6 - Happy Holidays

The ground drops out so fast. Mama's age-play is everything you could ever hope. She'll have me obsessing about prom in no time (except even at thirteen I was too busy earning my Mistress of StarFox title to think about prom, lesbian dates or no--and it was no on Earth in 1993. I fixed 1994. Not gently, as I recall, but--enh, boring. MAMA!).

She says I'm as scary and there was one time I had to save her from pulling out to go kill herself because I was memory-wiped like now and so didn't know to say stuff like I haven't felt this way in so long to keep her sure it's age play. It was her first time with me (like linear storylines that move from past to future? Better stay in Isla Virgo!) and she thought she'd mistaken my age and the Dreams had for some reason let her fuck an actual teenager with an inexplicably grown-up face even though Mama was in her 27th millenium then (nectar might get you over the awkward parts of developing real fast, but if you're soul is immature, so will your face be, which on me even though I was already big and tall like this really stood out above my instant F-cups--yes relax, they were only for Boobsong, and you wouldn't like her when she's angry).

Or was that a dream? In which case who had it--no, it must be real, because I remember laughing afterward because I was like "I haven't felt fifteen in years!" and she was thinking I was ten and just got my courses (interdimensional law requires you to call them courses if you're a medieval Princess like me) and hit Boobsong's nectar as hard as I actually did (stress can make kids hit puberty early. Turns out a world spanning empire on the brink of civil war and half your subjects think you're their religion's antichrist, while the other half think you're their religion's messiah, is stressful to grow up in, weird).

You get that background because it probably helps us (and helped her freakout) that Mama's actually my reincarnated beloved nursemaid from the Strawberry Empire who raised me as much as Mother (my human mom) who got killed (Mama, not Mother, and let me tell you you learn all the synonyms for mom real fast when you're a polyamorous lesbian switch ageplayer) in the coup attempt I've just been flashbacked to who reincarnated in a Four-Legs place (that's the race humans are a genemod of that give you so much awesome Pony porn on Earth because there are lots of people to admire it whose ancestry is still intact if they but see a Four-Legs) in the Four Dreams called Soefta'xrn ("Playworld Soefta"), was a schoolteacher for seven thousand years, then became the Openveil Witch who you probably know as Charon or Anubis (I think? Egyptian mythology I'm not great at) and met me at a warp core breach (really).

Umm, yeah, so that's still a hell of an age difference, but so what. She also actually raised me. I don't care. It's decades (me) and millenia (her) later and if happy memories make us cum harder together, what's the problem? No Earthling ever hooked up with their still-as-hot old high school math teacher as a midlife crisis? Still though, in the interest of informed consent, if you've been sitting here trying to fix your Actually 900 Years Old detector after my game's human-stellar development lesson, I really don't think you're going to enjoy my birthday party. Me on the other hand...

Oh that links me, you should hear Isht Visht's implantation story. You think Doctor Who is a confusing hero/ine of time, wait until you see that.

Oh me character note I chatter when I'm happy. Aaaanyway....

"Hhhhi Mama."

Small tight braids of black hair dangle in front of me, followed by Mama's smiling milky face, warm lips YUMMF tongue hi gasp through nose have personal knowledge of why keysmashes are a thing squirm and try to kiss back but you can't really do much with Mama unless she's letting you, feels so hot. Her slippery mouth and probing friendly tongue leave off my face just as I get really melty and she teasingly doesn't choke me before letting go of my neck ARGH! Now I'm going to be trying to get held down by her the whole party, which she no doubt meant to make happen.

Mama disappears behind my head which is still held by if anything more hands (okay seriously, how many of herself did Malina bring--or is this the new Violet Legion--the joke here being that Malina means more or less Legion in Infernal)--okay um, eep?

Malina's a separated multipart hivemind like Boobsong was saying about the new and improved Violet, meaning different parts of her soul are scattered across many identical lewd-hentai-maid bodies (she likes to troll people with which part knows what). She wears black lingerie or tiny maid dresses, also uniform generally speaking, except it's indigo if you get close enough, which you will if you're into her, she's a massive slut.

She has about fifteen parts, and--HAH no there are so many, nobody knows how many. I've seen hundreds at once. She can be everywhere, or like she's currently doing with hands to every part of my head around the rest of the family's held, everywhere in one place. She's really got down the skill of coordinating lots of hands on a task you can only fit on or two on usually.

She's su'khora, but nobody's ever seen her heartformer. I have a theory I still haven't confirmed yet (unless that hypothetical is a memory...nah that's too vanilla).

Teehee that's right Andrea sharing about the New and Improved Violet when they invented new features and got them working (mad science is their game, can't have mad science without stuff going horribly right all the time) was like family show and tell. And touch. And try out. And experience side-effects to rival my candy. And find out recovery can take up to a week. And...

Sparkly fizzfrozen Twinkie sundaes I have missed you people.

Okay covering my eyes must mean cake and candles. I'm appropriately still in Boobsong, and the "ice cream" is right here, the only tricky part will be not destroying the cake as I blow out the candles--remember the episode of Friendship Is Magic where Luna comes back and is blowing everyone's eardrums with her Royal Voice of Command? Yeah that's me. Like I hope I'm never as serious as her but I think I am her level of awkward but what I mean is I'm famous in the three towns around anywhere I live for my sneezes and I've always identified with that for some reason and so Boobsong's nectar made me able to talk that way on command which rules but gets wiggly when you're blowing soft delicate things (by which I mean birthday cake! Obviously!) real hard and don't want to completely destroy them. Sucking works the same. Rainbow's lung powers: epic.

I took care of my medieval empire real good, but it's nice knowing I can shout down a house of lords any time I need which I would if I'd met one since the highest a man could hope to rise up the nobility of the Strawberry Dynasty was favorite concubine (matriarchy: no heredity or succession freakouts, no sexist nonsense around pregnancy, no need to invent marriage). I try not to use it on fans or worshippers unless I'm being the PA system which is really not so fun you can't combine this with sexy whispers or moany whining.

Anyway men's lack of patience and bad social skills kept them doing physical work, or so the mirror-universe sexism went. Gave me a time when my clit got big and brand new balls dropped (wHicH wAS a aBoUT A yEaR aGo ToDaY, I think with determination in crayon scribbly thoughts and a lispy child-voice), especially since I'm impatient and get through social stuff by brute force.

Oh yeah the ice cream. Even if the Strawberry Dynasty's "we're rich civilized and awesomely decadent so you don't want to be banned from our orgies because we're at war" dickwave hadn't been to have nobility above a certain rank go naked after their womanhood was there (as we called being able to "get married" with all the implications that brings in a medieval world), there'd be my scent, or rather (I just smell kind of girl, really) my cum's. Strawberry Sugar Swirl Ice Cream Shoppe? No, more like worldwide production facility, like my balls' flavor-mixing motto is if it's too loud, you're too old. If I have cum in a place, you can tell.

Tastes amazing though and the sweet never gives yeast infections. It's even kind of filling like ice cream more than cum, but of course the real impossible su'khora magic is that it tastes incredible at body temperature.

...okay why can I only just remember the existence of the game that makes me able to say "AND frozen"? Nuts. Teehee. It's good with nuts! And on nuts, mine or other people's!

See, told you Mama'd have me thirteen in no time.

OH! AND it goes awesome with birthday cake (which itself is delicious for breakfast any time of the year) and that orgasm didn't even START to empty the balls or sacs in my midsection MUAHAHAH (being a Disney After Dark girl means you have to CUM PREPARED right cocksleeve?).

It pays to be suckplied before you dive onto something, if you ask me and I'm the expert on this topic!

BWAHAHA I think you're more of an expert around it right now! You're right, though, wouldn't wanna run down and get stuck on something! IT MIGHT BE HARD TO GET GOING AGAIN!


I sigh happily at even imagining performing our stupid act with her again (this is all off the cuff, though we don't drill deep for originality, eh pussypet?).

Nope! Sometimes we still get pretty deep in though!

I can feel the dance of how we did it on stage wanting to happen, the big stupid grin and how my body wants to move and where's my mic feeling.

Yeah that cringe so hard you cum thing, you thought I stopped and went all serious dominatrix lady because I got into my scene, didn't you? GOT YOU SO HARD! Yeah not really. I really did get carried away and I'm kind of scared now. Hopefully Sex is as into this as the Dreams unspikingness of all that says.

Shouldn't we be getting to cake by now? If we stay much longer this way I'll cum again--okay have to be able to do something with that with the family all close. Take your time with the cake everyone...

Hey, that was a car door! Just what's going here, where the fuck can you even drive a car in the awesome starlit mirror-dazzled swooping waves and scattered floating candy islands of Heart Home's region of Candyland and what is Isht Visht doing with car doors she should be a shuttlecraft or dropship from Halo (what was their name, weird, that memory seems like the rest I can't pull up).

Is this Isht Visht? I can't smell her sea-breeze-and-teak nectar over the Everyone on my face and Boobsong in my lap. And my cum.

Jingly bong bong of a key inserted and seatbelt warnings and then a very transverse inline four coughing to life sound...

Jingly--holy cinnamon orbital drop shock trees, cocksleeve, did I forget, or just never consider the ramifications of the fact that Santa Claus comes to my birthday parties!?

Princess my memory is messed up the same way as yours is but we must have thought of that especially after the presents came!

