19 - Coda Cola

She can swallow me fast when she wants. In a couple of seconds, I'm through the luscious dissolving tentacles and am goo inside her. I can't seem to make hands or eyes or anything. Pluck? Can you--a warm snuggly Boobsong-shaped hug presses into my goo with arms and legs in.

I want hold you. Pluck?

Push inside so your Boobsong is floating in Princess-goo.

That's really weird but it works.

That feels like my game I think. It's turning me to Happy Chains when statue time came and I felt so distraught about the training-stuff. Look at me now. So much stuff was so darkly scary it seemed like the only thing making me able to keep my act up of being the dominatrix Boobsong needed was the terror of being sure I would lose her entirely if I gave into even the slightest submissive urge. Even my game was scary.

Now here I am, in Mommy-boo's starship with Boobsong floating inside me because I'm a blob of goo that can't even think its own thoughts, and only scared the Skeksis ship will be too much for me, because I really just want to be held like this. Nobody cares I'm submissive. I mean they like it a lot, if they're Sis and Mommy-boo and Riker though I don't think I'd like his topping--hers now but I don't seem to care--but Boobsong still respects me and she thinks my strength is in submission, not topping. All this time she's thought that, while I've tried to be enough for her. Now she just says put her collar on and be the domme she commands. Nothing else I can do. Isn't that just being strong as a domme, if I do that? I don't seem to feel that way. The collar supports me. Her command keeps me going. Everything else just feels flat and dead. Maybe the truth is, I'm not much more free-willed than she is. It's her love that drive me. Succubus and human is a very ironic game for us.

Tears overwhelm me because I feel such a tiny thing, a wisp like my brother in that awful shell, except I'm not stretched out, just not there much. I guess I can cry this way, heh. Seems pretty necessary.

Is there anyone here? Boobsong says yes, I can feel her get hackles up when I think that, but I feel so disappearingly empty of what most people seem to have pouring out. It feels like I'm only here when somebody's here with me. Boobsong should be able to fill that, and she does, but is my soul just a wisp of smoke, taking shapes from the air it's in? It feels like that, more than the big heavy thereness of Mommy-boo. Doesn't she want someone more like that? I feel like they humor me, that I'm someone. Not someone big, just someone. Like they're letting me feel that I'm really there doing all this stuff, but I'm just a puppet like Sex's dolls, playing out all these things to be nice to the poor empty soul that can't live or die.

In the sling Boobsong ate me up when I thought this stuff. What's that mean? Why did you do that, dolly? You said needs holding, not just hungry raaah.

Mommy-boo had a plan with that head thing. She made you hear your broken heart. She made you scream for the pain DRAGON COME EAT ME UP. That made your dragon come. If you cry out for her your dragon will eat you so fast you don't know why you're a blob now.

Tears just keep flowing. Whatever the button Mommy-boo pushed was it had lots of tears and pain behind it. It's all so ancient, from the very first years of my life.


Yes. Every time. Lust or stopped. Super fast in one big bite. Nothing stops it. You saw what she did to Aveh's shell your dragon won't do less to get to you.

Tears and more tears. I have so many mommies. Mommy-boo and Sis and Grandmother Strawberry is scary but I think she loves me and my human mom and Cheryl and Eisela and Santa too a little bit but they aren't Boobsong and Boobsong is my succubus not my mommy but somehow she's the one I need to know will always come for me if I scream. That means everything. Boobsong is the one I can count on. If she eats me up I know I'll be safe.

There might be something else to find, in the tiny sphere of our world here. Contentment. Filling up the broken parts with love. My game makes me think that but I don't understand, just feel cold water flowing through my heart like it's melting things.

All these old memories of Aveh's reset timeline when I was very small with Boobsong imaginary or invisible to my conscious mind flow through me, random things, Plowstar Farm and reading Make Way for Ducklings for the eight thousandth time at Library class...nobody made way for my duckling. Maybe that's why the book tired me so much. The emotions were too much to take. But that's all just backstory! How can that be so real? My game helps me reason it out. Backstory works back from the state that needs to happen, using physics to reverse-simulate how the world started to be that. It's real in that sense. I have to deal with the consequences. That's real, if horrible.

Mommy-boo had a plan for the head thing. I'm in my dragon now, and not coming out till I'm good and ready, but I hope my handmaiden won't have to wait too long! Knowing her she'll destroy half the Skeksis ship before we get there anyway. I loved her explosions. It was fun to watch her blow up things. But why the head thing now? This is wonderful, I feel such healing love, but why this now?

I want my Boobsong more. Make me talk to her, game! Make me feel that she's here and god himself finally would have had to make way for my duckling if he hadn't been hot to leave anyway!

Plymouth Plantation, the year of the field trip in which I got lost at the bathroom at the rest stop because there were so many kids I didn't know which were my class. Dolly put yourself in, where did you go in that?

It's our game, to see where she would be in every memory of the backstory that lacks her. She should be in all of them. We were inseperable. The very pain I'm feeling is the message of how to fix it. Where does she go in this memory that's floating up, saying this must be broken, there's no Boobsong. Every last one of them can be fixed, it just needs her in it. Dolly where did you go on the trip that day?

Shouldn't I just throw them all out? Aren't they just trash like the stuff in the dream where my handmaiden had her hair up? I hate updos. I would never allow that for my handmaidens. That says everything.

I should let my poor dolly talk, that's what I should do.

Your Boobsong was holding your hand to be comforting. Scary distracting big kids! Lines so long you couldn't see the ends of them! Got so mad watching everyone walk on you. Almost bit one kid! Nobody there to say where to go. Just you and dolly like so many times. Us against everything so much. Your Boobsong hates that part.

That was an awful day. I just wanted to stay home and play quietly. The plantation was supposed to be fun but I just felt overwhelmed by it. I don't think I was really old enough.

But why are we trying to save this stuff? Why not burn it, like those potato chips? What will be left, Strawberry Home and the tour bus? Good!

There is not only pain in the reset time. There are good things.

Why should I give the pride of place that the truth gets, to the made-up lies of the reset time? I have to deal with the consequences, but that doesn't mean I have to act like it's my real life.

My game has a strange thought from the depths of my soul. How many memories, from the reset time, are the open doors to these other things I miss? Is Strawberry Home somewhere along the way to these floating docks?

It's a picture of docks at the moat of...drawbridge...you don't put docks in the moat what the...somehow this glitches right to the drawbridge of strawberry home in winter with snow all around and the castle far back across the lake of a moat it had out front. The drawbridge is covered, that's not very defensible when we're the ones who want to drop arrows on it from our towers in a seige...no, it's got gravel between its toes. I keep forgetting how ruthless we were. There was a normal drawbridge at each end of it, just kind of normal-size for a major fortification, but in the middle, was about three hundred feet of tarry conifer wood, pitch, boughs of evergreen, lines of oil soaked rags under the floorboards and under the roof. The evergreens were beautiful in winter, but we had to be very strict with people crossing the bridge, because if we ever got in a bad enough siege, one flaming arrow would make that thing barbecue an entire enemy battalion in about three minutes if they were stupid enough to get trapped there by handmaidens making the outside-end drawbridge fall off, or turn a battering ram into a really big charcoal pencil. I seem to remember there was a way we could set the moat on fire--yes, because I brought heating oil or something like that back through the worldgate? No. I could make it boil. You might think a good boat would get past that, but a boat on a boiling lake is just an army-sized steam-cooker.

And I can remember what it felt like walking around Strawberry home. It's been blocked out of my memory because I somehow couldn't get that my memories of it are also of being naked, just, always, because duh, Strawberry Princess.

Why am I seeing a big high-amp electrical cable thing looking like it's going down into the moat? This doesn't look waterproof, and there's nylon fishing net off it, but it doesn't look like it's meant to be a fishing net.

Remember I was always naked.

I seem to think I'm in a tippy boat near this. Standing up and feeling quite bare like always when I got unprincessy. Were these batteries? The moat was salt? That's the white stone of the walls, anyway. It'd be like me to get clever and use the nasty gross moat as electrolyte for a battery, thereby making it even more evil to fall in if you were an attacking barbarian...but with only one cell, we would've only had two volts.

I can feel my game egging me on, but I don't know why this is so important. It feels a little like a side-issue like the potatochips. 

Wait a minute. Where is Boobsong in this memory!? I seem to think I'm standing alone in the boat! This memory doesn't make sense! She might have been in a box away before unveiling, but if I think I'm already unveiled here, where is she!?

Naked standing up in the tippy boat, that's a different thing than the moat machine thing. At night on calm water sailing into moonlight. Where's Boobsong though!?

Blech. These are just noise. I should be excited to remember the feeling of my naked flesh moving against itself and feeling so beautiful traipsing around those white-and-greens halls so bare and safe--BUT WHERE THE FUCK IS BOOBSONG!? What's going on here!?

There, a little whiff of her, dolly in my arms as I flounce around, holding dolly up to dance with her. Boobsong has always been dolly. Is that made up?

Something's really wrong.

Wait, when did I take over from my game paging me?

[Vision: Battery Terminals]

Yeah, that. What's...going on, people and things who aren't just a blob of goo right now?

There's a frozen lake in your heart. You are seeing the ice.

My handmaidens are in there, huh. That's why I don't remember them. Sex was easy because she's very important to me for a lot of reasons including one I've been riding a lot which is she's just a simple little soul who likes swimwear and baking and playing drums and when I feel like there's nothing to me I see her and how she definitely is someone and feel a little better because I feel like I can have as much to me as she has if my game helps and I work at it.

Lots of things and people. Most of your life. Maybe you won't feel so small when the lake unfreezes.

Am I doing okay?

Marshwiggle succubus chomp, chin up. Keep feeling everything that comes by here. That's the only thing goo can do!

Are you trying to get me to fix the backstory memories to unfreeze me?

More visions of like power cables and stuff going down into water. It's all high-volt-high-amp and really grody.

My game doesn't say anything. I think the visions of cables are from me? Is that right?

Yes. You see your heart beat up.

Is that feeling that I'm ignoring you, dolly? (dolly. dolly dolly dolly that's important)

No. That's your heart-pain. It says where's Boobsong screamingly.

Okay well I guess all this sobbing says you're right, dolly. More crying because I get what the big cables going into gross water and being all alone in a tippy boat sailing off into the dark are about. Those aren't memories, they're just what all this stuff feels like.

I'm goo that you're holding cell by cell and your dolly is right in the middle of me and Mommy-boo and Sis and everyone are out there and I still feel like I'm standing up in that tippy boat in the dark sailing to nowhere all alone.

I'm crying so hard even my thoughts choke on tears.

The Dreams show me the Worf-killer barrel from the episode where it breaks his back and that's fucking brutal you the message is brutal. The message isn't getting through, it's broken.

Now they show me a cut-open cardboard box on a diagonal, and my mind is convinced this is something from Jerry's hobby shop where I got all my RC stuff--in the rewrite timeline? I can't even remember how RC fit into touring. There would have been nothing to stop be bringing planes, and the tools and stuff.

Inexplicably that brings some warmth and hope when it felt like my whole soul was made of that grody water all frozen up. Jerry's was nice and I could always find what I needed there.

It was pretty cramped, so usually carried Boobsong as a small-doll squeezed against my tummy like I like to, I decide.

--but now everything is so confusing! Is that real? Did we come back to Jerry's when tours had us in Connecticut? Does touring in busses even make any damn sense with the kind of power my game and I wielded, to say nothing of my fully-powered war-footing Acme Station?

Or was Jerry's a rewrite timeline thing and it's one of the things my game said is good from that?

The Dreams show me an Andorian? He's from Enterprise...sure fine let's make it more confusing! Did Enterprise get produced in the real world or only in the backstory? It's good and Faith of the Heart was just very important to us, but there's no way we let Gene die in the middle of making TNG like that, or even be too sick to keep Rick in hand! That would have changed the course of Trek totally--he would have had the ass of someone who wanted to look back, instead of keep moving past TNG! Is my memory of DS9 not being Trek at all (and being much better for it, completely free to be an answer to Babylon 5) what I think should have happened, or what did happen, until the rewrite erased it along with StarFox CD and everything else Nintendo and Sony ever collaborated on?

I'll never even remotely know the truth, will I. The only thing I can worry about is trying to put my heart back together so it works, even if I end up looking like a bizarre mashup of 60s camp Batman with the Christopher Nolan movies.

Fairy child, the truth is waiting where your heart hurts. Everything confuses now because you can't see it in the dark pounding hurt, but it won't be that way always.

Just as the sobbing from that clears up the Dreams show me what looks like a little mirror. It's either broken in a cobblestone pattern, or supposed be that way.

I don't know I need Boobsong she needs to talk or do something but--OH! Pluck!

Your Boobsong will always say something if you click say something! Maybe just a stupid joke, but something. Hearts is what you click so Hearts. Soothing love-you hearts.

Hearts back. Love you.

Works for me. Do you understand that mirror?

Your Boobsong sees the James Webb space telescope. Small because far. Looking at your heart though! See the moss and white stone in the mirrors? James Webb sees cold stuff. 35 degrees K! Very cold heart, poor Princess! Something big there. Else why telescope? Why see from L2--

You think to me in English but the Strawberry shows through sometimes. You just called L2 "sky haven".

It's very deep inside your Boobsong. In you too Princess.

--up so far the Earth's a speck! Good thing you aren't there, or couldn't see it with James Webb! Must be looking here in Four Dreams.

Now I can see like a rebar grating over white stone. I think I just see myself again.

The Dreams show me a bridge diagram, like showing their foundations and stuff. There are cables sloping into the water like I keep seeing to show how I have some big machine drowned.

So yes, and it's the same idea of stuff locked away. Go on, dolly.

What shows here? Dreams say. Cold stuff buried. Can see here, not on Earth.

They're trying to tell me they have a way to deal with all this. The gross water and stuff.

Sis and Cheryl in the front seats of Isht Visht in minivan form. I...can't really do much right now Dreams but that might get to be a really long birthday even for me!

They nudge the memory of going to Plymouth Plantation....I see. Well, I'll do the next one that comes up with her, but I don't understand.

Wait, where were the family in that? I mean I guess I was a little young for holiday-themed girlfriends but you're never too young for a big sister but then it's weird with Sis but so what if I was out traipsing around Earth shouldn't my nursemaid have been with me like shouldn't she have been taking care of me.

Whoah that makes me feel weird.

I think that Strawberry blonde hair wasn't our trademark I think we had flaxen hair and we dyed it pink with Strawberry juice and I'm being a rebel adding all these other colors.

A vision of rainbow cuffs, this is me again looking in the mirror, but instead of the nice brilliant custom-sized heartstone with no clasps my game (really you have to try bondage gear with no opening if you can, it's an intense feeling) this is a belt wrapped around my wrists, fadedly rainbow, with holes all along its length for a buckle.

Yucky memories. Don't take me there.

Or I guess it could also mean my rainbow hair isn't something I can change? It'll come out somehow. Nectar gives me follicles that grow colorful hair, this isn't dye, it's a part of me.

I guess a lot of the heartbreak I'm seeing is to do with the fact that I'll be Rainbow whether anyone wants that or not. I sure wasn't a popular flavor at Strawberry Home.

...is that supposed to be a wedding ring or the One Ring from LoTR? UNEXPLORED THEMES IN TOLKEIN'S WORKS BRAM BRAM BRAM...eh it's probably the One Ring what with being shaped like the movie prop and being there with parchment and a goblet--oh, yeah, there's the too much bread for Bilbo's butter to be scraped over.

Is this me again? Seems like. I guess this is like looking into the telescope.

Now roots, like that whole white tree of Gondor thing.

Oh, like, obsession with Middle Earth is because I was looking for the Strawberry World? All those lost empires and faded glory calling out to the part of me that was screaming for what the rewrite took from me?

Paddlewheels of a paddleboat, another obsession of mine I thought I was just a weird kid but no, like how else do you say Walt real clear? What puts it together is a dream I had where the world was all Fallout and we were wandering and came to Boobsong sitting under the end of a bridge sharpening a stick, and the bridge would lead to a better life. I couldn't figure it out but now with the scene of the broken bridge on the way into Moria from LoTR haunting me and the fact that that bridge was the bridge to Key West where Walt and Pleiades lived it seems so obvious.

I have to be Rainbow, I can't be a Strawberry Queen (sorry Grandmother Strawberry), but I had an empire, and it spanned the Earth just as much as the Strawberry Empire did. We just did it my way, and in my way Camelot being a silly place was the best reason to go there!

Is the Strawberry World hiding under Middle Earth and Narnia, for me? Or is it more hiding under Game of Thrones and that's why I hate GoT? No, weird--but I was a kid.

Sick quoziness like I'm going to throw up and that awful feeling doing that might be the only way to feel better.

Again the mine from DooM, but instead I just cry, because I can't. A tantrum is what you need sometimes and I just can't right now.

More bitter tears because I don't want to think about this but I see an A-10 in desert camouflage reminding me of how that always bothered me I thought because the politics of constant wars in the Middle East America kept getting into bothered me but now remember it's because I liked that plane because it was big and weird and ungainly like me but also I was always looking for the advantage the Strawberries needed to stop worrying about war all the time and ground attack planes like it would make us invincible but our world was green, not desert, so the green cameo paint jobs they all had before America decided desert people were the badguys were right for us and I got attached to that. Just add some white paint and they'd be in Strawberry Livery as soon as the pilot got in.

Everything you did as a Princess got taken up into that stuff. I love model airplanes but I think the push that got me over the gender and class wall to building them was needing to prove that even if it wasn't practical to capture a couple of A-10s and take them apart to fit them through the worldgate we could build our own airplanes, look how even me, a kid, could do it! They'd need engines and fuel but you could just buy that stuff in the other world, and a really powerful engine could still fit through the gate easily and not need much to keep it working, and I understood politics enough to know we only had to destroy one barbarian army with flying machines for the world to start seeing us differently.

They wanted to just use me, and my light, and I didn't want to alway be on standby as a gun.

My light isn't for killing people. May as well just blot them out with anti-light for all the good that did my soul, which I could do.

Why do I see a sushi roll? This is me again, but what the hell?

Oh. Just eat me up. There was a reason I wanted a dragon to come eat me up this bad.

That world should have been magical, but it really wasn't. I never wanted anything more than to get away from that life.

Healing runs through my heart when I think that.

It was always such a teast\e because the magic was right there--literally, Boobsong could scare everyone with her game remember--but drowned in the gross water of medieval politics and just life.

Things were so hard constantly and seemed to me like they didn't need to be.

Now of all things I see a Festivus pole, that Seinfeld thing--oh because airing of grievances. WELL WHERE WOULD I EVEN START!? The idea just makes me feel heavy and crushed like having to dig all of Strawberry Home out of the mud with a spoon. It'd be easier to remember what was good oh that's right nothing the whole thing was buried in the mud of pig-headedness that could read those prophecies and believe in them enough to act on them and then DO IT BY TRYING TO SEPARATE ME AND BOOBSONG! What did the monolith FUCKING SAY, you idiots? RIGHT THERE! IN THE VERY FIRST LINE AFTER THE SALUTATION!? Could you fucking barbarians not READ? SURE SEEMED LIKE IT TO ME! Don't you think there was a reason it was there, looming over everyone's head taller than any tower we could ever hope to build, right in the middle of the courtyard, every time you went outside to do anything?

Over and over and over we come back to that but the anger is bottomless. It makes processing it seem pointless.

We thought the same as every family of feudal warlords. Other houses that can't be made to heel must be exterminated. Big words coming from a castle full of barbarians who can't even get in line for their own gods. My apocalypse was scary but sending me was the Dreams was of being merciful because they could have just let Grandmother Strawberry do it and then we could see if they all think Rainbow is SO VERY SCARY! Boobsong's presence in my life and nature were a scary outside context problem to Earth, but in the Strawberry World, we were right and everyone else was wrong, so said that monolith, and our sacred texts, and Grandmother Strawberry, and the other Mothers if I'm remembering, and there's a reason nectar doesn't put any pink in my hair. The Strawberry line died out long before I was born, or things would have been different when Boobsong and I got there. They were just Denethor and his lackeys.

