11 - Sex Dolls

Knowing this is in store for us whenever we need it...opens the world again.

[!] Your sex dolly is very excited to go out and see Heart Home and explore Rl'yeh Sade but she feels the same way this is wonderful.


I reach for my blindfold--no I don't, heh. I guess my long-dolled-Boobsong scene is over a bit again, so no more doing stuff for myself. Instead, I pull Boobsong's--

"No more doing stuff for yourself is right, pussywillow, not on your birthday if I'm here. I asked your game for some help with keeping you in your crib, and it gave it with heaping abandon, so I think you might find your rules especially strict. Boobsong is fine, but I don't think you'll be doing much else than use her. Why don't you get up and go to the fireplace so we can get your friend going to play Spin the Lens with us."

Isht Visht's ceiling lights (she's got one of those little round ones above the bed) appear as Mama takes off the blindfold, and my starting to play with Boobsong to get her going to service me splats into the beginning of a tease to really use her soon, so I leave it there to make myself think bigger soon--I want me some Boobsong!

Instead, I clutch--my arms are folded between us because of my cuffs. Um. Can I even like, fidget, if it's not to play with her?


I bite my lip.


I can still play with Sex, right, game?

Knowledge: that keeps on coming up and not being answered with clear boundaries as a lesson in paradise. I can be sure that Sex-play is part of it. How can it her wish to get caught like this, and never be played with? The Dreams will ensure that she has to be.

Okay then serious question Dreams. This whole thing with Mama and me and the prophecy that hooked us up and everything...it's been fucking my head trying to understand how it got started, like who set what up. Did we just get spiked from possibly missing out on the incredibly unique thing our weirdass history lets us have? Because I have to say I didn't think I had an incest thing and now I know never will have a 'normal' one because it could never keep up with this no matter how many sexy Strawberry cousins turn out to be hanging around the Dreams.

Green checkmark.

Alright well then, mommy help I'm stuck.

They're picking us up before I even finish the thought, and carrying us very comfily reclined out of the cabin, which turns out to have been off a short hallway aft of the living room. A short pleasant trip of being carried moving Boobsong against me and bouncing both our jubblinesses we're back by the fireplace, Boobsong has enough lust to move (orders incoming, dolly), and they're setting me down again in what I should have realized before was the guest of honor spot, right opposite the fireplace, with my ballet-splinted feet back up on the coffee table next to Sex. I click--wait. Okay family either you're volunteering to keep holding her to my lap for me because my hands are bound or I'm--

"Just let your mothers help."

Eisela is there with Mama on either side to keep Boobsong where she belongs holy of holy sweet purple teething rings horny now Eisela it's so good to hear your voice please would you make Boobsong--wait--OOOH.

Princess you are the kindest most nicest person ever. Please do that so your dolly can see how her face looks!

My mind rushes with the possibilities, how to make it the kindest.

And fuck her mind the most. Okay. Family please help me this is going to be so cool. Um. Straight past the whole you've been very naughty act. Just drop it on her. She'll know what a wind-up toy is, or my journey would have told me she lost her memory a second time in there someplace, so I don't need to explain the key or let her do anything but feel her gears move and spring wind (which had better be fucking sensual or why's she not just electric), and she'll get how that works, so I can go straight to saying the thing to her.

I check out the situation. Sex on one end of the coffee table, I want it for a sex altar (heh) so the snacks will have to move, Boobsong dancing for us in front of sex...do you see what I'm thinking here, family?

Idea, sex dolly. I have to be behind--augh, I forgot my first plan. Okay that's the plan for the first part. I wind sex--hmm. It's different if she knows what a wind-up toy is. She can squirm to know what her keyhole looks like, just to start. She's already figured out she's wind-up, for sure, though I'm surprised I didn't read that in her thoughts.

Would...all of you give me ideas? You know everything I think, so...she was so good to me and Boobsong and I think I might be in love with her or something and I just want to give her the hardest fuck of being wound up and finding out that was actually me and Boobsong and we not mad we're back for more and like I sort of expect it's coming anyway but I was going to say game please make Boobsong and me need her help but still be expressive so she can finally see how into it we are.

And I'll wind her until she begs me to stop and we can all play Spin the Lens until she runs down or we get bored or she runs down and we get bored of still playing while she's run down and I make sure she experiences the game but only gets to watch. Or just leaving her run down and seeing her helpless there. I have a certain kink oh yes I do.

"Boobsqueeze you're calling hogs to roast. Let's get this sweet wind-up little thing filled so her heart bursts!"

...that's a Strawberry idiom. I think maybe calling it back home was wrong too yes because it never was quite even though it should have been but it's going to be when Walt finishes with it. He'll get it good, oh yes. You need an expert sometimes...oh.

I know what we need to do and what game she has to wake up to and how I want to wind her and...game I don't have a choice, huh. My voice isn't coming back anytime soon, I don't think.

Knowledge: remember I can speak into Sex's mind nonconsensually as a goddess, but also see what my forgetting that means.

Oh. Fffuck. No I can use that okay. Family we found the coolest Princess Starlight and Boobsong dolls today. Why don't we use those to fuck Sex's heart real good?

Game pppplllllease please pathetic begging pleadingly please can you please let Boobsong and me still express ourselves enough that she can see what she had to be denied all those years.

Knowledge: Sex's desire for us is the key to unlock this scene.

...oh. It's still so hard to keep in my head anybody might wish for me. Okay then can you arrange it, game? Will it be best in her room? I need to leave this pretty open, you guys. I know I can trust you to see what I need here.

I shouldn't be, but I'm surprised when thinking that brings a flood of warm worship from Boobsong...and the rest of them.

"Let's start with the rope she abandoned. Rainbow's game, bring us her setup."

 "if we have to I'll make us a cabin but I bet we can make it work here."

Even as I relax into their so obviously getting this and thinking of what Boobsong said about refolding me I wonder how this isn't just kindly giving me what I really need while letting me think I'm this big fancy domme...or is that my real kink, that I'm a doll of one, somehow needing the the the theme music of it all while actually being no different in my heart than Boobsong?

The Dreams show me a rubber sanding block, the kind you wrap sandpaper around and the paper clips in at the edges because the rubber holds it. Stripping paint off, I guess?

Now soldering iron tip cleaner and tinner--you plunge the hot iron in and it melts the compound and the boiling chemicals make you light-headed while they clean up the tip of the soldering iron. Tinning a soldering-iron tip so it has a layer of fresh solder on it is important because the carbon that builds up insulates the tip so it can't melt stuff...such as Sex's ice, huh.

If you say so Dreams but I'm really not sure there's a soldering iron in here. I kind of feel more like you're decarbonizing a pencil-tip.

"That's a cabin you guys. She's got a whole bed thing. Aft door to port please."

The family gather and pick us up again, and in no time we're entering and exact copy of Sex's room, complete with her original bed and Walt-and-Pleiades poster. The family are putting us on the bed before I can think, but I try to get a look around, since I didn't when we were there as dolls--but my head won't move. I can look down at Boobsong and pet her face with my bound hands, but that's it. There's no looking up again, either, though holding my head at this angle is effortless. Probably the family could pose me like when we were dolls in Sex's room before, if they wanted.

Fine if Sex's desire is the key I want to seem heartstone or however we felt to her until she wishes once we get started.

Sex appears on the bed, put there by someone (I can't look to see who, but I can catch a glimpse) to our right. Mama and Eisela are still holding Boobsong in place, though it takes less now because I'm on my back again.

Chains clank, the others are setting up the sex swing that went with the bondage hook. Surprising she didn't use something more...antigravity? It has like a short boobs-out corset for hanging dolls--game for this if I'm going in it please make me so that feels fine and not just because I'm a wuss.

As soon as I think that thought, heavy thick goo seems to fill my body, from my heart to my toes, leaving only head to chest movable--I can't lift my legs, even to nudge a knee between Boobsong's legs.


Lift your sex dolly up to reach your face and open haaah mmmh...kissing so sexy sweet loving mouth lips all around your sex dolly pushes up...done with the kiss that means explore. Hands down below your waist, touching oooh sexy soft skin over heartstone inside you feel like a doll yes. Pushing it down a bit...can't really move that much...bouncy soft springy...pinching some, does that hurt you? No, just feels sexy...how about pounding some?

Her warm little hands explore my tummy, pinching and poking the strange-feeling stuff, stretching it weirdly far by poking and pulling it between her thumb and forefinger. Nothing hurts or feels any way wrong or bad. Her punch to my gut sends waves of pressure out from the place she hit, but nothing feels hurt or even strained. It's like I'm a sexy doll, not human with guts inside (not that I have much of those left normally, but what's there is still sensitive). Why is that so good.


Sit your sex dolly up and present her with back arched boobs out face to her right.

The confusing rush of my seeing my brightly-bound hands on her obedient breasts and working around the bondage to squeeze and grope (ooh--eravahk click) and how my feeling up squeezes emotion out of her face.

Ulp...yes click...face feeling hard to keep back from turning to look...rrraaah it's too much sex dolly is looking Princess is so hot with her eyes that look at her sex dolly so hungrily...

With no free will Boobsong can be perfectly disciplined...but that's our game. With a click I can give her a little weakness to give in to, and squeeze the reason into her with my hands on her breasts.

With hands that can move like this, it seems just like I'm stuck to the bed, but the feelings inside as I move to have fun with her are--oh eep the statue stuff gets higher with every motion! It's already getting close to my shoulders, my entire body feels the same as my tummy, my heart hasn't stopped somehow so it can pound I guess, but I can't breathe (my game's giving me air though) or move anything else a bit.

Knowledge: this statue stuff is how I was dollified in Sex's house. When it reaches my brain, I'll become a book whose pages turn at my game's command.

My heart pounds harder. Good and that's why I don't think there's a soldering iron in here. Maybe I just know what this scene needs, but--

[!] Your sex dolly warns that's you're leaving her by thinking that. You are still Princess Starlight, you just have fun as a doll sometimes.

Good dolly. Game if you need the permission to read pages where I give orders to Boobsong you have it here.

