37 - Daybreaker

--or--stay floating?

Knowledge: the heartstone has almost no thermal mass, but the gold is hot enough to cause serious pain without harming Lyra's hands. The game will keep holding the corset indefinitely, and eventually the gold will cool enough to touch. Lyra would be able to keep touching the hot gold without being damaged as long as it takes to cool but the pain might make her cry before it got cold enough to stop hurting.

Mommy however you want to use me I'm ready.

"Take it. By the gold. Then hold it up for me to look at."

The book flips shut and sets itself on the bed beside us as Lyra springs into action, and I sit up too for a better view.

Poing eep slither under and sit up behind it.

Ulp. It feels hot this far away!?

Here goes...HAAAAH OUCH keep holding keep holding NOT LETTING GO RAAAAAH!

Her soft bouncy curves look so pretty shining in the light as she takes it and gravity makes the straps flop and weight settle into her hands so she has to hold on tight.


Her mouth opens wide in pain and surprise as she takes it and she winces pathetically, then grits her teeth in grins a pained, determined grin and looks at me over the gold shining in her hands, panting with determination.

It's gorgeous--and the gold corset is pretty awesome, too--watching the determination pound in her eyes as she squirms so cutely...and something is awake in me, and wants to be set free.

How is this not evil, I think as the words form and I blurt them, cruelly not even giving her the push of an order to follow this time.

"Good cocksleeve. Now, if you really want to embrace my Sadism, go ahead and give it a hug. Only if you feel like pleasing me extra, though--I mean, it would be really cute, but you already did do what I said..."

I will be a good cocksleeve I will RRAAAAAAH HUG "AAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!"

Don't hide breasts squish them put ulp into RAAAH CLEAVAGE AAAH

The pain makes her dance, squirmingly, her soft flesh moving beautifully in the sunlight. She really looks like a demon--a cute one, but still a demon--with her wings half-raised and her face so screwed up with determination.

The game starts picking my thoughts for me!? This is soo HOT I want to keep watching her fight to please me not be distracted by having the game choose thoughts to tell me I'm cumming in thirty seconds!

My eyes get wide as blood rushes to my clit, it feels hot, my body starts to tense with the silky rush of being about to cum.

More importantly, the game is just pushing my buttons, not stroking me off, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to get one of those seizures if I don't get her sliding on me right now.

Knowledge: yes, that's accurate.

"Fuck! You're on, cocksleeve!"

I kick the covers off myself violently to reveal my clit as hard as the gold burning Lyra now, and raise my hips.

"On and fuck me you have to get a whole fuck in and I don't need to say what happens if you drop that on me!"

AAAH! Get up hold tight to corset step over you hhaaaaah burning new parts ouch catch your tip in my entrance and get you inssside haaah mmhhh ffucck bouncy bouncy hurry fast boing pound boing boing BOING BOING BOING HAAAAAAAAAH UNF WHAT'S HAPPENING WHAT IS THAT ITS YOUR ORGASM AAAAAAH

Strength I didn't know I had throws my butt up from the bed as I scream even louder than my last freakout and clap my hands to the swells of her hips to keep her in place as I cum. The orgasm is weird, pleasure tingling through my shaft but less throbbing because my body didn't have time to get ready.


A second wave of pleasure follows the first unsatisfying orgasm and I buck and buck trying to fuck hard enough to get the next one--


--encouraged by Lyra's orgasm mixing on her face with the pain of holding my corset tightly enough not to drop it. 

Lyra's soft round bouncing body feels like kissing just to look at, her hips are squishy joy in my hands, her hair and horns glitter in--oh, that 'sunlight' is my reflection--



My hips buck high and a my body shakes from squeezing out another orgasm without even stopping from the first one.


Lyra shakes with my movement as I throb and twitch with it, feeling my body squeeze itself desperately to get this too-soon orgasm out. Every muscle tenses and then it's free and feels like my clit exploding, the relief so needed.


