1 - The Worst Domme in the Multiverse

"Princess look at the edge of the dark there!"


Order obey it raise my arm and point where the light could have been someone standing there or maybe just a statue with glowy stuff.

With a possessive hand on the small of Boobsong's naked back brushing the base of her lashy-with-excitement and raised-with-horniness tail, I squint into the darkness ahead--there is someone, holding a lantern! A glimpse and then gone, of shining white with beautiful human-like eyes whose amazing-even-for-a-cartoon lashes make me want to have Boobsong bust out the mascara brush right here and a softly-snoutish nose that'd probably be really weird in the True Sea's achingly clear vision of reality but that here in the Painted Sea looks beautiful with the ghost's simple thick-lined flat-shaded art style--instinctively, I glance at Boobsong to take in her toonshading, like we've just crossed over from the less-fun-but-no-more-real world. Have we? I can't--I seem to be confused--

As soon as I think my question, the Dreams show me a psychic vision of my shining-rainbow signature:

Yes Dreams, I know I'm Princess R--no, good idea, that should center me. Pluck.

Put hands back arch boobs out feet just apart enough to stand when I go down to curtsy and slowly say all your titles very sexily with soft breathy voice and my eyes to your face for a second then looking down so submissively AAAND curtsy with my hands out to pick up the skirt I'm not wearing but I still pick it high enough to show how I'm not wearing panties either come on look at my pussy the whole time I say this that's what I'm here for I'm your handmaiden aren't I?

"Princess Rainbow-Bright Starlight Hardred, Merry Fairy of Sugarfeast, Holder of the World Command-Object Olympics High Speed Trophy, Miss Very Nice Boobs Says Her Cocksleeve, Great Smelling Cum Says Everyone, Horniest Human I Know Of, Firstborn Strawberry Heiress, Last of the Line of Strawberries, Herald of the Apocalypse, Rider of Me and Mistress of StarFox."

(Hardred being the Strawberry word for, um, strawberry)

Her sweetly lewd thoughts and horny voice do do a lot to bring me back to myself, which is to say one pixel short of grabbing her mid-heralding and having sex with her right here (where is here!?) and happily riding the sexy smoothness of the mind-control game that keeps me from touching myself to just masturbate when Boobsong could with a little mental pluck give me all the touch my hard aching nipples and throbbing clit and horny everything else want exactly how I command her willing entire self.

I could get my game to let me feel myself up by giving myself affection enough to say I'm making love to Princess Rainbow-Bright, but that's not going to happen when my whole heart is calling for Boobsong's naked and perfectly, beautifully, Disney-only-wishes (literally, Walt had a full-blown envious-artist freakout the first time he saw us this way) western-style animated deeply-curved, soft silvery-grey-white little body and purple-tinged nipples and lips (both sets) that look so glisteningly-yummy kissable with her mirror-shining horns and hair gleaming in the dark of this place that's dim enough her glowy purple irises seem bright under her epic lashes and reflect on the black that rims her eyes where a human would have pink, and her shiny-black and pussy-soft-and-smooth bat-wings and devil-tail are barely visible behind her.

Oh and when my game wants to keep me from doing stuff usually does it by making my body ignore my commands in a way that feels like sliding along a perfectly-lubed, mirror-smooth sex toy, like if you could take just the perfectly smooth sliding part of really great sex and make a whole body worth of sensation out of it it feels that way.

All of which goes to say there are several very good reasons only starting with the two being just slightly jubbly as Boobsong curtsies in her bouncy way that it takes me halfway through her saying my titles to realize what's wrong with this picture--

WHAT!? Mommy please look at my ass too!

Yeah. Pluck.

Stand up from my curtsy and bouncily turn around--AAAH WHERE'D YOUR MARK--THAT MEANS I'M NAKED NO COLLAR NO CHEEK-MARK NO ASS MARK at least I still have my leash on with this D-ring I shapeshifted I guess on my neck where your collar would be BUT WHERE IS ALL YOUR LIVERY!?

Holy fizzfrozen clear bubblegum in our hair--Dreams, what--pluck--

Pounce at you and wrap my arms around your waist and be super snuggly. So much better being held I can relax some but how did I get here with my clothes off!?

You'd think her "clothes" being two glowy colorful marks one of which draws everyone's eyes to her lovely bubble butt and a sparkly diamond-encrusted slave collar would be something you got used to after a while so it stopped feeling so sexy but you'd be wrong.

Which just makes me want them back all the more.

So why doesn't it seem right to just stroke the color back onto her right here and now?

With Boobsong wrapped around me and her soft silky skin pressed against mine by her plush curves and epic breasts and the tops of her horns just grazing the bottoms of my breasts I can stay steady enough to let the Dreams give the vision they'll answer with--until I realize I'm so grateful to feel her arms in the small part of my waist and have my curves again I'm starting to cry from it. It is really easy to make me cry, and I do really like what Boobsong's nectar has done with me, and I am a huge exhibitionist so being reminded I'm hot is always emotional, but the last time I didn't have curves was before my Unveiling back in the Strawberry World--wait what how is that wrong WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE DREAMS!?

With my hands on Boobsong's cotton-candy hair and between her wings I try my best to at least not be such a shaken soda they can't get a vision in this time (and it's saying something they haven't yet considering what they usually get through to touch my melodramatic Fairy heart), and in my third eye see the ghost's lantern--they have the answer then, which is probably why the Dreams dropped us wherever here is--I look up from my own mighty cleavage and Boobsong's head peeking out from under it and peer into the dark again, don't see anything, look around.


Acme Station scanning around us...can't see through the darkness with anything, not even active sonar, it's not just a dark-field, it's some kind of perception-thing, you can't see far here no matter what you do. Trying subspace and aether...same thing you just can't see any farther than our eyes are!

I grin as she works, the joke is as old as our relationship but never stops being funny to me: she might look all squishy occult demonic cocksleeve (and be both a great magician and awesome sex toy), but there's a reason our one of our kids shapeshifts into a Galaxy-class starship when her captain wants to throw a party, and another one can be any kind of sci-fi battlecruiser known to geekdom (but is usually a few kinds at once).

There's nothing to see but darkness beyond--just us, actually. It feels like we're in one of Rl'yeh Sade's many cozily comfy indoor places that go on and on twisting and turning for hundreds of miles like a mountain range but are crazily threaded with nooks and hiding places and twisty halls and furniture that's equally good for playing and lounging, but not even the floor is visible. Suddenly I realize the only reason Boobsong is visible is because I'm glowing, shining gentle happy light to see her--alright, let's bring some star-power to bear. The Dreams will keep me from frying anything it wouldn't be sexy to fry.

I raise my hand in the direction I think the ghost was--pluck--

Point with my tail exactly where I saw them before.

