44 - Dare To Be Stupid

Her body is warm and curvaceous through the skin-tight silkiness of her uniform, and she's deftly made sure there's no lab-coat between us, and if anything seems inappropriate about this it's sure not my response to her--no, fuck it, I'm enjoying this. I always thought of myself as more of a Troi fan but either I've been blind or (much more likely) I'm in one of those fanfics. Yes, she still seems old enough to be my mom (though not from signs of aging), but that's put in perspective by taking a spanking from someone old enough to found my civilization. I snuggle back as we walk, leaning into her gently so as not to knock her down with my much larger size, and she responds by moving her hand fully onto my ass, and giving it a little pat I'm still too surprised to squeak for when we arrive.

I stand there blinking a moment, looking around at the pixel-perfect Sickbay Isht Visht has created, as Crusher whisks disappointingly away--I'm going to get on the table now? The decision is made like the game ordered me, but--

Knowledge: the game gave me a subconscious command to obey her until the appointment is over with. I'll be just as much under her command as if she was the game.

I set Lyra onto the table beside me, spin around, and hop up beside her, legs dangling. My heart races at the knowledge I've been handed to Sexy Doctor Crusher. She'll be nice, right game?

Knowledge: the game only gives me to people I'd be turned on by pleasing. I'll enjoy this.

...but it didn't say she'll be nice, gulp.

"Snuggle up, squishy."

Squish hehe Mommy please will you play doctor with me soon?

"I'm so like twelve. YES."

Crusher has gone back into the office off the main entry, so I pull up the Goals List to see what I'm getting out of this other than Sexy Doctor Crusher examining me.

Top, Discover your changes internally by being examined through physical contact, Separate cock can be reattached

But I don't want it to be! The suction cup works flawlessly and it spoils my lines when I'm not using it!

Knowledge: the game doesn't mean making my clit reattach. That change will stay permanently.

Then what--Crusher is wheeling a tall duranium-and-black-glass machine towards us that's mostly screen, so I quickly wish the Goals List away. On the screen is the outline of a generic humanoid form and the various LCARS buttons and curves all TNG treknology screens have.

Okay, canon uniforms definitely aren't that tight, but they should have been.

"How did you manage to come out of your quarters without getting dressed?"

Crusher positions the machine to one side, and turns back to me, tricorder and scan-thing in her hands. Her face is amused, but she also checks me out unabashedly and as the warmth of her enjoyment fills me I understand why the game dropped this on me and sit up straighter, try to stick my breasts out proudly like in the hallway, spread my legs a bit.

Can I seduce her faster than she can molest me? Let's see.

I was feeling angsty and sad and though I still need to talk and hang out like we were in the turbolift being able to make someone feel good is refreshing. The game is trying to show me, like with my show getting undressed last night when I thought I would fall down from the overwhelming everything, that performing like this is a source of energy to me, not something that consumes it.

Her asking a question is a command for me to answer her, but when I open my mouth the game chooses words for me:

"I--I'm just feeling so strange, Doctor! Somehow it just didn't seem right to wear anything! I'm--am I in trouble now?"

She stands right in front of me, pushing her hips between my knees to get closer, and holds up the tricorder and scans me.

Lyra's too quiet. I pluck her a note that will sustain her comments and responses throughout this.

Gasp it's not okay to be naked outside in the hallways!?

If the game's going to make me sound that way, I'm going to be the most obnoxiously slutty patient she's ever had. I stare right at her big gorgeous breasts with her uniform tight across them as she scans me.

Knowledge: this scene is to make me feel powerless. I'm going to act horny and stupid. The game isn't going to be cruel to me, but there is no way out of this with dignity inside or outside. To get the most out of this, the game will make me act foolishly until I feel free to degrade myself inside and outside when I feel like this.

"There aren't any signs of cranial, pressure, or telepathic damage...maybe something affected your memory? Do you remember what happened to make you come to Sickbay in your birthday suit?"

Crusher's voice is professional but just barely. I can hear her condescension, trying not to laugh at me. Of course I can't do anything but answer, even though my mind wants to try to understand what the game means by inside and out, and also be able to ask Crusher are all of you real is there a Troi and a Picard and a Riker and a--It chooses words for me again:

"Yes Doctor I walked out my door with no clothes on and got in a turbolift and came here."

Mommy please pay attention how she humiliates you it already seems like she's great at it! I want you to make me feel dumb like this!

