59 - Spike Me

Haaaah niiipples oh my fuck they need attention wait what the hell why am I touching them!?

Knowledge: eventually I can get so desperate I'll touch myself without making a decision, or try to have sex if I see there's some sexy near me. This is just how Fairies are, it's not to do with being passion only. This is why we have to have keepers to control us.

My breath is shallow, my heart thunders, my fingers can only be directed to pinch or squeeze or grope at me my brain just doesn't have the capacity to stop this and I can feel my breasts expanding as my body makes more milk for them with furious determination and I just stare down at what's happening, drinking it in.

Freefall at last. It's not becoming a puppet, it won't be, but I'm never getting out of this. Yes I fucking do need a keeper to control me oh god that's such wet soft hopeless freedom. I can think my way through all of this, I'm in so much trouble because if I keep this up much longer I'll be too breasts to see over them to put Lyra on my clit if it's attached to me, and the only thing I can hope for is my game to take good care of me and put me back like I was if I'd be happier that way. Was I stupid to get into this by asking for this reminder?

Game did I ever actually have a choice in that?

Knowledge: I have a choice in everything the game doesn't control for me, and I could have asked for something else or nothing to remind me I'm a bimbo, so I had a choice in that sense, but I didn't have a choice to get here, just the way I went about it. Now that I'm free like this I should relax into it because there's nothing I can do anyway. The game will take control of me to keep me from attacking people who won't like it or disrupting family fun time.

GASP MOMMY CONGRATULATIONS! That's awesome! Is the way stuff just happens so relaxing? Close your eyes and let your mind turn off you'll see it doesn't make you sleep or be unconscious you just have only feelings!

You're...ohhhmigod have to just pinch twist twist AAH MORE...actually hhhaappy to have your Mommy lose...control...

As soon as you get finished with your nipples I know what happens to me next! Of course I'm happy Mommy! Now that your control is gone you'll definitely take me every time you need your horny little cocksleeve to pleasure you!

Honestly, cocksleeve, am I frying right now?

Shake shake that's why this is awesome Fairies are so cool because yes you can fry and lose your reason but it actually is just possible to be like you are and still have super smart intelligent reason just not have very much control if you get too horny.

Okay. Then I guess this is what's happening now. I close my eyes, and the thing is, for a while, I am just the passion of giving my poor breasts the relief they so desperately need. No need to fry at all, but no need for thinking either, nothing to decide or think about.

Struggling's so much fun, though! Hands, at least give my poor neglected pussy some help?

My breasts are just too needy. It's impossible, no matter how much I mean it. Fortunately I have help--hey, why aren't I raping her through the control panel right now game? I know I want to not yet because my mind still has some questions, but wouldn't that not matter at all right now?

Knowledge: my breasts are the desperate thing and my hands are easily able to address them while sex with Lyra takes some thinking to make happen. I would probably rape her if she was near enough to touch my skin but while she's over there like this my Fairy desperation is taking the most convenient way to satisfaction.

Hot. Stay clear until I call you, cocksleeve.

That's why this is awesome. I do have some control. Not very much, not so much I can use it to fall out of this heaven I'm dropping into. Just enough to give me the rush of making something happen, to someone who means as much to me as Lyra does, or be able to express myself--


Yes I can talk, I just have to make it slutty stupid fun enough, or give up control and let the game ensure that for me. It makes everything so easy...

MOMMY YES YES IT DOES! YOU'RE RIGHT! See you feel it now what it feels like!

You have work to do but I am coming for you.

So that's my first last question. Dreams How the fuck did keepers and games and things work for me in this new timeline? There's no way Lyra's nectar didn't immediately make me full-blood Fairy there.

Dice with Meyers-Briggs ENTP on them (weird, I'm an INTP as in Introvert, not Extrovert.), long hair, Indian Ashram.

Knowledge: not if I'm allowed to be a Fairy. When I can act like I was made to, I turn into an extrovert.

WHY THE FUCK DOES THAT OF ALL THINGS MAKE ME WEEPY!? I'm trying to enjoy--no that's too active, enjoy is what I'll be doing to Lyra soon, this is practically just porn I can feel--this is an awesome ride! No, I know why. The game got me into Fairy-headspace or whatever this is and I went too long without being pleasing and attention-grabbing and felt like I would die before that stripshow I gave with Lyra in Ten Forward (good job on that by the way cocksleeve I don't think I ever told you). It's right. Baseline human socializing--hey what if I squeeze them up and down so it rubs me in my cleavage oooh that's interesting--gives me love and deep connection but it doesn't have the energy that makes me think I might be su'khora actually.

