64 - Interior Decorator

It's easier flapping down to the deck of Isht Visht's sailboat form than it was up to the Arwing, and not just because descending is easier than ascending. There's a heavy stiffness gone from my wings, like they were wearing jeans I've stripped from. I feel lighter inside, too, and my colors (I think!) should match a lot more easily now. The drop to the deck is six inches, but I want to keep flying! I enjoyed flapping to the Arwing, felt fidgety inside the aftercare deck, but no point in my adventure yet has had me urgent to fly just to do it like this--so I do. Don't Fairies usually fly even when there's no need--ack, can they still be folded? Yes, say the muscles and senses of emptiness in my flanks. Not yet, though--even in rain it feels good to make use of them.

"Pussywillow look at you! Those really suit you! Have you looked in third person yet? Do it boobsqueeze I want to see what your face looks like!"

Mama looks sooo beautiful lying in the cockpit at the stern with her arm up on the tiller, lazily guiding Isht Visht with a sheet in her hand and smile on her face and only rain on her body. Suddenly the world is some comfortingly simple! All I have to do is enjoy myself. Hey cocksleeve, grope both our pussies while we check Mama out! I finally stop hovering and alight so I can concentrate on important stuff and thrill to find standing not easier than flying.

I always wanted to be able to fly so bad as a kid. I imagined having all kind of ways to do it, but none of them ever felt this sexy.

Eeee pleasure for Mommy is pleasure for meee! Slide down you all sexy slliiide so rainy and wet turn back hi Rada eyes on what part is good first Mommy tell me its too much to pick from please? Touch both our pussies defintely start that haaaah right away YUM fucked soon, right Mommy?

My hands go for Lyra's breast's with the tiniest nudge, squeeze and caress their outside edges where they aren't pressed against me, and I have a good look at Mama. My mind comes back as soon as Lyra gets touching (and then immediate sinks into the soft urgency her fat and attentive little fingers bring stroking and squeezing my 'pussy' like her nice puffy lips kissing me), but I don't care, I need the world back where it belongs and family fun time is the way to get it and my dropping into this so instantly and easy is sooo nice...just follow my ogling whenever deciding isn't fun, cocksleeve.

"I will Mama but I can't stop looking at you right now. I can't help it, I'm a Fairy."

"Precious boobsqueeze, enjoy yourself sweetie. We'll be inside in no time, and look, we're already washed up!"

Mommy I think I'm making a mess again.

Better feed me some, then.

Squish fingertips into pussy outside and in outer...haaaah..llips...bring hand back all drippy gooey hold up for Mommy but keep going on you Mommy right?

You stop when you're told and not before, yes.

Now how about Mama? I missed her. She's nice to look at lying there steering, so carefree, as I lick Lyra's fingers one by one and then slurp her palm--oohmy FUCK that's what I was missing! I've barely drunk from Lyra's pussy in HOURS! More, cocksleeve, but have a nice grope first to make sure you're wet.

Haaah licked off my hand one by one fingers show Mommy how good this feels by looking upback with my mouth partly open and eyes all down sexy now back to Rada you said.

Good cocksleeve.

Something seems different about Mama--

"Are your breasts getting bigger!?"

"I have a daughter now, I have to make milk for your hot chocolate and tea, haven't I? They always get big when I take on a Little."

"That's something my nectar does! Wanna make bets what size she gets to?"

"...actually I wanna stop wondering if I'm keeping you from tacking, Mama because if not I want to stay here a little longer but we are kinda standing in the path of the boom I realize."

My voice sounds shaky and a little exhausted but still wet soft and horny with the pleasure of Lyra's attention.

"Darling boobsqueeze, are you into sailing? Come down here and take the rudder a minute!"

Mama looks like she's about to jump me, suddenly. Good job, cocksleeve, you're done, follow snuggly and give me what's on your fingers when its convenient.

Aww, that felt wonderful! More Mommy please I like that game.

Me too, puffylips, don't worry. I carefully walk aft, flop down, feel the reflex quickly fold my wings--they fold so much easier now!--

Eeep time to bound get next to Mommy kneel and be ready with handful of nectar. Head down for boom in case tacking now. Hehe looks like submitting that's true for me!

