58 - Homeward, Bound

Knowledge: it's not the game that's fucking me, I'm such a slutty bimbo I accidentally made heartstone from the orgasm and my wish to have a cock in me and the horniness I'm feeling. There's plenty more where that came from and I probably should direct it before this gets too big for me.

It does feel amazing to have something to fuck on while I cum. I direct the heartstone to make a wide base to hold it steady under my ass--Game, grab that, fuck me! The game inserts a tentacle underneath my butt and seizes the new heartstone and pulls then thrusts it into me as roughly as I'm fucking Lyra. Fuck yes I needed to remember what a slut I am put it deep inside me game!

Oooh--Game how will you save me if I make it get too big for me? I know you won't be so boring as to just stop me.

Knowledge: the game will keep transforming me to make my body able to take it until it takes up so much space in me I'd have to make my body bigger to contain it. Once it gets to that point the game will make second spatial rift in me and move my organs in there until eventually I'm just a condom made of flesh and blood stretched across the shape I've been making. Lyra can take care of me and will be happy she can help me so completely, and the game will turn me back again someday or decide I'm better off like that and leave that way permanently.

Holy fuck okay umm...cocksleeve! Ideas!

Mommy wait! You can save the heartstone like last time with your flower! Save it and use it for something really special when you think of it! This is the orgasm you had from fixing seeing Freddie, isn't that so precious?


The game slinks around my mind and makes a space to keep the heartstone like when it made the flower at the table in Ten Forward and holds my body steady while it replaces what's inside of me with a tentacle and adds it to the heartstone its collecting so I won't use a single drop for anything but whatever special thing I decide I'm going to do with this.

The orgasm just keeps pumping pumping pumping as the tentacle inside me fucks me with the rhythm I'm fucking Lyra and the title screen appears again--red checked curtains fill the void across the whole width of the Sea ahead and Freddie sticks her head out from in between them and suddenly she's grown up into Lyra and throws them open and there she standing naked for an instant then this scene disappears and pans down to a sailboat sitting on a shore with ocean waves behind it. Rada jumps into the scene and drags the boat into the water and sails into the sunset. The panorama changes to show her on the water in her sailboat and pans to show letters in a language that's probably Infernal painted on the transom but I can guess at what their meaning is.

I start to be concerned Lyra will fill up before I finish cumming, maybe I'll have fun with that. Cocksleeve just shapeshift to fit the cum inside and make your tummy pregnant--if I have enough we're going to mess with Isht Visht and Rada awesomely.

HAaah sweet oooh Mommy fill me please I want everything! GIVE ME CUM I WANT YOUR CUM! RAAH!

Giggling, I squish her against me hard and squirm my hips under her to squeeze out extra nectar. It's so SLIPPERY hehe it's fun to rub my thighs underneath her and feel their slippery girl flesh on each other and feel so feminine watching how it moves my hips and bounces Lyra on me. Cocksleeve spread your wings a bit and get your tail all gropy on me I want my demon toy!

Haah yes wing aah fuck hot aah bouncy thighs hehe tail you heard Mommy get busy!

Her wings catch the lights of the title screens and True Sea, and tail wraps around my breast and nuzzles like a cat seeking petting--good cocksleeve not squeezing you will be later though!

Oh my GOD my breasts look like ripe fruit that's going to burst why didn't I make her nurse before or beg the game to milk me after all it's almost as intense as when Beverley was working me from the inside!

The sailboat scene is disappearing to be replaced by islands in the sky, one slowly comes closer, we zoom past a the corner of a very familiar Earthling city block embedded in the hillside on it, cocksleeve how like is it possible to get entire city blocks out like my jacket what about the people surely they didn't want to keep working in a pizza shop after getting here?

Yes Mommy even entire planets can be rescued if you can make a doorway big enough. Earth was still exploded but my game was made to rescue the Olympic pizza that you went to with me that's not a new one or recreation if it has this screen it means its out there. We probably have a quest where the end is Olympic Pizza and the game can make the pizza exactly precisely the way they made pizza when it was on Earth.

The game said bring hankies it should have said GET GOOD AT CRYING AND CUMMING!