Personality type, hippy, ashram--my hands come off my much less desperate nipple after that I feel horny and my arms reach out for Lyra and I barely just can't reach her. Desperate panic fills me and my arms and chest buck against the harness as I try to reach for Lyra even harder for than the first time, nothing happens as I reach and reach and reach for her, and I understand the tightness of the trap this is. Yes I have control of whether I can reach her...until I feel my seizure coming. Then the only choice is whether I have reason when I fuck her.

Cocksleeve just one more second keep away and then I'm having you I just need to understand this and I want to let go entirely when I have you a get my cocksleeve without distractions! Run if I get near you or decide to take the harness off!

Yes Mommy but I'm very looking forward to your letting yourself at me!

The panic is so terrifying I can barely string two thoughts together but I'm still am going to take her just not right the second.

ENTP Hippy Ashram you go off to Rl'yeh Sade to live with other Fairies like hippies to an Ashram. What keepers did I have while I was with my family though? Game please I'm not sure I can understand the Dreams right now--

A reaching baby--hey! So accurate argh!--oooh grows up to be a child then a young adult and Fairy wings like I have explode out of her back on as she gets about as old as I am.

You don't become like me until you leave your family as if for college or so. Before that it's probably just...the sensory and social issues I had. Which sucked but I bet we treated them better. I'd at least have known to demand satin bedding.

Alright dreams yeah that was easy enough for a stupid Fairy bimbo to understand you were very nice to me thank you.

Oh my fuck. Dreams, did you--I CAN'T TAKE IT LET ME GO GAME!

Knowledge: Once I have the game in control of absolutely anything, it isn't my decision to have control back again. The game will let me ask to be let go of, but only actually do it if that would make me happiest.


I thrash in my seat and tear at the tentacles and cry pitifully game I got the answer holy fuck let me GO--

Knowledge: it will let me reach for Lyra or call her to me always. There will never not be some way she can get to me and it won't be hard or secret or the game will point out the way I'm missing to get to use her. I can call her over and the game will let her service me in bondage here, wait until my seizure happens and she comes because I'm weeping and she knows why I'm crying, or just sit and see what happens but require her to save me from my seizure.

Out of nowhere the Dreams pluck me into that softly wrapped-up place with Lyra in my arms again and I'm wailing into her hair as the tears roll down and then it turns into proper bawling as they show me all her little-companion forms lined up starting with Spiral Nicker, and OH MY GOD I ENTIRELY FORGOT ABOUT FRAZZLE AFTER SPIRAL NICKER he was one of those little soft string-with-fuzz worms but he only lasted like a week because his eyes and fuzz all fell off and he became just a string I couldn't keep hold of. We tried, we tried to replace Spiral Nicker but after him I despaired until Mousie got left behind by a babysitter or something.


"It's okay Mommy you have me you just needed help this time to know you don't have to ever let go of me one single time now."

Pathetic humiliation and guilt at how I was acting out and what I was trying to get the Dreams or the game or Lyra herself to do and how horrible that is of me. I hold her and cry and tumble with doubt now, too, did I only fall in love with Rada because of that moment she put Lyra on me, have I really just been so desperate for someone to say it's okay, here, here she is and put Lyra in my hands after the world made me watch her disappear and fall apart and--

The Dreams show me my picture-girl picture I drew of her YES AND SEE HER MOCKED that picture got destroyed with the rest of my little porn collection the day brother found it but instead of tearing it up like the rest he drew insulting things all over it--

Mommy wait reach out for that! Just try!

With my other arm extra-tight I reach out and my fingers close familiarly-wrinkly paper, worn from all my redrawing her face, and we're back in the cockpit with Lyra wrapped around me.

...and I'm staring up in wonder at my picture-girl picture in my hand, complete with smudges from erasing and handling, with the light of the True Sea shining through the paper to show me all the fingerprints and clear blots of the mineral oil I used as lube back then.

There's no sign of my brother's hate, but unlike the human-drag version of her I remember drawing, she's the silver demon in my arms, cutely holding her tail in her hand.

Everything else is the same. This is the original, or the Dreams are lying to me so elaborately I can't understand it, but--but--

Knowledge: my game will keep this safe like all my other things when I finish looking at it. Time stops for things it's holding onto, remember, so nothing ever has a chance to harm them.

I just stare for a long time. Dreams I don't understand--

They show a watch with the time ticking backwards. This is from the new timeline--like my jacket must be, I suddenly realize.

A gauge pointing at 75%. That's mostly right...should I even be trying to understand this, Dreams?

The snuggliness of the wrapped-up place seems to surround me, without taking us out of the cockpit.

Okay, but please don't be lying or just making up stories about the past I should have had or something.

Their response is the picture, a "75%", then a clock ticking forward and footprints leading to a "100%". I'll understand in time.

Okay. Did you get to see enough, cocksleeve? Her head is understandably twisted around to look at it with me.

