9 - Jingle Bells

The song ends, and Isht Visht puts on a nice soothing comedown of TSO's The Silent Nutcracker, making it just possible to hear her little-Galaxy-class warp drive roar soothing under the music--

"Ziis is another time to be grateful for Isht Visht's stowage, vould you not zay, family?"

Viktor's voice from behind is juuuuust enough to divert me from making Boobsong fuck me now, consequences be damned--yeah right! Get yourself on my clit and show me why you're not getting bonked with my tied-up hands afterwards.

We have so many wicked fun games! I have to flit through half a dozen punishments (most of which still involve stepping on her ALRIGHT foot fetish sheesh) before I get to something she won't just want to do because she misses our game.

No, fuck it. Show me why I don't just want to keep you dolled and use you to jerk off with. Get fucking, dolly. At least your next three fucks are on the line, Boobsong Olympics notwithstanding. Here. I click--

I'm back in the cuffs? When did that happen? The chair arms are gone again too.

Fine good I was liking these. I hold up my colorfully bound hands where she can see me do it and click grind harder on my eravahk. Build your fucking on that dolly.

Oh yeah? Think your dolly in motion can't be better than just doll form--

Hm, not kinky enough. I thumbstick her down my legs until she's on my shins--

Push wide moving hips back scootch back...again...hhhiiii gold ballet splints in wide open pussy can you come inside and fuck this dolly like a big dildo with her Goddess' legs inside?

Click of grind on them like you're trying to cum from it.

Open so wide it feels like splitting in half and push your dolly's pussy agains the splint on your left leg where it would grind her clit a lot if she had one, then look at you desperately and hold these dolly breasts up and pray to you.

"Goddess if your dolly had a clit like a human does she would have cum five times already since you made her start moving but all she has is this hole to please you with. Please won't you make her come slide up and down on your clit until you cum in her? She can feel every part of these beautiful ballet splints against her lips and your legs in between the bars and it makes her so wet her pussy could be hands holding water that leaks out of them. Please won't you make her service you with her wet soft hole that's so gushing out her worship and love for you?"

"You must like those things, if you're getting so wet, dolly."

"They make your dolly's heart so soft to see you comfortable to keep holding her when you're tied up. To see you back this way is so happy she wants to scream and dance around! The beautiful designs on them are making her head fill up with pages and pages of fantasies about being used by you. Please won't you try some when you're done with this game?"

"You make me smile, dolly. Worship my whole legs inside those things from my toes to the top ring and when you're devotion's enough we'll see what I do."

I'm waaaaay more than fine on worship, but it's not building up to a candygasm somehow. I seem to be working on something big, I can feel the power coiling up like it's making something, almost, hot inside of me, beside the warm healing flood of her sweet devotion.

Worship your legs!? Hell yes! Hands go down to right where your dolly's pussy is making nectar splash everywhere and rub it into your skin and under to make sure your legs feel good...

Alright well I guess foreplay is important to me after all, it just has to be my kind! Why'd I ever think otherwise?


"Why do you say that, Viktor?"

"Zee setup back here iz most appetizing. Perhaps you shall join us zoon. Zere is room for another at zee fireside, vith a special friend."

The what now. I try to twist and look back, but nothing doing, still. Game I--alright really I feel the rush of this nakedness now, what with you all watching this and my making Boobsong dance--

"We're very glad to see you play with her like yourself again. Don't be afraid to keep going, we won't mind, will we now, klapta?"

"Like we'd ever stop ogling anyway! This just makes it easier, that's all. I was digging that idea where you had her look at your slippers while you walk on her without them. Way to tease, mom!"

One of the punishments I rejected for not being a punishment.

[!] That's such a sexy thought! Dolly wants to play that game!

...yeah. I need to like stand on you. And squidge my toes like grass.

[!] Goddess PLEASE will you as soon as the splints are off!?

Knowledge: I can have them off now if I want to try that. They'll come back when I'm done, but I can stand up if I stand on Boobsong.

Maybe when I'm done with her worshipping, I giggle. I never know if my game is making some kind of point or just giving kinky fun.

What I really want to know, is how I get to see what's going on back there--oh. Why didn't I think of that. Um--

"Don't be afraid to have thoughts like that, cumswallow, that's the whole idea here. Rainbow needs a helping hand, and I'm still tied up here. Who else is in for this?"

Wait huh!? Suddenly it dawns on me that I can't see Mama's hands or feet from here, and I haven't heard her using the controls in a while. Curious! Maybe it'll help me get through my head how Boobsong and me can possible work so well this way...ARGH FINE FUCK IT YOU SAW ANYWAYS I want your hands on me family don't move the chair I want you to pick us up and yes I want the help but really I want your hands on me.

"Seems just the other day I was the one saying get your hands on me please! There's a story, you should tell it to your readers as we carry you."

I love you all so much. Where to even start--no, argh, FINE. I get it with the song. Game are you doing it or what.

Knowledge: the game has a better form of what I think it's going to do. When we get to our destination, I'll learn more.


This feels incredible, but I'm so scared of how it'll change me. Boobsong's fine, but she's very special.

No this is just the fear of independence melting away I saw this on Sex's face before and it's okay this is my family but it's not okay something will--I'll--I have to--how can I be afraid of drowning in atmosphere as I come back from my spacewalk these people are my natural environment but that's what it feels like--

"Hey kiddo."

"Hey Cheryl."

They're around me, a circle of femme affection making such a good metaphor of our relationship--

[!] The family is all around. Goddess please would you say--

We're still doing the other thing soon.

"Boobsong's really precarious there, please hold her up, as many of you as unnecessary," I smirk.

Loving hands take my arms and legs, slide under my back and butt (hi Malina), take hold of Boobsong where she is, and lift us together from the seat and wheel us around.

"We saw your desire clearly."

"Yes you did, and I'm going to be very disappointed if anyone fails to cop their feel--aaaaaah..."

Spare hands go for my boobs and one grabs my clit--hhhhhi Malina. Malina's a bit of a role model for me. As old as she is, she's never lost her fun or mischief or let her hearts get heavy, and she knows exactly what life is about, and never misses a chance to enjoy herselves.

Like really, herselves sometimes. If you like twincest, try to find Malina in a showy mood, except what you're going to get of course is more of a clone orgy. That will invite you just as much as she can get away with, usually.

"That goes for Boobsong, too, and I don't know when I'll feel generous again, so."

Boobsong's helpers--Cheryl and a Violet snuggle close, and the three of them are swarmed by at least six more Malina--hehe, just how many of herself did she bring?

Snuggle back, dolly!

Push your dolly into them just like you said! Have to keep worshipping so keep moving but it sure does feel wonderful to feel all of your hands on me!

Probably soon really because this is adorable and kind of hot and okay well here we go again you saw my fantasy but I sure can't ask--

"You don't have to ask, that's the point of this. Oh planning half, come here a moment!"

The other Violet comes up beside her talking half and gets very snuggly. Hell yes but if you're doing this there's someone whose heart will break into a million pieces if she gets left out and you might want her expert advice. Game--

Knowledge: the game explained everything already.

"Sex is a cute name! I think we can wait for you to wind her, but only just. I'm juicy just holding Boobsong."

Hehe, good job, dolly! Give Violet a flirty face.

Look up and eyes so soft go against her up and down so sensually and--

"Aaaah! You know I'm a Fairy too--oh seethe, you really forgot all that! I'm sorry--"

Back to work, dolly, and focus.

I curl up in a little ball inside and die except I can't because everyone's hands holding me keeps me from doing it. Why the fuck is Violet apologizing when I'm the bitch who forgot her own family.

"Cumswallow, I think you should really tell that story now."

Alright, okay. Why air of cosmic import--

"I just think it's fun for them! Go on, yah!"

Squishy. Mama gives such a great get-moving whack, without even touching you. Get moving whacks are highly underrated and very essential and Boobsong is in line for a zillion soon--but the story.

So readers you have understand first that Mama and my storyline isn't even a pretzel. It's whatever the weird beings that live on the surfaces of Klein bottles in some alternate universe use to complain about incomprehensible alien geometry. Isht Visht her heartchild implanted when she was just-ripe, meaning just about the first day she'd be able to support an erovore companion (Boobsong and I are weird again because I'm a star but there are kinds of su'khora that can do for humans like she did for me, so if reading this is making you realize your imaginary friend wasn't imaginary after all and/or still isn't imaginary it doesn't necessarily mean you're like me), but remember that was at least her second reincarnation after she got killed by assassins in Strawberry Home, but now get this.

Notice how Isht Visht calls Boobsong and me Mom and we call her Kiddo? She's our seed-daughter, as in came from a dreamskin Boobsong and I made, like zillions of other very sweet su'khora we'll meet someday, but this was all thirty thousand years ago or so, when Mama was a tween basically (and Four-Legs) still, so how's that work? Well, the worldgate was also a timegate, to about thirty thousand years in the future of the Strawberry World, so Boobsong did exist back then, but in transit with me to the future on Earth that last time. We implanted Mama by time-travel journeying back to her time (like I flashbacked with Walt before) and making her a personal and very spooky dreamskin from the nineties when Boobsong and me were touring Earth.

Mama's good, too. Only one tiny part of our dreamskin was even vaguely sexually suggestive and yet Isht Visht came from an act of horniness and courage Mama did after seeing it that was so awesome I get weepy every time I think of it. Weepier. I kind of cry a lot, maybe you've seen.

