31 - Yes, Virgin


My mind, entirely without the game's help, splits into two parallel tracks. 

In one: Of course Guinan's a Time Lord! It really does explain absolutely everything about her character. Hell, this probably even the real Whoopi Goldberg being a Time Lord spending a lifetime on Earth incognito as an actress just to make sure her favorite TV show gets made.

The one that has control of my mouth says, after a long pause staring into the heartbreakingly beautiful madness in front of us, says:

"Okay, good one, you got me."

"You're standing in a faithful recreation of the ship's bar from the Enterprise made by a sentient shapeshifting submarine with sails on the outside, holding your demon girlfriend by a leash made out of videogames looking at the underwater civilization called Rl'yeh Sade because it's the place wet dreams go when they come to life, and your problem is with Guinan walking up behind you and telling you she's a Time Lord?"

God damn but it sounds exactly like her. I turn us around to look at her. Yes, it's exactly Guinan, and her clothedness reminds me of my lingerie.

Interestingly, it's exactly Guinan, but not exactly Whoopi Goldberg. The face is close, but...almost as if in the ways Whoopi Goldberg isn't precisely Guinan, this precisely is Guinan.

Turn following Mommy hehe have to be fast fuck it totally actually is Guinan. Look at Mommy can I talk?

Go ahead, snugglebutt, I think, speechless.

"Are you actually Guinan like did you take a time machine to Earth to pretend to be an actress so that when they were about to cancel TNG you could be like No I want to be on Star Trek and make them keep making it because if you are THANK YOU SO MUCH I LOVE IT SO MUCH."

"That's the first time I've ever had to ask if someone can read my mind. Yeah. Think it was worth it?"

This is not allowed to be a p--slip--I can't actually think this might TRUE, I whine inside.

"Why are you here, then? Please tell me it's not to say hi to us--not you Guinan's--you're--awesome, I just already did the 'chosen one everyone is waiting for' thing already."

"Everyone resists the call to adventure, honey. No. I'm here because this wonderful ship we're on called me as soon as she saw me and said 'come see my Ten Forward and meet the fun people I have inside me right now they're all into Star Trek', and here I am."

Game, PAUSE.

Instantly there's another double-ding pause-sound as the world rainbowfades to blackness and we're back in the floating nothingness of Pause.

Snugglebutt, do you have any idea what the fuck is going on here?

No Mommy but the Four Dreams aren't saying she's lying or telling a story so I'm thinking she's actually a Time Lord until something tells if that's real.

...oh. Are the Four Dreams fast enough to grant wishes while I'm paused like this?

A giant, block-capital YES covers my vision for a moment.

Dreams I wish to know if "Guinan" here is telling the truth about who she is.

In response, they show me...Santa Claus?



It's a good thing I just...everything, or I'd feel ridiculous asking this:

Four Dreams, is there actually a Santa Clause, like literally in the Yes Virginia sense?

YES, they reply.



In the same way that there is actually a Guinan (which is apparently literally)?

Yet another YES.

But...how? Is someone out there making mythological figures real whose not being would make fools, little children, and ships named Enterprise cry?


You're fucking kidding me.

NO, and it lingers for long as if to say we would never...but...really? They created a whole person just because it would be lame if we couldn't meet her when we walked into otherwise-perfect Ten Forward?

Mommy it's millions of people, not just you and me. Remember wishes made with love come to life. You wished to meet her when you were watching TNG every time I saw you imagined it and thought how you'd ask her for advice and she'd say something all like wise and insightful.

That's how Santa Claus and Guinan exist, right Dreams?


Okay but you just said--suddenly I realize that the Four Dreams have been replying in my teravolt-blue-glowing black-mirror hand and I didn't recognize it because the crunchy VT100 pixels have been replaced by smooth feminine curves.

Dreamer and Dreamer and Dreamer...or rather Monster and Monster and Monster...fuck.

Okay I still can't believing I'm asking this, but...you're saying here Lyra and I can literally write an actual Letter to Santa Claus and there'll be a place we can send it and...get presents on Christmas? Just like we can walk into Ten Forward and have Guinan sneak up on us and give--I catch myself ahead of the big word this time, gulp--weird but really good advice?




It's Christmas Eve Mommy our seed-ghost told me remember? If we hurry we can still get a letter to him, right Bones?

How does this all manage to keep getting weirder.

I...don't know what to even start asking for...my mind wobbles, feeling over-full.

Top, Write letter to Santa Claus and send it, Get out to the field before midnight

The game takes hold of my tippy, straining mind to pick words for me. The meeting with Guinan is because we both wished we could meet her, and we should have fun playing along with her actually being a Time Lord for a minute, then sit down and watch The Next Generation with Rada and Jackson and Klapta because I am getting ready to have a breakdown from being hit with so many strange things all at once.