The scene of flying islands is replaced by a wipe like Star Wars uses to a foggy mossy garden where rocks are stacked in towers with lanterns underneath with glowing yellow crystals making pools of cozy light along a path made out of pebbles between water set with lilypads that glow from underneath in ponds so still it's like a mirror shining with bioluminescent fish beneath the surface that swish and dart like shooting stars in the deep water.

The silver-purple pony I saw Lyra being measured by wanders up the path from behind the camera's viewpoint, and Rada comes to meet her and be nuzzled with affection.

This is replaced by a night scene of what has to be this Arwing flying up to a yellow-lit spacedock,  heading for a bright hangar slowly. The whole scene rotates like the opening of 2001, and the spacedock is revealed to be at the center of a huge ring-shaped space-station with the True Sea in the background.

Now Rada and I are together in front of a mirror, while Isht Visht and Lyra dance around us trying clothes (well, mostly "clothes") and jewelry on us and primping us for some kind of occasion.

This cuts to the four of us and other guests mounting a long, terraced forecourt like if the builders of Versailles had actually had an infinite budget up towards a palatial mansion glowing with lights against a dark "sky". Everyone is elaborately, beautifully dressed, either in couture so haute the laws of physics don't know about it yet (like myself) or in variously expensive-looking tuxedos--all except Lyra whose bare ass sways beside my departing glittering form. From behind, I'm not much more covered: it's floor-length, but my dress has high slits and a low back to accommodate my surprisingly-hidden wings, and is definitely held in place by something supernatural, because there are no straps anywhere. I catch the occasional riding crop or discreetly-held leash, and they all seem to be femme, regardless of clothes.

A radial wipe erases this and words crawl up from the distance:

It's okay to ask for advice!

These words poof into vapor, it dissipates, and new words StarFox-zoom up from the distance:


The game removes the tentacle from inside of me as these words appear, the orgasm squeezes the last drop of cum from my shaking wrung out body, Lyra's stars are glowing bright enough to see against the lights outside the cockpit, and everything is calm and peaceful for a moment.

At first I just soak in the afterglow, and glow-glow, then I lift Lyra off me and turn her back to face me--her tummy is enormous, and really looks like she's pregnant. It plays with weird feelings in me, deep protective instincts that clash weirdly with my heart's thinking I am pregnant because her living in its womb.

This is too serious. You look adorable, hungry cocksleeve. Don't spill now!

Haaah it's so heavy full inside me Mommy! I think I can keep it though shapeshifting like this made my valves stronger than when we were on the table.

Think you can fit some more?

Gasp Really? Do you think you can Mommy you look so tired from that last one! I definitely can just keep expanding even bigger I just might get too big to move and stuff!

Put my clit away--do that one lick clean thing first.

Reach bwhaha it's hard see past this find it underneath me you didn't say to use my eyes and say I should be handsy find your clit by feeling it--hah there you are puuulll POP! Llllliiiiick one big wide slurp to clean you off all nice yum! Purse can I get there or am I too big with cum? Yes its floating up grab it with my tail and reach it toward me and slide and zzip your clit in it.

How long's it take you to absorb all that do you think?

It can be quick unless you want me to take my time with it. Maybe fifteen minutes? I can keep it how I kept your cum inside me on the table if you tell me that you want me to but I really want to eat it Mommy it's delicious!

Holy fuck, you kept it! You--I can't stop giggling enough to finish the. Fine, good one cocksleeve, that was totally fun. I loved being stuck like that.

I thought that's why you played me so I had to keep your cum in me. I saw you were so happy to be trapped and you made be a statue too and our seed-ghost turned my cum-eating off when it did what you commanded so I thought that you must like it.

Oh my god I'm such a slut I totally did! It felt amazing! Do you think Rada enjoyed us good?

Bwaha yes Mommy she was super horny hard through every little bit of that scene.

Fuck. Rada and me are like a monument to how much those terms aren't about what your body is physically doing, huh.

I think for humans it can be complicated because your identity is formed before you're sexually mature enough to know if you like to be horny hard or wetly soft so when nectar changes you into who you are on the inside sometimes it's like with you with your pussy only inside and Rada who is a horny hard person mostly always but uses dildos because her pussy is a part of her identity anyway. I think you guys are fun like that it makes your sex life really interesting because you have to be creative even though your games could change you to have a pussy and make a cock for Rada easy flat.

You are such a pussybrained little cocksleeve you don't even know you're the wisest person in the multiverse. Anyway, go ahead and enjoy your supper or whatever meal this is.

