fun. Can't replicate you a new uniform till we know your measurements, anyway!"

"I'm starting to see your edge here. Alright, here we go, then."

There's motion behind the privacy screen, they're undoing stuff--they, he, she, mwaha I bet you've never had to juggle pronouns!

"Actually I don't seem to get to be in on this. I think it's just for you and your crew. Looks like I get some professional distance enforced on me, today. Be honored, that's rare!"

"What are you saying, you can't see me now--WOW there we go!"

Her(?) voice turns a lot more femme at the end of the sentence, and I can see her pulling her uniform's top off, and then stepping out of it.

"Yeah, you've got like a privacy screen up. I like the point that makes but I won't say I'm not disappointed."

"I was expecting you to have lessons for me, at least, given the way we met!"

"Oh no, that's for you and your lady. I think this is just respecting that relationship. It'll be different with your crew, probably, but I'm just a wandering extradimensional hyperbeing. I actually have a date I can't get out of right now, anyway."

The shape behind the gaussian blur rectangle seems to look at me.

"Holy bazoingas, you weren't kidding about her eating you! Does that hurt?"

Bazoingas!? Okay maybe I misjudged these guys a little bit. I'm starting to see the smirk peeking out from behind all the seriousness.

"It's sublime. Sorry if I'm weird actually it has me all spaced out. It does mean I only have so long until I'm eaten up, though I'm somehow I'm going to end up giving my informational session anyway. It always works out like that."

"Well, there we go. I guess I'll--transporter chief, scan this and beam me a uniform, ASAP!"

"You know I've never understood why people don't use the transporter that way more often? Makes me think beaming an apple across the ship uses half your antimatter or something."

Some old deep like, political instinct tells me this chatter is the thing to do right now.

"Incoming, s--Admiral,"

Says, who else, Miles O'Brien. No way he can be privacy-screened right now. Hopefully this is a vacation from O'Brien Suffers, though I'm sure he's going to have some fun with people trying to transporter ex machina their way out of this.

"I can't understand it either, honestly. I have my morning coffee beamed to my bedside table every day at 0500, automatically. Sound of it wakes me up. That small it's this kind of shifting bell kind of noise. It's very suitable as an alarm. If I ever get deployed where I don't have quota for it, I'm bringing a recording."

The new uniform beams in while s/he talks, and she starts dressing. We seem to have decided this is the locker room, and we're chattering while we get naked and pretend it's normal.

"Your lady doesn't--no, what am I thinking, chained up like she's supposed to be. See, spaced all out."

"She's not going anywhere till I'm awake enough to work the locks. How about yours?"

"However I go to sleep, she eats me in my sleep, and I wake up as a blob of goo inside of her. There's no alarm or anything, like you don't really tell a dragon when to get up in the morning. I could probably order her, but I like the uncontrollability. Before I was this I was a Princess and my whole life revolved around anything but her, so now I kind of like that it's just dragon's whim and my commands, and eventually even I have to just get eaten when I'm eaten. I'd be horrible in any kind of discipline organization."

Uniform's almost on, now. It kind of seems like the privacy field is getting less obscuring as she gets dressed.

"That's an interesting thing, because I feel that way about Starfleet. Even as an Admiral, you do your share of asking how high. It makes me feel incredible, weird to say. I like the adventure of it. Okay, the rest of you, it's your turn now. Don't think I'll go soft just because of these. On the double, Starfleet, back to quarters!"

She looks fully-dressed, but the privacy screen is still up. Aw come on, Dreams, not even with her clothes on?

Oh she hadn't put the oversuit on yet.

Around us, everyone's unstatuefied as intended and falling out surprisingly not-screaming-in-terror. I hope their freaking out on the inside is enough to bring my handmaiden here. I dreamtalk her:

It's happening.

You just said so!

Good, you were stepped forwards. Keep going as planned.

Yes Mother.

As in how Mommy, Domme, Your Highness, etc, were all kind of tangled up in the Strawberry Empire. Different ways of saying it for different occasions.

"Huh. I guess you feel like Starfleet cares about you more than we felt like the Strawberry Court cared about us."

"Did you say Strawberry? My Imzadi--lady--is obsessed with books about a Strawberry Dynasty. Normally I'd think there was no connection, but you seem like the sort there might be."

[!] SNFMHM WHAT!? How not su'khora!? MUNCHHMHM...

"Alright Shenanigans--which will have to wait, because I forgot about the unhappily underattached people! Um...I just need someplace to talk to them really. If you have a holodeck that can fit them all that would be incredible but even just like a mess hall or lounge is fine."

