54 - The Mile High Club

Rada strides up and pulls my arms behind me, throws me up against the Arwing (it smells just like a new SNES game!) where the fuselage is lowest by the cockpit, an eternity passes while I listen to her buckle up the harness she was carrying one-handed, fit--hey, where is my clit going!? Rada's hands are soft and hold it kindly, and the pressure feels arousing as the suction cup attaches--ooh. Hehe! Doesn't she want one of her magic dildos? Enjoy me dammit, I don't care if I feel pleasure! Rada lets my arms free but leans against my body with my clit resting in my asscrack, and I shudder with the humiliating pleasure of feeling my own body squeezed around me--and so does Rada. The magic's in the harness! Why else would she use one, when my suction-cup is perfectly able to stick to a bare mound like she has? This is going to be awesome! Now she'll definitely be selfish, and I--oh. I gulp with realization. I will feel what she feels, while she fucks me like the trophy she says I represent to her. Her hands are at my nipples, pinching them and squeezing at my breasts roughly and then her cock--my clit--omifuck what is happening!? Rada pushes my clit against my asshole, still slick with Isht Visht's nectar, but when it slides inside me the whole world seems to shift and I'm standing next to Lyra watching Rada fuck me!

I still feel the sensations of Rada leaning on me, my clit inside my ass, Rada's breath hot on me, everything but vision. I look down at myself to see what happened, but the only thing that's visible where I'm standing is the outline of my clit's tip, ghostly and indefinite. I put my hands against the Arwing to brace and push myself at Rada, and--ohhh my fuck that person is so beautiful who is that? Butterfly antenna bounce on her head cutely as Rada pounds her ass into the Arwing--AAAH I NEED MY COCKSLEEVE GET ON ME!!!

Mommy help me find your ghost-clit point your eyes down just for one quick second then you can look back again! Hurry quick your seizure's going to happen in like one second!

AAH! I glance down and Lyra leaps at my ghostly tip and her mouth closes over it and inside me where Rada is fucking me I can feel Lyra's lips and tongue clamp around my clit and the girl against the Arwing screams aloud with orgasm and Rada joins her shout of adoration and this is where I realize that butterfly-girl against the Arwing is still me where I'm standing and I've just instantaneously cum to see myself get fucked against this Arwing by Rada who adores me--I can see it on her face here, the way she holds me to her, hands around the softly-squishing rises of my hips to giver her better leverage to fuck me all the harder. I look so big and sturdy, but Rada makes me feel small and soft and girly just by how she holds me. How much must she love me, to fight so hard to get this Arwing, when she could have let me capture it with Lyra without all that pain for Isht Visht? Suddenly I realize, her hands have something on them.

Girlfriend, your hands, what happened?

Shut up I'm cumming!

The vision that's beside her opens up her eyes now, and my eyesight blurs with double vision, but I can see enough to tell that Rada's has burns all up her body, probably from lasers. I jump to that conclusion, because I want to hear her tell me, she took the pain for Isht Visht, because something deep inside me wants to know she suffered to get this Arwing for me. How the fuck can I feel something so mean and petty, it's nothing but an object, one I could have gotten using Lyra and saved her all this trouble! Rada's cock inside me tells me that's the point of this. The barrel roll has cut her fingertips wide open, I can feel the slashes in them! Could Isht Visht not give her nectar? Cocksleeve come give Rada nectar! You must be nice and drippy with this orgasm!

Coming Mommy I don't think it'll help though.

She can't fix it, girlfriend, I got these like a spanking and nectar can't heal things you need to be you! Call her off please.

You heard her cocksleeve.

How can--

Told you why already cumming stop talking!

I close my eyes and watch her fuck me, just drinking in my body. This has to be narcissistic, except I don't think way my balls (or is this my ovaries, argh I have ovaries) work includes a way to not get off on seeing this busty bombshell beauty fucked against an Arwing by my sleekly sexy girlfriend, even if my mind can tell that's me I'm looking it. It's like the hack of showing me as porn in the black mirror turned up to eleven billion trillion.

