23 - Bomb Shells

"Candy, are you set on going with for the next one like sex is? I have a job for you, if not."

"No, here's fine. I smelled brimstone when you landed."

"Not as much as we smelled. That one got pretty literal. Okay, then you and Magic are on bedwarmer duty. Tuck yourselves into my bed and get nice and snuggly comfy. She'll need some help over there, I think."

Candy grins in a way that tells me Magic is going to have a very soothing time, gets up, and helps her fellow handmaiden up, and they walk to the bed with Magic hanging off like she's good and drugged.

"Over here, Sex."

She appears with her still-not-done drink and kneels where Magic was.

"Still up for this? The Dreams just said you can really help with this one."

"If there's a way I can, I want to."

"Well, the Dreams just said Space Shuttle has a way to my next handmaiden. That's how far we got."

The Dreams show me a conduit bending-tool and the piece of wrapping paper I used to lay out the feathers pattern on my Kavalier's wing.

"Did you see that? Two hearts made of white wrapping paper."

Bending the course...

"I got white wrapping paper, but it's the guide I used to do the feathers-pattern on my Kavalier's wing. I like, taped it in place, and then made the pattern by making the points of all the white triangles touch it."

"So like, make a heart that way?"

"Actually it's weird, on my Kavalier it makes a feathers pattern, and you don't see the ellipse really, it just looks like a bird wing. So maybe, touching two hearts that way we make something else? Like visualizing that it looks like--boobs stretching like spandex, actually."

[!] That's a space suit! We always said hot to spandex, lots of times.

"Hehe...Boobsong says it's a space suit. Goes with Space Shuttle. I wonder if it's time to see if we can get the Waifu here? The way they gave the vision's gotta be important, though..."

Now a detached RC plane wing, with two little blue post-it notes on the cross-section that's facing the view.

"It's night though! Suntan lotion--oh, it ain't ever night in my life! Whatcha gonna burn, Starshine?"

"Some kind of sneaky blueizing, two instances, right next to their heart."


"Oh, sorry. Um, I got turned into a boy for awhile while everything was all messed up. I got better obviously but I've been calling that blueizing. So like, lost their femininity, close to their heart because I saw it on the inside of a rib, something like that."

The Dreams show me a word-search letter jumble, and then a--is that a Falcon? Rocket with the payload section bigger than the top boost stage, looking ungainly and not as phallic as you'd think form that.

"This story gets stranger...I saw the bridge of the Pegasus, you know that one where they lost it inside rock because it phased out there? So I guess we're going underground?"

"The name's important too. I just saw a wordsearch and a Pegasus rocket like from Earth. Pegasus. And all this space stuff--"

A top hat and magic wand.

"There, that's weird, they just showed me the start o' Fraiser!?"

"If I'm ever reentering Earth's atmosphere in a hot tub...it's a line from the show. I was always going to write a story off that, because what a prompt. I just saw a rabbit--I mean top hat and wand. We can pull her out of my hottub somehow, and all this space stuff tells how. Somehow."

"Hot Tub Time Machine! You remember that, terrible movie, great idea!"

"Oh it's not a space suit, it's the precog's outfit from Minority Report! Because they were in like a hottub thing."

"I don't know that one. My memory's weird, though, I got jumbled kinda passin' through the--can't remember, that's strange--Starlight, are we dead here?"

"Earth got rewritten to be a place that never had magic at all, not even so much as a whiff of Boobsong's nectar. Everyone's memory got wrecked. You and the rest of my handmaidens and the holidays got out somehow when it happened, but you all got basically from what I can tell thrown into hell. You ended up in Rl'yeh Sade and found my statue somehow, and I think you made up a story about how you got there in that box, but Candy and Magic I had to dive for like you in "Valhalla".

"Yeah, that was hell bein' Christian again! Where was I? Real Valhalla wouldn't have left me stuck there, it'd have sent me packin' fer your side the moment I landed!"

"I'm still figuring out your story. Lots is weird there. I've been kind of putting it off until we get everyone back, but if you need to know now more we can try to figure it out."

"I've got a drink in my hand and soft fleece on my legs. I'll be fine, let's get my friends outta ehtch ee double hockey-sticks!"

