57 - Brings Back Memories

AWW FOREHEAD KISSES! Snuggle into Mommy deeper careful don't make her breasts spill.

How do you see me? Can you walk by all these closed doors in my heart like Johnny jump-ups and see all the stuff I've locked away, or is it as invisible to you as me?

Well, it's sort of like when you open up a cupboard, and you can see a lot of stuff is in it, but you can't everything so clearly without reaching in and taking it out to look at, but only you can reach inside, I can't go in but I can watch you looking through things and see stuff you might not see. This isn't like that though I just remember from when I was Freddie and remember you cared so much about Johnny Jump-ups in the springtime.

You are so...I...Rada wants a trophy fuckdoll bimbo, fine, it's up to her to get what she wants from me, you just explained that, but you...you've gotten in where your head is right now enough I understand it's because you actually do love me in particular, but...I can never possibly reciprocate what you give me. Not even slightly--I know you don't want your own cocksleeve, just...the way you sound about my birthday, and your thoughtfulness, and like...this memory was from when I was three and yes it was FUCKING important look at me cry now and you saw and held onto it all this time through horrors I can't even imagine and as soon as I was ready you just slotted this giant missing chunk of myself back into me like the fifty missing Legos you found me before and you keep just doing stuff like that and...like I don't feel like I owe you or stuff but, like, in a way with you I'm as helpless as with Rada! You're both fucking magic as demonstrated by the way you've got me up to at least seeing myself as deserving the air I'm breathing, and with Rada I can just be like alright you're twenty thousand years old you know what these buttons do more than I do if I'm really who you want to get laser burns from I can't actually stop myself anyway but you cocksleeve...I can't figure out how to explain it, have you get enough to read me?

Mommy it sounds like you just feel insanely undervaluable from all that time of Eden saying you should kill yourself. Me and Rada like you because you're awesome! You're sweet and fun and cute when you feel safe enough which is happening almost always now and you always make the very best adventures happen when we're around Isht Visht and Rada and when we're alone like this we have these awesome conversations about sex stuff and Johnny Jump-up memories and that's not even counting when you hold me down and fuck me like you did on the table after Legos and there's Lego sets, you made that so fun for me hunting all the bags and finding missing pieces and hold all these parts for you so I had to be creative to do the things you told me and THEN Johnny Jump-up memories made a bench for you to fuck me with my face in pretty flowers so yes I think you're great and I might be just your cocksleeve but to me you're pretty awesome and I do think you're trophy just not the way that Rada does I think you're a pretty awesome person have be my heartformer.

That's just my beginning I could go on for fifty hours and then some more time I think I'd always think of some new reason that you're awesome so maybe just forever RAAH.

Alright well if I believe you which I'm deciding to do I get to feel like Rada when she fucked me against this Arwing and you just said both we can't think of this like whoring and that you owe me for claiming my orgasms forever which was the exact example of why we can't do whoring and I believe you on both and now I'm all confused. What makes the difference? Is there something I'm missing?

It's not the same as whoring because you pay and then it's done and you have to pay again. Rada knows she only bought you for a while with the jacket and the Arwing so don't feel bad when your wetness changes back to hunger for some new toys that's just the game you guys are playing. You and me aren't like that because I'm made to be your cocksleeve and I have to be like that to exist as who I am so I can't ever be hungry for some toys to prove you own me. I owe you my existence as the cocksleeve you're heartforming, but that's not what I mean either. Think about the way our family got together. Nobody chose for it to happen, and we like it, but we're stuck and it wasn't our decision. You and me are like that, because you implanted me so early you really didn't have the agency to decide to take my seed or not. Here I am and now you're stuck with me and I claimed your orgasms eternally and I didn't choose you because I didn't exist yet, but so what kids don't choose their parents, except I'm not kids though am I?

Wiggle butt to remind you how I'm sexy.

What's the thing that's different? I bought you by existing, because you can't stop me from implanting once you're hearts enough to want a friend like Freddie. NOW YOU'RE STUCK WITH ME FOREVER!

