60 - Fairy Home Companion

You, back to your cum-cleanup. I fuzz her head, then put my hands across her breasts like to bags of cotton candy weightless and so delicate and caress and squeeze them roughly and then push her off to keep on cleaning up the cockpit.

Whee off to cum cleanup! I'm cumming to find all of you bwaha!

You're adorable.

Now if I ask what that means about different than I remember--

Knowledge: I'll be too smart to try, and to make sure of that, even if I think about it too much, my game will hold my hands against my breasts and wait until I can't keep from playing so they fill fast.

Knowledge: the horny slutty wish I have is worth a big reward. Yes I'll get some special sexy thing to make it extra hard to stop from playing in the form of sexy-feeling sleeves along my fingers that can stimulate my nipples like I'm biting very softly, but the reward is to be helpess when I cum next.

Oh fuck I need a distraction then! Hey game let's try anticipation! How long am I in these tentacles like this?

Knowledge: how long the game expects that I can stand them, one hour and fourteen minutes longer.

That's it!? Fickle Fairy me. Maybe something interesting will make me want out.

Game I have this very specific wish inside. It's more horny if I spell it out, right, even though you can see? Ooh let's make me say it out loud but I have to sound super-horny like it's for phone sex or something!

Knowledge: yes that's hornier, but it hornier than that if I do it without asking for permission.

"Game..." I try to make my voice as softly breathy as I can, put the scared hunger I feel into it. "I want...I want for a very special occasion when the time is just right and I'll be excited and hungry for it every step of the way, and not feel trapped or isolated, and not have things I want with Lyra or the family I can't do because of it, I want you to very very slowly sneak up on me in my sleeeep, or while I'm having sex but not with Lyra, or mmh...just lying in my bathtub playing with my pussy, and take me in tentacles or some kind of, ooh I don't know equally soft and sexy bondage, and get me so I'm stuck like I can't get up or leave it depends on how you do it, before I have aaany idea what you're doing, and then ssslowly over hours make me as helpless as I am this moment one and just kheeep me as long as you possibly, possibly can, just see how long I can take it and be happy. The most important part, though, like my whoole, entire, reason is, I want you to just prey on my stupid Fairy need to be so helpless all the time, not like, manipulate me to take it, because I want to just liiie there all that time looking in the mirror of this this is what I really am. Please don't do it soon, like maybe make me wait until I forget I ever aaasked this? Wait! Please make me into a beautful and decorative trophy for Rada just as long as it's horny sexy comfy and Lyra can get at me. There. That's my slutty bimbo I'm so stupid for asking wish."

Knowledge: I'm in for a reward every month and week and day it keeps me like it, and Lyra will be ready to be everything I need for it and the game will arrange it carefully so she can serve me with beauty and convenience with all of her best services most available (not like the tentacle experiment just now), and I will be pleasing and so pretty Rada will sit for hours and just look at me, and I can be sure that I will have no idea this is happening until it's been a day or so, and I will forget I ever asked for this quite soon because the game will manipulate me to let information leak out of my short term memory before I can deep-store it, and now I get a trophy of my own for this because that was very horny and the game is very proud of me.

Okay if you give me a trophy how can I forget, game?

Knowledge: The trophy is inside a secret warehouse a quest we undertake will lead us into and I'll remember when I find it and think back fondly on my years in bondage.

YEARS!? Now you're messing with me, like with the trophy...and can I have a treat or something I thought that was awesome.

Knowledge: treats are wonderful and I should have them always and I can ask for one anytime I want one. The treat I get for this horniness is the game will make me fuck Isht Visht uncontrollably when I see her next. Rada is aware of this and thinks it will be hilarious.

Bwahahaha how is that actually a reward it totally is though I can't wait.

Really? A whole hour? It's at least that long out?


Knowledge: Rada will make sure she's in girl-form when she sees me. The game is very sure she will stick to that and I'll find the reason very interesting. One hour five seconds at this point. One year is a guess the game is making to help me anticipate my bondage time but it may actually be shorter or much longer.


The game brings up my memory of her saying something like this in the aftercare nook on Isht Visht.

It's a hot idea from either side! You'd be gorgeous hung over my mantelpiece...but I like to watch bounce around and do things for me. There's this I suppose...alright you're horny for this give me your most horniest wettest bimboest stupid-to-be-asking-this idea like I just gave the game to truly always keep you in sexy physical bondage that lets me make use of you as simply as these tentacles let me reach for you and isn't just the mind control that makes you such a pretty little instrument. Make up one that's totally impractical first so I'll think silly.

Aww you understand me Mommy! Yes I want to always just be held like when I was Mousie. Bwahe Mommy I could be baked into a cake like Earthling strippers jump out of on your birthday but you could really bake me I can take the heat all over I don't need to breathe and I can be perfectly still if make me so it doesn't make the cake fall!

