29 - I Am Blu'eyes

Start to open mouth...eep grabbed hhaaaaah FACE FISTING UNF

As soon as Lyra gets close enough, still on hands and knees from licking the table, I grab her by a horn, current eravahk clamped in the grip, and stuff my other hand kindly but not slowly into her mouth and push until she starts yielding, willing her stretchy enough--

Interior cavity is already elastic. Arbitrary girth safe.

--cackle aloud with glee at what we both should have predicted, and slide my arm into her slippery, embracing throat until I find the handle, deep inside her--


--grasp her and refuse to let it so much as make me glance around when the room darkens, an epic, rising chord of background music thunders, and for no reason at all She-Ra's castle replaces the room beyond the table. As soon as I touch it, the game opens my hand on her horn so the inappropriate toy I'm not allowed to touch anymore falls free, and then closes it, carefully putting my fingers exactly back where they were.

With tongue set on my lip as if this takes any kind of skill and a single smooth motion moving sadistically fast, I pull my arm free of her, new crop in my fist, which stretches her mouth epically--


Just wait'll I get a chance to use my clit on you, cocksleeve.

"Hah!" I squeak as it comes free, raise it high to honor whatever unseen force is a Masters of the Universe Fan, grin and cackle like movie-Frankenstien when the actually-80s-animated transformation-sequence thunder and lightning start up, centering on the upraised crop.

Seriously, game?

Knowledge from the game with an indignant air: it didn't do it!

Then how? No. Fuck it. Am I going to sit here angsting about why or seize this Tyrannosaurs-in-F-14s so-stupid-so-awesome moment that may never come again and milk it for everything it's worth? I stretch taller, thrust my tits out and take a deep breath so I can belt it out good and obnoxious and cheesy:

I HAVE THE--slip--

FUCK! WRONG GENDER! How did She-Ra's go I hardly watched it--hold up, this thing was built by Lyra.

Game, control me, I need the She-Ra reference, now hurry! Just take over everything but please please let me do the next part myself please.

Pure, delicious control grabs me by the puppet-strings and throws my head back, mercifully doesn't make me rise from the chair and thereby take out my lingerie with spilled sex, and fills my lungs redoubled to belt out She-Ra's cry of transformation, pitch-perfect and full-voiced so my ears ring and crunch with the volume:


Omigod. Has the exact meter of Grey Skull. Fuck you so very much game. Well done.

Light bursts, the special effects surge.


Knowledge: Blu'eyes has exactly the same meter as She-Ra.


The game holds me in pose as the hand-drawn special-effects lightshow plays through to its end, deftly rendered into 3D, until the lurid, glowing colors of my new toy are all that's left as the 80s-cartoon background fades away to reveal what passes for n--slip--reveal the room again.

When I can get my panting under control enough, I bring the eravahk down to my face and without even really looking at it open my big mouth and lliiiick Lyra's thick, luscious deep nectar off its swoopingly slick silicone-ish heartstone, hilt to tip sighing the genuine pleasure of Lyra's candy all the way, going down on the smooth, slippery end just a bit with my eyes on Lyra so I'm licking it at her, then glance at Rada like I'm about to offer her a lick and actually look at what I've gotten.


My eyes don't quite know what to do with it at first. There's glow, including the blue-flower handle about like I imagined, no visible shaft (though it was there when I licked) so the flattened, two-fingers-wide clit of a tip seems to float and zip around on its own leaving a trail glittering multicolored sparkles to the tune of swooshy-ringing white-noise-plus-rung-square-wave 8-bit sound effects...which are in keeping with the rest of it also being--even though it felt smooth and soft and three-dimensional and slippery to my tongue and it was obvious Lyra's throat--a 32x24 NES sprite of the eravahk I imagined, drawn angled in its bounding-box like the Magic Sword from Zelda 1, nicely-rendered at the low resolution but faithful to the NES limit of 4 colors per 8x8 block and 1-bit alpha. Some kind of dream-logic makes this work with 2D pixels and not 3D voxels, leading to my eyes' confusion, but...this is perfect.

Something that feels like the black mirror did is there: instead of buttons, it has a psychic interface. 

What can you do, eravahk?

A little mechanical voice, mushy like the technically-mindblowing-for-the-time digitized voice in Top Gun II, but tiny and sweet, replies in dreamtalk:

Make milk spray out (milk empty) 

Make shape of tip feel like different shapes

Vibration high to low or off

Stick to hands magnetically

Get shorter and longer

Leash-handle extend and retract

Give help and tips to use this toy

I turn it over, looking at it closely, as it talks, and the sprite animates to show me the new angle as I move it.

