51 - Rescue the Princess

"Yes you're my clothing-dom now. This is your first time to leave me naked or clothe me. The next one's in two hours. How is that supposed to help me!?"

"Do you even own any clothing right now?"

"It's all boxed away inside Isht Visht's main cargo hold now but I can get to it and I apparently have to if you decide you want to see what my wardrobe has for you."

"I choose to ogle and snuggle my hot naked girlfriend for at least the next two hours. It helps...at least it helps me because...like, the thing that's scary about the abyss isn't that you'll fall. It's the idea that you'll do something stupid and make yourself fall. It's like...could you actually have asked for this? Real asking, not being played into begging that way."

"Never! Not before the whole Sea dries up and salty dust blows away!"

"Me either. And if you'd proposed the idea, or hell if there was any tiny way I could fight or do anything, it'd...I'd just freak out so bad I exploded. And we think now that we're in it, okay now this is the situation we have to figure out, and be wise and take care of ourselves, and...it's not. Nothing about this is any different than being taken that first time. It seems like it sometimes but the thing its hard to accept is the games aren't actually letting us decide how much control we want to give them. They're just letting us rearrange the furniture in our cages because they know we have fun playing with it. We can't actually make this overall one bit tighter or looser, like, in total. Ask your game, tell me if I'm right. I'm asking mine."

Game you heard me.

Knowledge: I can be sure my game is holding me as tightly as it can without interfering in my relationship with Lyra or making me stop being a person and just be a puppet like we're afraid of. The appearance of changing is how much I can stand knowing just how far its control goes.

"Mine says it's holding me exactly as tightly as I can be held without losing Isht Visht or being the kind of puppet I'm afraid I'll ask it to change me into, and I can't actually change how tight it holds me, and it plays with my head to make me feel like I have enough space to breath in because I'm not ready to know how much it's actually doing yet."

"My game said the same thing to me. I think we're torturing ourselves without the illusion of how much control we have. Our games probably have a reason for letting us, but it can't hurt to ask for the truth, can it?"

Is Rada's game forcing her to seek wisdom from me she could figure out on her own? She's so much older and wiser than me. Surely, even if I have been playing the game a little bit longer...

"It says it can't tell me because I need to absorb the changes that've already happened to me. That makes me scared! How much control can it be taking that I'm still not ready to hear?"

She's in the middle of talking, but my game gives me knowledge while she keeps going.

Knowledge: she isn't ready to hear that her life as a famous TRAIN activist and helper of virgins has ended. Her game is smashing her with a hammer of candy just how mine's smashing me, and she and me will be pieces our games use to build the new life the prophecy foretells us. We can't control that. We just get to enjoy the result and be kept like the hamster cage metaphor my game showed me earlier. She and I have games and relationships with our seedlings that are separate but the house and the life the games will be holding us in will keep us together as companions who enjoy life and the pleasure of having a safe comfy nest we can always come back to between our adventures. The house that we'll live in will be right for the four of us to live comfortably, but there won't be the space like when Isht Visht was Galaxy class to be lonely and empty if we don't fill it by having great big parties or finding virgins to fill up bedrooms and stay for a while before leaving because they've outgrown us. Our life is just ours now. I only ever wanted a life like that, and Rada is done with her changing the worlds TRAIN is pledged to service.

My own feelings roil and I want to cry at the thought of such a specific idea of home ahead of us, but it's given me what I need to comfort my poor girlfriend.

"Hey, listen--"

"Bwhaaahaha aaaah HEY! LISTEN! Haah...."

Rada shakes with laughter and looks at me amused as Isht Visht giggles between the interruptions of her 'torture'.

"What's so funny? Sis I don't get it please will you explain?"

"You're my guide Fairy in the adventure game I'm stuck in! It's even about adulthood and turning time back to your beginning! It's Zelda--Klapta did they leave before the one with the guide Fairy came out?"

"Oh they might have not played it! Aaaah--"

Her voice cuts off suddenly and there are wet sucking sounds from the other side of Rada and I giggle.

