28 - Stone from the Water

This is so twistedly romantic! Can I make the whole thing out of my sexual energy? How does this work?

More knowledge: Yes, the entire eravahk--the name of the tool in Infernal, which means sexual-love-crop which I should note is the exact word I've been thinking in English--can made of my sexual fluids. To direct the energy into that, I need to design the form of the eravahk as I want to create it, and focus the energy into that shape as I create it. The eravahk will be spiritual until I transubstantiate it to become something physical by evoking the energy. There are various ways to evoke things into the physical world. One way is to change an object that already exists, like the plain eravahk in my hand currently. Other ways include using a su'khora to carry it into the physical world for me, by having them hold it and be evoked physically themself, and being the gateway myself--I'm female, so I can give birth to things.

Why does that last idea feel so good. Why does it turn me on.

And if this is who I really am--and so help me it really is, I'm thoroughly into fucking this thing now and would be making all sorts of gaspy gooey fuss if this were happening physically--why hasn't my cock turned into a cunt by now? I've drunk more than enough nectar, especially just this moment. And have I been starving Lyra by not fucking her...female-ly?

The game answers with knowledge again: The cock I've been using developed out of my clit when I was developing prenatally. It's sitting on the table beside me now, which why I can't use it to grind with here. It makes me get wet and make energy to stick it in things, so I'm not starving Lyra and I haven't been. The game is showing me that I definitely am a girl, not saying I have to change how I fuck. The clit being physical while the cunt of my heart is spiritual means I always have access to the energy my soul can create, even if I can't use my body.

Fascinating, but that doesn't feel like the end of a paragraph--and then the words parse and I glitch out as I realize, yes, it's basic biology that cocks develop when clits are exposed to testosterone while the baby is growing...and the strangely beautiful phallic organ I've been pounding Lyra with since breaking out of my eggshell didn't change into a cunt because that doesn't make sense biologically, but it definitely did turn back into a clit!

That it didn't get small again, and the existence of the one-girl (hah) bukkake team in my midsection is easily explainable by Lyra's nectar desperately trying to find a way of physically manifesting just how much of a nympho I am that can be functional even with the help of succubus magic.

This all checks out, then. Having a twelve-inch wrist-thick clit that shoots gallons of boy-cum at a time is absolutely 100% what I'd do...but why is my cunt still spiritual? It's useful, yeah, but adding a hole to my body, especially one that feels like this UNF does can drip and make a slippery mess like Lyra can, seems like the sluttier choice by far, practical or not.

Game-knowledge: My cunt can't be physical without keeping me from having the space for what I need to contain in my midsection, so it stays here instead.

Now it puts back into my mind what it took out before, the confusion of whether I'm bi now or what, and carries me through understanding: I'm a lesbian, who isn't attracted to masculine bodies, but can enjoy sucking and fucking and filling herself with something phallic. I'm not usually interested in filling for pleasure, but in enslavement I get visceral satisfaction out of giving a blowjob or having my ass used. I'm not going to be able to hide this, thanks to the game controlling me, including having to carry my clit visibly, so people can see that I might want to fuck them.

The game will ensure they know I might want them to fuck me, or be able to get pleasure from rape.

The game will be careful as well to keep me in places where I encounter people who would be attractive to me only, so I shouldn't wonder what's happening when I only meet women.

Choosing my own thoughts now--that isn't necessary, game! Shouldn't I have a variety--

Knowledge: What's Necessary is not the game's decision heuristic.

Oh. I suppose--delayed reaction from the mention of being a lesbian kicks in: wait fuck, I'm gay now!?

Obviously, notes a sardonic thought all my own, and then I'm designing my eravahk again.

What I have is cute and feminine, but...fucking that dildo, even though it was put in me without my consent by the game, and having it definitely not feel submissive, and having it make me understand that even though I am having an awesome time being bouncy and silly and cute, and that I really am going to be back to being teased by my own untouchable breasts soon enough, these are only even able to become issues for me because I actually am girl at this deep level, has changed something. What I have is girly, but...hmm...instead of streamers--

Suddenly, I'm no longer making decisions. I can direct where my thoughts go, but that's all.

