48 - All Good Things

I turn us to face the doors as the pssh closed. My own heart feels ready to stop when we start moving. Game she's going to be okay, right?

Knowledge: the chances of her being injured or actually killed by this are zero. Exactly, precisely, no epsilon or margin of error or probability-based physics. In the Four Dreams, you can actually be absolutely unwaveringly certain about the outcome of events based on the promise the Dreams make in the Five-Pointed Star. This way leads to Happily Ever After, no ifs, ands or buts.

Mommy it's like you with Guinan the Bones said green checkmark to tell you this would be okay and I'm scared by this too let's ask them to show us about this please Dreams will Rada be okay?

As if just double-checking would be enough--they show us (or showing me is showing Lyra anyway) toasted bread upside down, and a hand pulling an anchor up from the bottom of the ocean, and then...the best description is sexy haunted dollhouse: not toasted, anchors aweigh so she can set sail for a new home of the kind you'd expect the four of us to make together.



"Isht Visht--breaking cycles. Knocking them down is easy..."


Eravahk, get as small as you can and stick to my hands magnetically.

It responds with a Magnet-Missile firing sound from Mega Man 3 and when I arrange it to stick to the back of my hand the game lets me and it stays there firmly with no chance of falling accidentally, barely longer than its handle.

If I'm doing this, I'm doing it bare-handed. If I'm no good at making girls cum, make me good, game.

Knowledge: Rada barely needs anything to make her cum how she is right now. I can be sure she'll enjoy--

That's not the point, game. This is huge. I want to blow her mind, not just make her cum.

The game moves my clutch so I can't think I'll be inadequate to what the scene needs, and makes me unable to touch Rada except with the intention to enjoy the feel of her breast and her pussy and holding her.

Knowledge: our relationship is one of enjoying each other as companions for fun and to have people who understand how it feels to have seedling like Isht Visht and Lyra to hang out and compare notes with.

Alright well she's been teasing me with her body the whole time so I'm definitely going to enjoy this and hope having her die in my arms from it won't traumatize me or anything.

Knowledge: I definitely won't be. I won't understand why until it actually happens.

"Wait Lucy I have some advice first! Captain has two tiny clit piercings they're not very easy to find but if you touch them together she'll have the most mind-breaking orgasm her body can possibly have then. You want to make sure right? You game says you need to know you'll be good at this and that'll be the best you can be no matter what else happens. Try them you'll see! They're right on the inside of her stem underneath if you lift up her clit you should find them."

"Thank you--"

"Can Lyra come hug me right out of the turbolift please?"

"She's going to, right cocksleeve?"


And you're going to give her whatever comforting she needs including makeouts and stuff but whatever it takes to get her there you're going to have her right in front of Rada and facing her close and ready to be there for her like you when you woke me up in my room on Earth ASAP, got it?

Sure, some kind of weird timeloop fates it to happen or something but that's nothing to my knowing how much Rada's going to need that if she's anything like me at all.

YES. MOMMY. RRAH! Going fast I'll be running as soon as the turbolift doors--Mommy my leash though.

Right. Here--I unclip it from her neck and it zzzips back inside the eravahk-handle. Ready?

Poing up on my foot-balls ready to spring!

Good cocksleeve. Be smart and think hard in this, your sister needs you.

So much poising mind poising head buzzing ideas.


The turbolift doors pssh open, I gulp, and stride--


We're coming out onto a Galaxy-class bridge, from the turbolift in the port-rear side by the science and engineering stations. Isht Visht is standing right outside the turbolift door, and I don't even get a look at her before Lyra has blurred from my side and crashed into her with a cute stereo 'oof' and hauled her off across the deck.