And then! The bad stuff happened and I lost my memory and washed up on a raft in the True Sea with Boobsong calling her Lyra because that was the closest I could remember to her boobalicious real name and Mama picked us up, randomly, because she'd been sailing around the True Sea doing her Charon thing helping lost souls find their way, and like I can't even describe it stuff happened and the inscrutable prophecy from the weird monolith Strawberry Home was built around turned out to be a bunch of Darmokking (that's meme references so specific and obscure nobody but the intended culture or even person has a hope of understanding them, but that are inescapably clear to the intended audience) that somehow manipulated Mama and Isht Visht and Boobsong and me into becoming a polycule in the space of five hours.

During which Mama asked for, and got, a copy of my game that somehow turns out to have been made by Isht Visht from the future or something (I don't have the details on that part).

Except I think Mama might be the newest member of the family. Something's still weird with whether we were together before I lost my memory but after (for her) this first meeting but that's too much for now.

Anyway at that first meeting we had what will always be one of the top ten (I'd say top three, but this is Rl'yeh Sade) most metal scenes Boobsong and I will ever be part of, and we're us. ARGH you see me thinking it I suppose Mama may as well let the readers play. It was heart stoppingly metal, right dolly?

Omifuck that was epic! It was really escapable how wet everyone was by the end of it!

Right? I wasn't soliton it at first, but my game gave me some drive and Mama came out on top in the end, so all's well that ends well, I'd say.

You might have been really stuck on the aftercare without Isht Visht to help you. It's a good thing Rada had her onscreen when it happened!

Bwahaha good one but I hope they can engage with it.

Of course they can! It's not rocket science!

I mean the fun thing is it really truly wasn't--alright enough talking this up before they think it's going to be like the second coming or something. Read on to find out why I suddenly stopped figuring you'd just assume came is a cum/come pun every time I so much as think it.

PS we all thought Isht Visht was Boobsong's sister then because you can smell relatedness if you're su'khora but obviously there was no way for her to be our kid.

Two Nights Ago

"Isht Visht--breaking cycles. Knocking them down is easy..."


Eravahk, get as small as you can and stick to my hands magnetically.

It responds with a Magnet-Missile firing sound from Mega Man 3 and when I arrange it to stick to the back of my hand the game lets me and it stays there firmly with no chance of falling accidentally, barely longer than its handle.

If I'm doing this, I'm doing it bare-handed. If I'm no good at making girls cum, make me good, game.

Knowledge: Rada barely needs anything to make her cum how she is right now. I can be sure she'll enjoy--

That's not the point, game. This is huge. I want to blow her mind, not just make her cum.

The game moves my clutch so I can't think I'll be inadequate to what the scene needs, and makes me unable to touch Rada except with the intention to enjoy the feel of her breast and her pussy and holding her.

Knowledge: our relationship is one of enjoying each other as companions for fun and to have people who understand how it feels to have seedling like Isht Visht and Lyra to hang out and compare notes with.

Alright well she's been teasing me with her body the whole time so I'm definitely going to enjoy this and hope it won't traumatize me or anything.

Knowledge: I definitely won't be. I won't understand why until it actually happens.

"Wait Lucy I have some advice first! Captain has two tiny clit piercings they're not very easy to find but if you touch them together she'll have the most mind-breaking orgasm her body can possibly have then. You want to make sure right? You game says you need to know you'll be good at this and that'll be the best you can be no matter what else happens. Try them you'll see! They're right on the inside of her stem underneath if you lift up her clit you should find them."

"Thank you--"

"Can Lyra come hug me right out of the turbolift please?"

"She's going to, right cocksleeve?"


And you're going to give her whatever comforting she needs including makeouts and stuff but whatever it takes to get her there you're going to have her right in front of Rada and facing her close and ready to be there for her like you when you woke me up in my room on Earth ASAP, got it?

Sure, some kind of weird timeloop fates it to happen or something but that's nothing to my knowing how much Rada's going to need that if she's anything like me at all.

YES. MOMMY. RRAH! Going fast I'll be running as soon as the turbolift doors--Mommy my leash though.

Right. Here--I unclip it from her neck and it zzzips back inside the eravahk-handle. Ready?

Poing up on my foot-balls ready to spring!

Good cocksleeve. Be smart and think hard in this, your sister needs you.

So much poising mind poising head buzzing ideas.


The turbolift doors pssh open, I gulp, and stride--


We're coming out onto a Galaxy-class bridge, from the turbolift in the port-rear side by the science and engineering stations. Isht Visht is standing right outside the turbolift door, and I don't even get a look at her before Lyra has blurred from my side and crashed into her with a cute stereo 'oof' and hauled her off across the deck.

The game turns my eyes to the captain's chair. Down on the carpeted deck between the ops and conn stations Rada is held by a mass of sea-green-and-iron shiny (my game must have handed off to her new one) smooth tentacles, writhing in exquisite agony. She faces the main view screen and Lyra and Isht Visht are already standing in front of her--I can just barely see purply-black wings around the arch of her neck that will soon be laid on my shoulder. My feet beat a slow steady beat on the deck as I stomp down the ramp and walk up to put my hands on her. Her figure looks beautiful, with slight graceful curves entwined but not struggling now in the shiny green tentacles. They keep her ass and back free for me to lay myself against and I can see her front is also available for my horny and curious fingers to splay out and try to devour. I nestle myself against her--

"Ooooh," the game makes me coo but the feeling is totally genuine. Her soft silky flesh is slick with the sweat of her edging, and the heat of her pussy feels like fire against my mound where the tentacles align her perfectly to be held like the game's order makes me. Her game must be making her do things, because when her face turns up as she lets her weight settle back on me I can see that her eyes are glassy and distant. Her breath comes in short gasps as the tentacles at her mound carefully edge and release in a succession of teasing short bursts of attention to her breasts mouth and presumably clit--there are tentacles down there, though I can't see from here what they're doing. I reach out my hand and tentacles retreat when I come near what they're touching. Her breast is soft in my palm but much smaller than Lyra's--and the fact that I think that in this situation is why I'm the person to do this. Isht Visht is lined up precisely in front her Captain, held by Lyra in a tight caring hug but positioned to face out so she'll be right there to be pushed into Rada's embrace the second her tentacles free her. She's a demon like Lyra but she's sea-green with iron-black hair and eyelashes, blue in highlights like the metal. Her face is more lithe and less soft than Lyra's but I can definitely see that they're related. Isht Visht has horns like a devil, little curved points at the top of her forehead, no wings I can see here, and at the back of her elbows she has little soft fins like a mermaid.

I lift Rada's head for a moment to make sure her last sight is Isht Visht, then let her head lay on my shoulder and reach my hand down for her pussy. Slowly I trace down her stomach and enjoy how it feels every inch of the way--nothing else will let my hand move. She's lovely, taut smooth and full of the fire of edging, pushing with desperate interest against my hand as I caress her. Finally my hand's over her soft wet and desperately hot mound and slides down and into her open-wide and engorged pussy and I explore with the relish of someone who's been smelling sweet cake for hours and finally gets a piece. Her nectar smells fresh and human, some basic instinct within me yells out please fuck her, and my fingers explore for the joy of the feeling of soft slippery flesh engulfing and gliding past my newly-sensitive and short-fingernailed fingers--

Electricity shocks through my body, and pleasure explodes in my head and between my legs and I scream out the sudden shock of an orgasm I wasn't expecting, as my fingertip grazes the tiny hard nubs of something like plastic where Isht Visht described them. I thought she meant touch them against each other aaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH--

My heart skips ten beats and I writhe out the pleasure and everything feels strange and the world twists around me as I fight to keep working Rada through what must be the orgasm she's having shared the way my clit can through the tiny hard nubs I'm touching. The lights of the bridge flash white and then the consoles explode beside us and the viewscreen behind Isht Visht and Lyra erupts into a shower of static, replacing the view of the outside I hadn't had time to notice.

I'm too busy cumming to listen as the computer's voice sounds an alarm of some kind, lost in a feeling like my heart head and mound squeezing themselves like heartbeats that pulse and contract into waves of hot pleasure and tingling that expand out from the place in my hips where my pussy would be if I had one. It feels like my body will burst with it, and I tremble inside--surely I can't possibly survive what would do this to this kiloyears-old ship's captain? I try to let go of her clit-nubs but the game holds me fast so I look past her head on my neck to see Lyra right there beside Isht Visht, squeezing her tight with her eyes open wide as she hears what I'm thinking. Cocksleeve I want you to kiss me as soon as this orgasm is over and use lots of tongue wet with nectar and don't be afraid to stick that long tongue of yours deep down inside me to give me the most nectar you can--

I can feel my heart squeeze and then pleasure shocks through like I couldn't imagine anything feeling and suddenness of it distracts from the pain of my heart just squeezing and squeezing so I don't feel the least bit distressed as spots fill my vision and everything fades out--and then just before it all goes black as if nothing has happened my heart starts to beat with a heavy strong rhythm and the spots in my eyes clear and Lyra's eyes stretch even wider as she realizes what just happened. I breath a deep breath and deck seems to stabilize under me--kind of. The bridge shakes and sparks leap around us. Smoke fills the air and as the orgasm releases me from its torrent of pleasure and Rada's head lays limply back on my shoulder I can hear what the computer is saying:

"Warp core breach in progress. Multiple failure of antimatter containment in fifty-five seconds. Core dump disabled authorization Rada-alpha-four-nine. Emergency. Warp core breach in progress. Multiple failure..."

Rada feels so good in my arms, but so terrifyingly lifeless, and Isht Visht is just staring--

Cocksleeve, give her Isht Visht! I make myself release my hand from her clit and breast (the tentacles are still helpfully holding her) and the game lets me and I lift her head for Isht Visht and move my other hand out of the way and then because I'm me lick Rada's nectar from my fingers and it tastes salty and like some kind of basic desire like one needs protein or sugar. I swallow it hungrily as Lyra pushes Isht Visht against her and hold Rada's head steady.