That's okay though I'm not your kid I'm an independent grownup, right MOMMY?

Lash lash wiggly butt.

No, because you're--this whole conversation just proves you're probably more emotionally mature than I am but you...I mean your live in my heart's womb whatever that exactly means except I can feel you there and it kind of is like how I'd imagine being pregnant feels like, and you act cute and childlike but that's not for playing on some scary kink I have, you're literally trying to tell me you're a helpless creature that depends on me taking care of you to survive, especially with the way I have to play you for you to do anything, like, in that real sense just because of your species works you're just like a kid I have, except you never 'grow up'...and human parents get tired. They barely make it through kicking their kids out the door at eighteen, if they like their kids a lot and wanted to be parents, and I have you forever. If I don't make you work for me, we'll both fall! You do all this stuff to keep me going taking care of you eternally and liking it, that's like, our whole symbiosis! The worst thing I could do you for is just fail to squeeze every drop you could give me! Yes? Is this what you're trying to tell me?

Yes Mommy exactly! I knew you'd get it if I just helped some!

Listen. Mommy. USE ME. Our life depends on it. Put my head up eyes all fierce to show I'm serious.

Alright then I need to cum and this is too serious to use a smooshy little fucktoy like you.  Sit up where I can see your nipply soft boobs and give me some nice hot cleavage and tell me a nice and sexy dick joke.

Get my pussy nice and wide spread against your thighs I have to balance don't I and uuuup and put my arms out forward and rest my hands right on your shoulders to balance and arch my back up nice and far to squish my boobs right out between them.

Mommy how is making pancakes just like a blowjob from your cocksleeve?

Giggles, you're so silly! How?

Because you have to beat the bat-her just the right amount first!

OH MY GOD. Good one, cocksleeve. She even manages to slur her thought so it sounds just like she's saying batter. I grin and shake with (silent, I can't even laugh out loud) laughter, bouncing my full breasts so that my horny-already mound under Lyra's slippery hot and kissing nectar-wet pussy feels electric with the tension of needing to get my clit inside it, and their taut and heavy fullness on my chest makes me sob with desperation to have her suck and lick and touch them--

Clit in m hand, cocksleeve!

HELL YES COCKSLEEVE TIME! Dive for purse hands gropy up your thigh to keep me steady pull it out from beside (oops hehe we put the strap inside your jacket) zzzzip the pocket open--

No, wait, present my purse for me and show you know you're just--I know where I want to go and I can feel the stiffness of my mind at heart now that won't let me like Rada not being able to put her spear down game help bend me HARD I need my cocksleeve!

It grabs my mind and--

Fucktoy sit your pussy down where it belongs against my mound again and snuggle it so tight it covers this whole pilot's seat with your slippery sexy candy! I know you're dripping wet for me, now give me what belongs to me!

Hot YES MOMMY sit across your knees and get my legs out nice and wide push my hips out and to the sides by making your legs spread my pussy widely open and grab your hips and PULL my body close and nestly squeezy squish on you!

The wetness of her pussy squeezes out between us smelling even more strongly than my ice cream and her hips around my body are soft and squishy pleasure and the way she pulls them onto me by grabbing onto my hips makes me sigh and rise to meet her. Fucktoy I want that purse now I wasn't kidding!

EEP Yes Mommy take my hands off your hips and take your purse and hold it up on open palms eyes down I'm just your cocksleeve see?

Hold it so I can get inside it, and keep your head down, you hear me, candy-coated pussy? I'm giving you your place in our relationship.

Turn the inside part to face you hold it nice and steady what is Mommy doing?

I reach into--the game just doesn't let me. Game, I made this plan this way on purpose. I'm definitely intending to use my clit just like my eravahk, surely that will let me hold it!?

Knowledge: I have to be completely stupid and ridiculous and sexy to keep playing. If I try to make this serious the game won't let me move to pick my clit up.