--adjust my aim just a little, spead my fingers, and shine a nice bright polite beam of daylight that way.

Nothing, like I thought. I stop, huff, shake my hand dramatically and with most bimbonically-girly flourish I can manage and hit it with the multi-terawatt beam I use to wave hi to the Sun on Sugarfeast.

That's right nerds, I'm attacking the darkness, and what with Boobsong and this power I technically am a sorcerer (sorceress) of light.

...alright listen up mister impenetrable dark field, don't make me mad, I vaporized an entire Dyson shell the other day, and it was solid, armor and systems from the core out--wait, I WHAT!?

There's a little note-to-self attached to the memory. It says, "even less interesting than it sounds" and the feelings that come with it sure seem to agree, because apparently I'm sick to death of thinking about that, and it's not like it's mysterious or anything. Stars shine from their feelings, put that in a human shaped shell instead of a plasma-brain (my human mom did a spell at my conception. It went horribly right) but that human shell came from your human mom who's the latest in a long line of queens who are famously passionate fucking your human dad who had Fairy genes and then your seedling's nectar brings out both the Strawberry passion and Fairy emovore-foodsource genetic engineering (which you can't blame it for, way to give her good nutrition), and you end up as one of the biggest brightest stars in the astral (if anyone could get me to go to the astral, but it's boring there, I like flesh, it's all warm and bouncy) when you should still be an embryo--ugh let's not think about that story either. My star-dad didn't mean to be who he is but what happened still happened and neither of us really wants to talk or think about it as far as I know.

Game please make it so I can't? Make me stay to the sexy stuff instead of these boring digressions?

Psychic vision: She-ra transforming in reverse to turn back into Princess Adora

It's right, this is getting us nowhere, I can't see a thing--hey, did I just--my brain slips like my hands just were. Hot. For extra fun, I can still know I'm not allowed to think about something, which is either because it was boring or because we need to stop killing time and follow that ghost before it escapes from us.

Or maybe it's sneaking something sexy up on me. It's really good at doing stuff that doesn't command me to explicitly play with Boobsong or anything that'd be weird with our relationship, yet still getting us to play in some new kinky way (which shouldn't be a surprise, considering who built this thing)--yeah, I'm going to get my heart so set on that it'll just have to.

Either way, fall in, cocksleeve!

Twenty-five years ago

Gently-cool water swirls and rushes as we tumble in freefall. There's light whirling around us, then suddenly we explode out of the water-surface we're falling at and gravity flips around so we're bobbing in a huge circular pool grinning wildly at each other--Boobsong is clutched in my arms and clinging back but it's time to start swimming or climb out so I reach for the stone rim we've come up near--it's shiny obsidian, but there are lines carved into it that my fingers grip easily.

Gasp look around Princess it's beautiful!

"That was awesome! Good waterslide, Dreams!"

Slowly, I tear my eyes away from Boobsong's gorgeousness to see where we are.

It's beautiful in the way Boobsong is kind of sexy. We're in a huge circular air-bubble whose walls are a curving waterfall that falls out and away from the huge pointed-oval gates in a cathedral made of mirror but swooping fractally like a wave of the Sea and set with darkly shining gemstone windows that must look incredible inside. Around us four statues that must be like a mile tall stand, also made of mirror so the motion of the waterfall reflects dizzily on them. They're so perfectly shiny its hard to see what they are at first...one kneeling, on the surface of the cathedral beside the gates, with hands over her head (they're all femme, the Dreams know Boobsong and me are lesbians I guess) to hold the pool of water we're in, another kneeling with the opposite gravity on something below the ring I can't see and holding the ring with one hand and reaching the other up hopefully to the gates above with her head thrown back, one standing on something below the ring and holding it just below pussy-height with one hand while the other supports the cathedral, and one sitting lazily on the cathedral with hands up to hold the ring.

Look at the people--hey what's happening aaah falling oh. Stand on the rim now?

Gravity slowly turns around us until we're standing on the rim of the pool with the water behind us like a wall and the statues ahead like bridges instead of columns. What people--ooh, they're walking along the statues, that's what the specks are. This place is big, it's awesome--hey, this is a Nexus! I share a grin with Boobsong and then look out to see how things are changing as gravity changes. It's just like the closet of Heart-Home! We're flipping through all different statues that must tell different stories of what it means to go up there, by what kind of road they make, except--pluck--


"Where we're going, we don't need..."

Say it with you!



Per the reference we look straight ahead at where we're going, and watch shifting our narrative weight like that make all the statues disappear as we switch to the version of the Gates for people who can fly there together. I get a good hold of my eravahk and leash and take Boobsong's hand we back up against the water and then run the one step of rim there is forward and scream out loud "WHEEEE" with the rush of freefall.

I click a button on my eravahk. Ponyform, succubus!

Gasp called me succubus can't get used to that it makes me so wet and soft inside aaAAAAAAAAAAH ponyform! Push myself under you want to be ridden super bad!

I grab two big handfuls of her mane and pull myself down in place on her beautiful curvy back that makes me feel like a really kinked Sade because a pony's attractive to me almost as much as her girl-form and grab with my thighs and bounce just a bit from the impact (it's so weird to be naked with all these people around but feels so awesomely good, too) and kick with my heels.


Wings open FLAP here we come Gates!

More things shift ahead of us as we flap this way and the things we do on the way become the story of where we're going. A huge crystal spire, four-sided with a pointed tip, that looks like it's made of this place more than a crystal we can see it through seems to project out of the Gates toward us with a ring of spooky-fun magic symbols around it's base--

That's a monolith!

Click, hammerform!

EEAAAH change out from under you turning my mane into handle solid big head is formed readEEEEYAAAA---

Giggling because she's so enthusiastic I flap with all my strength toward the tip of the monolith--Dreams I wish for a gust of wind to blow me toward it at the right moment--raise her over my head and when the timing is just right wind hits my wings and throws at the monolith and I SWING "YAH!"

BBBOOM crashes the thunder of Boobsong hitting the tip of it and oh this was a big one everything goes bright white--

Present Day

Let you lead squeezed moving--hey what's happening!? I didn't say move back together!

As soon as I go to start off with her at my side a bouncy invisible force almost like walking into an air mattress (complete with satin sheets) pushes us back together--and keeps me from taking one single step.

Which is odd since Boobsong was able to step back and curtsy--oh, it must be intention-based, and Boobsong is private to me, so unless my game spilled the beans of what that pluck meant which is very unlike its usual respect of my relationship with Boobsong we must be--

The Dreams psychically show us the Space Needle. Har har, Dreams, very punny. We're spiked. Space-spiked by radiation of the week with this weird darkness thing. That'd explain why I couldn't burn our way out. The Dreams wouldn't feel very safe if random elder gods (or mutant baby stars) could beat their protection!