Instead of streamers, I could have pale-gold jewelry chain matching the flecks and my hair. Maybe the shaft should be opaque, and iridescent or sparkly? I like each in different ways. The handle should be iridescent like flower-petals. I want it to be soft. The grip should fit my hand well if I have to hold it constantly. Is the game going to make me sleep and bathe with it? Either way it should be waterproof and something I can keep hold of when covered in nectar. Or maybe the handle should have a sort of tail with a shiny silky tassel? That seems nicer, and reminds me of--ooh, no, it should have a little rubbery demon-tail with a barb like Lyra's!

feel like a kid, running excitedly around the candy store of my own imagination without having to be responsible for actually picking anything out or even remembering the possibilities, while the game watches carefully, noting how I feel about each thing. It's a lot like how our seed-ghost figured out to make Lyra into a raunchy-cute demon when I would have made myself some snow-white angelic figure--hey cocksleeve, you're playing too. Blurt the ideas you have, interrupt if you gotta!

Mommy what if the part you touch me with had vibrators controlled by squeezing the handle? Oooh and then you could keep some milk in the handle too and squeeze a different part to give me treats!

I think you accidentally kept some of that superintelligence, cocksleeve! I glad to hear you think you can drink my milk, I was hoping for that.

Mommy of course I can drink your milk! It means you care and love and want me to be nourished. It has to be sexually because I'm su'khora but your breasts are definitely sexual so your milk will be like cum.

Mommy what if there was a chain for a leash on the handle and it could sucked in and out?

This would trip me up with its sheer brilliance, but I'm back to being a tube of paint being squeezed out.

Maybe the handle should be phallic--then anything cumming heh out of it could be styled as shooting cum which would rule. It'd have to be removable, though, so I can use the phallic handle to fuck Lyra with--which brings us to the tip, which I want to be butterfly-shaped and teravolt blue matching my wings, so I can leave butterfly-shaped welts on Lyra's oh-so-markable ass, but I also want the bullet-vibe looking lozenge it as now, the better for stuffing down her throat or pattering away on her clit--or just fucking her with. I don't suppose it could shapeshift or something?

It'll be annoying to wait for the leash to be usable for her collaring, but it's still a totally awesome. Desire for this last draws me toward deciding about it for sure, but that just makes my clutch slip--

Mommy the leash can be useful already just make me shapeshift a d-ring to hook it to.

Holy fuck. I think that's actually better than hooking it on your collar! I'm getting a leash some way so shapeshift that up the minute we get back to normal time, right where it would be on my collar--but make sure it's tough enough to hang your whole weight from. Silver like your horns.

The game turns my attention to the idea of sound effects. Should it make noises? There'll be noises sure enough when I using it Lyra--but I could have it tinkle, or be especially swishy--the game now makes me think about how I have to carry it all the time, but how all the time is all the time? Sleeping? Fucking? Bathing? Bathroom at least seems not to be a thing anymore. Game?

Knowledge arrives: I need to be holding it, even while swimming and bathing, but I can leave it on my bedside table to sleep. If the game decides for me, it can make me sleep with it as well, and it has to be in reach from the bed that I sleep in, and it can't be inside the nightstand.

Better make sure any glowing and noisiness can be turned off by either me or the game, then--actually gulp it'd be hot if that was under the game's control so I didn't get a choice about being flashy with it.

What about wanting to grope or fuck Lyra two-fisted, though? Surely that's worth an exception, game?

No, the game says, followed by knowledge: these are the moments the game especially wants me to be trapped with the crop in my hand.

I squirm, hoping I'll be able to work around it easily, but also thrill: something in me wants this whole part of the game about what I can do with my hands and for myself to be as hardcore as possible, is hungry for it in a way I don't understand.