Then help, game! Make me be the stupid bimbo--

Knowledge: the way to turn me into the person I can see in the mirror the game's been showing me with sexy mind control and slutty transformation is for me to choose to be her. That will make me change faster and more deeply than any kind of mind control or Happy Meal degradation. It's time for me to fuck myself onto the cock the game is giving.


Knowledge: the game won't tell me exactly how to choose to be the stupid slutty bimbo I can finally see I want to be. How I choose to be the person I'm becoming is part of how I'm turning into her. The game will give me help with sexy dumb ideas, like this one: what if I was She-Ra, like when I made my eravahk? That's definitely stupid!

Oh. Don't come up with something funny, come up with something stupid. Lyra's bat-her pun was terrible and she knew it and I was laughing as much at her being willing to humiliate herself just to give me a laugh as the joke.

[Vision: dirty glass with a small black spot on it]

What must be the deepest room of the shut-out maze inside my heart cracks open, drowns me like the horrible image of that trash-heap home before, but this time I'm seeing a real place and time out of my past. When I was three I used to play this game with my parents that Freddie would close the red-and-white-checked curtains of our farmhouse while we were out if he'd come over to play while we were gone and would be waiting for me when we got back. Stupid, nonsensical, I can't even remember if my mom would sneakingly close the curtains for me after putting me in the car or if I'd just decide they'd been open when we left and carefully not look as we got in the car, or if my three-year-old mind even thought that hard about it. I just knew that's what the closed curtains with lights left on meant and my mom would mention it as we rolled up and I would run inside and Freddie would be there.

One day--this is why this broke open now. One day I was in a silly playful mood and bounced in the door of the farmhouse ahead of my parents and into the mudroom smelling musty-metallic oh god. Oh my god oh my god oh my god. Smelling greasy-dusty-metal with the tools we kept in there it smelled just like the words I wrapped around myself reacting to the Happy Meal and so much other stuff because I must have prayed or wished or believed god would make my imaginary friend real for me because he loved me my dad kept saying so in church--

I choke, the thoughts lurch like jammed gears, with a terrible expression like the second half of Venom painting my rage across the sky before I force them moving again.

--I don't know I just thought or believed or forgot or was just too stupid for a minute and thought he'd be standing there waiting for me to go play which he was weren't you cocksleeve but that's not what I mean I though't he be standing there physically real and of course he wasn't you stupid kid he's your imaginary friend!

Mommy yes I was standing right there inside the doorway! You saw me Mommy I saw you look into my eyes you waved HI all happy! You were smart to see me Mommy that takes most people years and years of practice! I know I'm just your cocksleeve but I don't think you should be embarrassed to see my face and hat in the darkness of your doorway with all your three eyes while Eden told you not to look that way! That's a really hard technique to master even normally for grownups! Yes Mommy you were just a three-year-old but all that means is you should have been surprised that you could see me even slightly with your physical eyes open!

My stomach can't churn because it doesn't exist anymore but my insides squeeze weirdly and I feel sick. I can't process what she's just said. I--cocksleeve what what did I do I like clairvoyanced you--

RAAAH I see Mommy I get it! Yes yes Mommy you looked at me with your spiritual third eye like for visions from the game and me and everything we were learning with the black mirror before and then you did something I didn't think I'd need to teach because you already have me physically and you pushed yourself outside the universe of Eden and saw me standing there as Freddie physically and solid in your doorway. That was real Mommy not your imagination you actually saw me. Not just in a vision you actually used your body's eyes to look right up and down my body. I know you were just three so you probably can't remember and just remember feeling embarrassed and so stupid but it did happen Mommy!

