2 - Having Sex

I furrow my eyebrows but stay standing there, hodling Boobsong tight. If you don't want me to see you fuck, maybe have sex not in front of me? If it won't take long whatever though--light from behind the hand glares bright, then fades--

"Hey, is that star-sex? It won't burn my eyes out, I am one."

"How epoxy! Girl has a sexy spout and she's a star-kin! Come meet the rest of us. Can you really withstand it all? They get very bright sometimes!"

Handmaiden, add how epoxy to cultural artifacts under how dare this make sense to me.

Doing it and agree that's some stupid slang I love it.

The hand hasn't moved, so I set my irises to Ouch--

"Aaah okay I believe you!"

The hand pulls away just as I get to hey wait stars are asexual I'm just a freak to reveal the heaviest blast door I've seen on a cube of blue steel opening inward ever, though I haven't seen so many of those. Past where it's folded up to the ceiling of our square blue space--this isn't the place we were statued in--is a window that looks out on white with an arc of red fire across in the distance. There's a crosshair in the center but it says more camera than photon torpedos though this does seem to be a spaceship.

First things first. Can I set Boobsong down in here? Just white steel floor around. Down, handmaiden, watch my drippy stuff.

Hands holding onto my waist instead, put me to the side of you, hang my feet down and stand.

Snuggle up--right. Yank.

Pulling my leash to get me close get snuggly command!


Looking down at my clit, I say to the voice of the hand,

"Um, before we hang out, can I know who sucked me off before, and why I seem to be cumming lemon cum continuously? Not to be rude, that statue thing was just kind of weird I guess."

My clit is just there where it's supposed to be, hard like it always is with Boobsong near me, peeking out past my cleavage where I look down at it, oozing a steady stream of white cum that looks normal but smells vaguely lemon.

Rl'yeh Sade is a lot of things, but Douglas Adams plot isn't usually one of them, so what the hell? There's a little recess and channel in the floor under me to carry the cum away, and I want to turn and see where it's taking it but that risks a mess in here.

"Um, who was sucking you? Nobody here, we found you that way and made this to collect the cum for us. The Dreams said to put you here and have a window that would open if you moved again. They knew you're a star I guess. The cum does a lot of things and it tastes really great, but we thought you just work that way. Did you not have it when they statued you?"

I finally look up from my clit and find the source of the voice standing next to us, a girl with a red streak in black hair, thin lanky frame wide grin, and grey jumpsuit with a curving pointed shape almost like an upside-down Starfleet insignia making most of the front of it a window to see her taut midriff and cutely small navel--just a band across her perky soft breasts hides her nipples (if not their shape), and the whole thing ends in the obligatory sci-fi huge collar behind her head.

We're still in the Painted Sea, anyway. The room is kind of like a heavy wet-brush impressionistic thing with sharp edges like you'd get from a knife, and the girl standing there is--Disney-style? That's a weird coincidence--well, it's actually not significant at all. Between Cinderella and Starlight Princess everybody gets Disney cels in their cells at some point in their childhood. Adolescence. Adulthood. Horny sweet memories of my own introduction to--anyway.

Okay here's a thing. I'm a lesbian as you may have noticed. I'm going to objectify every girl I come across here. The Dreams can avoid them from me if that's not a game they want to play. On Earth, it's crazytown what clothing means, but the Dreams are more simple. There's no slippery slope to unwanted play because of idiots, so people can say what they mean here. Be naked, get ogled. We would know, wouldn't we, underdressed cocksleeve?


[bubble impatiently]

Flip to bubble.


Yeah. I bet that has to do with this training stuff...but let's get so we can have sex again first. I don't want this unknown cum in you.

Anyway this girl's suit says "first contact please" but with her hidden curves more politely than my usual come on try stuff outfits (or lack thereof). The girl's chewing gum, and watching me look at her. I don't try to hide my stare...but I'm also so curious.

"What...does the cum do?"

"Other than make me want to get out of this starry thing and have sex with you, and taste really good if you like lemon things, turn you femme if you're masc, make you big if you're flat, give you scary hot dreams if you sleep with it in your ass or mouth, feel amazing if it gets cum on you from a dildo or right from you I bet, it can make a horny walk turn you on so much you cum from it, shine a message through your pussy walls to your brain it has that's this shining heart thing, have a check of green show up when you have enough, pull a sexy wail out of very soft-spoken subs who have it put in them, give big enough tits half a size more again for each mouthful you swallow--"

"That's different from making you big if you're flat?"

"Um, hips and breasts are different stuff? The hips can get kind of out there. They nectar back, but not for all of us."

She looks at me with a strange flirty look, like she's figured out I like weird stuff and infodumps and is daring me to ask her out of her suit to see what it did to her.

That's the boring way, though. There's very weird scene in this, poking out like a Starfleet badge from beach sand.

"You said meet the rest of us. Where are they? Are they coming here? Are you late for them?"

"I was going to take you to our house and say hi to them. It's far from here so I doorjump. They aren't coming here. I don't have a plan so I can't be late."

"Okay. Wait."

She adjusts her boob-strap, fidgets at her hair, keeps a hand on her boob-strap, confidence like a Faberge egg, I want to destroy it all, and make her feel so precious among the shards.

Fastflip her hotness to you.

Sexy plain human. Like!

Let's see how plain she stays.

I almost wish she hadn't said that flirt about getting out of the suit, because the point of this scene, I'm deciding here, is to make it uncomfortable enough. Awkward is fun if you cringe so hard you cum!

"You offered sex to me fast. Do you get horny much?"

"I...yes, a lot, the cum has...I kind of get this scent now--"

What is this stuff? It's not affecting me is it--who am I kidding, these effects would be a spark in a star for me.

"Come here."

She sways off the wall she was leaning against and comes close.

"Right here."

I point my eravahk (lit. erotic-care-stick, mine is a fairy-wand with five-pointed star tip and rainbow-stripey iridescent shaft and tingly sparkle dust when I swing hard) where she'll have to stand just an inch from my clit-tip to go where I 'asked' her to.

She comes right up and looks down at my breasts obviously, pulls her eyes back up.

"What kind of scent?"

I take a deep breath through my nose.

"Um...I mean it's..."

Cocksleeve, you're on ogling duty. Watch and find what she's self-conscious of and stare hungry like it's the best whatever you've seen short of me in a thousand years, and only blink if you catch her trying to see if you're blinking.

Looking her up and down...very nice horny-dress...ears she keeps touching them. Does she want to be bit or think her lobes are weird? That's where I look either way!

She looks horny, stammering with her mouth open lustfully. I'm distracting, that's the point of this, but I can't help wondering if the cum has some kind of effect too.

After a good long pause while she blushes and tries to talk:

"I can see you need help with this. Can you help me help you by letting my handmaiden here do her thing calmly? Take your time to answer me, it's hard right now and that's okay but you do need to answer. Two deep breaths first."

You weren't panicked, but now you'll be.

Hm, can decide which way to go. Thoughts for each flip.

If you say I'm undressing her she'll expect it so it can't be is she really doing it each step and you might want to do that lots because her suit has lots of stuff to undo and she might have layers under it you could keep going on.

If you say just let handmaiden do stuff she'll wonder if it's going to be undress or sex or feed her ear to me.

...and if I tell her ahead and take forever to get there she can freak out the whole time about those hips she's self-conscious of until we learn I'm into that.

Or she'll be confident and spend the time anticipating.

Linda gulps air and lets it out slow through her nose and mouth with her cheeks puffed out. Hm, no.

Mette takes the second breath...eh.

Idea, cocksleeve, I need a name to mess with her. Flip.

How about Chu? Or Bit or Hug maybe? Barely covered boobs how about nips?

Hmm...it'll be one of those. Maybe I'll hold back and try for Nips.

Nips is done breathing out.

"There, okay."

"Good job, Sex. May I call you Sex?"

For a split second the blue gloves had me turned around power-wise in here and Sex was an awesomely kind degrading thing to be called.

"That's...I can't--"

"Great. Now my handmaiden has to check some stuff, and then she'll take your suit off. Remember you said she could do her thing calmly, but you can tell me stop if things get bad some way. Now, start talking. Tell me all the effects of the cum you've seen so far."

No she didn't say, but that's my point here.

I'm a very evil domme. I'd forgotten that. It makes me smirk inside where Boobsong sees--who should be tasting Sex's earlobes! On the double, handmaiden! Then sniff that scent out wherever humans smell and report back with on of those significant looks Pleiades and Walt always share.


Hold, wait, let her get talking and then go.

Sex blushes dark (what a really good name, I'm definitely taking it back from her when we're done with this) and bounces on her heels with nervousness, then breathes in and starts talking.

"It makes your feet have spots that control your mind like a casting ball like some words come up in your thoughts when you step on them and..."

Going now--

Sexy walk!

Sashay and slink up beside her. Reach my head up beside her ear and slowly lick all her earlobe from back to front...haah she's horny yus! Slip around behind...

Sex's hand strays toward the low point of her jumpsuit as Boobsong works.

"Do you need to masturbate," I say in a syrupy mother's voice. Cocksleeve, taste her ear so lusciously she says yes.

...and climb up her other side nudged to be snuggly yes grind against her side and lick her other ear from the bottom first super slow and soft with my tongue like a wet little point to make her think of a clit and then super slowly wrap the whole end of my tongue like I'm sucking her dick off but she has a pussy unless she's tucking hard so this will be very kinky to imagine--


Sex pants it urgently cocksleeve keep going hard pour the sexy on that lobe.

--slowly slide down her side and get around in front to reach up with my breasts against her naked self where her jumpsuit's not and get back to work.

There's just space for Boobsong between us, and I can see the contact for all three raise Sex's tension. Well done, cocksleeve, to grind both of us with one move like that, and damn but if you weren't already Boobsong I'd call you Sex now.

Sex pants in confused horny need very prettily. I wait a beat and then take her mid-wander hand that froze when I noticed it and place it firmly on her breast.

"Just keep that there. It'll help. I can't let you touch yourself on your pussy, but my handmaiden here will give you some help before she undresses you. Now, keep going. What's this about a casting ball?"

"It makes your feet have a place that touching it makes words come up in your mind and they tell you a thing to do like a cast-card means stuff to everyone but not the same you interpret it but you can't help doing it--"

"Are you affected that way now?"

She looks down and shakes her head.

"Do you find the horniness you mentioned before changes the choices you make?"

"Um...I--yes definitely. It makes me have sexy fun and say stuff I wouldn't have like that thing I said about taking this suit off of me."

Hmm. Did you hear that too?

Yes she said sexy fun.

Which may not sound significant, but it's a minor (constant) catchphrase in our fandom. Hmm

Now if those effects mean what I think, she's in for a weird ride...

That's enough with her earlobes. Go snuggly slinky behind her and play with her naked skin and tease like you'll go down her jumpsuit point but don't actually. Make sure she knows how excellent you are at a fingerbang.

"Are you wishing you hadn't said it?"

"No I'm scared but I'm loving this!"

That will make me grin out loud at you. I smile broad and light up the room warm golden, reach out and chuck her affectionately under the chin.