HOLY FUCK! I want you cake for my birthday! Good cocksleeve that's both the least practical bondage idea ever and so totally hot and possible for us! You have to be like mind controlled to think think about cocks or something the whole so you get ridiculously wet to flavor the cake with your nectar and screamingly beg to be used like in our cabin when I get you out of the cake omifuck I'm looking forward to my birthday SO MUCH now get up here and get a tongue down your throat you good little bouncy fucktoy.


Lyra spins like a tiny purple hurricane from where she's licking at the consoles and shoots into my lap again and her silky soft hair brushes my aching nipples so I moan in sexy agony and struggle in the tentacles to get my hands back on them but the game just keeps my arms upraised where I had them catch Lyra so I grab her and pull her to my face and push my tongue into her through with one soft slippery motion and fuck her nice and hard with it until she's moaning out the pleasure whenever I give her space to breath. I slowly softy slide my tongue up from her warm and slickly squishy depths and kiss her soft full lips with a quick and raunchy kiss then send her back to work with a gentle friendly shove against her breasts again.

Okay, now that you're back to work give me a practical one.

So Mommy the game can be my bondage dom on your behalf and keep me still if I'm not using myself actively, but it doesn't have to just be one way all the time. You can say the game should keep me tied up always except for how you're using me and have it keep adjusting me constantly to always be the best way of being kept and still for whatever you're doing or the game thinks you might want to. That way you can be sure I'm always tied up as tightly as I can be, and the game will always make me be available for what you want, and it's not just always tentacles as sexy as those can be.

Can it make interesting stuff like chains and rope and things? Game?

Knowledge: anything I can think up, the game can make me physically. Even fun mechanical stuff like magnetic locking bracelets and antigravity harnesses (what if Lyra had no gravity ever?).

NEAT. Okay that has possibilities but I don't want just 'do it for me game' and I'm not quite ready yet. Game I need to think of this again after my brain processes it a while.

Top, Think about your seedling's bondage-plan, two fourths appealing treasure

The goal system is so sexy what the fuck! I feel so taken care of. Good cocksleeve.

Top, Express desire to play the game compliantly: 10/25 complete, Relinquish the right to address the game noncompliantly

Holy fuck I'm so horny to have that reward happen to me! Why, though, game, I thought I was just enjoying the goals system.

Top, Express desire to play the game compliantly: 11/25 complete, Relinquish the right to address the game noncompliantly


Knowledge: the game sees my desire to put myself in the hands of the goal system as entirely as I can. The means I'm expressing my desire to play the game compliantly by saying it makes me feel good.


My simple naked "okay" makes me feel all bouncy, which is humiliating, which just makes me happier.

Top, Express desire to play the game compliantly: 12/25 complete, Relinquish the right to address the game noncompliantly

Game are you just going easy on me now? I'm not complaining I just want to know so I can feel dumb for it if so.

Knowledge: no, I'm expressing these desires much more easily so it's going to keep making this goal easier and faster to finish the more I express myself as liking the game that keeps me and all the ways it holds me.

Top, Express desire to play the game compliantly: 13/25 complete, Relinquish the right to address the game noncompliantly

Hot, Mommy, keep going! You can do it now you can do this one on purpose and just finish it do you see how?

Yes! Sweet! The way it's rushing closer all fast now just makes me even wetter to know what the reward is! It sounds so imposing it must be something cool right and I know it won't just be like now I have to call the game maam or say please and thank you because the game never anything so obvious or boring with its goals like the one literal thing it offered it had to carefully say 'literally 10 piece chicken nuggets fries and coke' and look how that STILL turned out! They're always somehow both way more hardcore and way more kind and sweet and love to Mommy from your seedling who understands you than I can possibly imagine and oh cocksleeve this game just rules so much LITERALLY BWAHA.

Top, Express desire to play the game compliantly: 17/25 complete, Relinquish the right to address the game noncompliantly

Oh my FUCK this is awesome game I'm sure you counted right but please explain to me if I did one I don't know so I can be sure to do it more next time and more in general because I now these goals are meant to shape me into the most silly happy bimbo Fairy who can have the most best fun she ever can with her lovely loyal raunchy cocksleeve. Please game I'm serious this isn't for the goal I want it.

Knowledge: I get three more of them for this because I said I wanted the game to tell me if I missed a way to play it more compliantly, because I said I know the goals are there to make me happy, and because I acknowledge that this game is meant to bring me close to Lyra and foster our relationship.

