17 - Hunger

So one thing, dolly. The steel that holds you...like right now, for instance, so solid still, that's just my will, right?

Yes and it opens to let your sex dolly move and then closes because that's how you're holding her. So tight there's not one motion. It's the best she loves that part.

It is so hot to think of. I'll never feel bad again holding you so tight.

So when you were collaring me, whose will did I feel? (Gulp)

That's just your will Princess! You said super hard I WILL GO THROUGH WITH THIS COLLARING! And the will-thing turned that into nice steel for you. Special occasion only, it can't stay or it harms you bad.

Oh fizzbubbling--of course. And that just makes it extra metal.

There is a chair we found with a jack for something with prongs shaped like fingers. Perhaps this is your chair, to recharge you in.

Oh thanks Malina! How much power do I have? Can I feel my battery banks or reactor or whatever? No, but there's something else...mainsprings, where my lungs would be. Lots of tension in them, and they must be some kind of exotic thing because I've already used more energy than you could store with steel, but...I'm windup. This is hot, I feel pretty now, I love windup toys.

You're going to wind me soon, dolly, how's that feel?

Your sex dolly can't wait for sex like this! She will wind you with love and devotion and very wet squishy pussy-lips.

[!] Princess what happens if you wind down? Is that when you're pages?

Oh probably. I bet fucking uses up a ton of power, too. Oh well!

Huh, we're still just standing here. I want to put Boobsong down before I try walking, but...okay that's hot this changes my outlook.

The Dreams show me that Strawberry Soylent bottle from before. Huh. I mean when I'm wound down I'll be quite convenient, but--the dragon thing--

Changing time is approaching soon. You have to be flesh to be dragon food. Once you're inside you'll seem whole again, but your body is pieces that she holds for you. Only the pieces you use come to play with her. The rest will be waiting inside her flesh, right there when you need them. No keeping out a piece you aren't using.

It feels very sad to be dragon food when the family has plans to keep, so you'll only stay for a little while. Soon it will be a nice long time. 

Breakfast is always as dragon food. You will wake up inside her each morning. Nothing can stop this.

Princesses eaten by dragons have special rules:

No staying out past your eaten time. You will fall apart.

AAH! plays in perfect harmony with well then I'm staying too long every time so she has to slurp up each part individually OOOOH this is why Yoshi redeemed Super Mario World for me. Can't wait for your tongue, dragon!

Have to stay clean except stuff that's edible.

No clothes that take long to put on/off. No shoes or jewelry unless the same.

No makeup that doesn't taste good to Boobsong. No hair stuff, the same.

Have to stay sexy soft delightful skin. No taking forms that have scales or plates. Mermaids must have human skin.

Your body is always attached to hers in the outside world. The leash you've been using is her heartstone flesh. Your eravahk can't be put down because you are head to toe like your clit and would dissolve to strawberry goo without her supporting you. It is actually part of your hand. She was forked when the leash was off her neck. She can fork again, but you find that upsetting, see? The leash can take forms as you see fit. Try being attached by goo that stretches between your nearest parts during sex! When you're touching that's the connection point. Seed-ghost says the chain is a heavy weight. Try something else it suggests. Try making sexy soft cables instead.

Have to keep self up where dragon can eat you soon. Can't be a part of a family where you going dragon food just there without warning is bad. Can't make plans that don't include that.

Heartpounding sexy thought: she can eat you up, anywhere, anytime. Don't be ready for bad moments that harm your life, but suddenly while you play spin the Lens and the family talks about your sexy flesh is a likely one. Their voices discussing your parts will make her so hungry she just jumps on you. Shapeshifting enabled then, lust or not.

My whole body feels weird like my skin's gone extra silky. This is awesome, but that's not the reason. It's that I've remembered what happened to my pussy when my clit got big. It's not gone, ooohh no is it ever not gone. This is going to be hardcore, I can't wait.

I'll give you this one hint until we get there, readers. Contrary to a world of really bad erotica's descriptions, a hungry hole doesn't feel empty. It might feel wet, or get fidgety around the entrance so you want to touch, but...a needy, hungry hole, just feels like the knowledge of how awesome it'll be to feel that hard thing pushing into the squishy soft place in you that didn't feel like there was a hole there, like the entering is making your pussy the first time, and the hungry intimacy of feeling your lover enter your body and be in there so welcome and beloved, sliding into your flesh that parts to make way for them, stretching out, so you can get closer still...