Raaah sis come on she'll be okay just give her a kiss and--YUS MAKE OUT WITH YOUR CAPTAIN SIS SHE NEEDS YOU!

Rada's head suddenly lifts off my hands and her body convusles and her hands lift and the tentacles release them and she wraps them around Isht Visht and clings to her seedling with desperate intensity I can instantly recognize from the way I held Lyra after my game "killed" me--but this is a lot more literal than that was! They make out for seconds that seem like long hours as the computer still counts down to Isht Visht exploding!

Let Rada have sis now spring to kiss Mommy!

I grab her and take a moment of kiss, then break it to figure out how to save Isht Visht.

Rada takes Isht Visht and stands as the tentacles release her. She finishes kissing her and sets Isht Visht down and faces her out to smile and wave as if she's not in the process of dying. Rada's face looks shockingly different. She always had a perfectly youthful and pretty complexion, without one single line or wrinkle, but now she seems to have sloughed off the thousands of years she had on me in one single orgasm, and smiles as brightly as Isht Visht.

"When I first implanted her I had an orgasm just like that! Thank you! Ready to go, Klapta?"

"Where are you going can't she not leave her own body? WHY IS MY SISTER EXPLODING!?"

"I'm not actually this ship now. I can break my connection to parts of my body just like you can sis so I manifest this way and cut off the rest of myself and Captain decided it's time to go back to the sailboat I was when I implanted so we're blowing this up to say bye to our old life and have a fun ride to our new life with you guys. Let's go I don't want to be here when it goes off and miss such an awesome stormsurge!"

Knowledge: the things in my cabin and ingredients and things in the cargo hold and treasures I was promised to pick from are all safe away in the same kind of storage the game used to keep my clit ealier.


"Fucking agreed let's get out of here! How!?"

I grab Lyra's hand--game do some kind of crazy game thing to get my leash on her FAST!

The game puts my hand out and tentacles pull at my eravahk as the game makes me think leash at it and instantly the leash is attached to her neck-ring.

"Come on, this way!"

Rada takes a leash out of nowhere and clips it to Isht Visht's collar and puts her hand through its handle and steps up beside me opposite Lyra. Her perfume is strong in my nostrils and I feel kind of dizzy between her scent and Lyra's--or maybe that's just HAVING A HEART ATTACK GAH.

She takes out a phaser next and aims at the viewscreen and a shower of sparks erupts where the phaser-beam hits and burns through the screen to reveal a red-handled hatch among the cables and ODN junctions. 

She hops into the burn-hole and puts her hands on the hatch-handle and turns back to look at me.

"This handle takes everyone. Hang on tight because we're letting the sea in."

With a tug of 'come on' to Lyra I join her and Isht Visht at the handle, her skin warm and silky on one side contrasting Lyra's snuggly-soft alien wonder opposite.

Take handle by Mommy. Rada pushing the hatch--warbgarbl--

We all push together and instead of the hatch opening instantly water explodes from around and behind us filling the bridge and I shut my eyes instinctively and feel the hatch swing up and outward as the pressure equalizes.

I feel Rada's hand find my fingertips and grab for them and she pulls and the game doesn't let me keep my eyes closed. The Sea doesn't hurt to have eyes open in, I'd forgotten.

Now we just have to swim to safe distance from an antimatter explosion that's probably measured in p--slip--REALLY BIG given what the Enterprise canonically carries, I think derangedly.

Ahead Rada is pulling us toward--is that an Apollo command module!? I think this is a little beyond heat shielding from the 1960s! Where did she even get--ooh, Isht Visht is nowhere in sight.

Cocksleeve swim too help Rada I'm all...we're going where Rada is pulling us.

Yes Mommy SWIM Rada's taking us into my sister follow and keep Mommy between us.

In no time we're pulled to the hatch and through--

"Get in the acceleration seat you guys we're launching!"

Inside the capsule is empty of water--and gravity! The feeling of falling makes my eyes hurt but I manage to somehow find our way to the definitely-not-historically-accurate three-person seat beside where Rada's already nestling herself in and pulling the straps over her shoulders.

Get in, Cocksleeve.

Get nice and comfy hurry...

Lyra's just as graceful in zero-g as water, and though I'm more awkward I manage to get in beside her and pull the straps over my shoulders and figure out the buckle--this is familiar, huh cocksleeve?

Yeah! Buckle my straps too please Mommy I don't want to bind myself.

You are so cute. I can just barely reach to do them up and snug them down over her. Unlike the car, Isht Visht has by the weirdest magic I've met yet made chest harnesses that work comfortably and securely with Lyra and my epic racks. The acceleration is still going to be interesting with no bra...

Raah struggle! Squirm sit up can't good.

Lyra relaxes beside me, and I let myself relax and nerd out a bit. Being snuggled between Lyra and Rada feels amazing, and Isht Visht's Apollo command module is every bit as detailed and perfect as her Galaxy-class starship. Lights flash and switches switch on their own as she prepares herself, and verb-codes and their parameters flash across the DSKY so fast I can't see them--does that mean she's emulating this computer too!? Hell of a downgrade, masterpiece of software engineering efficiency or not!

"Flight plan ready, Captain. Metaphasic shield system active. Soliton relay power converter ready--guys remember that episode of TNG where they were experimenting with projecting warp fields from planets to make ships go warp by surfing them?"

"Yeah, wh--oooh no."

Everyone knows a warp core breach also makes a massive subspace shockwave. I mean, obviously.

"Oh yeahgot it working. At least I think so the simulations worked great--"

"AAhh sis that's awesome but are you sure we should be trying it this way!?"

"How are we going to get back after this launches us like fifty light years!?"

"If I ever get back here it'll be so long in the future I did it by walking."


"Lucy I think you don't understand how big Rl'yeh Sade is. We'll still be like right in the middle of it."


"That's the plan!"

The water is dark outside the tiny window--gah. I hope those metaphasic shields are good for going to warp underwater. "Stormsurge" she said. Sheesh!

"Ten coountwithmeguys nine--"



Omifuck aaaah so exciting!



The capsule is oddly quiet, the Galaxy-class background roar missing.





Brilliant light fills the window and acceleration slams us all back into the seat with a force like that first spank Rada gave me and strange thrumming thud goes through the capsule and my vision blurs with the vibration as instant the brilliance outside the window is replaced by a few moments of the swirling lights of warp entry and then the streaking stars of warp passage but far in the distance behind them the impossibly-sized waves of the True Sea are blurring by in the same weird way the Earth can be seen turning from low Earth orbit--could be seen.

"Klapta, get ready!"

"I'm ready, Captain!"


The cabin erupts like a firework, sparks flying as pieces of console separate to reveal Isht Visht back in her girl-form hanging on to a big piece of Federation technology, and the capsule disintegrates around us leaving us naked in a bubble of shields.

The view is incredible. Warp plasma hangs all around us, sparkling like glitter and fire, and the stars in the distance are smeared out into rainbow-bright lines. Behind their fire-and-sparks rainbows immense waves majestically trail light smeared out like the stars, and in the deep and far distance galaxies shine with waves of Sea-water yet still looming up colored by the stars that shine near them, and beyond them are shapes that have the same fractal shape but on scales I can't even imagine. A universe could fit in between them--and I think maybe I can see one. In between us and these majestic unspeakable wonders the sea is no less dense than it was where Lyra and I landed from Limbo, but it's blurring so fast past our viewpoint it's practically transparent, letting us see just how far Rl'yeh Sade goes.

The warp plasma dissipates, and stars collapse back to points as the shield that surrounds our family collapses and fresh air hits my gasping-surprise as gently as a kind summer breeze.

Isht Visht kicks the shield generator away to get into Rada's arms, and I gather Lyra into mine, but face her out so she can admire the view well, hold her to me with a hand just shy of her pussy, and get my other hand on her breast and squeeze it's overflowing-softness happily.

Mmmh hi Mommy!

"Alright, I'll admit, that was fucking metal."

Oh my fuck this is awesome. Mommy look there!

Point show you where I'm looking.

She's pointing a bit to our left, where something gleaming floats in the Sea, beyond the arc of a bright-red gas-giant planet. It sparkles or flashes with lightning--at this distance there's no way to tell--but it seems to be solid, the white stone of some giant building or--monolith--

"Rada, look what Lyra found!"

Present Day

There really is a fireplace. A Federation fireplace, looking like a big replicator with a silvery duct of chimney coming out the top. I love you so much, Isht Visht. If this is awesome, tell your daughter, dolly.

Kiddo you are the biggest nerd and you have serious competition here. Hug you with everything just wait till Goddess sets her dolly on your deck she's going to drip all over you.

"I never reverse engineered Federation ODN conduits and figured out a whole coffee mug to make up the pattern and then wandered next to a port and had my tail just oh by the way, reverse engineer this thing I've never seen before and build an interface by shapeshifting and download the coffee mug my goddess used as a teenager with every scratch on the spoon in place and replicate THAT when she asks for coffee the way she likes it exactly WITHOUT EVEN KNOWING MY TAIL WAS ATTACHED TO THE PORT! Mom you're my favorite person to play videogames with after Captain because you're such a sleeper but that's NOTHING to how you do tech stuff. Nerd."

Oooh let's go to Valhalla soon and hustle people at StarFox CD--DECK! Good idea you need to be down on the floor to give me the foot worship I'm trying for! In front of the fireplace sitting up would be perfect--oh fizzfrozen swirly empty Twinkie boxes this is like forced demandingness family please I can't help it I just think stuff, it--

"Just be a Fairy you silly child! Of course you can't keep your thoughts polite. This is supposed to be nakedness. Nakedness means being caught with your pants down. I'd think you know that, miss Strawberry."

