76 - Play With Me

The world seems to tear and blur as I get up and we're back in the powered-down Waifu looking out at the water dance on the ceiling of the hangar.

Princess I'm so sorry I tried really hard to keep you there--


I sit panting a moment, dizzy, shaking--

--blankets over our heads, silvery-rainbow--


Yes Mommy! Warp drive plasma still ready...spool up reactor...navigation system online lay in the course display on the hUD...engines are ready shields up we'll phase when we get out of here!

Pluck see my pleasure. I pull us off the ground--pluck--

Gear up computer!

--and while the feet are still retracting take us through the forcefield and watch the weird shifting sparkles of phasing surround us like flying through an unseen waterfall (the Waifu of course can phase like the USS Pegasus and become an invisible ghost, which is exactly how I want to feel right now).

Green waypoints lead up out of the water. I follow them, burst through the surface without disturbing it like it's in an old flight sim into falling rain that looks like star-streaks, a rising hum grows behind us, and then with the bamf of warp plasma flooding nacelles the world stretches outward around us and the streaking road of warp drive is ahead of us, twisting madly as the computer threads the complexity of the Sea.

The HUD reads 'WARP 9.99975' (I did say maximum) in a nice LCARS font just below the crosshair, but this will still be a bit. Where we're going is far from everywhere.

I let a ragged breath out when it seems like my game isn't stopping us or calling Mama or anything.

"What did you do."

No, that feels weird, there's no need to talk, I just--

"I conflation jumped to a time you were watching the light very peacefully and remembering stuff and I kept you there until it wasn't the same mood so I couldn't keep you there."

Yeah. I'm really not ready to get up and greet the world right now, especially not--

"That's impossible," I say blankly to the twisting lights of warp speed ahead of us, "Earth is destroyed and I--we--the electric Kavalier was..."

--my glowing-heart sign against glittery-pink on the nose of my Kavalier, but on what would have been the exhaust side if it'd been glow powered where the muffler would have hidden it, the family room in Stamford in the background--

--the nose of my Kavalier, on my workbench in the front window of the same house the heartstone came to, but the covering is blueized by the erasing of everything like the rest of my things to be (ironically) Missile Red instead of glitterpink, and the cowl still has the cutout from where the glow engine's cylinder stuck out so you can see the new electric motor inside--

--the eight-big-rocker-switches control panel of the big Robotix set I lusted over as an eight year old, it's being held just to the right by a very proudly obedient Boobsong so I can see the robotic dragon we've been building in front of me in my candle-lit playroom in Strawberry Home--

--Boobsong kneeling to put my Kavalier's removable wing on for me, her bare feet looked so sexy, which is saying something to register in front of her bent-over bare ass and my favorite airplane, she checks the center of gravity carefully with a fingertip under the spot on each wing and her demonic precision, then stands and smilingly slinks up to my side and I want to come from seeing her walk, my carefully watching her bare pussy move fills up the memory--

We come out of warp right outside the shadowy hangar and the docking program kicks in, turns us around, the docking clamp grabs us and slides us into position facing the exit, and everything shuts down, leaving it almost pitch black outside.

There's a safe bed to hide in but I can't remember the way and after that last memory I'm confused if I want that or the peace of flying my plane or to see if my game has its transmitter to have some fun with Boobsong being the receiver for a change--

Canopy open!

It slides open and the world seems to turn without moving so we're dangling from the tentacles holding us to the seat up into a curving silvery tube in the ceiling above us and then all at once we're slipping through licky tentacles that squirt us into the slippery-bouncy tube that curves around most of a loop-the-loop and then doubles back and twists around and gravity changes so the tube seems to become almost vertical and slide into silky soft bedding in complete darkness--

BBbbfff snuggling find where the cover edge is HEAVE pull it over us and get really snuggly.

The silky snuggly softness of the covers seems to be everything that isn't Boobsong. I roll to face her and gather her close but it's like the only gravity is our attraction to each other, perfectly comfortable, total softness...

Mmmfff...snuggling...sleepy...hi Princess! Horny wet softy ready cocksleeve at your service!

