53 - Trophies

"How...big is that?"

Light shines from a squarish wide thing that must be the size of a largish galaxy, the way it hangs behind the waves beyond the planets stars and nebulae, words begin to scroll up and everybody bursts out laughing as we realize what we're seeing.

"Cocksleeve, you are so ridiculous. I love you to pieces."

It's the credits rolling, on our old life being over.

"I love you too Mommy! I know I made this one because I let myself remember. Quick face forward!"

We all turn to look ahead, I realize why the planet looks familiar, as white words with fading blue trails exactly like StarFox's opening would look with infinite resolution zip in from the sides of the view to meet in the center ahead of the ship:

Plowstar Game Studios

Cocksleeve...squeeze you...

Squeeze Mommy!

Brilliant-blue snowshoes, crossed the way we hung them up in my childhood home, sparkle into being like a constellation materializing behind the words, and I burst into tears.

"Lucy? Hey what's wrong?"

"Plowstar was my family's farm when I was little. Lyra and me met there, implanted..."

She leans a little harder into me, comforting, and Rada hugs me tighter too.

The snowshoes burst into a shower of stars, and the words zip back apart.

There will be one more studio or production company, I predict, remembering the hundreds of fantasies of the opening of the game I would make one day she watched to make this--cocksleeve don't tell me.

New words zip together:

An Imaginary Friend Production

"Bwahahaha I love you," I laugh and wail at once.

Wait Mommy it isn't finished yet.

The words imaginary friend evaporate into swirling vapor that rearranges into the actual title:

A True Love Production


"Mommy I truly really love you."

"I love you too!"

The words swirl into vapor again, reform into the dedication:

For Isht Visht, Lucy and Rada

Each name is laid out underneath a (32x32!) icon representing us: Isht Visht has a silhouette of the boat we're in now, I have my butterfly wings, and Rada has to my smirking the deep-sea fishing net she probably would have used instead of the rings if she'd guessed me just slightly more at peace with my submissive side. Maybe we can have another go soon...

Mommy that was my fault I asked her not to freak you out please.

You made the right choice. I giggle to myself, trying to imagine a time when Rada's greeting would have even registered against the background of my entire existence.

The names zip off with their blue trails, my butterfly fades away sparkling brilliant blue, while Rada's net captures Isht Visht's boat and drags it "offscreen", making both of them giggle.

More blue-zippy words replace them, this time in childish, small swoopy fast-drawn handwriting that has to just be Lyra's because I'm instantly in love with it--and giggling more at the content:

Every one of you makes me super wet!

Mommy yes that's how I write.

Never change it.

Rada (at least she can laugh, poor enviable thing) and Isht Visht burst out laughing, and I glance at Lyra. Her head is turned forward to watch, so I lick her cheek sloppily.

AAAH licked! Mommy you're so silly I don't mean that way!

YUM! Neither did I. Am I wrong?

Hang my head submissively no Mommy that made my pussy wet.

New words zip in now, underneath the dedication, making Rada and Isht Visht laugh even harder, making me blush:

Mommy surprise I have you!

"Yes you fucking do. Good job--"

Sea-green words in a spidery-spooky hand zip in and make Lyra's declaration push right, and now it's my turn to laugh while Rada silently cuddles her seedling:

Surprise Captain I have you now!

A final line appears, in the Chicago font she's been using for most of the text:

And we all have each other!

All the text zips off, leaving the space ahead empty--

Suddenly a roar like thunder surrounds us and white shiny metal pointed wings and sparkling blue G-diffusers erupt from underneath us to take up station of Isht Visht's port bow. The Arwing does a barrel roll, flips onto its right side to show its cockpit empty (and obviously arranged for Arwing road-head), and flies off, its acceleration booster firing to blast it into the distance almost faster than my eyes can follow. Rada steps out from under my arm, grins back over her shoulder at me, and dives for Isht Visht's winches.

The deck lurches under us and I stagger as the world seems to tilt backward: we're accelerating.

"Down, cocksleeve, and hold on with me!"

Plop down off you eeep falling grabbed up WOW.

I fight my way to the port side and grab the rail, manage to pull Lyra up beside me on the nearly-vertical deck, get her nestled in front of me so her weight's on me.

