61 - Introducing the Four

Yay Mommy's clear and she can talk to me! Hi Mommy poing right up above your pilot's set.

If I did make you fork and told you to make out with yourself, your two instances would think each other were totally hot, right? Like I know it's not two people, but you understand me.

It's complicated and I think I would have to try it but I'm not sure if it would be like masturbation which isn't very fun for me or if I would feel like a different person could enjoy me. I know you would enjoy it lots and that makes it awesome everything is fun when it's to please you! If I met another one of my self I would definitely fuck her if you told me and feel super sexy pleasure from every single part of her, though.

Grab your breasts and feel yourself up like I would and go hard on your nipples I'm envious yours aren't driving you insane.

Put my hands on them...sqquueze rrah PIICH HAAAH twist them side SIDE ouchyum

Enough. Sexy?

Sexy squeezy awesome, Mommy!

Good cocksleeve. Listen here. You are a cocksleeve, and I am a bimbo, but...it's so much better to know it all the time! And I think it'll make you lots more pleasing so. Cocksleeves need their fun parts groped and their pussies pounded just like bimbos, so until further notice you'll be useless unless you've either been in bondage of some kind in the last few minutes, still are, or have done something like squeeze your pussy with your hand thinking about me fucking you or felt yourself up imaging you're performing for me or just run your hands up and down yourself checking out all the awesome curves I like to pet and fondle and just watch moving while you do things. You'll have about, heh, five to fifteen minutes without doing something before your mind just stops and you can't even follow orders emergency jump-on-me type stuff until you spend a few minutes reminding yourself that you have a cocksleeve's body that's made to be stuck on my clit and slid maybe by you but probably by me fucking myself with you like the sex toy you are up and down along my nice hard shaft until I cum in you while a grope all over your nice soft curves and squish your boobs and smack your ass. It'll bring your mind back after just a moment or two but you'll have to do it specifically until the stimulation makes you start makes sexy little noises of needing to be used by your owner, and then you can go on being useful knowing you're such a cocksleeve the need to be touched and used is inside you always waiting to come out if you even so much as touch yourself on my orders.

Also, it'll be super cute and you'll make me hot with your splorchy moaning.

Got all that? Seed-ghost, this works, right, it'll work like my mind-control?

[intention accepted]

Oh, I guess you only have to understand that sometimes you'll get stuck because you can't think about anything but touching yourself to remind us what a cocksleeve you are and the way out is to get grabby and that bondage escapes you from it unless I want to watch you just be stuck there and squirm sometimes which I will bet it's adorable. Get that much?


Also, you'll notice when you get back to work on the cum which you're doing now that you are SO behind. You'll be stuck a little while just remembering HOW MUCH of a cocksleeve you are, but the inability to do anything about that is just how much MORE of a cocksleeve you are. Have fun!

Mommy yes I will have fun this is going to be so intense and humiliating I bet look so silly masturbating in the middle of Star Trek episodes--Mommy you won't make me disturb people will you!?

You think something as sedate as watching TV won't be a great time for bondage? That'll save you.

Or make you cry from squirming, but you'll please me either way.

Yes MOMMY okay nothing to think about but cleaning up the cum left here. Hey Mommy look it's coming to the end of the introduction!

Oh! One more thing...the more cum you've had in the last little while, the more you need your reminders. Seed-ghost, figure out a nice game balance for me. Make it nice and noticeable but I still want her to function.

MOMMY I'VE HAD SO MUCH CUM ALREADY--AAH I NEED IT I NEED TO FEEL THE POUNDING ON MY PUSSY I'M YOUR COCKSLEEVE I HAVE TO HAVE aaah my hands are helping squish squeeze yum Mommy look the intro's end!

Out the canopy, Isht Visht is slowing and we're dropping out of hyperspeed. Spray slicks the canopy as we zoom in low over the water. Isht Visht is 'landing', that's where the spray is from, and the water is smooth, like a lake, or the magical calm spot around the raft. This part of the Sea is flat, too, not curving that I can tell. It's dark like night, and a humongous moon with black oceans that gleam like water and white surface like Earth's hangs low over the far shore making a shimmering path we follow--home. Yellow lights shine out of a house that sits blackly on the shore, and into the water the black rectangle of a dock sticks out like...all those nights...sitting and watching the stars this place definitely has stars...at the lake...cocksleeve what did you do? Omigod how many times did I draw this in MacPaint when I was like seven and you watched every single time didn't you, forget the cum, get up here and sit in my lap and be held!

Yes Mommy every time would you like me to make drawings on paper you can hang by the washer and dryer like your mom had in Stamford?

Sob--YES! Wait, we have a washer and dryer?

Of course, Mommy, how else can I do all your lingerie--there it is right where I said it was!

