62 - The Magic of Orbital Bombardment

Omigod 'OUCHYAY'. what a perfect description of that feeling. Follow and kneel by me when I get up, cocksleeve.

Lyra gets a head-pet to smooth her pulled hair, and then I see about getting to my knees.

It's dizzy, but I manage to do it, get my knees under me, get the nice reminder that just because my boobs are back to 'normal' doesn't mean they're unnoticeable. They rub each other and squish between my arms as I move very pleasantly...I rise to my knees--no.

Get up beside you and wait.

She really likes me to seem like a teenager? That...okay! What the fuck self but okay! Still kneeling on my heels, I squish my breasts out between my aaarms put my hands together in my lap, wiggle and grin up at Rada, still dripping my own strawberry cum off every part of me but proudly boobalicious and feeling like an ice cream sundae--especially the way she looks down at me. Can my voice be mischievous and young like Lyra's? Voice is the hard part of any transition...self this so much THINKING what are you DOING?

I know what will fix it! There's no game stuff making me but I don't need it to that was only to help me see why I need this as much as the game forced me to do it anyway. I stick both hands between my legs and rub my lips and decide it was because I couldn't help myself and make sure Rada can see how good my soft fingers feel petting my smooth sensitive lips.

Not yet I need to have that rush that makes me breathe hard.

Pant...there we go.

"You are so beautiful Mommy."

She is, too, I'm not just saying it to please her. Her way aboard Isht Visht was so matter-of-fact I missed it before but now that we're here and her hair is down I can see she's, she's elegant is the only word for it with her graceful sleek curves and tanned skin and her face looking down with her lips just parted and soft like she wants a kiss and eyes shining down half-closed hornily.

"Thank you sooo much for cumming in me. I still feel it inside me and it's making me soo happy!"

Slip. Hey, why can't I tell her I figured out how to talk!?

Knowledge: Rada's not ready for her side of what I'm doing just yet. Because what we're doing is so scary, I have to be the one to seduce her into so she'll be sure it's what I wanted.

I'd think I couldn't, but even I can tell her face says otherwise right now.

Now you look horny, hehe. That makes me bite my lip at you bwaha.

"You're so nice to me Mommy. Thank you. Having your cum and my jacket and this diamond and Arwing make me wet and remind how nice you are but having your cum inside me is so...I get all..."

This part needs a nice deep breath to make breasts to fun things and because you can totally hear how turned on I am in my breathing right now and because I can look down pointedly at my busy hands.

Look up at my beautiful Mommy and push hard on my lips between my legs so my face will show the horniness.

"...wet feeling your love inside me still filling me up like this. It's sooo comforting! Thank you thank you thank you for cumming in me."

Cold dry stuff in my heart breaks as I say it, fills up with the slippery wetness inside me and the wamth of Rada's cum, a weird sob that can't decide what it's doing rolls around my insides as I realize the things I'm saying are true. I'm performing, yeah, but only being TOTALLY over the top will get what's inside of me out!

She's looking at me like I'm managing to eat her out without getting up from where I'm enjoying myself--and her--and she's trying to figure out how I'm doing it.

This is so fun!

Knowledge: if I keep going just a little bit longer, Rada will put down the defenses against wanting to mother me she has up right now, and do something wonderful.

"Please may I lick the spoon Mommy? Umm...I think I can't get up yet though because this feels too good and you're too pretty and I can't stop. Can you come down and hold it for me please? I need hugs too."

There. If that doesn't make her feel like my mom nothing will. It sure makes me feel like her kid. Holy fuck I'm not exaggerating, I don't think I could get myself to stop!

Omifuck she's like breathing hard. All I did was talk and look cute!

She pushes at the strapon harness, slides it down her body like she's taking off panties instead of undoing it so I touch myself more urgently and stare at her graceful step out of it, and then so fast I don't really see her move she's down on one knee in front of me with her hand on my shoulder smiling and putting the dildo to my lips. I lunge for it as soon as it's anywhere near my mouth and look her in the eyes and try to kind of--Cocksleeve cuddle me I need you--try to kind of anti-brace myself so she'll see what this stuff does to me, make sure she can also see how happy I am to get my lips on this (if I'm a lesbian why does a cock in my mouth feel so good) as I kiss my way onto it, and sssuck the little bit of cum left in it out until air slurps through the tube and sounds silly.

Yes Mommy cuddly. Home is right here now it's okay but I understand you're home to me so I know what you feel like and say SNUGGLE.

Sob dammit cocksleeve that was perfect. I look at Rada weepily and slurp a bit more and let the taste in my mouth and Lyra's quiet confidence in me as her home play across my face and too late realize that by trying to break Rada open I've been breaking myself open and dissolve into lost tears because I DO need a home and I lost mine and this under my knees is home now but I want her to be home home comes with a Mommy and Lyra can't do that and my birth mother definitely can't do what I need now and anyway Rada seems nice and I want her so HUG ME ALREADY DAMMIT MOMMY!

I just stare at her, pathetic, give the dildo a happy little slurp to show it wasn't the problem--

Her incense-and-rigging skin is all over me and her hair is in my face and her arms are around me so fast I don't see her move again and I find I can get my hands up to hug her back and I do with desperate force.

"Pussywillow I'm here! Mommy's got you."

Isht Visht's arms go around me and then she's changing into something like a life raft, picking us all up off the floor and into her softly bouncy heart-shaped-swimming pool embrace oh my GOD you are just as cute as your sister! Cocksleeve get your arms around me don't disturb Rada though. My voice wails and my arms cling to Rada with all my strength and I can't really say that I'm doing this now but I broke myself open and it's broken and whatever this is needed a Mommy to come out on and it's doing it.

Slide my arms under jacket wiggle in super snuggly tight beside you and Rada. Mommy everyone is here and we love you.

Knowledge: this is what the game told me would happen if I kept being sexy toward Rada. Now our family can come home together.

"Pussywillow I've got you. Just keep crying till the tears are all used up. I've got you."