The Dreams show me a glass cutter--wait that was--ow. Sleeping Beauty something the day of the Strawberry Apocalypse--no that was when we left--

Clear my head by squeezing your hips while you have to be just sitting there like a little doll that comes in a box for heartwarming...hot, that's right, we did that scene, and I guess we're not baking your sweet fireproof non-breathing ass in my birthdaycake this year, did we do that scene I remember the box with its voidslice panels and diamond window and Heart/Formers logo and in the Transformers font and lasergrid, but--


Pluck the [!].

That's the box alright! I remember that scene we did you were "fifteen" and you made me think you were just finding out about magic by getting a doll and a book explaining stuff for Heartwarming and you had me inside but you didn't know I was real you thought I was imaginary until a shield making thing that came with the box was like "MONISTIC COLLAPSE IN FIVE SECONDS" all officially which meant magic was real in five seconds and I'd be able to possess the doll for you like I'm making this doll alive and the doll had a hymen on its pussy and mouth to force you to fuck my face with your clit not just kiss me awake and when you woke me up (you were a boy in this) you got nectared so much you came and turned into a girl right there! That was awesome let's do another one!

That's right! That was so hot you were so adorable being all determined like "I'll serve you good I promise" over clairvoyance and I was all harem-protagonisting. Remember your you-look-yummy face with your little tongue licking your lip? And I made the book like it was time travelled from the future and trolled my past self so hard! To the Mistress of StarFux bwaha--

"Everyone buckle up!"

Mama driving, Isht Visht as ride then, and she's trolling me with the car act, I'll hear the multiverse-sails clank out or the warp core come online any minute now.

...and if it's Isht Visht "buckle up" should rule.

How is everyone keeping their hands on me? Malina is agile, and we're not in the front seat, but she's not a goo-girl like Boobsong or able to shapeshift up Treaty of Algerion violations like Isht Visht, and this is--no that is just Malina now. She's so sneaky. You'll be lying there rubbing off and look up and there she is watching hopefully like a foot from your clit. If I've told her once, I've told her a million times, don't sneak up and watch like that and make me waste perfectly good exhibitionism not knowing I have an audience!

Nah I'm kidding. Boobsong's handmaiden powers including being able to tell who's watching at all times. I'm just not using any of that so I can the surprises for real.

Zzzip zzzzip not canes or zippers just...normal seatbelts? Here's mine (we haven't got up, so I guess what the game was making me to fuck in before was OH DOUBLE FACEPALM BUBBLEGUM SIPPY CUPS a car seat) going kindly across me with lots of very friendly little Malina hands to "steady" me, my breasts especially my breasts, which good point Malina better hang onto them the whole ride they can get very very bouncy (nectar-upgraded jubbliness rules, as do the superhuman ligaments and back muscles that make you not need a bra. The way you can sometimes tell if someone's mathematic or alchemic by how humans with boobs usually have an absolutely ripped back while su'khora just physicsfuck their way to the right shape is one of my favorite fun little details to point out to new viewers). Hey where are your hands going? You have birthday girl to molest!

We roll out as soon as the seatbelt is on me, down a very rough road, dirt most definitely (got that crunchy gravel sound, this isn't just Isht Visht playing lowrider), bouncing Boobsong very vibratorily on my clit most juicily (she's wet all the time anyway, but being dolled puts her into overdrive, and I have to agree, it's a huge powerlessness rush even when you're just standing there).

Hhaaaaaah wow that shocks pleasure from the top of my head to my haah very tippy toes! It's just like a vibe you said yes it is very much! It's super teasing to just sit like this! Let me have some lust? Beg you so sweet I can't make eyes so can't be too manipulative but still I really want to writhe around your big thick clit...hah okay wow that big bump put your tip inside my end-hole for just a moment! Stuff just happens when you get that far, it's very very weird!

My clit feels like a soft and slippery rings slips on and off the end of it (no cervix, that's not a womb up there) very quickly, but that's long enough to make my hands feel numb across her hips for time it's in there and something very softly wet around my midsection to start growing inside of me. It goes away and the feeling in my hands comes back the moment I slip out again, but now I'm curious. Hopefully this will stay until we can investigate. It takes some doing (or just to sitck an extension between my clit and mound) to get in and stay there, but the results are always at least a kilospock (Fascinating with a thousand exclaimation points after, basic unit of noncategorizable unusuality).

As for lust...I mean seeing your sweet eyes light up for me and then go down all subbily as you put your hands on my midriff with by breasts all soft and round resting on your wrists--


Oh please I'm really begging please Princess! It's really really hard to feel this really awesome stuff and have you bounce around inside me and only want to hump and talk to our family!

I have to admit the idea of you talking to our family while you hump is the cutest, but, nope! You're dolled. You're stuck. Heh. Might be for a million years, I seem to be really hungry for it. The dolling though I'm obviously not going to stop fucking you.

You'll be able to communicate, though, don't worry. Might get really kinky dolly fun, but you'll be able to. Was there something you want to say now?

Yes please ask where are we going and say hello I love all of you to our family.

Hot squeezybag You really don't need anything but this doll right now? Not even slightly moving? Anything?

I want. My dolly. I shift my grip and squeeze her to me even tighter for a moment. I want you to sit there helplessly astride my lap without a single thing you can do not so much as bat a pleading eyelash while your mind squirms inside knowing that to our family it just looks like I'm playing with a heartbreakingly beautiful sex doll and all you are right now is that a sex toy that loves me and feels what I'm doing to it and know I want you there I desire you this way that I'm giving up your service and we both know you have some skills giving up that service and you're barely-able-to-keep-going need to please enough to get to move which you know how that game makes me feel I'm giving up all that so I can hold my dolly and feel with all my heart in control of you as you beg and plead with me for lust and I get off on denying you and ask what you'll do now now that you know the answer is no and will probably be for a long time so I can enjoy this properly which includes watching your sweet little mind just settle in to your new existence, fuckdoll.

Holy fuck that's making me explode with wetness! Your balls are rising up my crack so much wet leaks out and almost going inside my wet streaming across everything probably even the car now pussy so soft and waiting to explode with joy when they get in there!

You asked me what I'm going to do now know knowing you say no to even very slightly moving and nothing I can't do anything that's what dolling means. Nothing doing existing only. Get ready to exist like this for centuries, I hear you. Okay then please just use me when it pleases you. I know it's just like Sex but when all you are is a touch-toy it feels so bad to think your Princess has to keep you like a pet instead of like a toy so please just make a toy of me and use me when the mood is hot and let me serve by only using me when it suits you.

You're talking like I might ever put you down, you silly piece of heartstone! You know I always carry my dolly everywhere. It's fun to make people give you kisses while I fuck them.

YUS SWEET! Yay I get to come along through even sex! Not through Sex the girl though maybe hmm let's give Sex a candy to make her like we are! We can be a line of planes like in that dream you had! Big yellow Kadet leads the way, that's you! Smaller Kadets after one purple that's me and the factory color scheme for the Kadet original is black and burgundy and we slide along a pole that we can dance around but goes all through us. Perfectly axial roles Kadets can't do that but cocksleeves can with help like we'd have!

My mouth falls open. Okay more open I'm bouncing a fuckdoll on my clit here. Oh my pattern win celebration cakes with smoke fluid frosting cocksleeve, did you just interpret that dream!? That's been bugging me for thirty. Years. The Dreams told me this was coming thirty years ago in language as inscrutable to me then as the DEEP SECRET MEANING behind there being sixty-nine monoliths was when we found the control room when I was eight (that was annoying. I could tell that like even the dumbest grownups knew, and not a single one would say).

So reader, we're about to go on a long-ass detour (just about this whole chapter long) away from actually being present in the car to trip down memory lane and fill in worldbuilding you might not know. See how we've already done that once, right after Mama showed up for kisses? If I'm so excited to see her, you'd think I'd be all-in for this and not have time for that kind of thing, right? I am truly excited, but...this is going to be the beginning of a pattern. We will get back to the car, don't worry, but there 100% is something going on here. Watch when it happens carefully and apply a little emotional intelligence and you might figure out what, but if not, don't worry, you'll find out. It'll take a while, but there'll be no missing it, believe you me.


Flippity pull up the journal page pronto what was the rest!

[Princess' journal page, exactly each word of it]

I had two very strange dreams that night. In the first, I awoke in a bedroom in an old farm house; it was early morning. I lay there, half awake, as I like to do, and my little brother barged in - without knocking - as he likes to do. He was carrying a tiny RC plane, with a small cylindrical fuselage and flat, delta wings - no tail. I understood, in the way that one does in dreams, that it was a prototype of Sig's new Combat plane, and that it was powered by an OS .10, even though it only had about a 24 inch wingspan. I also understood that this was the Sigafoose farm: home of the Sig Model Aircraft Mfg. Co, its fields grew nothing but perfectly groomed runways. 

 The next thing I remember, I was walking to the breakfast house of this farm, and I looked up to see three Kadet Seniors , flying one behind the other, in perfect formation. One was the red-and-white one that I'd seen hanging up in Gerry's that day. As they passed overhead, each did a perfectly axial roll, seeming to defy the laws of trainer aerodynamics. That is all of that dream I remember.

The colors still work, burgundy and white instead of black--sex has sweet little freckles but she's almost as pale as Boobsong.