Hot, right, but Boobsong's even more dickless than me, so what can I be on about? Not her tail, yes I love to deepthroat that but it's still just pussy-lips on the end there.

...okay on second thought maybe I won't be late. That's a good motivation for...punctuality. Get it.

You sure will soon, tasty Princess treat!

Kind of a letdown that steel-encasing will of mine isn't totally inescapable, right? HAH! She's just getting her pressure up enough to ooze through the little crack on the other side of which is the part of me that says HOLY FUCK DEVOUR ME!

And then you'll be gone, yes you will, there's no stopping it!

I can't wait. This is even making me want to be flesh again, have my nice yummy fat ass I can bounce and dance, with my thighs a little gooey because I'm all wet from this...that'll be so soft and juicy...

Horny thoughts filling up libraries inside your dragon! Read them out, she's just begging you!

You're eating me soon, right dragon?

Yes very soon. Your dragon is HUNGRY.

Game PLEASE I wanna be dolled again soon and try this out for real this is incredible like it makes me want to cry with happiness but...I wanna be flesh again so I can think any minute now...

Your game can hold you on one side, but to be doll or flesh is your choice. Remember you wanted to be fixed before you change back.

...r--really? This is so awesome I--there goes my tears machine...

Good thing my game would never use that power to mess with me in ways that make me equal parts squirmy and horny. Never ever.

Your game can still hear you now.

Well it sure would be terrible if my Keeper ever wasn't--game are you supposed to just be called game? Have you been being patient with me again?

Sweet Fairy, your game isn't patient or not. It just can wait for the time for things. Your game has a name, but it isn't the time to remember that.

Gulp because I'm pretty sure the name's about as embarrassing as goowiggled.

Erum, what is it time for? Family? You're all really quiet.

The Sea is still warping by outside, but no-one's in view of our statue selves.

That can totally move now, argh. How does walking go, can I turn us? Just as robotic as the rest, hot, but yes, it's not hard, just new--my arm is where I left it to feel the strapon harness, that was how this changes my outlook, I just forget parts of my body I'm not doing stuff with--which is how it will be when I'm eaten up because as eaten up you're gone but a succubus dragon eating you turns your body into food by making you have sex with it, so that's when and how your body exists...this is going to be so hot. I wonder if I just start cumming as soon as I'm in there. That could do it. It must feel so intimate. Already, just to know, I'm being held together the way my steel holds her....

Anyway moving. I get my forgotten hand back on her ass and let up a bit with the crushing and turn to see the room whoah hi. We're on a stage, in a theater, with the family all in front-row seats, watching raptly. At first it seems like the theater is going to be huge hundreds of people watching, but it's just dark behind the family, and the room feels no bigger than you'd expect from One Forward.

...they seem...really still. Like, really still--

"We're just joshin' ya. I'd say see the look on yer face, but, well..."

Sex's voice comes from the end of the row, then closer as she climbs up on the stage and kneels--can't, how do I, aha just turn my whole body to look down over my shoulder to see her. Slave posed. She's still the same half-big half-small shape as before, hmm.

"I run down in five minutes. Any last commands?"

Oooh, just time to cum. Help me set Boobsong next to you, and then let's see if I can bring a girl off this way. Make sure she's ready, Wetpeace!

"Gasp...it's doin' it, yowza!"

Oh my fuck you're so cute. She bounces back up, and soon her hands are around Boobsong's waist so I can figure out how to work myself to let go and uncurl Boobsong's arms from around me. The gearsiness of my motion takes getting used to, but I'm learning to do it more smoothly--ooh kinky, my arms have freakish range of motion, I can crank them right back around to reach where Boobsong is holding on and gently bring her arms back around to be up by her breasts like she's a squeeing anime girl, then free her legs--she shifts down a little as Sex takes her weight--and fold them so she'll just sit in a nice cute slave pose, legs already spread. I put my hands on Sex's hands at Boobsong's waist, and...now, can I kneel? Slowly, yes, sinking down, I can hear ratchets clicking softly inside me as my knees bend, and soon we have Boobsong on the stage facing me.

