65 - They Don't Serve Breakfast in Hell

Urgent to be ready to get out, I snap back into my head and pick Lyra up where she can see me. What do you think, dolly?

That's super awesome, Mommy! The strawberry eyeshadow is so silly! It makes me think of your cum though now I'm hungry.

There's an icon in the corner of my vision when I look at Mama in front of me, but I can't understand it: a cartoon sea serpent is weeping inconsolably--Mama what's wrong!?

Knowledge: I can't understand this one until we have fun watching cartoons with Isht Visht.

I want you to hold me like this and watch cartoons with me so much Mommy I want to sit on your lap and spoon while you lie like watching TNG in Ten Forward.

YES. Now I'm going to cry though! Game Mama's okay until then, right?

Knowledge: Mama has been waiting a very long time for what this icon is talking about. Another couple of hours won't harm her.

Well, okay, but I'm officially raising an eyebrow at you, games. Better make sure we watch cartoons--it's not just makeup and clothes! I'm sure the game will help them subject me to the entire eighties girl canon at least. Come on, dock faster!

The dock comes up beside us, and I can see up close here that it's made to look like the path and lanterns from the intro-scene, made of wood and iron floating on the water on unseen pontoons, with iron-frame embrasures along the length that recall the path scene with the shape of their 'lids'. I feel weepy-strange again to see them, reminded suddenly of my nature.

Mama is up off me in a flash, lets the sheet free and nimbly picks her way forward and hops to the dock carrying a rope.

"All ashore that's coming ashore!"

"My dad always said that as he docked!"

Light from the embrasures casts shadows across her highlighting the subtle curves of her thighs and clit where it pokes out from her pussy--ooh, Mama's horny, she liked sitting on me!

"How do you know I haven't met him already?"

Things are going to turn out to be even so much weirder than I thought, I can feel it.

I leap up from leaning on the transom, make sure I've got a tight hold on Lyra, and step across to the dock.

A kind of strange creaky racket comes from Isht Visht and I look back to see her transforming by moving parts like she's a Transformer until she's changed into her girl form standing there in the water, starts swimming just as she goes under, and then bounds up by Mama.

The rainstorm is blowing-cold with Mama's warmth not on top of me. Too excited to wait, I run up the dock, Lyra clutched in my arms like I'm hugging her, and when Mama and Isht Visht hear me pounding up they bolt too, laughing and running ahead of me up the dock to the path that leads up to the door beside the porch not in front just like Grand Lake to keep the porch nice and near to the water, throws open the great heavy wooden door--wait--ooh. COOL! The whole camp is a mixture of our memories, and the wishes we had to live in a castle! It's shaped like the camp at Grand Lake where it matters, made of stone and is massive. Light streams out from inside once the door's open, we all dash in, and the door closes behind us automatically.

Mama picks up a towel from a table beside the doorway, comes at me, I brace for a seizure, but the terrycloth is soft and seems not to hurt me. Mama's hands are so kind as she dries me...

"How would you like to dry Lyra, sugarcum? There are towels right here, but I bet she won't mind just using the hair-dryer on its highest setting! You can see how she likes it because I'm about to use it on you now."

Mommy I would like towels please if the hair dryer wouldn't please you better.

"I think we both want me to feel her up all over," I grin, because that's what just happened to me, and it was wonderful.

Yes that's why Mommy!

Mama steps back from me a step and puts her hands up like she's framing a picture, then blows a puff through them, and hot air shoots from the hole like from a hairdryer. She moves around behind me and aims the hot air at my waist!? My hair is long, but she's below it--oooh, oh Mama thank you! The air uncurls a trembly unhappy knot of tension of blocking out the feeling of my wing-slits still being soggy because she was too kind to dig the towel into them (unlike under my breasts, which got a nice rubdown), and then she's drying my hair, standing close so she can brush against me while she works.

She finishes, and steps back to admire--oh. Me. Third person still messes with my emotions too much to want to use it to see but I feel fluffy now.

"All ready, sugarpussy. Get Lyra dried off if you're going to so we can get our hot milk drinks!"