Knowledge: The game is keeping the eravahk light enough to be held without interfering, and making me keep the handle narrow enough not to deny me the pleasure of Lyra's shape. The game is also definitely making the part I'm thinking of very hardcore and it still has surprises in store for me that will make it seem like things right now don't actually change very much. The next piece of how it's going to be making my hands feel like toys and not things I work with comes when I know how to keep myself horny without being teased.

The game adds this riddle to my goals list, and then another:

Top, Gain insight as to hands being for pleasure by learning how to stay horny without being teased, Coffin of Forthright Awareness

Top, Give eravahk spanking to Rada without prior negotiation, Tin of various treasures

This is immediately followed by an Order fucking sweetly in: Give eravahk spanking at Rada's stairwell departure, which is riddlesome, unless...are you seeing this, cocksleeve!?

Holy fuck Goddess yes! HOw are you going to rape Rada I know you can be really strong but she's big too!

It only says no prior negotiation, it might just be a matter of getting her into the heat of the moment, but we should still strategize this while--

Mommy I made this game for you and to me negotiation is anything you do to say it's consensual so it does mean rape her.

The game for some reason brings up and takes me through the memory of my moment of power destroying the perfekti with the ridiculous-but-brutal image of a shattering enter key.

What the fuck? Why would it bring me that? I can't possibly override her with raw bluster or willpower, of all techniques, can I?

Knowledge: the game can and will arrange the right situation, as it did with the perfekti. It will move me when the moment is right for it. Lyra will need to be standing behind her.

And I can see it. She'll be coming down some stairs, the narrow steep ones we descended to get here would work. Lyra will be hiding or shapeshifted into some kind tripwire, and trip her, and burst back to girl-form as Rada stumbles, and get in position--be she should be close to it anyway. She'll fall against me, and in the process of trying to 'steady us' I'll grab her and keep her half-prone while I take advantage of the same authority over Lyra I have that allowed her to burn the perfekti that attacked the car with Cleavage to give her my eravahk and make her do the honors.

The game will move me--OH. OH. Would that I could move right now, I'd grin like a ph--slip--army of Grinches.

Seed-ghost, I wish for the ability to possess and puppet Lyra the way the game can use me, including experiencing her senses while I have her.

Holy powerful Goddess I'm yours this is the coolest scene yet!!

You understand the plan?

Yes Goddess I'm just a weak little cocksleeve but you might be big enough to hold Rada still and I can be ready and you can possess me and take your Eravahk if you're possessing me that's definitely you using me to use it and you can use me to give Rada her spanking and I'll get to be part of it too!

Good cocksleeve. The wildcard is her ship--it could be big trouble. Presumably it's always watching her. Can you think of a way we can keep it from helping other than just relying on the Bones which it'll be a miracle if they even let us try this?

Mommy what if you ask it to help?

Why would it--how sure are you she's your sister?

Really sure Mommy her energy smells like my energy does to me so I'm really sure and have you noticed how she kind of talks like me?

...and I bet she's never been able to give Rada something like she's been watching me enjoy from you for like a whole day now.

...it's cool how your nectar sustains me, snuggly. I feel like it's only been a couple of hours since I came out of that egg thing.

Goddess it's only been one and a half watches and yes I bet too that's why I think she'll and if they have played this way or they secretly are playing like you and me that'll just make their game that much more likely to help.

Fuck. It feels like...no, it was another life. I can never be that person again, even if I try. Damn.

Okay. Plan. When we get back to realtime, dreamtalk and see what you can negotiate with the ship while you pretend to just keep licking up my cum like a good innocent little cocksleeve, and I'll distract Rada so she doesn't see you looking like you're up to something little miss easy-to-read. You need to get us at least the ship not saving her and preferably either trying to arrange the setup with the stairs, or being the one to trip her...do you see what I'm getting at? Is that too much freedom for you? I know decisions aren't the greatest for you.