Dolly you are so pretty it hurts sometimes.

Then you'll have to make sure that this statue keeps you in pain till you fuck her hard.

Now that's something a dragon would say. With Boobsong arranged, I lean forward and press a kiss to her mouth doll-lips to doll-lips (wow that still feels like kissing, love you dolly!)

Yes kiss it does mouth eerraaah do something--nope.

You are so cute.

Okay, back to slave pose nice wide so I can get at you--and side-on to the family.

I make sure Boobsong is faced so she can see me, then follow Sex's scooting herself back to make room for me to get close and the family to watch. I crawl in, kneel on my own heels (but with legs together to get between Sex's knees), and slide my flattened fingers down over her puffy pussy.

It feels lovely, and is nice and wet, but she won't have time for me to fool around, so I move my hand back and get my fingers in position, and--how, my fingers don't seem to be able to go sideways how I need--ooh. Flicking a thing like a lever in my mind sets gears turning in my palm and my clit-rubbing feature starts to go, moving my first two fingers in the right little circle with with awesome effect on Sex who grabs my hand with both of hers with what's obviously practiced reflex and then hesitates--

That's exactly what to do. Cum with your Starlight doll, now, Sex.

Sex looks at me with shining eyes, then down and pulls my hand in, positioning it with practiced skill...and the sneakiness of my doll-form sets in. I started to get tingly, you see, as soon as I turned on my clit stroker, and the more Sex plays with me, the more her sweet hands positioning me and the soft gently slidy spinning of the gears in my palm soothe me into a tingly statue--I can move, all my gears will still go, but...this is so much better, why not just be a statue? Why not just stay still and let Sex play with me? I could be patient for a million years with Boobsong right here and all through me...I got so excited remembering how it was to do stage shows it was like orbit, but now the peaceful spaced-out tingly patience of being a doll is taking me back again...


...Sex is cumming and it's adorable. She squirms holding my hand in place bouncing a little like she's fucking gently with her big soft hips rolling and looks at me so adoringly I can all but see her irises turn into stars and then she pushes my hand away, sensitive, but my fingers keep going of course, and it takes almost all my effort to make myself make the choice to turn them off again.

When you're done, put your hands out like before and wait till you run down, you're a candy bowl.

"Here it goes, aaah--"

Her hands form the candy-bowl just in time, and she goes so peacefully still, face happy bliss...and so do I. Kissing her on the forehead is a nice idea, but that's all it is. I want to have tingles come over me so totally...

Doll form is for letting go of will. It will be less and less as you do doll things. Try turning on your heart heater and become pages--you have that much choice left only, and it will be wonderful to choose it gone.

One thing to do first. I turn my head so I can see Boobsong, then look for the...like a faucet. I turn it on, and feel warmth spreading through my chest like the worship Sex just gave--

Aaaah, what a peaceful state. I feel so relaxed, with my game reading me. What will it read this time? Other than that question, heh.

Can I sleep this way? It feels like I am, almost. My parts that get statufied--anywhere I'm not moving--feel the same as in Happy Chains. Perfectly still and completely able to stay that way for a million years.

Fairy toy, the only thing in Happy Chains different from this right now, is that you were standing up there.

Fingers pricks are the first part of changing you. Your game did it fast when wrapping you because it takes so long the pricking way. Now you come back like you always do. Feel that heart beat, where the heater is.

Heart heat turns to a slowly increasing sense of needing to beat and then thud it starts up and the tingles retreat a lot. The feeling spreads out along the paths of my arteries, and flesh expands through my heartstone out from them, until I'm breathing and sitting there on my heels feeling much more awake, like I've had a good nap, and fidget with muscles that want to move and antsy anticipation and will, full of desire for Boobsong.

Let's go, what's next?

A party of applause erupts from the family's direction, and I hear Isht Visht woop, and when I look they're all standing-ovation-ing us, Eisela's even bouncing up and down--


Bouncing up super big stretching body out head gets nice and large mouth opens wide and CHOMPS on your sexy waist right in half with one big CHOMP!