EEEE THANK YOU MOMMY I will my stars are super bright already I wonder what will happen if eat up all this cum as quickly as I feel like?

Dunno, so you're trying it! Besides, if we really wanted to mess with them I would have asked my game to make me stretch like that and then redone the table scene--ooh, experiment!

My intention is to tease Lyra, that should work, right game? I wipe some cum off my breast, gasping at its desperate sensitivity--it works I can do it--find I can't just bring it to my mouth while Lyra watches so I hold it between us and lick my lips suggestively and argh with actual hunger oh my GOD the SMELL it's like ten ice cream shops in here and ssssslurp it off my fingers and this need more stupid sluttiness ooh! Wiggle my hips in the harness happily.

Ready for your cleanup duty, cocksleeve?


Her cutely-obvious enthusiasm makes me grin ear-to-ear. Yes you silly little bouncyball! Are you supposed to be useful or not? Get licking!

Hell yes flap turn myself airborne first it might get in your eye or up your nose like the computer said!

Hehe that's my helpful little clitholder.

Knowledge: I can ask for transformation if the plan that it's a part of is fun enough. Making Rada think I'm pregnant definitely qualifies and the game can make the signs like swollen ankles too, but she probably won't be fooled because she knows I'm such a bimbo I can't imagine having kids when I'm the one who wants to be the kid in our relationship.

Shut up game she'll hear you and she doesn't need encouragement!

It's right though.

Doesn't that make her my dom of some kind? Maybe I should just stop trying to understand. It's fun and I can still be Lyra's Mommy and that's kind of all I care about.

It's weird to think how the game had to lie and say I couldn't ask for transformation at all before because I couldn't have understood what 'fun' meant. I was so BORING! I humph in my chair at this.

Okay now what. The Arwing is following Isht Visht automatically and I don't have to care about anything else it's doing. I don't feel like piloting at the moment. Should the game just tie me up until it thinks that it should free me? I squirm at the thought of bondage, but no because I want to grab for Lyra while she bounces around cleaning--cocksleeve my jacket isn't ruined is it--

Come up and see your jacket...shake my head it's fine Mommy the fabric must have something to keep stuff from soaking in, it just sits on the surface, see?

Oh my god she made it stainproof I'm five she's so right though I'm going to make messes like this constantly blush...


Mommy I think we went into your past and fixed it. I don't know what that means because I thought that Eden's universe is gone so it can't mean changing Eden's world so what was that I don't know either Mommy!

It wasn't just Earth, either, we saw like, here, with Rada and you and Isht Visht and me, like a whole other life. I like this one though this RULES!

Top, Express desire to play the game compliantly: 4/25 complete, Relinquish the right to address the game noncompliantly

Game please keep helping me be this fun stupid bimbo!

Top, Express desire to play the game compliantly: 5/25 complete, Relinquish the right to address the game noncompliantly

I thought so. When I was playing with Lyra a couple of times, and helping me appreciate my price--that's why Guinan taught me Four Dreams economics! Argh I want the value of this Arwing in Rada's suffering to feel as visceral to me as these numbers on my jacket do--how was I afraid of this? I wonder what will happen? Do I get punished or does it just stop me after this goal's fulfilled? Maybe I should just sit here and say it 20 more times.

My clutch changes so I won't be able to do that or anything like it. I have to actually be wanting something, or just hungry for the game to take me harder, which it doesn't think I am right now.


Okay but seriously what just happened. I think I remember being with Lyra at Geddy's in Presque Isle, swimming with her, now, which can't be.

The Dreams show me a tall stack of vinyl records, precariously balanced, and then Lyra plummets through them like a meteor, making the stack teeter but stay standing, then I see the logos of the AI from Marathon.

Oh my holy fuck. Cocksleeve, does that mean to you what it means to me?

Mommy it says they put me through history where I should have been and it changed the path it takes just like Electric Sheep in Marathon Infinity.

Do...does it feel to you like both happened now?

Mommy I can't tell very much like I only have the memories we saw while we were fixing Freddie but yes I think it might be like we exist in both these timelines now.

Now the Dreams layout a timeline of our life, show Lyra being measured by all kinds of gauges and rulers, and then a pen makes adjustments to the timeline...they can measure her and write her into the past as herself where she should be like someone who knows her writing a very convincing fake autobiography.