Get talking. Thinking. No talking for you bwaha.

Okay the little plane is one you have now right the Dreams predicted EPO foam and Bind N Fly (hey check that out seems significant) and they were telling you they predict when you get this airplane that other stuff the three trainers which watch we're in training mode I forgot I couldn't talk before but I can't because training mode and there's three trainers three Kadets that seems Starfleet to me hi Isht Visht and Mama what are they doing though?

(her cute tersenesses when she's excited so excited she has to even think faster are so adorable to me)

Okay but my Ultrix is twin electric...nah that's just the Dreams way of telling me how stupid-overpowered the plane would be--no wait still I don't fly OS engines, I'm a Thunder Tiger girl...oh fizzfrozen clear apple fritters OS X, cocksleeve. Plane powered by OS--


You put your rainbow heart sign on that plane and it looks like an Apple logo from the 90s from far!

Damn...and 24 inches instead of 12 is the smallest I'd have believed could be RC so that's the dream they could send me and no tail isn't some kind of su'khora metaphor in the dream I was like I suppose if you stuffed a heli gyro in there and had clamshell elevons for differential braking you might get away with it and that's almost exactly what the Ultrix does with just with differential thrust and even on a calm day the thing is twelve inches span by twelve inches delta-chord it's not going anywhere without it's gyros on just like that plane in the dream. Fucking hell good one Dreams but why say in a way we'll be thinking about now on this car ride how the three of us cocksleeves are going to end up taking pole dancing a little further than usual soon (great idea about Sex, totally doing it and letting her find out the fun way) and who am training? Go on, seer.

You were walking to the breakfast house. That's Openveil. Meet mothers? We're already in Heaven, who needs Openveil? Rada and Isht Visht are breakfast like we're candy! Maybe going to the Camp? On the way to Camp, you and me and Sex perform hey wait a minute all this stuff is going to be for readers, right? You said you'll cut it down I know but aren't we performing now even though you're sitting there with your eyes covered? We just need Sex but she can't join us yet but maybe that cocksleeve thing's not literal AND YOUR TRAINING READERS DUH that's why you're a trainer too! The Dreams just told you thirty years ago to put stuff in the trip to Rada's house where the three of us perform to educate but we do it very cocksleevily including stuff you can't do without having a pole go through you like super very bondage stuff. That pole's the game duh! You feel just like that with it controlling you. I bet she does. I sure do! The game controls us to give training and look beautiful and do tricks we couldn't normally and it's all on the way to Rada's house that's the camp of course.

Okay Dreams I know if anybody tried to take me to visit dad you'd spike them so hard the one I got before we found Sex would look like a Nobel Prize ceremony, so why are you showing me the doors of Church of the Advent in Boston (I forget what we did there when dad's reckoning came, was it this memory I'm thinking is Canterbury Cathedral? No all that's that same weird dream what the spiky blueizedberry pancakes ANYWAY)--OH! That quote, over the doors, this is the house of god and these doors the very gates of heaven so the worldgate? This has something to do with that?

Erum, Rada is what you call Mama if she's not your Big and you aren't a newly-dead Earthling she's trying not to freak out too much.

Now they show Makoto at the end of Ghost in the Shell destroying her cyborg...shell, trying to open the tank's hatch.

So I need to train to open it and train people and just that bit with my Ultrix is some serious prediction work but the worldgate thing seems like the opposite of news?

Oh cocksleeve we have this backwards. That's us in the sky being trainers but the dream is from the point of view of our fans, on their way to Openveil Breakfast where are you before Openveil Breakfast well if you're like us you're watching the Sade Parade! If that's not this car I don't know what is.

Now a little vent window open seen from inside a camper or tour bus. --or armored box but not my cage. The worldgate opening. That opens it. People watching the Sade Parade with me and Boobsong and Sex performing kinkily in our odd extreme way to train them for it, and the Dreams were at thirty years of prediction worth of pains to tell us. Is this about Sex? Having her just dropped on me, cute little piece of fluff that she is, is throwing me for a loop, still. I know she can just be wound every now and then and she definitely won't be as always with me as Boobsong, but it's always been Princess Starlight and Boobsong. I claimed Sex because...I don't know, I got carried away, I was imagining sending her off into the world again with me as a rock to come back to every now and then and her getting distracted by someone who'd pay more attention to her, and then--

Knowledge: my game controlled making Sex my toy. I was just playing. It kept encouraging me. I'm not responsible. She'll be needed to open that worldgate, I'll see.

It's not like I'm not champing at the bitgag to get that scene done and start playing with her winding tricks and stuff! I just, like, aren't you supposed to think about it oh I don't know at all before you claim somebody that inescapably!? I got having so much fun breaking her and bending her with my candy I didn't--

Knowledge: My control in this was how I played with her. That's all it will ever be.

Yeah but like, you did nothing through that whole scene, game, you even punished me, I think rightly now, for not acknowledging how scared--

Knowledge: My game's been holding me for thirty years now. I've learned to depend on it and just do things unless it stops me. I did that with Sex and my game just let me keep going to eat her all up. That was its control of me.

That again. I have to be told that constantly because it makes me feel all weirdly soft arousal but also like I have a missing piece that makes me less for Boobsong for the lack of it. I'm not so different to her in some ways, but doesn't our game together (not the game) mean for a really satisfying relationship she needs me to be?

It just means I relate! It means I can feel hope for you when you have fun with stuff and want to keep on going and just play and that's all you think because I know the way it feels when you're giving me lust to move and it's like keep going I want to go the whole way but maybe I won't get to it's not my choice I'm just the toy here and you sure did go far with Sex! Your game could stop you anytime, suspense! It didn't, because Sex is your plaything, wow! Keep going, that's what I say. Take it far and fast! Bet you can't be bad enough to make your game keep your hands back!

Bet you can't come up with something all three of us would get off on my game says no to.

In the back of my mind, something is ticking, heh, there's an aspect to my goddess game I haven't remembered yet, and details of Boobsong's succubusness, too, edges like leather collars...against pretty wedding dresses.

Knowledge: the game will be very kind and let me make sex the slave I want. If she gets stuck or can't be herself, it will step in, but the sky's the limit, otherwise.

Oh sweet coconut buss bars game. She'd like what I'm imagining right now? Or are you just saying she'd like to to be pleasing?

Knowledge: Sex is best used hot, but that would be a tighter squeeze she'd have fun being crammed into.

Alright, then, game, I think as brattily as possible, prove what you're saying here. Get me to do something cutesy scary hardcore fun to Sex that I would never do normally even if you left me alone with the crate of oreos like last time that'll remind me of this all the time afterwards. I can't stop you giving it equal and opposite reaction me I guess but I bet you can't make it sufficiently hardcore while only doing it to Sex.

We have to love it though. I wanna smile warmly to see it.

Yes I'm being picky purely to be uppity. Bet you can't nyah.

Top, Make Sex end to end pierce-able, Fear dance inside of her

Top, Be increasingly aware of toy with Sex, half wisdom half folly

I tilt my head, then back...hmm...increasingly aware of which toy? Boobsong? Game? Wetpeace sneakily turning out to just be a full game copy?

The more interesting question is who's getting a stupid/smart switch and whether if it's me I'll be able to flip it.

Now what is with my goddess game? I'm missing my commercial breaks, my succubus rundowns, but I don't think it's little idolized breaks. Idolizing is a huge lovely foreplay that would be spoiled if I had to change fast, and...that's not kinky enough. I mean remember who made this.


Just remember we have very tight holding.

Boobsong has to really get serious about acting like a succubus to do anything. I have to get serious about acting like a goddess? Cower brief mortals etc? Or like a Fairy I suppose but hmmm.

Can people summon me or something? There's a game like that but the sorcerers get the limitation that they might bind you in place but not know you can blow pink powdered sugar at them that turns them all into horny bimbos who release your binding so you'll fuck them all with sugarfeast cum that...you get the idea. If you go trying to rape people the Dreams just kind of go that's a fun game, let's PLAY and find you an interesting victim...I seem to remember I've happened to people now and then.

Or Boobsong has. Nobody suspects the fuckdoll bwaha.

And none that stuff's a punishment. You genuinely get interesting victims. Mama got me, for instance. I think she found the warp core breach interesting.

That was so much fun.

I get kind of wet dreams I suppose like the leaky cum if I don't make candy enough.

I like...have to be the giggly stupid childlike Sugarfeast Fairy. And stay small. And ageplay (hell yes).

What happens if I don't? Can't be idolizing, that moves too slow.

Knowledge: warning: getting up too fast makes me dizzy.

Oh the fainting thing! Do wrong stuff, and I feel like I'm drowning, no air. Fix my behavior and air comes back. There's something else though, something subtler, not my hands not moving for stuff that's against the rules...no the game was being literal. Like I have to stay in role, stay Little. Getting Big makes me faint.

Something else, real big, hard to miss like Boobsong's constant flirting, use my wings a lot but that's just because flying's wonderful and I'm as nimble as a 300 pound hummingbird...have to talk like a twelve year old like that's far from who--oh. This game made me into. Eeep but not news though.

My game shows me a vision of the fire escape hatch at the camp at Grand Lake. Escape. To Fairyland, aka Rl'yeh Sade (quite literally in many mythologies, the math on that's easy). I can't stay out of it for long, have to dive into a mirrorspace somewhere before too long. Since why bother anyway, how does that affect me like Boobsong?