From behind the mountains beyond the house, the words I saw reflected unreadable in Lyra's horn at the beginning of the, hehe, intro sequence are scrolling up, out of their "source" enough now to be readable--

Yes Mommy hurry SQUEEZE RAAH there can move poing up to your lap eep pulled in hehe SNUGGLY watch out the canopy with you.

--bwahahaha oh my sweet cocksleeve squeeze you--

It was a dark and stormy night...

OOf it has to start this way Mommy what's cozier than a big windy awesome lightning storm outside while you're safe and warm with your family in the home you all share?

These vanish in a flash of lightning that lights up the whole sky, and suddenly a huge thunderstorm, black and looming where the words were, is rolling up from behind the house. Wind picks up and ruffles the glassy water, but can't budge the Arwing's flight path.

Beside us, Isht Visht is changing into the sailboat from the intro sequence. This is going to be a hell of a ride for them, but I think Rada will love that, and if Isht Visht is anything like her sister she'll be dying for a good hard pounding by now.

Game, I know I have more bondage time and I know I need it but this is so special please I want to fly for this.

The rushy ambivalence of being freed is a whole new pleasure to savor oh my god such a stupid bimbo I'm not even wanting to be freed for this or not, just horny to have the decision be made for me.

Game, strap her to me nice and comfy--but leave her space to touch herself.

Grabbed squeezed horny Mommy smells so desperate hope she can everything soon.

You are a poet.

It's just a final approach, presumably the Arwing is meant to hover by one side while Isht Visht docks until she transforms into girl-form, but I want to fly it anyway, so I pick up the forgotten flight controls.

Cocksleeve, will your game be wrecked or this scene if--no of course it won't. I haul the flight stick back and gingerly push some throttle, and immediately we're shooting straight up.

WHEEEEEEEE! Mommy faster press the booster!

I thought that was like, hyperspace--fuck it. X. The acceleration slams Lyra back into my horny full need-thumping breasts "OOHF!"


ARGH I DO THAT'S THE PROBLEM! When the acceleration ends--OOH. The thunderstorm is close, and flashes of lightning flicker inside the storm spookily and awesome.

How it even comes out of my mouth is a mystery to my dumb blonde head let alone how I come up with it so fast but if the game lets me this will be fucking metal and I also bet I've figured out how to be able to talk.

"Hey computer there's a lightning bolt that lives in that cloud who's my friend and she likes it when people are too attractive not to jump on like how I am--"


My voice has to sound childish and naughty, and I have to put it like this, but it works, and...somehow doing it this way is so much more FUN!

"--and I know she wants to come jump on us but she doesn't know we're here can you please call to her?"

"I can make the shielding charge up with electricity to call your friend for you, but if she stays here for more than one second, the shields will burn off so she can't stay for a visit, just say hello and go back where she came from."

Did I predict it? Yes I did! The familiar electric whirring hum of the 100-foot Van De Graaff generator at the Science Museum in Boston thrums through the cockpit and sparkles of static electricity appear as the shields shock nearby rain.

I always wondered what it would be like to be in the little wire cage that got hit by the artificial lightning as part of the show--

Brilliant blue light shocks throughout the cockpit, thunder rattles the canopy with a continuous racket of electrical discharge as one full second of uninterrupted lightning bolt comes to say hi to its "friend". The computer darkens the canopy, and I can see fingers of lightning and tongues of Saint Elmo's Fire erupting out of the storm to reach out and slurp at the Arwing like the hungry embrace of a Fairy who's let out of chains to explore someone.

I pull reverse throttle to kill our momentum and just pivot slowly in place as the thunderstorm makes out with us, and when the computer reverses the polarity of the shields to send our "friend" back where she came from and everything goes quiet and dark and the world brightens back to existence as the canopy turns clear once more I slam the throttle full blast forward to zoom straight down at the water where Isht Visht is slowly sailing in. 

The Arwing is glorious. It flies exactly how I expect the way I already knew how to play Lyra from the moment she implanted.

I'll kill our momentum a bit above the surface and do another drift turn and gently translate up to the dock all nonchalantly...and then we'll open the cockpit and they'll wonder what the fuck happened to us bwaha oh assuming the rain doesn't wash off all our fun--tears are in my eyes, because from up here I can get a good look and the house.

It's the camp from Grand Lake, the one burned into me with childhood memories of summer vacation...and something new, memories reinterpreted for the four of us.

Look, cocksleeve! My throat tight, I line the crosshair up on the tiny bench and flower pot I can see between the camp and the water's edge. There's even a stone wall for the shore there like Grand Lake has.

