55 - Stupid Bimbo mode

 There's a fuzzbeep of confirmation, and most of the displays go dark.

Mommy I'm so proud of you taking your feelings after Rada humiliated you seriously enough that you asked for help staying in the place she made you! It's super hard to admit you like just being her trophy bimbo like that! Remember all that time you spent dreaming at the computer before bed how you felt peaceful and blissed out in your fantasies just playing sexy music that was supposed to be the soundtrack for Dreamless? That's the feeling I wanted you to have by making this. I can remember it now because the card showed me.

I sniffle and blink at my tears so I can see, forget and try to wipe them, can't, feel more of the same weird good rushy soft thing trying to process this, start to cry properly as I do remember so vividly that simple easy peace.

Dry my eyes so I can see to fly, cocksleeve.

Sit on lap sideways put card on bottom of cockpit reach up and snuggle against your breast to reach your face with my tongue and kiss Mommy's eyes cleaning-tongue gently soft.


The computer speaks in Majel Barret's monotone, exactly like the Enterprise.

"Modified flight control profile active. Automatic boost/brake limits active."

My heart skips a beat when the computer's voice changes to something like a cross between (blush) my own voice in the heat of orgasm and what would happen if the tiger from Mr Rogers' Neighborhood had the same reaction to nectar I have, and the way it phrases things changes with it:

"Nice computer voice says hello."

Oh my god it's so condescending--GOOD!  Isht Visht puts a tentacle down from the ceiling and taps my shoulder with it. No, dammit, just take me!

"Independent axis flying stays on until you fly past your buddy's mouth, and then I'll show a map to tell me where you'd like to fly next, and you can pilot me along the path with motion side to side but not turning just like in Star Fox! There won't be any way to get lost or lose companions, so don't worry about anything, just enjoy flying. Once you reach the destination I'll show the map again, but while you're flying you're stuck there, so don't feel like you have to know if you should be flying, because you can't change it anyway."

Oh my god, and oh my god I was so pathetically hopeful it would say that about being stuck.

Just as I'm about to respond to Isht Visht the tentacle jumps at my mouth and slides in unexpectedly deep all at once. I start to choke and my body just gives up when it realizes there isn't any space for breathing which just makes more squishy goodness fill up midsection. I wait for dreamtalk, but she doesn't send--

"You can say goodbye to your buddy, but then I'm closing the canopy and you're going. You have to fly out because getting your very own Arwing and not getting to at least try independent axis flying before you play relaxing StarFox with it would be SO SAD, wouldn't it?"

Hey sis I know you can hear me have to be quick Captain's making me hurry because we have to take time like you guys but I wanted to ask if you set this game up should I be worried something could like be right for Lucy and not be right for Captain and her game forgot to change it when your game copied to my Captain?

"Hurry up now, there's something very important happening!"

Mommy please may I dreamtalk directly so it's faster? Yes I see you okay Mommy.

Sis why is it being bad for Rada?

"We really have to go soon. Don't worry, we'll be back before you know it!"

Isht Visht's tentacle stays. It's gooood down my throat, heavy-thick and relaxing.

She's freaking out about this one thing but I don't have time to explain it. Can you just tell me yes or no please?

No it can't be wrong like that. I know perfectly certainly and I want to tell you everything but we don't have time either.

Anything you can say to reassure her? She's really freaking out about this!

Game I just blasted the poor girl half to pieces for a present she was trying to give me. Be nice. You can tell her I said that, Isht Visht. Cocksleeve?

You made Rada's game sis. You copied my design but it's your original game.

What!? How!?

The murmuring voices gain enough volume that I can hear what they are more clearly--

Hurry, Isht Visht!

Captain says I have to go too. Sis when you get back I want an explanation!!

The tentacle retreats leaving my mouth so sadly empty...but we really do need to hurry, because I heard those voices every day twice a day for a solid year!

Game grab Lyra helpless beside me until I give an order she needs to move for.

Ooofeep held feet off the floor nice and open wide to show you my whole pussy if you turn to look at me!

Delightful. Best cupholder ever.

Hot you can keep things in my pussy to hold them!

I meant you are the drink you silly pussybrain! Good idea, though, hmmm--no time, warning sirens are blaring out the opening scene I know oh so very well!