To the left of the door there's a curly-legged table with towels, a basket I'm too busy with Lyra to look in, and enough space to stand her on its marble top. I set her on it, and take a fresh towel. Arms up, cocksleeve!

Uup! Mommy my tail is still controlling the Waifu be careful. Should I change it back to be mobile Armatron for controlling me? Mommy what if I make an airplane transmitter and you can fly me like the Waifu? We can do it in here I can fit I'm small enough!

Omigod that would be so cute. Just change it back to your demon-tail for now--what does happen if you shapeshift into two pieces or a piece gets cut off you? Does that make you fork?

Change tail squish make barb normal. Normal means lips like your pussy, you know me that much better now that you know what tail-tip licking feels like!

Smiling, I wrap the towel around her and start to gently dry her hair.

Your hands are so BIG this way! No Mommy I just have two pieces like your clit still being part of you even though it isn't attached.

Her little hair is dry in no time, and I move on to her raised arms, then move my hands down past her shoulders and cover each breast entirely with one of them, squeezing to dry her with the towel between us. Her body is small enough to almost get my hands all the way around it, but her breasts are still big enough to be pleasing, disproportionate like a prehistoric Venus figurine. Her hips and thighs are even more comically out of proportion for a human figure, but they work in combination with body and head being cartoonish, and give her room for a pussy that's obviously fuckable beneath her tiny soft mound. I carefully avoid getting nectar on the towel until everything else is dry, then rub her horns with it the way she did when we first boarded Isht Visht. Why didn't I take the opportunity to dry her like this then? I think I was distracted seeing Isht Visht and Mama and knowing somewhere inside that I was already at home with my family. That's impossible, but that's what it feels like. How could it feel like I'd already met them? Do we have some kind of past life? Is reincarnation a real thing? It seems like everything else is!

Yes Mommy humans reincarnate if they get too unraveled to stay without their brains keeping them but you can't be because I already stop you from unraveling enough to reincarnate and you're Fairy enough to implant me and have me so young I'm a teething ring because that's what pleases you so that means unless you literally died before you were born you don't have a chance to reincarnate because I'm here so whatever is making it feel like we already know Isht Visht and Rada can't be that that's really impossible.

Weird. What the hell, then? What else could it be? Especially since the mention of reincarnation sets me off like the idea of being a chosen one.

With everything basically dry I just wrap her in the towel and give her a good hard rubdown for the pleasure of her soft curves and about-to-cum-face in reaction--

Mommy that feels wonderful it's like you're holding me as Mousie all big and I fit right in your hand almost entirely.

--then throw the towel in hamper under the table and snatch her into my arms, purposefully carrying her possessively hugged against my breasts like I've seen girls do with jackets and things, and turn around to--gulp.


This is the first time I've stood in here, but we're home in a way I haven't felt in so long I thought it was dead and gone forever or just was a ghost created by nostalgia.

We're on the porch of the camp remade through the eyes of someone who has watched every moment of my life and picked out and remembered ever tiny minuscule thing I ever liked or cared about, the slightest thing that ever made me happy. The long breakfast table with benches is there in the all-windows porch but the tablecloth is red-and-white checked instead of blue for obvious reasons but also because with the green-bodied hurricane-style lamps glowing happily over it hanging from their wagon wheel (like they did in the steakhouse whose kids' steaks would be a rare, coveted treat when the farm was doing well and friends were in town) make the space remind me of dinner at Pizza Hut with Grammie and Grampie, dark and cozy with its white-painted exposed studs on the wall beneath the windows exchanged for bare timber like Isht Visht's...interiors when...she's not trying to help Mama forget a past that seems too far away to ever get back to by wrapping the two of them in a cocoon of shining Federation optimism oh my poor Mama I knew I saw something underneath you momming me in that spanking, I just thought it was wishing you could beat my ass like I thought you must be with Jackson!

How perfect is this match, for it to go to this amount of detail so seamlessly? The bare studs inside the camp were my favorite part of it, I thought the structure was beautiful and that the paint in here spoiled the effect. Behind us, the meaning of the white-exchanged-for-pale-sea-green clapboards on the wall between the porch and house sinks in, as does the ease with which it fits with the "outside" windows in it to let the light of the porch into the rest of the house.