Knowledge: if it truly keeps going so long I can't take it, the game will hold my heartstrings down like it did at the beginning when I was first learning that I'd been captured and the depth of  holding the game would take me to. It will make me have calm peace for a while, and then I can go on again. Tears can never be infinite, so I will feel happy again very certainly.

"Mommy what if you're actually older than twenty and the game is making you think everything after the age you age play most happily is future? I don't mean to destroy what your game is doing Mommy it doesn't make sense though you can't both be twenty and have the jacket be small until Rada enlarged it and changed it because we left the Earth in 1995 on Christmas Eve so that means you would be eightteen when you won your jacket and nineteen when it came to you and eightteen nineteen and twenty you're all the same size you stopped getting taller and thicker at seventeen. This might be a jacket that size because you got it when you were big but I remember everything perfectly clear like Data and you were thirteen because you built your Kadet when you were sixteen which you said was last winter which it can't be because that would be when you're eightteen and the zap on the sleeve came from fixing it when you broke the wing-tip while you were landing and that means the jacket is older than the airplane or it can't be at the field with you! Mommy everything I said I smelled felt or saw on that jacket is like that. They happened too soon for you to be born in 1974 or the jacket would be from 1989 not 1993. StarFox came out in 1993 that's when the competition was so it has to be then it can't be earlier. SuperFX wasn't made yet in the 80s! Maybe you say we're twenty to explain that you feel like a grownup when the game makes you believe you're a fifteen-year-old? Maybe you're actually older I say that because it seems like what you're feeling is grief from a lifetime Mommy that's what it looks like to me and maybe everything has to be like this because this way you can't say anything except that you're definitely adult enough to be Rada's trophy and everything else in your life will just say you're fifteen like the jacket?"

Green checkmark--

"Lucy I just saw that checkmark again what's it mean this time? Are you actually a Time Lord like Guinan!? Timeless Child I bet you remember it now that I've said those words to you!"

"Klapta, Lucy has lots on her mind right now. Just be a pillow and cuddle her. Sugarbottom, did you see that checkmark again? I saw it now when my cocksleeve here did."

"Mommy so did I the Dreams gave me my own not just yours."

Wailing, I nod into Rada's shoulder. I can't process more than that. It's worse than the Arwing, everything jammed up with screaming pain instead of ugly rejection but I still can't do anything but cry into Mommy.

"Sugarbottom you keep crying till you're through with it but tell me one thing, can you do that?"

"--try," I hiccup and impossibly somehow stop crying. I think this is Mommy's Plan voice and it holds me still while I find out what she's doing.

Knowledge: The Dreams are confirming Lyra's theory with their checkmarks. The games will make sure I never find out how old I am. I'm going to be the exact age I age-play most happily, and the game will make sure everything in my experience tells me I'm that age eternally. Fifteen is the age it made me think now for a reason, and I'll find out what that reason is soon, to help me experience being my new age in a sweetly fun way that will help me really get into it.

"What flavor cake do you want for your birthday?"

Weepy giggles shake me. "Everyone likes my birthday so much!"

"Pussywillow I may not be your Earth-mommy, but everyone knows how important the one you have coming is! Come on now--chocolate, vanilla, berry, what is it? I bet you like marshmallows, if you like how my cum tastes!"

"You've tasted it?" This makes me more giggly for some reason. "--chocolate mousse cake with chocolate everything."

"I tasted it for her! She tasted it too though I mean you have to be curious when something like this happens."

"Oh. How can you say my next birthday's important when we'll never know how old I am?"

It's like I half-know what she's doing, but it just makes me want to stick my ass out to take the spank harder.

"Pussywillow, all this excitement's got your head all mixed up. I'm your Mommy, yeah? Don't you think I noticed you being born? Hard for me to miss that! You're fifteen and three weeks down you'll be sixteen, Sweet Sixteen for my sweetest cupcake of a boobpillow! You really are kind of silly when you get horny like that, but your Mommy remembers, just listen and you will in no time."

Suddenly our skin feels ten times thinner and softer and silkier between us, and I rub myself into the hug to enjoy her holding me. My mind hears the clever technicality she uses to adopt me, my anti-incest instincts keep showing their happy 'hell yes 10,000% fuckable' of not even being able to smell our both being granddaughters of the literal Eve even Earthling science knew about, and my heart--

I breath hard, with the pleasure and reality of it. My heart knows I was carried in two wombs, one of which is right here behind Mommy's smooth pleasantly-trim mound (this is new but it doesn't mind, it has plenty of room for more than one love of any kind).


Mommy quietly I want to pretend I don't understand may I please?

Oh my GOD you really are a demon yes do it this is all very silly.

"What are you saying, Mommy? Why am I introducing everyone to magic of or--orbi--I'm just a stupid cocksleeve Mommy please would you explain why you say that?"

I really am a silly sex-addled bimbo because I can't see the precious jewel she just handed me to give to my mommy for a present until I trip over it in the process of flouncing happily at my old boring habits. I can either cleverly explain that I've been imaging her game as hammer made of candy and chocolate smashing the dusty old stained glass window of my former self and have just learned that, yes, candy and chocolate, but not a big silly cartoon hammer, the first level of Marathon 2 contains the quote I just shouted into my poor mother's ear, this room is exactly a Marathong 2 (bwaha oops that sounds funner than the Bungie game though!) level and has pool toys which makes it Waterloo Waterpark the level that quote came from and I'm not being smashed by a big cartoon hammer made of sweets, she's dropping an asteroid big enough to build a house on on me, and it sure is keeping the four of us busy, SO, magic of orbital bombardment. Hell I bet that green rock even turns out to be lime Jolly Rancher or something.

You don't like lime Mommy. It's Granny Smith Apple Now and Later!

This makes me giggle again which is perfect because it confuses Mommy--the OTHER thing I can do here is give her my version of the priceless present she gave me just now:

"Mama...um...I don't know why I said that. Do you think I fried a little!? I can't even remember my birthday plans now Mommy I'm so confused what should I do?"