"Good job, Sex! That took a lot to say, I can see. Boobsong, get your hands down there and make her cum."

Slowly slink back of her and reach my hands around. Put them of top of her hand on her breast and the slide under the strap and feel your other one. Nipple so hard, hehe!

"Tell me what's scaring you. Being open and naked is the right answer. That's why you're cumming now, but you have to keep going!"

Hands are down to the edge of her jumpsuit where the point is down by her mound just bare above it. Squeeze while I'm petting here, comfort holding you, lean back it's okay I'm strong and you're cumming now.

"I'm afraid with this jumpsuit off I'll be a freak who's not attractive and you'll stop this--oooh please YES!"

Hands on pussy now under the jumpsuit conveniently stretchy where you touch yourself very smart of you...just pet your pussy lips, avoiding your clit for now....

"Is that because of something my cum did?"

She nods, lost in Boobsong's attention.

I wait for her to look with a wicked half-smile I quickly wipe off for a kind face when her eyes come up.

"Do you know why the cum does that stuff? Making flat big and expanding breasts?"

Boobsong's fingers make a raunchy shape working her pussy under her stretchy soft jumpsuit, and I can hear the little sounds of a wet flesh and fingertips in the silence.

"Um...I think it has something to do with you? Oh you like that stuff! Oooh it makes us look like your handmaiden! If I have enough of it, will I become su'khora, too?"

"Possibly. How much have you had so far?"

"A few hundred loads I think. You were up here a while. We got used to playing with cum to help."

I purse my lips, make a show of trying not to smile because I'm concerned as well.

Cocksleeve coordinate. Make her cum as my ghost story gets to its scarousing part and let me know if I go too fast.

Error blub--


Princess you have to hurry I can't hold her back!

"Boobsong tells me you're very horny here. Good. Listen though. That cum is made from our fans' support for me and Boobsong's relationship. It's very powerful potent stuff, pure distilled shipping-us. It's supposed to give a taste of what it's like to be pleasing to me some way. All those things it does are stuff my fans think I'd like, and they're right, but you're not supposed to drink hundreds of loads of it! Those hips you'll show me soon haven't nectared back for a reason, and you know it. You've been coming here, taking cum, looking up at me, wondering who that is, feeling strange weird stuff, and it's getting into you. Making you hornier, faster to express yourself and take sex you want, bringing out the weird side you have, more able to have those scary hot dreams on your own without my help, but there's something else in there, underneath how obsessed you are, behind the curiosity and all the times you've rubbed off to me--of course I know, I don't mind, you know me enough to see that I bet, just from that time looking up at me where you'll be kneeling soon--something in you, not yours, at first at least, but you wrapped around it because it spoke to you somehow, you found something important there, maybe you relate or just seems fun to you, you made it yours until the hips didn't nectar back one day. It's there right now, bursting out, desperate to be said. You can't even cum, can you, until you say it, now I'm here awake. Am I right? Go ahead, say it. Nakedly open is the right answer here, Sex."

She looks at me, even breath ragged like she's poising to jump...

"Please make me help you play with her! Directly I have to--aaaaAAAAAEEEEE--I have to be helping you--OH HHAAAAH YESS!"

As she cums--keep her going, cocksleeve, wring her out--I look into her eyes and smile.

"Don't worry, you will. The only way out is through now, but I need you to see how far in over your head you are."

Rl'yeh Sade, today you're earning your reputation for scary fun real well.

"Tell effects to me. It'll center you."

Cocksleeve, when she's calm enough stop breathing hard, snuggly slinky get her jumpsuit off.

"If you wear three belts and have it on your dick or pussy like you've been fucked by it your head gets weird like you have to belt people onto stuff."

She's stopped breathing hard. Here I go, undo belt clip on the strap across and nothing else I guess push at the shoulders off of them and then slide it down. Very easily off of you you're smart with this!

Just like that, Sex's breasts fall free and her hips are bare. She has tiny black-satin panties with red string sides stretched tight over puffy thick pussy lips worthy of Boobsong, slicked down with wetness now. Her shape is weird, but attractive still, her tiny thin frame on top not so changed but her hips and legs are thick and soft and plush and pillowy.

"Those are beautiful!"

I squat, careful to keep the cum on target as I lower, and put my hands out and grab her hips, feel the softness of them, turn her right and left a bit just to see her move, run my hands down her thighs and push in between them, feel the warm soft skin pressing my fingers...

"What pretty soft flesh you have."

...then slide a hand up and cup her pussy through the panties, pushing tight, my face severe.

Grab holding soft little arms she's cute.

She gasps and looks scared again, her face tense.

"What a lovely soft sex for Sex. Your name is good, but it changed this too, didn't it. It didn't used to be like this."

"N-no, it was...small like me..."

"You didn't tell me that before. Naked and open is the right answer, Sex."

I work the lovely soft lips under silky slick satin as I talk, massaging and feel their wet heat, the her flesh moves as I press on it, springy-soft, engorged with the recent orgasm. Her face erupts into pleasure again.

"To help you remember that, I'm taking these. Take them off for me."

To my surprise she obeys easy and fast, slipping her hands into the thongs on the sides of them and sliding down. I let their pussy-panel free but return my hand between her legs as soon as its gone so she has to step out of them around me working her, which she does with some hopping and Boobsong still holding to steady her.

Smiling a broad toothy grin, she holds them out proudly when she's free of them--they're a thong, of course. I look, but don't take them yet, and keep massaging her slippery wet pussy lips, now teasing her hole a bit. Wonder what it takes to get my finger in.

"Feel proud again? It's nice to be free like that, isn't it?"

She's breathing so nicely hard. She's going to be good to us, cocksleeve, look how deep she is.

Seeing...she looks so impressed with us.

She nods a bit.

"Yes! Yes I feel so free of that--"

"Then I have some more help for you. Repeat after me, ready?"


"Once you start you can't stop with this, and I might say anything. Are you still going to follow?"

I press at her teasingly, implying reward like last time. Do the thing I want, my fingers say. I'm abusing my power here but that's the game, Dreams may they spike will protect us both.

"Whatever you say I'll follow you."

I slip three whole fingers inside her slippery soft unresisting pussy and curl them into her G-spot hard.

"Good Sex. Ready? Can you talk like this?"

"Ready. Yes."

"I, Sex,"

"I, Sex,"

"solemnly swear,"

"solemnly swear,"

"To never again"

"To never again"

"wear anything between my waist and thighs"

I smile up at her, waiting.

"wear anything between my waist and thighs"

Heartbeat. Heartbeat.

"that covers me more than these panties did"

"that covers me more than these panties did"

I thought she would choke on this, especially when I veered from just denying pants to her like I thought I would to nothing but underwear forever, but she doesn't hesitate. Maybe it's not that big to her. I hope it's fun anyway.

"Now wish the Dreams to uphold you in that."

"Dreams please I wish to keep this promise no matter how hard I try to break it after this!"

Hardcore. "Good Sex."

There's a puff of smoke from the floor around her feet as her jumpsuit evaporates, and I grin.

I yank her pussy toward me by her G-spot and kiss her mound with an open mouth, taste unabashedly, lick her tasty sweet salt of sweat and let go of her to stand, and pluck the panties out of her hand.

"Now I'm taking these. They're supposed to be your standard, so shouldn't I make you keep them?"

"These are the way I get a line to cross. If I remember them but can't measure stuff directly, I'll get smaller things to make sure it's not bigger than them."

"Good job, Sex, you're almost there! Smaller and what else?"

I hold the filmy soft panties up for her to see one last time.

"Smaller and...the panties are thin? Yes! Because that means my pussy shows! Thicker cloth would hide that!"

"There you go. How are you feeling about this?"

I twirl the panties thoughtfully, feel their silkly cloth, and when she starts to talk take a deep sniff of them--her pussy smells just as pussy as Boobsong's is candy-like, perfectly plain but nice.

"I feel like a weight is gone, but I'm also scared because I have to go naked almost totally on my hips and that's a very big thing for me because my way is so violently changed to be naked just everywhere. What I mean is I'm changed a lot and I see it inside myself and having this nakedness tells me it's changing my life around. When I look at myself I can't shy away from that if I have to see big soft thighs I can't cover, and it takes me away from the place I was living which is scary and happy because I was the one who got into this and they only played with it. I'm glad I was here when you woke up, but I still have to ask you that thing I said while I came before. Please I must help you have sex with her. It's burning inside of me and you were right I did wrap around it and it feels like a coal that just keeps burning and it isn't just mind control it feels like a part of me. What does that mean that I'd make that a part of me?"

"That's a big question. Do you know who we are at all?"

"You're the statue from Happy Chains that has all the cum come out. That's all I know of you, any of us. Why, are you famous?"

"Um...I can't figure out how you speak English and haven't heard of me. Your dialect's weird but it's not really old or stuff that'd mean you haven't heard of us."

"I'm the ancient tongue specialist in my party group. English is old enough I could have just missed something. I think you were statued a very long time before we took you here."

Um. Dreams? Let me guess you'll say timelike it'll be okay.

"How ancient, in English's case?"

Boobsong, come back here--right. I point my eravahk, click the button I decide will mean "stand here"--pluck let go of her!

Let go and slink back to you. Stand--


Ooof! Yes be snuggly.

"Very old in that you can't really date it now."

The Dreams show a flux capacitor as she says this. Yes okay, just get us back before Earth has to wait eight million years for the last four monoliths.

"Whelp, I guess I'm your official elder goddess you accidentally woke then. Keep playing with me and I'll do even more weird stuff to you--listen though. I can't really keep you like I keep Boobsong here, and this is going far and fast. Am I crushing you already saying this?"

Instead of being hurt, she actually brightens. I know this is your perfect matchmaking Dreams but sheesh!

"No, relieving me. I feel a mission to help you play with her, and I like your play with me and the change you made, but to have a keeper that way feels so small to me--no offense to your handmaiden! I just get lost in studying and time gets fast and it's much easier to be sortie-esque in my relationships. Am I crushing you now? I feel you want me and would take me if you had space."

"It's one date, but you're great so far. Such a pretty toy."

I fuzz her head to see if I can make her mad with condescension, but she just leans into my touch hungrily. You need a hug, Sex, don't you. Let's get me off this tiny spot I have to stay in to not get cum everywhere. Let's get weird.

I move my hand under her chin and cup her face.

"And I really do like you and the way you submit to me, but it's like you said. Sortie-esque--so I'm going to squeeze all the fun out of you I can while we're doing this, Sex."

She says nothing, just lolls her head into my hand like she can't enough of my touching.

With my other hand I slip Boobsong the panties and the command to put them away in my purse.

Grab. Take hold of purse. Zip in and zip again.

"Put your hands up, Sex."

I let her go and motion how I want them, just at face-level. She raises them, still in their silly blue gloves.

"Why do you wear gloves like that?"

"The cum has been getting on my hands really easily and if it gets on them it makes you lick it off by smelling good and the effects of eating it start. I can take them off if you say--"

"Everything. Bareassed entirely, I don't want so much as an earring on you. You're embracing the cum now."