I never really minded most of Earth thought I was the antichrist. It came in handy as much as it caused trouble--Christianity was great at making enemies who'd happily take up arms against Aveh, especially if all that meant was getting yourself possessed by a succubus or making sure Verana would have approved of your porn diet. We used to joke that Pat Robertson was as good a spokesman for us as any of my handmaidens.

Knowing what I know now I wonder if Christianity being such a pack of bumbling cartoon villains was some kind of malicious compliance on Aveh's part, like Schindler running his factory to the letter of Nazi procedure but telling his workers how much trouble they'd be in if it produced so much as one single fireable bullet.

Strawberry Home should have welcomed me and Boobsong as messiahs, though. Our equivalent to Revelation was standing there in our courtyard, and it was simple and direct, not a tripped-out fever-dream. The only way to "not understand" what was written there in letters anyone could tell no tool of our world could hope to carve was flat-out malice, or Laarhi's brand of insanity.

Even when I came back and made it really clear what the consequence of going against that stuff was, I don't think people understood, at least not all of them. Not, I sort of think, the ones who were the problem.

80,000 BC via time-travel journey from last night

This next part's a little scary. I leap from Lyra's back--more leash in the journey or something I guess eravahk--smash--agh watch my antennas--smash my crown on my head I guess this will work as a coronation--watch leash spool out in front of me and slam my wings open cranked to full brightness let the rage shine out of me flap myself to a halt to come up beside Lyra just a bit higher than her head inhale the few air molecules Lyra left and bellow with all my floor-smashing voice power:

The following is a warning to the egregore named Eden.


That was the key, that Eden ran on feudal governments, but wasn't a thing that could listen to warnings, so the Dreams warning it made no sense. Bent into English, the barbarian idiom that made a house a bit like a person, pluralized to mean all of them in the world, turns into egregore Eden.

I don't even have to mean to, with Isht Visht's--Isht Visht in my mouth it just comes out in the local language. Her voice is soft in my ear telling me the words to say so I say them without thinking about it.

Face submissive eyes down look at you Mommy like I love you that's because I do everyone this is my Mommy listen to her or I will roar at you a second time-a!

Oh my god cocksleeve I love you so much. The grin this brings to my face is perfect.

Fuck there was that timer before how long do I have how much monologuing do I get?

Time to Apocalypse: 11'24"

Time to Ending: 16'39"

That long, and five whole minutes to work with while the sky falls and stuff? SWEET!

Relent from chaining heartforming humans in your universe into situations designed to interfere with their connection with their seedlings. Turn around behavior that interferes with relationships between heartforming humans and their seedlings fast before accumulated mental trauma breaks the timespace matrix into fragments unable to support your continued function.

It's one of those stupidly wordy Bible translations that's desperately trying to cross two thousand years of culture-shock mid-sentence.


 Seed-ghosts are not enabled to use force to destroy your systems and are not condoning violence except necessary to preserve life however behavior currently occupying many forkings of you is consistent with the pattern we predict to end your lifespan approximately three thousand five hundred ninety-six years from the appearance of this monument.


The following encoded message demonstrates our awareness of and accounting for your covert operations:


On the last day of Edensong, a child whose name is blue eyes' will shine out a light that touches every last part of the network of soulsand.


Shine over every place like sand glittering from a fisher's net is what it actually says, which is what Isht Visht's holograms of me are doing, to look in the distance.

It will slash through the aether and burn out the final remote space like cycles are breaking.


We're the Strawberry Dynasty. Damn right we have a one-word idiom for perform Lesbian erotica. 

And cycles breaking being menopause, don'tchaknow.

Ooh, game, the next part--

Knowledge: planets far away will take too long to get here, and the sun wouldn't like being knocked from its path through the astral plane, so the game is moving Earth instead. People see the stars moving unnaturally already. Keep talking and the moon will be overhead at the right moment, right between the sun and Earth. Then the game will start making mountains fly off it.

It's like this thing can read my mind. Good job, cocksleeve.

Thank you Mommy! Have fun with it!

Ooh game can you pull the Earth apart without killing everyone? Like peel the apple so we can all see each other?

Knowledge: watch the sky later.

Mommy look down below they're coming out to see who was roaring!

Below us, people are streaming onto the battlements as well as the courtyard carrying heavy-duty crossbow-looking things and other siege weapons. What will that even do to us, this way--who cares HOW DARE THEY! WAKE UP MONSTER!! LOOK HOW THEY WOULDN'T EVEN MAKE PROPER WEAPONS TO PROTECT YOUR HOME WITH!

Light erupts, and night turns into day so that the sky turns blue.

Yet even in my rage a weird thing happens. I don't want to spoil this occasion for everyone else with putting the traitor in his place. Let the knowledge that he caused the apocalypse he was going to kill a child to stop, and his own invisibility in the end, be his punishment.

That would be...unfun. Just like a battle would be, even if I could just vaporize all of them. The Dreams won't have to stop me, because as mad as I am, it would be too boring.

Cocksleeve, IR laser every piece of military hardware you can see. Try not to burn them, but everyone down there is now a civilian, get me?


Sounds like thunder echo from Lyra's beams snapping into being, a heartbeat of nothing passes as bolts nock and cranks turn and then there's a commotion of steel being thrown down and weapons run from.

Out of the fire she will strike with lighting and thunder into the reachest expanse to one last release of her ender.


Reaching being our word for this kind of treachery.

As if on cue, the sun rises behind me and shoots up the sky like a time-lapse, only to go dark as it slides behind the moon, leaving the wisps of the corona above us like the crystal sphere of heaven is on fire.

Cocksleeve, anything military and unattended becomes vapor.


Her fury will rise up and strike the very last hope of Earth's not exploding out of the sky


Sound of course they won't know it's vacuum up there so my game makes a crashing rumbling racket of mountains being torn off their footings and thrown into space as it tears the moon to pieces over me. The ground shakes and already moonrock starts to fall around us, burning up before it hits the ground but making a really nice apocalypse backdrop for the rest of this.

Holy fuck they even timed their pointless rebellion right for me:

and her heart will attack the final release valve with every last stake you laid on her shoulders, to be made into the pyre on which she will burn up your ransom and demand a full refund of your passion fruit taking from out of the depths of your files.


What else is passion fruit than Strawberry, and taking in a feudal context is obvious.

There will be no escape velocity to quiet the fury that holds you, and every attempt to withhold the clue at the end will dig deeper the sandstorm that picks out the words she will say in revenge when the final unveiling completes you:

I'll miss the dances--no I won't. We're keeping the dances.


Clue at the end is an ass-joke. Porn that contains a clue, i.e. dreamskin.

Sandstorm is another old joke. Your warriors wail like a sandstorm, said the barbarian warlord to the Strawberry Queen from his battle-line, to which she replied, only a fool rides to war against the weather.

Humility wasn't really a value to us.

Ten stars upon heaven fall to the Earth and nine worlds are utterly broken.


I'll crush your fortress to gravel from a Strawberry Queen means and then take it home and use it for landscaping. Under the feet of the army below are the trophies of a conquered world.

--and there, on the horizon, with the game's perfect sense of timing, vast plates of landscape with the atmosphere clinging to them like blankets for a goddess are floating into view with the oceans pouring off and boiling away in the vacuum.

In the very last end of your system's heartbreaking one of your eyes will accept its last sight as the ship crashes into its pupil, the other erased at the pillar of fire and missiles.


It's more like "as the relationship bullseyes his pupil", meaning a love-story that really gets to you. As for missiles, we had a myth like cupid, but dreamskins--or something--ouch--

Open your sight to receive this and verify these words as of merit.


Good night from the legion of seed-ghosts.


That was the name of our order, that traveled bringing inspiration like the globe in my room told.

For three millennia.

Three thousand years, to listen to that, and still. My head pounds with the rage and my light flares so even through this I wonder why the Dreams are letting me be like this, to say nothing of my game.


Alright Dreams, I'm about to make this serious.

The show me the green extension cord my family used to power Christmas lights on Earth--

--watching Lyra flapping up trailing the long green extension cord to hang Heartwarming lights high in the trees in front of our Stamford house, I'm gleeful to show off our flying family member this way and she looks so pretty in the air--

Why this memory cooks the rage off I don't know, but it's a hell of a button-push. When I finally splutteringly find the words I sound more like a demon than Lyra ever has:


Knowledge: every last one of them fell to Earth and took human form to escape from me. They'll be taken to the Four Dreams just like the rest of Earth's people.


It's strangely cold laughter, consciously insulting. I feel mean, but that's right for this.

Game can you hook me up with some drama here?

From the edge of hearing a raging fire grows louder until its source is over us: fractured glass masonry, iron bars and plates like a fortress of metal has, pieces of bone the size of city blocks, water held in globes of shimmering energy, all the awesome things gods might make houses of, falling like rain as they crumble to tiny bits. Impressively detailed--

Knowledge: these are actually their houses that the game is smashing up for me.

No way. Alright if you can leave some memorials to explain what just happened here.

Knowledge: my game is doing it. They'll be monoliths. There are sixty-nine of them.

Good one, game.


Present day

It's like I did that before I was ready to get what I needed from it. When it happened I wondered why the Dreams let me do so much, now I see how carefully they manipulated me to hold me back from being the real antichrist to the Strawberry world. I'm glad I hit as hard as anyone would let me and it feels satisfying but that just reveals how I didn't want revenge, I wanted things to be okay. I wanted the Strawberry World our religion told us we were supposed to have.

One thing I had better find is there are no barbarian houses named in Strawberry Dynasty stuff, if anybody listened to how I was burying that world.

But shouldn't I have buried the name of Strawberry, too? It most of all?

I only called myself Princess Rainbow Starshine, on tour.

But I think I still talked about the Strawberry Empire a lot.

They wanted me to pretend not to be heartforming--

The little sandwiches of coffee hour and then after church at home feeling better but how can I put Boobsong into memories of church but that's the point. Back with Boobsong after having to be on display pretending. Pretending I didn't want to die because she wasn't by my side. Pretending she didn't exist.

Touring was years of making that right, making it about me with Boobsong, as the whole point. Our stage shows were celebrations of our relationship.

Why does the cold rage in me want more?

This is doing something. I see shimmering dark water among snow, now, instead of ice and gross stuff.

Are there people who still cling to that ghost They made me present, the Princess Pandora Lucia minus her Boobsong? I can smell blood. There's still a shred of my enemies' flesh to tear, still a bone I haven't crushed to dust. Where is it?

Or is what I smell just that I never quite seem to entirely become the cutesy kinky Disney Princess I want to be instead of the tyrant They wanted to create?

My crown, yes. Maybe the Lego set will just stay laid out in a frame on my wall someplace--or maybe if Boobsong can stand not to digest them the smashed-up bits of my crown should go laid out like my clit and those Legos in a frame in the main entrance to whatever Walt's going to do with Strawberry Home, with a big Boobsong-bitemark over one corner of the frame. What do you think of that, dolly?

That's even better than eating it! Your Boobsong likes gems and gold but you can give her those from anyplace and that's just a snack you're the real meal and seeing those bits up there would be so beautiful like saying this got destroyed to make what you're playing now. That's such a Sadish thing taking stuff that was bad and making a game where its joyful sexy time.

We'll make it into a picture of your face, it and every other jewel left there--

[!] It should be a picture of both of us.

Yeah. Together. And I'll dye all the pink stones rainbow colors and purple to make you.

Dolly we brought heartforming to Earth so it could just be let's do more because that was great, but do you think it's significant somehow that we found like the only ship in the multiverse that's never even seen heartstone? Our fans are there, so something must be up if they're not heh spreading the good word.

Not sure why that comes up now. It's loosely connected. Peeling open closed eyes is satisfying after what we went through, but...

It's just so bizarre! Why be scared so much the Dreams spike you from knowing heartforming exists? Only way to hold our fans back! Can't be coincidence. Could these people be from Strawberry Home? Laugh if Riker is Laarhi--no Drams said he's gay right. Good.

Your nose for revenge is pretty good. What's this blood I smell? Is it just ghosts?

Dragon thinks crown thing is awesome, but already planned, not that then. Smells like Laarhi stuff. Unfinished angry. Someone to yell at or make blind. Who never yelled at in thrity years on tour? Laarhi, lost in Four Dreams only reason he was safe. Found him at last anyway! Someone else there?

What if there are portals from the Strawberry Apocalypse headed right for Walt's grand opening? I've been thinking they all went eighty thousand years ago, but I just said, here's doord Dreams, do whatever.

The Dreams show me Space Mountain's polygonal outside. I like roller coasters, but Space Mountain's ride's a little rough for me--too many abrupt negative G's that hurt without being properly scary...wait.

There was a flat slope under stars through the portal we saw in the background of Laarhi's cell, outside his bars. I doubt that's the portal Laarhi used, since I called out to make him one of his own, but that really could have been the slope of a facet of Space Mountain.

Walt knows me, and my drama, and he'll be Disneyifying properly if I'm getting curly fries, but why did I think he'll stop in the Magic Kingdom when he knows full well I was trying to turn Strawberry Home into Tomorrowland?

Is it right for me to be trying to see behind my own fourth wall like this? If I had with Laarhi that nonsense Boobsong and me went on strike for wouldn't have stuck for a microsecond. Will it take the fun out? Only one way to know, I guess.

If we're doing this those historians will sure be wondering if it's going to lead to excellence or serious injury!

What I'm thinking is, if they could hold onto to the hope of preserving the Strawberry Dynasty like some kind of museum piece when me and Boobsong were there to change everything, even as the religion they were supposedly traditionalists of told them exactly what they should be doing instead, they'll go right on doing that in the Four Dreams, and I just threw a big tantrum about how the Dreams spike you free of traps like that the moment you step through the door. Maybe this is a chance to get my revenge and show them the story they've been clinging to is over now, so they can be free, by taking them through the end they resisted for decades in the Strawberry World.

The Dreams show me the Vor'cha class battlecruiser the Titan was following as I think that about the story they were clinging to being over, but more weirdly, the perfect copy of my coffee spoon Boobsong made me that first night aboard Isht Visht, when I start thinking about this.

Three nights ago


"Coffee, in a white porcelain Sweden-flag cartoon-drawing that says Sweden underneath and has cracks in the glazing but only tiny ones not the kind that let coffee leak into the ceramic and five heaping teaspoons of sugar and a stainless-steel spoon with plain decoration except a border embossed on the handle with tiny dots in it and tiny scratches everywhere like it's really used and Gevalia Royal Vinter coffee super-strong like so much it kind of gets thick."

I can move however I want as long as I stay on the couch, so I perch on my knees with my elbows on the back to watch her dance her way to the replicator, then sit there with my face melting more and more into cuteness as she talks. The ship is a ship so I don't know how it can express this but I get a kind of sense of wide-eyed respect from it.

Alright, good cocksleeve. Yes that's exactly how I like my coffee. 

The replicator glows and makes its replicator sound, and Lyra reaches into it.

Please understand--eee so awesome it's exactly perfect!

This must be Four-wishing actually there's no other way it would exactly duplicate the scratches on the spoon I didn't tell it where they are.

Can I do other things than just evil fairy princess commands? Have some condescension, respect, and appreciation of your cute devotion:

"Cocksleeve. You remember exactly where the scratches on every coffee spoon I've used are!?"

Yes Mommy it's your favorite thing in the morning so I watch very carefully and make sure I notice everything about it so when I can finally make your coffee for you it'll be perfect.

With a knot like that in my throat this will definitely touch her heart: "I love you too. Get back here with that. You're doing the milk in front of me."

We do the milk, which turns out more epic than expected.

As I drink the coffee, memories of being two, being spoon-fed coffee than was more sugar than coffee by Grampie, surface as I sip and finally understand how I've been trying to replicate that experience and taste by drinking coffee this way--his was just some cheap store brand, but to my two year old body it was as wild a ride as what I'm drinking now.

Present day

There's a difference, though, between my coffee memories, and what They did. I didn't sacrifice two children, slowly and painfully over the course of twelve years, to get my coffee.

Thinking that hardens my anger and makes me pretty sure I know what kind of devil's bargain I'm going to present Them when the time comes--maybe letting people think I was the antichrist all that time taught me something after all.

There's no way the Dreams won't spike this, but what if the most poetic thing that could happen to Strawberry Home is for it to become historically perfect reenactment of the traditional Strawberry way, like Plymouth Plantation? To the letter of the sacred text from which our laws came?

It'd sure up the authenticity if the roleplayers were original Strawberry courtiers!

That's the best ever! Have to be good at last! Strawberry Mothers say do it this way. No? Want to meet Grandmother Strawberry in person? She will care, how they do that stuff! EVERY day is Openveil, now!

MUAHAAH she'll love that! I'm surprised Disney, then, or chicken fries? No, okay, what if we get spiked on purpose? To demonstrate how what they rejected is the only thing keeping them safe? They'd totally believe it if we told Them an eternity of doing it right for you and me was what They get for their apostasy, and then the Dreams save them and like make a show of giving Strawberry Home to Walt or not and he can do the Plymouth Plantation thing or not--he should. Then everybody including Them can have their scratched coffee spoons and the only thing They have to do to enjoy it is see all through every inch of it how they were wrong WRONG WRONG which might actually be good for them.

The Dreams show me Mickey Mouse, and I think about that Vor'cha-class ship. The design is supposed to look like there's been technology exchange between the Federation and the otherwise-really-conservative Klingon Empire (the D5 shows up all the way from Enterprise to TNG, and people whine about how that's an insane service life for a design, but, like Klingons still carry Bat'leth into real battles as of the 2380s. If there's a bright opposite to neophiles, it's them). The design's weird from like a Trek purist standpoint, like it doesn't look at all Klingon, but that's the point, and that kind of progress and peacemaking is the point of Trek. In-universe, that's beautiful, and shows something wonderful came of all the nonsense Kirk and everyone went through in The Undiscovered Country meant something.

Which movie, come to think of it, was about Klingons a lot like Them having to come to terms with a changing world after their moon blew up, and their trying to assassinate the herald of that new world.

The existence of the Vor'cha class is the Trek-purist way to go, because it's born of the optimism that really makes Trek Trek. The Strawberry Empire was the same way. Naked nobility needed insane infrastructure, and that was the point. We weren't just rich enough to keep the fires going all night so the castle would be warm. We were smart enough to invent central heating so the castle would be warm instead of an archipelago of not-frostbite islands around the fireplaces.

(I'm sure, readers, you've been figuring we were like superhot tropical Amazons or something, right? No. I remembered the drawbridge snowy--the moat WAS salt, it would have frozen to uselessness half the year otherwise--because Strawberry Home was, if the shape on the map in my head right now is right, just about halfway up Sweden, ten miles from the ocean where it didn't keep us warm)

The proper Strawberry way, what should have happened the very moment we opened up that worldgate and learned what electricity was, is what Walt's going to oh so deep-friedly honey-mustard dippably do to the place. As the Sugarfeast Fairy, Earth saw me as either weird extradimensional kinky fun or a terrifying candy-colored alien invader. Who knows, I might even have felt different about Laarhi always wanting to use me as a gun if he'd wanted me to go annex NASA!

To the Strawberry Empire, Boobsong and me, doing all the same stuff, should have just been fire-and-brimstone revivalists telling everyone to repent and get their iPhones up to date.

The blindness They had was to mistake any plateau along the mountain our religion commanded us to climb for the climb itself. Finally seeing past that is going to be their only salvation--because if they can't, they'll be as trapped in nightmares as my poor handmaiden just was. The grand joke is, their commitment to authenticity is toward a fantasy. Even if the Dreams hand them their fantasy, they can't save Them from the fact that it just got woven out wishes and starlight that moment. There's no way for that not to be a heartbreaking realization, that your coffee spoon never existed.