...Isht Visht even loves old videogames. Where did you put it, cocksleeve?

Inside by the fireplace, Mommy.

[ Visualize: the huge fireplace from the lodge at Camp Monomonac / question mark ]

Mommy what other fireplace is there? That was the coolest! Remember how you heated up the poker super bright orange in the coals because the fire was big enough?

How can it fit--no, you found a way, didn't you. You got everything. It will all be here. Entranced, I walk along the length of the table into the L-shaped porch. To the left the uncomfortable wicker couch is replaced by something like a couch with a beautiful (and silky-looking) colorful quilt covered in--hehe hentai quilt! It looks like it can unfold into a bed, good for sex while watching the True Sea's glory outside, or the water, or just feeling cozy with the rain and wind lashing the windows like now. There are even iron tie-down rings hanging from the sides of the back, and probably lots of other fun I can't see yet.

"Boobsquee-eeze, come in here! Look what's been waiting for you!"

When I turn around, the red-and-white checked curtains in the window beside the door leading into the camp itself are the most beautiful part of this whole entire masterpiece of a house, hanging there open, waiting for Lyra to play her part in this.

Get big again, cocksleeve. You know what you're doing.

Ulp snif yes Mommy buuuublbe BIG set down. Leash off I understand but don't like not to have one please may I come back on your leash afterward?

Count on being leashed most of the time, and yes.

My heart is strangely fluttery as I take off the leash and kiss her short on the mouth. It feels like I'm sending her off to the end of the...reachest expanse, it's the prophecy. What was the rest of the line? Cocksleeve, with your memory, read it off to me!

It said, Out of the fire she will strike with lighting and thunder into the reachest expanse to one last release of her ender.

My fire was out but I struck with the light of crying for my lost companion making thunder just by being near stuff and literally into the reachest expanse the space between us now in which my hand reaching out for hasn't touched her the sadness the opens out in that space was my targeting dot for of all the doors I opened...to one last release of her ender, because I released her and me from Earth at the end of it, yes, but then why would the prophecy be written so I would blunder into that odd word combination here?

Slowly, I put the leash back on her, command it to lock tight. Brace yourself, tough little demon.

What? Omifuck yes Mommy please right that's what you're doing here that's why it's one last release of her ender? Brace myself face all demon-strong rrrr READY.

She sets her teeth in a cute fangy grin and her eyes go silently challenging. I grab the leash in one hand, her shoulder in the other, and yank with all my might.


It hurts her, but I remember the game with my flower, and haul on it until we're both panting, then let her shoulder go and hold out my hand.

Haah...awesome yes take your hand grab it so tightly. We're going in like this, right Mommy?

Yes. Do you understand why?

Yes Mommy the reachest expanse is the space between you and me and it wasn't my place to be here with you out doing errands with your family I went with you all those times even if I was physical like the changing history visions I can't close curtains when I'm in the car with you!

Good cocksleeve.

It really is a masterpiece. I've been finding myself mainly carrying the eravahk in my left hand, it's round thin handle reminding me so very much of Little Thingie, but this I can never put down or forget. I'm not even sure the hack of possessing Lyra to let me hold it in her hand will work. It isn't the game's place to do the same thing with Lyra, binding her to me, but it can give me the pieces, and I can choose to put them together, which is the only thing I'll do if you give me these pieces. The leash can come off her neck for those times when it's not practical, but let me guess game or seed-ghost, there will be some kind of way around that, too, huh?

Knowledge: the leash can pass through any object it needs to to keep from getting tangled (unless I mean to use it as bondage cord, which the game thinks she would be incredibly horny for).

Well then, that's one last release of my thought it was just a videogame fantasy that turned out to just be the real thing. It still doesn't feel like enough, though. I must have control of this, but...like being fire in an embrasure, I can limit that control--no, this detail is important. I have to be able to change the toy, because the toy never was her, just the surrogate by which I could feel as firmly attached to her as through five feet of duranium or mithril or whatever epic material this chain is at the moment. It has to be removable, just not easily.