I think we made too much of a strength out of our nakedness. We could choreograph with the best of them. This is way different. And dolly I know this is just your life and I should like--


--take some comfort from that because you're delightful, but, yeah.

That's because your mind just goes and they have to hear everything! That would terrify your dolly! Of course you're scared!

"Actually your game kind of arranges it. It's pretty cool, you get like the Rainbow news hour every so often and special reports when it's urgent. Captain has all these panels she can turn to see what you thought before."

Fuck. If it's my game I won't be able to sneak the smallest thing by while they're distracted. My chest fills with more of that heart-healing warmth and my passage with (more) wet and I squirm. I feel so displayed right now and it's incredible and who will I be when my game never stops this because I like it too much. What will be lost to my not daring hear it from my unconscious or just being different-shaped with no privacy ever again?

"You'd be amazed how a little square box can feel cozy after spending time open like a pocket watch getting gears replaced. Don't be scared this is all you'll know again. We just need you back again and this is the way to get you."


As they carry us so wonderfully gropedly up to sit in front of the fireplace, I find myself wondering how Mama got away with her (totally correct) request for that story, being as I'm not supposed to look back.

"Boobsqueeze, so we can start telling meeting stories for your readers! I was first so I go first. I bet you can remember the next one!"

Was it...ouch...wow that's jumbled. It's worse even than trying to remember them in the first place. I make a line of my mouth and shake my head sadly.

Wait, Mama, are you first? Or do you mean first I remembered after the--after--oh melty gobstoppers I'm already starting to just think stuff instead of say it out loud this is already bending me I hope you guys like the Rainbow it makes and you'd better spew urgent pages like you are nectar if it's taking away the Goddess you just worked so hard to get back dolly that's an order--

[!] Goddess your dolly feels more of you not less so if you say have warnings when something's making you back the way you were before you came back just now she has to warn this way.


Alright well then good watchdragon let's fuck down onto this I'm not saying a word out loud to the family as long as they can see me this way unless it's like dirty talk or something.

Knowledge: to support this, my game can keep my mouth from working when I'm trying to just speak without dirty talking or otherwise using my voice a sex toy, but I have to tell it I'm hungry to be held this way with my actions. Open my mouth to see what it means by this.

That's an odd one.

--we've been sat on something covered in silky Starfleet upholstry, but I can't see it because Cheryl immediately snuggles up on my right and lays her head on my shoulder (she's like twice my age but knows what she likes and she likes big snuggly girl-pillows) while on my left a pile of Malina make a very sweetly grabby wall. She has this was of sitting as lazily as cats but somehow still looking like one of the 3D-fractal statue-orgies that make up a lot of Rl'yeh Sade's "geology", and she's doing that. There's a sort of coffee table with snacks in front of the fire, and my legs get propped on that, displaying my ballet splints, and Boobsong still worshipping hard astride them.

Thoughts of how hot it would be if they just made us fuck right here and now, if they just--

Gasp--what--someone is touching your dolly's tail--

Suddenly Boobsong's barb is right in front of my face, looking so soft and pussylicious and shiny and big with its little nubs of buttons out (she has a hardwired controller as well as all the remotes I can make, of course). Someone's holding it, hand around her tail's oh so very sexual shaft (may as well have her by the nipples), big and tall and almost as curvy as me, and I look up to see who else but Santa smiling down, giving me a toy. She's Polar-Express CGI too except beautifully alive instead of weirdly dead-eyed (OH! We must have left from her workshop at the North Pole), wearing lacey red-and-green lingerie with garters and green silk stockings--BWAHAHA Santa I love you. All her lace has reindeer and candy canes and other ugly-Heartwarming-sweater designs, and she still has the hat she wears like I wear my crown on.

Why's there something wrong with saying it that way?

So many wishes and thoughts and fantasies whirl I feel quoozy. Lick her barb before you give it to me so your kiss is on it. Don't because you're about to just stuff it down my throat and I have no choice. Everyone pick her up and put her on me and make us fuck. Pop my clit off and everybody all hold Boobsong up where I can see and touch her but you can all get your groping and fingerbanging in and take turns dildoing her with my clit different ways. Pick both of us up and, I don't even know. Take my clit for a strapon and drill Boobsong while we look into each other's eyes (and I watch her boobs swing) I don't even know just I need to have her you know how it is you know what it's like to be us but have your fun doing it enjoy both of us please I know I especially have been a lot of work lately and I'd really like to be toys instead of chores for a while.

"Mom it's okay. Ixm the Openveil Witch's ferry. I'm into helping you get back to your family, 's just this time your family is this one! Seems like a good deal from where I'm standing! Which is all around you ooooaaaaahahahaha!"

Well fine then it just sounds fun and I want to make you all happy. I open my mouth wide and feel like a baby bird, with my lips licked wet and my tongue up like I'm about to get facefucked, and Santa points it toward me--

[!] Please while they play with us if you would like it best could your dolly be bound at first so she can only crawl like you can? She's been so envious this whole time you've been wearing your cuffs and splints!

Oh you beautiful kinky little toy game give my dolly some nice hard metal bondage like you did me AND IT HAS TO BE AS PRETTY AS THAT I WANT SHINY PRINCESS THINGS TO LOOK AT but tie her arms back make her legs be folded so she can sit there in a nice pretty squirmy slave pose or ride or be picked up to play with and then fuck it wrap her up like a present for us--for--I wanna open the paper she's mine but I still want this game this is so weird my head's all swirly and I can't decide stuff, game are you doing something or am I just really wet?

Knowledge: the trouble with my head isn't being wet, though I am squishy like Heartwarming pie at the moment. It's the need I'm feeling overwhelming me with pressure to get these ideas out where they might happen, and knowing the family can see everything that crosses my mind is making them explode out of my subconscious where they've been waiting for a chance to get seen and heard. I'll be overwhelmed until this part of my relationship with the family gets the attention it needs. It's been buried since the world changed, so I'm very behind.

Okay but it's so much I can't think or decide things I feel like I'm Boobsong trying to choose stuff here it's all dizzy and I feel sick and...

You know the answer sometimes so clearly and can't even think the thought


I try again and feel like I'll throw up, which is a tough feeling to find without a stomach.

The thought won't come so I just open my mouth wider--

[!] Your dolly remembers when you took her clit-ring and vibrator out and she felt just as scared that you wouldn't like her without them but it was such a relief afterward. This is going to be like that for us, just keep on going through with it, your dolly is begging, begging you pleadingly, do what you're thinking and just let them help!



Even that's impossible. I just sit there and hope they can see us and understand and--

Santa puts a hand on my face very lovingly and forces Boobsong's tail down my throat so hard I think I will choke on it till I remember I have no gag reflex. It passes my teeth and gets stuck in there, the points of the heart-shaped end jammed behind my jaw so I can't pull it out without shapeshifting her--not that I want to. The shape of it down my throat is just pleasantly filling so I lick at the shaft of her tail like a cock--

[!] Just let them give us fun, don't even move your tongue. Your dolly says wonderful to the way that felt just now but she thinks it's important that you just be a doll now. This is her warning like the other one.

Hands on my feet separate them and pull my legs up--where did Boobsong go!? There, she's just where I can reach her well in front of me with Cheryl supporting her by her arms back in silver bondage straps with picture of us having sex on them just like my ballet splints. Her legs are up folded in the same kind of straps. You look beautiful, dolly!

[!] Blush. It's so hot to be held like this.

The pictures are everyone, not just her and me, but you know I went for you first for a reason, sex doll!

My legs are folded back and above my head there's the clanking of chains (why out of all the ways of attaching stuff are chains so hot and I can't even see these ones) and my legs are attached so I'm stuck like that. It's actually comfortable, I'm stupidly flexible because of what nectar's done to my joints and bones, but it makes me expose every hole--except my wing-slits, and those aren't for playing with (still to this day wonder why nectar made them that way instead of fun toys like the rest of me).

"Here we go, everyone!"

Thin strips of paper encircle my helpless form--wait how does it figure I'm the present!? They wrap me from head to ass (toes are above my head), and snake in between the couch and my back so I'm wrapped completely, until everything is rainbow coming through the paper on my face. Boobsong's tail stays in place, sticking out of the paper--this must look ridiculous!

Underneath everyone's sexy excitement I can hear another sound--jingle bells!? Not the song, either, that's a sleigh pulling up somehow? I take a peek through Boobsong's eyes, and just see the inside of something enclosing her--

It's just like they did to you.

Cheryl is keeping her hands where they were but this dolly has something under her that's supporting her. It feels kind of squishy through the wrapping paper.

Something underneath my mound starts pushing at my clit's suction cup, forcing it to let go, and my clit falls off inside the paper, but my game doesn't store it. Hehe, so it's an accessory! Fuck, that's a sexy thought. Now something pushes at my wing slits and I feel something sticky-hot flow across them--we're gluing my wing-slits closed? I guess I'm not flying then, but what's going on here?

Wait a minute...the Dreams said they would make dolls of us and give us to a fan who would do what I'm screaming for inside and that has to be Santa's sleigh making jingle bells and this is beautiful BUT I DON'T WANT TO LEAVE THE FAMILY I WANT IT TO BE YOU--

Sex's voice rings out in sudden shock:

"Where did these come from!?"

Then something happens that feels like my heart stops and fills up with liquid soft and bouncy like wetly warm melted rubber and the feeling explodes down my body and through my arms and legs.