I have a good stare at Lyra as I get my hands on the controls, wrap my hand around the flight-stick (it twists when I take hold of it, there are the missing rudder pedals) for my left hand and a T-shaped three-axis throttle for my right, find an SNES controller sitting on the panel beside the flight stick in case I need my secret weapon, set my feet against the bar that's just beside them, and the cockpit whooshes closed.

I stroke Lyra's bre--her boob with it's nice hard perky nipple with caring love and listen to the beep of confirmation as the canopy locks shut and air-pumps fill the cockpit with sexy-smelling perfume, and the lights in the hangar turn off to let us see out into the darkness. Everything looks black now except the targeting lines and crosshair, and the familiar voice I'm waiting to attend that warning siren intones its deadly message as in the cutscene at the beginning of StarFox:



You actually did it. Oh my cocksleeve.

I lift the throttle oh so gently to raise us off the deck a bit, find my thumb resting on a quartet of SNES buttons, place my thumb on X waiting to clear Isht Visht's mouth before I press it, and nudge the throttle forward to set us moving out her mouth.

Wave bye to your sister, cocksleeve!

Free arms tentacles hold me high please uuup BYE SIS I LOVE YOU BYE RADA WAVE WAVE WAVE!!!!

Alright, hold onto your tits cuddlecunt, here we go! Isht Visht's lips pass behind us, and I slam the X-button to take us out into--

"Oops, looks like we don't have time for the map right now. I'll just make a course up as we go along. Good luuuck!"

The computer isn't kidding.

There was a time when I would have panicked, another when I would have been bored knowing the Dreams will protect us, another still when I would have thought such violence unbecoming, even another after that when I would have missed this thinking it too ridiculous to countenance, and then one last when I would have been too embarrassed to trap myself in this humiliatingly, relaxingly simplified version of my first flight in an Arwing.

Out beyond the cone of fire Isht Visht is clearing, the sky is wall to wall with enemies from StarFox, like we're on the Course 3 approach to Venom, the final stage of StarFox. Everywhere I look I see them coming. Isht Visht is defending herself nicely, striking out with some kind of sparking chain of fire like the flame whip from Castlevania. I pick up the controller when the flight controls slip out of my hands and down beside the pilot's seat, press select to switch the camera because I've forgotten this isn't actually an SNES game, and the game just does it for me anyway, sliding my viewpoint smoothly through reactors and machinery to fly behind the Arwing like StarFox.

It might not seem like this is relaxing, but remember, I'm the Mistress of StarFox. I know how all these enemies behave almost instinctually. My fingers dance across the buttons, l barrel roll and laugh when the game camera stays steady, and with a single spray of (thank you, cocksleeve) fully upgraded twin-blaster fire half the sky is clear.

You're welcome Mommy you always have super blasters here so I made sure you would have what you would have if you were actually playing StarFox--YEAH! EEEE GOOD SHOT MOMMY!

Rada's dreamtalk interrupts me, unexpected since I thought the game had silenced her:

Holy spiking clitwaffles, girlfriend, what is your game doing!? I took the pain of your trying to escape from me, but I didn't have to fight an army!

It's okay, it's relaxing!

The pattern of the enemies is achingly familiar. This isn't like the Course 3 Approach to Venom, this is the game's exact pattern of obstacles and enemies. I can play through this with my brain turned off. That's the whole entire point of this, and why it's happening now.

You like to feel accomplished, right? That's why your wounds won't heal from nectar? Just watch and think 'I took down a fighter that can do THAT for her'. Now since when can you dreamtalk again?

You're making me horny, girlfriend. I got special dispensation to call and tell you. Have to go now bye!

Her bye leaves no doubt what kind of greeting is waiting when I see her next.

It's weird how this works. I know she's going to have me when we meet again, and that I probably have a good while as her fuckdoll once we get there before I'm let up, and I'm, gulp, wet has got to be what this rushy squishy feeling is and happy and excited for it, but...I'm looking forward to getting my hands on Lyra after the sky calms down, and my mind is full of the nubs of ideas for playing with her. With Rada...trying to do that makes something glitch out, like I'm incapable of having opinions about when or how or where she takes me, just this big happy gooey hole of Yes.

Yes that's wet Mommy that's how I feel about you using me! It's like I just can't think about you doing something in particular it just all turns into wet inside me! I don't even want you to tell me because why's it matter as long as I can serve you I'll be happy!