I stare at her, definitely visible to my physical eyes now. That was real. I did see you. I saw you and then I didn't because I fell off whatever psychic mountain I'd accidentally climbed? A memory of stacking chairs in the kitchen at the farmhouse to climb for something in the corner I've remember before surfaces and I realize I don't know what I was climbing for because it didn't happen I didn't climb chairs because the chairs we had couldn't be stacked they were nesting chairs and I didn't get yelled at by my mom it's just the only way my three-year-old mind could process what I'd blundered into to be able to store it because I was two universes from the reference points I'd need to even explain it to myself as an adult. The metaphors seem so clear and I have to laugh even though it feels like I'm tearing apart inside because if not for all this gender madness and having to process that when someone says she around me now they're just as likely to mean me as Lyra and just being given this ridiculous-awesome third-person camera power, I could never understand the key to them which is how the pronouns in my internal monologue switched from first to second person at the end of my remembering what happened.

I've been standing in that doorway, listening to the flies we could never clear out of there buzz against the window--that's what the spot on the dirty windowpane is about--hearing that cruel voice chanting stupid stupid stupid, wondering where the friend I knew I'd just seen was and still seeing and feeling her right there but that couldn't be right imaginary friends aren't real I must just be too stupid and making it up--ever since. How ironic that with all this nostalgia and the Dreams telling me we're going back to Plowstar that I need to turn the clock back not a lifetime, but two seconds.

Guinan, the Arwing chase, Stupid Bimbo mode--the green checkmark it means it means hold onto your ass we're doing this in kindness but it's going to be a hell of a ride.

Going back to Plowstar--The bench. We went there just for a moment but we projected our consciousness or stepped into the fantasy I know what I need to do I think--

Mommy YES! YES I can help just let me explain please OOF okay explaining! The bench I think was just imagination but the Dreams took what you imagined and made a real place out of it somewhere near where our house will be but we did project our consciousnesses into the place that you imagined and the Dreams used that to take us to the bench's real location. Mommy just remember use the vision you keep seeing to take us back to Plowstar and put me in the doorway and just stand and keep seeing me until your heart decides it wasn't just a stupid thing to see me in your doorway then please come up and hug me and I'll show you that I'm physical and hold onto you tight until your body here can feel me in the journey.

The vision already feels like it's pulling us in, and the Dreams show me their green checkmark so vividly it--I just done what she described. They somehow just nudged me so I saw it there physically in the cockpit like Rada's train caboose, but it's not the same kind of illusion.

--we're there, the smell of that old mudroom surrounds me, and then like a dream the scene jumps back two seconds and I'm standing in the dooryard of Plowstar's farmhouse and there Freddie is in her elf-robe and striped socks and stupid red gnome-hat and I can see her face so clearly just standing there and she is so obviously she which my three-year-old mind didn't notice or care about and she's so obviously Lyra, she made such a cute kid.

I stand, and start to charge forward--the dreams show me a red checkmark. Stop and look.

So I look, just see her. I'm short, three again, her head's level with the door latch because we're kids, the same height.

Time rolls forward, days blur and season flicker past as we time-lapse through childhood standing there, growing taller at different speeds so I slowly start to tower over her like I do now.

Lyra's upturned face suddenly gasps like orgasm and her body changes, breasts and curves bursting out in the moment puberty takes at this rate, and growing horns knock her hat off as her skin and hair turn silver and then her expression turns naughty-determined like when she was holding the corset and her tail slips out from under the robe that is and always has been a dress and she smiles up mischievously and I gasp to see her strip the dress right off her body revealing the shining bikini she came to see me in and without a second thought I step forward and tear it off her with two quick yanks and slip into her soft, silky breasty silver embrace and put my arms around her and she clamps hers around me--


My voice rings out in the cockpit as I feel the hug, her arms squeezing me with all her strength, her breasts pushing tight into me as she leans into the hug with everything she has. It's hard to breathe, GOOD. I hold her until I have to release her because I need air, but keep my hands on her, and she opens her mouth, points to it with a knowing expression, and with both hands on her head I push her kneeling in front of me, I can feel her silken hair in them like the hug--

--something is changing, the world is spinning, moving, the Lego castle I got to comfort me when we got to Boston, the moving box in made I we made into a spaceship with markers we're playing there together the comfort of her presence is with me--

--she's still in the middle of grabbing my member for the blowjob I've just demanded I can feel her fingers warm on my clit inside my purse--