"You just walked out there naked? Didn't you think that was inappropriate? Didn't your seedling remind you to put clothes on?"

There's no time to think before the game makes me answer:

"Is--did I do something wrong? I thought it's okay to be naked here!"

It makes me sound drippy and stupid, warm with horny enthusiasm.

She puts away the tricorder and tilts my head up to look at her with a finger under my chin, then puts her hands on her hips.

"Are you telling me, that you actually have no idea whether clothing is required onboard?"

How do I--

Knowledge: just be stupid and horny to have the game give me my tongue back.

The weirdest thing happens. I want this scene to break me. It feels so free to imagine being as dumb as I sound right now.

I'm so fucking sick of my compulsive defensiveness.

The surge of emotion that brings up is perfect for the violence with which I need to fuck myself onto this.

I lower my eyes, glance up at her, swing my legs and squirm with my hand that isn't on Lyra gripping the edge of the table, hunch a bit. It's all affectation, but so what. I'll affect it so hard it turns real.

"N...um...is--is it? I guess I--"

Wait, shit! Rada would totally go naked just to set me up to humiliate myself, and Jackson obviously had no more say in his lack of outfit than Lyra does right now! The aftercare deck was one thing, but what are the standards elsewhere!? The only people I've encountered other than those two and people just come from the dungeon are Guinan and "Crusher" and they both have clothing of some kind, it's still a Starfleet uniform even if it's sluttified! I've been wondering where everyone else is, maybe Isht Visht cleared these hallways so I wouldn't find out--

Crusher laughs out loud at me.

"Yes you have to wear clothing!"

"I--" Slip.

Knowledge: as long as I'm here, the game will make it seem like I chose to be naked and knew I had to wear clothing. I can admit it myself or the game will do something like make me grab her lab-coat and try to undress her.


"I know. I just...I just really didn't feel like it," I mumble.

"You didn't feel like it!? How much of a clever excuse do you think that is? Do you actually--you actually do mean it, don't you?"

Her voice changes to turn soft as she says the last sentence, and her way flips from severe to motherly--but no less condescending.

Knowledge: how hard I try to act stupid will be how much reward I get after this.

Alright, fine. Game I'm too dumb to get this. Please show me how.

Suddenly I can't control anything, not even my thinking this. I stare up at Crusher with mouth open and open my eyes till I must look like Gowron and snuggle my knees into her uniform-clad hips and gasp out a sigh of arousal to feel my legs touching her. My hands reach out for her body and she doesn't remove them when I clamp onto the sides of her ribcage and pull towards me, but her uniform slides from my fingers, slippery and smooth like slick rubber. I cry in frustration, and grip my legs much more tightly, and she smiles and looks down in amusement.

My heart feels squishy and wet and I feel so alive it makes me have tingles all over me. Crusher picks my hands up and puts one on her breast and one on her belly and looks at me kindly.

"Hey, there you go. Yes, I feel like your seedling with my uniform on so arousingly, and I don't mind if you touch me. I know I must be confusing you badly, but I like to wear things like this because it makes Fairies jump on me. Are you actually verbal, or was that just a training-trick?"

Now the game moves my hand up and down on her midsection, and I squeeze her breast tightly, enjoy her through the sexy thin uniform. Nothing comes from my mouth but a moan of frustration as the uniform comes between me and her pussy.

Knowledge: Fairies are usually nonverbal and don't try to restrain themselves from taking whoever they feel like. I should act like that sometimes, without any thought for surroundings, because it will make me this happy. The game can make sure it won't interfere with my social life, no matter who I try to attack like this. Even if I went after Rada, the game would decide if I could actually do it without being displeasing or a pain to her.

"Well hhhello. Yes, it's very frustrating, but that's part of the fun of me."

Her pussy is slippery and soft and I feel its heat through the uniform, and it's stretchy but I can't get my fingers inside her. I wiggle and whine with annoyance, and she moves my hand away from her pussy and places it onto my lap next to Lyra. The next thing I know my hand is pushing into her pussy and I realize the game let me choose if I'd finger Lyra and I said yes and now I have my four fingers inside her and my thumb pressing her lips wide to accept them.

AAAaaah gasp you're inside me feels so intense and BIG holy fuck I'm wet...

"There, that's better, isn't it. Take a nice grope now, I'm squeezing you into this next."