I love you too, cocksleeve--I freaked out so bad when you said that about breaking you back on Earth, and now I feel exactly like that to Rada! She's super tough, what if she wants to play rougher? SHE SHOULD GET TO!


Suddenly a smoke ring appears off in the distance--already, the halfway checkpoint!? I aim the Arwing towards it, hit the brake and right-side fly to catch it, hear the ding of shield replenishing, but I haven't taken one single hit yet--I was working on beating all of StarFox without taking any damage when I won the competition, and apparently those skills still haven't left me.

It's time to let the trance of StarFox take me. Enough of this distraction, though I know why I've been doing it. The way that games like this affect me, the reason I like to play them, is the way they make my brain turn off.

I'm going to let my reason fry one day, huh, cocksleeve.

Maybe, Mommy, I don't think we know yet. I think you just really want to play with me forever and your reason gets in the way and either you'll change your reason so it stops making things so hard or just let the seizure fry you because you know we can be happy like that and that's all you actually want in life.

I can feel the tears fill my physical eyes and run down my face, and I bless the game's magical third-person camera's immunity to this. If StarFox wasn't lulling me, I'd be curled around her sobbing.

Timeless peace passes as I pour the frustrated rage I feel at the way my own stupid brain gets between us into making the sky into a canvas of spreading plasma and spiraling spacecraft shards. It's like the game is a canvas I can angrily slash paint onto--I've never noticed this, but I think it's been this way since I had even the slightest skill at games.

--the sky is clear of enemies, and I know the giant multi-part battleship boss will be rising from--wait, we aren't anywhere near Venom. What is going to happen next?

Suddenly a shape blurs in above us like dropping out of hyperdrive, and the Attack Carrier from level one of StarFox slowly passes overhead and begins to turn around to face us.

I love you so much, cocksleeve.

I love you too--quick it's facing us Mommy!

You didn't pick my favorite level, or the level I could trance out to best. You picked the parts of StarFox that make me feel the most badass.

Of course I'll beat the first boss with half the controller missing, but with my secret weapon I can beat it before it gets through even one attack cycle. When things are going well for me, it doesn't even get to launch a single missile. This, and the symphony of destruction I bring to the skies of Venom, are the two parts of the game I think make me look the coolest.

Of course I picked ones to make you feel the most badass, Mommy, it's the intro sequence!

Suddenly green-tinted fuselage, wings and engines fill the top half of my viewpoint, and Isht Visht (it has to be her, Earth air--slip--seriously I have to call them airplanes, game? Anyway Earth airplane argh and green must be Isht Visht--rockets to our aid) oh my god.

Is this the same as with Ten Forward and her liking Star Trek, cocksleeve?

Bwahah sweet A-10 Warthog sis got gender-bent! Yes Mommy it must be still just that she's the exact right person for our family or maybe Rada has something in her cargo hold from your family's house on Earth and figured you must like this plane.

Wait they're doing something!

From out of Isht Visht tail-cone, something like the tractor beam from Star Trek projects onto the Arwing, and the controls zap my hand with electricity, causing me to let go of the controller--of course Star Trek weapons can make consoles explode, but didn't I have my shields full? It shouldn't have been able to touch us!

Game, inside--first person please.

My eyes pop inside my head again, Lyra's hanging where I left her, and the cockpit's full of smoke from the explosion, clearing quickly as the air pumps rumble. Nothing seems to be severely damaged, and I would have noticed her distress if Lyra had been injured. Still though, what the fuck can they be doing!?

She's going to save you, Mommy! That's why she made the controls explode! Now you just have to sit and watch Rada save you!

Oh my god. I'm in that scene where the girl gets pushed away from the badguy all roughly and watches the fight from the ground.

The tractor beam extends into the cockpit(!) passing through the canopy glass like water, and pins my hands down on the pilot's seat's arms, comfortable, but I'm not going anywhere. It feels like bubbly water, pushing at my body, and the sensation is relaxing like the vibrator Beverly used on me.

