13 - Rainbow Unleashed

Wow it's good to see this again. Narrative gravity makes elevators and ideas like "up" and "down" seem silly. Just walk up the wall! There's a twist in the floor as we turn off the hallway, but crossing it the world just seems to turn so the new room is still upright.

...oh my sweet swirly grape juiceboxes. Mommy-boo's emporium is definitely for grownups. Have I been spiked from seeing all the grownup toys because I'm not old enough!?

The Dreams show me an Among Us Astronaut ARGH.

It's be mighty sus if they let a little kid like me see all that stuff!

Which is another reason calling it consent protection is a good educational wrong thing--pearl grain, is the idiom! The Dreams will happily spike practical issues from messing up your scene, or, like I'm getting, treat you as the role you're playing regardless of the technical requirements for that role, and in the Dreams stuff you're too young to explore either plain doesn't exist for you, or get stuff like this applied. Mommy-boo and Sis are my Bigs so they could maybe show me stuff, depending.

But this is a room of awesome kid stuff I can see perfectly! I think I remember it, too. The walls and floor are dark shiny stuff, a bit like those really shiny silver-black rocks you get at the science museum, there are windows to someplace wintry-feeling in the left wall, a glass counter on the right with cool stuff inside, a row of bespangled Four-Legs mannequins--I squint, eyeing them critically. Loooooks fake, glass eyes and stuff, but I looked about that fake a minute ago and definitely...felt totally fake it was the kinkiest thing and I hope that engine that holds you reward is what I think because I want to play doll, but anyway I was there and that was me I was just fake. They're wearing all sorts of fun jewelry and have awesomely silly hats with feathers and stuff. Mommy-boo knows my flamboyance level, yes she does.

The far wall is entirely little drawers. I've never known what's in all of them and they ooze curiosity. If we were left alone in here Boobsong and me would totally use the lower ones as a ladder--no, we wouldn't we'd just--songdive? It's like that. Jump ritually so our definition of "down" changes, and sit on the wall and look through them all.

"And then you would clean all of it up and put everything back carefully."

Yeah. Familiarity everywhere. It's making my brain bring up memories of Bonanza in Maine and stuff looking for the familiar awesome place I went with the cool mommy who wasn't my human mommy but I liked just as much and was just as important.


"Why every one of you snuggabuggles! Each and every one of you is my sweet fantasy."

Hey Sweetie's being really quiet. She got quiet when I started wigging out. I hope she's not up set or something. Mommy-boo heads to the back corner of the room, where the counter ends, and pauses, Sweetie stretches, but just sits there, chill.

Okay brain now can we process it? Mommy-boo just said you and Boobsong both are her sweet fantasy (which is how you translate eroven about 10% of the way but it takes whole poems otherwise). The last person to call me eroven was Boobsong about an hour after we re-met. Who needs crowns if Mommy-boo calls me eroven!

I love you too Mommy-boo--

"Sweetie's just relaxing. I used my tickle-toy on her feet while you had crushing realizations in the hallway. I'll get you quite soon, you'll see. Sex like this is very pounding. You do need help, but that's my hand in it."

Holy fffuck yes please and I want her to touch me I want this to get personal like it did with Sis. That was a very weird threesome but it still was one as far as I'm concerned--foursome, Isht Visht was out of the way, but there unless I'm mistaking my memory of Sis' expression. Touch us, Boobsong too so we can enjoy it together.

Mommy-boo is in the back corner, reaching stuff of a high shelf back there, building up a collection of things held by her magic. It is snowy outside! Sunlight shines off icicles outside the windows.

Ooh, dolly, file under fun hustling: get someone all strapped up to do me with an icicle strapon, then...pssshhhhsss!

Filed. Muahah Princess is being fun more!

And then I'll hand them a candy dildo that'll do something epic to me or something but the look on their face right now is such a great game.

Mommy-boo is coming back with her collection of stuff. The thing I can figure out most (and brightest) is a big purply-pink heart like a round shiny box of candy made of gemstone (of some kind. I sort of know rocks. Mostly I'm just a giant whore who likes pretty ones though). It looks awesome I want to lick it even if it is just rock.

The other stuff is...blurred like her shop? It's for using on me (I mean right?), surely I can see it then!

The Dreams show me a very shiny rawhide dogbone.

Gulp. Be a pet, stop trying to understand things. I remember feeling held, and little, with Mommy-boo, because housepets are the never-grew-up version of their animal...that's still not quite right, because my purpose is to be her daughter's lunch...but she fostered our relationship, and that meant treating me like a person, but...this is making me dizzy...and my chambers are here and that's my domain...Mommy-boo has the heart held out and she's all close and near.

"You're a pet for that sillyful game, aren't you? Forget our agreeing that you're a pet for me as well around here? Your game and me agreed oh years and years back. You never had a say in it of course. Now relax, back up two steps, take a deeply sighing breath, and take a load off."

