71 - Another Castle

On Lyra's back in the camp again. He got a portal, right Dreams? And help going through it?

A doorway into a nighttime garden. Okay. I'm not a murderer then.

"Mommy that was wonderful I'm super ultra proud of you!"

"What happened, tastytart? You look a million years younger!"

"I--brain--cocksleeve, I--tell--"

Mama laughing brings me back from the spaceout I zone into as Lyra talks.

"I'm serious! You really can't tell me? Lucy, hey, this is serious--"

More laughter from her and Mama?

"--it is omigod sis hang onto me. Lucy, I know it's intense and it's okay if you're not ready, but can you tell me his name? For the history I'm making?"

"Honestly I wish he never gets to use his old name ever again."

More raucous laughter from Mama and Isht Visht.

"Boobsqueeze we're not making fun of you, I promise. Try to remember if you feel like it and then we'll tell you all of it."


I tell them my guess haltingly, and they exploding in crying laughter, and a hologram of some kind of a near-future GUI appears in front of the TV, cropped so only the bottom of the title of the whatever is visible, making it unreadable.

"Okay sis, please promise not to turn into a dragon and eat me before I finish explaining this. I'm showing you a YouTube video--it's a video sharing site. Check out this number here, 19M? Nineteen million views. This is one video, out of so many copies I can't even, because this meme got so popular, they even made a movie where they had a version of it with the characters from the movie. It's a battle game, and they're setting up to a big battle with lots of strategy--it's multiplayer. They have to carefully plan the whole fight out with spreadsheets and stuff. Now, before I press play on this, understand this is just one example, and it's a thing where Strawberry Dynasty lore obviously leaked into Earth via musing or something. This is everywhere. That's why we're showing you."

Isht Visht presses play, and serious voices chatter like fighter pilots as the image above the view count becomes a video of a 3D RPG with definitely-from-the-future graphics--

"WHAT!? OMIFUCK Princess I think your wish is filled!"

--and my heart leaps and a weird laugh sticks in my throat as one character suddenly breaks ranks and charges into the boss-room leading the other characters to their deaths, shouting a weird Earthling rendering of the traitor's first name:


"Turn it off, turn it off," I wave, wheezing with laughter. "Am I a bad person that that really helps?"

The video vanishes and I can think again, head cleared by the silliness.

"So Isht Visht this is awesomely kinky but like, would you like your like piece of you back now?"

"Nah, you can keep it. I'm pulling out of it though so it's just candy now."

The flavor and texture of Isht Visht's taffy change, only slightly, but enough to feel like she's unplugging the headphones I'm wearing, leaving just a piece of delicious, sea-breeze-and-lilies saltwater taffy. I gnaw on it happily and it starts to disintegrate like the real...thing...cocksleeve. Where should your bubblegum fruit grow from? Where on your body, you can make candy fruit I can pick off you and eat right? That's why you have candy inside you?

I'm not into knife-and-fork cannibalism that I can tell but...somehow this way is a million times more kinky to me, and awesomely appealing.

OH MY FUCK THAT'S AMAZING um I think on my tail would be sexy just like the Rider Waite-Smith Devil card she has a tail like that or maybe my earlobes I could have bubble gum earrings imagine how sexy it would be to make out and nibble my earlobe and actually bite a piece off of me and have me still pretty with earlobes you can bite and it looks like I have earrings when they're ripe Mommy let's try it please have me shapeshift them!

Oh my fuck yes. Make them you-flavored and shaped like grape bubbleyum with the two-tone thing you know what I mean you were there.

Mommy yes I can see you that's awesome that will even make good jewelry for me that's definitely my style! Rrraaah squeeze pop! Hehe they POP!? Wiggle head feel them bouncy.

When I look to her, a perfectly-formed block of grape bubblegum hangs from each of her earlobes, complete with two-tone dark-purply-black inside and silvery-grey outside matching Lyra's color scheme.

HELL YES. Oh my god that so suits you this is so inspiring.

The last of Isht Visht's candy is dissolving, yummy to the end, but even while the flavor makes me smile its subtlety raises my hunger for a mouthful of Lyra's sweet intensity.

"You inspired these--actually thanks, Isht Visht, for everything."

