67 - Is This a Kissing Book

Bloooooop! Form into cocksleeve demon femme resting against Mommy. Hi Mommy!

"You're much more goo than I've been giving you a chance to be, huh."

"Shapeshifting is easy for me but I don't mind being the shape you like it just means I can change whenever you want just like now blloooop!"

"Why is bloooop so sexy. Okay--"

Slip. Duh. Okay wait up game, this must count as a toy, porn as girly-sexy-looking as this I'm totally going to end up touching myself or fucking Lyra to--ooooh. After midnight snack, is storytime.

STORYTIME!? Mommy please yay yes but also when it's our alone time will you read to me?

Yes. Yes I fucking will see how I have to try not to cry now good cocksleeve.

"Mama, would you read to us after we're done eating?"

"I'd be delighted to, pussytaste! We can sit by the fire and feel cozy and comfy. Our fireplace should warm up any cold feet! It's gigantic!"

"Sweet! Cocksleeve--wait. Mama, I'm just too excited. Would you read us like just the very beginning of the story the bookmark is on?"

"Let me put down my fork and my knife first."

She finishes her bite, then turns to take the book and kisses me on the cheek in the process, which can turn me on if it wants to, but what are all of these other feelings?

Knowledge: I'm starting to feel like I'm really her daughter, and I just got a kiss on the cheek from my Mama. I feel wanted and taken care of now.

Oh. My parents wanted me, though. I should know what that feels like.

Knowledge: I never felt like they wanted me because they were loving the boy they thought they were raising. I was their daughter, not their son. It wasn't that they rejected me, I just couldn't get them to see in to me past the egg surrounding me.

"The Handmaiden of Berrybooth Hollow. Berrybooth is the town--oh this part's a translator's note and it's long."

"Mava haunted the bar most persistently, as her orders from the Princess were to find out everything (more rightly, everyone) interesting about Berrybooth there was to do before the family landed. Her picket-boat with its time-strange enchantment was fast enough to take her there, pick up the news from the locals, make it seem as if she hadn't left the royal yacht in the first place, and come back where she had departed from and change back from commoner and friend into the Princess and her handmaiden (a very special handmaiden, but a handmaiden anyway, that was part of the fun of it), and pretend they had been in her cabin having sex the whole time--the last part was true, if you left the adventure out. Ironic to think there were countries they'd been to where the adventure would have seemed innocent and the sex been scandalous!"

"The news in Berrybooth was interesting if you were a military strategist, which made the Princess stop listening instantly. Wasn't there anything interesting? How about this story they were telling in the back there? Mava, go sneak up so I can listen through you, she thought at her friend (the Princess was loud as a bear with wood shoes, but Mava could sneak like a mouse wearing slippers of cotton)."

"The story was some kind of dream about watching events far away in a thing called the Stormglobe. They had to be things that would tear your whole world apart so most couldn't see anything, but occasionally you saw something that saved you and your family and everyone you cared about. It was called the Stormglobe because it showed you a storm coming if you had one. It was in the caverns beneath Berrybooth lighthouse, supposedly, which the friend this commoner--blacksmith, by the look of him--was telling the story to thought was ridiculous, those rocks were as solid as his companion's thick head!"

Mama keeps reading silently for a minute, looking amused, and then closes the book and puts it on the table beyond her waffles, and gets back to eating--good idea. More waffles, cocksleeve! I find that I've been clutching my crown with both hands while she reads, and set it aside.

The silliness of the order makes me grin--ooh, waffles from up on the table where you were before.

Poing up to feed you sit on my heels with my hands down in between where my legs are spread wide to give a nice view while I'm feeding you. Ready with fork when you look for it...

"The Princess is heartforming! She and Mava are naked like me and Lyra! I can see why this one is marked!"

"Me too, Boobsqueeze. I read further on, and this story's delightful."

Lyra keeps feeding me waffles whenever I want them, and toast and the drink that's like milk with some kind of buttery spice, and I think about those first moments of the game taking control of me aboard Isht Visht, with Lyra holding the (teehee) asscreep tea, and another of the fifty pots of curiosity on the stove of my mind boils over.

"Mama, how did you know my hometown was Stamford? Hadn't you not met my parents yet?"

"That's an interesting answer to give, because it wasn't this me who asked you those questions! You had your eyes closed, during all of that questioning, until you opened your eyes inside amber, to prevent you from seeing a much older me come and talk to you about what had happened to you in Limbo. I visited us by time-travel! I still don't know why, but it could only be me, or the Dreams wouldn't have let her come in there. She asked you those questions and I listened to answers that very surprised me! I wouldn't have known I should ask then, that must be why it was necessary, and it did help me wonder who I had actually captured! That was the moment I started thinking the prophecy might be about you. Listening to you and my Klapta play with the prophecy and solve every bit of it easily was a very strange time, but if I hadn't been there in the nursery I think I might not have dared to just call you my girlfriend. I guess that's another reason to visit my past like that, but I was surprised let me tell you!"