She strips the gloves off and holds them.

"Just throw them down."

She does it.

"Anything else to lose?"

She shakes her head.

"Oh no. Words for you, missy. Say it out."

"I have no clothing or jewelry on."

"Which makes you..."

"Entirely naked."

"Turn around and show your ass to me. Eyes down."

She turns, revealing a big bubble butt to go with her awesome thighs and epic hips, and a small waist with graceful back and her shiny fluffy hair on top of it.

"Oh yeah."

I lay my eravahk hand on the curve of her waist by the small of her back, and take a nice soft handfull of asscheek in my other hand and squeeze so I can feel her flesh push between my fingers just a bit, making her gasp excitedly.

"Aaah! Are you taking control of me like your handmaiden?"

"I'm the scary hot ancient thing you found in a place called Happy Chains and thought would be smart to take from the place you found it in and put in a box to collect the cum it gives and that cum changed you now and when it'd changed you enough I woke up and now your ass is in my hand and bare forevermore and you have completely lost control of this whole thing and you are definitely, absolutely here to be my toy and obey me now...but what kind of control do you think my handmaiden is under?"

Sex takes a ragged breath before answering.

"I saw you command her with a button on your wand. I think she hears with mind or something power...electric-shock, that's the word, she can hear that stuff.'

"Very good," I breathily horny-voice as close to her ear as I can get without getting cum on her, "but it goes a lot further than you guessed so far. Do people play with stuff like little toy voidships where you're from?"

"Yes, I have one from my small years. That's how I thought of this. How's that farther, though? Can she turn into one? That's the only thing I can think of."

"Does the idea make you wet? Of being controlled that way?"

Eravahk, sprout a thumbstick. Flip.

Everything I feel goes on my face.

That's all the page has, like the blunt flatness of the way she puts it is a message itself. Right then.

"Maybe...yes. What's it feel, like poking jabs?"

An edge of rubbery thumbstick-top nudges my fingernail, and I thumb it and pilot Boobsong in front of Sex, making sure she can feel my fingers move on the controls, and then rest the base of my thumb on 'raunchy dance' and slowly turn Boobsong around.

Raise my hands up and slowly rock and swish my ass with tail held high, arch keep tall but breasts really out and bounce my steps so they jubbly sway--

Boobsong bounces happily through it, her face as brightly warm as I ever get with the joy of being controlled and looking hot, her smile cute with the pleasure curling her lips like she's just been told I love her while we fuck.

"Enjoy the dance, it's for you. Feel me make her?"

"Yes, with your hand on that."

--stare right at Sex to say I dance for her. Go up and down by bending knees down and poing back up for a jubbly bounce to the stopping point Princess plans aaand BOUNCE done.

Orders done present myself with hands back and arched back and face down. Smile because that was awesome.

"What do you think it feels like?"

"Getting fucked real hard! Can she read that--"

"Sssh. Can you be clever and submissive too?"

"I think so, yes."

"Good. Now how's degradation feel? Kiss my foot."

When I let her ass go, she very shyly turns, gets to her knees slowly, bends carefully to avoid the cum still falling from my clit, holds her hair back and kisses the tops of my toes sweetly, then sits up again and starts to rise.

"Nope, you stay down. Kneel for me and lay your hands on those awesome thighs of yours."

She kneels, up like she's going to suck me off (soon, self, relax), and looks up of course. Surprsing, I didn't think she was new to this.

Cocksleeve, go slave pose her. When you arrange her legs make sure you touch her thighs a lot.

Slink to her and push her shoulders down till she sits for me.

"Just let her pose you. It makes me hard."

Oh, her head goes to the side.

Pull her chin to the left and push the back of her head forward look down please--

"If you relax into it your body will act like she's massaging you. Let your guard down. She's very gentle."

Sex's eyes are closed and her mouth open, lips soft with pleasure. The hand on your head is almost my favorite part of giving blowjobs, looks like she's the same.

Put your hands back on your thighs again and spread your fingers out. Feel how nice, see? Princess likes those thighs, you should too. Open legs up wide, come on...there we go! Nice and spread now Princess' slave pose means pussy-show.

With her legs apart like they're supposed to be, I can see Sex's sex red with arousal, soft thick inner lips shining like candy, clit urgently red and out again like she needs to cum already.

orders done back to standing presenting again.

"Beautiful. I see a lot of potential in you, Sex. You must be so weird to get into this. Aren't you. I bet if I got you going you'd drip crazy fantasies from that sexy transformed pussy of yours like I'm flowing this cum right now. In your studies, do you ever find really weird porn? I bet if not you wish you did. I bet you hunger for it, go looking even if you tell yourself that's not why you're in the library with a picture of people having sex on the door. You asked me what it means to make something a part of you like what we're working on now, you getting your hands on our bodies to make my handmaiden and me fuck, and that's one thing. I think you said this is the weirdest thing I have to have more of it. I think you were hungry for it because it was weird. Am I right? Answer clear and directly now. If I'm wrong I'm wrong but if I'm right tell me just how much you want this strange twisty cock I'm describing here."

It's such sweet satisfaction to see her savor the feeling of being arranged for me for a heartbeat before she can answer.

"Oh my sssex you are right. I want this inside of me I need to have it expanding my heart like a pussy filled if it makes me weird then I'm into that!"

I squat again, stroke her cheek, silly at her cute mistranslation of fuck, but that's perfect here, makes my voice smily-turned-on.

"You were scared before you'd be a freak with that jumpsuit off, and your nightmare came true. You are a total freak. Those hips don't nectar back because the only thing nectar can do is make your body as weird as your soul is inside, but--look at me."

She opens an eye, then turns her face to me and looks at me, expression horny and blank like she doesn't dare feel a thing till I go on with my sentence. I look into her eyes--burgundy, cute--and breathe will all my horny might:

"It is so. Beautiful."

She just looks at me, breathing hard, tears rolling down her face. I pet her cheek a bit more, then lean in, kiss her gently on the lips--she kisses back urgently--then stand again.

"Give her a hug, handmaiden."

Game, please sneak Boobsong a hankie.

Tentacle in my hand hankie on top of it. Grab and kneel down put my arms around Sex and hold her so tightly.


Dab your tears away.

The hankie is silky black with an autobot logo on it--transform. Good one game, you know where I'm going with this.

"This means you have a choice to make. I think I can control the cum enough to make it transform you so you're exactly proportionate, but if it's up to me, oh wait it is, I'll leave you like this, because you already are beautiful, and it doesn't look bad, just weird, that you have such big sexy legs and hips and above them you're small, and that's pretty to me, and I like the idea that when you feel lost in life you can look down at those hips you promised never to cover again and remember most of your mass is below the waist, but. You can always still beg me to change you more. I haven't told you to be silent or anything, and I might change my mind. I'm a Fairy, we can be very fickle."

Resolve fills her face and makes her look beautiful.

"I'll stay like this and wear it with pride!"

"Then I'm already really proud of you! As a reward, I'm changing your vow a bit. I can do that, as long as you're here with me. You wore those small panties so beautifully, with their tiny thin shape and pretty red straps made of floss. I approve of that, but as your reward for your courage just now, from now on, either wear stuff with thin little straps like that, or stuff with big pretty straps that say look at my hips right here what a great place to hold me for fucking me. Shiny stuff, jingly bells, frilly lace, fancy bows, whatever as long as it's decorative. Understand?"

She nods excitedly, eyes shining.

 "How about other stuff? What other clothing rules will you have? Do I get lots of other rules about other things? I want to have all of this!"

I grin down with burning condescension and happiness and laughingly fuzz her hair again.

"Aren't you so hungry! Before we go on, is your escape route clear? Can you run out of here? Just nod or shake, not a word till I tell you now."

She glances to my left, then nods at me.

"Good. Eyes down again. I'll try to keep that clear. No you're not allowed to beg me to lock you in. The game right now is seeing how far you'll go with this from only your attraction to me and my handmaiden, and your hunger for freaky stuff. Run away and I'll let you free. Stay, and I'll keep changing you and giving you rules and stuff that change your life around so you become who I want to see out in the world--I think you're incredible, and can be even more amazing, but you're doing it my way if you get it from me. Stay here till send you off, and I'll make you and your life so weird and sexy you'll barely recognize the girl in the grey jumpsuit I met in here. The choice is yours, every moment. Get far enough, and mmmmmmaybe I'll lock you in. Understand?"


Let go and stand up again, present.

Sex nods, oozing a drop of wet from her pussy and an ocean of determination from the rest of her.

Game, see what I'm imagining? Can you? I'd use the cum but this needs precision and I kind of think crazy random is more the cum's way.

Its response appears seamlessly in my mind, a new page bound into the book of me, but like it's on purple heartstone paper instead of my rainbow sheen to let me know it didn't come from me.

Knowledge: it's ready, just like I'm thinking. There'll be no way to get rid of it short of a spiking.

"Great!" I chirp, "Let's get going then."

I raise my eravahk and flourish it over her with a little rainbow flash so it drops sparkle-dust and makes its tingly sound.

She gasps and looks up with an open mouth and then remember her eyes-down and moans:

"What'd you do to me!?"

"You're smart and have a freaky mind. What do you think I did?"

"My clit feels a vibe but there isn't one...there's...it's something inside...there's a vibe that's inside of me! That's great! I can't turn it off--how do I know this stuff? I can just turn it up or on and it goes till it says that's enough, that's all the control of it I get. How did you put this here? All you did was wave that wand!"

Game, crank it up as I talk. Return to my side, I click on my eravahk, then hook Sex's chin with it and pull her head up to look at me, pressing into her so she gets the message to stay still and look at me.

Get back over super fast I missed you so. Super snuggly.

"My name is Princess Rainbow-Bright Starshine. I'm the Sugarfeast Fairy. I bring sexy freak stuff to bring out the weird in people like you who could have fun with it--but don't misunderstand. I'm here to get off on this. I just think everyone else should have as much fun as me and my handmaiden Boobsong. When it comes to sexy fun, you'll find me so powerful it makes you have wet dreams, cock or not. Are you ready to cum from that? Go ahead and talk again, you're about to have stuff to say."

She sure looks like she is, eyes staring into mine, glassy and full of awe, just a little bit more--there we go! She blinks in sudden frustration as my game, way ahead of me, turns out to have programmed it to be exactly as teasing as I want to be right now.

"It just turns off again!? But I was using it! Please may I have some more?"

"You're not cumming that way."

Cleverness flashes across her face.

"Please may I masturbate?"

"Smart Sex," I smile, "No. It's going to edge you while I explain this. You'll find it precise."

As a moment of vibe-again spreads over her face, I take my eravahk from under her chin an shake a little shake of sparkle-dust over her.

"Every minute your hands stay where my handmaiden put them for me you acknowledge I took control of whether and how you touch yourself. Think you can handle that? Words only, and no saying yes or no or their synonyms for now."

"I...haah..it's makes it hard to thEEE! The vibe is so powerful! TEN PERCENT!? IT CAN GO TEN TIMES MORE THAN THIS!?"

"Oh it's lying for sure to not scare you. I asked you a question though."

