28 - Falling With Style

We appear in orbit, still hugging, with my toe hooked under a handle on the outside of Mir, its solar panels around us, the Earth huge and blue-green-swirly to the right, the True Sea--but that seems right somehow, Mir is the not-cartoon eighties--off to the left with its galaxies and waves, looking strange till I realize the Painted Sea was cartoon-logicing the sky, probably having the planets zip through loops of waves on the orbits and stuff, while here in the True Sea we're in an empty bubble however many light-hours wide you need to fit--the Oort cloud, heliopause, however far it took.

Wait a minute. Did the solar system move, because I think the Strawberries need the paintedness to--

[!] Mommy listen do you hear that sound. Yes in vacuum it's radio. The high pitched buzzing hear it?

Um...if I--whoah. Augh! Buzzing chattering squelching bleepy thunder hammers into my my my light as soon as I look anywhere near radio, as loud as if Uncle Dagon shouted in my ear (not dad, I mean I'm still here). There's so much it sounds like a whole world of machines talking--but--I narrow down, squish onto a band of a few kilohertz width, and dive through the frequencies until I hear a voice I don't need digital decoding for. It's munchy with the compressed bandwidth and noise-rejecting mic fuzz you've heard in a thousand movies with serious men in sunglasses in them:

"...ffic control--five kinds of thunder do you see that? Rainbow Starshine is listening to this band! How's it going, Starshine?"

It ends with the little end-transmission bleep that replaced over a while back.

Game like don't let me fry their receiver or anything.

"Hi! If you're swearing like a Sugarfreak you'd better be having fun with that airplane! Bleep!"

I beam it out, nice and clear, as syrupy-clean as I can fit in the band (because I have to be annoying somehow), hope I'm hitting the frequency and can actually do the FM right.

"Just another day at the office, eh kiddo? Heheh. Thumbs up sign, Sugarfreak heart, wow ohyeah time to go!" Bleep.

Hehe. I reel myself back in to just stare incredulously at Boobsong. It...something like that happens, they say one fizzbubbling sentence, and I'm who I am inside, splat pop boom. I sounded as cheerful as the sun that's shining over my shoulders, and feel it, too, and I was just crying my eyes out.

Acme Station, all that digital stuff--

[!] Cell phone calls and internet and satellite--EEE that's great idea Hubble where are you here Hubble! Got you hah! Data download of Galaxy there your Boobsong thinks (say point to see).

Click! She points off to the left, and I follow her finger to see a goldish galaxy with a big fuzzy spherical center and stubby spirals sticking out from it, barely half again bigger than the core, like the Sombrero galaxy, but the core is much bigger.

Eternity's infinite, they tell you, and that's a very long long time, but...we can see hundreds of galaxies from here, and this is one corner of one page of the infinite book of it. We could spend eternity just exploring it NOW ACME STATION LOCATION FIX SEED-GHOST I DEMAND A SPECIAL CASE IF SHE STILL NEEDS THOSE CARTRIDGES JUST WHAT THE SWEET SWIRLY POPROCK AIR GUITAR SHAKES IS GOING ON HERE!? Did somebody copy the whole world with the pirate device!? Click, scan!

Scanning...eight planets and one red dwarf--hey who turned Jupiter on!? Very small but you'll see it at night now! Maybe the sun has a heartchild--Mommy your Boobsong was joking there but she thinks it might be real. Earth at solstice, just like Strawberry World--it's Heartwarming Eve Twenty twenty--wait that's not right--um--Mommy it's twenty twenty two but your Boobsong knows we were still on Earth then. Did the stars go back? Not messing up because Jupiter's big now, and the atomic clock in GPS says right...Mommy look at this.

[ Vision: big crowd, looks like Sugarfreaks with all the colorful stuff and then-- ]

That's our stage! Lots of room for stomping around and antics, the two five-pointed star banners on the pillars holding the lights and stuff, but--

[!] Mommy look what else is here.

[ Vision: pizza shop on a street corner with people coming out and library on the other side of the side-street ]

It's night in Arlington, but I'd know Olympic Pizza--from orbit, heh. Holy fuck I want pizza now. Muahah Strawberry Home's getting delivery soon!

The Dreams show me Church of the Advent in Boston, but...the roof tiles are all rainbow-colored. The angle changes so I can see the doors missing, and then the stained glass windows with me jammed in making my heart sign in brilliant eighties-cartoon clashing so awesomely with the deeply serious Tiffany windows.

Holy homomorphic SCP sundaes in a heartstone glass. Is this--but she said--

Top, Change the paint on your chariot to match your true colors, Half-moon rainbow lightningbolt

Okay but--I almost understand, Dreams.

Wait...we have a rainbow-and-black chariot, but it's not any of the vehicles I'm thinking of, but...alright, Dreams, this might be a tall enough starting place at long last, but--

"Great Scott."

(You can talk out loud in vacuum if your voice is radio, and if anyone picks it up they'll have an awesome time trying to figure out what screaming strawberry soda floats we're talking about)

"Dolly...there's a more metal way to ride than face first."

"EEEE YUS WE HAVE TO!! Do you think we'll be too heavy, though?"

"Oh, I think it can handle the flux. Just have to dare to believe we can survive."

I'm such a stupid bimbo sometimes. I mean really? The army built a space navy and made me that Powersuit while the people of Strawberry Hill requested more stories of America and yet also sat around playing IRL SCA for eight thousand years? There's no way Tuchyuh didn't know all about machine-made bread.

You toyed with us, and I was so lost in memories I didn't see! Well done.

[blown kiss] Enjoy your sleigh ride!

Oh for all you know I'm dropping in on Strawberry Home next. How're the guest rooms looking?

Oh, we've got space at this inn! Get going, chyah!

Yes Grandmother.

"Then we'd better signal everyone. There you'll hear this and say Princess Starlight and Boobsong are coming, but how are they getting here? Only one, way to know...


As I shout the next line of the TMBG song like I'm hurrying skydivers out of a dropship the sled appears in front of us and I push off from Mir grab it and a psychic interface just like the Powersuit's says hello and my mind fills with a strawberry-pink HUD with the waypoint already set as artificial gravity thumps us to the shining boards that I should have noticed before are some midnight-black and mirror-glossy composite. I push up, get us standing so stars are under our feet and pull Boobsong with me so she faces forward too (we have to stand together, staying wrapped around each other, which is so hornily romantic I want to cry) and then just lean and twist, thinking what I want it to do, and the Earth and Mir twist around us and the sun comes into view so golden-bright, and the spiralling deorbit path to reach the MUAHAHAH landing zone, right?


I burst my wings open, eyeball the thrust vector along the circle of our orbit the HUD shows and the waypoint's down-spiralling path--

Twenty milliseconds.

It's--okay you need a name Rosebud's too obvious and too kiddie for us in our culture now Berryblossom! Definitely riding this thing unveiled! Berryblossom is telling me how long to thrust at the power level I was thinking of. I curb my enthusiasm a little bit.

One point seven seconds.

Thurst-stop alarm.

And Boobsong is thrown against my arms and our floating hair streams out in front of us as I blast a nice bright announcementy photon-rocket laser out the front of my wings to take us out of orbit and our orbit path in the HUD bends down until it matches the waypoint's guide and a bell sounds and I stop.

ETA eleven minutes thirty-one seconds. Flux capacitor activating. Please provide light through foot-nubs as you reach the pickup area.

Like a good handmaiden, it knows what we're doing here and is on top of it. A texture of little round bumps grows out of the surface of the sled as I bend around to kiss Boobsong a hard hot kiss and look along our path.

"Well dolly, that's a bit of time to pass, isn't it? Seems like only yesterday we were eating stickybuns and strawberry bread, but here we are, outatime for that kind of thing already..."

"We'll get back to it soon, just you wait a minute. Or maybe eleven, that seems like a good number, hmm..."

"That seems so long to wait to see everyone! I feel like it'll be eighty thousand years before we get there!"

"Don't worry Princess. Your Boobsong--wait a minute, are they ready? What if there's no room for them!?"

"Don't you worry that way. Only horseplay in the mangers, this time!"

"Jeez Louise, what is that, a Christian joke from Grandmother Strawberry!? Next you'll be saying you've got a flying house that can time travel!"

"We're flying--"

"Oh that ain't flying now. Yer just falling with style."

"Could have fooled me, with the artificial gravity on this thing! I see your point, though. Berryblossom, say hello and give our listeners out there in radioland a G-force and groundspeed report!"

"Greetings listeners from Berryblossom, chariot to Starlight Princess Pandora Lucia Chyajjoh! All systems normal, gravity generator locked at one gravity and cancelling four millinewtons of drag force along the Z-axis. Ground speed sixteen thousand nine hundred miles per hour approximate. Geron, geronronroni--"



Did they always know who I am this much? I believe Tuchyuh about that fear thing, but just how right was she? Anyhow way to make your Princess cry. Snif okay got a show to do here.

"That's right Sugarfreaks, Grandmother Strawberry isn't kidding when she says we're falling with style! Do you expect any less from Princess Pandora Lucia Chyajjoh? I suppose some of you might still be wondering just what's about to happen down there. Let's just say, I'm already having a very happy Heartwarming, thanks to some very, very old friends of ours. Some people age like books, some people age like fine wine, and some like the meteoric rise of human potential, is all I'll say if you haven't figured out who I mean. Still not enough? Don't worry, you heard. We'll be there yesterday, the speed we're going, and then you'll see! You'll see then? Hmm. ANYWAY!"

"You'll be meteoric, you don't get that shield online!"

Unshielded max reentry temp safety margin?

40,000% approximate. Berryblossom is made of the same material as the wrapping paper it came in.


"Right, thanks Grandmother! Berryblossom, inhibit all reentry shielding!"

And announce confirmation.

"Reentry shielding inhibited. Bumpy ride ahead!"

"Don't worry, it'll be just like our undisclosed location back home. This Heartwarming, am I right? Really went all in with the traditional vibe this year, didn't they dolly? I mean I know a girl's home is her castle, but dayum!"

"It was really incredible. Your Boobsong couldn't believe the attention to detail. Every brick was exactly where it should have been--well, maybe not every brick..."

Dragon sounding on last part of that.

"Why don't I think you mean the obviously-Legos present, or the Legos on--okay yeah that'd be a spoiler--right I'm thinking it because I can read your mind! Guess I might be a little guilty of the eat any good books thing, thinking of it that way...but yes dolly, there sure is going to be some crunching going on, if we land this where I think we are! I sure won't forget to eat my Nietzsche Pops tomorrow morning!"

That light and darkness thing. I never made any bones about having just come from being a feudal warlord in training. We were civilized, but I still really enjoyed halberd practice. Watching the hay fly from the dummies as I stabbed over and over was so satisfying.

"You went pop, a couple of a times, our first time!"

"What can I say, my dragon knows just where to bite. As you'll be seeing soon, listeners. Gonna be a really hardcore scene, a real bodice ripper, eh dolly?"

Dreams what is this here, did--oh snarlygrape fizzlepop mouse-ears, this is what Walt's been doing all this time, isn't it?

