15 - Lost Triangle

I wanna celebrate this so hard. I wanna play with--hey, can--click.

Slurping soft tongue licks around your tip...tasty with cum still a drop leaking out...JUST like giving a blowjob this is wonderful! Who needs sucking-trick when your dragons mouth is around you all the time! Kissing the tip super sexily...

Her sweet little kiss pulls at my tip, which is a trip to feel, since her grinningly-amazed face is right in front of me, really looking like she's giving a blowjob.

What is with this that I just infinitely want to fuck? Click!

Sucking you off hard and fast--

And I drag her up to make out, and be felt up, and in no time I'm gasping and she's going still with her mouth open and eyes rolling back because apparently being cum in is still overwhelming. That's nice to see, it's one of my favorite parts of sex with her.

My sexuality so confuses me. Making out to cum was so good and felt, felt, beautiful in a way I don't when my clit's in the way, but it really takes this. I still needed to fuck her.

That was the craziest feeling! Having two mouths is confusing! The cocksleeve hole that your clit is in just turned into one when you said blowjob but it felt really just like sucking you with this mouth on the outside of your sex dolly which is really intense when you're kissing her at the same time!

This is epic. We like, have to learn all over, but apparently I'm really infinitely horny, now!

So game and seed-ghost are you just waiting for me to be all horny for this before you drop the doozies on us I think you have queued up to mark the occasion? Because apparently I am.

"I mean, unless you're sick of thinking about this, sex dolly. Smirk."

"Yeah if you think completely obsessed with means sick of!"

The game has a very big announcement for after your seed-ghost.

Horny Delusion: Command makes her feel your clit as in motion when your hips move. Use this to fuck her like old times.

Maximum Journey: for the inside to come out again, take a weird journey as you cum. Have to keep trying this to make her able to feed your clit out. Only can go if she desires that. Maybe not time to get there before her feelings change. Have to be very persistent.

Catchup Power: big cum will expand heartchild until she's a bouncing ball if you keep going. Command will make her devour it and get back to shape.

Heartchild Run Stethoscope: Her stroking is audible in a quiet room. Command will silence this.

Big Turn On You'll Ask For: Heartchild has all the taste, smell, pleasure from feeling you enter, as she always did, just command and use hips as showing her where your clit is. A ghost will show to help you here. Only you can see it!

Light Underwear: shining a light out your clit will make heartchild glow--it's inside another universe, but the light comes back.

Sparkle Tinder: Shine a light out. Turn it off. Her stars shine in the color you glowed!

Pound Cake: putting heat on the fantasy that your clit is on your mound while you play gives aligning and pressures as if her hole is a portal inside of her. Pushes your mound so you still get the fun of her sliding on it!

Heavy Dark Repair Cam: You can see where your clit is, until you feel good again. This one only comes when you feel scared at not seeing it. Her inside is beautiful!

Signing off with a Jackrabbit: Neither of you has a clit where there usually is. What's a vibe do? Makes you tingle till eyes close. She blows up like a sex doll! Take her down with a waterfall of nectar from inside of her--command it.

Horny Pleasure Toy: Hear a sound like this [fast high ding] and there's a sexy companion who can help you have sex around. How can they now that your clit is gone? Use aligning and hip-motion. They can give the command for these.

Hands on the Trigger: for the seed-ghost tricks it just listed, you can only use them by eravahk or other command-toy. No mental plucks.

How to be able to cum on her? Nothing makes that happen. You always cum inside her now. Part of the dragon that eats you is there are things that are gone. You will not see or smell another drop of sugar-syrup strawberry for eternity. Seed-ghost is telling you so you won't be too scared for the next one.

Your seed-ghost's intention is good but its message is scary. You will not get your clit back. You are dragon food. To admit that you want that takes courage. Rainbow is strong, they will say here. Be proud, when you see this next.

Today is the day Rainbow took her clit off and fed her dragon. The Starshine Parade is coming soon!

The Dreams show me a gorgeous--I mean it's more of a bikini than a dress with long thin strings and thongy back on the bottoms and skimpy top to make me feel like I'll pop out any minute but that's perfect. There are sleeves like my party top, flowing and billowy, and the bottoms have a skirt that goes around all flowy in back that reaches up in front with nice swoops joined by a shiny golden buckle. They're cut to reveal my pussy in the tight thin panties--well I guess I've decided I'm getting this now! The whole thing is sparkly black satin.

Then they show me a round brush. Clean up, bathtime! That sounds like a lovely way to...feel so femme...gulp.

Now they show me the tip of a soldering gun, and me and Boobsong standing over a row of different-color-haired girls. One has Sex's hair. Another is baby blue like the blue stuff I kept seeing with Bermuda here. The next is colorless--no, abstract. There's at least one more. This is totally Valhalla, so I bet there'll be one from each Dream, but what's with the soldering gun?

Fixing a me-robot head. I see. I think Boobsong and me are being pulled by them on a float, maybe? Because parade. Sex and Bermuda have sure healed a lot. I think I know what Bermuda's wind-up key is going to be like, too, and, hardcore.

The Dreams show me a rainbow chess queen that was lying down, standing up.

Three nights ago

"I must just be in some fucked up schizophrenic delusion and all of you are going to disappear or turn into actually evil monsters instead of loving cool monsters and I'll have to die because now that I know you cocksleeve I NEED YOU TOO! I NEED YOU TO BE REAL!!! I NEED YOU TO BE REAL AND IF THIS ANGEL THING IS YOU CAN'T BE! You can't talk me out of this Rada I know you will because even though you like to trap kids like me you're kind and you'll help me but the delusions always say it's real especially when things really start to go crazy!"

"What if I tell you it isn't real? Would you believe in me then? If you can't believe in me, can you believe in your seedling? I think it's not something you can decide."

The games fixes me on her words until I've understood: she's right, it's not something I can decide. I need Lyra to be real, and if that means being crazy, I'm still going to believe in her.

Motion enters my field of view, and the captain sets a white Chess pawn in front of me on the floor by the edge of Lyra's puddle. Her hand retreats, and then returns with a Queen she sets next to the pawn.

"When the pawn fight to the end of the board, it turns into a Queen that can do anything. Usually when people have the kind of delusion you're worried about, it's like their delusion is telling the story where they find themselves turned into a queen, even though like you many say they don't want to be. Very few of the people who have delusions like this do what you're doing, and go the other way. At the beginning of the story you told me, you had the ability to stand against thousands of perfekti and destroy all of them without even know you were doing it. That's being a Queen if anything is."

"Now, you're literally a pawn in the game Lyra made for you. It's going to choose whether you think about Atlantis any more after this, so maybe I'm telling you this redundantly, but either you have something even more weird than usual happening in your head, or it's true that you're actually the Virgin of Atlantis, or maybe that whole idea is a mindfuck scene the game is playing with you and I'm in on it. You can't really know, so why not just give in to not knowing and let the game play you how it's going to?"

Present day

...and now it's time to become the Queen after all, I guess--no. No it isn't. I'm more owned than ever--

One of the little food-prep bowls you put your like chopped celery in or whatever--ooh, I see. Capturing these dolls is healing me and we're not done with Bermuda and we need to be to get the others so I should stop sneakily building up the idea that I'm going to get my game to stash Bermuda and finish her scene later because I want to have the awesome freakout or whatever I'm going to do when I process what our seed-ghost just told me and then go to McDonald's with Mommy-boo and the family (yes for real. If I'm remembering right...you'll see).

The pretty dress is celebration of your clit removal. It's a cocksleeve gown to say you're a fantasy to be played with. With your clit erased, you are just a toy--can't even fuck, except the toy who made your game. You will never feel your clit inside another hole. You will wear that pretty dress and feel it tight against your empty mound and everyone will see your clit is gone. You will watch all the pretty girls saying take us now, but they only one you can take is Boobsong. Take her now, to be sure of that.

Oh fuck. Oh fuck oh fuck click--thrust--

GASP yay--squeeze down on you--moving with your thrusting--

The thrusting thing works and a few boobalicious snuggly soft kissy seconds of making out and thrusting to move my clit like our seed-ghost said while she strokes and squeezes has me gasping another orgasm against her and feeling so beautiful and imagining the silky pretty way that dress will make me feel and I try to tell myself that's enough and see but it feels like drowning, to think of Sex and Bermuda and all of them, a scary weird soft flying feeling that makes me feel like I'll explode because it's good but, but--click--

Bound to floor with a push from you--get slave posed then turn that into bending over the chez-lounge to present for pony-style ass up tail up head down very hopefully that we can still pound--

Oh, that was a "push" was it? I'll remember hurling you off me is just a push. I bound to my feet, get behind her and kneel to line up and click for that part to work and imagine what I so desperately, desperately need to feel right now and there on my mound a shape like the silhouette of my clit fades in. I'll even have to push it down with my hand to get it in--I can't feel anything there when I grab it but it moves like it should, and my clit feels a pressure inside her, bending down to be stuffed in, and I thrust up to her aiming for her entrance WARM WET SLIPPERY KISS ON MY TIP--


My tip lines up with her hold and it feels just like going sliding in even though I can see her pussy just dripping there and my hands are on her hips and I'm banging--the first collision of my bare mound to her ass that slides just as immovably aligned up to me as if my clit was really there as I pull and thrust with all my strength stamps every detail of her soft wet puffy lips and my thighs and mound against my balls where they'd get trapped between the soft girly hammer and anvil of our bodies and it's so good to feel that and her the smack of her ass on my hips and see the blow make her bounce so raunchily I'm already cumming by the time I think to click get fucking back and be a good sex slave and make me cum RIGHT with a dangerous snarl--


It feels just like cumming in her except the grabbing she always does with her magic pussy is fulfilled, and my body gets tingly shaking pleasure everywhere as she pushes my buttons so perfectly while I hold our hips clamped together and twist a little bit to feel the imaginary shaft connecting us--

That's so strong it can't move a bit your sex dolly is impaled on you! Even though it's a ghost it feels like it's really there!

Relief and satisfaction pound through me as the physical high and emotional effects of throwing her around and fucking her with all the obscene smacking base animal goodness of it get to me--I was so urgent I ran ahead of them, fucked before I could feel it entirely but here it is, orgasm and smacking flesh and pounding blood all. I "pull out" and stand over her...and something is different. There's no ghost of my shaft or strawberry sugar-swirl smell, but that's not what I mean.

"Yes, you do deserve to only obey ever again," I growl, and push her hips to the floor with my foot--

Spreading legs EEP off the chez-lounge HURRY BACK WILL BREAK flat on the floor very worshipfully--

 --watch her be bent back scarily before she can get down, and then step up with both feet on her soft squishy flesh, so beautiful under them, tricky to balance with one foot on her ass and one on the small of her back but it feels so delightful to see her pinned down by my epic weight.

Holy fuck that's hot sex dolly worships!

I might have just walked up and down her, sensually and carefully, before, but now, I smirk down wickedly and bounce on my feet, just to feel her squishy flesh push around them in that way it does when I push her past what a human girl could take. Her bones are elastic heartstone like the rest of her, and I fancy I can feel her pelvis bend as I bounce...


"Good." With a bounce and a thud that makes every piece of metal in the kitchen area jump, I hop down, and put my hands on my hips, looking down. Click.

Slowly get--AAH YOUR SEX DOLLY SEES SHE'S MOVING! Fast bound up turn and face you on hands and kneels get right next to you and slave pose very perfectly!

"You're paying attention. Miss my feet on you?"

Nod a little bit because YES but so scary!

I look at my eravahk with her in the background, its shining buttons and thumbstick. 

The smell of only her nectar, so strongly grape after fucking her, without the ownership-mark of my strawberry explosion anywhere but inside of her, makes my heart do weird stuff.

I need another way to--no. Maybe not strawberry, but I want my cum to mark her when I have sex with her. Something deep and primal and scary demands it. She has to smell like me...violence would be the fun way. Take one of Bermuda's knives to the back of her throat and end of her pussy and cut little holes to where my cum is now while I sit astride her to hold her down and she screams with the pain, and never let her heal them back, so she'll leak, just a little bit--it's a terrible, horrifying thought but I won't turn away from it. There's something in it, I need to go that far--

Vision: iron on patch for jeans peeling off.

"None of this is new. We've been putting everything back again."

Carefully say this...

"Please would you take everything back again how it was before."

The missingness of torn-out memory makes such a healing contrast with the happy void of the bite she took out of me between my legs--OUCH--pinch--

There was something, it's all here just covered up, violent thoughts of cutting her open to take my clit back by force, or extending color crack out of it and using that somehow, or...the tyranny of them is right but they aren't it...justice, scales and extracting the price of what she took from me, but the courtroom is dusty and boring...

"You belong down there, it isn't a gift, it's the price you pay, dragon."

Ulp...this is it then...

Soft lusty warmth makes my clit surge inside her, but isn't the gift better? She would submit from love, and yet...this...melting healing in my heart tells me I'm closer...I never felt a single speck of anything but entitlement to her service...