Suddenly the sweet computer voice chimes in and I'm an even mix of hot humiliation and you're nice, computer:

"I'm turning on the docking house lights now. Just follow the rainbow straight into the water!"

Mommy yes go with them this is awesome!

Oh my fuck I love you this is adorable. A holographic rainbow appears in the HUD like a road leading down, and something glows under the surface of the lake out from the house and shoreline. It's child's play, heh, to follow them down--do we need to slow to hit the water not if I know who made this we need a burst of speed and I kick the throttle when I'm satisfied we're lined up and we crash into the water in a reverse eruption and then it's one simple--whoooh. Rl'yeh Sade is down there. Directly below, miles deep, is some kind of huge domed building with honeycomb shapes inside, and the lights and statues are all around it for as far as I can see in the depths ahead of the Arwing. The camp is on an asteroid floating in the sea to make an island!?

I pull up, and there's the hangar straight ahead. Yes, an asteroid is exactly what it is, a mountain of alge-green rock hanging in the water from which some kind of pipe leads off it into the depth, out of sight. I carefully fidget us right onto the path the computer shows, and up to the hangar door--no. Forcefield. Nice. It shimmers beautifully in front of us, glowing bright.

"Just fly right through the forcefield and I'l put the landing gear down."

With a nudge of forward throttle I guide us through and into the hangar, giggle at the beach ball and pool toys in there, and stop us in the middle of the smooth-walled, white-lit, squeaky-clean space. Hydraulics whirr, and click, and with a tiny nudge of down-translate, we touch down with a thud.

"Okay, I'm opening the canopy for you! I'll lock up safe and sound until you're ready to fly again so don't worry about anything. You don't need fuel this time, but another long trip like that and you'll have to replace the booster coils!"

I kind of did...run...the Arwing makes an appropriate symphony of spooling-down noises, and the canopy slides open, and the harness tentacles release me and Lyra.

Poing up cocksleeve, we're home! Come on!

Poing up to Arwing cockpit side and peek over yes the stairway's working come here stairway!

Laughing out loud at the cute singong in her thoughts I stand to see what she's looking at to see a set of stairs aligning itself for us to walk down comfortably without ladder climbing. I bound up to the edge of the cockpit, "regret" the bouncing--holy fuck my hands just can't stay off my nipples GAAH ooh that feels good...I pinch and enjoy their hard cum-slippery goodness for the handful of seconds it takes me to remember where my hand goes. Putting it back on my hip makes my jacket pull away from my chest to reveal my left breast entirely, and I sigh with the pleasure of being exposed so--Rada will think this looks wonderful!

With my free hand I pull on Lyra's horn for her to walk ahead of me--less leash, eravahk. The eravahk pulls in its chain to a reasonable length again, and we flounce down the stairs to the ground. The smooth polished rock floor is smooth underfoot, and clean enough to eat off--which Lyra's going to end up doing, no doubt, before we're done with this house.

Follow Mommy off the stairway onto stone of hangar floor HOME!

Laughter bounces me when very familiar hydraulic sounds erupt behind us and I turn to see the stairway (Lyra was naked and walking down stairs, nothing else existed while she was doing that in front of me) is exactly as expected, a row of stone slabs sticking up at the right heights, now sinking into the floor. Is...the texture in the rock literally just upscaled from Marathon? Nah.

You sure built the hydraulics to sound right though, attentive little fucktoy--bwaha! The vwee-whirr of Marathon's elevator-stop sound rings through the hangar, making me giggle--wait. Perfectly vertical walls, nicely-textured but totally flat surfaces, exactly-and-precisely colorless white light coming from square-edged vertical lighting units that stick out from the walls floor-to-ceiling with interesting edges vertically but not horizontally where they meet the ceiling or floor that shine precisely-defined cones of light out into the room as seen in the pattern of light and shadow on the ceiling and floor and hum with that fluorescent hum--my eyes settle on the pool toys.

"BWAHAHAHAA WATERLOO WATERPARK GOOD ONE COCKSLEEVE! Thank you PFHOR this awesome Marathon-level hangar!"

You just have to be having enough fun to make sound! I can swear the game is smiling at me.

YAY You like what I made you! You got my riddle so quickly go Mommy! Want to find out what's at the top where that light switch is so high out of reach by the ceiling? Isht Visht and Rada are coming they'll Arrive any second and then you'll fuck Isht Visht and be busy who knows how long!

"Ghehe Arrival there's defintely some Bigger Guns Nearby in here right now!"

Wheemmf Mommy cleavage oh Mommy it smells like your milk YEEEUM!

With Lyra pressed my cleavage her face is invisible in the expanding-almost-visibly-as-I-touch them world of raunchy milk-wet explosions waiting to happen, but her voice is a cute little gasp of surprise, and the pressure inside them increased by her presence between them is awesome like her pussy squeezing my clit.