"Is that kind of thing common, like, is time travel hard? Obviously I'm wrong but in my understanding it's impossible even in a world where all--this--is as everyday as it seems here."

I gesture around, then lay my hand on Lyra's knee.

"Time travel is obviously possible, and timelike existence makes it seem like it's happening all the time in some people's eyes, but what I did to come visit myself is not very common or easy. You have to be just right in using it, or you won't be able to touch anything when you get where you meant to, if you go where you mean to in the first place! Time is like a river with ice packs, and things can fit into the cracks if you position them carefully, but the ice is impenetrable solid. We must have cracks all around us, for what we've been seeing to be possible! I wonder what caused that?"

"Guinan said she was a Time Lord, but she's like...the Dreams told me she's like Santa Claus, it'd be mean if she wasn't real so the Dreams made her out of people's wishes, so I could see how being a Time Lord is just the thing that explains everything about her character on TNG. Could she have something to do with this?"

"I don't think it was Guinan. Her kind of being don't do things like we've been experiencing. They come for things like making you smile to have her sneak up on you in Ten Forward, and go to the next moment they can enjoy like that. The most right explanation I see is it you, me, Isht Visht and Lyra, helping ourselves from far down time. That explains why the prophecy only makes sense to the four of us, why your crown knew exactly when to float up to me, and why I came to visit us in the nursery."

"We're Bill-and-Ted-ing--wait, wasn't there something about Bill and Ted in the prophecy, or we interpreted it that way or something before? Or do you guys think we should just go through it top to bottom like the last time now that Mama's here? I'm getting confused Mama, what do you think?"

I give Mama my best stupid hopeful guide-me look with a bitten lip at the end of the sentence, and her face lights up--more of that please! 

Okay but really, it's really not making stupider? This is really just that it's refreshing to just ditz out sometimes? Because it is!

Knowledge: I'm keeping my average intelligence, but the highs are higher now, and the lows...are a lot of fun. By not driving myself constantly, my mind can do bursts that were too hard for me in the past.

"Well Pussywillow, it might be nice to go over all of it, if you think you can wait that long for stories! How does your head feel? Are you too horny? You look about to pounce on Lyra, but I think you just see your heartchild. Why don't we try to begin it, and see how far through we make it? I think we should start with your Bill and Ted thought, and go until it doesn't feel fun. That's what kind of prophecy I would make!"

"That would be awesome! Yes, I'm pretty horny--" 

I give myself a little squeeze with my free hand to remind myself not to push the wonderful feeling away, and it's great, but my mind keeps hungering.

"--but I'm horny to know what the fuck is going on Mama everything is so confusing!"

As I'm about to ask about history changing the Dreams interrupt with a vision of glittering golden maple syrup pouring out of the jug. Ooh, waffles, that'll help me think. Extra syrup, cocksleeve--

Mommy looks feed waffle. Syrupy oops!

Big dollops of syrup fall right down my cleavage, warm and sticky. 

"Lick that off, you."

Bury face down between your breasts to make sure I get all of it and liiiiiick up from between them with my cleaning-tongue. Yum Mommy-flavored tastiness!

The soft warm feeling of her face in my cleavage and her slippery hot tongue leaving my skin dry and refreshed like I've showered brings a bit of the taut happy boobs-ness of the Waifu-ride back, and makes my nipples flame with the need for touch, so I pinch them and gasp while she works, then when she's up again give her a big breast-bouncy grope.

Haaah arch myself so you can get to me super tight see I can bend like this won't we have fun with that for pony-sex?

[Vision: me on my hands and knees getting fucked from behind by you and you're pulling my head back by my hair to kiss me while you fuck me because I'm so flexible]

BOOM cracks thunder outside like the lightning bolt struck between my ears, and everything goes dark as the power goes out.

Of course there has to be a romantic power outage if it's a dark and stormy night. Cocksleeve, I love--

"Sweet bouncy melon pancakes are you seeing what I'm seeing, family!?"

Wait fuck ghosts are real I was just fooling around with a literal demon! From the left where the kitchen is a shimmering, indistinct form appears carrying what looks like a birthday cake decorated with sparklers on a big ornate silver tray. I--

--the veil over my face makes it hard to see, but I can make out Lyra's mane and ears with her horns shining black in the dark, she glances back at me flirtily--

The power comes back with a flicker, and my heart skips a beat, then double-times and I feel like I'll pass out. The ghost wasn't scary and Lyra has me turned on to spooky things being fun and loving you, but something has me just terrified.

"Get your hands on your heartchild NOW, klapta, your head seems about to fly off!"

Be okay Mommy I need you!