I can, gulp, actually say the last with empathy.

That's not too much freedom Goddess I like to have no decisions yes but you can't be watching me so I have to help by figuring it out myself I understand.

Now let's just hope this works. The game at least doesn't seem to be thinking it won't--

Knowledge: the game thinks Rada is waiting to see how you try her.

Interesting...no, important: she'll be wanting to see I've been learning her lessons, including the ones about taking advantage of a situation because it's precious and might never happen again. That, like my hunger to try powerlessness, will be the hook by which we can...press things.

Now, the last piece is to make this eravahk's first use, and my first use of it, is on you, pet. That shouldn't be hard though. Maybe Rada wants a show.

Goddess that's so romantic!

I snuggle her an imaginary snuggle, and consider our scheme. Nothing seems to be missing, though it's highly dependent on luck and whether the game cooperates in my--I really need to try this eravahk out on Lyra.

Top, Try eravahk spanking on seedling, Heavenly different crop oil

There. And an interestingly inscrutable reward. I can feel the game eating away at my independence by enticing me to put my goals into its hands...and in so doing give it the chance to say no to each one, and control how I fulfill them.

Is this why people are into vore?

Fuck it. I need to strap my cock--clit on and find out what it feels like fucking her that way.

Knowledge: The game will make sure I never call my clit a cock again, or use any masculine words to describe myself. This will be very limiting. That is the purpose. The game can see I desire it.

Top, Try fucking seedling with strap-on harness attaching your clit to your mound, Given complete control of the engine that holds you when packed

Top, Try using clitoris as handheld dildo on seedling until you cum, Five rings of paranoid diffusion

Top, Cane over above-breasts ribcage held down to be fucked with legs past your ears, Evident reduction of sapience

Game I'm so scared of that last reward! I blurt mentally.

Also, if this keeps up, my existence is just going to be going from one Top goal to another forever...

Knowledge: Rewards are meant to encourage. The game won't be making me dumber this time.

Mommy sometimes you sound like when we were five and it makes you so cute.

Honest question, cocksleeve, and...I don't necessarily even think I'll be upset if the answer is yes as much as it scared me to think that, but...is this thing to get me to a state where you can be my Mistress?

No Goddess I can't I'm luxhi'khora and your cocksleeve! Please don't try to make me! I really can't I'll just be goo!

Her pitiful tone says all I need to hear. Hug you, little one.

Snuggle in your chest hear your heart beat in my mind's ear--hey you imagined it for me! Aww!

I don't understand how this can be cute to her who of all people needs me grown up, know she'll be watching me think it, the nakedness burns so intimately.

I'm not all grown up serious Mommy why would I need you to be? I just need you to heartform and keep me and give me attention you did it when you were a kid and you do it good now and I like how you get so emotional when you feel stuff intensely. I get that way too and if you do it it means you can understand me.

Aroused by her...your liking that makes me hot, little one. Hug you.

High, Get read to by the motherly dom you get your back sold to together with Lyra, Big ball of indefinite fruit juice

I wonder who that's going to be--unless it means Rada? I just had my back sold to her...I don't buy her mom thing, though. With rising petulance: I think she's being nice with it because I'm apparently some kind of kid or something!

Top, Make Lyra take doll form and snuggle while watching TV with her, Ten chicken nuggets

I...why is that the one that makes me want to cry...it can't be literal though, can I even still eat--

Top, Make Lyra take doll form and snuggle while watching TV with her, Literally ten chicken McNuggets fries and coke


Mommy that one sounds so comforting! Please make me small so I can be held good. I think it should make you cry. It's making me cry, can you hear in my dreamtalk? Everything is all different and scary and I know you think understand all this stuff and I get most of it yes but we grew up on Earth and now we'll probably never be there again and if you can snuggle and watch TV with me and eat McDonalds at least some things where you take me will be familiar and that's super happy even though it's so great to be starting our life together I still want to see Star Trek and go to McDonalds.

