50 - The Princess and the Bean

"I'm claiming my sex now where's your clit you can make Lyra fuck me with it while I ride you here but I'd rather stick on your mound and grind myself off on you."

Okay, her affection has me thrown for a loop but I can understand what she wants now.

"Cocksleeve, give me a nice big suck and then slide it in all sensual. Can she touch your pussy to make it interesting? Can you maneuver it to my mound once it's in you?"

"Hell yes I love playing games like this with strapons. Please make her touch me her fingers are soft-looking!"

"You heard her, cocksleeve--wait. I can only cum with Lyra but I was saving my next orgasm for pounding her anyway. I want you to say no, but do you care?"

"Fuck no you're making me cum this time. I'll be a nice girlfriend later right now I need to ride your squishy blonde lap till I cum from it. Get moving I'm horny!"

Laughing, delighted at her demandingness despite how I felt just a minute ago, I give Lyra the nudge to act.

Sweet I've been hoping you'd make me play with her Mommy!

Take a big sssssssssuck deep throat down mmmh--

"Mmmmaaaaah..." I moan the pleasure at Rada.

Pulll you out of my mouth slow with my tongue holding on like I want you to stay inside which I do so its honest okay here we go Rada is holding her pussy up for me...pick your clit up and line it up with my hand on her lips touch her clit but watch out for those orgasm buttons what will those do to me maybe I should make a mistake after all later not this time okay spread Rada's pussy so nicely and gently and tenderly stroking her lips apart to make sure she'll be ready and wet and open...

Rada's face becomes a beautiful O of the pleasure Lyra's giving, and she grinds up and down on me to enjoy it--and then I realize that just because I'm with someone other than Lyra doesn't mean I have to be a passive doll the game plays for there pleasure and--oh. Do I want to be anyway?

Maybe in a second. Decide if you should steal control on me suddenly game that might be sexy.

I get my hands up and run them down Rada's sides, hold the warm soft swells of her hips where they crease and enjoy the sensation of their nakedness. My clutch hasn't changed back from only being able to touch her for my own pleasure (minus things like that hug it would seem), and I bet it's never going to, but that leaves plenty I can do with her. While Lyra 'prepares' her (she's got to be dripping already to see her face) I thrust my hips under her teasingly and suggestively, wearing a grin I hope she'll take as me knowing what I'm doing.

She looks down between and then back up at me and her face gets this wonderful frustrated expression, still shot through with the pleasure of Lyra's careful, unhurried preparation.

"Hey Lucy mind if I feel you up while you sit on me? I actually can't not be I should probably tell you Captain took off my privacy binding so now if you're touching me I feel you and taste you and your ass is delish. How about you sis want a nice squishy cushion after you finish kneeling up to work Captain that way?"

My whole body shakes with laughter.

"Can your cushions grope?"

"Um, obviously, I'm a shapeshiper."

"Well then get busy and don't leave your sister out Cocksleeve you're coming up here beside me once Rada gets fucking maybe you'll come in handy--if Rada approves of course. I just want you to enjoy me, Isht Visht."

"Yes approve have fun Klapta..."

The silky-embroidered cushions underneath me rise up around my ass and grip with surprising force, grabbing at me happily like a big soft hand, and I make my breath dramatically ragged to express the joy of it.

"Silky soft cocksleeve ass on my cushions wet me deep sis!"

Blush "You're so horny for me!"

"Shyeah! You don't think I want to be in a polycule with you so you can not get your ass all over me I hope!"

"Just watch out sis I'm horny too you never know what might happen if Mommy plays me not precisely!"

"Or what might happen if I make some arrangements with Rada here..."

Okay ready to put your clit in Mommy should I keep teasing?

Fake her out once or twice and then give it to her and make sure it stays until she's got it attached.

Bwaha yes Mommy. Put your tip up--

My eyes widen to feel her against me, soft wet and slippery how Lyra's prepared her. I fancy I can feel her heart pound with how much she wants this in the touch.

--oops not ready yet bwehe stroke your end along Rada's lips to make sure they're wet enough. Mommy it smells like she's starting to hurt because of the teasing--

Rada's face goes hopeful and wild then falls with frustration as Lyra touches her and pulls away, then lights up wild and desperate as Lyra strokes her.

"Give it to her, cocksleeve. No more teasing."

Slide Mommy's clit right into Rada sssshuish! Yum nectar squeezed out on my fingers Mommy I can eat it right?