"I feel really well to have you controlling this EEAAAH but I...gasp...I'm not very disciplined, I--"

"Oh I know."

She rocks, and her hands clench, sweat stands out on her face, her legs fidget lifting her knees up, but she's obviously trying to stay slave-posed as hard as she can. I get down again, still above her but more level, close, make my voice hard, but kind.

"Get back in slave pose. Get those fingers flat on your thighs again and your knees on the floor and arch your back and get your head down again."

Amazingly, she manages to do most of that, even keeps her fingers flat on her thighs.

"I'm watching those. Stay. Slave posed."

The vibe stops, and she relaxes, panting.

"You're not going to make it, huh. You're going to give in and touch yourself and let me down and cum super hard from the edging and effort and helplessness--"

The vibe starts and she moans ragged and desperately, grits her teeth, fights to stay posed.

"--and as the pleasure of your own inability to control yourself floods out and all your muscles relax and I kindly send Boobsong to comfort you so you can lean on her because it's exhausting to break like that you'll realize what I can see in you now, what my Sugarfeast Fairy powers tell me. Do you know what I see?"

"I...nnnaaah...can't be trusted to..."

With a sweet smile, I shake my head.

"No. I think you're quite trustworthy. You're only human, though. You have limits, and some things can break them. Even I have mine, weird eldritch alien thing though I am. Eventually, you are going to give in to this. That's a fact and nothing can change it now. Inevitably, one hand or the other is just going to pick itself up off your thick sexy thigh and dive between your legs where that strange soft pussy with those weirdly fat lips and horny, desperate clit buzzing so urgently like an alarm saying touch me now is burning to have your fingers wet with the slippery goo you're dripping all over the floor in here slide around it so kissingly until you cum, and you won't be able to stop yourself, but that's just everyone. Nobody's invincible. What my powers say, though I don't need powers to see what's shining out from you like that star outside, is that afterward, you'll be different. That control will break, and you won't get it back again, not the same at it was at least. I'm sure you're very happy to masturbate without feeling bad already, this isn't about that, it's about bending you so you see the world in a new way. I can't tell you how. You'll see afterward. Well, breaking might be a better word than bending, but here's your problem, Sex, though it's a good problem to have, usually. You're flexible, and very strong. I think you're hard to break. I can do very scary stuff, so it's nice to have a fun challenge like this, but now the challenge is in your hands. I've given you the parts but only you can assemble them. What you have to do, is break. Fight like that, be very good for me, stay slave-posed, until you hand just moves itself. Don't decide! If you decide it'll just be a sexy denial scene, and this opportunity will be gone until you're in the right state again, and how long will it be before you get something that'll make you feel the same as having the statue you thought was just a weird idol turn out to be the goddess herself?"

I grab her chin tight, make her look at me.

"Fight for me, Sex. You are going to break and disobey me about not touching yourself, there's no way you can give me the obedience I asked you for on this. It's okay. Be at peace with that, and give me the fight instead. Fight until you break for me."

Mind control is awesome. I love all of it. Giving it, being under it, watching it, but I think the most fun to apply, and often the most beautiful (other than watching Boobsong get off on my piloting her), the shibari of headfucks I guess, is the kind people do to themselves without even knowing it, all because you said some words to them. If I do this right she will never get this off (and never getting off will be a thing she never worries about again).

"I know. It's okay. It's scary to feel it coming, to see the break ahead, what'll happen then. Losing control is hot because you're afraid, often. The inevitability is comforting, I find. This is happening, no need to think about whether it is. You'll fight for me because that's who you are, who wants to please me so, and you'll break very nice for it, no question."

As I'm talking she suddenly snaps her right hand away from her thigh and masturbates so hard and fast I'm afraid she'll hurt herself, but the orgasm is obviously worth some pain. I move my hand from her chin to cheek to cradle her more gently and she leans her head into it and silently gasps out a silent screaming O of relief and exquisite pleasure for--pluck--

One minute forty nine seconds!

Okay that makes me envious.

[new page appears]

As she cums I softly say, "It's weird, huh, how good breaking feels. You'd think it'd feel bad or hurt but it's just such freedom, everything is so easy now..."

Damn right I'm being manipulative and telling her how she feels. This is a mind control scene.

Also, she impressively breaks pose with only the hand she used to cum with, and puts it back again when the orgasm's over.

"Oh my sex it really happened my hand just got up and made me cum I was so busy keeping pose I didn't notice until my pussy had these soft round things pushing on it! What does this mean, can I still control myself?"

"How are you sitting? Are you being a good toy?"

She looks at herself.

"You're different though. Feel it? I can, just being close to you. I'll explain in a second, but listen first. What you feel is the beginning. It won't be obvious at first. Maybe the next day or so, it'll really start to show in how you approach the world. Right now you're tired from fighting and edging and masturbating so hard and cumming while staying posed. You'll see. Handmaiden."

I snap my fingers beside my head, pluck.

Back to Sex's side and kneel and take her shoulders and pull come lean on me.

"Remember what I said about letting my handmaiden do her thing. You're resting on her for a minute. Breaking's hard work, isn't it?"

Sex very obediently makes her legs unfold and leans against Boobsong.

"Her boobs are a great pillow," I stage-whisper.

Sex settles in, comfy, looking like she's not going anywhere till I pick her up, so I stand again.

"You asked if you can still control yourself, and the answer's yes, but look at you. You wore yourself right out for me. I made the choice, you have no responsibility for this, but we still have to stop while you rest up now. You wrung yourself right out and learned you still can't resist it. It will make you touch, just as sure as if I picked your hand up and put it on your clit and moved your fingers until you came--hey that sounds fun, file under stuff to try, handmaiden."

Blip done.

"So, when that thing goes, there's no stopping this. What do you learn from this that my letting you masturbate when you so sweetly and pleasingly and cleverly asked persmission before would have hid from you?"

"You can force me from far away? I'll touch whether I say yes or no? There's something it does, I feel what you did somehow opens me inside as a sub. I'm different, more EEEAH what now!?"

She jumps up from Boobsong's arms as the vibe obviously goes, then settles back, confused.

"Why'd it start and stop that way?"

"Inside those big sexy hips with their big sexy bones there's a lot of space to put fun toys inside you to have always there. You said those sortie-esque relationships are easier because you study and time gets fast. Believe it or not I--"

"AaaaAAAH there it--argh! Why's it doing that? Are you making it?"

"Nope! This present is a friend to help you get used to being broken this way, and make sure you don't miss yourself in those study times. It's a little machine that watches your state--what you're doing, how your body feels, tired or aroused or hungry, and makes sure you get the most out of the trouble of having to keep your hips bare that way, which I didn't just do because they're beautiful and you should be proud of them. You'll never have a hard time reaching your pussy now, will you? The vibe will go when the time is right, to make you touch, help you cum, make your lovers feel good, or just reward horny thoughts like you were having just now--it can use that to pull out fantasies you would hide away--"

"EEeaaaaAAAH like this I guess!"

She pushes her breasts up hard together, then lets go so they bounce like a pair of gummi cherries, and puts her hands down again.

"What're you thinking of? Remember what the right answer here is."

"I imagined I was on your bed and your hands were on my breasts and you made them drop and laughed because they're small. They're cute, you said."

This makes me smile warmly.

"They are cute, and that was hot. I like how your nipples are so big and hard. The size contrast makes me want to chew on them like gumdrops."

"AaaaAAH please okay how often will--"

Her hands clench and then stretch out, fingers straight with mighty effort. The vibe keeps going.

"Sex, hey. Listen. I see those hands. I know it seems like the pieces can go back together if you fit them back right, but they can't, and even if they could, do you really want them to? Aren't you curious what your life will be like like this? You broke. Be broken."

"This journey that you're taking me...am I just pleasure's slave? Can I not hold back, even to talk? It feels like my hands will move, though they haven't yet because I feel like they're hard as rocks from before and my pussy feels like a touch would tear it."

"Does the vibe feel bad?"

"No, it's soothing back inside my bones--oh, it changed because I'm worn out! This takes care of me!"

"Now you see. When you start to get into this you'll understand how much that helps--"

"Ooh! It kissed me where my back goes into my glutes! Does it always do this when I'm drained?"

"See this candy cum pouring out of me? All that stuff it does, such crazy fun, scary sweet, but kind inside. That's who I am, and your present is made from that. It'll be very very nice, and it'll sexily hornily turn your life around just as much as the rest of this. You should name it. Pick one like Sex, by which I mean, affectionate and sweet and descriptive and sort of weird--Sex as a name sounds weird in English, I don't know if that translates."

Well swirly atomic warhead lemondrops, this is my cum I guess. Somehow.

"I name you Wetpeace, present, because you do to me what Starshine does, and make me wet at peace."

"Wetpeace. I like it. Sounds weird and cute like Sex for a name. Now, with that to take care of you, your life can change. You'll still be able to run around and study things, get lost in that, be who you are, but now...can you see it yet? What being broken taught, the first page of the book you'll read of that?"

"It...makes control seem...silly now. If I feel like it, just touch myself--how can I feel like that's revealing stuff? Who would avoid masturbation? I'd be done with my orgasm twice by now if you'd let me cum when I asked you, but I feel something else here...it takes choice out...each time I feel it vibrate I'll just go with it! With what it tells by how it feels! You broke me to have it take care of me and know it is going to do it's thing, and be happy that nothing I do can change that fact! Everything feels so soft right now. Is it making me feel something--no, that's inside my head. I feel...young...holy sex. You made a kid of me."

The smile spreads so evilly kindly soft across my face as I look down at her, cradled in my dolly's arms.

"Humans grow up to be free to get the things they need and be strong enough to protect themselves, not because they like it. We fight it so many ways, make machines and rules and societies and entire new kinds of universe--"

I gesture around at the everything to indicate the Dreams we're in.

"--to take care of us, but you can't tell us that, because deep inside there's a little always-screaming part that remembers some jungle somewhere trillions of years ago and says all the time it's only my teeth between me and the claws in the dark and the herd deciding I'm not useful enough to protect. Isn't it nice to have that part realize the fight is done, and be quiet, just a bit? You were a grown up girl who could take good care of herself when I woke up. Now you're safe as safe can be, a kid with the awesome playground of Rl'yeh Sade ahead of you, and the Dreams protecting you and providing your every need--that was always true, of course. What Wetpeace is for, is to make you get off on it."

"Rl'yeh Sade is where I'm going next!? Happy Chains was...like you are. Scary-sweet and kind...but I'm scared of real Rl'yeh Sade! It's filled with nightmares people like, but I'm not one of them--except I am, huh. I'm exactly that. You said I'm weird, you meant Sade I bet. Will you take me there? I can't go alone, and my friends will be scared!"

Holy fizzfrozen birthday candle frosting licks, Vena are adorable--that's where we are, right?

Acme Station Sensor Sweep: in an iron crate above a star that's named Helios on the Rl'yeh Sade side of the mirror-space that comes from a shiny side of a space colony that orbits Helios in Isla Virgo yes.

My sensor scan alerted them and they say hi.


Hi back! Brusquely nice have stuff to do but glad you're there.