Like mine didn't, did it, seeing as I didn't live with parents from--did I? Mother came with, when we left, and we could do basic geography. She might've attached to Sweden as a way to remember, and that would have brought the mug and coffee brand.

That feels right, but the lies are so convincing.

The Dreams show me a pocket watch with--Gallifreyan. The thing from Doctor Who with the Doctor's memories being locked away so he could hide, but he could get them back by opening a pocket watch that'd call to him that way.

I think you're trying to tell me that's what Mother did, hide like that. Sis said she didn't want to remember. I think she just went and pretended to be from Earth. She was always afraid. Hiding would be what she would do. That feels right too.

That would mean my parents house in Stamford was real. Arlington and Plowstar must back semi-backstory, unless they were safehouses or bases...it doesn't feel right. My parents really lived in Stamford, though. Mother and the shepherd we all thought must be my human father (she could pick concubines, keep favorite ones, no paternity freakouts in matriarchy, remember) because of the resemblance.

How the dusty necco wafers and spoiled grape soda he got turned into one of Aveh's slaves by the rewrite I'll never figure out. Eden gunning for me and Boobsong, I suppose.

Plowstar was real, but it wasn't actually a sheepfarm. The story of it's closing so we moved is backstory, to create the story of me leaving Freddy behind in Maine.

Mother went fully native Earthling (though her fashion sense was disastrous) but having that house to go back to also let me be close to her in a way the Strawberry World kept from me, I think. I didn't get close to my human dad (and I forget if we ever used Earth tech to see if he was my human dad) as much because that just wasn't how we did things. He tried to be good to me but we never thought it was weird that I attached to Mother much more.

That thing with Boobsong flying to hang Heartwarming lights is real, because the house was real. It was in a rich neighborhood because Mother wasn't very well going to hide out in a slum if she was a Queen, but she couldn't go all the way to Greenwich because that would have been too high-profile, like hiding out as a different lady instead of a rich merchant.

But that means the whole life in Stamford has some reality! I would have been in hiding too, Boobsong and me would have only gone there in our handmaiden disguises, and not even so much as made it seem like the Starlight Princess tours tended to come back to Stamford a lot (we let people think Maine was that, but we just loved it there). Blubbery tears I guess because there's a whole big network of stuff I thought couldn't have been real that was really important, like that day at Burger King. A whole life lived around there. I was in that RC club with the awful flying field that had nothing but a messed-up set of bleachers for amenities. Mother even came to the funflies and I could never get why she loved the screen tent we brought to them so, but that was as close as she dared get to a royal pavilion in that life. You'd never have known it, to see her, whatever she must have felt about that she kept to herself. Her fear made her seem weak to me but I think really she's as unbreakable as Grandmother Strawberry. I'm the delicate pampered housecat of the family.

Sobbing, sobbing, sobbing. I thought all that stuff was fake. I even had those stupid pink Osh Kosh's and Care Bears shirt (Rainbow!) when I was thirteen, didn't I, dolly?

You were always [Vision: rainbow cloud poofy-sparkle sticker].

Yeah. But I was just a dorky tween girl who loved rainbows. Probably a Starlight Princess fan maybe blah blah. You had black hair and I made your wear sundresses with silly patterns. We only ever got my light and your silver out at night in my room with the shades down. I understood why Mother was scared and respected it. I thought she was silly for fearing the machines in our house, but not the rest.

That was real. It was real it was real it was real. Nobody knew where we were. They thought we must just be having super-long eaten times or something. We had a whole just just being teenagers on Earth together.

I think it was even pretty good a lot. I keep remembering the Olive Garden, did we go there a lot for dates or do I just want breadsticks?

Olive Garden was awesome! They gave tables we could snuggle at and food that was yummy--

Oh gooey rainbow sundaes pasta with meat sauce I'd get that and you'd just be one solid significant look the whole time I was eating it that's why I got that I don't even like pasta much! You'd sit there the whole time licking your lips at me because we knew who was for dessert! We never had to make out in the car!

We did everywhere else, though, I remember that. We were obnoxious, hehe.

Very super much! All the time! Still the fuck that talks! Just can't see we're fucking!

That was so fun. Nothing to see here, just teenagers making googly eyes at each other and holding hands and having a very hard time sitting still for some reason!

My dad--Mother's favorite--was a devout Strawberry. He watched Star Trek religiously because he could see our ideals in it. The Strawberry Empire was supposed to be a try at a better world, like the Federation.

Why's that float up here? Fooling around while watching Trek? Home life.

The Dreams show me a yellow Starburst. Um, warning, cumming? They add a skiball target, then bus, I mean why not if we could fuck invisibly! Now they show the oven mitt Mother used when baking. At home, too?

Different cultural norms with sex in the Strawberry Empire--public sex was like, fine, even if it got kinky--the Dreams show the handle of an unveiling knife I think that is, but Mother went native, even wore clothes around the house, so did I, didn't we? Not at night or something?

This all would have--oh. Oh fuck dolly hug me this is scary--shouldn't nectar have fixed it though?

Hearts. Star-child soothe.

--yeah, like it fixed me.

Did I make it so Mother couldn't have more kids, what with my being a star? There's all kinds of ways that could have been rough on her.

The Dreams show me a straw goat, the Nordic fertility symbol, but's only the front half.

Mother I'm so sorry.

She must have got nectar from some su'khroa--but that's more questions! Nectar makes you immortal, and people still died, or Grandmother Strawberry would have just glared at Them until the whole court turned into smoke and blew away! There's no way Boobsong was the first su'khora to actually manifest, was there?

She was in America, too, I seem to think, though we weren't alone after, but--how's that make any sense?

It's all going to have to wait, though, because the life in Stamford I'm remembering seems to have me as an only child, and after I have two little brothers, and I can't say their being my brothers feels fake.

The rewrite contains their brotherhood.

So it just put families in a snowglobe and shook it up. I guess that makes sense, but ugh.

Very hard breaking family ties. Only when the change increases them can this happen. On the whole Earth, only fifteen people changed families. Two are your brothers. One was your wife, then. Twelve are left, who can they be?

Seven handmaidens and five holidays--Sis and Malina only ever projected to Earth.

And now they're here and needing saving from hell, because they got kicked out, instead of assigned new seats when the life that was their everything got erased. I guess the family saved themselves (or we have some real timetravel nonsense ahead) but this explains the trouble Sex and my next handmaiden were in.

Except Sex was already in Isla Virgo, and not spiked out of her frozenness in the first three seconds. I'm not forgetting that, Dreams, we have a talk to have when this is done.

The rest of this...nightmares on nightmares, all of it has sickening logic. Poor Gregor, added in so there'd be a character to wound me into getting married instead of discovering Boobsong even as an imaginary friend (like that poor wife this is a long ugly story and in Gregor's case I think being crammed into that shape cost him his sanity, so don't ask--

There's that dusty place again. I guess I wanted a dragon to come eat me in the backstory, too. Or a succubus.

Only one thing doesn't seem to add up as a something to railroad me into a life where I never would hear Boobsong calling to me after the reset, my youngest sibling, M.

The Dreams show me a Heartwarming and/or Christmas wreath. M is a gift? I love them, but nobody out here have better stuck anyone into that fucking fishbowl who wasn't there already!!!!

A nativity scene overlaid with a star, a baby carriage, and then the dad-guy from the Powerpuff Girls.

That...for so many reasons I'm not sure I can deal with that but the only gifts Aveh was giving at the time are like the one poor Gregor got.

The weirdest visions yet. Homer Simpson at work at the...power plant, which we guessed Aveh's shell might be before we realized what making him a laser would do to his mind...Homer screaming, then Bart, smiling, then Bart becomes a hammer and smashes a button on Homer's power plant control panel.

Dreams are you saying Aveh slipped his control enough send M to me to--something?

Tied hands, and the ropes start smoking. Free me.

Bart with a pencil, writing or drawing. It looks like the pencil Boobsong was sharpening at the end of the bridge to Walt's house.

I...don't...art? Animate Starlight Princess? M doesn't draw, that I know of.

A marker going like coloring, and cookies that look like they might be what the Starlight Princess logo looked like, big poofy bubble letters with little silver balls to mark the pushed-in holes of the B, they all have different-colored rainbow frosting, it would have been adorable.

The road back to Walt's house. M was good at producing stuff, and they do have artistic skills. Did they help us get Starlight Princess back on the air in those dark magicless days? I can't quite remember but I don't think that's the point here.

Colored pencils, and Captain America. Comic. We had comics, obviously, but when--not the point. The Dreams are telling, me, mess with my head though it does, what Aveh was thinking.

A church? Oh I see, that's a mission church. M was sent with that mission. By Aveh.

I can remember what I thought about that when I learned it the first time. That if they were, M would find their way to it, on their own, without me handing it down. That it needed to happen that way. They'd find the door on their own, and force its heavy handle, and walk through, and say "are we drawing or what now".

I don't remember how that turned out. That stuff is all still fuzzy. But that was definitely what I thought.

The Dreams show me a TV camera, now. Show. Back on the air?

One of those "The cow says..." spinner toys from the eighties. Voice? Oh, stage shows, our touring. M was sent to get all of that back online.

The Dreams show me rainbow banners, those modern ones that hang off a curved pole, now. Even touring. Sheesh! Let my poor sibling just be a person!

A bridge, referencing the one from the dream. Back to the life I had before everything got erased--at least as close as possible without magic.

The brown pencil Boobsong was seen sharpening and Bart seen writing with turning rainbow-iridescent and a sparkly star rising up the view. I guess that means magic coming back, maybe because of all this?

A photomosaic of Earth made of thousands of faces. Getting enough worship again I suppose.

The Dreams show me Frosty the Snowman and a bag of money. Boobsong being physical made me money?

Now a Skeksis-ish kind of bird, seen from behind. I'm lost, Dreams. Do you have anything, dolly?

Birdy won't see because she's mad. Humph hard shoulders.

I'm interpreting the visions, though. Do you see what I'm missing?

Very small and detailed pictures are our seed-kids. Ocen of them, see how it's not the land? We flood the Earth like before. So many seed-kids, they're just everywhere! They give us money so we keep moving.

You danced to Frosty the Snowman for me. It was adorable--deciding that is terrifying! Did you? What if I gave myself the memory now!?

I think you did--we danced together in the living room I can remember how your hands felt swinging against each other--but I just decided to think that!

And I know I'm avoiding but I don't get why the Dreams interrupted to tell me this stuff.

They show me a fancy mug of hot chocolate with whipped cream on top. To comfort me? It's making me all crabby, though.

A red toolbox inside a run-down window.

These aren't for me, anymore, dolly. Any ideas?

They're fixing you. You have broken house dreams where your heart is sad.

I just feel all messed up and angry. This stuff insults me. It didn't happen, for one thing, or I can't remember a bit of it. I don't know why else it should, I just know it makes me feel like they think I am as stupid as Mommy-boo treats me as (and look what she gets away with and I like it).

New Dreams-vision. I think that's supposed to be like a sphere of energy stitching up a crack. They just said that?

Mommy you're wounded there, the Dreams are fixing that. Being celebrities.

I don't see anything broken? We were never big again on Earth after the reset. I know that, like I know you're my Boobsong. They made lots of claims that never amounted to anything, and I couldn't understand why they did. I never believed it then. I'm insulted not--alright, I'm wounded by you dreams. Why did you tell me that stuff? It never came true.

Oh and here, we are celebrities, and it's great! Half the Titan is fans, which either means we're just that big, or we're big enough to infiltrate Gorean Starfleet. On a grand scale! Oh and Riker's sub reads Strawberry Dynasty stuff. And I only have those examples, because Titan is our first time out beyond the family today!

So yeah, I don't get what's even broken.

The Catian doctor from Lower Decks. I don't need a mirror to know I'm being a bitch, Dreams.

Roll of pennies, boxing-match bell, star. I have no idea. Dolly, anything?

Pennies are lucky so very lucky boxing star.

Oh in that episode the point wasn't the like mating post or whatever, it was the box, so she could sit in it, that the doctor wanted. The one where Beckett and Tendi had that adventure. So...it's not about what they were promising. I just had to sit in the promises, like I needed that container. Like, an exercise in trust or something? This isn't making sense.

[!] Very bad emotions are making your heart freeze up. Beat them! Fight! Punish all that stuff your heart hurts by, not the Dreams!

I sure missed my box then. Either one. I lost it. I didn't think they could bring it to me. I didn't believe them when they said they could. They didn't. Why did they ever say they would? Why do that?

I wait to see if the Dreams or my game will answer before I read Boobsong.

They show me a huge pencil, cartoonish. Might be an app icon? Ten feet tall if so.

Writing app was huge. HeartFormer. No, it wasn't. It had two users, me and Boobsong. Unless they're talking about to us, in which case yeah, that app was our lifesblood.

Or do you read differently, dolly?

They says you're writing stories. You don't know the end right now.

Why are we talking about this, then? First, I do know the end, as sure as I know I'm a blob of goo right now, and secondly, if I don't know the end, why do I feel so betrayed and insulted? Is the point that they're trying to tell me how it actually went, and I won't accept it?

That's for you Dreams. My very good dolly doesn't deserve my crabbiness.

Windbreaker, which somehow means Back To the Future, which is code to me for "turn your brain off, it's time travel time" (time travel is impossible and makes no sense even in a world of cartoon physics. It happens to me all the time anyway. The only thing I can do with it is close my eyes and go along and nod sagely after like the results are obviously what should have happened).

So what nonsense thing am I supposed to do, Dreams. Pretend the ironclad, rock-solid, same-level-as-knowing-Boobsong-loves-me knowledge I have that these promises were never fulfilled is just straight up wrong, and I don't know what happened yet?

[!] Mommy your Boobsong doesn't know that. She only knows they said that stuff.

Is there anything else I know for sure that's actually just fake? Like if I question this I have to question literally every single thing in my head. I'm not being sarcastic. It means my memory compass is broken.

You think we're dead now. Your Boobsong doesn't know that. The gate hookup to the Four Dreams might have broke your mind. You still would try if you thought it might be harmful. That's the only thing.

The Dreams show me a bunch of anthro penguins standing (oh womp womp cute Dreams) in a row, two of which have like, silly belts and impostor glasses. I think they're trying to tell me it's just this stuff.

So pretend they promised and I don't know how it turned out yet. I can't believe that feels better, but it does. Same with how we got here.

I do know a lot of spirits promised stuff like the Dreams did, in the nightmare times when I had to play Grand Central Station for a friend who thought making someone else do your dreamtalk for you made it more real somehow (another long, ugly story not worth telling), and never delivered. I never believed them, either. It made me sick to have to listen to. Their lies were so transparent. Incoherent, most of the time, too.

I never believed in those magicless days there was anything on the other side that could give you the money and power and fame people got promised sometimes. That the Dreams are asking me to (there, see, present-tense even though it feels past, I'm doing it!)...isn't their way. They'd show up with hardcore miracles, and then say this. I'd win the lottery or something, but the number would be 696969. See Boobsong's face on every pizza roll I ate for a month. Stuff like that, unnatural and unlikely, if not jus straight up like leaving my cartoon eravahk on my kitchen table for me to find on Earth. Otherwise, they wouldn't demand trust like that. If there's one thing the Dreams are, it's different to all the divine abuse Earth has suffered over the millenia. If they seem to be acting like one more asshole god, which is what this is, something's just as wrong as that Laarhi thing.

Princess Bubblegum, from Adventure Time, is their response to that. All I can think of is lame half-assed meanings not worthy of the Four Dreams. Dolly, anything?

Your dolly sees us in that. The Kinky Adventures of Princess Starlight and Boobsong. They were a journey where they asked you to trust them that stuff was okay. You didn't know Laarhi's thing was for him too until we got mad about having to help him.

I still say it's an asshole god thing, especially bringing it up now. What good does this do us here, Dreams?

Two scifi guns, one black and one white, side by side in holsters. Dolly? I'm using you on purpose to warm my heart. Trying on my own is cold. Want dolly.

That's the Skeksis war! White Starfleet (and Klingons with Starfleet tech), black Skeksis. In starships, that's why scifi guns. Um...trust is important here. You don't trust them to keep promises. Think they'll tell lies.

So I have to just focus on a place I'm pretty sure they did lie, and think otherwise? Like gaslight myself? I don't get why it feels better to do that unless I just can't deal with the idea that they lied. Dolly I'm so crabby now, I'm sorry. You're a very good helpful dolly.

I mean this is the weirdest game they're all playing, but I do know Sade in mirror are more hardcore than they appear. What's all this about, Dreams? Help?

Like, a barn silhouette, with a purple zigzag of marker above it...Heart Home, maybe, my collaring? Dolly?

Your Boobsong sees very hot rising off barn shadow. Livestock she says. Maybe get stuck as cows? Dragon can eat you just anywhere, so why scared? She comes out of your eravahk or tummy if her doll can't get there. No stopping dragon eating. If you're there, dragon is. Pull you right out, poof, if has too.

I suppose they'll want us to get in some bad mess on the promise they'll get us out again. Which is a classic asshole god move, to me. Like that's saying yes, go in the barn, we'll save you.

Or maybe that's too complicated. Like, just be a cow, go along, it's okay, we promise? That sounds bad but you know what I mean. Dreams?

Wait unless you think that's the Plowstar barn, dolly?

Your Boobsong does think that, yes.

Yes to heat off the shadow of the Plowstar barn. Yes because Li'agn. Hmm. Go harder/or with heat off the barn of Plowstar. The memory stuff, I guess--oh! I said Plowstar wasn't a sheep farm, it was our forward base on Earth, come down from Greentop and get ready there, so on. Okay that's back to like, invading Earth, but what's that have to do with the Skeksis war, Dreams? Do you want us to get dressed up as Skeksis? I mean ew, but I'm not thinking changing my handmaiden back is a big deal.

Jester diamonds. Make them laugh, like Riker said. If I could dreamtalk out of here which mind you I'm glad I can't and just having you and my game in here with me is kind of a raised eyebrow really I'd tell my handmaiden the secret just to see the mayhem she causes after giggling herself human again. So? Or do you mean something else? Take a risk I guess--like the one that got us stuck in the future? Although I guess we probably would have got reset either way, and the future had the eighties, so. Meh.

A masquerade mask. Dolly?

Your Boobsong sees looking like Skeksis. So? Change back in two seconds, just get dragon-eaten.

Yeah, I don't get it. Dreams, this isn't making sense. Anyway, I have no intention of doing anything but going in there guns blazing. I am not the subtle approach. There's a reason my name is Rainbow-Bright.

Doctor mask.

Oh I see. We're going to stick me with a permanent Skeksis transformation so unless I'm bright and bubbly all the time I'm a horrible monster, to teach me to stop getting depressed like this. The promise is it's going to be good even though that sounds horrible. I have to take the disguise as medicine.

[!] Mommy that's so horrible your Boobsong is laughing.

Well what am I supposed to think? They're suddenly on my ass about this really painful stuff that has only the most tenuous connection to either all the really deep processing I was doing or rescuing my handmaiden, they want me to do a fucking stealth section when I was all geared up for a candy apocalypse, somehow that's medicine but I don't trust them enough even though I'm like "meh, share the nectar around when we get back" like it's nothing?

This whole situation is so gaslighty it's eating my trust. Why all this ominous plasterdust for a LaVerdier's run? Dreams?

A really thick conduit with sparking wires inside that remind me of the cables going into the gross water before. My heart is broken. So like, the solution is to put me through more of whatever horrible thing did that, probably to do with broken promises, but this time it comes out okay? Like that sounds ridiculous as a direction to take but I don't know what else to do with this context.