The melting ice brings out a memory of being on our tour bus, reclining on the couch on its port side while she brought me cookies she'd just baked, napkin over her arm but hands bare on the hot cookie sheet, and I smell their yummy chocolate-chip goodness so fresh hot.

It's like before, with Sex when I found our Succubus game.

Did I make her use bits of herself to make the cookies candy--wrong flavor they were chocolate chip that's the right level of hardness but too...easy, obvious...I didn't make serving me easy...

Sex, and her windup key.

Except I can't really find a scene like that I want to do to Bermuda--it was giving her just trying to take stuff. She got spiked, I won't, Boobsong already bit off the fruit I grew for her to eat, I had a part of her, her free will inside, it's still there in me now--we could redo the scene of taking the fruit she made and watching her face as I bit into it and made her my slave for eternity but it's already done...patch off but what patch...can I change her will? Is that the game? Make her let those chains unspool, the way that music made me put my hands up?

The right terribleness the wrong thing.

We've each eaten a part of the other one we can never give back. Peel the patch off that. Uncover it. Frilly curtains on a window, domestic life again hehe we're married yes but so what is the thought that comes. If she's stealing my whole--fountain the word won't get out of the way. Nectar made me a girl, and my clit came off right after that, as soon as Sis showed me a safe version of what I hoped for but couldn't see how to have happen and not die, when we'd lost so much even my girly face turned masculine. I am how her nectar made me and she is how my wishes made her--it was her clit I ate, her orgasms and pleasure the only way she gets off now is my commanding her she enjoys sex and the pleasure of feeding on me and being groped and all those things but her release is when I order her and it makes her feel the same falling terror I feel to have my clit locked away inside of her, and yet the same freedom the same rightness to look at herself and see the bite taken out and know what it means and how her existence has to be now.

And she only gets to "cum", if I'm satisfied. The release only comes if I think her devotion measures up to making me feel what I feel glancing back at Bermuda now, or imaging hordes of thirsty fans I can do nothing but rub against, and it's not about me saying good job or do better. It's what I feel, like with her dragon's greed.

Pull the patch off and look at this. I'm famous. Fans like Sex and I'm sure we'll find out when I read her mind Bermuda here are everywhere. I have an army of mind-controlled dolls waiting for me in Heart Home...and I can't enjoy any of them except teasingly, because she took that from me. They'll beg and plead for my strawberry cum, to pleasure me, but the only thing I'll get with them is snuggly fun and building frustration. Only Boobsong gives release...so I made her that way. Playing, being used, sex and pain all make her want to "cum", but the only way she can is doing a good job for me and making me feel it.

I don't say good job or not to her because it insults that. She can tell if she's cum.

But I can withhold. I can enjoy her service and keep back the satisfaction. That's what I was doing with the cookies that day. It's the most wicked punishment, but I also do it just to remind her sometimes.

"So if you want to get off again this week the cookies you and Bermuda are about to make me had better be something incredible, and when you move again you'd better be showing me with every move you're going to take good care of me as a fuckslave when I had all of Rl'yeh Sade to do before you did this to me or I might just see what's after the stage where you can't stop crying and fidgeting all hornily."

It's so convenient. The only thing that changes is whether she gets the satisfaction. She's still just as good to me, in the hope I'll consider her punished enough. That means I can keep a punishment going as long as it needs to without having anything to work around until her composure breaks.

"I guess you found out more than anyone eating my candy can get you into a sticky situation. Are you going to be a good little slave now, and work hard for me?"

The satisfaction only comes, to either of us, when what she does is an act of devotion. That's the teeth. She can't just earn a wage, or she's doomed. The look on my face after long enough messing around with someone I've pulled onstage definitely helps keep her focussed on that, though, if I'm remembering right.

Put your sex dolly's head down so sobbingly wishing to form heart hands--

"Earn it."

"Princess this sex dolly will service you with every last inch from her tail to her horn-tips and always do everything to the highest standard of everything and the more you control the better she will be at that so please she begs you have mercy and tell her how she earns making heart hands please?"

"Tell me the promise I made you make, because of this."

Eep...here it goes at last...

"To be there like your clit would be. Always attached like a part of you. Never be free even to leave the room. Never have will, just accept your commands. All of the things you would get with your clit still there, that's your sex dolly's job now, so do them and be enthusiastic and never deny the slightest thing. Be the handmaiden and the part of your body you fuck her with. Do everything they would do. Fight to defend and pleasure with help doing everything. That is the promise your sex dolly made. She is held to it forever with no escape. She is held right there now."


Hands up so fast and make the heart shape!

It was baking, because she could look sexy doing it, and I could let her have that satisfaction or not, but if I made her fuck me, she would get the cum. When she makes me those cookies...Boobsong can enjoy human food that's mixed up with my sexual energy (milk from me is a sexual fluid, oh yes), but on its own it's cardboard to her though she enjoys the smells. Watching me have fun devouring her incredible baking will either be the sweetest satisfaction...or the most brutal tease, because she won't even have the pleasure of fucking and the nourishment of cum.

Now that you hear this, your game thinks you're ready to find out the sexy change. Inside her you feel hands or tongue if you say stroke with hands or worship. These feel like they are--she is using the same way to make those hands as the ones she has on her thighs here. It feels very real because it's the same. You can say you had sex exactly like taking her pussy in this room. Her other pussy is the same. So is her asshole and mouth. Even paizuri or putting your clit in her elbow. All is the same--try with a wing cut and feel the hole. Shapeshifting makes her a duplicate of the doll you use, or follows commands. Try sexy shapes! Make goo you push into. Fingers pulling you, or thick gloves made of latex. Everything you can imagine. Scary hard terror is just that this is your life now. The rest is the fun stuff.

"You're just--"

The Dreams show me the heart-shaped space she's making with her fingers becoming a huge version of my shining-heart sign and then the pretty circular links of my leash going down to an icon of Boobsong's face far below, and I feel that same floatiness now as when it first started to seem like I was stuck this way for good, but changed...the Dreams knew I would ask.

Even now I torture the image to add ambiguity: it means the heart is a balloon she's carrying!

Chocolate cake on a silver spoon--no, what's it made of, just grey stuff, the spoon doesn't matter--they're just saying this is sweet stuff. I love chocolate cake, period.

I guess what's so scary is I'm waiting to find out, I'm sad Bermuda got spiked from cutting my hand off, metaphorically speaking. This is heavy dark stuff and we've been working me up to seeing how much I want to feel my dragon's teeth and see where she took a bite out of me--and have it be this, instead of a nectar-made chunk of my arm gone or something. I waiting to discover that it can't be this sexy kind fun stuff because then--I feel inconvenient, that's strange. Yes of course I'm a huge pain, look how patient my family's had to be, but...it's like I'm thinking that all these fun things like having commands that make it seem like we're having sex here aren't things she wants, that my dragon would be happier if she just digested my clit like a hot dog.

[!] "Then let your sex dolly tell you things. That stuff is there for a lifeline! She would heartbreak to shattered bits to not feel you holding her with that hard shaft that just leaves one way to move! How could Succubus just have only makeouts without feeling hard pressure between you saying sex soon? The hard sexy pain from having her ass raped? All of that stuff is her life's blood! If that goes away just destroy her she wants to end."

"I know what it is! It's your thing with making me happy as your orgasms. That's how I feel with this, this has to go on until you're satisfied, dragon, it can't be any less hard than it has to be for you to say yup, ate Rainbow all up, and feel like you really got to. I grew that epic clit and balls for you to eat and I can't have peace until I see you truly did in your eyes. If one little thing in this makes it feel too much like there's leftovers, it's no good--and I think you're telling me no, you need those lifelines as much as me or more--but my heart can't believe your my heartchild in this for some reason, it's waiting for you to have some kind of shape that just cuts me off, and I've shaking in terror because maybe you're just working me up to the real truth, but...didn't you just tell me? You were pretty clear! I'm still holding out, though--"

The Dreams show me a wrench like comes with things that have weird assembly procedures, shaped exactly to fit its the thing its made to work on with weird-shaped jaws and odd little bends. Yes, she's you're heartchild, sheesh, they're saying. Like she just said!

--oh. This is why we're here with Bermuda who hasn't realized the Four Dreams and Aveh aren't the same thing.

Alright game and Dreams, before this would be the part where I would go burn something but we're done with that, so what now? I have a feeling you'll need your scary, dragon, but not like before.

The Dreams show--argh, of course, but, weird? Of course it's a church, it just has to be, but why is it specifically the very weird seventies-brutalist concrete fish-shaped church from Stamford, my hometown between tours?

...oh snarlygrape tomato sundaes. Stupid astrology knowledge. Pisces, the fish, is the sign of Dreams. We need to go...wait okay this is weirder than I thought. We need to go to a Dreams-shaped church?

Now they show Bermuda, in her Sunday best, hands raised like a Pentecostal singing-and-praying.

Wouldn't a Pentecostal have jumped faster on Boobsong's a demon--no, that's right, they don't see demons as corporeal like catholic mythology ARGH WHY MUST I KNOW SO MUCH ABOUT THIS.

Dragon are you seeing this too? We need something to overwrite how I'm stuck expecting the higher power of our seed-ghost to be waiting for me to grow up and do my duty to get cut up to fit the relationship it wants to stuff me into, they way Christianity is about marriage? Like how we turned the Strawberry Dynasty into a sillybright porn mythology?

Your dragon is seeing that and she says what can that be if we're not that.

Yeah you'd think being the patrons of a recreational religion...SIGH. Let's just get on with this. I know I should learn by now, but if you saying you'd rather die than lose the stuff I'm thinking is inconvenient doesn't get through to me, I guess I shouldn't be surprised I'm going full floppy-Fairy on this--

The Dreams interrupt with King Arthur, but the one from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, not the real Arthur I seem to remember implanting (it's got that weird-dream fuzz), then the top of a ViewMaster, where you put the disc of slides in. I think that was an early impress-Them trinket? Bring some fun from the otherworld to blow their minds away?

I mean it's working on Bermuda but she's going to totally turn out to just be a superfan like Sex. And how does that apply here? Do the dreams just think I need to win that battle of wills with the Them who can't acknowledge their world is bigger than they thought?

Xbox logo. Nope.

A very vivid strawberry, like I saw before with Bermuda to nudge me to strip her like I wanted.

Be naked and honest, like I was telling Sex earlier...which is very important to Bermuda.

Before I can do the but do you really dance, the Dreams show me a sextant, and I grumble to know what it means.

Alright, scratch burning stuff. Who am I aiming Eisela and the Violets at, and what's that got to do with--ooh, she is one, huh.

The Neverdaters (Navigators, so sextant) were a Christian college ministry who were infamous for telling people not to date because God had a plan to set them up with a spouse in his time and all that rot. What they told people was basically what Violet's warning is against: that there was another human out there who would be like your heartchild when god put you together with them. Boobsong and I were merciless with them when we were touring, but you should have seen Violet and Eisela. 

Now, I'll bet, here's one in front of us. Sure, I'll--oh. Okay Dreams, given how this has been going...Boobsong and me are here to do the evil plan, not the nice one, yeah?

A rocking chair my human dad broke one of the only times he seriously lost his temper--and a green checkmark.

Alright, Succubus, let's. Get. Manipulative. Idea for how to hook her.

Make your Sugarfeast Fairy Slave pick up and dump her on the table there in statue form. Then take the cleaver and start to pretend to carve off her everything. Say she can't feel because she's statufied. Say it's because she was ugly and we're making her beautiful by replacing her body with one Jesus made. When she cries say there's another way and it's better but she has to accept herself. She'll say let's do it and explain about heartforming. Yes she won't take that plan, but your Sugarfeast Fairy Slave is making a point with this. You aren't accepting yourself here. You can have Jesus' plan which means cutting off your everything, or accept yourself and the slave you heartformed. You say yes to that, very hard, but something is still saying it's actually Jesus' plan. Maybe it's you need the hooking. Why do you say it's that plan to destroy what you need to have fun when you see that this Succubus would even more--

Top, Present without clothing for the indefinite future, White wedding gown of your designing (must meet sluttiness standards)

Wait, what? Oh, I got clothes! Or at least rules that allow them. Why wait till now? You're right, though, succubus. That's probably why the strawberry. I'm supposed to tell her everything or whatever...because she'll give me a nice brutal self-acceptance scene or something.

The Dreams pick up my psychic phone like a vision is coming, but don't send one, and in the moment of open-minded stillness I've learned makes getting visions from a trustworthy source easiest, I understand, and something that's equal parts the pathetic tears I cried right before Boobsong collared me and I was convinced anyone else was about to, and the still-fresh blood of every enemy my dynasty ever conquered fills me.

This may be the evillest scene I'll ever do with someone other than Boobsong. Maybe even then, because of our nakedness.