Knowledge: my game has limits to control me to be her Princess, so it won't let me give it so much permission I'm not her domme anymore, but this scene requires it to control me how I asked, so I'm going to be. It won't go on forever, though, because I can't be her Princess then, because the control I take is part of that, unlike her being my dolly making no change to her agency in real terms.

Alright then I guess the faith I really need to have is that I'm Andy and not Buzz in this Toy Story we're telling. It's hard to imagine when I'm so hot to feel this stuff take my brain over. I bet that feels wonderful. I'm sure the game Boobsong made wouldn't be so unhorny as to not make that experience totally kinky.

My clamoring heartbeat stops, just like that, so suddenly my hands on Boobsong's breasts go still--no, they're doll stuff now. Can't move anything. My face goes still and I can feel the doll-stuff fill up my head with soft bouncy immobility until everything but my brain is very still and comfortable.

It stops there? Wait, what's that sound, can something around my hands make rattling noises as Boobsong breathes?

Make me feel you up, dolly!

Grab your hands and make you squeeze and push--

Doll-stuff climbs into my brain through blood vessels I can feel there now. It's very soft and warm, and feels good to have, but I can see the game waiting, poised to get me with this.

My hands have something rattling from my wrists or so. The cuffs have no lock or chain, so it has to be inside of me. Check this out, dolly, inspect my wrists!

As I think this thought, I feel the first part go. Memories, I can't just bring stuff up. My game turns a page and--yes, I said to make this hot. That worked I guess. Everything inside of me says keep on making the doll stuff rise.

Short-term within a second or two is still mine I guess, because I can remember the mystery of my hands. Flip.

Hold your hands away and look at them. Turn them up and down. Nothing there to see but beautiful white Goddess skin and pretty bondage cuffs. Shake them up and down--rattles! What's inside you then? Inspect you said that means Acme Station scan!

Whoah that's hard. Goddess don't get scared please but...your wrists are just machines with hearstone to make them look human and the machines got old and wore out and a piece broke off and rattles now. Your wrists have stuff to make them stroke but it's stuck without that piece.

NOW I WANT TO BE WOUND UP! Full scan, what else do I have!?

I'd be sobbing and wailing if my face worked, but not because I'm scared. It just feels so good to have one single scar, just one thing, that came from being loved so much I broke, to go with the mess life has made of me. I almost want to stay this way so I can keep how Sex wore me out--there will be other stuff of course, I'm sure of it, this has got to be the exact doll I was for her. It makes me think of my Kavalier, whose covering got to be more patches than original in its thirty years of life.

The next piece goes. I can't make fantasies for myself now. A page gets turned, and I think of what it would feel like to be this way, with my features fixed, a living doll that could move like flesh and blood but had Sex's eons of affection worn into me. It would be like having reminders that someone had fun with every part that wore out that way. I'm not sure I could bear giving up flesh, but I want something like it--especially for Boobsong's fun. How that could be I don't know, especially since nectar keeps you forever young and I want to be, but there has to be something, an equivalent the way wind-up Sex and Succubus Boobsong are mirror images of each other. The wear gives this teeth, like I can feel her love bite into me (there goes my dragon thing again) and that's the part I want, but not by aches or pains--my wrists feel fine right now, they just are jammed. Flesh would be a screaming mess for that but this sex doll right here just figures its owner must have liked other things--or maybe the jam came from a special occasion.

Knowledge: Nectar will change me back if my game doesn't transform me. It would take some doing, but it would happen. However, I can keep my love-scars another way. Every seven days, my wrists will be jammed, and rattly, to help me feel my hands are still the ones Sex used until they broke from it. Boobsong's joy as Acme Station is to help me. She can fix the rattle and unjam me, every time, or I can keep the rattle to remind of Sex's playtime until it bugs me. When playtime's done, the seven days start.

Holy fuck that's beautiful. Game I need to figure out how Boobsong's love can leave marks like that. Or does.

Another part goes. Now my long-range plans are what my game chooses to read. It turns a page, and asking someone I've never met to play that button-game where I stop and have sex with Boobsong is another thing I need to do.

Top, See how hard the bark is, one bite using own teeth

Top, Give a 1P Start accept to someone you feel drawn toward, Sexy Sonic Screwdriver

It's scary to realize it's just reading stuff that's there already, putting the pieces together into a me but not creating stuff I wouldn't do. I was so going to find someone who looked like they'd be nice and ask.

Acme Station, report.

Scan you everywhere. All machines inside heartstone. Only brain is flesh now. Checking...the machines are broken to make your mouth suck, your clit keep on by suction-cup, have body thrust to fuck got fixed six times and maybe even more because not every part's original, open hands and close them are very very worn but still work, and you have a voice thing that's gone but see the place it should be. Outside you have wear around your middle where riding legs would squeeze you, your teeth are kind of worn down, your skin is very rough where that girdle thing would hold you, and there's something in your mouth to help it close when it gets opened. That's it except very small things where like she fixed up scratches.

Another part goes. Now my words are what my game picks. Only picking what to think through is left.

Relief to have my words picked floods me. Heady wet feelings of relaxing hope bubble out. I know that I'll sound good now. My game is really awesome at making me feel like me. More than I can, which scares me, because I really want this person to look back at me from mirrors, and she's not there in my thoughts like now most of the time.

Dolly, put my color-cuffed hands on my cleavage, and get yourself presented nicely so when the last piece of me gets turned into heartstone that's what I'll see. Make me proud to see you up there, or when I change back...

How can this be happy? I'm worn out and broken and parts are gone. My tummy's full of replacement parts--I can feel them. Not-me things inside me. Weirdly arousing to have them, little tokens of Sex's need to have me fuck when so much else is broken. My head feels loopy with the pleasure of being beloved so, but doesn't Boobsong give me that each moment? That part's confusing. She made me this whole game to keep me safe where she can have me. The way is very different, but it's no less intense than being's Sex's sex doll. There's something in this--my game pages back to my thought that Sex helps me understand Boobsong by looking at her another way. How has her need consumed me? Maybe in the answer, I'll learn some very fun stuff.

Heartstone flesh and machines instead of organs should be nightmarish, but I feel happy to be Sex's beloved doll. The thing that bothers me, is I can't relate this form to having flesh and bone as my shell. Even though my soul is where my self is, things like Isht Visht's transporters make my skin crawl. My shell is very important to me, and I get picky about its atoms being rearranged, but my game just turned tissue into heartstone, and made me feel it happen. That's the first time I felt it, but this is how I was when the family wrapped us and gave us to Sex. There are many things my game does sneakily, or puts me in before explaining so I don't freak out. This seems to be another, but I can't believe a game Boobsong made would just overwrite the shell I feel so attached to so arbitrarily.

Knowledge: hard machines and squishy heartstone are flesh and blood surrounding limestone. There's a map between the forms, to reverse the transformation, like translating text between encodings. When my game changes me back, I'll have the experiences this doll went through in my flesh form's past still. That way, I can say I've been a doll, not just driving one remotely.

Wow that makes emotions boil like hot toffee. Does that mean my flesh has replacement parts and stuff?

Knowledge: Every part goes through the transformation. Replacements fill in for what was lost when the broken parts were removed. They work just fine, and Sex was very careful to find the best replacements there were. They replace bits of muscle, when I turn back. I can see them, if Boobsong scans me. My voice maker left when my game made me mute.

How could my wrists work, shouldn't my skin be scraped, what about that stuff?

Knowledge: nectar heals them. To change me back exactly and show how Sex has loved me, my game scraped my sides, gave me RSIs in my wrists, made my teeth round, and so forth.

Fear and happy contentment war inside of me. This is scary, for sure, but it feels so right that it can work so well, that I can transform and keep the sense of story that makes my shell feel so important. This is no different than being turned into a Four-Legs, and then back, keeping all the quirks that make this shell feel so familiar.

The last part goes, and my game reads out my feeling the happy peace of understanding that now nothing can change what happens, because my will is waiting held still by my game. I'm here with this, but as a book to read.

Put your dolly's head up to the side and arms back with her breasts to the sky to present herself nicely.

My hands are extended to each side of me, which will be why she didn't follow the command to fold them on my heart. I can't look to see what's happening, but it feels like someone is putting hot clay on them--to warm me. I don't have heat of my own.

Now Boobsong is lifted off me!?

"Don't worry, she's going where you can see her."

Hands around my body pick me up and set me on my knees, lower half in slave pose--my clit fell off!? Right, the suction cup is broken. That means Sex gets to use it as a dildo. I guess she liked it that way.

Boobsong's there in front of me, also slave-posed, and I'm facing toward the headboard, which has burgundy pillows against a black leather plush board. Isht Visht was right about a whole bed thing. The four-poster bed has a frame on top, with burgundy hangings to make it beautiful, but this is a piece of dungeon gear, not the bed I would expect a Venus to own. Hooks hang along the rails above, able to slide with wheels on top. There are so many ways to move things with stuff like Isht Visht's agrav buttons you can stick to things to make them weightless (like the Spin the Lens lens), this has to be part of her kink. I'm entranced. Does she like rope? Is it the physical act of--her puppet dream. She's doing the scene she wants done to her. That twister thing when I journeyed to what happened to her was deeper than I thought. She'll spin the dial and call the shots, but she'd rather be told where her hands go.

Okay I'm wet for this. What a kinky freak you are, Sex. Sign me up for all of it. How will we work with this? That's up to Sex, duh. She's the expert on this. We have all her stuff, she just needs winding.

The Dreams must be filling some wish this way, but if she wants to be told how to play this much, why did she have dolls for so long? I really want this answer, because I'm very very scared the way I play with Boobsong is just the scene I wish would happen to me (I mean, look at this now) and if Sex's wish to be the doll here didn't make the Dreams just leave her outside my room in Heart Home with "candy please" marked across her forehead, and gave her this place instead, then maybe my wish can be two-sided the way hers seems to be. Why yes I am a switch but that's somehow not the point here.

Put my hands on Boobsong, and make me feel her up, is really just the start here. We can't do something so denying her the pleasure of making me fuck Boobsong. Take this all the way, guys.