That...is the plaque on the Apollo lunar module saying where it came from. Dreams are you saying this is somehow the original? Did we succeed? We can't, there's three more monoliths, how...what...

Guinan (who's actually a Time Lord). The real one, and time travel. Fine, brain off, dick jokes on, pizza hunger activated.

But...they un-reset it. Redid what was undone. Did the stars go back? Either way the world we're diving to is the one where the reset never happened--plus everyone new who came to be between reset and unreset. If it can be used for terrible things, it can be used for beauty. All those kids woke up one day to find themselves in a fairytale where their parents didn't worry about jobs or keeping the house or any of that stuff that makes parents crabby and mean. Geronronronimo indeed. Ack timing!

"It sure is going to be revealing how this goes! We'll see a lot of things in new light afterwards!"

"First ten to figure out what the spiral grape edible bikini bottoms we're talking about get signed Starlight Princess lingerie! Trust me on this, you'll want the lingerie this time, even if you live in Pleasantville. Tally-ho, dolly, is that the terminator coming over the horizon?"

I don't know why this is the right joke setup, it just is. Also the edge of night is coming over Earth's horizon now, moving with the spooky-slow speed of low orbit.

"CHEEEEEYAAAAAAHAHAAHA this sleigh ride is the ultimate! It feels so free up here! Look, there's the capitol! And West Virginia, and North Dakota, and the Virgin Islands hehe this Boobsong bets that name doesn't fit anymore..."

"Right!? We can see almost as many people's houses from here as we could from that hottub before! Talking about hottub time machines, that really took us back, didn't it. From this angle I have to say though, it does kinda look like America is the whole world. Seems to me I've made that mistake before somehow. Guess I need do some travelling abroad to get my perspective back..."

"Princess aren't you always travelling unbra'd? It took us back and forth and up and down and if only that was a sex joke. That stuff was scary!"

I'm getting settled in enough to have some fun, so I run my hands up Boobsong's sides as I talk, just enjoying her curves and the knowledge of how inescapable our snuggles are. It gives my heart the courage to open up and really feel her there, which makes every touch electrifying. Yes handmaiden jokes.

"Yeah Sex on the beach sure wasn't either a cocktail or a fuck-tale that time. She was really key for that though, wasn't she, dolly--oh, man, I'm really winding up these multilayered puns until they scream, aren't I? Listeners, these are called brick jokes, because the punchlines fall on you like bricks way later when you forgot I said anything. Which I guess there is a lot of coming up."

"She really knew what song to play, it was a lifesaver! Like literally she hummed a song and saved everything."

"That sure was a Bombshell. Hit me so hard I felt it seventy years ago! So did Bombshell, I think--"

It feels like the emotion from that quenches my rush, even as Berryblossom gently nudges with indicators of the pitch angle we need for reentry, and--

Firework runners activating. Colorful pattern adjustable by will.

So awesome.

Something's broken open in me, a flood of cold water flooding me, it feels like, feels like--

Angry get angry find the rage rip and tear come on dolly push a button no I need to--water's drowning me--help--

Your game has it. DOOM.EXE.

"Man it's been a hell of a day. I was a man, earlier, for a little while. Whell--I got betta! Got pretty hairy  for a while, though. Went on an action-movie car chase and everything. I think that perfekti sure thought it was a close shave, eh dolly?"

"We kinda split the difference, on that--or the tentacle, anyway! This whole day's been bad like that! Everything so awful this Boobsong had her teeth on edge for most of it! Especially that one time, then she had her teeth on four edges! In the blade of her CHAINSAW FORM Princess got mad enough to make up today! Her Boobsong invented the four teeth rows, Princess just said chainsaw form you can do it good. This Boobsong doesn't mean to be arrogant, she just has to be sure you understand there's always a way to broaden your whore-razors!"

"BWAHAhAHA yeah that was pretty great. I wish I could say great minds run in the same track and I thought of it too but mostly what happened was their minds running in her tracks! They who--okay before we go on with this, deadly serious educational moment. Pop quiz everybody, how is a Christian school curriculum just like wrapping paper? I bet you can get this one, dolly. Anybody phoning in? No? I mean I guess this performance is a stage or two beyond I'm calling from the plane. You'd have to really boost your signal to get up here. Anyway, dolly, Christian school curriculum and wrapper paper, what's in common?"

"The best response to both of them is RRRRIP AND TEAR ROOOAAAAAh! We did some rip and tearing before! Christianity came back as nightmares for Sex (Mommy's Handmaiden, you know sex is the nightmare for Christianity), but that's okay!"

She singsongs so beautifully evilly. Air is starting to buffet Berryblossom and make thin little bits of firework off the runners, and it all fits so well.

"We sure put the strong in that concordance, didn't we, Mommy?"

"Your teeth looked so beautiful cutting through those messed-up shadow things. Really made the text into a window to heaven, didn't it--wait, did you mean Sex my handmaiden is the nightmare for Christianity, or sex the concept?"

"Your handmaiden was having the nightmares, so sex the concept then, but once she got out of them, Sex the handmaiden, definitely! You know how she gets when she's wound up like that!"

Much more reentry fire now, and the beginnings of sound, thin and faraway seeming. The day side shines below us, but beyond the fire is light shining in darkness, cities through an atmosphere cleaned by the Dreams.

In my heart, the muddy flood has become black liquid night blazing with rainbow starshine like the sky is burning and falling on it, but the shifting, waving, burning light is what the water was, not something reflected by it.

"Yeah, you guys should have seen her face gearing up for that next thing. Bell was really tolling for those nightmares then! Just to make it clear, listeners, yes what happened was we had to journey into Sex's heart where the poor thing was four years old to cut out nightmare monster things the Bible verses her caretakers fed to her when she was that age became, using Boobsong's brand new chainsaw form. After she'd been travelling with me for what--I mean I don't know, all seven of them are like Boobsong that was, twenty years with them just feels like five minutes--after she'd been travelling with me a while. Still those nightmares got dug up for her. Christianity's a hell of a drug, isn't it, dolly?"

To buy time because my anger is sniffing around for the next thing it wants to chew on, and can't find it yet. Candy's research? Hmm...

"Not even once for this Boobsong! Oh wait, didn't ever have to worry that way, because it's totally racist! This Boobsong is sure they just didn't know that su'khora are nice and just as morally ambiguous as humans are. Just like the black people, and Jamaicans, and Latin Americans, and Japanese, and...this is getting tedious. Maybe she should just say the color it does like. Blonde hair with very pale white skin! This Boobsong knows someone who looks that way, who is it, seems like they're very important to this Boobsong. Whole world it feels like! OH that's right, Starlight Princess Rainbow Starshine Strawberry, the antichrist! You don't like that one, Christians? She looks right, what's wrong with her? God doesn't like her, you say? She's not an American? Maybe you should ask God about that!"

"Oh, good point, dolly! Okay, doesn't anybody down there know what my daddy said to American Evangelicalism when he got back from the hospital? That he was putting some other people in. No for real, I'm asking. You all saw his light when he showed up. I might be fireproof and do stuff like jump off Mir without a parachute--or you know, clothes--to feel the wind in my hair, but I'm not opening that email! Damn! Which I'm pretty sure is the word from God mainly waiting there."

"This is all super mean, right? If I was a Christian listening to this I'd be feeling--really educated, because this is a rare chance to see a very important Christian practice in action from the outside. What Boobsong and me are doing is called loving the sinner and hating the sin. This stuff isn't to hate on Christians themselves, it's to highlight a destructive pattern of behavior and help people get better from it by seeing it for what it is. I believe every Christian who suffers from these things can be redeemed from them."

"So then the next line of course is and so just like you can't actually pray the gay away you can't pray the Christianity away, and we need to have a hard look at asking people to stop being either gay or Christian because that's like cutting their heart out."

"As IF mister false comparison man! First of all, as we just went over, you chainsaw the Christianity away, and secondly, like ask my father, if you dare, since I'm pretty sure he was unfortunately there while it was being designed, but like, nothing in Christianity is the stuff human hearts are actually crying for. Peel every piece of it back like that Nine Inch Nails song says and you'll find something better under it--and I'm not saying that's me and Jesus, because I'm pretty sure though not quite how I know this at the moment that dad worked really hard to keep me out of Christianity so I'd be able to do the job I somewhat guess now he figured out I was going to grow up to do--but whatever you do find under that stuff, that makes your heart sing, that's the true religion. Christianity is the sin, I may technically say since my daddy Aveh has been very particular to say don't do that to it which I'm pretty sure is the definition of sin to Christians--that papers over all that stuff, and so yes, rip and tear, just like wrapping paper, hey look at that. Or maybe open it up and slide it off and see what was inside all along. I had to do that with a heartwarming present earlier."

"Jack--that's CS Lewis to you normals and Sugarfreaks--actually explained it the best with that mudpies thing. Sitting around making mudpies in a ditch when daddy wants to take you to the seaside, except he thought he was comparing the seaside of Christianity to the mudpies of everything else. Well, here we are in paradise, but I'm pretty sure there's a bunch of admittedly remodeled churches down there, and now that we're here, where are the mudpies? Not like the churches obviously but if you can remember the alpha there was before my dad updated everything to the mwaha release version, I mean all that belief system, compared to what you know now, where are the mudpies? Where were they the whole time?"

"As always, if you can't believe me, ask my daddy, but remember, out of the two of us, I'm the nice one."

My voice curls with echoing spooky audio zalgo right on cue for I'm the nice one. Thanks game.

"If you really have to ask him I'll still be here afterwards, with my candy that can make you forget stuff."

"Dad if you're listening out there, I...I think you know where we are with like, us, but like, I hope you don't take what I'm saying badly. I'm just imagining how I'd feel if I walked into the shitshow you did, and going on what I can remember of what you had to say before everything went haywire. If you're still taking out the trash somehow, give them a kick from me for everything they did to you. And then another one. There's a lot of kicks in here."

"Crazy, right? I just talked to him, so easily? It's been a wild day. Real family pow wow. I don't think I wanna talk about it more than that, so, um, kicks! Footwear! You guys are not gonna believe what Boobsong and me have on our feet right now, eh dolly?"

Berryblossom is entirely surrounded by rainbow fire now and everything is nice and warm and loud with the heat of reentry--okay that is falling with style. Out of the fire, like our runners are planting them, grow thread-thin green holographic strawberry vines with little brilliant-red strawberries glowing off them, curlicuing and expanding like the script on Berryblossom's gift tag. That and the fire keep going all the way through transfer, right?

Yes, and there is a finale explosion after you dismount.

If you want something done with style, ask a Strawberry. My people knew what they were doing here.

"Your Boobsong would like to keep it on after we get there but she knows that's letting her cocksleeve heart runner away with her."

"Don't worry, dolly. It's all downhill after we land. And uphill. And wallriding. And phasecloaking and transwarp jumping, I'm sure. Anyway my point is we'll definitely be looking pure as the driven snow according to our faith before long, oh yes. Grandmother did say to be home by midnight. Can you imagine the scandal if we missed that?"