Sweet toy...I wake with our arms wrapped around our waists like we've been dancing in dreamland, Boobsong's tail in my left hand like clutching one of her surrogates, still in the soothing total darkness and silk sheets all around, but I'm a confusing maze of needs and feelings. I'm going to explode if we don't fuck soon, but I also desperately need to look like myself again with my party skirt and--

--in front of a mirror, Boobsong snuggly behind me tying the string of a skimpy rainbow-iridescent bikini top on me--

...a Total Boobage top, yeah. Holy fuck I need to get slutty. I giggle, remembering how we sorted my outfits by exhibitionism using bastardized Marathon difficulty levels: (I'm visiting a) Kindergarten, (I look) Easy, Normal (for a Strawberry), Major Cleavage, Total Boobage. That top I was wearing in the Rainbow Cathedral was Total Boobage because it was pretty much painted on. I want that one and the skirt that went with it and my rainbow stockings...and I want Boobsong-special makeup and my nails are missing their rainbows and--it's time to get up handmaiden you have work to do!

Poing--struggle--ready Princess but you have to let go of me first!

She squirms, but I hold tight, not done snuggling.

"I haven't given you any orders yet you silly toy!"

As soon as it blurts out my heart boils with horny need for a play I've forgotten that--she--

"Cocksleeve why are you moving? I took that vibe out of you, and the clit-ring."

"You said give helpful initiative--"

"Stop. You're done now. Good job, now get back to being the toy you're meant to be."

I give her the order without the little pluck of respond-to-this I would usually add, and she just lies there, cuddling, alive with the warmth and vibrating excitement of her furious energy rolling silently off her but as passive as a stuffed batpegasus.

Her motionless mind is brilliant purple light, one giant l'iagn safeword, please yes do this, but she won't express it until I make her.

"You purr. Why haven't you been?"

"I haven't felt snuggly soft safety where all I am is your pony cocksleeve, Princess."

Dreams, if I'm going to promise this I need--

A honey dipper dripping nectar. Fox's Arwing at the end of StarFox CD warping back to Corneria. A Starlight Princess poster with me in my party skirt and the painted-on top I was just thinking about raising my fairy-wand-styled eravahk with Boobsong on her hands and knees in front of me. A movie reel. The Gates with their giant heart-shaped lock--

--standing on the rim of a circular pool with Boobsong by my side and the water behind us like a wall looking across the expanse as waterfalls fall toward us around the scene, and in the center, up there, are the Gates of Candyland, the ones you can't open until you're old enough, and we are now, and there's no path across the space but this is us and I'm saying, "Roads? Where we're going, we don't need..." and in the pause I give Boobsong the pluck to say the last part with me--

--and four green checkmarks lined up like exclamation points at the end of something Boobsong says excitedly.

With tears in my still-sleepy eyes I raise a hand up and find Boobsong's horn where she rests in my cleavage, and with the usual pluck of respond to this I pet her hair--

Push my head up to get super snuggly with your hand that's petting me.

--and then her cheek with my knuckles, soothing, pluck feel everything express yourself.

"Good job, pussy-toy. You did it. I'm back and storm is over and you're just my--"

A sob chokes me but I won't stop saying it.

"--just my toy again like you're supposed to be. Even the Dreams say so. No more anything but getting played with and serving me now."

Snuggle so tight and burrow my head against your breasts and sigh super happily. No doing anything but just what you tell me.

[Vision: entirely bound very comfily head to toe in glowing rainbow rope with my hands behind me and back very arched to put by breasts up and I'm kneeling in slave pose and the rope goes across my nipples either side of them so I have nipple clamps and my legs have the ropes all along them and behind my ass so I have to stay posed and my legs stay apart so you can see how my pussy has two ropes either side of it to make my lips super puffy and hold my pussy open and my feet are tied back so you can just set me straddling you and your clit will go inside me and I'll be comfy to have there and helpless so you have to stroke with me like a to get off with and mt heart will hornily say please make me useful let my body move tell me to make you cum I want to be alive for you I know that makes you so hot to see my pussy slide up and down your shaft with my legs squeezing to bounce please make me serve I'm horny to be just a toy again but your toys always do things and I can too!]

We're both breathing hard by the time we finish sharing the vision that becomes a fantasy.

"Exactly. You're not in the rope, but how free are you right now?"

"Not even slightly, Princess."

Still stroking her cheek: "And how's it feel?"

Purring softly...then more excited fast purring Princess says I have work to do!

After everything I thought hearing her rumble so happily would make me collapse with pathetic relief, but instead I feel as poundingly ready to explode with excitement as my clit now.

First, we need to be in my playroom here. Strum.

Hang on tight to Princess and call the house here playroom tunnel! Wake up house Princess is here!