[ Vision: Boardgame: Candyland ]

Huh? BWAHAHA enjoy yourself lickytits.

SLURP lickytits that means LICK YOUR TITS doesn't it? SLUURP you don't say yes but you don't say no eeeither!

Laughing makes them feel good at this point OH WHO AM I KIDDING IT DID THE MINUTE I GOT THEM and Lyra's tongue slipping out between her face and my ever-expanding loaded-full tits (yes, I think they're big and ridiculous enough to quality) makes my head spin with the way it competes with the feel of my arms on my nipples to hold Lyra in where I have her.

I did say enjoy yourself.


Knowledge: My breasts are so full now that even the motion of breathing and their rubbing my arms and each other counts for the purposes of expanding them because I'm enjoying the pleasure of touching my own milk-making decorative knockers, so I may as well feel free to enjoy teasing and pinching my nipples while they're still in my reach. The pressure increasing increases the pleasure, which makes them grow faster, and I will soon reach the point where it's building too fast for my milk-ducts to empty faster than I put milk in them. After that happens, I will become a planet with oceans of tasty-sweet milk for the family to play at the beach on. There's plenty of space over the house for me to float nearby so they can spend time with me, and Lyra will happily sit on my clit at the nubbly peak of my mountainous milk-spewing nipple and bounce till I cum and make Earthquakes on my surface. I will probably fry from the feeling of everything happening once I have breasts the size of a planet, so I won't mind just floating and feeling the joyful explosion of milk never ending.

OH MY GOD YOU READ THAT STORY WITH ME AAAH! My fingertips were on Lyra when the Knowledge: came to me. Now they's crushing handfuls of my bright red areolas and stroking and pinching and twist FUCK!

LIIIIICK it's fun to imagine don't you think Mommy?

Gulp. Kind of yeah.


Knowledge: The game just told Isht Visht I need her to save me. They're coming down here. Rada is coming because Isht Visht is her seedling and they feel like Lyra and I about being separated for even a few moments. I'll be held still by tentacles while she nurses, so my trying to fuck her doesn't disturb her, Lyra can have my breast that I promised she would have while Isht Visht nurses hers, and the game can take out my clit and fuck Lyra to make sure I don't fry from the pleasure--orgasm releases chemicals that protect me from frying as well as just making me feel good. They'll be here in plenty of time to make sure I get to enjoy the things I was afraid of missing out on, so I should take as much pleasure in my current debasement while I have breasts that still feel like this. Yes, even if I'm a big slut and see how big I can make them before Isht Visht and Rada come save me. How big I make them is how much a reward I get when Isht Visht and Lyra are finished having their big healthy milk explosion.

The head-fuck is so big strong and satisfying. The decision to expand my big raunchy boobs as much as I can is made for me, but the game saw I had already decided to do it. I hadn't decided to try the best way to expand them, but now I am definitely going to.

I pick my hands up from my nipples--the order makes me or I wouldn't be able to--put them under the heavy weight of my boobs where I can pick one up to mouth, put my tongue down to the nipple expanding away from my lips just barely visibly, and lick ooh my god that tastes wonderful and feels even better. Wet slippery flesh against wet slippery flesh makes my blood pound in my nipples and clit and heart like a thunderstorm and my eyes close involuntarily and everything feels so intense slippery sexual--

My eyes are full of my own knocker (thank you for that, game) and Lyra's just as pleasantly busy so it's a complete surprise when hot little hands grab it away from my tongue oh my god it's like four feet long now pulled out like that how is my body doing this--

HEY! Where's my food going!? Ooooh HI SIS! Hehe you're HUNGRY I want milk now!

Knowledge: I can be any shape the game thinks it would be sexy for me to try on.

Holy fuck so many ideas--Isht Visht's grinning face shows over the end, she clamps happily onto my nipple with her hot slippery taut little mouth and sucks--ISHT VISHT I need her pussy around me I NEED IT ISHT VISHT KEEP SUCKING BUT GET ON HERE!

Game fast get my clit fuck Lyra make her suck me too quick before I--everything is calm (well except for the fact that I MUST grab Isht Visht's tight little waist and stick her on my clit and see if that trim little body of hers even fits on my big raunchy thing) because just as I start to dive for Isht Visht tentacles slither around me turning my dive into abject full-strength thrashing, lift me off the floor and move Lyra up against my other (desperate, aching, needing) breast to suck you suck every drop cocksleeve and keep going till I drag you off it by your hair--

EEE YUS MOMMY GETS SO DEGRADING WHEN SHE'S HORNY THIS IS AWESOME! Nipple where hi biiig breast hehe thank you game very nice tentacles hhaaaaaah clit right inside ooooh Mommy haaaahahahaha suck self you can do it!