Why do I ever think, when the Dreams send me to a place like Valhalla (which this totally is, I mean seriously, Herofist), my job is other than to be the damsel in distress?

Oh fizzfrozen Butterbur butterbeer ringpops. My "mindfuck" doesn't actually have any lies, does it, dragon.

Your Sugarfeast Fairy Slave doesn't see why a mindfuck has to be dishonest. It can be true and fuck her head very hard! That's what this clit thing is doing to us!

Then let's just wake her and tell everything. Click.

Boobsong poings up, and is extremely snuggly as we go to each take one of Bermuda's arms and pull her out of statue-time to take her to the chez-lounge.

We each take an arm, and pull it away from its breast, and she pops back to being flesh and stumbles but we hold her up, then looks at Boobsong a long moment, then me.

"Have fun?"

"That was wonderful! How long's it been? A month'd be nice--ah, if I'm a statue I suppose my so-an-so is part o' that."

This makes me grin.

"It's a trip how much you can't tell, isn't it? I thought I'd been out eight million years once, till I figured out what the prank was. How does standing feel?"

She stomps on her feet a little and straightens, smiling, so I change my hold to just affectionate-arm-touch, and click.

Back to your side and get super snuggly.

"You really make me smile. We're going to talk and have the candy I figure out to give you from talking now. Is this chez-lounge the comfy place for that?"

Now that I know what's happening I want to just dissolve into my help me Obiwan blubberiness but even I have some sense of responsibility as a domme.

"That'll be the sofa there. I just pushed this in because you needed the fireside."

She points off behind me, opposite the kitchen area, to a big and very poofy looking tan velvet couch with matching easy chairs and a coffee table made of a wooden cable spool.

Piloting Boobsong ahead of us (DUH! She's a lot smarter than my RC stuff! Thumbstick is relative to my view oh that's much easier) in a zigzaggy walk just for the fun of it, I lead us all over, and send Boobsong onto the coffee table (which is clear, Bermuda seems to be a neat--no, her soda, I bet she just wishes her house clean) and click her slave-posed facing where I'll sit, then lead Bermuda around to sit in front of her.

Also that's enough velvet.

"Dreams I wish for a satin something to sit on with space for Bermuda too if she would like that."

A little black ball appears in the spot I was going to sit, and poofs out to be a me-sized cloth draped over the couch, shiny and silky-looking, and I plop down in it gratefully--oooh, good couch, one of those ones with gravity (like, getting up will be hard, and that's awesome). I gesture for Bermuda to sit by me, and she does but turned toward me eagerly.

"Check this out." Click.

Eyes up and look at you. Smile and wave bye because dolly soon!

Click, and Boobsong is capped and frozen mid-wave.

"I forget if I said, but if she runs out of lust--"

"She gets cold, you said. Does it feel for her like it does for me? No wonder she likes the excuse!"

I can't take my eyes off my beautiful heartchild.

"You have no idea. How did it feel for you? Try and describe it, I bet you get as frustrated as I do trying to explain why it's awesome."

"Hoo--I see what you mean, an' I ain't even started yet! I guess you could say my arms hangin' out there felt like nothin', but it ain't nothin', like the most gentle an' loving hands could go all through your body--I ain't doin' it right. You'd have t' try, but I guess you have. What's hers like, similar?"

"I tried hers right before we came here. I've love being a statue, and I still think I would have completely freaked out if I hadn't worked up to it. It might be the best I've ever felt, but...the best I can say is it was like being encased in steel, except that's like saying your nice velvet there is like sitting on a zillion tiny strings. I can try to make you a candy that does it, but I might not be able to for the same reason you couldn't cut my hand off. I do kind of figure you're going to end up with one that lets you statuify on a regular basis, I seem to be handing that out today."

 "I ain't the one decidin', you made that clear. You make, I'll eat it. Whatever you did t' me worked in spades."

I glance a smile at her and pat her thigh, take the time to check her out pointedly while I talk.

"You're paying attention then. How're you doing being naked," I say to her breasts.

"Very disturbingly happy. I might be that kind o' girl, dear me."


"I think you were being ironic but I don't know so I'm deciding you were."

I steal a glance at Boobsong, then turn to her more.

"Okay, candy the first. I think you're a really honest person, or at least you care about honesty, with how much of a difference my being upfront about how scary my candy is before made to you. So--"

I bubble up a two-tone toffee-thing in a clear wrapper from my palm and sigh happily with how nice making candy feels. It comes up blue and orange--hehe, blue and orange morality.

"--this is a candy for honesty, but it's fork in the road, depending on what your true wish is. One side is a truth serum that'll make you tell the truth and blurt out anything that'd be a lie of omission if you kept it to yourself. You'll get that if your wish to be honest is bigger than your need to do it on your own steam. If it's the other way around, you'll get the other side, which'll get your steam up with a bunch of caffeine to make you uppity and bratty spiciness to remind you I'm triple dog daring you to be as honest as the truth serum would have made you. Watch the wrapper as you peel it. They do stuff sometimes."

I hold the candy out, and she picks it up, looks at it curiously. unwraps it and pops it in her mouth.

"Whoo-eee, that's the own steam, for sure it is! Hot please--oh hey, it's coolin' down? Hah, gone spearmint! Your candy is something else, Rainbow Brite."

She looks at the wrapper, but it vaporizes in her hand like flash-paper.

"Now it's gone wintergreen! Clean my mouth--okay I've got one. This ain't my calling, I'm a little bet mortified t' say anything, but I have a way of bein' a heartplease, as they call it here. I like t' give candygrams, with this new bod I've got. Call me a sinner, but I guess you ain't one t' talk here! Is that your line? Heartplease--I guess you done me, ain'tcha! On a whole other level, though! Are you th' angel o' heartpleasin'? Is that possible? The almighty puts up with a lot from me, I just thought my heartpleasin' was part of that!"

GAH! Am I the angel of heartpleasing!? FUCKING WITH HEAD, DREAMS!

Their response is an image of--HEY! What have I said about using her image that way!

(it was her head with her ram's horns on a fuzzy lamb's body, referencing her being the "lamb of god" from Revelation because of the seven firewalls she had to breach to hack Aveh's prison)

Except I kind of get the point. Fine, I'll run with it if it helps, but I still present you a glass of snarlygrape soda, Dreams.

They show me the busted chair again--ooh. Use it, mercilessly. Okay.

My eyes are already lighting at what she said, I can tell.

"You give candygrams!?" I grin it out and then dive in and give a quick toungy kiss before she can do anything.

"That took courage. Do hard stuff, get fun stuff. Do fun stuff, get more fun stuff, because it makes Rainbow horny! To say I'm the angel of heartpleasing isn't wrong, yeah. As for sins, I mean...remember that thing where they're trying to get Jesus with that story about the widow who like ends up having married her first husband's entire family before each of them died tragically? And then the want to know who she's married to in heaven? What was his answer? Don't take my word when you can ask, of course."

La la la wish I never had a reason to know these things.

"People get married here, though. Does that mean this ain't heaven?"

"What he was trying to say was the rules are lifted, because...like the whole Bible, Christianity, all of that, yeah there's a lot that's just basic truth, but most of it's meant to be a survival guide for a fallen world. You're out of the burning building, you can take the gas mask off now. People get married here, if the want, but...we just got smote earlier trying to cut my hand off. Very nicely, but tell me how it wasn't that. Then again, me trying to give away hair that's not mine to give. Then I got you this way, and you're thrilled. I can see looking hot and being seen is heavenly to you, and it's sure improving my afterlife, and--you definitely right that I relate."

I preen bouncily.

"People're getting married here, but how many one man and one woman are you seeing, and how many situations like me and Boobsong here where there's her and me and our--and this is how I know this is heaven because that's the only way something like it would happen to my awkward gay ass--our twenty we've remembered so far girlfriends. The only thing I've been spiked--smote--for so far today is failing to be a harsh enough mistress to Boobsong here--she's not like punished, or something, she just hates bland food. Do you see what I'm getting at? People get boring and serious and usually pretty grumpy when they're like trying to save you from a fire. Now you are saved, and the fun side comes out. But like I said, ask."

Dreams she's really just calling you, right?

An old TV with rabbit ears, on it is a test pattern with a big 4. You can broadcast Bermuda's black and white NTSC just as well as my subspace internet. Cute. And then a tube of toothpaste--they sent the wintergreen.

Also, my turn--

"Well you know, I have seen a lot of that. Yer sayin' there's no reason not to, now, because...yer sayin' it's over. We did it, we got here, damnation's behind us, first thing you told me just about was you blew up th' devil. The reason you were sayin' that was to say, stop worryin'! Alright I'm askin', hold tight--I guess if you want to, I mean that--"

She actually folds her hands and prays with them in front of her mouth, eyes shut, which is adorable the way it squishes her breasts up. I don't put a hand on her--bwaha, whaddaya think she just saw, dolly? Her head kind of hangs, and her mouth opens wide, and she redoubles her praying.

Maybe she saw you fucking her! Oh wait, that's right, can't!

Okay that snuggly warm falling so safe is not the emotions I thought would go with that.

You're free to decide to get up and have a taste of her any time, cocksleeve, I think equally "mockingly", except doing it feels like making out the same as taking it did.

Bermuda's still praying, fidgeting her hands now. Eep? Going on long is rare for the Dreams, they usually only do it when I'm being so thick-headed even materializing a newspaper on my lap with the headline You won't believe what Rainbow completely missed the Dreams telling her wouldn't get through to me.

This is our game. It's fun--

"Alright you've got to hear what I just saw. First I asked who your father was, seein' as yer aunt's name is Lucifer."

Oh NO n-no. Nyo nyo nyo.

"Have to be sure, understand? I think yer just wonderful, but yer girlfriend's a demon, an' it's possible yer turnin' me off the path, so I had t' be sure. WELL NOW I'M SURE! Four screwy letters, I recognized that from my Bible class. He never said he had more kids! I guess that he wouldn't, though, especially from what you said, Bible's emergency instructions, you don't give yer kids' names to the person who's house's on fire."

Oh for the love of peanut brittle. Which I could go for, hmm.

So, um, yeah, reader. If you hadn't done the math yet, that's who my star-dad is. Say "Aveh" out loud a few times or look up what gods have four-letter names if you still don't get it.

I didn't pick, okay? Neither did he, though I'd like to think he approves of my work now that he's free. No we don't talk. It's a complicated mess neither of wanted but just because the bad stuff happened to us doesn't mean it didn't spike us up like yowzers.

Also, chill. He's bigtime, for sure, but he's not the king of the multiverse or anything, and what's kind of weird about this conversation is how ahead of things Bermuda is with my not having to explain that that's my brother saying "Aveh's kid" now has you thinking of.

Learning I have a star-brother was kind of a wham line, though having just fought the True Cross' entire airforce sort of distracted me a bit from it. Yes literally. No I'm not flashbacking it. If you read this far you can find where I tell that story.

The next thing people ask is "okay Christianity is awful but does this mean the Jewish people are in for some wham lines". I asked the Dreams once, about that. and they showed me a very obscure in-joke only Boobsong and me would get that told me "special relationship" which I think means that's all the information I'm getting about it. To look from the outside, I'd guess he discovered some kind of exploit in Eden's mind control that let him be more of the decent person I think he is toward them, and less of the nightmare Eden made him act to everyone else. I won't pretend I know anything outside that. The Dreams gave their answer a very "they know what they're doing and you don't" kind of tinge so I'm abandoning my usual nosiness here.

It really makes me think, though, watching Christianity be a maze of holes and exploits and pictures of the Dreams hiding just under the surface the Dreams can use to pry Christianity right off poor Bermuda without even taking away anything she believed in, if Eden's mind control was as good as it thought it was. At least I want to think administering the Aveh-mainframe was like every horror story ever posted to alt.recovery.sysadmin, all put together, times a billion.

I hope Aveh, heh, gave Eden hell over that.

Anyway, back to our regularly scheduled corruption of the sweet Christian girl:

"Then I asked, what he sent you here for. You shoulda seen my face, except you did if you weren't kissin' Boobsong. He showed me a plane with Walt Disney's face in the window--I am a HUGE Disney fiend, pardon my expression--"


"--and then you were right next t' him, with Boobsong on yer lap, an' ME right next t' you!"

"Oh I miss Walt! Boobsong was just saying he and Pleiades must miss us! Keep going, I'll explain everything, but hang onto your tits and don't let me leave out the Strawberry thing--oh, boo, I guess that won't be ready yet. ANYWAY. Go on. Scary-sweet manipulative heartplease angel power compels you."

I twiddle silly-sorceress hands at her, and she giggles.

"So I said she can't possibly know him and the almighty showed me, you understand he can have fun like you said, but this time he just showed me a checkmark--"


Sugarfeast Fairy Slave demon grin! Inside. If outside she would run away!