The bed dumps us feetwards and an up-curving tunnel catches us and swoops around what feels like most of a loop--


--the slide twists upside down and around a hammerhead-turn and there's a moment of flying free through the air and then a BBBOING of cartoon physics off some bouncy heartstone thing--


--and we find ourselves standing on soft heartstone floor, still in complete darkness, but that's how I want things.

"Smell my makeup. Will it be bad for you to cleaning-tongue off me?"

Stand up tall stretch...rrr...please may I have my hand so I can pet your face and smell my hand?

Instead, I pick her up and hold her so we're nose-to-nose.

Sniff smell...it's my nectar with color made from heartstone...nothing bad for me, except...

"It's very good for me Princess but the idea of not seeing your face when you see it is sad for me."

Indecision. I remember myself and want to bring the lights up on Boobsong painting my face and dressing me because I know exactly who I want to be now that remember our life together...but Mama and Isht Visht worked hard on this stuff and I can feel their love in it.


 "Mommy I think you should see what you look like. Please will you trust me I see why you feel like this."

Yet I still can't decide. My hunger to have Boobsong carefully dab the stars onto my cheeks like she used to feels absolute, and yet--

It's just that I don't want to turn the lights on yet--oh. Hold still, cocksleeve, and show me how I look to you.

[ Vision: multi hair color stripes with sparkles through all your hair but mostly still light blonde. Curly falls from head with top as big fluff to match your curls size. Hair reaches down to waist and shines glowing when your light shines. Makeup far down cheeks of sparkly yellow-white shimmer and golden stars all over cheekbones with rays of eyeliner sparkly grey match your coloring out from eyes like they're shining light. Eyeshadow makes eyes look like galaxies and shimmers tiny specks all over like tiny stars so small millions have space. Big supernova rays from your forehead now, like StarFox CD novabomb. Eyes are like rainbow circles with every color iris in pie-slices. Wings are orange yellow green blue indigo purple back to indigo fading stripes like the irises of your eyes coming out of your back fairy-shaped instead of butterfly and softly translucent and glow very brightly from inside how your light is inside you ]

Mommy it's so beautiful.

Her single thought about it is flat, facedown with awe and adoration, but I'm weeping for another reason too.

They knew. I'd assumed they must do some insane loopy Strawberry motif that would delight me with its sheer bombasticness, but no, they just did me. Boobsong didn't do this, but she could have, and the supernova on my forehead is both appropriate and surprising, carries the joy of someone who loves you seeing what you don't see in yourself.

Hah! It was in my eyes! Show me that again--no, grab you, open you to the page and look

[ showing same vision ]

My eyes. I'd totally forgotten my second-favorite gift her nectar gave me after the clit I could use like a cock! 

Rainbow eyes. That. Is the coolest. I must have blown minds in the courtyard of my castle! No wonder they thought I was some kind of strange alien goddess!

My rainbow eyes being back somehow changes everything, more than everything we just went through. I'm back. I set my pretty silver toy handmaiden on her feet again.


--watching her climb off the workbench in here and stand, talking her through the pose I want, giving her the command to come back to this when she has no other order to follow and is standing--

--doing the same thing for times when she's sitting or kneeling idle, she's still on the workbench and I'm adjusting her slave-pose with gentle guiding hands--

"Yes Mommy here I am!"

Put my face down and hands back and arch to present for you. You can't see but you'll know I'm doing it!

I grin at her response to the sweetly-sharp demand for submission my voice was.

"It's playtime."

Mommy I'm ready for--Mommy you're shining happy EEEE I'M SO GLAD!!

There's light in here, cool and gentle, and the first thing I can see is Boobsong standing ready, hands behind her back and face down submissively but eyes unable to stay off me. Her arched back displays her breasts, the swells of her hips stand out against her arms behind them, and her pussy shines soft and inviting, covered in nectar. Just the simple sight of her standing there makes me as horny as all the Fairy bimbo magic in all of Rl'yeh Sade. My light surges to see her, but though it grows bright enough to see by and show our surroundings, there's none of the noonday-summer brutality my rage has. This light is my happiness, it just lets you see what's beloved to you.

Well, and my lust, which makes anything sexy really stand out if you see it.

I cry more to see it again, and remember my true name. All of me shines in this light, that's why it seems rainbow to my eyes, and is my name. My proper star-name, Hypergamma-to-Radio Blazing Starlight is beautiful in Infernal but a mouthful in English or Strawberry so we used the name Lucy which by some bizarre mystery is about the same in Greek and Strawberry, but there's a more fun way to put it that's not so cumbersome...