Look at Mommy say yes with eyes and nodding.

"Okay. This goes in your safest storage, game."

Tentacles reach from nowhere and carefully take it from my hand using fields of purple energy like they moved the planet with, then vanish with it, and I clap my hand back onto Lyra as soon as it's free.

"Mommy you can take me. Any time always. I'm always always here and you can have me."

More of that same inexpressible needing--

You game just called me up right now, Tickletart, to tell me you need Mommy to help reach yourself. Just keep hugging Lyra, I'll--

"--be there in just a second!"

Her face appears before the rest of her, and suddenly she's there inside the cockpit with us, floating up against the canopy.

Mommy wait. Just let Rada give you me.

Something like whatever gripped me with the Arwing chase has me again. All I can do is stare into Lyra's eyes anyway. Rada reaches down, unzips my purse and her gentle fingers are warm on my clit, and then she pushes back and disappears behind Lyra--

Gggaaaaaasp haaah so thick and long delicious yum eyes open keep looking at you--

A silent ragged gasp comes out of me and I squirm in the seat as the wet slick softly warm hug of Lyra's pussy surrounds my clit. There's a click--

Gaaaaaasp vibrraaaaation!

Deep buzzing pounds into the base of my clit and makes the whole length of it feel like sexy fire inside Lyra. My mouth opens and I pant with the intensity--

Eyes so wide...eep...

My suction-cup grips onto the vibrator, and the sudden sexy wave of new intense vibration pulls the ooooRRRRGASM OUT OF MEEE "AAAAAAAH!!!" Cum thunders up my shaft as my voice squeaks out the passion of this strangely hot embarrassment...


Lyra stares beautifully into my eyes all through it, and when I come back from orgasm land, the vibration is gone and Rada is floating over us--I can see he breasts and midriff behind Lyra's awesome curves. After a long while, I look up at her, and she smiles back.

"Boobsqueeze, hold your dolly tight now. I'm taking your clit out and putting it away again."

She floats back down and I squeeze Lyra--

Gasp sliding out boo.

--and comes back with my clit in her hand. I still can't make myself do anything but clutch Lyra--haaah WOW I gasp as she wraps her other hand's fingers tight around my clit and pulls along the length of it to clean it, then licks the mixed cum and nectar into her mouth happily and floats back up to put my clit safely away and zip my purse, brush my hair back and kiss me on the forehead, and then disappears again.

Knowledge: My game heard my cry for help and answered it with Rada. I can say don't give me Lyra now, but I have to do it honestly. If I do it because my heart goes cold with wounds from losing her, my game will do something like it did just now.

"Mommy listen. We understand. I was there with you through all of it. Rada's very old and wise. I just want you with me now. If you need help sometimes to wake up from the nightmare where you lose me if you have me that doesn't make you less to me."

--drawing, in my lap, with a proper art-store pad instead of stolen printer paper, looking up at a twelve-year-old Lyra sitting on her heels on the floor looking pretty, then back at the pad where I'm starting to sketch, light pours in windows in the background--

--climbing into some kind of epic RV with her, it's huge and black like a band's tour bus and inside is swanky--

--Lyra's hands on my mouse-arm as I play Marathon, we're at MacWorld Expo or something because it's loud around us, she can watch me and not mess up my aiming even though she's cutely hanging on--

--diamonds, in a row on a grey workbench, shining beautifully, I'm picking them up in tweezers and gluing them to Lyra's horns how did we afford that it must be like fifty grand there--

--pictures, on a table, on art pads, spread out, Lyra's next to me, I look up and it seems to be some kind of work meeting or maybe school there's like a Mickey Mouse mural on the wall--

I blink and look at Lyra, still panting a little, dizzy from the one thing after another. Did we just change history again somehow!?

Sudden light shines outside, and I look up to see Isht Visht has fallen back to reveal a bright yellow star nearby, bathing us in familiar-spectrumed starlight. The sky always seemed bigger in Maine, the clouds closer, and this feels like that somehow.

Everything in the cockpit shines gorgeously in the light, especially Lyra--

"Sit up, cocksleeve, let me see you in the light!"

A new lump piles up in my throat as I realize this will be the first time I've really seen her in sun.

Sit up put my hair back breasts out turn my face some sideways so the light will catch my horns good.


"Why did I bother with diamonds? You make me feel like a princess bareass naked."

Her silver hair and horns seem to be made of fire where the sunlight catches them, and her sparkles shine like glitter on her skin. Even her lips glisten like diamond. I assumed, of course, succubus, she must be a creature of the night, maybe even be burned by sun like a vampire, but no, she just looks amazing, like she was made to be shined on this way...

That's so sweet!