Wait, iron? Not steel or like duranium, iron--oh natural grape snarglepops. Cute, Dreams. Handmaiden, file get an Earthling mythologer to watch us suck off an iron dildo until it melts from my light and then we eat the melt like cum under trolling fun.

Blip done.

Hehe that's great I can't wait to see their face when you eat the first blob of it.

Sex rolls and looks at me, comfy on Boobsong's breasts, her hands beside her head like she's pantomiming sleeping.

"You are so cute, Sex. Isn't she wonderful?"


Pet Sex's head so gently soft.

Boobsong's enjoying her too, but I've been too distracted to read it out--she's still been feeling it, right!? The details are fuzzy still...flip.

I love how her hair is soft but all bouncy! Something she puts in it, smells like a pussy-plant, maybe for bounciness, lots of good smells in her hair...I'm feeling so beautiful and such a useful slave, this is an awesome scene!

Yes I feel everything and enjoy just like you mean me to but just feelings no words unless you read like this.

Okay good. Sex's eyes close in bliss as Boobsong strokes--don't make her sleep on me, handmaiden. Awake but calm.

Stop petting, watch her smell to wake just a little bit...

"You're very lucky to have her."

Pet her head again.

"I'm sure you could dreamskin off this if you wanted to. Nosy questions time. Why haven't you heartformed?"

"I just never wanted to. It's too much to think about having someone so attached to me, but now I see you and her and somehow it seems like a different thing. Maybe I'll heartform when I touch myself, but my pussy says stay away from me still."

"I have a feeling that when you get out to your study-places properly dressed, with Wetpeace to help, you'll find your dreamskin somewhere you've seen before and not known why you're drawn to that...or maybe it'll be in some spooky dark corner of Rl'yeh Sade where the statues come to life and turn you weird with lemon cum."

She smiles but just lies there, blinking like a cat getting petted, so I go on.

"You get a game for that, actually. Have you noticed I just told you the big scary deep dark secret of Rl'yeh Sade that makes it terrify everyone? I was tricky, I pretended it was nothing."

"The scary things are loving. I know that, it just--"

I wave my hand dismissively.

"Oh that's so technical, and it's not secret. Try one more time...or tell me you want to be taken care of instead of smart this time, and I'll just explain."

She exhales, and her answer is horny-soft:

"Tell me please!"

"It's a playground. We're all kids playing games there. It even has the stuff that you climb on and swing around and crawl through and all that to help you imagine the game you play everywhere. The difference, and the reason it's scary, is we have grown up thoughts and adult monster hearts and the wisdom to see the beauty in nightmares. You get a game to play there, if you want to--this is sortie-esque, remember. You go free after this, though my changes will stay with you. It's a simple game. Somewhere, deep in Rl'yeh Sade, in a place you'll think is so beautiful you could cum just standing to look, is a bell that rings--well. Have you noticed Wetpeace has like a voice, when it's teasing you? It's voice is the way that bell rings, and when you find that bell, if you decide to look for it, it will ring and ring so loud your head will be full of the sound for months afterward. You won't find it until Wetpeace has been helping you for a while, so imagine the state you'll be in when that bell rings for you. The rest, the thing you get for finding it, is a surpise. A beautiful, happy, scary surpise, just for you."

"I thought you might take me there if I stay with this long enough, just for a little while. Can I beg for that? Please with a cherry?"

"You can meta-beg, and you can beg, but I'll think you're slipping off that sortie-esque horse of yours--I can see you'll feel better if we sort this out. Here's what I offer you: you can follow me, but not be kept by me, or expect me to watch for you. I'm on a quest myself, and it's taking me everywhere, and I like you lots--okay let's be honest here. Are you religious, Sex?"

"I have all the other stuff in Wetpeace now. I want playtime with you, that's all. If you come and go outside of it I won't be upset at that. Am I religious? That's a non-sequitur? The answer is no, but why are you asking that?"

"Do you come here a lot? What did you do in here, before I woke up again? I can find out another way, this is about telling me naked and openly."

"Every day at least, to make sure you were a statue and to take cum away. I always masturbate and imagine I'm helping you cum in your handmaiden, then pick up the vessel and replace it with an empty one and go home again."

"How did you masturbate? Did you have a place you sat or anything?"

"I knelt right in front of you and looked up at you while I touched myself with my jumpsuit off. Um, I was doing that when you got free."

This makes me giggle.

"Imagine being worried how I'd react to see you there with your jumpsuit off and touching yourself!"

"I guess that's ridiculous, isn't it."

"Very. Just like you're being now."

As I talk I smile sweetly to say, it's safe to be ridiculous here.

"It's right there in front of you, the tip's practically in your mouth. Can you really not see it?"

"Can you explain it like with the secret of Rl'yeh Sade?"

"Good answer. First you tell me again. Are you at all religious?"

She smiles sleepily to have pleased me.

"You aren't going ask until I can see it, right? I believe in the Dreams of course but that's not religion--or do you say it is?"

"Nope. Why did you take us from Happy Chains? If you're scared of Rl'yeh Sade, how did you find us?"

"I was there because of a book that fell off a shelf at me with the language I'm speaking now and a translation key had the name Happy and a picture of chain in a scrawl in the back page where the name of the publisher is. It was easy to pick up the language but hard to find books about it so I found out what Happy Chains meant and picked up my foot and stomped out to find out if that was a place English was spoken. It wasn't, but the statues were so alive I had to look at them, and you and her looked so horny I fell down right there and knelt to masturbate just like I do in here. The cum smelled good and I was hungry and what's the worst that could happen it's the Dreams making food for me that's all was what I thought as I reached for it and when my hand got wet like happens when I'm horny ever since then I don't know I thought I should take the statue with if I could move it in case it was needed to reverse the effect and you can't we tried everything that's what the gloves are for but I didn't lie it really does smell and force you like Wetpeace can make me touch myself you can't help it--"

"Sssh, you're getting worked up. Boobsong, forehead kiss."

Lean down and kiss her head very soft and kind.

Her hand goes up like she's going to grab Boobsong to make out with her, then stops.

I think I know what this power is, that's dripping out of me, overflowing like what it is: the precum of Sugarfeast. It's been building as I work up Sex up to the obvious, the confidence that when it's time for it, I'll be able to--

"Come here, Sex. Slave-pose again for me. Nothing hard this time, but you definitely have to kneel for this."

Sex's eyes open, and she gets off Boobsong's lap (click back to side) and settles in front of me, very close to the way Boobsong had her the last time.

Bound up and over and snuggly.

"How long ago did you bring us here?"

"To my eyes, six years and two months."

"Sex, one more time. Do you have a religion?"

"What can you see I can't? You say yes, right?"

"Do you like clits like mine, dildos, to get fucked by stuff?"

"Very much, but--"

"I noticed you didn't say you used me that way. You were happy to stick us in this box up here, so why not?"

"The only way to get on to you would have been to force myself between your body and your handmaiden. That seemed wrong to me."

"You went to a scary place seeking enlightenment. Something weird happened, and you came back with an idol. You made it a temple and came every day for six years to worship it with the lust its form told your heart was the devotion it asked. There was something that would have felt amazing that you didn't do, every time, because it would harm a sacred thing. The only thing you didn't do is pray."

"Holy sex. You mean you're my religion. I'll pray right now!"

She draws her slave-pose up and her voice gets an officious tone.

"Sugarfeast Fairy--"

"Sssh. Relax first. Deep breath. Is your pussy mad still?"

She breathes in and slowly out with puffed cheeks again, cute.

"I think it can be touched now but it's still very tender."

"Good. What were you praying for?"

"I wanted to ask very nicely that you please help me learn your religion."

"You have no idea how much I'm already going to answer that, but you have to wait for that part. Is there much experience with religion in your life, study or practicing?"

"Only a little bit. Nobody practices, but studying languages makes you study it. I know the basic stuff, like kneeling in front of you to worship, and--"

"Sssh," I giggle, "no you don't. You can't learn this in those kind of books. Just let me explain it."

She blushes, but kneels quietly.

"Religion and D/s are the same really, at least when there's divine beings involved, and the D/s is the kind of D/s I play, which is Princess and handmaiden. You'll see what I mean by that, don't ask questions yet."

"Religion is based on this: I'm the higher power you've been worshipping. You know I'm mysterious. I have some things I want and a plan for you. You can't understand them, so I'm telling you as much as it takes to do what I want you to, and no more, and I expect you to obey with faith in me, not be a partner or have input or even the things a sub can bring to a relationship where she organizes her mistress' life. Why am I bothering? You don't know. Maybe I just think it's cute to watch you run around for me. It gets me off, you can see, but that's all you know. If that's not enough for you, I'm not the goddess for you--except, but we'll get there. This doesn't mean don't ask questions or walk into walls for me, just understand, when we play like this, you're a pet, not my dance partner--and that's our relationship. I will see you again, you're too fun to not, and when I do, you had better be on your knees for me like this as soon as you notice me."

"No I did not say if. Goddesses and consensually don't really go together. You see me, we're right back here. You're my priestess now, or rather you will be when I step down off this pedestal you made for me--no I haven't yet, did you notice that? I've turned around but I haven't moved from here. You care about that right now because at the moment your escape route is clear, but when I do step off this, which I'm about to, there will be no getting away from me. I will watch you anywhere and everywhere. Your lovers will have to hear they might be porn for me. I'll drop in your bed while you're sleeping and make you play. I'll read your journal over your shoulder invisibly while you write in it, and your fantasies will turn into dreamtalk sex with us if I'm watching and happen to think that'd be hot. You'll find me waiting where you least expect me to, and I will always be hoping I can be proud of what you've been doing since I last checked up...but you'll never know when I'm watching you, or if I am. You don't get mothering. I'm not reliable. You can call for me with a prayer but I won't always answer."

"Oooooon the other hand," I say as wickedly as I can, "if you stay for that, you'll get to literally help me and Boobsong have sex--hold us up and move us and make it good for both of us--in a way you can't possibly imagine. When you see what I have planned for that, your brain will melt. Mine melts, to think of it. And not just once. There's a long, long feast of that to have, if you take this. I won't say eternity, but you never know--and I want you to know, we both hope you stay. I meant what I said, about potential. I think you making us fuck would feel wonderful, and look at Boobsong's face right now."

Sex is the owner--OOOH I see this now! We're making her! She's obsessed with having you over her, and her heart is filled by the cock of wanting to make us fuck, and the Dreams have said okay, how you get to that is this. She won't just own and care for us, she'll worship our statue-form as an idol and play with us so--Princess please let's hurry this I want to feel that much horny care!

I glance at Boobsong's face to see her lips all wet, her eyes closed in imagining our sex that way, gasping in short breaths through her open mouth and smiling around her horny gasps.

"High wings like that means she's wet for it, and I think you can figure a raised tail out."

Sex looks at her, then looks down again.