I'm such delicious cheesecake! Even seeing Lyra, I didn't know the term was supposed be ridiculous until this moment. My butterfly antenna bounce in time to Rada's fucking, my breasts squish out between my shoulders and the Arwing, my hips are soft and cushy for Rada to lean into, and my hair is big and fluffy, like the mane of a huge lion, but it looks so soft and feminine I can't compare that to it.

Next I look at Lyra, and it's like I've never seen her. I've tried to take her seriously, just like I do myself, but Lyra's just my cocksleeve (as she keeps on saying) and I'm a pretty trophy. We aren't the straight men (for so very many reasons, hehe) in the two-man-routine comedy of our family. If I can finally see that looking at myself now, maybe I'll be able to turn it on my cocksleeve, and have the kind of fun with her she's made for.

GASP no way Mommy would you!? Bouncy happy cocksleeve ready to have fun with you Mommy!

When it's time, the game will move me! Lyra will have to be standing behind her!

Knowledge: Third person view is ready to be used at any moment. I can ask for it like pausing, but unlike pausing I can always use it. The range isn't unlimited, and I can't go through walls or use it to enter places as a ghost to see them unnoticed, because it has a very specific purpose, to let me see myself the way my lovers see me.

Okay then not while my poor girlfriend's all beat up like this. I want to make it a good one and I won't be able to right now.

Knowledge: The game will also make me use third person next time Rada fucks me, or if it just decides to.

Hell yes this is amazing! What if Rada ties me up all sexy in her couch-room, and the game just makes ogle my own helpless body until I have to call for Lyra?

Game, is that you choosing thoughts for me!?

Knowledge: sometimes it will take a latent wish or image, and bring it in the open, and make me think about it.

That makes me feel so sexy. Something deep inside me wants to be a person who would think that, even though I think it's narcissistic.

There you go again, game!

Rada gives on final scream of pleasure, and the orgasm is finished. How'd my ghostly clit feel, cocksleeve?

Mommy the game just made a portal to your insides to put your clit where I could reach it so it wasn't exactly ghostly but it was super kinky having you get fucked by Rada with your own clit AND me suck your cum out right from inside you. Does that mean Rada just fucked me I'm so confused Mommy I can't tell I'm just your simple cocksleeve!

Her question makes me smile. Cocksleeve, I have no idea. Let me think a while but I may not ever figure it out. Let's just say we just had a threesome.

Can I move the 'camera'? My body moves just like I'm in it, but...game how about we have Lyra's ass in the foreground?

Certainly, it seems to say to me, as the viewpoint snaps to its new location with Lyra'ssoft sweet booty taking most of my view up. I'm three feet off the ground, the perfect height to appreciate her hehe ass-sets.

Hm. Can I find a dumber pun than that? There must be something.

Rada takes some time to catch her breath just resting in me, hands still on my hips and holding tightly, and I drink in the sensation, waiting peaceful patient, just standing and enjoying how I look so cute with my eyes shut tight. I peep one open, try to focus on the third-person--

Knowledge: the game can make it so I only see third-person, even with my eyes open, just ask it or intend it. The game will make my eyes move to look at what I focus on and look at people talking so I don't seem like a robot.

Hell yes game please do that! My internal eyesight vanishes, so I pull my eyes right open and twist to gaze at Rada--game no fair I want to see how I look! If you act all super hot like that--

Knowledge: this is how I look at Rada. The game just exactly copies my expressions from when my vision's normal.

Closer game for a better view of me and Rada? Pop, my view is there.

Big, soft pale blue eyes gaze over Rada's head to meet me where I'm 'standing', with long almost transparent eyelashes and a happy glazed expression like I can't stop feeling Rada fuck me in my mind's...pussy. My mouth is slightly open, my cheeks are pink and flushed with lust and happy endings, and my eyes are wet with tears--I cried while I was cumming, and didn't realize until this moment, but the used-up sobs feel nicely gone from in me.

I love you, girlfriend.

Dreamtalking turns me to her, and she gazes up with sexy hunger--she's looking at my face like its a cake she's going to MMF she's kissing me this is so weird! I kiss her back with hunger and a passionate embrace--as best as I can reach her.