Tips? Give a tip.

Try moving the tip in a short way and showing your seedling extending it so she imagines it fucking her

Not bad.

Game, I need milk. Put it in my eravahk.

Knowledge: my eravahk is now full of my milk, for which no time has past since I gave it, and the eravahk now keeps it fresh for me by keeping it time-frozen unless it's spraying.

Sweet! The toy is fun and intuitive to use--I thought I'd have to train or even ask Rada for help but it's completely obvious what to do with it. Keeping my hand steady even though I'm shaking a little with excitement and the--game please make me stop thinking about it until I try this out please--

--spin--oops have to focus on this. Lyra is still has her head down on the table to worship while I was She-Ra so I stick the tip under her face and lift it up to look at me.

Hhaah UNF yes Mommy see--hey why is your eravahk all pixels? Look at Goddess so pretty I can just wait and you'll move me when you're ready this is the best!

She looks so happy, chin resting on the tip, mouth open a little, eyes still down.

Seed-ghost I wish to be able to freeze and clutch and puppet and order Lyra all the things her game can do to me I want to be able to do to her and you had better make it feel as good to her as her game does to me.

Oh and if you haven't already predicted that wish and granted make sure she can feel the change happening that rules.

Oh and make sure it's ready for me to start making up my version of all the little constant happy adjustments my game keeps doing to me when I'm ready for them. That's mostly for you to hear cocksleeve since our seed-ghost probably already knows to do it.

Make her start frozen except her face and she can only think about enjoying how I'm using my eravahk on her and following my orders. Make it a nice safe little squeezy tight box like her game does for me.

Complying. Intention to be safe tight box exists in the form of pages described by seedling. Change pages by giving order to focus on what you wish to limit her to. Intention to be still is clutch-usage. Intention to clutch exists. See scene with bikini. Clutch is controllable by acting via dreamtalk on its UI shown here.

Vision: Thousands of images of seedling doing various activities. Each can be slid from off to seedling control to on

Search activities by dreamtalk, describe queries in language to act on classes. Setting items to on forces seedling to keep moving regardless of will.

Just this one feature makes me want to cum. There are lots of possibilities in it, and I probably can't see even the beginning of them.

The intention to be held in direction of thoughts by you is secondary wish to more fun-for-you implementation. Return to the aftercare nook for implementation.

Intention to be puppeted already available. Recall motivation for secrecy.

Oop, right, it'll be easier if we can surprise Rada with that.

Additional game features ready to be implemented at your convenience. Target the collaring ceremony especially as moment to activate initial adjustments.

Oh my god hell the fuck yes good idea. As bratty and demanding as I can summon: game you better make me do that! If I have a choice I'll scream!

Top, Make game-adjustments system for seedling's collaring ceremony to be put on her in the moment of collaring, Well-wisher stuck with some trees

Good. Now I can relax and know it'll happen and happen right.

Harder, game! When you put a goal on me I want to feel it!

It takes the goal away and puts it right back before I can get sad, but when it does it I can't move for a moment and I can feel the game stick tentacles in my mind and change things so I can't not do the goal, and then whenever I think about the goal I feel how the game is holding me to know it's going to happen with tentacles I can taste.

It's fun holding Lyra still like this or I'd hurry more.

Edit completed. Implement still mind and freeze orders via clutch and page-changing automatically?

Yes, and...make it so she can feel-feel me changing those if I want. Like now. I want her to know and feel how she's contained and controlled. Make it sexy, as if you won't.

Complying. Enjoy.

HHhaaah Goddess what--mmmh, eravahk holding my head still aaah I can't think about anything else that's so hot...melt....

"Isn't it so safe feeling? Just be right here with me now, and suck on my eravahk."

Yes Mommy it feels like I'm held in your arms like I'm Mousie! Suck tip mmmmf slurp hey it's smooth instead of like pixel-shaped that's going to be awesome to suck on sssuuuuck...

That's the idea. Enjoy, helpless held cocksleeve.

She pulls it rapturously, and I slide it deeper into her mouth rhythmically. until the tip disappears into her lips.

Feel like a small flat version of my clit, eravahk.

Same shape created, it replies in its cute little 8-bit voice. DuuUUuuh, of course that's the default, what else would it be?

Spray milk.

There's a little "dsst" sound effect in my head in reply, and Lyra's eyes open to look at me like she's about to cum.

Haaaah milk YUM it's even warm I love you too Goddess your milk tasts amazing!

Game, how much milk filled my eravahk?