Light pools above us from my shine and Boobsong's reflecting it, and behind her our bodies are reflected in crazy funhouse-mirror fragments by the curves of hanging-up RC planes, and the model Arwing still sitting there on the workbench right where we left it--there's a reason that conflation-jump took us to a morning that featured them, I was trying to remember that she's supposed to be one of my toys like they are, not the warrior-priestess (even if I am her goddess) she's had to be to get back here. We're in here to get back to our real life. Let's start this--

My eyes widen as the memory surfaces and Fox's fullly-voice-acted (you really can fit so much game in 500 megabytes!) dialouge fills my mind's ear with its delightful cheese. I always said it in moments like this:

"Let's rock and roll!"

Yes--Mommy I miss your name now that you call me Boobsong.

Don't make a request just say it there.

"First of all, cocksleeve, you need to bow for your Princess. You know how."

Eee! Kneel on my feet and head to floor palms out wait for you to make me get up or be stepped on so sexy please it makes my pussy wet just to think abooout!

Instantly my whole body feels like it's gone as sensitive and morning-wood hard as my pounding clit is now. I breathe hard and just stare at the gorgeous sight of her kneeling there.

"You'll have to be really good and ob-sequi-ous grovelly if you want to get stepped on, bedpet. You remember...just like you remember what you call me unless you want to make fun things happen!"

It comes out gaspy a little because I'm breathing hard with lust and happiness. The kid-speak thing is so silly fun! Instead of squishing my power it just makes the whole thing kinkier. You're nothing but a kid princess' doll, cocksleeve, I hope you like getting played with.

Now...I don't quite understand how I know or remember, but I know...if I'm me, I'll be able to do this. Watch or you'll miss it, handmaiden!

Look up from where I am all submissively can't wait this awesome!

Ever since the She-Ra thing with my eravahk it's been in the back of my mind. Voltron was one of my favorite shows when I was little, after all, but, like I said, one eighties kid show off!

Eravahk, get smallest and cling to my hand but loop the leash around my wrist and make sure it's long enough for this.

It zips into place, circling my wrist first to do what I said with the leash, and turns a small as a doll's toy.

Slowly, I raise my hands over my hands over my head and clasp them like I've just finished applauding, and...

Gulp. Tears well up and my throat knots as I feel the light inside like remembering I have blood lets my heart beat again for the first timeI expect to have to concentrate, but it just happens because I mean it to, and I can feel it ready there between my palms exactly in the shape I mean it to be. Stretching it out just means making more in the same shape and thinking stay like that, light the way you'd hold your hand up.

Seen over the heaving bosoms of a deep breath, Boobsong's upturned face at my feet turns multicolored in the shine of the rainbow over us as I arc my hands down so it's like I'm holding it on my palms.


But I didn't make this just--alright I mostly made it to look pretty. Brilliant rainbow light shines off my curves, making even my happy glow seem dark.

Now...how did this go...holograms can't do this, but this isn't a hologram, exactly, nor is it light refracting off raindrops. It's like...reaching through, I think...yes. It feels easier not to look, so I stare down at Boobsong instead, grinning with delight as my hand slips into the familiar smooth softness like cool molten glass that pours across my body all at once and bounces me with a bounce of jubbly hentai breast physics as without moving an inch I enter cartoon-land and my gracefully-drawn fingers close around the warm, candy-soft strands of rainbow with their rounded ends.

"Form--Color Crack!"

Reflex takes over like with StarFox or high heels and I laugh out loud as in one smooth motion I squeeze the strands together so they make a handle and pull my arm back to slip the rainbow out of its arc and back and throw a perfect crack over Boobsong's head so the seven tails make an earsplitting BOOM and blinding rainbow flash and leave sparkles falling over her like snow behind them.


Without missing a beat I whip it back again and strike down to make it wrap around Boobsong's horns with all seven tails--this is cartoon whip, so of course that works every time, but there's more, the light is my light and I can tell it what to do, I feel this deep inside--and pull Boobsong up with it to look at me properly.

So hot I can feel it touching through my horns...here we go into cartoon laaaaand with you BLOBPFF!

As the rainbow-fronds of Color Crack take hold and pull on her something seems to burst over her like bubblegum popping, and she's gorgeously toonshaded, by an artist with the impossible ability to render the complexity of her mirrored horns and hair, to say nothing of the subtle sheen of her skin and sparkles, to the point that I can catch glimpes of my own animated self in her reflections.

