14 - Feel The Bite

Heart beats. Fingers stretch and feel sandy cold stuff--BRRRR! It's freezing here! The snow is all sandy-hard, not even melting from my touching it! Light on, let's get warm again!

Light? Um...

The cold is biting. Boobsong!?

C-c-c-freezing dolly here!

The ground is draining heat fast and my light is broken. I push off and click--

Bounding up get close to you as snuggly as possible! Hurry fast freezing!

Boobsong runs into me half-up and climbs the rest of the way, snuggling, and I put my arms around her. She's warm, a little, but it's cold out here. Light please? Full effort, blow the world apart--I can feel it burn in me, but it's not getting out. My skin stays freezing cold, but my core is warming up. It's still unpleasant, though! Being naked here is--alright, I guess that's half a checkmark anyway. Good one, Dreams. The other three will be how hard it is to get inside again, with a half to help this be weird enough for getting my clit entirely inside Boobsong--where it still is right now. Rushing water surrounds it, warm and snuggly, and surprisingly not making me cum soon. If I get horny, it'll take me over the edge, but now it's just nice.

Here we are in the dark again--everything is black. I start to turn around--

"Hey, what's this doing here--the statue's alive, it moved, did you see that!?"

How'd we unidolize if--no wait, we were lying down, my idols never get left that way.

The voice is to the left. It sounds like they have a sled, and I can hear them crunching through the snow and swishing in a snowsuit.

"We're not statues," I call.

"Well then get inside with us before your nipples freeze off!"

I still can't see them, but try to follow the voice, pulling Boobsong with me. The snow crunches bitterly cold under my feet--and it takes a lot to get me to say that!

Oh fuck. What the fuck is going on.

"I think I'm blind! Is there light here?"

Third person--

You can't use that here. Goowiggled Fairy toy, your eyes will come back soon.

Where did they go, though!? Boobsong, what am I thinking here. Just slide into her mind so sexily...

"You're blind too, dolly!?"

Nod against your breasts.

"Can't see, just smell. Smell you and one other. Voice same way as smell. Good like oak fire with stones around. Camp Monomonac, reminds."

We could really use that fireplace right now!

"I'm coming over there! Just stay steady, yah?"

The voice is far away, but they can see and we can't, so I stop. She (the voice is femme, it'll be she unless my game stopped keeping me with amazingly cute girly gay chicks, exclusively) have a kind of midwestern accent...okay this is getting weirder, but just starting a new episode doesn't seem that strange.

Which just means whatever this is is going to be good and sideways. I'd rub my hands in anticipation if they weren't clamped to Boobsong's ass for warmth. Her nipply goodness presses into my midriff, but we're still both shaking like big jubbly vibes.

At least my clit is warm.


Footsteps are marching closer, and the sound of snowclothes is louder--ooh, nylon, get me hugged by that! Snowsuit and nothing else is a favorite of mine, which is why Eisela dressed that way for my birthday. I hope we get to have fun with it...if we don't just keep adding new adventures without finishing the last one!

I smell evergreen now, too.

"There you are--frozen half to death, ya must be! Get these blankets on--not allowed!? Alright well come inside at least."

"Sh-she can--"

You can have the blanket only on your cocksleeve. None of it can touch you, or your game will take it off again.

If I could let go of her, and gave the order, she'd just turn into a dragon and eat me instead--oh wait, we just did that scene! Her collar feels so snuggly around my neck. I love this love it love it love it. I bet it's gorgeous I want to see myself.


"Suit yourself. I'm grabbing your arm, okay?"

I nod, and a--oh fuck I didn't think--ooh okay. That could have been a cotton glove (bad stuff, getting in a bed of it will give my Fairy nerves a seizure, a glove would be unfun), or wool mitten (not so bad, but itchy, ew), but it's rubbery grippy stuff on poofy insulation with hard rough cloth behind it. Synthetics are my friend, oh yes, I meant that thing about being the goddess of artificial flavor. The glove isn't the sexy slip of nylon and su'khora down over girlflesh, but it's nicely interesting.

(Okay readers, cultural realignment time. One of these things is really ugly and horrifying, and one is kinky and beautiful. Exhibit A: pulling feathers off a terrified animal, optionally killing it first. Exhibit B: pulling feathers off a consenting masochist who will get off on it and bless each one with the joy the scene brought them and their playmates. Can you match them up? Oh or exhibit C sentient birdkin carefully saving their molts that fell off anyway for Mommy-boo to make pillows out of)

These gloves though. Hmm. Wear a pair and hold a struggling sub real good, watch them realize how the grippy will pinch if they struggle too hard.

[!] Hot let's try that!

You were a little light on the struggling last time, but maybe I just need to give you motivation...

Gulp. Sex dolly will work so hard your arms come off!

That's the spirit. Which I'll be if we don't get inside soon.

The hand pulls, and I follow, dragging Boobsong instead of trying to pilot her. No asking Sis for cartridges or go here right now, I guess.

I mean right? Sis?

We just keep crunching through the snow, my feet burning and throbbing.


Keep your head up, hehe. You're out adventuring like yesteryear! No help our way, but we're watching.

Talk about your back to level one!

I'm kind of glad, it's weird to say. The world's more simple, and wherever we get inside to it's going to be a lot more like being a couple of lost kids stuck naked in the woods than a goddess and dragon fallen from the sky unused to strange mortal traditions like covering our bodies, and that's...kind of a nice change.

[Vision: candy heart with icicles but happy light inside] Love you all!

Oh I'm so stupid. I make a candy that'll--okay I can't make candy now!? Now I'm offended. That's a part of me! I have plenty of worship, so that's not it.

The Dreams show me a...red X. Weird. It'd freak people out, maybe? Spiking's about the only thing that can hold back either my light or my candy.

Watch my fairy wings be disallowed too. I'd try them here but I don't want them to fizzfeezing shatter.

If I'm right this is going to get fun when we get into the light and they see Boobsong properly, but where the snarlygrape tomato popsicles are we!? 

Acme Station location fix--oh--right.

Enh, I'm totally pulling an Arthur with that anyway. This is going to be so much weirder.

Alright well walking's it I guess.

Ew, pot smoke. High quality I think, but yuck.

Shouldn't the Sugarfeast Fairy be a massive junkie, you ask. Especially since she can nectar her liver back to existing. She is, but every upper can get in line behind sugar and caffeine, every downer can get in line behind alcohol (that was just how I drink, in minivan!IshtVisht. I'm huge, remember, and have the tolerance of a kid who grew up in a castle with no drinking age)--

--oh hey, we're big again, or our rescuer is also little.

And every hallucinogen...can try to keep up with even five minutes in Rl'yeh Sade. I mean it's just plain trying to light the sun on fire. Exhibit A, our day so far.

And anyway pot is gross and makes me feel weird. Rave drugs are better but they still just feel like trying to do what my candy does without my candy.

"What's that boy smoking now--won't go there I guess. One arch past, not too longer. You can make it, right?"

Rescuer sounds hot and has good taste and said good taste avoids meeting an icky boy. Classic, Dreams.

Hey. I'm a Lesbian and I was just twelve. Boys are icky until further notice. Not you guys you know who you are.

"A-as l-l-l-long as yo-u-u-u don't mi-ind her giv-ing me a nectar b-bath the s-second we're inside!"

The snow is just a dusting over some kind of dirt or gravel here, and little bushes brush my ankles.

"That's a mighty strange euphemism. Where'd you stumble in from, if you don't mind me asking? Seems a way t' be out without yer snowsuit, let alone chickenplucked."

Eu--AAAH! Click!

Tail into mouth lick nectar on...follow shoulder...neck...collar's there...up your chin and mouth...sucked in eep hot! Mouth is nice and warm! Please stay, tail freezing!

The nectar tastes as good as always and wanders off my passage to take the edge off the cold just slightly, as usual. Whew. Without my light and candy I had to wonder what's next!

Click that she'll keep her tip near and put it back if I spit it out to talk. It's comforting me, too.

"Ack, that tail can move!? You had me, it looked real for a second!"

We will resist having you pet her face with it. We will resist having you pet her face with it. Until we're inside.

Which is close I really hope. It feels like we're outside-inside, like under an overpass or something. Too big to be a porch.

Also where are we that she's never seen a su'khora, but whatever my game used to tell her I'm not even allowed a blanket wasn't an instant screaming freakout?

Um--should probably not ignore our way out of the cold. I (reluctantly) nudge her tail's pussy-lips heartstone comfort out of my mouth.

"You'd be amazed what she can do with it. Um...we kind of just woke up there, on the ground. We were having sex, and then like, bamf, we're on our way to being strawberry and grape freezer pops. Where is here?"

Definitely under cover now. Something in the sound or something says wooden buildings, but huge. Underfoot, the ground is wood with snow dusting it.

"Right under Herofist, but you mean what's this town. Tinselfawn, thirty miles outside Towerbound. Seat of Hamdringer? None o' that's familiar, is it? Mighty far indeed, I guess! Watch these stairs."

Alright maybe I'm stereotyping that this is totally Valhalla, but I mean, Happy Chains isn't even a slightly weird name in Rl'yeh Sade.

But where do you find Valkyr who sit still long enough to not encounter su'khora? Or get spiked into heartforming because they need someone?

And we haven't jumped off anything or heard any explosions. That's like crossing this much distance in Rl'yeh Sade without hearing so much as one wet smack.

Stairs bump my feet--watch out, dolly--as our rescuer steps up ahead of us, and we climb them. Wood, with lips over the risers, made of little narrow board facing out instead of going the long way across them.

"Those sound like Valkyr names. Are we in Valhalla somewhere?"

There's music in the background, poundy drums and little flutes. The song's nothing I know. Dolly?

Not remembering any song like this one.

"Tear me up and float me down! What is your friend!? Are you aliens!?"

"Just got light on my girlfriend, huh? Wave hi, you."


Wave squiggly lashing so-real tail!