--and squidge into position against the transom on the other side of the tiller from Mama--you silly Fairy, self, you should have got ON Mama! Isht Visht can steer herself when her Captain gets distracted for very good reasons--ooh, don't you look pretty like that, cocksleeve. Wiggle your hips for us if you're excited to get inside and cuddle with everyone.


Mama lets the tiller go, climbs up over it and onto me SO HAPPY, rests a minute with her sleek body on my big soft one looking up at me with an expression that says 'boobsqueeze you might forgetting what a good pillow you are' and then flips on her back to lounge on me like a sofa and retakes the tiller.

"Hi Mama," I breathe hornily in her ear, because her taking me has my nerves singing happily and my head happily fresh--I'm made to be snuggled after all!

"Hi breastypillow! Now do you want to try out my heartchild or not?"

"Mama it's such an honor and YES I'd love to, but I..I'm so possessive with Lyra, I don't know if I can ever share her. Does that change your mind?"

"Pussywillow what do you think you were just doing? You don't think I walk around undressed just to catch virgins, do you? I understand you better than you might think I do. You'll see. There's never feeling obligated between us and our heartchildren and each other, that's how I see it. I'm glad you gave me that fun with Lyra and you, now I'd like to see your face as you pilot your very first flying sailboat who talks to you all raunchily, but they aren't part of an exchange, we just happened to feel like sharing both in the same moments. Yeah?"

"Yeah. Then yes please Mama that would rule."

She does something to me. I've never been so polite before. It probably helps that it makes me wet to her how she looks at me when I do it--

Rada picks up my hand and puts it on the tiller, grabs the sheet tighter, makes a gesture like flicking powder out of her fingers, and hard wind hits the sails out of nowhere.

"Whee! She's just like an Earthling skiff right now, right? Leeboards, mainsail, rudder? Um--where are we HEADING--"

The dark of the storm looms all around us, making the ride epic, but giving me nothing to navigate by. The wind picks up more, straight astern, pressing Mama into my lap and carrying us into the strange paradox of running downwind in a bwaha stiff breeze in a craft light enough to keep up with the with the water underneath rushing past and spraying from the bow like we're in a motorboat while the air grows peacefully still--kind of. It's still a Dark and Stormy Night, and though the rain isn't so cold it hurts, and Mama's warm and soft on me, and Lyra is snuggly against my legs, and being naked makes me not care too much about being soaked, I'm really looking forward to getting to that fireside  without anything more interesting happening.

Knowledge: when I asked if I was in the way of the boom the game let me do it because finding out I know about sailing unexpectedly would delight Rada and make her want me. Usually the game takes care of managing me socially and trying to do it myself will just make my clutch slip. I'm experiencing what's happening like Zelda, which means I can sail Isht Visht and spend time with Rada, Isht Visht, and obviously (the game makes this obviously come with her sweet forcefulness) Lyra, but not do things like make either of them annoyed with me or be impolite, or even play another role than what I'm meant to be playing. It's just the same as there not being a way for Link to annoy the residents of Kakariko village however many of their bushes he chops down.

...and you're totally reminding me about the Zelda thing to make me horny to make sure this scene is romantic and we all flirt and have fun and I'm feeling too much of a bimbo to get angsty, huh. I can't even play my own role wrong.

Knowledge: only things that make this romantic and sexy to take us into our new home together have any chance of making me even shiver in anticipation, but I have that canvas to paint on however I want. The game isn't secretly making me a puppet, it's making sure always I have a container like an embrasure to burn in--or a place to explode in. I need both at different times. Rarely I need to be held in such a tight candlestick I can't be more than an ember, like during that first time in the nursery, but usually it gives me spaces like this where I have plenty of fuel and air to make use of, and space to make a big bright friendly flame in.

The strange weepiness of feeling loved and contained and looked after fills me for a minute, and I can feel a sad hard little knot of cold in my heart that still won't be warmed by it, unable to quite entirely believe I've just been told I'll always have what I need to exist and be someone--hey, Mama is quiet, and I've been absorbing Knowledge: and piloting Isht Visht by reflex just keeping us going straight--slip.