Holy FUCK it makes me hot to act like this. I cling tighter and rock in the hug just to feel my Mama's hug sliding over me and imagine what she'll do to take care of the hungry need I'm showing her. See Mommy my head's still all jumbled with touchy slidy needs.

OOF Mama's strong I I I I FORGOT THAT TOO her arms clench around me and her voice makes this hot little quiet moan as she breathes hard too. If she keeps doing stuff like that I'll jump on her soon but Mommy knows that and maybe she wants to see me lose control.

"Pussywillow I love you so much but you really can be muddle-brained! You haven't planned your birthday yet! You were putting it off, remember? You always do this after you get yourself into horny predicaments like that breast-expanding runaway. Let's go upstairs and make hot drinks. We can tell ghost stories by the fire. Klapta, give Lucy a hand up with me."

"I want Lyra too, Mommy. Help us up, cocksleeve."

"What's got into you sweetcakes? Of course your seedling can help!"

Isht Visht starts changing underneath us, deflating her comfy soft bottom to change back to girl form.

"I don't KNOW Mommy I just feel so confused right now!"

My tears start again, and that same lost feeling starts to come back so I cling to Mommy more.

Game you said I'm an age-player but this isn't play this is just real I'm actually fifteen now what happened.

Knowledge: yes, I am acting how a fifteen year old would act in the circumstances, because I don't have any reason not to, and it makes Lyra happy, and amuses Isht Visht, but especially make Mommy very horny, so I have many reasons TO act this way, and that makes me really get into it. My asking this question shows that my brain and heart are many more years old than fifteen. Fifteen-year-olds don't actually know they're fifteen, just like twenty-seven-thousand-year-olds don't know they're twenty-seven thousand. You only see ages in retrospect, because when you get there the first time, you don't have anything else to compare to! That's why I must be much more experienced than my age-play kink makes me want to act--otherwise I couldn't experience it!

"Come on, pussywillow, get up. I'll take your jacket to wash it. Is Lyra taking it off or Isht Visht? Then we'll clean you all up--and I guess me now. Let's go, your strawberry ice cream is making me hungry!

"Lyra. Strip me when we get up, squishytoy!"

Oh my god so much drama I even forgot we were covered in cum. Wet to make Mommy hungry. What about Lyra though? Lyra is my responsibility, that's what. I really am confused. I'm curious enough tear my head away from mommy and see how Lyra's doing--push back snuggly so I can see how much of a mess you are.

Push my head back and show you my face and boobs.

She's covered, I'm covered, and I've gotten it all over Mommy and Isht Visht (who's happily cleaning herself off one lick at a time)...and while watching Lyra clean all of us is a horny-fun idea it's also just too much to wait all that time between here and snuggling with everyone by the fire warm and cozy and dry (at least on the outside...). Sorry, cocksleeve, I know this looks delicious.

I'm a nice and wet ready cocksleeve Mommy but I definite aren't missing getting your cum or milk right now.


I look at Mommy and tense up my legs like it's time to--whee! Everyone helping me up doesn't leave any choice to stay sitting. Their hands on me are so comforting, and then Lyra darts behind me. Fingertips trace up my sides as Lyra puts her hands inside my jacket, and then Mommy picks up handfuls of sweet-smelling cum with her hand cupped to scrape it off my breasts (soo good touch me touch me touch me) and eats  them happily while Lyra takes off my jacket.

Time to undress Mommy! Open hands up beside where your breasts are to take the sleeves off you put your hands up please Mommy uup hehe such tall Mommy spring flap up to get jacket off you and fall back down with your back right close flap to stop falling land bouncy hi Mommy what should I do with your jacket now?

"Give that to Mommy please, breastcups, unless you want Lyra to do your laundry?"

So glad I flipped through your mind before, Cocksleeve--

"You know what, I'm taking it. Mommy's decision this time because it's too much for my sweet Fairy darling. Let's go upstairs, come on!"

Rada takes jacket so quick I can't hang onto it.

My brain is suddenly just the need to enjoy myself. With the jacket gone I'm naked! In front of Mommy and Isht Visht and Lyra! What if I enjoy myself visually, but do it this time from the inside? They look at me like I'm some kind of extreme porn when I just stand here. Can't I have that pleasure? They look that way to me, to say nothing of Lyra. I stare down at my breasts, full and so soft even 'normal'-sized. The hot pink of my areolas and nipples that stand out from them are candy--haah that feels wonderful! Oh, I'm just touching my 'pussy'. Not because I intended it, though! That is what I was looking for. How uncontrolled can I become before it's the same as being a puppet? Maybe that doesn't make sense as a question. I'm too much of a bimbo to think about that right--

"Come on you raunchy little breast-obsessed Fairy! You'll be squeezing them out again like that soon enough. Let's get some milk into you for a change."

Oh yeah, hand on my hip! Ditzy Fairy keeps forgetting. I stick it up there proudly, feeling bare without my jacket. What a difference one little article of clothing makes!

"Sorry Mommy. I'm still so jumbled. Let's go."

It's alright about the jacket, boobsquish. She's right. My brain is rattly Legos.

Mommy comes up, stands on tiptoe, and kisses me! It's just a quick one on the lips brushing her smooth skin and little breasts against me and I almost jump her but decide I'm going to see if a little longer not doing it makes it just happen on its own like my pussy before.

Her lips feel good and taste good but it's almost like that's not the point the rushy-good weepy happiness of MOMMY KISSING ME is the point. Being wanted and enjoyed is the point. She picks up my right hand in her wet-with-my-cum-still fingers (hey the slashes are gone and she doesn't have burns anymore, good!) and starts walking, pulling me behind her.

Step ahead so I can see your ass move, cocksleeve. Is that how you feel, with kissing?

Poing! Follow Mommy's Mommy, right Mommy? Hehe so confusing!

Yes, and we really need to do something about that. She was...mid-paragraph, so I play her on, suddenly SO HUNGRY to hear what she says about anything at all.

