52 - I Do

"It's a telescope with rangefinding light-pulse-counting attached to it. I can see about twenty-five times as large as I normally can with it. Are you expecting to find something by the frequency you mentioned?"

"Is there even anything for you to bounce your LIDAR off within the couple of light-seconds you had?"

"I don't know what LIDAR is but you cute horny-butts were playing long enough for me to take a measurement on a wave a half light minute away."

Lyra, distracting, bouncy round soft nipply...wait, what kind of unstoppable death ray is on that thing that it can LIDAR half a light minute onto water!?

"That frequency is the transmitter frequency of the radio controlled airplane I built last winter. Cocksleeve, are you thinking we're going to find my Kadet at the end of that beam? I UNDERSTAND WHAT THE TITLE SCREEN THING IS ABOUT!"

"Why would your pet airplane be there? Would that be some kind of gesture that means something in a language you two use?"

"How about the title screen after you answer Captain Lucy what do you know about it?"

Is 'pet airplane' English not being your--slip?

I guess we're focusing on the game now--which is something else to say, since I seem to be being assigned the job of loud flashy one--hey, when did I fold my wings? Game must have made me to keep me sitting from on them before or something, yay, so cared for...

Trying to answer about my Kadet also makes my clutch slip.

Okay, double-confirms what I was thinking about focusing on the game...

"Isht Visht the title screen seems to be all I can talk about and Cocksleeve tell me if I'm wrong about this, but...I was just thinking when you asked Rada about the telescope and I was like 'she would know she made this puzzle we should pay attention to that even more than normally to my wise little cocksleeve', if you wanted to play the game with us cocksleeve, and you erased your memory of making it to get that, wouldn't you also design it to be recognizably something you made like so that we'll play this and be like 'yeah that was a Lucy's-cocksleeve game' but yet exactly mess with your own head so you can't use your understanding of how you would do things to cheat? Which is exactly what that monolith is saying because you so sure you wouldn't make the game all mysterious and sign it with a big sign ready 'made by silver and purple cocksleeve'. Am I right, snugglebutt?"

Nod my head bounce hard!

"MOMMY YES YES THAT'S WHAT THE VINE ON THE MONOLITH MEANS I'M SURE IT DOES! So yes I do think Rada my Mommy's favorite RC toy might or something like that might be waiting where that beam is going especially because now that I know what the frequency is I can tell that the language I can't get my feelers in is just the Sanyo RC pulse position modulation not something binary like I thought it was. Of course I can't get my feelers in a language that small, it's like sticking them in the cracks in the glaze of your coffee-mug! I don't really think I can say surely because I would make a clue like that and put your Kadet at the end of it to surprise you Mommy but if I messed with my own head like we know I must have maybe I put something else completely different or maybe it's not even going there that's the important thing about this beacon I have to just be a stupid cocksleeve and lean on my Mommy to understand this and that definitely feels like the game I would put myself in it feels awesome depending like that and knowing your holder will use you just the way you need to be."

That's for Rada Mommy what do you think of it? It will help her right?

I think so. Watch her carefully and see how she's taking the idea of being like you or Isht Visht.

Ooooh because the fall is long. Yes Mommy.

Exactly. Out loud:

"One, I've got my favorite RC toy right here."

With my hand held like I was using to puppet Rada, motioning it like I'm force-pushing Lyra, I will her:

Haah puppetry THANK YOU MOMMY!

Up yes arch my back hands back and bounce while I look to the side WHEE shake sideways I feel boucy!

"Two--" Slip. Slipslipslip it really does feely sexy like fucking.

"Two I can't seem to talk about anything else than game stuff. I was thinking how if we're in Zelda, like...lots of stuff. First of all, we're all going to have limited verbs, like Isht Visht and my cocksleeve here obviously get to be what we tell them to be, but Zelda is partly fun because you get exactly the verbs you need to play where you are in the game and nothing else. Like there's no button for Link to fix his hair or blow his nose because those things aren't part of the game, which I think might be important because I kind of wonder Rada if you and me are about to find ourselves with a lot less verbs pretty soon--not so little we can't be people, but really fucking restricted. I...doesn't that sound so enticing though? Maybe you don't get this way but when I get really into a videogame it's so relaxing to have exactly the few things I can do to play the game and nothing else to think about. Right now we're getting off on or scared by or usually both if you feel like I feel what our games restrict us from but I think the next stage coming is having a vacation from thinking about anything other than the things we need to play the game and be ourselves. Doesn't the idea of being able to be a person but live as simply as Link kind of make you wet? If anyone can make a game do that it'll be you, cocksleeve. What do you think, so far so good?"