Out of the A-10's gun there comes a stream of fire. She isn't even waiting for the Attack Carrier's hangar bay to open--oh, she didn't need to. Either the carrier is only proof against lasers and not depleted uranium, or the gun Isht Visht is wielding is something special (though it looks just like the GAU-8 Antitank gun real A-10s are armed with, in fire and appearance). Bullets rip through its hull plating like tissue paper, and the hangar bay is jettisoned in moments. The missile launcher doors at the other side of the Attack Carrier open, and Rada swings her plane to face them, and again they're almost instantly shredded. The central part is all that's left now. It spews out plasma balls and starts to hurtle towards us, and Rada weaves around them, then fires a renewed stream of bullets. This part takes a bit more pounding, but before it's even halfway to us, the bullets have torn right through and out the far side, and plasma leaking from the reactor surrounds it for a moment before it bursts into an expanding sphere of gas and tiny shrapnel.

For a moment I just sit there, watching the explosion, and feeling hot wet rushing fill my body. How much further into this softly wet arousal will can I go before I just become a human puddle? Of all the things to make me feel like this, I can't decide if this is awesome or ridiculous.

Mommy why can't stuff be awesome AND ridiculous! Then it's extra awesome!

Well this is definitely both. I must be the worst person imaginable. All I can think is of how I can get into more trouble she can save me from to make her hold me down like this again.


Game, no fair, she got to tell me how horny I made her! Let me tell her to get down here and claim her--trophy argh.

The tractor beam extends a finger of electric buzzy pressure to tickle at my 'pussy', then turns off entirely.

There's something down there that feels like a card or piece of paper--oh that last was a transporter! She beamed a note onto my seat right beside my pussy!

Giggling with amusement, I look outside to see if I need to hurry and catch Rada, but Isht Visht is still changing back into a kiteship just above us.

Game, put Lyra down but be nice to her like with the arm-bands. Cocksleeve, note, lap, show me.

Haaaah fuck so much licking aaaah...get note brush your thighs a lot jump onto pilot seat snuggly sit against you present note on spread out fingers squish my breasts between my elbows.

Against the backdrop of Lyra's cleavage, soft hands I have so many plans for, lowered eyes, and hair glittering in the darkness of the cockpit I can barely focus on the note, though I can tell it is of course on pale green paper:

This is for my girlfriend, who can't stay out of trouble. Just look what Mommy caught you this time, pussywillow--your hair is big and fluffy and your breasts are soft and squishy just like how the plant has little fuzzy flowers! Come follow Mommy home to our new house now!

Rada [stamp of heart and kiss]

The stupid bimbo mode computer speaks up when I look up from the note to give its explanation:

"There wasn't any need for you to fight when your family could protect you, so I turned off the top shielding to let her help you be patient and relax while she did what she was doing. I put the shielding back now, but the controller is still broken. I don't think I can fix it, so I'm giving independent axis flying back because it looks like you feel ready. I still won't let you get lost or miss your buddy, don't worry."

Of course it did. I sit for a while just staring at the notes and all the lovely soft Lyra behind it. The t--slip--picture of her holding this out while the computer talks down to me and the Sea shines through canopy onto her silver horns and hair just...sums all this up.

The flight controls rise back from wherever stupid bimbo mode put them (I think the words with strangely soft acceptance, this is what my place is, because it's where I feel best, not for any other reason).

Mommy wait I can just replace it like we did when Rada chased you! Look my tail's even still a SNES controller, see?

Hold it up where you can see.

It is--and it has the same subtitle as the Arwing: stupid bimbo mode.

I grab it, turn it over, see it's otherwise authentic. How...how did you know, cocksleeve?

Mommy when your game made your feelings naked like you are I thought it must be teaching you to listen to your heart and not your head so much and I guess I must have figured out the same words for that both times. I knew you would feel stupid because your head just says your heart stupid just like constantly, so if you listen to your heart, your head will think you're stupid, and you needed to smart on Earth to survive it as a grownup, but here you can be stupid if you like that and it's not some kind of failure, and you need to deeply know that to feel as happy as you can be, so a game like making Rada chase you because you listened to your heart and not your reason, must be stupid and a bimbo is just someone who is horny silly slutty and likes people to take care of her. That means your game with Rada would be part of stupid bimbo mode, and I put STRUGGLE MOMMY FIGHT on it to encourage you to listen to your heart and not your reason and tell you I was happy to see you be ready to fight to make your capture feel like it would mean something to both of you and Rada.

Ooof hugged eep keep the note safe!

Be creative because right now my heart tells me I can't stop hugging you.

Put the note out of my hands into my cleavage. There safe.

Mmmmfff super deep kiiis haaaah...

Okay. Anything on the back of the note?

I let her free-enough to get at it, and watching her take it out from between her breasts is adorable.