One thing I've learned being me is...like the usual joke here is like, I have only two settings, but no. I'm a star, light or no light, and I have one setting, and it's holy atomic fireballs that's bright. There's no use trying to introduce ourselves gently. It's like my game, the only question is how to play.

Let's go with pathetic because I really am about to freeze my nipples off. I let my voice waver with our shivering, full-force.

"I didn't think we were but now I'm wondering if you say that Um please don't freak out it's so cold and we can't see and we don't know why please just take us inside anywhere we can get warm and I'll tell you everything just give me a minute to heal whatever frostbite I have first please just help us that much even if you have to run away afterward."

"I ain't scared. She's beautiful. You are too but yer human lookin'."

"Just give me a minute once we get inside, if you think she's flashy."

Also good dodge of where we are. Shenanigans, dolly?

Very cold yes brr.

Alright, new theory: surprise party. Had us going--

Only if you say surprise when you walk in with them. We aren't doing this, I swear on my lantern.

Which is like me swearing on my candy. Okay but still Shenanigans.

"Smells fine here. In you go, you first!"

A smell of old wood like the camp is coming from the door I heard open to our right. I make for it, there's a threshold with metal treads I scrape my icy gross feet on, and then we're inside and warm air burns on my skin. The space behind us fills up with the swishieness of our rescuer and the door closes and it gets much warmer without the draft.

I fuzz Boobsong's bouncy flesh with hard rubbing to build up lust and warmth, then click.

Check for frostbite. Smelling...around your butt and shins...even toes okay...bounce back up rehug.

All okay!

"What was that for?"

"She was checking if I had any frostbite to fix."

"Fix it how, you're bare except that wand and chain! Is that a piercing there, in her neck like that?"

"She made it. She's a shapeshifter, when she's not frozen solid. Which--um--"

"Look at me, you're barely standin' there and here I am all nosiness. This way, I'll take yer arm again."

The hand comes back, but now it's soft and warm. Feels more round than slim, yum, fitting the sweet soft voice. She leads us into a bigger-feeling space (high ceilings? My wingstincts are fidgety, which usually means there's room to fly), there's smell of aaaammaaaaaazing-smelling yummy hot cider, then--hell yes fire. I wonder if I'm still fireproof without my light? We're parked in front of a fireplace by the sound and warmth that washes over us, and the smell of slightly-dusty woodsmoke.

Something soft bumps my legs, velvet's not my favorite but it won't give me seizures either.

"That's a loveseat. Sit before you faint! I'll get some fresh cider on, and then I do want to hear everything. My very own aliens! This'll be a story, for sure--a bit too out of here for most, but I like 'em. You asked me somethin', right as I saw the light on her. I got distracted, what'd you say there?"

Her voice fades like she's gone to another room with big windows to this one or so. I sit, and pull Boobsong into my lap, start rubbing her everywhere to warm her (and me).

Sex dolly running down please cap.

Click. Usually so much feeling up would lust her (and me) right back up but we're still so cold.

"I said those sound like Valkyr names, are we in Valhalla! The towns I mean--oh, when you get back, don't freak out, she's fine."

"Valkyr sounds kind of Norwegian, is that where yer talking about? How's she fine, you look froze half to death!"

"You'll see--"

Holy double frozefizzen Dippin' Dots cookie dough--dolly, this place, do you think maybe these people don't get to play a lot of Pacman? Dreams this is still you, right?

Pancakes: they don't serve breakfast in hell, and/or Openveil--OPENVEIL!? Where!? How!? Just what the fuck's going on here I'm scared now Dreams!

A big nativity scene, the characters falling over, until the lights come on and baby Jesus is just hay.

Alright then dolly.

If they play it must be silent mode!

Maybe we're supposed to take our guest on a wakkabout?

Sounds smart to your sex dolly!

Huh? OH--damnation, dolly, you have to have some real catholic taste to come up with that! Have a kiss.

The poor thing's lips are like icewater outside. I do my best to warm them, and make her just spend the lust I give so she can kiss back.

MMmmf...yay...warm please go--eep!

You scared us!

GAH! There's a huge bang from the kitchen, like a gunshot, startling us out of our kiss.


"Sweet Jesus that was terrifying! That almost blew my head clean off! You two have anything about yer alien stuff that makes soda caps like bottle rockets?"

This would be a good moment for a significant look, but.

Candy to fix my eyes, eye-shaped clear hard candy, on my tongue--nothing. Candy to make my nipples warmer for a minute--nothing. Like my light, I can feel it there, struggling to get out.

The Dreams show me a postcard with green plains and a cow. The candy'd be too weird here...but it's leaking out anyway, like my sugarfeast cum before. Alright, I know a plot hook when I see one.

"If that was soda, I think you'd better stay away from anything artificial or sweet for a minute. I'll explain, but like, watch out for exploding candy bars apparently."

"We're in trouble here then, I have a sweet tooth t' summon Lucifer himself!"

The Dreams show me a ballet slipper--en pointe, that's the point. If you wanted me to read that as graceful poise you would have sent Mommy-boo, not the president of the Real Big Huge Club!

"Actually my aunt's a she, but it's funny you should mention that, because I think you might have accidentally summoned us somehow. Is there like a weird statue of me in your woods? Or was there?"

"The Devil's a lady--and yer his--her niece!? Alright that first part's believable. I can tell you from personal being-experienced us ladies're sometimes troublesome. You ain't lookin' so wicked, though I see yer girlfriend's a demon now. She alright? She ain't talked a bit since I found you."

Her voices comes closer (yay she's not running away!) as she talks, and then there's the ding of a mechanical kitchen timer, and I hear her footsteps head back where she came from.

"Oh, no, I blew the Devil up yesterday. Well, what was left of it, though I think a ringworld with a crazy computer and a spaceship the size of the orbit of Mars count as dangerous leftovers--oh right, argh, it might have been like a few hundred years ago to you. I'm having a very weird time with time lately. Anyway my Auntie Lucifer isn't The Devil though she does have kind of anti-authoritarian thing that makes religious leaders not like her, but she's a star, not a fallen angel. My girlfriend's fine. She was too cold to talk and now her lust ran down--um, she's a succubus, but she gets off on being a doll, so her lust runs down really fast to make sure it happens alot, which is why I said don't panic, because she really looks like a doll when she's out of lust. She's awake and stuff, just can't move. We can read each other's minds, so we don't miss out on talking when she's like this--OOH! Mind control! I know how we can figure out if you summoned me! If you did I bet I need your permission to see right now! I kind of have a mind control kink myself so I probably got stuck with some kind of weird thing to show me how I'm not scared of sentient doms nearly as much anymore now that I have this."

I reach up and tug Boobsong's collar, thrill inside to feel the teeth poke, then realize that that paragraph wasn't suppose to go quite that far.

Sounds of whisking are coming from the kitchen now.

"You ain't ever talked to a right-thinking woman of faith, I can tell that much. Yer confusin' me more than temptin' me!"

"I'm confusing me! That stuff's not even the weird part of my week! Honestly, the way I deal with the reality of my life is to just be like, Rainbow, if you were crazy and making stuff up, you would do it in a way that makes any sugarpopping sense to you at all. I mean, just for instance, I just came from being collared by Boobsong here, which is the hugest relief you can't even believeand like the minute I start to cum from our celebration-sex, the theme song from our show starts up like we're on the show but just playing from nowhere, and then bamf, there we are in the snow with you finding us, which is the kind of thing our show starts with usually, but not when I've just been collared two minutes ago!"

"Literally my whole day since I woke up, which I did by changing back from the statue I'd been turned into because one of my followers was worshipping it as an idol, has been that way. Oh and we were in an iron box floating in space with my Auntie Lucifer looking in the window at the time. So yeah, I'm definitely not tempting you or I'd be talking about all of my dolly's neat stuff she can do or trying to make your candy explode more except I can't control that and I'm kind of worried it just happens when I fool around with Boobsong here since we were when your soda blew up and I have worshippers because I'm the goddess--the, a, I mean there might be other ones--of artificial flavor, among other things--but most of all I'd be making some sense which I'm definitely not, sorry. I chatter when I'm nervous and the idea that I can't play with her without exploding stuff is wigging me out because if my brain doesn't fry from horniness first I'll die of thirst pretty fast if I can't drink enough of her nectar. Like not faster than a normal human but that's still only a couple of days. Also stars are pretty visual so being blind is starting to really freak me out."

Fun game: some people, if you just keep confusing them with new stuff, will glitch out and start accepting new concepts, where they wouldn't before. We're not exorcised or anything, so I'm hoping our host is one, or will be if I'm helpless enough.

"Rainbow, like the kid's cartoon!? Mammy always said, Bermuda, stay off them channels o' Satanist propaganda, was she right!? That old biddy must be laughin' her head off at me, wherever she is! She was always quotin' scripture at me, prophesied this an' Beelzebub that--you know him? Wait, how's that you blew the Devil up? Family business get hairy? You ain't kiddin' me, are ya. Yer just as confused as I am, it's on yer face like ribbons. Yer scarified. That's terrified, extra-strength. What's yer pleasure, tea or coffee, black--outta milk, I'm afraid."

"Um, coffee--yeah, the kids' show. Okay, wanna be really confused? You'll have to read your Bible, if you have one."

This is going too slow. Usually that means I'm not using Boobsong enough--the Dreams tend to throw me easymode things I can steamroll with her one way or another, most of the time.

Or--oh frazzlepops. Which one's it going to be, given the context, Rainbow. I knew this didn't seem to be cutting deep enough.

"Actually, um...can we try to figure out the summoning thing please? I think you might be controlling me or something and I really wanna know."

"In Jesus name, have your eyes healed!"

Nothing happens.

"Try just telling me to see on your own authority. I don't think they fried, I think I just don't have permission to see here."

"Bermuda says, Rainbow Brite turn your eyes on!"