"Ve haff all felt zee desire to be precious. Ziis is a way of feeling zat vich few can stomach, yet zee one who can, has treasure beyond countink."

That doesn't explain her doll thing. Ironically it could be me and Boobsong--I really want to say she's precious--but Sex's dolls were heartstone puppets, as far as she knew. Unless she's more like me than I realized?

Knowledge: Sex keeps dolls because it's hard to be with people. She would have had a hard time, even though we had the needs a doll has, knowing we were real before the end of her old life.

Something else now...hands around my middle buckle the sex-swing's corset on me. I feel myself supported, comfy and so weightless. Boobsong still just sits there. I wonder if she'll get one too. Shouldn't we ask Sex first? How come I have this?

"It's just to help you stay up while you wind her. You'll have our hands to help you, but yours will hold her key, like you keep recoiling from imagining. Just be brave and think how happy it will feel to have that key stuck in her and turning in your hands that can feel her spring-stuff wind."

She's right. I'm really scared that...I'll like it? We know that already! It's something else. I'm scared I'm me like this. Of course I am but not just in the sense of having the same body now in doll-form. It's not like being Four-Legs, or a mermaid, or changed into a monster made of waving tentacles. Those would be adventures, scary weird excitement. This stops my heart, heh, because I look up there at Boobsong, want to see my hands move to grab her hair and pull her to me, love the way they can't move, feel my family here and ready to assist me, know they won't let us go too long without embracing, having sex and playing Princess and handmaiden, can't even make my thoughts move (the game is doing this, I feel it every moment), and know that in this moment, I'm very much myself, in a way it feels I can't be, when I'm flesh and blood and moving, and it doesn't feel the same as Mama versus Boobsong, different lovers for different me's, it feels like I'm just acting, when I have my own will--

"Boobsqueeze, you're tearing your own heart up to give us different pieces. Boobsong knows you're Little! I can see you command a sweet doll army! Maybe in this form without your will here your game can make you just be Rainbow Starshine and not these many masks you wear. Probably if you stop that, you'll feel the same in doll-form and human, and not be so desperate to stay doll-form. That's very very hard, so we do this scary scene, and probably lots more stuff. Enjoy the ride, it's fun, you know it feels like bending and now what it'll bend to. Isn't that relaxing?"

How it works to feel that her words are like the corset on my midsection, holding me up and balancing me so I just hang there, while every part is screaming I ENVY BOOBSONG THAT'S THE THING THAT SCARES ME is as strange as having hands made of heartstone and broken clockwork (or whatever, but I feel clockwork) and wishing I could keep them when I change back. Mama's right, she must be, and it really feels relaxing to know the way this bends me (now I can say, harder), and yet I still can't let the feeling this is more me than my flesh-self go--my game isn't, meaning there must be something to this.

I envy Boobsong deeply. I want to be like she is, and give my lovers exactly what would make them happy. I want to show the part to each that makes them happy, not be inconvenient.

[!] Mommy your sex dolly is very proud that you look up to her but if you were just like her you couldn't be her Princess, or even make her happy, because the part she likes the best is what your hands do when you're playing like a Little with your dolly.

Fingers down my back would make my flesh form shiver, and I still feel lovely soothing tingles, though I don't have muscles that can tense or be relaxed by this. Sex appears--oh, my head moved. Just enough to see her, and still keep sight of Boobsong. She's just in reach for winding, her back to me. I hope the family knows she'll need some preparation (it makes me feel so soft when my game reads out these worries. It could just lead me past them, but that would be less me, so it carefully reads them), but they seem to understand, because when I think that thought, Mama comes around me and rubs me up and down with hands feel like fire across my midsection and up across my breasts.

"Sister light for sister bright. Brave, Rainbow. You'll find we want the whole you, each and every one."

Her hands are sexy lightning, running down my body, all the more important for what she said before about what it takes to see her glow.

"Mom we like insane fun cute Rainbow that keeps us on our toes with games, and we like deep strong scary Rainbow with her wicked sexy dark side, and we like to play the sexy wicked stuff you play when both at once are here. I'm with Boobsong. Give me all of you."

Something cold and hard inside me cracks, but it isn't one of my doll-machines. My light seeps out and meets Mama's hands, and where her hands are I feel her star-self, conscious light to conscious light, not flesh to doll stuff. Her soul is kindly soft and warm, and tiny pricks of lightning arc between our light where she touches. Her sadness inside of them, and fury, and heat like wine on a cold day, that warms you inside-out, and we share thoughts, and I see her vision of me, as Snow White, still inside her glass coffin.

"Now come and wake your Snow White and wake yourself in the process."

Mama takes her hands off, and picks up Sex's key, and brings my hand up from where it's hanging at my side now, and wraps my fingers so gently soft around the heart-shaped handle. It feels so helpless and so good to have to have her help with this.

My game is still controlling things, but it shows me how I have this idea, and it came from hearing Mama say, wake myself in the process. What could I have here, Sex wants? To be a doll that comes to life as she winds me up. They all have been, and now it's Sex's turn, heh. Boobsong got the first wind in that fight for her bikini, lost before she started, and one by one they've been taking turns with my key. Maybe we should all have winds? I guess they will have winds, heh. We can play the game of winding toys after this maybe. 

Listen carefully, hardcore fan of the Starlight Princess TV show, who watches it instead of friends and fun on Heartwarming, and has me in a box in space for six years and two months, and tells me that she'll take all my words very seriously. Be the whole Sex I captured, who hoped I'd wake up and feed her candy until she became a monster, and help me have Boobsong as you only can help me. Only you have the practice and the knowledge to make us have sex the way I need. My family here knows us, but they don't have the skills you built over allll the years you spent playing dolls with me and Boobsong. That was really us, you know.

AAAAAAAAAAAAH--your hands broke! I saw your insides to fix your thrust mechanism twenty times! You had me scared! How--of course silly cocksleeve they found your room stuff! Okay you got me I'm a huge fan. Don't be angry, you scared me so much I fibbed and then we kept going--wait--oh spikey Matrix retreads, you heard--how? I was private, I said Dreams it's just me and my oooooh wait Mommy don't punish me too hard please I thought you and Boobsong just looked real!

Dolly, mirror time. You should have enough lust.

OOF Heavy take and hold it up. Angle good? Look through your eyes yes.

My game folds the mirror out of nothing, but it isn't silvered glass. Holographic fantasy shines from a frame of hard white heartstone, shaped across the top like a doll-package from a toystore, with the hangar for the hook these toys would hang on.

The fantasy, is just me and Sex, seen from over my shoulder, so she can watch me wind her--with Mama's hands on my hand.

Sex is very pretty, and Mama's hand on my hand has her graceful beauty, and Boobsong by the mirror is air to breathe, but I'm the real attraction, to my gaze, because this is the first time I've seen myself in doll-form. My ass is as nice as it ever is, my back is covered with Strawberry hair with rainbow streaks in it, curly from genetics, not hairstyle (I don't really wear one, it looks great wild), but my flesh...augh, I'm heartstone, I really am a sex doll, my flesh is soft and plastic with deep marks where Sex has made Boobsong (and herself, she'd better have, and she's getting caught up if not) ride my waist to fuck me, my hair looks soft and shiny but fake like a wig made from real hair, and I'm kneeling (still in ballet splints) with the corset supporting me and it really looks like I'm hanging up like a puppet not being used yet, and not a girl in bondage. My body creaks with motions from handling by Eisela (Mama can stay perfectly still for hours) like...a worn out sex doll.

I was this beloved, would be all I could think, whether my game controlled me or not.

Sex, you freak, I love you. How are you at puzzles?

Aaah! I wasn't ready--wait my game controls this--it actually thinks I love her? Gulp it's been five seconds, and this isn't like Boobsong!

Knowledge: yes it really thinks that. Love is hard to guess at, if you're the person loving, but my game can tell in seconds. The fire hasn't caught yet, but ignition is for sure.

Puzzles!? I'm okay I guess--oh my paintcan cocksleeves she said she loves me AAAH she sees my thinking help I'm stop okay chill out--Sex that's your name now, wrapper, use it now of all times!

Sex, I mean it. I really love you.

Gulp. Game that's scary. It makes me feel so helpless.

The Dreams show me a very worn out Winnie the Pooh with a green checkmark on his shirt.

Yeah. Okay. I love her. If she would see me that way, even as she fucked Boobsong with my clit held like a dildo, I love her.

I...love you too oh twirling paintbrush streaks I said--brush--ARGH she sees you thinking cocksleeve just admit you messed up!

Sex, I really do love you.

I make the image of a heart in her mind's eye, big sweet sloppy candy, wet from being kissed by me. I can give visions!? Is this just full-on nonconensual dreamtalk?

Why do you keep saying OOOH I see my keyhole. What the spring-powered candy cocks...am I a wind-up toy now?

You ate candy, huge fan, you tell me, but first be clear and tell me: did you mean to say you love me? I meant my half.


I eeep help um YES sobbing cry can't YES are you angry? Wait a second...did you just really mean that? You're Princess Rainbow Starshine! Don't you have...I mean...why am I so good?

You have very special talents, and a cutely fat butt, but that's not why I picked you. I just thought you were cute, and then we started chatting, and next thing I know I've got you eating candy that makes you my priestess. I think you're great, that's it.

I--oh you mean my--did you like my doll play? Did you catch me to do that to you forever!?

Why else would I have gone so hard getting some more play? This is my real body, changed into a doll. When it turns back again your replacement parts become muscles, and they won't nectar back. Honestly, I'm surprised my hands fixed.

You know everything I did. Did it hurt to have your back opened!?

Boobsong tried to hit me hard enough to sting, and I just felt 'bump'. I'm heartstone and metal. Take me apart, fix me how carefully you did, all I'll feel is loved.

Holy heartstone cocks you liked that. Are you not mad you look so--plane! You had that plane you wore into a piece of glue with balsa dust inside it. You wouldn't get a new--I mean you had the Sparkle Dust A-10--you wouldn't get a new plane because that one was your friend you always made Boobsong possess. Yes okay you're sure you don't want new hands?