"Alright, but bedwarmer duty with the other two--and you saw Candy's face--is waiting the minute you want to say Rainbow this is too scary. I know you're in but wading through hell is definitely not what anybody who decided to be my handmaiden would have thought they were signing up for."

"I'm ready for anything. Show me a tire, give me a knife, stand back and watch the fur fly!"

The story brings out my wicked grin.

"Hehe you're trouble, I forgot that! What was that, your asshole dad's truck when you left home?"

"Have to be on the gin harder for that story. Just say I have depths to me."

My memory presents a red-and-white truck with a big rusty rollbar made of square channel, lights on top, lift-kitted with offroad tires cut to ribbons...and the replacement (much nicer) tires and machine to take tires on and off wheels, left there in the yard with bows on them, which her dad would know how to do, but which job would take a good two hours of watching Sex ride off into the sunset with me and the rest of the tour.

I don't quite know if that's made up, though I feel like I can see her house and the duskiness of the light in the memory is persistent and not what I expected.

"Hehe, okay."

In any case, sometimes the most annoying thing you can do to someone is give them a present they'll really love. Speaking of which...Dreams you nudged me this way when I thought of it so I'm not saying we should open presents yet, but I don't get it.

They show a fireplace with Heartwarming garlands over it and--oh duh who knows how that makes me realize it but this was just now because these were the handmaidens whose minds would be blown by playing out that Narnia reference. Okay. Which included me and Boobsong, blushify.

"So Minority Report as a movie must be a rewrite thing, but I think I'm reaching anyway. Just trying to connect the space stuff and Pegasus. Maybe Boobsong needs to get her Hellpegasus on?"

The Dreams show me a movie reel, so I guess Minority Report after all? Was that the one where the guy had his eyes replaced to hide from retinal scanners? I think the point is probably more the hot-tub thing.

"...or not, according to the Dreams I should go for Minority Report. Okay so in it they're like using psychics to predict murders but the psychics are kept really isolated and they just like live in this pool of water thing and occasionally have visions that get recorded like by brain-scanning and the visions predict crimes. There's this whole big thing and one of them gets rescued from that and the whole thing ends up shut down, but while they live in the water they wear spandex like the space suit Boobsong said."

The Dreams show me a slice of lemon, being squeezed to juice up a drink.

"Add some sex appeal. They showed me a ribbon sized to just cover your pussy--you in particular, saw your face, too. Alright, so make porn outta that. She lived in a vat of goo to keep everyone's fantasies out, because she could see them all. One day the--Dreams stopped me there, no-entry sign like in England."

"No entry, huh? Okay so some kind of purity thing, then--"

The Dreams show me a Heartwarming tree, but instead of a star on top it has a bow of ribbon, which--ooh.

"Yeah no entry is why that was my pussy, get it? This is like always winter never Heartwarming like Narnia, but for sex--like I mean horny stuff, heh."

The Dreams show me Boobsong's hammer form--

[!] SMASH THAT! Let's go RRAAH! Maybe she's lost in memories of being a nun or something! Or what if they took off her heartpleasing by making her ugly!? WE HAVE TO SAVE YOUR HANDMAIDEN LET'S HURRY!

"I just saw Boobsong's hammerform, and she thinks maybe my handmaiden is like stuck in memories of being a nun or turned ugly or something--"

"Full immersion. We're savin' her with baptism an' I know why I'm comin' oh you guys are in tee-rouble! Let me at 'em, let's do this!"

Grey water suddenly engulfs us both, we're being tossed and thrown end over end, I keep thinking there's sand and we'll wash up but the tossing goes on, then there is sand but the world is spinning so I can't even tell if my head or feet is toward the surf, the sand seems black when I open my eyes only to get dunked again, someone is dragging me up the beach by my arm but it's all so distorted and sideways I can't see who, then I'm lying in sand on my side with sea-grass sticking through it, there's a log my head is propped on and I'm tipped kind of down. Boobsong where there in my arm wrapped around her okay. Dolly?


I don't think the Dreams got to entirely control this one, but yeah, can't Sis just choke me or something, sheesh. STOP SCARING MY DOLLY!


"I'm here, just waterlogged. Yee-haw that was somethin'!"