Okay, okay. Game one more thing, then. Can't I just use Lyra to totally like, throw embers sparks over the side of my embrasure? I'll I'll I'll go out if you make it so I can't I think but if you don't aren't I dangerous because there's a huge hole in my embrasure?

Knowledge: I have an internal defense against it. My relationship with Lyra gives me the power to escape my container some, but her service is so sacred to me the game can rely on my own heart to stop me abusing her service like that. She could have done terrible things for me in my 'battle' (somehow it gives the knowledge with a sardonic smile) with Eden, and when I was stabbing at Earth just now, but the only thing she did was take the family with me into the place I needed her and the rest of them most. If I didn't use her as a weapon against things which definitely deserved her wrath, I can be certain I won't use our relationship that way with the family.

...oh. It's totally right. It didn't occur to me at all in the moments because I don't even want to think about those possibilities. With anything else I'd throw myself at the game begging it for mind control but here I'll just have to trust myself, and to my amazement after everything I've been learning about myself I think I can, absolutely.

AAH I so need to think about something else now! Cocksleeve get that nectar in my mouth right now if the rain has't washed it away!

Bound right up next to you carefully balancing on the side of Isht Visht don't fall overboard! Reach up to Mommy face and slip fingers into your mooouth liiiicked hehe hungry Rada watching me aah fingers being pulled deep in Mommy. Done yes Mommy what next please!

Mama looks like she wants candy too. In a minute. Maybe. Maybe not sharing is fun right now--cocksleeve, am I playing you different or can I just never remember how cute you are one moment to the next?

Yes Mommy your playing feels different it gives space at the end and sometimes in the middle for me to express myself but only just enough space to be comfortable not confusingly much space and I can use the space to say how I'm feeling in. I am being cuter now because you became comfortable with your cutely small cocksleeve's sillyness and I don't have to be serious how I was trying to be when you tried to be serious. Having to be serious felt dry and all cracked like rubber on tires that's old, Mommy. I'm glad we got rid of it. See like that you gave just enough space to express how I felt about being serious. I can't go out no matter how small my container is if I'm a cocksleeve but it's fun to have space like this Mommy thank you I'm grateful.

Mommy is doing something what is this happening? Feels kind of sexy like being felt up hey what are my hands doing haaah nipples say hi fingertips oooh squeeze and compress SQUISH look Mommy squeezing my breasts out feel them up push them against each other...horny for milk why can't I put milk in you breasts, I want to please Mommy with nursing and coffee and milk chocolate candy seed-ghost why did you tell--

[information available. Spoiler warning.]

No spoilers, squeezytits. Look at what need to please you have, though! Here...

Mommy YES it's always inside! Hands on my pussy would make me more wet which is pleasing always it seems liiike YES that feels awesome oooh Mommy expressing me needing to be a pleasing cocksleeve just by squeezing until it comes out of me HOT Mommy that's sexy fun!

It's delightful! Could I just play this instead of orders? How much fun would that be you'd be a gooey mess constantly! Here, new thing...

Mommy if it gets me to serve you good I don't care but this is definitely hot! Now Mommy expressing new part mouth feels all sexy like what kind of monster has pussy-nectar in her mouth one who likes to suck her Mommy like her face is also her pussy yum it's all slippery now I bet my lips feel soft and like pussy lips I can kiss you and talk with! I know Mommy likes THAT she's looking right at them lick slurp enjoy Mommy can you imagine kissing here I'll help make my eyes full of want-you and softly bat eyelashes to say come and get me I'm your cocksleeve you know what my mouth feels like...

My heart pounds in my chest like a kettle drum, I feel tingly-strong and light-headed, and Mama steers with her hand on the tiller next to mine--not surprising, I'm distracted by Lyra's expression.

One more minute, and I'll definitely jump her. What would happen? I have to be able to reach for Lyra, but it can't possibly be polite or romantic to bound up and throw Mama off my lap just like that!