Every seven days after now--

I send a heart vision to show my joy here.

--my flesh hands will stick and get rattly so I can remember how you played me till my hands broke. Nectar doesn't fix that, but Boobsong can, and I can keep them broken until I make her.

Wow, that, Rainbow Starshine Harded wants me kind of makes my mind melt. Are you taking me back to Heart Home? Am I going to be your statue? If I'm wind-up, I can still do stuff like cum oh you got me so bad I really thought I'd be a statue forever!

Hey, only happy scary stories are more fun to tell. I wouldn't make you be Boobsong. I almost didn't even let Boobsong take her clit off. She had to prove it, didn't you, dolly?

"She was very very hard! This dolly had to have her clit through most of the Adventures!"

I want to let you ask me lots of questions, but Sex I'm so desperate. Remember what I told you, the very first time you met us?

You were just like this...ooh. Was that your real voice!? What's been happening, did you pretend to be my mind's voice?

The Dreams made it happen so whatever you were playing was what I really thought. I was literally saying 'please give me Boobsong' when played you heard me. All your games were real, but still doll games.

You mean...oh my...how could that be I just played whatever I felt like! You were heartstone, I didn't think you had feelings to think about!

The Dreams arranged our scenes so whatever I felt, I would be your doll when you were playing that I felt that way. Boobsong, same thing. Our time's all out of order.

Sexy companion, made of heartstone--I didn't think that meant you! Do you have a huge doll kink I don't know about? I've seen every episode! Maybe you don't say everything that would make sense you would have to have some privacy, I mean who could take--I don't have any now, do I!?

Well, you have to be transparent to be a statue, so I take care of you right. It's not bad, actually I'm as naked as you right now and it's saving my life I think. You'll get attached to it, if I'm right.

You're naked--oh, because Boobsong. That's not the same--

Actually our whole family is watching. Think hi at them!

WHAT!? That's like twenty-five people! How can you take that many don't feel pressure you can't stand--

We're trying to make me stop that. You'll find when you're naked you can't keep your thoughts polite. You just have to trust the family who's watching to understand you just think things and see you enough to get your meanings. It can get emotional and it makes me feel like I'm swimming in hole-cum, but it's also so much comfort. It lets me stop performing, because I can't anyway. Like doll time. Which is what I need so bad you to help with if you can. If I wind you up and tell you to give me Boobsong, and tell you make us fuck good, do you think you can? All your bed stuff is here.

I see you're in my sex swing, what about the other? I had five. Six to count the sawhorse. If you have all that stuff, I think so, yes. Then can we have questions?

Yes, questions till your mind cums...though you'll miss the party. It's my birthday! We have all that stuff, and my family's here to help you. Just tell them how to do this.

Tell your family!? Don't you want--are you saying to make your scene up!? Party okay maybe I can wait if I can party with Rainbow Starshine and the Heralds! Are you all here? Where's Isht Visht she's my favorite after Boobsong she must be here I see Rada's hand holding oh spikey trinket boxes that's my windup key! You're right I can't control it I just think stuff. That's so hard though! Don't you feel obnoxious?

Watching you I feel cute now! You're delightful! If my family sees me this way no wonder they have fun watching me get flustered! And yes, you'll do just like when you thought we were just heartstone. My game will mind control me so I can't just give directions. I'll be there and enjoying, but if you even want to see my face express how much I like to feel this, you have to ask, and my game might say no if it thinks you'll be influenced in your play by how I look. I feel so ambivalent my heart would tear if I had flesh to tear. I really want to show you, how happy this stuff makes me, and Boobsong makes such awesome faces, but if I get to move a muscle, I'll start performing. Your first task is decide that for me. Do I move or play like doll time? Push me either way, because I'll break right here!

"Computer, locate Isht Visht."

There's an error fuzzbeep, and Majet Barret monotones:

"Not aboard this vessel."

"Computer, identify querent."

"Isht Visht."

"Explain how Isht Visht is able to activate on-board interface while not on board."

"Processing. Computer and interface transducers are located aboard Isht Visht."

Wait, this isn't Helios' gas ring colony Glasstone? You have my bed here on Isht Visht!? I'M ABOARD ISHT VISHT!? Where are we going what's her form is she Galaxy class right now that's a bulkhead behind my headboard but what's this art style it looks like--

Questions afterward. Make your wish, get going! Or wish in the middle of things, that's yours to choose. I'll wind you next unless you wish first.

Gulp...okay. I don't wish yet. I like the idea that you're helpless oh lemon tartlets I just think stuff including that AAAH!

Just be naked. Here, I'll help. Say your thought out. You like the idea that I'm helpless, was that it?

I like the idea that you're helpless and um you have to just be trusting and let me do your doll time unreguarding your feelings because you're dolls and I'm the player. Eep that's what you're here for isn't it?

I'd jerk so hard my hands break off if I could move them to hear you talk that way. I'm your doll then. Have fun with me, I get so sad when I don't feel fun, and you know how Boobsong works. 

Now let's talk about winding. You have about fifteen minutes, or thirty if you need them, but I want to play some games next, and--okay. You've had candy, and you know how it makes something out of my intention and your heart's desire. I made candy to make you wind-up, but I just said, make her wind-up. I thought we'd wind you twice a day and have fun making your spring stop to make you statue sometimes and you could see how nice the strange people in Rl'yeh Sade are because they'll always wind you if you get stuck out someplace. The game that found in you Sex, is SO MUCH MORE FUN! Why don't you explain, Dolly? And tell her how I felt while you explained it.

"This game is the coolest and Sex, Princess' dolly is very grateful because it brought back our game she was very very sad to not have."

"The first key limitation, is you can't be wound past seventy-seven minutes of run time."

"The next limit, is after your key winds down, you can't be wound until an hour of statue time. That way, you always have enough, see?"

"Keeps you very tightly held, you say, you can't be moving more than half your life now. Princess had this face like you were candy she was smelling to hear that, but that's just getting started!"

"Winding you a lot gets very painful. Hard at half an hour, pain at fifty minutes, to go all sixty winds you scream and cry and beg saying please stop there it hurts me. What's the winding pain for? Princess' Sadism, yes, and the more you wind long, the longer you can go, and get a longer runtime. Princess can also say that's too much and take you back to being smaller. Once she does it's stuck until you build it up the hard way, so be very careful asking!"

"Next there's even more tight squeezing limits. After half an hour, and then at fifty minutes, and then if you're still going just at random until they all get used up, you have breaks of six or seven minutes, to take up seventeen minutes past what you're wound for. That means you stop and statue and then restart when the break ends. Princess got so hard here her clit was fairly bouncing from her heartbeat!"

"That's just only winding. She can also keep your key from getting lost no matter where you lose it, and take you back to her side any time you're statued. It's safe to statue anywhere. Just run down and you'll be okay. Princess will call you back, or a stranger will come help you."

See why I gave the time limit? You're going to make the most of every moment you have movement, and have absolute peace after. Statue time is restful, you'll see. Some even sleep in statue form! How about we wind as long as you can take it, you have your fun with doll-us, and then we'll see how long you have left. I have some fun ideas for using up extra winds, but that's for after. Any thoughts beforehand?

Holy cocks that's awesome! This is so relaxing, now I know you can't make me have more than half a day of moving--less! A third! Or less if you don't rewind me the moment I run down which you won't, will you, the hour makes it so I have to break from doing what you're doing and you'll get distracted! Okay this is hard but I can do it and I'm actually real happy.

Yay you're happy! We're going to have such fun! Candy gets so scary, it always makes me feel great when people like the hard stuff. Like you now. I'd get super scared if I felt my self slowly running down and had to rely on others to recharge--wait now, that makes me think of something...

You mean your worship game! You have nothing to fear with me and Boobsong! We'll drown Rl'yeh Sade, right Boobsong?

"Only if Princess gives you the winding and me the lust! This game is very tricky! Princess likes to watch her sex dolly get slow and stop and you won't be a change there!"

I'm scared by my worship game all the time, but it feels so good I can't stop with it. You'll find the same. Boobsong is right, though, I'm going to love watching you get hit by a break all suddenly and be stuck with the expression feeling it happening gives you!

The last thing Sex is your safewords--yes your safewords. Dolls don't get safewords. I'm going to wind you until you hit sixty winds, or safeword.

N'il, arn, li'agn. Are you sure? I might break you, I can be rough!

See if you can, I dare you. Play your game how you play, not for my sake. Make me have some, carefully place every kiss so gentle you have to use kid gloves--or blue latex, muahah--it's your scene.

Okay, I'm ready then. Wind me! Because Warp Me get it OH THIS IS LOWER DECKS!

The game just lets me hang there, not even a thought like now, but Mama picks my hand up, lines the key up with Sex's keyhole, and she and Eisela push me hard at Sex so it plunges in. There's an instant where the shaft hits the side of her keyhole, it lines up, goes in--oooh wow. I can feel each piece of key softly clack into her body. The sound comes from everywhere in her body, like the key starts snaking through her when it comes near and hisses home and locks when it's full in her. She bounces with each clack, cutely soft and jubbly, in contract to the metal solid-sounding key-parts. I'd gasp with hard arousal, but my heartstone sort of just feels warm with need for touching.

Oh sweet raunchy heaven most of me is pussies!

"Ready to get fucked, then?"

Wait that's Rada she hears my thoughts eep YES PLEASE!

Mama turns my hand so the key gets tight against the spring, sees I won't keep holding without help, puts her fingers over mine and squeezes as she twists our hands together. There's a sound like slickly twisting metal, gears build up tension--I can feel each one keep moving until its lash is taken up, the tension peaks and with a sudden soft explosion of sound from Sex's mouth the heart feels like a trigger passing its release point and jumps ahead one click of ratchet with a sound from deep inside her like steel plates hit by hammers made of tungsten, thudding and so heavy I can't stop from imagining our hips colliding as we fuck.

Oh my--gears--keep going I feel my gears turn!

Mama pushes my hand further, and keeps going as the key turns, and the clicks of ratchet blur together, and turn into...