Terror pounds through me I don't know why it's not changing anything sentient doms wig me out of course but I already glomped right onto Mommy-boo the instant--I'm taking the steps back--do I know what's coming next GULP she didn't answer me about the collar before and Boobsong's leash has been feeling wrong and there was no way to get the collar earlier but I remember I REMEMBER and and--the chair that's come up under me bumps into my shins and knocks me off my feet and soft poofy cushions surround me and I know they'll be bright pink apparently even though I can't look away from Mommy-boo to see the chair. The footrest comes up and pushes my legs out, comfy, huh, whatever way this mindfuck is going it's working my mind is fucked!

I take the breath to keep from exploding but it's more shaking than sighing dolly.

[Vision: green checkmark]

Okay you know what I was really asking wait my feet are up this is going to be tinglies again or shoes super kinkily except--gulp--

"Get a sure feet there, Rainbow Starshine. You'll be comfy warm and safely held at Heart Home with Mommy-boo in charge. Take five deep breaths now."

With both arms wrapped tight around Boobsong I breathe in, hold, out again. In, hold, out again. Three more times, with Mommy-boo just watching sweetly. She looks pleased as I come to the end up them without drama.

"There you are. Good exhaling all that trauma. You're scared of me a bit, I think. Would you like to think first, or shall Mommy-boo get out her toys and play until you feel good, and then talk?"

YOU'RE SO KIND screams out a little piece of me drowning in the ocean of the rest that just keeps peeking nervously at Boobsong's pages and see visions of green and the chair and Mommy-boo all green-checkmarked and I start to cry a little because I can't make words come out but there's the question that's eating me up and the answer I need but...Mommy-boo that there see.

I squeeze Boobsong tighter and fidget to curl in the chair a little and shake and start to cry properly but I don't know why except being so afraid.

I can't make the words to tell you what's wrong with me. Please understand.

She sets down the stuff she took down with a bob of her head, and looks on lovingly. I'm surprised I used that word I shouldn't be surprised.

"We'll build you a crown to beat everything, just watch, but you want to take that off for a while, don't you, tsk tsk. It's heavy to wear titles and all those names and things. Don't you want to be a simpler being with less to be for a while? How about a pony-pet--ironic, wouldn't it be? Humans are a little bit that way in my house. Now the sound that got your heart stirred makes more sense, hmm? You remember these."

Mommy-boo picks something up from the floor and holds it out. Deep round cups with hoses--okay but why would that freak me out? My game's milked me before, threatened twice a day and then we hit all the drama, it's incredibly humiliating especially right in front of the windows here but this is the exact kind of sexy objectifying degradation that gets me off, and Mommy-boo makes me feel as expensive and fancy as any jewelry she has. Actually I'm pretty full, I need this unless I want to really fill up her milk supply soon. Anyway eravahk aren't you low I seem to think?

Fifty percacity, it chirps very Starlight Princessily with the made-up word.

I haven't given good little Boobsong a milk treat all day! She's had plenty of reasons to get one. Tsk, self.

Mommy-boo Boobsong green checkmark me not you--

"It's just a little milking, and a bit of tack. You'll be proud, you always wear it so finely. Here at Heart Home we save humans for milk and fun times, not the work I see you thinking of. Your heartchild has first dibs on you for sex, and Boobsong is a dragon and we know what that means. You have Heart Home chambers because that's her hoarding-place. She can keep you in there according to my rules, but your game has some fun twists to that, doesn't it? Your milk's hers to be shared around, the same way. Isn't that relaxing now? The leash feels funny because it's hers to hold your end here, and we do have leash rules outside, and you remember that. There's a funny trick you play, where your handle looks like a collar, and your game hangs onto that eravahk so it's a collar--my rule is you can't get out of it, and your game makes sure you hold on tight through everything, so that's the collar-end. My station isn't to be her mommy-domme, just her seed-mother that she lives with. Finally you have special treats, because she's luxhi'khora. No-one else gets to call for you, or ask for sex slaving, because she's there inside, using you already. She can offer a threesome or moresome, as she's doing with my chair right now, but that's your and her hehe affair. Now we lock the collar to get started, but yours is already on you, so I have this to start us off with a splash."

She holds up the heart, and sounds of something sloshing in it open more gates of pounding fear and squishy submissive heart-fixing love and I feel it throbbing low and deep calling--wait, the chair says hi, with its vibrator voice. Hehe Starlight watch out, your chair's going to cum! I wiggle my butt in the seat in a silly return greeting and idly wonder if the chair has any shapeshifting it'll say a real hello with when we get started, now that Boobsong's apparently given permission (and aren't we suddenly growing a mischievous streak...but you're not in trouble because all your green checkmarking just held me together and you totally knew that, huh).

Princess your sex dolly did what you like for this in old times but she did say Princess needs help knowing she's okay with this.

I pet her head--ooh, to start things off right, some milk in your mouth. I quickly pull Boobsong's head back, force my eravahk between her helpless lips and click for her to spend the lust getting violated gives on drinking the mouthful of milk you're giving now eravahk click.