Teeth pushing in, Princess flesh opens up and they slide super smoothly in pushing into her sexy soft skin till it pulls apart--

Her mouth is around me so fast I don't see her change, just her beautiful face blur and then licky grape-soda darkness and her teeth...oooh fuck there's my pussy, yeah, and there and there and there....I can't breathe to gasp but the nectar that fills her mouth will replace air if I drink it, I remember that, I think there's not air where--oooh my fuck here it comes holy starburst chomps.

Boobsong's dragon form's teeth look like dragon teeth from far away, but up close you see they have nice dildo-sized rounded ends and the slow kind of taper that can get you in trouble if your pussy's deep. Well, mine are as deep as she wants: when my clit got big, my pussy went everywhere, so much so it can go right through me if Boobsong--and this only works for her of course--can fuck-bite in one side and right out the other. My flesh will just part for her, and it feels wonderful, like being so horny I'm crying and getting a nice thick satisfying cock to suck, and--hehe that's right--as she "fills" me and the holes all join up so I'm cut in half, my insides get kept working by the same kind of stuff that keeps my clit hooked up, while the places she bit, which are the inside of my pussy, are...pussy-walls, complete with drippy pussy-goo wetness (and you've seen what a gusher I am).

It's soothing, I get all relaxed like taking a gentle slow fuck, which is one of my favorite parts, because even the hardvore kids with all their horror-movie screaming or talking about nice Chiantis get kind of mindfucked to watch me so blissed out and peaceful as she gently bites me in half. Her cocksleeve-femme teeth can do the same thing to me, just with much smaller bites at once, but it's hot to get eaten up slow like that--the memories that come up at all whited-out emotion and hard-breathing lust and and her sweet face so hungrily biting tenderly down on my knuckle while her little hands hold my palm up to her mouth as our eyes lock and she sucks...

Horniness and tingles explode through me as I feel her lips meet and my upper half slide up into her mouth and--here we gooo!

--you're almost there...coming off your legs...YUS hungry GULP just whole swallow you!

It's like a lick all over me, somehow the exact personality of her eager licky tongue as I feel myself fall to the back of her mouth and then her throat grabs me and swallows, sliding me down the length of her neck, and then suddenly there are more teeth, no, tentacles, they push in everywhere and just keep taking me apart and apart and apart and all it keeps feeling like is the most wonderful, loving delicious fuck, come here let me hug you I say to each one but these pussies aren't able to clench that way (that's what my hole is for).

I don't have a sense of my body now. I exist, I'm alive, I can even say flesh is here, but that's it. Where, which way up, how, who knows. I'm eaten up. My legs have joined the fun at some point in her second gulp, so that's all of me, I'm entirely gone.

It's really weird to still exist and all be eaten up, all gone.

Did you enjoy me, dragon, was I yummy this time?

That was delicious yes! Stroking starts when you're done as goo. Thinking some sexy stuff, that you're digested, your dragon can see. Yes, that's the point of this. Nothing but goo right now. No sexy shapes or big chunks, just heartstone supports holding pink goo. Even your brain is spread everywhere across this blob with heartstone connecting stuff. Princess is eaten up. All you can be is this sexy blob that sticks out what you need to play and get off with your cocksleeve dolly. Just reach for sight and you'll see her still in slave-pose like you left her. There's enough space to play and fuck but be ready for feeling some strange stuff too because you're stuck to the wall it's like. You can move pretty far to touch every part of your dolly but you're still just this sexy goo so your hands and stuff just turn back to that when you're done with them. You'll see them dissolving so don't get freaked out by that.

[Food metaphor: really good sandwich shop, Wonderbread dots]

Oh my fuck you make me feel so gorgeous. Nourishing good meal wrapped in yummy floofy candy bread!

This is so peaceful. We used to spend hours like this. Yeah? It doesn't hurt me or anything?

It's the safest you'll ever be. Your dragon keeps every cell wrapped up so perfectly safe. This is your storage blob. You're actually food when we play. It's great to spend time just and talk. Days or years, eternity, you'll never get hungry tired or sick of this. Dragon has stopped the parts that wish to get out of here. They'll wait you'll be happy when you go but as long as you're stuck in here you'll like it best.

Yeah, because otherwise I'm not really eaten! You're right, too, dragon. If you actually can't let me visit outside after this, okay, that's it I'm eaten. I can't believe I'm saying that.

Your dragon ate you up super fast. She wants another time where she savors!