"The one who should be thanking anybody is me. Captain implanted me in the first place because she wanted to sail with a water sprite like in the Strawberry Dynasty stories! If you hadn't said that thing about pirates and water sprites, I might not even be here! Thank you guys from the bottom of my heart."

"You dove into that egg with me, almost got burned, you watched you poor Captain die in my arms, like...I dunno...I mean you guys almost literally at a few points dove into a star to bring me my crown...what you did was hard...you're welcome but I don't feel like I did anything, not really, I've just been riding this ride this whole time! Even my own poor seedling keeps having to get up and save me yes I know you don't mind cocksleeve that's not my point here."

Whatever speechifying magic was just powering me seems to be gone.

"I watched you set fire to an entire solar system because you found out it was trying to fuck with your relationship with Lyra, and I was there when you were stabbing Earth out, and then I was translating the speech you gave just now. Isn't for Fairies the hardest thing controlling yourself? Every time you explode you're more powerful and terrifying and BIGGER except instead of destroying everything this time you directed it, I watched you, I saw you turn that light of yours on and off like a lightswitch. Just because we keep saving you doesn't mean you're not doing anything, Princess, and it doesn't especially not for your Fairy ass mean you aren't doing what's hardest for you for the sake of your family. That's why I'm saying thank you."

That same falling feeling as in the cockpit of the Waifu, because she's so right, this control is what was hard for me and I'm still not sure how I managed any of it--hey! The Waifu's laser pods are blue, that isn't right! Game I need to change them soon. I need to make that thing really look like a Princess' chariot.

Top, Change the paint on your chariot to match your true colors, Half-moon rainbow lightningbolt

Okay I can already tell from that and the one episode I've seen that there's a Rainbow Dash out there like there like there's a Guinan and Beverly and Deanna and we're going to race and it's going to fucking rule. Good one game.

"I still can't believe I managed to do any of that stuff. My game must have been driving or setting me up or something but it says it's not which is really fucking confusing honestly because like, you've met me, I have the social graces of a burnt-out toaster oven! I can only assume that's not what you guys like me for, but like, if I believe what happened, I just Picarded up an entire mythology of awesome porn! I'm just not that good--and for that matter how did I control myself like that? Everything I've been learning is teaching me how I'm just fire that burns in its container and I can't control it and that's okay and then I get up there and do that and...everyone what the hell? What even was that?"

"I think that was love, Lucy. You did that for Captain, and maybe I'm just being romantic, but it seems to me that like, you being a Fairy doesn't mean you can't love people, and there has to be some ability for you to express your love that isn't just grabbing for them even if that is the main way you express it, and in that speech you hauled close on that for Captain's sake, and you know anger's a powerful thing and I bet it helped you when you figured out you can direct it into making yourself sharper. As for your social graces, Lucy Princess they aren't the same thing for a ruling-class family in a feudal empire as they are in fucking Earth high school in the 90s! You did fine as a Princess telling her subjects to shut up and listen she's talking now! Maybe that's what you're made for. You're the last in a long line of queens after all! So what if that's Monstrous, you read the Five Pointed Star to her right sis?"

"Yes! As soon as it was possible I made her read me a story and the story was the Five Pointed Star."

"So you understand. Just have fun with it! Go to a party and get fun times happening by commanding it! The Princess of Strawberries is here, bow and be blessed with an orgasm! People who like that stuff are drawn the Strawberry Dynasty because it excites them! Just imagine what you can do with that!"

My voice is kind of wavery and I feel a kind of fainting terror and something I can't quite remember from Colleen's brother's house that isn't lingering trauma, but...I can see the shape of my soul now in what I just did and yes I am a monster and yes it is terrifying, but I refuse to take this all seriously:

"Minus one. If I am ever the evil--no. If I am ever the sexy overlord in a fantasy story, I will notice that I'm the sexy overlord in a fantasy story as soon as monstrously possible."

Some of that stuff wasn't so sexy overlord, though--

"Cocksleeve why did you say that was wonderful with Laarhi? I was terrible!"