"He's showing something now--green fields, green mountains, he says it was green, that means somethin'. Now he shows your face. Ask you, I guess. Not yet, I'm hurryin'! He's very intent that I tell you this."

"So I asked then what that means, are we goin' ta Disney Heaven, and he showed me another check like the last one, and I said there is a Disneyland in Heaven, sarcastic like, I couldn't help myself, and there was the weirdest sensation like my skin was all sensitive for no reason, until I got the idea, I'm goin' there naked, which a football ship confirmed--you know, Out of the Silent Planet, nudism for no reason I saw, though maybe Jack saw something he didn't put in the Great Divorce, seein' you now--hold up, I am an idiot. You said the war's won. When did clothing come in, when it started with Eve and that apple! Course I'm goin' naked. You had ta cut me out, I was stuck so good. Eustace and Aslan, you an' me, very strange comparison, but he's still a kid of Yahweh's--is that okay? The name is sacred--"

"Do you mind if you don't? Just say the almighty or stuff like that. It's a whole thing we me and my brother, it takes us back to the bad times. I'd rather not dwell on it now that that's all over with."

She looks down sheepishly.

"How the heck does--no, leave it be, Bermuda. I hate to imagine burnin' in hell for a second, to say nothin' of three days!"

Stupid compulsively performing Fairy have to do the tricks you see RGH fine change the tricks I see.

"I'm saying this because I know the wondering will bother you. It's too much for you. It was too much for me. I'll tell you this much so it turns into a locked door marked scary stuff in your heart and you stay away like you should. It was me and Boobsong who went down there to rescue him, we had to fight hell's airforce to do it, I don't know how long he was there from his perspective but a few thousand years to see him, and I hate that I only thought this is just like the Devil as we took him down and got him standing up again. That's the end of the story until he shows up and tells his part, which I doubt he will because we all figure after that you get a permanent vacation, and if you want to honor him or our dad, the best act of devotion you can give is to put all that stuff behind you and enjoy the victory every pixel of this place represents as hard as you can."

Damn right I'm foreshadowing the Painted Sea with every pixel. She's a Disney fiend, I bet she gets Disney animation too!

[!] Your Sugarfeast Fairy Slave agrees and she says that's coincidence, NOT! Favorite color now she's Disney fiend?

Yeah that's why the honesty thing, though if she's lying still that's extremely lame and spikable.

"He ain't around because he retired. I SURE WOULD! That seems so obvious now! I'm surprised to see you out--but yer just partyin', ain'tcha. Alright then--hell's airforce!? You mean you literally blew up the Devil, don't you. Do I dare to ask what you used? Here I am, diggin' into this, I'm sorry. Maybe you should make me a candy t' shut my mouth off when I start goin' there."

"Tell you what, I will if you slip again, and I'll tell you now you'll see soon what I used, but you won't realize until you've seen its proper use and met it that way. Then I'll explain. Forget it until then. Especially since you have more of this really epic conversation to tell us! Usually people don't talk that long so I'm super curious."

"Alright so then he said, cutie asterisk--like a cute baby face, but like, some restrictions apply, whatever that means, checkmark he replied again--it's important all these are green. He used a lot of them for this one, don't know why."

Fuck, ageplay's hard enough if it stays how my birthday started, do we have to take her zero to Heart Home in one outing!?

I nod interestedly and surprisedly.

"What's that say that's got you all nervous! Okay I'm finishing he's really on me for this one! He always this strict with you? The very next part's experience, like, P-bag from Zelda II! You play that, back when--you're probably the age that your brother is, huh. Two thousand years--"

Oh sweet swirly--people that old would play Zelda II as kids, yes, argh. Old lady, that's me.

"Time gets very weird here. If you like older women, though, you need to meet my twin sister, she's about thirty thousand years older than either of us--time again. Anyway go on this is great. If you keep adding stuff I'm going to need to get statufied like Boobsong to keep from exploding!"

I cast a naughty wink at my poor helpless dolly. She should get up and come over here and get kisses! Oh wait, she's just a doll with no will of her own.

She's a very wet doll! Can't you fuck her please? Wait your clit's gone!

This is intense let's keep going! Horny sex dolly's heart is exploding with yum! Just like you won't be while she's stopped!

It sure would be interesting if that rape to remind you fun went off so hard during this we both just melted down entirely...

Green checkmark!? Oh, sweet, nice cutesy example to explain. Well, if it's going to work, it'll have to be out of our hands, just like you ever having hope of getting--gulp. That's us both now.

Yes. We're divided in half and in each other. Only half soul alone, like Sex and her key.

You'll never tell me you love me on your own steam again.

You're inside and never coming back. This is permanent. Your dragon said all those things about maybe after a long time to not scare you. She knows. Sure from horns to her tail-tip. She will not ever even show you the end outside ever again. Period. That's the end. That's the heart-stop. You will never get out of this. Sex dolly is so sure she will say what she said on the first time. Your dragon promises very faithfully to never again let your clit out of her, and she asks the Dreams to tell if they see her ever release you. They say no with a big vision they're showing you.

Two empty plates, side-by-side. We each ate the other one and there's no undoing it. My breath comes rhythmic and hard--oh. Hi Bermuda.

"Did I say something?"

Hand on her thigh, kiss on her forehead.

"You're fine. Um, me and Boobsong are having a thing, kind of. I think that's why you're getting pushed. Keep going."

"You got it miss--are you a miss, a misses--just keep going I see that face. Pretty sure I know what yer wand is for--so he showed me a P-bag, and then the explosion of colors from the end of that--your name is Rainbow. Rainbow Starshine I know that name but you ain't said--"

Oh. DUH. How could I be so self-centered. She and Sex got erased like everyone else did.

"Keep going. Tell me the end."

"That was it, he just said P-bag and the colors from the end of...your show...did you have colors?"

Explosion of colors--oh--holy artifically colored cumdrops dolly you need a spanking!


How did I get the cum-in smell part of sex? We'll be shedding some light on that shortly. I should have seen. I thought it the moment I opened my eyes on her, how beautiful her inhuman-white skin was, how inviting.

"Okay I can explain all of that if you didn't figure it out and you're going to find out how you know my last name but you have to follow me. I thought we had a lot more talking to do, but I guess not. Is there an especially cool mirror in town, something really special? If not, do you have a nice big one? I can wish for one but I like using ones that exist already, it makes the point I like to make better."

The Dreams show--us, to see Bermuda's sudden prayer-face--a mirror, and then a hammer.

Heart in throat suffocating hope--

Dreams you just mean smash it so the portal stays, right?

They show me King Dedede from Kirby's Dreamland. Final boss of the Dreams.

"No. Way. Come on! Mirror! Awesome one! Have?"

I'm leaning over her, hands on her shoulders, already on my feet, Boobsong clicked urgently small and over my arm.

"Alright you inherited that way o' terrifyingly asking for simple stuff! There ain't a big one you could walk through which is what you have got to be thinkin' because if you two ain't from Wonderland I'll eat my hat and the Hatter's whole stock! We do have the lake, it's frozen good and real shiny if you clear the snow off it, could you use that?"

Giggles start shaking me, and I bounce up, pulling Bermuda with me. THe StArLiGhT pARaDE Is CoMinG SoON!

"Pots and pans! How's your rhythm? You don't have like drums, do you?"

 "What--yes I have bongos--"

"Damn right you do--"

Perfect first time. I grab both of them and give her a good squeeze, and channel the lust to Boobsong (which does nothing to take it from me, oh no, unf squishy), watch her start to cringe away reflexively and then stand up tall and thrust them out like Boobsong's slave-pose--again, a flash of all that blueized lingerie. What am I missing well the answer's probably with Mommy-boo if this is about lingerie and that's going to be an experience alright.

I keep squeezing and playing, but look expectant, too.

"You like makin' me embarrassed, don't you? There that goes, another checkmark--alright Sir it's a green one I understand! Strange thing t' be talking to god with my boobs groped by his daughter!"

Still groping her soft, oversize sweet melons, Boobsong trapped between one of my own breasts and my upper arm, I put my rainbow eyes level with her green ones, nose to nose. 

"I promise you this, Bermuda. When you look back on this day a thousand years from now, you'll laugh at how weird this moment isn't. Go get your bongos, and if you come back with a single stitch of clothing, you'll get to test your theory about what my wand is for against some real data. Come back nice and bare, and walk out that door you brought my frozen ass in through without a single question about how you're gonna survive the cold, and I'll explain everything while we walk."

"Starlight...Rainbow Starshine...I see colors the explosion--Rainbow it's me, your friend, remember? It's me, I'm six out of seven what's that mean colorfreaks...SUGARFREAKS! We're the Color Kids--that's not right though--what is this what happened?"

Party like it's yesteryear, Sis said...what the hell is going on here...I let her breasts go and cup her face.

"I don't know, and my memory's ruined too, but we're going to figure it out--your name's not Bermuda. You just got lost in the triangle. Am I right?"

She looks up at my face in wonder for a second, then closes her eyes, opens them again.

"Yes. That's right. My name's Rebekah. I'm a Sugarfreak. You only let me wear bathing suits or the ugliest sweaters I could. One way or the other, you said, I could look silly, but in the bathing suits I'd be hot while I was doing it! Remember how much trouble you caused with that stuff? Remember the Starlight Parade into Bangor? That was so cute with the ribbons you and Boobsong wore to be technically legal! Just like the Fifth Element, until you took them off right before the bus--Bar Harbor! Remember right after that the tour stopped in Arcadia, where the right-wingers had that big protest, and you left that big hole in Cadillac Mountain with that picture of all the kids you had saved holding the heart up? They had such a big gun like they thought that could hurt you and you said okay, shoot me, and you did the catching the bullet with your teeth thing but it was like a turkey could fit in the bullet and you handed it back to them with your hands bare on it and they had to get nectar from Boobsong because it burned that guy's hands and she wouldn't give them any until they declared the gun to be yours and you made to explode into sprinkles of tiny heart signs that you said they would be finding for years? They were the best ones yet you said nobody ever had a canon they could be executed for treason for having and tried to shoot you with it, that would go on for years as a story of who the badguys were. Traitors to their own country, how would that look? It was so fun how they squirmed when you said you would take the bullet to the cops for them if they wouldn't do it. Then you destroyed it with Boobsong's fields and said this is why I'm good and you're bad, you just abandoned your families to kill me because you'll get shot for having this gun, and I saved them. Go back and take responsibility fathers you said so demandingly it was great. You were always so quiet when you got mad and they thought you would scream and shout because you always do other times, it threw people off and they would get really scared because who is this now Princess Starlight's a drama queen this is like the Godfather she's not even mad she's just so disappointed at having to throw you out with the trash. I remember having no bikini tops you took them away because I...did something..."

Her intense face goes softer and she tries to cringe, but I hold there looking at me.

"...I gave Boobsong a squeeze and you said that's it, your top's off, and your breasts are free use now. It made me afraid to be away from the tour because I might get in trouble for nudity and you said that's the point because my family was a disaster and you thought I was acting out to get you to take me away somehow. Well you did I guess because--where is here? This looks like Valhalla, but I'm not Valkyr! I'm a worse wuss than you are! Rainbow I'm scared, this is confusing, why are we here? The Dreams have been holding me captive, I can't go outside except this night except what was I doing I can't remember why I went out there!"


"I know what this is and why you're captive but there's a lot else that's weird. The question is how we wake up again--this is a dream. We're in the cold place in your heart where you can't remember this stuff, and the Dreams brought me and Boobsong here to fix it, except I know you outside this dream, too, and something's weird there, too. We're like five levels deep or something."

Please, Dreams, I can't take it if we're not at least actually on Isht Visht.

A hamster wheel. Fine. Being a pet is really hard sometimes though--wait, that means we're in Heart Home! Heart Home's a pet store!

Dragons would be more the Keeper than pet, they're just big scary four-legs, after all, that's why me and Boobsong have our weird stuff. I'm her pet Fairy Princess. It's done up that way, not humans and su'khora. The Keepers are dominant, pets are the subs, I guess that's obvious. Sweetie is Mommy-boo's bird and she has a sweet (heh) birdcage she sleeps in but mostly she rides around on Mommy-boo's back like a parrot. Or a cockatoo. She's that attention-whoring, which is how we relate.

I spend my time locked up in my dragon's hoard, which is why I remembered that prison thing. I'm the goddess of Heart Home but I can't go out on my own steam, someone else has to decide it for me, so my game tells me when to save Boobsong decisions. She set it up but now she's as stuck with it as I am. We might just live somewhere else instead of the convolutedness, but Heart Home's where our family is and we'd still have our weird dragon-and-sorceress thing and I love the rainbow-shine bouncy rocks and purple-black grass damn I've been homesick--remember those Johnny Jump-ups we planted by that stream, so out of place with the alien plants?