I have to obey what she tells me. My fingers spread wide and I push my hand into the silky soft breast that it's holding, while my fingers in Lyra push deeper inside her. Beverly picks up a box from the table and holds it up in between her and my bodies, and there's an Enterprise computer sound and some kind of forcefield expands out of the end of it, shining with blue and white energy. When it touches me it feels like her uniform. I moan out the pleasure as it snakes all around me and tightly envelops my whole figure including my hand right up to the where my fingers enter Lyra. Beverly moves away from my fingers and I strain but I can't reach my hand out or do anything but squirm in the stretchy soft containment. Only my hand inside Lyra can do anything. Beverly presses a button, and I'm rearranged to lie down on the table.

Eeep following Mommy get down and let your hand guide me stay by the table on tiptoes so your fingers can stay inside me.

 The game makes me think about Lyra. What will I do with her?

I'll take my hand out and lick up the nectar if the forcefield will let me and have her thighs be my pillow if possible otherwise stand close and keep my bare fingers touching her.

My hand can move enough but I can't make my arm--there now it's suddenly able? I raise it quickly and stuff all four fingers into my mouth and coo at the taste of her nectar and swallow. The field takes my hand back to my side and puts it where Lyra can climb on if I make her.

I heard what you asked Mommy that's why I'm talking to Crusher.

"Please Doctor would you let me sit where my Mommy can use my legs as a pillow? If I can't be a pillow please may I stand here and have her hand touching me?"

"I'm going to make space in the forcefield. Climb inside and I'll hold you there with her, unless she doesn't like me to bind you, but then I'll ask you to stay by her side here."

The game--yes do it cocksleeve that sounds awesome!

Hot bondage together!

"Please make the space in the forcefield, Doctor."

I smile or try but I can't move my face. The box makes a beep and the head-field feels different. I can't actually see what they're doing because I have to just look at the ceiling.

Hole by your head put my hand in. Hehe streeetch squeeze inside and get underneath and sit--hot tight stretchy holding! Mommy isn't this romantic? Are you ready to be still are my legs the way you want them?

The game checks to see if I'm happy with how she sits under me, and shows her my plea to have her hand rest gently on my forehead. Her thighs are soft and comfy, and I smell her pussy strongly.

Oh Mommy yes of course I will. Raaaah stretchy moving there.

Doctor yes I'm ready now nod my head to you. UNF That's TIGHT!

The forcefield tightens until I can't move again and Beverly starts to feel up my midsection. It's not just examining, she's squeezing and groping like I was when the game put my hand on her body. It makes me feel wonderful, and she keeps moving downwards all slowly and teasing never quite touching my "pussy". There are sounds like computer beeps coming from something beside her, it must be the machine she brought earlier.

"Well, that's very interesting!"

Her face comes into view next to Lyra's breasts hanging over me, and she looks down and opens my mouth next. Her hand reaches in and presses my tongue with a finger, and I feel her choking me gently with the other hand, and it feels great and makes my heart pound and I want her to let me express how it feels to me so I thrash and she moans. I guess she must see how I'm squirming and I will have to try this with Lyra because I bet I look totally hot right now.

Harder Beverly harder I want you to choke me unconscious!

The game takes my thought and forms an image of hands holding my neck with a heart coming out where they're squeezing, and I dreamtalk it in her direction. She looks at me arousedly and her hand in my mouth pushes further inside to reach into the back where my gag reflex is missing and feel around as she squeezes outside, pressing her fingers inside and outside together to examine and I shouldn't be able to like it but it's like being felt up from inside me. Alarm bells are ringing beside her and I suddenly realize as I start to feel dizzy and weak like the drowning that she's shutting the brain-feeding blood-flow in my neck with her fingers--

When I wake up her hand is inside me. I'm lying face-down on the table with Lyra's thighs under me, and my ass is filled with her arm to what feels like her elbow, slippery and wet with some lube of some kind, feeling carefully into spaces my organs make my stretchy inside can be pushed into. I can actually feel what she's doing, which is sexy and terrifyingly vulnerable because I can feel how easily she would be able to injure me terribly by squeezing or prodding carelessly.

Her hand slides out a few inches and I feel something like having my balls squeezed, then again in another place like it. She moves slowly out like this, exploring each one of these places with much more than medical interest, and by the time she gets to my pelvis I feel incipient orgasm starting to build up the pressure that tells me to get inside Lyra immediately.