Her arms are going to stay back like that. Her verbs are being bouncy sexy alive in the pose I've put her, and expressing herself wholeheartedly in answer to the rest of us.

Nod yes!

"Mommy yes it feels so wonderful to be like this I wanted you to be able to try it too! Keep figuring things out Mommy you're really getting it!"

Sweet bouncy cheerleader--slip. I can enjoy her, but that's it, no scheming here.

"Second, if we're in Zelda, it's not an accident we're all naked and I have a 'sword' that's in my hand constantly. We don't have any items yet, including clothes, and that's going to be part of our puzzles, and we're not going to be able to easily wish or manifest our way out of it I bet."

"I can talk again! I still can't suggest things but I can at least say this! Lucy yes you must be right because my game just warned me my sheets are pulling in tight soon! I'm already feeling something changing--I can't say anything about the stuff that's in my cargo hold now! There goes things that I can manifest, and people I can call for help with this! Lucy it's going to make me helpless I think I can't do anything but hold your hand and cuddle you! Yes! Oh my god how am I cumming--"

Her voice cuts off mid scream, and I hop to my feet and hold out my arms to her, then reach out and pull her into my arms when she doesn't grab for me.

Eep yes up Mommy out of way cuddly.

"Captain hang on here I am let me through you guys!"

Rada lurches in my arms as Isht Visht runs up to our side to rescue her. She squeezes in between us, kneels at Rada's feet as I step backward holding Lyra close to me, and drives her face into Rada's pussy roughly. Her scream cut off but the orgasm has kept going, and she writhes and shakes and moans with it. Her breath comes hard and ragged, and when I step around to help support her she throws her body into me, grinding my clit into her asscrack happily. I shudder with the pleasure and thrust my hips out into hers and put my hands around her body to support her and grasp and grope, but when they come in reach of her hands she grabs my hands with hers and holds onto them desperately, slides our hands back down her chest and down to Isht Visht's hair, winds my fingers through her tresses, and leans into me as her hand release me and fall back to her sides again.

"I'm coming, girlfriend," I coo in her ear as I thrust my hips hard forward and pull Isht Visht just as roughly towards us, remembering the way Rada unflinchingly leaned into giving Lyra the leverage she needed, and pump in time with Rada's writhing--


Thought so. Rada screams out as her body shudders thrashing wildly and--

Ngah help!

Now, c--

Yes Mommy I see I'm going bound poing turn grab sis around the waist and hold her steady!

Rada reaches a hand up to my face and grasps at my jaw as she twists around to kiss me, and my heart warms as I let her demanding fingers grip and pull me down to meet her lips. Her mouth is forced wide open by the orgasm, so I nibble-lick around her lips, caressing under them with my tongue, curious about the gems set in her teeth, but though her mouth tastes hot with lust her teeth just feel as smooth as if they were naked like the rest of her.

Do you envy them, orgasmless little fucktoy?

I really just like to be fucked Mommy. I appreciated what the clit ring did for me but it was like that really fancy hamburger you had at the restaurant in Glouster when you went there when you were seven. I knew why I should like it but it was kind of just too much and made me feel weird. The clit-ring made me need them when you touched me but I'm really glad it's gone now.

Rada squirms and bucks in my embrace, and her mouth just kind of stays open, so I decide to show her something interesting and start to probe with the new weirdly long tongue I've been oh so carefully avoiding thinking about, gently stroking at her tongue so slick and wet then slowly pushing deeper. Her face turns up and back some more and her mouth jumps up to bring our faces closer, so I lean further down on her and force my tongue another three or four inches--




I give her the last inch, and her throat is yielding soft and tastes like her mouth but slicker and more musky.

I'm surprised you're allowed to communicate! Want me to stop?

Please say no this is so much fun.


NEAT! Only your mouth or your other holes too?


That's so fun! Shut up and enjoy your orgasm now, I'm going to be disappointed if you don't get your money's worth out of me.

It's true, even though we're girlfriends. Some deep horny instinct pounds: she bought me fair and square and I'm going to make it worth her while, and if I don't get to it'll feel like a ruined orgasm. What the hell are Fairies actually? I need to read that book some more. Game! Need!