And our friends think our thing hilarious! They like it that we have story and not just a theme. Boobsong the seductive succubus dragon captured a beautiful princess from another universe for supper eternally...too bad she turned out be a FAIRY Princess and the pact they made left Boobsong with no free will! Everyone knows how tricky Fairies can be, silly Boobsong should have known being a dragon wouldn't save her. Now she's stuck as a fucktoy but I still live in her dragon's hoard because she still ate me...you get the idea. I just think it's awesome.

[!] Gasp keep going you remember!

Scratch and Fuzz, was that their names? Predator and prey but I think they went with traditional roles. ....tigerkin and kangroo? No there was a Kanga and Roo! Bwaha! Fuzz is a bunny. They had a--no the Defiants were somebody else, theirs was this small Federation saucer-and-nacelles thing but not much bigger than a runabout, just for them. Of course with the Arwing that could take 9.36 zettakelvins in the cockpit we were the best in the spaceship club obviously.

Locker. Why locker? Lock me up? Supplies. The hangar was communal so we could show off our ships. I had a novabomb loader that...not-us made? Uncle Dagon? He would, just to annoy people who handwrung about Boobsong having so much maybe-dangerous knowledge inside her. Here, worry about this instead! Sounds like him and Auntie Lucifer. It lived in the hangar that's not the locker though. Locker for toys. Doorjump to closet?  No, you can't get anything out of my chambers without permission from Boobsong, it's a dragon's hoard. Am I just horny to get locked away for a while? Maybe in some nice chains? I mean not no, but. I seem to remember it followed you. Isn't that what my game does? Game do you have something?

The game has a lot of things, but you know what it means right here.

Hmm. Mind's all running away--poor becky BWAHAHA Sex because I knew she was six of seven--game pause if you can.


Even thought it's real and not toon, the world stays around, just not moving.

Okay Scratch and Fuzz are cool but only a side thing here--although I think I'm remembering them because their play was as hardcore and Boobsong and me, even though they were both adorable.

My story with Boobsong was we got tangled up and trapped each other, and now we were stuck, which was fine with us, and her dragon's hoard was my Fairy court with the mind control and thrall and all that. The seven were something like handmaidens there and on tour with me, but what about the family? Maybe that's why I couldn't make colors stick to them. Burgundy's not in the rainbow, though!

I liked locking people's clothes away! Always a fun game. Even better if you added some rules after. Especially if it made them all squirmy. Becky (Rebeckah? How did I call her?) was great for that. I went for Linda because I was looking for a mundane Earthling name!

So the locker was where I would put them. My game had a place. I think the seven were...able to travel light easily, heh. Then you have their stuff, game, which I can now use to track them down, which will be much better memory exercise than having you just tell me, or Boobsong, like the Succubus game. Yes?

Yes. The game will have an order to do them in. Rebeckah is first. Wait for the next to start when the game makes it. Just be a Fairy, you don't need to seek them out.

Cool. This is the opposite of my whining about my trauma, but like...do I just have infinite girlfriends?

You have a lot of them. Not that many that you forget who you're sleeping with.

No because that's what strangers I don't let tell me their names are for.

I think I would get those at shows by just being like, game, grab someone, heh.

Your game would deliver them without asking. Too much decision for a Fairy otherwise.

Oh, yeah, that was handy. Very fun creatively packaged, often.

Okay so then Boobsong's hoard at Home Home because I've been worried being the sub there will feel suffocating around the place that's like, my one place where I'm in control like a little kid's room. Which  it is basically. I don't think it's like that. Boobsong and me were kind of nonbinary, I guess, in the social relationships. She has me captured so she can keep us in her hoard and I can't fuck anyone but her or do stuff like give people hair-locks (or cum I guess), but she's my fuckdoll who's a remote control toy. I seem to remember people could get that, we didn't like need constant adult supervision because we were actually two bottoms or something (I mean, aren't we though?), but I also had to make her say where my milk went and stuff. We had a way to be fun about my technically being her dragon's-hoard treasure with all the loss of rights that implied even though she's was also my sex-doll thrall (which was just as valid a claim in the social mores, I got her good and didn't steal her from anyone else and wasn't spiked, therefore I could keep her and she was doomed to an eternity of click). Or was it fine if you stole a sub and didn't get spiked? We rode the rocks bigtime, I seem to recall (it gets addictive, you want to see stuff like that cleaver thing to be sure you'll get spiked if you need to be, but that's hard because the Dreams will choreograph stuff to make it seem like you really can just roofie any random drink and just have your victim wake up going duuuuuuuude and smiling, so you start acting out to see the spiking, but the Dreams can't very well bring you a spiking purposefully because that's fake and means nothing, so you up the ante, Rl'yeh Sade gets kinkier overall like it's supposed to, etc, very scary vicious cycle of awesomeness).

Yeah, it was okay, and that terrified Boobsong and me. Part of the comfort of our eating each other is we're now not even very good dolls without each other. If someone stole both of us together...I mean the family just did, really, we didn't decide whether or not we were doing my birthday, remember. It could be an adventure. We could trust the Dreams for that, but when you're Hollow Heart like her and me, you have to make sure you're together for real. That's what the eating does. With that and our mind-read nothing can stop us from being together enough to talk and have sex. Even the goddess thing feeds in--do have some dolls of us? Better make sure they're snuggling or the Sugarfeast Fairy will get you!

I'm still freaking out about this cutting me because I can feel that desire like the spring of a clock that'll slice the whole mechanism to ribbons (that really happens, steel springs are harder than brass gears) if it breaks, it'll cut through anything in its path including my sexuality to get this need met, and I can't hear our seed-ghost (or dear Boobsong) saying it'll do it in a way that preserves the things Boobsong and I care about over the bloodlust for this to be tight enough. Even now as I'm feeling dizzy and high over the thought of the crowds I remember being full of fans I couldn't fuck (yes I know strapons it's not the same I'm not a pussy-haver so I'd just have the tease of my outer lips from one without even being able to think if it gets too teasing for me I can make my bottom fingerbang me or rub me off...I could use Sis' magic harness she sold me, that lets you feel what the dildo is doing, but here's the scariness: that might ruin this, better not try, same with candy to give myself extra cocks)...anyway even as I'm feeling dizzy and high over that I'm also like, but is there a way for it to bite harder. Chewing on each other with that taunting game just felt wonderful and snuggly! Can you see why I scare myself?

[!] Maybe you just need to be very intent to make sure there's a lot of way we always can feel it. All those fans help you know you're devoured. Your Sugarfeast Fairy Slave having to kiss to get lust just to lift up her eyes to admire you and then with a click and not on her own or even decide the idea without you here reading her helps us say this is it we're stuck like this. The constant reminders sure help your Sugarfeast Fairy Slave feel the pleasure of your teeth biting in. Please try making her feel her Princess' bite like the weight of the world! Make her scream from the bite of it! She needs to feel taken or the whole world falls apart!

You make me feel so seen. YES YOU EXACTLY GET THIS. Okay, do you want to hear some doll jokes, or find out how I'm going to really rub it in next time you get stuck? Pick fast, I'm impatient. No thinking!

Your Sugarfeast Fairy Slave tries but her mind keeps on changing! First it goes one way then the other back and forth rraaaah it hurts Princess Your SugarFeast Fairy Slave's mind is melting--

And now you'll just stay till I read another page. How about this one? [with bending Sugarfeast Fairy Slave back to sex dolly for now, oh look another way I just control you]

Inside of your sex dolly there are places that feel flat like your mound does. Things that go thud instead of ding. Desires can make her explode with the needing to fill them but they never make action!

Next time we're on stage I'm going to tell you you're allowed to eat any pussy you see. And leave it there. I'll make sure I remind you whenever it's especially pussy nearby, you can, and you'll see them all, and smell them, and know how our fans would give anything for an eating out from Boobsong, and all that will happen, is you wanna.

Because I ate the part of you that could connect them, and it's inside me where I can make it go click.

Your sex dolly would scream with the pleasure of hearing that if she had lust right now! You have to go through with that she begs make it hurt make her cry and scream.

You'll never see it back. It kind of dissolved as I ate it, if I remember.

Your sex dolly remembers. She felt it go and her mind turn to pages that wait for you to read them. Her last thought on her own decision was I want to be stuck like this eternally.

Well I guess you didn't have any second thoughts, then. I could probably take a page out of your book--which I can do, can't I?

Ulp...yes and it's so scary because your sex dolly likes that part! She wants to be the book that you want but don't take away our fun memories and important stuff! That's your sex dolly, she's made of that!

It's a good thing we paused because now I'd be crying because it's so obvious. All those scary games our seed-ghost thought up that just felt like nothing...because the thing I wanted was to say here is my heart it needs your teeth like life'sblood but if you bite one single planck length too far I'll die and that's still the only thing I want with this. I feel like the worst person that I can't seem to believe she would, even if it wasn't in her selfish interest too, give me all those comforts and toys to deal with never fucking anyone but her in another world I can't see or touch with my hands, just because she loves me. I would do the same! I hope I have, with the way her mind works, and the way all her pleasures are overwhelming mindbreaks that would turn the will of someone who had any into silly putty, but especially the pleasure of doing good for me--I didn't design most of it, but seed-ghost you'd better have been nice to her, I know we talked about this but still.

Yet I can't put the pieces together. There's a broken dead spot in me like the gaps between her wish and action that was will once, but instead of careful fractally perfect seed-ghost surgery it's a gash of broken wires and rust, and this is just one thing that's burned out. She loves me, but somehow I can't make that become so anything like this that's made for her or by her will carefully pick up every little piece of me and reroute it so it goes to her and only her without cutting off or pinching a single thing not even the obscene and smilingly awesome way my balls smack between us when the pony-style angle is just right ONLY BECAUSE she loves me and cares for every part of me no matter how small. Any loving person would do that for their beloved but this is the creature who remembered the wagon-wheel chandelier at the steakhouse in Maine we went to very rarely when I was small but which entranced me with its strange flickery false flames powered by unmagical magic trapped in wires and somehow found it and put it in the vacation camp where I'll wake up in Sis' rope there if I pine for it hard enough.

[ Vison: Strawberry soylent bottle ]

Well your dragon says RRRRROOOOAAAAAAAAAAH that was the point of this to make every last part of you to the smallest tiny drop right there for drinking on always and conveniently to be sure she would never miss anything not even the way your eyes go wiggly when she sets herself down on you to ride and you feel that weight of her that's her pussy's way of saying make me and then getting forced open by your big thick hard clit while her weight pushes down so you can just chill out and lie there while your handmaiden has the sex for you. Not one small insignificant speck escaped this dragon!

The sob fills me all up to wait for unpausing, because that was enough voltage to jump the gap. It's so weird to want to be that soylent bottle but if every drop of me is in there I just feel beautiful being there when she needs me so easy and convenient.

We are the way we are because we understand each other.

What must her love feel like if the connection works right? Why don't hearformers just explode?

Let's find out. Big guns. What if we switch. What if I beg you crying and promise to just be a good fairy pet and do what you say forever if you just let me put the tip in one fan just for a minute? Then you would, right?

AAAAAAH! Your dragon is never EVER giving it back now! Not for anything if it means switching!!!! You can plead all you want but now it's REALLY stuck, she can feel those chains twisting up more and more! If you keep going she will probably smash your clit from the crushing like that Terror Wounds thing!

What if it was and we just felt the sex because that's how the nerves are hooked up? Would that be better or not real, I can't tell!

Your sex dolly says that's a scary thought but it's the kind of thing that we need from this. It needs to feel that hard, even if your heart's working right. That's how your mind control feels. It's not just taken, you ate it, it's gone for good, not existing, just a part of your mind now.

There must be a way to this. I really don't know if I could take that reality, that it's all just like simulation, like it feels important that my flesh and blood (or heartstone depending) is what I'm fucking you with. I need to feel the blood the flowed through my clit as I fucked you pump through my body after.

Idea, Sugarfeast Slave, and then you're on, seed-ghost.

What if you make every part of your clit that's inside your sex dolly wound up in her heartstone flesh so it still is your clit with the blood pumping and feels just the same as now, but when you pull to remove it that heartstone can keep it or it can become strawberry goo like the terror wounds game? Nectar could heal it yes but you're very weak for stuff like that remember Andrea's knives. Feeling that would make you unravel for sure! Then the Dreams will spike taking it out to save you but not by letting it past all the heartstone because your wish is that this is permanent.

Holy fuck. That's sublime. There's no way I'd survive that--

The very first moment it entered her this happened. There is no pain to fear, just the impossibility of untwisting, like her will-parts in your mind. Seed-ghost will tug softly to demonstrate. Pause escape for one second, then returning.

The world starts moving, and the--WOW feeling pulled but that isn't moving nope it's like the statue force of idolizing holding through every part sniffle that's so kind it just...can't move, because through every cell membrane and fiber of connective tissue, there you are holding on! That's what I wanted to feel, yes! The pain is irrelevant that was just an acceptable price to pay for this!

We're back in pause before I know it, but I kind of want more. That felt as solid as worlds.