I love you too, popsicle!

Bwahahaha popsicle!? That...argh that term was my idea! Popsicle snack for Lyra.

I like your stupid names for me. More please.

Sure thing, cuddlyboobs!

Hehe let me turn around and I'll show you how cuddly!

Psst, cocksleeve, we're going to sandwich her. Sneak up all unexpected while she's enjoying my breasts and watch out for her burns and stuff. Make sure she feels how cuddly your boobs are.

Ready, Mommy! Poise and get my boobs up...

Not while I'm all burned like this, sorry. Anyway, don't you want to see your Arwing?

Two for two. Cancel, cocksleeve.

Boo! I want Rada Mommy sandwich!

Oh, I've been liking the view from here pretty well.

It at least feels like I get it across nice and slutty. For emphasis, I wiggle on her--myyyy ooh argh--clit still in me.

You hungry cocksleeve! Get your ass up off me, there's a cockpit ladder button right beside your nipple.

I'm not sure I CAN climb up off you, it feels like my heart won't let me!

This is half-true. I decide to make it true and it feels like something breaks open warm inside me to say it.

Rada's laughter rings happy through the dreamtalk.

Okay, just give me a second, girlfriend.


Now what you silly bimbo!?

The warm and happy feeling melts right through my body. That's the word I wanted.

What the hell how can I want this humiliation? Yes she called me cocksleeve, and that just feels appropriate, but bimbo's so insulting--and that was what I wanted! It's not just being told I'm snuggly bouncy pleasure, I want her to make me feel as stupid as I'm acting!

Wait, I am a silly bimbo--I was so distracted with her in me, and the way my breasts against the Arwing remind me I really need to give milk soon, I didn't even realize I could climb the cockpit ladder to get off her and up into the cockpit! That was why she told me!

I squirm around to find it, hand between the Arwing and my breast, pushing back at Rada just because it feels good.

Girlfriend, thank you. I wanted to say that before we can't talk.

My breast feels good and heavy, and my fingers find the button but don't press it, because I still can't climb up off her, and she laughs uproariously?

You're welcome, sweet-tits, but you don't have to dreamtalk, do you!?

Oh my god, insult me more Rada I think I don't know how dumb I am--wait.

Slip. Slipslipslip.

Looks like this game doesn't have a 'talk to party' button, girlfriend.


There's a pause of active dreamtalk that's obviously her searching for a curse she can use--wait, huh?

Weren't you just swearing like the sailor you are? It got taken away again?

I can only use it to degrade you! I can't even make sexy gestures to seduce you! This is so annoying!

WEIRD! What's the fuck's it doing?

I have no idea but at least I CAN degrade my bubbly cute pussy-brained sugar bunny! Alright, I'm pulling out now, grab my--AAAH! Fine grab my SEX if you want to talk to me!

Her frustration at being prim makes me grin...and the sappy-spicy pet name fills me with more of that weird warm thing, argh.

I could get used to that protocol. Think we'll ever talk without it?

This HAS to be temporary.

Her cock my clit pulls right out of me, and she puts my free hand on it, slick and wet with Isht Visht's sea-salt smelling nectar even after spending all that time in me, but of course I can't just pull it free, I have to mean to play with it. More lightsaber antics? What would be the bimbo thing to do here? If it wasn't for it my having been inside my asshole, I'd lick it off dramatically to sample Isht Visht's nectar--

Your ass is really clean though. Nectar keeps it nice and fresh in case something like this happens. Even if it wasn't Mommy the germs still couldn't get you nectar just deletes them. You said quicksilver sundae, remember Mommy?

You can well imagine how much trouble you'll be in this is even slightly gross, pussy-pet. I'm sure I'll be committed once I do it if I can't come up with a decent redirect mid-yank. I turn around to face her and Lyra properly. My breasts' weight settles heavy when I pull them off the Arwing--oh my oops I've leaked milk all over the side of it! I must be really full, they're feeling almost like they'll pop soon. It's a weirdly sexy feeling, taut and full like my clit's erection, but instead of feeling hard, it makes them bouncy, or at least that's what it feels like. I really want to touch them! Game please? Rada licks across my nipples and I moan with stupid pleasure at the way her tongue rakes hot across them. I must have gotten my milk all over my own body!