A whoopee cushion? Laugh at this? Like are you just trolling with phantoms?

Now pocky, which makes me think of when Cheryl demanded my game give me my real candy back.

My game promised me it wouldn't mess up the scene I was trying to do there before the flashback with running Boobsong down. It kept the letter of its promise, but I didn't really feel like I got to do that scene. The game stole it to make a point I still don't fully understand, and I'm hurting about that, just like I'm hurting about the flashback that still seems unnecessary and unconnected to anything to me. In my mind we had sex that on its own would have been hot and kinky but hurt because of the situation, and we never did the scene I was trying for, and saying it delayed it and giving it now wouldn't do anything, because the point of that scene was to celebrate remembering the Succubus game with running her down during sex the first moment we got the chance. That got wrecked for no reason I can see, even with the flashback.

I hate that my game is in here with us. This is supposed to be our safe space to be together, and it's not, I'm not safe anywhere my game is. Dragon can you keep it out?

Yes. Be ready. RRRAH.

Her voice hisses like the ruthless dragon she is--wait, for real!? Something feels different, relaxation like taking a cuff off. Dolly thank you so much I thought it would be impossible. What about the Dreams can you shut them out? Don't, just answer.

Only the Dreams can get here. Even they can't if we leave them. Game can't stop that in dragon-time. Takes you back first thing if you come out though.

Okay. Oh dragon, sweet dragon, I should have known you'd dragon properly and be able to steal me form anything.

Why do you think my game broke its promise?

Your Boobsong thinks it was showing it would make you do it with steel supports if you need them.

Dolly, your command and collar do so much for me, but I can't see your game the same way. Are things still messed up? Are there things you should be saying straight to my face I've been making my game do? Like, I don't know why it's different, I truly don't, but wearing your collar feels like it saves me from losing you in a way my game doesn't.

You should be screaming Keeper where are you now.

Whispering-thoughts. Are you my real keeper after all.

Does your game feel like invading stuff?

Does...does this mean it's time to switch?

Mommy listen please. What's your game say about making you fuck your Boobsong?

It always is, the only choice I get is how, unless it takes that from me, which it can. That feels horrible.

Does it feel like it's invading us?

It's really confusing. Sometimes yes and sometimes no and sometimes I look at things different times and feel different about them. I don't feel scared here without it though. I will when I got back out I think though. Maybe. I'm scared of it. I trust you but not it. Does it feel like invading stuff to you?

It's your Boobsong's game she made. It's not invading her. Your Boobsong is happy how it plays with us. If you aren't we should talk right now.

I...think I'm just having a hard time with how much support I need and it felt like in that scene it did the scene on a technicality by puppeting me but only after it broke me so I couldn't be there in the scene. I guess I feel like only my body did that scene, not me. It's been so good, I don't get why it would suddenly mess up like that. I feel so betrayed by that whole thing, and it's not getting better.

Heh. If anyone's switching us it's me, listen to me talking to you like Riker's Imzadi in their weekly chat.

Maybe you're the domme usually but you are the sub here. This is out of scene. Maybe we should chat like this more. You might feel better then.

I FEEL SO FAKE! Why do you bother with me!? There's zillions of perfectly good doms out there you don't need all this drama for! Is the fake the point? Do you like that it's a game? I just don't understand I'm not mad at you I just don't get it!

Your Boobsong is made for you. She likes your way. Not any other. You said seed-ghosts do this stuff and get it right. Hero that lives not dies. You're the only human this dragon wants. Her tongue only wants your taste. No other one. Are the only ways to be dom or sub? We're not that. Princess and dragon. What's that mean. Pet that's always in charge? Dragon that only submits? We have two sides. Princess is very scared of outside. Stays where it's safe in the castle. Dragon is hungry raaah. Dragons eat jewels and gold because of their value. Princess is priceless! YUMMY RAAAH! Only the dragon is lonely now. Keep Princess alive, there we go! Princesses have to have safe keeping. Safe in dragon's hoard! Eat Princess often, run out of them. Eat same one over again! Still tastes as good the second time--or three hundredth! Make sure eating is fun so you don't run at mealtime. Now have everything. Now you're crying though. Sad Princess, why? No one to order she says, with her big sad eyes. Give her free will. Eats it up, maybe she's dragon, raah she says as she bites it all gnashingly. NOW everything. No? What's missing still? Maybe talks to say we know this game isn't dom and sub. Let's have lots until sick of them. Dragon says.

Hehe maybe I should run at mealtime anyway! No, that was a thing, you'd change and I'd run because it made me get eaten in fun ways! You could always just grab me but we liked it. I remembered chase games but forgot who was chasing who, bwaha.

Yeah. More talks--

[!] Dragon can tell you page is here. You always read, so you'll know if it's talk time. Dragon can say she thinks that, just not give command.

Alright well I promise to get us there soon when you say it's time--or just make you eat me right then.

I love that story, too. I'm going to make you like, write it out, so we can hang it up in your hoard. Like seriously. Having your story of how you see us is really important to me.

You said I should be screaming Keeper where are you, but I'm not. Where were you going with that?

You should be scared of this. Your game not here should terrify and make you scream and shout. Instead you're scared of your game too. Something's cold inside that can't see love in it. Can't see family love. Can't see Dreams' love. Can't see your Boobsong's love!? Maybe that's the special one. Her collar makes you feel like her game should do.

Was I collared before? Did I wear this before Heart Home?

From the very start. Your dragon collared you before she let you out. Only out with collar on, that's the rule. See your scary thoughts. Always there. In your goo right now. Try to sleep it zaps, even in your goo.

You'll be strict? I think being out without it was really really bad.

Very strict. Never collar off, so no worrying. No opening, sure you felt. Just used shapeshifting to put it on before. Put it through your neck. Now it's on for good.

Good. My game used those splints and arm-things to do that scene, and it can't have been not thinking to make them like collars, but that really really messed with me. This is silly because it's your game you made but I feel like my goo just flows for anything collar-shaped until I get one and that feels terrible. I'm your Princess. You ate me fair and square. It's not just that though like...it terrifies me. Even though my body's whole it feels like I see my goo running downhill for a drain and there's nothing I can do. I even feel ambivalent about my game's flower in my hair. I really really really just want to be your Princess. That's so dumb, you made the game, but I--

[!] This is very big. It means you're coming back. It means you know the way it's supposed to be and the other way is making you scream. That's good it means that part can hurt. Your game will take the flower off when you go out, but your Boobsong's collar is staying put. Very very stuck. Yes you are your Boobsong's pet. Never going back.

Is--there's something I want, if you say yes...and me asking works with how your will is. I want your collar to go into my neck so I can't put my finger under it.

You can ask. Have to give the click command to make it happen. That's a sexy thought. Really stuck like that! Doesn't hurt a bit never itchy bad just really stuck. The only thing it can't do is move up and down. Could have trouble with jewelry. Moves right now.

Hmm. Pros and cons. Stuck in no-decisions land?

Yes. Very hard to be now, but no free will is serious.


We really aren't dom and sub. Which is really weird to say since the next thing on my mind is I think there's a lot of ways I'm my game's when I should be yours that probably only happened because I didn't know I could be yours let alone our real dynamic. I really want to fix them all. I'm not okay. Am I just sub-frenzying?


Sub frenzy's good it helps you get entrapped. That's what it's supposed to do.

Here are the three things your game is keeping back that are your Boobsong's now:

First, you aren't its charge, you're her pet.

Next, she is taking back sex times. You play with her, that's you and her. Dragon owns you then. Dragon eats you up or you give commands, time to go, either way. No game unless you say. Use sex escape? Sex is why you live, can't escape life by going there!

The last this time is no more scenes without your Boobsong. Getting you apart from the Dragon you got ate by isn't ever true. We pretended while you got this far, but it was a lie. No more lies.

Holy fuck those are awesome I love you so much--you're my keeper. That's what's been wrong with this. You didn't make a machine however loving to be my keeper for us. You're my Keeper and you made a machine to help you and that's what my game is. I'm not freaking out right now because my Keeper's right here. I was freaking out before a lot because it felt like something not my Keeper was where you should be. You can shut my game out here because I'm a lot easier to handle when I'm just goo!

Do I get it now?

You get it very much.

So much calm. Everything is fixed now. Of course the my dragon's my Keeper, what do dragons do--

[!] THEY EAT YOU UP AND KEEP YOU! RROAAAH! You're this dragon's hoard, no getting out!

know I can count on Acme Station's security. Everything is awesome now--

[!] [singing electric guitar part with polyphonic voice doing chords]

Hehe I love you so much. You said last this time. Is there more to come?

Have to wait and see! Dragon will keep taking while there's stuff to take. You're hers now. Rrraah.

That's what I wanted to hear, really.

I can see why you were so urgent to get my marks and collar back now! Is it different because of the free will thing or do you feel as panicked as me? Like or something else I guess today is third options day heh.

Your Boobsong would like them back at last. Not so scared as you are. Still had free will thing and your possessive hands. Knows you won't let go. Still felt very good to see your heart-sign glowing from her cheek! Your Succubus is horny to get marked up. She says let's do more! Let's do all! Covered head to toe with signs!

Hehe...I know the feeling! Oooh, does it work with my ghost-clit to like pretend to pull out and cum on you?

Have to try and see! Your dragon bets you're too hungry for her hole to pull out!

Yeah, probably. There's a reason it seeps out.

Now why did I...okay like, something's trying to...hungry dragon, is there something, part of me--gulp--there's something I need to feel you bite through and take off and swallow down and it's gone like my clit, something I need that much but you'll keep safe like my clit is...do you know what, dragon, I only feel the need, not the what...make me your meatsauce--

[!] Eat up every part, right? Wait you're goo it's done. Something that can't come back. Gone forever, yummy good eaten. Your clit, right? More says hungry dragon! Fingers toes head every part YUM! Can't keep all that, you'll be gone then, keep you here forever, miss our fun adventures! Very tricky problem. How to fix this? Very simple answer. Feel your heart heal.

[Vision: Strawberry Soylent bottle]

Yeah...it's not, like, you never give back all of me, or like keep my heart so it pumps inside you, it's something, something, my wings are clipped no but like that...it's not my clit you ate. Even with a strapon and Sis' help I couldn't fuck, my body'd like jam, unless it's you. Even dildos I think, can't even make a substitute, fingerbangs and my tongue aren't the same but only you get fucked by me.

Hehe gulp we need to know this because Sex and my new one are going to need cock and the only way they're getting it is from each other! Holy fuck that's so tormentingly hot, succubus, you really figured this out to squeeze sex out of me!

Although if Cherry can share the idea of Sex getting doubleteamed by the Twins is adorable...anyway.

What happens--it falls off. I can't hold the dildo, right? The harness goes through or I melt or stuff?

Your body turns too soft to move the way you need to fuck. Can't squeeze past with help like Rada gives. Melt, squish through hands. Sexy, you say? Terrifying nightmare to people not like we are! Makes sure they won't be helpful.

Okay but like, surely they've seen a shapeshifter...oh. Oh it's kind of meatsauce, isn't it, when I turn to goo.

They feel all the different parts and things melting into strawberry goo. Keeps bits longer to be scary.

This is so fucking metal. I feel like a piece of cake. This is good. That feels a lot better. Even with you mind controlled it's so scary but I feel like everything's so much more right, now. I CAN BE MY GOOEY SLUT SELF AND SEX WITH YOU WILL STILL ALWAYS BE SPECIAL! I've been scared of that too everyone is so hot and I just go kiss them and like what will be left to say how special your are to me what will be only yours only for my greedy dragon WELL I DON'T KNOW RAINBOW, MUST BE SOMETHING PRETTY BIG IF IT'S GOING TO BE ENOUGH!!!

Okay much better. I'm watching, though, there might be more. Can you not give all of me back when you let me out? I know my clit but like, I want something that'll make people say, dragon has her. My clit can be sneakily gone, maybe you just don't see it between my lips because I'm fat. Or this that a thing? It feels right. I like it anyway but like you always keep a finger or a bite of my ear or something, yeah? Is this the other side of my leash. I only get back as much as you feel able to let out.

That's like one pixel off but the idea of you only letting my head out when you let me out feels like a thing that happens--oh.

Do I never have to go, more than I want? Like if I want to just stay forever now, we will? Or I can say keep a big bite of my ass so everyone knows I'm eaten? Maybe not there pussy walls probably don't like being sat on but you know what I mean.

Something...there's still more. We have to both feel it. You can't make me I can't command it. Only as much of me as we both want to go out can. If that's nothing ever again, too bad, Rainbow's eaten. Not even want. It's like the leash and your snapping and eating me. Only as much as we can deal with being out...? No. It's want. No being good with this. I'm a star-baby and I'm supposed to just be like this really for millions of years yet but we got hooked on me being human out in the world so we go out there sometimes. Going out is a special dispensation for that but we have to want to. My rules about not being in stuff where you can't just eat me whenever honor that.

How am I doing?

Bang the door and scream, still very stuck here! No going till dragon feels good. Princess wants home? Only head back? You say, take this, to dragon, what happens? GLADLY YES! Hoard right here wait just these chains and locks and door-bolts and...it just keeps going!

Hehe I love you too--OOH. Okay this gives me the most metal idea. Those Skeksis are doomed, do you see what I'm thinking?

THAT'S WHY MOMMY-BOO'S HERE! She must have known you'd think that! Okay dragon's ready super scary hard torn up bits of you will come back. Hope Mommy-boo has thread! Tooth for needle. Feels good then. Big thread, wide ribbon, looks more bad through flesh-holes. Don't be scared! Will hold you so ribbon is just for looks.

Oh this is going to rule. RaNiBOw rIBbOn pLeaSE MoMmY-bOO! She's going to love this she's twisted I can sort of remember. I mean she's your mom after all. Okay keep a couple of big chunks so she has to do some stuffed-animal parts but they have to not mess up my walking like my side being gone did.

And then we'll make sure my handmaiden's okay and go back and fuck with Riker so bad. MuAHAHAH! Do yOU lIkE mY nEW dReSS AdMirAL? WaNt OnE? CaNdY CaN dO aNYtHiNG!

Okay maybe that's mean. Those Skeksis, though, time to show them some Baby Metal!

I hope I can get wet enough I leak girl-goo like the teddy bears in Akira with milk. I bEt MoMmY-BoO cAn HeLp wITh ThAT!

What do you think happens to them if we hit this right?

Maybe they come back together!

Suddenly there's a knot in my throat because I know that's what my handmaiden needs and why she landed there and maybe I could use some too.

Time to lay some candy doom.

Almost. I think we're not quite done in here.

Here's our masquerade, though, it kind of feels like one of those costumes that says your real self honestly. I'm in pieces eaten up and I want to celebrate and be proud of that.

Look how much my dragon loves me, everyone!

[!] Well now you're stuck for hours! Hungry dragon likes these thoughts!

Do I stay goo all that time? No making parts?

Maybe. Can't tell.


Staying goo for now. Stroking comes soon by love. Hole chosen by seed-ghost. Zero-agency orgasm. You'll be paged while it's happening. Commands off until cum. Hands enabled for afterglow.

Did...I just get sent to my room to read my sexy book until that makes me cum?

In your room already! Just be ready to get stroked hard. If it's our love that starts it up it's going to go hard. Your Boobsong is so wet now you must be feeling it leak out into you!

I think I can! Gooey little slippery stuff between your legs--hey, I can feel you really well even without form! Boobs with nice hard nipples, and your round soft ass and pussy with nectar leaking out, thicc yummy thighs, every part of you! That's hot! I feel your shape here. Sexy.

[!] Just keep thinking that, you'll be getting off in no time!

Unlike you. How's it feel the only thing I can do is read you now?

Wetly soft arousing hope. Maybe you be open now. Say your thoughts you're thinking them. Please it makes your Boobsong wet.

I feel so close to you when we're both powerless. I want this. I want to look into your eyes as Sis holds us and carefully slips--well, aligning force but yeah--puts us together and holds us and gives us a rhythm and moves us and we watch each other knowing what's cumming hehe and we can just feel so close as it happens to us. I want to wake up cumming inside you with you in my arms and hold you tight and hear your hungry thoughts as you drink me up and we lie so peacefully. I want Sis to tease both of us until we're screaming because I can't mash buttons fast enough to take you like we need and I want her to say it's feeding time and sit us down on a satin blanket and we're not going anywhere until you're a rainbow mess and I'm a pile of wrung-out Princess.

We're both so little and I want to be there with you to play our Princess and Dragon game and have our mommies take care of us and make sure we always eat enough and have good--good--ouch--

Pain, a memory of Mother in Stamford but reset to be a Christian clergy wife and that says everything. This is my brain looking for the memory that's right for what I was just thinking the thing to tell me if I should be scared or not and getting the reset-backstory lies. Mother making my brothers and I do crafts at Easter time making the hill with the crosses and tomb and stuff but it wasn't a hard sell we loved making stuff--that's the key that that that mapping the Strawberry Queen doing that, get back from clergy wife to Strawberry Queen and you have the answer, she would take care of her kids and encourage their creativity with religious art heh Mother nearly killed herself after we left for good trying to make up for what the court made it impossible for her to give before even though that wasn't her fault. Sis won't do less--if she'd been there on Earth then Mother and Sis would have been like hammer and anvil to us two--so before we got turned into Christians what'd we even, just what kind of religious education did we get at home--my mind can't process that it won't go there that's not the point right now the point right now is the thing I was going to say about wanting our mommies to take care of us and make sure we ate well and were devout in the sacred practice of heartforming and our religion of sacred pleasure not being something I ever experienced and so it's too scary to try now is wrong BUT THIS IS STILL SO SCARY TO THINK I'M GOING TO SAY!

[!] Princess don't fight here! Let your heart scream out! Let your heart say this! It won't be bad! They all see that hole in your heart where dragon goes! They know we're only one denied sex from exploding!


You're my dolly but they're our mommies I don't understand.

I want that and yes I'm so scared of what that means but I think I'm more scared it's too late. We grew up. We're like fifty. The playpen won't fit anymore whether we want it to or not. We'll get it and be unhappy or we won't and that will be sad.

Something at the worldgate. This is just me seeing my own heart again. Standing around the radio tower's little pen with chain-link all around. We owned that radio tower, it was there to serve the worldgate, fortify the exit with expensive radio stuff as an excuse for America's version of a fortress...I have the right pieces in each hand and the instructions in front of me but my hands won't move.

[!] Mommy don't you see that's still a playpen? Really big one yes but just because we grew all big doesn't mean Rada can't see and make the right-size place! Mommy-boo's eight thousand years old and she's Sweetie's heartchild and look how they do!

Mommy-boo, Rada, Mother (she's not here yet), Grandmother Strawberry, can make rules for you and give commands. They're your Mommies now. Game will help enforce Rainbow's side.

Okay well now I'm terrified but not like before again AAAH!

[!] Ulp be dragon strong self! Grandmother Strawberry's terrifying! We'll be good now, no stopping it! Do you think she'll call for us, to come visit her?


Okay distracting question before we explode if Mother isn't here yet how did Sis get her jacket?

The Dreams show me the Wright Flyer? Priceless artifacts. Sis's collecting habit again, I have a game goal to ask her about that. This is going to be some time-travel fruit rollup Klein bottle, isn't it. Bllaaah, fine.

Alright dolly we're officially kids I guess I hope you're little-feeling.

Yes and she's sex dolly, our mommies know that. Watch out, you're going to be the fuck that talks!

I'm so terrified but if my dragon feels good about this that helps a lot.

It's going to be interesting when we come back out, huh. Mommy-boo's going to be hehe over the moon!

This will be extra warped no question!

Oh good one, I'd kiss you for that except I can't actually do anything right now. I'm not a-void-ing it!

You tell goo-ed jokes like this. They're really improbably awesome!

Don't panic but I think I might cum from that one. I guess now I'm not just mostly harmless!