Goddess it's not just the game making you it except maybe it is I don't know but there is a McDonalds. It's run by someone who likes uniforms. I found it because I said Mommy will want this is if there is one she'll need it especially after Limbo.

I love you. Good cocksleeve. How are you possible.

And then: seriously? Uniforms?

Top, Don wedding gown and get makeup and hair style with crown and sceptre, Happier ending than last

There's no rational response to this, there's no irrational response to this, but there might just be one that's awesomely both, and despite my clutch being firmly engaged and the command system leaving me to think and 'move' as I please and the game not offering so much as a nudge of direction in being the me I've started to see, it's the only genuine, heartfelt shape my soul can take now:

WOOOO! I never thought I'd get to wear one!! AND a handjob?!

Who the fuck is this manic pixie girl in the mirror of my mind's eye and why do I like her so much?


Goddess why wouldn't you be sad? Don't you want to be pretty while you collar me?


The idea makes me pound with--slip--I need this SO MUCH it's weird how I sound like the game didn't just tell me I'm going to not even or else I'm just going to!

I need Lyra to be properly prepared too and I want you to force me to learn what I need to know to design it and do that well for her collaring that I need to happen soon and if you can be more forceful not make it rough or hurt but I'm horny and I need to get fucked and I really need to feel you control me through this.

The thing that pushes the Order into me this time feels like it's so big it's stretching me into a thin drippy condom of Blu'eyes over it, slides so deep and so good it just feels like I'm penetrated from head to toe, and I try to clench it, squeeze as it moves in me, tighten myself until I've taken the exact shape of its presence inside me. I know the Order, the decisions are made for me and it starts to pull out, sensual, letting me return to shape in which I can function again which is disappointing because that was GREAT and a relief because WOW.

When it leaves me, I'm already going to ask Rada to read us a story when we get back from Pause. I don't know which story, that's not part of the order. Then I'm going to sit on the blanket and play with my toys and Lyra can be with me obviously and play with my toys too if I want her to and I'm going to listen while Rada talks down to me and reads us the story the game picked out.

WHAT!? That's so--I know I'm supposed to be childlike but I'm not actually a kid and I'm not a baby! Game no, please, ragh! I--

It's like the stomping feet of my tantrum suddenly stamp out into thin air, nothing to push against. The mental chalkboard that contains the plan to follow the order is at the center of a huge empty space where I can't make my mind go--and I REALLY NEED TO REACH IT!

Before, when the game gave me Orders, I could tell they were something else's input than my own mind, but there was something al--slip--kind of sexy or hypnotic about them so I felt like they were already what I wanted to do and the game was just making me. Now, I hate the Order I'm going to follow, and that's perfect.

Now the game picks my words for me to praise me for being so horny: Me, very very very nice work asking the game to make feel it controlling my whole process of learning how to collar Lyra with a very fun ceremony. It was beautiful to see you act so cock-hungrily. Please keep making yourself pretty that way. The game will reward me when I ask it to fuck me hard, especially when I make myself seem desperate for the game to control me, so it's making me able to pick one extra article of clothing every time my clothing-dom dresses me--but it has to be my piece of clothing, and game is reminding me I don't own any yet, so I can't use this until I have some things to pick from. Until I have some clothing of my own, I can choose to be naked instead of my clothing-dom's choice if I don't like it. I can keep that as long as I want to, even if I never own clothing again.

Game I want you to decide for me when I'm allowed to own clothing and if it's never please tell me now so I can feel what that loss of power feels like.

I had to say it fast or I'd have been too scared to do it but saying it feels SO GOOD.

Oh and tell me in a sexy way that dominates me please I need it I'm begging!

The game grabs me like taking a cane and folding me to make me open for fucking by choosing these words for me while it makes me think about getting held down and fucked in the ass while it talks to me to tell me I'll own my own clothes when it finishes using me as eye-candy for Rada but I can't even ask for so much as an earring or blanket until I have the wedding dress I've been promised being tied on me tightly by Lyra.