"You asked before what it means to make something like this wish of yours a part of you like you have. The next layer is this. I think you were hungry for a religion. You needed one, why, who knows, why have any kink? You just do. You needed one and the wish that cum fit into your heart when you knelt by me and drank it fit so well you wove it right in...if I'm right, there's more. Yes, helping us fuck, pushing Boobsong's breasts together around my shaft so she can boob-sex me is the center without which it all fall to pieces, the ritual that holds your whole religion together for you, but there's more, isn't there. Feel for it, find that center place and follow the roots its grown through you out. It's become a whole tree in you, am I right?"

"My fantasy grew wings and flew away and came back as something so much bigger it's...tearing me...open to more of this...more...I can't say...right..."

She fidgets her slave-pose, horny, and her hands have that way of being about to lift off her thighs, just lightly there, not resting.

"I feel like this has become more than our play in here, and you're telling me I need that, and you're right, I do. Holy sex it's good to say that. I want this all. I want so much of it your face is up in my wardrobe and I have a doll of you I make wishes on to have you come to me--holy sex you have my wish came true!"

I wait, glance the way she did when I asked if she could escape, but she sits there, prim and serene, pussy lips sparkling and red.

It's time, I think. The moment I reach for it, there's a joyful warm happy feeling like clit and pussy sliding together, reunion with--this is just me, cut off somehow. I hold my hand out in front of her, palm up, feel the strength, and form the intention, and the cum stops flowing out. Sex gasps, and in my palm a piece of candy forms as warmth like melting ice fills my chest and the parts of me fit back together again. It feels unsteady, I could bury this place in candy with a thought and I can feel the need to do just that built up like an ocean of that lemon-twist cum that makes things hornier inside of me, so it's tricky to make just one piece, but I get it there, purply-black like I was imagining until I drive rainbow sheen across it and wrap it up in a shiny rainbow wrapper.


Go to Sex and hold her head high and pull her chin down. Ready. Holding tight she won't escape from me.

Slowly, dramatically, I show the candy to her, then pick it up and unwrap it, pulling the twisted ends of the crackly wrapper apart.

"Now, priestess Sex, here's the fun of this. I have no idea what this candy will do to you. I filled it with kindness and my care for you and want for you to have a happy life serving me, but I also made it a candy that will make you my priestess in a way I'll enjoy and you'll always notice...but that won't take form until you eat it, and the form it takes comes from your own fantasies and that freaky heart of yours, so we only find out when this is inside of you. Deities and consensuality again. You'll be happy to say I made you swallow this, afterward."

I slide the candy out of its wrapper, let the wrapper fall, step forward (for the first time off my spot) so I'm standing between her knees, and with a hand on her cheek lovingly, push the candy along her tongue and down her throat until she swallows it--and closes her mouth to suck my hand--

Holy Sadish fuck she's inside of me! And delicious don't take your hand away don't I'm enjoying it you taste like your handmaiden and this other taste that's you I guess are you hearing this agh I'm so naked now what if you see something bad--

"Then I see you're a human being with thoughts inside."

She blushes, but I don't hear any more, because I've looked away, so to speak. This is cool. If we're doing this goddess thing, I should be able to invade, not just dreamtalk...there, yup.

But I'm not always watching, see?

That's so wonderful! I can think you might not be when I write in my journal or fantasize.

Oh please do, it'll be more interesting when I go through your stuff and read it to check up on you.

Aghgbppt...okay I can get this now it's just strange to think you can do that stuff. Cane me so hard I'm so curious if the feeling's good like they say it is OH NO YOU CAN HEAR THIS NOW!

They're translations, raw meaning of thought crossing our language gap.

Hmmm....nah. We have stuff to do.

I take my hand out of her mouth, look at her glistening saliva on it, thick from the back of her throat on my fingers, form them back into the shape I had inside her, and lllllliiiick them off like an ice cream spoon...while watching Sex's thoughts.

Hold me up and put you hand back down and get more if you like it! You act like I'm candy! Am I fine to you? You looked so pleased by that. Terrified I'm terrified what'll happen now? My life is gone I'm sure of it but I'll miss my studying and that friendly fun little cock at Starry Pier and--

"I'm not taking away anything you love. Especially your studying, or anyone you're into. I'm possessive of Boobsong. You, I'm sending out to experience stuff. If I come back and find you've been holed up without even a study-trail or good fantasies--I won't. Wetpeace won't let you...but we'll get to that. First, let's see what that candy did. How do you feel? Words out loud, expressing yourself is a part of this. You have to keep practicing to take it all the way. I'm sure you were great before but I'm holding you higher, just like your naked hips."


Free head and present myself.

Sex's eyes go down again as soon as they can.

"I um...feel very like you have hold of me, just by thought-reading, and the idea of things I love still being there is such a relief. I was sure if I stayed I would go away from all of that and it's nice to hear I won't be. The candy does feel like it's making a home inside, burrowing into me somehow, it feels really good like your fingers did, something holding me from inside to be--there my heart's side and up AAAAH COLD SO COLD LIKE ICE BURNING OUCH hard it feels very hard like a cock that fills up half my lung. Heat at the top so it feels like a candle flame."

She gulps, still posed, but this is obviously a rush.

"Haaaah what's that there's something filling my head--"

She sways, lithely, feeling something.

"--feels like a very soft bubble of hotness pushing out through my brain and into my face here goes...my face is just hotly absorbing it. Um, now my butt--sex! It sways on its own! I'm not doing this! There my feelings go I mean I'm controlling this well but my head got changed by the bubble and it's doing this to me everywhere to expand my body's expressive self by denying me stopping this it says in a voice that's made to sound like you but a doll like you like a fake machine. Now my head feels strange, like a fantasy from years ago I--what's happening I feel this exploding thing in my belly--now each hand keeps trying to reach for the back of my neck--"

"Let them."

Her hands reach up and go behind her head, arching her back and emphasizing her little breasts prettily. They land on her neck, and she straightens up, with her eyes still down. Her big toothy grin appears.

"The voice is explaining things, how this is the fantasy I had as a little ripening kid about having all of my motions set to a playlist that plays very nice dances around what I'm doing. You can change the list or make it stop, but please I like it so much it feels like a blanket around me. The exploding has stopped now and my liver and downward has something that feels like a pulse flowing around inside of me--"

She blushes deep red, and sways on her hips even harder, hands still on her neck, and her eyes tear up, and she weeps as she says,

"I...have this old dream I guess, of a puppet stage I'm a puppet on, with a hand that's controlling me, and I think I'm alive but I'm actually just strings and cloth, and it's scary but also feels wonderful when I look up and see it there, with the strings coming down to me, and I know it's okay, all I am is a puppet playing this girl with a life and stuff and the things I said are me just repeating stuff that the author wrote, there's a plan and the play will end with whatever the author chose, and I go through with this the way it's supposed to be and there aren't any choices just the author's plan. The way you keep changing me is helping me realize--"

She stops to sniffle, and I realize I'm exhausted just standing here, take a step back and sit braced on a hand, push kneelingly snuggle on my eravahk, and hold out a hand that my game will put a hankie in because it's nice and me doing it is part of this scene.

Down beside and LEAN.

It appears very suddenly complete with a very slight jump in my hand's position like a bad special effect, this time with a Spektrum RC orange-signal-bars logo on it.

"Blow your nose and wipe your tears. That's for you. The icon's a puzzle for your ancient language fetish."

She takes it and in true nerd form holds it out to see instead of caring for her crying first, looks to her side...

Where's my book? Oh right, this was suppose to be just wank and go. I'll just keep it and take it back--am I even going back? Am I leaving here with anything but my willing butt to be Princess Rainbow-Bright's [slave/toy]? Wipe my face I guess I'll find out soon.

"We will get your book. I'm curious. Actually on my plan for you is a stop in your bedroom, to get some things. You were saying."

"Um...your plan? Please may I hear just a little bit just a tiny end to help steady me? I'm so scared right now. I realize I want that plan! Make me that puppet, just tell me that everything is set for me and the way this goes is the way it should! Can you give me that? Would I still be there? Do you understand?"

"Are you still here now?"

"I think I am."

Pulling Boobsong with, I scoot back to the wall, huff at the boring white and blue, spread my hands against the metal and pour crazy rainbow swirls of liquid color into it until I'm sitting in the middle of a rainbow color-storm, leaving Sex open-mouthed and staring.

"Come here, Sex. Right up where I can touch your face."

Her mouth falls open all the way as she kneels for a moment confusedly, then puts her hands slowly back to brace on them, arches her back and tosses her head, then pushes herself up so she can fold her legs back to be on hands and knees, lowers her front to her elbows and with her head down and her ass alive with swaying fun crawls across the floor and up to me and brings her head right by my side opposite Boobsong.

I pet her fun hair, and bring her chin up to look at me, but leave her on hands and knees. She stays looking, but sways her hips and rocks like she's stroking off an invisible dildo with her pussy.

"Very good. Who taught you to move like this?"

"It's all the stuff the candy gave. I tried to stand up at first and it wouldn't happen so I thought okay I guess hands and knees then and that still had to be this way. Now I can't stop this, see? I'm fighting with everything to stop it!"

Please...please stop hey you're watching me good see RRRRRHEEEE I can't it just keeps happening!

"You were just crying for them. Do you not actually want your strings?"

"But how will I sleep? Can I never draw again? I have to be steady to draw--"

"Hold still, Sex."

She stops at once.

"Wetpeace, be very kind but let Sex know you obey me."

There it goes--holy fuck--off. Hey my clit's back! That felt great! If I could move I'd masturbate! If I could move oooh fuck she statued me. Of course she can--

"I can see you need my plan, so let's give you some. Wetpeace, we're focusing on getting Sex into her proper way of seeing her life. Until her shape is changed, leave room for time with her beloved things and friends, but keep the pressure on. Tight. She needs to understand that whatever she does she will probably masturbate, be fucked, or some other sexy thing, any moment now, and that that sexy thing is going to be fun, only as hard as she can take right then, pleasing to her or another person, and kind to her, just inescapable. Let her get deep in her studying or whatever she likes, but the moment that understanding fades just a little bit, bring her back and remind her, hard. Publicly, unless it would damage a relationship, or set something else on fire, but otherwise make sure she has to explain this a lot. Make her proud, make her squirm, make her see this controlling her, but most importantly, break her of the idea that ever not being wet is acceptable. Teach her how to play and genuinely enjoy it when she's angry, hurt, scared, make sex an instrument she can play her emotions through. Then bring her to meet with me so she can beg me to make you not loosen this even though her shape has changed. Give her a pulse to confirm this all, another to say she can move again, and a third to say no talking yet."

Haaah there it goes that confirms it then...aaah here it comes oh my shit my hands are stuck the playlist thing has me hands and knees--pulse isn't stopping Wetpeace thank you please make me cum EEAH fuck that's no talking yet wow this is powerful!

"See, this is kind to you. Have a nice cum, if Wetpeace is letting you. If you trust what I have in store with the motion thing without knowing yet how you'll sleep and stuff, put your head down and nuzzle my hand and suck on my fingers here until you cum, but if you need more explaining keep looking."

With her face showing pleasure, she looks at me moving back and forth so raunchily.

"That's fine. I just wanted to give you a chance to look up at your strings by saying I don't have to know to do right with this, because there's no other way to be but right." I lift my hand from the floor and show her my extended fingertip, make it drip bright red strawberry glow.