--later, Rada's smile is patient but won't be if I keep at this. My clit. It sure doesn't smell like it's been in anyone's ass--what is that? Do I have perfume? Is there a scent to me!? 

Smiling at Rada, I yank, the suction cup comes free, and I bring it to my mouth to lick it and it just tastes like Isht Visht, subtle sea-salty flavor over something like fresh sea-breeze--nothing to the sugar-pussy mindbreak of Lyra's candy-flavored wetness, but yummy in its own way. There's definitely something of me too there, but I can't quite identify it.

Suddenly I place it: some kind of floral something, cutely sweet and cloying.

Johnny jump-ups, Mommy! Don't you remember smelling them when we were litte?

I do now! Only mostly about to collapse into sappy tears, I finish licking Isht Visht's nectar off myself and hold it down for Lyra to put in my purse for me.

Take your clit zzip--

Suddenly I turn to Lyra, puppet her complete with marionette gestures, and make her:

Take your clit in both hands and hold it up...

Just a kiss would be boring, though! Wait, I am definitely glowing. Smile proud, cocksleeve, and stick your tits out!


With my other hand, I puppet Rada down to place a little kiss on it, and then just let her free to see what she'll do with the situation.

Rada sticks her tongue out and wraps it around my clit's head, then slowly slips her mouth down over the end of it and gives a little suck to pull a moan out of me, then straightens up and grins at me. Her face almost looks challenging, like she's daring me to puppet out a blowjob before I run out of afterglow. Is she happy I controlled her? It looks like she feels just like I do--not the scary falling pleasure of liking such precise control, though there's that too, she's...happy that I used her!?

At the edge of my eyesight as I look at her, her train caboose is glowing, the hourglass almost empty. Not this time I guess then!

Knowledge: I have to see the Arwing, so Rada and Isht Visht can have their private time while I go fly with Lyra. The game will make me focus if I don't focus on my own in fifteen to thirty seconds.

But the sex is what's important, I blurt internally, then lean down and kiss Rada, nod for Lyra to put my clit away, and press the ladder button.

Clit in purse pet you zzzip rearrange purse on Mommy handsy means excuses to adjust things that might not need adjusting.

I sigh with a coo in it for Lyra's gropy service, enjoy watching her serve me in third person and seeing her hip and ass move. The ladder extends as a yellow row of cylindrical grippy steps from the fuselage, seamlessly integrated into the surface when they're flat.

Lucy you silly bimbo you're a Fairy! With a raunchy thrust of my tits out I burst my wings open and poise to flap us airborne--come here, cocksl--no! Bounce up that ladder and give us all a show of what a squishy little cocksucker you are!

Get my ass out and bend my knees to get this started wiggle wiggle wiggle SPRING! TWO STEPS UP SWEET eep falling jump for next one bounce off of it quick up onto the fuselage and lean all low and shake my hips and tits at you and Rada. Don't you want to catch me? Come on up I'm horny!

Yes, exactly, I grin the thought at her. Lyra's show distracts me for a moment from the gorgeous shining landscape of sparkling blue behind me. THIS is what my wings look like!? No wonder everyone gets all distracted when I have them open! Veins of iridescent-colored boner support gleaming shiny membranes electric blue in color but shot through with golden sparkles and deeply holographic with strange hypnotic--

Rada puts a hand out and grabs me by the nipple, I squeak with excitement, Lyra keeps on dancing, Rada's hand gropes down to grab my 'pussy', her face leaps up to kiss me, and then she sweeps away to let me flap. Now that Rada's turned me toward my viewpoint, I just can't keep my hands off any longer. I'm doing it anyway, game!