"You said yes I am super mad at you and I'm not going to hide that but your consequences are for doing your job badly and you're seeing exactly how that did what you wanted to prevent and what it could have been and it's over go get healing now. You could have been super evil and I would have said I can see why you're doing that but you didn't you made him lose everything he cared about like he made us without doing anything outside of disciplining your general for a mistake he made. He could have said you're not the queen of me and been saved I bet but he was so super hard to go through with his punishment from your ancestors he got yours instead. You were really a Princess there! That's wonderful, you came back to me without anything guiding you!"

"Holy fuck, my game's barely touched me--"

Knowledge: my game is still here and holding me, but it let me go freely through as much of that as possible so I would get the most healing from it. Now I know I'm capable of being a good princess and not the tyrant that general thought I was.

"Well nuts to him and yay for me but I wish I could just be a Disney Princess and stick to makeovers and pretty dresses--"

My hands are clapped to my mouth in a flash, but of course it's way too late: the TV screen glitches to a Disney Castle movie intro with its fireworks and they form into a glittering green checkmark, then flips back to Ponies.

"Eep," I whisper--

"Wait, no, phew, good one Dreams. Sure, make up a new Disney movie with me or whatever and we'll all have fun pretending and watching it, but even you can't like, rewrite history to make me an actually real Disney princess. You had me going there!"

I breathe a sigh of relief, feel a little more stable, though I need answers--

"I mean they could have made Disney make Strawberry Princess porn before the end of things and I'm just not telling you so it doesn't wig you out because you aren't ready for it."

"Klapta, be nice to her. Let's have our ice cream now, if you're ready to, pussylip."

I want to say something like that's worryingly specific but don't have the heart because after it will have to come aah can the Dreams actually rewrite history WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING. Mama's beside me, close, petting my head inside my crown. 

And you, silver pony, however you figured out to do this, and for your very excellent pet-dragon-ing, good. Job. Cocksleeve.

I'm so glad you're pleased with me that felt so hard to imagine you liking me to carry you there just because I thought it would bring you back to me I said we left here because it was scary Mommy won't like to come back and she didn't you were terrified but I said no this is happening she gave me orders get my Mommy back so I did and you're here now.

That was scarier than when I thought my guardian was trying to kill us, but you did the right thing. Twist that bendy neck around and kiss me.

Yes Mommy I'm in pony form but if you want me to that's what is happening ulp I'm turning now please don't kiss me if I would be gross to you!

Are you anything but my same loyal luxhi'khora seedling being pony-shaped right now?

No I'm still your cocksleeve Mommy but Mommy I know you like ponies I just didn't think it was that way! Turn my head and face you past Isht Visht omifuck you are kissing me and enjoying me what the fuck I didn't think you were into this oh well yum it's delicious your tongue is so small this way and it feels like you're eating me like no I'm your ice cream cone aww that's adorable lick me I'm horny to please you Mommy!


I'm into you, you silly cocksleeve! Later let's figure out how to fuck you in dragon-form without making you small or me big.

I manage to stand, somehow--girl-form, handmaiden--teeter--figure out ice cream for me--

Pop change stand up and grab you!

Why is she grabbing--ack no fuck it's like it's I standing up it turns the shock off and now I have to feel stuff--

"We've got you. We're sitting you down now, right sis?"

"Yes she said figure it out and she should sit to feel better."

Stuff happens, and I'm sitting on the silky Starfleet couch with Lyra at my side petting my head with Beverly's forehead soother. It eases the headache and calms the panic--


"It's just like with Freddie Mommy we unsealed some memories and they were big ones."

"This can't be how did they do it how did the barbarians or traitors or their god or whoever it was how did they fill my head with all these these these lies--AAAH!"

My head pounds too hard to keep talking.


"Mommy just listen please. They are all part of us all the life you remember is real in that you remember it. All of that is our memories. We existed in all of them just as much as the other ones."

"That isn't possible we can't both be from Presque Isle and the Strawberry World even if the worldgate totally did come out on Green-top!"

"Take time out and just think of it--"

"No. I'm not doing it. I'm not three people. I was born in Strawberry Home and I--AAAH--WHY DOES THE TRUTH MAKE MY HEAD HURT," I whine-scream.

The Dreams show me a row of D batteries, just standing up--recharge--Dreams I know I do feel like I'll fall apart but part of the problem is that I need to understand this, I can't put it off anymore!