Okay staying here is good but YES. In cocksleeve femme form, so you have to work for it. We'll make a romantic evening of it. I can be your snacks while we watch movies.

THAT WOULD BE WONDERFUL! Cocksleeve femme's mouth is small so it has to take hours!

Exactly. Itty bitty nibbles. Maybe I'll click that you can't take bigger bites than popcorn--wait. Our seed ghost said I'd fall apart if I stay past muahah suppertime. Is that more like...melt?

Yes. Then your dragon has to lick you up with her big purpleblack dragon tongue which feels super hot you said last time.

SWEET! Would it hurt me if you like, drink me through a straw? Or I melt into bottles and you takes the bottles away like you're going to go deliver them all someplace? It'd have to be people who don't know us but the mindfuck potential of this is incredible! Does any of it hurt? Getting eaten was the best fuck...

None of that stuff can harm you and you say it feels just like your normal form to touch that stuff just very sensitive.

HOT. This is going to RULE. Can I still make parts from my goo when I'm like that? Like, not in here?

Nope! That's only in here because you're food. Can't do anything else.

Hot. I...wanna get left as goo outside for a bit to make the point. That's something I'd do to you if I was topping--dolly, are you sad that you have to do so much stuff to me like that collaring and stuff? You're such a sub, but I'm...me...

That's a good one but your dragon can't wait long enough. It smells super good and she has to just eat you up.

It's not sad at all, it's great! Dolly gets everything she needs under lock and key. Always have Princess here. First dibs on Princess time. Collar means ownership, not submission, for this dolly! You're the dom but belong to your dragon. Ownership takes your life. You get back eravahk, but not keys to door! Just like our joke today. That's our life. You're stuck but you have the reins. Totally perfect arrangement if you gave your free will away. You have it but have to stay, so there's no afraid if pages turn. You'll always have your sex dolly's collar to make you stay head up high and clicking your eravahk. Gives you a nice big zap if you sleep when you should be calling dance! Don't be afraid, just like the teeth it just wakes you up.

Think you're a failure for needing that stuff, dragon sees. Should be strong and stuff. Submission takes strength! Can't say this dolly's not the expert there! Your strength is as a sub. This stuff brings that to your domming side. Holds you up like that steel you felt. That was your will to submit to collaring! So strong it breaks your brain! Have to be su'khora to stand up in that!

You...think I'm strong? I thought I was a complete wuss! Especially compared to you, demonslave! Hell yes you're the expert here but that's...huge!

Not such a wuss when Sex swung that knife at you! Stood so still it looked like you're statufied! Then she fell down and you stood there still. Fingers off is a lot of pain! Very hard test of faith to say yes they'll spike! Don't be so sure you're weak just because pain is hard. You're afraid of your strength that would go through with stuff that will eat you up. Looks like you're right, blob!

This dolly says the answer's clear. Eat you first, oh, she did.

You make me feel like a million bucks--that's a weird expression, self--but, that means a lot coming from you, dolly.

That's what you always say! It's our joke, you're this dragon's hoard! If you think it's big then you're listening. You scare yourself for a reason but this dragon is scary too.

Do you mind having to explain all this stuff to me? Like, dynamic-wise, I know you're my very useful slave.

Not even slightly. Sex dolly answers time, that's your scene, okay. Does it seem too a subby thing? Don't be scared to top with your shaking hands. Your sex dolly sees that stuff anyway. Just let go and be who you really are. You aren't very strong as a dom but you have the strength to take Sex's hand chop and not just cry. Use the strength you have. This is how you top. You say do this now, click of eravahk. That's the end. Your command at your collaring. Sex dolly gave that to make your shape. Use the strength that says keep saying what to do, stay awake or get zapped, keep head up or faint and then zapped, only option is keep doing that. See you saying stuff, that the free will bite is chain for you. Want dolly? Orders or she just stares! Exactly and the tightest chain is your own desire. Want dolly all the time, every part of your book says that! Never stop, that way. That's the strength you have here, to be bound so you can't have your--eeeaAAAAAAAAAAA PANT GUESS GASP FUCKIUNG HAAH NOW!!