Now the game has two more rewards for me because it made me achieve the Goal about getting held by a cane and I asked very hornily to be taken and made to comply.

EEEeeYAY MORE REWARDS! The game picks these words for me because I still have its cane on me folding me up to get fucked by it, but those are the words I would say even without their being picked for me.

First the game tells me the reward for asking to be taken and dominated so violently is making me cum when I have enough that it won't be stealing a chance to get me off from Lyra. The cum will be taken like milking and used for something I'll like. Yes that means tentacles will make me be still for the game while a cunt with a tongue in it sucks on my clit with it off my hips until it takes as much cum as it needs and then pauses my orgasm so I can get inside Lyra which it says I should hurry for or the orgasm standing still will break me so I can't be more than a sex-doll the game has to puppet around (this should be scary but the game says if I break like that I'll be happy and able to still have Lyra if she doesn't mind being made like I am).

The Evident Reduction in Sapience isn't being made stupid but I do have something I can take losing without not being myself. The game takes my face by a picture of aliens from Star Trek with long silver bug eyes and cute little nubs on their foreheads and puts the nubs on my forehead so I have butterfly antennas the right shape and color to go with my wings. The nubs look like eye-stalks and bounce when my head moves and the game says I can taste things on the wind with them. They make me feel silly like how the game making Rada read to me feels and I want to hide them before they make people laugh at me. How can I feel sexy like this? Game why did you do this to me!?

It chooses these words for me but I really feel heartbroken like I can never look sexy again when I just found out how much I need that--the game is just faithfully expressing myself for me.

The game says I still can be beautiful but it's taking my dignity because I use it to hide myself and the game wants me to be seen.

And it lets me free--without fucking me? Hey!--and I can't move but I still mentally curl into a little ball and clutch Lyra for hugs. At least they don't have to exist--knowledge, and I want to scream from it: the game won't let me imagine or visualize myself without them, even to Lyra.

Goddess I'm still your wet little cocksleeve hugs cuddle shift myself deep in your heart so you feel how I live in you.

Something moves in my heart, silky goo instantly recognizable as Lyra being cuddly there and not just in my hug, reminding me of her dependent nature. She so close and snuggle I feel a bit better but now I hate the idea of her seeing me so I imagine holding her close to me and see if there's a way I can squeeze the goo I felt move gently--there is. Hug.

I really can't even have my own imagination, game!? 

The game gives me knowledge: it's taking my dignity. Imagination is still mine to use as long as I don't use it to make myself not lose my dignity with Lyra.


It really doesn't help that this i--slip--in--slip--aaah come ON FINE it really doesn't help that throwing a tantrum like this is already becoming so easy there are you happy game have I embarrassed myself enough in front of my seedling for you yet!?

Mommy I think you look cute with them. I'm not very dignified either and you like me and think I'm sexy, right?

You're the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, little one, but I don't need you to be dignified, I just need you to be a good cocksleeve and love me which you do better than I could ever ask or imagine without any dignity at all but it's different for me. I'm your Mommy and Goddess and you need to at least if you can't look up to me follow me without feeling dumb!

Goddess I look up to you with all of my silly giggly heartstone cocksleeve me and I always will follow you I love you and you own me too but I still say the same thing you can't even tell me to leave I'll be naughty and stay and you'll just have to change me until you like me because I'm not stopping being your cocksleeve not now not ever. I don't need you to be dignified, I want to respect you but I just need to know you think I'm worth keeping and like me to be able to feel safe and Goddess think of all the fun we can have if you don't have to be serious because the game is making you stop and let your guard down forever and just have fun doing whatever you feel like. Goddess if you were trying to be smart and cool would you have been able to play like that on the table with nectar and cum mixture? Rada wasn't grossed out by it so you didn't get to make her drink it and have to be all tough cool how she is always but how cool is it that you tried Goddess that was awesome and you never would have done it before the game made you start acting sillier I know you try to have fun with me but when you got on that raft with me you never would have tried to make Rada make faces by liking to drink your own cum and making her feel like a wimp if she wouldn't try it!