Knowledge: Right now I am Rada's boobpillow. She can let me up or get off of me, but until she does I'm stuck where I am with her on top of me. She actually loves big bouncy soft things and the game is telling me her secret so I can seduce her with my own bouncy softness with confidence, and so the cocksleeves and I can make sure to give her lots of excuses to play in them with us. After all, as the little, it's my place to ask Rada to play silly games with me. I can still get Lyra by commanding her to come to me, using my eravahk to gesture her to me, or just being so desperate she triggers the order to jump when I need it, just for examples.

Well in that case--

Mommy says here cocksleeve yes come face by your face bound along the gunwale that's what you're thinking I saw hi Mommy!

Mommy yes kisss aaah mmmhh...hm...give you my nectar see nice and wet in mouth push my tongue up to yours make sure you feel everything as I lick nectar onto you there RAAH!

Kissing done oh my pussy is wet now!

"Hot coffee crumpets our house is on fire you guys--or like--look Lucy, starboard!"

Off the bow to starboard--we've somehow landed on the surface of the lake--the dock and shore are lit with oh my god embrasures low to the water burning bright to welcome us home. I steer for them, aiming us for the end of the dock, heart in my throat with excitement. I really want that hot chocolate now.

"I thought you got distracted, Pussywillow!"

"Maybe a little. Snuggles, cocksleeve. Hey Isht Visht, holding your tiller is super horny, am I right?"

Snuggle down inside the cockpit next to Mommy. Hi Mommy!

"Damn right! You'd get hot if there was a lever your family could turn to contol which way you were going, wouldn't you? Ooh sweet hey Lucy's game what if you make it so her clit becomes a joystick we can move her with when it's stuck on a special board or something!"

The game makes the white unicorn-pony float in front of our faces with a purple ring of confirmation beside her.

"So like, Rarity has it? I guess? Is that what that means?"

I shrug, and stroke the tiller with my hand soft around it, grinning. If we're going to play that way...low to the waterline, a sound like creaking timber runs along her length from bowsprit to stern.

"So is the white pony Rarity? One the visions we saw while we were fixing our past was her measuring Lyra for something, and the Dreams say we saw it because it's inevitable now, like another one where we all go to this pizza shop that like you guys don't have to come but yes our going there is totally inevitable right cocksleeve OH MY FUCK I want Olympic Pizza so much right now that would be so comforting ANYWAY it seems like she's important or something like is she a friend of yours or whatever oh my god listen to me pick a topic Lucy are Fairies like this or am I just a huge ditz?"

"Mommy Olympic Pizza does delivery and the game can bring you some anytime just tell it you're ordering and it'll give you their menu and ask what to send you!"


Hair grabbing is awesome yus MMKISS! I guess Mommy likes that part of the game I made!

"I think it's adorable! You sound excited about all the good things happening, that's how I see you. Yes, the white pony's name is Rarity, but I'm going to be quiet now, because this next part is funny. Boobsqueeze, brace yourself, there's a storm blowing in!"

"Lucy. You really didn't recognize Rarity? Honestly, this is important. What about Pinkie Pie? Equestria? Do these names mean anything except what they sound like to you and Lyra?"

I give my breast my best though I guess breast would work better here ditzy-blonde blank stare, wish for some bubblegum to smack to complete the picture, and have the sudden revelation that the entire whole purpose of bubblegum is to make people think about having you suck them off without interrupting the conversation too much. Game I need bubblegum. Cocksleeve?

Top, Put something soft in your mouth to entice extra sex work, strain to relax

That...is exactly what I was thinking. Definitely nothing interesting to happen in the way it's worded, nope.

Nothing Mommy I've never heard them except Rarity now obviously.

"YEEEEE-ES! Friendship is Magic MARATHON SLUMBER PARTY! Lucy right you're so feminine you actually like girl stuff right, not just to be horny with? It's totally valid either way and I mean FiM isn't exactly a girl show like they had in the 80s so either way really but I have so much I want to share with you guys and I'm trying not to like jump on your gender change but I bet I bet you're a huge girly-girl and not just a slut right Lucy I'm right aren't I?"