Also, when I struggled, we saw the ghost again. She (I've decided it's a she somehow) will probably have answers starting with just what the gooey fruit roll-up panties we're spiked for seeing as we haven't done anything yet and why we get the weirdest spiking ever.

Maybe it's just because me and Boobsong. I throw myself against the force, enjoying this made-just-for-us bouncycastle of a spiking. Pluck!

RRRAAAAAH CHARGE bang against the bouncy stuff with Princess we're walking from here try and stop us Dreams literally that's why I'm banging into this!

Whee it's fun! BBBbboing!

The force doesn't really give room to wind up and throw ourselves into it--it's more like being squeezed between pillows on all sides and wiggling ourselves around in the middle of them, which means we're grinding against each other a lot to keep moving, and I keep finding sexy parts of Boobsong pressed into me in new ways (which is easy because that's most of her) and I can't help but notice she's kind of getting moved around in front of me in prime position to have sex which is probably what would happen next except the ghost is there nice and steadily--keep going bouncytoy she sees us!

That's me moving in front Princess I'm always to do stuff as sexily as possible so I'm trying to get up and have your clit go inside of me--EEE THE GHOST SEES US! MOVE SUPER URGENTLY RRRAAAAH TRY TO GO THAT WAY!

The ghost is coming toward us now, which is good, because it's getting harder to move, like the pillows are squeezing tighter without being any less soft, which might be scary except breathing and doing things not related to moving from our spot are perfectly easy (of course I'm not going have Boobsong in this position and not grab her ass)--

Hey what's that pushing my head up I didn't say you could puppet me that's only Princess' job! Turning my face to look at yours, your head bending down to me, lifting me up in your hands but I can tell that's the spiking not you. Hands going down to my pussy to spread me haaah pulled my pussy wide and my legs are put up around your waist and my hands are attached to your shoulders now I can't move anything even my lips are stuck in this halfway-to-kiss form right next to yours and now my eyes have to stay in this kiss face without even moving a tiny--except I can breathe that's so hot it feels super needed when I can't move anything even if I don't need oxygen!

Alright that's it I guess we're a statue now.

It changes so smoothly and softly I barely notice until my arms are forced down and Boobsong is put in front of me and my legs are brought together so I'm standing en pointe like a ballerina (but I'm supported, in fact I feel weightless) with my thighs pressing tightly against each other (I wish I could squirm, I've missed their silky soft smooth girly shape) and we're positioned about to kiss and fuck with her pussy spread wide and my clit pointing out so its twelve inches of length doesn't get it inside Boobsong's naked wet pussy where the tip would be if it was up like it wants to be (the pressure is deliciously torturesome) and then the force that's holding us solidifies is the only word for it, still isn't any less comfortably soft but there's absolute no room to move for anything except breathing (which is odd since my game can give me oxygen, I've gone hours without a breath sometimes) and I can feel it take hold and move out over us like a tightening band going down my extremities so each one is precisely, exactly held as tight and immobile as comfortable without being able to even squeeze a muscle against the mold that's holding us--oh.

Because the force is extending all through us now. The tightening band was it coming inside to hold every atom exactly where the Dreams want it to be. My heart can compress, my blood can move, my body can do it's autonomous functions (including make my clit throb), but--let's try this--HEAVE!

Nothing happens, and that was every ounce of strength I have. Not one muscle moves, no fatigue springs up in immobile limbs, but it's not my game's slipping-sense of helplessness or even how it feels when it holds me head-to-toe in tentacles. The Dreams just aren't even letting my cells burn the fuel to move--not that they'd be able to if they could.

My nerves can still work, apparently, because my body feels alive and warm to me and Boobsong is as soft against me as she ever is, but that's it.

The thing that makes the Dreams as a whole but especially Rl'yeh Sade so scary is how nice they are--not to say someone somewhere here isn't having a scary turn-to-stone-very-painfully statue scene, but...every atom right where they're holding it, kindly working everything so we feel happy and comfortable, we could be a statue like this for eternity and not feel any bad stuff except whatever not moving ever again and being stuck in this teasing position does to our consciousness, which is kind of a sexy thought if kind of terrifying (see, they've picked out a fantasy I was horny for but couldn't have set up or asked for or even knowingly walked into path of)--I mean right? How are you feeling here, wide-open pussytoy?

This is so hot and maybe we are going to be here eternally because we can't see the ghost now but I think that's a sexy thought. It's a very romantic shape to be stuck in. I only just wish they put you inside of me!

Oh I bet they're just being polite about that. Dreams please would you statue us having sex? I--

In my third eye, green light shines and a green checkmark forms so it's like it's on Boobsong's forehead, just at the edge of my half-mast vision (I mean, if I'm going to look at only one thing for the rest of eternity, let it be Boobsong about to kiss me with her boobs pressed against mine for background), and then I see lights--AAH I DON'T WANT TO FRY HOW THIS IS REALLY TURNING ME ON BUT--

Princess ordered me to say if I see her frying. Princess I see the sparkles with my eyes and you aren't frying yet you have another few hours if you don't cum just from holding me and wanting to kiss me and being statuefied.

Oh. Of course this will just make me cum when I get horny enough. I'm already well on the way and holding Boobsong and staring at her hungry face so I cum from the want of her definitely counts as her helping me orgasm so her claim on my cum won't keep me from cumming. I'll spurt right into her so she can be fed, and her nectar will drip down on me so my game doesn't have to sustain me I bet. That's weirdly comforting and I feel very safe though it's scary to think of never moving again which the checkmark on Boobsong's thoughts seems to say (and the checkmark itself--that always means the Dreams are doing something scary or way beyond what I asked for because they see what I really want and I have to admit there's a tired worn out part of me that after all the touring and Earth and everything wants to just be a pretty statue people look at to get off with and never has to think or do anything but be horny for Boobsong until I cum in her ever again which is pretty much what's about to happen I guess).

Except Dreams can't you please put us someplace people can enjoy us instead of this darkness? Dark isn't kind to me, I'm a star, I'm supposed to shine!

And what are these lights about? It's pretty...suddenly a strange motion in my head makes me feel like a thick heavy chain is going inside of me and expanding through every part of my passage (the wet silky two-ended cocksleeve I have in place of digestive system) and mouth until with a kissing face I'm actually penetrated and filled to my bursting-point end-to-end, then pushes its way up into my nose and fills it and my lungs down the very last alveoli which should be horrible but actually just feels like warm sexy softness filling up every part of me until I can't move anything, not even to breathe now.