Here's that rough ride we were promised! Everything shakes and shudders with the crazy airflow and wicked drag-pogoing a hypersonic sled has, rainbow fire and strawberry vines make Boobsong into a shifting colorful vision as I run my hands over her and squeeze her breasts so she grinds against me like we're dancing in the most epic nightclub ever, playing our Succubus game even here, and...if they did this on purpose, it's so perfect. People made portraits of their Princesses in the Strawberry Empire, just like Earth. When I look into those elegant strawberry vines curling out of that raging rainbow fire as bright and hot as the surface of the sun right now (NASA and Berryblossom both thought carefully about reentry temperatures, but they had opposite goals in mind!), see them dancing on Boobsong's writhing silver while under us a whole Federation worth of tech packed into a few glassy boards turns our ride into this incredible show...if that's not a portrait of me, of us, I want it to be with all my heart.

(and yes, the ride could be as smooth as glass, but I said reentry shielding off, and the people of Strawberry Hill would know perfectly well that means I want to do things the fun way)

"Your Boobsong would be horrified! We have to set the best example we can set, we're the Princess and her heartchild! Everyone will be looking to us, not just the Sugarfreaks! If we don't get back in time Grandmother Strawberry said--"

Said--I can't keep reading her. You did fine dolly. You see me.

But I know how not to drown this time.

"I'm...pretty sure that pumpkin-turning happened already. A few people I was with today very much didn't make it home by midnight. Honestly I'm kinda scared I won't either, so--I'm--watch how my game makes sure I do. Boobsong is the best of Keepers, she built it right. Watch and learn, what it looks like to be a Fairy, and wear that leash so tight and safe. Makes me feel like goo, sometimes, to be able to be so stupid safely. I really seem to think we have a lot of new viewers--you'll being viewing soon, don't worry, although if I say so which I do because my game isn't stopping me, this rainbow fire and the other thing you can see if you look closely and have an eye for detail, is oh so very me, so in a way, you already are viewing--at least I hope you're looking this way! You might even figure out what my new toy is then! I can tell you, it really slid right int my life at an unexpected moment."

"Listen to me getting diverted. New viewers might not know my game takes care of me, and that if I'm lashing out like a minute ago with Christianity, you can be sure I have exactly as much leash as I'm supposed to have. Case in point? My dad is okay now. I did that. I cracked into his shell together with Boobsong using the Waifu--that's my Arwing, new viewers--in TARDIS mode powered by the light of the deepest most brutal rage I've ever been in. And then I landed there in exactly the state I needed to be in to hear Boobsong's explain of the sad sick fucked up mind control what we were doing to him and think to send him a dreamskin we'd just made to get him out. All that, five seconds after being in the deepest most brutal rage I've ever experienced. Even if what I want to believe is true and I'd have enough compassion to not just kill his ass on my own, I can't imagine I would had the precision to get him out and standing up that without the help. I got the exact button pushing I needed to get. From my game, and the Dreams, and Boobsong herself, and now he's out there and he and I are from each of our sides slowly cleaning up the mountain of shit that stands between us and maybe, someday, we'll have a relationship again. Instead of you know, him being dead or in pieces or something."

"So why I'm telling you this. Sometimes I hear about friends of mine getting their buttons pushed in kind of the exact opposite of the loving way I got mine pushed to help my dad out, or other bad stuff. I'm not sure who or what might be listening to this, but...public service announcement. Just as much as my game can restrain me and keep me from going too far...it can also not. Look up an Egregore named Eden if you want an example of what that looks like, but like, I still definitely felt the leash pulling here and there with that whole thing. I think there might be a looooooot more where that came from. I wouldn't know. Only one way for me to find out, really, if my game's up for it."

"So my point here, with this jokeless longwindedness is, one, go ahead, make my dataset, and two...like Dad again I'm sorry if I have you wrong but I think something we share is...like when I'm really mad, it's not done until it's done. Sometimes we've just gotta beat the dead horse a little. For a few million years. Like I was doing to Christianity earlier. A thing you never want to be, when he or me are in that place, is a similar-looking live horse, especially with him and me in the mood to double-end you, which I kind of think given where I'm at with it you're not done either dad, we are about the whole Christianity thing. So you know. If you're planning to be a jerk, out there, in that sort of way, might want to try a different plan. Again, look up an egregore named Eden for details."

"Also I think I'm learning I might need a certain amount of meat in my diet, if you see what I mean, so counting on me being distracted, I don't know, like, long enough, probably isn't a winning strategy. Boobsong's a dragon so I know she won't be squeamish about feeding me."

"Anyway, my whole point, no that wasn't it, and neither is me saying anyone worried about me should probably figure this is like the end of Kickass and I'm Hit-Girl saying I have a suitcase with two million dollars in it, my point isn't it cute what a scatterbrain I am my point is...I'm still the nice one. Good luck with your evil schemes!"

"OH and that was all just me talking about my dad and me. We haven't even started on Grandmother Strawberry yet--but she can speak for herself, oh yes she can, I saw that today."

"Hm? What about Boobsong herself? I saw a city of silver, looking back at me, and its eyes were so beautiful as my light curled into them in the grip of their love I dared not count their endlessness."

"That's what you get, that line of poem. No I didn't say I was a good poet. If you're asking for more, get a literature education until you see why you should be scared to keep asking."

"Now back to our regularly scheduled apocalypse. Wait, why are they all saying we did it already, dolly?"

"Princess your Boobsong thinks they think you mean the one from the other night."

"Wait, so, the other night, or the other other night?"

"The second one."

"Ooooh, because they don't know we still haven't--because they think--oookay. Alright well not that apocalypse, viewers, that's one's over with. The other one, which I haven't finished yet. Hm. Can't figure out which way to go from here."

"Go back to where you began."

"Great Scott, why didn't I think of that!? Oh because I wasn't trying because I don't have to because this is what happens when I don't. Good one, game. Anyway this has been a most excellent ride so far, wouldn't you say, dolly? At least since we left Mir and Christianity behind."

"Yes, most definitely. It's been just what the Doctor ordered!"

The ride's smoothing out, G-forces letting up, and the fire's starting to thin out. It's still nice and toasty and the the glide path in the HUD still points just about straight down from our perspective, but it's juuuuuust barely now looking like it's curving up instead of down. Yes that makes us mighty low to have aerobraking flames still--we're doing this the fun way, remember.

Speed-over-ground Mach 4.5, altitude 14,590 feet, time on target two minutes thirty-nine seconds, visual contact from target is possible.

"Alright viewers, hang onto your eardrums, because I think it's time to see if Guile's Theme really does go with anything. See us coming? You'll definitely hear us, soon!"

Shockwaves will travel faster than you as you decelerate, heralding your arrival five seconds before you enter the pickup area. Prepare light please.

And cocksleeve! Click, pose (surfer)!

Have to make this look cool, after all. As we crouch dramatically and I feel the fire in my heart, ready it, the fire around the sled thins enough that we can see around the it to the stage and fans, below. 

"I have to say, looking at it from this angle, the Illuminati really nailed it with the Washington Monument, didn't they, dolly?"

Rotation in four seconds.

"It's a very good likeness, so thick and strong. Everybody knows Strawberries wax, though. Did they really have to bring it the shrubbery?"

As she talks, there's the last burst of deceleration to get us subsonic enough and then I lean forward to pitch us down and the stage, and fans, and Washington Monolith that almost ended up with the prophecy carved in--no it's inside, that's right. Good one, Illuminati.

That gets surprisingly much heart-healing?

Anyway they all come into view so very close as I watch our shockwave hit the crowd like a ripple across them and the angle seems high so I pitch down and dive straight for the ragged back edge of the crowd--they're filling the Mall, and the Washington Monolith is behind the stage, and we're going nice and fast, so there'll be plenty of time for drama as we fly over.

Flux Capacitor charging. Light please.

I blast it out my feet, happy gleeful every-wavelength, and hear something whummm in the planks, actually making any sound at all (reentry was loud, but Berryblossom itself has been as silent as the Powersuit).

"I dunno, I think they're NI-t!"

Oh my sappy conehead snifflegulp sundaes we can hear them laughing from here. That means so much like obviously you have to like terrible jokes to survive as a Sugarfreak but still...

Getting low, lower, level off NOW!

As the rushing-closer stage and monolith come into view, a rectangular something nudges my toe, and I glance down to see a big fat Button just like Daniel's hoverboard okay like ever a whole city how can they be so thoughtful.

I poise my foot on it.


Wait for it, right in the middle of the Mall...NOW! I stomp the button, and a double-burst of thunder and lighting-flashes shine and then a deafening crack and blinding flash boom over the crowd as we rush trailing rainbow fire from our runners and suddenly the riot of colors just a few feet down is also a riot of art-styles because we're there.

The cheer goes up instantly, strong but not the heh apocalypse of Sugarfreaks crying for an encore, they know what the painted Sea and figure this will be something epic, but, the fun of this is, they're all watching our very flashy strawberry-and-fire-trailing ride and pretty asses and looking at the stage that came with us and it'll be juuuust a couple of seconds before anybody passes the reading comprehension test now looming up behind the stage. There's confused mirth, from the crowd, people checking out their artstyles, stuff like that.

Here's the stage. Skew-turn and fly sideways and backward and leap off as we turn at the spot of motionless stage the world is turning around and whee so quoozy-fun and Ghost In The Shell down with Boobsong still in my arms so we land together and stay put all poised as the world flashes with rainbow fireworks going off behind us and everyone cheers.

Those are really bright. They're preserve my reveal awesomely, blowing out everyone's night vision. So thoughtful. Finale explosion indeed, dayum.

And pant. Oh the epicness. They're all so happy out there! Don't worry all you, this is going to be as awesome as you're smiliing for.

Game do I get a mic or what?

(Yes it can just project my voice, but a nice fat mic is such a good prop. I know what every brand of microphone tastes like, and you'll never see me with the foam kind, hehe)

You don't need any microphone, just your royal voice of command.

Oh, yeah, what am I thinking, same reason I'm bareassed instead of in my Starlight Princess getup, too.

The fireworks start to let up, and I stand, pulling Boobsong up with me.


Bend knees, grab Boobsong tight, wings ready, jumpflap, light UP!


Night turns to day in the courtyard for a second time, and the crowd just freaks out. Jumping up and down, cheery insanely, a pair of girls near the front catch my eye because of their cross-purposes: one of them is bouncing like she's already had candy and doing the shake-your-friend-in-excitement thing but her friend is stopping down, picking up gravel to look at it.

"Hey, you in the front there, with the gravel, what'd the barbarian warlord say to the Strawberry Queen, his first time visiting Strawberry Home? Yeah, you, right there."

She looks up, holding two fistfuls kind of up, a taut string of excitement. Two mittened fistfuls, with a cute knit cap. The rest are the same. This won't do at all, MUAHAH.

I deadpan a subdued voice, beaten boy-falsetto as best I can through my bellowing.

"I can see my house from here."

This gets a big laugh, buoyed by the crowd still being on wait this is actually Strawberry Home huh.

"If you're trying to see which ones are bits of the houses of the gods, be sure not to miss the moon-rocks!"

More laughter, and I smile, then feign indignation, like I've just noticed.