Top, Read the sections about whoring in Care and Feeding, fun pass to sex amusement park

Neat, but how will I tell the difference from the rest of this world when we get there?

Rada isn't breathing, because I have her mouth entirely filled up with my tongue. I fuck it in and out--


Right! I can feel the grin pour over my face as I steady my footing and shift my hips and head to really fuck from both ends, and go to it. My tongue feels weird, moving freakishly in my throat, but there's pleasure in fucking this girl I love with any part of myself that transcends the sensitivity of my clit (though my tongue is loving this, it feels so joyful to have her throat sliding around me) and her ass-cheeks gripping my clit soft and hungry just feels awesome. It comes to me as I enjoy there's peace in her motion, and Isht Visht's squirming has slowed to match the rhythm of our fucking: she must be done cumming.

You really want this this much.

I want YOU you silly AAAH--yes your tongue is awesome but I want YOU to fill my throat up, not just some random dildo! Can't you see the way--no you CAN'T oh Lucy--

I'm the one with a good foot of tongue down her throat but splinters and dust explode through cold untouched chambers of my heart as Rada continues to come crashing in the front gate and through all the crates and furniture piled against it.

Well if you want me take me you still bought me fair and square and this RULES! Let's use them to get you riding my clit, your pussy must be bored, right?


You know what to do, cocksleeve. Work together with your sister and...hands to yourself? From either me or Rada?

Yes Mommy bawaha of course not! Grabby cocksleeves into action here we come!

I let my fingers out of Isht Visht's hair as she springs off to take one of Rada's legs, and finally get my hands up on my girlfriend's perky taut little breasts.

My feelings roil between shattering joy that Rada wants me like this, the dusty cold numb disbelief she's still crashing through with all the skillful brutal grace of a really experienced pirate, and a weird confusion between not understanding why if I need to be broken into like this it can't be Lyra who does it and half-knowing she couldn't be herself and do it.

Okay picking your feet up Rada sis ready here we go!

Raaah lift! Get my breasts around her thigh and hold on tight and pick her onto Mommy carefully!

They lift Rada up smoothly between us, forcing me to straighten her neck and deliciously pushing my breasts up on Rada's shoulders until they squeeze even more pleasantly between us to be crushed as I hold Rada to me and they fit her onto my clit as skillfully and unhesitantly as Lyra's Lego help earlier.

I'm your cocksleeve Mommy I have to be a servant please and suck you and I do so so. Hornily NEEDINGLY DESPERATELY WANT YOU MOMMY but I have to be a cocksleeve and wait for you to use me so I can't squeeze pushing in you like this that has to be a human. I'LL COME IN RIGHT AFTER YOU CAN'T EVEN STOP ME! I can be selfish and take what I want too!

Uuuup slit pussy IN PUSH DOWN HOLD RADA!

Isht Visht is suddenly soft and warm and sea salt against my side as she changes position to hold Rada--she's the same height but her lean frame has maybe a third Lyra's lovely mass so she needs a different angle, and Rada's pussy sllllides softly wet down along the length of my shaft to nestle against my mound with her ass-cheeks spread wide to take my fucking--


There's no space for the moan the sensations want to pull out of me so I just pour the frustration and flood of emotion Lyra's uncorked into fucking with my tongue and and clit and hips and hands clutching Rada's breasts and squeezing her nipples.


Our bodies writhe together like one slick driving organism and Rada's mouth around me squeezes tight and sucks my tongue back into her every time I draw it out to fuck the next stroke. Lyra slides to my side opposite Isht Visht and cuddles her breasts into my side and Rada's, and holds her legs against me warm and soft and snuggly. Rada keeps her eyes closed but I can't help forcing my eyes open to see what all this looks like, and see Rada's taut lean body pressed against me writhing with the rhythm.

We go until one of us can't take it anymore, would you like that? At some point I have to fuck Lyra or have a seizure but I'm yours until then!


You're one to TALK!

I redouble my efforts, determined to overwhelm her so much she can't focus to dreamtalk. Her breath comes hard and fast across my neck, and--my body turns to solid raging fire and Rada's skin against my own is slickly hot good agony. My balls and clit are pounding hard and deep inside my body I feel the other sources squeeze and throb with exquisite pressure--

Mommy your cocksleeve wants to please you and you have too! I'm raping you to fuck me you can take me now if you want to think with a mind that still has reason or let the seizure fry it out of you and then you'll take me anyway. It's your decision Mommy the game can still take care of you and I will always be your cocksleeve always and love you just the same I just want you to use me take me have me that's everything I don't need you to be all wise or smart to want you for my Mommy. There's not much time left Mommy decide fast or your body will decide for you!