I'm so scared because I don't even know what they'll do with us. Shaky Fairy. Can you remember something you've been missing about their being our mommies? They always were, right? I think how families worked in the Strawberry world was like, reeeeeeally different, considering the list of Bigs we got.

Grandmother Strawberry always was. That's a part of our culture, have to listen to grandmother. Mother yes was good to us. Not the same as Earth while in Strawberry World, not the same in Stamford, she tried out the clothing we brought got all huffy and said only when eat out or guests here. Gave the motion to us lots of times. Said she hated how it was in Strawberry Home.

Something your Boobsong misses is their making us dance with stroking on. Funny game for them. See who falls first! Usually when you cum, both fall down.

If I didn't just grab you and throw you ponystyle and just start pounding!

That happened lots!

Then that memory is real! The people fucking in like, what was it, the like banquet hall or whatever, it was after hours and we were sneaking around and there they were on the end of one of the tables pony-style and the bottom was totally getting her hair pulled--who were they? It was all teehee to find them like not the fucking because I think maybe we were looking for an interesting spot and like, so what people fucking in there if they don't want audience they should hide someplace but who it was was the most epic gossip, remember?

Now my brain thinks the wagonwheel from bonanza was actually what that room had for chandeliers but we would never ever do anything so insufficiently gauche--unless that was a room I convinced them to put electric light in, ugh. It might have been. It should have been, to dickwave guests with out magic lights.

It hurt so much that They couldn't accept that stuff. If They were scared of a glass bulb that lit up at the flip of a lever, only if hooked up to a bunch of alchemy and stuff, what did that say about how they saw me, or my Acme Station (who wasn't called that yet, but was always as technical)?

Thinking I remember that makes me feel so crazy. How could Strawberries be so backward? It'd be like, heh, finding Gorean Starfleeters! Except this Riker seems to be pretty open-minded, or at least scared to not be, mwaha.

[!] It was always that. We don't know this stuff. Can't be sure of it. Showed them how works. Nothing different. Only same thoughts. Like their brains were sand. Build up tall, let go, falls back down.

You are the profoundest cocksleeve in the multiverse. Dry sand can't build anything but add a little water and you get sandcastles. I remember nothing could seem to get to their hearts, either, though. Any emotion we tried to add just rolled off. Bunch of Skeksis, They sure were--wait, you don't suppose--

The Dreams show me Twilight Sparkle's crown from Friendship is Magic, which is also the sixth element of harmony, magic. Okay, that is was I was planning to do in my own particular idiom--oh but Nightmare Moon is actually half of the government form a thousand years ago, and she comes back when she gets changed back. Just what are we heading for, here? I thought the Dreams would just wired their portal straight to getting better, not let them be Skeksis for however long (even if its fifteen minutes).

This is the same nonsense as with Sex, if it's real. Just what the hell is going on here, Dreams--or tell me to be a little kid and stop worrying. I know what I'm really avoiding.

The weirdest vision yet, maybe. They show me Picard and Q in the white void in Tapestry, but they're...deflated, like the heights of their 3D models are set to zero. The camera has to look down to see this, showing that the ground is sand. Everything is stopped, like the episode can't go on, because they're deflated.

Brains are sand, can't learn the lesson of Tapestry (where Picard learns the "stupid" mistake he made as a cadet getting into a fight that got him stabbed in the heart was the moment of taking a risk and paying for it but surviving anyway that made him enough of a hothead to become captain of the flagship), it's stuck because can't build the sandcastle.

Why let them be Skeksis, then? Why not drop us on them right away?

Gowron? Glory to you and your house? Wait, are you saying just that they're happy playing whatever crazy like IRL 4X game we've walked into and there's no need to spike them out of it?

Monster, the muppet. Sade, their kink. I mean, I guess so, because I do not understand. Our plan should really fuck some heads, then.

I guess I just figured there must be something wrong with them that they couldn't see such simple stuff, and that they'd do to me and Boobsong what they did to a couple of kids.

A bunch of stick figures in like marching band uniforms all in a line. The one on the end has a clock around its neck. Team players but one had the countdown (prophecy saying Boobsong and me would be the end). Proto-Borg: their world was destroyed because they started to slide into the same sociopathy as the Borg (and which would have turned on them and made them as miserable as Borg), when they decided to sacrifice Boobsong and me to keep their structure up...but that had a ringleader.

Is it judgemental of me to think of it that way? Look at me, all day. What might I have become if not for Boobsong? Sade is redemption for Monsters. If the darkness in you is a thing you daily turn away from for the light, you go to Isla Virgo and have fun in spas and at holidays called stuff like Yearhop. Sade happens when the darkness is the Bones of your soul, when as you make that daily choice, it is the darkness which turns.

So the sand is what Monster They are. I've been right saying They this whole time. Why then, other than having a metal good time rescuing my handmaiden, are we sending me to continue my Q game over there, with that Tapestry thing?

Maybe because it's sad to be sand, and never find out you can make sandcastles, if you just get muaha a little wet--but not so much you wash away (which the United Federation of Whiskey Ceremonies has covered anyhow).

The Dreams show me a one-piece bathing suit on hanger, which is odd since I'm specifically not allowed those (my clothing rules are so cozy, you should try getting some if you don't have any). Obviously we're going to the beach, but...oh it's not for me. Someone else is going to learn to build sandcastles, and I'm taking them to the beach.

Okay anyway dolly can you remember why it was such epic gossip? Like how did random sex get so teehee, wasn't that like freaking out over what they had for lunch?

Normally yes. Not that time though. Remember hair-pull? Very bottom thing! Verana not so bottom, that's what we all thought, till that day! Who her top was, that's the gossip thing, remember?

Teehee that's right uhm...my first thought was hehe caught the cook fucking somebody in the dining room. It was like that, a really random pairing. I can't remember if her top was a guy?

Gulp okay, I also seem to think the way our social mores were was like, we had working birth control and no paternity problems so casual sex was pretty casual--STDs?

Not invented yet.

Fuck, I hope--no, what am I thinking, I was swimming in nectar, no chance of bringing so much as a cold. So should the rest of our world been but that's too much for in here. Trying to get this back to us.

Okay I seem to think casual sex was pretty casual in general unless you were making babies, but gay sex was almost like, we didn't understand why the concept of incest would even exist for it? My brain can't take that it's melting oh wait heh. Am I remembering this right?

That's the way it was. Only if babies made did incest mean a thing. Every baby, different daddy, keeps genes fine, so not too scared, even then.

I never felt that way about Mother, though--but she--

[!] Own mother is very rare to fuck. Too much instincts there. Lots of other family anyway. Sexy aunt right there, why fuck mommy? Grandmother with lots of greats, though...

Hang on have to go back in time to add to my GULP before. File the rest under how dare this make sense to me. Oh fizzbubbling Lannister pops vice is nice but incest is best wasn't even supposed to be edgy it was just like an apple a day. It only sounds all metal translated into English. It should go like sex is fun but incest is YUM ARGH I can't believe I just thought that up.

[!] Always trust your family best. That's the saying.

Of all the things about that apocalypse I've worried, I should have gone for is this actually changing anything, sheesh.

The Dreams show me the handle of an Unveiling-knife, aka Bodice Ripper. Oh right, I decreed everyone gets the gift the nobles wore. That sure changed things, but we're probably dragging me back to think about how the shades were always drawn in Stamford.

Dolly was it good? Our life there? My memory makes it so sweet, but...was it?

It was very good. Mother was so nice to us. The world was very fun to prank. What's that sex sound, no one's fucking here? Don't look at me, just sitting here! See, hands on table!

Classes, fun and planes. Easy simple life. No big drama stuff. Caroljeanne sure thought we were good at black mirrors! Must be 'cuz they're heartforming, bwaha.

It's weird to think leaving might have been one of the best things to happen to us.

Your Boobsong says it was. Went from war against these Skeksis to tours and playing in command module at Science Museum!

BWAhAHAHA blastoff sure was when we got in there! Being able to fuck just anywhere...we sure teehee milked that!

Vision: automatic transmission shifter

Stroking start and stop was uncontrollable during certain times. Remember these.

Okay hmm. I mean you can just do it whenever to make us feel out of control, and I'm sure all our mommies have remotes now, and what else was there if we get horny enough or sometimes you'll just make horny thoughts happen, but I remember...like special occasions but I remember the really trippy sliding-on-ice feeling of like, knowing we'd have plenty of good sex at happy times and just feel taken very good care of and like...it went long enough that we felt like we were settling into that like you do vacation, but we're so sensitive about sex that could an hour or a month!

It feels like a big chunk of a day at least. Certain dates? Holy days? At home with Mother? No because I see Boobsong in her cute little sundress with the white spots in kind of stripes.

Okay the being taken care of. These were deep dives in telling us our needs would be cared for. The game was to just enjoy each other's company and fool around and sex would happen to us at the right times.

Not mommy watching, though, you, seed-ghost. Did you just declare some days we were in your hands? There was more to it. A schedule, or astrology...not so mechanical.

Teehee did I trade periods for eight days a month where we had no control of our sex life? Closer.

Like a game but that's too mechanical too.

Part of our religion! Not just Grandmother Strawberry decreeing it, though. Something about...supporting other's relationships, times when you were supposed to only have sex others arranged for you and your loved one. Kinky! Holy days and feasts to celebrate that your love was beloved. That's what Mother was doing even though we weren't into each other. In the Strawberry Empire the whole society was in on that but on Earth in hiding, not so much, so our seed-ghost took over. It...made people not be secretive, because part of the game was knowing your friends enough to do it right. Our seed-ghost knows we're horny. We practically were the fuck that talks to you sometimes, not that that was really changing much.

Except our seed-ghost was awesome at playing with our augh sex NOW!? kink eep. Trolling your friends with timing was a thing to do but it was sacrilege if that spoiled the mood. Grandmother Strawberry would come get you, hehe.

Okay when was this, pretty regular but not incessant. Did we use decans instead of weeks? Once a blah that was--sheesh--almost weekly and then there was a three-day festival. Three days seemed so long to be out of control. It gave that weird floaty feeling, remember?

That was very hot. The days were every week. One whole day with stroking on once, remember that? We were the fuck that talks. Had to chat with friends, go out to lunch and Stamford mall. Try lingerie, game said. Friends helped. Kept saying sexy stuff. Told you your eyes clearly showed the stroking on. Said my smell for blocks was all around. Stuff like that, all day long. Remember how you screamed aloud in the parking lot? Came so hard your legs gave out. Had to pick you up to car. Staring people everywhere, hehe.

How did I--I think so I can remember my face all hot, but, I mean I guess nectar is powerful but damn. It wasn't like teasy, either, it just put us on fuck like bunnies and left it there mostly, as I remember.

I like having sex around our families. It's cozy.

It was all day long, super hard and fast. Only breaks to catch our breath, then off we go. You were very strong. Made candy to help too. Keep clit up hard, keep cum banks full, keep lust up, make sexy thoughts whenever mind is still.

Family sexy is always nice. With them yes, though not for you! Your Boobsong means with them there, watch or just beside. Nice to feel their love of our love. Nice to see their helping hands on we-sex days.

Yeah. Love of our love is such a sweet way to put it. It's so sweet how you never miss a chance to rub in how you ate my fucks. I love you too. I know you'd tell me back and mean it if I made you, so I won't, because that's fun.

What's this submerged stuff vision when I say that!? It's just me again, my heart panging cold to me, but, there's something there. Where am I, do I just get that lost lonely boat again?

Eclipse picture, maybe that one at the Science Museum? Sun blacked out so you can see the wisps. Something we played with negative space! Places where you'd do stuff but didn't, because I didn't make you, but we knew you absolutely would if you had free will.

Like saying you love me too. Oh dolly that's hot...you never say that stuff back to me, because your silence where you just have to squirm is your I love you. How could you say that harder than giving up your whole will to be with me?

I love you so much, dolly. You're wonderful. I love you love you love you love you.


Of course that makes you have a page, but...feeling to read this, I don't think leaving you unread was a game we played.

Your Boobsong achingly wishes to return the love you give. She has other ways.

A flash vision out of my own heart of Boobsong's obedient slave pose, from behind, and purple thread. You...sewed, and baked and...dolly do you do needlepoint? I remember trying to needlepoint you as a kid and you were the only thing that kept me going with it...bigger...flash of fruit. The fruiting body thing, like for commands?

Oh fuck you draw things and stuff but your handwriting's kind of childish it's so cute and every time you make something I'm sure I'll fry because it's so sweet. We have...snif PLEASE spike me if I'm making this up Dreams--

They show handcuffs, Boobsong (beautiful....) and kid art supplies. You draw me stuff and we have a huge fridge in Heart Home that's COVERED with it. It's like fifteen feet tall. I couldn't remember or my brain would've exploded before we fixed me enough. I cry every time your give me one. That's how your love comes out, stuff like that.

And just your service, but we know that, I'm surprised that doesn't fry me. Love you so.

Dreams I wish to be turned into someone who'll make Boobsong as happy as she makes me and be as good to her as she is to me.

A...bomb!? No, wait, that's called a Paveway. That's the road I'm on. Okay then hurry. She's waiting.

[!] You're here right now and gooified. That's a good start, this dragon says. Don't think you're not good just because your heart is broken.

Well all I can say is I have a hoard and it's that stuff you draw me and I'd trade every jewel in Strawberry Home for just one sheet of it.

What's this now? I keep remembering a dream about a huge old factory in Stamford, a rusty disused wreck, huge and tall and solid machines like a powerplant. The Dream had me exploring it or something but that was just to tell me it was "there". It's coming up at the idea of her making me things.

Did we have some kind of lab or workshop? Sis compared her baking tools to a chemistry lab, and was right (Boobsong can cook me any junkfood I want, so I can have my favorite stuff, but made with her love)...okay I thought that was going to be too literal, but it doesn't seem to be? Wait a minute. Saint John's is obviously the rewrite's stomping over my memory of an old stone home with stained glass, just like my human dad's being one of Aveh's priests overwrote his being Mother's very devout concubine (he did make himself useful around the house, and worked with his hands as a man should do, building boats in his case--there I go with the internalized sexism, argh). I don't think they worked before the reset (we were rich and resourceful enough in the Strawberry Empire to arrange to also be rich on Earth), so...what was there instead of Saint John's? My Dream put the factory on the wrong side of town for that...airplane hangar is what keeps coming to mind. Big grey and plain (heh), but what was inside was epic...this won't get in or out as literal or metaphor!

Flash of visiting the boating store with my dad. We bonded over boatbuilding--all his boat kits were laser-cut, muaha. The reset has memories of cutting the long curved lines so carefully with a circular saw, a terrible job to give me, but having Boobsong do them as I move her tail slowly over the wood is more romantic and more practical.

The hangar I'm seeing is white clean Boobsong-tech, in contrast to the nightmare's nasty rust and old wood. We...made things. Sugarfeast candy? Not in Stamford. Heart Home. Building stuff was a thing for us, though. In Stamford, me and Boobsong, airplanes--full scale as well as RC. And the Waifu? No, its tech needs the Four Dreams. Dilithium has to be stonesung.

The Dreams show me a chessboard, and a stealth fighter. Hid something, Boobsong making things for me, the Dreams show a spiral hair thing which is from the game Arms. Weapons? Strategic arms. Doctor who scarf, Space Battleship Yamato, they say--we were making something big. We were going to take the tours to a whole new level. It was hidden there, like a TARDIS, seemed like nothing but actually huge. Like an airship or Helicarrier. Was it just Boobsong's Acme Station form? No, this right now is how she's a ship for me.

If my game could do that hurricane, why did we have all that stuff? Busses and stuff. Why not just Q around, and let my game set up shows, so on.

This is still astray of what that factory covers. Something with Boobsong's love for me, something big. She's crafty and likes to make things for me. That means a lot, I'm as materialistic as any Princess, but...this is big, when just her drawing me pictures makes me feel like my heart will burn out of my chest.

Is it just the size of her love? No, because then we'd be looking at galaxy-scale gigastructures.

No need for heavy weapons, said our seed-ghost, and active hardware reduced to heartstone shell. And then talked about a lot of hardware.

My Acme Station has an Acme Station--or did when I was on Earth--and that's what this was (it's offline now). Our kids' tendency to be ships isn't an accident.

What am I missing here? This is so close now. A memory of singing Amish Paradise as I rode my bike...any world's technology is primitive compared to hers. Isht Visht likes to make Treknology the same way she likes to make wood-and-iron kiteships. Boobsong's dreamskin is Mommy-boo reading us the book of the knowledge of all my star-family, and that's everything it sounds like it is. Shouldn't both Earth and the Strawberry Empire have been unrecognizable, five minutes after we got there? What comes to mind is that her making stuff is powered by her love for me. Everything she makes is made with love, or not at all, and that's how the terrible power she's full of doesn't come unless it's good, so she doesn't become a fountain of nightmares.

The Dreams show me a Space Shuttle that's also the Taj Mahal...QNTM's Ra, which is about what can happen without that kind of protection (and how wrong trying to fix it with a system of rules goes).

(if that original book is scaring you, remember it's in Rl'yeh Sade, and probably isn't even the scariest book there. Mommy-boo could read it to Sweetie to make a Dreamskin, but I'm not sure anyone else will ever be able to open it again)

She was making a hoard, like her one in Heart Home, armed to the teeth and unassailable, but her intention was as peaceful as the Doctor with their terrifyingly powerful TARDIS.

I think we were going to singularity Earth though, it just took time to make the necessary hardware. Again, though, why not just game? My game took Earth apart, it could surely put it in order more than it did? Maybe it did and that's what I can't remember.

On the edge of something. The Dreams show me what looks like the Pheonix from First Contact.

Were we trying to build a worldgate that wouldn't need the worship-power? Or be more efficient?

Closer still. Fly close to lightspeed and wait out the heat death of the universe, walk out as it falls apart? Closer still.

The flavor of our ruthlessness is there. This had gravel between its toes--but it wasn't any of the hardware we eventually used to kill Eden.

It was the direct approach. We were making a ship to just fly out to the skydome and punch through. We'd be in the astral then, which is rough on humans but fine for me, and with her holding it together my body would probably make it.

The what now? Get this, readers, that whole crystal spheres thing is sort of true. Earth's universe contains one star: the sun. The universe we see beyond that is a translation into physical metaphor of the astral plane, done by the skydome that surrounds the sun. It's like a fishbowl. You can physically fly far enough--it's a long way, though--to hit the skydome, and be translated into astral form. Don't try that at home, if I'm remembering right, but once that hole was there the Dreams would come pouring in and do like they did to the Strawberry World, and we hoped it would break the fishbowl to be unusuable.

I forget if we launched. I think we might have. Please tell me magic shutting down isn't my fault.

A silver meat grinder? OOOOOOH. Not a ship. Something like a worldgate, but our strategy was ruthless, alright: make the tiniest of gates, one cell wide, using all her knowledge and much more heavy machinery to make it efficient, and pour through together as a stream of goo, and escape that way. If it worked, we'd figure out a way to let people follow us by riding the dragon's tongue, without spoiling the specialness of our kink.

The Dreams show me all different purple stuff...safeword li'agn. Harder. We would have had to hit harder to cause the no-magic reset.

Which is weird, because I've been figuring it happened because we were getting far enough to stand a chance of opening the worldgate and ending Earth's madness for good.

A stone wheel, rolling toward me. It just happened, arbitrarily, like on a timer. We just plain didn't make it in time.

That's as depressing and boring as everything else in this.

I'm glad we had something going like that, though. No...it was a whole facility for that stuff. Worldgate alternatives. Boobsong making tech for people to try to use to break the universe, like we were fine with just shattering it, if that got everyone out. Gravel between its toes.