Sex's weak voice is behind me, but I'm too almost-drowned to move just yet--voices, footsteps are coming. Feet in flip-flops, someone squats at the edge of my view (I'm looking down still)--

"This one's alive, what about the other one?"

"Her too. They don't look so good, though. Let's get them off the beach. Dark's coming."

"It's a miracle they survived that. Did you see how their ship dived and then broke up?"

"Come on, get her feet, I'll take her shoulders."

Hands lift my ankles while the flip flops get up and come around behind my head to pick me up under the armpits. I try to move, reach for Sex's hand, but I'm still too weak. My head is propped against what feels like my head-carrier's bare midriff as they pick me up and my free arm falls down to trail in the sand. At my feet is a girl, I think, with curly big hair. It's getting dark and the sea is behind her, so I can't see more than that.

"She sure holds that doll real good. Only strength she has is in that arm, look at her cling to it."

"I'd need a doll, after that trip. Is that grape smell her?"

"Must be the doll, I bet it's scented. Purple, see?"

We're walking somewhere. Beach has replaced the ocean behind her, but she's still hard to see, because the sun is going down.

"Friend," I manage to say, and flop my free arm in Sex's direction.

"You're awake! Your friend's coming next. We only have two people to carry--AAGH! Stupid thornbush."

So that is my head-carrier talking. There's a brambling of person in thornbush behind me, and we change direction.

"It's bleeding! You'll bleed out, don't you feel the blood?"

"What? Where? OH MY GOD!"

She--she? She doesn't drop me, but I can feel her panic.

I try to talk, cough, fight for it...

"Can--ghack--help you. Inside, table--fast--"

More coughing up water, I manage to loll my head to spit it. Could do with some nectar myself.

"She's a doctor. Run!"

We suddenly double-time into a forest (jungle?) and turn so the beach is behind my foot-carrier again and then leaves are around us and they're lifting me up and putting me on something wooden and propping my head and my foot carrier stares--

"Sh--" Cough, spit, twist to try to see. "Show me, hurry." I take a wheezing breath. My head-carrier comes around and puts her leg up on the table, foot towards me. It's really dark now but I can see the blood shine on it from a big slice on her calf--I guess hell has badass thornbushes.

Come on, arm--strength has come back a little, I'm able to get it up and pushing into Boobsong's mouth and down her throat. Love you, dolly, think of sucking my nice fat clit...


Her mouth is as wet as her ready-to-fuck pussy, thankfully. I dip up a big dollop, pause, feeling their confusion.

"The love of Heaven looks weird sometimes. Don't...be afraid," I wheeze, and sit up--whoah dizzy--and as fast as I can pull my fingers out of Boobsong's mouth and stroke them across the wounded girl's cut.

"Might feel weird," I add, and allow myself the breath that'll trigger the coughing spell I've been avoiding.

"What's that stuff--oh my god, it stopped--it feels like warm in--"

A gasping pleasure-sound escapes her mouth, and she's quiet, feeling where the gash was.

I breathe in experimentally, wheeze but can.

"Do not be afraid."

I really need some nectar, but they'll freak if I kiss Boobsong--too bad. I need my Boobsong. With shaky hands I get her to my mouth, kiss deep, probing for nectar, drinking. A nice big dollop with each pull of my tongue flows through me, and I feel better and strong in no time, but stay lying there as I hug Boobsong again.

They both just stand stock-still, the wounded one with her leg still up. I smile and try to just look cutesy, Boobsong's collar is right there when I try for a don't-fear-me cringe, oops how comforting.

They're both just shadows in the darkness. The just-healed one has straight long hair and bangs, but that's about all I can really see.

"Did it get the other cuts--were there other cuts and did it fix them or do you need more? What about you? Hurt? Starving? I just got dropped here, I don't know what you need or what's happening. I don't get much information before these. Strength isn't the way to come to things, always."

I look at my foot-carrier on the what about you.

"You're an angel. That sprig of olive leaves is a sign."

"What? Oh now what did--"

There's stuff in my hair. I reach up, find my crown missing--

Your game took it. You can have it back after this rescue.

Feel around and extract a little stick with leaves attached, still trailing a couple of rainbow hairs. It's very anviliciously the one you usually see in a dove's mouth.