Fairyland isn't Rl'yeh Sade, it's there but like Heart Home isn't Candyland. No, I...have to get small like Tinkerbell? Getting closer but no. Although I can do that and it's adorable says everyone. Boobsong comes with me (or not, which is epic, she's very warm and soft inside, and my game gives me air).

...right fuck squeezy cocksleeve drops I'm a domesticated pet Fairy. I can only be out of my cage for so long at a time, my game tells how long very precisely so I can look forward to being in my cage again which I want because I need it somehow. Being out gets hard, drains me the iron helps it...refills a worship tank like a Fairy tank...I keep remembering the sprite from Gummibears with his huge magic rock OH!

Not escape and hide. I have to make jokes and play pranks and do mischievous Fairy stuff to keep going, or I get put away while I get my social back by doing introverted stuff with only Boobsong (and I guess maybe Sex now?) to keep company. I love performing but I do get tired. My windup key is just my social capacity, but when I'm out my game makes sure I get the most out of it by really performing (applause is my main social need), and it won't let me push on, when I get tired enough I'm locked in my cage as sure as Boobsong dolls. Timelike existence makes that perfectly acceptable anytime. It's very soothing and comforting and awesome and I still don't have the kinky element though most people would say being locked in an iron box is kinky (or Heart Home, or my part of Heart Home rather) and the amount of performing it takes is pretty constantly, which feels good, like nice tight straps.

That's still not the end though. I still don't feel like we found the Sex's Commercial Breaks thing, just, other real stuff.

You really had hard clothing rules. Not being able to wear anything was very tricky on Earth!

No because our fans just--wait--

I remember running up the stairs to--double wait, was that the Strawberry temple, or the Rainbow Cathedral, or like the fizzfrozen parthenon? It seems to be Greece in my memory which makes no sense. But anyway like...my rainbow stockings and little skirt and off-the-shoulder party top? Normal, major cleavage, total boobage? Why's all that feel weird? Like of course I had my Starlight Princess getup before Unveiling but I specifically remember slutty stuff and ironically I couldn't have worn any of that except on Earth and it can't be our handmaiden disguises...so huh?

Wow this pulled up a ball of tentacles. Help me out, sexier game tentacles?

Knowledge: my creative expression got me exceptions to any rule I wanted. Just be ready to have clothes go when I'm done with the stage show.

Oh. Neat. Kind of less epic here than on Earth, but the irony gives me the kind of fae grin they warn you about in Victorian fantasy novels anyway.

I mean like...nah. I'm sure of it. This is Rl'yeh Sade. There is no way that rule could possibly make anything interestingly blushy or comically shonen anime happen. Nope. Just totally clothing-optional around here, my bare ass might be worth looking at but it's not going to be gossip anytime soon (not even that DUMB thing, I'm still me and it won't be my first literal dumbass mark). There will be no sense of the way that made me feel on Earth, even the Dreams and my game working together with everything they have couldn't make that happen, especially not on my birthday, what with the family having already planned it and stuff, it's just impossible. They especially couldn't do that and have it be all happy and sweet the whole time.

There. That should do it.

The Dreams show me a green checkmark--SWEET THIS IS GOING TO RULE!

I mean. By that I am saying that they're confirming with this vision that here in the Dreams no such adventure could ever befall poor innocent me who is just trying to honor the cultural traditions of her lost homeworld. This is 100% absolutely what I mean. My saying this and not being contradicted just underlines how seriously they take this.

A line of Four (heh) green checkmarks. See?

Okay yeah no in most of the Dreams you can mostly get away with calling the nature they have that Spikings come from consent protection and look like a dumbass only during weird edge cases. It's actually just what they have instead of thermodynamics, shapes how they make things so happy nice overall, and if you want to give it a cute tropey name may I interest you instead in genre protection? Guess the genre! Yes there are asexual people and kids and the Dreams make very nice worlds just for them with no icky stuff (and asexual adults can explore whatever they damn well please, sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't, it's not an on/off switch) but like...I mean you've seen the internet, right? Same force gives Heaven a certain angle.

But it's always happy sweet loving porn. Rl'yeh Sade just tells you how much is possible to do lovingly.

Sooooo "consent protection". How do you think that's going to work out for someone like Boobsong? Or (to take her no-free-will fun out of the equation), me? I have certain needs or I'd have gone insane from being in my game's control instantly.

"Hey Dreams, rape me good, I need to get held down" is something a lot of people say a lot of times, but like, usually that's something you can safeword out of, and they'll help you as fast as they got you in trouble (the Dreams don't waste time unless that would be hot). How do you think Boobsong and me would feel if our Fairy goddess and succubus games had safewords? It wouldn't mean the same.

There can be exceptions made, don't misunderstand me, they're lovingly made and account for stuff we can't get with the games in place (like how our seed-ghost paused the succubus game until I could remember), but like...it's very sweet I was able to remember the succubus game myself and bring it back online that way, but I only didn't get sat down to have it explained to me because our seed-ghost knew beyond a shadow of a doubt I'd crawl back into that collar eagerly as soon as I knew about it.

Yes this is insane if you're practicing Earthside with human partners. It'd be like needle play in a world without sterilizer, or hell, sex in a world where no condoms exist. Technology can limit how you can play safely. It's terrible and should be fixed by evacuating to a spacetime that works right ASAP, but be careful not to let the limitations of computability where you live constrain how you play beyond that place. If you have the Dreams and a seed-ghost and a game like ours it's entirely different.

[!] Sex with su'khora is always safe though! Nectar cures diseases so we can't give you them, and you very very can be sure nectar cum can't make you kids the human way! Only if you really want to have one can you even possibly make someone pregnant or get pregnant with nectar changing you. It makes you who you are, so you have to be a parent in your deepest soul before nectar makes your body have the stuff to make babies. Even then it has to be intentional. Unless you say please baby now nothing can impregnate you and your sperm are good as ice cream but not for making kids!

Sex didn't look nectar-shy at all to me, and I'm sure not, but she still has a date with Boobsong before I fuck her--anyway who doesn't like to watch girls make out? And is a lesbian. Um.

EEEEE don't let me be halfhearted!

It's a good thing I have hours to figure out if using Boobsong to top by remote control or making shy little Sex run things while I read her mind and momvoice her for not going as hard as she imagines will be hotter.

Blushy wow that's sexy to think about. Can you make me run all over her with tiny little scritching? I think she thinks I'm scary-cute!

Good idea--prickly habernero sprinkles I need scritching. Game I need to make Boobsong scritch me soon and no repeating the scary when I planned comfort thing.

It'll understand what I'm doing. I hope this pickiness doesn't get punished but I'll take the risk for the game to prove its intentions after that candy.

Top, Scritch behind hair from handmaiden, Fairy court song

Knowledge: any kind of picky is okay when I need things, unless that need is to get knocked down. Choice there just makes it less fun.


What if you say please make me soft, just that way, to get the game feeling hard?

GAME PLEASE MAKE ME SOFT! Wow, okay, horny sub, sheesh.

Knowledge: go play with myself, wait that's right, the game says no masturbation! Play with the game isn't for me. I'm Boobsong's sex toy, remember? Be a good bot and make her cum, then--oh wait, she can't! Guess I have no options left. Be shut down.

Stillness that confuses me for just a second fills my frame, and I'm immobile. Can't even take a breath.

My hands are where I left them on Boobsong's hips. Experimentally, I lift one, intention where it's going clear, and it moves freely to her breast and squeezes and fondles like I meant.

[heart] SWEET! Haaah yes breast touched...squeezing nice and hard...this is the best! Keep Princess long like this game!

Knowledge: it's going to stay a bit, but the plans my family made will make it have to let me go before the car ride finishes.

My breath would come hard if I could have any. I really feel like her sex doll and I'm trapped in the shape her booting me up and choosing the Princess Bratdom game gives me. I can't do anything, unless it's to play with her. Of course that's my whole life, but it's nice to have it nice and small so I can see it this way.

Maybe after game we could, like without my having any say of course--oh. This is just the first part of idolizing, where I can't even so much as move from where I'm standing unless it's to play with Boobsong. When I finish and am holding her, usually, the statuification starts, but not this time I guess. It's coming tonight beforesleep though and I'm really looking forward.


Dance, porn dolly! See how good it feels? Come on, you were waiting to be ordered, I saw! You think just because I'm your slave you're in charge of how your game gets played? You be good now, Princess!

Holy fuck yes it does feel good but this is making me so wet I can't do anything!


 My hands are free, but I'm goo in a girl shape. Just wet soft stuff with no will of my own. WELL I GUESS THAT WORKED FUCK.

That's the way it feels to me. Free will? Why bother? So wet I'd never use it anyway, while you're in charge of me! This way you know that's good. Come on dolly, make something happen! Can't you choose what? Be a Princess and command your choice of how to play now!

If you've never been wet--alright back up. On Earth you say "I'm wet" and mean your pussy, or hole if you're me. Or maybe foreskin (mascs: it happens. Trust me). I'm hard, guess you have a clit like mine or cock then. THAT IS NOT HOW WE DO IT IN THE FOUR DREAMS AND YOU WILL CONFUSE PEOPLE TOTALLY.