Mommy wait I think that means Four Dreams power.

Duh, those are alkalines, you don't recharge those. Of course the Dreams can Darmok off my knowing how batteries work.

"Are these visions supposed to mean something? I just saw four batteries."

"Yeah, um..."

Too much for brain pluck.

"They mean the Four Dreams' power and my Princess saw them after she asked that about why she has so many childhoods and what the real one is. I say the same thing this is confusing!"

"I'm scared by that! Do they just mean I'm like the pieces of like four different dead people they put together because they're powerful enough to do that?"

"Boobsqueeze you can't be that. Dead things don't work that way. I'm an expert here, you can listen to me."

"Why say power? I think we noticed they're powerful. This isn't like, news."

"Alright well what are those batteries for, Dreams? Is it one of those huge dildo-vibes?"


"You saw that if I know what your face says. Why would they show us this?"

"They power Lyra--no, the vibe thing! So she could come and get me! But--did that even happen what is all this--I don't get how that answers this question, though--argh, cocksleeve, explain."

"I'm an Object, so you made that vibe for me--"

"I what!? WHEN!?"

"Mommy yes don't be scared of this it just means you made it before the history change and told me to install it if I ever have to wake you up and can't be just an Object yet."

"Dammit. Eden. I forgot about all that--holy shit. It rewrote history while we were hiding out on Earth and we just got turned into Earthlings in the version of it with no magic. Right? Do its history changes come with like, backstory?"

"Yeah, we think it like, runs the entire universe backwards from each new state until either the planet forms or it ends up in the same past it had before the change."

"Boobsqueeze, listen please. Just because a memory happened in backwards-running time doesn't mean it's not real for you. Everything the laws of physics have in forwards time happens the same way. The only thing excluded is the otherworld, because only math runs back and forth like that. Stories go past to future always, and that's what most worlds with humans in them are made of."

"We've been time-travelling all over the place, though, and, like, the whole timelike thing, just seems to ignore causality entirely?"

"Yeah but you experience all of that as one story that goes next thing, next thing, next thing. That's what Captain's saying here. Lucy I see you freaking out. Just keep calm and listen. Everywhere su'khora happen is forward-flowing time. You see that, right? That means the Strawberry Castle we went to, and you with Lyra having fun hanging out in your parents' house, all that stuff, is clearly real. You get that, right, about physics happening two ways and story only one way? That means if Lyra has your cock in hand, it's forwards, because she only exists in story--when physics goes math-only, she can't be there. You see that, right? How she shows up in forwards time?"

"Which means this is forward time, and yes our meeting in Stamford is real because I was there too, and so is that time with Freddie and all those things we saw like me up inside that vending machine and playing StarFox. Everything with me is real we just don't have the story that it fits to."

"Oh. We did have two childhoods. We went to Earth constantly, for the Temple and stuff, it was like two whole lives--okay so cocksleeve you're like...pasting yourself in, moment to moment, which is fine forwards because it's just like adding something to a game by writing into its RAM from another process, but the backwards-time thing, you can't do that because it's just a calculation and I'm not there for my consciousness to affect it or whatever--I mean why can't you hack the backwards calculation the same way? Or are you just not messing with my head?"

"Mommy we did have two childhoods but the things about Mousie and your picture-girl are made up as ways to explain how you could feel that way without ever having a handmaiden. I would never mess with your memories but I can't anyway because how could I paste into anywhere even humans can't have consciousness?"

"Gah. The memories are tweaked to explain how I'd feel about them not seeing you there in them."

I clutch Lyra, feeling numb at the evil of this, half-inv--automatically thinking paste good and hard you.

RRAAAH yes I always will but the Dreams say what should we say for you please exist in us.

Her thought brings that sense of being like a barnacle clinging to external reality back, but I feel how she's right now, how where Earth was like a hard rock that made a solid but obstinate foundation the Dreams are heartstone that holds my holding back like clasped hands, both gentler and more secure. It gives me enough sense of safety to ask the next part.

"Why does Eden ever let anything it doesn't like happen? Couldn't it just save-and-crawl to...like in that Unicron Room I didn't get the impression it's just the Borg being cold and efficient. It actively wanted people to hurt. Couldn't it just save-and-crawl it's way to literally hell with this--oh. It did, huh."