Show Mommy other side.

The back is blank. Isht Visht is still transforming when I look up. I guess she was just in a hurry the other times? Anyway, lets try this. I grab Lyra's tail again, and give the control pad a tiny tap, and the Arwing swings a few degrees upwards.


I...could be ready for independent axis controls. Real Newtonian space--

Mommy Arwings use interspatial wheel-rings to change course without reaction control jets and it can change your momentum like an airplane. It's much more fun that way!

...cool. Space Immelmans here I come--but I still want to--to fly like a stupid bimbo argh. There, see, I absorbed some of what you said, cocksleeve--hey, said, does my voice work in private?

Slip. Nope. Interesting. Unless...and it is the me thing to try next.

Slip. Nope. Alright then, find a safe spot for that note, drippy little cocksucker (this being what I'd been going to try out loud see if I'd just forgotten the rule about intending to touch her heart to speak out loud), and get out that present. It looks like we have time to open it--wait.

Look down for place for note, climb to floor and show my pussy as I climb dowby going head-first, take present out from under chair and stick the note between cushions underneath the pilot's seat where I won't step on it, poing back up with present.


Oh. Fuck! All the controls are vocal, right cocksleeve?

Mommy I don't see any control panels. I can't see well but I think they all folded up somehow like the flightsticks before Rada shot us with the EMP gun.

Omigod. Wait, I really am a stupid bimbo! YOU can talk, can't you? Tell...tell the computer to just follow Rada.

It's shouldn't feel so humiliating (and wet) to ask for that, but somehow it feels like moaning for the cock she forced into me by forcing me to just watch helpless as she fought the Attack Carrier. I feel complicated feelings about getting Lyra in the middle of it.

"Computer please just follow the A-10 you called our buddy where it's going until we get there with it."

"I'm sorry, but I can only take suggestions from Lucy, and I can only do them if they're a good idea. I'm already making us follow your buddy, so you don't have to worry about losing them."

Okay there's GOT to be a way of configuring that, but not now. Fine. I'm still helpless. Back in my lap and let's open presents, squishy.

Turn and slllide back up to Mommy's breasts and squish before I turn to face you.

Haah kiss!

I'm glad we understand each other so well.

I wrap my arms around her. Okay, so what do we have here. Standard present procedure, you know what I'm talking about.

I'm pretty sure I know what's in there, especially after the A-10 thing, but still.

Yes Mommy!

Shake rattle. Nothing moving. Not secret Legos.

Look for secret tags--aha, found tag not secret. Show Mommy.

For my girlfriend, clothing submissive, and dear beloved boobpillow Lucy. Put this on instantly after you see what's inside here, clothing Mommy's orders."

I won't fit it! I was already too big but these definitely won't fit! I squish them out for effect, and stop abruptly when I feel the taut and raunchy pleasure of their fullness, and milk about to squeeze out of my nipples (fuck, I left it all over the side of the Arwing)!

Mommy how can you be sure what's in here to know if it will fit you?

Sweet pussybrained cocksleeve, what else can this be? Any secret tags or anything? My heart's in my mouth as she looks, because if there is one...

Mommy your StarFox jacket, right? I guess it feels the right size and shape for that...search for secret tags AHAH FOUND YOU! Look Mommy cut out of the same wrapping paper and everything!


Open up the tag for you.

Open up your present, Lucy! Captain won't let me nurse until you're wearing it!

1. Why do I suddenly think this isn't going to be my StarFox jacket?


3. How the fuck did she watch our Christmas mornings!? I mean there's no impossible riddle but still.

Respond to you in three things you played three things on me.

1. Of course it has to be your StarFox jacket now Mommy! Can you imagine nursing sis and me in this? This is going to be awesome! 

2. Isn't being wanted the hottest? Of course you like her to stalk you! It says she really means you're a trophy! Maybe she worked on getting you your whole life, we have no way to know until you ask her, but isn't that such a sexy idea?

3. There are ways of watching Earthlings if they let you so maybe she hacked Eden to say she could watch the Dreams would probably let her if she just meant to help and one day take you for a girlfriend only if you grew up into someone who might want that or maybe they just figured my game kind of balanced the equation like we would catch her and she would catch us.

YES BEING WANTED IS THE HOTTEST! You're fine, I'd hope you'd hunt your heartformer to the deepest darkest hole in the entire multiverse except you totally did, but isn't this weird between humans?