Fresh yummy good gulp. Slurp off the eravahk very weak but still doing it.

With the whole-heart-fire happiness of doing anything with Boobsong, I take my eravahk out, click her capped, and relax, look at kind patient Mommy-boo, and finally do breathe that sighing breath.

What terrified me was I remembered what Heart Home is, in my heart, and felt the weird floaty feeling of the weird bunch of special cases that makes it anything other than an ocean of a life I probably wouldn't mind much and get lost in forever...while in the back of my soul that little part that's chanting in a more and more desperate voice every moment I don't play with her Boobsong Boobsong Boobsong Boobsong Boobsong Boobsong Boobsong Boobsong like an unending summoning would have set my whole heart on fire and burned it to ash. Just with the special case of her being luxhi'khora it's really ironclad but this game still feels like dancing over the Hollow Heart Abyss with a giant down-arrow on your--body-paint, in my case.

The heart still terrifies me.

When I put my head back up from tastegiving Boobsong, Mommy-boo opens the heart up. It's filled with treats? Little candy boobs, clear with white explosions in their middles--oooh, I know what those are. I think I remember making them? I know they're my work.

Why was I scared of that? It's about time, really. My boobs are all itchy-hot and touch-me, through all this drama they've been quite neglected. BeTtER bAcK tHE ChaIR uP, MoMmY-bOo, I grin with wicked glee, don't want me hitting the drawers again!

What am I missing I forgot something didn't I. Oh well better get Boobsong positioned right or she'll be living up to her name as she flies through the air. I scootch her down good into the folds of my hips and--oh fuck was it that they don't go back--oh well grab Boobsong tight okay.

A smiling Mommy-boo lifts a candy with her magic, and floats it over to me, and I open my mouth and she pops it inside. Yum, creamsicle! With that human-breastmilk flair. Did I use my real milk for this somehow? Trying to remember. My milk's just normal for some reason, you'd think it'd be like french vanilla to go with my strawberry cum, but no. Oh well. They appreciate it around here for some reason--the gummi breaks open and splashing milk fills my mouth.

And breasts. Wow it fills my already-too-full breasts. Hurry Mommy-boo it's starting! My breasts get taut and start to harden as they keep up with the new milk by expanding--the candy does that, that's my style, but my breasts also do that "naturally" (thanks game), and it feels amazing like having them pressed on so they feel pressure everywhere, and unlike "real" breasts (I'd say normal but I'm kind of getting into this doll thing) they get more nerves the bigger they grow, so it gets quite interesting.

Quite interesting. While I can still see her face light up as the lust brings her to life, I pick Boobsong up, fit her onto the end of my clit, push inside her (she's stretchy in doll form, and still really hot) and click my command for when--there you go!

Sex dolly's mouth opens wide and her head eeeaarrah slowly lust she won't wait for it tips back up to put her eyes to your and her eyes get wide because your clit is huge like this!

My heart warms with the sense of this one really nice sandwich shop I went to once, Boobsong's idea of her supper. Eat up, you.

Still being cocksleeve yet but when hands go...sex dolly eat you hungrily raaah!

It's hard to tell apart from my heaving-bosoms breath but I think I can already see my urgent breasts growing, just a little--LeT's mAkE iT a LoT! Mommy-boo has the milker ready but she knows what will happen if she's just a little bit more patient and is waiting smirkingly. I reach up and grab my nipplOOOOOH yeah they neeeeded that. The warm-feeling exclaimation-point of nipple-touching floods through me as I pinch and twists at them, get big pinches of sensitive strawberry-red areola, oh feels so good and also. Also holy fuck I can feel it moving them. I can feel milk bubble up with my game's supernatural help pushing out filling every crevice of milk-duct inside of them and blowing them up like balloons which should be way painful by now but my game just expands them to fit it all and makes it feel awesome like I said before...and when I play with my own breasts, me specifically (it can't be done to me, which seems like a weird reversal until you realize it gets me to do this, which is great fun for Mommy-boo I can see from her hopeful expression)...I make milk ten times as fast as normal.

Hands leaving BOUNCE squeeze short legs up and down slide along your shaft so big it fills your sex dolly up from pussy to neck and all that slippery soft sexy pussy inside of her gets to squeeze on and suck your cum right out!

Does the bonus stack with my candy? What do you think of me, it multiplies! So I can see them expanding, which is a crazy thing to see even in this crazy world, especially as I'm doing it on purpose, slowly right now eclipsing Boobsong as she gets to work bouncing her own little boobs cutely with the effort of fucking a clit that's as big as she is, just barely visible (but I sure can feel it). It's too sensitive and painful to bounce them--no, no it isn't! Boing! Okay wow that felt good. I start to pet and bounce them along with the nipple-teasing, and see the expansion speed up, covering the last visible part of Boobsong's busy horns. Soon she'll be wedged between them and I'll thrust to fuck her because she won't be able to move herself. Until then, her instructions are to make me cum and cum, but keep me horny enough to make sure I get biggest by keeping playing. I just don't want to think about frying from this awesomeness, because it's already getting overwhelming. My breasts are growing out nice and round, so I have a bit yet before I can't reach my nipples anymore and Mommy-boo puts the milking machine on me but until then nipple fun is the fastest way to grow.