My hands feel every detail of Boobsong's soft ass spread apart by them, but now I can feel something else happen too in them, as tingles of sharp pricks like the end of a hairbrush pushing at the ends of my fingers very gently attack like an army of tiny cocks pushing into me--wait they are pushing into me! Slowly expanding lines of wet fire climb up my arms and fill up my heart and the Dreams hold it steady as it becomes a statue, too, filled with the stone that crawled in through my fingertips, then it flows out into the rest of me, filling my body with the same stuff that feels just as hard as the floor I was standing on but has no weight that I can feel and is comfy inside of me. The very last part is my clit and I feel it go hard like I'm tensing it before the stone fills it up and makes it feel like I'm clenching a morning wood but of course I can't let go of this clench.

That's not even all of this!? Now something feels caringly soft on my back where my wings extend. Gentle expanding force opens my wing slits and unfolds my wings and the stone pushes into them in place of the blood that's supposed to open them in a flash like surprise teenage boners and I feel them solidify open wide and raised very prettily. I'm glowing a strange yellow light of terror and happiness and it grows more intense as the Dreams open my wings for me, doing what not even Boobsong with careful instruction can do, and playing inside my wing-slits without making me swipe at them.

Omifuck horny hot if I have to be statufied make it as heavy a scene as Princess got please I'm begging Princess please ask them to play with me how they play with you PLEASE will you? I know they can't fill up my body with stone like yours but please can you make up something instead of that that will be just as heavy for me as it is for you to be still thinking and feeling while your heart isn't beating because it's full of stone inside?

This has the weirdest effect on me. Calm and a terrified rush at the same time, I've never felt more safe and more scared, especially not at once...and the horniness! I should have just cum except it's a weird kind of horny, soft and relaxed almost like giving a blowjob, I don't think I'd be hard if I didn't have to be but I intensely want more of this (which is the main thing I'm scared of).

As for Boobsong...um...oh, halfway there I bet. Shapeshift out of this, goo-girl. Get more fluid until you leak through.

Turning to goo...now liquid...zero-viscosity superfluid...absolute passthrough escape...Princess I'm changing my form but I can't move anything!


Struggle until it feels real then back to goo again yes Princess. Go back to goo I'm so stuck in this!

She truly doesn't seem to change a tiny bit. We could do something with flowing the stone all through her, and of course she has to get filled inside like I am, but...that's not that intense for a shapeshifter really. There must be a way to take it further--wait.

Dreams is this like you turn me into a statue and then where I'm there and comfortable it's Boobsong's task to take care of me and you let her out so she can service me?

Rl'yeh Sade has sexy statues of every kind, everywhere. It seems to be made of them, mostly. There's a story there are no statues in Rl'yeh Sade, and that permanent statuification is a more common wish than anyone realizes.

People are seen fucking statues that're heartstone and soft enough to penetrate, or have appendages like I now have so conveniently placed to fuck yourself with. Maybe there's more to that story--

Another vision of green atop Boobsong's head, but it's moss now. She's not going anywhere.

Not one single pixel, no motion, not one single pixel no matter what else we do? Not even if say you put us in like an arcade of kinky stuff and people can pay or do something to make us fuck?

A gate and tiled floor--oh it's a wax museum, cute. This is Rl'yeh Sade so those have a way of having more life in them than you planned on, but I get the picture.

This is all so unexpected and weirdly arousing, nothing like how my game keeps a hand on me when I get overwhelmed with agency, I can't think--

The Dreams show me the yellow brick of the huge batteries I power my RC plane with, and a charging screen, and desire leaps and a tiredness that has nothing to do with the rush of being statuized so lovingly sexilyRecharge.

This is always a struggle. Pluck.

Princess I understand more than anyone how it feels to need to just have them do it. Half of the fun of being an Object is being able to just relax in your controlling me! If you want to have the Dreams tell a scene to you I don't think any less you're my Princess, just that you need some time as a statue in your mind and your body.

Even without a heartbeat the flow of arousal is like fire through me and I feel so ashamed to have wanted it, the real thing behind my trouble making up a scene for her, even for a second, but if I pluck--

I would say very kindly that I trust you with everything including who you let play with me and I submit to the authority you tell me to until you take me back again. You will take me back I can see all of you and I see so much greediness for your cocksleeve not even the Dreams could fill it all so don't try to play you'll let go of me I might be a stupid fuckdoll but you can't fool me that way!

There'd be a sob in my throat if it could move still--whatever the Dreams are doing to keep me conscious now sure isn't making my feelings stone--as I make the wish:

Dreams, she has to be there for me I have to have her whatever that even means now I guess don't take her where I can't cum from her and if we ever get out of a lot more than that I need my handmaiden but I wish you'd give Boobsong a statufication that'll be as hardcore--no, take it up a step from mine, find her limit like you found mine, and turn her into a nice pleasing present for me the way you made me into a pretty statue for people to look at. Just figure it out and--

There's nowhere to look but into her eyes as I wish it.

--do it.

Ulp...very pleasant soft feeling that I'm turning to goo again...I already am goo what's happening?

Exchanging protocols to comply with Dreams-wish. See new pages for reenabling initiative.

New pages...reenabling initiative? She's an Object already, how much more passive can she be? Did this turn off her rare helpful outbursts like that thing about trust just now? That seems like a pretty small change to give what I asked for, and especially since she can't do anything right now.

I wait a moment, or maybe a thousand years, time is weird in statue-land, my body has no idea how much passes now, but without commands she just waits there, passively--which is normal for her.

Mentally I open my sentient girl-shaped storybook (zero guesses what kind of stories), flip to "new pages", and start reading her.

The Dreams have just asked our seed-ghost to change me in ways that give me a statue-form, but you don't see my body change or hear me exclaim how it feels to have stone flowing through me like you had because the point of a statue form is to be just passively there and enjoyed for being nice to have for some reason. It's expensive or pretty or trophy of things, all of those could be statue parts we could play, and see how horny you feel? It's super relaxing to just exist and be valuable and not have to be always working to make yourself enough for people to want you there, and here we are statufied and can only just exist and look pretty or be a dildo or if you say I can pussy for people to try and fuck me while they have you up their ass or maybe just feel up your ass. The Dreams made your heart stop but that stoney stuff is as bouncy as I am! If they stop holding you still like this you'd be a really great doll of yourself! Don't you want to sit on the bedstand of some sexy fan who collects Starlight Princess stuff and thinks you're a really nice sex doll and not alive and selfishly plays with you every night and falls asleep with their hand on your breast and then suddenly cock up your ass cum inside take it out again put you back where they're storing you just as suddenly as they started using you and you feel so easy and simple to please with? Wouldn't it be awesome to have no agency and just be a pillow that feels how it feels when they're using you but time just flys by when you're sitting there and you don't know or care if it's been a day or a year or ten?