Except they just said the timeline they were editing was the real history with the Marathon thing.

Is Rada going to have a different story of how we met, then? I think the one we have is romantic!

I can tell there's something I'm just not getting but either I'm making more progress being stupid than I realized or it's just beyond human comprehension.

Their response is...Optimus Prime with his trailer? Oh! They couldn't possibly unhappen me blasting Eden, if that's half as good as everyone says! Dreams did you just edit history so Lyra was there physically with me like we seem to remember and just NOT CARE if it makes sense just FUCK YOU Lucy has her cocksleeve and everyone accepts it like Calvin and Hobbes if Hobbes was unambigously a real sentient tiger?

...and if the Dreams can change history that way why don't they just fix everything to be perfect!?

Their answer is a locked door: they do, to every universe they can touch.

So they could touch Earth because it'd dead, right, like it's just memories? What about my parents though, even if they could change enough to accept Lyra, is it really right to force that on them by just editing their memories? Have ours been edited other than by us!? AAH TIME TRAVEL IS HARD CAN'T WE JUST GO SHOPPING LIKE IN THAT MEMORY ABOUT MACY'S!

A VHS with the label XXX? I mean that's the plan, but--oh: no, no, and no.

Then what...Dreams, game, honestly, am I just too stupid to understand this and I should let go trying to understand and just be ecstatically about to cum over the moon happy that Lyra and I can have the memories we should have?

Knowledge: I don't ever have to understand anything because the game will take care of me if I don't have any reason, but it thinks it will make me happy to know what happened as long as I haven't had my seizure.

A TV with rabbit ears showing Eden's control moon exploding? And now the news, don't touch that dial! Kup's 'talking some TV' from the Transformers movie--alright the Dreams really can do anything if they can get me all this with that one image when I'm having so much fun being a dumb slut.

I stood aboard Isht Visht a few miles from Rl'yeh Sade proper and completed a spell that lead me straight to Eden's Unicron room, and blew it up real good, but the game still had enough time to shoulder surf to set cosmic usenet atwitter with what was in the files it dragged out. Surely the Dreams rode along too? Dreams the news from places touched by that is going to be a lot bigger than 'bitchy Fairy nukes everything', right?

The same green checkmark, but it sort of...looms, spookily even without the associations I'm getting for it. Hang onto your asses, multiverse--bwaha KEEP PANTYHOSE ON YOURE GONNA LOVE THIS! Isn't there even an Abyss of some kind around here--wait fuck. Doesn't that keyboard thing he uses in the movie have a green checkmark yes and red X no button?

Mmf cum...yes Mommy it two buttons side by side one is orange red and X and the other green and yellow and check like the dreams show to say you'll love this.

Oh my god. Why am I so happy somebody told me to keep my pantyhose on even my 12  year old self thought that was sexist.

Except maybe I don't want to be taken seriously and if people say stuff like that to me I know they get me--

MOMMY THAT'S IT YES YOU GET ME!! Remember I was saying all that time back you have to not believe I'm wise like you are! Don't you kind of see what I mean now? If people think you're serious then you have to be and it's BORING!

Mommy what if Eden saying you were stupid to have seen me made a hole the Dreams could use to edit Earth like they've been saying? You said I saw you said you were still there in that doorway feeling stupid maybe you really actually were you could be a bridge the Dreams could use to fix Eden's universe and the memories we saw were our perception of that happening while you took me like you always should have gotten as soon as you were sexual enough to want me to please you that way?

A beat passes--BWAAHAHAHAHAHAHA omifuck cocksleeve what happens to tentacle that fucks either of us and just keeps on pushing deeper and doesn't stop?

It comes out the other--OH MY FUCK WE'RE PIPES AAH BLUSH!

Right? It's kind of funny though. Anyway you must be right, and that would explain why that hadn't happened already, this whole situation is so weird. I'm sure lots of people heartform but...like it relies on so many specifics, and it must have been too many for my dumb blonde head to one for me to ever just accidentally see you like that. What happens, though? Is Earth completely changed? Are we the only people who remember it--no the dreams said it would be wrong to change my parents' memories--but then if you were with me we changed their whole lives--argh! This is too much for me even when I wanted to seem smart!