I clap my hands onto both of her thighs and squeeze tight, making sure to catch the a loop of the leash and dig it into her thigh with my hand next to my eravahk...apparently the game's taught me by now that sometimes the kindest thing you can do is make it hurt.

Haah oof please keep crushing me Mommy it feels good to be held so tight!

I know what you mean. Holding onto her does seem to calm me some, and gives me a way to distract myself:

"How did you know this would fix me?"

"I feel the same way about Isht Visht! Remember, Klapta, you might keep your heartchild close by leashing her, but mine was my house that I lived in for most of our relationship! I would feel very upset to think of her not being near me, even for seconds. It's not like the relationship humans have with each other. I won't be so sad I can't breathe when our alone time comes next not to have you beside me (I'll miss you, I promise, just not that way). If we had alone time from our seedlings, do you think we could get anything out of it? I know I couldn't! They're made to be like part of your body, or maybe you're part of theirs. How would you feel about leaving your kidney in the next room for a day?"

"God damn I feel so understood in this family. You know you might try the leash thing, if you're living in a house now--I guess you probably have in all your time, huh."

"Now can you tell us what's frightened you? That ghost was amusing, but it didn't seem scary to my eyes--birthday cake is a fun time. Haunted birthdays sound like the kind of thing you would think is sweet, klapta with your demon-form heartchild!"

I stare Lyra up and down a bit--sweet soft lips of her pussy, hot little navel, nipples all hard with excitement, smiley face to be ogled, feel calmer, and try to remember what even just happened.

"It wasn't scary, I mean like it startled me but then I had, like--with the Freddie thing in the Arwing ride as we did it I had flashbacks to the life where my family knew Lyra and everything, and I just had another one, just quick, but--I--"

In my mind's eye I can almost see the map of where we were, like I know the layout of Stamford or the arrangement of the buildings of my dad's church, but the layout I know is impossible, can't be right--AAAH OUCH MY HEAD GAH!

--flying on Lyra's ponyform back looking down at the complicated rooftops of the place below us--

With the slightest of tugs the game moves my eyes to the Strawberry Queen on the cover of the book it gave me. Her face makeup is the same as mine, as is the shape of her face, and tall, voluptuous frame. The only thing that's different is the Strawberry Queen's eyes are older than mine.

People who have this book on their shelf will recognize me instantly.

My eyes turn next to Mama sitting and eating her waffles, and I think about why she would have a heart attack meeting my Earth mother and learning that the she's part of the Strawberry Dynasty. Wouldn't that be just like learning your family has noble blood from a few hundred years ago? Hell, my Earth family did that with genealogy and found out we had a coat of arms and everything. It's fun, but doesn't give heart attacks to strangers who've just introduced your oldest child to erotic spanking.

Just who the hell does she think I am?

"Are you--hey sis how is Lucy doing right now?"

Mommy what can I tel her--no you're busy be helpful.

"Sis can you tell me how many people have books like that? Is the Strawberry Dynasty famous?"

Lyra's sweet voice cuts through my freakout but I miss her words, and Mama drops her fork suddenly. When I look, she's sitting hunched over her plate with her elbows on the table and her face in her hands, and peeks out of her fingers at me.

"Are there many people interested in the Strawberry Dynasty!? Oh Pussywillow I forget you're from Earth sometimes! I'm too embarrassed! Klapta, you tell them."

"Captain I didn't think of it either, it's just kind of like--alright actually that's the perfect metaphor. Like I'm totally going through it right now looking for a comparison! The cultural landscape in the nineteen nineties on Earth had so few big properties its hard to contextualize because I want to...imagine you guys if Earth suddenly got really into computers because they totally changed the economy and suddenly you had to be able to program to have enough money to like even have a home, and everything computer nerds like became so massively profitable they could make new entire franchises to have games and movies and shows and expanded universes like take everything Disney has and now suddenly everyone has that kind of interest. So like I don't want you to think it's the only big mythology in fantasy because it's still part of a landscape that's a lot bigger than you're used to on Earth, but like, if everybody knew what Zelda and Final Fantasy are the way they know about Star Wars and Trek (which happens actually it's totally sweet) and the cultural landscape was bigger for all the other game series you know about but your parents never heard of to be that famous without anything else getting knocked off the pedestal, the Strawberry Dynasty would be one of them--oh wait! You guys know porn isn't second class art outside of places like Earth--wait of course you can't! Like everywhere else it's another genre like action or thrillers, not some kind of thing you should be ashamed of, so like, I don't mean big in the porn world like Earth has, just big in the sense of maybe a series like Xena was in your time if Xena had movies and games and toy tie-ins...do you guys get what I'm talking about? It's really hard to explain this accurately! Earth culturally just isn't like this in the nineties! Okay what if you think of it this way. The Strawberry Queen is one of those characters like Captain Marvel or Iron Man, like everybody knows who they are, right, even if it's not Batman or Superman, they can reasonably be part of the Avengers with the Incredible Hulk without everyone being all 'why the hell are they doing a team up with B-list characters' just like it isn't like you're Beowulf or Achilles maybe I guess it is kind of close technically because of how the Strawberry Queen is ancient mythology but she gets new stories constantly it's not like there's a historical canon that can't be added to that's why I didn't go for a historical figure at first. Captain had a whole library of books like this when she was in playworld! You want me to get you some? Captain can I show them your favorite print edition of--"