"Now wait just a minute--oh. Oh it's everyone. This is serious. Whatever shall we do, Grandmother Strawberry?"

"Unveilings, the lot of them! Just let me get out my bodice ripper..."

"Oh, I've got it, Grandmother. Dolly, dragonize!" Click! As she starts to change, I swing her between my legs, and click again for her to fly in place. Please special-case us at the important parts, seed-ghost, I very feel like we're getting on a roller coaster here.

Special case enabled. Off soon.


"Alright, now just in case, by some bizarre sequence of events you've ended up at a Starlight Princess show wearing clothes you care about, no you didn't! You would've got spiked from that a long way back!"

Boobsong is fully dragon and so beautiful under me now. I fly higher as the crowd laugh again.

"Fair warning though, it's a cold night! You're gonna all wanna orgy together for warmth or something."

Another silly laugh.

"I kid. Nobody stays out in the cold on Heartwarming Eve in Strawberry Home! Anyway, you've at least got to try some of what I can smell from up here."

Which is Burger Queen, but imagination is everything, and I'd hate to quench the fun whoops and lewd noises this gets.

Something else is poking at me though. Grandmother I...don't know if this is memory or what but it doesn't seem right to have them at the Unveiling of the castle.

The capitol is out there, that's theirs to be audience to, yeah. Get your Sugarfreaks dressed right and warm in bed first.

"In bed" in Strawberry doesn't even remotely imply asleep.

Yeah. Okay.


Either I've got loyal fans or I wasn't totally worthless at my drill sergeanting, because they actually do it, even as they laugh. Not with any kind of order, but like, Boobsong will be able to zap easily now.

What to say...oh.

"What we're doing here, is sacred to us Strawberries. I think you all know what that means, but that means you also know you'd all be long unveiled in our culture. Unveiling is the beginning of a journey. You're still holding onto mommy's hand a lot just to stay up, when the veil first comes off you. I wonder what journeys you're all starting here? Think about that as you feel Boobsong's lasers tickle--Dreams giving them all visions or signs, something about that, help get them started right. I think a lot of new stuff is starting this Heartwarming Eve."

"I do know one thing you'll all be starting new, something I bet some mommies here can help you with, if you ask nicely, and the thing Boobsong and me so urgently needed to be back by midnight for, which is ALL THE PARTYING! If they've got the party started in there like I think they have, you all are going to get one hell of an education. We Strawberries are the originals. Everything in the books is true, and all the stuff the fantasy authors were too scared to write about! Take my family's advice, you won't be sorry!"

"Everybody ready? Here we go!"

Click, LASER.

SHIP-TO-SHIP COMMS TAIL MANIFEST! Shapeshift laser diodes, cooling systems, laser-dolly ONLINE! Tail spread into lots of them, target Sugarfreaks, ZZZAP take that winter clothes! Time to take some boobs-freezing lessons from Princess!

Oh? Stragglers? Oh yeah? ZZZZAP!

 Zzzzap your boots what is that made out of, takes so much to cut through! RRAH! Got you! Everyone naked now? Looks like yes. Submissive dragon face.

I pat her neck where I ride. Good dragon.


Laughter as tentacles pluck away the bits of clothing until not one speck of it is left.

Okay less drill sergeant more mommy now.

"You all make me so happy. Okay, inside there's food and drink and music and good cheer if you know what I mean. I have royal duties to attend, yes for real I am the actual Strawberry Princess after all, but here come the honor guard to show you the way."

They all march out, maybe a hundred guards, and make a hallway of sexy badass to the front doors of the keep, shining in their formal armor and feathers. No halberds...

"Have fun, all of you, you'll see me real soon and this stage is definitely getting properly used before you go if I have anything to say about it, don't worry--OH! One more thing! If you should find when you get to the keep, you've got a piece or three of gravel between your now-bare toes, that you didn't put there on purpose like a cheaterly cheating cheater...what's it mean?"

Shouts of conquest and enemies in real trouble for a minute.

"YEEEUP! So. Here in paradise, whatcha gonna conquer? Left as an exercise for the...reader. Alright, Sugarfreaks, go get warm and meet the real Strawberry Dynasty. Chyah!"

With the same call, I send Boobsong toward the main gate with a kick of my heels against her. When we get over the top of the gate-tower, I click her land and we thoom down among the scorch marks where from this castle's perspective she vaporized catapults just this morning, and I find myself weirdly emotional, even more than I expected to be.

The capitol is our there. Like the castle, it's a beautiful oil painting in the style of our master artists, and the Dreams aren't hiding it behind the darkness they did while we were on my tower-top. It looks just like it did, sloping away down Strawberry Hill beyond the fire bridge that looks small and not so long, up here on the tower...let that be the signal fire, then.

I half expected the Dreams to have been hiding some glowing scifi metropolis behind their darkness, but that's exactly not the point of this place, any more than the America we visited is ever leaving the 21st century (or 20th). Are there more, I find myself wondering, moments stopped for people of every era who wish to visit or leave in the image of a moment like this.

The Dreams respond of course, with a vision a radial engine from World War II fighter. There's at least a dieselpunk one, which I should care about because maybe Bombshell would like to at least visit home sometime.

I don't feel angry, anymore, dolly.

Your Boobsong wants to make sure they won't miss it, but she doesn't feel screaming.

The Dreams show me scratches, on something dull grey. They could be skating-tracks on ice, but it makes me think of the coffee spool Boobsong replicated me with every scratch in place.

I love the epic locks on Boobsong's hoard. They make me feel so safe and precious. Why is it right, that that stands and these gates fall, here in paradise? The answer seems to me to be in that fire bridge down there.

Still, standing up here, with all the awesome power I could call on and weird stuff my Acme Station here might be able to do, I can't find the way to do this, except walking out on the fire bridge with dolly-Boobsong in my arms and looking lost and setting it off with my light and letting it burn around us so we can replace it with something beautiful.

...or, no, okay. So the people of the Strawberry Empire, or our daughter, can.

The scratches are on ice, I think, but I can't find what's frozen here, as always.

The Dreams show me a battle, just a frozen moment in silhouette. The horizon is a forest of pole-arms.

A memory of halberd practice comes back, but there's a crowded pall over it, incessance, something that poisoned the fun of it, that had nothing to do with my imagining that flying hay as the blood of our enemies or not. Desperation and crowdedness, crawling inside, it makes me want to scream and tears are in my eyes. War was a choking smog that hung over everything, jabbing constraining armor you had to wear all the time. The honor guard were in skimpy ceremonial stuff and had no halberds and I can't but think they looked relieved, now.

feel like screaming, dolly, but not at the people. We did this to America--and the Soviet Union--for practice, and we made it scary. Let's make it beautiful this time.

She can respond to any controls I imagine control her. I think I know the ones for this occasion.



Her keys are there, when I reach for them like a star would, shining-silvery and intimate. Instinct takes me to right ones, and I press, and just hold, and the world blurs as she blasts out a long, steady blast of thousand-part harmony with herself, trumpet and singer, beautiful ringing through the night, song instead of scream.

I didn't glow very bright for me, just enough to show the Sugarfreaks where we were, so I feel them, not see them, lining the edge of the moat and filling the square past the end of the fire bridge, out there in the shadowy city.

It's been pounding at me that my Unveiling, and Boobsong's, and everyone's, was solemn. You'd think we'd throw a huge party, from what I said in the courtyard before, but...that would be too much for the Unveiled. The right way was tenderness for the delicate new flower. Everyone was there to see how scared the whole thing made the Unveiled, how you can't help being afraid of the bodice ripper even though it's precise and sacredly made to make this safe where a normal knife wouldn't, how much of everyone's kind support the newly Unveiled would need. That's the energy washing across the moat now, from the silent crowd.

The Dreams show me a hand, with a glove next to it, off, and a sob wells up, I know what I have to do, but will I still be me after?

No. Not even that. They'll all still have in them that same choking claustrophobic nightmare I do, if they grew up here.

The only thing I was ever supposed to do here was be their Princess. The message of Berryblossom was that they'll be up to the task, once I show them the way.


Boobsong flows under me, pulling back in, and in no time we're standing on the battlement and I want to just pound my fists into the stone until it's gravel. Soon.


Holding tight yes.

I run for the front of the tower with Boobsong clinging tight, flap over the battlement and line up and still my wings and just drop. Game.

Your game will keep you from falling-hurt.

The fire-bridge rushes up and we land with a brutal crack but not from either of our bones. Eravahk pointing straight down at the shingles but this order isn't just for Boobsong this time so I look up at the crowd commandingly but with the tears and fury hard on my face CLICK.

Rip and tear you. Every moment we had to stay locked in tower-room because they might be there any minute rip and tear you.

The whisper of her thoughts is so terrible, so much more so than her dragon's roar.

Rip and tear. The roof is steep, and we've landed one on each side of the peak, but by holding tight and the force of our predicament, we're each held so we don't slide off, each have one free hand. The old wood is soaked in sticky pitch, but the cold makes it hard and brittle. As Boobsong moves to do the same on her side, I force my fingers at the edge of a shingle, pry up, get them under it, yank and jerk up with all my strength. It cracks and bends up, I worry at it yanking it all around until it comes free entirely and then throw it as hard as I can down into the moat, but even before I get it free I can feel the footsteps rocking the bridge, hear the creak of old wood pulling apart, so I look up instead and out at the city, feel the energy of the crowd stretching through it. They know what to do, now, and that there ought to be about one brick for everyone. It's a Sadish crowd, full of giants and strange creatures, the heartchildren of a people who followed a religion of kindness but who didn't take over their world by having no darkness in their hearts. They'll do just fine doing all of it with their bare hands as I just commanded.

My Princess' heart seems to be satisfied to have unleashed the avalanche. Are you fed, dragon?

Your dragon says make the ugly stuff torn away. If that's happening, she feels good.

Then let's give our people some light to work by. I flap and leap and fairybuzz up click. Boobsong swells in my arms and I slide her between my legs again and grip her waist with my knees as she flows into pony-form and I nuzzle her neck and sob a little with the happiness she makes me feel this way, then lift her horns to make her flap higher still, swing us around, and blast out the light to make a nice summer day of this apocalypse as I wheel us around to watch the festivities.

There's dust coming from the walls already? I flap even higher, over the tower-tops, to see teams of soldiers as orderly and square as marching to battle, pushing the great stones of the battlements off their footings. They look up and cheer, when we fly into view and I brighten to see them.

They're being helped by a huge, jagged shadow as tall and scary as Boobsong ever was--look, dragon!

Very fun stone-breaking power! Look what they're doing there! RRAAAH HAHAHA!

Kiss to you. This Boobsong is glad you're here.

It's the little maid's heartchild, of course. I can see her there, sitting on top of it's "head", cradled by the shadows. Over and over it grabs a huge chunk of wall with its terrible hands and squeezes and after a moment there's a pop the wall and pretty monster both jerk like when you pop a balloon and the chunk of wall is just gone and they're grabbing another chunk.