Pathetic guilt twists as I start to compare the glowing vision spread in my lap with how I just--


Suddenly the Dreams show--my jacket? Wait a minute. Quote me Isht Visht's tag, cocksleeve.

Yes Mommy she said Open Up your present Lucy Captain won't let me nurse until you're wearing it.

Cocksleeve, check my jacket pockets.

Smart Mommy! Going super quickly look to see all of them. Zipper on your arm first is that where I should start or something else please tell your stupid cocksleeve she doesn't know what first is right.

You are so cute. Nope, left pocket first, arm last.

Oh! Why--no, silly, not your job to understand, cocksleeve. Open zzzzzip feel around inside nothing inside that one zzip. Second pocket other side zzzip feel there's nothing in here either Raah! Poing up sexy-cute and open on your arm zzzip Mommy somehting in here!

Take it out, show me. 

Out from in your pocket carefully hold it make sure it doesn't float up off my hand and hold it out to show you right before your eyes its tiny.

The thing in Lyra's hands is a tiny piercing-stud, with a yellow jewel on the end, shinily translucent, square but pointed like a pyramid, set in the same gold everyone seems to have decided is to be the main thing I ever wear again. It's so pretty! I want it bwaha in one of my holes right away hehe I see all my piercing-holes so differently let me guess game they all feel like tiny little fucks when I have something in them right?

Knowledge: now they do. 

AAAH! Neat! I get why you do that now with letting me invent things I'll how much of a slut I am every time I wear jewelry in them because I made this one up I blurted it right out I was so horny to get penetrated the way my ass feels to me.

Let's put it on me, cocksleeve--omigod blush I'm so pathetic I don't know how to be a girl--

Crazily inside of me is information I acquired--sometime--not the game--I know because I learned by picking out jewelry as a transgender teenager! How the hell--what the fuck--this is going to get confusing! Okay that's a nose-stud right cocksleeve? It could be an earring but that tiny little shape is meant to okay to wear right on your face?

Yes Mommy it might be too small to stay without falling in your big holes.

In my nose-hole if you can find it then. Smart cocksleeve twang what do you think the chance this doesn't do something incredibly kinky to me.

If Rada gives you jewelry that's already kinky if its valuable. Do you think it might be something more than money, Mommy?

Okay watch this turn out to be Marilyn Monroe's favorite earring or something. I was thinking weird kink magic though. Let's find out the hard way, come on, cocksleeve!

Bwaha yes Mommy. Shing my hand to take the tab off with...cccareful not lose this in zero gravity! Put nose-stud through your nose-hole very softly gently with my fingertip inside your nose so carefully if you sneeze we'll never find this again!

There it's in. Weird and crazy kink magic? Nothing yet it seems, let's put the tab back on. Slowly into nostril with my fingertip magnet to keep it steady and push the pin into--

Knowledge: the synthetic diamond in this nose-stud is Earth's first synthetic diamond big enough for jewelry. It was created in a laboratory in the early 1970s, and the game can't put a price on this because in 1970s dollars it cost about ten thousand five hundred but today it's a collector's item and being from a dead universe makes its value priceless even in the Four Dreams' sentimental economy to most people.

Called it. I am such a whore.

And the stud through my nostril does kind of feel just a tiny bit the way having something in my ass does, nicely full and...female.

It's so thoughtful, too! This is COOL! She's definitely been--wait. Cocksleeve, is it possible she's remembered the real timeline all along?

Real!? But!

Mommy how could she though? Rada would be smart enough to read up about Fairies if she stalked one which she could figure out you are from your behavior and Sensory Integration Disorder diagnosis. How could she not know not to make a cotton bed for you? Fairies almost always hate cotton!

...huh. We need some fucking answers, cocksleeve. Dreams is it too soon for these kind of questions?

The "Bring out yer dead" wagon from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, then a sneaker being tied.

Huh? Oh, if I really want to kill my mood but they don't think it's quite ready to die yet. Do I feel like tying my own shoes now?

Hell no. Game tie me up again before I do anything else like that--my breath comes out soft and mellow as warm soft tentacles grab my arms and gently pull them down to the chair-arms. I lift one to grope Lyra's breast for a moment to know I can, then let the tentacles put it back again, and struggle to know I'm otherwise stuck like this.

Much better. Somehow it makes me more aware of my nose-stud--game I need to find out how Rada gets this stuff. I could see nobody understanding how important Olympic Pizza is, but...I mean surely when a universe dies the vultures must be everywhere, right?

Top, Ask why Rada has such access to priceless Earthling artifacts, one page of the Gutenberg Bible first edition

Cute, game, but are you sure the Bible is really a good reward for me and my lesbian demon sex-slave?

Knowledge: When I see how things are different than I remember, it will seem like a good reward.