It also feels amazing like cool water on a hot day so good.

I can really see it go now and they're starting to be so heavy on my chest I start trying to hold them up with my arms and giggling at how they spill over--soft rubber mouthy cups close over my nipples and suck me like they're nursing holy fuck I forgoooot that paaaaaaAAAAAAAARRT--

Here it comes sex dolly hopes she can fit this all!

[Food metaphor: strawberry cheesecake YUM!]

I LOOOOVOE YOU TOOOOOO AAAAAAAH WOOOW SWEET SPINNING TAFFY I CAN HEAR THEM IN BETWEEN MY SCREAMING! Little stretching sounds, just enough it's hot and not creepy, feel like scratching the itch of needing stimulation. The milkers aren't getting--there we go! Wet throbbing exploding relief gushes out of my nipples with every gripping suck of the milkers, fills the transparent tubes behind the sucking ends of black rubbery stuff--wait how--you said my milk's just milk, game!

Knowledge: that was before my light came back. Now it makes it more fun.

Candy milk explodes with each pull the milkers take. Brown chocolate is followed by orange julius and pink strawberry and every color including some glowing ones wait lets make some fun for this candy in my milk ducts tiny dust dissolving fast what's it do OOH complements whatever flavor I make chocolate gives a sensual soft comfy thing orange makes you want to get out of bed and MUAHAH greet the day purple you'll take a page from Boobsong's book and be readable for a while aaaAAAAAH okay distracted HOPE YOU CAN TELL WHICH ONES WERE WHICH MOMMY-BOO BWAHAHA--actually I can see the milker and it's like a gatling-milker with pipes that seem to rotate a new bottle in for every suck.

I'm still cumming--good job dolly--and my expansion feels like beyond intense milk keeps on bubbling out of their soft seething inside to fill me and push me further out and make my face screw up with silly pleasure and how I look ridiculous and all the more expansion comes because every bit of pleasure I gain from enjoying myself this way makes me make milk faster. Mommy-boo's milker is running out of time to stay ahead of this and then we'll be in over our heads! I'm not quite sure what happens if there's nothing to stop the self-sustaining expansion--it sure won't be my fairy self running out of capacity to feel this good--so the game might let me turn into a planet of breasts before it changes me back, or we might see me fry anyway, Boobsong fucking or not, who knows, that's the adventure.

I'm clear across the room by now, the chair has moved back, but all I see is boobs, just a big expanse of softness filling everything. Heavy blankets of breasts pin my arms, and I wiggle them slowly to Boobsong, though it takes doing. There's no more need or hope to play with these. They're playing with me now. Hands are touching me on the right--Sis?--and the warm soft smoothness of Mommy-boo's magic on the left, keeping me from destroying the counter or mannequins. FOR NOW AAHAHAHAHAH THE BOOBPOCALYPSE IS UNSTOPPPABLE!

"Pussywillow you beat everything. From scared and crying to this in five minutes, I'm impressed with you."

Aww! Thanks Sis.


I'd send you up dolly but you have work to do.

Cum filling up all parts...cum squeezing...rrahhh stay inside cum! DRAGON'S TAKING YOU! SEX DOLLY LIKES IT HERE THANKS!

"Oh yes and I think I'll come up if this keeps going much! We'll have to take the roof off but I'm sure the Dreams will help us there. This is wonderful for our sex fair preparations! Just the smell alone will attract new additions from half of Rl'yeh Sade!"

I worry that we're the badguys sometimes, because nobody in my circles ever seems to do negotiation or consent or anything, we just ride the Rocks--slang for just being rapey and seeing who the Dreams let you take, just like my Fairy rings or how you might wanna read (or avoid, Heart Home's great) the fine print on any carnival games Mommy-boo sets up--but I know from the inside there are lots of wishes you can't get anywhere near on a world like Earth of being taken and conquered and captured and chained against your will that would go unanswered if people like us couldn't play the other side of them and I know it because well, look at me. Boobsong herself is my Heart Home Sex Fair Fairy Ring...she just had a different game to make me play...yet it's one I'd die without, I need it like air.

Why's it feel so much better that she forced me into it? Shouldn't I want to see the ultimate trophy of my irresistible Strawberry wiles in her?

Maybe I just like the kinkiness of the idea with so many twists and turns of how it comes to be she's my sex dolly and I give commands and hold her on a leash she's never free of. Maybe I just hate responsibility that much.

It scares me because if she ever changed the game to what you'd expect of us from Heart Home's rules, I'd break myself into a million pieces trying to play the new one.

Wow brain, these are a lot of thoughts for someone who's 99.8% breasts by weight now.