Knowledge: just touch myself with the love and desire Rada and Lyra have, to have sex with or mess around with myself. Masturbation for release of sexual tension is replaced by Lyra's service, but I can have myself as a lover just like Rada is my girlfriend. This 'design flaw' is intentional. It's purpose is to help me see myself the way my lovers, especially Lyra (hyperintelligent Lyra's determination drips off this part of the paragraph) want to enjoy and see my body and self (my whole being is part of this--it won't work if I see a hot girl who's a terrible person, I have to be accepting of myself with all my warts and flaws just like they are, and love and embrace who I am inside and outside).

The dry coldness in my heart and sense of worthlessness prickle, but they're drowned in the weird rushy wet warmth of...all of this. I face myself more towards Rada, smile with excited sappy pleasure, and squeeze my breasts up tight like Lyra might, feel around their OH MY GOD THAT LOOKS HOT. They pour out of my fingers like big soft blobs of ice cream--

OKAY OKAY I'M GOING! The game just makes me think that, but the point it makes is obvious.

First person please, game--my view is back in my head, and my world is one incredibly hot person down. Good thing Lyra's here to completely destroy the curve--

Bwaha Mommy just look at yourself!

Omigod. Is it making me stupider? Are all these near-misses frying me a little at a time? IF THEY ARE IS THAT GOOD IN MY OPINION!?

I turn to face the cockpit, bend my knees and wiggle Rada a goodbye-wiggle like Lyra's, and springflap! One single flap will do it, and I'm just adjusting to land--no let's glomp her brace yourself fast cocksleeve!


I arc down onto Lyra, plow into her with knees still bent to crash us into a squishy sexy breasty hug, sending us crashing into the canopy. I stand and pick her up with her clutched against me, clinging tightly.

RRAH HEHE Cling to Mommy snuggle!

Alarm bells sound, and Isht Visht's mouth begins to open--the wall the Arwing's facing, when I turn my head to see it, is wooden struts and framework outlining the inside of cheeks and lips and gums and teeth, and now they're opening wide to let us fly the Arwing back into the heavens. Outside, the lights and waves of the True Sea look mostly--well not normal, but their usual kind of mindbreaking, instead of the weird surreal darkness of our speed before.

The Arwing's engine makes a sound of turbines blowing that turns into the drone that backgrounds all of StarFox, and the landing-gear retracts to leave it floating, buoyant like on water. I turn to see the cockpit quickly sliding open.


Lyra isn't kidding--blowjobs sex and cuddling are definitely possible in the spacious two-seat cockpit, arranged to seat the navigator and the pilot like mistress and submissive, with the pilot as the mistress sitting high up in the top of the space, and a Starfleet-bedding cushioned floor around her feet with black-glass Federation consoles all around it.

There are spaces all around the pilot's seat where Lyra could stand or kneel to be near and help me do things, see out the cockpit with me, or she can just sit at my feet and watch--onscreen! The front of the cockpit, down to the floor, is a tiny Starfleet main viewscreen, holographically showing the view out the nose-cam. Floating, shimmering gauges and the horizon, pitch and roll indicators shine in front of the pilot's seat, waiting for me, and on the outer edges of the pilot's seat control columns that will place my arms akimbo leave plenty of space for Lyra to kneel or sit astride me, and join the mile-high club one zillion times at once the moment we get over flying in an Arwing enough to see what we can get up to in the cockpit.

I fold my wings, and hop down in with Lyra still in my arms, deposit her beside me.

The floor is soft and silky, and everything that isn't displays or control panels is sexy Starfleet boudoir goodness. I feel so safe and comfy just looking at this cockpit.

Outside, voices (not Isht Visht or Rada's) seem to be murmuring. Silly pussybrain Fairy, Rada's addled your head with her sexy antics!

Underneath the pilot's seat, is something wrapped in shiny pink and purple My Little Pony-themed paper, but the ponies that encrust it are nothing like the ones I remember from the 80s. The art style's delightful and triggers some deep instinct that happily cries out PRETTY LITTLE PONIES in a voice I hope to emulate next time Rada tries to fuck me all deadly seriously.

More importantly, they have the exact proportions and cheerfully heart-wrenching eyes of Lyra's pony transformation. Nice touch, cocksleeve.

Mommy those aren't my ponies that I know of but I'm glad you like my pony form!