Mommy that's awesome please do it yes I want to always forever be your leashed cocksleeve!

I know, cocksleeve, but isn't it so much better knowing you never had a choice?

Eravahk, transform the leash end so it can only be undone by melting it with something like a blowtorch or laser used for multiple minutes with specific intention by me to undo it, and change your handle to be sparkly silvery heartstone like Lyra is made of.

As you command, princess, it replies in a syrupy-wet voice like a less condescending version of the Waifu's stupid bimbo mode.

Yes Mommy I'm so excited you can understand that EEEEE this is going to be so AWESOME!

The handle becomes smooth Lyra skin in my hand, and t here's something like a Federation computer-beep, to show that it's finished. I grab the leash-end again, and think very clearly at it, open for me.

Nothing happens, not even an error-tone. My clit in my purse or whereever it is throbs and my heart rushes with sudden arousal, and Lyra's face and wet lips that form a cute little O tell me she's right there with me.

Holy fuck Mommy so wet now.

Pulled by leash up to tiptoe kissing next...I want to make your lips feel good I'm wet and so horny now commmFFF deep kiss haaah...

An order fucks into my head gently and so sweet like the game sees what an important moment this is. After we walk in and greet Isht Visht and Rada and are sitting comfortably, the game's going to put my clit onto me, and I will caress it until I fuck someone or my seizure comes, right there where all of us are together with hot milk and conversation.

Hot! That's so comfy-feeling!

The image of bending Lyra over--it's going to be the toychest isn't it you somehow found the actual toychest didn't you.

I can't remember you'll just have to see on your own I'm just your cocksleeve I can just be that life's so easy now.

Alright, you be a cocksleeve. Good little squishytoy. That the way I think of to describe her joy in her contained little existence as incandescently happy (and the fact that I get a special exception for the big word I wouldn't normally be able to think), gives me a lot to think about.

Anyway the image of sticking her on the toychest to lazily take her from behind so I can enjoy her like a bowl of bwaha ice cream while we all hang out and chat somehow, and I guess this shows my journey hasn't just been across universes, just sounds so comforting and nice.

Hands clasped tight, leash cool between us as I slide along her to bring her beside me, I lead us through the door and into our new home.

Following Mommy in step across ulpsnif push up against you there I did it I'M HOME WITH YOU!!!!

Even the threshold is familiar under my bare foot--this is Plowstar's threshold. I can't remember, exactly, except that the rough old wood is achingly familiar, and, what else will it be?

Smoothly polished flagstones, like the front hall in Stamford with their sharp edges ground smooth and wonderful colors shining in their surfaces, meet my feet as we step in.

Just like the camp, the kitchen is inside the door, and the first thing to see is Mama standing by the counter and the ooooh flower in her hair that mysteriously survived the rainstorm and all the other drama so gorgeous with her hair in its silky-soft waves down her back and her ass so delightfully soft-looking with her back to us doing something at the counter.

"Boobquish waffles are making and I found syrup and orange juice in the fridge but those aren't the thing I was calling you in for. On the table there, look!"

She nods in the direction of the dining room, and there on the table is Technic set 8880, the original Auto Chassis from the early eighties--no, Earth's version wasn't motorized! FULL FUNCTION, it says proudly on the top of the box, reminding me of hours at toy stores trying to determine if the remote control car I wanted would actually drive or just move back and forth with two buttons. Lyra must have been watching that, and the Auto Chassis was my first encounter with technic, seen in the bedroom of my parents friends'...fifteen-year-old son.

Cocksleeve, I love you so much.

I love you so super much Mommy! It's awesome, let's play with it!

Under the FULL FUNCTION label, the age range is sixteen to nineteen, mocking my upcoming birthday. I want desperately to build it, but maybe I should wait till I'm old enough, I think with determination.

My clutch changes perceptibly: yes I am, and I have to ask Mama respectfully if I want anything else like this where the age range is explicitly stated and I'm not old enough.

At least I can look at it, right game? Let's go--Slip.