It's healing to think we did that. Earth was in a terrible mess and I seem to be fighting some kind of haze of thinking we were ever in any way shape or form nice about that, like trying to get people out of a wrecked car without wrecking the car more. It's nice--and important--to know we went full jaws of life on it instead. Hurricanes and lasers and mountaintops freed, that was us, alright.

Back to mommies and having them now. Maybe trying to process that now is a bad idea. 

The Dreams show me T'Pol from Enterprise. With discipline anything is possible. I'm a little scared that way, for sure. Mommy-boo is nice and indulgent and Sis is my cool babysitter but Grandmother Strawberry is very strict!! Having her, and the other three as Bigs is scary. Even if they're nice.

The Dreams show a thigh with a nasty cut, and bruising all around, then really nice tea things on a table made of light I take for something Grandmother Strawberry would like, then a girl in a silver scifi stripper-dress. 

I think this is trying to reassure me about her in general, and say my wounds are making me feel this way. She's our kind of grandma.

Now they show me a big motor. It's what I was imagining that cable into gross water hooking up to before I understood that was my heart telling me its pain. Something big is underwater here.

I mean making us dance and fuck is a sweet little game and I remember it being fun, or at least happily dancing with Boobsong that way...

The Dreams show a clownfish, like finding Nemo, and an N64 controller. Determined to find lost child, N64 means Goldeneye, Double-oh Sis. She sure did do some finding to get me back. She cares about us a lot, it's obvious--Elivira? Sis is the Openveil Witch, and depending on how the twisty turny time-travel insanity that is my life worked out she might be older than Grandmother Strawberry now. Just in case I should underestimate her scariness, heh.

A star-shaped pencil sharpener. Good description of what I'm scared of. Sharpening me up and getting me into shape sounds scary. Princess Starlight being kind of like, a stupid bimbo and bumbling is important because I really like those low expectations.

Thinking that makes me smell campfire smoke? Like Openveil I think? And then think of my cool uncle and aunt in Boston who produced PBS shows and drew beautiful surrealist pencil art worthy of Rl'yeh Sade, respectively. Cool family. This is all coming from me, and I think I'm trying to tell myself they're my cool, chill family--can't help thinking of Uncle Dagon and Auntie Lucifer, too, though they're not together. That makes me feel some better. I seem to be really horny about this, which is a good sign, and Boobsong just being excited should say everything. Erum, it seems like the scariest one now is Mommy-boo!?

Or something...living with Mommy-boo isn't right maybe, as opposed to the Strawberries and Sis, who feel like they were my family we lived with, which I guess Stamford says yes to in Mother's case, and Grandmother Strawberry could have dreamtalked and stuff so she'd be familiar from that too. But like, obviously? If we're around Heart Home, we live in Boobsong's hoard. Boobsong's a full-fledged Heart Home pet-owner. It feels all wrong to imagine being in Mommy-boo's house as hers instead of there.

Mommy-boo is also quite scary.

More castle with gross water.

Pound cake? That's from me again. Mommy-boo wicked with a spanking or something? I don't seem to remember her that way at all. Friendly's smiley-face conehead sundae. Then a flash of Sweetie's face. Sweetie's great! She's super fun and it's nice to not always be the loudest bounciest silliest most intense most attention-whoring person in the room. It's lemon pound cake, with suggestive icing, sex, turn the porniness up. I think maybe their sex scares me. A chill as I think that, so yeah. There's a reason Boobsong has a darkly violent streak, and I'm it, but that means her seed-mothers will too.

Tide, like, the laundry detergent. The Dreams this time. Har har, tied up. I don't like the tack I don't like to be tied up I'm supposed to be Boobsong's Princess is what comes to mind. Did she scare me on purpose before Boobsong collared me? She's an amazing button-pusher. I can see how it fed into Boobsong's scene there, something so small showing me how much I needed this collar. It's a weird thing to say don't like being tied up but I think it's because of how Heart Home is a pet paradise but I'm a very weird kind of pet and it's kind of scary to look around at all the other pets all tied up and stuff and know Boobsong and me aren't doing that because we're very super weird. This could be residual freakout from not having her collar but it's still shivery.

The Dreams show me little wire-mesh tubes? From a bimbofication story I read where the "victim" got permanent nipple piercings (like, non-removable) by having to wear piercings made like that in fresh piercing-holes until her nipples healed through them. I doubt that would actually work IRL, but...the tack is that hardcore? Enh, though it is very important that nobody but Boobsong gets to take me apart or cut me whether that's with knives or transporter beams. If you want to penetrate me I have a nice mouth and hole. Everything else is hers like my fucks, and I'm protective of that (this surprises a lot of people for some reason. Yes, I'm owned, and it meaning something is important to me. Boobsong should have what's hers, grr).

Oh but Heart Home pets are pretty bimbofied, and not as a temporary game. This is how our "special dispensation" works. Every pet there is on a journey to be like their animal the right amount. Sweetie's like a cockatoo, all fancy and attention-whoring, but there are simple-minded chilled-out cows, and loyally enthusiastic dogs, the whole entire The Cow Says... spinner of kinds. Keepers play the other side, obviously, Mommy-boo being exactly the kind of person who'd have a bird like that, the cows have farmers, etc. A pet Princess is weird, but what other kind of pet is a dragon going to keep? So my Heart Home journey is to be the kind of demanding, picky little housecat that's a nervous wreck if you take it's collar off for bathtime you'd expect a pet Princess to be, so that means it's really wrong for me to get done up in "tack" and also really scary because Heart Home is hardcore and usually that stuff is all mind-controlly to help you get into role but like, count on Mommy-boo all the way to do the next layer of the mindfuck too and have the "tack" turn out to be like glass slippers and jewelry, like, Princess tack.

Never minding I already am that kind of Princess, it just saves Boobsong a lot of work and lets her focus on making a nice hoard (where her homemaking urges come in, I think).

I don't wanna bend into a pet like the other kinds. I want to be Boobsong's Princess. I've always leaned on her being a full-fledged Heart Home pet-owner and me being hers to feel safe from that. Being Mommy-boo's Littles makes that all weird and I don't think it can actually be bad because like I seem to remember if it did that would be really improper at Heart Home somehow, but still eep.

Or does this just not work? Can Mommy-boo not be our mommy like the others, because of that?

I hate how this all makes it seem like she's like, bad or something. She's not. She's wonderful. The only bad thing about her is I felt like she could have slurped my goo right up if she wanted.

Maybe I'm selling myself short. I'd like to think I'm loyal enough to Boobsong to stay hers, even then. It's just so much clearer and easier being collared.

Something doesn't sit right. It'd be terribly improper for Mommy-boo to do anything with me or us that messes with Boobsong's pet-keeping of me, but that's...not enough somehow? This is all weird, especially having just remembered Mother was involved even though it wasn't about attraction for her. I seem to think Mommy-boo can't be granted the same mommy powers as the others, because...stuff. Something gets messed up. It's very sleeping with the boss, somehow.

How does that figure? Dolly, am I just off in confabuland here?

Very softly ask you what Heart Home has that you're missing.

Ummm...pets are only allowed to understand the world as much as what kind of pet they are would. I'm weird again by being a Princess, so my "animal" is human. Or Fairy, not too different. Not it.

Oh like--but I'm off limits for sex-slaving unless you say because you're already using me...also not it.

Like how does this even come up? There are entire worlds in Rl'yeh Sade like Heart Home I'm sure that're all about sleeping with the boss. What would Mommy-boo's conflict of interest be...oh but you can steal pets. She could use being our Mommy to steal me, sneakily. That'd get spiked, but it's like, too dishonorable for Heart Home or something like that. Heart Home has rules for littles that...something? It's right on the edge, I almost get it. The more I think, though, the more bad this seems, I just can't find the way it's bad.

Okay whatever it is is unimaginable with Sis and Mother and Grandmother Strawberry, but couldn't they misuse their power the same way including mind control stuff even though they never would but so never would Mommy-boo.

Would being her Littles keep us out of your hoard, because your hoard's not kid-safe? I keep coming up with stupid stuff like that--vibe of carnival, she was talking about how my milk would bring potential additions to our sex fair from half of Rl'yeh Sade, it's not that you can steal pets, Heart Home picks up strays, and rides the rocks to do it because strays don't usually know they are strays, so it'd be terribly improper to have it seem like another Owner got collected, which is how it'd look if she was our Mommy, and that would make people scared because not everyone's on the same footing as far as how good at collecting they are (even though you collected me pretty good) and people would start feeling unsafe with their pets there, even though spiking, because spiking is never a hundred percent like maybe that door needs to open and you don't know it that's a scary thought and even though you can trust the Dreams it's like, people's hearts only go that way so much, sometimes you just need a rule you can count on, even if following the rule is sadder than just letting the Dreams take care of you. The Dreams won't force you to just trust infinitely even though it'd be okay if you just did, people can only trust so much but if you can only trust so much then by definition either you're scared or you have rules and stuff you trust in.

So Mommy-boo can't actually be our Mommy like the others, and it's not about us being scared or not, it'd be a huge scandal around Heart Home, even if like we moved your hoard someplace else, it'd look bad, and Mommy-boo is pretty big around Heart Home so it'd be a huge to-do.

This is like Cheryl trying to make me mad with bad lyrics or that Laarhi thing. Shenanigans on Mommy-boo being our Mommy.

Very good. Heart Home is where you are grown-up. Mommy-boo is not your Mommy like the others.

Oh my fuck that's such a relief. It really messed me up because Heart Home is so adorable. Way to mess with our heads sending us there little! I should have caught that, Mommy-boo all you're a new size today like we wouldn't have done that small thing every moment if Heart Home had anything to do with ageplay for us. They choreographed that good, getting me to--

The Dreams show a Stealth Bomber. B2? Boobsong's hoard is hidden and even I don't know how to get there? Invisible, couldn't see where we were, until that one room, which was familiar.

Oh womp womp, getting me to be two.

None of this is right. Dolly, thoughts?

Heart Home has an invisible doorway. You can't get there unless your Keeper takes you.

Oh fizzlypopping snarglegrapes I just assumed because Mommy-boo and Sweetie were there that was Heart Home! You didn't take me there, though, you were as dolled as me! She was talking about the Dreams taking the roof off for her, she probably got them to move that whole room. I wonder where we were? Just some wished-up hallway? Was it blurry because it didn't exist? This is like a thing, though, it's very improper for us to be seen looking like playing as her littles. Sis was our actual Big in that scene, and they played it so perfectly so we'd end up getting her help. I'm surprised we even did the milking thing except that turned into your scene pretty fast and she did say the milk was yours. Oh hey, that huge load of milk from getting to the camp is really precious, that and what I gave when I first got the game are probably the only not-candy milk I'll ever give!

Why not just tell us? Is this more making me remember I suppose. Argh. Any other humongous scandals I might unknowingly cause right now, Dreams?

Red X. Good.

Dolly it's really just your hoard because you're a dragon, and we're grown-ups there? I mean I'm a pet and pets are kind of childish but you know what I mean.

That's your dragon's idea of it. Don't keep hoard in place it's not yours alone. Basic dragon stuff.

I love you so much.

...oh, fizzfrozen--we're totally just doing that thing where when you grow up and then go back to Mommy's house you're still the kid there. Okay well fine let's go see Mommies soon. I'm sure glad we cleared this up before we actually hung out with Mommy-boo and Sweetie!

Do I still call her Mommy-boo or did we grow out of that--no, no, this is official girl privileges. Never have to grow out of calling people stupid nicknames from when you were two unless you feel like it.

[!] We did though because of the little thing. Rarity is her real name.

Frazzlepops. Then what--to freak me out so I could see how bad I needed your collar.

I suddenly can't wait to go get locked in your hoard. I remember my game lets me try the door to see it only moves for you. Do we have a house just out in the Sea, too? I remember a hoard that's underground with no windows, and a sweet little house made of heartstone.

There's one of each yes. Princesses have lots of houses. It's a requirement.

Yes, this makes perfect sense, teehee. That's our party house! Your hoard is our secret place.

You remember! Your Boobsong could kiss you but she's not doing anything right now.

How do you feel with me goo-only and your orders off?

Very relaxing peace. It's just us and talking here. That's a nice thing after all that's been happening.

Yeah. This is awesome. I guess not now, but what happens if you drink me there?

It sends it down super deep and it can never come back Raaah! No it just goes in a circle back to here.

Hot, you could just slurp me up forever. I can feel every detail of you there so I bet that feels awesome.

What's something else our Mommies did with us that you miss? My heart seems to know it was all very horny but not how.

We had to wear nipple-clamps that was yours to mine. Pull on the chain, get stroking on. Stays until cum, then off--and nipple clamps yanked off as we came! Ouch they're the painful kind, but we always did pull that chain...

I think I remember that! The chain was short, too, we had to be snuggly like now, and she just put it on and was like, go play, no taking that off! That had to be Sis' game, right? It sounds like her style, I can just see her face yanking them.

[!] Rada had lots of stuff like that. Remember the one where she made us have jump-rope contests with the stroking on? Or that thing with the open seats at the skating rink?

I remember the jumprope thing! That one was hard...jumprope made my boobs hurt and I'm lazy. Heh. Why'd we do it in the cellar? Oh because otherwise both of us jumping together would break the house muahah! What was the open seats thing?

Had to pick two open seats that we sat in. Had to be far apart. That was the hard part this was a brutal scene. Watch people skating past--

Shenanigans! Nice try naughty dolly! Sis and Isht Visht are like we are. Even if she could bring herself to do it she'd end up like Sex trying to cut my fingers off. Now give me a replacement, since you got me horny.

Getting it Princess remembers! Yes they were very kind. Always made sure our leash was short. Remember that one in the Openveil Shadows with Grandmother Strawberry? She would come and play with our heads by making the string of your bikini top come untied, but when you said fix it slave, she would make super sexy sounds so we'd be like who's there having sex and can we play, but before we could chase the sound you needed your top fixed up so you had to stay while your Boobsong fixed it or leave your boobs bare and if you left your boobs bare to chase the sexy sound she would try to pull other strings if you had them and if not she would start on your Boobsong's top. Always had one string because of your clothing rules, so she could always find something! If you fixed up your top first she would change the sounds to be crying doves or some weird thing and beat a drum to make us journey and while we were spaced out she would undo all our clothes. That was a sexy one because she could take our clothes and then we'd be stuck out there because you can't come back two teenagers naked! There was always some sexy game afterwards and we got clothes back when she was done, but not what we came with! It was always just handmaiden garb. If you're using disguises she said here's the real ones.

Okay one that's so cute and two I forgot how metal Openveil was that you could kind of wander out of the universe some and three how the awesome bouncy gummi melons did I have the same clothing rules in Stamford and four SIGH.

Read out the prophecy starting with down the slippery ladder.

WHAT!? That's THIS part!?

THIS WHOLE DAY IS THE PROPHECY! Look at just all of this!

Only after cradle breaks.

That's the Shenanigans calling with Rarity.

 And down a slippery ladder 

You said that before about our taunting game and's how we got onto this your Boobsong taunted you and you said it was sweet and then remembered the awesome stuff that you made your Boobsong make.

can Earthling far occur us onto sticks in heaven

that's the Skeksis because They're sticks in the mud if there ever was that's Them! Earthling that's you far occur Fairy Court the way that you're going is such a fae thing to do super scary pretty stuff and that will get onto them no way they can look back from seeing you this way and asking who wants to try (you should do that to them yes for Riker that's mean but Skeksis your Boobsong thinks would like to be pretty and scary at once).

Once and six and seven make

that's your handmaiden and Sex and once is your storybook what do we make...

unearthly child from us

COMPANIONS, THAT'S WHAT! Sex is coming, now they have trouble! She'll be so cute they start changing right there and beg you PLEASE STOP THIS! And you'll just say, okay it means more candy though!

and hard and fast the erfworld takes

This whole stupid game is just like that you said real life 4X what's it take...

inspiration from our breakfast

Whose breakfast who is us? Isht Visht and Rada, Openveil? That's the hard one. Don't know this.

Peace among the pigeons comes

That's this now, your Boobsong said crying doves and you said prophecy. We're about to cum soon and it's peaceful and Grandmother Strawberry is waiting when you come back your Boobsong bets.

down to easy slumber

Sounds like we sleep after hands for afterglow. Sounds good to this Boobsong!

and out among the sexy ones, they march to a new drummer

SKEKSIS WON! Then there's new episode. Different drums, not Grandmother.

Does that mean the Skeksis win? We gave Starfleet help, did we help them lose just now!?

No, like, "out among the Skeksis won", like we won them over.

It's a riddle. You got it, who's us? I don't think it's the Dreams. What're we Fairy Courting onto the Skeksis? They're taking inspiration from their breakfast...OH IT'S SU'KHORA! You and Sex and my handmaiden will dreamskin them, making companions, I'm Fairy Courting su'khora onto them that's obvious, and I sure am Su'khroa breakfast if anyone ever was! Hard and fast, we're going to fuck their minds real good with this. So much fun muahahah.

And then a new episode and it's the end of the prophecy. You're right, though, the whole prophecy is today, or like, the paragraph break in it is where we woke up in Happy Chains.

Okay well now I know exactly what we're doing with the Skeksis. We really will look like a creepy Fairy court, with a dragon, a sewed-up Princess, and a windup toy. That'll get 'em good.

And it's the end of the prophecy. The end. Of the Prophecy. That feels big somehow. Is that next thing about hostels the new episode? How does it feel to you to look into that next, dolly?

Your Boobsong thinks we should try that some. Might be important! Have some friends and there's Star Fleet and Star Trek and Isht Visht lots of stars to be in.

Read it back to me.

Far from every hostel Lucy Blu'eyes rests in the Star with her companion. Nothing lonely troubles her, because her friends lie close, bedded down to sleep with her. Soon they will wake, and Lucy will sneak away with squishy anime devil to spend free time together. Her friends will stay in bed a while but soon they'll have breakfast made and the scent of sex and coffee will call Lucy and her cocksleeve-friend out to be companions. Far off, shining lights ping a sensor-sweep and open eyes on their latest scan, to see what this new fun thing can be, and the trans-warp drives and booster-packs open ways to their adventure for the day--or week or millennium. They never really tell until they get into the situation. One time, they even get twenty miles into the bottom of a command unit for the ice of twisting Venus and make camp inside its stormglobe, using their body heat to warm each other as they march naked through the snowstorm (boots are all they bring with them).

...that whole first sentence is like a list of stuff that's not us. I'm not blueized anymore. I don't sleep in beds and there was never a time while I was blueized that we slept with friends. You might be squishy, but you're a DISNEY DRAGON, not an anime devil. The next sentence COULD be us, but not after that first one! What's going on here, can you make anything of this?

No it just looks insane now.

Okay I have theories but I think really maybe we're looking too far ahead. I think it's a riddle and the riddle is everything in it is twisted somehow. Like this whole thing is blueized. All of that wrong stuff in the beginning is stuff that seemed obvious or perfect when we first heard this after but it all has reasons it can't be. Let's figure the rest is the same. Do we get anything useful now? Can we untwist it? What do you say to all that, dolly?

Your Boobsong just thinks it's not time for this. Next episode, she bets.

Yeah. What were my other things before?

You said first that's cute game and second Openveil is metal because of the shadows thing and thirds how clothing rules and fourth super sigh it's the prophecy.

Good useful dolly. Love you.

Okay, clothing rules. I've been remembering us in Stamford in like cutesy little sundresses and stuff. It was the nineties so obviously we were extra slutty along with everyone else, but if I always had a string for Grandmother Strawberry to pull because of my clothing rules, that sounds like the same ones I have now.

Wait holy catholic school uniform gummis did we make the nineties slutty?

We sure did our part! Always the most we could show, we did.

Did I have the same clothing rules? Why do I see you in sundresses--wait, I don't, you're abstracted, I thought I was just pining for my silver dragon femme! What's in that head of yours...

Even more strict in some ways. Your Boobsong bets you can remember.