Rrrraaaah WOW RADA! GO SIS!

This is nothing like the brutal-but-direct Command Module ride: whatever winds power us at this ridiculous speed seem fickle and wayward, and the glances I steal at Rada between searching the sky for a sign of the Arwing show her working the winches furiously to adjust our course. Some kind of escapement systems seems to save her cranking, but she's busy nonetheless and the deck sways and tilts under us, now as much wall in front as floor below.

I've not yet seen her look so happy, or so herself. Why did she ever make Isht Visht be a capital ship? Everybody knows skiffs and fighters are way more fun.

On which topic, any sign of our ride, cocksleeve?

It's super tiny far Mommy I can see it though! Look through my eyes Mommy I'm staring straight at it!


Act out choice to ride physically.

Ride! Grinning in remembrance of her pony form (why did that freak me out so much? She was still herself, of course I wanted her), I slide the hand I have around her middle with a hold-on squeeze up to her horn, close my own eyes, and--

Framed by wisps of silver hair and a much bigger-seeming Isht Visht, in the middle of her vision as clear and vivid as my own sight, I can see the tiny spark of the Arwing's engine.

We're gaining, fast...but what are we going to do when we catch up? Will Rada be able to use her nets, or do we not have that item yet?

Her horn in my hand--cocksleeve surely if you can do ODN protocol you can do Sanyo PPM?


The mental image of making her sprout RC transmitter joysticks from the tip of her horns makes me giggle, but--I sigh happily as all the pieces click together like, yes, realizing you have all the right items to solve a Zelda puzzle and know just how to do it.

Game, drag us up front where we'll have a clear view and tie us in place with my hands free and Lyra's tail free.

Tentacles erupt from a place by the anchor-holes at the bow and gently caress their way around my legs, hips, and torso and the surprise of their surrounding my view entirely without touching my face makes me realize I'm still seeing through Lyra's small viewpoint and blink my eyes open to see tentacles writhing their way up me to hold us together and pull us to our new station. They sit me reclining and wrap around Lyra until only her tail has any slight freedom and position her ass right where my clit sprouts from my mound still so it's pressed in between our bodies held tight by the tentacles.

Unf hot Mommy squish grind get your clit...right...there.

With Lyra in place on my lap the game pulls my legs open and something wet and hard pushes into my ass without resistance because the game keeps my hole open.

"Hey Lucy your game says I get to fuck your ass!"

I struggle in the tentacles, but the there's no escaping. I can't even fuck down onto it more.

"I didn't know you had a coooooock," I moan happily.


What is with me that being raped makes me feel so loved I want to cry? Like, the goalposts have been moved enough by everything that the idea doesn't just instantly make me go insane (or maybe it already did...), but, seriously what the fuck!?

Knowledge: I should ask Rada that.

As soon as--no, that's not my life anymore. Need, game.

Hey girlfriend! Your game says you need to ask me why rape makes you happy.

Yeah, but how are you dreamtalking right now?

Turns out the penetration thing works both ways and my Klapta counts as me fucking you. That's on my orders, but I guess you can hear her willingness. Hear me out before you judge this, okay? Our family came out of a prophecy for a reason. We all need some way to be held so there's no escape for us. Lyra and Isht Visht it's obvious. Cocksleeves need to be held by someone to have life! You and I are subtle. You're right about me, I can't stop unless something forces me to put down my spearfishing and go have the home life I've dreamed of for centuries. You, Lucy, can't let yourself believe people want to keep you, which is why Lyra's game put you and me together. We don't have a choice now, but you are still the prize that I've been trying to capture all this time. You hear me, girlfriend. Twenty thousand years I hunted virgins, looking for the one who had the thing I wanted. You know what it is? Why I'm all obsessed with you?

NO! I totally can't understand it! In all that time surely you found SOMEONE better than me? If you just love me fine I love you too but I really don't think I'm a PRIZE!

But I don't want her to just love me. My heart leapt when she called me a prize, even though I can't possibly understand right.