"Yes! That's a great metaphor, right cocksleeve?"

Nod my head YES on your shoulder.

"It's the perfect metaphor Mommy I was thinking of Zelda when I made how this game makes your life work! Just imagine you're in Zelda now and you'll understand this game perfectly!"

Whee pulled on top of you EEE Mommy is snuggling AND I can see Isht Visht and Rada up here hi family!

Hummmf yay you're kissing me that means you like what I made!

"You literally, specifically and intentionally, turned our life into a Zelda game."

Turn my head I want to see what Rada thinks yay I think she feels better now!

"Yes Mommy that's your favorite one after StarFox except rail-shooters only give enough freedom to play sometimes but Zelda games have the space to be inside and live comfortably because you have enough freedom to enjoy things and act like a person without being able to get lost or feel like the quest escaped you always have map that takes you the next place to be doing things that feel meaningful and make your story and game keep on moving and changing except Zelda games have to end sometime because you can't make games that are infinite on a Super NES. Your game never ends and neither will yours Rada it always just keeps making things that are fun for you to get played by. There is one part of Zelda games I left out my game and that's loneliness Zelda is all about exploring empty old places that are spooky lonely and unsafe because it's the videogame format to be challenging by trying to kill you lots and my game can be scary yes but I made it without loneliness and the danger that is part of is never stuff that might actually harm or kill you. I gave it puzzles that need a family group like we have now to solve them because you always wished for two player Zelda, but I said why stop there how about eight or fifty and--"

"Are you saying YOU WROTE THE PROPHECY!?"

Rada's suddenly up on an elbow to stare at Lyra.

"Did you, cocksleeve!?"

"I can't tell you Mommy our seed-ghost helped me lose all my memories of exactly what kind of quests I put in the game how could it be fun if you just had to ask me to tell you answers and maybe I was selfish some I was selfish lots actually I made the game to be fun for me especially so I made sure I would be able to play without just becoming the strategy guide."

I just stare--

"There's a silver vine with purple leaves around the base of every monolith. That has to be your signature. Why would you tell us that?"

Her voice has seamlessly changed gears from existential crisis to curiosity, and in that moment I know that if the monument isn't Lyra's work it's the work of someone who understood what the perfect kind of person to get into this with us just as well.

"I have no idea Rada if I was making this prophecy I would make it be mysterious and I would keep the mystery by not saying I'm who made it even if I can't remember what I meant by it. How can this prophecy be my game when it isn't how I would make it except it really seems like mine except I really don't think I would sign something I meant to be mysterious."

From behind Rada Isht Visht's voice comes muffled and urgent:


"Free her mouth, game."

"It's the title screen!"

"Does that just mean Isht Visht and I are non-player characters in a game you made, Lyra!? No wonder it wouldn't tell me!"

Shake my head super hard!

"Everyone is players. It's four-player Zelda. There might be more people still I don't know how many."

"It's your game for Lucy, though, isn't it? Isn't that still kind of like being just tied to her life instead of living our own?"

Shake my head again harder this time!

"Rada it's my game for all of us! You and my Mommy have games that make you play the one I made for everyone and yes you all are tied to it and you can't escape or be alone in it but it's the game I made our family not you or my Mommy or any one single one not even me selfishly."

"Sis are you telling me everything I've been telling you I can see in the prophecy is something you put there to call out to me?"

"I still don't know I made the prophecy but if I had yes I would put all those things in just for you sis you're awesome and I love you!"

"I love you too sis! It's an awesome game thank you!"

"I still don't know it's mine though!"

"It's yours, cocksleeve. You worship me, don't you?"

There was a time when it would have seemed like a big step to be able to say this so easily...

Nod my head eyes to floor bow and scrape and look again.