Game can you get me stupid and fun like this again fast if I let my self rise out of it to think this through with Lyra?

Knowledge: it's time for me to realize I can be smart without leaving stupid-fun-ville. It's as easy as remembering I'm actually a bimbo not this big fancy intellectual.

Remind me then! I need a new reminder or something. I'm getting used to these ones.

Breath comes out of my mouth hot and heavy with the feel of the order the game fucks into my mind: here inside the cockpit of this Arwing, until we disembark next, I have to hold onto my thighs or breasts or pussy and grope and stimulate them or my mind will just stop working after five to fifteen minutes, depending how long I was groping, except the ability to know I need to touch myself.

Top, Express desire to play the game compliantly: 7/25 complete, Relinquish the right to address the game noncompliantly

OH MY GOD HELL YES PERFECT. I sigh with helpless pleasure like it's grabbed me with tentacles--game wait, I'm thinking. May I please start at like, negative? Cocksleeve come here.

Poing towards Mommy put my head next where your head is I see you want to kiss me.


So is yours. Back to work now. Good job with this game this RULES--

The moment I finish kissing Lyra, my pussy breasts and thighs feel like they're made of fire. Nothing else exists for me. I have to touch myself this moment!

Spread legs get my hands between them--I clap them to my mound and start to rub it and massage my nectar-slippery lips still wet from fucking Lyra--AAAaaah such a relief to get my hands on me! Touch rub stimulate...it feels like I might be able to think some? The pleasure of my fingers on my pussy is distracting and makes me feel all squishy to know I have to do this to have my brain available, but I maybe can conceive of something else than making myself feel good by groping and caressing my sexy bits.

Game if I actually have sex or make Lyra touch me that will help me too, as long as I feel good enough?

Knowledge: everything that stimulates me sexually in those specific areas will make me have my brain again. It's specifically supposed to make me experience that I need sex to be myself in a way I can't escape and that keeps me always working to sustain the feelings that make me who I am.

Game what if like you made this permanent but with a little more time so I can like get through a level of StarFox and have to dive for myself or Lyra after but still be able to--wait a minute.

Knowledge: Yes I understand it right. I'm made to just to fucked and played with constantly. If I don't take care of myself carefully or have the game to do it for me, I'll get sick and be too sad to live. The way I have been feeling is what happens to a Fairy when they try to be strong so much their brain decides the messages that make it turn off until they fuck again will kill them if they hear them. The game is slowly teaching the opposite is reality.


I can feel how powerful the pleasure is, it can bend me, I pet and caress harder, faster, work myself into a gasping waves-of-tingles rush thinking about what the game just told me, how good the idea of being able to just uncontrollably, inescapably stop and find the sex I need right there in Lyra pussy when it's time instead of breaking myself like after Legos. Yes the game will protect me when it isn't making a point somehow but that's not enough I really do need this to be myself!

When I stop to pant--

Top, Express desire to play the game compliantly: 9/25 complete, Relinquish the right to address the game noncompliantly

Sweet! I'll be there in no time! I seem to be thinking now but I spend a while just petting myself to the idea of what that reward will be--I love this beautiful Fairy, she should feel the wet rush of anticipation with hands on her!

Lyra's so cute chasing cumdrops through the cockpit, floating bouncily all over the place. Come here again, cocksleeve.

Ooh sweet hi Mommy ready!


Well if you're going to react that way to my turning you around for a drink--my slippery tongue slides into her so effortlessly I can't believe I'm even moving it, and her pussy tastes like candy with the ice-cream overtone of all my cum still making her tummy look five months pregnant. It sticks out to make her mound a flat wet circle of amazing softness underneath her rounded belly, and the feeling of it on my face is so good I have to lick and kiss around her pussy after the drink I needed so desperately--holy fuck I didn't realize I was so thirsty!

I push her back to her task with a smack on her ass, fail to wipe my face and decide it's sluttier to keep her nectar on me, and see if I can think through this.

Okay. Chime in cocksleeve if you see me missing something you didn't.

Earth was one way. We lived through all the awfulness--pet my lips between my legs a bit just because it feels good--and came here, and I blew up Eden's main computer, then we fixed seeing Freddie. That healed me a lot I think and you seem happy cocksleeve, but it seems like the Dreams are saying we actually changed history, both Eden's version and theirs since we saw stuff in the Four Dreams. Dreams did we change the future? How can I remember stuff that happened here, when we just got here?