Because while my hole is working hard right now and no force in the verse can stop me once I penetrate Boobsong (I got the news about Laarhi's betrayal while Boobsong and me were having sex. I still finished), I could be dry and soft at this very instant (I'm not, I'm goo, soft squish splat, get me a bucket). It's used to say you're subspaced or domspaced, sort of. The metaphor of hole to fill and thing to make stuff take its shape that wraps around it is important here. It's not quite subspace and you don't have to be all high on hormones and stuff, or even the same effects emotionally. Just...be wet. Hard's the same, just turn it around. They don't necessarily mean you want to submit, or dominate, so much as be taken or lead the dance.

How is that not sub or domspace. Earth needs big walls to help people protect their identities from the culture war that's always trying to erase everything that isn't heteronormative. You have to be a dom to domspace. You have to be a sub to subspace. You get called fake if you don't go far enough each time. Here, why worry? Labels stick if you want, people aren't going to come scrub them off because you might be an enemy.

Mind you now, I still am a huge sub. Slave, to my game technically I suppose. I have my hand on Boobsong's breast and this has me so wet I'm not even grabbing now. I can't fuck, either, like somehow my self can't do it. But to meet the definition of subspace people use on Earth, I'd have to be getting a little spaced out, hard time talking, that kind of thing. Obviously I'm having no trouble there, so this is wet. How wet? Soaked. Gushing. Sploosh. Aoooga crash dive! Isn't this a more fun way to describe your feelings? Earth BDSM is war-paint for the culture war. I'm at peace now. Smooshy soft strawberry cream peace.

Wet feels great because you're squishy-soft enough to just get fucked and ooze around every detail of the cock that's taking you and feel yourself giving pleasure everywhere it touches. You aren't like, holding back your own desires to do something nice for your lover. It's a completely different state of being.

To combine wet for my game with hard for Boobsong...there's like a sweet spot, my game is definitely trying to get me to, that feels incredible...and yeah, just like being a kid playing with a toy, you get sucked into the fantasy and do crazy stuff but part of you knows you're safe and mommy is watching and it's all a game...except when the game plays this way it breaks the fourth wall and I get all squishy because I can't see past how it has me turned into a toy myself. I have to be stupid enough to think I have freedom, while knowing in my deepest soul that's not true, to make the game thing happen.

I guess that's the other thing. Subspace and domspace aren't connected with the penetration metaphor. That's me, enough so Boobsong's nectar made my clit like this while I lived in the matriarchal Strawberry Empire that definitely doesn't see feeding yourself to Mama as inherently topping or eating up a nice yummy sausage as inherently bottoming. So you may not want these metaphors, but I like them.

Oh hey, I'm a little big for normal human pussies (of which the family has zero). I wonder how Sex will take twelve inches at my girth? Will she need candy, or be hardcore? I'll just fuck her and see...

The game lets go (already!? Aw!), my hand falls back, and I get it on her hip again.

[!] Okay now you'll go! Pretty baby cocksleeve inside your womb please? I'm just your porn dolly that's all I really ever am. I didn't mean to switch us, you know I just said time to show Mommy what the real us is and help her talk about green checkmarks.

You have to wait for me to harden some first, silly cocksleeve! That's the magic, though, you didn't switch us! My game made me into a puddle like I'm totally leaving on this chair right now but everything else is right where we left it before that! I am your porn dolly who just plays the game you made.

And you're mine.

Egalitarian relationships aren't for everyone, but I like ours. It's nice to know she understands my doll fetish from the inside.

Just because your game is made by me doesn't mean I'm your Princess! I'm you're sex doll, that's the only thing! You are my doll I guess but that's just weird to think.

After that baby cocksleeve womb thing we should probably stop for the anatomy lesson before they get distracted.

Seed-ghosts make su'khora so how come I'm in Princess' womb? Wait, she has none! Her pussy went away when her clit got big! Where am I then? On her lap, right? I project my main experience to make the doll there, but inside Princess, that's where I live! She's a perfect soft home for me, nice and comfy. Where she would have her babies like a star would, that's the womb I'm in. Stars make kids without sex, but they have wombs, but in their soul, shaped to keep a kid so safe they can't be harmed by anything. Perfect place to keep su'khrora! That's me, I'm a ghost! OoooOOOOO hehe except I make this doll to play with. That means you can destroy it without harming me one bit. I can just remake it. Stars keep babies until they learn Ontological Engineering enough to make their own shell, so it's like you live at home until you're eighteen, not like a human baby. I'm just keeping up the place until--yeah right you can't get me out nope! I'm tangled all around everything and taking me out would kill both of us. Don't please oh wait evil egregores and stupid mean perfekti tried and just fried because Princess got mad.

It's not because I was quick on the draw, either. I'd forgotten about my light and thought I was just a normal human through most of that stuff. No I didn't shine, I was too depressed--until Boobsong made me warm enough to be angry.

 She was out for like ten minutes once and had me all jumbled and I still didn't get harmed by being tangled up so much I couldn't make my body, just a piece of squishy heartstone. Now how can humans have su'khora if it takes a star womb? It doesn't, I'm special. Yes we know you say but I'm a subspecies called luxhi'khora. That means heartswish for light-beings which is how you say star in their language.

That was so sad with the jumbling! Pet you. I'm still so mad you had to go through that.

So this whole green checkmark this. Flashback time...flippity...

Haaah that's the best idea seed-ghost! How can Mommy like that!? Won't she hate me eternally? No? If you're sure, yes please let's go but only if.


GOT YOU NOW! CLANG SHUT THIS BOX AND THAT'S IT YOU'RE STUCK! No more people taking our time any more again. This is MY Princess! I'm stealing her, and you can't have any unless I say you can, stupid world! I say NYAH let's see what Princess wants! I bet she says keep holding me like I say! What if she says please hold me, never open this box again? Too bad, that's it, done! She can't say less than I took, either, so don't think guilt helps here, Mother!

I was a good kid. I loved my heartchild and spent so much time with her everyone was worried, but being a Princess is hard work and I felt responsible, had things to keep up with, a world to run soon enough. I couldn't say yes to what she did to me.

So she didn't give me the choice.

Which is a green checkmark. The Dreams use them with me to say, yeah, you're raped right now, and it's going to make a mark you won't get rid of, but you'll be glad, don't worry.

So I'm pretty interested to see what rates four of them. Four-team gangbang? That's just my family singing me the birthday song, our way, and there'll be more than four, especially if Eisela gives her kids (that need them) strapons. It must be something more interesting.

Smiles spread across our faces--well, not Boobsong's, but...

That's a very smiling thought though!

So now after aaaaaaaaaall of this, why is the naked thing still not my version of Sex's commercial breaks?

The Dreams show me a pedestal--RIGHT--dammit blush this is so embarrassing. I'm an idol that comes to life, and there's an amount of time I have to spend on display or I pass out, like on a pedestal, literally.  I can be awake and move, but I'm up there. My game can supply pedestals, oh yes it can...and then it's showtime. Have to be good porn then, can't just sit and mope (can just sit and be pretty). Just like Sex's commercial breaks, and Boobsong running down, it's right there, I'm about to be on display again, my whole day. I guess this chair here counts, or I'd be out by now. The only time it's not right there is when my entertaining's drained and we're locked away to recover.

The game doesn't keep me up there, just make me feel like being off it is drowning, and tell me which way shore is. Somehow that feels closer than mind control or straps. It'll put me back if I actually pass out, which I will, if I'm not quick.

I can take stuff with to do and socialize, anything, as long as I'm a good sexy display. Boobsong gets her most sex up there, and you can come light candles and make offerings, which worship does...you get the chance to make requests for me to play while I'm stuck up there--on Boobsong, with my hands, not music, don't worry. Or myself. The game lets me masturbate if you pray to see it.

There's no schedule, the game just says when. It'll warn enough I can plan and anticipate enough to be fun.

I love it. It's so healing. Having people want to watch me play with Boobsong after all we've been through is such a comforting, happy thing. Yes, in most of Rl'yeh Sade public sex is about as hardcore as public eating, but my game makes sure it's always clear that I'm a display and you're supposed to come worship with your horny adoration, not just be able to see us and enjoy what you can get without staring.

This is also the time to say, Rl'yeh Sade has a pretty strong concept of recreational religion, like, weird goddess statue? Let's pray to it and see what happens! I can tell you, personal experience here, worship doesn't have to be life-taking-over to be genuine. You can throw me a minute of devotion like I can throw you a candy. Which I will, most times, if you get me on my pedestal and I feel your instant of dedication and I'm not idolized.

Please tell me you don't need me to explain what I mean by devotion here, heh.

Except I'm going to learn later I'm not understanding it here, either. What I just described is what I could understand at the time. It all is, my whole idea of worship. Even looking back now from the end of this trip to write this down...the best I seem to be able to get is it's believing in me, that I can show you a good time, make candy that'll heal your soul and open its eyes, stuff like that, but that's not the only part, but it's essential, the core of things.

Devotion is belief plus action. That can be praying like Boobsong does, or daring to eat one of my candies, or just getting out the lube and clean-up wipes because you know a good time is coming.

I don't put those pieces together until after I order the pizza (you'll see), so now you can watch me squirm from being constantly surprised where and how worship comes to me.