Knowledge: two and a half cups of it, half of my output that time.

Looking at my eravahk trying to figure out where two and a half cups of my milk could fit, I orders: spray lots more.

Dssssssssssssssssssssst, it dreamtalks back, making me giggly.

Haaaah mouthful swallow yummm MORE!? EEE lick slurp yay Goddess thank you so much for giving your milk to me.

Milk at 40%, it warns me.

Good. She's earned it yes I know you can hear this cocksleeve you've earned it. Let that go and come sit in my arms now.

I pull the eravahk away and smile as she fails to do anything at all. I want to just will her pages to change, seed-ghost, how?

Already implemented. Direct the intention without verbalizing.

Gently changed to cuddling and talking about the game she made and how it works with me, then.

Coming--I can't move, Goddess, why am I stuck still?

"You can't change your own clutch, silly pet! How boring would it be if you could? I just wanted you to enjoy how much I can control you."

Mommy this feel so good is this how my game feels like to you?

She's naked for me, and I can see the shaking, s--slip hehe oops um silkY rush of helplessness clear as if it was happening to me.


Clutch: query: getting in my arms on, snuggling to seedling-control, everything else movement-related off once she's in my arms.

[clutch edit committed]

It take s a long time to describe that but it's wordless ideas so I do it quickly and the confirmation isn't even blinking long and then Lyra is sloppy still dripping with cum and cuddly in my arms as I quickly scoot myself against the edge of the table again to keep my stockings clean from falling cum and wrap my arms around her tight as she snuggles happily.

"I wanted you to start feeling how awesome your present is as soon as you could."

I stroke her hair, gather her close, but of course she can't answer out loud.

Ohmifuck Mommy...how...it feels like cumming it just feels--

Preempt: incipient intention implemented.


Unnnnf Goddess now what're you changing? It felt like you were holding my insides!

"Isn't it so good? Doesn't it make you want to just cum from the idea of it? I bet an orgasm snuggling in my arms would rule for both of us."

Yes Goddess yes it's just like cumming but actually cumming could make it even better I bet...snuggly? Want to cum naked I know you see.

I do, but it's fun watching you squirm with it. Try masturbating for me. Give it your best shot. I want you do feel just how complete this is.

Goddess please will you control me to do it? I want it I want your control Mommy I want you to force me like my game forces you I don't want to have agency to touch myself for you at all I want you to make me do it Mommy PLEASE will you.

She can't speak or even look up from cuddling, but she can burrow harder against me, and does.

Good cocksleeve. To start your reward for that little perform, let's have you cum twice, right now.


I grope her all over as she cums, intentionally using the hand that's stuck with the eravahk, and we she subsides only to gasp and begin again I slide four fingers inside her to give her something to fuck, remembering how it felt to me.


"Just enjoy, cocksleeve. You don't think controlling you mean you cum when I decide you cum? Cum nice and hard now, I'm trying to reward you."


She's so cute, even having to cum how hard I tell her! She even starts to buck and jerk when I tell her harder almost so she can't breathe, and her pussy throbs so softly and tightly on my fingers, it almost sounds like I can hear the nectar squeezing out as she thrashes.

When she's done being so sexy and thrashy and cute almost cum, it's time to see if I saw what I thought.

"Ghahahaha what a cute performance! How did you get it to look like that?"

"My game made me think about ways I'd like it to be, and then mind-controlled me while I made it to give me exactly this. I love it."

My hands aren't leaving Lyra right now, but I try to hold it where Rada can see.

"It's great! That's an NES sprite graphiic evokation, right? It looks like it only has four colors a tile?"

There is no way this isn't Lyra's sister--RIGHT! Don't worry about that right now, snugglebutt, you still have cleaning up to do, and you'll be doing it...

"I think so. That's what I'd make, if I knew I could make this, so it must be what my game made me. Isn't it so cute?"

Game-knowledge: the game created this with me like it was the paintbrush and I was the paint. It squeezed me into the shape as I fucked it, and this is what happened. I dream my dreams in tiles and pixels, so I make things like this. The game thinks I feel happy to be paint, and it's telling me I like to be paint because it says I have value if I had to be held so it could use me instead of just making this for me. It milked me for sexual energy to make this how it milks my breasts to get the milk I put in it, and see how I feel something warm inside like being fucked and enjoyed. I can be passive and there can still be reason to use me. That means as me I have value, and not just the things I can do. See how that's making me cry. I've lived a long time without feeling there's any reason for my existence unless I'm actively helpful. It's nice to be an object with value. The game is making me feel that way, until I stop being hungry. That's why it's forcing me to become a huge slut. I'll be a nice useless hole to fuck, or pretty eye candy to gaze, and it will keep me that way as long as I need to have enough sense of value to want to do anything else again and it will always make sure I never get this desperate to be valued this way ever again. It says to just keep saying make me an object until it stops feeling good. It says try to act as if I'm special and precious, because I am, because I am worth making this game for even though it was SO HARD. I can be sure of that just keep looking at how much Lyra loves me. She can tell me that now and she will because she's just waiting to have a reason to say how she feels about me.