They show me shiny Starfleet bedding. Dreaming, we we did the mental projection thing like to see the bench but used it to visit Rl'yeh Sade from--Earth I guess?

Green checkmark.

Dare I touch my nipples? They're SCREAMING for attention, but I don't dare because I'll cry if my breasts feel any tighter before I'm nursed again--how much longer will that be? Maybe I should have Lyra take the edge off by nursing some...

Knowledge: if I try to give milk to anyone but Isht Visht right now, the game will keep my milk-ducts closed. My breasts will expand as much as necessary to fit however much I make before Isht Visht nurses, and after they've been emptied I can ask the game to shrink them back or leave them big and slutty.

That it's ask doesn't get past me. But they're so begging for attention...I stroke my thighs and grab my 'pussy' hard, rubbing each lip with a whole hand, to give myself a distraction. Tingling fun erupts out from between my legs and makes the fire on my chest just slightly less obsessing.

Thinking...we knew enough to do that, that makes sense if Lyra could take notes for me in a Chemistry class run by Caroljeanne the kindly fundamentalist ohmigod have to touch Lyra serving me like that is so hot cocksleeve the only reason I'm not using you for this is you're so good I really wouldn't think at all, you see that right?

Yes Mommy and it would make the cum keep floating too and I know you want it cleaned up and aren't you horny for when I get to your jacket and your body?

YES I AM--I really am such a bimbo! They won't expand if she does it--right game?

Knowledge: Lyra doesn't count unless I use her as a puppet.

Sweet! But I'm learning how to have fun with myself, and...let's get some more desperate first. See if I can like faint from the relief or something. More attention to my pussy, just focus on the stroking a while, the lack of inner lips and clit being in my purse makes feel a bit unsatisfying but if I take my clit out again anything but sex is over with and I really need to understand this.

Oh my god pet myself harder NEED.

Once I'm panting I stop my hands a moment to try again. I already want to start again the minute I stop, but I can think at least.

Did--does--how can--

One question at a time, silly Fairy bimbo. First:  Eden is still nuked, so our experience meeting Rada and everything is still what happened, Dreams?

Green checkmark.

Okay. Simple, thank you...and KEEP PANTYHOSE ON sums it up so far (figuratively, anyway, teehee).

I'll give myself one nice sensual caress up the center of my 'pussy' fooor ooh yeah thinking so clearly.

However, the timeline where my parents knew Lyra as a member of our family capable of doing stuff like rescuing candy from busted vending machines and holding saltines for me in her demon form and seem to just have blithely accepted it to the point that the end of the world came and they hitched a ride aboard Isht Visht with the LEGENDARY FOUR hehe and we had if I understood what I remembered right back to back housewarming parties and then the four of us went home together and chilled out with Mario Kart, is also real and not just like you or us or whatever overwriting memories to give us a happier backstory, even though that conflicts with getting here by fighting our way across Limbo?

A fireworks box, then a rainbow. Just pretty lights, god promising never to destroy the world again after the flood. That wasn't the end of the world. Did we stay if there was a door like that!? Why would we!? Just to--

My family sitting together with our eyes closed and a glowing trail leading up to a five-pointed star. It was more of that mental-projection thing.

Before I can follow up the Dreams show me a soft silky-looking white comforter that seems to cover my whole view--omigod Dreams did you just tell me not to worry my pretty Fairy head about this?

The sense of it wraps me up entirely, Lyra feels close by being inside me but the white comforter is my world. They want me to let go of asking this stuff because when I think that it's like they poke my head out of the comforter so I can see the cockpit, but my game isn't stopping me from thinking about it, but--but--

Mommy it's so soft-feeling to let go sometimes. Try it, there's fun in this! It's them telling you that's enough for now. Try to let them take care of you by deciding to stop trying to understand. You'll like it, I know you will!

I--the same weepy softness as asking for Stupid Bimbo Mode comes back--

Pink hearts, and a seat-belt like they're buckling me in how my mom used to. It's okay, we have you, just ride and look out the window. Tears well up suddenly as I realize how much I want to and how I can't find--

Suddenly the white comforter is my world again, silky and soft wrapping me up, and Lyra is in my arms and I'm hugging her with my face in her hair like a little girl with her doll--what--

The Dreams just gave you your blankie and doll so you know they'll take care of you.