Let me tell you then you big dumb bouncy bombshell! Have you ever even had a lover say you're wonderful? I bet you Lyra wants to tell it out so all the stars can hear her! Don't you wonder why she isn't worshiping you constantly? Klapta saw her kneel for you right when you were looking out the window after I'd captured you, but we haven't seen her bow and scrape except one second just a little while back. I think your heart just doesn't let her, because it didn't let me in until I raped you either. This family has to be like this to give each of us the kind of container we need to live happily. My container is the only fighting I can do now is to take care of and show my love for the people in our family. Your container, Lucy, is to be happy sweet and helpless and know your family loves you. Funny that we're opposed like that, yeah? I think the game did that on purpose. What you have that I've been looking for is somebody who can take being a trophy to remind me my work was actually helpful. If you accept your game as easily as it sounded when you helped me accept my own game, I really made a difference! Now that you've outgrown me that fact you call me girlfriend and look so dumb and happy when I call you names like bouncy bombshell is such a validation of everything I worked for. I helped you see the pleasure of submission, you from Earth where pleasure in submission is talked about like failure. Now I get to have you for my girlfriend! The game is going to MAKE you. I just get to enjoy it. Nothing I can do but help myself to Lucy whenever my game lets me. Don't you understand how fun that is? You're my masterpiece, but I'm not like a painter who keeps their paintings home to see their hard work become beautiful adornments to remind them of their success as an artist, because my art leaves me once I finish, because I've made it independent! Only you aren't like that. You I get to be with for eternity, and hang you in my couch-room to look at and be reminded my masterpiece is happily enjoying the world I introduced to her. Maybe literally, I think you like bondage, don't you? I don't mean I'll be your dominant, that's exactly the point--I made you independent, and you just want to be with me! You don't have to have me help you and take care of you, and here you are anyway! That's not a contradiction, your game is going to make you, because your game is there to make you live the way you're happy, with Rada as your girlfriend. Lucy I'm so honored that's what makes you happy! You can't be fakely grateful, or even try to help me feel like I accomplished the project I embarked those twenty thousand years back. How much can you even hide your feelings of resentment that I'm not there to fuck you personally? I know you like my Klapta, but I see you want your girlfriend's cock inside you! If your game won't let you hide that from me, I surely know you're happy to be with me!

So why you like me to rape you, can you see from here or would my silly Fairy like to be talked down to?

There's no way I can process with my brain buried under this many layers of 'but--', I need her to, and yet the answer would still be yes anyway. Two humiliating nicknames and I'm addicted, what the fuck!?

I don't care if I can see from here because it makes me hot when you do it! Please would you?

Of course I would! It's simple, honey. Pleasure in submission's addicting, yeah? You LIKE your low expectations, I can see it clear and bright from all the way back here. Fairies don't have reason? Sign me up for that! You should seen your face with Beverly when she asked if you were verbal! PLEASE BEVERLY MAKE ME NOT BE WITH YOUR STAR TREK DOCTOR MAGIC! The pleasure of submission for cocksleeves like our seedlings is they can work and fight to please us, but working isn't your way. Yes I see your joy in whoring. I don't mean you can't do it. Your sex work is delightful, I just don't think it makes your heart sing like being helpless while you're taken. What rape like this is saying, is that you still have value, even if you can't do anything, or even let me fuck you. I fuck you like a trophy, and it makes you feel like one. Is that so complicated? Your position in this family is you're my trophy spouse. Traditionally to claim one, you give them gold and jewels, and I can give you big ones, but don't they sometimes also get fancy cars and houses? I see you want that Arwing, and I know you have a plan to catch it. I think your game will let you, but Lucy just this one time, let me catch it for you, and give it as a present, to tell you how I love you?

Cocksleeve try to send it a barrel roll. I just need to know if I was right.

Yes Mommy channel 2 is ailerons send it left--SWEET ITS WORKING! Rolling, rolled!

Nothing else will function, I'm jammed, and yet, I know that--the dream that's been haunting me as she dreamtalks, despite everything, drowns me for a second, an unreal flashback of an unreal place that still seems to flood me with the sense of itself. I'd been wandering the grey town that's haunted my dreams for years and come to some kind of dilapidated community home, and walked in, and belonged, and hated myself for it, and hated myself for hating that even as I twisted away because it was full of sickly, broken people, and what kind of person must I be to be so repulsed by them, especially when I am one? But my subconscious isn't as high-minded as the rest of me. My dream was of the garbage heap Eden threw me into.