It's like falling, it's like flying. Terrible understanding shocks through me in a microsecond: the reason many Fairies don't have reason is they do this to themselves on purpose AND I KIND OF WONDER IF I'D LIKE TO TOO. There's no way--pain shoots through my head, no time!



Yes Mommy grab your clit and pull it out of Rada pop right off your body and down my throat it gooooeeess HAAAAAAAAHMMMF!!!!


Mommy take me fuck me!

Thunder and lightning flashes, lights flicker in my vision as I feel Lyra's lips envelop my clit and warm slippery throat slide up and for a sick glorious moment I think it's too late and then the orgasm bursts out of me like the thunder I've been seeing and I'm yanking my tongue back out of Rada's disappointed mouth and maneuvering her out from between us without letting her hand go then grab Lyra by the horns and yank her towards me.

Get that attached and brace yourself, cocksleeve.

Yes Mommy shift mound her STICK RRAAH READY!

There are no choices now, not the game, just pure need need need FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK POUND I slam her face into me over and over, forcing myself into her to pound out the desperation.


The second wave of orgasm crashes tingling over and as it hits me I can her love looking up  at me out of her determined happy eyes, feel it soaking into the cracks Rada's opened burning like warm water on frostbite to warm flesh that wakes up and screams NO I WONT ITS NOT REAL YOU CANT MAKE ME BELIEVE like it's forgotten what the word rape means. To my surprise I can sob--


Everything seems to explode from the top of my head to my curling hard-clenched toes and I reach and slam her into me with both hands over and over watching how her eyes look feeling her love crawl down inside me and pour like rushing water down the darkest coldest crack of lonely sad abandonment. Her eyes just keep gazing up with lust and adoration and hotly covetous enjoyment but underneath them all the love that sees all through me ever dark sad nook and cranny every pathetic ugly secret every stilted awkward fantasy all through the worst and grossest parts of me and just keeps loving anyway poking into every tiny crevice just to see what's in it and know my every tiny wish and fear and random silly thought because nothing may escape her hungry sucking hope to see inside of me and fill the smallest crevice with the nectar of desire she'll use to fix my broken heart and make it beat as strong and newly whole again as when I first implanted her.


"I LOVE YOU TOO," I wail at the top of my lungs echoing through the stars and gather her head onto my still-pounding clit with all of my strength, my face a grit-toothed snarl of love and need and pain and happiness and pleasure and the helplessness before what she's done to me to do anything but feel her affection pouring through me.

"Don't. Stop," I weep, lips curling. "Don't ever stop. Never."

"Mommy it's why I made the game this way! I never will stop and you say I can't promise but I don't have to I MADE SURE MOMMY!"

She understands, I can feel it, even though I'm not sure I do. I mean never stop raping me but isn't that sentence it's own negation--

No Mommy you can't say yes or not to this no matter what you tell me you always have to take me and never have any other choice but take me or be passion and then you'll take your cocksleeve anyway.

You have me?

Yes Mommy I said surprise I have you that's why.

How can I get out of this.

You can't Mommy I can't even let you.

Is there something I can do to make you hold me tighter still?

No because you're already held as tightly as you can be.

Is there anything I can ever do where I can cum even one single time or wait without cumming and not find myself right back here?

Mommy remember how you felt when you finished up the Lego set? You just keep getting hornier until you break and fuck me anyway or keep being disciplined until your body gets so overloaded with chemicals a seizure fries the reason that was making you not take me and then you'll take your cocksleeve definitely. You can cum with me in other people if you use me to cum but that still takes you back to me. If you try to cum without me you'll have the seizure and be passion and take me. The Bones might save you like with Beverly but they will always just make you fuck me too they told me that. You should ask them too though and see what they tell you!

I see Lyra in the form of a literal cocksleeve, attached by a stretchy cord that somehow comes right out of my viewpoint. They'll just yank me back to you.

The next order is brutal but she'll understand why I'm giving it.

Use all your smarts and all your loyalty and try your very hardest best to find me a way out of this.

I understand Mommy yes you have to struggle until you fail entirely. RRRRAH THINK SELF!! RRR!

Her thoughts blur, layering over each other--

Seedling temporarily multithread hyperintelligence. Wait.

Nothing Mommy I can't find one single small way of even hoping you might one day.