The game turns my eyes to the captain's chair. Down on the carpeted deck between the ops and conn stations Rada is held by a mass of sea-green-and-iron shiny (my game must have handed off to her new one) smooth tentacles, writhing in exquisite agony. She faces the main view screen and Lyra and Isht Visht are already standing in front of her--I can just barely see purply-black wings around the arch of her neck that will soon be laid on my shoulder. My feet beat a slow steady beat on the deck as I stomp down the ramp and walk up to put my hands on her. Her figure looks beautiful, with slight graceful curves entwined but not struggling now in the shiny green tentacles. They keep her ass and back free for me to lay myself against and I can see her front is also available for my horny and curious fingers to splay out and try to devour. I nestle myself against her--

"Ooooh," the game makes me coo but the feeling is totally genuine. Her soft silky flesh is slick with the sweat of her edging, and the heat of her pussy feels like fire against my mound where the tentacles align her perfectly to be held like the game's order makes me. Her game must be making her do things, because when her face turns up as she lets her weight settle back on me I can see that her eyes are glassy and distant. Her breath comes in short gasps as the tentacles at her mound carefully edge and release in a succession of teasing short bursts of attention to her breasts mouth and presumably clit--there are tentacles down there, though I can't see from here what they're doing. I reach out my hand and tentacles retreat when I come near what they're touching. Her breast is soft in my palm but much smaller than Lyra's--and the fact that I think that in this situation is why I'm the person to do this. Isht Visht is lined up precisely in front her Captain, held by Lyra in a tight caring hug but positioned to face out so she'll be right there to be pushed into Rada's embrace the second her tentacles free her. She's a demon like Lyra but she's sea-green with iron-black hair and eyelashes, blue in highlights like the metal. Her face is more lithe and less soft than Lyra's but I can definitely see that they're sisters. Isht Visht has horns like a devil, little curved points at the top of her forehead, no wings I can see here, and at the back of her elbows she has little soft fins like a mermaid.

I lift Rada's head for a moment to make sure her last sight is Isht Visht, then let her head lay on my shoulder and reach my hand down for her pussy. Slowly I trace down her stomach and enjoy how it feels every inch of the way--nothing else will let my hand move. She's lovely, taut smooth and full of the fire of edging, pushing with desperate interest against my hand as I caress her. Finally my hand's over her soft wet and desperately hot mound and slides down and into her open-wide and engorged pussy and I explore with the relish of someone who's been smelling sweet cake for hours and finally gets a piece. Her nectar smells fresh and human, some basic instinct within me yells out please fuck her, and my fingers explore for the joy of the feeling of soft slippery flesh engulfing and gliding past my newly-sensitive and short-fingernailed fingers--

Electricity shocks through my body, and pleasure explodes in my head and between my legs and I scream out the sudden shock of an orgasm I wasn't expecting, as my fingertip grazes the tiny hard nubs of something like plastic where Isht Visht described them. I thought she meant touch them against each other aaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH--

My heart skips ten beats and I writhe out the pleasure and everything feels strange and the world twists around me as I fight to keep working Rada through what must be the orgasm she's having shared the way my clit can through the tiny hard nubs I'm touching. The lights of the bridge flash white and then the consoles explode beside us and the viewscreen behind Isht Visht and Lyra erupts into a shower of static, replacing the view of the outside I hadn't had time to notice.

I'm too busy cumming to listen as the computer's voice sounds an alarm of some kind, lost in a feeling like my heart head and mound squeezing themselves like heartbeats that pulse and contract into waves of hot pleasure and tingling that expand out from the place in my hips where my pussy would be if I had one. It feels like my body will burst with it, and I tremble inside as I realize my heart's probably going to right beside Rada's--if this orgasm kills her, and I'm sharing it, surely I can't possibly survive what would break this kiloyears-old ship's captain? I try to let go of her clit-nubs but the game holds me fast so I look past her head on my neck to see Lyra right there beside Isht Visht, squeezing her tight with her eyes open wide as she hears what I'm thinking. Cocksleeve I want you to kiss me as soon as this orgasm is over and use lots of tongue wet with nectar and don't be afraid to stick that long tongue of yours deep down inside me to give me the most nectar you can--