"Boobsqueeze I don't want you to feel like it's any kind of obligation, especially after what you just said about your losing freedom because of family obligations, but what my Klapta is trying to gently introduce you to is that the Strawberry Dynasty is very famous, but that whatever history the family had is invisible behind all the fun stories people say could be history and it just isn't possible to find out because they existed so long ago. Yes I was very interested in them, but I thought they were just a fantasy until your crown floated up to me! I was very curious about that LaVerdiere's bag, because I hadn't seen plastic before, and your crown was very beautiful, but I thought I was just kindly sent something to play with next time I had fun with a big bouncy human, not being given the actual Strawberry Dynasty's headpiece! That is the real one. I've checked and checked, and I was able to use it to pull up enough about the original Strawberry Dynasty to find out who your Earth mother actually was. The Dreams didn't let me say I was giving the crown to you, because she doesn't want to remember--she told me that when I met her, and the Dreams warned me not to explain more than what the game said with my voice to make me find out who she was in her past life. Klapta, I think you were afraid of doing what already happened before I even was born in my playworld so many thousands of years ago! The Strawberry Dynasty's known for it's sexy adventures, that's everything! You were worried that crown would mean you had to be someone your Earth mother could be proud of as the heir to her dynasty, you said that about losing your freedom because of that is how I see it, but Boobsqueeze the family duty I think you must be carrying is your Earth mother feeling afraid of her past retaking her!"

My heart is racing and it feels like I can't breathe, and my vision seems dim, and then the dam breaks and I snatch up my crown and hold it against myself, whispering out the sobbing realization:

"It was never me. It wasn't my fault I didn't do it whatever it was it wasn't me!"

"Klapta, what are you talking about? Boobsqueeze come here let your Mama hold you."

Mama puts her arms around me and turns me to her. I relax into her soothing peppery-scented hug, and take a deep breath. My voice still whispers.

"I always my whole life growing up felt like I wrecked something for my parents, like their life wasn't what it was supposed to be because I existed. Even when I was a kid I couldn't understand why though...my mom acted like raising her kids was literally the entire point of her existence and my dad wasn't different and they seemed happy to have kids and yet...like it was just always there and when I got older I started being convinced it was there sex life like they'd been living like us or something and you--they can't if they have kids so it had to stop and they were sad which is a fucked up thing for a kid to think about their parents but that's not even the really fucked up thing...it wasn't me, though, it never was! Yeah, something got wrecked, it was whatever happened to make her not want to remember being the Strawberry Queen! My Earth mom is so afraid, all the time, she acts like...honestly like there's assassins around every corner and poison in every meal and a bomb in every car and oh god my poor other mom Mama did she seem better? Was she not so scared anymore? You said the whole country ended when she died, was there like a civil war or something--no. Don't answer that. If she doesn't want to remember neither do I. I know what Strawberry Princess I'm going to be and I don't need to dig that stuff up to do it. I just need you to read me a lot of stories, Mama. Will you read to me and Lyra from your books too?"

She's hugging me tight, and Lyra's tail is tight on my arm, but I need to look at her to do this and I can't believe I'm able to play my own hope and determination and grief this way except none of it is lying or even doing anything but telling the truth hard enough in our weird form of relationship.

"Is fifteen too old for you to tuck me in and read to me and Lyra?"

My heart rushes and I feel air currents silky on my 'pussy' as I say it. What the fuck why is that so hot what the hell is with me--

"Pussywillow I thought you'd never ask! Yes of course I'll read to you from my story books about all kinds of fun people! The Strawberry Dynasty is my favorite, but I have a big library, with all kinds of fun things!"

Holy fuck she's so horny from this I can smell her. HOT.

"That would be so awesome, Mama."

It's...so human I want some I--I squeeze Mama and sit up, knowing what I'll do if I keep hugging, wanting it to happen, still so full of things to say and talk about...and I want to see my crown, too. And Lyra and...my head is spinning, dizzy with excitement and confusion.

Mama puts her hand on my thigh, so I spread for her a little. Will she take me? Do I want her to? I'm wet, but...she reaches further in, but that's all. I take my crown away from my boobs and look at it, staring at the strawberry catching the light.

"I see your crown is a happy thing for you now. Will you wear it for me?"

This makes me smile.