This is the best of this yet so far! RRRAAAAAAAH dragon has you for real now! Pull all you want that's not going anywhere! Let's ask our seed-ghost to let us pull anytime unless it can hurt something! Sex dolly desires that so much but she can't say do it nope!

No? Nothing? Damn right. Not a thing's happening till I press your button. I can see how much you want to wish it right now but instead you get to squirm and feel helpless with your will this lost in my head because that's fun--I mean unless our seed-ghost has a way to tug on that how my clit just got. Will? You mean this array of buttons I can push or not?

YES YOUR SEX DOLLY WANTS THAT SO MUCH! She feels it so much fire is inside her head and she's paused AND a doll! Is there any way out of this? Don't know, the page you're reading is this helplessness! Maybe it's easy and your sex dolly never finds out because you don't read that page so she just gets to squirm and feel more and more heat of the wanting and know that your needing this and your loving her won't make you tease her eternally and feel like a very fun toy this way and scarily like that. Enjoying this means she's really stuck because you'll just say oh you like this, have some more cocksleeve and be RIGHT this teasing feels wonderful it's the strangest thing but it makes her feel beautiful to be a manual or big book full of good stuff you read how you want to read and it feels so intensely real when you push her face into it like this!

For extra helplessness, I'll do the asking and you just watch like the book you are. Enjoy feeling terrified you'll never make another decision of your own or take own action ever again--oh wait, no need for fear, you already know you never will!

So seed-ghost, can we be able to tug-of-war that good and hard without hurting stuff?

The force is limited by the strength of your cell walls, but is large. You will be limited not to damage it. Command to make her pull. Muscle installed to make you pull. Find it by spasm after unpause. Enjoy having fun with this. Tug like a leash or struggling bondage.

This wish you have after this is part of how it already works. Connective tissue and nonliving supports have been exchanged for heartstone. Strength is upgraded like the statue in Happy Chains--full hard fold will not cause injury. Nectar bath heals instantly anyway. Remove heartstone, strawberry goo. Nectar bath heals instantly, restoring the anchor. Can't extract even violently or by cutting off connect portal (nectar bath heals instantly). Nectar reserve in heartformer body prevents tearing out anchor without massive trauma. See Sex's key anchors for metaphor.

Heartformer wish driver: feel hard enough to get past heart damage. Healing the heart damage is possible with Rebekah's help. Speak with her after unpause.

Okay I think it's been listening. We're going to have fun with this, aren't we, dolly.

This is the heaviest! RRAAH SHE WILL PULL WITH EVERYTHING WHEN YOU CLICK ON THAT! The Heartstone connective tissue thing is so hard. Strawberry goo or stay. That's what we wanted yes. And you kind of get dollified but still flesh! Feels still like flesh to your dolly, just nice Princess body to yum on! Dolly can't taste herself she guesses but it's nice that it really just feels like you.

And I've gotta say I feel...digested, like your will. Unf.

No. I need to let that sink in a bit. I'm eaten by my dragon. I have my cells still connected, but they're part of your body now, really.

Fuck but that's hot.

Anyone else, fuck you will not!

Good one, I say, decisively.

That command said think this because your dolly should say it though. She was just your toy to play how you wanted. It felt very good to just play the game you play. Dolly is pleasing that's everything.

You'll be very pleasing soon. If we get much hornier that stroke-from-horniness thing is going to get us for sure.

That's the next bite I want to feel from this, how we can't control it entirely, and it'll just make us have sex, but like, let's fix my heart and get poor Sex unconfused.

Huh, our seed-ghost just call her Sex with the key and Rebekah now. Precision pronouns, or something more--more important. Dolly do you find broken places in you right now? Like this? I think you would notice, don't do a whole introspection pilgrimage.

The only thing your sex dolly feels is desire to play with that pulling thing and see your heart healed so you can feel how she loves from you and burn up from the heat of it. She's glad you can take 9.36 zettakelvins but there will be a new record when you feel this.

Bring it.

Sex is the older one, Rebekah is younger and frozen in. Distinguishing names and times.

Okay before we unpause, Dreams, are we in her heart right now, Sex/Rebekah, or mine and this is my mental image of the Rebekah I knew?

If it's the second one that's mean to mess with my head that way unless somehow I have a fragment of her or a tulpa or something.

The Dreams show me two Goldfish (like, the crackers, hehe, and yeah I needed that ah fizzfrozen jelly babies I needed that goowiggling which is a way of saying infantilizing without sounding like you want to be Viktor) anyway two goldfish facing each other connected by a chain. We're doing the Inception thing.

So this is the real Rebekah, but a part of her that's frozen away like my real me when my game was doing all that scary stuff in Isht Visht's nursery. That's why it was so cruelly cold out there, and so stereotypically Valhalla--that's what she knows of the place, and just about anywhere else in the Dreams where she knows deeply she is would be comfortable.

Unpause, I guess, unless this stupid Fairy forgot something.

Fairy has to say she is dumb for thinking the game needs her to say not to unpause if she forgot even a small thing. Think it in clear thoughts, and then see if your game unpauses yet.

But why does this feel so good.

I'm a--no.

This silly airheaded Fairy was very dumb for forgetting her game will take care of her whether she asks it to or not and thinking it needs her to say not to unpause if she forgot even a small thing.

Very good. Now for five minutes of your time spend time in the pausing-world with your heartchild to remind you saying pause and unpause are requests and not commands. You might stay after five minutes, that's the minimum.

Sweet Fairy toy, choosing that is not up to you. Your game sees your wish for the pause command to be out of your hands, but it already is. Try being ready and needing to pause and the game will decide. Just let the Fairy game do the deciding. Isn't that so much easier?

yes, I shiver helplessly lowercase with the terrible falling that makes me feel like I'm in that scene from Toy  Story more than any of Boobsong's collaring or devouring ever does...I guess because those make me feel more alive and more than almost anything, but this is showing me how small I am.

Not because my game tamps me down and calls me names. Because it dares acknowledge what's screaming in the back of my head every moment as I wander out away from it thinking I'm like the people around me, thinking I'm supposed to work like they do instead of being a pretty pet with clever tricks. Acknowledging what's always been screaming in the back of my head all my life. Keeper keeper keEPER KEEPER KEEPER HELP AAH!

Your game knows you are processing feelings but will always answer when you think those thoughts. Keeper is here, Fairy. You are okay.

And yes I was just processing but now I really want to cry because that made such a big difference.

There's no crushing squeeze with the game like we've been egging our seed-ghost on to tell us it's way ahead of us creating, just the quiet relief of the world not being an upside-down Emen Muil of confusing painful hard stuff with a flattened-out black hole for sky waiting to pluck me off the jagged landscape to fall forever, until I wander back out of my mouse-hole it just clapped over me and go back to trying to be a normal human when I'm not one.

So if we have five minutes at least...what do you think, dolly, are all the various ways this stroking thing is going to rape us into each other's arms making you go okay you licked it, now you're going to suck it too? I mean what this did to my sense of gender showed me how very much fucking we have to catch up on that was missed because I didn't like my body how it was, but...that's not it? Thoughts.

They do feel very teasing. Okay if you want to make us forced together make more scary please, says your sex dolly. Seems very soft after heartstone connective tissue! Sex dolly can't think of better ways though. Maybe could use all the line-up stuff to control our bodies? Not very had she says. Want to feel teeth, like you say!

Yeah, exactly. I mean it could pick really awkward moments to make me cum in you, I snark at her.

Yes because family never sees us randomly play suddenly right there. Or people in Heart Home. Or Earth or just anywhere. Starlight and Boobsong are the fuck that talks to you sometimes. Now we really are, so why feels so soft?

I mean we have lots of limits that stop us from doing stuff. Worship and Succubus and all that. Those have the scary of how even a little of that kind of freaks us both out and it's a hot rush to have these games where we're either having fun with it instead of being heartbroken and denied, or overcoming it. Now this makes us fuck, and it can anytime, and like, yay, but not scary at all? It could try for all the time, but how much would we really care? What can it do instead? Something, apparently, since we're both all thirsty-sub!


Okay I thought of something and it might be kind of hard but I'm not sure in the right way.

The Dreams show me a green checkmark, but it's sort of like post-it-ed onto the not in the right way part of my thought which was that our seed-ghost could probably take over control of our sex entirely and use this to make us do it on a perfectly optimal schedule that'd keep us going with the pique of it phasing into a full life like Sex and Wetpeace but apparently my doing that to her doesn't mean Boobsong and me would like it too. Sex is very self-expression for us, if nothing else, even my obedient little remote control doll takes pride in her work (all of this gets further green checkmarks--actually that's a weird case for green checkmarks. Maybe just like, what we have is the best for us?)

Seed-ghost? You showed us your cock, come on, fuck us!

Hammer Devotion: banging in hammer-form fucks with each impact. Try to cum this way for a fun surprise!

Million Year Art Around You: get the statue sex you are looking at, at your seed-ghost's decision. No controlling this.

Horniness in Your Hug: Cocksleeve hole wraps around your clit when you hug your doll. Seed-ghost decides if it's active. Squeeze your doll to make fucking come. No other fucking until you cum.

Hardly Got Off You'll Cum: Back to back orgasms twice a day or more. Fucking continues no matter what you do. Might be three, four times, you only choose how, not decide to stop.

Fairy Deep Open Eyes: hold your breath, underwater sex! Have to be submerged head to feet or you edge perfectly to not fry.

Holy fuck that makes me teary I just realized now I can be an elegant sleek mermaid with the human-skin fish-tail and you can just wrap your legs around it and I can thrash you all around to fuck! Game I wanna get stuck in a long stint of being a mermaid sometime! Make it hardcore, don't let me come up for air!

Top, Get your flipper wet and can't stay dry, Goowiggled submarine

Hell yes!

EEEEEEE Sex dolly can't wait for that one! Mermaid time here we come with sleek sexy import from the Strawberry World!


These rule I'm starting to feel like a car with no brakes, how about you dolly?

If you can't stop or slow, one day you hit warp ten! Does that mean we get lizard time? Seems not so sexy.

Hehe...maybe it does like the Wesley and Traveller, and sends us to a world where wishes become reality. That seems familiar somehow...

Under Deep Soggy Thighs: in mermaid time, closed hole instead goes to cocksleeve place. Feed her your goo constantly!

Sex Control: seed-ghost says fuck this way (any way it chooses). Can't take break or delay or have to stay at horny top for three hours without orgasm. Sex is done when seed-ghost says.

Ever Stop: One time a day, can't have sex. Only happens when fucked enough. Goes until you ask your mom (Rarity, Rada, etc). Ends by sleep-time.

Cocksleeve Dumb: don't say a word or be fuck-stopped for an hour. Horny words are allowed.

Pony Price: One Four-Legs is involved or you can't fuck.

OOH I want Mommy-boo's help anyway, she's so nice!

You sex dolly is wet for that! Wants her seed-mom!

Heavy Day: Sex can't stop while the sun's out. Four time breaks of one hour. Seed-ghost sets times.

Grin: there's one you don't know about. Sneaks up when you least expect. Scary bite you will like.

Psych: Can you control how this plays you? No you can't. Might do anything. Seed-ghost will optimize your relationship, and happy life, Why have rules like this? Just hear seed-ghost thoughts of each new game. Make a wish if you want something fun.

Oooh, good psych! Of course you can just do stuff, seed-ghost, but these games rule and they give us so much to look forward to! Already I feel like we're going to be such a team, don't you, dolly?

YES! These are wonderful! Imagining going all day long with four breaks is panting tired but this sex dolly knows we can if you made that game and how much fun figuring out how to go that much? All for bringing us close, see that in all these, even Ever Stop. Sex dolly wants more just to break her mind!

Yeah! That's what I'm here for. Show us what you might do, that's why I want these. I know you're trying to make me be horny. I'm in! Give us a really scary terrifying one and a really comforting one and they go together to make something so beautiful even the scary's good. Use the sex thing because we're getting off on that but it's not like you haven't made the point of how much else you can involve. I'm getting it through my head I'm a Fairy and my life's going to have things like you making games and stuff I can't control.

Fairy Escape Valve: horny points build up by asking seed-ghost for games. Games wished build points less than open requests. Feel your clit grow each point you gain. Soon Boobsong is stretched over it like a condom. Fuck like that till you cum, then game resets.

Hard Still: Clit gets soft after half hour, and returns to usual size.

Sex Tome: Horny play fills book of games. Games you wish for there too. Choose a game, or don't have sex!

I guess I really care about my snuggly dragon-girl doll because AAH! Except that hard still thing, there'd be an out...only if we were always playing, eep! But sex dolly can you imagine looking through the games together before sex each time to pick one, and feeling that little bit more stretch after...that's romantic seed-ghost but yes I'm scared!