She creaks and rocks like the storm has turned into a hurricane, and her voice sounds like Lyra planning my birthday. Mama just lies there with a sweet bemused grin on her face, but I somehow think she might be just as excited as Isht Visht, especially with what the game said earlier. Cocksleeve do you suppose Mama's somehow been taking herself too seriously like I was and her game's trying to save her and like that's why she can't swear and stuff? There's no way she could do that so long especially not here, could she?

I don't know Mommy, but she definitely smells very excited like Isht Visht does!

That little grain of coldness like the end of an old french fry, or maybe a different one, anyway something, is here now in response to what Isht Visht said. Even though it sounds awesome, it's like that little grain is stuck in my gears and I can't answer or feel about this. AAAH NOT AGAIN WE JUST FINISHED ONE HOME IS RIGHT THERE!

With all my might I strain for answer, get one halfway to my mouth and jam even harder--

"Lucy what is--ooh Captain I think Lucy needs some serious force-femming. Lucy don't worry Captain's amazing at this. I'll help I don't just like Bungie Games and Star Trek just wait you'll see we've got you girl I promise."

Tears spring to my eyes and my throat gets tight, I feel paralyzed again like right before fighting to escape with the Waifu but I'm not going to fight this I'm just desperately terrified they'll do anything but go as hard as they possibly can with it because I'm powerless to ask for any more than they give no matter how much I want it. Just being called 'girl' is what made me cry and I can't even plead to be called that again. Shouldn't being called things like Boobsqueeze and Pussywillow count? Shouldn't my GIGANTIC RAUNCHY TITS THAT HAVE TO BE MILKED TWICE A DAY count??? Especially with Mama very happily using them as a pillow right now? Is the hunger just infinite after a lifetime of facing its opposite? Why doesn't it feel like the game's rules about what kind of toys I can play with help?

Knowledge: the game especially can't really help with this. I need the people I love to confirm who I am to me, and I need them to tell me louder than a lifetime of gaslighting. That's going to take some intensity.

Is this why I know makeup and perfectly always never thought about boy things like beard care and haircuts and how to make tank tops with muscles go with an outfit MOMMY I'M SO SORRY I JUST THOUGHT YOU MUST REALLY NOT CARE ABOUT THAT KIND OF GROOMING! I said I'm just her cocksleeve it's not up to me how my Owner looks and he doesn't care he's constantly thinking that but you CARE Mommy it's just that you want makeup and lingerie and fun shoes and SO MANY THINGS MOMMY USE ME I CAN HELP WITH THIS!! I know you need forcefem they're right and they're giving it Mommy I can't be a forcefem dom and a cocksleeve or I would be I think you need hardcore forcefemming just because you're a girl doesn't mean you don't need people to tell you it especially your family and cocksleeve out of everyone! Mommy I had a very bad dream once where you were looking inside me to see what I was thinking and I thought you were trans (you were a boy then) and you found it and I felt so scared about how you would take it it actually killed me! It was totally awful and I can't understand why I had that bad dream I don't usually have nightmares I just dream of being a cocksleeve on your nightstand or silly dumb stuff like that but I understand now Mommy it was to protect me because to be myself I have to be safe and convenient and not give you scary surprises. This way you can use me without thinking you might get grabbed by a game or made into porn by my sister or even just having to deal with a hard thing. I can be your simple fun cocksleeve and that's why my flavor is candy.

Doll you're my doll you're my dolly I wished for it and nothing happened because you've always been my doll cocksleeve get small like before and come here!

Get small! Eeep falling bwaha BBBOING heartstone dolly bouncy! Climb up Mommy hi Rada hehe you think I'm aww you're into me this way! Raah UP Mommy's arm grabbing me close to you pull up beside your breast snuggle yes Mommy your dolly is here now you can hold me just like Spiral Nicker.

"Pussywillow it's time to let Mama drive."