Hey, that sounded pretty hot--

Suddenly the game takes control of my thoughts for an instant and I see a flash-vision of the flower it created using me before and then something is growing against the roof of my mouth!


Knowledge: I get my pet-flower now that I know how the game plans to take care of me.

It's candy-flavored and delicious and it pushes my mouth open with a satisfaction like that first moment of sucking Rada's dildo before, floats up out of my view and I feel it doing something to my hair then the stem of the flower touches my head and I feel it push into my skin which the game makes melt like soft wax to accept it and then I can feel that it's attached like my hair now, and part of me the same way, not alive just like hair isn't, but still me and I care about it like I care about my hair (the game doesn't do anything magic to make that happen, it's just how I feel).

All through it I keep pounding Lyra, urgent with the desperation of this sh--slip--shaky orgasm and yes I am a monster the fun of watching her squirm to keep holding the corset whose heat I can kind of scarily feel on my own midriff even through my wild ride and the climax she's somehow managing to have despite the pain. She's weeping, her eyes are wide, and her lips are pulled back in a wild grin over her tight-clenched teeth, outlining her cute fangs glistening with the same nectar as covers her lips--pain like this must be should make her curl into a sad little ball, but instead she just looks prouder and hornier than ever.


My scream takes the shape of a smile as I feel her eyes on me, I tense for the final thrust bouncing her breasts and making her soft curves move so beautifully and then we lock eyes as I shake again and my midsections squeezes in that scary hot way it does every time now, wringing me out like...fuck...a tube of paint.

Haaah...pant...wow...rrrraaah keep holding RRAAAH!

Then it's done and I drop back to the bed flop watching Lyra bounce on top of me and clutch at the corset to keep from dropping it when she oofs onto me.


The game makes my hand rise to the flower and while the other hand gives me a hug from hyperintelligent Lyra the game makes me pull on the flower--which feels like pulling my hair, attached but not painful unless--

"OUCH!!" I sob and whine with the pain of the yank the game gives the flower, hard enough to rip out my hair if it'd been pulling it, to show me how there's nothing I can do to tear the flower off, even in my most terrible tantrum, and then my hands are free and I can move again.

I look at Lyra with a lopsided smile, feeling...words won't describe it, and pull on the flower some more, wanting to feel it's inescapability.

Knowledge: when my corset manifested the gold shone white-hot as it was poured into forcefield-based molds. It cooled to solidity on being poured into them but it's still over a thousand degrees Fahrenheit in Lyra's arms right now.



My mind churns in terror, settles on wishing--


The Dreams reject my unspoken wish with a vision of the black-edged pages of the book, and I stare at Lyra.

Tears streak her face, she shakes with pain, squirming constantly against the thousand-degree metal, and yet I've never seen her look so strong. I've never seen anyone look so strong. She's beautiful like this.

"Then take it. Your clutch: Putting that down or getting it within six inches of me to off--"

The satisfaction isn't in making it easy by taking the choice out of it, or applying what's honestly a safety measure--let's not find out how fast nectar can fix third degree burns no matter how much of it she has for me--it's in, gulp, doing what I don't have to.

I'm a monster. There's a light in me that casts shadows on the surface of the sun, and now she's embracing it though it burns her.

So let her embrace.

"--and hugging it nice and snuggly tight as hard as you possibly can to on."

I finally understand how it can be somebody like Rada would cry while cracking the whip when her grip on the corset doesn't change even slightly.


If I think I'll stop don't stop this is beautiful--

"There must be a flat plate on that. Find it and use it as a mirror to show me how I look with my flower."


The gold is polished like a mirror, with tiny diamonds encrusting the edges of the plate, and it's pale so that if it weren't against her actually-silver coloring I'd think it was silver, matching my hair perfectly. This one single piece of it is as gaudy as the entire history of hair metal and I want to cry I love it so much.

The heat off it feels like staring into the sun, but can I see her hand is unburned.