...and, just like me (because it was her, my cartoon friend, who taught me to do this), instead of the hentai you'd expect, she's gorgeously-crafted Western animation, like the producers of Gummi Bears got an infinite budget and ten thousand years to practice their art.

...ulp yes Princess your handmaiden is ready whatever you command her I'm doing!

"Say my name, pussy-toy! Properly, with all my titles!"

"Princess Rainbow-Bright Starlight Hardred, Merry Fairy of Sugarfeast, Holder of the World Heartformer-Seedling Olympics High Speed Trophy, Miss Very Nice Boobs Says Her Cocksleeve, Great Smelling Cum Says Everyone, Horniest Human I Know Of, Firstborn Strawberry Heiress, Last of the Line of Strawberries, Herald of the Apocalypse, Rider of Me and Mistress of StarFox."

My breath comes hard and ragged through my open mouth, and the silly titles make me grin wide and fun even as I pound with royal authority, remembering she had to amuse me or do something interesting to get a title. Has to.

"You," I announce haughtily, gazing down my nose at her, "need to be on all fours on the sex-altar in front of the mirrors right now."

I yank her up and with a flick of my wrist pull the light that was being Color Crack back inside--I don't have to keep the light part of myself when I make things, if I remember right, but of course I would for a sex toy! I could even turn it into the rope she was imagining before while it's still part of me, but she has work to do.

Let free turn and crawl see obsequious chomp grab the handle in my mouth and pull the sex-altar out from the wall and let go and go around to the side to push it in front of the mirrors-thing and climb up and get down pony-posed with my pussy facing so you can fuck me and watch yourself.

Princess I'm ready please use me I'm so just hungry for pleasing you.

I follow her, my light more than enough to see our play by. Our huge reflection warps into focus as we step into the mirror's space, breathe deep as I smell her pussy so desperate right there, there'd be plenty of space on the soft crystal-clear heartstone cushion to push her forward and climb up behind her but it also makes her just the right height, so I come up behind her instead.

Hot you're standing to take me that feels awesome it makes me feel so submissive I'm kneeling you're standing so simply hot YUS.

"Well, if you feel submissive, you'll have an easy time showing your Princess your obedience, won't you?"

Game, put my clit on my mound.

Purply-pink tentacles appear, hold my hips still for a moment while another snakes aroooound my clit yes this is the fun way for this and plucks to out of its pocket universe to be stuck on my mound with an enjoyable smack, then make me gasp by caressingly letting go of me and disappearing.

"Princess yes I will!"

Put my head down eyes up peek at you out of eyelashes flirty submissive and wave my ass hi your cocksleeve is waiting to be fucked like you want just say I'll be good for you.

Her pussy stands out with inner lips en-engorged so full and smooth they look like her face's lips full and purple. I dip my fingers in and take a taste of nectar, then come around in front of her.


Around in front why ooh eep "eeehah" nipples grabbed stretch up breasts pulled out for you to see squeeze? No just nipple tease...

Squatting again to be level with her face, I pull and twist her nipples up, pinching hard, watching her mouth open wide and her tongue rise inside it like she hopes I'll stuff my clit in and her huge purple eyes watch me narrowed with pleasure and soft with awe as I torture her so nicely.

"I want these up where I can see them the whole time I'm stroking myself off with you. You're totally boobalicious so act like it."

"Yes Princess!"

Letting nipples fall no you don't breasts Princess said up where she can see you make a good show for her take my arm underneath squeeze and squish with my fingers feel myself yes unf sexy breasts there to please you with!


MMF KISS! AWW Princess kiss mmm...EVEN HEADFUZZING up she gets here we go breasts make good show for Princess now

Back behind her just from this simple play I feel like I'll explode. I grab my clit with one hand and her hip with the other--

"Say my name as I take you."

--line myself up and grab her other hip to push smoothly iiin--

"Prriiincessss haaaah"

Fuck you now I can see your face that says get moving cocksleeve rrraaah slide up your shaft and fuck back hands are pulling that means hard okay RRAH FUCK!


I grin wide, pleased, dangerous with the devotion by which she pounds against me.

"Now shut up and get to work!"


Her tail stands straight up out of the way, her ass goes up and our hips smack loud and wet in the rising glow as my light starts to fill her and make her shine in my hands and huge in the mirror like the full moon.

Orgasm explodes almost immediately, oh my god sooo needed I dig my fingers into her soft hips and pull her hard against me as our light shines brilliant--



Throbbing pounds up my shaft and explodes into her hot wet full like my shaft can't contain the force of it--


The second wave of it makes me whimper with shocked pleasure--I'll never get used to it and that's awesome--and puts the most awesome open-mouth, dangle-tongued, stupid-eyed expression on her face over her jubbly breasts in the crook of her arm at the new explosion of cum pouring into her, a real proper hentai aheago.