I shake with silent laughter and hold it out, grinning I hope not too psychotically Dreams.

"Peace to both of you!"

Straight-hair just-healed girl takes it very reverently, holds it in both hands like a wedding bouquet--wait why an olive branch--oh communion wine every flavor beans FINE. If it gets my handmaidens back. Nice having a standard procedure here but it sure is weird they all have the same nightmare chew on them. I thought I built up their defenses more.

"Did you see my eyes before it got dark? Come look, and don't be scared. I'll bet you guess my name, after!"

I make them glow, just the tiniest little bit, just enough that it must be light catching, not glow inside. Just enough to see. Straight-hair comes close, leans down--

"Rainbow. You're the rainbow. That was an angel, not the sun shining on raindrops--"

"Let me see!" 

My foot-carrier pushes in, looks close, nudging straight-hair back, then bows her head.

"There'll be time for bowing when you know who to bow to. Let's get my friend."

I sit up and swing my feet off the table--

"Your back--slits--is that where your wings come out?"

"Yes. Do you trust me now?"

I slide down and stand, look over my shoulder, at them both just standing there. Curly-hair is leaning down to peer at my wing-slits.

"A demon wouldn't have fixed up my friend before she had her friend back."

There's sure going to be hell to pay if being that sacrifice is the only reason Sex is along...

"Say Jesus is lord."

Straight-hair, with surprising force, demands it. Why aren't they just stuck on my demon-dolly? She's extremely not subtle. Maybe they remember her on some level.

"I'll say what I have to say to that while we walk for my friend, but first, ask god who my father is. You do pray, right?"

To my surprise, they both fold hands, curly-hair still leaned over on the table. No defiance? No upping the ante? Fine with me!

He's helping a lot with this--the Dreams show me what's very clearly the bus from the Great Divorce, crashed into that bollard they always show for this. Okay, fine with me, but this is messing with me, the way this keeps going.

Straight-hair prays out loud:

"Father God, please tell us your angel's father, if that's who this is right here."

Will it work? Maybe this is where things get hard. I can't rely forever on praying to blunder them into dreamtalk with Aveh, lots of Christians don't listen when they talk to him...

The Dreams show me a cartoon bluebird: trust my family. There's a moment of silence, and then:

"Do you hear that sound? Where's that coming from--is that your friend coming? What's she saying--bwahaha listen you hear that, what song that is!? Oh my--we're in hell. It's a grey island for us. Get us out, let's go! Where your bus is--oh. That's your ship, huh. Do we have to build a new one?"

It's curly-hair, who's obviously the excitable one, but I'm more interested in the voice coming through the leaves, singing a Christian rock song I always hated and which in the rewrite-backstory was especially incessant, but that I'm now glad to hear: 

"I'm just a bus driver..."

"In here! Thank Heaven for you singing that!"

Sex's voice stops and her feet break into a run and she's coming through the entry to this clearing or whatever at a run as I charge and crash into a hug with her, clutching her soft body tight.

"I'm sorry. She would have bled out. We were just coming."

Sex nuzzles, then turns to the new girls.

"Hey you two! Get you out of here, am I right?"

"YES! What's that burning sound? Ohhh no that's the fire-hell, that is!"

It's curly-hair again. There is a roar in the distance--

"The water. Now. Time to have faith, because it's going to be as warm as a bath, and not from the fire."

I start to lead us out, curly-hair jumps over the table to follow, but straight-hair stays put. A light that isn't mine shines in her eyes, when I glance where we're headed, I can see fire starting to creep in the leaves.

There's no time.

"If you trust me, help my friend grab her and come on. We don't have time to CS Lewis this."

I let Sex go and she gives me a look, then heads around the table. Curly-hair looks at me, eyes desperate I can tell even in the dark, jumps back over the table and starts pushing her friend towards Sex. Straight hair fights for a horrible moment of fire leaping up behind them all, and then they're all three coming over the table. There's just barely a space to run through the space that leads into the clearing without getting burned, and then we're on the shore and pelting down the dark sand of this moonless place.

It needs darkness, right dolly? You can do it here?

Yes and yes. They have to keep touching us though, and your Boobsong can't be statued, she has to swim.