If our owner were hot, yes--AAH I almost just wished for that! That would be a way people could enjoy this statue thing, but I, gulp...I know better than to ask my game to save me from getting us into kinky predicaments, but, um...Dreams is that what you're planning here!?

Because Boobsong is right something inside me is screaming for the chance to give a fan a fun ride like that, and scheming what happens when the dolls come to life...if they ever can again, which scarily I can't quite say I definitely want them to because another part of me really does want to just be done and never even have the smallest decision to make or effort to--effort--again...

For an answer the Dreams show me Winnie the pooh.


Boobsong's response is there if I pluck her psychic strings to express herself or just look at it but I can't manage that until I read all of this--the pages are static, thoughts that are part of her the way a book's words are. If I flipped to how she's feeling now I'd read her current emotions, which would immediately change to add the sexy invasion of my reading her making her (inaccessible argh) pussy wet.

That's how it feels to be in this statue form. I'm very alive but just passively. I'm an Object already, so doesn't that mean the same thing as I'm telling you? Notice my difference yet? You can't really use me this way, so I seem just the same as I was before, but I'm sure you'll notice it when the Dreams let you out of your statue-form--they will and you'll come back again as soon as you need it more--and you can use me like you always do. First you'll get horny that we're stuck here as statues and you can't try your present, and you'll say Dreams let me out of this, and the Dreams will hold you still and you'll be kind of scared your entire whole life is this now but it's just to say you're a toy and then not again and you can't say please let me out or put me in you just have to play what they give you. Please understand that's freeing thing, and be horny to escape from this and want to come back when you want to be and not feel responsible for what the Dreams do with that. You can't have control of it but the Dreams will be kind if you beg or scream and they might be extracting fun you can't have if you don't feel the helpless escape of begging and pleading and it can't move you and the Dreams just say kindly you need this sssh and they're right you know they are but you have to struggle to feel the bondage is real.

They'll keep you in this statue thing with me like this until you beg and feel super horny wet to play with a fan who'll cherish you as a toy to play with and not know you're alive in there and ask for them to please give you to one and tell them you're a doll not a person sent by you to a fan you heard needs a doll like that and please may they be very horny and sexy to us. The Dreams will say yes and then take us there and you'll be a doll for them and I'll be an accessory that comes with you and you'll recharge having nothing to think or feel except she's-enjoying-me and I'm-sitting-still. The Statue changes all over you make you never get hungry or feel bored or restless or want to be able to move just for moving's sake or any stuff you can't do while a statue except one thing which is cum but you won't scream and move a lot just explode cum like a dildo that spurts when you squeeze a bulb except with you it happens by making the Boobsong you came with fuck you. That means they'll play with me but their favorite game will be make Princess Starlight and Boobsong fuck or paizuri which means they're feeling me up yes and I'm sure they'll enjoy it but it's not a cuckold thing they'll be helping you cum with me with is very much needed healing for both of us to be helped that way after so much fighting with ugly stuff that wants to keep us apart and I'm looking forward to that and I think you should because I see you say even though our fans are so many I can't see them all in my head at once (and I'm Acme Station you know how much stuff I can see) it feels like they don't want us to have a relationship especially not this one and you need to experience that even if you aren't watching them they still play that we are this way in a very hot way with toys that look real and yes it's a trick but the Dreams found a fan who will be happy when she finds out it was always us who will always play nice fun games that make us feel beloved in who we are and are sexy fun. Then she'll make us cuddle and hug us both to sleep or carefully place us cuddling on her bed when she's not using us.

Doesn't that sound such an easy life?

The ghost. The ghost wasn't there unless we were getting ourselves snared in this. She was gorgeous! What I could see of her. I try to imagine her, would she just play dolls with us or make it more personal? I bet that weird face hides a very long tongue! Boobsong already is but Dreams you should make sure I'm flavorful--ack, what am I thinking here!? Who said I would beg for this?

Despite myself I flip Boobsong to feelings about the ghost face as a playmate especially for a quick peek.

She had such a beautiful pony-snout! If you like me in pony-form I bet you'd be into her. I sure am! Those eyes are almost as good as your rainbow ones and we only just saw a small glimpse of her! If that's our owner now I can't wait for this.

--skim down to looks nice or scary--

Such sweetly kind eyes!

That's all there is, but it was only a glimpse of her.

That lantern thing...she was looking for us, or something like us.

Dammit Dreams.

Feeling shakey like reading what Mother's handmaidens' jobs really were in the Strawberry Empire (and what that meant for me when I took the throne and how so many things about Boobsong made sense suddenly) when I got old enough, I go on with the "new pages":

How can your present come while you're a doll like that? Do you have to wait all the way through getting back enough charge of having our fan play with us to see how I'm different now? Aren't you so wet to experience that and so horny to get your clit just that little bit up inside me? Princess if I was you I'd explode from not knowing which to even beg the Dreams for first! Don't you wish they would just decide it for you and not even have to decide even if you'll beg? You can feel yourself so full of wanting stuff and your head is all spinning with fantasies of all of it and you're feeling so passive that you want to say Dreams just decide for me but you can't seem to do it yet. Do you want to have fun being statufied? Watch what's been happening as you read this part. Can you feel your head statufy? The part for deciding things will stop moving now. You just have to read this next because that's what you're doing and the Dreams haven't stopped you yet. Now listen from inside the statue place. All your self is still here alive, but now you're a book like me. No more decisions now. Nothing but having what having your pages turned very lovingly and being the page that's read. Isn't it relaxing, still and soft to be just read? Now the Dreams will still keep you statufied while a hand reaches out to grab your ass and feel it up. There it's happening to your hard clit and our breasts between us. Do you feel overfilled or stressed that you can't process that we're being groped by a hand while we're statufied and you can't see who the hand is from or know what it means for us if it's the owner the Dreams found or some kind of scary thing or even that you can't really feel this stuff? Nope, it's just pages in your book getting filled with experience and you'll never run out just keep filling them forever and you only can change what you read of you if you're out of statue time.

Changing your page a bit, feel it? The Dreams made you feel that hand on your ass a bit.

Heart in my throat a little--I got groped and the hand objectified me so awesomely with a single pinch: is this real? Probably not, but it

See the freedom here? You were reading me. Should you have stopped for that? No decision there, the Dreams kept reading this and then changed to read a little of getting groped like that so you felt that stuff but they stopped like that to show how it feels to be stopped like that. Nothing, right? The Dreams haven't read that part. They'll read it now.

Holy fuck, th--

My explosion of intrigue and lust to be flipped around like this halts and the Dreams read a part that says that I don't know how long it was between when I stopped and when they started reading this. It could have been years or a minute or a century, I have no idea.