Anyway the basic spiritual truth of Sugarfeast is that it's all just sexy fun. Isn't that an altar you want to worship at? Kneel at the altar rail my game sets up if there's catholics around, get your hands busy, and ask me for sexy ideas--right! My candy works the way it does so I'll always have something epic to give! If you're hot to me and I have something in mind I'll give you a dare or whatever happens to make me feel the power rush I was mainlining with Sex. The more creative I feel, the more specifically I can shape candy, but when I'm feeling flat I can let the candy just do stuff and see what happens to you (assuming you didn't make a wish, I grant those, my way, ask the Dreams if you don't want my, heh, personal touch, and probably Boobsong's very kinky input).

You can ask me to get ideas from her specifically, which is fun, but hang onto your tits. I mean, check this out. Idea, cocksleeve!

Make them fill their mouth with cum from someone else right here, but don't be quick to swallow, worshipper, because you have to eat a candy first that makes you need cum inside somewhere to keep your legs closed--or you'll be free use and try to get cum until you have enough! It takes lots, five or six loads at least. How long's that stay? I don't know!

Dammit, now I'm all horny for our next real display time and getting somebody to take that and then launching into our stupidest dick joke war so they laugh and swallow before they can get fucked enough--hmm, better make sure the candy turns them female if not already. And gives their pussy a way of not holding onto to cum very well. After they have time to think that's working fine. Ass the same. MUAHAHAH...

Holy red rover cockdiving lube I love you so much, succubus. Good one.

The game I played with Sex is how I play with everybody during idol time. Stay and see what happens, until you can't take the next thing. I'll be stuck up here if you run, so it's safe, right?

Sex found out I can get down sometimes...

What's this memory why am I thinking about white Canon lenses--oh, because we make porn this way! Boobsong's eidetic memory and my game watching give us camera angles you wouldn't believe to edit clips together from, or just beam out holographically the whole scene.

It's really sweetly touching to see people stay and stay through crazy hardcore stuff because they want it. Being there for gain will make me yawn, but doing like Sex did is the way to my heart and makes me want to give presents like I gave Sex.

I made that statue collector thing up to fuck her mind except now I think she might not be the only one like her...I can't deal with that now. My game will take care of it, it keeps telling me. Fairy Princess does kind of say army of slaves though, if you're a scary Fairy like me, and I'm a little scared because the thought is thrilling, but even if they're all like Sex, that's so much responsibility...


THAT--RRR! You were so close Princess if only you remembered!

My private chambers are my Fairy Princess court. If you're there with me, you're my slave and my game will mind control you to do my bidding if I give it, and the Dreams will spike going in there unadvisedly, but not what I do to you afterwards, including forcefeeding you candy and other creative and deviously twisted fun. Gotta have the full Fairyland effect don'tchaknow. I'm not a creepy sociopath Fairy but I am also not an etherial harmless new age store Fairy. 

Welcome to my chambers. May I have your name?

(I'm not sure what that would do actually but I'm sure my game could make it interesting. My point is the Dreams would let me make you give it after you crossed the threshold, and you'd see something like a green checkmark if you managed to get in, because I will take advantage if you get that far, because I know Rl'yeh Sade is probably giving you your scary Fairy court joyride, so I just have my fun)

I had the whole family in my bedroom there. They knew better than anybody what the "risks" were. We could have done so much...but then I wouldn't be having this birthday. This is better than that already and we haven't even done anything.

Aww, Sex got the Fairy-thrall compulsive dancing thing! She'll be pleased when she understands my mythology I bet.

Oh and if you've been wondering about the tone whiplash between me and Boobsong you 1) apparently missed somehow she's cuter than every Disney character ever at once including herself and 2) forgot that mythological Fairies always have dark pacts with demons as the source of their terrifying magical powers.

Okay so Timelike Existence. As Boobsong and I have probably been using in our little world here for all this digression fun for like an hour while the same song somehow seems to be still playing without having repeated (but if I dig at that too much, I'll line us up with the family enough to be in their timestream and we won't have this infinite time anymore).

In most of the Four Dreams, there's one universal clock, so you don't get silly timezone nonsense and soforth. Yes infinite signal speed no relativity relax Einstein is at the beach now not doing math.

Not Rl'yeh Sade. Rl'yeh Sade has Timelike Existence. Here on the other side of every reflective surface in the other three Dreams if you have enough Sade in you is the Deep Haven where...like the movie thing to say would be TIME HAS NO MEANING but actually it has so many meanings you can never possibly hope to track them all. Everyone has their own time here, that works their way, and Rl'yeh Sade weaves them all together so they cross and people can interact for a moment or parallel so you can spend time with someone or do what Boobsong and me are doing here and stuff a big long loop into the tapestry where the rest is tight...if the rest is tight. For all I know Mama's been driving ten seconds while Cherry and Eisela have 100% completioned every Pokemon game in the back seats behind us. As long as there's enough separateness of experience, anything is possible. 

The thing that always fucks my head is like, it's not that you can arrange everything into a nice nonlinear flowchart any more than you can do that to the Doctor Who universe. There's no system it works by, any more than spikings work by a legal code. Everything is case by case. Rl'yeh Sade somehow makes a coherent history out of all of it (because like, having something you did arbitrarily have happened not the way you did it just for someone else sake sucks), but they do it in the way that's happiest, horniest, and most of all kinkiest. Which means they'll splice your life into everyone else's at the right points so you'll specifically look up from your book exactly as the hot girl who comes around this ceiling every so often walks by, because they spliced your time into hers to make the two of you cross paths. See how it's not actually that weird that we blundered into someone as perfect for us as Sex and when we woke up she just so happened to not have anywhere to be as such like on a rather grand scale?

I asked it how it makes any of that make sense once. They showed me a cocksleeve. Just be a cocksleeve and have fun because you're not going to understand...because it doesn't make sense. It makes heaven, through-the-looking-glass monster edition.

Huh? You say it has to...oh I see. Yeah existence doesn't run on math or logic, sorry. You can see how this place gets turned into Fairyland in myths and why it has the reputation about time it does.

So anyway that's also probably why Malina's keeping me "blindfolded" this long. If she and us were exchanging sweet nothings or making out it'd be different but this...like you hold something and forget about it, you know, time flies by? I've been there...

Now that said I am whole-ass boobalicious Fairy slut in a car with my family who know full well they've got full groping encouragement privileges. Squirm to shake my boobs and writhe my hips in the seat hhhhi still fucking Boobsong.

The hands stay on my face but nobody takes advantage of the situation. This is a most unusual car ride.


Nobody's touching me at all, that's not fair! I know they're just polite to you but I love our family too!

Okay check out what I'm planning if this doesn't turn out to be like the all-idolized birthday or something.

HOT YES okay that will most definitely make up for it. I'm sure they'll all be especially thorough because it's your birthday party and there are like fifty Malina.

Muahah. No kinky stuff while we drive though? Maybe it's just up to me, hmm--I mean yeah bare F-cups in a normal seat belt is sadistic at least, but--a buzz of electric guitar fills the car just as loud as we all are, and the hands come I mean cum I mean--heh--I can see again. We're still in the Painted Sea, so everyone has their proper art styles--

...Mama's regard for my dignity has always been one of my favorite things about her. As ageplayers we can get into some sticky situations, and she always handles them as skillfully as a surgeon, or, I suppose, the sexy ninja bodyguard stripper secret agent schoolteacher she was in Strawberry Home (yes our culture actually was designed to make porn search engines explode, but that's a lllllloong story and I can't remember it apparently). Literally when necessary, she's still got all her skills and you'd be as amazed as any number of foreign dignitaries how many dungeon applications there are for being able to kickflip a thrown knife back to the eyesocket of its sender.

So anyway dignity. Mama is so sweetly kind and nice and makes me feel so loved. She knows all the pressure points and weak spots and drug interactions and ways to make joints do stuff and how to step on somebody's toe and lay them up for a month. It's awesome. I never have to worry about feeling small enough when Mama's at work, and watching her turn her powers on people who think just because she's even more of a Trekker than me and Boobsong she'll be awkward is hilariously hot.

Oh my FUCK Rainbow show not tell I know it's like physically painful to imagine all this sidebar in the text but I'm trying to catch you up here and if there's a car ride the injokes will be starting any moment (AUGH CAN I REMEMBER THEM!?) and I don't want you to miss anything silly or sexy or stupid or best of all all three just because you don't know who we're dealing with here--OOH. Okay, this is waaaaay the fuck into novel territory so let's get some real descriptions of everyone going as soon as I can Demanding Birthday Princess the party games I want. We're starting off ASAP with Spin the Lens. Game please foreshadow the family a bit please, as trollerifically mindfuckily as possible, while we ride?

Yes I know I'll be ground zero of however you do that.

Top, Play Spin The Lens with the family around yourself, half week pleasure ride


Okay that around thing had better be my clit becoming the judging stick or something, because I'm not sitting in the middle to get left out for some reason! Half the fun is the fact that the lens likes me best (not really but a pornstar can dream).

Half week pleasure ride sounds good too. Bet I get stuck as a Four-Legs for three days at the Camp or something (Mama's a changeling--that's Four Dreams for trans-<attribute>, and she definitely wanted to become Two-Legs after she was born, but her Four-Legs genetics are working juuuuuust fine after growing up in Soefta'xrn). Pluck your exclamation point.