Here's to hoping I'm as horny a person as we all want to think! As I charge down the sand, I grab Boobsong's nipple and twist hard, pushing into her soft breast. WAKE UP, DOLLY!


Gaaaasp pushing pussy stroke yes that's gaaaaaaasp LUST YUM!

I keep playing, somehow managing to enjoy the warm slippery soft puffy folds of her pussy as I charge. My feet splash in water, and I turn---oooh fuck. The island's become a volcano, and lava's starting to creep down the beach toward us. Straight-hair is struggling again RRRRH we don't have time!

"Get--her doll is a demon, look at it! Let go--"

I flare bright and spread my full-lit wings and call out, voice terrible:

"Are you the judge of souls, then? Do you not have faith in the one sign, and ask for a third, after the olive branch and song?"

Curly-hair hides her face and straight-hair squints--they are both naked, interesting--and Sex just keeps glaring at straight-hair.

"Your doll is a demon--"

"Oh? If you're so wise in the ways of Heaven, where are demons before they fall?"

"Angels, in God's throne room--"

"And the Devil, creative, is it? Able to make up anything new under the sun?"

"No, he only mocks and twists--"

''Bring her close. Hurry. She has only a little time left to see love in a shape she doesn't expect."


Grow very slowly...aaaAAAAH...stand her against you, arm holding your arm.

Straight-hair fights as they march her down the beach, won't look.

"Look back at the fire that'll claim you if you can't see this, and then they're going to make you see her. You have no time for fear of an angel when hellfire is at your heels."

Stupid fizzfrozen play this role grumble...

She looks back, quails, and then Sex and curly-hair each take a side of her head, force her to look toward Boobsong.


Face down, subby heel-turning...

With my free hand, I pry one of straight-hair's squeezed-shut eyes open, as gently as I can.

"Look at her. With an honest heart, tell me where you see mockery. Wings and eyes and wheels of fire are her kind's way. Is this shape too strange for one?"

She looks about to speak, too soon, so I cut her off.

"Yes, this is hell. Do you think it's the bottom? You know the commandments. Lie here, even by claiming to see what you haven't looked at, and leap into the lake of fire. The Great Divorce is a children's tale to comfort the innocent. You saw what had to happen to my bus to get me here. You need to do more than have your look to even get on the way out I have."

She's breathing hard, but actually looks.

"But her water--kiss--stuff--you know--made me think sexy thoughts--"

"Yes," I say more kindly, "your body hurt, and her love healed it, and it spoke to you the things bodies say because its voice was restored. That was probably the first time you can remember feeling good at all in a long time, if you're here. Don't you feel hungry, too, now? Is that the Devil's trick?"

"You asked if I'm judge of souls. That's the test! Only He judges! He sent me this demon or angel, I don't know what it is, she, sorry, and the only thing I can do is ask for his guidance. He sent two signs, saying go with you. Okay then, I'm going."

This is so not the lesson here but whatever it's saving my handmaidens.

"Good job. If you're curious, she is our busdriver, actually."

I let her eye go, and she blinks it, but keeps looking at Boobsong.

"Okay. This is the scary part."

I crank up IR to get ready to water-heat, fold my wings and the Heartwarming-light vanishes, leaving only the lava-glow.

"We're swimming out where it's deep, and then diving. As we dive, each of you hold onto one of my feet or hands, and do not let go. I'm making the water warm, so don't be scared it's the volcano. It's going to be dark. Close your eyes and keep them shut till I say."

Down through the looking-glass...

I get you! Ready. Hurry up that lava's coming!


The all nod, so I turn and start wading out, arm in arm with Boobsong. When we're past the surf and deep enough to swim, I lay out and start to swim, but Boobsong doesn't--duh. I push up on my eravahk's thumbstick, and she starts swimming powerfully. I look back, to see the others following, but they're falling behind, so I slack off some.

[!] Your Boobsong can feel it, the bottom is far enough now! Let's get out of here, dive please!

"Here we go. All aboard."

I try to float up and hold out my limbs that aren't holding Boobsong to me. Hands take all of them, so I pull Boobsong up by my face. Click.

Meet your lips hard squish yummmfh kiss hot yes tongue sliding down unf done please hurry scared very lust filled dolly wants to get out of here!