Knowledge: the game is unpausing, and won't let me pause again until Star Trek is over, and Pause can't always be used--the game has to think it's appropriate.

Guinan's face blueshifts back into focus, and the world starts again.

"I'm so glad you came it's awesome to meet you! How do you like this Ten Forward so far?"

"Aren't you sweet! I like this Ten Forward just fine--only thing it's missing is a barkeep! Now before you go asking for presents, tell yourself one thing: you aren't the one they were looking for. That'll keep you on track. Go have your lunch, now, I think she's starting to collapse."

...oh. I'm the lunch. This idea actually comforts me enough to have fun with this.

"Yeah, kinda...you're a Time Lord, you see all kinds of weird stuff. How do you deal with this?"

She smiles kindly, pets my upper arm soothingly.

"Just stop trying to get used to it. Then you can actually deal with it. Until then you're going to keep freaking out. I'll be on my way now, but I can't imagine this is your last time in Ten Forward. So long!"

"It was so cool meeting you!"

When it starts to come out all fanb--slip--fangirly, I lean into the squeak. It's me. It's true.

"You too, sweetie. I'm sure you'll be as fun as you're hoping when the time comes."

Guinan whisks away, headed for the bar. I cast about for Rada and Jackson, see them sitting in a theatre-looking area to the left of the entrance where TNG never shows, and nudge Lyra ahead to take us there. Rada twists around in her chair as we approach, amused.

Knowledge: Guinan and Santa Claus and other beings like them are trustworthy. The Four Dreams don't create nightmares. I can ask the Bones if I think someone might be one, and they'll tell me if I'm likely to miss it.

"Come sit! I made a snugglecouch like you were on in the nursery."

In my state all I can really process is that the wide-seated sofa-thing is for Lyra and I, and lead us to it and plunk gratefully into its Starfleet-bedsheets satiny and overwhelming comfortable plush, pull Lyra beside me in case I need her to do...anything.

"What series--TNG, right? Do you want me to start with Encounter at Farpoint or skip the first season--"

"Klapta honey, just let poor Blu'eyes enjoy her Earth-food if that what she has in there. I'll pick the episode and you can tell me if you've seen this one, Blu'eyes, yeah?"

I nod mutely.

Mommy what about your clothes-rule? Would you like me to ask for you?

Bones is Rada like Guinan, I find myself thinking instead.

NO, they answer, in a flash that's gone the instant I see it.

Okay then.

Yes cocksleeve, do it. Good cocksleeve for reminding me.

Get up so Rada can see me.

"Rada thank you for dressing my Mommy so beautifully, but her game made a rule that she add one thing from clothing she owns to an outfit, or decide to be naked instead, and she's deciding to be naked so she doesn't wreck your lingerie, but her game says she has to take it off in front of you, if you want to see her get naked, so she would please like to know if you'd to watch her undress."

Rada looks me up and down, considering. I gulp and try to exude please be kind to me I'm falling apart even though her attention warms me.

"I'd love to watch. Do I get to decide how she does it?"

Knowledge: right now this is my choice. The game will decide if it should ever change that.


"I'm sure Mommy wants to please you, but the game says she has to decide this."

A strange heartbeat passes in which, untouched (or at least not directed) by the game, I can't get myself to answer. I'll just do it right here, I keep trying to think...but I'm in a theatre. Can I really say I learned anything tonight if I don't get up there in the black void that will presumably become a screen soon and perform? I can't take that though! I'm already--this all--

Except, when did I stop being okay? When I was the last in line, and the performing stopped carrying me along.

This is insane, I think as I get off the couch, nudge Lyra a bag down, and tug at her leash to follow me.

Up follow Mommy this going to be so hard for you I see so I'll be very carefully helpful I promise Mommy I promise.

Like you ever do anything else, I smile at her as I take my place at the center of the little circle of seating, whirl with a flourish and out of some reflex I didn't know I had, bow to Rada and Jackson, and then pull Lyra in front off me facing me.

Too late I realize I've walked into a spotlight shining in front of them, seeing it catch my hair and make Lyra's sparkles shine.

Okay snugglebutt, the game is faking them out. Hands behind me and pretend to undo my garters. Give them a nice little ass-dance while you're at it.

Eeee I get to be part of your show Mommy? EEE excited okay hands around your waist, pump and sway, wiggle fingers doing nothing hehe.

Now, one stocking off and throw it to--to Jackson because that'll bug Rada--then fake undo my garter belt, then the next stocking...get it?

Bwaha yes Mommy but should I throw everything to Jackson?

No. Throw next one to Rada and then throw my thong between them. Got that?

Hehehe that's so cute Mommy yes okay fake garter belt finish by fake pulling its strings way out and then grab Mommy's stocking and sssslide down her leg then under my tail to Jackson hi Jackson wink.