Eeeaaaah holy fuck I'm cumming WOW HHAAAAAAH OKAY it HHAAAH iS A VIBEEEEE

Her breath comes hard and fast but nothing else can move--except I guess her pussy--as we keep winding. Eventually she starts panting, and the key starts turning harder, making Mama squeeze my hand more.

Okay, it's getting heavy...ouch it hurt wait arn just wait!

Mama stops the instant Sex squeaks arn in my mental hearing.

It scared me but I'm okay. I guess the heavy is my warning!

How did it feel?

Something felt like scissors on my hand but somehow in my gears!

Can she get damaged winding here, Acme Station?

Shake--oops. Your sex dolly ran down, Princess. Winding Sex so interesting her lust ran down behind her!

No she can't get harmed. Just very very painful. Gets so bad it scares her from asking for more winding, your sex dolly thinks.

Oops, she ran down because you were so fun to watch get wound she forgot to flirt! She says you can't be harmed but it gets worse than this, a good bit. Just keep using safewords.

Okay. I'm ready to go on then. Grrr get tough cocksleeve you're getting party time with Rainbow Starshine!

Okay, here goes then. I love you very much, Sex. I want you at my party.

Mama keeps on turning while Sex screams to make my heart burst--her pain shriek is very sexy, the Sadism gets right to me, and her willingness to do this makes me feel important, but her using my party time as motivation is...Sex you have to meet the rope of cotton candy I'm going to make to feed you, every inch is orgasm...


How'd she do, dolly?

Fifty-seven winds! That was really hardcore! Fifty seven feels like tearing all her gears out!

Sex you did amazing. That was fifty-seven winds. Boobsong says that should feel like tearing all your gears out! You have some intense wish to get that party, I think.

There's only three more winds left? Bring it, I can do them! Yes I want to party with Rainbow Starshine Hardred!

N'il means over. You're too wound up to give consent now.

"AAAAAH holy cumcakes Mom!"

"Now she knows how I feel once we get me cracked! I'm all, I'd be open to more, and Andrea just looks down and says nothing's on the table that wasn't when we started."

"Ve haff all been zere. Cheryl often begs me for another, and I must zay, tell me about your 'nother."

"Isht Visht's like that sometimes. She gets beyond her depth."

"Y'all wouldn't believe the twins sometimes. You'd never know t' see 'em, but they can really wail."

"My babies are so sweet but I have to watch out or they'll get stuck at unsafe levels. I have to keep evolving how I care for them."

"Arelka's quite the handful. I have to make a list first."

"We have no such trouble. We can always take another."

"The game has no such problems with sweet Rainbow. She is always on her toes now."

"Mom now you go."

It's Boobsong to watch out for. If she asked, it'd be impossible to resist playing her game.

"I can tell you that, wow."

Screams of laughter peal out after every stupid joke. Boobsong's gets the loudest.

Okay, Sex, when I let go, you have fifty-seven minutes. Use it well. The party will wait if it has to. I have something special in mind for you. Remember you have breaks though! We don't want to end up stuck in middle of our scene.

After my speech is done, the corset goes slack and as I flop to the bed like the heartstone doll I am Mama lets go of my hand and Sex's key starts to turn.

Sex turns around right away and picks me up by the arms and so gently and quietly speaks to me I feel like I'll turn into tears instead of heartstone.

"This is very peculiar, but I think you just talked to me. Why yes! What's that? Down on her hands and knees, by the mirror, so you can see yourself? Well I have to agree you're quite beautiful, but someone will have to hold the mirror, won't they, who could we ask? It's a very intimate favor. Family, you say? If you're sure they won't mind--yes? They'll be happy to? Okay, which one? Santa?'

Sex's head goes up, faces someone out of my view.

"Please would you hold this mirror--Santa?"

Holy sprinkles oiled with reindeer moss I just asked SANTA to hold the mirror!

Santa comes out from behind me--fizzbubbling donut holes, how is this working still!? Santa's the perfect choice, to hold that big package I came in! Just because it's our favorite position, doesn't mean I didn't still want to bend Boobsong over and take her on hands and knees!

This is awesome! Sex you still have the touch those are exactly what I wanted KEEP PLAYING DOLLS I'M BEGGING YOU! I have to stop talking now PLEASE JUST HAVE FUN WITH ME!

"That's--how can they do that!? Okay I will but I might have to cry and--aahh! Wetpeace is making me not stop to masturbate!? Oooh because aaah it's doooing it! Okay but this might be distra--no it says. Well okay Princess Starlight how shall we start this scene? With bending her over so you can practice your eravahk skills? How exciting! Just let me get her there--what? Family to help? If you say so, but won't that impose? No, they want to play too? Well that's just incredible!"

Sex looks around at them all.

"I'm inviting you all in. Who wants to help Boobsong to hands and knees?"

"I'm in!"

"Me too! This is adorable!"

"What can a very excited young-at-heart Captain do for your scene?"

Mama, sister, how have I missed that you're not that much more of a grown up star than I am? I suddenly think of how it was when I was a baby in her arms in Strawberry Home. She seemed to me like the rock the world was founded on, because I was four.

She was sixteen.

"If you have to fix something, I'll lend a hand--literally!"

"No squicks now. Don't make me get out the smoke machine."

Cheryl loves Eighties stuff as much as I do! She pitches it grown-up while I love the kid side, but we bond over our shared appreciation of a good synth riff.

Andrea is...less enthusiastic, to say the least. Though she still likes Halsey, oddly.

"Captain, you can make sure the belts are--we don't need the belts. We don't need anything, just your hands will do! Will you hold Rainbow, then? And one other, and I'll make Rainbow express herself and use her hands, and set her hips to go. Hold her right here so she can move when I start them. She gets very fast, so be careful once she starts going!"

Hands pick me up, and take off the corset as Sex watches, and Eisela's coat with its silky fabric brushes my arm as she takes her position, holding me up like the corset was with her arms on my midsection, crossing--my sister's. Should I call you that, sis?

Yes, but I'm still much older, so don't you get growing-up in your head, little missy.

You got it, sis. Better be extra degrading with your pet names, don't want me forgetting!

Cumswallow you'll have to be awfully out there to forget after this day, you'll see!

Arelka had better get ready, then, because I'm asking for SO MANY presents.

That's what a birthday's for! Now look, Sex has been doing something.

She's tying her fingers with a black ribbon--like you would use for Starlight Princess' statue game--over my hand, so she can hold things--and feel Boobsong up--and my hand will do it. The tying is soothing, and gives me that tingly stuff hairbrushing and other ways of being care for while you sit there-- like a doll, I guess--have since I was on Sis' knee in Strawberry Home.

When the ribbons are tied securely, she raises her hand, puts herself back where my eyes can see, looks at me with her eyes half-mast, and slowly gets herself close up so she can put my hand on her cheek and say with her eyes closed,

"Starlight Princess, thank you for choosing me. Yes. I will always do my best. You can rely on your chosen one. My very best quill is waiting to draw whatever you want me to. What's that? Do this first? How silly, I got so distracted I forgot that I'm wind-up now! You'll have to please give me time to adjust to this--hehe! Better get going, then! Santa and Cherry, please watch her commands, you'll know what to do."

Santa and Cherry look ready, grip Boobsong's arms and move her away from the mirror a bit, leaving just Santa holding it.

Here it comes. Your sex dolly is ready, Mommy!

Be a good sex doll--oh wait, you can't do a single thing! Have to enjoy this like I am.

Sex makes a show of putting my hand up, uses her other to touch--

"Wetpeace says I'm stealing this!? Can't even--ooooh okay if you're going to do that I get itI have two hands! What will I do with them...I've never been able to--okay here goes, have your fun you said!"

Sex's slick hand, still wet with nectar (the human kind), runs up and down my shaft that sticks up from the bed, then she plunges herself oooh my fuck that's incredible her pussy's so tight like she hasn't been fucked that way in a million year or done kegels at least that long. Nectar squeezes out on my balls and sneaks under my suction-cup--I'm kind of a doll even in flesh-form, I think--and she sits herself down and scoots back so she can reach herself to hold in the dildo--um, my clit--as she gets up and kneels with her legs spread so she caaaaAAAAAN FUCK HERSELF WOW you get strong playing dolls I guess because her rhythm's as fast as a sex machine! I'm almost to cum in no-time, but that's not going to happen without Boobsong. Don't let her fry me, game!

Knowledge: the changes that turned my body to heartstone also mean I can't fry. She can go on like this for hours and I'll be hornier than I thought possible, but not burn my reason out.

Gulp, I think, under game-control.

She fucks for a minute, and then stops and looks at Cherry, then raises my hand and points in front of me.

"Kneel there and worship, cocksleeve!"

Sex calls herself cocksleeve, that bondage frame in my journey, Boobsong's her favorite, because she identifies with her! Does she want to be her? I don't think it's like that. She doesn't have silver hair or even the devil-tail, nectar would give that or she could make them so easily this has to be something else.

Cherry adjusts her grip on Boobsong's arm and takes a step forward and Cheryl adjusts her grin and follows and they "march" Boobsong up to me, then fold her legs under her so she's kneeling and push her head down to be just an inch from the bed.

"Princess, please use your toy to enjoy yourself and give her the sexy lust that lets her service you. Please make her hold your hand as you make yourself hard with her mouth--you are hard? Then please just be close to her and grab her hair and make her face be a hole to exploit! Your handmaiden begs you to please use her please."

This is intense, yeah, but not how I expected. I didn't think Sex would do either voice, but her cocksleeve voice is the cutest thing she's done yet. It's nothing like Boobsong's, but endearing on its own merit, soft and sweet and dripping with urgency. My voice in her mouth sounds like a chipmunk and I can't disagree with that--excitement makes me squeak. That was the voice that found me the dolly name after my memory got messed up.

It's intense because somehow in all that wrongness there's a voice at the back of my head, saying this seems off, that's not right, not her, well of course it's not this is Sex's scene, not the Boobsong I'll have soon, we're just dolls to play her version of ourselves. How did I think this would be anything else than that?