"We'll be back so fast you don't know we're gone."

I gulp--okay I guess that stuff statuized me, because I can't move just as if I was idolized, but my body feels soft like a sex doll, squishy and posable.

Hands touch the wrapping paper, and something pushes in on my face, exploring the shape of it, then Pleiades's hat comes into view--

"Oh it's a sex doll! How did you get in my room, Rainbow sex doll?"

Unless this is later, I think Sex has some explaining to do, eh dolly?

Yes this is Sex's house so it can't be after us. Sex didn't tell us stuff!

Yes she didn't. How can you tell?

Her bed smells like her and that's what this soft stuff is under us.

Tearing of wrapping paper fills my ears and my head is exposed enough to see that I'm stood up against the headboard of a huge bed with sashes of burgundy silk hanging from a frame--hey, that's a bondage hook! It's hanging right where the edge of the bed would be convenient for fucking someone hung whether you wanted to be on the bed or stand up. Pleiades' hat sits atop a huge sepia-black-and-white picture of her on Earth with Walt with the Magic Kingdom behind them.

Tears would well out of me if I could move, because I want the family and to play with Boobsong and all of that, but with every new thing I can see I just keep thinking this looks like such a nice place, and I know Sex's obsession will make us feel beautiful every time she touches us. Maybe all of it was just one last chance to experience life with Boobsong, and my family, and capture a cute sub and make jokes with all of them and see Auntie and know who I was before I have to stay like this for the rest of time because I'm just too worn out to be anything else now. It was such a thrill to make Boobsong run for me, but I ran out of energy to play like that before we even had sex. Heh. Maybe that just was all I had left. A little last gulp for everyone, and then peace. This is a happy ending, but that doesn't mean I won't grieve the life that I had before.

[!] You're going away like you ordered your dolly to warn you of. This is recharging, the Dreams said when they started this. When it's done we'll be back again, and catch Sex and then you'll come make her explain why she speaks English in private and has all this rainbow stuff.

Hands tear away the paper more, and I see black hair with a burgundy stripe looking at my mouth, and Sex giggles.

"Why is she stuck so far down your throat? Well, that's how you are then. I know what happened to Eden, I'm not going to try it! Now where will you sit, hmm? I know!"

Tearing of wrapping paper explodes all around us, and in no time she has us unwrapped. I can feel her hot fingers wrap my hand in a soft embrace, and her eyes appear from where she was unwrapping me, big sexy soft eyelashes with sparkles around them on her eyelids that look up and down me again before she looks into my eyes.

"I promise you Rainbow Starshine Harded whatever you're doing here as long as you're here with me I'll be very nice to you and take all of your words very seriously. What's that? Yes, I'd be happy to! Here."

Boobsong is placed in my lap with her face looking up at me, turned so she straddles my mound with her wide-open pussy, just too bad my clit fell off!

Tears would drown me if I could cry. It feels like they will anyway. Sex's attention is so kindly erotic, and she guessed what I wanted the very first time--I guess that's an obvious one, but I have to ask anyway, Dreams did you somehow arrange it that she'll make up words for us and actually be saying stuff we would say at the moment?

Green checkmark. Holy fuck. I--gu--wow.

Hi dolly.

Hi Goddess. This is the best its just Sex taking care of us and we can even communicate she just thinks she's making it up! How does that work is it somehow implanting ideas--

Dolly...crying goes here but I can't but that's okay it feels right...dolly I think it's just that mostly I'm just going to say give me Boobsong and make me fuck her and not much else really except maybe please hold us while you sleep.

Then your dolly says this is just what you're needing here.

Sex puts my hands on Boobsong's back like I'm fucking her, and they stay, like I'm made of rubber with a wire skeleton. There's no sense of holding them, they just don't fall down again. Perfect peace.

The next thing I know, the light has changed, and Boobsong is kneeling at my feet, holding up her hands in my heart sign, and I'm looking down at her from throne that's a replica of my princess chair that followed me around the world on our tours and to things like the StarFox Masters in Tokyo. It's so perfect a replica, I almost believe it myself, and I am Princess Starlight.

Can you smell stuff right now, Acme Station?

Yes, and it smells very good with your candy sweat--Goddess you can't sweat as a doll like that. That's your real chair somehow, or she made it small like you with the thirty years of sweat that's in the cushion where cleaning can't get at it. She's not a su'khora, so there's no reason to make it that precise if it's just for you to sit on!

She's a superfan. She's not even a superfan. I bet she has every episode's animation cels here.

I can't look around, but there's a vague sense of being in a room with stuff like that, someone's vault--hoard. We're on what looks like movie theatre carpeting, complete with little light-strips flanking Boobsong, though they're off because it's bright in here.

I really do love dragons.

"Sugarfeast is another religion found in Rl'yeh Sade almost everywhere. This statue came from an abandoned apartment on the outer rim of Helios' (a star in Isla Virgo) star system, with the chair that she's sitting in. Nothing was left except the statues and chair. Everything else had been taken, it seemed hurriedly. There were scrape marks and the signs of matter transport using some kind of method that took volumes of space in circle-shapes, cutting into the surface under the object transported. It's said that the statues of the Sugarfeast Fairy can become the Fairy herself if she wishes it. There are stories that her heart's glow can illuminate a star enough that if something stands between the star and her, its shadow is seen on the surface of that star, even great stars like Helios or Aveh. Heartstone statues like this one are scattered everywhere in Rl'yeh Sade, always with her heartchild's statue in her grip some way. It's said to anger her to try to remove Boobsong (her heartchild) from her hands--or mouth, here. I wonder if that's why this one was found the way it was. Here is a..."

The voice fades off as they walk away, but my heart is burning with fresh worship, both from Sex's kind arranging and from these gently fearful admirers--being a ghost story is a different flavor, but I kind of like it. Good one cleaning Sex's apartment out so dramatically after she got herself captured, game. So dolly, how's it feel to be--wait, did we miss Sex!? The emotions were complicated but I really was happy there! I wanted to feel her take care of us--and use us!

I could also swear there's a whispering voice says if you worship her, she will come to life in the background, but after the ghost story that's probably just my jumbled-up head thinking that would be totally metal.

Knowledge: Sex's apartment was cleaned out after we abducted her, but the game was quite careful to just put her things away for me to look through. It didn't make those holes or marks the tour guide described. They wouldn't be able, my game thinks, to lie and say it was like that when they found us, if it hadn't been, without being spiked for deception. There must be another part to this. 

Knowledge: Sex got us for Heartwarming. Now we can go to be Sex's dolls anytime, for a little bit or a hundred years--Sex kept us quite a while. For a taste, my game is sending us to her Heartwarming night.

The light changes and we're sitting on my chair in Sex's room with Boobsong still arranged as she was in the museum. There's music--

"Starlight Princess, using Boobsong until the end of time"

"Keep her stars on, help her heart shine"

Oh my fuck she's adorable. Did she make a song for us? Sex's cute voice keeps praying musically and my soul surges with worship only Boobsong can outdo. It's intense, and so warm it feels like fire inside me.

That's right use Boobsong to the end of time. Good Sex you're getting it.

Damn right--

And just like that, we're back with the family, on the couch by the fireplace, with Sex on the coffee table slave-posed just like we left her and her key on her hands again. She looks very innocent, but now I'm curious.

My heart skips a beat to realize Boobsong's tail is gone from my mouth, but she's right there beside me on the couch, looking up with her hands still in heart-sign. I tip her head to the right angle to look at me. Silly dolly.

That's so sweet the she made a song for us! Please be nice to her, Goddess. She seems just a small soul like your game said to me. She probably got scared of us seeing her sex dolls and made that story up.

I feel overflowing with worship and power, all charged up. How did that come so fast?

I know what I'm going to do with Sex when I wind her, and--hi family has it been long I'm sure you can see I want to take Boobsong bent over the coffee table but the height's wrong for me to kneel and I don't want to I want you to hold me up and all get your hello kisses from us and other fun I might be selfish or say go ahead and--

[!] Goddess is getting so fun again! Just be horny and do stuff, that's what you always did!

I love you so much dolly. And all of you that was epic but you scared me so bad with that first part!

"Even candy needs spice sometimes. You fell in love with your circumstance much harder than without that scare."

Well humph but it totally worked so thank you. She's so sweet! She wrote us a song and I'd wonder if that should be private but OH WELL you can see the memory I guess.

Warmth fills me more--it feels like worshipping, but who? Dolly are you so devoted you worship me just kneeling there?

This dolly is very devout but she really is just a doll when you leave her still.

Well if anyone could it'd be you but...okay horniness if the family don't feel like helping me with Boobsong maybe I can take her on the couch here, that'd be warm but I want the kinkiness of the family helping and I want them I mean you all and to feel that happiness of playing with Boobsong just so normally with the family all here--

"Boobsqueeze how about a party game? Spin the lens is fun! You're not the only artist in our family, remember."

NO I CAN'T REMEMBER I'M HORRIBLE--Wait! Cheryl translates porn and that's an art if there every was but you write, too, don't you?

Yes! Erotica! You inspired me? I think? RRRRRRRRRR!

What else would a Fairy write, but--

"You're so close it's burning you! There's another way to bring words to a movie screen."

Something...songs? That's Cherry--

"Y'all think a hard rock anthem would fit Starlight Princess? It ain't Thundercats! I stick ta' my Shure an' Strat. Cheryl here does cutesy stuff. There's something o' hers in every episode!"

"Starlight Princess, using Boobsong until the end of time!"

"Keep her stars on, make her heart shine!"

"Fancy dress, not impressed, Starlight shines, from her breasts!"

"Out at night, underground, chains are here, Starlight found!"