Below, the people are at the walls now, pouring up from the capital. I can't see what they're walking on but it's sure not the old fire bridge which is floating in the moat in pieces--hey Acme Station, let's finish what we started--no. The fire bridge never burns. Let it float there until it rots and grows flowers by the shore.

They're, heh, going to town, down there. One citizen flies like a superhero, lifting huge stones off the gate-tower to throw them down into the moat with an epic splash, each of which gets a cheer from the people in the crowd. People are walking up the walls like they're streets to come over the battlements and help the army push. At least twenty or thirty dragons of all shapes and sizes are smashing away with their tails or just taking big bites out of the walls like it's a gingerbread house--hey, are those ours, dragon?

Yes. Very many kids of ours down there smashing it. Seed-mommy is so proud of you, kiddos. Tear a big piece, come on, eat your food!

This...warms my heart. It feels so right. Hard-red. Happy and terrible is the strawberry way.

They're...making quick work of it, too! All at once the back watchtower to the left of the keep collapses like a telescope being put away, dust rises--and then is vacuumed up by a circle of huge dragons who lunge for the rubble like a bunch of kittens at feeding-time.

There's going to be no rubble left. The dragons are ravening for every bite of it, or things like the little maid's friendly nightmare are just making it go away.

Oh. Oh that's why they have that popping-gone power. Oh that's beautiful. Make the bad stuff go away, friend. Hehehe hurry and get yours before the dragons eat it all up!

Hot air balloons? No, helium. It's the Sugarfreaks, watching. I've been looking down like they are, so I didn't see them until one floated into our line of sight, but when I look up, there they are, shining rainbow-stripes or bright colors against the night sky in my light.

On Strawberry Home's rooftops, by the flagpoles, people are doing something--dammit why are there so many ways to make me cry. They're flying the banners like it's sunrise. From my tower-top, my rainbow banner is up, and Pussy is hanging off the flagpole, leaning out dangerously, to check things out. Copper is gone from her spot and I feel--dolly, was Copper ever actually a little?

No. You know what she did there!

Boobsong's thoughts are singsongy with fun--alright yeah mwhah, muahahahah I guess she figured out her witch-powers if she pulled that glamour off! Alright, cool then, somewhere down there is a bat having its most metal day ever and that's fine with me.

The Dreams sort of circle a little speck for me, flapping around down by the keep. Good. And good to see you down there. Dreams what of the other five?

A rising sun, then balloons. My light woke them up and now they're with the Sugarfreaks--wait, there down there literally is the huge bunch of oversize candy-shiny colorful balloons the Dreams just showed me with a hot air balloon basket under it, and there they all are, hanging out and looking different ways.

A shift in the wind brings me a whiff of Burger Queen, and I instinctively look at at the chimneys on top of the--main house, it's not a Keep now--that come from the kitchens in the basement. I could really go for some curly fries. Behind the main house, a giant made of sparkling gemstones fit together like stained glass glitters as it stomps and kicks away at the rear wall, full of the passion of someone who lived here when there were barbarian warships on the river. Rip and Tear, beloved Strawberry citizen.

Looking almost straight down I can see someone with blonde-silver hair and midnight-black skin run at a tower and then lines of fire streak from its top as they take it apart block by block at hyperspeed, hurling them upward so they turn to vaporizing lines of fire from the air-friction, reverse meteors burning up in the atmosphere as they rise (oh, heh, never let it be said our people don't have a sense of symbology), but they really are going to think fast because the tower's not going to survive the acidic green blob snuggling it where it joins the wall-top much--longer--hehe, the tower tips and starts collapsing to splash into the huge blob that's eating away at the battlements below, but the hyperspeeder keeps going, hurling blocks away until the very last moment, bounces out of the blob's way and stands to bow for a second before starting in on the wall-top the same way.

And everywhere are the just humans ganging up to push huge blocks right out of their mortar, or heave the rubble that filled the walls into the mouths of waiting dragons. One lone guard keeps running against a piece of battlement nearly as big as her, bouncing back, running again. She must be doomed, except...I think she's getting somewhere. The stone more rocks with each blow--bombs away! It plummets from the wall, but a flying dragon snatches it in its mouth and throws it across the moat to where it smashes in the square and a lanky giant with a little speck riding its hair starts stomping it to gravel.

When I look down below us, the main gate tower is gone, and the road already cleared nicely. Only piles of rubble like fast-melting snow are left, carried away by dragons and giants and very determined humans. There's someone riding a huge, floppy-eared white puppy as big as Boobsong's dragon form down there, playfully knocking down the pile that's what's left of the gate tower, sending rubble everywhere--hold up, what's that sound?

EYAHAHAHAH BBBOING they're banging the east wall to pieces look!

Sure enough, to the right of the Doggy, a bunch of colorful specks of very bouncy people are pounding between the courtyard and the wall like racquetballs, rattling dust off it and making big chunks of masonry split off and fall. It won't take much more of that--floof! A huge dustcloud puffs out as the wall collapses, the the the oh fuck it Gummi Bears hop out of the dust cloud and onto the top of the rubble and start jackhammering on it, pulverizing it (literally, I think) out of existence.

You'd think it was the riot I almost started all those years ago, except...it's ending. People are carefully cleaning up every piece of rubble and getting rid of it in their own particular idiom, until what's left is just blank bare ground as level as newly-Unveilled skin. Beautiful new white marble bridges in the style of the buildings with gorgeous elegant green copper railings cross the moat, now, one for each compass direction, put up all in a moment, I guess the people of Strawberry Hill really weren't just sitting around for eight thousand years. The crowds, at least those not staying in Strawberry Home, all drain away over them, back to their Heartwarming revels in the capitol or other worlds, and the Sugarfreaks balloons are descending. My handmaidens are popping their balloons somehow and drifting back toward my tower-top. Everything gets quiet.

When I try to remember what happens after Unveiling, I remember a big fancy sweets-tower thing with some kind of melon dessert on top, but not lots of people. I think that's just special-occasion Princess snacks I'm remembering, and how relieved I was to see it. I think what happens, after Unveiling, is your mommy comes and takes you off the stage and you go to chill out and adjust. Where there aren't zillions of people. It's private, what happens next. I had my adventure with Boobsong, of course...she ate me at court, though, when Jenner tried with the box, but she ate me our very first time together, but that would have been after unveiling, but...the memories are a puzzle I can't put together, and I keep seeing an American flag.

...on wrapping paper. Rip and tear, what really happened?

Show us the way tell us how my hunger for that as a kid in every subject bubbles up. I dared believe good teachers existed.

Verana with her book, blessing us, satin's around, a big round bed with satin hanging at one side but it's a sleeping-bed or the one in my chamber. Verana showing my hands the way, colors and darkness and shine are everywhere this room is a part of the Rainbow Cathedral, it's full of flowers and the smell of them, they made this so special for us, Boobsong bowing. Lying, paralyzed, feeling my clit grow bigger as Boobsong rode me, filler her, and then the way it let go, the way my body gave it to her. I never saw it, just felt that happen. That was when she actually ate me. I lay there feeling her pick up each cell and hold it, right where it was, her heartstone spreading through me from my pussy, coming inside. Idolizing is so powerful for me because it feels so much like that. I would have been so terrified, but I could feel her love holding every part of me, and Verana was there, watching over us. My feet faced the headboard, so we'd be easier to guide, with Boobsong facing out from the bed. My heart keeps showing me Borg stuff. I felt so taken, my flesh not mine anymore, I'd move again when Boobsong made me, but...dad. He made this room, like that music box with the raunchy Boobsong statues on it, he must have known, somehow, where I was heading, fucking Locutus was never him, this was. My memories bring up a book, he must have left instructions if he left all this...memory wants to come but that damned American flag keeps slapping itself over them.

Something in on an altar in that room. It looks to me like Boobsong's tail in a complicated pattern. Another toy...something for stars, it could form Boobsong or something like that. Thinking of it and her silver city of kind eyes is right. Hairbrush. For that. It could touch that form of her and...brush it. Still like that room I found Candy in! RRR!

Instructions to take care of me. He would have left them. That must be what Verana was reading. The towering question of that should be whether it was his idea to implant me so young, but that's not the right thing to ask here, it's...a rose and thorns, come from my heart, like the vision of gross water do, but this isn't gross.

He knew there'd be dark and light to me, that I'd be the same in sex, he saw what Boobsong would be somehow, why is this so important now, my heart spits up the episode of TNG where Data's stranded on a planet surface and trying to get stubborn colonists to evacuate before an invasion even the whole Federation can't fend off arrives, finally he gets them to wake up by destroying their water supply with a phaser blast and saying he's one android with a sidearm and now they're going to be rationing water until they get it fixed, how are they going to do against that army, that sure sounds like me and dad alright...leave. He he he he we...I was trapped here and I had to get everyone to leave. He left instructions for that.

They included for me to do whatever it took.

He hadn't noticed this particular fishbowl of very hyper ants but when his own daughter ended up there he did, and told me to get myself and everyone else out and left stuff to help. Break heads if necessary. The monolith isn't his, though, that prophecy is older, it's all this getting spiked. Spiked, the monolith is a spike, we...

«Nailstone.» Or spike-rock you get the idea. Unwrap the compound word that that's monolith in Strawberry.

But what's any of that have to do with this room, after unveiling? The memories a swamp of shattered obsidian, I guess that means I can see my alien darkness now but--owie--and I'm not getting anywhere--help?

A bass clef. My musicbox, that with one song and a bit of silver washed away all the nightmare Christianity told me about him. There's a gift he gave to honor me and Boobsong in our sex life, that tells who he is and reminds me of something really important about myself.

I keep wanting to think that the thing in the box with Boobsong's complicated tail is some kind of bondage toy, but something holds me back from that. A storybook, then, a complicated tale, or manual.

Heavy tiredness. This seems just an inescapable swamp. The right way to go is blocked off. No. No more of that nonsense. I remember. It was a bondage toy. Black goo that'd respond to my will and tie her up how I wanted, but could play star-style the way my music-box makes stellar music. Not for Boobsong only. Dad knew what kind of lover I'd be. What I said about black leather to copper was ironic. It could look like black leather alright, and--

It's my Starlight Princess outfit. Dad made that. Not the nineties rave slut styling, that's it reacting to me. That's the shape it takes when I wear it, just the way any bass will still sound like Gene (Gaene? I think?) playing bass, in his hands.

Stately garb of the otherworld, said Kaari so politely. I'm a traditional Strawberry. I was angry at the court but that outfit would have to be something really special for me to wear it to court. Only on a mandate from paradise itself...or if I was being defiantly the child star they were all petrified of.

It crawled inside me...why this fighting when I know what happened? Because Verana did it, while Boobsong held...held her hands out and Verana dripped it into them and Boobsong rubbed the stuff into me. To tell me whatever anyone ever said this was right and good, because I trusted the two of them more than anyone. Verana was the one on our side out of all of Them. I remember you couldn't see the stuff in its unconfigured form with human eyes, but to my star-sight it looked like all different glistening, dripping like honey into Boobsong's hands.

She rubbed it into my heart, between my legs, all up and down me.

The dramatic thing to say would be this is my candy machine, but it's not, say the Dreams with a pair of eggbeaters reversed like a tarot card. I think I have a candy machine the way Copper has a cards machine.

