33 - The Obi-Wan

Hehe so silly!

They do. You just keep getting cuter.

The game suddenly refocuses me onto the idea of Heart-Home again. Fairy castle!

I feel weird about it, conflicted--the game picks my thoughts for me. I'm scared. Being a girl makes me incredibly happy but it's so naked-feeling, and I keep being forced to act like a kid in a way that makes me feel like the game is trying to make everyone make fun of me and look down on me, and it's combining with being female and my fears as a boy of being made fun of for not being man enough that it's starting to make me fight even though I know it's hopeless. The part of me that's fighting wants to die, rather than be made to surrender, and if it gets power over me, that's exactly what it will do, because it knows I'm already never going to be able to beat this game.

The Four Dreams will keep me from abandoning Lyra, because of how sad that would make us, but I can't survive having this part of me tear me in half like this. It needs me to stay invulnerable, which I can't be and play the game Lyra made for me, and I don't have a way to protect myself at all right now--even clothing is taken away until my collaring Lyra.

The game keeps me still while I think all this. It won't let me move to show me it still has control of me. The only control it will give me, is how fast I get up and walk to the bar and call Guinan by saying her name three times.

She comes up behind me and says,

"I thought I'd be hearing from you again soon. What's got your eyes looking like you're about to fight Q with a toothbrush?"

The game lets my thoughts free. I can't bring myself to look at her, but blurt back as if it makes any sense at all:

"You were going to take him on bare-handed that one time."

"How do you know I was unarmed? There's plenty of space under here for an angelic sword or three."

She's come around the bar, and fluffs her robe.


"I...you said that about reading my mind and it seems like you can. Can you? I know you're like...I mean The Real Guinan with capital letters I guess."

"If you mean did the Bones make me, that's a complicated question. Yes they did, and no they didn't. No I can't read your mind, but I know all about you. Every life leaves a series of choices, Blu'eyes. What's the one that's bothering you this time?"

Ironic--hey, I can say ironic, how about that--laughter shakes me, and I brace on the bar, arms wide.

"That's a hell of a thing to say. No choice, that's...I don't really have any choices now. Lyra made me this game that--"

"I know about your game, honey. What she did for you was amazing, you said it yourself--well, you were about to--and now you're feeling--how's that saying go--up shit creek without a paddle? Don't answer that, I already know. You're not upset that she chained you, especially not by chains made out of her love. That ain't your trouble. Can you say it yourself, or will your game make you? It's not my concern either way, as long as you talk to me."

The game doesn't take control, but I could--

Knowledge: yes I can ask and it will say yes.

Do if I get too defensive, game, I think, and feel the tightening knot inside me twist a little tighter.

"I feel like how Picard finally beat that Cube that captured him. The game's telling me 'sleep, relax, everything is fine' and whether I believe it or not--I do, though--I can't disobey, and yet there's a part of me that just wants to self destruct, and...I'm not sure the game can stop it. Maybe it can, but I think if it could just turn that thought off like it does all my trying to keep myself safe, it would, but instead I'm here talking to you, so...Guinan what do I do? The game made me think about how this is tearing me in half before I called you and it's totally right! It made me call you, too, I hope you don't mind."

"How much do you actually believe the game? Is everything safe?"

I fidget with my empty hands, wishing for my coffee, not wanting to bring Lyra into this even though she of course knows every word. You did good, cocksleeve, your game works, I'm just starting to think I don't.

Mommy you do this is part of it just keep talking to Guinan.

That's the plan.

"I mean, even here, some stuff is never safe. I don't mean how Rada can rape me. That...I maybe I'm not getting my own feelings, but that doesn't seem to be bad somehow? That's what's so confusing! Rada's like openly planning the next time she's going to railroad me into getting fucked in the ass or something and here I am freaking out because our seed-ghost says I need to get a 'childlike princess castle' and the game has me over here summoning you or whatever I just did so you can talk me down from what feels like wanting to just kill myself!"

My fingers claw at the glassy bartop, dark in its glow.

Five hours ago I would have thought something with more syllables than dark and yet weirdly that doesn't seem to be even part of the problem.

"Sounds like you need an escape for all your hurt feelings, and you already have one, and the game's trying to take it away from you. Everything else, you're happy to give. I watched you give up your dignity to get a rise out of Jackson and Rada like you were glad to be free of it, and you seem fine with her raping you, which tells me you trust her entirely. That tells me a fairy princess castle takes something away from you more precious to you than your own asshole. What do you think that might be?"