Rada mouth opens wide with relief and the pleasure of impalement and I moan out load at the feel of her hungry wet pussy surrounding me. She doesn't waste a moment and before I can move she has her hips pressing wet and wide against mine and grinding to find the position like she's done this a thousand times already which she probably has and I look at her eyes shut with concentration and want them to look me but not yet she deserves to enjoy this with every fiber of her being.

Absolutely, yes eat it cocksleeve.

SLURP. Yummy fresh like wind and salt water!

This makes me smile.

"What's...come on...funny?"

"She thinks you taste like a fresh day at sea."

"Isn't she so tasty sis? I want a taste of Lucy now how do I get one?"

"You...kiss your sister next time I cum in her mouth."

"Hot, snowballing! Please Captain may I?"

"Yes now shut up let me concentrate!"

Realizing I'm probably not being very convenient I angle my hips towards her and scoot down a bit make myself more of a table and less of a wall.

"That's very helpful!"

The weird joy of the suction-cup sticking suddenly shocks through me and then Rada is fucking--

Bound up be snuggly beside you ready to help if you need me Mommy but your cocksleeve can wait for eternity as long as she knows you happy.

Rada slides up and down on my clit with her eyes on my breasts and then something takes over her entire expression from head to her toes. She stops for a moment and looks into my eyes with hers openly terrified by the loss of control she experiencing, but her heartbeat is pounding strong in her pussy and she squeezes gently and then harder without moving her hips or her eyes so it feels like her fingers exploring to feel out my shape in detail before deciding how best to make use of my clit and the hips it's attached to. Her pussy clenches squeezing pleasure out of me like I'm ripe fruit she's juicing as her hips start to grind around my shaft and her clit grazes my mound in a circle--my Fairy skin sensation can actually feel its little nub riding across my smooth flesh. This is awesome. I feel like a fucktoy like Lyra, just the right shape to give my user the very best orgasm they can take if they just use me and don't think about my pleasure--that would just distract them. I can see Rada trying to say with her face that her game isn't letting her even give me the little attention she had planned to and I'm thrilled to have her just take me like this. She writhes up and down with increasing pressure, driving her slippery bean and soft lips into me, and as joy spreads across my face she looks at me like she hasn't actually seen me yet.

"Yes, I actually like this," I moan out as she grinds me. Her face brightens up and I see her eyes trace a path down between us to where her pussy is grinding away at my slippery smooth mound with increasing urgency and pressure. I must be too slippery to cum on! I slip my hand in between us with fingers extended, tips up, and she instantly positions her clit in the fold in between them, and angles her hips so her clit--aaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!

An orgasm strangely soft and internal like the one that made my heart stop rips through me--and Rada, I can see from her face and her screaming in pleasure. Her pussy pumps hard throbbing grip-strokes around me, and she bears down on my fingers and hips with a strength that surprises me, and her short gasping breaths smell warm with her happiness as her face nestles into my cleavage--her spine must be flexible to do it, but she sure does enjoy it, so I take--slip.

My game must have taken control of my body without me even knowing! I can't move a thing or do anything but just be a puppet as Rada enjoys me. My game makes me keep my hands on the swells of her hips and squeeze tightly and thrust my hips up in time with her grinding, and push my breasts out to meet her head diving into them. She stays there a while just cumming and nuzzling, then comes up for air and just looks at me.

Hell yes go Mommy you were beautiful!

Her head tilts and glances at Lyra. High tight breasts stretch in front of my eyes as Rada dismounts in a single smooth motion and stands back a step on the deck and looks down at me. My game still won't let me move yet? I'm comfy and happy to please Rada, and feel relaxed now in her company the way being used really well seems to make me, but this experience has left me SO HORNY!

Oh. The game's been sneakily picking my thoughts as I went through this as well. It makes me feel pretty when I feel it let go--I always make people happy when it controls me that way. Rada is definitely one of them to look at her face now.

Mommy your cocksleeve is ready just tell her how she can please you.

Not even my voice works, and I can't turn my head to look at Lyra. Suddenly I realize my thoughts aren't my own still--I'm directing their course but I can't decide the exact words or way I emote them inside myself. I have to form intentions like making myself think how this feels from the inside and works to turn will into thinking--that wasn't the wording I'd have chosen, but that's kind of awesome, I like that. It feels like something is inside my chest where a sad empty space was, warm hard and relaxing. It's not quite like having my heart fucked, but penetration's a very good metaphor.

The game moves my eyes up and down Rada so I can take in her beautiful lean body--alright yes I need to have sex now. Jump up from your pillow and get down on the deck and lick Rada's nectar off me with a nectar-soaked tongue and use your whole length for it, now, fucktoy!