Top, Express desire to play the game compliantly: 20/25 complete, Relinquish the right to address the game noncompliantly

I pant like the whore I am being offered diamonds, and it feels like getting fucked, soft and slippery wet like I'm made of silky tissue paper and want to be pounded mercilessly anyway. Game I feel so good I'd do this ten times anyway but I want to know how this goal brings me closer to Lyra if that's a thing you can explain to me.

Top, Express desire to play the game compliantly: 22/25 complete, Relinquish the right to address the game noncompliantly

Like I'm about to cum it's right there DON'T STOP!

Knowledge: the intention of this goal is to show me what it feels like to have a job to do that's pleasing to the person who controls me that makes me feel the please that I give with every step I'm taking, and to show me that it isn't about doing something practically valuable it's about the assignment I was given and my wanted to complete it just because it came from the system I submit to.

Well cocksleeve cleaning all this cum up is practically valuable but I sure am enjoying watching you work your sparkly little ass off for me doing it. Maybe when we get home I'll spill all the Legos we all know the game is giving me just to watch your cleavage move while you pick them up and sort them.

Haah Mommy please that'd be awesome yes it's like that I want to please I don't if the only point to make me work to please you!

If I could move my hands I'd crack my knuckles. These tentacles are awesome I love how soft and sexy wet it feels being held in them all helpless and I like how they can keep me however long you think is right after I call for them and ooh game what if you gave me like short little helpless tentacle hugs sometimes just as a reminder when I need one and incidentally the family can have their way with me when you're hugging me and I love how it's so lulling into wondering if you should never ever let me go again that I can reach for Lyra any way I want to while I'm bound like this but the thing I really, truly, lustfully hornily like about the tentacles is the way how if I grab Lyra out of them and then don't put my hand back down they'll gently sweetly grab it again and foomph right back where it should be no debating or doing anything but moving how you want me I don't know why even it's small but somehow that jsut makes me so. wet. it's AWESOME game it puts me in my place somehow so deeply I can feel it in my pussy even though it's only spiritual. If helps me be a sexy bimbo Fairy or brings me closer to Lyra can you tell me why I like that so much?

Top, Express desire to play the game compliantly: 25/25 complete, Relinquish the right to address the game noncompliantly

YES! Oooooh fuck what did I just do eep.

Knowledge: now that I understand that the meaning of this goal is to address the game as something meant make me happy as a stupid bimbo Fairy and bring me closer to and foster my relationship with Lyra, I can't expect to understand a single thing the game is doing unless I see them that way, and to make sure I see them that way, I have a family who can help me, and my game is going to make them able to by telling everyone when I'm having trouble seeing the way my game is acting toward me as making me a happy stupid Fairy bimbo, or bringing me closer and fostering my relationship with Lyra. It will ask them to come talk to me, and if I am having bad enough trouble the game will make me passion or just sleep until they can talk to me. I don't have to wait a long time to talk because Rl'yeh Sade is timelike and not timebound, like how Rada calling Jackson in brought him there immediately. This is only something I'm expected to be naked for, not something I will have to equally exchange with Rada. She is so much older that it doesn't really make sense for me to try help her except in things when the game was helping Rada feel like virgin not a hunter. The answer to our age difference, is there isn't one. I'm not supposed be emotional support for her, or anything but like a child that she takes care of. She knew she was getting that when she started trying to catch me, and though I'm emotionally mature enough to be her girlfriend and live life independently it isn't really like an Earth relationship because we're just so far apart in experience. I only have to be a stupid silly Fairy bimbo who gets horny when she buys her with fancy gifts and jewelry, and my contribution to our relationship is finished.

For a long time I just sit there with my eyes fixed on Lyra, thundering inside with wet hot humiliation. Somehow this makes me feel yes just like a kid again, just completely helpless, not even able to contribute to my family except by being entertaining and good to hug. I wonder is that how Lyra feels--she has already been so useful though! I guess I can't be, and my game just made that final. Yes this was a big one, I expected kinky mind control, and somehow this is just million times more powerful. My family has to care for me, and I can't even help them. I bet the game even make sure I don't do anything too helpful in our questing.

Knowledge: I almost understand this, but not quite yet. I can be completely helpless, and still make myself useful like Lyra does. What I can't do is be anything but the pretty pet Rada takes care of just because she like to. She is going to care for me, and I am going to sit and take it like a kid would.

Suddenly my mind becomes a narrow tunnel and my head turns into screaming need to touch my nipples thighs or pussy to be able to feel anything but how much I need the sexual pleasure it will give me. OH NO I'm stuck in tentacles! I can't do anything but writhe and thrash and strain in them! The bondage makes me horny and that just makes me all the more desperate to get free and touch myself! My pussy aches between my legs, my thighs feel wet and slippery, my breasts so heavy with the need to nurse I feel if just breathe on them they'll explode and splatter milk through out the cockpit oh my GOD I can't get out of this I'm going to have an orgasm from the helplessness!