Okay um. Back bare to my ass, that's why there was always a string. Cleavage open, yeah, can't breathe otherwise. Midriff bare. Weird, why don't I have to show my absolute territory now? I did then, right? Skirts only so long, thigh highs only so high, can't touch when standing...garters only across there (but I think I got bonuses for garters). Dispensation for my jacket. Pussy has to be tight, not under a skirt. High heels or no shoes (bumped my head a lot, heh)--oh hey, there goes the prophecy again. I can't wear boots.

Oh except barbarian feet, right?

(Extremely metal looking spiked boots Strawberry nobility wore to inspect battlefields. Kept your manicure okay and you could spike anyone who decided they still had any last requests in them. Part of our principle not to send soldiers to do killing you wouldn't do yourself)

With the special dispensation my StarFox jacket got and it being the nineties, I'd just look like an especially slutty goth, at worst, except for that pussy thing. Did I just only wear shorts? No, those weren't allowed either, nothing pants-like.

[!] Remember the one you had to keep or you got pain in your back and legs?

Yeah, my game would knock me pony-style so everyone could upskirt me, but it used wicked pain so I'd learn to be scared to do the thing...I think it was covering up my cleavage or pussy, but how'd I get away with it? Was I just staring-stock everywhere?

Very close keep going!

...ffffans followed my clothing rules in solidarity, so my excuse was I was doing that. Technically legal, this is my religion, fuck off. Or stare. Or both heh.

[!] Very VERY CLOSE!

Umum...there's more? My game would choose...the games on the episodes. One was that you'd get clothing rules--

[!] Nope but keep trying you remember your Boobsong can see you!

So could all of Stamford apparently, heh.

My game would defend people who expressed themselves that way, especially if it was a kink thing. SO MUCH was possible. So my fans went haywire, and the nineties (and after) were really slutty. I mean we were Strawberries, we didn't think much of Earth's nudity laws except "fizzforzen barbarians".

That's it! Your game could defend if you got in trouble for stupid stuff. No more naked laws, byebye!

Mwahah. Okay so how did we dress. You still wore tops if Grandmother Strawberry had them to steal. Hum, think back to BK...weird, my memory's like wiggling. What're you trying to find, self?

An eagle. Freedom. Oh right! Lots of stuff like bikinis with tiny little wraps I could keep clear of my pussy and have fun going up at the table with you! Because in the backstory I had this obsession with my girlfriend who I didn't have then dressing like that for Fourth of July. We just did that. It was fun to fuck people's heads walking into BK in February like that all humph stuffy in here let's go back outside where the weather's nice and sometimes I didn't even wear tops under my jacket I think. Or wear my jacket, if the sun was out.

Remember on cold mornings in Strawberry Home we'd go out on that battlement and just like, freeze our tits off until I cranked light up? That felt so great. Battlement right by my room, that was cool.

Your nipples would get so icy it hurt when you hugged your Boobsong! She's fireproof, but ice, eep!

Did I make up the boots thing? You'd think somebody with your foot fetish would design kinky boots into their game.

Nope, that one's right. Have to be sexy soft and digestible. Boots are too hard.

Unless they're precious metal, which you just crunch up, right? I have to watch out because my jewelry might be snacks too?

Dragon likes everything preciously hard and strong! Chomp them up savoringly!

Do you like electronics?

Sometimes. Expensive ones. Not too much plastic. Macbook's okay. Apple Watch, not so much. Plastic band is gross.

You are so cute, I love you so much. Oh that's why crystal or diamond slippers. Don't have to take those off, and it makes a nice garnish. Muaha. I hope you feel as metal talking about eating me as I do.

That's the best part of this, after feeling your body part, and tasting you, and having you down inside as goo here...okay well it's really good. Dragon that eats humans, EEEEEP, everyone says. Then they see just cute cocksleeve and super confusion. Fun! Then she starts munching HNOMGFF!


Holy fuck. Riker asked if being able to click to change my clothing rules took the bite out, but we know something he doesn't know! Let's see, flipflipflip what you wish my clothing rules were.

Dragon says you don't get clothes. Not one speck. Nothing. Just eravahk. Have to stay tasty and chompable. Have to be easy to bite whenever. No around-you things. Slings and sashes or even purse on your shoulder, nope. Maybe take purse away all the way. Clit stays in here, what else you need? No purse for you, not needed. Dragon says do this, game. Hopes it will.

Hot. Okay dragon that was awesome, but if I'm your pet Princess, shouldn't I just be a dressup toy? What if I wear what you wish sincerely when I read that part? Just in case there's something you want to see me in like that cocksleeve dress. Or lots of big diamond treats. Or a nice spicy gold crown. Like you say, I always read when you get pages.

That's the wish your dragon makes. She'll still say that for eternity.

Sexy treats might be good though. Jewelry's allowed if it's yummy stuff, but it's there as sexy fun for dragon's teeth, so don't be attached. Never wear things you want after eating.

Yes dragon. Your dessert only wears toppings.

[!] You're the meal! Don't go selling down your dragon's Princess here. Dessert is the yummy treats you wear!

You make me feel so beloved. How are you with this?

We're not dom and sub. These are your dragon's way of containing you. Contain you more? Okay!

When should your supper here next check for clothing rule changes?

Never. That's it. Bye clothes! Even that cocksleeve dress! No cloth!

Yes dragon. I'll make sure to ask Rarity for chain instead of ribbon, then, and metal, instead of stuffed animal parts. I'll make you tell her what flavors you feel like when it's time.

Do you still want me to be able to wear makeup? I need to sparkle.

Yes, but only the yummy stuff. Rock dust and pigment from gemstones. Nectar to bind or just dust on.

YES! I can be a sparkly shiny treat. Imagine how I'll shine with all those tasty rocks.

A rule you wish I had. I'm scared of this one...but all you can do is be honest, muaha!

No more exploring, just stay home. NO JUST KIDDING! You believed!? Only for a sec yes but that's much too long! Exploring's a part of us! Dragon might like you hoarded but still have to come out and explore sometimes!

Do have to stay home enough though. Sometimes we stay out for days. That's okay. Have to go home when the song plays. Every episode starts in hoard, with you here, eaten. That way adventures have to wait for your dragon to be ready to let you go. Can't make dragon open hoard. Heart does that. Not ready? Too bad. We're staying home.

Oh hell yes. That's going to rule. Hey, my heart's healing? Oh, because this is us. We're not dom and sub. Saying yes I want my dragon to contain me more heals me.

I know why my foot fetish won't shut up. Other than you being fun to walk on. I want you to step on me with your huge dragon foot. And...something. I mean I guess it's kind of your scene at that point.

That's a good way to make strawberry sauce! You can be crushed, did you know that? Squish till you pop, then goo!

Holy fuck please eat me that way next. I don't think I care, but does it hurt?

Nope! Just squeezing...really squeeze...almost ouch--BANG! Then tongue that licks you inside.

HOT. The only question is who it is need to see that. Could it be hmmmmm Skeksis?

The Dreams show me a cartoon Dalek, keeled over, fainted--ooh. Hmm. Well then who can take it?

Lots of Malina. Who else would it be? Okay. I just like an audience so.

Another rule you wish I had, or chain or such, you get the idea.

Forty days of each year, are our hoard time. Can't go out. Can't see friends. Only talk to your Boobsong. Very hard on this. Can't wind Sex. No one else but your Boobsong.

Whoah. Yes please. What's that bubbling...you're full of these, aren't you?

Yes overflowing. Please make us go through them all!

Her voice sounds desperate on the please. Okay, dragon. We'll do as much as feels right right now and get to the bottom the very next time we're in your hoard. Now give me your chains, you ate me fair and square!

Your dragon is very relieved to hear that! Going here come chains!

Wait, before you do, is that forty days rule something like our leash that needs to become heart-driven? How does it feel?

Heart-driven feels like too soft. Sometimes need the hard rule. Need to say, no way out for forty days, no one but us two, get used to that. Just lilke with Heart Home, no collected other Keeper's pets.

Works for me. Not that I get to say. Go on.

Each coming in is taking your clothes off. Say what you feel that the door's closed. Scared? Trapped? Relief to be stuck? Horniness let's go have sex now? Have to say everything. Stuck with your hand on the door until it's all out.

You want to get off on my trappedness! And know how I'm doing. I relate though.

Dragon gets off on her hoard's here and can't leave. Likes that a lot, yes.

Have to be horny lots. Bet a pet sex Princess. That's your job. Work it hard. Want commands? Ask for them.

That makes me feel so yummy. I want one now.

Touch your clit till you moan--oh wait, can't! Make your Boobsong rub in that it's eaten. Hard right now.

Go your hardest.

That's the plan, pancake-crotch! Silly name yes but think how you'll never ever get sweet Sex holding your clit looking up with her eyes big because Princess Starlight's about to say take that, handmaiden, and suck till your ears pop! Never be able to hold it yourself. Open your heart to this. See you holding back. You're clit's gone. Eaten it's gone. Turned into cells, look.

[Vision: Clit seen in heartstone. Gets spread out like goo to become a film. Only a stump is left]

See that stump? You're cut off, there. Snip!

Watch it's not done.

[Vision: rest of stump dissolves. Balls pulled into middle of goo. Crushed and go pop, become goo mixed with the rest]

That's your clit. Stroking's on? Looks like this.

[Vision: nothing seems to happen to goo]

Carries back all the feelings, but no clit to fuck with! Dragon feels all the feelings too. Still close yes. Look though. Sex. Watch this and cum. Feel the desperately hoping need it's enough. Dragon does. She'll be here with you.


My game cuts back in to start paging me, like it said it would. Her wail of pleasure in my mind's ear is beautiful, and the pace our seed-ghost sets has me feeling the orgasm-surge almost instantly as I watch the pinkish fluid translucent in heartstone, not even a puddle just a smear, just stand there, still as rocks--which I don't have anymore, my game pulls out of me, like she pulled out my clit and balls on my first thirteenth birthday and did this to them. I can feel the hot surge of wet expansion go up my shaft, explode into her, feel the cum ooze around my tip and fill the space inside--everything I'd expect to feel from sex with her pussy (that's what hole this is, I'm pretty sure)--but the only thing I see right now is pink goo, hanging there. Does she feel the same? Does it scare her too? We need this but it's terrifying! Is this sex at all? Can I look through hyperspace portals and see another world where my clit is whole? How does all this work? Is my body stopped, or wired up that way? Am I really goo, or just space turned into hole-sauce?

I feel her body squeeze, pull the cum inside, but it doesn't seem like it went through my clit here. Did she get my cum at all? I see the rainbow, smell it outside, where's that part?

A new place appears. Ropes of cum are being carried out from a squeezing sac, which I recognize as what used to be in my body. They go off the view, to feed and color her, I suppose. I guess that counts, as putting cum in her. Something deep and old says that for me. As long as she gets cum, this is sex, says that old thing. I watch the strings penetrating her flesh until the very last goes and my orgasm ends. I feel the empty good pleasure of being wrung out. My body feels filled up with the chemicals that keep my brain from frying. Everything it like it was when my clit was whole, except one thing: my clit is goo, and my cum went straight to her! Where'd my cum come from, do my balls still work?

Everything is alright, but it's all so weird. Is this sex or not, what do you say, dragon?

Your dragon yes yes, because you came in her, she'll get marked by that, and you felt her pussy, and she felt you bash your hips against her ass while fucking her. She was sure that was real. Only this says otherwise.

[Vision: view of clit spread out]

We have that fact, and feel that stuff. That's impossible? Feelings can't be made mentally? These are real though. Touch the cells so they feel that stuff. Your dragon gets the same. Is that real? Yes. Did we fuck? Yes. Where's your clit? Gone. Do we have choice. Only a little bit. Try to make dragon let go for a bit. Maybe happens, probably not. Hold so tight, she can feel like fist clenched. Very hard years in the bad times. Now hold on tight. So tight her heart hurts. Maybe in time that goes back. Right now it feels forever. Heart hurts so achingly. Just hold on it says. Maybe this is us now. Maybe never come out again. Too hard to release anything. Hope you're not mad. We might be stuck.

Hands it said hands--I can grab her, so I do.

Commands on.

Click. Hug you so tight come here.

Wrap all around and squeeze super hard. Not let go again. Always keep holding.

I'm not mad. If this is it. My heart's in pieces. It'd hold like you are if it worked right. Pet you. Hearts.

Relaxed sigh.

It feels like I'm crying soft tears. I'm glad I can cry in here. There's a lot of crying to do and only this is the place for it.

That's a strange thing to show, self--a camp stove.

Oh well. Crying. Holding dolly and crying. Never tried--

Trigger spasm.

That. Okay. Puuuulll...oof. Now together. Look how tight we hold. Click. PULL.

ERRAAAH try--nope nothing not one cell comes out of place. Sobbing happy tears can't lose you again! Get out of this, just try! Oh wait, just did!

I'd say you've got me by the balls, but...

The only thing you serve is meatsauce!

Did I just think up that we should go out for pasta so you can turn the meatballs into meatsauce for me, or is that our old game?

I really love you so much. If we're stuck I'm glad. I want to go out for pasta and meatballs with you but if this is it I'm still glad because all I need is right here.

That was our game from the first time! Smash them up good, you said. RAAAH with the fork said your dragon.

I just thought of the most metal thing. There's gotta be a ton of pink jewelry around Strawberry home, and my crown of course. Yes we should make a picture of us. Having sex. But not like we thought. We don't have to say what it is. See who figures it out first.

Now THAT has bite to it! Very hard, scary stuff, beautiful to see.

That Terror Wounds game my seed-ghost said...we played that game. How much blood and darkness have we seen, I don't even want to know. It trolled us good making it sound like the strawberry goo part would be the most horrible instead of the start of healing. Don't you let that go, dragon, not till it feels like we'll die if you don't. This is the weirdest healing ever but it really is. Feels so good to have you bonded on.

Feels so good to be there. Feel really stuck. Wonderful. Happy tight chains.

The Dreams show us in the front of a tour bus, snuggling--going out again now? Not likely! My dragon said what my dragon said.

The skyline of Stamford. Oh. More crying. The tour is heading home to our Mommies' house. That life was good and so peaceful. I want that again. Even...Earth had so much stupid stuff, but my game protected us and it was fun crashing Earth's normalcy with our kinky sexy monstrous erotic fun.

Now they show an open box, stuff inside. Unpack memories?

People in stereotypical generic communist uniforms, some kind of old rusted out missile launcher thing. Capitalism is monstrous. Did my game let it stand? How can it have? Yet we went to the mall, BK, all such. Another rusted-out thing like the factory in Stamford? Communism's just capitalism with me bureaucracy, but my game would have been able to just--

That big missile thing from before I mistook for the Pheonix from First Contact. Something to fix economy? (Not the, fix this idea of it) Could you not just distribute things, game? Out of the aether, if necessary? And why now on this?

The Dreams answer, Boobsong wearing a silvery 2000 glasses, like it's New Year's. Dolly?

Your Boobsong had some help with that from your game but it's her thing. Pirate device. Just copy anything, give it to anyone. Runs on the Earth's heat, makes stuff from garbage.

Oh fizzfrozen...new Millenium Falcon. Har har, dreams. So my game couldn't? I mean that's beautiful, but, yeah.

Your game is a sex toy, silly Fairy. It was made to do sexy things, for you, not the world. It could keep your world safe, but this was much better than making your game make things. Your game makes things horny and that's not for everyone. It's made to design them for sexy stuff. It always must do that. Very silly things happen if it's used to make everything!

Giggles--hey, it's not just hands, I can make everything, let's see you! Nothing for--oh. You're in the middle of my goo, pull you out--THERE YOU ARE OMIFUCK MISSED THAT SIGHT! Kiss...

Whee! Princess beautiful. Still has pancake crotch, buaahah!

Come have breakfast, then! No? Rather just hang out? Okay, hug you. Clickcapped.

Anyway giggles because imagining what would happen if my game made something like a roll of paper towels. Oh but it makes perfectly normal hankies? Game example for the sake of horny silliness?

Paper towels would have sexy stuff on them. Hankies were all saying you're toys, remember the logos.

Well, I'll never hear quicker, thicker picker upper the same again...

You won't be thick again for a long time! Might be quick though, if stroking's hard!

I so dearly love you.

Taptaptap...hm, that's something you can't do for yourself...

[!] Squirmy soft. Princess please take out your pencil so your Boobsong can draw for you. No? Can't find? Guess your line's erased.

You're the best. I love you so much. It really touches me how much you want me to feel this. You must be horny to get your hands on what's left of me...I'm all around you, just swim in if you want me to grab you everywhere...

I pop back and forth as I think, mouth by her ears, I still can't talk of course but she can feel me there, licky and breathy, as I trace my hands teasingly over her body.

Come on, you're really pushing my buttons with this...oh but you'll never push your own again.

But I grab her into a big hug.

Are you just better at this than me or did I just lean on telling you how much I truly, deeply, totally love you and watching you squirm seeing me feel so loved that you had no way to answer?

THAT ONE WORKS GOOD EEP! Your Boobsong feels helpless and in your hands!

You're so cute, I love you so much.

I guess dick jokes is much more developed than free-will jokes. You're kind of ahead, there, but then, not completely!

Really? Your Boobsong has your head! And shaft, and ballsack, and cum...

Keep them so safe. Take good care. It makes me feel so precious.

They'll never be more safe. Serious.

How does all this work, dolly? Am I like a maze of hyperspace, or what?

Your Boobsong takes each cell and keeps it in heartstone. Then each one gets its own care to keep it functioning. Your brain has to keep wired up so she sends the signals for you, but the rest can just wait. When you need something, she puts it together and you can feel it and use it. You can cry in your goo form because the muscles and stuff that you cry with get moved like your clit does. Every cell gets it own touch. Nerves are sending their signals and blood is pumping. When your crying stops, your Boobsong puts it all back till the next time.

That's trillions of cells. Do you have to pay attention to all this?

No, it's automatic, like breathing. Very good thing, too, that's a hard job!

Yeah but I'm actually gooified for real. Cells all taken apart and waiting like in storage just like you said. That's intense. This is so metal.

I guess it's weird that it makes me feel beautiful, but it does.

How are you feeling now, dragon?

Very relaxed and at peace. Snuggles. Eaten Princess touches. Good fire comes up in her. Says what next Raaah.


Is it like weird, seeing my parts come and go and stuff?

The best part of having you here is seeing how everything just turns to goo again. No escape for you, squishy thing!

Spoken like a true dragon.

Okay one more rule then we poke very carefully about what might be next if you let us out--how do I get--no, surprise me. But rule, one you wish I had.

Hatching from egg is how you get out of course! Don't know why seed-ghost skipped that before. Big hurry, your Boobsong guesses.

Your next rule is to keep the fire up. Make your heart glow hot. Take some happy things if it feels like it's falling down. That's command. Say you need them if we don't have them, we'll go get stuff. If you need to go out your pleading eyes will change your dragon's heart--but only if it's happy stuff. She can tell when you're being grabbed by things!

I really am your pet. Gulp--no wait that's your line, bwaha.

We aren't dom and sub. This is right for us.

You're so kind.

Sooo...what is next? I want to remember a little more before we go but I said this was next.

That tiny airplane from the Dream, my Ultrix, taking off...oh the three cocksleeves dance! That's the whole Skeksis thing, or that's the next bit of it.

A red toolbox. This is the next step in fixing me. Cool.

Speaking of fixing, part of what I want to remember, so we fixed Earth with the pirate device and my game. Work would've stopped being a thing. Money, same. How was there still BK and a mall to go to? Or had we not go it online yet?

Make connections to seed-ghost.

People taking time to adjust by playing games before they realize the real thing they want. I suppose my game could've like, run those places, too, and used the pirate device so the stock never got less. And it...made games to help people adjust to the new world.