"Take my hand, and draw me a nice heart if you're enjoying this vibe-time. Make it good, the most precise you can do--oh, and when you draw, or do anything, that needs that precision genuinely, you'll be able to steady the motion enough, but only then--and if you pick up a pen just to escape from this, you'll be dancing for hours next. Go ahead now."

I hold my hand out, and she looks at me with her open mouth very cumming-soon, then picks up her left hand, reaches out, hesitates, puts her head down in a deep submissive bow, looks up again but only barely enough to see me from under lowered brows, takes my hand, looks down, and with her lips apart from Wetpeace's attention and something else I think--

Drawing the line...

Concentration, good slave (that's all a priestess is). I watch instead, fascinated. She moves with the drawing strokes, like she's moving to dance for me, but the motions don't make her hand jerk, like it's flowing around her art like a stone in a stream. It's as beautiful as that.

When I look down from her gorgeous frame, there's a very nice heart on the floor by my hips, steady and straight with the precision I'd expect from her. I lift my hand up and cup her cheek, take the paint away--usually I'd get it on her for fun, but nobody's getting marked by me until Boobsong does.

"Talk to me. What do you think? Art's okay?"

"Oh my sex that was beautiful. Did I dance through my drawing that? I felt my hips move but I had to concentrate--aaaAAAAHHHH--please keep telling me OH MY SEXXXXXX--yum. Please keep telling--holy SEX wow does it not want me to ask you this? It says to me um...no I can ask you this, but that's making me scared of what the answer will be, and it's showing me I have to be doing this while it makes me ready to cum, there's no other way to ask you, and the pleasure it made me feel at the end of the orgasm I had just now was to show me how I can cum big and small for it so I know it can secretly bring me off with my friends around, and that when it makes me loud instead, I'm supposed to be, even if it embarrasses me. I'm expected to masturbate, I guess? It says to be kind to my pussy or face consequences. It says be fun but don't hurt myself like that other one. The consequences are it'll make my nerves go soft so I'm a statue until I heal. Here we go I guess...ooh..."

"Yes, you're going to touch yourself. Get in slave pose, but your hands are free as long as they touch your body somehow."

She gets her playlist faster this time, pushes up to sit on her heels with her hands in front of her, pauses with them out that way, then slowly puts on hand behind her back and looks down with her other hand sliding up her thigh to her pussy to press her soft fingers into it with a soft exhale.

"To answer your question, you drew that heart so beautifully with your body-moves I almost jumped up and fucked you there. You were poetry. Now, let me give you a hand with that."

I raise a closed fist, concentrate on amazing pussy-pleasuring hands, and make a candy, but leave the shape to chance to see what I get. When it's there, I open my hand in front of her face to reveal a clear shining gummi in a pussy-shape, and she obediently opens wide with her tongue there to receive it.

"This isn't a pill. Enjoy this one. I only force fed you the preistess one so you wouldn't feel you gave anything but staying here."

With that, I place it strokingly on her reading tongue, feel the texture and wet and that weird electric thing touching a tongue makes me feel. Sex closes her mouth and starts to chew the candy, then giggles trying to keep her mouth shut.

Yummm...but with my eyes closed I'd think it was a real pussy! Hehe how to get off on this I can figure this one oh right I'm female-attracted hah. Slurp yummy pussy in my mouth so good. Okay what's this doing...my hands are feeling some tingles, Princess is watching me how sexy feels, wow okay hhhooot my hands are as soft as a pussy's lips, I feel like I'm scissoring except it works without spacejump tricks, I'm going to need gloves I guess but I already do and how can I possibly ever go back after this ohmifuckhereitcumsaaaa


Dammit fuck I came too fast! That was barely anything, this just felt so sexy--huh? Wetpeace says, don't be afraid of unsatisfied. Keeping me aroused because I'm in scene here. Have to keep horny for Princess' fun. Play away, you're getting it.

Keep going I guess? No stop? There is no reason to, Wetpeace says. Okay this is hornified. What if I get TOO aroused--AAH WHAT HAPPENED OH. Making my nerves feel numb with vibration to keep me from cumming when I'm not supposed to be.

"Hey Sex, look at me while you're doing that. Eyes up here while I'm talking and then you can check me out."

You're kidding me--what am I saying, of course the naked statue's an exhibitionist! Okay being good eyes to your eyes, so beautiful...

"You are adorable. Now, you were asking me something scary?"

"Please keep telling your plans for me! Just give me anything, even the smallest stuff, anything I just need a look at my future please!"

I put a tender hand on her knee. She's still moving, pumping like she's having riding-sex.

"You must be terrified. I know you're scared. I also know that still feels awesome. Let that help. You already know this pleasure will always be here for you, inescapable, so lean into it."

When I stop talking she looks for a moment, then shyly lowers her gaze to my breasts.

"Now keep your eyes whereever else than my face is fun. The suspense is horrible, right? Wondering why I won't get to this? What must I have in store I don't want to tell you yet? Some scary Rl'yeh Sade thing no doubt. What a stormy sea to be stuck on...are you going to let that take this awesome pleasure of your pussy-hands away? What if they change back when the candy's gone? What if Wetpeace says denial for three days is next? What if I say eyes here, you raunchy thing? Every stroke, is yours--until it's not. Devour it. Don't let the rain distract."

"Boobs...I am clit see boobs hhaaaaAAAAHEEEYES I CAME! I came eat dust fearfulness! Now please--huh?"

She looks confused.

"Keep back soft? I'm tensing up. My fear went there. I still am afraid of this! I can't just erase that!"

"You stuffed it back. What Wetpeace is teaching you is how to hold that in one hand, and your lust in the other. Let's keep going. Ogle all you want but keep asking me."

"Hey, I feel this even though I'm so scared! I can never squeak upset like this! Okay, please may I understand even one thing."

"What are you scared of? That this is all you'll do now? Better get good fast!"

"Holy...um...that I holysexagainAAAAAH...actually um that turns me on (in a scary sense) which is how I came but yes one thing is that you'll make me get so horny that I lose my other life--holy--what's happening--eeeaaaAAAAH Haaah..."

Her voice gets soft with confusion before she cums, and mouth goes wide and she exhales shakingly moaning through it's short length. Her voice is still soft afterward.

 "Sex that's hot why did that make me cum!?"

"Well, it turns you on you said, and I can see Wetpeace doing an amazing job helping there, but mainly I think you were vulnerable and letting your fear come out released tension especially if you sensed my reaction to be kind to you about that and read how intruiging your life is to me. For the vulnerability, you get that orgasm, and this: we have stuff to do here first, but then we're going to your house so I can go through your stuff and make you explain it to me so I can learn about you enough to make sure I pick up all of you as I wrap you up into this sexy package I'm making. Boobsong's going to scan for me, so don't be scared you'll have to take secrets out or anything. I'll just find them, while you sit there and explain while Wetpeace keeps this game alive. Your secrets are safe still, just not from me, but so what, I can read your mind, it's all over anyway."

"Well now I'm crying so I guess we're doing what we're supposed to be."

So she is, sniffly-sobbing pathetically as she works herself faithfully. I pet her cheek, but do it so she feels to keep her head turned like it was to ogle me.

With my tender voice: "Hey, what's hurting you?"

"The idea of you knowing me through my stuff is like...helpeeeaaaAAAAAH..."

Her shiny hard nipples bounce from her shaking sobs as she cries and cums. Another little one, Wetpeace is holding her on the edge with skill no human has, to break the threads that bind her back from this.

"Holy sex what's wrong with me why did I cum just now? I can't possibly be horny for you to search my room!"

"Are you horny for me to pick you up, set you on your hand and knees, make Boobsong hold you down, and push my big hard clit inside until every inch is in, whether you can take that much or not, and fuck you until I've had my fun and cum twice or thrice and you know I wrung you out for all you're worth to me?"

"Yes, please, that--"

"Of course I'm a much nicer person than that. I'll sweetly lead you into making out, then lay you down...not the same, right? You, Sex, want me to rape you hard, I bet."


"Doesn't the idea of me coming in and scanning and taking out your lingerie and your books and your journals and looking through all of it just to see what's there make you feel violated?"


Her voice is an adorable soft sweet emotional whisper.

"...you can take me out and turn me into this pussy that has feet and breath, and you're exploring my stuff to get into me and make me there. You want me in this. I'm a puppet with a heart inside but you want the heart. You want my life. There are things I don't want though! Take me from the house I live, please!"

"Yes, I want you. I want you for a toy. You're interesting, and just feel really good to be around. All this crazy scary bondage is to open up your cracks and make you come squeezing out so I can have a tasty drink of Sex whenever I want one. You have a heart inside, it's already precious to me after this one scene which is why we keep going, but I wouldn't say you're a puppet. More...if Boobsong is remote control, you're--ooh. How did that statue time feel, when I made you still?"

"I felt beautiful. Would you do that again for me, when I can stop my hands? Oh Wetpeace can just vibe me off! There's no way out. There's no way out eeaAAAAHHHmmmh."

Such pretty lips, curled out with lust when she cums, mouth open wide. They're burgundy, like her eyes and hair. It's good taste, the dark red suits her.

"Good Sex--mmh, seeing that I bet you are good sex--anyway, yes. Now remember that goddess thing. Not a partner, just a toy. I made a kid of you, right? You're helping now like a little kid helping its mom make dessert. You're not helping to make short work of this, because then I'd just have Wetpeace do everything, you're helping because it's fun, and a way to spend time with you, and enjoy you just as you. That's me flirting, yes, but I'm flirting by telling you my plans, do see how?"


Her cute gulp, can't help but imagine it as swallowing cum.

"You need me there to spend time with me, so I can't be lost or you'll ruin that, and break your toy, so your plans can't be anything that would erase me, or I won't be the toy that you're making, so I can feel calm about everything. I should be as soft as if you were nursing me."

"Exactly. I bet you didn't worry about plans when you were nursing age. Why not at least take this scene with me to get back to that? Give me horniness and your sexy fun, help me see who you are, don't obsess about the future!"

Okay Dreams we haven't got through all the priestess candy yet. Am I doubling up here?

One of those omnidirectional wheels robots have...but they only do anything in pairs. I'm providing the other half of something now. It'll be incomplete if I don't do this.

"Let's give you some help. You made an incredibly gorgeous statue, yes. Here is a candy that will move your horizons in by showing you in a very direct way what I'm turning you into. This is my big reveal, I guess. Understand what this does to you, and you'll know my whole plan for you, end to end. Ready?"


I form the intention, hold my closed fist over her thigh, look at her.

"Hold your hand out. You're eating this one voluntarily, now that you have an idea of  what these can do to you."

Push the candy out, feel my soul knit back, icy frozen self unthaws.

She pulls her hand from behind her back, swoops it up to mine, waiting, just an inch below, so I take her hand with my free one, hold it gently underneath while I press the candy into her palm and then curl her fingers around it and push it back to her.

She opens her hand, and seeing it has gold foil wrapping on, starts to put it to her mouth to get the wrapping off. It looks like it's shaped like a nesting-doll, or maybe a Santa-chocolate.