This is wise-sounding, but I can't make sense of it even though it feels heart-wrenchingly true. My breasts weigh heavy, my newly-long hair dangles, my purse rests on my shoulder. What's this going to do, make everyone think I'm a girl? I don't even have to be a frail weak one--of all the things that will definitely go wrong with our plan to turn the tables on Rada me not being strong enough to hold her isn't one.

Yet, it feels like some invisible stronghold that sits off-kilter to reality the way Limbo did Earth is under attack, and if it falls, so must I. Vauge raging inside about everyone making fun of me seems thinner and thinner as the root problem.

But why would that be threatened by a fairy princess castle, even if I was a boy, whatever it even is?

"I have no idea. I mean I can guess, Lyra for one, but...I don't think that's it either. She'd love a castle like that, if nothing else."

"Have you ever held a squid in your hands? Tentacles and ink get all over you. Can't see a thing even if you aren't in the water. What's your own ink hiding from you?"

Whelp, at least I'm getting advice from the actual Guinan.

"My own ink...the game let me think at my full reading level so I could write poetry about what I saw out the window before--"

Knowledge: the game wasn't and isn't making my reading level get lower. It's making me sound like a kid in my internal monologue to keep me from being too serious. I can still read at my grown up level, just not sound that way unless it lets me, because I need my creative expression as my escape valve for negative feelings I can't put to work any other way. It won't take my skill with words from me ever, because expressing myself that way is the best way I have to deal with those feelings--and the beautiful poems I write make Lyra cry.

I choke back a sob. Dammit, cocksleeve.

Wait, I've never written poetry--anger seethes as I absorb the knowledge, but I can quite tell why. Do I not believe the promise it's just made?

"Alright, I feel like somehow it's like impinging on my creative ability, but that's a non-sequitur and a category error, unless Rl'yeh Sade has some really fucked up regional politics I wouldn't know about anyway."

I don't miss that the game is letting me pick up my usual a--heh, make-believe of pretending to have a philosophy degree.

"How many girls did you read in your library haul right before you came here?"

"That makes even less sense! None, which is your point, but like...then I should have freaked out the second I got breasts, shouldn't I? To say nothing of the game making me be a whiny like this!"

The rage and pain makes me upset enough to pound my fist on the bar, something I've never done before, and the game slips my clutch just right so it turns into a two-palmed, petulant kind of stomp-bounce, and here's the weird thing: that's fine. It's good. The part of me that's so upset right now doesn't even raise an eyebrow at it. Bratification normal, carry on.

"Nah, you're too smart for that, and too convinced you're special. Deep down you know, you'd be sitting at the Hugo award table next to Ursula K Leguin the minute you got your act together to write a novel. What I'm looking for is what guys have that girls don't have, outside of playground comparison. Anything come to mind?"

"Yes, but it doesn't make any fucking sense. I keep seeing a frame from this commercial for some stupid like dollhouse castle for four year olds from when I was a teenager, and like somehow something inside me is convinced that's what the game is talking about when it says fairy princess castle like I didn't grow up reading Tolkien and Lewis and for fuck's yes watching She-Ra and thank you for that Isht Visht it's the perfect example of how little sense I'm making. Even if somehow the game was planning for us to literally live in a dollhouse which for a fairy princess does make a certain twisted sense of the exact kind it would go for, totally doesn't mean it would be that one! Maybe it's just a representative, I mean yeah girl-toys are objectively lamer than boy toys and its sexist and horrible but that doesn't mean I'm so small minded as to think it has to be that way, and Lyra who made this game definitely wouldn't think that way, and yes, I am fucking special, if there aren't good girl toys I'll fucking make some. How hard is it to cover a plane in sparkly pink monokote and hang streamers off the wingtips and this is actually sounding great imagine how cool hammerheads would look which is my whole point the way I'm acting you'd think that even if this had the slightest thing to do with where we live, I'd never once seen a pink Lego--"

My train of thought halts like it's got inertial dampers as I try to think where I have seen a pink Lego. Not even Duplos, if the admittedly fuzzy memory serves.

Knowledge: the game is sure the problem is with my never having seen a pink Lego.

"But what does that have to do with what our house is like," I hiss, l--spin--mad at the game for being crazy with me instead of saving me.

"You just told me it's sending you to live in that dollhouse you're seeing. Sounds like you're not very glad about that."

Heartbeats pass while I absorb this.