"Mama you're never going to get this off my head once I put it on. I--I don't think I can wait for my birthday but I wanna have a coronation! What'd the Strawberry Dynasty do, I bet your books say, right? If we got married naked I bet coronations were just as good!"

"Well boobsqueeze, you can have a coronation tonight just with our family if you feel as impatient as I'm feeling, if you listen while I read you the story of the Princess' Seedling. Klapta, book!"

Mommy Princess Seedling if you're being the Strawberry Princess that means I'm who that story's about right you'll make me help with your coronation? Please Mommy I want to be useful--

I halt her thoughts with a giggly-grinning zzp in my mind. Yes of course you're helping you silly cocksleeve, didn't you see me having fantasies of you worshipfully setting my crown on my head? That's half the reason I asked for a coronation!

EEEE okay Mommy I'm ready I think Rada should be able to do something too though it is her fantasy we're doing!

...and that was the other half. Or maybe she'd be my knight in shining armor. Can you imagine Mama in full plate?

Actually I kind of can that's a very interesting feeling if I imagine myself naked in the picture gah.

Mommy isn't it fun, though? Doesn't it make you all wet to imagine yourself being vulnerable with her being strong like that?

Yes. Eep. Anyway, cocksleeve, I think this is kind of all of our fantasy, and I want to find out how the pieces go together with all of us. You can't tell me you don't want to be cocksleeve to the horniest princess in the land--can you?

[ Vision: Mommy on huge throne with tiny small me kneeling in front ]

hot looking inside me unf

Thought so. You are so cute--oh my god knight in shining armor. Who's both the literally-metallest and most violent person in this family?

SIS! BWAHAHAA can you imagine her making horses out of like servos and things for her and Rada to ride on? She can do it she makes starships!

Oh my holy fuck okay we have to at least propose this.

Isht Visht reaches into her hyperspace cupboard again and pulls out an ancient-looking brown leatherbound book with an oval painting of the Strawberry Queen looking over her shoulder seductively in the middle of the cover. Mama takes the book and opens it, pages the worn-in pages to a spot she's obviously opened hundred of times.

"Now I'm just going to read a little bit like the last time, so you can start planning how you'll make your coronation and think about whether you want to do it this way."

Isht Visht's definition of Waifu echoes in my head as she starts reading. Wait, fuck, that means--

"Now I promise I'm not changing anything as I read this or when I was reading this book earlier. I swear that on every part of the Dreams to you."

Why is she so paranoid? The Dreams will say if she lies!

"Princess Lucy--"


...alright so that's how you do the mom says your name becuase you were naughty thing.

Knowledge: if the game was a puppy it would be looking at me innocently.

"--sat down hard on her bed and looked at the crown in its glass display case on her dresser for the nine-hundredth time that evening. Her body was filled with desire not even her seedling su'khora could fulfill, eager though Melody--"

MELODY!? Mommy how is that possible you can be Lucy because my game named you but you named me Mommy and you didn't know these stories at all! You thought I was a constellation I saw you! I never felt so beautiful!


And if you felt beautiful when I named you that you were paying attention, Lyra.

"It's a very interesting coincidence! Why did you give Lyra that name, if you don't mind me asking?"

"Actually it's weird twice, like, I didn't really know how she worked then, I just thought she was more beautiful than starlight and of course she's sparkly and I thought about constellations and my mind went right for Lyra which of course is the harp but ever since thing I keep learning how I can play her like a harp like I don't even know how to describe it she's...it's this incredibly subtle mind control that somehow never makes her any less of her own person, if anything the more I learn to play the more of her I know, and like, Lyra is such the perfect name but because harp not stars--"

"Holy spiked dollops of corn syrup, that sounds just like her! Melody. How can--sis hang on. Your gender's cocksleeve, right?"

"I don't know my gender exactly it seems confusing sometimes I feel like an instrument and sometimes I feel remote control like the car in the kitchen and sometimes I just feel like a demon Mommy bound into slavery. I really like all of them and I don't think I'm just a really young seedling who isn't heartformed into one gender yet it just feels like I'm all of them."

"Sis, relax, I think you're just genderfluid. Just because I'm a ship super binary doesn't mean you have to pick an gender! Maybe you're even missing some, like, how did it feel being a Super Nintendo while Lucy was flying the Waifu away from Captain? Did you get euphoria from being a videogame, kind of? Maybe you guys should try stuff that leans into that! You are SNES colors after all. Can't just be a coincidence. Try it sometime, I can help you! I know all kinds of fun ideas for stuff like that!"

"Sis that would be wonderful Mommy can we Rada please may Isht Visht help us?"

Joy surges as I look her silvery shape up and down, just from seeing her, and I start to see just how clever her game is, how everything its been doing does go back to bringing me closer to her directly. I believe she would do all of this in a heartbeat just because she loves me, but...every step up this stair puts another piece of my heart back online and lets me feel and I'd be afraid what I feel for her would tear me apart were it not for the (literally) universe-breaking rage I've already burned with.