Knowledge: Hyperintelligent Lyra made the game very selfishly and made it transform me so my body needs her to play me to orgasm. She can be passive and I can have female orgasms normally, but if I'm going to cum cum like a boy does it has to be by using my cocksleeve. Crusher can fondle and squeeze me till I have seizures, but she won't get the cum out until Lyra helps her.

The game gives me space to decide whether Lyra will help or I'll be teased. Yes I control what kind of help she gives.

If I let Crusher tease me, will it just feel like being horny after Legos before? The answer is no if it's that but otherwise--stupid, silly dumb slutty Fairy, self! I really am as dumb as it wants me to feel if I'm thinking this...otherwise I'm curious what it feels like to have myself pushed to an orgasm I can't get even though what Beverly's doing is totally working.

Knowledge: this will feel nothing like that. I needed that orgasm physically to restore my chemicals. This one I just have been stimulated into, and not even by stroking or fucking. The game thinks I'll find it interesting.

The game keeps control and I lie here, as Beverly starts moving back upward...before she gets halfway up to the place she was when I regained consciousness I feel something starting to happen with the purse-dimension my clit is in like it's turning into hands that are holding me. Then something crawls up my spine like electricity, and I writhe in the forcefield as my whole body feels what my clit feels, alive and so desperate I'd scream if the forcefield would let me. My body is pounding and straining and the pressure is so much I'll explode and send cum everywhere in a moment and Beverly just keeps massaging and each squeeze of her hand gently sends pressure to bring me closer to bursting. Just as I feel the sensory input reach the point where I'll start to break down into seizure I feel Lyra move her thighs and her soft wet warm welcoming pussy slides up the shaft of my clit and--aaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHORGAASM!!!!!!!!!!!


The orgasm knocks me unconscious. When I wake up again, the forcefield is gone and I'm lying back on the table with Lyra still as my pillow and the lights of the scanner-ring shining down past her breasts hanging over me--I've been turned face up. Beverly comes up beside her and shines light in my eyes to see if my pupils dilate, and sighs in arousal as I bat my eyelashes and hotly exhale when I see her face. I raise my head off Lyra's thighs and jump right off the table. Beverly steps back and I clutch at the space she was standing in, yell disappointedly and lustfully.

"I'm happy to see you awake but we're not quite ready for you to climb on me yet, so let's get you back on the table. Here, this is comforting, isn't it?"

The forcefield surrounds me and lifts me back onto the table with my head on Lyra's legs again. Beverly's face appears above me and she smiles in horny amusement. My clit is still in Lyra so when I lay on her it moves me inside her and I sigh which makes Beverly laugh with her breasts hanging over me. She takes out her tricorder and scans up and down me with a strange little smile. Whatever she's thinking is sexy, because her nipples stand out of her uniform and it seems like something is turning her on more each moment. Her body is shiny in the tight slippery uniform and I want nothing more than to grab it, especially since she looks horny and fuckable since she started to scan me, so I strain at the forcefield desperately. After what seems like eternity, Beverly puts the scanner back in the tricorder and steps out of my vision, and I hear her tap her communicator. Her voice is a murmur and I can't make out what she says or who answers. She comes back and takes out a device with two things that look like gears at the end of a long silver cylinder about the size of my forefinger. The gears spin and blur into circles of furious motion, and she lifts my hand up and places the end of my pinkie into the end of the cylinder. The metal is cool and refreshing around my finger, and something about the vibration feels like it's making my nerves vibrate in tune with the gear-motion. Beverly watches me with that strange little smile as my muscles relax until I feel tingly all over and don't want to do anything but lie still and enjoy the sensation. I breathe deep and sigh with contentment. She caresses my forehead and looks at me all motherly like she really wants to make me her child, and maybe I won't mind if she wants to take care of me like this again soon. Her hand has something that feels like cold metal in the palm and it's soothing and gently refreshing against me as she runs it across my forehead and hairline, making me relax even further.

"You must be very confused by this Doctor who feels like your seedling and makes you obey. Can your seedling translate your thoughts for me? Are you entirely passion or can you understand ideas like these?"

Like slowly waking up, the game returns control of my thoughts and my body to me...but I'm so relaxed, I don't want to answer! I take another slow, happy deep breath. This feels awesome--and...it's like there's a door opened by how good it felt to just try to take Cr--Beverly without so much as flirting. She does feel like Lyra in her sexy smooth uniform and somehow with her sexy soft curves it is kind of confusing--brain, self, slow down, you're spoiling this relaxation!