"There's no way you spent all those years watching me make fancy title screens for my games with cool BY LUCY BLU'EYES taglines and didn't think it would be cool to emulate me. Isht Visht is right, we're on the title screen--in which case I have the next quote, and it's the one from the Last Battle about how all there lives up to that point had just been the front cover and title page of the real story...and that's me and Lyra for sure but Rada for you I don't believe that and I think this is the real reason you only signed your name to this title screen, because you're only making the Narnia reference for you and me. We're all playing this one game together now and I guess we're all in it irrevocably but I think there's one thing different between you and Isht Visht Rada and me and Lyra and it's that we're just starting our life really and you're--"

Well, if I've blundered into it this directly trying to interpret the prophecy hopefully that was meant to happen. If I'm doing it, I'm doing it. Guide me, game.

"I don't know you super well so a lot of this is guessing, but...yeah, you've been on the title screen with us, maybe for a while. I don't know how long you and Isht Visht have been following this prophecy, but as far the rest...how many people like me have you helped, Rada? And you did help me, hugely, I'm not sure without you being such a kind and sexy dom my first time getting dominated I would have had the courage to take the game without just tearing apart. We might still be waiting for me to realize I needed it like you with the tentacles before. Thank you. And your work with TRAIN. How many thousands of years did you work for them? I think you and Isht Visht wrote your book and finished, and from what little I can see I can already tell it's incredible. I think you two are fucking heros, but...you beat your game! Earth is over, it's blown into a million pieces, you have a huge cargo hold full of priceless artifacts from it, you've obviously done a huge amount of cultural archival, and...I mean I don't want to be conceited but you even got your very own real live Earth girl. Bwaha you literally rescued the Fairy Princess! I technically am one, you know, it's a real thing in Fairy keeping. So yeah, I don't think you guys failed or got depressed, I think you finished! I can't believe you lived here or a measly 50 lightyears away with everything this world has to offer and your obvious skill for getting the most out of it for however long you did and had all the ways of taking care of yourselves Isht Visht told me on the way up to the bridge and then somehow suddenly it all just suddenly stopped working one day and you couldn't fix it for no particular reason. Yes I know there are loose ends and people popping up in the ocean and everything and there always will be because life isn't a videogame (or at least ours wasn't) that ends neatly after you beat the final boss but Eden is beat I would fucking know wouldn't I--except all that was only cleanup. The moment Earth exploded and all those millions of people started popping up out of Limbo was the moment you--and I know what these games can do and I know you feel like the biggest, ditziest, most airheaded bimbo in the entire multiverse right now and that the worst part is you're thinking maybe this feels awesome--but you're too wise to see Earth end like that and look at your life and what you've been doing and not know somewhere deep down, even if it takes a couple of centuries or however long it was to admit, that that's the end, game over, you win."

"I don't know what you've been thinking or going through. Maybe you already know all that. I just think...now that you saved the world--or at least the parts of it worth saving--and got the girl--no, wait. You know without my game and you helping me accept my game I would never have nuked the last piece of Eden that way, right?"

It looks like the answer is yes and I don't want anyone getting a word in edgewise until I've said this whole thing. Normally I'd trying to know more about who I was talking at but I think that's not the game we're playing here.

"One of my favorite things about my game is...after I did that, it said I could hunt more bits of Eden if I needed to throw a tantrum again, but that I wasn't allowed to become an activist. You have to understand, even if I just burned one single room and not half a solar system, that's the kind of power that on Earth would give me responsibilities, at least according to the world around me. But I can't even think about that now! My game's decided for me that all I'm ever going to be is this slutty Fairy and the only responsibility I'm ever going to be beholden to is Lyra needing her Mommy. Literally, it said that's the only thing I can have I'm responsible for. The rest is just it taking care of me. Do you have any idea how light and free that feels and how comforting it is to have the game say nope, you're done now, after you go to destroy a trinket you didn't like the association for to take your anger out and accidentally end up nuking half a star system?"