Hard and fast like a sex machine my clit gets pounded into her. I grab for eyes, and sure enough there she is slave-posed in front of me in a shiny-dark curving space just big enough for fun, and her eyes are wide and mouth O-ed (ulpsnif: a pulse of worship when she sees my eyes) and she's writhing so prettily in her wide-open slave-pose, alive with lust for this instantly which--I can't--blame wwwow her FOR--so how does this look, it'll be weird seeing...oh. Fuck, that's hard. There's more than just this, too, I remember something.

Between her legs is just her bare open pussy, looking as tasty as always. My clit is elsewhere again. That makes it feel really gone--fuck this cumming soon it all works the same in here or out there pluck (hands that are goo count as busy in my book) and reach to give her some help turning around.

My hands appear out of the shiny void that's there when I look down almost like pulling through thin stretchy plastic, but they're just themselves I see as they grab to push her around and down even as she leaps for pony-style. My hips and the phantom clit are there, but it's not as fun if I can't feel my own boobs bounce as we fuck--they pop out so fast I don't see it happen, they're just there and I take a deep hungry breath and lick my lips and pluck again--

Where's my clit, I bark in her mind as we position, I grab for it instinctively and find that grabs the real one and position it to go into her even as it's already being stroked, feel the act of pushing into her be fit so neatly into the rhythm we can't stop or slow--

Haah...smack smack smack smack your clit is--aaah--your clit can't--eeaaah--

She's so beautiful sliding along my shaft with her face sweetly looking back at me and her wings up with lust as we pound together, bouncing rubbery-cute with the rhythm, and I'm happy and terrified because I know the dark wish behind it's still being missing, but now how she fulfilled it, and some of the options--

--you can't--haaaah--can't be able to--hold it--aaah--it's dragon food--aaah--forever so--aah--never back--haaaa--it doesn't come out with you when you're out because it never can it stays in your dragon's heart where's it's fucking now but that's arranged like at Mommy-boo's with your castle stuff all in rows with the parts laid out every cell in a line like that on the Lego box and you feel this fucking now because your sex dolly's touching them in the right way to feel like that but it really is inside of her that's her body all around it you feel it's real penetration you just have every cell individually sliding and squeezed right to make you feel her pussy and she can't let go your holding blob can but the pussy your clit is in doesn't have that stuff that would carry it back to its sexy self--

She's terrified. It's okay dolly, keep going.

YES DOLLY IS SCARED YOU'LL HATE HER NOW! It's destroyed okay you still have the feelings but it's just cells not a clit it's all eaten up and she can't put it back it EATEN she ate it and digested it and keeps it alive to make you explode with the lust of impaling her but you don't have a clit to impale her with just these cells that she pounds with her horniness one by one so it feels like you're fucking her like you're acting out with your dolly here and everything she is is afraid you'll reject her so she begs please have mercy she pleads with you she can still make you feel like you're fucking her and she'll do the best any sex dolly ever did she will always be good to you just keep her please just at least this--

Sex dolly, you are making me flip, but--oh sweet dolly. Her whole crumpled-up face lights up with hope when I make the joke.

--but I'm not going anywhere. Your castration jokes are sure going to push my buttons a lot more, though!

We did this together--dolly wait up, what choice do I have here anyway? I don't see you spiked for claiming me! I get why you're scared but at least lean on your collar that way!

(I can't cum or not cum. I can see the glitch I'm supposed to slot into)

Sex dolly knows but what if you hate this now! What if you don't want to stay like this? The Dreams can still spike you back! That's what's scaring her!

WELL THEN DREAMS HELP ME GET INTO THIS STARTING WITH WHETHER I HAVE ANY CHOICE BUT TO DEAL WITH THE FACT THAT MY CLIT'S--my clit's what Dreams what's my status here I know the facts and I know I'm dragon food but tell me the truth and then tell me how very stuck with it I am--

Their answer is the starkest thing they've ever shown me: Boobsong in hammer form smashing my clit so what seems to be strawberry ice cream splashes out from under, lifting it up just reveals splats of that, and then a strawberry ice cream sundae with whipped cream and a straw and I'm terrified yet somehow I'm harder now as they show me a diamond ring: this is forever--but then they show Mommy-boo's wakeup-bell probably because I'm panicking because yes this feels like sex but is it I have to get into her I have to FUCK her but to just put my clit back would take away this awesome falling weird silky squishy thing and the way her castration jokes feel--

Neo's Matrix jack, your mind makes it real, you mean Dreams the truth is she made it subjective whether I'm castrated!?