How long does a really good orgasm last? Half a second, nine thousand years, both at once. Eventually my light fades back to my usual happy glow and hers lowers slowly back to just her stars shining bright, leaving us just panting there.

"Oh my god I have missed you so much, Boobsong."

"Princess I missed you being you! What are we going to haah ooh Princess your bedpet is ready what now?"

I crush her hard to me halfway through her sentence just for the fun of what it'll do to her voice.

"Now you're my handmaid because I'm getting dressed. Off, you know where to be."

And I still want my nails painted dammit!

Nod my head yes crawl forward until you clit's free raaah end thick squeeze you bye sssslip POP!

"Actually, no, clean my clit now, handmaiden!"

My voice is demandingly hard and it makes me grin silly to be so 'rough' on her.

Yes PRINCESS! Spin and face liiiiick cleaning tongue shaft base to tip once, now on top liiiiick now get under do balls and legs thighs everywhere I splashed so much this time!


Her tongue traces over me like wet hot holy fuck sssex picking up every drop of spilled nectar leaving me feeling like I've just showered or had a nice bath.

"Alright, now--wait. Kneel up here, handmaiden, you have something for me."

Kneel up on my knees what do I oooh yes Princess...ouch pinch biting I can feel you bite into them while it's still connected to me sexy soft hair in my face pulled into your mouth ooh it's warm and wet hhaaaaahh licking hehe like licking my earlobe time fifty hundred WOW this is sensitive haah pulling eep ouch itchy suddenly hurts the same but Princess take my fruit I need to give it to you pulling stretch hhaaah RRRAAAH EEAAAH STRETCHING OUT POP wow that was intense and HOT! Now do the other one Mommy you can chew both of them your mouth is big enough!

It's delicious, her wonderful chaos of pussy, artificial something berries, sweetness, and flowers. I chew happily, smacking it like a fresh chunk of bubblegum needing to be broken in.

"Cocksleeve, why would I chew both of them when I can do something so much kinkier. Here."

What--hand on the base of my skull kissing me yummf CANDY IN MY MOUTH!? Okay yes that's kinkier...

I pull back and instantly go for her other earring, but this time just snip it off with my inc--slip--front teeth.

AAAH! Hurts pain feels good right there though like when you spank me I need this to happen it's good for me.

Fuzz my head yay you're pleased with me!

"Enjoy your gum!"

Squeezy-stripes and cocksleeve gum I'd forgotten how much cuter and wickeder everything sounds if you say it grinning like that.

Also thanks for reminding me how I swear, Isht Visht.

Hehe yes Princess bite smacking it hard to be sexy with tongue and lips.

"Ex-actly. Now let's get me looking good, handmaiden!"

White ribbons and gold stretch out between us, my leash shining princessly, but it's entirely wrong for me, who has as much star-blood as noble, and lived on Earth as a cartoon star for decades. I hold up my hand, look at my eravahk still stuck to it. Pussywillow. Grammie used to call me that, now Mama does...so I don't need a reminder, and this is just entirely inappropriate. It's not even a cartoon!

Eravahk, get back in position and normal-sized and change into an eighties cartoon style of a straight rainbow-handled toy matching my stockings with a sparkly shaft with rainbow iridescence leading to a soft heartstone five-pointed star tip that looks like silver metal but strikes like soft rubber. Make your leash be girly links the same material as the shaft, no ribbons in it but everything has to be SO SHINY. Oh and the tip should trail sparkle-dust that doesn't get on everything constantly and make tingly sparkly sounds when I swing it hard.

It changes before my eyes, morphing smoothly into the new shape like Boobsong transforming, pops into toonshaded goodness and manages to be appropriately shiny anyway. I give it a couple of experimental swishes to see the sparkledust glitter and hear the sound, then lift my handmaiden's chin with it.

Haaah eravahk chin it's PRETTY now Princess that's beautiful!

My rainbow colors shining so beautiful on her silver and in her eyes is the last thing I see before the memories--that's impossible, I could never have--GYAAH MY HEAD--

Read the next book in the Kinky Adventures of Princess Starlight and Boobsong, Princess Starlight and the Bodice Ripper, to find out where the pieces of Rainbow's head land, and how they get put back again. Watch out, it's a hell of a ride!