It's a snare. Tentacles, seductive clothes, sticky goo to hold you where I want you.

Soo, the joke with my outfit lying on that chez-lounge is, I'm already wearing my Starlight Princess outfit, I can manifest it like I can bondage goo, anytime. That one's just a cast off--is it off? I reach into the goo's psychic interface, find a speck of it lying far below, can feel it in space relative to me, there in my antechamber. Muahah I could totally make it get up and dance around and freak my handmaidens out. Or tie them all up in a nice little ball for when I get back. It's quite do-what-I-mean. Flashes of Christian stuff, a memory of a fundamentalist tow truck driver, things like that, claw at me like scabs panging--no. He's not like any of those stories say. That celestial-engineering dominatrix-suit is him seeing me but he'd just as much make that as my raunchy-looking musicbox. It doesn't look like a latex catsuit and stiletto boots and a wicked eravahk because that's not who am, but--and I think I've tried this--stick some on--huh, Sex is the one, interesting--and it'll turn right into that.

What's still missing, why can't I get this. I just keep seeing that American flag.

It took lessons, to use it well, like any toy of art. Verana took me through them.

Again, fighting, the truth I know gets resisted by something.

How could I learn to play my musicbox, if Boobsong and me were the only ones in the universe who could hear it? Rada? Did Boobsong teach me? Was I made knowing?

It can't have been dad, he was already gone by then. There's Auntie Lucifer and Uncle Dagon, why don't they feel right?

That American flag again. So tired. I don't want to dig through this now. It's just taunting me, nothing behind it.

What if he time travelled or something? Time travel makes me so angry. It's stupid and fake because you can't actually make sense of it even from a timeless perspective, but it's everywhere in my life, so I just put up with it. Theoretically suppose he time-travelled to teach me. Offensive in its not-happen-ability but forget that part like always. How's that feel? Nice, I guess. Like daddy taking care of me.

Maybe I just wish he could have. I think he'd like Boobsong a lot, or did like her in the moments she existed before they killed his heart. I believe he would have taught us and been as encouraging as Verana and Grandmother Strawberry--and as Sis, if she'd had the chance.

I guess it hurts a lot that he never got to, knowing he'd be there for us, seeing that from what he did that he could do. Your same-sex (not gender, want someone with the same kind of body) mentor is supposed to be there for you, after Unveiling, to help you figure out how you work, your first time. I'm a girl, so that's Verana, but...I'm also a star. The place of helping me figure how that all works is his, in our culture, and it broke my heart he couldn't be there on my Unveiling day. The stuff he left said how sad he was, in that way of someone who loads up a babysitter with advice, and that way of letters that start I'll be dead by the time you're reading this, but know that I love you.

I think his started off that way.

Yeah because now I'm crying.

Then they gave me the dress he made, and it was so beautiful. Damn right I wore it in defiance of our culture, and insisted on only it in America, except for my StarFox jacket which was a trophy, not clothing. I could make my dress be bikinis and stuff, they'd alway turn out really colorful and sleek, but the rave slut outfit is just...who I am. Dad seeing who I am.

And yes it's explicitly a dominatrix dress and bondage toys and howevermany tentacles I want at a time, that's not something I put on it's shapeshifting. Orbit me, center of the universe (but notice I didn't say multi-verse). Founder of the Real Big Huge Club. He made me a way to have gravity, physically, with humans--and su'khora--to pull them in and hold them at the right distance where I want, dancing my way.

It can grab souls, control minds, but you feel it the way you do bondage gear, stretchy fun or steely hard, it's not sneaking. Sneaking around is how you go insane, or just go out, in my family.

It's meant to be a whole kit, the entire toybox, for humans and stars.

My dad's a toymaker. That's who Eden twisted into the monster you heard me yelling about on the way down from orbit.

Look at his fucking womb. You saw it cut open when I did, got the translation to human terms. Make a toy then bring it alive. No wonder my doll-form feels comforting. That's as much me as flesh ever was.

The candy's me. That's just my heart expressing itself, through...something, I don't know how I can make so much complexity--no, of course I can. I inherited that side of his nature, instinctual engineering, I can't work it enough to make a shell machine but I can feel how to make simple little candies. Even Sex's key.

No? Tell me, could you do all the kinematic math to walk, consciously? Because a whole scientific community of robotics researchers funded by a very motivated military industrial complex took about seventy years to learn how to stumble like a toddler--oh wait no that's right they gave up and cheated in the end using brute-force machine-learning methods, just like a baby learning to walk!

Yes, his toys and my candy have darkness in them. You heard what my musicbox could do. I wasn't breaking it or playing it wrong. It's meant to make those sounds. Sometimes you have to scream.

There's darkness in them but in the contrast of light and dark is their beauty--hehe. My dress won't cover me, its stays skimpy no matter what I try to do with it.

How else could my light show through?

Flash of something like a crown...that galaxy Hubble was looking at. It looked so beautiful, with the swirling dust in its arms highlighted by the core behind, just like my mesh top. And the starfield that'll appear on my skirt if I wear it and shine. It'll make colors, but it likes to be black, like those dust clouds. I think trying to make white always turns rainbow-sheeny instead or something. It's made to be contrast like those dust clouds, not be white against my pale skin.

Also, put this in your pipe and choke on it, creepily spaghetti-strap-measuring Christian dads. Look at the Dress my daddy made me.

I suppose why the sweet screaming strawberry-scissors fuck the rewrite stuck anorexic!Sex wearing my Dress in seifuku mode (pretty I can get it to be one, as long as it's black) into Kill La Kill is a worthless question, but it's so insane it tugs at me.

The Dreams show me Bart Simpson holding a big cartoon mallet behind his back. Ryoko's a pretty angry heroine, it occurs to me, and also totally gay, and has daddy issues. That's where those elements of me could go into cartoons, and Sex has that dark side of hers, so she got to wear my dress.

Boots, say the Dreams--oh, yeah. Barefoot goes with naked (and I think is actually the Strawberry way, how else will you see what gravel gets between your toes), but I wear stockings. My crystal heels. Also from daddy?

The boots the dreams showed me are more traditional domme boots.

The Dreams show me a railway bridge with a huge scroll laying on it. Words as bridge. Cinderella, of course--nothing seems to be right except the pain of remembering Sis giving me crystal shoes the other night when I'd forgotten I could walk in heels (that was fine and the shoes were fine but it hurts with Sis)--journeying. Playing my musicbox. Skill I don't remember consciously but still have. Using my Dress is the same.

In which case I should play with it to see what it can do, because I had no idea my musicbox could be so violent when I picked it up.

I don't even know where to start with that--like hell I don't. How about some nice jewelry, like a proper Strawberry Princess? You're supposed to wear shapes and colors that express you, so...massive candy gemstones, and--hmm. It wants to make darkness and contrast. Shining black.

Oh shoggoth-ink shakes with numinosity fries to dip I'm not being nearly eldritch enough. Who said it has to be visibly attached to my body? Let's go for floating mirrored siliconish black panels some of which are rainbow colors and they hang behind me like a halo complementing my wings.

Flit to third person as it starts doing stuff. Okay I look like a reverse stained glass window, this is badass, but too...hard. Splats of color, goo.

I remember this. It has no problem getting behind my wings and staying out of their way. It's reaching the length of the castle for my outfit down there right now, after all.

There. Goo behind me in big splats of black and color like my outfit got splashed onto the air behind me. Hehe, it makes me huuuge! It wants to be big and loud, it's skimpy on me but it's not small. A huge splatty brushed-on void of shining black looms behind me and like a tall collar behind my head, picking out my wings glowing and crown, and it trails off rainbow-stained behind Boobsong like a trailing trane.

How that for both ways, Unveiled and wearing one of those room-taking-up dresses?

This feels awesome. This is what you wear to the apocalypse, oh yes.

It also...can go soooooooo much bigger and more epic. What else can we--a thought, reflex-trained skill, fills the black, if you look just right and are willing to not be quite sure what you saw, with me and Boobsong playing a million different ways. They're meant to mess with people's heads, be hard to look away from. That's how this thing works. It's gravity. The things it makes are all like that. I could go lots further but I'd be upstaging the end of the apocalyspe.

Or not. Down below, it's done, everyone's gone back inside, leaving quietly like you do after an Unveiling.

Okay then let's add some shiny gooey black weather that crawls over my skin and reacts to my mood--oh yes. Beautiful. It does it without a hitch.

I feel there's something more to do, but don't know what. I blip my view back into my head--is there a crack, in the monolith?! Dive, dolly! I crank my light back to just make it bright where the monolith is, as we drop.

The edge has a black line, like the corner is turning out to be a seam. I fly Boobsong up to it, close.

It looks like the side of the Monolith is open like a door--it's the prophecy of the end of the Strawberry World, with the warning not to interfere with heartforming, that faces--what was--the main gate so it's the first thing you see coming in. Everything changes was on the other side, where the main house is.

Inside is inky blackness. I shine a thin beam of daylight in, and it is a crack, and not like ink on the outside, I can see the stone edge of the inside of the "door"--GAH! What the...

A huge eye looks back at us out of the crack, reminding me a lot of Boobsong's astral appearance--wait what am I looking at here. I shake my head, focus a moment, look with human eyes, see a stone room with silver machinery inside. Stop squeezing my star-eyes shut, big motionless eye staring, but it's more like a camera. The iris is colorless because there is no iris, just my mind trying to process "this is watching me". It doesn't seem alive, though it could just be statuefied? What is this? There's something wrapped up, too, like a thing wrapped in tons of saran wrap, hanging up by the eye, but it doesn't seem to be either the eye or the machine the eye is part of (it seems to look out of the machine's silver housing like Boobsong looks out of her machinery). The saran-wrapped thing is kind of ball-shaped which reminds me horribly of the journey to see what happened to dad where the abstraction made his body like a spherical human in a hospital bed, and the thing is Hanging Up and about body-sized, but that's got to be just me nightmaring. The eye scared me but none of this feels bad, and the eye is as neutral emotionally as a camera sitting on a table.

What else is here? This is something preserved, was obviously waiting for the Unveiling of Strawberry Home (probably that's what the machine is watching for). I look down the crack, but the machine and preserved thing are all that's in here, and the door starts halfway up the monolith. How to get in here? Should I call for help with this? Going to just do stuff until my game says otherwise.

What do you make of this, dolly?

Your Acme Station says scan this please. She has everything, no cartridge game.

Point at eye-machine. Click, scan!

Looking over it...watching everything. Just a sense-machine, no intelligence. Gears and springs going tick tick tick. Very simple thing. Sees the walls go down, turns the part with door-lock attached to it, opens door by pushing it, door swings out. Heavy door, star-like springs push it out like this. Just enough to get the message out, look at this.

We knew this monolith was made by the stars--or paradise? Both? The prophecy thing is bigger and older than I'm remembering and this is only one point of it. The machine reminds me of my music box, is this dad's work!? I point at the preserved thing, click, scan. Seems important my human eyes don't see it.