My heart is trying to get my face to smile, which is an improvement. I guess that was kind of cool.

You can really still respect me? I don't think this even like, the beginning.

Game-knowledge, salted with a vision of a 2-litre soda with a thing screwed on that I can see the cross-section and it's a rocket-nozzle: It's doing this because like this rocket this syrupy-fizzy pop-rocks-and-coke silliness is where my power comes from.

Goddess the more the game does this the happier you make me and the more badass and powerful you seem to me. I'm not like your cool serious alpha slave I'm a wicked kinky demon cocksleeve and I wanna have fun Goddess not stand around looking serious that's so boring!

Come on, you know you want to, Goddess!

I know you feel like it's taking everything important about you and you are losing dignity but so what who needs it Goddess I sure don't and I don't think you do either.

There. GRAAH. Done expressing how I feel.

Suddenly the strangeness in her dreamtalk resolves into it not being dreamtalk. I just see her the way she can see me, out of nowhere. What the hell?

She's right, too. Of course about her opinion but when I really get silly like trying to make Rada make faces it feels like there's supernova in my heart.

What kind of--toy might I make with that kind of sexual energy?

You looked at me EEEE HUG MUAH HI MOMMY SLURP!!!

Kiss you back grinning but what happened, little one?

You came out from your barricade and looked and me and it feels like you are still and you see me just like I see you so we don't to dreamtalk you can just look and hear me thinking and I'll think what I have to say when I feel you look at me or maybe just be thinking my cocksleevey thoughts and you can watch me how I watch you.

This is so happy finally!

I don't get--

Goddess the game took your dignity and you kept trying to hide yourself by being mad at it and then you stopped and you could see and you see me hi.

HI COCKSLEEVE! Raunchy thought's you're going to be the bouncy one soon.

HELL YES MAKE ME YOUR BOUNCYPET GODDESS I'm horny see I can show you my pussy look.

Vision: puffy drippy cunt with nectar stringing out to my hands

Lick it and suck out lots of nectar.

UNFF hot your tongue is all slippery!

Could we like, cum this way?

I definitely can GOddess you might be able to if you make sure your body is ready but you can't while we're paused like this because I don't even think you can come in forty-five microseconds which is how long I think we've been paused so far.

Fucking try me, I snarly-grin.

I wanna make my eravahk, though. Game, let me guess, this whole big scene was so you could use a whole bunch of other stuff that'll be handy later too to make me put down my walls enough to actually make this right?


You should give me a prize if I guessed it, I demand, uppity. If my eravahk existed already I'd swish it impatiently.

--and the game grabs me and folds me in half again and fucks me mercilessly in the heart and I grin naughty and wicked and imagine letting out a determined peel of lust and make the game work to be able to move in me, squeezing and pushing against its rhythm to make the most of its taking me--it grasps my mind with a wonderful, unyielding inexorable press that forms it exactly into the shape of the toy I'll now make, and a rainbow of colors replaces the cool blue as I thrash in the game's grip, still trying to find a way to devour it more--Lyra's going to carry the finished product back for me because the way I get it will be awesome and if this doesn't shock Rada nothing will--snugglecunt you see what I'm doing and what your job is so do it--

Yes Bwaha that's awesome this is going to be intense though eep....haaaah here it comes ooof....

Reality fades back through the demented palette-glitch rainbow of redshift undoing, sound vwrrrps back to normal pitch like record player starting up the game even makes a Nintendo double-ding unpause sound in my ears as we return to realtime.

Lyra's exactly where I left her, licking up my cum, but her expression changes suddenly and she convulses, then looks up at me, quoozy but determined.

HHHaaah omifuck it's stuck way down inside how are you going to this out of me!?

"Hey your seedling doesn't look so good..."