"Maybe you'd like that kind of power, I don't know. In a way, you had it, because of how you helped me. I was your summoned monster to go take out the last piece of Eden you couldn't get at otherwise. The party disappears for a sec, Angry Fairy Princess shows up and casts Super Doubleplus Ultima Matrix of Leadership Opening Supernova, 9999 damage, party reappears, victory song plays. My point is...whether you always wanted to do something like that for Earth, or did ten times a day, you did and you can be done now and what I guess your game thinks you aren't ready to hear yet and may my game shut my big slutty Fairy mouth if I'm wrong to say this because I'm learning there are better things in life than trying to be careful and wise all the time what I think it's thinking you're not ready to hear yet is that yes what you're doing is a new beginning but you're not rebooting. This isn't New Game Plus with the monsters all upgraded. This is going off to live happily ever after with the princess you rescued and never having to fight another war again. I get that for some people paradise might be working hard to right a wrong or fight injustice or work for a cause they care about, and that maybe sometimes the journey is the reward, but...when the cause is achieved as totally as you did with Earth, after you win, don't you think you deserve to be done? However much power you've accumulated or discovered on the way here? So, I think, that what your game is avoiding telling you because you weren't ready to hear it, is it's not letting you be Rada the famous TRAIN activist and virgin hunter anymore. All you get to do now is be carried off and kept and taken care of down to the tiniest of details--and I mean tiny, my game will make me stretch my hands by puppetry if I build Legos too long without a break--to live in a nice house probably with a very nice dock by the water for you and Isht Visht to play with with your Earth Fairy girlfriend and her seedling that's just the right size for the family without feeling sad and cold if you don't throw huge parties or having empty bedrooms that taunt you for not picking virgins up. There's no choice, you're stuck, you have all the responsibility in this Isht Visht does in her own pleasure right now. Whatever responsibility you had to make use of the power and privilege you had from your experience with TRAIN and all that virgin hunting has just been pried entirely right off of you. There's not one single thing you can do to change it. Break--or more like, you already have been, you just haven't noticed yet."

"Oh my god, Lucy..."

Her voice is barely whispering.

"...have you been planning this with your game? Did you know I've already been thinking about making a home like that?"

"My game told me they're planning to keep us in one. I described what the game told me, but it's what I want so much. I had the impression you were trying to figure out how to start again, though?"

"Yes, because I do feel responsible! Do you have any idea how hard it is to grow up in a playworld and see all the things happening on Earth and what people are going through and think you're just going to graduate and run off to paradise with your seedling? No, listen, it's nothing like what you went through and that's what makes me so driven! I like to take care of people and help them. It's in my soul just as deep as Isht Visht, and yes for me paradise is working hard on things I enjoy doing to make virgins feel welcome and get past the trauma they have from Earth and fighting Eden with musing and dreamtalk as a member of TRAIN all the time and yes it's hard work but I liked it! Now you're telling me I'm done because Earth exploded and you have to be serious I saw your face just now but...Lucy Earth isn't the only place like it! It's not even the worst egregore-universe out there! How can I let Earth be the last one? Yes I'm thinking about starting over! I've been thinking this prophecy must lead to some kind of I don't know I sent myself a message from the future or my seed-ghost did something just like that, our whole family did, can that be anything less important than whatever my next challenge after Earth is? You look so angry whenever Eden gets mentioned I just though you must be part of that because you need to work out your anger! You can't just ask me to leave this behind with a life I got sick of!"

"I'm not asking you. I'm saying it already happened, and not because of the game, though it is giving you no choice. I can't believe it's possible here, I have to think something would stop you, but...if somebody on Earth did what you did right before this, cut their ties, left their organizations, stopped seeing the zillions of friends I can only imagine you had, people would decide they were suicidal. You just said it yourself, you know of plenty of other worlds you could try saving. With all the skill and power you have, why didn't you go throw yourself into one of those? I think you followed this prophecy because you hoped it would get you out of that in some big cosmic way you couldn't fend off or control--and you should celebrate, because that totally worked!"

Game am I doing this right? Wouldn't it be kinder for her game to deal with it with her than make her put up with my blundering?