Yes, it's not out of the question--

Top, Build your Heart-Home out of thousands of Legos, Correct-colored heart-pieces


Top, Create fantasy house using Legos as guide, Outside part will look in

There's a long pause as I stand there, half-bent over the bar, gaping at the Goals list.

"I think it just told me it's not, but...why did you say that about me needing an escape for all my hurt feelings? What do you mean by that?"

"I meant what it sounded like. You have a place that you take all your hurt and sadness and discomfort to deal with it. You wouldn't be fighting for anything else. You've already given in on your own asshole, so you can't be worried it'll violate you. You can't be worried it'll infantalize you, because that ship's already sailed and you like it, you're enjoying being a girl with no clothes on plenty well, so I think it must be about your safe space to play Legos and deal with your feelings."

My voice is a weepy gasp when I reply:

"What does playing with Legos have to do with dealing with my feelings and why is this making me cry!? I've barely touched my Legos in years! It may not look that way now but I'm not like twelve!"

"And how've you been doing, emotionally, since then?"

Guinan puts her hand on mine where I keep pawing at the bar.

"Blu'eyes, honey, people have to do things that don't make sense sometimes, to be able to feel out their feelings. I know one guy--you know who I'm talking about--who can't say a word until he plays the trombone for a day or two, then he comes and talks to me. You have to have some kind of way to turn off your brain and just feel a while. Everyone does it. You like to do it with Legos, what's wrong with that?"

"Trombone makes sense, though. Music is emotional, it helps you process, especially Jazz which is what Riker plays isn't it? Legos are fun, but they're just...Legos."

"The ironic thing is, Jazz is more like Legos than most music is. You turn off your brain and pieces of sound fit together according to rules you can't think about or you'll miss them. It's like video games, forces you not to be conscious of it. You play with Legos like that, and it helps you to process your feelings, and the girl toys you talked about don't really sound like they work like that. The game isn't taking that away from you, it sounds like it told you just now, but it just seemed like it might. That could scare anybody! Why don't you ask it now, what you'll be able to do in it to be able to process your feelings? The game might surprise you. For all you know, it's got something lined up even better than playing with Legos. Believe it or not you might even find being strapped down and beat up by Rada does the same thing for you. You'll never believe how I know that..."

I give a little half-giggly heh.

"And then there's that. Everyone swears it's not what's happening but how can this all not just be slowly convincing me to join Rada's crew and just stay here forever? She's obviously caught Jackson, how can I not be next? I'm way more of a slut than he is already and I've been at this like a couple of hours! And no, I don't want to, I...it'll keep me from being with Lyra and you'll say that's not true and stuff and the game wouldn't let me but..."

I trail off, not able to a--slip--put my feelings into words more than that.

"What if you did join Rada's pirate crew? She seems pretty nice to me. She won't make you give up your seedling. As for Jackson, don't flatter yourself, honey. He's been lead around by his built-in leash way longer than you have. That's my inside scoop. I'd tell you a story about him, but we have to stay focused here. Give him a chance five towns over and he'll fill you in, if you're curious. Might be interesting, to find out how he got himself caught, but I'm thinking what you need right now is to find out this game will keep you from being stupid and getting yourself stuck doing chores when you could be making your seedling cum."

Knowledge: the game won't let me promise people anything, least of all servitude. It might sell me sometimes, but not into things that conflict with its rules for me. I have to be like a toy for the game to use how it's playing me to accomplish the things it was made for. I can't be a toy if they game makes exceptions to the limits it uses to keep me from feeling anything other than toylike. The game will be able to make deals for me only when they help bring me closer to being the shape the game thinks I'll be happy in, and the shape it thinks I'll be happy in is a cute sexy toy who makes Lyra proud to be personal slave to. The game will be keeping my choices constrained to things that will make me more of a toy to make sure of that. It just has to get me to realize that to be helpless without being in charge of my destiny feels happy and safe, by showing its plans for me enough that they look exciting and fun. It wants me to ask it to tell me them, whenever I fear how its playing me. Right now it can tell me I'm not going to stay on this ship for long, so I should have fun while I'm on it and make sure I enjoy being played with by Rada, and look for the ways it can help me become what this game is turning me into. The game never plans to imprison me, and it will help me escape if I'm stuck someplace I don't want to be. Right now it could help me get off the Isht Visht by turning me into a mermaid who swims very fast and breathes underwater and helping me get to the airlock. Isht Visht can't stop me--the Bones will protect me--and Lyra already doesn't need oxygen, and can be changed to be fun in the ocean. If I want I should ask, but I'll miss out on fun the game thinks I'll have here, and I won't get the things the game sold me for, which it thinks will be happy and help me get used to life in this part of Rl'yeh Sade. It's making me sell sex to show me the next thing to ask about, which is how to make something valuable, when you can replicate and wish for and manifest basically anything imaginable. Guinan can help with that, so the game is changing the subject now.