The tentacles bring my legs up like they're curling me like a sleeping baby and then arrange me like I'm on hands and knees, carrying Lyra along to keep her in sucking position while Isht Visht nimbly backs to stay on my nipple. One clever quick and one soft raunchy mouth suck at my nipples so I moan ridiculously like some kind of breast-trumpet they're playing but no milk comes yet LET IT OUT LET IT OUT LET IT OUT LET ME AT ISHT VISHT AAAH! The only thing that keeps me from going totally insane is Lyra's soft slippery cocksleevy pussy sliding on my clit as the game pounds her with it, smacking my balls against her cushiony flesh with awesomely obscene smacking sounds I can hear from here. Harder game DO HER and don't let the rest of her body get bored give her a good tentacle raping from her Mommy as long as she can still suck my milk WHY AREN'T THEY GETTING ANY AAAH--OOOH MY GOD Hi Rada something smooth and slippery with a nice cocklike ridge on the head pushes at my wide-spread ass. It's delightfully cool and smooth like being fucked with the forehead-soother Beverly let Lyra borrow and before I know it my asshole gives in and it sliiides the long way up inside me to feel heavy and full and good up under my ribcage YES RADA I'M A COCKSLEEVEPUT IT ALL THE WAY THROUGH AND LET ME GO DOWN ON YOU BACKWARDS okay game you HAVE to tell her I just thought that oh my god it's so nice and thick HELL YES FUCK ME!

HOT tentalces wrapped around my waist and my boobs and my hips holding me up to be able to suck and feels so BIG in my mouth this new nipple is like a new clit! Come on milk, Mommy says I get you!

She fucks with mechanical precision relentless in perfect rhythm but gentle at the ends of her strokes which is MADDENING POUND ME MOMMY why aren't you grabbing my ass? I wave it raunchily as best I can which is not much between the tentacles being fucked and NEEDING TO GET ISHT VISHT AAH my hands burn with desperation to grab her and crush her spread-open pussy against my mound with my clit sticking or SOMETHING ANYTHING JUST LET ME FUCK HER! It's weird, having the compulsion inside me, while my clit being already drilling Lyra is the only reason I'm not wailing even louder for her than I am for Isht Visht compulsions be damned, the one drive unable to displace the other so I have to stretch to take them both like being fucked by two cocks in the same hole ooh good idea maybe Rada and Isht Visht want to try me that way? SQUEEZE COCKSLEEVE I NEED YOU!


The most gorgeous pair of sleek tanned legs pushes between in front of my face wearing a strapon harness with sort of balls at the bottom on today's dildo neat! It's a tight little package, maybe I can get it inside my mouth when she deep-throats me--wait, RADA!?

Ooooh Mommy thinks sex robot is Rada!

Her strong hands take my head and line it up to her strapon. I look up at her OH PRETTY her hair is different! She's taken it out of the tiny braids, and it hangs in wavy curls, free, framing her face and breasts. Her aereolaS argh are more tan than pink, it suits her, I didn't notice before, but she has such pretty little breasts...

The way she holds my head steady and looks down at me want to lick my lips and flirt but I'm all thrashing and flailing and moaning with my mouth wide from the intensity of this all.

All I can do is be a pretty hole to fuck and hope it feels good sliding into my mouth. NOW WHO THE FUCK IS FUCKING MY ASS!?

Mommy there's a robot that followed them from upstairs and it's fucking you oooh but Mommy sees Rada fucking her now.

As soon as she has my lined up she slides into me, and I shudder from the happiness of having her inside me and the quiet moan she lets out that tells me she's enjoying me, and melty softness (bwaha you're melting my icecream Mommy) fills me when I realize I'm thrashing so hard I can't even try not to catch her with my teeth, but her hands on my head are strong and don't let me move and it feels so. good. to have them there like the concept of being held by my Mommy is a nipple she can tease or set of lips she can stroke, as sensual and physical as any of those pleasures. The dildo is some kind of black rubbery stuff, smooth and slippery like heartstone but I can feel her life in it, so noticable against the inanimateness of the material.

I stare up as best I can and watch it get dark as her smooth mound and sleek midsection come up to my face--

Hi sweetest pussy-pop cupcake!


Hey what the fuck I was going to do something good like alright you bought me good this time your wet little whore is ready...but tears fill my eyes as I realize this is what's true. I'm not even a whore I'm just a kid who likes presents and has a sexy mom who doesn't trigger her no-incest instinct and feels protected and taken care of when she gets fancy presents.