Knowledge: the game put me up to this because Rada needs me to say what she's hearing, because the Earth Princess she rescued is the source she's looking for to validate all the hard work she did. My being able to take the game before she does and advocate for it tells her her work with me to initiate me into submission has paid off and the pupil has exceeded the teacher. An Earth Fairy Princess with deep scars and trauma being able to submit to the game because Rada initiated her tells Rada she won against Eden in the way she needs to see to feel like it meant something. She loves me in part because I represent what she worked for for centuries. To have me accept her as girlfriend is me having grown past my needing her to care for me and yet saying I want to be with her anyway--which must mean I like what she did for me and Lyra!

"This isn't just duty and obligation! It's a part of me! What the--what is my game doing I NEED this! Lucy help something's wrong with mine I can't leave my work! It says I have to I CAN'T! That's not how my soul works!"

There's thrashy sound from Isht Visht--


"Game let my Klapta free."

Isht Visht is wrapped around her the instant she's out of the tentacles.

You have a very wise sister, cocksleeve.

I see you Mommy I know why you're telling me. You want me to call when you need me and I can't just jump on you.

I pet Lyra in confirmation and to get my head. I think I remember it but game please control me to say this right.

Rada is curled around Isht Visht, holding her tight, facing away. I stroke her hair back from her ear, lean close to murmur it:

"Everything changes. Change into something so wonderful we will remember you always. That is the way past the end of existence. That is our plan to uphold you."

It's too hard to say it without crying. I don't try.

Rada sobs, but doesn't say anything.

"I'm a Fairy. I like to be pretty and pleasing. I NEED it. I had ways I impressed people on Earth. I looked smart and was good at computers and I did this whole strong silent type thing so people would think I was deep and I used real big words even when I thought to myself so I would always sound smart. When my game took my clothes off I thought it was taking that away from me, and it was but the truth of what it was doing was making sure I could do my work. I'm a Fairy. I'm literally born to be porn. As scary-naked as I am now...the people I've run into have appreciated me so much more! I don't think they could on Earth, if nothing else than just for that I doubt you're going to get me into much more than those stockings you made me wear ever again, but here in my new environment, where I can actually just be a giant slut all the time, this makes me so happy."

"I don't think any human is born to fight egregores. I don't think, that I can tell anyway, that you were born to do anything in particular, were you? You look like a just normal wild human to me. I think you took up a job that was right for who you are because you thought it was important, and I think you did it so long and so hard--I just know you're more wise than this! I know you can understand the idea of changing! I guess it just looks to me like you got to where your soul got wrapped so tight around this job you couldn't let go of it even after you got to where you couldn't do it anymore, and now your game is unwrapping it for you, and that's terrifying, but it's happening, and I'm trying to save you doing what I did and sitting there screaming inside but now I'll be a bad person the whole way, because that fucking hurts really fucking bad and because it doesn't change anything anyway but most of all because it's totally fucking wrong! I can see that now that that is the me you've fallen in love with, and if I can pull somebody as cool as you, how bad a person can I be? You'll be even better than that after this. Believe me or don't, it's happening anyway, and you're going to be better than okay. I think deep inside you know that the way your soul works is snuggling in your arms right there, and all the game's doing right now really if you ask me is turning you two towards each other after a nice long fulfilling sufficient lifetime of fighting side-by-side. Am I wrong, cocksleeve? That's what this game is for in the end, right? Making sure heartformer and seedling get enjoy each other as much as they can?"

Nod my head!

"Rada listen. Your game is kind. I made candy and sweets. What it's doing is scary but it's going to be nice and feel good and not be mean or make you do hard work. Isht Visht deserves your face not your side after all that hard work and your game is doing this to make you take care of her. That doesn't mean you did bad to keep fighting. It means you made your own game I think and that game makes you keep fighting and my game is taking it off so you can be with Isht Visht who needs you."

Is she...laughing?

...yes definitely.


She flips onto her back, bringing Isht Visht on top of her like I have Lyra.

"How can you two be so intense all the time? That speech would fry lightning!"

Rada looks at me from eyes--they're green, I finally notice--streaked with tears and hot with excitement. Her face looks like I feel when I find out my game has control of a part of my life suddenly and realize how glad I am to just feel held by it.

"Lyra's really something, isn't she?"

"AAAH! I mean your speech too you big silly cuddle-thing!"