I turn up the heat to get the water warm enough, Boobsong's powerful swimming pulls us under, I shut my eyes against the stinging salt, she starts using her wings and we rush down, down, the world flips around like gimbal-locking a flight sim and then GAAAAAASP we're exploding through the surface and smooth tiles are under my feet mosaic-small and the edge of my hottub still cold with snow bumps my back as I push back there and rub--slip--right, click.

Reach up and rub Mommy's eyes until she can see.

I open my eyes to see Boobsong's careful face looking up so worshipfully, and then everyone still clinging, Sex had my arm and is looking at me, the other two are at my feet gasping but have their eyes shut.

"Look straight up, and open your eyes."

They turn their faces up, and open their eyes. Curly-hair's voice is low:

"Oooh my...you really are who you said."

Straight-hair is herself again:

"This is the realest place. Why's it all paintings here? Are we in God's gallery? Oh we are, look at that rooftop!"

Oh boy. Now we have to actually save them.

You got me, we'll get them. This is why it's you and me. Not leaving Boobsong out but she's their challenge.

"It's called the Painted Sea. We can visit the True Sea if being a cartoon freaks you out."

Curly-hair instantly looks down at herself.

"Wait, what!? Holy--I'm--what's that one, with the--eeeaah, my head hurts! Yeeow!"

"Listen to me. You're safe now, both of you, but hell messed you up. We can fix it, but stay calm, okay?"

Curly-hair's head is obviously hurting because she just tried to remember what show her ultra-sexy Disney animation so like Sex's, Boobsong's, and mine, is from.

Short-hair puts her hands up to see them, but keeps staring at the sky, good girl. She looks like nose-art, from a World War II bomber, in keeping with her haircut.

They're both adorable, and I want this Christian mask off them, pronto.

"Look up there till you feel good. Heaven's healing just to look at."

Curly-hair looks back up. Nose-art--Pinups?--hasn't moved. Candy mask paintjob...penny, copper, Venus de milo but not Venus...Bombshell?

[!] Mommy yes her name is Bombshell.

Holy fizzpopping thunder ice cream in a sugarbowl, it's getting easier. PLEASE let it be getting easier. I look at curly-hair, who my head keeps trying to call short-hair. Pussy? She's feline...

[!] Mommy that's it! Your first try! It is getting easier!

Okay, ideas, both of you. How do we get these two to remember their names are Bombshell and Pussy.

I love my handmaidens so much.

What if you make them hot chocolate? Candy liked that!

They're in Valhalla like me! You got me there by havin' me ask Aveh--oh I thought the Dreams was him. Hmm.

It's the weirdest thing, I freaked out before because I thought the Dreams were going to make me talk to him, and they promised to not, and they've been keeping their promise, and it sure does feel right that they are, but...ooh! Okay what if I say the holy spirit's what Heaven is made of, and tell them to pray to that for guidance? Would they go for that, do you think, Sex?

They're pretty into the thought we're in God's painting. Could work, say his hand filled it with spirit or such.

I squeeze Boobsong, and stroke her still-adoring-me face, and the Dreams show me--suitcases. Going to see Grammie, in the backstory, Disney--

You see that? Disney rides. You got me when I asked what your intentions were, and the Dreams showed me on a plane with you an' Walt. Get 'em to ask what you're doing with them.

The Dreams show me the pussy-covering ribbon Sex described from before. Difficulty: they're not ready to hear how sexy paradise is, not even slightly.

Here we come with the hard times. The Dreams just gave me a vision of card pockets, like airlines have. Emergency instructions. How to get out of this.

No I know what that means! Okay, hang onto your tits, subs.

In the Waifu, on that strange adventure last night or two nights or whatever, I was terrible, and the Dreams held me like the baby I was acting. It really helped.

"First lesson of Heaven. If we're here, where's the holy spirit? Are these stones just rock?"

"The Holy Spirit is all of this, every crack is filled with His love!"

Dreams can we be done messing with my head please.

"In Heaven here all the veils are stripped away. Ask directly if you want something. You can ask the father, but he's as big and intimidating as you've heard. More actually. This all right here, this is the comfort. The first thing to ask is for more comfort, because you just came from hell. You can always get picked up and wrapped up out of anything if you need to. Ask now, see what happens. Don't even have to pray out loud, just think in your head."