Cocksleeve, explain what you have to and watch what I want to get orders. I'm chilling out now.

I really want to know what she means by entirely passion, though!

Yes Mommy I see. Watching and being smart cocksleeve.

"My Mommy is verbal and she can understand ideas but your relaxing stuff works on her and she's making me translate anyway."

"I'd like to relax her while I rescan her spatial anomaly. Does she have enough reasoning to understand why I'm keeping her bound like this?"

Nod my head.

"My Mommy is smart she's just too relaxed to talk right now."

Yes I know why I'm bound, and--and I'll do it again! Without the game making me! She'd better keep me all zoned out like this!

...the game made me act like an animal, and though Lyra is doing exactly as I intend her, there's a big part of me that's disappointed Beverly now knows I'm--not entirely passion.

"I'm assuming she'll realize I'm saving a Fairy restraining itself, then."

Beverly takes up the tricorder and stops being nice to my forehead so she can point the scan-thing at me outside my vision. There's a sound of it scanning me--

I want Lyra to do the cold-metal thing, that felt so comforting.

Yes Mommy--

"Now, I'm going to align this to your cavity, so open wide."

The game is still making me follow her orders, so my mouth is opening wide, though I can at least be dopey and slow about it.

Something like a silicone dildo pushes my tongue down and fills up my mouth so I'm breathing through my nostrils entirely. It tastes kind of good like there subtle sweet candy coating it.

Just in case she has it enchanted like Rada's living dildo I lick and kiss at it as it goes in, but Beverly just looks amused at me. I smile around it, glad to be fun for her even if I can't make her feel good.

If I wasn't so chilled out by the vibrator I'd go back to my existential crisis about liking a cock in my mouth.

"Doctor please may I borrow you head-soothing hand-thing? She wants me to use it to comfort her."

"Go right ahead."

Reach rrr not. moving. far...enough...there hah pick up with fingertips and put my tail around to keep it from falling...into my hand got you! Fingers through finger-band onto Mommy-forehead so gently and tenderly stroke your hairline like Beverly...

She must not be able to reach it easily without moving me. Her straining feels lovely on my clit still inside her--oooh. Cool metal warm cocksleeve. Good...cocksleeve...thank her...

"Thank you for letting me use this, Doctor."

Beverly has moved out of sight again and computer beeps and the sound of her fingers on Console are sounding from where the machine was when she brought it.

"You're welcome...enjoy having fun with that...get ready now, this is going to feel kind of tingly."

Electricity shocks through me with sudden intensity, but I'm still so relaxed it just feels intensely relieving like scratching an itch all through my body.

It's over as fast as snapping a picture and I'm kind of disappointed. Maybe she should take some video or something? Might want to make sure she got a good image. Maybe the radiation is dangerous but so what Lyra's nectar can fix it. Later I'll see what a quicksilver sundae tastes like.

"Very. Interesting! She'll want to come see this. Just let me get your mouth clear...there we go. Sit up when you're ready to--does she still need the forcefield? I want to explain her results to her, and I can't talk and be jumped on, as much as I may like it."

Beverly takes the dildo out gently and I suck and lick at it pointedly as it goes just to see what she thinks of that. Her eyes light up when I put my tongue halfway up it and realize it's very much longer than I thought it was, then pull it back into my mouth sheepishly.

"I think she likes this relaxing too much to try again."

Knowledge: it's time to be patient and listen. The game won't let me try while she's explaining things.

The forcefield turns off and I pull myself upright, take one look at Lyra, and pounce on her hard to kiss her.

Hhaaah yum moving your clit with your grabbing...unf...ooohmyfuck your tongue is so LONG now HHhhhooot!

I'm curious enough that a good hard little makeout is satisfying enough to let me break the kiss and turn to sit beside Lyra with my arm around her and see what Beverly wants to show me. I'm not as relaxed now but it was worth it to make out like that, and now that I'm not moving the finger-thing is working its magic again...

Her lab-coat and shiny soft uniform full of sexy round Beverly come around in front of me and I don't bother trying not to ogle her. The game lets me do it.

"This is the complete analysis of your internal systems."