The game stops me there. I have a desire in my heart but I can't think it until this order is followed.

Hell yes fresh nectar! Ssssslide off the couch and down on my hands and kneels crawl in between you and Rada pick my face up to look at Mommy and poing up to lick all this nectar yum slurrrrrp!

"Goooood cocksleeve," I whimper as the game keeps controlling everything but which way my thoughts go. Her tongue rakes across me dripping nectar onto my thighs and the seat cushion, making my clit feel its hunger twice over where her tongue hasn't reached yet and I feel so desperately horny to see Lyra give the attention so sweetly it feels like I'm--I'm going to cum cocksleeve get on my clit and pound! FULL POWER HURRY!

Rrrrah POING right up and cockdive well clitdive right FLAP splat HHAAAAAAH penetration YUM onto you RAAAH POUND POUND POUND WHILE YOU OMIFUUUUUUCCK CUUUUUM IIIIIIIN ME THIS FEELS AWESOME!!!!!

Lyra bounces airborne immediately and flaps her wings hard to say on the course she needs to--oh no wait you can't possibly aim--"AAAH!" Her pussy collides with my clit and slides over it like plunging into liquid that clenches and squeezes dripping with nectar squeezed out as she drops into place on my hips with her legs spread apart to show me the empty flat space where her fake clit was. Look at my will and obey me and don't wait for me to tell you to until you're done with this orgasm now fuck me come on do it hard like I told you!


YES MOMMY I SEE YOU WANT KISSES RAAAH Lean me head down and slide my tongue in you that's what you waant unnf Mommy you taste so sexy and frustrated!

Hot cum erupts from inside me and pounds down the path to my clit where it all comes together to fill the shaft tight so it feels like I'll burst open inside her and burst from my tip to fill the wet slippery gap that's created with every upstroke of her intense unrelenting and so very precisely pleasingly caressing attention only to get rammed up inside her when her falling weight squeezes her pussy lips splayed wide against my mound and my shaft feeling loved deep within her pressure and soft slickly-holding insides. Her face leans suddenly in and her tongue is liquid-soft joy pushing my mouth open tasting of candy sex and her love for me. My lips can't reciprocate but she can explore and force her tongue down my throat with gusto which she does when she see how I hunger to be filled just so much so I can feel her embrace more. Her hands are two roving soft warm pads moving over my wet-with-lust midsection left a mess from Lyra's expert but not tidy impact to impale herself and I need Rada I dreamtalk please help I want you to push Lyra onto me with the strength you would use to hold Isht Visht!

"I'm coming, girlfriend!"


Lyra's face suddenly collides with mine and her hips feel ten times more intense against mine as Rada must be answering my dreamtalk with hands on Lyra's back but all I can see is Lyra and that's fine with me as the next wave of my first real sex-pounding orgasm in--since Lego set holy fuck do I need this--as my first real sex-pounding orgasm begins its next wave of wrenching cum out of me as a throb helplessly into Lyra and Rada keeps holding her down with strength that feels like a mountain pushing us into each other--she might not be big like I am, but she's no kind of waif!

I feel as I cum and release all the next and sweet pressure into Lyra that she loves me. Yes Lyra obviously, her love is the ocean I swim in every minute of my existence, but I feel as she pushes Lyra into me that Rada loves me. She knows how I need this, understands gets it that this is the way to be a "nice girlfriend" and knows I would do the same thing in a heartbeat with Isht Visht and her because I already have once when she needed it more than she ever will.



Maybe the prophecy gave us each other so we could have a friend in the multiverse who understands what it is be joined with a creature like Lyra or Isht Visht, and honor our bond and need for each other this deeply. Lyra's weight doubles deliciously with her dreamtalk, our squishy soft flesh pressed together like comfy soft pillows the pound with joy at the tightness of the compression.

It's weird what the game's been doing. As the orgasm ends finally I realize at some point it gave back control of my body and I didn't care enough to notice because Rada's (unrelenting, kind) sweet help made me so happy. I'm thinking my own thoughts entirely now also, but it's like they feel a bit...sweeter? I'm happy.

MMmfff tongue HI MOMMY! Yes yield my mouth open...mmmfh...

I kiss Lyra back at last with furious vigor, pushing her tongue back so I can probe her mouth, then break the kiss and crane my neck to the side to see Rada still standing the leaning over us with her hands pushing Lyra still onto me.

"I love you," I say to her out of nowhere, totally shocked to hear myself say and mean it, and reach around Lyra's back to where Rada is pushing her to yank Rada down to the bench beside me, but she resists, pulling up on me with that same shocking strength inside.