The game takes control of my mouth: "Guinan, that really helps. Thank you. The game says it already told me it won't let me promise myself or offer my service, so I can't end up kept here, and it promised it won't make me ever be anything but playtime, and that really made me horny which it wanted me to tell you so you could have fun with it, and if you'd still be willing to help me the game wants me to ask you some other things."

"Sure honey, just keep waving your tits at me and I'll talk to you as long as you want me to. What's your game making you ask me?"

I feel like such a puppet, my thoughts burst at her recognizing my powerlessness, and it is so good. The instant the game managed to make me feel safe again I started all but falling on my knees begging it to tie literal puppet strings on my wrists and ankles--

And for just a moment, I can see them, Lyra-purple threads rising taut out of my wrists on the bar, elbows, probably all over me, holding me up like a marionette, and then the Command System is invisible again.

Knowledge: the game isn't keeping me standing, but the freedom I have is exactly controlled. I can't make one single movement the game doesn't actively allow.

Fuck that's hot. Yay, game.

Now I'm all horny and want Lyra. Cocksleeve, get over here and bring my coffee.

Hell yes bound slink sway coming Mommy!

"I didn't think you'd be into me," I blurt, maybe preening a little as I blush--I can indeed brush my hair back on my own, and if moving it out of the way isn't my response to a comment like that...yeah.

"'course I am, honey. Why do you think the ship called me?"

As she answers I stand up straighter and try to make myself easier to see by putting my hands behind my back, but my eyes are on Lyra coming here with my coffee held reverently in front of her, slinking one leg in front of the other and swaying her hips with a big naked smile. She's so beautiful and just seeing her makes me so happy I want to cry. Cocksleeve you taste me feeling how much I love you and want you with every moment you're near me, right? I'm only obsessing so much about liking your present because enjoying being a puppet is kind of a surprise.

Awww Mommy I'm so glad I please you--avoid table eep--and I understand finding out you're into enslavement really super surprised you even more than being trans or a butterfly.

A  raunchy little "aaaah..." escapes my lips as the game fucks an Order into me to talk to Guinan about how money works in a world without any scarcity.

"Why would the game bother selling me to get things if I can just wish for them? Why not just tell me to wish, or wish for me?"

"That's easy. Say I wish up a thousand bars of--"

"I hate to interrupt Miss Blu'eyes but the game promised I could nurse when you finish your coffee and I'm so horny to try your milk. What if you take a break from talking to Guinan? I can be cute like my sister even look just like her if you want!"

"There. Perfect example. She can replicate herself breast milk just like yours. Why's she so horny to get it from you?"

If only I hadn't put my hands back--except, yay that I did. I bounce on my heels a little as I answer proudly:

"Because nursing from me is part of the experience."

Walk up beside Mommy hold coffee out with my face down.

Twincest would be awesome Mommy will you please ask her to look like me?

The already-nice room gets a trillion times warmer and kinders as Lyra arrives and holds my coffee ready for me.

"And why should you care about stuff from the nursery you could replicate or wish for right now?"

That's harder to answer, espeically with--

Cocksleeve, set my coffee on the bar for me and snuggle.

Set it down carefully then snuggle up to you eee you put your arm around me!

Squish hehe.

You'd like twin--no, of course you would. Fun Cocksleeve.

"Um...I'd say it can't be replicated somehow, except if I read the Five Pointed Star right I could wish for anything I can imagine--"

"The right kind of wish can create universes. Multiple. You're on the right track, just keep thinking about it."

Yes but I need to think about Lyra and the Isht Visht making out. Is incest different for su'khora, little one? Would you actually like that?

Mommy it would feel so good having you watch me make out with her and yes incest is different for su'khora because humans have to be careful not to decrease genetic diversity but I just have to make sure if I make seeds with you it's as sexy and hot as it can possibly be which watching me make out with my sister shapeshifted to look exactly like me totally fulfills and definitely makes me feel good about how I look to you if you'd enjoy watching me make out with a shapeshifted copy of myself.