The machine has filled in with my exact outline filled with organs in cross-section, holographically imposed on the space in front of the black glass. Beverly points to things as she mentions them:

"As you can see, your anatomy is changed to make room for your flight muscles and wing-pockets, which requires your kidneys, liver, and pancreas to relocate into the space that would normally be filled by your digestive tract. That's been reduced to a cavity that runs right from your mouth through you to your anus, which will make you need nectar to absorb nutrients, but can be quite fun to play with and gives access internally to these organs, which as I just showed you are the reason your orgasms produce so much semen. There are vesicles throughout your body that keep about twenty to thirty litres of semen ready and your rate of production is about seventy times baseline for a nectar-shy human."

Do I have that much internal space!?

"I bet you get pretty horny between playtimes! There's a set of ovaries that don't seem to have eggs, which is just as well since you don't have a uterus--not that there'd be space for a pregnancy or even the organ! Hormonal imbalance between your female and male endocrine systems is being stabilized by nectar. I don't see you ever encountering this, but you'll get very bad mood swings if you go off it for more than a couple of days or so. "

Umpty-billion more nails in the coffin of understanding if I'm technically a girl or what biologically speaking....

"You're suffering from very bad stress symptoms, which is why I put the relaxer on you. Take it off when you're ready, but keep it nearby and make your seedling massage or otherwise try to make you calmer if you feel tension. I think you should talk to counselor Troi next--she'll be here shortly."


Duh. How likely was it, having found Horny Guinan, Isht Visht succeeded in finding Kinky Doctor Beverly and then didn't immediately look for (even more) Slutty Deanna?

Mommy what if she somehow came up with a hornier Riker what would even happen?

So there are things I'm not sure even the Bones can handle. My eyes widen--

"Don't panic! I'm here with the forcefield if you need it. While we wait I can tell you the fun things! First, your penis is obviously not directly attached to you, so I ran a subspace co-planarity probe which is what made you tingle, and it turns out the spatial anomaly that connects your nervous and circulatory systems is actually able to--"

The timing! There's a pssh of the doors opening and, dressed in a severe and conservative--oh. It's a regulation blue Starfleet uniform, not The Jumpsuit, but it's even tighter than Beverly's--Troi arrives, smiling brightly, a spring in her step (and everything else).

She walks up to the table and holds a hand out to me so I reach out and take it but instead of shaking hands with me she pulls to get me up from the table. I hop to my feet and bounce for her, and she pulls on my hand some more to start walking toward the door with me.

I twist to face Lyra, imagining, and lag a little--there's nothing for it. Take my clit out and clean it while we walk and put it away in my purse again, snuggly.

Ulp what if I get nectar all over the table? Obeying but eep so embarrassing! Open my legs and taaaaake haah out your clit and take a big lick to keep it from dripping and follow you.


Troi watches smiling, and her voice is syrupy:

"That's very interesting! If you'd like we can take some time while you clean up first."

I haven't spoken since the game showed me what it feels like to just let go of myself, and something is making me not want to start again. I shake my head and start walking as soon as Lyra is on her feet and ready.

It's because it was easy. Beverly didn't expect me to be anything but an animal. When she thought I was panicking about having to restrain myself from Deanna...even revealing that I was able to think rationally didn't change her expectations. It felt like the first time sitting on stable ground after living your whole life on a tightrope.

Deanna moves fast and before Beverly can so much as say goodbye to us we're passing the doors of sickbay. Her ass moves like silk, awesomely bouncy in the shiny black uniform.

As soon as we pass through the doors she turns to face us...and...huh? What just happened?

Mommy that's called a doorjump. We used a door as a metaphor to take us a place somehwere else than the door leads to usually.

Plants surround us, sun-spectrum light shines bright, and we're in a huge space I can recognize as the Arboretum the show didn't have the budget to actually build.

"I thought you might like a more natural environment. Come sit on the grass by me!"

Deanna marches to the top of a grassy soft-looking little rise, stretches her arms out (resulting in awesome cleavage with her painted-on uniform) to crack her knuckles, and sits fluidly into a cross-legged pose on the ground, then looks up smiling and gestures us down.

"Come down, it's very comfortable."

Apparently I'm going to obey Deanna the same way I was obeying Beverly. I start to get down to sit in my usual W-pose, and the game puppets me into a pose just like Deanna's. It's perfectly comfortable--

Start to get down beside Mommy--eep grabbed in your lap hehe SQUISH comfy Mommy so gropy.

I've never even been able to sit upright crosslegged, and now it feels like I could (if not for Lyra being held tightly where she belongs) lean down and suck my own toes (my clit, with its new length, would be easier...). I look down in surprise at my body's new trick, as relatively mundane as it is.