--and there really is room in there for more than one love because somehow in this fury of happy need I can still feel my want for Mama to keep reading and her hand on my thigh and her kindness in the breakfast she made us, undimmed by the supernova in front of me.

"Could we Mama, later?"

"Well let's get moving then, silly cocksleeves! Yes, I'll let Isht Visht teach you after we do all these other things. I'm going to read a little bit more now."

Mama lifts the book again. More waffles, cocksleeve!

"--eager though Melody might be to spring from her place at Lucy's feet and fulfill her most wicked commands--especially her most wicked commands. Could she pass the time with Melody helping her sneak out and across the balcony to get to her sister's room for a secret assignation like last time? That had been very interesting! They were only half-blood sisters, after all, and how did the saying go? 'Vice is nice, but incest is best, Majesty,' Melody's sweet musical voice intoned from--"

GASP WHAT!? Clang why aah fork dropped! No that's appropriate WHAT!? Mommy--

I know!

"Boobsqueeze and Lyra what is it? I've never seen you be anything but perfect yet Lyra, it must be significant to make you drop Lucy's fork like that!"

"My Earth mom used to say that. I always thought it was weird as a kid and thinking back on it now I'm like mom, seriously what the fuck--I mean Mama we weren't like you and me--but, but...it never made sense, she would just say it, like, I dunno like the tiny little scrap of wallpaper that's left sometimes after a house gets redone or something holy fuck Mama. I already believed you, but--wait. Maybe this story is originally English, but there's no way my Earth mom spoke it when she was the Strawberry Queen! What's the likelihood the rhyme worked in her language? How?"

"Boobsqueeze they translated the saying rhyming because it was fun that way, but there are dozens of versions for all different languages! Listen, here's one in Infernal using a rhyming way that works on the ends of the lines like in English: ahb aktija nhobjach, va klaptija mozzach. If you want to be truly excited, fuck your aunt very heartily! That's what's in my book I'm translating from Infernal as I read to you, but I've heard the English version over and over. It's not so surprising! Incest is a very common desire, isn't it, boobsqueeze?"

She puts her hand close up to my pussy lip and shifts closer to me on the bench. My feelings whirl. Don't you have to be related first? Mama and I are though, my heart replies without hesitation, so I follow with yes but I never felt this way about my Earth mother AAH OH GOD DID I!?!?

Then I realize: she was thirty years younger in the window the game gave me to look at my family. She was beautiful, I thought, in the way a little kid thinks its mother is beautiful, but no tiny speck of attraction sparked when I saw her--I would know now, Mama makes it easy to compare!

"I'm going to keep reading now, we're almost to the part I wanted to read you. Do you feel okay about everything with your Earth mother? We can talk if you want to, but your silence and face say you're peaceful now."

I nod mutely, nudge Lyra more waffles--how is my poor shocked cocksleeve?

[ Vision: construx racecar ]

My little construct is racing. Poor cocksleeve. I stroke her breast soothingly as Mama continues:

"--the floor by her princess' feet. Majesty of course was a bit premature just yet, but Lucy thought it might do to get used to it before coronation. She would already have so much to think about! Best not to make it harder than necessary to get used to her title while she was trying to get used to taking the throne and responsibility that came with it! She might have just wished to be princess eternally like her sister would, but being the Queen came with...privileges. No more sneaking across the balcony, for one! That of course was just the beginning..."

"Melody watched at her feet, waiting for something to jump on and get them into a playtime, but nothing occurred to Lucy that Melody could get a finger inside. Majesty really was stuck on this! There must be something to do for her. Majesty liked to be naughty and wicked, and Melody had all sorts of powers nobody but the two of them knew about, like making Lucy look like a handmaid and turning into a book Lucy seemed to be reading with some kind of sexy fun title, or flying across gaps like the space between balconies with wings as silent as owls have, or being able to tell when no one was looking so reliably the two of them could play Lucy to orgasm right in the middle of the stage for the rehearsal of next full moon's festivities, or just being so obsequiously compliant Lucy thought she would cum from pure service."

"This evening, however, none of them seemed applicable. If only Majesty could have some way of pretending it was time already! They were practicing the ritual every day and then sexily every evening alone in her chamber, and they had just finished doing that, so she couldn't just suggest that they role play--could she? What if they made a new game up, one fit for a Strawberry Queen? The Strawberry Dynasty's beauty must be honored every moment it can be! Maybe the ritual everyone had been planning wasn't good enough! Could Lucy and Melody find some way to make it appropriate to a true Strawberry Queen? Far from being too far in the future to think about without whimpering, the coronation might come before they had finished fixing the ritual! Lucy exclaimed with delight as Melody explained the idea to her, and they started immediately."