Vision fades up from nothing. I'm sitting on a pinkish velvet chez-lounge directly in front of a square-stones and kind of fifties fireplace with a roaring fire. A rope tied from the center top of it goes off back over my head, and the ceiling is high. I spent a moment drinking in her beautiful face--not to see her hurts--give her still lips a little kiss, and twist around to see an open kitchen area almost like a cooking show, with counters in front and pots hanging up. Bermuda is pottering around it, wearing a bright red knit cap. She's curvy like I thought, with a youngly round face, but shapely more than fat, alot like Boobsong and me, and she's wearing a tight red apron over nice big boobs under a shirt so normal I almost can't perceive it after a day in Rl'yeh Sade. Also, we're back to the True Sea, and Boobsong and me have lost our artstyle and just look real. Argh.

This is why summoned demons in movies are always so crabby. At least our sorceress is kind of hot.

No, what am I thinking, I'm acting like they called for Rarity or something. Full corruption mode, demon dolly, let's do this thing.

It's helps that Bermuda's still whisking something and making her breasts shake just a little doing it.

"That worked! You're pretty! Um, thank you, I mean!"

Don't call me if you didn't want the one who's there to get laid and watch the shockwaves make pretty interference patterns bouncing off the rubble of what was the status quo.

She looks up--quick, before she can answer--aww, her shirt's an Ugly Christmas Sweater! Freak power! 

"Dolly--hang on, Bermuda--"

I turn back to Boobsong and kiss her hard and twist her nipple meanly until--

Haaah kissing yum ouch EEP MOVING DOLLY MOVING DOLLY!

BLAM--another explosion rocks the house, but it's expected this time.

"WOW there goes another one! I can see what you're worried about! Don't make whoopee, you'll bring the house down!"

Let free, sad, kissing stopped!

Teehee whoopee? Do you play a lot of Sims or are you just that Christian? Oh, important thing--

Eyes are good can see as well as always.

Okay. Click, and twist back to look at Bermuda. I'd perch my head on the back of the couch like a little kid if there was one but there's not so I just settle for looking bouncily excited.

Twist and look with Mommy. Look so sweet and cute you get sugar rush. Eyes all big. Mouth all plump, smell Lesbian.

"This sucks! We don't want to make your house blow up! It's because her candy's stuck, we're sure of it! Please would you let her make some?"

Oh fuck we're not going to corrupt her the same way we got Sex are we um click gulp!

Sex dolly already has all that stuff. She ordered you to play her game, not other games. Needs her commands to change that now, or spiked she bets.

Oh. Oh fizzbubbling inside out twinkies this is going to be good and I'm so toast and--ack click!

Back to what your sex dolly was saying.

"It's really nice to meet you though! You're very nice to help us. Really great to have eyes back! Try another thing now? Candy?"

Pleading face.

"Well I don't see what harm candy can do--"

Okay banzai but this is important.

"Okay I'm saying this so you won't think I tricked you. Please be nice to me. I'm not evil I just get really weird sometimes. I can make my candy do just about anything to people, from just be yummy to--the way it works is I make it with an intention like make your kisses taste like bubble gum for half an hour and the intention pulls up a wish whoever eats it has and that adds to the effect, like if you were planning to kiss someone you had a crush on who really loved grape that candy might give you grape bubblegum kisses, except...there's kind of no upper limit? Like this morning I made a girl candy that'd give her a windup key that had to be wound or she turned into a statue until she got wound back up, because was thinking she needed a lesson in the kindness of strangers because she seemed to me like one of those people who thinks nobody even wants to see her though in retrospect I was probably projecting some anyway all I meant was like once a day she'd have to get wound up again and she couldn't reach they key herself. I left a lot of wiggle room in the intention because that's where the most beautiful stuff comes from when you don't try to control it too tightly but that can get really scary, like, apparently this girl had a truly epic statue kink because what she got when she ate the windup candy was a key, yeah, but it split her soul in half so the part that actively wills stuff is in the key and she only has it when the key is turning so there's no like picking the lock or anything, and the mechanism only lets her be wound to run for an hour at a time and then it's an hour before she can be wound again and I think there's even more stuff we haven't discovered yet. Like, you should have seen her face when she found out, she loves it, but, I kind of specialize in helping people find scary wishes they have and have fun with them. It doesn't have to be that scary and nobody even has to eat it just like--"

GAH ooh my silver sweet tooth I love this thing. Dragon bite right there waiting. Okay no cringing but this won't stop me blushing.

"Like I guess I'm kind of getting pent up. I haven't made any candy in hours because I've been so busy. I can just make tasty treats for myself, that'll probably fix it. You can probably tell me I'm not allowed to make candy that does anything but really simple stuff."

Bermuda puts her cooking down and rests her hands on her counter, leaning forward.

"That's some honesty. Would you like to try a big one? Pete upstairs can't get out of bed since his leg blew trying to shovel snow at the community center--"

I'm flipped over the back of the couch and on my feet with Boobsong in tow in milliseconds, ready to go.

"WHAT!? Yes! Now! You're gorgeous, are you telling me you guys don't have any kind of fountain of youth!? I thought you must be using something! What planet is this, I thought this was some obscure corner of Heaven like I came from, but there's no way--alright, priorities, game, get Pete down here fast if you can! Bermuda, please, yes, we can't leave him that way! My candy can fix it or Boobsong's nectar can if you won't let me make candy but there's no way he'll take it without you to vouch for us, is there? I'm not going to just say give him this purple bubblegum don't ask where it came from!"

What the fuck did we get summoned to a lost planet somehow Dreams I thought that wasn't allowed.

I'm scared, but not as scared as this planet will be soon if it's anything like Earth was!

"Your game will not bring Pete down. You should go to him."

"Hey, wow, Pete's fine, I just thought seeing how you'd take the chance to help a neighbor you don't know. You look ready to snap a shark in half so I guess that tells me everything! There's water down the road that does this to me. We all drink it. I'm forty-eight, if you can believe it. It's a strange place we're in. If it's Heaven, where's Jesus and everything? There's no work, and my soda cleans up itself, so I guess that's heavenly, or the other place ain't the other place I heard about on Sunday mornings!"

I pull Boobsong close and put a melodramatic but needed hand over my heart, take a deep breath. Way to push buttons!

"It ain't, but that--okay this is one of those really serious jokes, okay? If you really don't want me to tell it I bet you can command me to shut up but hear me out please."

No wonder Boobsong always says that, even when she knows I will. Oof hot.

This is also, readers, the joke Boobsong and me were riffing before. I went from denominations of church to denominations of money to get the Pacman joke, like, they only have one denomination and it's not quarters, so no Pacman.

"So a guy dies and goes to heaven, and Saint Peter gives him a tour of all the various denominations' paradises. First they pass a Quaker meeting hall, where a bunch of people in simple clothes listen to one standing up give a speech so profound even Saint Peter is sobbing after a couple of minutes of listening through the window. He takes them straight from there to what sounds like a nightclub at first, but it's just the Pentecostals raising the roof with the best worship songs ever heard. Next to them is a towering cathedral five miles tall and carved with all sorts of things, incense and beautiful music pouring out the cracked-open door, that's the Catholics. They stroll on this way for a while, with Saint Peter explaining the more obscure denominations genially, until suddenly he gets this weird paranoid look, as they pass a white wood church with a people listening to the pastor just reading a really long Bible passage."

"Who're they, the new guy asks all cheerfully, and Saint Peter is like, SSSSSSSH! Those are the Baptists! They think they're the only ones here!"

Bermuda giggles like a bubbly fountain, then gets serious all at once.

"Oh. Yer tellin' me we're in Baptist Heaven, and yer from outside it. Yer the Pentecostals, like in the metaphor. What's that mean, am I Heaven or Hellbound? Is this like, what's that Catholic thing, Purgatory?"

Top, See yourself from the outside, One midsection tromp

Oh snarlgygrape sweet potato pudding cups. A midsection tromp is a march through Purgatroy.

Beats Limbo anyway! I don't get how I saw myself from the outisde, though--No time.

"Infinite mercy and infinite love as a concrete touchable place exist, and you're in them. You got here one way or another and they put you in a part of their reality where you could be happy while you got ready to see the truth you weren't ready for when you got here. Catholic doctrine turns that into being about punishment and torturing the bad stuff out of you, like it does everything else, but that process can be sweet and kind, if that's how you like it to be. You look like a sweet and kind person, so that's what I'm figuring, but I bet when I stop chattering we'll get some kind of sign about it. I'm here now, because you're ready to see more, that must be why they--the Dreams are what I call Heaven, so that's they to me--sent us, and I'm pretty sure I know why us when they did, but it scares me, even though I have this safety net."

I tug Boobsong's collar again, harder than before, sigh just quietly to feel the silver safety press all around.

"What's that pony mean? It's the Prancing Pony Inn! From the Hobbit! God gives me visions that help me understand life, and he's saying Gandalf is here to take me out beyond the Misty Mountains."

Dreams you are very fucking with my head right now.

They show me the the Dawn Treader, a tow hook, and a hand with a hospital band.

I choose to see the tow hook as pulling the Dawn Treader to the right as I always imagined their journey going, off the edge of Narnia and so C.S. Lewis' Christian worldview. The band says that's Bermuda's medicine.

I have to believe that, because if it's the other way, I don't--I can't--

Silly Fairy-boobs, put your head down hard and feel the bite. That is where your journey ends.

Yeah good idea. Scrunch--OOHOOF WOW. It's a masterpiece, the bite feels good and my body still just--

"Wow, what happened!? Are you getting hurt somehow?"

My hands would be doing that Faith-of-The-Heart-Singing clenched-fists thing a lot harder if I wasn't holding Boobsong.