The game pops my view to look down from above all us when we connect for dreamtalk. Oh my god I look so silly pink tentacles are wrapped around my limbs to keep me in place with my thrashing for Isht Visht, Rada has my golden head pressed against her mound by both her hands, her shiny wavy black hair looks so pretty on her bare shoulders, and--hehe OH MY my breasts boobs tits there isn't a word for this are laid out torpedo-shaped and taut as big as the rest of my body! Sparkly tentacles are giving Lyra a good time at the right and Isht Visht is comically sitting under the left holding it in both hands sucking determinedly, but it's as big as she is AND THE MILK STILL CAN'T GET OUT I NEEEED IT TO FLOW! The insides of my nipples burn dry and hot where the flow should be but isn't, and the pressure behind them...why haven't I fried?

Behind me, explaining the mysterious fuck, a silvery machine with explains who's fucking my ass I HAVEN'T EVEN HAD TIME TO NOTICE I'M BEING FUCKED AT BOTH ENDS YET that rules it feels awesome SO MUCH IS HAPPENING AAH!

I really do look awesome just wearing a jacket, too--the tentacles stay away from my torso, letting see the curves of my hip and and and bubble-butt ass it's so nice and round with the jacket framing and my waist is so cute and small I'm going to be OBNOXIOUS waving my ass when I get it free it MUST get Lyra jackets--

EEEee jackets will look so cute on me if I just wear one and nothing else under it! Thank you Mommy!

Top, Take Lyra to Rarity's Emporium with Rada and Isht Visht, join the Mane Six for adventures

--HELL YES--mane, I bet anything that's the white pony from the intro--

There's just room around everything to be impressed she came up with a name that makes me feel like more of a cocksleeve than just being called cocksleeve directly.

How much bigger are you going to GET, boobpillow? I'm going to have a new bed if that keeps going!

Knowledge: having Isht Visht and Lyra suck my nipples won't get milk out by itself. Rubbing my breasts from the base out to the tip is also required. There's so much milk in my breasts Isht Visht is being overpaid by a factor of about a hundred and the rest of the milk in that breast will be milked by the game using Isht Visht as a conduit to get the milk out of me. She couldn't have fit this much anyway, and Isht Visht's shapeshifting isn't like Lyra's cartoon-character gooeyness, so she can't stretch like Lyra will faithfully do to herself if I don't stop her.

Oh well then rrraah--please let me use my arms tentacles thank you Mommy I can't reach you though.

Knowledge: My game will keep fucking Lyra and holding me so I can't try to fuck Isht Visht but it's not taking orders except Let go of Lyra or Stop Fucking Lyra until my milking is finished.

Mommy help me it won't squeeze for me and Lyra can't reach!

Mommy's here, boobsquish. Just let it happen, there's nothing you need to think about but riding the wave now.

So warmly humiliating...

My whole body shakes with the overwhelming silky squeezing hot tight pressure, held still by the tentacles together with the fucking machine and Rada's cock that force my back straight and keep me as if pinned, as slippery green-and-black tentacles encircle my breasts and squeeze, pulling away from my body, and after what seems like FOREVER of building pressure and I lurch against Rada's cock down my throat as wet relief pours into the desperate centers of my nipples and blasts into Lyra and Isht Visht's waiting mouths.

My clit seems to burst all at once in the same moment, suddenly throbbing inside Lyra's pussy to like it's banging on the whole world with each throb and more spurting pumping throbbing relief flows up and out it to Lyra's squeezing wet slippery inside oh god this is why she said ride the waaaaave AAAAAAH--


My last coherent though is how from up everyone looks so mindbreakingly sexy, even me with my ridiculous breasts, the scene is awesome, but there's a part of me that wishes the game would put me back in my head where I can be lost in this with the family, but...something...I can better ogle Lyra from up here (the game has her folded in half, which gives a nice view of her legs and lots of good ideas that will hopefully be there when my brain can do anything but be the hot whoosh pumping flowing expanding erupting pleasure rushing out of me) and I guess that brings me closer to her but I don't think that's what the game is doing...


Knowledge: making me use third-person for this helps show how our family cares for me, and the pleasure I give them just because of what a sweet beautiful person I am. Nectar is what gave me those hips, that ass, my beautiful hair and strawberry ice-cream cum. The game made me turn my breasts into huge tight nipply fun toys for Isht Visht and Lyra, but nectar made me have breasts in the first place (and their way of expanding when milk fills them, though we haven't seen yet if they'll change back after this) because it expresses that I feel most myself when I give people pleasure just by being there just how my strawberry sugar-syrup cum expresses my wish that sex with me should be fun and enjoyable even when I'm just making my cocksleeve get my rocks off. My silly-soft body makes me fun to watch moving and helps me amuse people to give laughter and smiles and the sexy-warm feelings of desire and happiness you get from things like a fireplace glowing on a dark stormy night and a cup of hot chocolate (which is happening next, I can be sure of it).