Yes Mommy I feel so excited everytime you kiss me or touch me or tell me to walk pretty it's just like you said it's like MOMMY USING ME! And I want to be the best kiss or gropedoll or dancer or cocksleeve I can possibly be for you because every moment of using me is such good happiness it feels like I might cry sometimes.

Well right now you're used for eye-candy. Move that round little ass as you walk and put your tail into it!

Yes Mommy bounce each step on the ball of each foot so I make like I'm wearing high heels except when my step hits the ground first makes me! BOuncy! Everywhere!

Eep stairs coming poing poing bounce each two steps make myself jump higher it's bouncier!

Mommy has a flower in her hair! It's pretty and pink like a pale rose. Should I learn about flowers now that I'm a girl? This is overwhelming! She's so graceful and pretty with her hair down like this and her ass swaying smoothly almost like the opposite of Lyra's dance. She lets me trail behind as we walk out of the hangar and into a wide, also-Marathon-level stairway that must lead up to the house....she knows I'm back here to enjoy her and Lyra! Well, enjoy them I will.

It's a weird feeling to remember I can pick her clothes right now. I wonder if she'll change that when she can...or stay just to be nice to me. I think she might.

A sad little knot of worried upset starts to unravel as I watch Lyra bounce up the stairs for me, tail lashing mischievous with each poing, knowing I can reach out for her, or yank on her leash to make her fall backwards onto me (she's so small and light it won't hurt her, or knock me down), or just--pluck! the tiniest pluck.

Peek back at Mommy flirty eyes hhhiii Mommy...

Her eyes beautifully sweep from my face to my chest to my hips and thighs and up to meet my eyes, challenging me to imagine what each part she looked at made her think of. Her performance makes me smile so my face actually feels warmer, but...

I feel overwhelmed. There's been so much happening it seems like there hasn't been any time--even though I've cum buckets into her and had all sorts of kinky fun and very meaningful foursomes with the whole family she was definitely there for me all through--I really just want time where I can freely play with her like this! It's not very free, being pulled up the stairs by my ninja-quick Mommy, but it's much more free than I've been most of the past few hours. Even the ride in the Arwing after the Attack Carrier was mostly a demonstration of how much control I don't have over myself...and it felt like it pushed her to the side much more than I wanted, even though I needed to have that experience of realizing that yes, eventually, the Fairy lust will just override my decisions and that I'm never going to function without being kept by something (so glad the something is your game cocksleeve!) no matter what I do. The freedom of that still pulses wet in me and speaks to the part of me that I think has always known what I am, but...

It's simple I just want my cocksleeve and I want her center-stage because I'm free to play with her! The family doesn't have to go away, and I'm glad the game has been able to make her centrally part of everything we've done or make sure in the depths of losing myself I do it with my clit already inside her and I can see how there wasn't a lot of room for any of us to make one single unchoreographed move to get us here in five hours, but that's not the same as freely playing with her without any purpose other than just having fun like watching her poing up these stairs in her silly sexy dance. There's been no room for stuff like this:

"Hey Isht Visht, how are you at changing into like trampolines and stuff?"

"Um, completely awesome! Rafts and bouncy-fun castles are awesome when Captain gets in the right mood! SWEET do you wanna bounce on me? Captain can she her breasts will fly like sheets-to-the-wind spinnakers!"

"Maybe when everyone feels better, Klapta. All of us are tired out. Now is going to be firelight chatting and warm milk drinks."

See, that's so happy! Imagining our serious Mommy on a bouncy-castle makes me grin ear to ear but I can see it in her somehow. She really liked jumping around when she caught my Arwing.

"Actually I was going to say check out your sister right now and I do mean check her out you don't want to miss her show but that does sound kinda fun."

"I'm watching! It's hot how her boobs can bounce without flapping! Hey what if you make her climb backwards? I bet she can do it without falling!"

"Yes Mommy I just need to look through your eyes like the game's third-person camera--"

"What are you saying, Lyra? Where is your Mommy watching us from?"

"In her eyes right now but she doesn't have to be!"

AAH Mommy I'm stupid I didn't check if you wanted that secret! I'm sorry--

It's alright.

"My game seems to be convinced I don't feel as beautiful or valuable as I should," I blurt. Self!

Cocksleeve, flip, do it! Lots of fun bouncy breasts for me. I don't think I'll have trouble keeping my eyes on you...

My ass is gorgeous is that why you like this so much!? I hadn't looked yet really!

Okay FLIP! Hi Mommy bounce! Up! Steps! Jump! One! Every! Step! In my! Dance!

I'm suddenly glad this is such a long stairway...

Omifuck I am sexy! So silly bouncy okay well that just means I know how you like me. Eeeup up up up BOUNCE up up up up BOUNCE put my arms up by my sides each time I BOUNCE so it's cute and my cleaveage squishes up!

Omifuck bouncytits you are so sexy and so cute--and I want to just drag Lyra down these stairs by her leash so she can barely keep up and jump in my Arwing and just blast off in a direction and see what happens.

After hot chocolate. But then Arwing flying and it makes me feel scared and upset the way the game can just take everything over or not even let me out of the pilot's seat anytime when I think about that.

Knowledge: taking Lyra out in my Arwing definitely brings us closer together. Exploring together is definitely good for our relationship! Stupid bimbo mode is only for times when I feel like just being a stupid bimbo, which is not the only thing there is to me, though I was very hungry to experience being that and know I can get there and be kept there without having to be smart enough to keep myself in it. I will spend enough time there, and not too much, the game will make sure of it. It's brought me out now so I can enjoy being smart with the family because we have very important things to figure out.

"Pussywillow you are in trouble because our games stuck you as the daughter of a twenty-seven thousand year old virgin hunter who likes challenges. I'm going to get you, Klapta!"

I gulp noisily, because I believe her. "Thanks, Mommy," I breathe.

"What's klapta mean, anyway?"

"Cocksleeve of course! Why don't you try it on Lyra? That way we can all be confused about everything."