As for my reflection...she has it perfectly centered on the flower, probably out of the same superpowers that give her Data's sense of time and reading abilities, and--

There are stars in my hair. Thousands of tiny points of light seem to float in front of my hair that seems to glow in the dawn like the melted gold did as it was poured, suspended in clear heartstone in the shape of a circular flower with a nubbly center, petals open wide, inviting.

While I look the game chooses what I'll think for me, and brings up my memory of what I thought when Lyra explained why the language stars speak is called Infernal. Stars might seem quiet and silvery, but when you get close, they burn you with the light their hearts make. I make light like a star does. Lyra is carrying it for me right now, but I bear it constantly. I'm filled up with fire, so bright it shines out of my face like I'm the sun rising. The game wasn't letting me see yet, but it's not a star out the window shining so brightly behind Lyra. It's my reflection in the screen over the game console. Her face wasn't blacked out by that, because I'm shining on her just as brightly. The game made the light in me physical, for this one morning, so I could understand what I look like to Lyra. Now the game has a name for me--it can choose how I title and name myself to everyone other than Lyra, because I'm it's pet now--to complement Blu'eyes, which is actually a last name, or at least that's what it sounds like. My new name is Lucy, because I have light in me that shines from my eyes like the heart of starfire, blue where it's hottest.

Now that it's told me, it seems so obvious. My hands look like they're made of fire where they still crush Lyra's hips to me--

Knowledge: the game didn't let me see clearly to keep me from looking at myself until I was ready. I'm not ready yet, but I will be, by the time Lyra and I come back to this room after leaving it.

It's not wrong, though now I'm curious--but even trying to catch a glimpse of my eyes in the corset-plate makes my clutch slip.


It feels good on my lips, and there's a weird meltyness in being named when I'm old enough to pick one for myself, and of course it's a specifically girl's name.

"Lucy Blu'eyes."

I look up at Lyra.

"Good cocksleeve. Hug it back and say my name."


If she can't talk through the pain, it'll just be cuter.


My face opens with a smile like the flower I just got to see her cute determination.


Lyra's still just as gorgeous in her a--slip--pain, but it feels like time for a new game, and I'm supremely curious about the book.

"Computer, compare the max visible surface temperature of the corset Lyra's holding with the bed's heat tolerance."

The first time I used a Federation computer had to be epic, and nothing is going to top that request, NYEAH NYEAH DREAMS I BET YOU CAN'T THBBBT.

My grin widens as a perfect Galaxy-class computer access beep sounds and Majel Barret replies:

"Maximum surface temperature visible is five hundred seventy-six point five three degrees celsius. Starfleet regulation bedding maximum temperature rating is nine hundred fifty degrees celsius. Fire supression dampening fields provide safety to nine thousand degrees celsius when activated. Margin of safety one point six-five or fifteen point six-one with dampening field."

Duh. Of course all the beds on a ship that's guaranteed to fight at least one actually-hostile radiation of the week each episode have fire blankets.

As soon as the Computer finishes, the Dreams show me their response to my taunt in the form of a vision of--is that the ship from Flight of the Navigator? It changes to a green checkmark of confirmation...and reference.

I gulp. This should be good.

"Stay just how you are until I finish, cocksleeve."


"You're going to set that far away from me on the bed, and watch out for the computer to be wrong or something, and then after that you're on guard duty. If it's still at all hot and I get anywhere near it, you drop what you're doing and get it out of my way with your hands on the hot part as fast as you can go. Got that?"


"YES!!" HAAAH...

"Good. Get off my clit and do it and then show me if you're burned."




Come pant back pant sit by your side and show my hands palms up breasts wide so you can see in my cleavage.

See Mommy I did it and the gold didn't burn me.

"How are you okay? Do you even feel hot still?"

I grab one of her hands to bring close and look at, but it's as soft and smooth and perfect as before.

Seed-ghost, what recovery help does she need after something like this?

No special recovery procedure.

Seriously!? Even emotionally?