"Okay, I saw the same idea as you, except it was the Dawn Treader. Beyond the Lone Islands! Except this is kinder than what happened to Bilbo or the Pevensies because we're not here to just drag you out your door. I think the Dreams think you'll come on your own now once we get you ready, and to show you kindly that you're safe in this they sent you someone who can represent what's out there to you, but who would be vulnerable and need your help and um, you could control. I know I keep bringing that up and I don't blame you batting it off this is super weird and would be kind of awkward even where I come from but it's important right now because it means you pretty much have me, I think, like I don't know how much because Boobsong's my real owner now but you--I did just need your permission to see so it might go pretty far and that should matter to you beyond any kinks you may or may not have or care at all about playing me for because right now you have control of this situation. You can make me explain stuff and tell you about things and tell--I'm guessing--exactly what candy I can make so you can see the kinds of ways we play out there and instead of just being sucked through a painting or dragged out your door by a bunch of dwarves you get to prepare. I um, travel light as you can see, but I can tell you about the kind of places we might go, especially if we ask for more visions, so you know what to pack or not. You don't need anything, like I literally just go everywhere naked like this. I'm not allowed clothes as you already found out which is kind of how things are for me in general which brings me to the last thing which is really hard to say but, um...please whichever you're going to do, do, it's killing me to feel like an unopened present and maybe you don't want this one that got dropped on you so weirdly but until about fifteen minutes before you found us out there I would have just curled into a ball and died of being afraid whoever had power over me however nice they were would still pull me away from Boobsong here which I know because I almost did die of being afraid her mom would do that and her mom is hardly going to steal her own kid's host and food supply so you can imagine how I'd feel with a stranger except now that Boobsong's staked her claim formally I feel a lot different and if you start giving orders and I find out there's like mind control or something that makes me follow them I really don't know how I'll feel but apparently the answer is turned on so far and that's really freaking me out which yes is a thing that happens a lot where I'm from--being freaked out by what turns you I mean--but for me this is that spot right on my heart where if the knife goes one little bit too far I'm dead and I don't think the Dreams will let that happen but the suspense of not knowing but being pretty sure I'm going to love it because apparently I'm a GIANT SLUT now is killing me so please either tell me you're not into that kind of thing and let me breath a sigh of relief and run away from the big scary cliff edge or push me off so I can learn what I'm pretty sure the Dreams are trying to tell me here which is that I like skydiving now. I just can't jump for myself and being on the edge like this is killing me."

By the end I'm panting hard and clutching Boobsong tight.

She actually looks me up and down for the first time! I'm proud of you, Bermuda, try something!

She's coming out from behind the counter--OHFUCKMINDCONTROLCLICK!!!!!!!

Sex dolly claims music. Dancing that takes over you is only for her commands.

It'd be too much from a stranger, that music. It was nothing like when my game carefully turns my brain's gears for me. It was...dancing that takes over you. With the game I always feel the difference between me and what the game is making me do. I just became that dance.

Bermedua's in front of me, and turning around. She's hot, thicc like Boobsong but between our heights so she's bigger. Yum.

"Help me off with this apron, then."

I stall to see if anything makes me, but nothing does. Can I be obedient?

Nope. Slippy slidy glassy yum, but not a muscle moves.

"Oookay, apparently I can't. That's not a surprise because stuff like that's usually against my rules, but--I mean here, I don't have to be a total tease. I really thought I would have to."

I click my eravahk loudly--hey eravahk have dramatically variable clickyness--over Boobsong's head as Bermuda peers back over her shoulder.

Unsnuggle so nipply fun and go over there and pull out the bow for her.

She's still just standing there. Up fllaaap high above head very carefully taking the apron off her neck and over head and pull it up and fall back down doof.

Walk in front and present it up.

Taking it...bow and come back to Princess on hands and knees and kneel down here against your leg.

"Are you using that stick to make her do all that stuff? Aren't you the slave with her?"

Bermuda's turned around to look at us again--

The Dreams show me an image of hands washing up, and then being taken by another hand--

"That's my order then. Time to wash up and go with you."

She turns on her heel, heads to the sink in the counter, reaches over it to wash up from behind it--

"I KNOW WHAT I'M HERE FOR! WHY ME, NOW! Boobsong comes in soon maybe but I know my part!"

Bermuda turns around, still drying her hands, looks me up and down again.

"I love it when you check me out," I blurt, before she can pretend not to. "Boobsong's fair game too but I'll get all gaspy for you."

She looks about to talk, but I press the advantage. Topping from the bottom is very naughty and should only be used as hard as you can to the awesomest possible effect.

"Okay, you're definitely coming with, right? Over the Misty Mountains, beyond the Lone Islands?"

"The almighty tells me go with you, I don't say maybe not."

"Okay, then you're getting ready now. Lesson one. Ever since we came in here and I realized I needed your permission to even see I've been having the worst time twisting and turning inside trying to figure out what it is I'm here for because I feel like there's something and it's important that I need you to take from me like not take away exactly I just feel like a tree with presents or fruit or something and it's ripe and I really really really need you to take it but I can no more shake it off for even tell you where it is than that tree can so. Your first lesson in this is a test of faith. Do you have the faith to believe the love I know you've seen protect this place from stuff that gave us the evening news back on Earth or even spilled soda, will protect me from you if I need to be, no matter what you try? I have really strict rules to keep me in my game with Boobsong, so you're going to be bouncing off the ropes a lot, but that's the point. Where we're going you need to learn that's a thing people just do, and there's nothing like firsthand experience. So, try stuff. Anything. Grab this wand out of my hand and beat me with it. Tell me to do your dishes. Tell me to recite the middle names of all my girlfriends in reverse alphabetical order and slash me with one of your kitchen knives if I mess up."

"All of those are terrible ideas, or maybe I hid the answer in there. You don't know. Have to just try stuff."

The Dreams show me a racetrack with big thick guardrails as I talk but I still want to die and don't know why any of that just came out of my mouth except that it's nobody's mind control and that's why it's so horrifying. What if the Dreams don't even protect, here--that must be why the racetrack but AAAAAH!

She looks me up and down again, folds her arms.

A beat passes. The can of turners and ladles and things on the counter burns in the corner of my vision but something tells me that's not her style.

"Offering me all that stuff you looked like your eyes would bolt with your head left there."

She unfolds her arms and rolls up her sleeves, revealing soft femme arms with more of her tannish-greyish skin. My heart climbs up my passage so it can edge-of-its-seat better.

Suddenly she grabs my wrist in an iron grip, snatches a cleaver from the counter, slaps my hand to the counter and the cleaver down--

Somehow, I can't understand how, I don't scream or jerk away or have a heart attack and die, I guess because I did this to Sex this morning like fifty times and the Dreams let me connect every time--unlike now.

It's headachey to look at, even to my stellar eyes. Bermuda's strike was true, but my wrist and the cleaver don't intersect, even though they're in  the same space. Look one way, see the cleaver cut into the countertop. Look the other, there's my hand, fine as can be. Same piece of counter. I can even feel the cut the knife made in the countertop. My heart is screaming like an underpropped engine (and feels about as ready to burn out) and I'm breathing hard, but that's it. I take my hand back and look at it, rub it, and she doesn't stop me.

"You're...a quick...study..." I gasp and gulp.

She turns to the counter and I start to cringe because I think she's going to just throw the tools at me, but instead she braces herself on the counter to take a few deep breaths of her own.

Princess your sex dolly would like to comfort you.

YES. Clickclick.

Poing up grab your arm and get small again aaaaAAAH!

I clutch my dolly to my chest with both arms, tight.


Deep breath Rainbow.

"It's presents time soon, right? I'm your present. Don't go just for horrible. What do you want. Start there. Are you a--"


"Are you a slasher? You don't look like one to me right now. The good--the good, gasp, bad stuff is scary because it makes you feel--gasp--alive--and you look like you want to die. Come on, what do you wish the lost girl you saved from freezing to death would turn out to be? You come down in the morning and there's a person under your tree and a label with your name on it, what happens next, try that! I might be her, only one way to find out!"

Bermuda gets her head enough to look up at me, then takes up a pair of scissors from the counter (HOW am I standing still for this!? Blades are horrible!--

It should matter that I never felt the one that ended my life, but it doesn't, I don't think.

She's there, close, face sweeter now, she picks up a big chunk of my hair and lifts the scissors up and--they jam solid. She lifts them to her face, and almost cuts her own nose off when the close as easily as they should with out my hair in the way.

"Don't get cut! You'd...like me better with short hair?"

Little voice. Fidgey curiosity, squeeze on out, come on.

"I want a lock of this to keep! There you are, I'm Gimli! See what you got me to--you're good."

Game I have so much. Would a little bit for her do anything bad to me?

Goowiggled silly, tears and hair go everywhere with you around. Give a small bunch without fear.

"What's your favorite color?"

"Burgundy, but red is fine!"

Game don't let me show it don't let me forget dolly CLASS 10 IMAGINARY SIGNIFICANT LOOK.

Yes that has to be something!

My hands won't move to find a strand, and my heart floods with warm relief.

"Her body's not her own to give. You can try to take it, though..."

Bermuda turns and braces on the counter again.

"What's the stick do!? Is that your girlfriend's way of holding you in mind control--she does, you said that, right? All the pretty acting fooled me good. What's yer story, Boobsong? Are you just giving her commands in your mind? What's your toy cost to play with, that's the piece I missed!"

The Dreams show me a bottle of clear nail polish, and a guardrail. Be clear about the guardrail. I was going to, though?

A Lego traffic cop? Oh! Stop a minute.

"Hey...wanna take a break and like do our nails, or something? Boobsong can--"

Right, no Acme Station. Still.

"She's incredible, and we can just explain everything. I want my rainbows, anyway, I didn't get a chance to even get dressed this morning, heh."

Bermuda sighs, still leaning over the counter.

"I got one more thing, I guess. C'mere."

She has a whole array of nightmares on the counter in front of her, but somehow I manage anyway.

As I get close--my feet will barely move, so I'm just shuffling--she gets off the counter and pulls off her sweater, revealing a hot-pink and quite tight spaghetti-strap tank top, and enough of herself that I finally notice her PJ pants.