Curious! Get it, cocksleeve!

Yes we're taking long. I don't have to care! It's not just the ease of not worrying about it, though. It's the warm soft rushy safety, so like Rada's humiliation, of knowing that if it's really that important, the game will make me get us moving--yes it's that important, the game just makes me think that, then beckons with a tentacle to where the pilot's seat is glowing with lights and indicators--duh, of course that's the restraint system! I was thinking you must have gone all out on the inertial dampers, cocksleeve!

Tentacles grab and place me in in the pilot's seat and snake around into a soft and sexy harness that holds me nice and comfy. I look at the viewscreens and heads-up display, and feel strange, confused...not that I can't understand them. There are horizontal lines showing where the main wings will be likely to clip obstacles, the crosshair showing where the blaster and novabombs will hit, brake status, boost temperature, everything a starfighter captain needs to know at a glance, and I'm delighted to see how much of the very carefully-realized systems I can recognize and understand just by seeing their status displays for the very first time.

The problem is, fuck me I can't believe I'm thinking this, I still just want to be the stupid bimbo Rada was fucking up against the side of this thing! I can figure this out, and if I know Lyra there will be a ten-thousand-page printed manual somewhere I can relax and study in bed with her. It won't even be hard, this kind of thing never is hard for me, that's why manuals are relaxing. I'm already working out how all of it functions--that readout shows the plasma reactor coolant tank level, meaning it has a reason to be displayed with stuff like brake status, probably because there's the ability to take reactor coolant for some kind of purpose like dousing overheated boosters--as involuntarily and semiconsciously as I'm reading the labels on them, and I want it to stop because I want to keep how I was just feeling! Rada just put me in my place as she sees it and I wanna stay there it's nice!

Game help, make me stupid for a while or something! No, wait, then I won't be able to fly this thing! AAH!

Knowledge: I should look for a thing to help me in the cockpit.

You mean Lyra? I reach out and tweak her nipple, then lay my hand on her ass. It helps a little.

Bwaha Mommy's raunchy I like you this way Mommy! Look there, on the edge of the systems rack status panel! 

Point to show you.

Where she's pointing, there's a display screen with physical buttons around the edge like you get in fighters. Stuck to it, is a big purple bow with a paler-purple envelope underneath. I reach for it--and can't move a muscle to do that of course. It hasn't come up in hours because I was living my proper life but it's SO NICE now to know the railing is still there game THANK YOU. Get it, cocksleeve.

Climb on the pilot seat and sit snuggly on you and reach for card.

Shing. Mommy right? Yes okay slit slide card out hold it up for you to look at. Bwaha seeing makes me remember! Squirmy excitement.

The card has a picture of Lyra grinning and holding a SNES controller out with her finger covering the label. On the inside, when Lyra opens it for me, is the SNES controller enlarged with her finger taken away to reveal the text which says--


Knowledge: yes, I can use my voice for this.


The Dreams show me a green, throbbing-glowing button--no wait, it's a screenshot of a monster lair from SoulBlazer???--and the same green checkmark, and I remember my taunt after that first query to Isht Visht's computer. Yeah, alright, this tops that easily.

Face aflame because I know the computer's going to ignore me unless I belt it out for Rada and Isht Visht to hear with the canopy open, limbs trembly and prickly with the fearful nakedness, eyes filling with tears of humiliation, I take the trembling breath to say it, and the (just watch, it'll have transformed into a literal one next time I see it) Happy Meal the game gave me earlier comes to mind. I couldn't feel it at the time with the whirl of feelings from everything else, but that, and how much I needed it, and how much I wanted it, and how horribly humiliated I was by all of it, the way my thoughts rushed with big words and poetic phrasing to protect me from my need for something so childishly comforting when there were people around me I wanted to impress--and here I am doing it again! AAAAH! It feels GROSS!

Suddenly I'm glad. This will fix it. This will make me STOP. It's still being spanked off my feet in both pain and humiliation, but now I just it hits hard enough to give me a good pathetic cry:

"Computer, enable Stupid Bimbo Mode."