--the rest stop on 95 on the way to Grand Lake I can feel her right there with me--

--her mouth is around me now soft and wet and sucking at me urgently--

--the vending machine was broken and she shapeshifted up inside it to get my candy out I remember staring close with my nose between the security grates to peer in at her--


--she looked so silly the way she reformed all squished between the glass and the racks with her wings all flat and her cheek and horn smooshed against the window like a cartoon character as she wiggled to make my candy fall wait what the fuck that reflection is people staring at us this isn't me playing psychic prodigy while Lyra tries to poltergeist my precariously stuck candy for me she's there her struggling is moving the reflections on the glass one of the people is taking a picture like this is just something normal, the candy falls--

--here in the cockpit she's still just straddling me but I can feel her lips against my mound, the warmth of her tongue and throat sucking me, I feel her slide back up my shaft her lips a slippery tight ring around it, her hair feels so vivid in my hands as I start to force her back down--

--a plate of saltines and can of ginger ale, I must be sick, the old paint of the Arlington house looms, how is the plate where it is there was no coffee table there oh silver hair shines behind it almost white in the sun it's catching and little grey fingers stick out around the edge of the plate near me--

--the hot wetness of her mouth starts to envelop my shaft again--

--slip and slide in Stamford OH MY GOD she looks hot all wet in her bikini sliding on the slide in the back yard making my just-developing sexuality dizzy with lust even in her pale-skinned human-drag with her wings and tail sadly hidden, she bounds up at the end and shakes her cleavage at me, laughing--

--her lips move up my shaft so enticingly--

--opening something, it came in a plastic folder, this is Caroljeanne's living room (the ex-schoolteacher who taught classes for homeschooling families like mine to get stuff their parents couldn't teach), it's her Chemistry class and I'm sitting in the big armchair in her living room where she held it with Lyra cross-legged at my feet, laptop in her lap, typing away (eidetic memory would be cheating, but she could take notes for me)--

--ooh, Lyra's grabbing my balls while she sucks now, gently rolling them--

--a giant rock, golden-sunlit, Lyra in this silly little black polkadot dress but she's in demon-mode with her tail lashing mischievously out the bottom of her dress, she turns and rubs her ass sneakily against me catching my cock with her same precision as always (the dress was thin, I remember its stretchy-scratchy-silky fabric) as we look at the rock catching the sunset, there's a railing in front of us with rocky shore the fuck how my family (as in mom and dad and brothers!) is lined up beside us at the same railiing like this is all completely normal--

--Lyra squeezes my balls just right, painful good about to squeeze the cum right out of me as her lips slide up my shaft again--

--a blue semi, we're parked at some rest stop again on family vacation with the boat loaded up no we've just rolled up that's right my the rest of the family's out of the car and as soon as they're out of sight we dive for each other to make out, I was driving for us which meant Lyra got shotgun what was she wearing that day I just remember it had a scoop neck she grinningly showed me her cleavage down before we jumped each other, she was in her black-haired human-drag what the fuck LIFE is this I can still smell the chicken McNuggets she fed me as we pulled out--

--she's let go squeezing as I force her wet little throat open again and feel its softness climb my member so wonderfully, it feels like it's happening because it is--

--the dining room in Stamford, shades drawn against the brutal summer sun, I'm coming around the table between the wall and windows, Lyra's on hands and knees looking for something and very intentionally giving me a nice view, she finds it and flips to hold it out on her palms, it's a rhinestone-sparkly earring, my middle brother calls out from the front hall in his whiny-demanding tone so perfectly calculated to annoy We're going to miss the previews! Just because you're a girl now doesn't mean you have to be slow like mom! I take the earring, Lyra poings to her feet, I turn to leave with her and catch my reflection in the china cabinet of an awkward teenage version of the ridiculous slut I just watched Rada fuck against this Arwing dressed in a totally stupid-awesome black-with-starscape dress, if Lyra can find me missing jewelry of course I've had enough nectar to change but how!?--