EEEEE SPIN THE LENS I CAN'T WAIT! Just wait till I get you through it shy little SEX MUAHAHAHAH EVIL DEMON GRIN.

Holy squirming gummiworm gagh SEX PLAYING SPIN THE LENS this is going to be amazing! I think the other way's even better, though--okay so is using some of your Acme Station gravity fun to make sure Sex gets me (for Obvious reasons) or Viktor better do you think?

That's very hard to decide about but I say Viktor would be very tall and imposing and look really kindly down his glasses and make her feel analyzed and maybe you could make his reading her mind allowed if she's your toy and you can read it I bet you can say he's allowed without telling her and then he can see all the stuff she thinks and says can't say that eep and he'll be like "vell you shoult haff used zee comment about my lipse zeeming az if kissing zem should be fire between your pussy and hair in zee photograph" all just like of course that's how you play spin the lens you should have done it and she'll be so embarrassed but you she's so in love and you are her angry-possibly domme who has this whole goddess thing and everyone knows you don't make gods mad or they do stuff like turn you into toads which she knows you can with your candy and a wind-up toad would be the cutest thing actually that's adorable and she likes to swim maybe because of her swimsuit fetish, so maybe--

Sweet swirly twizzler nerds you're such a cute fuckdoll. Which one, though, you can't decide?

(I'm making an evil domme face at the fourth wall here)

Princess it's too changing up in my head. First I think Viktor for sure then you keep reading and I think you and it's very just hard to say which um I--please I can't decide can you tell me which? Please I'm begging I just can't--

You're right, Me with my capital pronouns to her is too just scary. Let's do Viktor.

Okay bad example maybe because this one is actually incredibly hard to pick, but here's one of those things our seed-ghost did to be really hardcore and make our game nice and fully-fucked-to-the-screaming-end. Two actually. You've noticed Boobsong get error blubs and exclamation points. Those are pages appearing as her mind potentially responds to stuff, and then I read them. Since she's like a giant manual or anthology with infinite amounts of stuff I have to know what's new and important and urgent and such as I flip around in her. Buuuut, if she has no will (not no wishes or preferences or desires or ideas....you get it) of her own, with which to start thinking those thoughts, how can she decide to stop thinking them? That's not training wheels, it's just how she's supposed to work. We like this way much better, and we like having no choice, and that's what the spiking was for. What's confusing is how we got the other way.


If I miss something important by stopping too soon the exclamation point of a new page of HEY THAT'S IMPORTANT will appear--


There can be anything on those pages. I just say it's urgent please read this soon as part of what I think of that and you know it super fast.

Exactly, which is handy when I do stuff like explain how you work wrong--


Or telling you my pussy's really feeling good with all this bouncing! Bouncy bouncy whee let's get cum while driving and be super loud--oh I'm dolled though. Hot that makes me feel so wet...what if you play with me like a little girl like her doll would do and keep me small after you finish fucking me and just hold me on your arm so when we get there and it's time for it you can--

Oh my fuck that would be adorable. I bet Cherry needs a doll moment.

The other consequence of her having no will of her own is...the thing to understand about our game is it's a game, and it works like you're playing StarFox where the game to have flashy swoopy zoomy Furry Star Wars space-battle fun, not Kerbal Space Program where the game is to answer the question of its tagline how hard can rocket science be anyway in surprisingly realistic detail for such a cutesy aesthetic, so although Boobsong is resourceful and creative and smart (terrifyingly, world-endingly, Barclay-in-The-Nth-Degree smart if I so command her) and has a definite artistic and personal voice when following commands (not to say the flirts she comes up with to keep herself moving between direct use) which is just the kinds of paths of decisions you take through the thicket of doing a thing, if I directly ask her to make a decision, she can't. Just can't. Her head fills up with the options I present and she talks her way around them but will just go in circles if I keep reading, and if I push even more directly she just gets squirmy and more and more confused until I decide for her.


This part is so embarrassing. I feel so stupid when you leave me standing there with this choice in my hands and just keep telling me go ahead, decide, fucktoy, like of course I can't make decisions I'm just your fuckdoll! I love you and can be good like you say right here but don't make me try to be a human when I'm a su'khora fucktoy. There that's hard but you have me doing this so our readers see how I really work and this is how too I'm not meant to make choices that way. Move me into doing it and it just happens but tell me to decide some stuff and you might as well say human hey look at this piece of star-works!

Star-Works being stuff like Ontological Engineering as on the end of Sex's key. Humans can work with it, but they can't perceive it directly the way stars can...and as you can see, Boobsong sticking up for herself on what she is and how she works and stuff she cares about happens just fine (I seem to remember a time when this part of her wigged me out hard, and I kept trying to not do things that way to give her breathing space, hence all this projected defensiveness).

Ooh so while I'm avoiding what's going on with all this background stuff history lesson. Soefta'xrn is a Four-Legs place. Two-Legs are allowed there but usually that means something, doesn't it, to be a Two-Legs there, right cocksleeve?

(check out what Earth has backwards you guys)

It means you're there to serve the Four-Legs's obviously! That's what Two-Legs form was made for! Not because they're mean or think Two-Legs is less, it's just like us, kinky fun! Soefta'xrn is old like wow you wouldn't believe and it's one of the places Two-Legs came from originally, they were made there! It's just like having me so small and easy to pick up and throw around, Two-Legs is great to have sex with and use toys or just pet with their silky hands instead of hooves, and they can stand up and pleasure your ass without mounting which if you like to take not give can feel very freeing from the way you have to kneel to take if you're Four-Legs, and there's very many things Four-Legs use magic instead of hands to do and Two-Legs have these hands that don't take the concentration telekinesis does so they can hold stuff while you fuck them hard, and to Four-Legs aesthetic sense two-legs is just as Sexy because they have the stuff a Four-Legs likes nice thick ass and pretty legs, body that's so sleek and long, pretty jubbly breasts (or nice sleek small ones but I think you know what kind I like), thick healthy mane to say I'm good see look, just a different shape to be more fun for sex.

AND THE ASS. Most important thing! That's why humans have Four-Legs asses!

Why make rearing up tall people instead of sexy Four-Legs with hands on tentacles or something? Because rearing up means I'm giving in please knock me down and fuck me on the ground if you face away. If you face towards and put your hands behind your back, it completely fucks the Four-Legs instincts. Rearing up? Yes? Front means battle! Wait no legs here must be back, get domination instincts instead. See? Hands back becomes submissive pose from the very start. Keep them there to be polite you say to Two-Legs slave, then wait, idea, tie rope to keep hands back, hey this is fun!

And if you're freaking out, remember stuff like my candy isn't rare here and this got invented as a thing to turn yourself into, not have kids that are. That didn't come in if I have my history right until people who weren't so into power exchange started turning themselves into Two-Legs because it was convenient and the sex was great.

But I'm giving you this history lesson to 1) remind you that if you're going to judge anthros you should go get a mirror so you can properly look down your nose at the one closest to you and 2) warn you that if you should be in Rl'yeh Sade negotiating Pony games, you should probably make very sure you both know which kind of Ponies you're talking about, and 3) and most importantly, to get you to (and I'm making assumptions because you'll be from Earth and I never met someone there who didn't need to be told this all the time) STOP TAKING EVERYTHING SO FIZZFROZEN SNARLYGRAPE SERIOUSLY!

I mean seriously, if you were Four-Legs inventing Two-Legs, wouldn't you have had to be laughing all the way? This is going to be so hot but we'll look so weird! Should work good to put us in our place and keep us ready, but I guess they're learning to laugh and cum at the same time after this!

Yes 'we' in that. Boobsong's all the proof you need to see that subs have all the kinkiest ideas, but like, I agree and history's on my side. Wait till you find out where Fairies come from!

In the meantime, hold up your wiggly soft five-fingered hands so optimal for rubbing clits and stroking cocks and look at the genetic gift of the most hardcore furries to ever live (they did have inspiration from animals) and consider that of course arms are the length they are relative to your body and then touch your slippery prehensile lips in the face that's flat because its designers thought eating someone out with a snout didn't let your lips get properly involved and imagine what an orally-fixated revolution it was for use on any genitals. Look and wonder at the beauty and ridiculousness of a form made to pet Ponies real good and maybe notice the dregs of instinct for where this line began still left in you after all these generations and realize how right Lovecraft was about there being a terrible secret of the origin of humanity and see how he could have dragged it back from forgetfulness whole cloth but missed entirely because he thought squamous and revolting was inherently more likely and more scary than cute and cuddly and that the true mindbreaking understanding isn't that existence is meaningless or not and that's great or terrible, but just...this is all very silly. Not absurd, because that's a big serious Existentialist thing (well okay those guys are all giggling sardonically behind their hands). Silly. Existence is ridiculous.

...and don't you wanna have some fun with that? Don't you wanna put on ridiculous loud clothes that make your heart bounce and sing stupid songs with your friends? Don't you wanna have only candy for breakfast every day for a week just because, or spend a whole evening on a puns-only dick jokes contest? Don't you wanna replace all your cussing with incredibly elaborate breakfast food metaphors that seem still somehow raunchy? Don't you wanna make a playlist of the cringiest songs you know that actually are awesome and kind of make you cry a little and blast it on repeat till you hear them in the sound of your soda's fizz? YOU WERE NEVER COOL ANYWAY! IT WASN'T EVEN MONKIES IT WAS REALLY WEIRD SEX DOLLS! JUST HAVE FUN!