"No, come down here where it's comfortable on the floorboards! I'm claiming petting. I'm holding you now. I bought it fair and square. And yes I love you also what the--what is going ON with us!?"

"I'm still inside Lyra," I giggle, and pat Lyra's hip get up with my free hand.

Slide up carefully past Mommy's face with my breasts all dangly and nice for you brush your face with my nipples haah that feels good pop out of pussy stand up off you and wait for orders with my hands back behind me eyes to floor I feel so cocksleeved right now.

"Sis you look beautioful! Your spots can glow like constellations!?"

As soon as I'm free Rada pulls me up and I shakily get down on the decking beside her, wondering how this is supposed to be comfier but not about to skip out on my whoring. Cocksleeve, down here with us, cuddle up to me be held.

Rada Lays on her side facing me and I lie on my back to give a side to each of them.

Get down by Mommy lie down with my head on your should legs snuggle up and lay one across and be SNUGGLY.

The minute I'm situated with Lyra, Rada strokes my face caringly and then lifts up her head to kiss me a deep hard kiss a few seconds long but full of possessive intensity, and pulls herself close beside me as she presses affection into my mouth.

The floorboards are hard--Isht Visht in her maiden form looms over us behind Rada and climbs down to snuggle her heartformer on the other side and I turn my head back to Lyra.

"Good cocksleeve. That ruled."

I reach my face down to kiss her.

Mmmfff yummm kiss...mmh...

"This is just like the night I implanted Isht Visht."

Oooh Mommy story please can you ask if Rada will tell the story?

Hell yes. Glance at Rada, see her nuzzling happily with Isht Visht, lay flat to look at the indescribable view above our heads and pull Lyra where I can see her shiny horns and hair while doing this.

"Would you tell us the story?"

"Absolutely, but let's be more comfortable first, yeah? Klapta, make a bed here."

Softness bubbles out of the floorboards under us and lifts all into the embrace of soft cotton sheets that sprout a soft puffy comforter of the same material--I try not to stiffen at the touch of this fabric, but can't help it. The garters and stockings were one thing with their skimpiness, but all over my body, I--this is a billion times worse than it used to be. I tremble and grit my teeth, try to explain--words--not be here heeelp--cocksleeve--


"Isht Visht I'm sorry but Mommy can't be in stuff like this cotton it has to be silky or hard like your floorboards or embroidery-cloth on your cushions--yes thank you!"

The the the the static suddenly turns into silky smooth satin around me and my brain starts to work again. I pant from the shock but I don't seem to be harmed or in seizure.

"What the fuck am I," I whimper, pathetic. Good...cocksleeve...always save me that way...

Yes Mommy I'd speak up for you anyway I have orders down inside that make me help if you're dying and can't use me actively like this time.

Oh my god that's so comforting. Good cocksleeve!

"Lucy I'm so sorry what happened to you!?"

"Fairy--it's the same reason I have to be naked. My senses freak out for certain textures and I guess cotton is one of them AAAAH!"

 "Klapta, never cotton when Lucy's nearby. Change your lines from stalkweed to silk while you're at it."

"Aye Captain changing. Lucy please can you tell me what else harms you that way?"

"Poky stuff in my clothing, drawing on paper with chalk, um...just plain too much clothing, honestly. I've always felt like this but it's never been so intense before--thank you!"

The last words come out weepy as I realize their concern for me.

"You guys are so nice. I feel like a pain now."

"It's no trouble for me I'M SO GLAD I MADE THE SILLY STARFLEET BEDDING NOW! Imagine if you'd been locked in my cabin with cotton sheets on the bed! Wake up and find Lucy and Lyra down on the floor without even blankets!"

"After we hear how you implanted Lyra and me have a cool story about your Starfleet bedding."

"Sweet! I can't wait till you tell it! Oooh did you tie Lyra up with them they're thin so they can be bondage scarves when you donxt have rope handy. I still have the design if you want some!"

"Do they come with the nine thousand degree fire suppression field?"

"Why...do you guys know the existence and rating of my fire suppression fields?"


"Bwahahah it's a totally awesome story Mommy please can you let me tell the first part?"

"Sure. This should be interesting."

Mischief demon look for Mommy.

I grin back at her, then gaze up above us, at the unspeakable heavens and the thin line of the beacon we're following.

Top, Use Lyra to reach orgasm while the game keeps you helpless physically, One use of hand while you're glowing

Right! Cool!