Heavy wrapping stuff makes it hard to scan. Just can't get through this! ERRRRRRAAAAAAAAAH--that's enough to pick the Rockies up! Still not getting through.

Click, stop. I know you've got a lot more where that came from. Chance of breaking stuff if you pry harder?

Very big your Acme Station thinks. Really pushing it!

Hmm. I look at the thing, trying to get a sense of how big it is relative to me at my human scale. Like a huge beachball, big enough to fit inside, but I'm not seeing something huge that looks small because I'm a star.

Alright, well, does the door move more, or do I have to do something celestial to get at this? Click, scan.

Door set up...moves a little bit, can't be opened. Only stars can get.

Do you have a sense of whose work this is? Like does the silver say my dad to you or just it's no secret I have a literal fetish for silver?

Your Acme Station thinks it's the Dreams making star-stuff. They're very bland. Must mean not the point here.

Can I just...like the...dolly am I remembering right?

Yes. Be star-you! Your Boobsong is missing it!

I can squeeze, well, a couple of rainbow-shimmering tentacles of light in, feel them squeezing through the crack, grab the wrapped thing, pull it (it's attached by something kind of like a string taped to the ceiling, obviously meant to just be pulled off) carefully supporting it, the tape comes off easily, and I can just take the thing out and am holding it with my light over Boobsong's head.

Land, I click, pointing down at the dark stage with my eravahk, keeping careful hold of the ball of  wrapping. To me it looks kind of like saran wrap on so thick that's all you see, glassy plastic.

Boobsong flaps down, alights, click, and she flows back to girlness and I have her in my arms and carefully set the thing on the stage in front of us (though it didn't seem to have weight, like it'd just stay where put if I let go of it, it's having a physical location at all is kind of my brain adapting this for me).

Walking up close feels like touching saran-wrap, squishy-ish rustly packing stuff. I pull at it with light (can't get my hands off Boobsong, oh well), feel all around and find an "end" and tug that off and the wrapping is spinning off it quickly and vanishing. Inside, is a something like a glass octahedron with a little rearing-up pony-Boobsong on top. I smile to see it. This is very big and pretty, what is it though?

I feel at it, getting into being starry. It feels good and I feel softly loved that the Dreams set this up to make me reach out with my light and stuff, like my being a star is more than a complication of my human existence...no, like they're saying my Happily Ever After isn't to just be entirely human. The box is nice to "touch", kind of like glassy-smooth-hard-strong. There's like, a button? It feels like pulling up on a car's trunk-latch. I pull it, this is obviously, like, a treasure chest.

It's opening, I can't put a physical metaphor to that, just, it's reconfiguring to be Open. So many wrappings! Now there's like, a blanket, with a pretty pattern not grokkable by human senses. I pull at the blanket carefully--yum! Wait, huh?

I pull again, and get another spicy comforting happy...piece. This is like, candy for stars! It makes me feel all good inside like hot chocolate or something, it...tastes like love. I saw 'blanket' because it's snuggly love. Trying to take some out like, puts it in my "mouth". Very carefully pull a small little bit so I can taste it well.

It...wait...changing the intention of how I pull, changes what I get, and I see--light shining on darkness. Dad. He made this, but there's...also military something, he was in the hospital, wounded in war. When he made it. I managed to see where this came from, but I think not like a letter from dad. Yeah. My head's all Before. I pull it back to the present, take a big pull of candy (it's kind of like warm cinnamon roll, if you translate it to human), and push the button again, and it closes. Game keep that just as safe as my music box please.

Tentacles-bubblewrap enfolds it, and my game takes it.

I don't know why I don't just sit down against the monolith at the back of the stage here and cry and eat the whole thing. It's not like dad is dead. He'll make me more, no doubt, but that sure is precious. I mean for all I know it's inexhaustible.

Oh dolly, did that smell good for luxhi'khora? Would you like some?

It did smell good but only like human food. Your Boobsong is glad you ate it though. Your heart went up so fast it dizzied her!

It's made with love. He sure knows what I like. Why is this here, though? Is this saying he knew who you'd be three thousand years ago, with the statue? Why put it there if I wasn't going to get it until now?

[!] It's very fresh. Only a few days old. It just got put in there.

I really hope someday I can find him again past..everything. I know not to climb the mountain of shit, though.

Wait, how--I looked for when--game can I see that again?

My game puts it back, and unveils it from its bubblewrap. I look again, trying to see it's Before--oh fizzbubbling blood pudding, that is a note. With dad's black humor. The first thing I got from it was a corpse on a morgue table. Then the intro to M*A*S*H. Now it's a hoist controller, which is a reference to the movie Twins, where the badguy is defeated by being clonked with a falling hoist-hook that then buries him in a ridiculous (and inexplicable) amount of chain. From your dead dad, it says.

See, told you I was the cute one.

[!] Mommy wait you read only part of it!

Oh! I keep looking, go through it.

The next--dolly how does this work, did he just choose these images or what? Click scan note.

It's a white foam airplane wing.

The note is speech in heart-sounds and you're making pictures to understand it.

I keep reading. Eiffel tower at night. Fistful of rainbow-colored jumper wires. A hellish burning world. The narrow-flow attachment from my heat-gun, but seeming to go backwards to it's a flow-expander. Bread in a cool stand, fire-lit all around. Strawberry candy (with wrapper). Heartwarming wreath. White aurora. High-voltage tap on a CRT. Burger Queen crown. The candy-box open. Two little pieces of something separated. Weaving ribbons around a maypole.

That seems to be the end.

So...he was dead and with our toy 'wing  we shocked him awake Rainbow-style and let him out of the hell of being compressed that way. He baked this for his Strawberry-shelled daughter because now his Heartwarming wish is for his sleeping princess (Sleeping Beauty's name is Aurora) who lost her color to get defibrillated too and take her power up. Eating this will heal my broken heart.

Yeah. Yeah it does. I could tell that right away. I open it again and take a big huge nom. It doesn't feel as intense as that first surprising bite, but it does me a lot of good, still. Click, scan.

Hehe, that was a big "mouthful", it takes me a sec to like, eat it all. Healing flows through my heart as I down it, but different from the icy-hot water of doing my own healing. I feel kind of like I'm being glued--oh, hehe oops, this is like, the whole loaf. I stop, mid-nom, to read Boobsong's scan.

Scan...starlike stuff keeps changing fast, hard to see it--oh because follows Princess' heart motion! Easy now seeing. Made of loosely wound heartstring pieces baked into pudding kind of. Spicy soft sweet. Fills up heart with healing stuff that finds where you broke and sticks that together again. Eat your fill of this! Very good stuff EAT!

Sweet urgency fills her thoughts, and it's amazing, so I start back in...

That was so good. Thinking while I ate that wasn't the right thing, so I stopped, but it was wonderful, like kind of pumpkin spice and kind of pecan pie all sugary-good and kind of cinnamon roll and I can feel it in there now like, very softly and nicely gluing stuff back together. It feels like my ice-thawing but...no there's the icy-hot. Wow everywhere. I've been going the other way, finding stuff and then my heart follows the water flow kind of, but this is remaking connections I don't know what they are and frozen stuff is thawing out because their power's back. It's intense, I feel all dizzy with memories that're only half-conscious, some kind of fancy-looking Strawberry speaking-trumpet, the head of a hammer (silver but too small to be Boobsong), donuts, the pin of a bolt-on airplane wing, the thing that holds the bagel for bagel drop onto an RC plane, someone saying "Lucia is a very..." while I wore my green kid-dress and Strawberry Home was candle-lit...

I'm still holding the loaf, but I feel like, full, like eating more right now would be quoozy, so I put it back in the box. Am I dosed up good, Keeper?

Dosed right up yes. Lots of food there. Take you a million years to eat all that stuff, at this rate! Just eat what you want. Heart feels low, eat some! Picks it up.

Holy every flavor twinkies horny now! I click the pudding shut and my game wraps it and takes it and I rush with Boobsong to the front of the stage and grab her with my Dress so she's pony-style against me held at just the right height around her hands and ankles and supporting her knees on the colorful part that's been my "stockings". My hands hold her by the folds of her hips and dig my fingers in and grind us together just to feel the weird thrill of her soft ass cheeks one and then the other against my mound and dicklessness and push the tension all the way up.

There's nobody out there to watch us. I guess that makes this a Dress rehearsal, eh dolly?

I keep grinding us, as she answers.


Her thoughts are fizzpopping horny fun, a little purple fireball. Click, fuck.

She pulls forward, and when she comes crashing back she's impaled onto my clit, and bangs away with a rhythm that'd make my hand tired and in no time tingling joy explodes over my whole body at once and my clit feels as hard and big as the monolith behind us as it surges cum into her and I watch the colorful little fireworks up her body put back the rainbow stain she's been missing, and fill my nose with the smell of my candy. Boobsong looks over her shoulder the whole time, face a stupid simple happy aheago of aaah, fucked at last.

As we finish, and I pull out, I see vision of a big black plasma-shelled star looking like it's eclipsed--he was watching. I--before I can respond, he's gone.

I let Boobsong go from my Dress, and she's pulled back to me to hug again. I kiss her deep and sweet, then just hold her.

It doesn't feel bad that dad was watching. I think I hoped he might be, even. I want him to know I appreciate his care package. Even if I wasn't a Strawberry, in Strawberry Home, with her heartchild on a stage on Heartwarming Eve having just said boo, no audience, it wouldn't be weird.

Do I see sex this way because I'm a star? I just feel beautiful, really. This dress always makes me feel so hot.

All dad's stuff for me has been about helping me remember I'm a star really...not my Dress, and that's important. My music box has a physical existence I can hold. My Dress sure manifests physically (although I think I'd like seeing the on the face of an Earthling physicist who analyzed how it does that). But I have to get starry to work them, and I had to get really starry to even get it out of where he left it (I don't know why but the way he taped it to the ceiling was so cute to me, like a heartwarming bauble with that wrapping stuff) and even more starry than that to understand it and eat it. Doing that was great. It made me feel so happily eldritch...except that's what so hard to explain about this, all that weird stuff feels so homey and comforting. I felt like myself again to reach out a tentacle of light and pluck my present out of its hiding place and then slurp it up through another tentacle. Am I freakish because I shouldn't be born yet? I think that's different because stars are much more aware of their kids while they're pregnant. At least I want to think I looked cute to any stars watching. I hope I did to dad.

But the healing it did made me so horny but I can feel that's because that's just how I'm supposed to be. It runs high and low and mostly high and that fuck that talks to you sometimes joke isn't far off.

Fully human and fully...star. It's weird what parts of Christianity turn out to apply to me (although me and dad really aren't the same person). I have to wonder how much was him sneaking stuff past his mind control banking on people seeing past the bad stuff he had to put in to get away with it.

Oh. No wonder I feel sick when I see stuff like that triangle in the Power Suit. I took that as meaning Christianity, or maybe...say this right...the evil AI they made out of my daddy, but no, it's a picture of narcissistic parenting: "Father" of the parent (though it was mommy then it seems), "Son" of the child, and "Holy Spirit" is the haze of manipulation and abuse the parent uses to try to reabsorb the child into themself.