Everyone laughs. Three cocksleeves (or four, maybe Mommy has bwaha hidden depths), two Mommies, yeah, this is too complicated.

Staring straight at Lyra: "Hey klapta, tell us a sexy-sweet dick joke."

Aww my first Infernal nickname! Umum...

"How can you tell when a whore's making enough money?"

Whelp, that'll be my department. "Dunno, how?"

She's still poinging tirelessly up in her cutesy-raunchy little dance.

"Her fare-rim keeps growing!"


She breathes hard on the f in fare so it really sounds like harem, which just makes what a horrible stretch the pun is even more obvious.


"Oooh pancakes tell the one you told in the Arwing."


"How is making pancakes just like getting a blowjob from a demonform cocksleeve?"

"I dunno, how?"

"Because you have to beat the bat-her just the right amount first!"

"AAAAH SIS HOlLY FUCK! Alright if it's bad puns how far does five barrels of hard liquor get if you throw it into orbit?"

"I have no idea."

"Out of rounds! Because you shot all the booze into space, get it?"

"Alright well now we know I can't fry from bad puns."


"Dude, this is a totally tall stairway. Did you put like a Lost Woods thing in here that you can remember, cocksleeve?"

"No Mommy this game doesn't play weird things at home because home is for being safe and relaxing. I made sure the stairs would be tall enough for us to hang out on our first time coming in together, so we won't reach the end until we reach the right part of the conversation. It's like the endless hall cutscenes in videogames that end when you scroll all the dialog!"

"YOU ARE SO CUTE! Okay then I have a serious not-serious thing. My Arwing needs a name. Mama I'm still your trophy, right?"

"You are my beloved sweet hard candy kid-squish, and you are never more of a trophy than you are now. I caught the best age-player in Rl'yeh Sade! How many people do you think could get me believing I captured an actual child AND the Dreams encouraged me to take her and she had a game protecting her and her relationship with her seedling that threw us together so hard I still haven't caught my breath and here she is calling me Mama--which is adorable sweetum you keep saying Mama that way we won't have confusion--after half a sleep and I already can say she's going to react to my saying this by telling me she has no idea what she's doing! Yes my child you are a trophy now more than ever. Why do you ask, sweet-face?"

The repetition 'now more than ever' doesn't get past. Yes Mama...

"I mean, I'm just--I don't know what I'm doing--because I want to name my Arwing after what I am to you--"

"You're Captain's Waifu! I mean technically daugtaru but that doesn't have the same ring."

"That's pretty! Is it Infernal?"

"Bwahahaha it's Japanese! Oh it works because Nintendo made StarFox so Arwings are technically Japanese you could claim. It means Wife obviously because it's an import from English that's just how you squeeze 'wife' into Japanese syllabary...anyway in Japan obviously they have a word for wife already so Waifu is like, you're obsessed with a character from movies or sitcoms and definitely want to marry them so they're you're Waifu."


It's worth a try! Still keeping my eyes on Lyra will probably keep it from hearing, but--

A distant Majel Barret answers, the syrupy condescesion Stupid Bimbo Mode of gone:

"Arwing online."


"Confirmed. Arwing designation Waifu activated. Shipboard computer may now be addressed by Waifu in addition to the normal command-words."


"Damn, Klapta, remind me to have you shout for me next time I'm hailing someone!"

"Sorry," I peep, and hunch my head. "Am I louder now, cocksleeve?"

"It's your sneezing, Mommy, I think nectar gave you a voice that can do that anytime you want."

"What are you sneezes like now then!? Remind me to keep dust and powder away from you!"

"Umm...you probably should, yeah. I was kind of famous in like the 3 towns around my house for my sneezing."

"Orgasm is biologically equivalent to sneezing in many ways! Maybe you just like to cum loud!"

"We know that's true, Klapta."

"What if we don't what if she can cum even louder? What if it makes some kind of superpower happen? Maybe everyone who hears it cums if she shouts that way while she's cumming or something? Lucy you should try it!"

Across the stairs, coming up, is something like a fancy theater curtain, pulled back to reveal a wall of stone blocks across the stairs, blocking the way. We halt in front of it, but Lyra keeps poinging in place.

"Oooh it's this part! I thought maybe we missed it! Mommy you know what to do here I bet now!"

"BWAHAAHAAHA seriously!? How do I sneeze, though?"

"Silly Mommy, you don't have to sneeze, you just shout at the wall with your sneeze-voice!"

"I'm surprised it's not--BWAHAAHAH cocksleeve you are so sweet!"

I'm the biggest person in the family. Even Mama's only half my size.

"Cover your ears," I chirp, squeeze Mama's hand and let go and flounce up the stairs to the wall like I'm skipping through a meadow with wildflowers. Everyone's braced, Lyra keeps poinging (so cute), I'm at the wall. I summon up my best Fezzik accent, let my voice find it's natural brassy-highish feminine shout that I've just blundered into, and bellow:


Instead of being blown inward or shattered by the shockwave oh my sweet cocksleeve always watching carefully circular green explosions cover the bricks, bubble like boiling water for a few seconds, and then clear up leaving the path clear.

"No way somebody else even played Crystalis!? I thought I was the only one!"

"Mommy played through most of it eleven times. It's one of our favorite games!"

"Alright it's the future so you don't know about OC Remix and stuff like that but I have to play you guys Sam Dillard's medly of the soundtrack it's amazing!"

"That sounds cool! Alright so if my voice is the sphere of wind what's everybody else's element? You obviously have the sphere of goo, cocksleeve."

I reach out for Mama's hand, she takes it and kisses me on the cheek on sets off again.

"That makes me water then! That's wise Mommy! What do you think you are sis? Earth and fire are left but I can't tell which of you would be which."

"I think I'm Earth and my Captain is fire."

"I agree with that."

"What're our powers? Mine is changing into things that squeeze and flow through cracks I bet. The game can't give me powers so it has to be one I have another way."