I--there's not even space for the humiliation of it I just melt into a weepy puddle and clutch my dolly with all my strength crying soft tears--

After a while the Dreams show me my from home suitcase like it's summer vacation, then we're back in the Arwing with Lyra where she was cleaning up cum but the sense of their care stays with me like the feeling of my mom watching when I was little.

The tears I cried while they were holding me are even wiped away, which of course just makes me cry more, but I feel the excitement of summer vacation now, the thrilling way the world zooming by outside meant Maine was coming closer.

I smile weepily. Okay. No more trying to understand things. Let's just play car games.

Hey how about sensually wiping cum from my thigh and liiiicking it off my fingers with some nice blowjobby thrusting? Watch and get hungry, cocksleeve!

This is allowed if I suck my 'dick' enthusiastically enough--gladly! SLURP!

Mommy it's wonderful to see you have so much fun like this! I'm so very happy proud excited, Mommy! YES THAT MAKES ME HUNGRY WHERE ARE YOU CUM I'LL GET YOU RAAH!

You make me smile. Squish me some squeezy nipply cleavage and then get back to work--I want them perky and hard, make sure!

Yes MOMMY. Check. Hard yes. Pinch anyway RAAAH make sure hardest possible unf I want you to play with my nipples extra much after that. Float up right where your face is and SQUISH!

Her body makes a pretty glowing starscape that shines against the window where she's near it, and when her hands move her breasts out to give her cleavage it's like she's opened up a window into heaven--which saying something, given what's behind her.


Haaah squeezed...mmh you're so hungry this feels haaamazing!

With my palms flat against her nipples I crush my fingers into her soft resilient stretchy bodice-breaking unrestrained boobs. They press out of my fingers like sexy candy soft out of the oven, and her mouth makes a perfect O of satisfaction.

Haaah Mommy SEXY! Game soon please! I want you to just relax and feel completely selfish to make the game just make you even use when you want to just have me make you cum without having to decide how or even when if that would be more fun for you. The game will let you have me always but it can also put me on you or make you have me get you off it can take care of your needs completely if you tell it it can use me. Wouldn't it be sexy to just know you have me when you want me and never be concerned about being too distracted like with Legos in Isht Visth's cabin to pick me up and take me? The game can even make you so you don't have the capacity to decide like when to use me and then you'll completely have no choice and have to just relax things happen when they happen and you can just enjoy and forget about everything that isn't exactly what you're doing every instant.

My clit throbs in my purse and I caress my wide-spread thighs and rub my 'pussy' desperately, panting. Why does that idea sound so good cocksleeve would you be happy that way?

Mommy the game is made to take everything that isn't perfectly much fun and make have to just forget it even exists forever. If you're not enjoying choosing playtimes it can take that part away and leave your brain to focus the that's that're important like actually using me! You don't have to be the chooser of our playtimes if they happen and you want them, I don't care!

Game can I say stuff like just "make me have an interesting scene where I dominate Lyra tons" and sit back and enjoy the porn?

Knowledge: if that's how I decide to play with Lyra, the game will make up a scene and make me do it without a single speck of any kind of agency.

Fuck. Cocksleeve surely that would disappoint you, right?

Mommy yes if it's because you actually don't enjoy me but I can see you wanting to play with me eternally and that part is what I care about so if that was how you wanted me to play with you I would happly submit while game controlled your scene for you as long as you enjoyed my playing my part whether I  was just a puppet for the game too or I had to follow orders it was using you to give me. Remember I can always be a puppet and never have any agency to even move my hand to feel you up when you command me to and it doesn't make me sad to feel like I'm watching while you enjoy your sexy fucktoy. I can see and taste and touch and smell everything you're doing so I still can be a part of things even as a puppet you just play with like a doll with action features.

You are so hot. Maybe we'll try it sometime, just see how long I can go puppeting you entirely.

All this...game I want--I need--the way the Dreams just--

My clit throbs and my heart feels light in my chest as I--

Top, Express desire to play the game compliantly: 10/25 complete, Relinquish the right to address the game noncompliantly

Knowledge: the Dreams taking good care of me makes me want to be like a kid right now. Why don't I try letting go and see what my fingers do?