"The first thing to do, Melody told her carefully to make sure she could see how much she respected her Princess' horniness, was get Lucy to think up something sexual to go with each part of the ritual. Could they make the entire ritual into something as horny as Lucy was? Melody felt sure they could! Yes they had been practicing it naked how Strawberry Queens are supposed to reign, but surely there was more than that they could do."

"Lucy thought through the ritual as they had practiced it. She would enter the throne room from the doors at front with her handmaidens--Melody hidden among them--and walk the length of the court chamber to meet with the Crownbearer and bannermen who would bow and then follow her into the center of the stage to wait for the high priestess to arrive with her entourage, and bless both the Princess and crown before following her up to the dais where the throne was. How they made that part take most of an hour was still amazing to both of them, but if you spend enough time bowing and talking, you can take all day doing anything. Lucy would sit on the throne in nothing but her finest of bracelets and face-paint, feel what it felt like to be naked without getting in trouble right there in the middle of everything, and wait while the high priestess blessed her again. There would be some more bowing and talking and reading from edicts and law books, the high priestess would make the declaration that fate and the gods and the stars had predestined this, and call the crownbearer up with the diadem. She would stop right beside Lucy with the crown held on her arms like a baby, and the high priestess would lay it on Lucy's head. There would be lots more bowing and talking, and the bannermen would each kneel and kiss her foot to pledge her they fealty (that was a fun part to imagine). Then there would be a reception, but they already had plans to make that fun."

"There. Now you can imagine what kind of fun ceremony we might do with the four of us!"

"Oh my god. Cocksleeve I think we both have new role models."

"Mommy yes I would like that please! Melody seems super awesome already!"

"Mama this is the coolest. I hope you have lots of energy for reading later."

"Boobsqueeze you couldn't stop me if you tried to. I've been waiting a lifetime for this!"

"If only there was a magical substance that'd make your body ready to fuck and stay up forever with just a few drops!" I grin ironically, reach past the plate, and dip a taste out of Lyra's desperately puffy and wet sex, and lick it off of my fingertips hungrily. Like a drug, it comforts me, candy-sex relief of a need I've been building up for a while now.

Haah! Mommy pussy-touch...very horny now...

Then as how inspiring Melody and Lucy are glows in my heart a horrifying awesome idea occurs to me that's the exact kind of thing the game would do to me, and I sit paralyzed by nothing but my own emotions, holding my crown to look at it.

"In the Arwing I came really hard and wanted to get fucked at the same time enough that I accidentally made a heartstone dildo, and then kept making it because it's me of course, and my game like, you should probably direct that before it gets too big for you, and I was like, what if I just keep going, and it told me it'd keep transforming me so I could fit it until I was a flesh and blood condom stretched over whatever shape I'd made, and like...slut that I am there was something twistedly appealing in that idea. What if this is like that? I'm horrified at the idea of erasing the person you love so much Lyra, and who you made this wonderful house and game for, but also...like after three paragraphs of that story I was already like NEW ROLE MODEL, and I really don't understand how it can be so perfect and be my actual heritage, but maybe Mama you wanting me to be the Strawberry Princess so much is something I need, like the encouragement I need to become her or something. I mean cocksleeve you like it, right? This is better than just blue butterfly me? Princess Lucy was naughty, I never even considered that could be fun, but it sounded like it!"

"I'm your cocksleeve so what I like is to please you and make you happy whatever identity you take Mommy but Princess Lucy and Melody made you have energy to have fun times and think up adventures! It made you so wonderful I thought I would cry because I want you to have fun, Mommy, I don't care if you're the Strawberry Princess or a butterfly Fairy or Transformers kid Daniel or anyone just as long as you have fun playing with me!"

The cold, hard place inside me opens out like a sad, bleak landscape, tears well up but won't even become weeping, because I know what I'm hungry for, that makes this sound good to me. I WANT TO HAVE FUN SO BAD WHY CAN'T I JUST DO IT!? I can play videogames and listen to stories and enjoy being taken and just simply fucking Lyra is great but...am I just not creative? As a Fairy do I actually only have passiveness in me? All this should be alive, too bright to look at--there are the tears.

We've been running so hard and every moment has been choreographed and I see the kindness in this now because I can see how it hasn't given me time to have Lyra there waiting full of potential and realize that I don't think I ever learned how to play somehow! Yes there's been some there's been sparks but all that's done is show me how much I'm missing!

There's no way I can possibly explain myself so I throw myself on Mama being wise enough to get the metaphors I learned from her in the first place.

"Mama help, I need oxygen. Not breathing room I have that right now I need oxygen Mama do you understand oxygen Mama I can't seem to burn it it--Mama help me please--"

"Klapta, get the TV things. We're finishing our meal now. Let's go see the couch-room, everyone! Did you get enough of everything, Strawberry Tart?"