My midsection SQUEEEZES, hot wet good RELEASE comes out of me, and I lurch as the ffeeeling of something expanding like fire inside me where's Rada's cock's tip must be reminds me of my wish to have her cum inside me with actual cum from her body and I wish again but even this surrogate cum is delightful and I struggle to push further against her to show how ecstatic I am to recieve it.

Mommy I love how it feels when you cum in me!

Cocksleeve you enjoy that it's the real thing! This is why I had Isht Visht give you a tentacle on your way out before!

WHAT!? Mommy I'm sorry I wished it because I felt so wet from the nice things you gave me I didn't think our games would actually make you have actual cum! How does it get into your dildo!?

It appears in the air right where the tube ends but it's definitely mine I can feel myself pumping!

Well maybe we can talk to our games about it but this is SO GOOD Mommy I want--

The Dreams interrupt my dreamtalk to show me the green checkmark with Rada's face next to it.

What the--what's a green checkmark next your face supposed to mean? The dreams just showed me that! Can you think enough to give me a clue here?

I saw yours and a checkmark it means this I guess US is going to be scary and awesome and GREAT I'll explain afterrrrrr....

How much more GREAT can it get sugarplum-pussy?

Knowledge: I am what's called an age-player. I'm only able to play like this because I'm old enough to experience looking back at being a teenager from very long afterward, but my joy is to stay at an age that's much younger to enjoy how it feels to be that age even though my heart and my mind stay as mature as I am at my oldest. Rada is what's called a Big, someone who likes to play parent to age-players. She doesn't quite know yet, so the games are doing some things to surprise her. It will be much more fun than just talking about it. I'm hearing this now during orgasm because one of the things is her cum-having. It gives her a way to take care of me with something that comes from her body that I desperately want like a baby wants milk from its mother. I'm such a slut that I won't feel the same about breast milk, so the games gave her cum because of how I'll react to it. I should let myself plead and cajole her to give me cum whenever I want it. Right now the game sees how glad I feel so it's giving me space to express myself. Rada can hear how I feel in my dreamtalk, and the game's helping me have enough mental coherence through this mindshattering orgasm explicitly so I can tell Rada how much her cum means to me. What does it feel like inside of me? Is it making me horny and wet for her? Does my mind have a certain response to it? How is it making my mouth feel? What does it taste like?

But I was already going to ask her--also what the fuckity FUCK--no time too much orgasm bimbo brain can't process--fun game answer hornily too much orgasm for show just be honest--

Now that you're cumming in me I don't KNOW how it gets better it feels wonderful inside me like like like you made me hot chocolate and you're spurting it deep inside my cocksleevy body so it spreads out and like your love right inside me this is making me so WET Mommy if I could move I would just try to take in your whole cock to show you how horny for you this is making me and how much I want the present you're giving me every drop is precious and if you spill any I'm licking it up for you and please can I can I can I LICK THE SPOON BWAHA I WANT TO SUCK WHAT'S LEFT OUT OF YOUR DILDO AND CLEAN YOU OFF WITH MY TONGUE IF YOU HAVE ANY ON YOUR BODY fuck now my mouth is watering Mommy what does it taste like I want to know I want it in my mouth I bet your cum is all SPICY and interesting like you are! Oh Mommy what's it feel like coming out of your cock I want to feel it spurt in my mouth all over my tongue and fill up my mouth you're cumming so much I can feel it filling me I bet it'd be so sexy to have you cum in my mouth and have it fill it up till it forces itself inside me like I don't even get to swallow or not! I'm so wet thinking that I bet it feels amazing!


--okay that's all true AND a new fun game to try with Lyra later--

--and Mommy please wait after while I catch my brain my breath but I'll need to catch my brain hehe so I can use my voice to thank you for cumming in me before I get off my knees from you giving me cum?

Pussywillow...that speech...would fry lightning! Have a big mouthful!

Her dreamtalk is odd but that's probably the cumming--HELL YES! I do genuinely want some! Rada pulls back and the ridge of her cock passes my and a big hot sticky spurt of--okay my tongue is rewired it must be--this is the best thing I've tasted outside of Lyra's nectar! Something like honey is the first thing I taste but there's maple syrup mixed with the sparky-good taste of wood smoke and the charcoal-sweet of toasted marshmallows at the camp at Grand Lake. I burst into tears almost instantly. How is it possible for these games to be so kind and so cruel at the same time? She has me hooked on this stuff with one taste of it!


Cocksleeve I'm -- I'll live up to that, I promise you!

She's crying. That's why her dreamtalk is weird. I've sent her an imaginary hug like Lyra and I played with at the table before I know what I'm doing.