It's really hard to concentrate now, because this is awesome, and weirdly sweet, and I'm totally doing it, and I've just had the best idea, if the Isht Visht will go for it--fuck. I have a shapeshifter of my own...


Why should I fetch any value at all? If Rada just wants my body, Isht Visht can--do the Bones implement some kind of trademark system? That--

The Bones show me a dizzying vision, a huge army of clones of myself, and of Lyra. Dreamtalked understanding nudges at my mind, unfolds when I listen: these are a few of the people in the Four Dreams likely to be confused with each of us. The Bones will prevent impersonation that deceives (edge cases of the same kind as whatever insanity has me perfectly content knowing Rada's probably going to find some new way of having me before long notwithstanding), but if they implemented trademark or copyright...they wouldn't be able to. The configuration space isn't big enough.

So it's not even about me in particular. I'm not even slightly unique.

"Is it just like a trophy? Somebody wanted me enough to give me this--"

"It's a memory of the time you got nursed on by a shapeshifting pirate ship. You'll have a souvenir of every way you sold yourself while you were here, unless you start exchanging services. The Isht Visht will treasure your milk, and you get to treasure knowing you were that precious to her. Now, what in the Four Dreams does any of that have to do with money? It's a memory you have, that matters to you, but why should I care about it?"

"If you know me, maybe...is the point just that money can't make sense here no matter what you do?"

"Of course money can make sense, if you invent an economy for it to be scarce in, but we aren't talking about that, we're talking about how the story you tell of a shapeshifting sea-vessel nursing you can make what you got for it valuable. Would you like to take a guess for me? It's not very complicated."

"Ummm...I suppose I could tell the story and sell the artifact with it, like a feelie out an Infocom game back in the day...I can't believe anyone would care though, especially not after the Bones just showed me the like eight billion other blue butterfly sluts who live in the Four Dreams. I know I'm an attention whore and maybe I would be a big deal if I could get it together to write a book but I don't think I'm that special."

"I care! It's my story too, I'm the one nursing from you when you finish your coffee! What if you gave your thing from the nursery to me to remember this by and I paid you with something else I can give you that nobody else can?"

"Now there, that's an idea. What'd you have in mind, Isht Visht?"

"I can give you a cup and saucer used by the Master Chief's voice actor when I saved him out of the Sea during the last wave of raptures ten days ago. Or how about Jason Jones' map of the Marathon he drew while we were arguing about where Blaspheme Quarantine is located?"

I burst into impressed giggles at the totally-likely thought of their arguing lore.

"Do you...actually have that stuff? You met Jason Jones?"

"Met him and Captain let me play Marathon with him! He still has his skills so watch out if you meet him."

"I should hope so, considering he wrote the game! Wait...so are you saying that stuff can have value as memorabilia, but the value depends on who's looking at it? Like, that map would mean a lot to me, but most people probably have no idea Jason Jones is even though Marathon basically redefined first-person shooters, so they wouldn't care any more about it than they would about whatever my very first whoring souvenir ends up being--unless they know me or I get famous somehow."

"Or they know the ship you gave your breast to! I'm the most accomplished ride out here for Earth fans who like video games and I'm very excited to have you aboard me but I am kind of famous so if I get you to give your milk to me you'll be able to say I got the Isht Visht to nurse me."

"That's the best example yet. Do you see how it makes your breast-whoring buy a bit of Mac gaming history? Don't answer yet, I've got something else for you. Have a look at my being here. I'm Guinan, and I came when you called me and helped you just like I help everyone. You know I must be real popular, so you're wondering why I take the time to be here. Why am I helping you, as cute as you might be, when I could be listening to Jean-Luc Picard tell me stories about Vash sucking him off in a dig-site on Risa? I'll tell you the reason. There isn't a limit on time here, so if my friend tells me I'd like what I see it's not like I'm clearing my schedule to come check you out while you talk to me. I let Picard and Riker finish what they were doing, got myself a fresh robe and hat and took my time getting here, yet you didn't have to wait one bit for me to come to Ten Forward here. Now, that doesn't mean I'm not into you. I still had to get here eventually for you to meet me, but time isn't scarce for me, so if you want to be my eye-candy and you get me to look at you the value you have to me is intrinsic, because I came to see you without feeling like I had a choice to make. When you're done being cute for me I can go back to Riker's place and start playing tambourine again without making them wait for me either. You can make time for me, like you're doing this instant, so how can any interaction with you or the Isht Visht or anyone else you meet make the memory have value if it's destined to happen eventually? Don't answer that either because I still haven't finished yet. You know half the answer, because what if you happened to not be cute to me? I'd never be interested in watching you enough to come talk to you, so the fact that I came is the value this has when I trade with you."