"Not really, though I can see why you'd say that. We don't think Eden takes resets well. Imagine how you would feel if your neurons all got rearranged out of nowhere. Yeah, you'd be okay if they were close enough to last time, but best case is you'll be weird a bit and worst case you unravel. Something must be causing them, and it must engineered because the way they rearrange everything to fit every single conscious being there into the new history is way too precise for random fate, but this isn't something anyone can like, look inside."

Out of my hands rubbing my face: "I don't think I have to imagine...alright, so every moment Lyra's in like when we saw us fucking in my bed in Strawberry Home is real...and we came to Earth exploring for inspiring stuff with the Temple of Wishing Stars and as a safehouse...and then Eden reset history while we were there and our backstory became that we used to live on the farm in Maine near where the worldgate opened that was our safehouse and go back there often for summer vacations. Fuck."

There's a moment of silence like everyone is waiting to see if I'll explode now or what. I think I must breaking, because mumbly voices and a Cornerian air-raid siren seem to creep--no, I'm really hearing that--

"There come the voices again! What's the fight this time? If they're coming for Openveil, they're in for a surprise with me!"

"Um, we need to get to the hangar, I guess? Dreams, what the hell? I'm barely standing! Sitting! See!?"

The Dreams show me a bowling ball hitting pins. Candlepin bowling pins. Like the bowling alley I must have lost Mousie at--

Ziploc bags?? Dreams what--

Mommy the Dreams say you only lost Mousie in the backstory from the time history changed before you came here with me and the real past is still sealed like with Freddie and it must be time to unseal it now.

Weird confusing emotions explode at her interpretation why do I remember us being at Geddys Motor Lodge in Presque Isle now excited to come out of our room and go swimming out of everything why is that so important--tears surge up as my game pulls up the memory of the Stamford Town Center Mall where--where I won my jacket--but it's different this is an important feeling but the space doesn't look in my mind's eye like it should--I was thirteen and I--I--I was so proud of that jacket and so heartbroken to outgrow it--but, this, I--what memories what is this?

The Dreams show the little Lego tour bus from my room in Strawberry Home. Sure, if I wanted cargo ships and helicopters I definitely dreamed of having one of those to travel in for the Temple of Wishing Stars work--ouch--

Strange fire fills me from nowhere, emotionally impossible, white-hot iron like my fury at the courtyard but shot through with familiar kindness that's unknown to me.

"Let's go, how do we get down there. There'll be a firepole or something cool, right?"

"Mommy I can shadowjump right there if you want me to would you like me to there's a place by entry door and a place in the hangar so I can take you right away if you decide you want to go flying. I can go to our room too if you want to get ready first."

"Perfect and if I understood that I'm going to fuck you later just for the amazingness of your being able to actually jump out from under beds and stuff."

Her helpfulness brings me back to myself some, but my head still--it's like memories of Stamford will drown me, but they, I--

The game fucks my mind good and wide but with gentleness, and it comes into focus that the StarFox Super Weekend was a publicity stunt that Nintendo gave to market their game StarFox. I cling to the title Mistress of StarFox like it means something, but it was just a usenet sigline I used for a while and forgot about. If Lucy Princess of Strawberries was known to be on Earth and famous enough to have paparazzi at rest stops in the middle of nowhere, what would Nintendo have done when they found out she was obsessed with their new game StarFox? Especially when she turned out to be really good at it? They would have made her title official, and made a celebrity endorsement deal.

Top, Let everyone see you paint the sky with arcs of fire, hold a rainbow in your hands

The Dreams show me a vision of the intro to Transformers but it must be from the show after the movie because it stars Rodimus instead of Optimus but instead of an eighties laser grid he's running on a rainbow and then it's the Transformers the Movie poster with Rodimus opening the Matrix but it's--there's something over it, under it, a rainbow again no a whole different movie poster, then I see an old-timey movie camera and Fox McCloud from the controller config screen of StarFox tapping his foot let's go, then my StarFox jacket and a flash of the Waifu's cockpit.