Throw my head back and look up hi Mommy hearts in my eyes...

Just how flexible am I now? I twist around to kiss Lyra's adoring lips where she's held in my lap like facing out like a doll, and make it easily.

With the relaxer on, I feel almost as gooey inside as Lyra actually is.

Bones, Deanna and Beverly are like Guinan, right?

YES, they answer wordlessly.

Under my bare ass, the grass is soft, and of course turns out to be growing in some kind of plush hydroponic matrix instead of dirt. It feels weirdly happy to sit on it naked.

"Now that you're sitting there, I'd like to see you take the relaxer off. Can you be still while I talk to you? That dildo is very realistic! Where did you get it from? I sense you can feel how your seedling is licking it. How does that happen?"

Unthinking, I try to obey by taking the relaxer off myself--

Knowledge: Either I can make Lyra do it, or the game will make me explain to Deanna why I need her to take the relaxer off for me.

Oops. Relaxer off and into my purse, snuggly--and try to turn it off if it can be off?

Look at relaxer on finger...pick up by cylinder, tug will it come--off yus gears slowing must be controlled by your fingertip. Zzzip purse place carefully in there zzzip fix purse handsily and SNUGGLE.

The pleasant vibration is gone, but it's kind of a relief not to be fighting its dopeyness to stay upright. It felt like after an hour or two it'd have me totally paralyzed.

"If I can keep holding my seedling I can be still. Um...the dildo is just actually my real clit. There's like a wormhole connecting it to me."

The game is making me answer, but her interest seems like actually-horny fascination.

Finish cleaning now, snuggly.

YES MOMMY stick my tongue out to lllliiiiick...


...slurp everything all at once carefully clean all my nectar off look at your clit yes it's clean open purse zzzip slide it in nice and gently zzzip shut fix and snuggle you.

With a good eight inches of tongue she has me clean--and panting with pleasure and seriously thinking about making her stick it between my legs instead of my purse so she can be fucked right here in front of Deanna--in one graceful slurp.

Good. Cocksleeve.

"That's very impressive, Lucy's seedling! How much would it cost me to borrow her?"

This is interesting. I have to answer, but of course the price and whether she's for sale at all are up to me. I bite my lip, thinking.


"We can negotiate after I spend some time with you first, how does that sound?"

"That'd be nice. Um, I'm really possessive, though. I might not be sharing."

I subtly squeeze a drop of silent reaction from Lyra.

Mommy Counselor Troi looks so tasty but I like it when you're possessive so please decide your cocksleeve can't choose she likes both of them.

"Let's just decide that afterward. I can see you're confused and uncomfortable with my being openly interested, but I'm just being clear how I experience your playing in front of me. It's important to be open when you meet a new person so you establish your boundaries quickly. I see you're happy to play here, and we're sitting together interacting, and I find the things I see interesting, so by asking how you experience your playtime and asking to borrow your seedling, I'm saying I think you're inviting me into your playtime. Fairies and Betazoids have one thing in common, which is we both have extremely high sex drives, so I'm acting like we were on Betazed and being entirely honest about how I feel to watch you enjoying your seedling. You're saying she has to stay part of our having this conversation by keeping her on a leash and held like that, and I understand what that feels like. My Imzadi's not here now, but I would act like you are if I could, you can be sure of that. That means the boundaries are different than you're used to, because I'm agreeing that I get to act like a Betazoid if you get to act like a Fairy. I'm very disciplined, that's why I joined Starfleet, so you probably think I'm comfortable being professionally distant as Counselor, but it's very hard for me. Betazoid culture doesn't have the idea of separating business and pleasure, but we've learned that offworlders can't handle that, so we don't show that side of ourselves--unless you're my mother."

Her patiently sweet voice gets a sardonic edge as she says this last.

"The reason we take all the consequences of sleeping with anyone interesting, is it's just too damn hard not to! There used to be several religions that preached self-restraint and chastity on Betazed, but all of them fell out of favor many years ago as our people discovered we actually need to have sex enough and enjoy sensuality to have healthy long lives--all of their followers died ten to fifty years early! I'm having trouble restraining myself and I don't see a reason to bother based on the boundaries we felt out already, so I'm going to ask my Imzadi to come and sit down with us."

Whelp, here we go, little one...

Super-slut Riker this is going to be badass!

She taps her commbadge, which is a sight to see--

"Troi to Guinan, your new friend is here. Why don't you come down and see us?"