"Everybody left not on their way to lady's bunk, check in on your commbadge, I'm taking a count. Be ready to report to the location specified."


"Thirty-seven. Holodeck five can handle that easily. Everyone who just checked in, report to holodeck five."

"Beautiful, thank you, I'll Q down there in just a sec, but first, Shenanigans, there's no way your lady is obsessed with the Strawberry Dynasty and you've never heard of Su'khora--oh, here I go again. Is she allowed to talk?"

"Normally, no, but we have chats once a week to keep up with things you can't say nonverbally."

Holy novabomb cola bottles, you're dodging this like me playing StarFox! There's a su'khora on your bridge, do a barrel roll! Whatever, you're perfectly happy with quiet!sub!Troi who we definitely need to introduce to the femmeAttracted!withGuinan!Troi we met before at some point.

"Hot, okay. I guess that explains it."

It seems like she's taking awfully long with that uniform--she said she was bolting for quarters after she changed, and she's still here behind the privacy screen.

"Figure out why I just go naked yet?"

"Well I assumed your owner would--can you order her to change your clothing rules? Doesn't that take the bite out?"

"It doesn't really work like that? Like, I have to be edible anytime so I can't have anything that takes too long to get off, and I have to stay clean unless its edible stuff, things like that, but that's not even like a dom's clothing rules, it's that she has to eat me, it's an animal instinct she can't control which is how it's not under my control with the buttons-thing, but that means it'd be incredibly cruel to her to not follow those rules. I think it'd like break her to not be able to eat me when it's time. It's sure break me if she couldn't! As it is I'm a little surprised she's ever not munching on me, the way this feels."

MNOMSNARFM Princess your Boobsong will dragon you if you keep talking this way EERRAAHCHOMPMHMF...

"To answer your question, yes, this is not as simple I thought it wouldn't be. How do you get these things on alone?"

"I mean, don't. I'm actually about as experienced as you in that department. It's not supposed to be that hard, though. Could O'Brien be trolling you--ooooh. Okay cold facts time, Admiral. Is it the uniform that's fighting back, honestly?"

"Honestly? I can't even get the waist to sit right. O'Brien might be fun on Saturdays, but he knows better than to mess with me when I start calling people Starfleet."

"So um...the candy's supposed to give everyone the most educational time like this they can have. It'll turn you into the femme version of yourself like I was saying before, but if learning conflicts with that, learning wins. I figured for most of you just knowing what boobs feel like to have would be enough education for one day, but you have been super tough so far. I'm guessing you're getting your first lesson already."

"Imzadi doesn't wear uniforms--oh hell. You think my body's making sure I learn my side right?"

"In my home culture you go naked after sexual maturity if you're noble and a girl--we were matriarchal, kind of the flipside of you all here a bit--and as a Princess I could really make that stick. Don't need a winter coat when you've got seven handmaidens all around carrying huge braziers, stuff like that. After a few years I had reason to put clothes back on sometimes, and like...I had this incredible black dress with stars on it, it was beautiful and as comfy as a Starfleet uniform, and...I couldn't wear it! It just felt all weird to be tangled up in cloth! That sounds a lot like you right now, so, yeah. Try a nightie maybe? That was better for me. And I can do like bikinis and stuff now, though honestly I just put up with that kind of stuff so I can make it fall off in fun ways."

"I'll give you this, you never explain what I expect you to. I thought you were going to tell me about how hard it is to go naked, not sing its praises to me!"

Her voice is so awesomely weird, exactly Riker, just less gruff.

"I've been having a weird time with that--okay, time's up, actually. Didn't you say your lady was going to need you?"

"Yeah. Help me out of here. I can't bring myself to. Gotta stay in uniform, but a Q's an adequate excuse, apparently."

"You got it, but just one thing first. Is the thing keeping your uniform on you--or at least trying to go on--your rank insignia, and if so, do you need to phaser the collar off that uniform and just wear that part? Real question. No challenges this time."

"You told me you'd be playing hard, I thought you were done with the candy thing! That's--I've got some deep thinking to do. Come help me out of this. I'll have a lot of trombone playing before I figure this one out. Figure of speech, unless it's not, I suppose."

"Eh, you obviously had blowjobs down. You probably won't get anything interesting there. The one thing you're not going to do is see this coming, or it wouldn't be educational. I mean don't let me cockblock you, sometimes you really do just need some dick, but remember you have more options now for that. Okay like, I'm coming, but I might not be able to see what I'm doing."

Is this a good time to step off my pedestal? Yeah, seems like the moment things break. Moving now, dragon, be ready.