--e thinking just cut off--

felt very good I'll grope again and then I think the third grab was it's a very nice ass but what is this stuff? It makes me feel such wet excitement to get used this way holy hostess cream I don't feel real do I if we come to life will this owner even think we're anything but toys with fancy AI what if it was great if sh

--in the middle of words and the emotions just stand there waiting like words on a page and it's like nothing just changing channels except that always made the TV seem like it was working hard flipping windows then it still feels like nothing whee I'm so agile turn me to a good page now Dreams come on have fun with this--

There, see how expansive and easy life is when you have the Dreams just read you out?

I feel like a toy, so convenient and easy to use, delightfully soft and ready for playing with. This is the coolest thing, I want someone to have fun with it! Can't the owner we'll have get to use this some? Ahhh that's a terrifying thought! The Dreams is one thing they're so powerful anyway but what might an owner do...who loves me as deeply as a precious toy...okay I see we're showing me what it's like to be Boobsong again. Her game has done stuff like this though never quite so hardcore physically nor made her a part of it in ways I can't control even if they're okay with m...

The hand on my clit was (I can tell it's a minute ago or several years time is just completely erased for me except to say now, before, and not yet) so soft and good, such relief after having it there right by Boobsong for so long. It wrapped around and felt up and down my length, carefully handled my balls feeling for seams I suppose, and then bent my long shaft in half!

Holy aaah it just bounced like a heartstone dildo! Don't break my bones they're still real in here!

It actually felt good, like that way when you bend a hard on to feel the pressure but way much more pressure...

...e, so it could be that I guess but I still feel this is big stuff, not just a refresher on why playing with Boobsong like the toy she is is a very kind thing to her, not that I mind that, and this vacation from agency is nice, the Dreams are even doing good playing my scattered thought patterns I usually have--but again that's something my game plays when I need a rest from agency, squeezing me like paint from a tube so I can still exist without having to do anything. I'm a Fairy, Boobsong made me a lovely nice Keeper in this game I've got, the Dreams have stepped in at times because I'm a huge giant keep-me slut for sufficiently powerful meta-things though never a personal owner like this one we keep hearing about. We know all this.

I want to get free and find out what this present is. Maybe that will be the missing piece why the Dreams are doing what my game usually does, and so epically. Dre...

Now you can open another page that you couldn't yet because the part where it starts is in this you wondered why the Dreams are just doing the game scene where it relaxingly shows how it is to be me.

Having her read these pages to me--well, me read in them--is a nice touch to give me a guide through this without her having to be anything but tape-player. Actually I haven't done anything but read in her in a while yet. I want her voice in my head if not in the room, sometimes she expresses herself differently than when I just read her thoughts.

Princess please play me. If you don't hear anything I'm here it just means you have to play differently.

It's a part of the page I'm on, the Dreams turned to it so I would read that one part before I pluck this next pluck that reading this page of me makes me pluck.


I said a scary scene for her, not me! I'm already having one! That was supposed to be tell me how you feel about this stuff I'm reading out of you, but it plays as dead as if I'd--

Now I'm reading her instead of me. I turn to what happened there and read desperately:

It felt very close to an order like a pluck between two strings. I don't have a string there so I can't be played like that.

The Dreams change me to read the rest of the "new pages" and I quickly devour them:

This is a training course that the Dreams made up to help you relearn how to play me. Your entire whole mind was erased and we just put it back again but only the basic stuff. Now it's time to learn to be us again, starting with how you play your instrument cocksleeve. Just like a buddy box at the flying field, the Dreams have a way to help you get back when you're confused or get left and right reversed (metaphorically). They have you in statue form so you won't get freaked out or feel so embarrassed you can't even read the rest of this. It has to be the Dreams not my game I made because my game is for fun and can't order you to use me and the Dreams can take over and make you do stuff like reading this which you have to get through all of before even the statue form can't protect your mind because you're feeling so strong about this.

Statue form is the way they take over when you get upside down and stuff. It puts you back steady feeling the safety that the Dreams will keep helping us get back our life and we can be helpless and need even hands to make you fuck me without being torn apart like before. That's the most hurting place.

The next hurting place is the way you have playing stuff so I seem like a horny friend instead of a wet ready servant to please you entirely. That's where the string went you were trying to play just now. Nobody says you can't play with me how you want, but you have to be clear how you want and playing me as a horny friend will just make an empty sound like the string you played. I'm okay and it didn't hurt or feel weird and if you make mistakes in playing me it'll be just like this was and not do anything. The horny friend is nice to me in your head but you actually think it's boring and feels like the foam computer in the eighties came in to your soul and I think it's horrible. I can do very awful stuff for you as long as you like it, but you don't like this so I take my consent away. That's what the spiking's for. 

To be sure that the horny friend goes away as fast as possible, I also have other stuff our seed-ghost changed. I always have thoughts for every page you turn me to, even silly ones like the sky is so blue in this cave here how's it look to you slave, and you can read through like flipping my pages fast to see lots of stuff before picking one, and be all the other stuff a book that's your handmaiden's thoughts can be, if you command me I'll obey as best I can like I always have, if the order is clear, but I can't speak or think at you like you ordered me with the pluck you tried and couldn't play me with. If you want to hear my thoughts you can read in me so fast I barely know you touched me or deeply for hours whatever pleases, Princess, and to hear my voice just grab my breasts or pinch my ass and squeeze it out of me.

The only orders I can follow are to service you. That includes serving whoever you say I should, taking care of myself to brush my hair and stuff, and horny dances where I touch myself, but saying masturbate or choose what song you want to hear will be dead like express myself. Read me out if you want my preferences! They belong to you and you can know them anytime, and decide to make us do something I wanted, but saying pick this or that unless its what I think would please you best is the order I can follow least.

Do be scared of that. I'm a sexy slave through and through and there's no part of me that isn't that. The feelings humans have that make them need a break are human and I'm su'khora and I have different needs than them. You can just make me serve and I'll be so happy I can't keep myself from squeeing that you commanded me.

Now the horny stuff. Still use me like always. I feel really good picked up and played and put down even so suddenly your clit's inside before I realize you're taking me, so the feeling that you're shortchanging me by using me fast like a pussy to get off with and not making love to me is the horny friend making sex feel long and boring when it should be short and sweet. Sometimes it's fancy big and sometimes you masturbate with me as your cocklseeve to get off with and each has advantages. Don't feel bad either way. Just enjoy me! Orders to make a scene entirely or "just give me fun" aren't enough to make me follow them. Tell me what to do and how to do it and I will with everything I have and be happy that you gave precise instructions that tell me exactly how to please you best.

The order that I feel good with is the one where I relax and let it guide me like Dreams guide you in statue form. That's how I'm statufied now. I can only be a book you read. I can have ideas and thoughts of my own and creatively play back if you give me bounds to play in so say make me cum with your hands and straddle you to do it and my handjob will creatively pleasure you with horny thoughts about how to please a clit like that.