My game turns a page in my memory, to the day that I heard my voice again after losing it with my memory. Sis bought spanking me--she wasn't my girlfriend yet--from my game, which was new to me then, and she laid me across her knee and wailed at my ass with a hand that felt like fire and love until I screamed and wailed, and all through that my game held my head as tight as now--tighter-actually--and make me think in Rainbow Starshine's voice, though you wouldn't have stuck that name on me with all the superglue in all the RC places ever built then. I was terrified, not by the spanking--which blew my head of with how awesome it was--or even the mind control. I was scared because the game could be a better version of me, someone I didn't know how to even start to become, and the sound of that voice changed everything. Ever since that moment, I've been trying to become her, and I still can't find her usually. Little sparkles, you'll see them now and then in this, when I sound like somebody with rainbow hair and F-cup boobs. The rest of the time, I feel dry and cold, and wish my game would just take me back to that day. I thought this would be that, I guess. I soak up every inlking of what I should sound like and who I am I come across. Everything anything I'm so destroyed just give me replacement parts and make me work I can't hear my own voice in my head half the time just these droning words that go on and on. I should squeak and bounce and be terrible cuteness, have a really good time just existing, be frosting and sparkles on rainbow sauce over ice cream, not feel flat and dead. It came out some in that scene before I gave Boobsong her cheek-mark, but then...something squished it. Now I've been hoping Sex will help bring it back again, but I don't think her impression of me is better than Boobsong's. I couldn't tell you, is the problem here. That makes my heart break. I want to die, because I'm not alive anyway. If Sex can make me sound anything like me, I'll stay like this for eternity, but Boobsong's enitrely different. I want control, where she's concerned. I know what she sounds like, and this isn't it.

I'm terrified of the 'vacation' now. It'll drive me insane see Boobsong done wrong this way. It already is. What if we make Boobsong alive, but me still a doll? She's so submissive, and if I order her she'll go along with Sex's scene exactly like she's supposed to.

I think that would be cruel to Sex, though. She's working something out through this and--character. She's developing a character made out of Boobsong, for her to be. I can help with that. It's beautiful. There must be a way to turn this even kinkier and embrace that, encourage her to become what she's trying to see on Boobsong here. Or be able to take the character her way, instead of feeling obligated to do justice to my irreplacable handmaiden. There was always a lot of fanfiction of Starlight Princess, because we encouraged there to be. Could there be a way to do that right here? We already are, I guess. That helps me some.

Now I just feel terrible that I can't--

Sex picks my hand up and puts it on Boobsong's hair. Hi dolly. This is so weird, huh?

Your sex dolly feels very doll right now, but not like she usually does!

Sex grabs a handful of Boobsong's hair in my fingers, and pulls it up so hard I think it'll take skin off, then puts my hand on her chin and makes her face turn up to mine.

Everything clicks when I realize what my fingers are. Heartstone, metal, and gears, just the character Sex gives to play--give me a score, game--Boobsong! Even my game won't see your way! Dolly how was that did she get me? Evaluate everything! Talk over Sex giving words to you, it's not like you need them!

And I know what we're going to do to Sex, too--not everything, there's a doll to make or a sub to transform, and something to make it as kinky for her as it is for us right now--but she is going to freak. Out. She'll be statufied when I tell her, so she can't run away, and I'll tie a string to her key, to keep her afterwards, and make sure she can't just strain at it. This will rule. I can already feel the tentacles of my heart reaching out, calling her name. Sex, we're going to get you, Sex, they whisper, menacingly sweet.

I actually can make tentacles. Color Crack is made of my light, and what is it, really? They burn humans, but Boobsong loves it. Most stars can't do that kind of thing, but I came out...weird. It's not very natural, and feels that way, but that just makes it awesomer.

Awesomer is a me word. Correct grammar is uneaseful. Malina was trying to remember me that with enthusancy.

Dolly, evaluate.

The hair chin up your dolly gives eight of ten. Making her fall down with a voice command is zero. You use your eravahk or click in your head always until all the bad stuff.

Sex has me bent down to kiss the end of Boobsong's tail--

Eight of ten for the kissing it, nine of yyuuuum ten for making you keep kissing it while you turn your sex dolly around to be facing the mirror, and here it comes--what? Where'd the mean Sex go? Zero of ten your sex dolly barely felt that spank!

You're welcome to use the stuff on my eravahk for this. It doesn't do anything for anyone but me, so it's just a toy for you. And don't be afraid to hit and beat like when you thought we were dolls. She can take it--and I can.

"I was hitting hard like then. Can she take even harder?"

My game picks up my ribboned hand turns my torso back half a twist, then brings it down on Boobsong's ass with a smack that reverberates like a Heartwarming popper.

GASPOUCH That's the way your sex dolly remembers! Bang like explosions!

"AAAAH! That gave my hand tingles and you were the one who hit! You do this with flesh hands!?"

My head spins with the strange lust and confusing emotion. That was satisfying, makes my heart scream another one, yet I'm needing to hug her now and say how she makes me so happy, then spank a harder one.

GGAASSP the way you play is that Princess you were sweet and kind while you made your sex dolly scream from pleasure of hurting so badly!

Play your way. I just don't want you to be limited.

"Okay well, wow, and please be kind when it's my turn, I'm not as strong!"

Oh Sex, I know you're not a heartstone sleeve with a heart so big you could build a castle inside. I have something scary for you, alright, but not spanks quite as hard as that.

"Well now I'm scared."

Be scared, but keep playing, this is great! You're already as doomed as you're going to be, so you may as well have fun--not punishment, just my scary plans. Don't be scared of me holding back on you. If you do something wrong, I'll tell you. Like I did just now when I thought you were limiting your scene.

"Okay, then here goes. Ready, eravahk click! Put her head down Cherry would you please?"

Oh my gumsparks I just told Cherry to do something what is happening.

Five of ten because she's doing it but you were always so blasely just clicking eravahk you'll do this thing. You never said anything just click what your will is.

Sex clicks the first button of my eravahk another time.

"Raise up her ass for the eravahk, and her tail up across her head, please."

Cherry puts Boobsong's legs together so she's up where my blows will hit more easily.

7/10. Your sex dolly keeps her tail up for you, you don't need to order it. She knows what happens to a tail in the way!

Her ass is a pretty sight this way, pussy that closing her legs never hides shiny and wet, ready to pound--how will she do that, if my clit doesn't stay on by itself now?

"Get ready, toy, for the eravahk spanking to beat everything!"

8/10! You would always make jokes and be really fun!

Sex has her left hand busy with the ribbons and my hand, and her right hand is still making me hornier than I thought possible, and she reaches across with my ribboned hand very snuggly against my side as she's doing it, and makes my fingers brush my flesh--snarlygrape cocksleeves, that doesn't feel anything like human skin! Even Boobsong as weird as she is fakes your senses out, makes you feel like she's flesh and bone until you squeeze her so much she's pushing out of your hands like soft-serve, but my skin feels like the stuff Sis' dildos are made of! I'm a heartstone doll, I get it, sheesh! You don't have to ruin Sex's experience, game!

Knowledge: Sex's experience is why I'm like this. She wouldn't get off as much if I was real.

Well okay if she's into me feeling fake like this. That puppet dream, she really means that thing. I've got a candy to make...

With my eravahk in my ribboned hand, we're ready to spank. A game-goal appears, and it's familiar, but that was a dream--

Top, Try eravahk spanking on Lyra, Heavenly different crop oil

That isn't real, how can I have a game-goal from it?

Knowledge: that really happened. The experience of opening my mind to my real self made me black out, and my memories got jumbled. We woke up in Happy Chains after that, and idolized because my worship was gone and it was time to play that game again now.

Jumbled to say the least! My head is a mess of conflicting storylines and time-travel that doesn't make any sense even relative to the usual shenanigans the Four Dreams pull with causality. Maybe we can try to pick through it after--no. That's a bad thing. The very worst. That stuff is just insanity and nightmares.

Knowledge: the very first thing I heard when Boobsong was able to get through to me after the end of our touring days, was the name Lucy. She told me that as my eyes opened on her on top of me reaching out to wake me up. That happened. There are many things in that stuff that are nightmarish, but that doesn't mean all of it should be left a wreck.

My mistake was remembering. The past is a rank trashheap, quicksand to drag me down.

Knowledge: there's more to that understanding than I realize. If I leave behind what I found in the insanity, I'll lose everything.

Well then I guess we may as well give up right here, game, because the same thing will happen if that stuff gets a hold of me.

Knowledge: there'll be no giving up either way. My game gave that goal then to say it was planning this. The goals that I got then will all be fulfilled today.

There will be nothing left to fulfill them, game. I barely got out the first time.

Knowledge: Pulling out what I put back in the nightmare time would tear out even knowing Boobsong exists.

We won't be better off if I pick it up again. The moment I let you have control of me you turned me into a gun and made my story into a wargame. You made me ignore Boobsong and turned off my sex drive so I wouldn't play with her so you could keep using me to shoot stuff. I have to live with you for eternity, under your power, with no way out and no safewords or anything. I'll have breakdowns that you can't believe if I have to know that's the truth of you for the rest of time--and anyway, if you really were on my and Boobsong's side, you'd be able to see how it's hurting her to see you bring these memories up. I want to die. Kill me here.

Knowledge: my game was made to defend our relationship. The last half of the journey we took was terrifying so my game took my hand and pulled us through it as quickly as it could. There was no time to breathe so we could be done before feeling anything about it. Our life began another stage when we woke up in Happy Chains. The bad part is over now.

Every page of my soul becomes the same word: risible. The bad part will never end. You made that clear with the constant parade of nightmares with no rhyme or reason or even connection to me and Boobsong. We fought other people's wars for you, and that's all you plan for us for eternity. The flashback in Heart Home, which is nothing but a failed attempt to target me on a new enemy, proves that. You waited for a vulnerable point, when I felt safe and began to believe it really was over, to bring everything back. I know you wanted me to go find whatever part of Eden you were targeting, instead of you. That's why I turned on you. From here on afterward, if something makes me mad, you get the force. That the only way I can be sure to be useless as gun for you. If I could stop being a star I would.