Feathery arms and legs splat onto my right breast and I scream with pleasure-pain because it's so full and can't keep up with milking even with this pressure now--eep, that means I'm expanding until my game stops it or something, sucking milk out won't stop me now!


"Rainbow subboobtaneous expedition! Dive!"

Arms and legs and feathery torso slither down between my enormous milky meltdowns and get stuck almost instantly. She struggles a bit, but nothing's happening, there's too much pressure.

Kind of like the rest of me. All my breasts I mean. My body feels small and lost in all this pressure-feeling soft expanding yum. Breast of me, not rest of me. Um.

Knowledge: this is it for now. I'll keep growing for a month or so, sleep will come in fits my game arranges, Boobsong on my clit will keep on working me so I don't get fried by this, and at the end my boobs will cover half of Heart Home. They'll stay that way, at the limit of my ability to have big boobs without frying, until I let go my hope to come back, and make Boobsong get off my clit until I fry, and then I'll really grow. They'll hear the sound for light-years.

Do I think it's not serious, or actually want that!? Is this how Sex felt when she thought she'd be a statue forever? AAH am I going to end up some way expanded like she's wind-up? The world is just growing expanding filling hope to see my heartchild's face again--something feels across me like exhaling breath--I'm going back oh please I need to see her face!

My breasts unwind the tension of being full as fast as they filled up with it--faster, still more until they zip back so quick Sweet's left hanging upside down like Wile E Coyote for a moment before she flaps and scrambles back to the floor unharmed OKAY WHAT SCRUMBLY BURNED OUT PEANUT CRISP IS THIS WHY AM I ON TRUE SEA PHYSICS I SHOULD AT LEAST BE BULLET-TIMING SEXY POSES WITHOUT EVEN THINKING ABOUT IT. Did I have a hentai X-ray box or is that just a totally great idea? Game, horny idea, you know what to do.

Knowledge: I have X-ray sides to anyone who asks my game for them, on and off as they'd like to see. I'm really quite convenient and fun for audiences. I should ask about the feature list another time.

Top, See yourself from the outside, One midsection tromp

Interesting, since I can already do what this goal is saying, third-person.

My breasts are back to usually-abnormal, I feel much more myself than when we started, and there's Boobsong, looking up at me with her mouth wide in sexy joy sliding up and down my shaft.

Something weird happens. We have more to do and I'm curious what my tack will be (I remember silliness, I think), I could cum or not...and I don't want to be the one to decide.

That's why I scare myself. Giving up control--

Sweet pussy Starshine, the game will not let you abandon her. Be afraid only if your heart grows cold and you ignore her in your sadness. You were a berry picked at first ripeness and still have long to grow up yet. Be a child and have fun with no fear. Your games with seed-ghost tell you this. Give up the hard and heavy weights and feel her fire grow like now.

The game chooses Rada's hands will make her bring you off again. You control the rest.

There the anchor is. The game pretends you have such free arousal running over you to make it fun to lose yourself in the feeling of jumping off a so tall mountain it takes years to reach the bottom, but there is no control of that, just a game to play.

Try another game. Say I want to feel the stop.

It pauses. Boobsong's devotion feels all strong and hard now, and I'm full up with worship--is this Mommy-boo in here!? Hehe, I impressed her with my horniness to get big! That look before.

This is a weird game when we just told me I don't control how much control? "I want to feel the stop."

Oh! YES! And you just tricked me into--I want to feel the stop I want to know I'm just playing the game you set me and not getting myself into trouble because I'm such a thirsty sub I leave Boobsong without her Goddess--but now you took that decision from me first step but yes horny make me feel it you're trying to tell me you already took all control over this away but I want to feel that I want to feel the stop.

Here's the stop. For the first time at turning off each sleep, your horny hands will fondle her. Override controlling them to do it your way, or they will do the game's. It's a metaphor. Only choice is how to play. The game is chosen. Feel the metaphor every day, see your life go the same as that.

Great berry fun explosion: hearing cum freely fall around you arouses pleasure to the extent that you hear it fall. Hear enough, and you cum (requires Boobsong involved of course)! Dependence: Rada may give sex appointments for you and Boobsong, immediate, schedule, or later, indefinitely. She can use your game to make you or beat up your body if you fail to keep them.

Horny fun device: once a month your thighs get holes in them. In these holes are screws that hold your legs on. Taking legs off fills up pleasure while they're off to make you go like a sex machine. With legs off, need a mounting post. Find or have to make one. Mounting post keeps your hole lubed and clit hard and body filled with lust and movement. Go until your legs back on. Maybe stay a million years, as long as you fuck Boobsong. If she goes hungry, legs put back. Dependence: Rada can choose play techniques to drill you and Boobsong on. She can make you fuck or play to show you how to do things, and watch you and check performance when you play in funtime. You will hear the readout after but she watches as you play and can come close to see things.