She looks at me for a moment as it comes off, I smile and openly check out the way she stretches her tank top so awesomely, and then she's busy hopping her shoes off (slipper? I'm looking at her cleavage) and standing up and taking her pants off before she can lose momentum. Curvaceous soft legs make me want to run right up and get my thigh between her legs, but I wait, because she's gearing herself up to take off her tank top which will leave her with only her little tan lo-rise bikini panties and the big smile I will now put on her face. She pulls it up, and stops just before her breasts would fall free.

The Dreams show me...strawberries, and a wicked sweet smile pours over my face.

She's just looking at me, paralyzed, and I feel like the scene is a coin on edge.

"Do not move a muscle, or you'll wreck it entirely. Stay right there, just like that, beautiful bodacious Bermuda."


aaaaaAAAAAAAAAAH DOOF. Hands out by hips poised.

"Feel that? Something you want so bad, right there in your hands, you could take it right now, in half a second, before I could do a single thing to stop you...and then it'd crumble to dust in your hands, and something so precious, something only you can give, but not take for yourself, would be lost forever."

She doesn't move, just stays there like freeze frame, but I can see she's not statuized by her little fidgets.

"You are a quick study. You got right to the point. I guess there is something I can give to you."

I turn to the counter and take up the scissors, from where she set them after trying my hair, and--will this work? Oh yes, this is definitely playtime. I slip my fingers through their square hand, and face Bermuda again, walk around her, so close, until I'm over her shoulder. She radiates softness like light, and smells like cherries. I lean down down to her ear and whisper, dangerous, sexy:

"This game is called I'm taking your clothes and there's nothing you can do about it."

I lean up again, so close to her back, lean in again to her other ear.

"When they're gone, you wear what say until the end of our adventure together."

I come back around in front of her, lean down to look her in the eyes.

"That's not a deal. It's just what you're going to be stuck with. I'm a lot bigger than you, you just saw Boobsong grow to five times the size she was, and I bet you believe me if I tell you I have a lot of friends who're into helping me with this kind of thing. So you can struggle, if you want, but it won't change anything. You'll get the same protection I had, or not, either way, and wouldn't it be soooo romantic to make this all quiet with just the sound of the scissors going and the little pat pat pat of falling cloth? That part's your choice, but I did just tell you what I want. Will you for me? Pretty please? No words. Just move or don't. You never know, though, there might be a reward if you're nice to me and stay still. Only one way to find out!"

And, as the Dreams show me strawberries again, I lift the scissors, get them around her top where she's starting to peel it off, and start cutting.

Sssnnip with the softly-raspy snick of scissors in cloth, they bite through the cloth, making the elastic burst apart, revealing more of her chest. I push them deeper, towards her cleavage, cut again, can see the edges of her areolas in the  straining-apart fabric.

Sssssnnip, more breast revealed. This is the best part so I go slow. She just keeps wearing the same lustful-distant expression with her mouth half open, staring right at my boobs now.

"You know what can't stop you from? Staring right at me the whole time I'm around. Just completely ogling every part of me that interests you, instead of trying to be polite. Even now, I mean it's hard to avoid at the moment, but I've been on display this whole time."

I make a show of swaying my boobs as I push the scissors deeper between her her own round and wonderful breasts with big hard nipples peeking out and tenting the fabric of what's left of her top, and slowly, slowly cutting as I talk.

"Don't you wanna just milk that for all it's worth? Hehe. I've been told I give awesome milk. Every pull's a different candy flavor, if you can believe."

I line my eyes right up with hers for a moment.

"Maybe you'd better start scheming how you're gonna get to see for yourself. If you'd be into that."

I can see my own rainbow eyes reflected in hers, as I say it.

"I'm sure curious about yours. I wonder how far this is going? Oh well, this far at least."

I straighten up and push the scissors way down and cut the rest of her top in half, then quickly snip the straps and click my eravahk. Her breasts bounce free, just a little bit, as I do it, big and around in front of her, as softly sexily circular as the rest of her body.

"Boobsong's going to touch you, and then I am. Stay still for us, and you do get that reward. Struggle, and you can see how much I love to fuck people while they struggle. I've been able to, lots of times, and I sure am getting far with you."

Come around behind you and slowly slip hands along your back to grab the edge where Princess cut your top which means you're groped mwaha. Pulll it slowly back and off, and throw it behind.

Her breath gets raspy as Boobsong works, and I smile and get to her level again.

"Good job. Almost there, now. Remember, stay still, reward."

She gives just the tiniest glance down, and the dreams show me a bird's nest with a blue egg. Reminds me of getting un-blueized, and of the family tradition that birds nests make Heartwarming trees lucking.

Dreams are you telling me to push my advantage? HOLY CUMPOUNDING PUSHPOPS DO I EVER WANT TO!

I fit the the scissors across the narrow waistband of her panties, but don't cut, and still holding them there, cup her pussy through her panties--ooh, you're nice and wet. Hot thighs hug my fingers as I reach back, slippery with nectar she's leaked, and her panties are soaked. I press, stroking at her soft little lips as roundly sweet as the rest of her, grazing her clit but not riding it too hard--wouldn't want to irritate it with all this fabric"

"Okay now listen me, Bermuda. You're telling me I can make any candy I want to here, now. That's not an order, it's a thing that's happening. I'm going to keep rubbing and strrroking and teasting and you're going to stay right there still being so, so, good for me, making me so happy, and the words are just going to come out of your mouth, Rainbow you can make any candy you want here, just like that, you'll hear them and wonder who's talking till you realize it's you, and right after that you're going to say Rainbow you can shine your light however you want here, just like that. They're gonna just squeeeeeze out of you. No choices, no responsibility, it's just happening. Doesn't--

"Rainbow you can make your candy here...anything...light too..."

I let her see my pleasure flood, and snip her panties and slide my fingers up over its draping down to sliide into the fuzzy embrace of her mound and find her slick soft lips and urgent nub of her clit, and give a couple of slides of my fingers back along it, then get to work with my fingertips Making Her Cum and snip the other side so her panties fall away entirely.

"There it is, you're naked! Remember what I said now. You wear what say on this trip. I'll make it fun, don't worry. Now you're going to cum. It was sooo good, feeling those words come out, wasn't it? There's nothing like that feeling, of the thing just happening, such sweet relief, so free, this is all out of your hands..."

She's been fighting hard to keep her pose and expression the same through it all, but cumming breaks her resolve a bit--only a bit won't do!

"There we go! Look at it take you away, no more being good, is there, it's just moving you, music inside your body and pleasure you're going to follow, no question, this is just haaappening to you."

She pushes down against my hand, I throw the scissors behind me out of the scene, her posed arms fall limp--click--

Grab and hold you up YAH! Got you--rrr--

"That's it. We have you. It's just happening. Nothing you can do but ride the wave. It's over when it's over now."

She cums a good long time, but she's dying down by the end of that last little suggestion. Yeah, this is a lot like my scene with Sex, and no doubt I'm on my way to another new doll the way this day doesn't nothing but escalate, but hey, I'm working out a theme here. Have to get all the variations.

...the Dreams show me a tiled field of slightly different party-curler things, like it's Andy Warhol's eighth birthday. Huh. Wait. Okay this is so scifi but that's the way this day has been. Sex definitely seems kind of Fae, daring to look in that mirror some. Is she part of a series of clones? You get that kind of thing, around Fairies, I think.

Eisela's hat. Gotta catch 'em all. That's going to get interesting. I already have a Malina! Well, not have, that part's different. Hmm.

She's more limp now. Good Bermuda.

"We're going to--"

I glance around. The chez lounge by the fire seems to be the main comfy seating. Alright, this wasn't that heavy. She can lean on us a bit while her strength comes back and I manipulate her into eating lots of candy.

"--the fire, to sit. You get to snuggle and now you're naked! Good stuff already, see? That's not the reward, though. I mean Boobsong and me are both pretty hot but we give real rewards. I'm giving you your first candy, first, though. This one's just for me, and it's really silly and simple. You'll see."

On my tongue, I make a sweet eggnog-flavored pussy-gummi--YES IT'S WORKING! Not being able to make candy really felt like not being able to cum. Eggnog pussy gummi, gets rid of of pubes in a cutely just a little humiliating way that feels awesome and brings up happy emotions that'll leave her pining for another candy like Boobsong for her next load of cum.

"Here you go," I lisp with it on my tongue (it won't affect me, no pubes no problem, as I always say), and shift my grip to let her overdone pussy go and support her butt and waist better, and--hey! Aww, you want to be kissed! Her hands come up and grab at me, get hold of my head and pull me in, and I kiss the candy into her waiting mouth. Her tongue wraps around it, and pulls it back, and then comes back to dance with mine and I make our with her--

She squeaks and breaks the kiss and I pull back to see what's happening, grinning brightly.

"My candies are made with love, so they only find happy wishes, and I didn't give that one hardly any wiggle room."

Between her legs, where her pubes were, is a light blue cloud of whipped cream, looking fresh and delicious.

"Yum!" I squeak, and dab some on my finger, then hold it up for her to see.

"An improvement on pubes, don't you think?"

If not for the blue, I'd make her eat some, but that blue egg is bugging me. I'll snarf this down and then Rainbow Starshine will have nommed up all her sad old blueized parts instead of putting them back inside her.

She opens her mouth in surprise, then looks down and up at me out of humiliated yes.

"Peel off every bit it felt like you were puttin' yer finger right up my gspot!"

"It always does such cool stuff! I just said for it to make losing your pubes feel good. G-spot was your idea, sweet raunchy Bermuda! For this I'm laying you out proper so it's off to the fireside."

I stick the whipped cream in my mouth and slurp it--birthday cake! Yum, and HMM. Do you and your other you need some age play, I wonder.


Sex dolly can carry her easily alone if you say to! RAAH!

Oh that'll be good effect, and I can shake my ass. Then we'll shake yours. Click and stand out of the way.

Picking up under knees with your sex doll's hand that was holding her side and flip the other one onto shoulders and Princess carry RRRAAAAAH! Teetering got you though. Head for couch.