I'm a cuddle-thing? That feels nice. The scream of frustration is real, but laughing, so I grin.

"I mean I suppose I probably did literally fry lightning earlier--"

"You know what I mean you--argh! My game won't let me call you--"

She squirms underneath Isht Visht and makes a small noise, but nothing else escapes her tongue as it works at the back of her teeth--I can see her neck moving to tell me how she's striving to open her mouth again.

"You've been a lot more bound this whole time than you've been able to tell us, haven't you."

This isn't a question because I'll be surprised if she can answer, but I know she'll try.

Her voice makes a sound like when Lyra fell down on my clit so precisely, and her eyebrows move up with surprise or pleasure like I was suddenly touching her pussy, but she can't make a yes or no answer.

"I don't know if your game has told you why but I think I know. You're so used to being responsible, and taking care of everyone else around you, and you're wise enough to know it when you can't do that and ask for the help you need if you believe the people around you care enough about you to be there for you which we all totally would that your game has to show you it has you, and can make you depend on it, and be there to take care of whatever you need from it without outside help from any of us. I'm only even telling you this because I want you to know I can see what you're going through and I don't expect any more of you than your game is trying to teach you to expect from yourself now. I haven't had icons or any kind of communication from your game, and I think it's because it's telling all of us what my game's been telling me about myself constantly since I started being played by it, which is that you can't take care of yourself now (because it won't let you), you can't ask us to take care of you, you probably can't even ask your game to take care of you right now, but it's going to make sure you have every need attended anyway. If I'm right, you can't say one single thing about this, nor take care of the family by providing the guidance your wisdom and experience would make it your natural place to give us, but you can be part of our snuggles, and explore and have fun, so. Is there a way we can tell how fast we're going enough for Lyra to tell us what frequency that radio beacon is actually on?"

Rada's head leaps from her pillow and she's up off the mattress before I can get my mouth closed, she's taking a case out from from under the seat opposite the one we fucked on and fitting together some kind of telescopic instrument with the box held against her chest, working urgently, her naked skin pretty in the multicolored light, her shadowed pussy between her lean wide-gapped thighs a fun dark cave for my imagination to play in.

See, self? Isn't it fun to enjoy your lovers while you look at them? Isht Visht sits up cross-legged facing her Captain to watch, showing her naked back to be without tail or wings like Lyra has, but with pretty spotted markings of a deeper green than her skin, a bit like Lyra's stars.

--all this lean athleticism is making me need some nice squishy boobs. Give me a facefull, cocksleeve. I face her to receive her service--mmf!

Hehe here Mommy scoot up and pick my breasts up with hands on them and plop right on top of your head now squeeze and rub your faaaace aaah...sexy feeling...hands feeling up ooh Mommy that feels amazing AAH TIGHT SQUISH! HUNGRY COCKSLEEVE I WANT SQUEEZING!

They're just so softly, bouncily squishable...

Finally I have to come up for air, and gasp happily as I pull my face out of her lovely raunchy tits...hm. If Rada's game is keeping her from swearing to make me get more crass, it's working, and it's fun.

What's that doing to Lyra? Little mental fingerbang, wetpet...

[ Vision: Baby wipes container / Fancy gold picture frame ]

Huh? Oooh, because two types of anime and both require tissues--


Sit my breasts up to show you more and wiggle my pussy agaaainst you lash my tail grin I'm happy see?

Motion behind Lyra shows me Rada's legs, and when I look up she's looming with arms folded and what I can see of her face in the darkness of our travel looks patient and amused to watch me play with Lyra.

"That looked cool! What were you doing?"

"I was taking a measurement with a tool for measuring distance and seeing how fast we were going. Is nine million three hundred fifty-two thousand bet per tilet plus or minus a thousand accurate enough for you, Lyra?"

Yes nod my head bouncy!

"Mommy OH MY FUCK 72.390 MEGAHERTZ! Mommy you know that frequency I know I see you remembering! Tell me Rada what kind of instrument did you use for that could it see very small things if you look through it like a telescope?"