"She don't know, where this goes, she jumps down, sexy holes!"

"Hug star, rug star, always a, fun star!"

"Last week on Starlight Princess we joined two lost kids on a raft outside under every star. In today's episode--fill the rest in, what's been happening?"

Fizzbubbling sugar frosted product placement (which you might think I've been doing here, readers, but I really do just like that stuff. Companies either begged or dreaded, mostly dreaded, for me to take a liking to something they made--I'm sorry Mr. Kroc, but if you don't want to see your stuff my show, like make Chicken McNuggets gross or I don't know, get rid of curly fries) umumum there's so much this is like twenty episodes at least but screaming twinkie blowjobs it's good to hear that again Cheryl! It's like my brain can't hold how much fun we all are. I keep expecting silliness and then it's so much better than I thought it would be--I know one sexy hole I'm jumping down soon!

I slither my hand along the couch and cup Boobsong's helpless pussy, tease going in, think very pointedly about how skilled--


--and supple her little waist is and agile her soft hips with her big bubble butt and how easily if she could only move, she would be able to wiggle herself right down onto these fingers and eat them all up until I get horny and stuff my clit in her. Having just been a doll makes it so vivid to tease her as one, to know how that helplesssness feels, the sweet rush of powerlessness that the powers that hold you that way could so easily and without consequence just never free you, and the fun and joy you see on the faces of the people who play with you, that sweet pique of having this total power...

Pressure is building in her, my tease is working I think, this is starting to be hard for her and so fun for me in a new way. I stroke her pussy now, running my fingers over the slippery soft mound and folds, wet and hot with life and seeming to vibrate with desire but unable to move a millimeter, pushing so gently like I might go in and fingerbang any moment, and think, how intense it must be to feel this and know that though you might scream and cry on the inside dolly you see me enjoying this helplessness and sweet easy way to torment you, and know what, dolly? And then your page.

That you might just keep doing this forever and your dolly will stay perfectly there with your hand teasing so much she would cry to be drilled by your clit so her eyes pop out if she could but she can't she has to just stay like this and it terribly hurts like the pinching that Malina gave you but constantly but it won't break her soul or do anything but make her scream.



Knowledge: power to be stopped and given Boobsong as a sex doll will be anyone's for a while. That means anyone. If they're close enough to touch either of us, they can do it.

Hot. I feel like molten glass hugs pour down through me--but remember I'm a star, readers, that's a warm smooth snuggly feeling, not getting burned. Oh that's right I used to play in the glassblowers' kiln and the melted glass felt like that. It saved her some work if I heated the stone with my light when she lit it, and she gave me glass to play with and melt and stuff. It scared people when I sucked on it, but it was so smooth and good, like candy...

And family I think you already did give me Boobsong with that adventure because look at me go--and game I want details if there are any once she's in place!

You're a doll, dolly, look. Does a pleasure slave work this way? I click my eravahk, held in front of her face, and let the lust I've been holding back burst into her--I can only  keep a few mouthful as it were, but enough to start her if we fool around like this.

Open my mouth with the need and jump for your crotch but stop just an inch from your tip and slowly exhale the hot needing desperate air that was inside of your sex doll while you made her wet and teased her till her head throbbed all over your clit then look up and submissively enjoy how it feels to be just a sex doll and say in a quiet voice that says how it feels to have you control this dolly by just clicking your eravahk:

"This is how a sex doll works, not a pleasure-slave. Thank you for holding your sex doll in her proper place, so she doesn't get stupid thoughts that she's something else than your sex doll. She will very appreciatingly give you the best blowjob she knows how, as a part of the order from clicking your eravahk."

What a sweet gesture, giving me that breath. You suck with my hand in your hair for that. I facepet it onto the top of her head (she nuzzles like I'm marking her again), and give just the tiniest encouraging nudge.

Nudge getting going--

Knowledge: the game will allow just anyone to press a virtual button it shows them on the closest one of us, and it will stop me and not let me out of its grasp until I make Boobsong my sex doll. Either I can fuck her, or the person who pressed our button will have to make us by putting her on me and making me cum with her as a cocksleeve. The person that pressed will have the option to statue me so the only choice is to have them give me Boobsong. There will be very frequent times where I have to get pressed to accomplish what I'm there for, to make sure I experience the kindness I've rightly been imagining Sex would get if I sent her out in Rl'yeh Sade to get something and she had to rely on strangers to wind her.

--slowly engulf your tip with a soft tongue round and round pushing down gently to hold your clit up where there's space to go down on your balls to say hi with a big sexy kiss MUAH balls you have work to do! Now put hands up to pull your clit down so it feels like a cork about to pop from the pressure so your sex doll can come up over it and look a glance up with her mouth agape and writhe with excitement to be about to have your clit go deep inside her and spurt cum like a rocket!

This is it here it comes...just stay ready...

She must be waiting for me to force her or threaten, but no. My order was absolute. This is another game. You know what I like to see, don't you, dolly?

Yes. You like to see how this sex doll just MMMFFFF JUST LIKE THAT IT JUST HAPPENS! Now it's time to give blowjob so start moving back for the next thrust...hot it's so hard control there's no doing anything but just putting your sex dolly's mouth on your clit and sliding it onto you until she meets your mound and then going back up again. This keeps her so tight like how your sex dolly's tongue is stuck in her mouth with enough space to barely just lick a little.

Just keep thrusting in the rhythm your body says will make you cum...

Now that was hot waiting for your lack of free will to kick in like that but you give this everything or I'll give you an ear-piercing you won't forget.

YES EEP That's a scary one! To a statue's cock would be such a tease right there with no way to get onto it! Thrust really hard and be careful to exactly wake up your horniness slow enough to cum like your head's exploding...

Okay keep at that Cheryl um this is a novella I think but Join Princess Starlight and Boobsong on a new (aaaah) adventure and I do mean new--her memory's erased! In this introduction for new fans Princess aaahRaaainbow Bright Starshine and her companion su'khora Boobsong enjoy the hospitality of Rl'yeh Sade in many forms, starting with a statue garden in Rl'yeh Sade...but a ghost is all they'll see of it, for a million years. The Abyss won't keep them in the dark forever though, especially once we start to meet the family, but there's going to be some mystery in her own head to go with the strange eldritch hugs of the Deep Haven Rl'yeh Ssssade wow this time, and the family that rescue her from the ghosts of hell in her own bedroom have surprises of their own in store, starting with the fact that it's her thirteenth birthday. Again. After somewhere between five hundred thousand and thirty years--if the other stuff isn't a dream. Either way, an interesting drive and one hell of a party game will get Boobsong back in her place at her Goddess' feet, fill both their hearts with much-needed love, and help them remember just how fun getting stuck can be. There's a lot to remember and you'll have to run with our heroines to catch all of it, but don't worry, they'll be having Sex in no time, and then it's just a warp-driven joyride to who knows where, like the Starlight Princess theme song says:

She don't know, where this goes, she jumps down, sexy holes!

I get all weepy on the last part because I realize I'm trying to make it true aaaaAAAAAHHHHHH! Rainbow explosion heartstone gleams off Boobsong's hair as I put both still-cuffed hands on her head and force her down to catch the hot wet throbbing that works its way up my shaft and squeezes for an instant before blasting into her throat. Her body steadies and her tail is high on her upraised ass on the couch but her wings hang half-raised with concentrating instead of being up with horny excitement: she's entirely focussed on taking this.

Good sex doll.

I can't believe I just rattled that off that way. Being sucked off made me feel so powerful it just fell out of me. It might even be useable! Everything seemed like such a blur and this give some order to it, too.

My orgasm's done, and I feel peaceful now, and Boobsong--

Sighingly soft contented sounds.

--is too (and adorable) and I might leave her there but this next part is too fun.


Sit up and your hands don't keep holding your sex dolly's head. This is so good to see. It's a relief to see you back like this very demanding and kind to sex dolls who need orders and holding like you need breathing. Here it goes this is hot breathe comes out soft and wet and your sex dolly sits up and her feet go back where they were and she kneels with her ass on them and puts her head up but face down and makes herself straight and tall with her breasts nice and sticking out and her legs spread out nice and wide with her hands placed on top of them very carefully making her breasts stand out with her forearms to squish them some.

Your sex doll is ready and she sees what you think and says yes this is how she stays.

I hold my eravahk up where she can see me click the button to say be capped as the lust suddenly drains from her.

Without missing a beat I look over to Cheryl and ask:

Aaah. So what'd you think?

And then squidge closer to Boobsong, hungry to be close to her.

Cheryl's on her tummy on a couch perpendicular to this one, the side of the square three couches make around the fireplace, draped over Viktor's tweedy charcoal-drawing lap, stripped of the shirt and whatever bottoms she had now. In the foreground, two Malina are sitting together, the big spoon having obviously been making the little spoon cum to our blowjob performance. I grin sidelong at them while Cheryl answers.

"The blowjob was sweet with her face held back till she was forced by your free-will thing--I know you mean the blurb I just like sexy head stuff, you know me. I thought that was just like you always did! Neat how you made your trouble into something to access the fans who remember something but can't place it. What do you think you'll call it?"

I was going to call it Having Sex when it seemed like Heart Home would tie things up neatly like Boobsong is right here yes I'm rubbing it in stuck little dolly who comes out for blowjobs and then is a doll again to look pretty for me...anyway that's like a chapter now and it doesn't feel like we've hit an episode break yet, so I guess this novella's becoming a novel at this rate or I could learn to get through a day in less than fifty thousand words...

I grin ironically, because yeah right, and Cheryl facecouches grinningly for a moment.