It's weird only if you think about it through how Earth relationships work, Mommy, that's what I say. Rada's already older than anyone you can ever meet on Earth. That already means you're dating like your super ultra zillions of great grandmother's-age to your really younger age. That's already weird in Earth social rules, so why worry that she stalked you makes you messed up some way if it makes you horny?

Fair enough. I officially don't get to worry about anything lesser until I manage to acknowledge the insane age difference.

Which I'm going to be too much of a stupid bimbo to do right now.

I look at the present. I'm avoiding opening it for a reason. I'm furious with myself for the childish lack of f--slip--fine fuck how would Lyra say it for being too horny to wear it the day I got it and not ordering the size I guessed I'd grow up to be instead of for me thirteen-year-old shoulders...though that still wouldn't have predicted the plush valkyrie I saw Rada fucking against this Arwing.

Sighing sadly and wondering what the game will do with clothing-orders both players desperately want to see followed that can't be for practical reasons, I give Lyra a tiny pluck of--hold up. Who do I think made this game? I reach out--the game lets me--and grab for the seams of the wrapping paper, tear them apart, pull the paper aside and just throw it to the floor of the cockpit.

Pretty tissue paper inside the wrapping! Pink and sparkly!

Now, is this Rada being good at making me feel ditzily feminine or am I wrong about what this is? I tug at the tissue paper, looking for a seam in it. It pulls apart in layers, going more and more translucent, until the satiny sheen and shiny hardware of, yes, my StarFox j--wait. I go to unfold it, and of course can't do that. Cocksleeve, something's different, hold it out for me!

The zippers match your hair now Mommy look! Unfold jacket wide EEE it's bigger it will fit you!

Bouncy excitement!

Lyra holds the jacket's back out for me, with the StarFox Super Weekend embroidery exactly where I expect it, but around it two bit slits to let my wings still spread extend to the lower hem that seems more high-waisted than I remember, fastened at the bottom with golden ribbon laces tied in bows just like the thong she made me wear twelve hours and ten lifetimes ago in Isht Visht's cabin. Lyra will have to pull the laces open to let me spread my wings in this, which is a very strangely sexy mix of helplessness and power, and the laces will trail out down my back when my wings are open and look pretty when I'm flying--they glitter sparkly golden, not just satiny-metallic.

It's gorgeous, and the laces actually make it feminine enough for me to wear--I must have subconsciously been feeling sad about that rule though I'd forgotten it consciously, because I feel this huge sense of relief now, though I'll look ridiculous in nothing but a jacket.

Mommy girl in just a jacket is the hottest ever! Think about what I would look like!

Sure thing lovelyboobs--holy fuck. Okay let's get you some jackets--those are cocksleevy, right? Everything's nice and accessible and it like, would totally emphasize your curves if it's cut short enough, and breasts in just jacket I understand that already--omigod. All of that's what Rada's doing to me now.

Yes Mommy I'm sure she's thinking everything you just mentioned and also your nice soft hair against the black satin to show how beautiful your hair is when you can see it against something black instead of your shiny skin so bright, you waist all small and tight right where this jacket sits right on it, and the way you ass will make the streamers hang away from your legs to show how nice and round it is.

Okay for my birthday I just want the whole family to go in a circle saying stuff like that about me. Fuck. I don't know if I'm going to cry or cum!

Mommy I can tell you those things anytime but you want me to ask Rada and Isht Visht when your birthday comes I know I see. I can't if you make me not be able to but Mommy please won't you let us give you such a present if we want to?

For a second I just can't think anything at all.

...okay, I finally manage, my mental voice small, blushing furiously.

Sweet! Birthday time to plan it! I'll bake a cake for you with chocolate frosting and candles that make cool explosions when you light them and we'll have pepperoni pizza like you always want and NO I'LL FIND IT FOR YOU THERE MUST BE SOME WAY I'LL FIND OLYMPIC PIZZA MAYBE RADA HAS SOME IF SHE'S BEEN STALKING ALL YOUR LIFE MAYBE SHE FOUND A WAY TO GET IT I DON'T KNOW HOW I WILL--

Her sweetly desperate need to plan my birthday party squeezes out with such exuberant determination it takes me a few seconds to get my head and stop her.

This is that important to you, cocksleeve?