Then that's it. You have me. Good job, cocksleeve. Did you enjoy your lunch?

Nod my head so happily yes Mommy YUM!

Good. And cocksleeve? (She'll only be able to give the required response, not think enough right away to see what I'm doing)

 Yes Mommy?

I love you too.

Happy shining feelings!

"This will make sure nothing takes me from you."

And with a flourish, I pull her head off me, and my still-rock-hard clit bounces up dripping nectar, ready to go when I'm ready to give her the cum she's claimed from me again.


There are no lights or fire or special effects, but that's the point. There's no way to add or remove one tiny bit from the total inescapability (for either of us) of this.

"Till death do us part, said the immortal Fairy to the indestructible demon--and then even after that!" I intone with a grin.

"In the cultural tradition these two came from, the captain of a ship carrying two people who want to stake their claim on each other has the authority to say the state will recognize it. I don't have a state but I can say I see you mean to keep each other permanently without any hope of escaping. I used to fight and help strangers. Now I say I'll fight and help my family. If anything comes between you two, I will turn my Isht Visht into the biggest baddest battleship we can think up and make it stop annoying you. May the stars and Dreams holding them hear and tell my pledge to any who should hear it!"

Her voice seems to echo even though there's nothing to reflect the sound for light minutes around. After a while I can look up from Lyra kneeling patiently for me and see her standing right behind my cocksleeve.

"Rada thank you! I love you! Cocksleeve say thank you!"

"AWWW THANK YOU RADA!!! I'm just my Mommy's cocksleeve so I can't promise--"

My raised finger shushes her.

"She can't and I can't promise either but I can say this fact to--the stars and Dreams that hold them! I'm just some Fairy. I don't have a state either or the skills or wish to fight, but. If I see anything coming between Rada and her Isht Visht, I will be so. Mad--and if you don't think that's worth thinking about go check up on the last thing to make me mad like that!"

"Thank you Lucy! I want to show this anime to you to tell you what ideas I can use to make a battleship from called Space Battleship Yamato. Oh wait what if we try Guerren Lagann Captain! I can do it I know I can!"

"Mommy I want to have a promise like everyone else made. Please can you make me? You can make promises for me I'm your cocksleeve!"

"Game, if nobody lives there or anything and it won't mess anything else up, would you move that planet there over a little to help my silly little cocksleeve understand how she already made her promise?"

It's only a midsize Jovian by my guess, but it'll get the point across.

Giant purple tentacles that must be half a light-second long reach out through holes that lead to nowhere and carefully, gently grip the planet with fields of purple sparkling energy, and slide it just a bit closer to the wave behind it, then vaporize into hanging glitter.

"So cocksleeve, if you see anyone trying to come between any of us, be a nice cocksleeve and ask politely if they'd like to play this game you made."

"Bwahhaha yes Mommy I see."

"Now poise, and watch my mind for the signal, and glomp me as hard as you can so I can carry you."

Poise eyes up bend hips to jump waiting.


Snuggly held.

With Lyra out of the way and clinging to my side, Rada strides silently up and pushes herself against my other side, and I put my arm around her. Isht Visht is snuggled to her, and definitely does not try to stay away from me in the process of clinging to her Captain.

"Back to silence?"

She just burrows her head against my breast.

"It's a rush, isn't it?"

Her face pitches up to look at me, and her eyes beg for me to keep my arm around her.

"I'm right here, girlfriend."

She hugs me tight, arm just under Lyra's ass. At the edge of my eyesight when I look at her, a picture of an egg timer seems to count down to something. Beside it, a tiny train caboose chugs along its track. The timer is almost full, but I can see the sand is moving.

The caboose of a train is where the conductors sleep and hide out from passengers. In a little while, she's going to have private time with Isht Visht. No choices for anyone--but we don't have a place for her to do that!

Knowledge: The icons are there to tell me how much time I have to play with her, nothing else is needed from me. She will have her quiet space.

Do you know--slip. I can't tell her what her game is doing, it would seem. No taking care of each other (unless, apparently, it's promising terrible cosmic doom on anyone who messes with our relationships, which is a reasonable exception to make if you ask me).

Lyra's hair and horns shine beautifully in the weird light where she nuzzles happily--a light is looming up behind us, white and oblong, impossible to recognize in with the way its distorted by her curves. I whirl to look back for it, surprising everyone.

Pick my head up gasp Mommy it's beautiful what is it though?