I really don't know. I don't think I entirely know what this is yet. I have so much remembering and introspecting in the middle part and beginning that's going to be hell to cut down--

"Middle here as in Rl'yeh Sade, or that other stuff? Like the star wars stuff?"

Just since I woke up in Happy Chains--do you know that? I don't know how like briefed you are but you said you know all of it. I can't save the Star Wars thing I don't think. I think I can use some flashbacks for context, like with Isht Visht's LONE STAR thing and Mama's warp core story, but, like that ending, and the way the sex just stops and doesn't start up again, that's not Starlight Princess. It's not me in there and I understand why it had to be that way but I want to be back again, not pick over that old stuff wow okay I guess I'm angry or something. I look at it now and I see scaffolding to help me get good like flashbacks and stuff for what we're doing now but--shiver. Okay I'm sorry I got into this. Yes just since Happy Chains. I'm still so confused since then.

"Kiddo imagine you're a reader that picked up this book you're making and got interested in the background. There's lots of stuff in that other thing that's deep-end time-travel loopiness but it has all the stuff you put it your guide that you had before. Maybe you should try to make that. I bet you could use almost all of it! Then this can be just adventure time."

Holy mobius twizzlers it must be terrible to hate fourth wall breaks and meta and pick up a Starlight Princess anything. Oh well. I think it's fun.

You're probably right but it just feels...over? Like I can't stand to re-edit it again? I feel like the guide would have to be a total rewrite. Or was my guide like a storybook but with a topic index or such?

This is so weird talking without talking. I can't believe how fast I'm settling in.

"Get really used to it. Try your voice out."

When I--nope it's impossible. I just can't make my lips or tongue move if I mean to make words with them. Licking is fine, and I can open my mouth and--turn and put one on Boobsong's still-wet lips--kiss with them, just not words.

My chest feels like something there is wet and cold, warm water healing flowing around it. Oh please tell me I had a voice!

"Yes of course, but that's not what you're feeling there. What your tongue isn't doing, your mind is, and it's making you start to let your mouth go, inside yourself. You're remembering how to think like the Rainbow I know. Keep feeling that naked squish and we'll get you back on the double."

Is this for everyone? Is my voice just gone? It feels so good though. Hah, I just figure out how to get Boobsong talking again, and now I'm shut up? Well, the opposite of shut up, heh. Will I ever speak again?

I lift my bound hands up and struggle exactly because I can wiggle these beautiful comfy cuffs all I want and not get out of them, as Cheryl answers:

"Search Rl'yeh Sade for experiences with dominance and submission with your voice missing? Why Rainbow, of course not, when you can have them right here. Don't you feel wonderful just being seen? Yes you do, I can see you! You're like a big sign with your heart spelled out on it. It's the cutest thing. All we get to find out about your future is you'll find safe hands to help you have Boobsong. That's a neat anticipation, I think.'

Just be kind long list of things and people I'm just a doll to. Except I know you will somehow.

I'm going to be so teased if you don't have your fun with this ARGH that came out--like how was it not going to self your game even shows them unconscious stuff.

"Yes we will, have no fear--well you should probably have lots of fear but we will make sure to get stuff out of this. I am. Head stuff is my favorite kink, and look at you! I sure can. Let's see...favorite kind of bikini...black with stars. One piece...not allowed, you have clothing rules against them. You like that rule. Naked, see? Everything inside your head is exposed, all laid out for us to ogle like your breasts right there."

If you talk about them I'm going to think you want to check them out. I sit up straight and get my back arches a little to display myself.

Cheryl's so good at this. I feel like a doll she just bought and she's having fun just playing with my action features. It's so objectifying, but...when you feel loved by the person who's doing that, it's incredible--

"We have other thoughts. Can you feel that worship flow? We can see you wonder the source of it. Look aroud you, slowly."

Eep. This is going to be like remembering the StarFox Masters before thinking I was in journey to the past just in a little room playing StarFox on a huge screen and I knew what was happening on some level but as I won and turned back around from the screen is was still like ooooh fuck there's Shigeru why do I just call him Shigeru and HI thousands of people watching us on the stage this is.

Although I think this worship would explode into candy again if it was that much. Being so enthusiastic I lost control of my candy making I think was a game my fans played at shows. I can also cum from exhibit, if Boobsong's there eep that's....yeah...slowly I look around the couches.

Beside me, two Malina are facing me, still all snuggly, the front on naked and with her knees bent and legs up like she just stopped hugging knees to be stroked off. Behind her, another sits back with her eyes fixed on Cheryl to ogle in her cutely obvious and weirdly intense way...which the masturbated Malina is doing to make, except she's also making my heart-hands sign and worship pours in when I look at her, hot and sweet with Malina's ancient-eldritch-cute-thing tang.

(This is one of the best things about Malina. She's spooky, with her zillions of faces all the same and her scary coordination and weird sense that she knows stuff that would make your toes curl your stockings into tiny little balls under your feet, but it's adorable, she's just as sweet as you can imagine, the exact kind of creepy happy thing you would find hanging out with a wicked fairy candy goddess. I love her to pieces, heh, for it)

Healing and worship pour through as I think this but they're really because of the great blocks of memory surfacing and coming back together in me.

I fail at saying it out loud, wiggly-blush a little, but grin with the squishiness of knowing she'll see this all and isn't moving that heart-sign a micron.


Let's give you a stupid little game to say I'm back, shall we?

"Our ears as as open as the legs of our piece in front of you."

I make up a candy--oof, heavy! I guess that makes sense though. A huge foil-wrapped basket-ball sized treat blows up on my hands, and I hold it out to Malina.

Somewhere in Rl'yeh Sade is someone who needs that more than anything, and when they eat it it's going to be a wild ride and the best day of their life, but you're going to have to get creative, because they're a giant, and you'll have to force-feed them. Find them and give it, and then...would Malina ever not milk a situation like that for all it was worth? Just make sure you bring back good stories afterward. No rush, I'm sure there's an epic quest ahead and you'll have to cause all kinds of mayhem to get this delivered, but somebody out there needs Sugarfeast and I know you can get it there!

A new Malina appears out of nowhere between me and the masturbating one, takes the candy, and vanishes--which is like showing me her pussy. You can imagine the milage she gets out of the gah where did you come from silently approaching servant game, and you'd be wrong, because she does that, and other maid games, the way Mama does age play.

And she just showed me in front of my face how she does it. Only her close friends and family get to see her naked that way.

Malina's not my sub, and that's the fun of this. She'll submit to me, her worship is pounding into my chest as she sees me remember and think all the fun plans that're pumping out of my subconscious so hard and fast I can barely think straight, and I do just command her, and take her--

I reach out and--what doesn't feel right oh yeah Malina just wants my hard enjoyment she's spooky and scary--alright fun game then Malina pinch that one's nipples for me like you did me before. That was awesome, and I'm returning the favor so don't go too easy!

"AAAAAAAAAAN EXCELLENT FAVOR! Please, we await your commands, Sugarfeast Fairy! It has been too long without your games. We are worshipfully asking for more fun!"

Hell yes. Bwaha. Legion's a very good name for her. She can be downright demonic when she thinks you'll get off on that, and she's--okay fun first who am I after all. You might have to wait a while for this one, but in eight million years or so there's going to be a like museum keeper who really likes ghost stories, and has me and Boobsong as Sex's dolls--

Knowledge: my game gave her the whole story before we came back to the family.

Alright, then you have from now until then to set up to show him some real ghost stories with me. We'll play with it often I think, but...as soon as I get there and he has Boobsong and me arranged, start being spooky. Show up and whisper to his tour audience that we'll come to life if they pray for it. Be a spooky girl asking around about me. If they know you there fine, but if not, I'm sure you can make people not realizing there are lots of you fun. Do your sneaky stuff. That's the skeleton, mind you, and do get creative. I know you can scare the cum right out of them without making me and Boobsong seem any less sweet than we are.

Ooh! Start some really good rumors, but make sure they're all true so they can find out about that in fun ways.

Idea, sex dolly! How should Malina mess with the museum?

She should make signs on the handle of everything there with a handle of your heart sign. Just keep on making them and when they wipe them back off again make another one. When they finally stop getting rid of them, take them away just as suddenly. The idea is that ghosts have been making them but why is a super big mystery!

Nice. Good little sex toy, have a kiss!

When our lips touch, I pluck her with the command to instantly use the lust I'm giving to kiss back. That'll keep it from building so she can move anything but her face, and as soon as I stop she'll be a doll, without ever feeling like not one. There's no capping needed, because she doesn't store a single drop of lust.

Just a toy that's alive when I play with it.

Pushing your lips against your sex dolly's mouth with such expectantness...kiss you back with everything just use every drop to open wide with your sex dolly's weak but still movable tongue saying hi please enter her mouth is inviting MMMF that's the hottest feeling to have your tongue just pushing in that way wrap around it, worship embracing squeezing tug come deeper your sex dolly wants everything--

Slippery grape-candy goodness hugs my tongue and tugs at it like she's grabbing my hand and urging me to come play and gets tears to start their way up to my eyes her worship fills like fire inside of me. I push my tongue in just a little bit more enjoying the taste of her affection and lick up hard at the soft pussy-flesh back of your throat where your gag reflex isn't because you're a sex doll. This is more adjusting for that pleasure-slave thing before so suck it and push your head down so I lick at you harder and feel how enjoyably wonderfully awesome it is to have my tongue right there and be used like this because you're a sex doll.


Now you're getting it! I break the kiss with a pluck to end on a gazing-hopefully kiss-me face and lean back again.