She sounds like when the clit-ring had her tortured and I can't help but giggle and then the giggle turns weepy as I catch the decision to realize that she's trying to say she loves me like a fast-passing exit on the highway just in time and let my heart absorb it. It's warm, down in those sad dark dusty cracks.

It still takes a minute to put together that she sounds like this because she needs to do it, and I've turned her to a page that's as urgent as the clit-ring made her. I love you too, snuggly. I'll page you back here soon, don't worry.

Show me the front now, and then show me your front when I'm done.

Turn the jacket for you hold it up nice and high to see and be ready with my b--oobs hehe raunchy playing okay Mommy ready boobs all bouncy good for you when I take the jacket out from between us.

The front of the jacket's even better than the back was! Light glows from a strip of some fluorescent thing along the golden zipper, a bright strawberry pink (pink! girly!), and the pocket on the shoulder has the same fluorescent treatment. The zippers sparkle like the ribbons, and the zipper pulls and buttons are swoopingly feminine star-shapes with comet-tails hanging off the zipper-pulls to make them easy to hang on to.

I want to touch the fabric. I reach out and can touch my fingertips against it--silky-satin, just like I remember, nothing strange or impossible this time--but my clutch won't let me put my hand inside or take hold of the zippers, just feel them. Some kind of glowing paint makes up the light-strips, and I can't feel any wires underneath them--cocksleeve, are you able to smell what kind of paint this is? The light is far too pure and bright to be chemical phosopherescence, but tritium's expensive on a watch for sixteen tiny dabs of it! This much tritium would cost a pretty penny--and be quite radioactive? Doesn't matter here I guess, maybe I'll get plutonium sprinkles on my quicksilver sundae--but still.

How fucking metal is it that the first pink I wear as a girl other than my own blush at getting fucked is this?

I smelled nitrocelluose paint but that might just be wrapping would you like me to smell the jacket?

My heart feels weird cold hot twisty wet and rushy. Nitrocelluose paint, or dope as the airplane builders old enough to be my grandfather called it in obscure RC magazine articles with two-digit circulations maybe three people of my age read. Either it's huge coincidence, or this crazily obscure out-of-date-especially-in-2500-or-whatever-year-it-sort-of-is-now substance which could in theory be used to fix powdered tritium to a jacket (it was popular for the fabric covering of model airplanes in the 1950s because it's flexible even at small sizes), from someone who'd easily guess Lyra's superpowers after boning her sister for 200 centuries, is a message with all the subtlety of a novabomb to the face YES I WOULD LIKE YOU TO SMELL THE MOTHERFUCKING JACKET!

Turn around and snnnifsnif model airplane CA that's Zap snifsnifsnif Mommy's house in Stamford sniff pizza from Bulls head snifsnif Boston Creme from donuts...okay smell light strips sniiiiff up the zipper on the front one...uuup...nitrocelluose paint inside of something I can't recognize because it's not that on the outside but that is aaah! hehe yes Mommy tritium it's all fizzy!

Rada said she could give me gold and jewels. Count on her to find a way to do it my way and give me something more precious than diamonds. I LOVE IT and I am such a whore because I'm suddenly all wet now. It's almost disappointing to remember I could wish for an entire lake of tritium paint to swim in right now, but that's drowned in the meaning of the real precious adornments on the jacket.

Nitrocelluose inside something else? Like it's there as a decoration like the tritium?

Look at the light strips. It's too small to see Mommy but yes I think it's like that.

That's me stalked then. Gulp. Now how the hell does this smell like my life on Earth? Could she have stalked me so precisely she could recreate it? This can't be the same jacket!

Mommy yes it is though these fibers broke when you hit your side againt your brother's airplane's propellor, and there's where Cotton scratched it, and I saw you make this spill right here I can still smell Boston creme donuts, and the zap that's on the cuff is where you got it at the field that time--

She points to each invisible (but the game lets me feel the Zap's hard spot of glue in the satiny cuff) thing in turn.

You were smelling for things you remember me getting on it, to see if it's my actual jacket from Earth. Good and loyal cocksleeve come here get kissed.

M--oooh hooot Mommy really likes me...

Yes I fucking do--WAIT WAIT WAIT. These cuffs were fuzzy cotton! I should have had a seizure just touching them! Did she move the Zap?  The little hard blob of spilled superglue is right where I remember worrying about it fraying the cuff all the time. I guess she could still...cocksleeve do you have any clue what the fuck is up with this?