"Sex, this is a time when you trust Wetpeace to handle you, so you have both your hands," I syrup at her, as unnecessarily condescending as the kiss I'll give her soon enough is going to be unnecessarily tongue-y.

She lifts her hand up, and pulls at the wrapping, and it splits easily, revealing a chocolate figure.

"Hold it up for me, let the chocolate melt on your fingers, eat it and lick your fingers sexily for me before it takes effect."

Her hands still look as soft as pussy-lips, and shine with the wet they make, which if it came from me tastes even more like her pussy than her pussy does. That, and she has no way to wipe the wet from her masturbation hand, short of licking it. She gets the wrapping clear and with downcast blushing face holds up a tiny chocolate version of herself, complete with seam around the edge from molding it.

"What a cute likeness! You really are sexy."

Heartbeats pass as she stands there, embarrassed so adorably, her nipples stand out burgundy also as they move with her stopless motion and the fun of Wetpeace's training work and her shallow breaths, then she pops it in all at once and licks each of her chocolatey fingertips with its burgundy nail polish with her tongue sticking out and sliding up it like she's going to go down on it.

"Hot. See, without you here there'd just be generic sexiness. I can see all that you blush while you're holding it, and know what it means to you to see that shape made of chocolate, and the story behind it that wouldn't be possible if it didn't have you in it."

A little weepiness bubbles as I say it. They say mostly doms do the scenes they want to have done to them. Maybe, maybe not, but I sure hit a nerve just now, and not in Sex's head.

Sex is swallowing happily, with a big sweet gulp, and turns her eyes back to my chest as her hands go back to work and behind her back, respectively.

"Now, this one's intense, okay? It'll be really fun, I promise, and make you feel as precious as the rarest edition of a manuscript from the ancient world before English and me, but we're getting Sadish now."

She gasps, and bravely keeps touching herself, but something is happening. Her hands seems to slow...muwahah.

"What is this one, it feels like--"

She slows to a halt like a record player winding down.

"How sexy a statue you make. Now, if you were just statufied, what would be wrong with what I said while you swallowed this?"

You can read me? Does that always work or does my mind stop soon? I feel just a lucid as before I stopped. Really am horny Wetpeace is doing a job on me. How can I make it let me cum soon? ...Don't see cumming as possible to encourage or put off. Simple enjoy touching or vibe. Okay then be kind and buzz me a lot? I want to enjoy it, see? I'm feeling so good like this. I guess I like statue-time. How wrong if it just statufied me? We can do that already, no need to make candy, and it's not really scaring me. You like me too much to not let me move again--hey I realized that! I hope she rewards me. If I'm not very scared you wouldn't have said this is intense okay like I'm four years old and made me all wet that way. When it started I felt something move inside...I can't feel it now...I was slowing down before I stopped, that was different, what does that mean? I'm really not getting this. Can I just be a statue while you explain it? Maybe you shouldn't. That was right, good for me, I'm suppose to let go of understanding and be with you here, do I get a reward for that?

"Sweet swirly sparkledust gummibears, Sex, you are the cutest thing! I should just make a candy that silences your voice and I read your thoughts--I won't though, because why?"

Why am I so cute I'm just thinking stuff am I cute inside is that who I am to you it is isn't it that's the whole point of this maybe I'm good with that it feels fine kind of sexy. The answer's the same again you won't have my voice and you'd miss out on me so it can't be a plan you'd made except for a game that you play and then fix like you'll unstatue me when it's time.

I lay a finger on her motionless lips to derail her train of thought, then lean off the wall and whisper in her ear in a breathy phone sex voice, as my hands move searchingly over her silky bare back under her hair:

"Oh hell yes Sex good job with that. For three in a row that way, your reward is to use your hands to move my hands over Boobsong's body to make me feel her up--and I'll be helpless, too, like when I was statufied, but movable, so we'll need it. We have to wait until you can move again, obviously--"

Aha, there you are. Right where it ought to be, on the curve of her spine, sticking out through her hair. I get my hand around it, feel for the size of it, how it comes out of her. Heart-shaped, how sweet, and nice and big and obvious, about the size of my hand. There'll have to be a way for it not to get in the way of stuff--or maybe there won't. That could a limitation that'd help her remember, like Boobsong's lively tail here and there to remind me she's not a human in makeup. I'm surprised she can't feel the weight of it, though making it not feel heavy to her would be merciful.

"Do you want me to tell you how long that is? I'm pretty excited, but you can hear in my voice how much having you statufied like turns me on, too."

OOOH if I could flap my hands! Making you feel her up it's burning so bad in me I want to see that I need it like I need myself to cum! Which I do Wetpeace ppplllease make me cum--cumming's impossible while statuized!? AHH that's so wonderful it makes me so wet I'll cum oops I can't here we go round and round the denial explosion but here I can't edge myself off the edge! WHEEE!

It seems to go into flesh, or a very tight hole around its shaft. Is it set to come out this way? I get my hand on it and pull, and it pops out like unplugging a headphone jack, and weight settles into my hand, several ounces, solid and hard to ignore. It feels like soft heartstone instead of metal, and curviness says it'll be beautiful.

Kissing Sex's earlobe, I hold it out. Pluck.

Get up and come take it and kneel behind Sex to hold it for you.

What did you just do back there? Something's gone I don't have my--thing--that's weird what is wrong with me? You took all my clothes already! There's a big empty hole in me? On my back instead of my under-legs? Did you give me a pussy there? How weird but okay if you like it there I'll be good to you just let me learn skills I don't really know how to fuck that way.

"That's nothing you need to think about just yet. Think of my question now."


Hold it high to see over Sex's head, showing the end especially, and look at her back to see...hair covers but I can scanner through--

I can be very small and say I don't need to know, but I don't want to know! What if it's hours instead of a minute? The suspense is so fun if I know you will unstatue me, and I can just enjoy Wetpeace edging me--don't let me down Wetpeace I'm loving this!

"What if, when you're a statue, your sense of time is gone, and Boobsong and I just came back from a week of playing out in Rl'yeh Sade since I statued you that you don't even know about because you just stopped when we weren't talking to you? Does that make you scared?"

No because you'll always come back to me. I believe you that you like me that much. I understand what it's like to get distracted and come back after years and you have to put back a life that's not supposed to be that way. If I could just wait while you play other things I would feel so fun and proud.

"Would you want to know when it happened, if it did? I know my answer now, after a million years like that that felt like five minutes. Think about that while I check out your back. I haven't seen it so prettily statue motionless yet."

I take my mental eyes off her, get up and join Boobsong behind her with an arm around my handmaiden's loyal shoulders, and take Sex's new windup key out of Boobsong's hands to inspect (which is allowed by my game, either because I'm doing a scene here, or I guess I'm technically feeling my lover up now).

Snuggle up so fast you think I'm a soda that spills cuz you opened it fast.

...you are kind of fizzy purply white and all over me now. Good job, I giggle silently.

The key is a burgundy heart made of heartstone with a soft rounded shape and tube of six inches or so sticking out of the point, just enough to penetrate kinkily deep in her and make the key stand out of her fluffy hair. The end of the tube is made with a soft looking something inside, and hex-key like flats around the inside of it except there's more than six sides to this...star-sight gives the answer: it's an imaginary number of sides, 8i or 9i, I think, with the actual key sticking off the ends of them as invisible-to-human-sight ontological engineering, something I can make with my weird alien star-consciousness but that almost no-one can forge, unless they call Uncle Dagon who will probably refuse to make my game go weird.

I peer at the abstract structures, head feeling odd, like I'm not used to this--or maybe this is just incredibly hot. Complexly folded key-structures zig-zagging through...um...six dimensions? Hard to say, my human shell hates this stuff. Nice and strong, hard to feel with human hands, just a sense of the eldritch near the end of it, the soft thing is...looks like galaxy threads or the cathedral at the Gates of Candyland or the Sea in space...this is a part of her, without it she can't something, but the structure's too much. I point the key at Boobsong. Acme Station, analysis, flip.

It's quite a readout. I almost cum about four times going over it. When we're done, I look up at Sex with a new respect for her awesome weird kinkiness--HEY!

That wiggly sneaking squirmy doe-eyed thing! She's trying to worm into our living room!

Yes she is but you like that.

She's double going on walkabout now, until I snap and bring her home. Why this is so hot flip.

It's very hot because you like Sex and want to take care of her but she'd have to conveniently fit our life somehow. Now she does she's a game we can play and put away again without harming her. Now that you can't even make her stay moving more than an hour-some there's no way to not have her conveniently. She got your message and gave you freedom from choice in that. That's a big kink of yours I think we know.

...yes. Flippity...

The is the best thing to happen yet with this! I guess she's not owner now but so what the Dreams have a better one and I like the game Sex more. She's hot and convenient and so cutely fun when you play with her. I like her adventurous side. You think she's not because so scared of things and she says I'll say what you tell me to or stays up through all of this, and is brave about this statue thing. I bet she'll be awesome at sex with us.

I'll bet. She's very horny for us.

Now the real question is just how I got from being the worst dominatrix ever to this literally five subjective minutes later, but I can't bring myself to the answer to that I'm sure you have from you. I feel like I know what the answer is, like obviously from the way I've been using you for this all this training stuff is about me remembering who I am and how I play and the way it feels to just entitledly use you, but that's not enough somehow. Dreams, I'm too dumb to be me again help.

Their answer is the little plastic dome that goes on the back of an EZ connector for RC plane controls and keeps it on the servo arm.

There are lots of way to attach the metal pushrods that control an RC plane to the servomotors that move them. EZ connectors are held by a tiny collar that can fall off and significantly always gets lost when it does that. There are all kinds of clips and things, fancy stuff...and the humble Z-bend that the pilots who fly ten thousand dollar literal actual gas-turbine-engine jets use because it's simple and inescapable. The only parts are the servo and control rod. You bend the wire ninety degrees, stick it through a hole in the servo arm, and bend it back again so it can't come off, making a Z-shape.

People avoid them and use all the connector things, because it's basically impossible to un-Z-bend a control rod without breaking it, and you have to take half the airplane apart then. Earth BDSM culture for very good reasons sees collaring the same way a bit, use a safe enough connector but not a Z-bend, but this isn't Earth.

My collar came off, but Boobsong and me didn't get separated and crash, we just forgot, or I did, that I was using a Z-bend to hold us together. This statue thing, I think I remember now, is just how she's supposed to be. The training stuff is a little help with that, to make me remember she's bent into a radio control airplane so she'll need me forever, or maybe she's the hole and I'm bent into someone who needs to have this thumbstick I can drive her around with as how she controls her lover because she's got me addicted to having her service really exactly my way, but either way this is Rl'yeh Sade, and we are Hollow Hearts, the scariest, badassest, kinkiest Sade anyone's found who can still talk about it after what they've seen. Our kink is a simple one, but it scares everybody we tell it to: we say I do, for eternity, and mean it, and then make sure.

Welcome to the Abyss. Come on in, the shadows will snuggle you, but do try some candy first.