Bombshell disappears, but Pussy just flops back in the water.

"It said relax, I'm safe. The picture is secret. I know that because it had a lock on it."

Bombshell pops back in, like she never left, still staring up. She glances at me, then looks back up, but says nothing.

"See what I mean? Now you, nothing I can ever do will get that secret out of you. This isn't like Earth or hell. You're safe here."

I turn to Sex.

"Tell them how I showed you that, when we first got here. You know, when I tried to give you a hand."

"That scared my pants off! She showed up, started explainin' like you two got, and said she's there as proof that I'm safe and t' do anything, whatsoever, to prove myself that. We were in my kitchen, and I just up and some strange notion came and I grabbed her right hand and swatted it with a cleaver the size of a hatchet! Scared me so stiff what I did it took me a full hour, it felt like, to look up an' see--you know I can't describe it? Hand one way, all pretty and nice unhacked, fine as it looks now, knife the other way, cutting into my countertop! Very sharp knife, that was, went half an inch down through the hardwood counter! I might look a bit soft but my hand's got strength to it, I guess."

Maybe we'll see what strength your hand's got later...

I wave the hand in question, sticking up from where I'm holding Boobsong.

"Oh, you came up after like two seconds. That scared me too, I can tell you, though! It was really creepy seeing the knife one way like that and my hand the other, and like, there my hand was and I could feel the cut in the countertop, but not the knife. They weren't like, going through each other, just there in the same space and not touching."

"Why'd He scare you that way? Couldn't He have just made the knife disappear?"

"Yes, but then we wouldn't have got the show of power we were asking for. The message there was love is bigger than reason. There it was, logically impossible for my hand not to be cut, so the answer was, my hand's just not cut. Too bad if our human minds can't understand how that is. We can try stuff, if you wanna see. This isn't a faith-test, to believe me."

"All these things will be added you, if faith comes first. That's this now."

"Yeah. No more glass darkly. So um, would you mind asking what it is I'm here for? You're here for, I should say, this is my house, but like, what am I supposed to be doing with you."

"You're allowed to be fresh with me!? Holy bubblegum pancakes He said come up to you with my eyes down and--um--He kind of said--"

Overfizzed JATO pops Dreams let me get the gear up before you engage the warp drive, sheesh! If it wasn't for bubblegum pancakes--

"No he didn't, come on. She's always teasing this way--"

I hold up a hand to shush Bombshell, make a show of my giggliness.

"Did you just say holy bubblegum pancakes?"

Pussy gets kinds of awkward, nods.

"That's great! Tell me another one! Sounds like you need it, with what you heard!"

"Ice cream sundae floats in a lifejacket yes! That's the strangest--"


"Um...strange...lightpopping sugar baskets what a weird--Sugar--fairy--feast--holy Eustace gum Rainbow where are we?"

Can I find her for dreamtalk? Seems like yes...got you.

Hi Pussy. Play it cool, but look behind and to your left looking back a bit, then play it cool. Bombshell doesn't remember still. I think she might have a bad time, we need to not freak her out.

Pussy looks up at me wide-eyed as I dreamtalk, then turns her head slowly, actually does a cartoon moment-of-shocked-spikes when she sees the monolith, sinks down in the water, still looking.

Welcome home.

"How's it'd going there, miss stargazer? Do we get to know what you heard? Have you asked yet?"

Bombshell does the oops-you-got-me cringe, then very prettily raises her hands to pray pentecostally. Her eyes seem wide and strange when she looks at me, shining in the darkness.

"He said where I got these eyes will come back for me if I say Revelation."

Dolly, lust-check.

Very soft snuggly thoughts...maybe half or three fourths.

"Follow me. Quietly, so we don't wake the sleepers."

Candy--you're awake, good. I have them but Bombshell's in trouble. Pussy's back though. Pretend sleep, I'm doing a thing.

I can't wait to see them! Okay, sleeping sound. Magic's back from your tingles, but now she's out from the booze.

Good. Here we come.

Then to Pussy:

Just play dumb. You're her only friend right now and she'll lose that if you're mine.