With a squeeze like I'm holding her hand, I let Isht Visht's tiller go, and Mama sits up on me and takes over. With both hands free I can hold Lyra up in front of me over my head for a minute, just looking at her prettiness, then snuggle her up against my boobs again to listen with me because Mama is still talking:

"Listen to my Klapta, you need your family's help right now. I want to get started right away, because I can see it's an emergency. First you need to change your name pronto. Lucy is fine and I like it, but can you see the problem with Blu'eyes? Blue-ize, it's pun made to say what you feel on the inside. You've been blue-ized, but you aren't a boy at all, are you? I can't give the order, but I really do think you should just be Lucy or make a second name if you want one so badly. What does your game say--oh I see that it's doing it! Hello just Lucy with one name!"

Knowledge: the game is doing it. My name is now just Lucy. It's not short for anything and I don't have another one.

Warmth floods me and more tears squeeze out as the wheels move: the cold dead grain was my name, and Mama was totally right about why it bothered me, and now I feel the sexy-smooth freedom of nakedness to think of myself and have only Lucy--and whose dolly are you, cocksleeve?

Mommy I'm YOUR dolly of course, Lucy's!

That's right.


"Hi Mama!"

She smiles back and me happily, and then focuses because we're getting close!

Now, eravahk. I hold it up, turn it to look at the blue handle, which won't do after what Mama just said. Eravahk can you change color?

Order the name of the color, it replies in its sweet little mushy-robot-voice.

"Lucy that handle is totally changing. No more blue for you, am I right Lucy's game?"

"I think you should change the whole style! Maybe videogames are fun and important to you, but it looks like the wrong kind of game, that's how I see it. Why don't you show her some of your H-games after we have our hot milk drinks, I bet you can find inspiration that way!"

"What should I do in the meantime?"

"Pussywillow! I think you should make it into a pussywillow stick with a handle made of silk wrapped around it white I think and a star on the end like a fairytale Fairy from Earthling folklore!"

Eravahk can you change your form to not be 8-bit? As if the game didn't predict this.

Affirmative. Transformations performed by the game's transformation system allow arbitrary shape and appearance change.

The eravahk's shape becomes dark, blacked-out pixels melt into a continuous shape and pussywillow fuzz buds from the sides of the shaft. The end becomes star-shaped and made out of something that tings into shininess, silvery-golden like my corset, and the end where the handle was at the start of the transformation grows fur like a pussywillow all over it and turns silky and soft in my hand. Though it's beautiful, this eravahk isn't my style--but it's close, and it's cute, and it will do for now. The leash changes into silver chain with white-and-gold ribbon woven through it, dainty and delicate but still inescapable. 

"I see it's doing things for me if it likes them for you! Klapta, how about giving her eye-makeup? Can the game make it last through the rainstorm--oh it can, that's wonderful! Klapta, show us some visions--I'm looking for something loud and dramatic!"

Visions of various eyeshadow and makeup designs uncloak like a Romulan Warbird in front of us. Which one will they choose for me? Several look awesome but somehow it's terribly important I not be the one to decide this! I sit back and just let them talk about me like a room that they're decorating.

It feels like being carefully touched by their fingertips to hear them exploring possibilities for face-makeup. What will they do for the rest of my body? Can the game give me clothing and nail polish--do I want clothing--

"Pussywillow's transforming, look Klapta!"

I snap to third person as if by reflex and look down at myself with Mama sitting on me, but the transformation they're talking about is my makeup--and it looks wonderful! It's not quite my style, though I think they're doing that on purpose, but it feels so good to wear what they picked for me, I don't care if it isn't what I'd do! Deep pink-and-white eyeshadow with tiny white dots like I'm a strawberry covers my eyelids and sets off thin colored lashes like whiskers and sparkling and golden wash over my pink horny cheeks and down past my cheekbones. Lipstick as bright red as an actual strawberry covers my lips, and down on my chest and over my breasts the glittery gold continues, making me sparkle all over. I definitely look like a Fairy! I also look completely ridiculous--which is awesome! Come on, do something else, you completely forgot my antennas! I shake my head a bit to see them bounce, and it kind of does go with this ridiculous makeup...

Hey, where's that light coming from--

"Land ho you guys!"