Sounds keep mill on tiles: Horny feelings make a sound heard to friends around you. Noise is subtle so not distracting. Stop right there and fuck Boobsong, if they tell you to. Be awake all night if they make you. Dependence: Rada has alarm for unsqueezed horny feelings that will tell her you're repressing. Alarm will tell her everything about where you are and what you're doing, and be able to send message by a button press to say sex appointment with assignment optional.

...aaand after all that--no, duh, because my leash at least looks strong enough to keep me from running away I can say holy negative space poprocks and anticoke seed-ghost keep going harder Sis I still want you to homeschool me remember that was real right if the Strawberry Apocalypse was but dolly, dragon, it's your teeth I wanna feel I want you in this eroven I want your bite to be the tightest of all because it's your fantasy I want to become that game with being Sex's dolls is a start, yes, but I want--how can this work but you see, you understand--

Fairy toy, your sweet demand is unveiling how you get off on being eroven, twisted sweet dream-toy, not a Fairy Queen of your own design. Her a bouncy sexy toy, you the queen that makes her wiggle, in this game her fantasy bites more deeply than you can feel it yet. Hard chains you can't see, look, teeth around your neck!

Its voice in my mind is syrupy sweet loving condescension that makes me feel four years old and precious as diamonds and like I'll cum, like I'm the size of the weird glowy butterfly I look like with my wings out and it's gently holding me spread-eagled, big as worlds, so it can carefully bring me off, and I want to scream more, anything to get you to keep talking to me game, why did you use Knowledge: all that time when you could have talked to me like this!?

Holding you carefully still while it makes you cum is exactly your game's plan for you--very appealing image, dragon's teeth that hold your neck steady while she pleasures you with her tail around your clit stroking up and down.

Here come teeth.

Something flashes like the corset when my game taught me how heatproof Boobsong is, and in front of me lines of purple fire blaze in the shape of a circle--holy grape ringpops--

[!] Your sex dolly made this part herself just by having it shapeshift off her gums. Those are her teeth. Make dragon sex dolly bite you, she asks you with her heart of hope bringing out her pleading eyes.

The ring takes shape and purple heartstone, pale like Boobsong's pussy-lips with gleaming round hard shapes--cocksleeve to the end, I see--like clits extending out of their hoods around the circumference: teeth, Boobsong-style. They'll press on my neck if I shrink down like Mommy-boo makes me want...and when I look down to see Boobsong standing with her eyes closed and hands back, waiting for me to pick up her controller and play.

No they won't, will they. Heartstone's soft or hard depending on how it's made. The collar can stretch if a few of the teeth are pulled--like looking down--but if she made the part around them hard, pushing my head down into my chest and curling up submissively will make them all press in and choke me, like the dog-collars that bite dogs too big to just be handled with a collar made of fabric.

I hope that hurts so I scream at the top of my lungs. Maybe they turn sharp then. A little blood might go good here. I want to feel this OH FUCK I JUST UNDERSTOOD WHY VIOLET WANTS TO STAY CONSCIOUS WHILE ANDREA WORKS ON HER.

[!] Pain would make your heart get cold, but you will very very feel it when you cringe like that! Make sex dolly cringe, that's her job.

I LOVE YOU SO MUCH YOU EVEN FOUND SOME WAY TO DEAL WITH WHAT A WUSS I AM. She's right, pain seems to be a spark that lights some people's hearts on fire, but I just curl up tighter unless it's like that spanking that knocked me out--heh. I think I called that last paddle the Headboard because it was the last thing I'd see beforesleep.

My breath comes shallow, my mouth hovers half open, and everything makes sense. It's all so clear now, my whole life. Soft tears well up as I realize the terror that's been haunting me, about the game and Sis and our seed-ghost and Sex and everything that fulfilled itself in the chair when Mommy-boo came at me with the box of teehee Milkbuds that I thought contained a collar instead was that someone would get here, before I was ready to see this, and hear Boobsong's asking me to make her bite me, with the joy and hard burning need I feel now. If Mommy-boo had had a collar in that box, I would have sat there quietly while she clapped it on...and lost this. All my light, my scary dragon sex doll, none of that would have helped me, because I desperately have to have this done to me BUT I WANT BOOBSONG'S COLLAR AND OUR GAME WHERE I CLICK COMMANDS AND SHE OBEYS BUT I WEAR THIS ANYWAY! I WANT MY DRAGON'S TEETH AROUND MY NECK EVEN AS SHE SUCKS MY CLIT!

With a flick of will I pull the game-goal up again:

Top, Design specific form of collaring ritual, Heavy steam will be made lighter

It never said whose collaring.

Heavy steam will be made lighter. So obvious. All these steamy domme-ination heh scenes with Sis and Mommy-boo and who knows who else to come (I'm sure not the domme of the Holidays) weigh on me with the fear I was crying about before I realized all that was in that box was my own fizzbubbling candy before I'm sure I won't miss this here. All that sad weight will just lift knowing I'm on a leash that'll yank me back like the stupid overenthusiastic puppy this stuff turns me into.