Lyra sliding down with my stocking reveals me to them like slipping a dress off, and both of them are watching with grins, and Rada has her hand on Jackson's cock, though she doesn't seem to be moving it.

Jackson catches the stocking with a grin and fuck what'd I expect to happen holds it against his cheek for a moment, then smells it deeply and somehow impossibly it actually does st--spin--the enjoyment even from someone I'm not into does make me feel better and I wiggle my hips as Lyra slides my stocking off like I'm wiggling out of it.

More. Everybody look at me--


With a rush of heat over my whole body my wings spring open of their own accord feeling just like the sudden and unexpected boners of adolescence...and just as perfectly timed.

The only thing to do is work with it. I grin and raise them high, pulse their light.

Poing back up bouncy--your wings...pretty...

You get your wings out too, cocksleeve. Seed-ghost if she can't already I wish for her wings to be able to glow like her stars.

Implementation complete.

THANK YOU MOMMY! Rrrah glow, wings! Upflap!

Whoah. Electric-purple nebulae fill their membranes, glowing as brilliantly as my own.

Look, little one.


If that's what you think get dancing and make this a proper show.

Yes Mommy! Snuggle right up squish my breasts on you and dance while I reach around. Dance, dance, wiggle untying nothing.

The grace of her dance sets a rhythm, and she seems to know exactly how to use her new lights to--ooh!

Use your wings like a fan-dance to tease with me. Make sure they get lots of good peeps though, don't be stingy.

Bwaha yus! Going back and forth already, hide you with one wing, then other wing, lots of time in between...

Why is this like this. The music in Lyra's motion draws me in and has my dancing counterpoint to her own rhythm--game HELP! I don't even know how to dance WITH music!

It doesn't respond, but I don't stop. It's too much fun, and I know Rada likes watching me look ridiculous, too. Jackson may feel different but I don't care.

Finally I grow the courage to actually look at Rada's face. She clearly thinks this is adorable, and as the warmth that's been draining away while I've been out of the spotlight just these few minutes floods back again I start to understand why the game is doing what it's doing.

I'd think it just had rewired me to want this, but it's not like that. I never knew it was possible to feel like.

Knowledge: the game keeps on making me do things like this so I'll see how I need them--and so I'll learn not to freeze in between. Right now I keep thinking I'll never be seen again when a scene ends.

I resolve to remember while we watch TNG, and be glad I'm watching it naked, and show myself off if catch anyone watching.

Pullll out the strings not really then slink down with my ass out and ssssslide off your other stocking, look back while I'm down with my ass out, take the end with my tail and whip throw it to Rada.

Good one with the tail, cocksleeve. I'm sort of sad I don't have anything fun under the thong to reveal...

Mommy you do unless I'm like right up next to you even I can't tell you just have nothing between your outside lips.

Yay! Then at the end I want you to go down on it for a lick and turn away making a face like you got a drink of my cunt.

HAH YUS! Yes Mommy.

Poing back up here we go. Grab belt again snuggle wiggle aaand strings away from your body but fake now spin facing out reach behind me to grab your thong and slide it down while I get on my knees to show them my pussy from this side down back behind onto the ground you're stepping out of it right?

I lift my feet over it's shiny-ribbon strings.

Whip thong up between my legs and throw it between them bwaha I'm naughty smirk.

Now back up for your garter-belt for real.

Jackson snatches it out of the air in front of Rada's rising hand, appreciates it smell even more than the stocking, and my face heats as Lyra slides up my legs and goes for my garters at last.

Undo...stretch grab them...there untie...pullstrings out whip them OFF wait Mommy where throw--

Between them again, let's see who's getting married next.

Bwahaah yus! Spin hurl!

It arcs out of her hand, then...turns around in mid-air to splat on my face!?

BWAHAHA DUH Mommy you asked a far-seeing question and did a ritual to tell us the answer and you did get the answer and it's you're getting married next, remember?

Oh my god--

Oops right it's the end down kneel and llllliiiiiiick mmmmh it tastes like your cunt too Mommy!

When her tongue touches me my gasping open mouth and panting moan are as much of a surprise to me as anyone, but totally genuine.

Turn back around snuggle you still on my knees and look horny and lick my lips all sexily. Yum that was good see?

Giggling, I pull the garters off my head, walk them to Rada and with a naughty grin hold them out precisely between her and Jackson, grin when she gives Jackson a Look and takes them, then silently make the hands-together "thank you" gesture with a tiny bow and flounce over to the couch with its waiting yummy boring food, remembering to flumph my wings away before I sit just in time, and stick Lyra next to me for whatever new thing I'm kind of excited to find out I can't do.

I still need it, but I feel several million times better than when I sat down the first time.

The thing is, I really do feel grateful. Words weren't right, but they were in my heart: thank you for watching us. I hope you had as much fun as we did.

Because I know you had fun too, cocksleeve.