"I'm heartstone, Mommy. You made me a body like you made your eravahk, but you made it alive for me so I can possess it, and heartstone has really high heat strength. I'm fine Mommy see?"

Show you how I just feel good now. Raah strong demon smile.

Her simple, tear-streaked smile and lashing tail are so cute I actually laugh.

"You're a mess is what you are. Come here."

Her leash has been attached the whole time of course, so I use it to bring her face close, then cup it in my hands and lick the streaks of tears off her face--

Awww Mommy you--aww you like my tears?

"OMIGOD Yuhhm they're hot!"

They burn my tongue with spice like the cinnamon gum I love but different, not cinnamon, just...the taste of her being strong for me. Her cheeks graze my face soft and hair strokes me as I lick them off leaving just her alien-smooth and faintly candy-flavored skin which I could go on licking for hours.

When I'm done I line her up for a kiss and push my tongue into her mouth as soon as our lips touch, and find a big slick mouthful of nectar waiting for me. I lick it out and keep making out with her, tasting something in it that's either perfume or magic telling me she's happy.

MMmmf kiss happy mmhmm SO BADASS YUM mmmhhhh kissing Mommy yummm...

"You really are a demon," I say around our kiss. Her tongue is warm and slippery, and the slippery nectar that's the same between her mouth and pussy makes making out feel--and taste--awesomely like going down on her.


As soon as I finish kissing her, the game takes my hands and makes me pick up the book again.

"Looks like it's story time. Snuggle up, unless you'll burn me now."

Feel how hot I am. Ninety-eight point seven everywhere yus snuggle slide up to Mommy's side and be still she's reading.

When Lyra's in position, the game opens the book using my hands, and pages it to a new chapter. I can feel how it's keeping this all from breaking me by keeping me from sitting with any of it for more than a second, and I'm grateful--and then my only thoughts are reading:

"Fairy Princess is the name for an especially dominant-natured Fairy. These can be hard for the inexperienced keeper to manage, because it takes very tender management to give Fairies like this the control they need without making them afraid of you. You may want to be sure you keep only 'peasant' (to strain the metaphor badly) Fairies until you know exactly what you're doing, at which point this guide is not any use to you and you can decide for yourself that you're ready. I can't recommend it before that, but when you are ready, and can spare the attention to be there for the neediness their conflicting nature creates, they'll reward you with the most wickedly fun performances any Fairy can give you. There are books which claim you can 'break' them, but I can't imagine any keeper of an actual Fairy Princess would write such a thing, unless they're mistaking needing to feel as powerless to escape their captivity as every other Fairy for some kind of ability to be changed into 'peasant' Fairies as their authors seem to believe they've done or think would theoretically be possible."

Fuck. My face is hot, but I can't move to cringe or react even though I recognize myself. This has to be made up just for the game! How could I just pick the idea out the air so easily, and have it be what I'm actually called by--gulp--Fairy-keepers?

Knowledge: At some level the archetype of Fairy would have resonated for me, and every young girl thinks themself a princess deep down.

"Fairy Princesses typically have an especially flashy animal affinity and guardian, usually something like a great cat or angelic figure, and this is a sure way to discern them from 'peasant' Fairies who tend to be more subdued in guardian form especially. Other ways include asking their seed-ghosts, and finding it much harder than with other Fairies to manage their need to be held by you."

"That's all I'll say here, to make sure you treat Fairy Princesses as something only experience can prepare you for."

The game stops me reading to think, and I stare at the page not sure if I want to laugh or cry.

"I really am annoying," I finally manage.

Knowledge: the game is my keeper, and it won't let me be annoying to people outside my relationship with Lyra, and it doesn't have feelings to be strained by the neediness the book talked about. I can be as petulant and obstinate and contrary as I feel without making it hate me.

Look, game, I can believe you're able to literally kill god if you need to, but there are limits to everything.

Knowledge: There are lots of things that are infinite and the love Hyperintelligent Lyra built this game out of is very infinite--how infinite I'll like to learn but later.