"My game just said you have a reward for having Lyra make you cum while your game kept you still physically. You can use your hand only while you feel the afterglow from our sex to puppet me or whoever you had sex with however you want to. I'm the one this time because you had sex with me but it works with anybody the Dreams will let be controlled by your game. You just pick up your hand and move it like you're moving a puppet with strings to use it. Imagine the thing you want to do with your puppet-toy and your game will move them just how it puppets you. They can resist but unless the Dreams set them free of it there's no way to fight back or escape until you don't feel the afterglow strongly enough to feel like you're glowing inside yourself. This gets you more than using it to control people by just asking it because you can use this nonconsensually as long as the Dreams let you while the other stuff has to be negotiated. I didn't know I could use my game's power as a sex toy! That's wonderful!! Game tie Klapta up for me and start teasing her!"

I can hear tentacles grab Isht Visht on the other side of Rada, but I'm too busy considering the possibilities. Hey Cocksleeve, what should I make her do? I don't want to spoil our afterglow but I have to try this.

Mommy why don't you make her keep her eyes open and look into your face while she feeds you a drink from her pussy? It'll be super wet and doesn't have cum in it so you can just enjoy what she tastes like!

Good idea cocksleeve! You get a taste too then.

"Is Isht Visht situated for a moment?"

"Yeah, why--what are you going to do with me!?"

With fingers raised a bit and moving vaguely like what I imagine, I visualize her spreading her legs and running a hand down between them to her pussy to slide three fingers inside herself and cover them with nectar while her eyes lock to mine.

"Oh my...aaah...Lucy your hand feels like--omi mmmh hehe your tongue is all slippery! Is your mouth always like that!?"

It works beautifully, as natural as breathing. Her eyes widen when I lick her fingers clean (slick drippy salty sex goodness oooh YUM), and I send her back for more. Cocksleeve, come get your treat.

Sweet get up you put my face where you can make Rada feed me.

This time I keep her fingering herself a while so I can enjoy her expression. Lyra is eager on top of me, her mouth at the ready.

"Always like what? Did it change from what you were kissing before--oh," I grin wickedly, "how many fingers do you like, girlfriend?"

"Like...wet with nectar that tastes and smells like a pussy. It not very--I didn't realize mmmh while you were aah kissing me because it doesn't break through the why my own tongue has slippery--feeling tastbuds but haah there's...definitely...something just a bit like...pussy to your saliva on my fingertips! I like four FINGERS AAH!"

So she does. Her expression is openly pleased without a trace of humiliation, but I can see what a rush it is being puppeted too.

"What was that about my hand?"

I work her harder with all four of her fingers, make her push them deep inside herself.

"It feels like it's touching my insides! Like your hand's actually in me like a puppet aaah you tell stories to kids with but I have a pussy it can slide into that wants it...what are these aah games doing to us!?"

"I don't know but it's scary how good it feels, isn't it?"

"YES! Oh my god Lucy are we just going to be puppets watching our games play our bodies like this and like that better than being able to have our own lives?"

Her description of being puppeted makes me feel envious, but I'm liking being the one in control of this, too. I bring her hand and splay her fingers between us to see her nectar stretch between them, then get the best idea.

"Let's share, cocksleeve!"

Aww Mommy you're so romantic! Slurp Rada's fingers hehe face brushing mine mmf kiss mmh...

Alright now line up with me and you lick the back and I'll lick her palm.

Haah llllliiiick with my tongue out far to get her whole hand with it hot Mommy tongue haaah KISS EEE! Mmmfff haah so hot...

Our tongues pin Rada's hand between them and meet as her fingers slide slippery between them, making it irresistible not to kiss Lyra deeply before nudging her back to her snuggles. Rada breathes raggedly through it and when I look to see her face she obviously think's we're adorable. I make her cup her own pussy, give it one good hard squeeze, and let the puppet-strings go.

Rada brings her hand up the moment I let go and lays it against my side between us.

"It's like...standing over this bottomless pit, and you're heart is pounding because you're falling and it feels like you're falling and you keep compulsively walking farther from the edge and diving in and yet somehow actually you're standing on nothing without actually falling but you feel everything you would feel if you were falling and it's amazing falling is sexy apparently but...I mean if we actually did fall that would be the end of us right?"

"YES! I don't dare think about things it might do with me not because I'm afraid of them but I think if I start I'll just keep going until I beg for my game to make me entirely into a puppet!"

"Well, one thing I've found helps with that is more reminders just how not in control of this all you are. Rada's game, if you're doing the clothing dom thing to her, I volunteer to be her clothing dom."