Mommy she could change the jacket using dreamwork without moving stuff like smells. That might be how she made the tritium or maybe she just wished but Mommy that doesn't seem like Rada I bet she got you real Earthling tritium somehow. I wasn't just being a stupid cocksleeve when I thought she might have Olympic pizza somewhere I really think she'd do that.

Fine. FINE I'LL BE A WHORE! I don't suppose you have any idea what the market price of tritium was when we left Earth and how much of it is on here?

Knowledge: the per-gram price of tritium in 1995 when we left Earth was about 85,000 US dollars. It got much cheaper after that, but the answer to my question is that the thirty-four grams of metallic tritium on the jacket means it costs 2.89 million dollars at the time of our departure, not counting the expensive part, which I haven't noticed yet. 


Holy fuck the tag was a riddle after all and if you see it too cocksleeve you know what to do next.

ONCE YOU SEE INSIDE! Okay Mommy holding the jacket with inside of it open to show you. Uuup...

Inside the jacket is black and dark as space, shining silky with light reflecting from the cockpit. I still can't reach to touch inside it, but it looks as smooth and slick as Lyra's nectar.

You don't have to tell me twice. Game--

The snuggly soft tentacles holding me slide up and over me out of the way, pushing deep into my breasts as they go.

Knowledge: they'll be back as soon as the jacket is on me, and crush my nipples hello as they get in place again.

 I lean forward in the seat and nod to Lyra.

Okay jacket over facing self what IS that stuff it smells just like the outside of the fuselage where the radar panel covers--okay Mommy I know what that stuff is inside but you have to put the jacket on first.

This will be good, and I doubt I have the free will to do anything else anyway. Go--

Put the jacket slowly sexy smoothly all around your shoulders look into your cleavage then your eyes a set it on you wait for you to put your arm up okay help you find the armhole now slip adjust the silky cuff for you snuggle fidget grin ready for your next arm uuup and help you fix the cuff now put the jacket on your boobs (see I'm raunchy like you made me!) so your nipples still stick out all proud and perky fix the collar so it doesn't mess your hair up and look at how your face looks bwaha Mommy like it.

The moan of soft relaxation that escapes my lips as Lyra puts the jacket on me is like when I slide into her pussy, and the feeling is a lot like that. It's soft and silky but the grain just doesn't seem to be there, yet instead of feeling plastic it breathes as well as cotton. It's the silkiest softest most impossibly smooth material to have touch me short of Lyra.

Holy fuck. What is this?

The plastic on the outside is airgel to let the smell of nitrocelluose paint come out for me to smell it, which is what the Arwing's sensor cover panel is made of with carbon nanotube reinforcing fibers to keep it from breaking on reentry. Can you guess how I found out what the lining smells like and what the plastic on the outside was?

Alright game, what was the value of carbon nanotubes long enough to make this jacket in 1995 and how much of that is in here and do the math for me so I can still keep being a stupid bimbo?

Before the game answers, tentacles snake back around me and grab my breasts like it promised. I let out a long moan of pleasure while they squeeze me, and they push up between the seat and my ass to clamp down my hips totally immobilized, then free my breasts and pull me back into the seat like before.

Hey game I want one fun new piece of physical bondage I don't expect to have.

The moment I think this, my top two front teeth have some gooey stuff that tastes chocolatey-smooth coming out from between them. It fuses the rest of my lips cheeks and tongue keeping my mouth closed, then begins to expand, fills up my mouth, and vanishes smoothly so I'm left feeling sad. I really want to suck a dick now!

Let's double down. How much of a whore am I, game?

Knowledge: the math would be too hard no matter how I felt like acting. Earth had only learned make them in the lab in 1993. The experiment to produce them ran for two weeks and made one thousandth of a gram. It cost one point five million dollars. In the jacket there about about 350 grams of nanotubes, and they're continuous, one single woven fiber going back and forth across itself. This was made this way on purpose, to be as expensive as it possibly could be according to Earthling science at the time at which I left there--but it would have been a feat at any stage of Earth's development. A dozen of these jackets would reach to low Earth Orbit and make a space elevator you could ride on. There's not a very accurate way to put a price on this, but just by weight alone it costs about 525 trillion dollars, if I don't care about the fibers that would buy me being tiny fragments.