I flounce along ahead of them, and then stand in front of the fire and watch Boobsong bring her while I warm my ass, swaying back and forth kind of dancily. I hope it makes Bermuda hot, I want her to have a nice pink haze until she needs to not.

Are they--oh dolly.

Slowly...running...RRR...stopped right there.

They stay up, but they're not moving now!

I walk over.

"What happened, dolly?"

I lean across a very confused Bermuda, making sure to lean my boobs into her nice warm midriff, to make out with Boobsong a little, until her face can move, then stand up with folded arms while she answers how I want.

"Can't keep moving. Used up lust."

"Hmm, that sounds helpless. Must be really annoying."

"It's the best and most peaceful feeling. Nothing happening. Quiet safe arousing steel enclamping so perfectly comfortably."

[food metaphor: BBQ Ribs ]

Hehe...a little messy and overwhelming (we're doing a lot here, and Boobsong's a very simple creature really), but super good and nourishing as a special treat.

I smile down at Bermuda. "Makes you kind of curious, doesn't it? I'm like her, you know. I fill up with worship when people bow to me or look up to me, and if I run out, I turn into a statue. It the most incredibly awesomely erotic way you can imagine. Step by step. It feels amazing. My trouble isn't staying full on worship, it's convincing myself not to let it run out so I can feel the hardness come inside and make me so peacefully still. Boobsong's the same, it's I take hours or an hour sometimes and she takes minutes and seconds because she loves getting stuck and I love to play with it. She has a little trick, too. She's powered by lust, buuuut, if I need to get her going in a hurry..."

I walk around behind Boobsong and smack her a wicked crack with my eravahk, sudden and fast.

AAAHOUCH! Sexy dolly moving eeep!

"Usually I'd mess with her a lot more, while she was stuck, but birthday cake is a favorite flavor of mine."

I follow them the rest of the way, eravahk ready, as Boobsong finishes her task.

"Show me how it feels to be like her! Yer candy can, right, if it did that windup thing? I'll take one o' them, maybe with the ride longer!"

They all make me smile so much I don't have enough face--I wonder if that's where the Cheshire Cat came from? Maybe I'll see if we can find him and ask.

Boobsong carefully puts Bermuda on the chez-lounge, and kneels, slave-posed. Cli--stuck? Oh, do, no go there. Wait, how'd she follow the order to bring Bermuda here, then?

Go here orders do not include deliver or carry things.

Oh. How...balanced. ARGH GAH Alright may as well put words the thought it's lurking right where you'll see anyway, now give me one to replace the bite I thought I had.

Preview: accent color roses.

Huh. We need sis for it to come online of course, but, weird.

I stand up right where Bermuda can watch, click Boobsong up, pilot her with the thumbstick to be standing in front of the fire, click her presented, and then capped.

"There. All done for now. If she runs out of lust while I'm not paying attention she gets all cold and it's the saddest thing ever, she's like a--well, about how you found us. That way I always have motivation to doll her when I'm not using her. The whole thing's a game. We're playing succubus, like my friend you envy is playing windup toy. We just play really hard. Boobsong's completely alive in there, just not moving. Which also means we can break out for emergencies and stuff."

"Holy crumbs you got me! Fill me up with candy before my head bursts!"

"I'm sorry," I smile sweetly down, "there's lots on the way, don't worry. I just like talking about my toys, and I want to see if you figure our game with who holds what end of this leash on your own, so I'm giving you all the pieces. Spread your legs and think of yummy cake, because right now Bermuda's triangle is a tasty slice I'm getting lost in."

She does it, with a weirdly blushy expression, not wanting to show how stupid she thinks my pickup lines are no doubt, which is the point.

I drop to my knees, put my palms on her spread thighs, and dive tongue-first, and lllliiiick a big long lick of whipped cream from her pussy. She lets out an awesome moan as I do it, so I let my tongue drag out its freakish length as I bring my head up, then pull it in dragging over folds of birthday-cake slippery smooth yummy pussy.

Her head's thrown back, so just dive back down. There's not too much left, and, interestingly, it's turning pink--ooooh. Alright, then, time to be really gay. I bury my face between her thighs and lick everywhere, searching her cherry-scented skin for bits of whipped cream, clean each away with a writhing, swirling lick, and start again, and again, pressing into smooth tight corners between thigh and lip, pushing at her entrance and drinking her salty-fresh pussy taste, and as I do, a weird vision coalesces, of a blue room, french revolution style, and dainty femme legs with a huge thigh-gap wearing silk stockings tied up with blue ribbons and blue ribbon garters attached to a blue satin garter belt over blue satin panties. Blue, blue, blue--sheesh! What happened to you, Bermuda?

When it's all gone, to the last drop, I look up, see her just lying there blissed out, stand over her with fists in the deep curves my waist.

"Aaah. Yum. I love birthday cake. Feels better, doesn't it, all smooth and nice now! Feels better to me, anyway, I'll have all kinds of fun playing with you."

She just lies there, looking humiliated and blissful.

"Alright, we have a lot of candy to feed you, but first...you need--"

That vision of Blue Stuff presses again. Must be really important.

"Wow you're hot. Sorry. Got distracted checking out those curves of yours. I have half a mind to just turn you into a statue for my living room so I can look at you all the time."

Her face is red, and her eyes averted. When in doubt, more awkward until social graces just glitch out and give up! They can be real wiggly to conquer in some people.

"You're gonna look in my eyes as I talk to you. It'll happen, you'll see, just like letting me make candy did."

Especially if I keep on telling her that's true. Press my advantage this is so evil so spike me or I keep going Dreams it makes my heart sing!

"You need to understand, you have no say in any of this now. I'm not telling you to obey me, I'm saying you already are, because you've surrendered to me, and your brain won't go back from that very easily. You can still be you, you can still be Bermuda, but the minute I'm around...well, look how stuff just happens. You're looking me right in the eye right here and you're going to keep doing it even as I tell you what gorgeous nice big round breasts you have and how much I love the way they move when you breathe--yeah, just like that."

My grin gets wider as her squirming shows me what I like and she knows it, but more of the blue vision pounds. It seems sad to me, and eggs keep showing up.

"Now candy's coming, stuff you won't even believe, but first I want you to see what I mean by your having no say in anything now. We haven't even started with the mind control candy, and yet, doesn't something feel a little weird? Your arms are light, your legs feel fidgety, your head back like that isn't quite right somehow, and any moment now you're going to find yourself sitting up, and then standing up--not to obey me, now, this is just something  that's happening, and lo and behold you're going to be walking across there to give sweet helpless Boobsong a big hungry french kiss with lots of tongue and hands--oh, see, there you go already! I guess it's taking hold even faster than usual. Watch out, it can be surprisingly strong sometimes!"

[!] Goddess your Sugarfeast candy helper suggests making a candy to bring the blue stuff up where you can take it off like her pubes.

Brilliant! Alright that's her first candy.


Dolly gets Bermuda-lust!? EEEE Happy feelings Princess sex dolly will make you proud!

You will work your ass off so she thinks she's the tastiest treat ever...and completely out of control. You know how.

Rrrah Dragon's taking you Bermuda, watch out!

That's the spirit.

Bermuda's really into this, she's practically charging Boobsong, with her hands up--there they go! Her hands go on Boobsong's breasts and her face collides with Boobsong's and kisses hungrily.

"Surprise, Boobsong is the first candy! This has you good, that's good to see. It means you're really good and stuck. Isn't that the most wonderful feeling, so safe and secure? Rainbow just controls you now, all done!"

This is feeling so good. My scary cutesy singsong fae voice of command is coming back.

"Right now, she's controlling you to drink nice and deep of that purple grapey yum candy. To just let it happen. Your hands and your tongue are driving now, and we know what they want."

I step up beside, to watch them urgently make out. The blue stuff vision keeps pounding, and I remember a blue room in Strawberry Home--maybe--something--rrgh. No time.

"Theeere we go," I  giggle, "if I let you just keep going now, you'll have sex for sure. Feels good to know there's no control, doesn't it? You're going to go a while longer, and while you do it, you get to know three really cool things. One of them, is that Boobsong definitely does do stuff like all my candy, and you have no idea what. Could be anything! Could be even scarier than that wind up key thing I didn't even tell you half of. That must slow you down, right? Hm, nope! Can't hit the brakes when you're not in the driver's seat! Then you get to realize, I just chose who you have sex with for you. I said you're going to go kiss that person of there and it just happened and now you're so into it you'll have sex until you drop from exhaustion if I don't stop you."

 I get real close so I can whisper breathily in her ear.

"Isn't that soooh violating? To have me just push in like that? And doesn't that feel awesome?"

She's too busy making out to respond, like she should be, but talking's fun.

"Now the very last thing. If you reach between my legs right now, you'll find a nice set of lips, but no clit, because my clit is inside Boobsong, connected to me by magic, where she can stroke it just a little all the time. Mostly it just feels nice, but when I get horny enough, it makes me cum, and you're making me so hot seeing this. I'm having so much fun right. Keep this up, and I'll cum you two look so gorgeous there, making out. You changed my mind, you've gotta at least most enough to do this for me every so often! Ooh fuck keep going keep going you've almost got me there! Hehe like you have any control. Neither of you does, this is just happening to both of you. All you get, is how to do it--if that, you look like you're hooked even deeper than that. Oooh yeah. You two. Look. Amaaazing...the only thing I wish is I could be underneath so I could see your two slippery soft puffy thick mounds like little pieces of candy creme pie moving trying to get to rub together because you both know how good that would feel and because you both know how much it would get me off...mmh...there, look you're starting to need to grind on her, there your hips go after it! So hot, turning me on so much. After this each of you is going to sit on one side of me on that chez-lounge while we catch our breath...with....oh yes hear me about to cum? Doesn't that just...doesn't that just...you've gotta make Rainbow cum, look at all that need, you both have a new goal...now...you're teaming up to make...Rainbow...CUM AAAAAAAAH!"

I click Boobsong the change of goal as I tell it to Bermuda.