Hot. I thought Mama sounded like she was up to something.

Top, Create fantasy house using Legos as guide, Outside part will look in

Outside part will look in...what the hell could that mean? Opening in the corner of my vision, a window like some kind of mini-map shows the back porch and stairway Lyra and I ran from in our journey across Limbo, seen from above like an aerial photograph. The roof is intact and the bushes and plants are in bloom like its springtime, and the white fluffy stuff in the foreground must be clouds on a bright sunny day. Out of porch comes a person with long hair, carrying sticks and a shovel, and starts to dig holes and plant tomato plants that are waiting in pots to be planted. That's just like my mom's hair, but this person is thirty years younger--oh. Game are they both there can I see them? Tears fill my eyes as the map zooms out to show a lake near their house too, then centers and zooms in on a boat with a white sail. A man with a handlebar mustache sits at the tiller, while the captain sits on the rail with the sheet in his hands, leaning out to keep the boat upright. I can't see the captain's face from his angle, but only my Earthling dad would wear the captain's hat that I saw in the visions of him aboard Isht Visht with a button-down shirt and white khakis. My uncle who died of a heart attack two years ago, how is he here?

Knowledge: there are many hard things to accept Lyra didn't know how to tell me. I asked on the raft, is this heaven? She didn't answer then, but in showing me this the game is. Death isn't always an ending, sometimes it's just the beginning. Their story is well underway, now, and I can watch from the skies like this, or go down there and see them, but this gift is because the game knows it will take me time to adjust first.

How do I process that--are they all here? Did they manage to bring the family back together again like they kept always talking about?

The map scrolls up to show a big party, dozens of people on the shore of the lake at a clambake. It's a family reunion, it must be.

Game do they know I'm--up here, down here, whichever way Rl'yeh Sade is from Isla Virgo which is what that is right, do they know I'm here?

Knowledge: that will become clear when we have waffles and toast and hot milk drinks.

Mama comes up and holds out a plate with two waffles slathered in so much syrup I can't see them, perfectly right to my taste. Cocksleeve, take that.

Take plate. Aww, it smells really sweet Mommy she actually felt like your mom when she made this!

The game closes the map window for me, and gives me the Knowledge: that I can wish for it back like the goals list.

I try not to curl up and cry right there.

Cocksleeve, you are a kind and sweet person and you really love me and all of that is all over your game. Good job.

AWWW you're pleased with me Mommy YES I very super love you much.

Mama walks out of the kitchen through the porch door, so I follow her and Isht Visht appears as if out of thin air, bounding from where she was sitting on the counter to follow her Captain. Mama takes a seat at the table with her back to the windows, Isht Visht dives under the table and Mama's hands go under the tablecloth. I start to head for the bench opposite her--

"Pussywillow, aren't you going to sit next to your Mama? Come here."

She takes a hand out to pat the bench beside her--don't have to ask me twice. I need something silly after that emotional ride, so I will Lyra a big ball of orders and poing up to the bench to flounce along it and realize too late that--this porch is a lot higher than it looked like from outside. Bouncy bouncy bouncy hehe I hop the few steps up to Mama, flop down, and squidge up to her, snuggly.

Bwaha silly hold the waffles don't spill any syrup OOPS guess you'll have to lick that off my breast bounce UP follow Mommy it's official I'm importantly carrying waffles see with my head down and them high walk to Mommy and carefully slowly with lots of cleavagely kneel and set the waffles in front of you and snuggle beside on the bench beside you hi sis having fun?

Sweet cocksleeve. Literally hehe! Wear that until I ready for it. Mama giggles as we process up next to her, her hands are obviously on Isht Visht's head at her pussy from her expression, and they seem to work the bouncing of the bench into their fun.

"Hi Mama!"

She grabs my chin and gives me a syrupy kiss.

"Hi Sugarsweet Pussy!"

Well cocksleeve, this should be interesting, how are we going to fit sex back here? I'm ambivalent about the order from before because I really want to know what's about to be said and how Mama knows exactly how I like my waffles, but--

Knowledge: This isn't comfortably seated. The bench isn't meant to be comfortable. The order takes place after this.