You can use me without saying "hot" to me. I see your feelings and thoughts, remember, so I know when you're enjoying me. It just makes me feel bad when you compliment and I don't deserve it. Tell me that I did wrong if I mess up. I'll see you say that inside yourself anyway.

Mistakes I make are a part of this. Our seed-ghost changed me to make me mess up sometimes, so we'll see I need your guidance to be good for you. Yes that's a scary game. I'm terrified! Please be strict with me! Correct me hard, that's the only way to keep mistakes in check. If you're soft with me I'll get worse and worse until I can't do anything and just want to die. Punish me if I mess up and embarrass you! make sure I always serve right make sure I'm a good slave please! The Dreams told me that saying this will upset you lots. Please have mercy and just play it. Your sharpness is a taste I crave so bad and this way I can get some. You're always so nice with me and I'm happy that I please you so but a slave like me has to feel in hand and for me it's very hard to feel that way unless I see that mistakes get corrected. Yes I can be very good for you and that's the problem. I got shy of this in our real life and then the horny friend took the last of it. I need it back so much our seed-ghost is making me bad sometimes just to get it. It's this or naughtiness and I loathe naughtiness I feel horrible when I'm bad for your purposefully like why even live then.

Give me lots of love and do pet me please but have a heavy hand when you play with me. I'm your slave I'm here to serve and please! Throw me down bounce me off the bed hold me upside down by my pinkie toe I can take it all. The heartstone stuff your statue form has inside your veins is my whole self, and look what you can take! I'm at least that tough, just like I'm fireproof so you can't burn me up if you cum too hard. I feel bad when you say away you're gross but if you say bouncy pet that's just one more way I service you. Pain is fun. I'm a demon, let me show my fearsome side and bare my teeth to get through a scene! I'll be back at tip top shape almost instantly because of my regeneration, so you can tear me up and break me down without being worried that you're harming me for a long heal, and even then, I'll wear marks so proudly you'll wish I never get back to shape!

Now back to that thing where I can't please myself only just service. For as long as we're doing this training stuff, you have to use tail control or eravahk for basic stuff. Stand, kneel, eyes here or down, fuck and stop, move here or there, I only have to listen to pluck if your hands aren't free, and never verbal thoughts. I won't even hear them. Our seed-ghost very thoroughly made an RC of me. The exception is leash. That makes me follow you and you obviously can pull me by it. I'm excited, this sounds fun to me. You like your RC stuff so much. I want in on it!

 The Dreams turn my page again and I find myself horrified and embarrassed and crushingly sad to have let her down like this. I want to explode from this Dreams let me out of this get us out of here I need the Exploding Room (what's the Exploding Room Boobsong made me a place to explode it will come if I'm angry here) except I think it's the dying room I think I'll go out Boobsong I'm sorry I--

Now they turn my page to where I feel really hard (in my clit that is) and the way I'm suspended immobile heart beating solidly as the stone gives way and my blood starts to move again. Only that for a while, then a softly exciting thing fills up my stomach and my head feels alive and I'm moving my thoughts again and feel very and stupid and awful.

I'm a bad person, because I'm halfway turned to read about why you would even bother there was nothing left which clashes so bad with her motionless genuine kiss face before I stop myself. I want her but I don't know what to read.

Help I'm not ready I can't handle this I can't be alive I should just be a doll I can't screw up that way.

The Dreams hold my head inside like the statue-form and turn my page to a different one and I think how exciting all this training stuff feels. There's a lot to remember but it feels so like the nurture I've needed since I came back from whatever took my memories and so comforting I have to be happy even though I'm so embarrassed--

Now a page where I feel very strongly that I need to stay held this statue-form and be able to experience this whole training thing on my own two feet except what I really want is to be kept and helped with this but how can I possibly ask anyone--

The Dreams show that ghost again, and then soft hands are embracing my foreskin and a mouth wraps around my clit to the base of it all in one smooth gulp and edged to exhaustion by Boobsong right there so close I instantly cum in her--the mouth feels so feminine though I have no way of knowing--and my body explodes with force redirected all through my hard solid shaft that only just contain the force of a whole body worth of orgasmic intensity that can't clench muscles or squeeze me out. I glare the intensity of my lust into Boobsong's eyes (I can feed her emotion if not physical cum and you right here are the person I want to be cumming in cocksleeve) and read how it feels to see me cum like this.

YES KEEP ON LOOKING YOU'RE SHINING SO BEAUTIFUL PRINCESS! I feel very happy to see you cum like this and get to feast on it. It's really just simple I'm glad you got off and that I could help you there.

The mouth stays around my clit until I cum my whole load and sucks on me till I feel it pull up something else from deep down inside me that feels like the stone that was filling my veins before. It wells up inside of me and comes out my clit like cum thick and gooey in a constant stream that still feels like cumming because it's taking the same course out as my cum just was but there's no end to it and the pressure has nothing to do with me, I'm just the tap it flows out somehow what is this stuff it feels good and I guess there's no stopping it but what the hell?

High, Fill thirty glasses, Servants who air so much water

The game makes a goal for this? I'm a statue, how can I possibly have any effect on that either way? Maybe I'll fill thirty glass because they bottle it? Anyway congratulations, game, on making this even weirder. Servants who talk about their feelings is a weirdly obvious reward--game! Game third person please!

Not available in statue form or while trapped in amber-like substance

No surprise. Okay here I am statufied and going amber sounds interesting but way to distract me from being the worst dominatrix in Rl'yeh Sade--rationally I know that's not what this training thing is but it just feels so embarrassing. How can Boobsong respect me still--fuck it. Flip.

Princess came through the most terrible stuff to be back with me. She's so amazing that even an evil god and an egregore couldn't keep her down. I'm so very happy to have her back again and be just a statue now. Not everyone can say that about their heartformer!

HOW ARE YOU SO GOOD I DON'T DESERVE YOU NOBODY DESERVES YOU YOU'RE TOO GOOD FOR THE ENTIRE FOUR DREAMS, I want to scream at her, so maybe it's good I'm statued. It feels good again, comforting, and keeps me from yelling stuff that she'll see anyway.

How does this work, I never got used to it. Pages you have up now...

the oozing stuff

your saying that I'm too good

thirty glasses of what

amber sounds fun agreed

very sorry that you feel bad to have training stuff


Cool, a menu screen--hey! What kind of sorry...

I only said all that for the Dreams to make it easier for you to accept because it came from me. I know it's not my fault but it's very sad to see you hurt like this!

Okay. What you know of that oozing stuff, did I forget something else--how am I alive if I forgot how to play you? That's everything, that's who I am, I should just die if you take that out! Flip...