Design specific form--alright then fucking click with my eravahk point right at you like the remote it is, dolly.

Enabled creative decision path for topic.

Stop fucking to say this.

Hard hot dragon voice.

"This sex dolly is collaring Rainbow Starshine. She calls dibs. Rainbow has to play this sex dolly's game where Rainbow commands this sex dolly with her toys to service her and be her toy forever. That's it, no choice not asking just hair up sit forward let your game move you or keep still and feel the music still just make you. No being active you don't have choice in this."

Commands off. On after collaring.

My chair's back clicks up to hold me upright, and I dig my heels in. If you're going to make me, make me. I grab--my hands won't move, they're--what this feeling holy open pussy pops that's incredible my hands feel like dancing! The music's up, behind, hair, grab and lift, up, behind, hair, grab and lift a pulsing pounding beat oh my screaming cocksleeve gum it just keeps GOING up, behind, hair, grab and lift, up, behind, hair, grab and lift, the pounding cock inside my heart turns the whole world into up, behind, hair, grab and lift, until I can't stop moving my whole self to up, behind, hair, grab and lift the dance is like a drumbeat my hands are going--

Very sad to leave your clit--no wait, it's coming! Game, detach and bring it with this sex dolly! Pop it's coming free! Feel it stay...okay let's do this!

Eerrraaaah NOPE just sex dolly not for standing! Fine then, big sex doll! EeeaaaaAAAAH blowing up so good it feels like puffy soft horniness filling everything aaaAAAH DOOF.

--going up, behind, hair, grab and lift, oooh that's wonderful like dancing to the beat at a club with everyone watching me HOLY FUCK what's this feeling like a steel box closing around me but so arousing like my statue-form, but only in my head. Thoughts are stopping now.

Sexy feeling, huh? Read you out.

You just switched with me and I want you back at my command but if you keep going I'll never stop you this feels too good is this your life like this? That--

Horny thought to think, you might be stuck like this. How's that feel, let's see.

Golden soft morning after terrible nightmares, my heart flows freely with that warm sweet healing water as I realize that I really just need her, as long as she's the one to do the reading I'll be in happy chains heh forever.

Very softly: eyes closed. Make sound like click with mouth.

The music brings my eyelids down, and the steel entraps me so gently--

Her tender hands rub my neck, the hands of my eroven, doll, and cocksleeve, but now I'm her toy. It was always meant to be like this. I just got jumbled. Now she's putting back what always should have been around my neck from that first night in Strawberry Home. Something goes around my neck--she's doing it! Come on, please, feel the teeth come, not so loose I'm begging you, strap me tight I need this hold--AAAH YES--

AAAH EEEP THAT'S HARD! All the teeth around the ring that snugly makes my neck feel like she's hugging it push in, and hit my carotid arteries! Blood flow stops instantly, and the teeth move to target me, there's no chance of missing or escaping without lifting up my head. Spots and lights leap out and I stay until reflex makes me straighten up--I don't want this to be voluntary. It's like the music, but more brutal, and that's perfect.

Warm sweet rush of healing fire pouring through my chest. She collared me. My capture is complete at last. I guess I'm stuck like this--

Commands on.

The Dreams caress this sacred moment with a vision of...a box of Chicken McNuggets!?

Top, Design specific form of collaring ritual, Heavy steam will be made lighter

"Chicken nuggets mean aftercare! Let's go get Fries, McNuggets, and cake!"

Push your nose and make a click sound.

Here's the game. This dolly is your toy. Make her service you. Make her pussy wet by holding her the way that collar holds your head up high. Tight and hard, no breathing room, she just needs lust, not oxygen. Give her lots of time to worship you or you'll be statuized for a million years. Judge and punish her for laziness or just because. Take your hurt out on her with your spanking hands. She submits with love, so make her scream!

There you go that's your order.

With my heart in my snugly held throat I slowly see if I can open my--oh she's so beautiful. My hands are up still, so I--

"Here's a helping hand. Sixteen, exactly said."

Small soft hands grab my arms and stretch them out to the sides--hey! I struggle, but with eight of Malina on each side, I'm not going anywhere.

"Until you cum, we stay. No more hands until you try like her order says. Make her scream, or stay a thousand years. We can wait."


Slowly put up face and get close making kissy soft lips and eyes so flirty softly kiss now please--MMMH oh kiss MMMF your happiness is warm and golden! Aaaah...mouth wide open your dolly wants you deep inside MMH YES tongue pull down...pulling...

[Food metaphor: yummy steak dinner]

Her tongue grabs at mine and urges me in, sucking hungrily as I dance with with her mouth to feel her slippery pussy-soft lips slide across mine--click, stay still.

Now I know what page to read here.

Horny soft wet. Not a single move. Dolly stopped like steel that fills her heart to tail-end. Just a sexy doll, horny soft fucktoy, waiting still.

Slowly I pull back from her motionless face and take my insane tongue out of the depths of her throat, licking up nectar as I go. It makes a nice big swallow to gulp at her.