That is the god Christianity worships. Bleah.

Why even have a kid in the first place!? The answer of course is most of the people ending up in that situation never wanted to and Eden manipulated them into doing it anyway, but that's exactly what it would want if it's trying to make a nice Borg collective for itself to run on.

Revolting--wow, hate really does have a purpose. That feels good. Gross. Burn it. Not the hate. The hate is the fire that cleans my house. Burn the disgusting nightmare Eden made.

Need to make some really mean jokes about this, but it needs time to...autoclave. This furnace should cook away nicely on it's own now, though. Let's change focus.

Sweet dolly. Pet your head.

That was yum. The pudding and the sex. It sure fixed something, I guess. Dolly's thoughts on everything?

That was yummy yes. Eat it good and often if it makes you feel that way! Now it seems so quiet. We haven't gone five seconds without big stuff for a year it seems like! Even touring was never this busy!

Now we stand here waiting. What happens next? Some big stuff, five, four, three...two.......one...

When she would get to zero, the Dreams show safety overalls, insulated, and the shirt and helmet that would go with them. That's...like a miner's outfit? It's time to go digging? Oh, Copper's minor's outfit. Should probably go see my handmaidens, their night's been as excessively interesting as our--not just day. It seems like centuries. The stage is part of our life and it's somehow so right to have breathing room up here, but this really does feel like the first breathing room.

The Dreams me show a box kite. Sure are a lot of different boxes in my life that mean a lot of different stuff. Any thoughts on this one, dolly?

Your Boobsong says no more big stuff. What can this be now? She thinks it's a message that big stuff's done. Can you ask direct please? Eyes so hopeful.

Oh fizzfrozen...they were saying you were digging for trouble. Yeah. Dreams? Big stuff's done at least for now?

VU meters from a sound mixer, my named spelled in colors, then a big fancy capital R, gaps in a wall of huge stones, hehe a life-sized cock and balls lollypop, the monolith, a scroll.

More morning-wood inexorable horniness rises as the visions come, so it's hard to even get the visions around how much I need Boobsong bouncy butt squeezing through my fingers as I spread it apart I feel so alive and I want the raunchy sliding violence of reaming her as physically as possible and yet I keep seeing the pink-and-purple of how we're actually joined heh at the hip like I'm saying "let's feel that when we fuck".

Something we did in Verana's apartment, I keep thinking of it. Like the sawhorse game, or dancing, but the game wasn't teasing us into just going it was something else. Flash of the Olive Garden, meat sauce, hehe...okay those visions have to be for us where we are right now which is too horny to think and needing something...needing to have our buttons pushed.

"Though I guess you more than me, eh dolly?"

"Very much, since you just have a blank spot instead of one! You're meatsauce! You know you like it, too. You just love it that this dragon turned your balls into pudding and your berry-hard clit into pink smears and you can't go one step without feeling the space where it should be."

How...we played the game with the opposite of defensiveness, that was the key to it, like a game of squirtguns where we're trying to get the other one their wet t-shirt fun as fast as we can...

"I'm not the only one who likes not taking one step without feeling what part of her's eaten! Let's see here, flip flip."

While I talk, I sway my eravahk's thumbstick so she dances in my arms, left and right.

"This Boobsong can only be read. She doesn't do her own stuff, that part is in Princess head and it's very unravelled, just strings that attach to Princess' will now. Have to keep strings pulled to have your Boobsong do stuff, like express her joy at feeling the space where will was. Maybe being a whole being isn't the best way. Maybe that space is part of your Boobsong. Maybe she likes this best, with her will away. You found the secret page that says YES SHE DOES!"

"Berry-hard, you mean it popped like a berry! Or maybe I just like the thought. Maybe we should play that soon!"

My smile turns snarly but I make my voice squeaky-cute saying it.

"You're right, though, I love it. So. If you ate me, and I ate you, and we both have a bite of ourself missing now because it's literally just digested and turned into a part of the other one while being still alive and part of us, what's that make us, dolly?"

"You mean like how that's the part our whole life stops without, and the only way we have it, is the other one, because it's their part now? That's why Hollow Hearts are called that! Your chest is hollow because your lover took your heart and ate it! OM NYOM NYOM IT WAS GOOD TOO!"

"All I can say is, we all know what my favorite flavor candy is!"

I had her in my hands. She was like a plant with a fruit, I think it grew out of her head, I tore it off with my teeth and munched it up like a gummi bear and watched her feel every moment as I turned her gummi goodness to goo and swallowed it and felt it soak in like nectar does and attach to my brain.

We were twelve. How could we do this stuff? The answer is so easy I miss it the first time. We're made for this. This is who we are. Dad put darkness in me, whatever doll he made to bring to life was spooky and cute in equal parts, and that came out my way, as I grew up, and our seed-ghost reflected it making Boobsong, who has to be as scary as I am to be right for me. By twelve there was plenty of space to be this dark.

"Now, where else am I going to take a bite out of you...hmm...oh wait, we did it wrong! We were supposed to eat each other's hearts! Alright, well, come here, better get started, there's a bunch of stuff to bite through..."

I get my arms low around her and click pose, bending back, and she becomes a yummy-looking boobalicious vision in my arms.

Giggly laughing! "Everyone has their heart in their own place. We know where yours was!"

"Okay, so why's yours in your will? Shouldn't your pussy be gone too, little cocksleeve?"

"This Boobsong's heart is the wish to serve you best. Her whole will is that."

"And it was delicious. NOW you'll serve me good! Check it out!"

Point, my boobs, click, nuzzle.

She bounces on one leg, poings up flapping furiously, her arms cling hard to my back and her legs come up and wrap around my waist so her pussy kisses my midriff, and she pushes her blissful face into my rack, rubbing like a happy cat (Boobsong loves my boobs). Her open lips are a hot little kiss tracing along, her cheek as liquid soft as if she was squishing her boobs into mine, I can feel her eyelashes tickling along my skin, and my breast's raunchy pleasure and bouncy motion at being squeezed and pushed by her face makes me feel so hot. I settle my hands on her ass, pulling her open a bit like in Happy Chains.

What is it makes this a dream and the Trinity a nightmare? They feel as different as heh night and day.

A picture of a tiny square karate dojo surrounded by water and cherry blossoms, the Dreams answr. For some reason it makes me think of the Matrix. Humans were just cannon fodder to the Machines, like they were to Eden, but what Boobsong and me do, is done for love. We each hold the wind-up key to the other one's existence as themself, but will never stop turning it, because we love them too much. That's a completely different thing, yeah.

Point, my eyes, click, look. She looks up out of pleasureful eyes, but keeps using the rest of her face to pleasure me.

"Let's say it out. You turned me into your powerplant. All my output goes just one place and I like it that way. My little symbiote so happily powered up with all the juice she can use. No need to get tired making her own. No getting tired period, the way you work! It makes my heart sing, I mean talk about connectedness! Copper saw us and thought I was just a part of you and she wasn't wrong. What'd I do to you?"

I oddly keep thinking of the prophecy as I say it, probably because we're doing the beginning of what those visions just now said and they inexplicably end with a message from the monolith, but still.

Mmmmf snuggly mm "You opened your Boobsong and took off the packing goo and now you can just take whatever candy you want with a click. Her whole existence is turned into candy you eat out of the box of her and if you don't want some then your Boobsong can just wait and be happy knowing soon you'll say click! This piece and she'll just do it like you picked up and ate a piece. It's the best. Your Boobsong is happy this way. Princess always gets her favorite treat. That's everything to a Fairy's Keeper."

"You mean like this one?"

Click, stroke. Boobsong's face turns raunchy as I feel her tight little asshole slide itself down onto my clit already wet with nectar, I thrust to push in until her body surrenders and her face melts and eyes half closed as I sigh obscenely and turn for the nearest wall to fuck her against. She's fucking, as we go, which makes walking hard, but we get there and I thump her into the white marble so her head comes up for a minute from nuzzling and I catch it with a point, Mouth, click, kiss (super raunchy facefucking makeout).

Her face turns naughtily wild so hard she all but grows whiskers, and she leaps up on me to plant her mouth on mine as I bend down to kiss her and then my face is full of slippery lips and licky mischievous tongue and every part of how she's made is so elegantly right. I love her impy size and leggy boobalicious proportions, but her torso's too short to fuck and kiss at once--but so what? Getting fucked now, eh dolly?


But I'm feeling lazy so I just click fuck (like a thirteen year old jerking off) and her kissing falters as the intensity makes us both scream. Her hips pounding out the rhythm against my midriff is weird fun and makes everything feel bouncy which won't stay fun for long, but I'll cum any moment--hey seed-ghost decide what control you're taking away for how long to make me cum real good right now.

1/5 Completed trap reward.

Boobsong will make lots of noise with each fuck motion until the monolith hears and shows the next thing you have ahead.

Air explodes out of her to pressurize our kiss and she screams out through her nose for the moment it takes me to laughingly pull my face away from hers so she can scream out loud.


As the fast hot orgasm bursts over me and my cum pangs up my shaft to fill her I hold her hips "down" to me to force deepest inside her and her scream halts and the silence without the walls for it to echo off is a weird, soft peace I hope the entire rest of the castle heard too, to punctuate the unveiling. If anybody looks out here, we'll seem really appropriate with me in my apocalypse Dress fucking my heartchild noisily up against the monoLITH AAAH...


Hey what's that sound?


As we laughed at her silly blurting (her around her words) and I started to come back from orgasm-land, there was a definitely stone kind of sound from the monolith above.

Actually curious what's next, I step back from the monolith and click ponify without even setting her down. Her arms and legs slide down off me as her neck stretches and fills out to leave her standing and me hugging my pony forehead-to-forehead. I kiss her nose, step back to look at her beautiful pony silver, and then more stoney grinding from the monolith makes me look up and click look while I point at what I see and Boobsong dances sideways to turn around and look with me.

[!] That's sexy! Big streaks of shiny color--HEY! This dragon takes all your cum!

It's staining, base to tip, just like I've cum in her. The effect is beautiful, a real improvement on the always-weirdly-severe monolith, and...hehe muahah. There's a big splat of color where we fucked with Boobsong's wings and tail clearly stamped into it. And my arms around her, and her curves, making it pretty obvious how this stamp got here.

That's pretty, I find myself thinking, and then turning away and buzzing onto Boobsong's back (why was I avoiding that my wings flutter like a fairy flying instead of flap like a bird?) and wheeling her to walk away. The Dreams send a vision as I turn, but I can't look at it. I will in a moment, when we're already walking away. I chya her forward with my heels, and she starts across the stage, slow, knowing I mean for her to just flap down to the gravel when we get there.

I need to hear it crunch under my feet. Or her hooves. Still counts as you if you're riding a horse. Ironic that the Sugarfreaks did that before I did, coming here.

We're not abandoning Strawberry Home or anything. I just wanna ride through the capitol and think. I think people will know to let us alone. Can always disguise ourselves, if not. I just can't do one more thing. Even the moment of suspense finding out what the monolith is doing only to have it reveal some new healing gift like daddy's pudding is too much.

Calling him daddy like that makes the tears come.