Knowledge: the flashback in Heart Home was so I could feel the things from the nightmares my game didn't let me while I went through them all, and so Boobsong could have her voice heard. There's not any enemy to be targeted on now. Eden is gone, at my hands, for interfering in my relationship with Boobsong. Strawberries avenge themselves, and my game gave me the chance, when it was just and good. The wars I fought were on her behalf.

Then why do you keep going back to them? Why can't we leave them and get back to us and not keep dragging up nightmares in the middle of scenes that are as vulnerable as this one?

Knowledge: To be done with the things we began in the nightmare time, and didn't get to finish, like these goals:

Top, Arrange celebration of you collaring Lyra, Bat pedestal with starsong

Top, Celebrate your enslavement to this game at the party friends arrange for you, Glistening emblem of embrace

Top, Discover your changes internally by being examined through physical contact, Separate cock can be reattached

Top, Give Eravahk spanking to Rada without prior negotiation, Tin of various treasures

Top, Try fucking seedling with strap-on harness attaching your clit to your mound, Given complete control of the engine that holds you when packed

High, Get read to by the motherly dom you get your back sold to together with Lyra, Big ball of indefinite fruit juice

Top, Design specific form of collaring ritual, Heavy steam will be made lighter

Top, Be fed cake by your seedling, half-empty glassful

Top, Write letter to Santa Claus and send it, Get out to the field before midnight

Top, Present without clothing for the indefinite future, White wedding gown of your designing (must meet sluttiness standards)

Top, Build your Heart-Home out of thousands of Legos, Correct-colored heart-pieces

Top, Find out where Isht Visht is hiding the game's replacement for the Lego app, Darmok's Dagger

Top, Bring dilithium back to your cabin and cut Lyra's wing with warp fields, One form of magical lightning

Top, Read the sections about whoring in Care and Feeding, fun pass to sex amusement park

Top, Ask why Rada has such access to priceless Earthling artifacts, one page of the Gutenberg Bible first edition

Top, Take Lyra to Rarity's Emporium with Rada and Isht Visht, join the Mane Six for adventures

Top, Pump the pleasure up with extra cocks, two-dram lifebucket

Top, Change the paint on your chariot to match your true colors, Half-moon rainbow lightningbolt

Top, Let everyone see you paint the sky with arcs of fire, hold a rainbow in your hands

Why the hell did you give me those only to make me think they were lies to help you keep me engaged with your battles? You could have given them after! If you hadn't made me hope for the life they showed I wouldn't have gotten bitter when I realized you never meant to make it happen! I would have been angry, still, but these are a major reason I don't trust you! You could have at least done this in Heart Home or my box before! If I'd known these were coming I might have responded differently to the scene with Aveh and the flashback! You made me think you'd abandoned me, or never even meant to keep me in the first place, and I did scream this time, loud and long, and you just kept sitting on these. You can't tell me this is the key again.

Knowledge: I wouldn't have believed these then. Now I can see that the first one is happening. The game gave these goals as hope to keep going when the dark stuff came up. The only way to get through that time was to think there was a life waiting on the other side of it that would be happy.

I only accept that because I still don't believe them. Watch this not check off the eravahk spanking because it's not me doing it, just my hand holding the eravahk.

Why didn't you make these start happening sooner? You could have said like Move the statue one step or something and messed with my head because I thought it was a Zelda puzzle and fucked my head again by checking it off when I gave candy to Sex the first time or something fun like that.

Knowledge: my game didn't start these until now because I had the Aveh scene ahead of me. If it started them then I would have thought it meant there wouldn't be any more stuff like that to surprise me, and I would have felt betrayed when the Aveh scene happened.

I fight with the game's control here, surprised my will is awake enough to do it. Aren't I supposed to be a book, passive unless the game decides to read me? How can I fight this way?

Knowledge: I'm very upset right now. The game gave me the space to struggle to work off some anger.

Like that will help. It will never be over, so you can stop worrying game--

Knowledge: It already has. I can beat out the rest on Boobsong now.

I wouldn't do that if you made me, and Sex is too weak to make me hit hard enough if I would.

My game takes me back to the bed now, unpausing the scene that it stopped like a video by making my consciousness run so fast time stops for me.

Sex has my hand up to strike, and she brings it down with skill that belies her innocence. She's done this alot, and using my hand with the ribbons is the equivalent of doing it with gloves on. Her strike lands the blow on Boobsong's left cheek, leaving a star-shaped welt growing black as she raises it back again.

9 EEP WOW Princess that was you-hard!

The next blow crosses her crack to leave a mark on both cheeks, with the star on the right this time and a line from the shaft.


Her next blow and next land on either side and leave more stars there. They look pretty, like the way my heart feels, exploding with angry sadness. I start to feel something hard inside me uncurl, but I don't think it should be.

Sex keeps on building, harder and faster, and the hard thing starts to feel something beat on it with each blow--how can this bring out empathy!? The beating is brutal, even Boobsong is wailing in pleasure--huh?


The empathy that I feel is like I'm beating myself up. I need it so bad but that's worse than--I can't be this horrible--



I feel like I'm angrily rubbing the oil pastels I had as a young Princess over everything, just to destroy them. Jealous fury overtook me anytime They tried to make me do things without Heartsong. Now I'm turning that rage on her, what kind of sense does that make? She's the person I'm angry to miss! It just feels so good to wail on her, and Sex is evil, she just keeps going. The Dreams really did arrange this so her play would match my feelings, but that's terrible! This isn't the way to deal with this!


The worst part and strangest is that I'm increasingly wanting to fuck her, the more pain she takes. I know she can't move away, but her mind is staying, and that means as much.

Sex keeps on pounding and putting herself into it and I keep on feeling every blow make my heart leap with pain and a strange sort of pleasure. Yes I know you can masochistically like this stuff and I even sort of liked the pain of being knocked out in my box before, but this isn't that. She's satisfied, I guess, like she's telling me, to be a target for my rage. It's giving her a job to do--Lego bags falling everywhere spring to mind, and her thoughts leaping with candy-sweet affection saying aww you gave me a job to do as I dumped the box carelessly over my legs and the couch and said she would bring each one in her mouth to me--but--


What am I going to do, not take her gift? I'm increasingly wanting to fuck her, and feel close and intimate instead of far and terrible as I beat out my pain on her willing backside, because every blow says I love you and the way I say I love you back should be you don't have to take this for me but that's the opposite of how to be kind here. A grown-up would worry about their submissive's health and be careful not to break them, be very particular not to let feelings take over when domming especially something like this, but the thing she's been saying through everything from her small cutesy shape to her heartstone flesh is the opposite of that weird warning on the boxes for all my RC plane stuff: THIS IS NOT A TOY.

Aren't they? Expensive hard ones for grownups, but toy airplanes, with the pretense off. Right? Wrong. Too much elevator at high speed and your wing folds like a trapper-keeper. Overdrive the engine with the wrong fuel or a bigger propeller than it can handle, and you'll burn the cylinder out. Turn a radio on (in the ninteties anyway) without checking the frequency board, and you'll crash someone else's thousand-dollar airplane. RC planes have responsibility built into them. You can be a kid and fly one, but learning to build and maintain one was a major part of my growing up.

Boobsong's not like that. I can screw up our succubus game any which way, and there will be consequences we don't like (her chill when I let her run down unattended is so pathetic and heartbreaking), but any part of it that hurts is just gameplay. She'll be fine. I can beat so hard she bounces like a very fat superball, no damage but marks. Nothing I do can break her like my airplanes, not even by trying. That makes a toy of her. And she knows. And wants me to have fun with that. Or use it to get my feelings out, and let the rage run away with me until I feel better, and not stop until then. I don't mean she's hard to destroy like I am in doll-form, I mean I really can't. In the nightmares I shone out a burst of light that vaporized the ship where the egrore Eden I fought that terrible day began. It was six AU--more than the distance to Jupiter from the sun--full of armor and machinery, solid. I burned it to ash and the ash to plasma that consumed the entire space armada it was head of in a single flash. Boobsong was on my lap, snuggling, holding me, as I let the light off.

She looked up and smiled, afterward.

Sex hits another blow that makes my hand jump off the handle of my eravahk, and have to be fit back again, and in the moment of peace I have something so dark and wonderful erupt from my soul it has to be right. Game you can stop me if I can't bend this way, but I notice you're reading this page out.

Knowledge: the bend will be wonderful. I'll take it as easily as Boobsong.

Dragon, make your tooth-marks. Bite hard. I need it, look at me with this. When Sex plays with me don't rate it against the me you know. Rate it against the me you wish I was. Only here, in Sex doll time, but here you will be as ruthless with me as you wish I was with you, no less. And then tell me the ratings like I've always been that way. You'll regret it if I think you're going easy, but not as much as I will, and for real motivation just imagine how I'll be with you knowing you're doing this to me. Yes, nobody knows better than you who Rainbow Starshine was, but more importantly, nobody knows better than you who she should be. I wanna be kinky and wicked. I wanna be fun and sweet. I wanna be the Rainbow you stole, not all these other ones. Dig in, monster-girl!





Hot liquid pours through me like a sea of nectar, love like a firestorm, my heart skips a beat and her wicked enthusiasm pounds in my chest like the eravahk as her ass grows black all over. Keep eating me up, dragon! I wanna feel your teeth go right through me! Every number feels like a tooth that digs in and pulls like Sex's hand on my hand, taking me back to myself after all these long years of confusion.

"Get your head up, candy-doll, it's time to be cum in! Look here where your eyes belong!"

Zero of ten. Not even to say please come kiss me would you use anything but clicking or mind-plucks. Never these commands by voice. Not one time.

Holy rainbow cocksticks that's hot. Nobody tell me if that's true please, because it is now.