--I crush her head to me, the pressure's building, I can feel her silky face pressed against my mound--

--Lyra's holding a slushie, doing suggestive things with her tongue on the straw and looking at me so happily-mischievous, she's beside me and I'm standing in front of a full-length mirror to preen, we turn and walk out an industrial door (teehee, we were in the ladies room like girls) no that's right this is Macy's and we're shopping and I remember my teenage heart aflutter as I lead us towards swimwear intending to find really scandalous suits for both of us--

--her face presses into me and her throat squeezes, I'm going to cum--

--I'm standing outside our house in Stamford by the back windows and Lyra's inside, looking out the window, clutching red-and-white checked curtains around her face, the shade resting against her back inside, I walk in the open patio door and turn left to see her and she runs up and skids to her knees in front of me and takes up a very pretty slave pose in her little skirt, I can see the hem of another of my starscape dresses and my own body in it looking down at her, Lyra looks over her shoulder than slips her tail up my dress, starts to lift the hem and I push it back down, laughing and dreamtalking that our family's in the next room but hot with joy at how feminine her naughtiness with my dress makes me feel--

--oh fuck this orgasm's going to be as real as the sensations--

--Lyra walking in front of me through an archway, around it outside is just outdoors and sky with the orange sky full of fire like falling meteors and inside the arch the green wood of Isht Visht's interior and Rada got up like hehe an Earthling pirate captain grinning broad and reaching out to grab me it looks like the end of the world--

--my body throbs with the orgasm, I can feel it starting to pump, my back arches in the pilot's seat and milk explodes out of my nipples, and ice-cream flavored cum erupts out of my clit still sitting in my purse where Lyra's still astride my lap holding the same hot pose I left her in but the visions keep continuing--

--red lighting, we're on Isht Visht's bridge with my Earthly family again what the fuck and Rada still got up as a pirate leading us straight at, whoah, just as she reaches the wall Rada steps on some kind of step and switches gravity and then walks off up the wall and Lyra and I follow next and the world pivots around us and the deck of the bridge is ahead with a pilot's seat in the center on a raised platform with taut iron control-chains leading up and out from under it to the walls while ahead of us aah what the fuck they'd explode just looking at Isla Virgo let alone GOING to Rl'yeh Sade what are my family DOING here, oh NO NO NO NO my dad and Rada are animatedly talking shop comparing notes on Earthling and Sadish sailing no they can't meet I'm so screwed now AAH what even is this how are they taking everything so in stride--

--now I'm leaning on the rail of Isht Visht's smaller kiteship mode sitting on the same bench she fucked me on, sailing the True Sea at ludicrous speed as Rada, still in her pirate getup works the winches and Lyra lazes with her head in my lap while my dad stands beside Rada with a captain's hat and spyglass of his own extra-silly against his Earth clothes because the pirate stuff actually belongs in the scene while my mom sits on the opposite bench looking happy in full her standard stupid tourist hat and sunglasses with my brothers beside her SERIOUSLY WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS--

--a blur of punch-bowls and cups and chatter, the housewarming parties, two houses two parties back to back it was so exhausting, Lyra destroying everyone at Karaoke with her polyphonic voice, playing StarFox with everyone wait what the hell those are N64-era graphics and that's Nintendo hardware plugged into the TV plugged into the TV but it's sure not an N64--

--a blur of shining shelves and hangars, everything's made of crystal, Lyra's arms full of clothing and she's finally properly dressed in nothing as she dances ahead of me into a dark space and sets the clothing on a table and waits with her eyes down, I'm still dressed from the party in a long satin gown, Lyra comes up behind me and strips it off me, pulling it over my head by flying up to reach--

--sitting in a sea of black satin with a screen showing the title screen of Mario Kart hanging over us all, somehow-wireless SNES controllers in our hands, me and Lyra and Rada and Isht Visht all naked and cuddling while we play, the room is soothing-dark but green plants and gold sun shine in the background, summery--