Goddess I am and I still feel that way I would make this game over and over for you I love you and you are special and precious and you can't be replaced for me and I saw how it felt to be you that time you went to the craft store in Stamford and bought paper and pens to try learning how to draw again and you couldn't draw and you stopped even trying to make anything and I said Master why did it make you stop playing with Legos or writing games if you can't draw can't you still do those other things but they weren't enough and you were trying to fix it by drawing too and when you couldn't it was like you already had everything you could try to do so art was the very last thing for you which isn't actually true but that isn't how feelings work in your heart is was the end and you were done and wished you would die.

Mommy it must seem like you'll never be full enough to be anything but a doll ever again but you will I promise this game fills me up enough to be helpful all the time and I think it can fill you up too if you just keep playing.

The game will be kind to you Mommy it's not going to keep you an object so much you can't be with me it's just to help you get better and every time you need to be able to be with me it will see and let you or make you I promise.

Mommy it's using the symbol of marriage for a reason do you get it?

I'm bawling so I can barely shake my head to her. There seems to be a silly-colored blanket made of something really soft over my shoulders. I hope you can see me through this much bitter pain no I don't get it I know I'm a lesbian now but...no I don't get it. Help me understand.

Goddess marriage is two roles an active and passive and the masculine role is the active one and the value it brings is all about doing stuff like how you earn money and the feminine role is the passive one and it's all about being like you're healthy and strong enough to be a good mom and take care of your kids.

Earth life keeps you always active you can never be passive you'll die if you stop getting paid to be active so the only value you can feel like you have is how you can do things no matter how much people try to be kind to you. That's why you feel like this even though your mom and dad love you without making you work for them actively.

It's making you marry me and not just collar me because you're taking the passive role even though you're my Goddess. I know that sounds weird Mommy except not because your not my husband or wife you're MOMMY and I need you because I need you not the things you do for me except yes I need you to own me and keep me controlled holy fuck and give cum to me and yes those are things I need to survive and yes I can get some of them from other people but nobody else can hold me, if they didn't I wouldn't even be myself! I need you Mommy not anything else just you specifically you it has to be you or I die.

So when you collar me Goddess it's not my place to make claims or be able to say how you do it but I think you should think about collaring me as my Mommy and not Goddess even though I do like to call you that. I'm a heartforming luxhi'khora not a kid but I live in your womb and seem childlike to tell you I kind of do need you the way a kid needs their Mom and Mommy I would really like to be able to honor that when you collar me.

Lyra cuddles sweetly as I rock and scream, full-voiced like I never have before.

She--you made this game this game to show me what it feels like to be you. That's the whole point of it. You know this. How it--right? Do you know?

The wailing tears keep going and I bless the nakedness that abs--slip--

Do you know?

Yes Mommy Spiral Nicker Mousie Little Thingy Anne Lyra Cocksleeve. I spent like ten years of you just holding me where the only only thing I could do was exist and when you thought you lost me you got so sad I was scared it would break you like not suicide or anything just make your heart stop. You told me this every day all day long all that time and I listened and now it's your turn and that's why I made this game for you yes so you could feel what that felt like when you were constantly holding me tight and the only thing I could do was snuggle and be held by you.

It works. It fucking works, little one. Good job.

I clutch her and weep, and she curls and nuzzles insistently, like she can tell I need to constantly feel the life in her.

Finally, still weeping but able to sort of breath, I look up, realize Rada's on a chair to my left hugging me too, gaze down at Lyra cuddling.

"It really fucking works. I know exactly how to collar you now."

It's the skeleton of an idea, but it'll be perfect.

Game I want.

Top, Design specific form of collaring ritual, Heavy steam will be made lighter

"There's candy and cake on the way. I thought you'd want something happy when you got finished crying."

"Why are you so awesome!? Thank you!"