She's lost in there still, isn't she, that island! What's going on--

I'll explain soon. Kind of saving all seven of you here, it's getting to be a handful.

I stand, and head for the stairs at the corner of the tub, and the others fall in behind me. As we climb out:

"Check this out. Wish to be dry and warm."

They all three laugh as a gust of hair-dryer blasts us all, leaving me anyway feeling like I just showered. Even between Boobsong and me is nice and dry. Somehow it even got my underboobs. Good one, Dreams.

When we get to the door I click open with my eravahk pointed.

Have to be careful, can't get too far....reach out while bending down, take handle and stand straight up pulling back so the door comes...hehe that's fun your leg pushes your Boobsong's ass apart!

She's moves silently and very raunchily, and I lead us creeping through the door. Magic is snoring the the epic snores of the happily drunk, but I still tiptoe, making my wing-slits glow just barely so they know where to follow. I can barely hear the click of the door shutting behind us over Magic, hehe.

This many steps, turn right--got it, hah. Here's the door. Which I can feel for, but not do anything to, of course. Point, click.

Reach out...raaah...there's doorframe, handle, click super soft, push out...light coming in, oh no, wake them up? Seems okay.

EEEyum headfuzzed!

You are so cute. I lead us out into the antechamber and park Bombshell in front of my outfit sitting on the chez-lounge. Sex lags behind to close my room's door, then stands close. It's driving me up a wall not to reach out and kiss her, or grope Boobsong less sneakily than I am now with my hand tracing her waist's curve (we're really going to get used to this "predicament", I think...).

"What's the verse, dolly?"

"Revelation sixteen, nine through fifteen."

"When I get dressed at all, this is what I wear."

Oh the pegasus thing!

"My companion here turns into a Pegasus--oh, here's one more hint. Look at her."

Find the button--Quick-archive!

Poing! Fresh sheet bare! Really want cum, need candy smell! Yours want to say that!

Boobsong's riot of color flows away like being sucked off inside her, and she's paper-white again. Don't you worry, little pad, I have lots to say...

"She's the white horse of desire from the Great Divorce. I'm such a fool. What is this, then? Think, Rachel, you can get it..."

"Desire's so much more than Jack could face when he wrote that. When it really takes its true form, it's a dragon you ride, not just a horse. We ended a world that way, as dragon and rider, for its sexual sins, last night. Do you want the verse read to you?"

She's whispering something to herself, under her breath.

"...secret name, the secret name on their leg, language nobody understands, is colors. Thigh high stockings saying your name clear as Sunday bushels--baskets I mean--Rainbow. Rainbow sunshine--starlight--what's that sound I hear--TARDIS groans, racket of gears--what's that mean, I hear like, songs playing, actually seems like that sound could be--Fairy drums, beating so hard, take off your clothes--come around, come around, hearing this sexy sound still but your heart can pound! DOWN THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS, UP THROUGH THE WELL! You took me right through that and I thought you were an angel oh Rainbow--I--are we in Heart Home?"

She bounces more and more as the song takes her, looks at me for the full-squee down through the looking glass, then gets all whispery to ask where we are.

"Nope, but if you feel up to an elevator ride, I'll show you where we are. That is the for real Painted Sea out there, though. I'll explain everything, just hang on."

I face her and hold my arm out to invite--there we go. She's tight-nuzzling against me, arms around. Hey, Boobsong's short of handmaiden hugs. Click.

Super snuggly hi Bombshell! Arms have to stay like this but body can snuggle!

"Hi, Bombshell."

"Hurry, Starlight says, and I was just standing there--"

"Shp. None of that. You were messed up by literally hell. You got thrown there, I picked you out with the Dreams help, it's a long story. Do you wanna hear it, or see the elevator ride, or shall I just knock you out with super-spiked eggnog like I did Magic?"

"What's the elevator about--oh to go outside. You have a penthouse--wait a minute. You wait just a minute missy, why's the outside of you castle house green copper and white marble? Where is this?"

"Well, I do have some housemates you probably don't wanna call me missy in front of, but they might not be here yet. Do you want me to say it, or would you like to see for yourself? Boozenog either way, I'm prescribing you."

"I'll see it!"