I'm there now, because I have been this whole time, and Rada's perfectly-selfish affection is lighting it up like a candle, and my heart is screaming once again THIS IS THE TRUE REALITY NOT YOUR FANTASY OF BEAUTY YOU CAN'T FOOL ME loud enough to be heard at all over the wonder around me.

Am I being like the dwarves in The Last Battle? Edmund threw one of them out of the circle and got nowhere, and I've always wondered why he didn't try again and drag one--or just not be such a dumbass in the first place? Jack's imagery was failing him, of course, because the only way the dwarves were going to see the heaven the stable door they couldn't believe had become a portal had brought them to, was to decide for themselves to look and see if it was actually there. They were doomed, because in their stubborness, they couldn't. They needed someone to drag them, through whatever it took, out of the circle.

Mommy listen. The dwarves were super mad, that's why Edmund threw one. If he was slow by dragging them, wouldn't they all fight him? He might be king of Narnia but twelve mad dwarves would still be really scary! You can't beat Rada Mommy so what if you use me to control the Arwing and fight until she still catches it anyway? Isht Visht is really powerful, she'll definitely catch one single Arwing if she can make Galaxy-class starships!

Tears or some strange emotion chokes me. No words will come out, I can't explain, I can't do anything but act, all the while screaming inside that if someone did this to me I'd hate them forever. Orders, act--

"Lucy is my tentacle too far up? You taste horny but your face says I'm breaking you!"

Not even answer to that will come out, my face does feel like an indescribable snarl of something awful and primal, the last thing I want is her to stop taking me I need it like I need air but all I can do is act--

Mommy I see you I say this is you can't call me but I should jump! Control you Arwing RAAH! Airplane throttle maximum! Channel five and six must do something what though find out wiggle there hah boost and brake are six blaster five novabombs empty I guess?

"Sis it's not you keep going if you want to!"

My hands fumble for Lyra's tail, my locked-up brain can't form the order--

Here Mommy tail rrrrraaaah come on please this is an order she SAID she SAID RRRAAAH SEED-GHOST HELP ME!

Shapeshift override: SNES Gamepad

A familiar hard rounded shape pushes into my hands and they claw around it--

Haah hard X press BOOST ARWING BOOST!

It's like the game controlling me, but it's me. My heart thunders hard inside my chest, blood pounds in my ears and Isht Visht's cock inside me feels like it will split me open, and I sob and scream and cry to feel my hands' desperate motion on the gamepad and see the Arwing zoom off into the distance--only momentarily. The deck leaps and turns completely vertical, Isht Visht screams in pleasure, the Arwing jumps a great deal closer, and I realize we've just jumped a thousand miles in an instant. I hammer X to boost more, panicked and unwilling to believe I'm actually doing what I'm doing, raging at myself for fighting Rada's tender wish to please me. What the hell is wrong with me? The Arwing's coming closer, and Rada shoots a net out from underneath the bowsprit, and I barrel roll right through it. The Arwing's wings are sharp and pointed metal, and shred the netting like it's made of tissue paper. I boost again and turn with the control pad to outmaneuver Isht Visht, but the Arwing can't escape her. In no time they've lined up another shot with the net-gun, but this time I just dodge it. Rada turns us sideways, the game swings me and Lyra to keep us facing the Arwing, Isht Visht lurches hard and bends like rubber into hands and face like Andross' in the final fight of StarFox, and reaches out to grab the Arwing. We're sitting on her forehead, so I can't watch her face to know if she's about to do his block-spitting attack--nets. Hundreds of them erupt from where her mouth must be, and I spin and dodge with fury, but this boss is a lot harder fighting backwards! Isht Visht's hand grabs to clutch the Arwing, and I hit the blaster button without thinking, and laser bolts flash out and swat her hand back--

"OUCH that BURNS!"

That's good sweetheart keep fighting! Don't you make this easy, I'll be disappointed!