Knowledge: Rada thinks she's caught an actual child and is wondering if she's a monster. My reactions are making her feel very happy but I actually seem like a kid to her, so much so the green checkmark was required to tell her its okay to have me.

POOR MOMMY! Um um um how to romantic--

You make me feel like I'm 15 again Mommy I haven't felt this way in so long...

I THOUGHT YOU WERE FIFTEEN PUSSYWILLOW! Have you been age-playing me since I picked you off that raft!? How old actually are you? I can take a bad answer I just have to understand what the--AAH you know what I mean cocksleeve!


What the hell why did my clutch slip, I was just going say I'm nineteen! Fine no time too much cumming um--


What did I just say holy fuck. Wait did Rada think I was a kid when Isht Visht grabbed to make my mark nonconsensual!?

Knowledge: she didn't know how old I was then and relied on the Dreams to make sure I was ready to have sex with anyone but Lyra. Since that playtime she's been getting progressively more sure I'm early teenage and wondering how I have the face of a grownup instead of the awkwardness of myself in the vision of my fourteen year old self fixing seeing Freddie. Nectar will change you as soon as you have some identity for it to work on, except that means a teenage identity makes you look awkward and young like the vision.

Omifuck game have you been playing me to act like a teenager without explaining to Rada what you're doing? I thought this is just how Fairies are! That's MEAN game!

Knowledge: I'd already started age-playing the instant I opened my eyes to see Lyra's excited expression when she came to extract me from Earth. She makes me feel young just by being there. I am an excellent age-player. I do it without even trying.

She does that, it RULES--game if you're trying to say I'm immature I think I noticed already.

Knowledge: I'm not immature, I'm an age-player. I like to be a teenager, but my mind and my heart are a grownup's which allows me to take scenes like that first one where Isht Visht grabbed me and everything after that without being horribly traumatized.



Knowledge: We went as fast as we could. From Lyra and my perspective, we've only known Rada and Isht Visht for five hours. The time we spent in our cabin and the Arwing doesn't count because we were apart from them. They let Rada think she'd captured a real child so she could see how bad that would feel to her, and know she's actually an age player.

Wait I thought it was like a year--not actually, but how did we fit all this into five hours!? It must be at least a couple of sleepless nectar-powered days! No wonder I keep having to think while I'm cumming! At least Rada seems to just be enjoying cumming in me (she's back down my throat, unf) now that she knows she's not a pedophile, which is what I suppose you're trying to clear my head enough to get me to be able to do though it might be just as well I think I might break from it it's not better but it's not easy like Lyra's candy and videogame blowjobs overwhelm.

Dammit new freakout even with crazy time travel prophecy seed-ghost magic aren't we moving a little fast here!?

Knowledge: It's appropriate for our strange family history. I will learn what that means eventually but yes the game wants me to enjoy all this fun sex with my family it's stopping keeping my head clear--

When the orgasm clears and anything but worldshattering pleasure and the sense of my body enjoying the attention I'm getting so much I'm nothing but a while blur of ultimate ecstasy, Lyra is clamped on my chest while Isht Visht is satisfiedly sitting in front of me and Rada's one step from my face, her dildo still shiny with the slickness that's always inside--realization dawns and I smile the smile of a satisfied bimbo who's just realized the wetness she feels when she's turned on is actually physically happening. I'm slippery inside of my passage! AWESOME! What does it taste like hell yes I'll find out soon look at it drip off of the dildo. This makes me feel so delightfully cocksleevy who else wants a go maybe Isht Visht has some bored tentacles someplace?

Mommy's awake now hi Mommy that felt awesome! How did you like to be cum in it's SO GOOD isn't it?

I...yes! Remind me I wanted to see what happens to you if I cum in your mouth like that next blowjob you give.

Yes Mommy sweet I get mouth filling! That's why right Mommy?

A cocksleeve like you needs it pumped down her throat so she can feel it. Have to keep you feeling properly cocksleevy after all!

My clit has returned to my purse by the feel of the walls--at least that isn't Lyra. My breasts have gone back to their old size, and to my surprise Lyra isn't at all pregnant-looking. The fuck machine's gone from my ass, too--I must have been out for a while. I hope they all had some fun with me while I was sleeping. I don't seem to be trying to fuck Isht Visht, pretty as she is, and the tentacles are all gone, and I'm lying on the closed-cell foam pool lounger I saw in the Waterloo Waterpark riddle which explains why everyone seems to be so tall except Lyra (who's on the mat with me, clinging to faithfully and mmh yummily suck).

I grab her hair, and slowly pull her off my nipple before the attention puts us right back where we were.

Unf hair pulling ouchyay--