Oh! Nice!

"Mama, these waffles are perfect, and so is my jacket, and I'm not even sure my other mother would know nitrocelluose model airplane dope is significant to me, and the game just showed my other family and I asked if they knew I was here and it said that would be clear after we had waffles and toast--"

The table is set with orange juice and mugs that give steam off and yes there is a plate of nice golden toast with big pats of butter on it.

"--what's actually happening, Mama? I'm not trying to stack chairs but can't you tell me anything?"

"Klapta, that's enough for right now."

Isht Visht appears on the bench beside her, grinning like 'secretly' eating my Mama out under the table was actually getting away with something.

"Eat your waffles before they get cold now! Yes, Boobsqueeze, I'll tell you everything I know, and there are plenty of questions I have for you and Lyra, so I made us this nice big midnight snack to help us digest it all. There's all sorts of things in the kitchen I never heard of in centuries of studying Earth's cultural artifacts! Big tins of plastic that's edible, and chocolate made with the alkali process, it looks like a science lab as much a kitchen! What are you planning to do with that all, Lyra, has your game told you? Just let me ask that so my curiosity stops keeping me from even focusing on my Klapta's attention!"

"We promised you cupcakes, didn't we?"

Slip, no feeding myself, blush. Cocksleeve--agh, she even has to cut them and everything this is so crazy-sexy-whatever cocksleeve feed me waffles watch me for what to do.

Yes Mommy feed you and watch. Take knife...

Drinks too.

"I just thought you meant she knew a normal kitchen way of making them! Lyra, can you duplicate industrial food-products? The fake stuff nobody remembers how to make?"

"Hey sis do like a Frankenstein thing!"

I make sure to radiate approval before she has to ask permission to stop feeding me.

"What do you mean sis OOOH bwaha" Put Mommy's waffles down and pick up my hands for a switch right here!

The lights darken and we find ourselves in a black-and-white movie-set castle full of electrical gear that's zapping and sparking. Lyra's hand raised like it's holding a switch fills with an old-fashioned knife-switch as big as she is with wires coiling to an oven where the table is. Laughing hilariously, I power-chord her full-force hamminess to play along. Have fun cocksleeve!


Thunder crashes and lights flare--in black and white--from the machinery, the oven explodes into pieces, and twelve Hostess Cupcakes with perfectly-right swirls hover where it was, glowing.

Everything glitches back to normal, and we all take a while to stop laughing.

"I'm damn well looking forward to junk food made with love and maybe an interesting new sweetener by my horny little cocksleeve, but can't people still wish for it if they don't have a super cool domestic fucktoy like I do?"

Compliments of me to other people from Mommy...so wet now...

"It's the experience. People want something from a cook who does it the way the planet it came from made the food. Industrial food is so secret, complicated, and unwise, people can't figure out how to make it exactly. You can wish for a cupcake, and the Dreams will give you one, but I want it made the old Earth way. That's kitchen's just like the lab Klapta just showed us, so I feel excited now!"

"How does that even register in kinkiness against the rest of my life, MAMA?"

For effect I rub up against her and then immediately turn to Lyra.

"More waffles demon cocksleeve fuckdoll!"

"Boobsqueeze sometimes you're adorable. I'll answer your question first. Yes I have met your Earth parents. Remember I helped you ask where your mother is, and we got the image of someone stuck in a glacier? That was the Four Dreams playing with us to be nice to you. YOU were stuck in a glacier, Strawberry-sweet sugar-cum! All that blue ice packed all around you. Even your eyes aren't blue anymore, did you notice that? No don't look now I'm just telling you to say how it makes sense that the Dreams would show you that. Now you remember when Guinan took you and your Klapta to a cabin? I was still busy crying after my breakup with Jackson, so I took some time to recover and decided to find out what I could about you, starting with seeing if I could find your grandparents, using the sense of your Earth mother you showed me before in the nursery. I found her, let me tell you that! I sure was surprised, though! Do you know who your Earth mother was before how you remember her?"

"Hey Isht Visht, I need a really nuclear-grade breakfast swear."