Oh my...this is wonderful! Hot wet throbbing cum pumping up my shaft brings out all my moaning writhing theatrics and WHOAH FUCK DOLLY something tightly slippery squeezy clamps around my clit inside her heart and the rushing water becomes a licking tongue, a sucking mouth, a fucking pussy, a tight sweet hole, all the spiritual realities of penetrating her to fill her with cum true at once and as I burst she and Bermuda both stop kissing (but not groping), turn toward me like a book made of beautiful breasts and warm smiles and intertwined thighs grinding each other and the smell of nectar and girl I dive for them as the orgasm makes me weak on my feet and get an arm around each of them and the world is soft lovely flesh all around me and breasts and thighs and midriffs all snuggling and squeezing and rubbing me and Boobsong kisses and Bermuda kisses it just turns into a blur so good the closeness of cumming inside Boobsong her careful and determined grinding and Bermuda gamely copying her raunchiness and the joy of thinking how my dragon ate me and that's why my clit is where it is and how wonderful to just get off from the sight of them (well, and all this kinky fun) and cum right Boobsong where I want my cum where it's supposed to go. My purpose in life is to give her cum. What more do I need for that?

When the world turns back into the world from the surreal loving chaos of softly femme affection there's a game goal waiting:

Top, Feed clit to Boobsong permanently, Have sexy change sucking it

Whoah. Seeing that I'm glad to have the two of them supporting me, still weak from cumming. I squeezed right out, bypassed your holes and everything, how's that feel, sex dolly?

Wetly full and peace. Arousing hardness deep in heart. Succubus has you now! Deep soft holding where your clit's long thick shape can feel. Sexy hot to have it there. Can't get it back!? Think already stuck forever! Think heart is made to take but not return! Goddess sex dolly is sorry she didn't mean--

I hug them both tight. Weird, flowy rightness and grief fight in me. This was some of the most beautiful sex we've ever had. I feel satisfied and happy and close and love the idea of me and Boobsong being connected this way and if my dragon actually took a bite out of me and it was this one that's perfect. Except--wait--

Dolly, if you were right what's that game goal about? Unless it's someone else's clit which I'm not allowing. Game please explain the riddle to this stupid fairy.

Play up the other side to retrieve your clit, or leave it inside for now.

Oh like my eravahk, remember that? Whoah, I wonder if it's turned into heartstone!?

Bermuda is looking at us curiously, so I kiss her on the head and tug us toward the chez-lounge.

"You two are amazing. Let's go sit. Everyone here needs cuddles--wait, better game. You're trying some statue-time, Bermuda. Here's a candy."

I form it in my left hand where I'm holding Bermuda to us, see the flash of what it's looking like, a chocolate tootsie-roll-ish thing with burgundy strips so reminiscent of Sex's hair, hold it up for her and she cutely opens her mouth and puts her tongue up, and I pop it in.

"Enjoy that. The more happiness the better it works. Feel it starting? Like you'll fall in and be stuck? You will."

She chew blissfully, and then her eyes go urgently wide--she can feel it starting alright.

The Dreams helpfully show me a flash of a cocksleeve with a plastic shell: inside she's already turning to heartstone, or feels that way.

"Get up by the fireplace and strike a nice sexy pose and make sure it's a little acrobatic so you get to feel the statufication holding you so comfy it's like you're asleep in bed and when you feel hot enough down you go into statueland! I'll pull you out again, but you'll be stuck good until then. Hurry, I can see you slipping already, don't wanna be stuck looking silly here!"

She bolts from our hug and turns around smiling puts one leg up wtih the foot against the other leg like a figure skater and picks her breasts up on her hands to hold them out and I smile bright and happy to see her present herself and watch her turn into heartstone as unreal as I was as Sex's doll from head to toe. She looks incandescently happy.

I walk up, Boobsong in tow, looking for her mind. She should be a book now--there she is, snuggly and soft like her body.

"Feels good, right? Your mind's a statue too, I just read the part I want like a book. Like this."

Statue time is a good way to put it! You just appeared right there! I'm as still as a weeping willow, but I feel every breath you take, and the peaceful way it holds me here just--you ain't gonna free me, are ya? There weekends, at the statue job? Not like I can say I'll like them, the way this feels. You got me good, Rainbow.

"Yes I did, but I said I'd pull you out again. I didn't say when, though, because yes, you get it, statue time is a different kind of time. It might be a hundred years between this and next time I read you or free you. It doesn't matter to you. You're as safe either way and not know it's been a moment. Boobsong and me are going to enjoy the view now. The fire's nice and you're beautiful!"

And without reading I lead us back to the chez-lounge and get on it chez-lounge style, and pull Boobsong on top of me. There being no hard shaft between my legs to work around seems especially bright right now, and it pounds with ambivalence.


Get up where you can reach your sex dolly and hold her. Comfy.


Eraaah SQuish! Pulling holding fun!

OH MY FFFUCK yes okay that works. It's only one stroke but she can definitely stroke me satisfyingly like like this.

For the first time since my twelfth birthday, maybe, I let myself feel the sadness of having a huge clit and balls spoil my lines. Their coming off fixes that, of course, and I adore the game of sliding it into her, all the raunchy little details of balls smacking her pussy as I take her from behind, the way she worships shaft and balls and kissily at my tip before a blowjob, and yes I could make this permanent and use strapons or make candy that'd make me grow a clit anywhere she sucked or any number of things, but...all those would undo the absoluteness of her having eaten this part of me that's always been my sexuality to me, by making another one.

And her nectar gave me what's inside her now, but...I'm a girl.

I hug her and sniffle, hopeless at being pieces that just don't go together, furious at myself for not being able to get this even with Boobsong's awesome gift. Being in there feels so right. I'm eaten by my dragon. And the possibilities! Anything could be sex, if it makes us horny enough! Isn't that my real sex anyway?

And Sex will be sad about not being able to make us fuck, and...what can't I see with this?

The Dreams show me...a silver butterfly net?

Boobsong capturing my butterfly--she has my womb, of course. My heart has a pussy, too, distinctly human and liking to be fuck, which a star wouldn't have normally, womb or not.

I'm constantly in fear of nectar or something giving me a full pussy. That's not who I am, but I still fear it. Is the answer to go the other way? Have one, and then feed it to her, and have that clit inside where she can make me cum anytime--this all seems so complicated.

Be what fountain time tells. One day mound is bare, another, clit is there. Fairy, captured, give control up.

YES! DUH! Okay Dragon how do we make it depend on you. Time or your mood or something, you see what I mean? You have this wonderful home inside for it I bet you just have this, let's do it! Neither of us can control it but this has to be you and about you and for you, because this is how you're eating me.

Heart says keep clit. No way back for now. Soon that changes. Could be days. Could be years! No controlling it. Clit comes back one day and your sex dolly holds it inside until you reach up and grab it. Don't take, another cycle starts. Don't give back, dragon takes it raaah! Special escape from how orders work. Dragon form big enough to hold you down and swallow your clit!

AND WE GET TO REDO THAT EVERY CYCLE! I bet they're like appropriate length and stuff too--I know we can't control it or know even but that's good. Click!

Kiss mMMmm...

This is the best. Like hell I'm being good, you're going to have to take it every single time!

Dragon will eat you up so hard you cum each time!

Her wicked grin tells me what a difficulty this will be, and my own face feels like it'll explode with trying to smile enough. It's weird, I can't wait, and yet if we could start a new cycle now, that would feel wrong somehow.

What feels so right, so good I want to weep and moan, is that I'm stuck having sex like a girl--close enough, as close as I can cum without giving up my sexuality even though it clashes with my gender--for...do you have any idea, dolly?

Sex dolly thinks this whole day at least. Maybe more. If weeks she could say weeks. Months the same. Might do years some day! Never know until heart is holding it.

Hot. Looking down at us intertwined, I feel so beautiful helpless to do anything enjoy my nice lines and have even group hugs be sex if I want for at least this day. How are you with this, dolly?

Have your clit inside. Can just sex on you by order anywhere without moving except the sexing parts. You have freedom to be a girl and not say but what about clit each time. Worhsip can mean getting stroked to cum while sex dolly prays with her face to the floor and hips moving with the way she strokes. Wake up each morning stroking as your worship fills and you unstatuify. Tired sex no problem. Click and there you cum. Walk around everywhere we know something they don't--we've been fucking the whole time! Sex dolly can keep going for six thousand years. This is wonderful! Only problem is can't get fucked in mouth till clit comes back, except with strap, and that's no fun, you can't feel that.

I mean a cocksleeve has to give blowjobs--that game goal. It does work this way! Am I right, game? Special case, she can suck her way to a facefuck if she means it?

Top, Feed clit to Boobsong permanently, Have sexy change sucking it

Clit can come out for special time if she sucks for mouth sex. Not for other holes. Only while she sucks. Let go, it goes back at once! Have to keep on working to keep clit there. Hands allowed if mouth is there. Mouth is off, clit goes back.

Perfect. You're holding back so I can be horny, right? It needs...a limitation, something to make me feel I can't necessarily ungirlify even that much, but the idea I have in my head that sometimes it just doesn't work not matter what we do, sometimes it's just in her...I guess I think my game can do better than that, and I'm wet for it.

Here's the limit your game fills: can't keep sucking every time. Have to refill that by heart-stroking. Heart-stroking takes one more orgasm to fill it up each time she sucks. Have to start somewhere, start at six fucks away from sucking. Seven fucks next time, eight, and so it goes.

Hot. This is us, so there's no way that Billy Joel reference at the end is nothing, game. And so it goes what?

Sometimes you lie awake night after night, coming apart at the seams: sometimes while sleeping, she will stroke you to orgasm. She cannot stop this or control it.

Four times a day limit: Any time you fail to fuck at least four times that twenty-four hours, she will make you cum after six hours. Nothing can stop or control this and she will do it in all circumstances.

Rape to remind you fun: sometimes she will stroke. Orgasm or not depends. Make her finish or be horny, it will happen no controlling it.