What? Yes I know we're playing StarFox...alright apparently clair-odorance or whatever it would be is a thing because with my third nostril I smell, of all things, Burger King, just the vaguely-yummy fried-artificial-BBQ smell of being in one, but it brings up an inexplicable nub of a memory of being at a Burger King with Lyra.

"What the hell," I blurt, feeling a strange need to be there, like I left Mousie sitting on the bench we--we--

The psychic smell gets stronger, more vivid, the planks-and-mirrors wall of the Burger King on High Ridge Road in Stamford flashes through my head.

"Wait one more second, Pussywillow, Princesses who have special help get special costumes, and you're missing--"

Isht Visht opens her hyperspace cupboard as she talks, and Mama reaches in for something.


Mama comes out of the cupboard, smiling happily. In her hands are a pair of--oh my fuck of course what was I expecting after suddenly finding out instead of a nobody I'm a real live princess--she's holding out a pair of beautiful sexy high heels with brilliant-colored rainbows on the toes made of close-fit gems.

Otherwise, they're made entirely of clear shining crystal.

"You really are the coolest mom. Cocksleeve, get those on me. Mama, THANK YOU!"

Take shoes from Rada kneel at your feet and wait till you present me one. Slide it on very carefully and watch if it's too small or pinches but it just fits you perfectly!

It does fit perfectly. I set my foot down, put some weight on it...the ball and a place in front of my heel complain a little for a moment, but it's otherwise...kind of alright? I bet nectar totally gave me high-heels superpowers or something. 

I lift my other foot.

Slip the other shoe onto you make sure it's adjusted good kiss your foot by the rainbow to say it's ready.

Fuck but foot-kissing is hot. Oh my, heels make me even more stupidly tall! They're also way less uncomfortable than everyone says--I wonder how long it'll take me to eat those words?

Game, please puppet me to look hot walking in these--

Knowledge: I can be sure I'll look hot without the game's help. The skills of my true life as a girl from my early years have come back enough that I can do it now.

I take a tentative step forward, then skip backward, all perfectly fine--no way.

"Mommy you look beautiful!"

Please make your handmaiden worship your feet properly when we have time for it?

Little cocksleeve, are you into feet?

Blush. Princess shoes make me feel worshipful but yes Mommy I am.

Good, because I'm going to need a lot of footrubs the way I never want to take these off apparently.

Grin looking up at you so happily--EEP MOMMY LiSTEN!


"Wait, if we're playing StarFox--Mama, I need--I'm calling my add-one-thing to add my jacket but hurry please--oh no Mama did I fry my nose stud and my jacket!? You must have worked so hard on those!"

"Boobsqueeze what are you talking about? I thought your game must have given you that jacket, since you were wearing it without my permission. The nose-stud was pretty too, but I didn't give you it that I know of--I'll bet you got a present from my future self again! It was in the Arwing, wasn't it. The jacket is beautiful! Isht Visht put it into her safe place while we were falling, and it will be safe and sound there as long as it needs to. I don't see your nose-stud anymore, and I didn't take it, but maybe your game did? Mine can put things away when it wants to..."

Her voice makes me think she's had some adventures with that during her last alone time with Isht Visht. Game?

Relief sighs out of me as my nose-hole fills suddenly with the cool metal shaft of my diamond. I flash to third person for a moment to see it shining there (seriously, shining, game did you polish it!?).

Knowledge: the game did the same with my clit to keep it from melting my purse things. My purse is okay because it's made out of Lyra and can withstand any temperature.

Hooray for being too much of a ditz to have thought to worry about that this whole time. I throb it with kegels just to feel it, and the soft silky walls of the game's containment gently embrace it.

I can really just be completely stupid, can't I. You keep telling me that game but I keep not getting it. That's what having a safe container is.

Knowledge: stupid isn't precisely the word for it. Irresponsible has connotations the game doesn't mean, but there is no need or ability for me to take responsibility for anything but Lyra. The game put my nose-stud in storage when I got too hot to wear it without melting the silver because it took responsibility for keeping my jewelry from being vaporized. This wasn't a mistake or oversight for me not to think of putting it away when I shine. I'm supposed leave it to the game to take care of things for me. I've been leaving toys around since the black mirror in the aftercare nook, and the game has been cleaning up after me. Every single toy I've played with is put away safely where it should be and waiting for me when I want it next. Even the coffee mug Lyra replicated me is in the game's storage, with the coffee still in it.