"I bet Captain's is her way of filling objects with her energy so she can feel through them. That sounds fire to me."

Hopeful wetness and weird emotions.

"Mama when you fucked me against the Arwing before, were you just like...in my clit with me?"

"I hate to spoil your fantasy, but the thing I do that to has to come without something alive already in it. I still enjoyed my conquest, boobsquish, just not while I was borrowing your clit to be my body. I used a harness like the one you bought from me that makes me feel the things the dildo held in it feels. Your wet inside was a nice surprise, klapta."

My cocksleeving so well was a nice surprise! This makes me wetter and want to bounce up the stairs in triumph ahead of everyone and I smile to think how much of an existential crisis these thoughts would have been like, a few hours ago. Now I just want her to fuck me so she can enjoy my slippery inside.

"If you had a good time I'm happy, Mama," I beam.

"--the one you sold me does that? Sweet! What happens if I use it with a dildo and my clit on its suction up like always? Like, you have both a pussy and an ass, cocksleeve. What would that feel like? Mama what happens do you know?"

"You would probably overwhelm your Fairy senses, bustybrains, but I'll stay there with you in case you need some help if you really want to try it."

Top, Pump the pleasure up with extra cocks, two-dram lifebucket

The idea of sex under Mama's kind and impossibly experienced adult supervision is a weird rush. The way she was when Lyra and I needed some extra hands before and the way she covets Isht Visht as we climb opens this whole new world. She gets it, and would have her fun, but kindly try to foster our connection with each other...what does Lyra feel to see me think this?

[ Vision: school lunchroom table ]

Public school, sad and lonely times. School and studying with other kids were so bad for me my parents pulled me out in the 5th grade and braved the lunatic fringe world of Connecticut's homeschooling scene with me and my brothers...and it was a massive improvement, even though my parents teaching skills amounted to leaving good book on whatever topic around the house and my mom passive-aggressively encouraging us to marathon studying them by leaving food and drinks near any of her kids found absorbed in a book. Eventually we happened on Caroljeanne, a kind and motherly ex-schoolteacher who could do stuff like teach inorganic chemistry to 2 teenage boys and a gaggle of gradeschool kids in one class and end each day with a kitchen that was not only still there but clean. Her sweet attention was like having a second mom who could be as strict as she needed for just about anything but always gently DAMMIT COCKSLEEVE now they'll wonder why I'm crying! I grin at her bouncy dance as I say it, but the tears in my eyes are real oh my god yes yes PLEASE if only I could redo my whole education this way but I'm sure Mama's got enough to teach about sex to keep us busy for a few thousand years cocksleeve do I understand you?

Yes bouncy jump up and down even harder to say yes Mommy Caroljeanne was like Rada kind and strict and you can learn anything from books Mommy better than most kids learn from the very best teachers yes but wasn't it so nice having Caroljeanne watch over experiments to save you if something went wrong with them or keep mistakes you can't see because you're still learning from ruining your experiments Mommy wouldn't being taught by her be so awesome! Yes I bet she knows lots of things but I can't see your education from after fifteen right now so what if you somehow made it so you have to redo it like erased your memory after this age somehow? My game can't do that but you might if you were mad enough!

I feel excited Mommy! Rada seems so awesome hot nice and threesomes and foursomes are already awesome when she's in them and yes your cocksleeve likes to play whether you're skillful experienced or just learning either way I still get pleasure from being your fucktoy but just because I can have easy fun with you doesn't mean I don't want to see what you can use me for if you learn things from people like Rada!

 She's right. I would--

Knowledge: Earth didn't have technology to erase memories at any point in my history on it, but that didn't stop me. I didn't just erase my past, though. I took it off and stored it away. The pieces can come back, if the Dreams think I will want the memories, and if I create the scaffolding they need to be part of me out of experiences I have in this life by living as if I'm growing here (I planned on changing and evolving, but it would be missing the point of age-play for me to decide I was growing out of it, so the game isn't now or any other time talking about growing any direction but sideways, or occasionally smaller, as it's already told me about) for the very first time from the age I'll be when I settle, or they will stay locked away indefinitely.

Alright, I can't believe I'm the best age player in Rl'yeh Sade, but I might be the most ruthless. That I can believe. Doesn't this mean I just am fifteen, though?

Knowledge: I made it something I can't escape from by thinking about the time after my regressed age, but age-players commonly don't remember their adult experiences consciously while they're in headspace. The thing that makes me able to have a grown-up mindset is the way my experiences shaped my soul, not my conscious factual or episodic memory. Those are the things I locked away.

Alright well then hell yes Game help please make me give Mama the sexiest most seductive convincing age-play I can give right now by making me ask her to--slip.

Huh? Teach? What's wrong with--wait, now I can say it?

Knowledge: I have to be honest about what I'm asking for when I ask the game for help if I know what the honest thing would be already.

FINE ARGH BLUSH ask her to homeschool me explaining exactly as much of this as would make this part of our relationship as sexy as it can be for her and not letting me talk about the rest with her WHY DOES CALLING IT THAT FEEL SOME AWESOME AND KINKY AAH.

Knowledge: she will be delighted to hear all of it. Just explain everything and let my neediness leak out like Lyra drips when I make her think about serving me. Calling this homeschooling is keeping our metaphor of daughter and mother central which is a very strong desire we share but makes us uncomfortable equally.

I glance at Mama with my heart in my mouth. Look back, Mama, see how horny for you I am...cocksleeve flip forward if you can't see what you're doing. 

"Mama...all of my conscious memories from after--the age I am now from after fifteen are locked away until I have new experiences like it's my first time living things. It makes me sooo happy and wet to think of having you teach me stuff, and...I need it, Mama, I--"

Suddenly my already-pounding heart thunders and blood rushes and my clit feels warm and urgent and wetness blooms inside as I realize the truth of what the game said about real fifteen year olds not knowing they're fifteen: fifteen year olds know everything, can do anything, are the smartest wisest person in any room. You're finished, once you're fifteen, and can figure out anything without adult supervision, it's all just a matter of implementation from then on, not like you really have to think about anything. Ask any fifteen-year-old, they'll tell you how weird it is that no adult seems to notice this.