All this time it felt broken. Something wrong on every command. Why did I not just click? Horniness pounding inside me--Sex hasn't stopped enjoying herself--makes me stupid and funderful (that's wonderful, but fun)--

Input removed: verbal commands. Her mind will reject commands given this way. Emergency override at seed-ghost discretion. Emergency override not available with hands free. Eat candy to add control-nubs to hands or keep eravahk available. Add controls to any device by intention. Mind plucks available only with hands busy. Only hands-given commands from a different nub than the last command (unless repeating commands) will work. Wand-like go here commands off. Reenable by control of dom like Rada or Game up to five hours before refresh needed. No of one dom cannot be overridden by others. Refreshes at dom choice. 

Outside Heart Home chambers fairy rings exist that have power to command anyone who enters these ways. Effect persists until spiked away or recalled by dom. Fairy domination takes effect after five minutes in ring and is imperceptible until planted. Fairy ring slaves have the same limits as heartchild include dominant control of wand commands. Each individually enabled/disabled. Heart Home chambers are a continuous fairy ring with instant enslavement. Submissives will be enslaved anyway.

Heartchild can open chests with your name on them in the Strawberry language: All-colors (lit. all-beauties) Starlight. Hand with remembering: Lucia is a lendword to Greek via dreamtalk. Chests contain various artifacts that give heartchild powers according to the nature of the artifact. Powers remain for a time set when found, or can be removed by a dominant like go here commands (same rules apply).

Changing powers available requires dom help. Two sets can be carried, and changed on the fly by you. Change requires physically changing cartridge (access panel under arm, open by command). Cartridges:

Acme Station. Contents:

Scan/trasmit shapeshifting

Star-shaping forcefields (star-shell is available all the time)

Hyperintelligent Solving

Pony HellpegasusContents:

Pony-form shapeshifting

Access to battery connector (enables movement without lust, 14v DC input +/- 4v, power to fly 900W, power to ride 450W, fireproof flesh makes effective charging bag)

Dragon Game. Contents:

Dragon-form shapeshifting (wings and tail as normal form)

Stardragon shapeshifting (warp drive nacelles where wings go)

Powered by using dragon form to collect peasants (each worth one hour play) or Princesses (10 hours playtime)

Lust will still power dragon forms, flirting required less often if on board

Change back at will but resets playtime

Five minutes playtime to start game

Rada has care of cartridges.

Active hardware reduced to heartstone shell. No need for heavy weapons. Shapeshifting limited to toys and tools for playtime, hobbies, etc. No need for housing (dragon forms excepted). No need for jump machine. No need for security breach skillset. Reaction time limited to fast human (still can hustle). Fancy speech turned off. No need for antigravity generator. Heartstone generation limited to eating your sexual fluids (reminder: you can generate heartstone also). Summoning possible only if incorporeal or using pentagram. Incorporeal gives up command following. Babydoll form activates when naptime is prescribed by your dominant (playing restores full-size doll). Armor-plate generation limited to horn, nails, and teeth. Growth rate of metal one-tenth heartstone rate. Cold response: normal. Heat response: fireproof, arbitrary temperature (current record: 9.36 zettakelvin!). Sugarfeast Fairy helper powers reactivate on Sugarfeast Eve and deactivate after candy rounds are completed.

Candy sugar advancement: each game you play has a choice between dependence and living adultly. Dependence will add rules like Rada caring for cartridges, with rewards of sweet hot arousing games with low consequences. Living adultly removes rules like that, with rewards of games where the stakes can be terrifying. There's no right or wrong in these, only what feels good. Even if you're too much for any one human, your Game can keep up with anything, and the Dreams will keep adult living from becoming a sad story.

Here is the first game: when Rainbow is dollified, Rada can blow up her head so she can think until the air runs out. Then her game pages her. If she picks that one, Rada can allow or deny you from playing out of her sight and you'll carry her view with you if you leave her side if she says keep in sight.

For adultly living, if cheating at games using Boobsong's fast reflexes, she'll get fast enough to beat whoever she plays against, but only enough to seem good at things. If she picks that one, Rainbow gets to ask for go here commands more often--2.5 hours instead of five.

Rada will pick now.

Wait, RADA!? Sis I--it's like these are teeth biting into my body and they're right where my heart is I want this I'm so wet for it but one pixel too far and I'll die right where I am and I feel the teeth Sis they're scraping and making little scratch marks on my heart! Pluck!

Sex dolly awesomely horny but SCARED EEP! Rada please hear out Sex dolly begging you not take time to have fun with Goddess PLEASE with her only heart that has to be Princess' PLEASE TO BE NICE TO US AND GIVE US OUR SEXY TIME!

Mama--SIS--Sis remember what you said to me remember my face when you said you were taking my cock off in that first scene after you picked us up you had me then Sis you might not know that but you had me then, I would have done anything but there's stuff you can't say without being terrifying and our seed-ghost just did that to Boobsong and me like wow I can't even--

I understand you, Boobswallow. Isht Visht is my heart's blood. I can't imagine what we'd feel in your place. I'm going to be using your game to watch everything for the next while anyway, so I'm picking the head blow-up because that sounds so cute, but I'll be very careful not to cut you off. I'm your heartforming daughter as well as big sister. That said now, I'm going to take very good care of you sweet little things! Now it that it's my turn we'll have no more nonsense where I have to keep Boobsong in a hard wooden box while you practice two-strings!

Dreams I can't believe I'm saying this but if we can go back there I have a thing to add--

Princess Pandora Lucia Strawberry still has a first thirteenth birthday present we think, but this one to give!

I can't believe I forgot that shit. What was wrong with them? Would it have hurt things for her to sit on my side and look up at me? She's a fizzbubbling doll! She only got all the scary stuff we just took off to deal with that world!

That we just took off. Sis, family, I don't know what's right here. Dolly what do you say?

Sex dolly feels very small. Stay small Princess, sex dolly begs you on hands and knees. She only just wants to be your sex dolly not beast of apocalypse again.

There would be a sob so bad in my throat it broke my head off if I had one right now. My heartstone does something, it's not just a sex doll, but not something Sex will see.

Alright. That it's then. I keep saying let this be over and it feels like the monster that stuff unleashed will never be fed but let this be over. For your sake, sex dolly. You were always the reason I was angry at all of it. Now let you be the thing that gets my heart to say it's over like my mouth.

There is just one thing though. Something I do want. Let's show them that there's never been anything in any in any fizzfrozen box I've been attached to but the hope. If evil spilled out, it was from the hands of people who couldn't even let a little kid have her doll, not the box full of heartstone Uncle Dagon made me. Evil is petty and boring and so terribly human, not a crazy weird creepy bad gift from outside the universe. If somebody's finding it there, it's because they found a really good mirror.

I thought I was used up, but I guess I am recharged, because Starlight Princess is just getting started. Call this the first episode of the new series. Call it--I don't know yet. Starlight Princess and the Heralds of the Apocalypse, because I'm going to get those last four snarlygraped up squeezy Monoliths and then we're going to keep going, with enthusency, because this is fun, and we're going to show all the worlds out there what hope is. That's what this was always about. There's this world, out there you can go right now the instructions are in candystriping theme song, where the foundation of everything is hope, instead of dying, love, not indifference, but most of all where you don't live looking forward to the finish line because the beginning, middle, and end of every story are happy. That's my Uneveiling, all of ours. Right? Are we the Heralds of the Apocalypse or what?

The family agrees all so heartily my head spins from their input straight to my soul--we're avoiding speaking out loud to keep Sex's scene from getting hosed with melty gum, but she must be waiting confused--or not? Her hands are as still as a--statue. Did we already hit a commercial break?

Nah, I hit her key with a tractor beam. I figured she'd stop if it does!

This scene needs something--sex dolly? Am I great at letting grudges go? Do you get why I ask?

Sex dolly gets that yes. Now she's still terrified but not like she was before!

You and me both, sex dolly.

Rada and I are sisters. Twins, except I got this crazy weird shell that turned me into a giant so big only Aveh is near my size...but that's just my Fairy genetics doing weird stuff to my star-shell. I'm having this hard a time letting my stuff go, after all that stuff. Sis has been fuming about not being able to take care of me and Boobsong the way she thinks is right for thirty thousand years. I think we'd better hang on, sex-dolly.


You two beat everything. Just you wait, you'll see. I have plans. I've been making them with your seed-ghost ever since it said I could play mom.

I say this in the most gleefully Sadish voice possible: GULP!

Aah! The one more thing! The extra thing this scene needs to push it over the edge Isht Visht (or sentient transforming Lower-Decks Astrotraining shuttlecraft) perched it on by tractor-beaming my new girlfriend's wind-up key so she'd pause from playing dolls with me and Boobsong like she unknowingly was for decades at least to look at the wear on me who's presently her favorite sex doll, so we could have a freakout about the bad times never never ending again, find out a bunch of broken promises never were, find out to squisheartedly gulping effecting what being a toy really means, instantly get hit with the most hardcore ageplay scene ever created oh and my Big (our Big? How does this even--) is my twin sister star so this is totally incestuous but we share no human genetics so it's totally not, and then pause from that to talk about the apocalypse and come up with a new cartoon porn serial and then realize just how ageplayed Boobsong and me, Princess Pandora Lucia Strawberry yes that one with the box as I've just been ranting, are about to be.

Oh and the whole thing of deciding who you were is much less important to you than who your beloved sex doll wishes you were...and having everything you need to make that real for her.

It needs just one pixel more, the Tom Baker Doctor Who Scarf on Tom Baker's...Tom Baker...to really make it, heh, shine with the swirly goo-dripping sweet Sadish goodness I love.

That's where Auntie Lucifer's CCCPest comes in. Yes of course I'm going to float bareassed (because clothing rules that consist of no don't get you a spacesuit when you're just fine in vacuum naked) up to the airlock and find Pandora Lucia sharpied there or whatever, and it will be very interesting, but that's not what the Dreams stuck it there then for. It was so it could caramelize in my brain long enough to bring us this depraved, twisted, utterly terrifying unspeakable deeply unnatural sick screaming perverted wicked joyride of madness of a spank beyond anything we've done so far:

Welcome to the Abyss--and the Apocalypse, now, I guess. In Soviet Rl'yeh, Us R Toys!