Every little girl wants to be a princess, the game told me. Princesses have armies of invisible-to-them servants who follow them around just taking care of stuff for them like I do with the game now. I remember that. They get pretty crowns and all the toys they want and don't have to worry about anything at all...because the idea is to focus all their energy on looking good for the family, and landing a good marriage alliance, and preparing to one day run a country where succession by murder totally works if you can just get away with the murder.

But that part is boring, and you don't get to have your Mama read you stories anymore, and how are you supposed to have fun with all the attention of being princess if you're trying to get one single husband? I don't even like boys!

So Lyra found a way to get rid of all the boring parts and let me be a princess the way little girls imagine--well, okay, probably more like they way horny porn writers imagine it--while I still live with my Mama and have midnight breakfast with her and storytime by the fire while I play with my dolly, bwaha.

Burger King again like Colleen's brother's house haunting me. Now delayed reaction feeling suddenly realizing naked? Not naked, but--eep coordinating that's a thing and it's important!

Purse, match my crown, still be heart-shaped but match colors and have a sparkly expensive strawberry on your side like my crown.

Too bad I can't make the crown rainbow to match--agh why's that feel wrong to say--

"Klapta her jacket, scoot!"

In a flash, there's Isht Visht holding my jacket up--she already washed it!? Fucking time travel, sheesh--cocksleeve, get that on me ASAP!

Yes Mommy let go and get jacket take jacket to Mommy behind her arms up please thanks Mommy that's helpful you put them behind you slide the sleeves up your arms both at once cause we're hurrying put jacket over your shoulders and reach up to make sure it's adjusted now get in front to see if your breasts need adjusting they don't do some anyway hehe!

The fondling clears my head some, gives me the confidence if I should have if we're off to paint the sky with arcs of fire.

"Alright, we're on, cocksleeve."

"I'm ready let's do this!"

I hold out my hand.

Take your hand place is this way in the kitchen by the entry door see it's dark like a hole in space it can be one if you let me carry you just think spooky thoughts of how darkness can be a gate that goes anywhere yes you're doing it ready hold me as I push us back WHEE!

As we get near the shadow she suddenly grabs onto me and wraps herself around and tips us in and like blinking we're in a nook in what's obviously the hangar. I lead us out and--

"Dammit, I forgot about the nacelles! The timelike thing can't possibly give us time to paint them, can it--also that was fucking metal we just jumped out of a shadow like storybook monsters didn't we."

"Mommy it can give us years if we need them but the Waifu can change colors to match all your outfits already just tell the computer you want it to."

"I love you so much. Let's get in. You control the stairway, right?"

"Here stairway!"

Her voice is even cuter than last time. Slabs rise out of the floor to make an easy path up to the cockpit and I bound up it with her.

"Computer, open cockpit?"

A Federation fuzzbeep sounds and it slides open, and I hope down into the strawberry-sugar-swirl-reeking cockpit with Lyra in tow, nudge her to sit at my feet.

"Computer, close canopy."

First off:

"Computer, make the laser nacelles sparkly pink."

It fuzzbeeps confirmation, and when I twist in the seat to look (always a good reminder of having boobs as I pleasurably fail to get my arm out of their way) they're flipping from blue to a nice pinkish strawberry color.

I settle in the seat--game, strap me in--and grab the flight controls.

"Alright, start us up, conn. Check our weapons, I have a feeling we're about to need them."

Tentacles writhingly slide around me, slippery and smooth, then snug me into the seat.

Power systems on tap the console get my fingers ready here you come LCARS everything online automatically check the tactical full five novabombs Mommy.

Check the systems list all things coming on turn the engine on warp drive warming up transwarp calibrated G-diffusers coming up almost ready now we can float if you move the translate-stick or make me chart a course and say Engage to me!

Sitting tall in my captain's chair I have to grin at this, but:

"We're saving that for when it really feels like the end of an episode of TNG. Gear up, conn."

I pluck us off the ground with a nudge of up-throttle, swing yaw to face the forcefield quickly, and jam the throttle forward to send us out into the water--oh my sweet screaming fuck you've got to be kidding me--