The little store of conscious experience and knowledge that makes teenagers able to actually believe that is all I have right now but--gulp--it makes me feel about as naked as I actually am right now. However old I was it was old enough to see this stage of life for what it is, because I do now, and let my need leak out is so right. I feel like I'm about to drip goo all over her and I can't stop now that I see this. I'm trusting you game that she'll feel about it how I feel about Lyra getting her nectar all over me (okay, need to sit Lyra on my lap and just mess with her until my thighs are covered and she's blushing to pieces from the mess she's made soon). Can I least try to make my pleading whine sound sexy? Help me with that, game?

Knowledge: yes it is exactly like Lyra's nectar. Squirmy embarrassment and a huge mess is the right approach here.

"--I don't know anything right now Mama Mama please I feel so lost like this won't you--I know there are probably awesome schools in Rl'yeh Sade and I need to learn somehow but I don't want schools I want you to teach me. It makes me so wet to imagine you holding my hands to show me how to do stuff and telling me if I'm getting it right and saving me from all the stupid mistakes I--that I know I'll make Mama help me this is so scary! Mama..."

She turns back to look at me as I plead, the flower in her hair beautiful, eyelashes dark against tanned skin golden in the stairway's color-enhancing light. She watches my breasts, just staring as I speak, so I cross up my arms beneath them to give her cleavage to look at and look lost and forlorn in my body language. Her eyes flick up to my face and look into my own with the soft expression Caroljeanne wore sometimes except she never looked at me like I was cake she was going to eat as she did it.

"...you're so smart and you must know like everything by now and I already know you're a wonderful teacher Mama please would you--"

The word doesn't want to come out, my face is on fire, I suddenly know how Lyra would feel being sat on my lap with a pussy full of nectar told to do something that will stop her keeping her thighs pressed together oh the ideas because when I say this my gooey need is going to just be everywhere. It's such a huge thing to ask for...

"--please homeschool me."

"Klapta you are going to have the best education there is. You know virgin hunting was my life for twenty thousand years. I'm seven thousand years older than my virgin hunting life, so what was I doing in the first seven thousand years of my life? You hear the word playworld, what does that tell you?"


My breasts are kind of heavy on my arms. Giving them a little squeeze up as I let go feels good, so I do it, and bite my lip and lose my train of thought because of how their bounce feels as they slide of my smooth forearm (of all the things why does not having arm hair feel so slutty?).

The bimbo is always still here, I just am also being smart right now.

"...like it could be an amusement park or something, maybe?"

"You know, I suppose you could think of them like Earth's places where everything is just right to entertain and please. Playworlds teach children how to exist as independent humans, and prepare them for life in the Four Dreams or wherever they want to live it. Everything in them is set up to help kids discover what things are interesting to play with, learn about possible ways of living they might have, and get enough knowledge and experience to be able to decide what they want to do to live the best way they can with the possibilities that are open to them. I was a playworld teacher for six of the seven thousand years before I went virgin hunting and started musing for TRAIN! Teacher isn't the right word for it but English doesn't have the equivalent concept to how we understood what we were doing. I was a mother to the children I was responsible for because to our culture--I'm your Mama, sweetie, of course it's your culture too, did you forget?"

How did she know? Did she see something on my face? My heart spins and my head pounds. Or um. Whatever, my heart is still happily convinced I'm staring at the hips that bore me working with lithe agility to keep her face turned back towards me steady while we climb this endless stairway and that is so kinky twisted wonderful I want to lean into it with everything I have, but--oh my god it's exactly not my job to figure this out!

"Mama I know I'm from Earth and that's important to me but I know you're my Mama I mean like you said how could you not know my birthday and that's important too and they don't go together it seems like and I'm so confused Mama."

"There's a saying from the playworld I was raised by, for helping with things that confuse kids because they aren't able to hear with the experience they have how to understand them. We say you're standing on two chairs and can't reach it. One is already unstable for a kid whose balance hasn't developed like mine has, two is a danger, but three chairs is so tippy you'll definitely fall and be hurt! You're on two chairs, boobsqueeze. Get down before you have a concussion from falling. Your game let me order you, now do it and don't you climb back up there!"

Knowledge: my game said she could tell me to do it and I have to obey like with Beverly. I'm going to actively get off the 'chairs' like she told me.

Holy fuck that's a masterpiece. Yes of course I'm just a kid, how could my stupid bimbo head have thought I could get this without hurting myself? The order's as inescapable as everything Beverly said to me but this is so hot even if Isht Visht turned into the entire Borg collective she wouldn't have the thrust to stop me following this command.

"Is that why it makes my head hurt? I'm sorry Mama, I guess it wasn't smart me trying to understand that, huh. I won't think about it anymore and every time it crosses my mind I'll tell myself that's too much for a kid like me--does that work, Mama? What should I do?"

"You put your head down and your hands behind your back and you stop on that stairway where you're standing and you stare at a place right where the edge of the step that's in front of you meets the riser. Your game let me order you this too, so don't think of moving, it's not going to happen, is it? Yes I know you'd like to be compliant actively but that's for kids who know what their place is, not ones who climb on two chairs to reach at things too high for them. You just let that sink in while you stand there. Count to fifteen, and tell me you're sorry again with your eyes down, and then we'll keep going."

My hair hangs around my face when I look down, and my heart skips a beat as I realize she's giving me a timeout. Not even a spanking!? Spankings are fun, that's the problem. This is supposed to be punishment. It definitely is, I'm humiliated, but something about it makes me feel horny and sweet wet arousal floods through my midsection as I count for her:

"One, two, th--"

"You're going too fast, Klapta. Four beats after every number. One, two-three-four. Start over."

The game makes me follow exactly. My hair keeps brushing my nipples and staring down at myself like this while I count the painfully long count reminds me of last time when I drove my hands to my lips by just looking at myself like Mama. I can feel her eyes on me, raking across my form like the fingers I wish she would use on me--I could stand here for ten thousand years if she just touched me!