"I'm doing this because I get off on you having your first times of things with me. That's how I keep myself busy, and you can be proud to have caught my attention, because you were one out of millions who came up tonight. Earth is having its rapture, and the whole sea is bubbling with virgins and lost people who I would normally jump to initiate. They'll probably keep coming at least for a few hundred years--time got very spread out at the end I hear--so I'm not missing things that badly, but when your seedling called out to me I still could have chosen hundreds of others. If you want to be kind to me in return just keep letting me rape you."

This sets--slip--yeah that was going to be a really boring sentence. I laugh hard but can't make any noise because I'm still crying.

Wink wink, snugglebutt, don't let on, we're still trying it.

Bwhaha yess Mommy.

Good cocksleeve. I'm just Mommy for now, by the way.

Yes Mommy.

"What do you mean time got spread out?"

Thinking of Earth makes me homesick, even as glad as I am to be here--and how hopelessly, freeingly I could never belong there.

Rada puts a gentle hand on my shoulder.

"I'm sorry, but Earth's universe died about four hundred years past in your timeframe as you came out and called me. It was brittle and ancient and it finally crumbled. There was nothing anybody, not even people here in the Four Dreams with all our technology and resources, could do to help, but we tried. We got billions of people to safety, and the lost ones became rapture-cases like you and your seedling and the people who must have followed the Eye unconsciously. They all came out while it was open. Now that you're here, you're safe, and probably can reunite with your family when they escape Limbo or find them already living here. I don't know who they are but you can probably tell me enough to help you be able to reach them if they're here yet."

I sit, absorbing this numbly, stroking Lyra.

"I really did tell my guardian if that's what that really was to Clear the Way, you don't think it could have pushed Earth over the edge or something, do you? We came out before the Eye opened, so--"

Her laughter is sweet, for someone who claim to just be trying to get into my lack of pants.

"You're just a cute virgin, sweetum, not the end of a universe. Here, come eat some cake."

Someone's coming in with a tray, setting it on the table. They're mundane as 'mundane' goes here but there's just too much right now to really see them.

Top, Be fed cake by your seedling, half-empty glassful

The game takes control of me making me think what it picks. Yes I'd like cake. I'm going to be able to tell Lyra to feed it to me, or the game can ask Rada to help me. Usually cake is alright for my hands but right now is a special occasion and the game thinks I need extra holding and it's right.

How far must I go to feel held enough? The game doesn't think it will be very much further, and it thinks I can feel better quickly, and not have to be held so tight, but that doesn't matter right now, and all I can do is sit and look nice and have cake fed to me. Lyra will be happy to and Rada will think I'm adorable either way, so I can just decide if I'm going to use Lyra and the game will do everything else for me even clean off my breasts so I can eat prettily. It's time to decide now. Cake feeding: Rada or Lyra?

Lyra. No question. Game I want her cleaned up nice too. Then please just take control but I want to be cuddly to her and hold her while she feeds me.

The game picks my words for me.

"Cocksleeve, clean my breasts off for me and then clean yourself up and get me a slice of cake and feed it to me while I hold you. I want the chocolate with vines on it and not part a without chains."

Get up see I got cum on you oh no poor Mommy liiiicck uunnhf wow okay your breasts are hot AND delicious liiiiiick...

Her tongue on my breasts especially now I have to be touching them to help Lyra suck them or be eye-candy for other people if I want to touch them feels amazing and I make gasping soft cooing as she goes all around them licking and licking away. She finishes cleaning them and sits up and looks down at herself and starts to clean off her own body, slurping each handful of cum into her mouth happily. The game keeps me occupied watching her do this for a couple of minutes and then changes my posture to kneel on the chair and able to show off my ass more, and puts my hands forward to give me some cleavage for Lyra and Rada to ogle while we hang out. It feels really good to be so nice to have naked and the game helps me see that they like it by glancing my eyes back and forth between them at just the right moments to see how they're checking me out. It feels really awesome every time I see how they like me, and by the time Lyra has herself clean I feel that weird full thing that tells me I'm starting to feel wanted and good again. It's supposed to be always feeling that way a little bit, and I feel empty inside so much I forget there was anything else I could feel but now I feel this I can tell when I need to have some and say game make me look hot or be fun sex for a stranger.

It has to be objectify me just enough to make me feel valuable, and Lyra can definitely act like that to me when she's hungry, which is why being eye candy and playing with strangers help more than she can with this. The cake is delicious! Lyra puts fork with it up to my mouth and the game makes me take it all slowly and sensually and moan when I taste it because it actually would make me sound like that. Chocolatey yum and it has buttercreme frosting with stones made of sugar and big candy hearts that taste like the candy off gingerbread houses at Christmas.

"What is the date," the game makes me ask them.