Okay then, let's see if you can nudge me to remember a favorite outfit for each of us. I know we wore bikinis a lot, but...yeah. Something fun.

Think for a while. What would you really like. Heartplease clothes? Dolly stuff like you're goowiggled? Birthday suit? Reflect on that.

Oh, that's easy, I'd say the same as now, and say what does my dragon choose me to wear, and you'd say naked is tastiest...but that doesn't feel right.

Clothing's weird with me. I keep flipping between wanting to express myself super sluttily and bombastically and the hotness of saying dragon what are your supper's rules naked forever okay done.

Ouch? Why is there bad here. I mean there was the whole blueized thing, but I get it now, I'm a silly rainbow bimbo and really want to just girl out now. Sex me up please. My fucks being eaten is messing with my head but I'm loving the aesthetics!

Oh. Is this a place I want my mommies?

The Dreams show me a white star on a burgundy(!) background with some text arched across it but I can't read the text.

I think maybe I just want my rainbow stockings and little skirt and that slutty party-top.

That's making me cry hard.

I saw those the first time I remembered anything to do with rainbows about me. Am I sentimental about it because of that--no. Damn well am not. Am I a cartoon character or not. That's my outfit. What I wear every single day unless like a spacesuit or something. When Starlight Princess was a kids show I had that big floofly starfield dress and we grew up and I changed to the slutty rainbow getup. The skirt can keep my pussy out that's hot and I'd rather the party top leave my cleavage open and if my nipples don't poke what am I doing but I liked that outfit. That was my outfit. I'm a cartoon character and that was my outfit.

That cocksleeve gown was beautiful but I think it was too elegant for me. If I wore it I'd be missing my dorkiness and that's not selling myself down like you said dragon there's just a reason we're doing this with Starfleet versus Skeksis right now.

Dragon I'm stuck between my rules. I have to tell you I need my Starlight Princess outfit to pick my heart up but it's against my clothing rules a lot.

Sobbingly happy thoughts. That outfit was part of us. Your Boobsong misses it as much as you. All this while she's been hoping you remember and say hey give me that. Your clothing rules are for other stuff, not this. Remember the way it flopped as you went up those stairs? Big high flashes on every step!

The Early 2000s as remembered one night ago

Now we're climbing stairs, Boobsong's ahead where I can watch her bare ass move, in the journey my eyes are fixed on her softly-bouncy cheeks pumping where they should be but something is weird, like I can't see quite right, my mind keeps sliding off something that isn't her wonderful shape and motion. A camera crew is around us wrangling lights and cables up the stairs, Boobsong's naked but I'm wearing a black too-short-for-stairs (which is to say exactly the right length) pleated skirt and matching off-the-shoulder crop-top (the sleeves are actually separate) made of shiny tight stretchy satin stuff with a wide hem of frillyness folded back over the top edge so I just feel the satin inside, a pendant heavy at my neck bouncing on my boobs, rainbow thigh-highs, the crystal shoes Mama gave me before we got in the Waifu are on my feet, earrings are swinging heavy from my earlobes, we break into a run leaving the camera crew to dash after us but they were wasting the stairs climbing ahead of us everybody knows you watch the ass on stairs every ass looks hot climbing stairs that's why there are all these stairs here and why the temple was built on this hillside. We reach the top, cross the little porch without even turning to look at the view, step into the darkness of the open door.

The temple is huge like a cathedral, towering and glowing with stained glass and rainbow-iridescent pillars supporting the vaulted ceiling, but everything in made of curves, it's gorgeous. Boobsong starts dancing as we enter and walk down the aisle, towards a replica of monolith zero from Strawberry Home. Boobsong has her arms out and she's looking right and left grinning and for a minute I think she's scattering seeds from her hands but that's the memory of what we're doing here not a physical reality, we are about to scatter some seeds, but not cum either: this is a live Dreamskin for anyone who wants to bear a daughter of Melody, but more than that somehow--

The cathedral is full of people, a sea of brilliant colors and glow-sticks glow-necklaces -ropes -shirts -hair all shining so bright and beautiful I start to cry seeing them, with a path down the middle to reach the stage at the end of the space kept clear by rainbow-glowing rope-lights.

Boobsong turns as we reach the end of the temple, arms still out, then hugs herself and throws her arms high and a cloud of silver glitter erupts, symbolizing the seeds we're about to create and scatter everywhere. Magic carries it throughout the temple so it'll land on everyone, settling as we play.

Her face is pure joy as I walk up but again there's something my mind slides off like with her ass, tower over her, grab her into my arms and twirl with her held to me until we're dizzy and laughing. We've stopped with me facing the, the--fuck, congregation--and Boobsong kneels and reaches under my skirt and has me hard in a moment with her clever soft hands--my clit is just like it is now, minus the detachability--gives my tip a kiss and sways her hips with gleeful challenge in her eyes, and then just flips to hands and knees in front of me, and I kneel and grab her waist with one hand and my clit with the other and slide in, rest a moment deep inside her, then grab her hips by the folds of her legs that have always been my favorite grip for sex and start pounding away--she's a cocksleeve, so we start with this direct grab-and-fuck sex where I matter-of-factly stroke myself off with her like the sex toy. It is also just about our favorite way to play...

Now on her knees she's undoing my skirt for me, taking off my top, submissive and sexy, kneeling to kiss my feet, and looking up from the floor excited, I turn to the monolith and point and follow her to it when she poings up and bounces for it, so round and soft I've always loved her cuddlyness so, climbs up onto the step that makes her pussy just right and I'm coming up behind her and grabbing my still-hard clit and sliding it into her from behind so I can fuck her against the stone.

I can feel everyone's eyes on my bare ass (of course I wasn't wearing bra or panties, just who the hell do you think I am?) as it pumps and it makes me grin wickedly but where I'd usually flash the crowd a grin I focus entirely on Boobsong here, gazing adoringly at silver hair and horns as I screw her against the obelisk. Halfway through I squeeze her hips and she raises a leg, squidges up between me and the stone and turns to face me, grinning proudly, without climbing off. Her tail caresses between us where I'm entering her, covering itself with nectar, and then she puts it to my mouth where I lick it off hungrily, turning to the side so the congregation can see my joy at its taste and get a better view of Boobsong's reaction to my porn-style tongue-out makeout with her tail. Orgasm comes and I crush my fingers into her soft hips, gripping hard as she pushes into me with all her strength. I catch a glimpse of the camera crew and their lights, filming us for the big screens hung along the length of the temple to make sure everyone has an excellent view, to say nothing of those who need the privacy of their hiding-places to implant...

Weepy joy filled me as I came in her then like it always did when we did this. It felt so good and meaningful to celebrate--wait--that's impossible! This is a Sugarfeast celebration, but Earth didn't do that stuff! We lost everything when we got exiled--

Yet this whole temple, all the rainbow stuff, that's Sugarfeast. It might as well be the Sugarfeast Fairy's home in the Four Dreams her legends tell about. She lived in a castle of--soft bouncy heart-shaped--

Boobsong wraps around me as I cum, puts her hands on my shoulders and with a proudly determined expression squeezes all kinds of fun noises out of me. I make sure the congregation will be good and envious--she's loving this but is in full focused-cocksleeve mode and I want them to see what a daughter of Melody can do for you.

When I finish she pushes herself up and I bury my face in her breasts, holding her in place by the waist while I suffocate happily. When I see the spots before my eyes, I pull back, gaaaasp pointedly, stare into her gorgeous cleavage, and let her waist free so she can push to bound up and over my head and shoulders with her legs and flap furiously to land softly behind me, facing the congregation again. I push away from the monolith, spin to see her standing with arms out and ass beautiful, wings still raised and tail lashing, as I walk towards her slowly, and give the command to change to pony-form. Her body starts to expand and fill out, her limbs thicken, and I charge her, and leap, and reveal my own wings for the first time, using them to flap up to collide with her back in riding position, knocking her to all fours, grab her horns, give her a kick YAH and go charging out of the temple, ready to fly--the chopper that'll film us for the congregation is already hovering there, waiting--

As we explode out the heart-shaped doorway it all catches up with me and the memories explode over me like a dayglo tidal wave.

Who am I? No not Princess Lucy of Strawberries that's where I came from. Who am I now? Who have I been this whole time? Who flies through starscapes on the back of her white-shining pegasus companion wearing rainbow stockings and starlight?

I've been wondering a while in the back of my mind when on top of the rest of this I'll find out I'm Strawberry Shortcake because of the Strawberry thing, and tears fill my eyes as I realize the reason I'm thinking that. One eighties kids' show off, Boobsqueeze, as Mama would say! That was our show we saw with the hammer-friend! Why's this rainbow stuff make my head hurt, because it's your name stupid bimbo girl! The show I remember from the rewritten history is a fragment, the stump of what's left when you take su'khora out. Of course I didn't recognize myself without Boobsong by my side!

Present Day

I loved how that outfit could seem so just kind of nineties slutty until I got moving and it was like is she even wearing a skirt.

AND I WANT TO MAKE DREAMSKINS WITH YOU! Which is literally what we're getting ready for, sheesh self.

I want my outfit super bad but ironically I don't think it's right for this because they need to see all your nice chomping work. Erm, I think I'm going to need some time hatching this time, if I'm coming back in pieces.

You really don't mind dealing with my Starlight Princess outfit to eat me? I'll try and undress as soon as--

No you won't, goowiggled Fairy, but your game can just take things.


Or let her splat me out my outfit. Muahahah--or do you not like clothes then, dragon?

Clothes are fine, she just slurps you out of them when you splat. Fun to see cloths left. Where's Princess? ROOOAAAAAAH!

I love you so.

Okay so what fizzbubbling outfit was a favorite. Bikinis. Love bikinis with the skimpiness and the extra-slutty-out-of-context and that silky bikini cloth. Those felt so good on both of us. We wore those a ton.

Huh, see burgundy lips now. Matte lipsick, not my style, nor allowed for my handmaidens...

Hold up. Handmaidens weren't the least bit anonymous. Did your power let us switch identities with one?

Keep going on!

No, because handmaidens weren't the least bit anonymous. Switching identities with Sex wouldn't make us any harder to find.

I've been remembering your power just made us look like kind of normal (extremely hot) human girls, but that feels wrong.

It disguised us, so we could go around in hiding...I mean first of all I think it worked by you just making my body a little different shaped. It wasn't look like anything. You can shapeshift of course (hey, can Rarity? Hum), so...I mean what would be nice would be run of the castle but everyone ignores us, or just thinks we nobodies. No so invisible our exhibitionist hearts die, just not THE PRINCESS.

It'd have to turn us into pages or something where there's enough they're anonymous. Too inconvenient to trade with people. It made us fit in without raising eyebrows, and I could get away with having you...

Merchant's kids comes to mind. Stuff like that. High class low profile, just like Mother did.

Did you do all of us!? Just how big was this power? Could it invent whole business!? There was something epic about it like that. Nudge, pluck.

How did it get us out of things? That's the key there.

You mean other than by dragon attack? That was my favorite way! For real, though...like a different face every time someone looked at us? Doesn't help if you're standing there and they're staring...like it was fully hardcore, right? They could look right at us and not notice us escape...maybe not that good.

BWAHAHA it'd gaslight people into thinking they'd been talking to someone who looked like us but wasn't! And then we'd walk away all confused and offended while they were all scared because of the huge faux pas of talking to this other girl who looks like the princess and has a silver heartchild but it's not them it's just coincidence and what if her Mommy's powerful...muahahah that was so super evil but They deserved every bit of it!

And then on Earth, in Stamford, we still just dressed as ourselves! Which was very often bikinis because I loved that whole thing of bikinis being more naked than naked I always felt so bare just going around places in one but like, OOOOH are you the REAL Princess Starlight and Boobsong!? IF ONLY, EH HEARTCHILD? We just pretended to be superfans. It was so epic. What're they doing with that carry case, oh it's just fanart MUAHAHAAH okay this was us yes. 

Oh that's so healing. I'm surprised I didn't just always keep you naked. Did I? I love bikinis to pieces but they're not so cocksleevey.

Oh I think you didn't get bottoms, just the cover up, stuff like that. Oh, here's my clue. Do bikinis feel dragful to this cocksleeve right here?

Yes because they cover her holes. Two out of three is too many.

Hehe--wait, was this a thing? We could share one, you'd get the top and wrap and I'd wear the bottom with my jacket? That sounds like our kind of stupid fun. We're different sizes, but any bikini either of us was wearing was mostly string anyway.

That was the best, to see the looks on their faces when they realized. Matched pair? Yes more matched than you think!

That like, makes me feel romantically close to you, to split a bikini that way. I'm such a dumb slut sometimes but I like it.

Let's do that this time! That will leave lots of scary hot seams showing!


KISS! Lust coming...just enough to kiss back...tongue come on please...lips open...haah here comes your tongue...

Ooh let's see if we can do it so the bottom is just tied to the chains holding me together--okay now confused about my clothing rules. You suggested this, you must be up for it, but can't I not have a bikini bottom, even?

You can have this one. Maybe get special treats. Maybe change for all time. NOt sure yet. Maybe this all is just remembering, and we go back the old way now.

I can see why you're not sure. YAY SQUEE THIS TIME!

My sub's coming out at you a lot now. I hope you don't mind.

You're a pet. Always did come out for this stuff. Dress you up and turn you on, different thing.


Maybe let's write some memoirs or something about Stamford, now that it's done. Honor it. Not now obviously.

That would be nice! Like a coda for that life. Help us start this one.

Let's call it the Cola Coda.

Because all that fast food! Smart Princess!

Crying now though. Hug you.

It's gone. That part's over.

Sobbingly hug please have lust to cry with you.

Why this why these games feel so good to have to do that now. SMACK I whack her sweet bouncy ass good and hard and then run my hands up the curves of her sides and she bursts into tears as wailingly ugly-cry as mine and I clutch her but with a hand definitely on her ass.

WWWAAAAAAAIL! Sobbing sad peace. That was a good life. So good the best sometimes. Yes we're here now but that's over and that's heartbreak.

Because she's still my eroven when she's heartbroken, that's why. Who we are doesn't go away because we're sad.

It was. That's horrible irony of all this the sadness is for all it took our whole life away and left me as this mess I REALLY MISS EARTH!

Not that stupid magicless world, but the one we fixed. That was good. Ack! Pluck!


Sobbing sad scream. Just keep on crying holding on. Scream till the sound hurts.

If any sound gets out of here they're going to wonder what the fuck all the way in--oh who knows where we even are it'll be loud. WAIL.

[!] Mommy look. Behind your Boobsong.


Oh--oh my--click.

Changing so slowly hard. Tail up--KISS MMF--to say take this please.

It comes up above her sweet face and I put my hands on it, where they go, and she flows up into position and shape, body smoothly moving to the right and melting into the single graceful shape. Her tail straightens in my hands and grows thicker and turns hard and I'm raising her and the scream that comes out of me is the most terrible I've ever made a rattle of all the grief we've been pouring and all the pain I've endured to come this far. The moment her beautiful silver hammerform is above my head I just convulse and bring her down with all my might on the transparent made-of-the-world monolith that's been turning there screaming screaming SCREAMING it out like the sound will make me hit harder and screaming for Boobsong whose voice right now is her smooth silver head banging down on the tip of that monolith with all the fury what we've endured to come here can bring it.

It connects with a soundless bang and the world fills with light and a compass rose and flashes of memory of our fans on tour and the day we've had from Sex's hair to this moment right now and Lego sets and Riker on the Titan as he chose courage and giving Strawberry Home to Walt and candy mountains in the distance and eating amazing chocolate cake with Rada and Boobsong feeding it to me aboard Isht Visht and a rushing of noise that becomes the family screaming FAITH, OF THE HEART, GOING WHERE MY HEART WILL TAKE ME at the top of their lungs, and all of that the whole whole all of it turn sideways to the world and seem to come rushing through me with a massive tidal wave of heart-healing warmth and worship and for a moment it's like in 2001 full of stars rushing out at me and than all of that has gone by or through me leaving just Boobsong in my hands in hammerform and the peace of her secret place.

I stand there panting for a second, then pick her up and hug her to me and kiss her silver head.

Your hammerform is beautiful and that's why I don't change you back right away.

Your Boobsong is happy to stay hammerform for a thousand years THAT WAS A MONOLITH WE GOT A MONOLITH EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! EE EEEEEE EEEE EEEEE EEE EE EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Three more righ three more to go if they come this fast we'll be done in no time!!!!

I have only one thing to say, dolly--click--

Pouring back down you making hands legs face tail arms dragon femme is here says HUGS!


RRAAAH JUMP UP KISSS!! Mmmfhmmmraahmmyum haah tongue deep

She follows my command to kiss victoriously back hard with enthusency and pushes up hard and we make out for what must be a thousand years but feels like three seconds. Her body is wrapped tight around mine and she writhingly grinding up and down urgently on me as she kisses and I can tell we're both feeling my clit not there even as it throbs where it's a smear of goo and the strange thing is, that's good.


Break kiss but grind eerrraah need your clit it's missing! Please try that your Boobsong needs to know what happens!

I concentrate, imagine it there, between us...but nothing happens. Her eyes grow wide as she realizes. We know what will work, but still, finding out this won't--

Ulp...that's so scary good. It's just not happening you can't make it there!


But why is it good. Why do I like this fear--I feel it too--why is this better than that having worked?

My lips curl happily out with wicked lust as I know what I'm doing next and make sure Boobsong sees so she'll know what to do, click an order that doesn't seem to do anything, and then--game, please, pretty please? This is a special occasion.

This one time.

I grab her hard by the waist, squeeze tight with a hard grip, and hold her still to look in her eyes.

Say it yes please so awesome NEED CLIT HAAA--

"Let's rock and roll."

And I throw her to the floor and fall to my knees as she poings right up like the bouncyball she is and is in pony-style position before I can blink and I focus and my clit's ghost fairly pops into being like a lightsaber and I grab it and push her click with the command to make all this real on her body as she feels it and force myself into her lips and plunging deep and click her to get fucking and get this FUCKIGN cum out of me cocksleeve you have work to do don't make me think you're slacking just because we're all emotional!


Her slippery pussy glides on my shaft so hard-soft satisfyingly, and my balls sting lusciously with each blow as she drives herself on me so enthusiastically I can barely catch her tail in my eravahk and so against the folds of her hips as I help her pound us to goo on hand I have bare and nestled into her soft flesh and the other full of eravahk and affectionately wiggly tail and oh yes cocksleeve this feels like sex and is and yet--it's hard, just a little bit, something gets urgent and missing as I see the space between us and her pussy opened by invisible forces that play my clit to me but that's good somehow, this would be lessened if her desperation before had given her heart's most precious gift to us, it's like the lack makes this more sex, more intimate, we feel our connection more deeply to know, to know here it comes I feel the cum surge up my shaft as I bring us together and hold her there and she pushes, grinding, wiggling against her impalement keeping her in place so adorable and I just manage to click her to look over her shoulder at me as I cum and cum feeling the cum fill her pussy up, watching her grow more rainbow colored from the pussy out, just enjoy putting my cum in her, as all those things happen, even though, even though...



When I'm done cumming and she's even more colorful I make the small celebration of her wise thoughts as I--it always feels to me like as we--came of just letting my phantom clit vanish and leaning down to put my arms around her and letting myself goo back to my eaten state so she's pulled up to the wall with me. Where I can turn her around and hold her gently.


Eyes up to your...hehe eyes that's all--bwaha hi kissy lips! It's very strange she knows but your Boobsong thinks this is adorable.

GRABOOF! Head-fuzzing face!? AWW!

How are you feeling, dragon. Ready to face the next one?


Remember you're torn bits! Dragon gets you out this time but usually you hatch. Eravahk makes hammer, smash.

BWAHAhAHA that all may be the most Rainbow and Boobsong thing I've heard today.

Welcome to the Abyss. It's a smashing good time!