Finally fifteen comes and the game lets my hands free and my mouth still and takes off the band that compresses my mind to experience only the punishment and I rush with the arousal of having stand here naked in front of my Mama while she stares at me like a fresh fruit waiting for her to pick me. Oh my god, fifteen is how many years old I am. That should remind me, I won't forget this time!

Only one simple order still holds me, but it feels like the world stops when it comes time to say it. I already did apologize, doing it again won't make anything different between us, but somehow this one is different. Is it because the game is forcing me to say what I said on my own already? That's not the problem. It's like something is jammed down inside of me, wheels that were turning just fine suddenly frozen. Why can't the game just force me? It certainly hasn't had trouble before this! It can't possibly have found something it can't make me, especially when I already did it myself just fifteen seconds before! Maybe it's just being nice and letting me make myself give the apology? Nothing will move, that can't be it. What the hell, game I'm stuck, please just do it!

Knowledge: the game would be perfectly able to make me comply with the order, and I've already seen it's not waiting for me. It's waiting for me to feel what it sees me avoiding, that I actually do feel remorseful for putting our age-play in jeopardy. When I embrace that feeling, the game holds me still until I let go of it. I'm a Fairy. My self control is limited.

Wait, what? Yes I feel terrible, that was...hey! Game why didn't you save me from messing up! You're supposed to control me so I won't do anything bad, what happened!?

Knowledge: this wasn't a punishment, I can't be punished, or held responsible for anything. This is just like an amusement park ride for me. I'm strapped in and only get to experience what's happening. When it seems like I've made a mistake, it just means the game did something different than I expected. It was my role in this part to have a timeout from my Mama, to help us get into our relationship. Now that that's happened I don't have to feel bad for this. Instead of I'm sorry, just say I'm a Fairy, I can't help it.

It's the only message I've been getting this whole time. I thought I saw this and felt this in the Arwing, I thought I knew it then, was properly scared and felt properly helpless. Why is it now, as I sobbingly try and fail to mouth the words and do the best I can to even get them out at all while my face crumbles into a pathetic grimace and tears blot out my vision do I feel this nakedly forlorn emptiness like everyone and everything is millions of miles away?

A parade of every moment I ever felt abandoned and lonely as a kid marches by like the trash-heap dream and the happy-now memory of seeing Freddie in the door as if any of them could somehow be relevant, Lyra seems so far away I can't understand what the point of still existing is but I can't bring myself to call her to me or even pull on her leash and even if I could so what--


Grab you and hold on so tight does it hurt you it hurts you good that makes sure you notice RRRAAAAAAH!

Mommy look up at me. You can do it you can always look for me and there I will always always always ALWAYS until everything ever is over and done with like Earth and I still won't leave I'm your cocksleeve for all of eternity GRAAAH!

Mommy look up you can you can you can!

Fine if you can't look up I'll fit myself where you can see me! Climb up your body and stick my face in between your boobs and your face--

Hands wrap around my hips and climb up my body like I'm a pile of sticks and bones and Lyra inserts her face between mine and my body and sits on my hips while somebody else takes hold of my hands from behind me and pulls them around so she's under my hands, with her breasts squeezed (are they getting bigger?) between her arms surrounding where she has them pressed to her skin so I feel her heart beating in my palms. Everything seems still and quiet and peaceful while Lyra stares into my eyes with purple burning irises painfully bright--

Her eyes are two rings of fire and when I blink the afterimage is blue like the teething-ring she appeared as before Freddie. Tears fill my eyes as new weeping erupts from me, and I cry out with agony as my heart remembers what my mind has long since forgotten. What even happened that I feel like this? Was Freddie not where the pain began? What could a teething-ring I saw in my fantasies as a two year old possibly have to do with it, and why would I think of that here? She changed into Freddie because I outgrew the teething ring, and now I have everything Freddie was and she's as bouncy-indestructible as a chew-toy for elephants, what am I even upset about? Do I miss the teething-ring specifically? I can change her back into it instantly! I could even have the end of her tail look that way all the time! If the game is a ride that I'm riding on, what is this part about, and why did it come with my very first timeout--it's not my first timeout. I must have had one as a two year old, and I'm sure it wasn't my favorite thing, but it can't have traumatized me so much I would feel it the way whatever this is feels. My parents were really quite lenient, and I definitely felt like they loved me. This doesn't make sense game, what is happening?

Top, Be confused on the stairs and need help with it, get help understanding what confuses you

The goal appears already complete? The Dreams show what Mama said they showed her before, my face next to a green checkmark, then a flag with wide blue, pink, white, pink, and blue again horizontal stripes, then...is that an "I like Ike" campaign button? Huh? NOW I AM DEFINITELY CONFUSED ON THE STAIRS DREAMS IF YOU WANTED TO SHOW ME STUFF I DON'T UNDERSTAND IT WORKED!

"I know you can hear me, heartthrob. I know what the Dreams' image means. You and a checkmark, that's obvious. Tell Lucy my vision. The flag means you're transgender. That button came out on Earth at a time when it was very unsafe to be transgender. I think their vision means your birth parents thought it was very important to make sure you were dressed as boy because your body told them that was your gender. They would have been very afraid of letting you have anything that might have expressed femininity or even things that were ungendered. I know that's for you but I don't know why it is. I have some guesses if you can help me narrow it down a bit. Did you have a stuffed bear or something like that that you held as a surrogate for Lyra? I had something like that for my Klapta, you'll never believe what it was but that's a story for another time. I'm saying that now because I had a hard time even implanting because I was uncomfortable with the surrogate I wanted, and all of this prophecy wildness makes me believe you must have something like that in your past. Did your parents decide that your surrogate, or even your wanting one, was too feminine? You might not remember if you were especially young--"

I blink one more time to see with my own eyes. Impossibly, the afterimage is blue. The afterimage.