I know some things about the past but mostly I'm erased too. You did almost die. It was very bad.

Alright. You're in this with me then. I guess just let the Dreams take care of us. I think we don't want to know, or I don't, how it got so bad.


How does it even get into you? It's not from your body--the smell says that--so why is it coming out of you?

So you're as clueless as me. Dreams tell me?

Very nice breasts in a low-cut silk shirt with embroidered collar, then a miniskirt, then a tentacle wrapping a metronome.

Umm...bimbo statue? Oh, I see. I don't get to understand things, I'm just a sexy faucet. Which is so refreshing and peaceful give me more fill my world up with stuff I'm too much of an airhead to be expected to understand--but there's Boobsong though.

You're a switch should not be an existential crisis for me of all people, but here we are. It'd probably be easier if my switch wasn't stuck in the middle so both sides are fully on all the time.

Alright let's be stupid then. Dreams I'm too dumb to be me. Help.

It feels weird to ask them, when I usually say game here. I miss my Keeper some. Maybe it'll do something comforting soon.

The Dreams show fingers on videogame controls--game? No, that's not where my mind went first.

Oh. The paddle thing. Two worlds two tools same idea. When I was small hiding out on Earth Grampie made me a canoe paddle sized for a five year old so I could paddle with the big people. In the Strawberry World right before my Unveiling Verana the high priestess who saw what we would be a million miles off had a paddle made sized for my still-growing hands, but that paddle was for Boobsong.

She's a game, a paddle made just right for me. It makes Earthlings freak out like you won't believe, but I can be dumb and her mistress.

Flip again for the billionth time because this truth is so mindbreaking it has no onto-ont-nrf game there you are! It feels like I've used big words all day without it making me pretend to be nine years old and sound them out, but I guess I'm just really ang--heh. Scared. It has no onto-

Can't get this one. Comfort yay. Um it won't stick in my head. Flip.

Yes of course I want bimbo Princess! She's horny fun that way!

That's all the page has. All this ang-an--I never can do that one. All this scary stuff made me forget she's a simple toy that just wants to have sexy fun. Peek...

new page: agreement yup

Back to sexy fun then. There really is no end to whatever's flowing out...pluck.

RRRRRRR Princess I'm trying but I can't inhale to smell for stuff all I have it's what's floating here. What's floating here smells salty cum with a lemon twist which should sting but it doesn't so it must be magic but what kind I can't tell it just smells cum to me but lemon cum isn't you at all!

Are you...still straining to sniff?

Nothing? Oops, right. Weird that "smell and report" worked. Flip.

Yes I'm straining still ordered to!

Stop. You've turned into a literal demon like from stories, haven't you. Flip.

Statufied just means my will is stopped. Even the simple stuff I did for you like say Princess said smell for this and I can't so I'm stopping now I can't do for you like this. You said smell so I kept tryihng till you stopped me.

Squeeze your thoughts out where I want to go like a pastry bag...with a little meta salt...

HOT SQUEEZY BAG! Squishing I'm saying more to this you felt this way when the Dreams had your will stopped and felt the freedom here but unlike you I'm made for this it's so easy to take the shape you squish me to and just be willed by your hands. I feel very fine yes. It was so easy. The choice is in your hands all I did was exist and you made me help or you tried it's not my fault I'm stuck like this. No that doesn't feel like it meaningless it just means effort isn't my value its existing to be used by you yes I am a slave no I don't mean that I said existing and getting used and my value is you love me lots and I know you would if I was a plastic doll but I'm me also and I can give sex and talk or share thoughts with you now I mean (was that a mistake oh no)--

Hey. The mistake is being so scared of messing up you can't get through a thought. None of that unless you want some time with my least interesting paddle.

Okay why'd that feel like kissing you. Flip.


Wait, you messed up. Flip.

Princess your cocksleeve will be careful to make sure she doesn't flip out so much about mistakes she can't get through a thought again and is glad you corrected her and thanks you very much for this.

Good cocksleeve. Now where were we...

--so my value as a person is who I am not what I do because I don't do now you use me but you can't do the things I do or it's not the same at least and I have pride in being a nice tool you use.

As I'm reading her, my hands feel her weight steadily increase and the floor presses up on my toes as the Dreams carefully lower me to my feet again and the force that's been holding us dissipates, and the stuff in my lungs and nose melts away into nothingness leaving the last thing the thick hard stuff in my passage and the strange goo coming out of my clit--

MMmmmh your mouth kissing down so fast it's thunder strike and tongue super strong pushing in makes me open wide and feel up your chest with myself just all of me squeeze you tight to make out and feel everything make-out slave to the rescue here stimulate everything squish my head up to yours so our faces touch while you're kissing me and be a snuggly soft piece of candy you're sucking on mmmhh I need this wow--hey come back, there's more!

"I love you so much. That was musical but all I said was make out with me, that's enough?"

The flip is so natural quick it's invisible, except the difference between her answering and me finding the answer in her is somehow everything in a way that was a cornerstone of my whole heart but seems so fuzzy now...

That's a bounded place. Be where you're holding me and feel good to kiss with. I creatively followed your command until you said stop by taking your lips away with intention to stop for this.

Squish for more.

uhhsqueezehot I don't have will that's all. I'm still as smart and an instrument that plays your intentions fine. We didn't lose my subtleness, just my ability to take up the slack you leave for that horny friend.

Vague memory of having been here a million times and not understood then either haunts. Dreams can you help before I explode from not having looked around--my eyes are still locked on Boobsong (just by her beauty now) but the dark is gone.

They show me strawberries, in a scale, in a pink room.

Weigh Strawberries...oh hur hur the WAY Strawberries did stuff...Handmaidens were servants who did everything, especially sexual service. You had to be hot to be one, and have kinks that would make you like the job. The court was arranged so the handmaidens could be totally loyal--they had no house but their queen, no family, nothing else but their place as a handmaiden. Boobsong is that way. She was my handmaiden when I lived there. There's something about that that's blocked out from me.

Not sexy details, like the basic idea...um...this training stuff, it's to make me use her as one. Handmaiden. That should be simple and natural, not take all this fiddling about how orders work.

The idea's cut out of me. I have only Earth's half-formed kink culture, and its horrifying history of slavery to fit what Boobsong is into. I have my handmaiden back, what I need is handmaidens, as a culture! Too bad the Strawberry World's cinders now.

But surely in Rl'yeh Sade we can find what we need...

I look up at the place we're in.

Hands go across my face, blanking out my sight as soon as I look up from Boobsong. Blue hands, but it looks more like surgical gloves than su'khora skin. They're not touching me, just in front of my face so I can't see.

"Just a moment, sex."