There are only a few bites of waffle left and I've eaten most of the toast so I nod and grab my crown again and start to shuffle out to let her--

As smooth and quick as a cat, Mama braces hand on the edge of the table, leaps to the bench and bounces off it to vault over the table to get out (her end of the table being against the wall). That...was kind of hot. And how did I forget how I came in here!? That was fun! Cocksleeve, reverse procession, I want to see your ass move, poing good!

Yes MOMMY bounce onto fingertips then bound onto bench in front of you and bouncy bouncy bouncy wait for you to come up and start walking.

Her bouncing is SO CUTE with her tail lashing in time with it and her silvery hair bouncing. Her ass cheeks bounce with rubbery weightlessness that makes me want to thwack her into motion with my eravahk WELL THEN WHY DON'T YOU YOU STUPID FAIRY BIMBO?

I get myself up onto the bench and on the first bounce flick it out to land a nice hard whack on her ass--after all, she's not just fireproof, she's bouncy! Move, cocksleeve!

Bhaah WHACKED yes Mommy moving eravahk is so sexy making wet to be up here and perform bouncy along super BOUNCY!

What is this? Did Mama do something or did I just blunder into Lyra having the ability to fan my flames after all? My mental order was sharp but giving it and the tone of it feels like being made entirely of the kind of friendly kinky fun grin I could see on both Lucy and Melody's faces in the story. We poing (thunderously, thanks to me) along the bench and onto the floor with a boom OUCH FUCK okay I guess even my breasts have a limit on how hard you can bounce them but even that makes me just feel sillier like stupid bimbo what were you expecting. I catch up to Lyra and then remember something awesome Mama did to me that's like that and definitely hurt but like not even so what more like GOOD, and reach over Lyra's shoulder--

Oh poor human Mommy--ooh hhhi Mommy reaching for breast AAAH turning yes follow nipple eep look up to see haa ymmm kisss...tongue slurp lick you back with my tongue HI MOMY I LOVE YOU!

Her shining silver beauty makes me sigh when I straighten from the kiss. Mama and Isht Visht, having zoomed into the camp while Lyra and I were testing the strength of the bench and porch, are now making the unmistakable sounds of unpacking and setting up "the TV stuff".

"Booooobsqueeze, come in here to play!"

It's been like five seconds!

You were kissing me for one minute and twenty-nine seconds actually Mommy.

Oh. Well it felt like five seconds. I grab both her horns to turn her--

WHee SPIN! Yes go this way SPANKED now I'm so wet I'll get nectar everywhere Mommy!

Good! You need me so much it leaks out everywhere. I love it. We pass through to the kitchen but once again I'm too busy checking out the people in there to get a good look, and then through into the--couch room, Mama's silly-accurate name for it makes me smile.

Mommy look Isht Visht in all of her forms it has to be!

The bare-timber walls are there, though the wood is Isht Visht green now, even has the electrical wiring and junction boxes visible that fascinated me so as a kid.

And it's laid out like the camp at Grand Lake! Pictures of ships from a tiny wooden sailboat to the Enterprise D (in pride of place over the couch) and a TOS Klingon Bird of Prey and massive golden-age scifi spaceliner decorate it--hah cocksleeve you're right just like the Enterprise-D's observation lounge!

In front of the couch is, sure enough, the ancient and huge wooden toy chest we all propped our feet on to watch the first few seasons of TNG, but the long-gone lid is back, and I somehow can't imagine it's empty like it always was in Arlington...

Mama's so old and wise I keep forgetting what huge nerds she and Isht Visht are. A flawless replica--yeah no that's just a real lightsaber sitting on a little stand on the end table, a very expensive-looking Master Sword and Hylian Shield hang on the wall, busts of various superheros sit on the kitchen table with my inaccessible Lego like--oh, they're unpacking. Good then.

To the left replacing the gas heater is the massive fireplace from camp Monomonac, a huge stone arch out of a medieval castle, somehow fitting even though--oh. Oh my god cocksleeve. It's tricky, subtle, because I wasn't that much smaller, and the room isn't just sized for giants, but the familiar old camp's floor dimensions and interestingly upgraded furniture are stretched to make it feel as big as it did before my growth spurt finished, when I was, say, fifteen, which gives just enough space for the fireplace to fit without overtaking the room (or having there be nowhere to sit without roasting).

This resizing also gives lots of space around the furniture for...playtime.

No fire is lit, but there's a huge stack of firewood--I wonder if Mama can teach me to control my light enough to start fires? On the other side from the fireplace, where the fire will warm the players, just like Lyra said is the very first videogame I ever played, the sit-down Ms. Pac-Man arcade machine from the Pizza Hut in Presque Isle near Plowstar.

"Come here, look what we brought from Earth for our TV watching session, the very first printing of a very important show for you! The prophecy told me this, and I didn't realize it until we got in here! Friendship is Magic!"