Now purely to rub this in make me nice page of you saying the only thing this dolly can do right now is sit here and look beautiful and think through this thought until her Goddess releases her or she comes to the end of the command she has fifty times. You'll write it on paper for me later, if you can keep going through all of it with the lust I give. If not...hmm.

The only thing this dolly can do right now is sit here and look beautiful and think through this thought until her Goddess releases her or she comes to the end of the command she has. The only thing this dolly...

Gorgeous. Now, quick check, have you been embarrassing yourself? I look her up and down, gaze smiling at my beautiful heart shining from her cheek, her tail up and coily with happiness behind her, wings neatly folded to the lines that make hugging her not feel like I'm missing her back's softness unless I want to feel alien dragon wings on my sex doll's because because I'm a monsterfucker and feel beautiful in that.

Nope, you look great. Very good sex dolly. Keep enjoying your reward of shaping you--I'm going to squish you into all kinds of shapes, little blob of goo!

She's very reform-able, which makes it fun to just do this stuff.

My heart melts more and I feel weepy belovedness as my sense of her heart wakes up enough to feel her entirely real su'khora emovore-sense of the nourishment I'm giving her in my attention, and the emotions I see in her call up times where I've felt things like that, translating her food to human stuff. Eating fancy beef soup thick and filling after a cold day at the flying field, watching Star Trek Enterprise while we snuggle. The hot heavy spicy fried soft goodness of curly fries, filling a desperately empty stomach with their fast-nourishing calorie-bomb bites, while she sits by my side molested under the table to look at concept art with me at Burger King.

I love you too, sex dolly. Eat up.

I turn back to Malina's patiently waiting parts. She looks...poised, because she can see I wasn't done yet, and can see all the other ideas my poor conscious mind is dancing around to keep hold enough long of to realize them all.

I mean technically I suppose there's nothing stopping her just seeing what I'm juggling and doing it, but she did say commands and there's nothing like a personal touch when you're getting dominated.

Alright, as usual Boobsong has the awesome idea. As soon as she and me move in there, that museum is haunted. The keeper is haunted. The patrons who you catch lingering to check us out are haunted. This is us, though, so make sure they all like their hauntings too much to ask the Dreams to spike you or...do anything but hope it keeps getting more interesting. You know my game.

But that's so long to wait! We need to play now--my fun turns to sudden soft feelings, helplessness.

Malina, family, I'm so confused. What's even happening. You say you've missed me like hell and I sure have missed you but has the rest of the Dreams had a chance? Have I been gone long? I know Earth is--

Knowledge: find out what happened by having adventures like old times. That's the right way to understand this.

Okay (wow I just gave in just okay squish that's my life now).

Well then bring me someone's top who needs an adventure in exhibitionism. Yes, steal it and leave them topless where they'll have a good time without it, and I hate how this part of me can't remember that of course we're in the Dreams and you know I only like sweetly kind mean games, but...you know me. Make me proud. When you get the top back here, and tell me the story, we can make them a quest to get clothes back, like not being stuck naked. That they can fail by realizing things are better this way. Take your time, I want to get on with Spin The Lens now that's an official demanding birthday star demand, and...I mean you've gotta make this good, haven't you?

...thing this dolly can do is sit here and look beautiful...

"Now that's the fun stuff! We depart on these quests as we speak here. Parts have already found several victims, shall we show you the best one?"

Oh yes, and then I hope everyone will be nice to me even though I still feel like the biggest inconvenience--

"Oh stop with that. We love you, bouncy boobs to weepy heart, and your little doll, too."

YOU LIKE WIZARD OF OZ STUFF! Right? That feels super good to say that means--

"I'LL GET YOU , MY PRETTY! Are you a good witch or a bad witch? I'M SANTA CLAUS! You remember!"

Santa's standing by the fire warming her ass and looking gorgeous in her Heartwarming lingerie (sure warms my heart and some other stuff oh baby) and I can't help thinking (or her seeing blush) that she's playing Heartwarming tree for all of us--ooh, there's a Malina game!

Not now I want Spin the Lens, but when the time is right, Malina, sieze her! The thought splits my face with a grin, but that's going to be nothing to trimming the tree later.

"That's a sexy thought! Just watch out the place isn't taken by then!"

Oh. Blush.

Malina looks up at me so adorably innocently when I look back at her my mind reels with the thoughts of all the ways I might make her get people for me.

All our family are holidays, pairs of holiday patron and helper(s), but those pairs are paired, into connectedly-opposite forms of things, and we happen to have special bonds along those lines, to help people understand that they shouldn't be enemies. Mama has Openveil, the restoration of connections that shouldn't break. Cheryl has Latchkey Day, the love of what comes after connections that should break--or helps you get free of them. They have each other often and publicly.

Cherry has Revelry, the big summer party where everything is exciting and loud and passion that might become warlike aggression becomes mosh pits and headbanging with people from cultures you've never seen before while you eat their strange food and enjoy all the difference that doesn't make you enemies no matter how strange it gets. Santa has Heartwarming, which is what XMas the consumerist holiday is covering, and all I have to say there is It's A Tradition. They both like red, but where they find it most often is each other's panties.

Violet has Heartchildren's Day, celebrating the gift they give by becoming the deepest wish of their heartformer's heart, and the game she plays of being changed and changed to shape to her beloved's wish is a picture of that gift...and a warning not try to be that way if you're a human unless you really mean it. Eisela has Mother's Day, the celebration of what it takes to give someone who depends on you care and help them become the very best them they can be, whatever they are, for as long as they need you. They have some interesting games.

And me and Malina. Where is her heartformer? Lost in the collective of her, part of something bigger now, an essential piece of her chorus it couldn't function without, but wearing the same face as the rest of her. That's my theory.

She and I...split the fourth pillar of this house of human existence, power. The feudalist shape it takes when humans are left in small tribes that grow big enough is our playground, but even more than the others we turn it upside down, inside out. Malina's the army of slaves every king rides the back of, but she's not my submissive, she just likes to play games with me. She's as organized and clever and smooth-running as any great house ever was, but she's chaos marching in lockstep, the most interesting time you'll ever have being assigned a task and following the rules, because she seeks out assignments that are...I mean how would you put it, Malina?

"Something that's strong enough to make fun fire fill up our hearts till our mouths smoke!"

For real my face is getting tired from smiling. Yeah. I think her holiday is called Chorus, and it celebrates mischief and fun you need an army to accomplish--am I getting this?

"We are patiently waiting for you to remember the fun part."

Oooooh. That is right. Conquest is part of both of us. You've seen me with Sex, but Malina has her own ways...yes? I can't help thinking it. I hope my reference isn't in bad taste.

Every single Malina in here answers in unison. It's an incredible impression...except her voice is still cute, but that just makes it better somehow.

"We are Malina whose name is Legion. Our eyes seek everywhere for those who need a helping hand...or to be one. Resistance is up to you, but we think it's fun."

So you know, be clear what you're asking for if you call her. Or don't, that might be more interesting. It explains one of my other favorite things about her, and Rl'yeh Sade, though, which is I'm sure you saw me not research my quests at all. No need! There are so many Malina, and Rl'yeh Sade so big and diverse, I can just assume the target I want exists, like the Mechanical Heart Club. She always finds something that will make our game work.

And that just leaves me. My game with Malina is to break the chains that in human history would bind us, from both ends, and play games with it, like we're doing with this victim she's projecting an image of in front of herself on the couch here, but my game is just I'm a candy-sweet Fairy Princess who's snuggly submissive kid-stuff showyness, no big doomy things, but I still rule with the iron fist I got from the family that ruled its world for centuries, isn't that right, dolly? Click pause your other game.

Yes but this is a sexy way to be held by it!

I love you too. Click.

--command she has. The only thing...

So you see. Get conquered by me, like Sex did, you'll be a toy that just plays party games! Malina's too good at the hard stuff for me to want an army, and you'll never be a better personal slave than Boobsong, so we can just have fun like Sex is going to soon. Doesn't that sound grand?

Gulp. I think that collection thing might not just have been dickwaving to mess with Sex's head. The wind up doll stuff makes it so easy...game take good care of us!

Or just you know, hang out with my statues or meet me in pedestal time and have candy and play party games I control. Somewhat. It's fun to get swept up by a dance you can't steer sometimes. Sex's delay wasn't my idea! 

I'm safe, though. This is happy stuff, all of our days. The family would die of sugar overdose if we were the badguys, just having me in it, to say nothing of Boobsong. You can eat lots of my candy and never get sick or sad. Just be careful, sugar's addictive...

Now about this target. Lithely femme with neat void-black hair and wearing something almost like Neo's cassock from the later Matrix movies, buttoned down one side of her with dozens of tiny buttons...ohh yes this will be good. Best one indeed, and she's pretty too. So proper. Just you wait, you have no idea what it is to feel pretty, prim lady! Okay bonus round something I don't know what yet but I'll be extra turned on if you can manage to sneak that off her so she's surprised to be bareassed, and double bonus points if she has underthings she loses shortly afterward instead of in one go, and triple bonus points for letting her get like skimpy panties like Sex had and then she loses them again just as she's getting used to that much clothing. That's a whole dress and not just a top so let's just go for naked here.

What am I going to do with her outfit? Dunno. Maybe get spiked for stealing it and wave goodbye as it vanishes back to her wardrobe. Maybe we'll get spiked for touching her at all and have to try Malina's next target, but that's good. That's what makes this all a fun game. It's nice to have handrails as you run around the sky upside down.

Except when the fear of heights makes it hornier, and if the problem with falling is the sudden stop at the bottom, who says there has to be one?

Welcome to the Abyss. Would you like to play a game? The only winning move--for you, anyway--is not to play, but that's why my games are fun.