Be careful what you wish for. Twice a day for a whole year I practiced StarFox, beating it the hard way, to win the competition for which my StarFox jacket should be my couch-room trophy, if it wasn't back on Earth--who am I kidding, it will be in Isht Visht's cargo hold. There is nothing I'm more good at, except maybe playing Lyra. Ruthless mindless reflex makes my fingers dance on the control pad, and I dodge and weave around Isht Visht's net spray, and when her breath is played out, I aim the Arwing straight into her open grasping palm, and use my secret weapon: StarFox has no limit on how fast the Arwing's laser fires, just how fast you press the button. I move my thumb up the controller, tense up every muscle from my shoulder to the button, and make my whole arm spasm, muscle fighting muscle, so my trigger finger vibrates. It takes some strength to do it, and always leaves me panting, but this time I feel my bicep creak like meat in a meat grinder as I scream and make the Arwing's laser tear into her hand with a solid beam of lightning.


Isht Visht's hand becomes a shining cloud of vapor, and I turn to strike the other--where is that hand, anyway? Something strikes the Arwing and suddenly I realize she's made her hand transparent! Arwing blaster fire says lasers in the manual, but acts like Star Wars blasters. How will that affect this? Usually I save my secret weapon to use on bosses as I beat them, but Isht Visht isn't beaten and I can barely move my hand now. Her fingers wrap around the Arwing, so I barrel roll--


Isht Visht's fingers jerk back open and I turn the Arwing sideways to our course to escape but Isht Visht swings to follow, keeping me easily in front. I boost and Isht Visht jumps ahead, sounding like she's spanked or something like it. There's really no escaping, but I have to keep trying anyway. I have to fight until they catch me. I can't believe that I'm like this. Why does Rada like me? I already shot Isht Visht's hand off, how much further can she take this? The hand I just escaped from is reaching back out for me, so I brake to dodge behind it, and Isht Visht draws her breath in like Andross eating slabs to hurl at the player, complete with Andross' sound effect. Too late I remember this isn't in a game without the physics handling player interactions the designers didn't think of. Her breath just keeps on pulling, the Arwing's boost gauge is empty, and slowly and inescapably the Arwing gets pulled right into Isht Visht's mouth!

Hey girlfriend, come see what I caught for you! I know you wonder what the--what just happened. I'll explain if you come down here, come on!

The tentacles release us and set us on our feet, Isht Visht's tentacle slides disappointingly out, and I stand a moment just blinking, Lyra's controller-shaped tail still clutched in my shaking fingers--when I look down over Lyra's shining horns and hair, it's exactly an SNES controller, except the words "SUPER NINTENDO" are replaced by "STRUGGLE MOMMY FIGHT". Half in a trance, I let it drop and look around for what she means by "down here".

We're standing on some decking on Isht Visht's forehead, and to our left behind us is a nice-looking, polished-green-wood ladder leading down "belowdecks".

More leash, eravahk.

Clickclickclick it replies, and leash dangles to my feet between us.

"You guys this is awesome! It's some kind of joint systems thing between the Federation and Corneria! Check it out I want to see inside it! There's definitely Federation consoles AND Cornernia fighter stuff in the cockpit but Captain won't let me look with infrared or anything. Hurry!"

Her words should have more impact, but everything seems far away right now. I lead us to the ladder, start to climb down, have had the presence of mind to make the leash long enough and have Lyra above me so I can watch her squishy gorgeous ass work but still feel as we climb down like I'm looking through her as much as at her, like I'm forever trapped in the Soliton ride with the world around me ghostly distant but the furthest galaxies.

The ladder leads to a wood-and-iron hangar hung with chains, and in the middle of the deck the Arwing stands on its landing-gear (it has feet, not wheels) with Rada standing proudly in front. She looks sure of herself, standing with her hand up on the Arwing's laser cannon, smiling like she's a cat that caught the king of all the eagles from the Hobbit.

We reach the deck, and I start to lead us toward her, and her smile just keeps growing with every step I take toward her. When I get about halfway, she turns to it, bends her knees, and leaps onto the wing, a good six feet in one bound, pulling herself up at the end but still.

Her acrobatics just increase the feeling in my midsection and tingling in my hands and feet I'm getting from her easy self-assurance. My face feels like a sauna when I realize I'm the girl that she's impressing, and the thing I feel inside myself is what girls like me must feel like when they know that someone's caught them, softly wet arousal, wanting her to hold me down and fuck me.

She puts her hands on her hips to smile down at me when we get close, then turns around to show me her lovely sleek ass and climbs down again. I feel dizzy as she turns to me, like the world is shifting...