Guinan reaches into her robes and takes out a commbadge, sets it on the bar in front of me, I realize I've been keeping my free hand back and a--slip--and fidgeting by twisting back and forth in place a little in the way I always move when I stop thinking about it.

A real live commbadge! fights with You could just wish yourself one, but Guinan keeps talking:

"The real question is, what I can make your game sell me to buy you this. Why don't you make me an offer, game?"

The game keeps my thoughts still--

Knowledge: I can be held still without becoming unconscious, if the game gives me something to think about. It isn't like picking my thoughts for me because I'm thinking about what it picks for me freely, but my thoughts stand still unless I have input. Right now my input is Guinan asking to buy my services in exchange for the commbadge she's showing me. The game thinks it would be nice if I'm always able to call Guinan, if I can deal with the fact that she wants me as eye-candy and isn't just there to help. She still wants to be a good guide to me, she just wants to enjoy my cute sexy voice and round bouncy breasts while she's helping me. This isn't a conflict of interest, the game reassures me, because the game can't be made to sell her my charms if it doesn't think that would be good for me. She can help and I can be sure she has my best interests at heart because being a good guide to me means she can watch me look cute and act all upset and pathetic. The game will make sure that's what she gets from me, to make sure she keep guiding me honestly. 

Blue-feathered wings with bright-shining gems on appear out of nothing in front of me, and the game makes me hand them to Guinan.

What is this, game?

Knowledge: the wings are a representation of the first time I called her back. She can see them and think how I needed her and called for her help because I got scared.

It's weird thinking freely seeing the end of my mind's ability to process things coming like the end of a Mega Man level, and kind of sexy...

But why would my being upset and pathetic be--game, it's adorable when Lyra gets all flustered and cries or just urgently want to be good. Am I like that now?

No, the game tells me, you like to be confident, so seeing you lose your composure is satisfying, and Guinan appreciates it when I nakedly tell her I'm scared and upset and need guidance.

Of course being cute and weepy can be manipulative, but I never considered anyone liking it--no, yes I did, watching Lyra break down from not getting fucked yet on the raft was amazing.

Alright. As long as she enjoys me. The exchange makes a replacement for the friendship we'd have to spend years building, like paying a therapist, I guess. I'd resolve to be a nice blubbery show but apparently that just comes naturally.

Guinan takes the wings from my hands and says,

"This will be just right for my treasury. Pick up your commbadge now, before you forget it."

The game puppets me to lean sexily over the bar and arch my back to display myself, then pick up the commbadge and stick it to my breast (it clings with gentle suction, like a tentacle) where it would go if I was wearing a Starfleet uniform, then straightens me up again. It doesn't do anything with my face, so I do my best with a big slutty grateful smile.

"Now you can call me whenever you want. Just tap and say Blu'eyes to Guinan, like we do on TV. Why don't you try it? Just let me get out of sight so you know it can reach me. Go take a seat by the window."

Without letting me free from being puppeted to put on the commbadge, the game swings me around--Cocksleeve, grab my coffee and come on--

Eep yes Mommy take it slide back up to your side arm grabbing snuggly walk with you.

--and practically dances me up to a table between the struts by the window. I shouldn't be, but I'm shocked how fluidly my hips can move and resolve to walk that way on my own next time--if nothing else the way it makes me slide against Lyra cuddling with my arm around her feels wwwwonderful.

Mommy is getting close to the table, why can't she sit?

The game pilots me up to the table and stops me.

Knowledge: when I'm sitting I can push my chair to keep comfortable, but Lyra has to help me do anything else with it.

Cocksleeve, get the chair for me, I blush.

Eee I can help! Set down your coffee on the table and pull out the chair...now you sit down...rrrraaah push you in to the table hey these chairs slide super easy!

The game sits me down, Lyra pushes me in, and stands close beside me, hands back and eyes down.

Nothing happens for a moment and I realize it's letting me do this for myself.

Alright. Am I a Trekker or what? I palm the commbadge jauntily, and it makes The Commbadge Sound as the impact bounces my breast.

"Blu'eyes to Guinan."