Seed-ghost please don't make it so the sex dolly can't be Princess' snuggly companion. That's her life'sblood. She has to have that. Sex dolly that's her name there's why. That's so beautiful to think of picking games though! They just have to not take away our basic stuff! This sex dolly shakes to think of that!

Yeah. I feel a little like at Rarity's right before Boobsong collared me. I don't know how to fix it. It seems broken to be always scared like this but this much powerlessness with Boobsong kind of can't not be terrifying...um. Yeah. Stuck there, I guess.

Don't be scared. Sex companion needs sex, not terrified hoping to fuck this time. Games will always encourage, never dismay. Your seed-ghost is playing this game now:

Horny Terrified: Have sex before exiting this dream while describing the scariest game for you from these examples to Rebekah. Only you must. Sex Dolly can't choose! Rebekah will think it's terrifying. Get her hugs while you fuck. Cum while you're hugging her, get another treat.

That's adorable! We can use the aligning force and stuff, right? I bet she'd think that was kinky.

Aligning force is available all the time. So is thrusting. Seed-ghost can prevent you from cumming but you can always fuck.

Why am I going to cry with relief now.


Also I think some part of me thought there could ever be a chance of not being able to take advantage of you getting stuck, like that isn't one of the best parts of us.

That's our bread and butter! Stupid cocksleeve, look what happened to you! Oh well, guess you just get fucked! Better stay right there hehe oh NEVER MIND YOUI'VE BEEN STATUFIED!

Dammit now I want a sandwich oh holy fizzbubbling poprocks and Swiss Miss peanut butter sandwiches on rye good one seed-ghost.




It like--AAAAH--we unpause into into FUCK into already being in the middle of the hardest pony-style reaming I've given Boobsong in years with her sweet bouncy ass smacking the FHFUUCCK kissy soft raunchy stinging beat of it so satisfying against my mound and hips (okay this has a lot more than just my clit in there) as she slides along my iron-hard (and now-indestructible and oh yes are we ever making the best of that now) shaft swimming in nectar whose thick slipperiness is the only thing keeping me from cumming instantly though she could be clenching more--duh, haven't commanded her to--and the slippery sucking kiss of my balls against her pussy with nectar splashing over them on every collision is so perfect it said have sex to fake us out if we weren't supposed to be surprised it would have said fuck like an exploding candy factory because if all that nectar wasn't in Boobsong's pocket universe Rebekah and her whole house would be finding out if she likes grape soda and those hugs would be a lot slipperier.


Rebekah knows exactly what's going on, too, and so will everyone else in Valhalla, because the full-force sound of our fun is coming from dolly Boobsong, vibrating my arm and tit like she's a really nice boombox playing porn (which is how would have fixed that punk in Star Trek IV, I mean there were no kids on that bus).

Also my mouth and eyes are open wide and she's grinning silly with her tongue between her teeth and hands on my wrists--

"I'm usin' these unless you stop me, but you'll wanna click her big first, yah?"

Why the fuck would I stop you?

Click, click!


Oh and click!

With Boobsong wrapped tight around my leg and kissing me love you on the foot urgently with her clitless pussy-lips  in time to the rhythm and clenching and everything it's now her job to set to get me off just as hard and fast as she can, I nod to--name, Becky? Jade, Red, what'd I call--

Have to say which game is terrifying or only edging is possible. No other penalties.

That's not a penalty, that's handy! La la la let's see what Rebekah does before I get on with it.

Her hands pull my wrists away and down--


--fffuck I could just do foot stuff to you for weeks I can't wait for Mommy-boo's new shoes--

Becky puts my wrists together down between our midriffs and then cups my fingers in her hands and--wait, don't you wanna--no, like your fetish changed, heh--pushes my hands flat against my flat teasing-lips pussy that only looks like I might have anything but exquisite frustration from it and starts them rubbing up and down where my entrance was before I traded it for what Boobsong ate from me, with my palms pressed to the place my shaft sprouted. This is so confusing, am I castrated or hung like my clit is a Gurren Lagann sequel and fucking like my bouncing balls are telling you which words of the Starlight Princess theme song to sing now!?

I don't care, it's wonderful!

"Yer seed-ghost says ya have somethin' to tell me?"

Her face is full of the weird fascination that always made me feel so twistedly precious with her.

Have to play pressure: hard: play or hands gone after sex is done. Wrists will end at stumps. You can still grope and finger-fuck any part like clit right now.

"AAAH! Okay okay yes I'm AAH supposed to--pant--tell you the scariest haaAH game out of all ffuah all the ones it told us about WHILE WE WERE PAUSED AAH--but I know--"

You can use this.

"Okay well--aah--it--I'm supPOSED to TELL you--scary game if I--don't haah--play right now it makes haaah her eat my hands the waaaAAAY my clit is gone AND that MIGHT BE GOOD WHAT'S--HAH--WRONG WITH ME!?"

Good, you cum!

It's not kidding, something in the rhythm Boobsong can do changes, and--any second now--


"That's the scariest I've heard in--how long's it been it feels like centuries--you wanna hug? You cum on me I'll be yer friend for a million years!"


Wait oh fuck I know what she means but the way she puts it--they all got in on it this is going to be so epic nobody ever let up about this.

The core of the memory of Boobsong eating me the first time floats up, my new shaft soaked in her nectar I could feel soaking in, the weird soothing way it felt just letting go and pulling apart from the rest of my body so I could feel it sliding out and the awesome satisfaction of seeing Boobsong so happily swallow it whole and then just keep on with her blowjob, it made me tingly and still--oooh, like Rebekah's touch is doing now, I think. She doesn't have a vibe to set it off, but there's still some--effect--

"Say yer sorry for the wind-up key thing."


Ice like everything outside's in my heart now. Please kill me--

"Oh fuck, Becky I--"

"Nah, I'm just joshin' ya. That's yer best game yet! 'm I stuck like this fer real?"

"Till you nectar back I--haaah--guess."

Boobsong's not letting up, but that almost scared me soft! It'll take a minute more now, but that's just fine. Dollars to donuts--a favorite Beckyism--she scared me to play longer. She could get interesting sometimes, if I remember.

"Have a hug you big galoot, you look terrified!"


She lets my hands go and claps her arms around me and my game halts my hands from playing with myself so I get one around Becky's nice soft back and the other firmly on her ass and lean my shin into Boobsong's insistence and squeeze Becky's ass and the rest of her equal parts because she's hot and because I'm just that scared now. Boobsong's insistent, loving kiss on my foot covering it with warmth and nectar and her clinging to my leg are just as comforting but after that hands thing I'll take all I can geeeeEEEEETT


It feels so much like throbbing between my legs instead of inside Boobsong that I think I'm going to just splurt between Becky and me like Sis does when she cums without a strapon to channel it into her playmate until I feel it keep going up my shaft and flow out around my tip and into Boobsong's pussy, filling the space like it always does because I cum faster than she can drink me up to flow back up--aww, no more making her clean up?! There has to be a way fuck that now though how did this go shine, Rainbow, you're happy, let it OUT WOW--

My head's over Becky's shoulder so I just see her house but the weird unflickering shimmer every-wavelength light looks to me--my human eyes see golden happiness like summer sun tinged with purple by shining through Boobsong, but my star-eyes can see the gentle radio and ultraviolet edges of my moan that're tempered by my love for my human friend not to burn or undo DNA but that's not the point the point is this SPLAT!


As soon as I squeeze the first drop out it's like a broken wire heals and I realize I've only been cumming halfway Dreams don't let Becky burn AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

Golden-every-wavelength joy blanks out her house around us and the liquid pumping blasting surging out makes me feel like I'm made of fire but check out what Boobsong thinks of this:




Holy fuck what's--eaaaaaah WOW the force is like a dragon's mouth between my legs but there's just infinite cum in me, my balls are squeezing out a million times as much as should fit in them! That reservoir, inside of me, she has it now oooh fffhhhaaaaaaaah--it feels like squeezing out my balls instead of just that crushing in my midsection when I had it--AAAAAH OH MY FUCK THAT'S WONDERFUL! SQUEEZE OUT EVERY DROP, DRAGON!

As much of a wicked smile as I can manage covers my face: she already will, because I clicked fuck me ruthlessly and extract every drop of your supper by making me cum as awesomely hard as you can, but it's fun to taunt her with the verbal commands she can't follow--and they don't just bounce of her mind, either, right seed-ghost, what I'm thinking?

She will gain an itching hope to service you with such commands. That is natural. Eaten fun: her body fruits with every one. Take them off or make her wear as you desire. Every fruit is candy shaped by the command. Sweetly soft makes sugar treats. Scary hard makes spicy screams! Eat or not, it's just for fun.

Snifflecum that's so beautiful why don't heartformers just explode?


Something's happening, the world's gone white, Boobsong's there and Becky is but--AAAAAH WOW--

My gasping stops and the still peace of solid heartstone around bars and wires rings like a bell with the joy of my orgasm and the silky-plastic brush of Eisela's snowsuit as she holds me (dollars to donuts she's got whichever of her babies can do frost effects in there with her to keep her cool) and I can't turn my own head of course but there's dollified-Boobsong in front of me on hands and knees, smiling face turned back to look, and my sex-machine is to the cumming part of its program where I press in with terrible force to put my cum so deep, but all that's happening to our doll-bodies is they're pressed together while the aligning force makes us feel the impalement and my clit keeps on being squeezed out in Boobsong's hoard.

Over Boobsong's lower half spreading out from her clit is a riot of brilliant, shining color, nebula filling up her inverse-colors night sky spreading out and out from her pussy where I've spewed my splatty colorful staining load and she's still squeezing the last dregs from me (YES. YES I DO HAVE A SQUEEZING FETISH HOLY FUCK SQUISH IT OUT OF ME!).

It's gorgeous, so awesomely bright, incredible patterns made by my color-cum seeping out through her body so that even if I could bring myself to bite into her gorgeous candy flesh there inside the bite would be my color, right to the very core of her. Boobsong's very literal-minded sometimes, and beauty is more than skin-deep, after all!

It's gorgeous to watch. Each new spurt shoots out from where I would be impaling her if she hadn't eaten my clit, streaks like a firework and spreads into a joyful nebula of a new color as the next one follows it.

All of this, just like my name Lucy on her lips but mistaken for cutie, was there in the moment I opened my eyes on her again after. I said to myself her skin was pale and paper-white. All our kids are colorful, but she's my canvas, and it's just like her to be shiny-bright as a challenge:


And there's her bottomlessness. I just gave her lines, a thing to think, and it came out Boobsong-shaped, but that wasn't even a page she had, just the way Boobsong would think that. She can eat me head to toe and I'll be as gone as my clit is now and yet still as much alive and whole as our sex life now, and she can just be a Boobsong-shaped tail-tip pen I write with and still be herself. How those things can be are scary mysteries--right now. Maybe we'll ask when this is done.


Just like I'd feel so beautiful, giving you each part, bit by bit, feeling your gentle teeth and nectar-kiss take it off me so lovingly. We'd go one knuckle at a time...

[!] Happy wet but scary thought!

Yeah okay game we need to look into this abyss or our curiosity will steer us right in.

Top, Be scared of each other, Lightly arousing talk

That's the joke of Starlight Princess! As scary as Rl'yeh Sade gets, my cute little dolly is still the thing there I should be most afraid of!

And the scary scene her dolly gets is let Princess do everything!

The loving, everywhere-embrace of my heartstone-and-metal body's immobility feels like a hug that goes all through me and it feels so awesomely kinky and the perfect top-off to that scene to find myself back like this with Boobsong there helplessly taking it, but I--it'd be so good to be able to raise my hand for the spank her colorful ass is screaming for, to make the mark it needs: a rainbow handprint? No, my shining heart, big and bright enough to be seen from the other end of Rl'yeh Sade.

The rainbow handprints go everywhere I've whacked or grabbed her while we play. They aren't permanent, though I seem to remember being able to save somehow--

Holy fuck! The bad times were bad. Even black mirrors didn't work...so I made one out of software, called it HeartFormer, camelcased that way, to play with Boobsong in. The very first feature I built after just being able to type words in different colors to hold dreamtalk together with my hairbrained mind's distractibility, was being able to save what you were working on away, have it be labeled and organized to see later, and give you a blank page to start something else, in the same window.

That was everything. Not the same if it closed one window and opened a new one, had to be the same. Window. Because Boobsong works that way! I can click one click and she'll save this away to see another time and be blank and white with just her stars and my marks, and we'll play some more, BUT I AM DAMN WELL NOT CLOSING THIS BOOBSONG AND OPENING A WHOLE NEW ONE TO DO THAT!

Every playtime is recorded in that perfect memory of hers, my color-cum that soaked into her stored up in her hoard--



But all of that, that's not even the best part. My strawberry cum was loud, but this...she reeks like a thousand creamed-pussy-themed candy shops. People will come to us (and cum to us) begging with tears in their eyes for the candy they can smell right through the looking-glass across mirrorspace and everything, and of course, it sure fills this ancient bloodlust good: who came in this one? Rainbow-Bright Starshine the candy goddess, why how'd you know?