I take a step forward--

As I lift my foot, everything happens at once. A flash of diagonal-stripes rainbow flag covers my vision for an instant, my body starts to curl into a pretzel because I only have muscles on one side now--

RAAGHRMFHEY! DRAGON IS EATING THAT! NO FALLING! Pull you back up and hold like you should be. OMNHISNARFHGM...

Okay, I'm in the Four Dreams, I think, but I'm on the Skeksis ship, and I'm kind of turned into one.

It's my handmaiden who's getting I don't even know something for me being too much of bitch to remember her name yet.

YES! Okay don't freak out this makes sense. You must be here because I can send you dreamtalk like we're on the phone, hear me? Magical inverse chumble spuzz a Calvin and Hobbes reference makes no sense at all right now. You had to come the scary way, but you're in a candy war and I'm involved and they needed zero convincing to believe I'm a Q here on the Titan. We're coming for you, just sit tight, unless you get a mind to burn some things. I seem to remember you like that almost as much as I do.

Holy fizzfrozen taffy streamers it's so good to hear your nonsense! I'll be fine, yeah, I'll start a fire up if they get rude, don't you worry.

Good. I love you. Be there soon and then you're half a glass of nectar from being yourself again.

I love you too, Rainbow Starshine!

Blink. Titan now, was trying to walk through Riker's censor bar--hmm, gotta use that euphemism somehow--can't um--

"Er, I don't seem to have enough me left to walk. Give me a sec."

Click. Lust report.


"You don't have--nothing fills in the gaps she makes. How are you still breathing?"

Okay dragon, hold me up, here we go. One foot, lurch, thud. Moved forward, still standing. This must look so metal. It's the weirdest rush, being eaten up like this.

I'm not neglecting my handmaiden helping Riker first. If I'm wrong, the extra seconds won't mean anything, but if I'm right, we're going to need her and the whole Titan in working order to get my handmaiden away from the Skeksis. Maybe I'm underestimating the Dreams, but I don't know in which direction, my this episode's plot-arc just doesn't quite feel done right if I just Q over to the Skeksis ship and grab my friend.

Another lurching step. Feeling like a sexy horror movie is fun! Okay, figured out how to walk? Pulling weirdly against Boobsong, it feels so unnatural but you'd think my body'd be reacting a lot worse to half my torso being gone. It does feel wrong a bit. I feel like I should be lying down and chilling out and watching her slowly work up to my head--

The privacy screen is everything--OH! Snarlygraping duh.

"Okay I can't see you unless you explicitly let me, I think. You should be able to like just show me the zipper if you want. Your call all the way. I'm not the one you have to strip for today, but you can always decide you are."

"Hell with it. Full disclosure."

The privacy wall stays.

"Okay that's weird. Either there's some kind of reason we should do this by feel, or this is somebody else's job. I have no idea."

"Pussywillow, you're being so wise, I can't keep this face up! It's me, your big sister's in charge of that. Let me come up and help Riker. You can go see your handmaiden that way. The heartforming con will wait until you get back with her. It sounds like you need all the help you can get, anyway! Are you in one piece or do we need to get Boobsong a dragon-bag?"

"Hehe one piece so far though I just remembered you need muscles on both sides to walk without help--ooh okay later we have to figure out how to get me like bitten in three so Boobsong has a nice big chunk to munch while you play really weird bondage with my pieces and I watch Boobsong so happy with the rest of me--wait, you're controlling this!? That's so scary! When did that start!?"

"When you got small at Mommy-boo's. You're still in her care and mine, you haven't come back from that yet, goowiggle!"


"When you come back with your handmaiden. Scoot, you'll be back here in no time!"

Suddenly it seems incredibly bad that I would have thought the right thing to do was anything but Apocalypse in to save my friend. Game let's just Q me over there, come on--ooh, wait, one more thing!

Readers, you wonder, did Steve steal that from me, or me him? Simple. One of us makes sound all cool and badass like he totally got you for thinking the keynote was over, and the other says it out loud on stage because she's a big stupid bimbo who's forget her own head if it wasn't screwed on (which is apparently a hazard now). There's the riddle. Answer is in there, just think about it.

"Okay Admiral you're in good hands, and if you want more than a hand with your zipper you're in really good hands. She gave me an awesome first time bottoming, and Boobsong was right there all through it, and she just knelt at my feet so respectfully afterwards. I need some advice though--I'm about to rescue my friend off a Skeksis ship. Why are you bringing dessert weapons? Do they hate sweets?"

"They hate anything happy. They have to keep serious, or they turn into beautiful women. Dessert mines, party streamer torpedos, you name it, we're carrying the end of their reign of pussyless terror. Once you get them smiling they're a very good time! If you want to take care of them just keep making things happier."