Uncrumpling a poster of--a mic--me leaning down to Boobsong looking up from slave pose--oh. That's us trading castration and free will jokes. The exchange we made was real. The Dreams are uncrumpling that, smoothing us back into being ourselves. Your mind makes it real because if you die (the Little Death, in this case) in the Matrix, you die--or cum--in real life, and get beat up , get all the consequences to their physical body of what happens in the Matrix. The Dreams are reassuring me that even though my clit's as smashed and eaten up and gone--

Neo in his Ki--wait--my mind makes this real for me, hers can make it real for her but that's up to me. I focus on the phantom between my legs, willing it solid and real, and instead of plucking just press that into her, form shapeshifting and and sensation and everything around my clit being there reaming her using the sensations from our "Matrix" as a guide to shape it and suddenly her sweet lips kissing my mound but closed and so hungry-looking all puffy are spread wide with the clit my steel around her tells her she must believe is there now. Her lips even push in as I plunge as grip as I pull back--

The Dreams show me my Pacman candy from before--wait--you forgooooot something Dolly! Being so scared about me, what about you? Think you ever get any other shaft but the one you pulverized? Me fucking with your head like this is all you get now!

Don't you looooooove cock, though, cocksleeve? Isn't that life to you? As good as this feels, you're going to miss having my thick solid flesh-and-blood shaft to lick with your real lips, to worship while you look up at me but can't quite see my face around my shaft, to sit there impaled on while the bumps in the road fuck us!

You're really screwed--well, except that's the one thing you'll never be, real-ly screwed! It feels so real, doesn't it, sliding on me like this, but you're falling, falling falling into the space between us everytime I pull back. Isn't it the weirdest rush? So intimate and loving to know I'm enjoying how you shall never fuck anyone or even so much as be fingerbanged and all I have to do is not press that button?


And on the very next thrust as we part there's my clit solid and real and thick covered with nectar and looking very urgently hard and the scary thing is, it really doesn't feel any different.

Dragon, I think all evil-sweet singsongily, you sound like I broke your will. I thought you didn't have any!


I click her to stop, pressing into me, which works now that she's holding it out like this. Somehow I know...no teasing, dolly, just being the remote control toy you are, all the way, and getting what you need.

Oh hey, my eravahk's here. That makes sense.

Here's what I'm doing so you don't panic.

Your RC toy sees. Feels screaming want to get fucked any hole yes she will do her best job!

Finger on stick pushing up makes her knees hot to crawl music is doing it ulp here it goes off just keep holding it out for you Dragon needs fucking hold out your clit! Sliding out slow and so sexily dollys hips have to wiggle the end off there gulp it gone please keep going through--EEEYUS TURN bouncy pony swing around face looking up you like eye contact with sucking off so this blowjob starts that way!

Here it comes stick up again forward means onto clit! Sweetly big eyes and nice sexy hips rolling excitement your sex dolly wants this very much! Lash her tail epically going to pounce--AAAH It's right there between your sex dolly's lips just the very tip don't stop THERE! PLEASE!

But dolly, you were going to pounce, I was letting you! Go ahead, it's adorable!

It smells so good PLEASE Princess--

Now I can't take it. I slam the stick forward until she's pressed into my mound and click suck me off hard with both hands petting her hair--

MMMMFFF mouth filling up so good and full yummy clit that stretches this cocksleeve back down her throat MMMF HERE CUMS--hey what's that sexy sound--MMF CUM YUS GULP CUM HERE CUM!

Spurting pounding squeezing hot thick relief in ten million colors that stain her hair from inside and go down her back so she looks like a Heartwarming tree CUM with my thick fleshy shaft throbbing into her deep down her throat but she's right there's a strange kind of pounding rhythm--oh fuck here we go--

The last thing I know before we leave is my orgasm finishing and real clit being yanked back to the depths of her greedy possessive heart now that she's had the fuck she needed so bad and we've both seen the other will crack if the need gets too bad so we can taunt with impunity because all it will do is bring this closer which is going to rule let's be so ruthless little RC toy--okay I like planes why does talking about RC make me smell asphalt--wait what the hell ptBLEAH!