As soon as I've processed this and understood I sigh with relief as the game lays me down on the couch, displayed on my side as before, helpless again, and instead of feeling too much it's so comforting. I'm angled so Rada and Jackson can catch an eyeful easily but there are no decisions to make about how to display myself or whether to try and be eye-catching and all.

Eeep? Oooh game Mommy display. Move so I'm facing you.

Well, I guess you're feeding me after all. Lay on your tummy and get--

Knowledge: the need to display myself means she can't be covering me from Rada and Jackson.

Right! And I already know her mass isn't conserved. Shapeshift into a cute snuggly-sexy doll that's still big enough to feed me and get that bag open, cocksleeve.

HHaaaaaahh wwoooow eep that feels so good though it's like having your hands on me!

The result is hilarious! She shrinks to maybe eighteen inches tall, and her proportions change to be like one of those ancient Venus states they find in caves.

Okay. Fuck so tiny! Huge Mommy want to be lost in you! Bag. Tall as I am now! Able to walk? Yes up barely wobble wobble giggle this is so tricky!

Bag. HEAVE try to climb up to see inside. Can fly? Flapflapflapbbzzzzz I can fly like this! Sweet!

See inside McDonald's bag.

No WAY! Mommy the bag is actually like, holding the idea of McDonald's food. Do you still want McNuggets I think it can make you anything.

I'm too busy giggling at her flight to get this at first--I can think this whole situation is too weird for words, which would be boring, or find it hilarious instead, so I'm laughing. I wanted to be a fairy queen, and here's my loyal little subject! With her wings shining so bright and blurred she even looks a bit fae.

Wait, anything!? If this is maybe my last chance we'd better just go through the menu...

I don't think it can run out, Mommy.

No way. I just want the McNuggets meal now then. I got kind of geared up for it.

Yes Mommy. Reach into bag, have--wait hot ouch it's right at the top! HEAVE pull out large fries set beside bag don't get french fries on Mommy they're HOT.


Sauce is already on top? I didn't choose yet? Duh, only kind Mommy likes, no choice.

Now take out Dr. Pepper that's what you always get when you can right Mommy?

I nod, still grinning at her cute performance--and feel my antennae bounce. They must have been sproinging all over the place while we danced, no wonder Rada found it cute.

Oh well. As long as she had a good time, I'm happy.


Need straw, bag. Nice! Curlystraw! It'll reach Mommy without picking up drink yay that was HEAVY! Weighed more than I do!

Set everything up for you right Mommy? Then feed? Where would you like me to start? The fries are just the right temperature I bet the nuggets are too.

Good cocksleeve, yes. Some fries first and then let's try something, see if you can just watch me and feed me what I feel like next. Same with the drink--did it seriously give you a curlystraw!?

These odes to swooping plastic nonsense were a childhood obsession of mine. Getting McDonald's to hand them out would have been...awesome, and Lyra must have remembered.

The game picks my thoughts for me suddenly: Hyperintelligent Lyra knew how to use the knowledge she had of me without being flipped through her pages, and she used everything she knew of me through making all of this game.

Now it tells me this thought-picking is made from her knowledge. If I think it's doing a good job with that, it means she really must have known me, and her small self can be proud, if I tell her I think so.

The game lets my head free--

Mommy you can tell me you're naked I'll see anyway. It's okay whatever you think

Please like it please like it please like it....

You saw me getting spanked, little one. Good job. Be proud--and I'm proud of you, carrying this off with any amount of smarts. Nobody but you could ever give me this.

EEEEE You're proud of me that means I made the game right! I know you keep saying you like it Mommy but I made such a scary game and didn't give you a way out of it I just keep getting scared you'll hate something about it.

Oh, that's easy to fix, I think.

Seedling clutch: query: worrying more than passingly about whether I like my gift: off.

Eeee Mommy thank you! Please I want more control Mommy.

With a grin, I add: everything but feeding me and snuggling and watching TV with me: off.

Take french fry up flap to your mouth put this one in. Mommy take fly for another. 

It's...a McDonald's french fry, exactly that, nothing more or less. It's not even perfect--there's a little soggy bit. There is absolutely nothing to report, and that makes it perfect.

Aah startle look at screen EEE Star Trek! Oh my fuck it's 3D how.

TNG, on the other hand...Lyra jumps when the void of screen fills with stars, and sure enough, it's 3D holographically filling the space, and the resolution is insane, not the slightest hint of a scanline or pixel to be found.

Chills run down my spine as the thin introductory string plays--and I recognize the projection tech, which I've seen once before.

Of course.

My clutch spins when I try to dreamtalk--it's already obvious that talking's not going to be an option as the game entirely handles eating for me--my recognition out to the ship. Who else but Lyra's sister would go for She-Ra out of all the possibilities, seeing me with my eravahk held up like that?