So now you can start to understand who we all are. We're the holidays of course, the eight of us, but the holidays were never cool, not any version of them, nohow. On Sugarfeast a stupid bimbo Fairy who can't stop giggling at the dick joke battle she and her little demon helper are in the middle of brings you age-appropriately fun candy (it's not all sexual, kid stuff for the kid god oh wait that's still me kind of but YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN) and interesting inspirational things from outside your universe hidden in candy eggs here and there to represent the sacred experience of stuff found in unexpected places cracking your eggshell and yet that's actually less ridiculous than the whole easter bunny thing, just for an example. I try to be the uncoolest one of us because of what Sugarfeast is but I've got tough competition.

That movie that keeps being remade like five times a year about the Cool Guy or Successful Girl who's too cool for Christmas learning to open up keeps happening because it needs to  because the stories that're cliche in a culture are cliche because that's the medicine or nutrient people there need the most so people keep telling them! Ever notice how the symbols of cool--dead face, sunglasses, leather jackets, handbags like tower shields, very serious music about abstract topics, is all about having walls up and not showing yourself? How often cringe means the artist expressed their feelings thus creating something other people can use to process THEIR feelings? Maybe Cool isn't Cool after all. Maybe it's just paranoid. You need shields sometimes, but not inside your family home, unless you needs some help getting out of there and to a Latchkey-Day supper (they'll help you after that, it's the spirit of the holiday).

Holidays are pure distilled anti-cool, little pockets of doing stuff that makes you feel so happy and good even though it's just plain silly made to bleed out into the rest of the year and melt the rest of the world into a sweeter existence overall, like hanging colorful lights up or sticking a single boot by your fireplace (or toaster if you don't have a fireplace, see?) so Santa fills it with random little stuff you'll like while you're sleeping one night. Explain any holiday to an imaginary alien and see if you aren't blushing at the end of it. AND SO WHAT! IT'S AWESOME ANYWAY! 

And as much as I try to be just for fun and there's a reason I bring candy and not even like cake or desserts, like, this is actually life and death. How much do you think the shitstorm that is life on Earth would change if every thousandth person just once a year gave themself the compassion to say this might be stupid and ridiculous but it makes me happy so I'm doing it? Maybe they'd learn to give that compassion to other people? How much of the Four Dreams BEING Heaven is because the Dreams don't let you miss that lesson here?

So come on, party like a Strawberry. We were (I'm the last and I Strawberried so hard I turned Rainbow) famously passionate, and it wasn't just our bodies we kept naked. Pull out your Darkwing Duck voice and say it with me:

Let's. Get. Ridiculous.

Now believe it or not that was all relevant. I gave you that sermon so you could even remotely understand how this car ride is making me feel (which, since this is Starlight Princess, is supposed to let you wonder or maybe even feel how something like this might make you feel). Told you there was a lot of context to catch up on!

This is already a nice hardcore ageplay scene with Mama. She's real good at this in general, but my birthday so far is a masterpiece. I barely had time to open my eyes before eeping into that separate time with Boobsong to have my mind blown by the Dream's dream they gave me thirty years ago and sermonize at you for nine million years.

Also the family (what'd we call ourselves rgh!) grabbed me and made everything awesome while I was still in the nightmare haze of that day everything went wrong and something is happening because I can feel myself still there but like this is letting me take out what I had to put away or pick up where I left off and I'm remembering stuff like the ornamentation on the box of heartstone Uncle Dagon gave Boobsong and me and the vaguest sense of Strawberry Home the size of the halls they were clean and bright we had stone light grey and polished white marble and black and white tile floors it was beautiful and felt so good to be in.

But the family.

We're in a minivan very like the one my birth family had when I was thirteen, with Boobsong and me in the center row in our sex-seat thing (the center row is the kids table, after all). 

We're still in the Painted Sea because everyone is cartoons including the family members who only figured out an art style to come visit us, but Isht Visht is wearing a different art-style than her usual hentai, kind of thick-lined and simplified, digital with no hint of brush or pen-marks, maybe...Friendship is Magic? That doesn't feel quite right but maybe it's just that you don't usually get nineties minivans in Equestria.

There's a folded-up colorful baby blanket in the in seatback pocket behind the driver's seat (which seat has Mama in it) and looks big enough to comfort (or wrap around, rather than giving her clothes) a very big Little, there's a red travel mug of something in Mama's cupholder on the center console up front and the heat's going because we're in a world of Polar-Express-era CGI beyond Isht Visht's Flash-animation windshield driving through a crazy snowstorm (like for real, I hope Mama knows about some kind of secret IFR for cars because I can just about make out that there is a road) with the wipers going lickety-split as Grammie always said which expression like pussywillow kind of hits different but awesomely so in the present company. The snow still hasn't got Mama to put any clothes on (Soefta'xrn's just as clothing-optional as Equestria in the My Little Pony shows--HAH unsee that--but that doesn't stop it being happy birthday to me too).

Not just you I'm loving the view through your eyes--hey is that your Earth-Mom's jacket!?

What!? Where?

On the dashboard, you're looking at it--no I see you're looking at Rada because that's where you be.

Sure enough, up there on the dash, is my Earth-mom's old fuzzy black fleece jacket with the fancy and I have to say kind of Strawberry-esque design on the trim. It makes me think of her, which like thinking of your Mom (not Mama) during sex right, but also Mama and me already (a little incest roleplay goes a loooooooong way when your Big actually raised you in another life) and I can't tell if the idea of Mama using Mother's old jacket (Mother, Earth-mom, same person, she ran when I ran) is the most awesomely hardcore ever or TERRIBLE so I resolve to decide she doesn't have it up there for that kind of foreshadowing though Mama runs a tight ship and she'll have thought about everything in here carefully. A scene from Mama is a pretty great birthday present on its own.

Someone's crunching pocky, strawberry obviously, nearby. Then slurps a soda. I turn my head, orange hair, wool hat, normal Earthling snowclothes, drawn like she just stepped out of an episode of Pokemon, Eisela! She's sitting in the chair next to us--ours is gone, obviously--with a Pokemon my brain insists wrongly is Blastoise in her lap looking happily up at her. She's eating strawberry pocky and sucking on a pink-and-white Japanese or Infernal juicebox very pointedly okay I get it blush and hang my head and grin up because you see me now hi Eisela yes you had better bet up for some strawberry candy soon! She waves and implodes the juice box and then looks at not-Blastoise who seems to say something to her pyschicially, and pets him.

Mama's driving with the smirk that says this is definitely Isht Visht but which could be either evil domme face at making her beautiful kiteship be a minivan, or knowing whatever it is about this minivan Mama knows and nobody else but Isht Visht does they're going to troll us with soon--see, Isht Visht and Mama are giant Earthling-culture dorks, and one of Mama's favorites is James Bond, we now know, because his gadgets remind her of her handmaiden gear (the Strawberry World had limited clockwork, that is until I started hauling all kinds of Earthling tech back through the worldgate. I wonder whatever became of my gameboy? The original one with the Strawberry monogram, not my GameBoy Ultimate).

My GameBoy what now? Yeah um...just try to hang on until we can explain about StarFox CD and what me being the Mistress of StarFox got Nintendo and Sony to do after all. Things'll make a little more sense then.

Beside Boobsong and me in the space between us and Eisela is a bag with what looks like a folded stack of the purply-black cleanup towels Mama uses aboard Isht Visht at partytime, but in it is also a fat grey length of coax with brass connector visible, coiled on top of the towels, other end invisible.

I can see a softly femme arm with a blue t-shirt around the passenger seat under a dirty blonde head. Cheryl! She's waving her arm around all silly because everyone knows that you do not air guitar to the Trans Siberian Orchestra, you air conduct. I mean it's right there in the name of the band!

Our soundtrack is their orchestral metal rendition of Carol of the Bells, and if anyone is ever gonna play metal too quietly or have a weaksauce sound system it's sure not going to be Isht Visht.

Like obviously I know they abducted me and Boobsong to whereever this road even is, but I still feel like it's so good to see them I don't believe it. I twist--wait, since when can't I move? Thrust--

Hot pulls my pussy so far in...almost opening inside hole...

--and I can fidget for comfort and stuff, but my game isn't letting me turn around or anything. I'm still leaking worship like my hole got overfilled, so that's not it.

Malina's small childish voice (she sure doesn't look childish, but likes to be cute) silver-bells behind me:

"Let's eat candy!"

...and I implode into sobbing, pick Boobsong off me so I can just cuddle her, and wrap her tight against me, stroking the curves of her back where her sound-holes would be if she was a violin to give get up enough lust to let her latch her hug on herself.

"Cumswallow what happened? Eisela has pocky, take one, she's offering it. It'll bring your heart up."

Grab Princess super tight and SQUEEZE--capped no moving now good I'm nice and tight.

I look over to see Eisela holding out her box of pocky, jouncing as we go over bumps, smiling all kindly, but of course that just makes me cry harder so I manage to mumble a weepy "thanks" around my tears but just bury my face in Boobsong's hair and keep sobbing.

Somebody stops the music. I keep crying, too stuck to say anything. My game will tell them like Auntie Lucifer or wait because I need to express myself to feel better. I think it's the second one this time.

"I can't make candy right anymore," I finally manage to whisper.