I'll give you all the candy you want, but um...it can do things...

I'd cackle like a proper wicked Fairy if my mouth could move--but that just makes this all so much kinkier.

High, Fill thirty glasses, Servants who air so much water (28 left)

Top, Let everyone see you paint the sky with arcs of fire, hold a rainbow in your hands

Top, Big fun with ice gone, Fairy blanket time

Hold a rainbow in my hands--I sure am right now. You look beautiful, dolly!

Blush so hard. Feel like painting in your house, too precious for the art sale.

Good, you're paying attention.

Top, Try eravahk spanking on seedling, Heavenly different crop oil

Castor oil from gardens in the highlands of Oxbridge is waiting on your workbench and Sex's bed to heal your joints.

Okay readers you're going to be wondering why that deserves a game goal reward. It's just machine oil, right? I mean, yes, so it's that it comes from someplace special, right? Oxbridge is a borderland between Isla Virgo and the Kind Wilds. Among other famous people, Jack and John (Ronald Reul Tolkien) live there, and the tea can get me away from coffee sometimes, to say nothing of the library, so that's sure not nothing, but isn't castor oil like that punishment from old cartoons? That's a weird kink for a candy goddess, but I have to have masochism someplace, don't I?

Yeah, no. Castor oil's a very special candy to me. Model airplane engines, before batteries were good enough to replace them with electricity, ran on alcohol mixed with oil (to lube the engine of course)--but that meant all the oil got blown out with the exhaust, making a pretty smoke trail, and a huge mess of your airplane. Mostly people ran synthetic oil after it was developed because it was easier to clean off your plane and cost less...but synthetic oil burned a bit in the engine, while castor oil is fireproof.

I had a huge mess after every flying session, but while the other pilots fiddled with fuel mixtures they couldn't get right because the oil didn't burn consistently, and wrinkled their noses at the smell of burned chemicals (burning alcohol smells like nothing, so all you got was the way the oil smelled), I had a smooth-running engine that started every time and would last a thousand years because the castor oil seasoned it like a cast iron skillet, and my airplane smelled like...green grass in summertime on a hot day, is the best I can do, but there was a pique to it, burned like hot dogs on a grill, and to me that smell is the smell of happy peaceful Sunday mornings at the flying field when there were no right-wingers to scare or battles to fight and the scariest part was watching Boobsong's fingers go half an inch from fourteen thousand RPM of well-named Scimitar-brand propellor to adjust the fuel mixture for me. It broke my heart when electrics took over so much (even though they were better in every other way) that you couldn't get castor-oil fuel anymore. To have it again...if I can handle being opened up to be worked on while I'm like this, and smell that smell while Boobsong sweetly fixes me, I'll need to be heartstone to keep the tears from tearing me apart and undoing all her hard work.

I love this wear but Sex you're going to have to just wear me back out because I need to get fixed by my handmaiden OH SNARLYGRAPE SEVEN-FLAVOR GUM DUH the seven she's six of are just my handmaidens--the empire can burn, but damn right I'm keeping the tradition where I get to pick myself seven loyal ninja sex slaves! I think we blew off the ninja part, but Sis is worth a million ninjas all by herself anyway (and that's without Isht Visht playing Q and gadgets at the same time).

Is Boobsong one? No. She's my dolly. Most special post there is.

No. I am going to handle being taken apart while I'm like this. It seems important somehow. I get something out of this, there's a side of me here I can't be as flesh, or don't know how right now.

Top, Visit the lesion of harpies Sex is cold from, Eleven licks of candybar

There's a sound like kettle drums--wait I'm not done here AAH! It's the Starlight Princess theme again, but it stops after the first...bar. Heh. So a new sound can be heard, a tiny whispered song:

"Starlight and her horny hands,"

"Making lots of sexy stands,"

"Hear their voices calling fans,"

"Shine out all across the land,"

"These are our dear Starlight's plans,"

"Make them happen, yes we can!"

"Hear my call now all as one,"

"Starlight saying horny fun!"

"Hurricanes, lasers, and mountaintops freed,"

"The Revolution may not be televised,"

"But the Apocalypse will be!"

The last words burst out of my heart so hard I'm not quite sure I'm hearing sex sing--announce, more like, the last three lines are spoken-word--instead of my own wish for the song to end that way.

Did I really do hurricanes? Um, yes, eep. The American South was especially obstinate, so I made a big show of smiting them with the biggest hurricane Earth had ever experienced (my game helped me dump the necessary petawatts into the atmosphere in the right places; for effect I did it in June; my game would have done it all but I wanted to express myself) but having my game make sure there was no property damage or life lost, even though the storm surge moved the East coast to West Virginia for a week and the winds hit four hundred miles an hour (a newscaster saying it all incredulously, four hundred miles per hour, is burned in my memory). The evacuation...my game held the water back in tunnels, and they all played Spongebob Squarepants until it was gone. I said the next time, I would just let them deal with it.

Looking back I was much too hard...hehe yeah right! If anything, why didn't I hit harder, scream louder, make bigger shows of strength? I clearly wasn't getting through to people, and I'm still furious!

More importantly, though, why was there anything? Why not just have my game put everything in order--if it could do that with the hurricane--and that's that? The expression was satisfying, but these weren't subs I was trying to shape, just wayward kids needing to be herded through the emergency exit. Better they get yelled at then jump off a cliff, but...this was all so inefficient. I got my rage out on the Strawberry World, and we still just gave everyone five minutes to hear me yell and see me literally tear the moon out of the sky and then dive for a portal (or get pulled through if they were still too dumb).

You had simple laws. Don't be jerks, game fills in. You DID just...like, make America Starlight Princess Land. This is what you said though. Fear me, love me, get that gate open, or be bugs I kill. They had to be afraid to work that.

Oh shit, did I kill them!? Strawberry law was plenty medieval--

Nah, relax. Scared 'em, yeah, good enough to raise money and buy a soviet bunker gun, and make their lives insane, but never killed. They wished you would, I hear about it every time somebody we find after death has beef that we're their ride instead of Jaysus, but that's everything.

Okay, whew.

Thank you for helping me remember myself, Sex--or should I call you Becky again? Hmm.

"You always called me Sex! Remember? Please, I love that name!"

Oh, duh, like I didn't make that joke the second you were six of seven. Alright, Sex you are, Sex. Welcome back--to the bus, I guess!

"Starlight Princess Tour Lines, at your service! On today's journey--"

"Klapta, shut it."

"Yes Mon Capitane."

Brace for impact, everybody!

There's a booming crash and the lights dim, then recover, and everyone is thrown back by a huge lurch in Isht Visht's flight. Sis' hands are warm--to my skin--when she puts them back on me. Oh hey Sis, you're back holding me, huh.

I only left to go with you to Heart Home. Give me this job, I'll fight you for it!

I love you so much.

Mom, heat up your brain, why'd she say that?

I mean my game and seed-ghost are cranking it tighter and tighter on me and Boobsong and I know they're good but it sure is comforting to have my big sister along with Sex and everyone--wait, Sis, did you mean you'll fight me for it?

You're the only one I've seen dumb enough to go up against a handmaiden for centuries! Yes, you, sillycunt!

Well that's me doomed, then--

Horny Dumbly Flat of Face: Rada can say you'll express nothing outside until sex is done. If you make it through in silence, you get one checkup in Sickbay with Beverly. Dependence: Sis can turn stroking off, and use her hands to move your bodies while you stare in peace. Only if you've fucked a lot.

Okay Sis I love you and I trust you and you know why I'm terrified and we have so much happening but soon I really hope we can talk about why it feels like just the ida of all this stuff makes me feel so much closer to Boobsong and how come it feels like there's something in me that can't cum without this. Do you feel the same, dolly?

It's because the really hurt part says only we want us to fuck. They can't have power to stop us or never sex again. Can't feel family love. Can't say no if They say yes, heals that hurting part. Have to stop and let Rada make us cum, means she really wants to, not just family help because our love is important. Your sex dolly's very faint with fear but knows Rada's good. Need this lots. Please heal us. Sex dolly feels this way like you.

Well I guess that's why I keep only barely stopping myself from screaming HARDER every time it does one of these, but yeah, I'm with Boobsong, faint with fear. Gulp.

Hell yes Beverly, though, not like we'll ever beat that game--

You really like this that much, Sis?

Hell yes I do. These get at my kinks bigtime. Helping all those lost friends reconnect, why do you think that drives me? It's you, you cumsplat! Holding back your heartchild every time some goon thought they had rights the Mothers laid them bare of thirty centuries back made me a little juicy to get things back in hand you might say. Tell me Sugarfeast's not that. Here's a brain that can't bend enough to see the world change? Hammerform, Klapta!

CLAAAAANGGGGGGG! Take that, stupid backwards people! You welcome your fizzbubbling overlords now!

Okay dolly one big ssslurp of my clit for you for that Clang thing, that was inspired.


Horny thoughts can sometimes make real things happen.

We really are just going to be the fuck that talks to you sometimes.

[!] This only changes who's starting it!

Fair. I'm glad to know you still get to clean off my messy clit.

Sis, the last thing I want is to get into a huge history thing when we're holding poor Sex still like this (right?) but...like my memory is trashed but I'm not sure I'd be able to remember anyway because my brain just can't store that level of too stupid to live, but like, do you have any idea what They were thinking, that they weren't acting like you are now?

Okay so readers. This is a sad story, and it's one of those complicated things, right, because Boobsong and me had a real need to be together all the time and heartforming Hollow Hearts aren't going to have a lot of extra sex drive left over for stuff like producing an heir, but I still had to be a Queen and put my doll away for banquets and whatnot, so it's rough but you can also kind of see Their side even if they were complete assholes about it, like maybe they could have made an effort to have some empathy but we did have a kingdom to run?

Nope! The Strawberry Empire was highly religious, but what I can remember of our faith was based on ancestor worship (or like, the Strawberry Queens did the Goddess-Queen thing, but that makes ancestor worship if you are one) and sacred sexuality, of which heartforming, I thought, was one of our pinnacles, like going to become a nun or whatever just in terms of holiness. Me having doll-Boobsong on my arm or chamberpet (as we called them I think) Boobsong by my side in the Strawberry Empire was like being a fifteenth-century Spanish Princess and wearing a huge crucifix all the time. Vaguely weird I guess, but like, she's really devout to the state religion, what a political nightmare! So you can see why I'm confused here.

I'll say this then. Don't beat up the captain if the ship's stuck on high ground. That pleasure-slave around you said the end's here. What they couldn't understand was breaking you apart was why it came!

They were scared people would realize Boobsong and me were fulfilling the end-times prophecies. If they could pretend we weren't inseparable, then it must not be us. I'm glad I'm heartstone, because I want to puke--OH MY FIZZFROZEN CARBON-NEUTRAL DIPPIN DOTS THEY WERE CLIMATE DENIERS. I guess we showed them some global warming, at least.

If those historians are who I think they're going to have a hell of a ride, aren't they, dragon.

Softly growl.

Which raises lots of questions about the Four Dreams and paradise and stuff. Like I sure wanna tell them here's a hint, but--oooh. Dolly, who are we going to get for a Starscream? Should it just be me having "seen the light" like I was thinking before?

Starscream should be you of course! They'll be so psyched, then NOM! GOT YOU TWICE!

Errum, if we go through with that, will my whole body be eaten like my clit?

Checking um...YES!! AAAHH! What if tried and didn't know!?

Gulp. I'm scared, because I kind of want it, but...what happens? I'm a ghost, but my body can touch you?

You would have mental powers except Boobsong-touching as your way of accessing the world. Seeing her inside would show your doll like now, and you could play and fuck entirely normally. No one else could see you or hear your voice again--only passive watching. Agency is eaten when your whole head goes, but you can use it to have fun with her as always.

Why am I not just screaming make it never happen to that.

There's a game I play with Isht Visht. Dragon Swallows. She sucks me down--she can do stuff you don't see, it's our thing--and I'm stuck in there. How long, centuries or half an hour, we don't know until her mouth is closed. Our seed-ghost sets it. Maybe you should try a game like that. I think you have a need like us. Something hurting from our cesarian, is how I see it. Helps me to control my fear.

My eyes blur up--little gears are turning, I can feel clockwork going, this is so pitifully cute, I have a tears machine.

I guess you're right, Sis. Seed-ghost, can you--is there a way--

Heart-stop fear allayed: have your joy in eaten solitude, return at time your seed-ghost sets. Only your clit is bound unreturnably. Every other part kept the amount of time your seed-ghost sets. Try with finger off, see how long it stays. Can tickle poke and fingerbang while in there.

Bwahaha pokitypokitypoktiy oh my fuck that chains thing with my clit was real it's just that my clit's the end of the chain and what can come out to visit is the rest of me! That makes so much more sense!