--building with Legos together--

--what the fuck that's not possible Rada Lyra me and Isht Visht all walking into Olympic Pizza, I take the seat with its back to the wall where I can watch Lyra march up to the counter and with the sweet determination that makes me see her streak of shyness for the first time to order for me like she's always planned to, we must be in Rl'yeh Sade somehow because Lyra's naked which I think is what I remember which is impossible because this hasn't happened yet--

--okay at least this is obviously just life in Rl'yeh Sade a shining white-with-purple-mane unicorn-pony of the same 'species' as Lyra's and the ones on the wrapping paper is telekinetically measuring a naked Lyra for a new 'outfit'--

The visions' ending leaves me drenched in milk and cum still flying everywhere as it shoots out of my purse where my clit's still ready to be taken out to play with. My jacket and the cockpit of the Arwing are dripping milky-smelling pleasure, and Lyra is just sitting with her eyes as wide as IBM RAMDAC platters, looking at me like she wants to eat me.

I reach into my purse grab my spurting clit and have to try two more times because it's gotten slippery with the cum that I've been spewing. Finally I catch hold of it and lift it to my mouth to give myself a mouthful--yuuuhm this stuff is tasty--kiss my tip as raunchy as I can for Lyra, spray cum across her face and cleavage--about to push her mouth open, I have the best idea and beg the game to let use my voice to try this PLEASE game it's awesome won't you let me just this one time?

"Computer, gravity off and every recording device in here recording!"

"Okay. Watch out for things going up your nose when you breath in!"

Suddenly I'm falling and Lyra floats into the air above my lap and I grab her hip and flip her backwards fast and roughly and slide my clit into her pusssy OOoohhh that's much better.


I slam her hips back down to mine, the suction cup attaches, I run my hands up her body and clamp around her waist with them, and beg the game again to let me use my voice for this so it will be on the recording:

"Now squeeze my throbbing clit nice and tight and get fucking like the squishy horny little boobcushion you're meant to be!"

HELL YES A NAME THAT SAYS MY PLACE! Slide myself back and forth to grind my pussy all up and down your mound and shaft wait for you to set my rhythm with by moving my whole body I'm your cocksleeve aren't I?

YES YOU FUCKING ARE GOOD COCKSLEEVE. I clench fingers into her and lift her off me a few inches and roughly slam her down again--Game third person like the porn that we're making! Instantly my view adds a new perspective and I close my eyes then open them and ask the game to make me only have third person and watch myself reopen them and focus them on Lyra where I'm looking at breasts bounce with the motion of her body up and down along my shaft as I stroke my throbbing member with her in a ruthless rhythm to make up for the part between the orgasm in the vision-dream and what she's being my sex-doll for now. I blink to see how she looks from in my head then blink back to the view in front of is just by making the decision and blink around the cabin enjoying different views of us looking like a snowglobe with the cum that's floating in the zero gravity.

Mommy look it's happening! The title screen is out there you'll miss it! You don't want to miss the title screen of my whole game do you?

Laughing, I blink my viewpoint back to see what she's looking at, and outside the canopy it's zooming up the size of a universe like the title of Star Wars:

The hottest Fairy Princess

The coolest Pirate Captain

Their sexy little Cocksleeves

And a super-awesome Arwing

This bursts to vapor, and a single word zooms up:


This bursts to vapor too, and the real title fades in, shrinking from impossibly huge to fit our view:

The Legend of The Four

It's festooned with symbols of us: Lyra's tail hangs over the top of the word Legend, while a lily pad with beautiful flower sits just below Four (maybe for Rada?), whose The has the bar of the T growing into a wooden tiller, at the T of the first The is wearing my StarFox jacket like a clothes-horse.

The words burst to vapor which shoots past us as sudden acceleration throws me back against the pilot's seat and Lyra back against my breasts to squeeze more milk out all over us. The sudden impact makes me feel a kind of need and pressure I didn't think was possible and the squeezing of the orgasm feels like there's something in my body filling up my passage what the fuck is happening there is something up inside of me it must be the game's tentacles--