Can I really come from just being horny tied down to a chair and struggling? What kind of bimbo am I, of course I can! The female orgasms I've been having with Rada must be possible without the magic clit piercings, and that's where this soft and wet desire wants to take me not the throbbing hard agression my clit brings--AAAAAAAAAHH I almost got just keep struggling--call for Lyra call for Lyra call for Lyra cocksleeve get between my legs and give my pussy a good hard sexy slurpy licking with lots of slippery nectar and use your voice alot to vibrate me I try to help me cum from this!

This isn't cheating. All I have between my legs are pussy-lips just barely good for teasing.

Bound to Mommy poing down between your legs and liiiiick...umf that's yummy you taste all horny there!


Okay that one got me to blush neat.

Her strong and slippery slightly textured tongue presses heave and licks at me with urgency and I feel so feminine with her going down on me like this struggling in the tentacles. Electricity runs down my spine and my face and nipples tingle and I thrash like I could actually get loose of this and it doesn't do a single thing bring me any closer to freedom--or the orgasm.

AAAH! It's right THERE I can feel it! Cocksleeve, game, how do I get this to happen!?

Knowledge: female orgasm doesn't happen automatically. I have to concentrate and make it. If I--

It can't just happen to me? Forget that then! I want a climax of helplessness, not something I accomplish OH MY SWEET WET COCKSLEEVE I THINK I UNDERSTAND YOUR CLITLESSNESS. Maybe? Just a tiny bit? I can't imagine having only the one way of having pleasure but I GET WHY ITS IMPORTANT TO YOU this isn't where your pleasure's from.

Mommy yes it feels so horny to have nothing I can do but serve and please and make you cum.

I thought that would be the one thing about you I'd just kind of have to take on faith even after all your explaining it back on Isht Visht.

Struggling's still good though. GGRRRRRR!

Cocksleeve my nipples are so desperate get up here and slurp them good be pushy my breasts need the stimulation HHaaaaAAAH yes good cocksleeve!

Bound to chair height put my pussy on your lap again and boobs right in my face big right now! Lean down to lliiiiick!

Her slippery-hot and squishy tongue presses into my breast forces milk up to my nipple and that is where its journy ends and it feels like having everything inside of me screaming help me get this out of me even as the slippery pleasure of her licking me takes edge of the desperation to have her play with them.

Game I want reminders like this always not so much like this its hard to anything but just that gentle constant pushing me remember there must be part of me that's hungry for some playing with or just wake me up to my need feel the pleasure of my body especially shared with others this way.

AND I WANT THE SAME THING WITH LYRA Game I don't know how to ask it but I'm not ready to say you can give her to me anytime without my saying so but even so like I just want to be reminded how hungry for her lust her touch her voice her wings always there and cutely sexy just like my need to be this stupid Fairy bimbo is something so big and deep I need your help to dive in as completely and quickly as I want to be I want the same with Lyra but I am SO POSSESSIVE you'll have to be very careful not to make me feel like my cocksleeve's not my own in  any tiny way nor make it feel like fucking her is homework you're assigning me it's the same thing game the obsession's there inside of me pressing on my heart right now even and I want you to play me to make me cum it out as much as I can make of it.

Top, Complete training for using game system, Constant-velocity drive

Knowledge: this is how to use the game system completely and entirely. Make it drive me more into stupid Fairy bimbodom by asking for the help that I just asked for understanding that the most powerful training is the things I ask to happen, and do the same with Lyra knowing the game respects my need to covet her entirely and will always make sure to encourage it. The reward for this goal completion is to have the game make sure I'm always being driven towards bimbodom and Lyra and sexily and happily and constantly as I can be. I will always have reminders like the one I'm playing with to push me ever deeper into the existence this game has planned for me. The one I get after leaving the Arwing's cockpit is to have to be attentive to my the way my ass and hips make me look like a comfy soft butt-pillow by putting my left hand on then whenever I am standing not using it to do something. If I don't keep my hand on there the game will make my mind stop and I'll need to have some pleasure in my body just like I have to now. The constant drive to feel how obsessed I am with Lyra is already beside me as Lyra working sweetly to arouse me. The thing the game can do with that is make it obvious to me the ways you can arouse and tease people with your body, and all the things you can do to look sexy and alluring in nothing but jewelry and makeup. The more I bimbofy myself like this, the more I'll deeply understand the things Lyra can do for me. For instance, what if she was tied into a pretzel when I wasn't using her, to emphasize her pussy, and make her feel its nakedness to remind her she's a cocksleeve?

Hmm. That's not bad, but I have something better. Up here cocksleeve.