"BWAAHAHAA I should have asked you right at the start! Okay, listen. You don't know it yet, but by the time you arrive with those weapons this ship is going to be both saved and armed to the probably-needing-a-dentist teeth. Just do the thing, like we've been planning. I guarantee you Sis and Isht Visht won't let this get boring, especially if they bring the rest of the family, which they totally should! We'll be back soon."

See, this is the problem with my running around the True Sea. I go places and they're all Prime Time realistic and I'm all looking like a photograph and I forgot none of that ever actually stops me from being a Saturday morning cartoon any more than all the kinky sex and stuff that started up when I came of age.

Alright game I want my poor handmaiden back can we please just Q over there?

Your game has a better way to fly.

"Hello little ones, are you ready to go see the big scary Skeksis? Just come on top of the bridge here and we'll pick you up!"


Erum, game I don't suppose--

Your game will just take you there.

And with a Q-flash we're outside, on top of the Titan's saucer section, with the True Sea warping by--and Mommy-boo's ship overhead with its legs all folded up by its sides and Mommy-boo and Sweetie dangling down on a crane with a sling big enough for me and Boobsong.

"Just stay right there. We're grabbing you."

Good, because just standing is starting to be a little weird. I wonder what'd happen dragon if I made you tiny and you went munching around inside of me? Could we make me into a blowup doll, still as flesh?


Of course the trick with any of that is being able to stop her when I'm in the pieces we want--

Purple magic gently picks us up and carries us to the sling, which Sweetie holds open for us.

"Hello Sweetie!"

"Hey! Taco Bell, here we come!"

"I think you'd better hurry or this is going to be a vegan taco!"

The crane starts, and we're cranked up towards the rectangular hatch it's coming out of. Mommy-boo and Sweetie haven't lost their toonshading, and neither has their ship. How come we have to? Humph.

Oh well. It'll be back soon enough now, and that'll fix those skeksis. If I still have a middle, by then. We might really need Mommy-boo's magic!

Mommy-boo giggles at this.

"Don't you worry, we'll make sure you get there with your head still out. Make sure she eats it last, please!"

Oh hot just remembered I had all sorts of weird fantasies about just being a head when I was a kid. Click.

NOMF Eat head last yes ARGHM...

Hey, why's this order take my heart to a dusty old place that's the roof in Sherlock where Sherlock fakes his death?

There are flashing lights and stuff because we're almost into the hatch under Mommy-boo's ship.

"Well, sweetest joy, when you were very small you had a wish to be carried off by a big scary dragon who would eat you all up."

Wait, wait, I might remember! The faked death thing. I just wanted her to take me away and eat me all up so nobody else could have me and the closest I could imagine to that was leaving my head and nothing else, right? I mean even today the goo thing blew my mind completely! And...the old dusty place is because I haven't been in there forever and it's that thing from Sherlock because I was wanting to fake my death to escape. Wait, does this mean you can stop at my neck, Dragon? I thought once you get going you can't stop, didn't you just say?

MRARMF Special stuff for head. Seed-ghost busy now MFFHMFFH

When your body is eaten to your neck she can stop. Watch out for encouraging her thoughts of eating you, she'll chomp and take your head too.

We've been pulled up to the ship, but the sling is comfy and Boobsong's eating is so soothing. For some reason I keep wanting to call her Lyra.

This is a little scary but...was there some kind of thing where I had to stay goo, like I couldn't even make parts?

Sometimes for very soft comforting. Stroked when feel need for it, only feel soft touching her, no shape or motion. Talk or be paged if you don't move. If you want to be held this way ask seed-ghost. Not always right. Sometimes you only need eating up.

Teariness, memories of the feeling of times I needed that. Sex that way felt...so strangely comforting abstract, like we were intersecting blocks of Rainbow and Boobsong, but in the little slice of intersection was all the soft silky loving close holding affection of sex. It was weird, but so easy to process.

Sometimes it's really hurtingly obvious how much to young I was to be born and it's bad because I don't want to fix it and go back either, and all this stuff should just be making up for the fact that I had to be born too soon and somehow second best or something but it's not, it's me, me and my Boobsong.

I think the truth is I had to stop being a star really when I was born this way. Not that I don't feel companionship with my star family or relate to them...I'm just not really human, and not really star, either, but both, and it's confusing and makes me cry.

EEERAAAAH DRAGON EAT YOU NOW! PRINCESS NEEDS HOLDING! Head gets big tail gets long body gets fat arms and legs all claw-shaped teeth all big long open wide and stick out big tongue and slurp you inside!