"You tricky cocksleeve. No clit, can't cum, don't like it anyway, just a super slave. You get off every time I do this!"


I'm openly fake-angry, giggling all the way. It feels like my whole body will just turn to fire from happiness. I'm surprised I don't see iron-smoke filling the whole room, how bright I feel.

My light is there, thousands of mwaha Big Bangs waiting calmly, but I guess joy turns me into a paintbrush instead of a novabomb.

There's the order, can't follow yet...

"You listen here dolly. You be good and work hard and do what I tell you when I tell you, but after that I am going to get off on knowing how it feels to have that music take over and seeing my commands do that to you so you make sure that's happening, get me?"

Nod hard YES!

...feel the music coming up, fire building burning hot still can't AAH the orders cancel out but the music just keeps building up!

"I was serious, you know. If you'd just switched us you would've had me happy as can be--but this is way more fun, isn't it?"


She's stalk-still except her face, which is still open-mouthed from my kissing her, but her eyes show my torment, just a bit yet, but it's building.

"I couldn't believe how powerful it was. I thought I'd all fight and struggle and it'd drag me along or slip like the game but...it changed me, it made me dance, every part of me! You have it good! This is way more than being a puppet, isn't it?"


"So I have a dolly who's going to go from that music taking her so--totally in her deepest soul to follow my commands without an ounce of choice, to the hard steel embrace of that container that kept me still after I was done obeying?"


"We clap with other parts of us, confusing many friends, but still keep holding you until your cum is hers."

Malina makes me giggly, but through my smile I look all serious at my dolly.

"I love you so much."


Adoring face but screaming still "YOUR SEX DOLLY LOVES YOU EEAAAAAAAH"

"I think the best part was the part where it just took over all of me and it was just happening!" Click! No more hold still, leaving only dance until I cum from it!

Hands out and over head back stretch up tall hips sway them round and then get fucking! Fucking hard and fast the rhythm's like a sex machine! Bang bang bang bang so much building up it feels a million times as powerful to get loose at last!

Pounding fast hot rythm YES AAAH SO GOOD TO MOVE FOR YOU!

The motion of my clit inside of her as my game keeps it up her pussy feels like squeezing hands, slick with hot sweet nectar, running up and down a bit, but mostly just compressing with each thrust. It makes me want to thrust in her--so I do--but of course that does nothing but make her bounce--she's kneeling up to show herself, so it doesn't hit my suction-cup between her legs--oooh I have a bad plan.


Let's just see what happens. Game or Sis or Mommy-boo, please help if she can't get it all?

Top, See how hard the bark is, one bite using own teeth

"Oh, hot, I just made you scream by biting you between two orders, how's that feel, dolly!"

The heat of making kid-voice enough to say this stuff does that opposite of making my blood run cold. SO GOOD.

"I sure did see how hard the bark of that music and the encased of the stopping are!"

"It's so good!"

Moving...down your legs...

She probably won't be able to get it all the way through without help.

"Oh, she'll have some."

...down and down it's coming soon...

As Boobsong works her way bouncily lustful-faced down my legs to my toes standing tall over the footrest, the Dreams show me a vision of--hehe, the North Pole pole? What's Santa got to do with this?

...here it comes your toes inside your sex dolly's pussy, YUS! Bracing on the footrest...legs here right above your feet and sink down on AAAAAAA--

Her face is hot sweet love as she sinks down to push my clit deeper using my toes, with her eyebrows up in the middle and closed eyes so happy-looking and my heart shining bright on her cheek...and sweet little drops of black at the corners of her eyes--

"Oh dolly, are you crying?"

Bouncy dancing nod fast.

"Your sex dolly--aaahHAAH--foot fetish! SO HAPPY SHE COULD SCREAM OUT--"

She suddenly sinks right down to my ankle, her pussy a slick warm glove around my foot--what's that sound--aaaAAAAAH FUCK WHAT'S HAPPENING!? Sound explodes from everywhere, crashing cymbals and triangles tinkling and jingle bells--is Santa Here!? No, it's something else, I know that sound OH FIZZBUBBLING TRIANGLE SHORTCAKE BARS THAT'S THE STARLIGHT PRINCESS THEME!

Boobsong's wings are spread wide with horny joy and she looks so beautiful dancing there on my foot, but that's as far as my foot can push my clit inside the inner end of her pussy, and my balls are still (wonderfully, wetly joyously squeezingly) just in her pussy. I'll cum any moment now, and I want it all the way inside to get the maximum weirdness out of this (there's no numb hands or thing growing in my midsection, boo)--


Something's pushing my clit up--oh hi, Mommy-boo! Thanks for the helping hand!

"Oh glady. Where we have a home, help will--"

Cum exploding out fire fills up my shaft clit feels the strange inside of Boobsong's heart as rushing water running down its length and Mommy-boo gets my balls in both at once so squeezing-good that's skill Mommy-boo!

My body feels the tingles come just before it all goes black.