Sexy holding power:  gripping clit with her stroker prevents cycle change. She can choose this without commands, and her choice is final.

Trade the fight: instead of taking dragon form, she can take it from game holding so you don't know it changed until next time you ask. This happens without her knowing so you don't see her thoughts.

Stick Parade: Horny thoughts will make stroking more likely for all arbitrary stroking games.

Heart on your sleeve advance: feeling want for stroking after long enough desire repression will make stroking happen.

Sexy chip off the old block: when she is out of lust, stroking can happen by games, but your commands need lust.

Strappng touch gane: good arounsing soft glove is waiting to call you back all the time. Just say "cycle ends" and clit goes back again. Waiting unaroused too long ends the cycle. Keep hard or get eaten!

Hard soft limit: Sexy thoughts of girly things can make cycle break from the start. Boobsong can contribute thoughts too. Pretty dresses make you a girl quick!

Cocksleeve fun: Getting fucked real hard, cycle breaks if you enjoy it. Can't say not liking falsely.

  Horny thought king: Mountain of medieval fun! Filling cocksleeve toy and cumming puts the cum in a jar for you. Sell these jars for coins for the hoard at Heart Home. Filling toy makes cycle break afterward.

Terrified cycle fun: Too much fear can leave you bare. 

Strawberry Home Adventure Club: can't keep clit out here. Clit gets seen, cycle breaks.

Softly Dares: Spend some soft time between fucks, too long hard without using, keep clit inside one day for each hour you ignored hard. Cycle can take longer but not less time.

Step Right Up: emotions change how you these games play. Feel aroused by hard to keep clit on, find it very hard to keep! Miss the smacks of pounding her, get an easy break.

It pauses, and we stare at each other wide-eyed, breathing hard with the treasure that's just been laid out. Like a slippery dildo, so tricky to hold onto...this is going to be incredible.

But of course its stopping because of the idea had, to let me have it and see I want it. And the things that branch off it...

Ten hours of heaven: board a slow train (or boat, machine to get places) to far off lands. Never find your clit any other way. Stays inside until found again. Straps will say you're playing this.

Lucky Lover: find who gives your clit back. No other way to have it. Stays inside until find her (always female). Toys and guns will say you're playing this.

Pirate Cove: Secret map is found. Instructions are unclear. Better find the way there, or clit will stay in her!

Forty Days: Long head up with warning to tease. Every day must have a strap on game, or cycle resets. No escape or maximum years.

Scary Devil: only time over the Abyss makes the cycle move.

Time can play a violin: tree of darts, Baker Street, mystery. Maybe there's no answer!

Case-by-case advancement: every day you see if the cycle changes that day. Can move fast or slow or backward! Maybe never get there!

Game can just be over. Never get your clit back.

 Painful There is Mercy: Stay until it hurts you. Only then get clit back.

Jettison some cargo or we'll never make it to Cybertron: give up a possesion of your seed-ghost's choosing, or clit will stay inside of her

Rocky Raft Arrival: go back to the raft you found in 2014. Only there get clit.

Happy Death Survival: See the lights and tunnel. Wake up with your clit back.

Never seat back: only lie or standing up. If you sit down, cycle resets. Can be there forever.

Seat back: stay in chair for cycle time. Leave and cycle resets. No wheelchair allowed here! Chair must be a fixed heavy thing.

Under the Arousing: Only when it turns you on to think it's gone for good, can you have it back.

Dark Sweet Hoping: make a candy hard and scary and give it to a friend. Only darkly hard enough sweets make the cycle move.

Terror wounds: see blood and darkness. See a lot of them. See your clit become strawberry goo. There it is, give nectar.

"I know what's wrong with these, but I don't know how to fix it."

It's not the scariness of that last one that finds my voice. It's that that last one is boring.

State your wish.

"I want to be eaten by my dragon here."

I pet her kind face as I talk.

"Keep all the stuff about when stroking and rape to remind and everything, that's awesome, but...no cycles or games for when it comes and goes. I want be stuck like this because her hoarding greed won't let get of it, and I want it to come back when her missing a good hard fuck in any hole brings it back for a while, and I want to rely on her love for me to both make sure I don't get sad in that, and make sure I always know I've been eaten by my dragon and she can't just be nice to me, or take commands about it, any more than she can let me out of this collar. I don't know how she can do that and be her, but that's what I want. And I do want her caprice. Her greed. Maybe you find the way to make this real and she's so greedy I never see my clit ever again. So be it. If that's her that's what I want. If it goes back on like in Strawberry Home and I wear it for eternity, so be it, as long as this part of me my dragon has eaten up is where it belongs to be devoured by her. That's what I need to be real, and we can't just do some silly thing like having me get swallowed by her dragon form so I can fuck a fork of her."

Heartchild wish: chains to bind your clit inside her heart permanently. Chains will make it possible to have sex like you wish, but not wear your clit because the length is seven inches past her flesh-touch. Suction cup will not work on other things than your mound again. Clit must be deployed by her wish. Dragon's greed will make her hold the chains taut unless desire makes her loose them. Nothing else can change this.

"What...are the chains like, physically? What happens?"

Boobsong's staring up at me, face intense.

Invisible force that binds it there. Move away and the suction cup releases. Clit will dangle from the chains if not picked up. Desire leaves it out or takes it back. Treasure that's unheld is very charming to a dragon, so likely takes it back again. Clit appears from anywhere in the seven-inch-of-flesh-touch volume, as she desires it. You cannot decide the place. Do not bother asking. Maybe you can tease her, but it might just make her hungry and possessive.

Yes it might. I pet Boobsong's sweet face more.

"Strong dragon, this isn't fun, but you know why I'm doing it. Remember all the bad times. Remember when you had to see me with others I didn't even want to be with, and wait, and sit in that stupid box for no reason, and have me think you were sick and sad for the lack of fucking instead of just desperately horny. Remember all that stuff, and then I'm reading you."

So angry...rrr...


She starts to stroke as she rages, and her body writhes up and down on me, rubbing against mine so I'd cum from that if not the stroking, and her eyes become purple holes into oblivion, the fire we rained down on the Strawberry World turned into a pair of irises leaking fury like iron smoke when I rage, and her face becomes a mask of furious determination she sucks the cum right out of me, leaving me gasping on the chez-lounge. I really feel like a succubus got me, and her food-impression of soylent bottles is bland but right: food right there, just take and drink. We can play fun games, but she can always just rape me--she doesn't even have to mean to, like she didn't just now--and that feels so incredible. I feel like I'll explode from the joy.

Her scream becomes a peal of satisfaction and pleasure at the end as she gets the cum out, and her angry face lights up with pleasure, too.

[!] That's delicious! Cum like a fireball! Angry spicy yum! You're so angry too well you're got now so don't worry. They can never take a single drop.

Click. I meet her kiss halfway, and the hardness of our passion feels like crying together. I don't know how long we kiss, only that I'm gasping for air by the end and the Dreams are showing me a trowel smoothing mortar down onto a perfectly flat joint.

Yeah. Now we are the castle--and I'm trapped in her, captive, walled right in.

That's why you have to be Acme Station! What tower's more unassailable than a space station?

Only your clit being in another universe that's just your Dragon's heart!

I am so happy, dragon. I feel like you in minivan!IshtVisht. This is awesome. Help me anticipate. I know it might be forever, but now that we cleared up how this works, can you guess how long before we try those chains out?

Maybe a million years, maybe eternity. No time soon, that's for sure. Be very sad if you were hoping this year!

"Hhhhot. Then I wanna settle in, game, for real. The last Strawberry Princess just got eaten up by a dragon. Princess Starlight would like to please wear shiny sci-fi lingerie and stuff now. Or when get back to Mommy-boo's. But I wanna know what your decision is."

Or you could hand it to my dragon. I am technically her treasure to decorate.

Here is your clothing rule: Nothing over your midsection. Nothing higher than butt on your back. Nothing closing your cleavage. Can't cover pussy with skirts or dress, only tight stuff. Can't cover breasts except by skin-tight stuff. Nipples have to show through.

Hats keep off your neck. Hair is always big and full. Never covers breasts though!

Lots of things will fall off when you wear such skimpy clothing!

Well it would sure be boring if it didn't, and didn't have that weirdly perfect timing that always seems to follow me! And that funny way some things just will not go back on again until they have a timeout in my closet. And--

You can't get back things that fall off, goowiggled Fairy! Game puts them away for you.

Oh. Okay.

It's so hot to hear it, dragon. Click.

Snuggle down and make scary dragon face.

"Your dragon thinks she will never give back your clit even enough to just touch the base to say hi. She thinks it's gone for good. She thinks you just had to know it can come back to be happy it never will."

Holy fuck. Click.

Start moving aaah up and down grindingly haaaah while your clits staying still above you in stroker like having sex with it held right...there...ANOTHER time? That's incredible never seen you so horny!

"She thinks this is it, that you're stuck like this. That this is how you get off now with your sex dolly rubbing you up and down with your clit stroked inside. She thinks haaaaahhCUM YES YOU'RE CUMMING TO IT!! SHE THINKS THIS GETS YOU OFF SO MUCH YOU WILL NEVER STOP!"

Not even ten minutes since the last one, it's a soothing, quiet gaspy ride to the warm feelings of her possessiveness and love. Her stroking is skilled and fast, and I could probably guide her hips with my hands instead of clicks and feel just like I was stroking off my firmly attached clit...but having it all just inside of her is so...final.

I do think you're going to get fingerbanged a lot now, though, dolly.

Now there's an order that'll have to be played with right away, but first, seeing as we can't try it...seed-ghost, what was all that numbing hands and thing in my middle? If it was just to make us curious, lame.

Hard shell you felt at your collaring was installed then. Used numb hands and midsection water to distract from sensations of editing.

Oh. Hardcore. That works.

Welcome to the Abyss. We have all kinds of scary desserts, but I'm afraid the last Strawberry...