I can feel my heart squeeze and then pleasure shocks through like I couldn't imagine anything feeling and suddenness of it distracts from the pain of my heart just squeezing and squeezing so I don't feel the least bit distressed as spots fill my vision and everything fades out--and then just before it all goes black as if nothing has happened my heart starts to beat with a heavy strong rhythm and the spots in my eyes clear and Lyra's eyes stretch even wider as she realizes what just happened. I breath a deep breath and deck seems to stabilize under me--kind of. The bridge shakes and sparks leap around us. Smoke fills the air and as the orgasm releases me from is torrent of pleasure and Rada's head lays back on my shoulder I can hear what the computer is saying:

"Warp core breach in progress. Multiple failure of antimatter containment in fifty-five seconds. Core dump disabled authorization Rada-alpha-four-nine. Emergency. Warp core breach in progress. Multiple failure..."

Rada feels so good in my arms, but so terrifyingly lifeless, and Isht Visht is just staring--

Cocksleeve, give her Isht Visht! I make myself release my hand from her clit and breast (the tentacles are still helpfully holding her) and the game lets me and I lift her head for Isht Visht and move my other hand out of the way and then because I'm me lick Rada's nectar from my fingers and it tastes salty and like some kind of basic desire like one needs protein or sugar. I swallow it hungrily as Lyra pushes Isht Visht against her and hold Rada's head steady.

Raaah sis come on she'll be okay just give her a kiss and--YUS MAKE OUT WITH YOUR CAPTAIN SIS SHE NEEDS YOU!

Rada's head suddenly lifts off my hands and her body convusles and her hands lift and the tentacles release them and she wraps them around Isht Visht and clings to her seedling with desperate intensity I can instantly recognize from the way I held Lyra after my game killed me. They make out for seconds that seem like long hours as the computer still counts down to Isht Visht exploding!

Let Rada have sis now spring to kiss Mommy!

I grab her and take a moment of kiss, then break it to figure out how to save Isht Visht.

Rada takes Isht Visht and stands as the tentacles release her. She finishes kissing her and sets Isht Visht down and faces her out to smile and wave as if she's not in the process of dying. Rada's face looks shockingly different. She always had perfectly youthful and pretty complexion, without one single line or wrinkle, but now she seems to have sloughed off the thousands of years she had on me in one single orgasm, and smiles as brightly as Isht Visht.

"When I first implanted her I had an orgasm just like that! Thank you! Ready to go, Klapta?"

"Where are you going can't she not leave her own body? WHY IS MY SISTER EXPLODING!?"

"I'm not actually this ship now. I can break my connection to parts of my body just like you can sis so I manifest this way and cut off the rest of myself and Captain decided it's time to go back to the sailboat I was when I implanted so we're blowing this up to say bye to our old life and have a fun ride to our new life with you guys. Let's go I don't want to be here when it goes off and miss such an awesome stormsurge!"

Knowledge: the things in my cabin and ingredients and things in the cargo hold and treasures I was promised to pick from are all safe away in the same kind of storage the game used to keep my clit ealier.


"Fucking agreed let's get out of here! How!?"

I grab Lyra's hand--game do some kind of crazy game thing to get my leash on her FAST!

The game puts my hand out and tentacles pull at my eravahk as the game makes me think leash at it and instantly the leash is attached to her neck-ring.

"Come on, this way!"

Rada takes a leash out of nowhere and clips it to Isht Visht's collar and puts her hand through its handle and steps up beside me opposite Lyra. Her perfume is strong in my nostrils and I feel kind of dizzy between her scent and Lyra's--or maybe that's just HAVING A HEART ATTACK.

She takes out a phaser next and aims at the viewscreen and a shower of sparks erupts where the phaser-beam hits and burns through the screen to reveal a red-handled hatch among the cables and ODN junctions. 

She hops into the burn-hole and puts her hands on the hatch-handle and turns back to look at me.

"This handle takes everyone. Hang on tight because we're letting the sea in."

With a tug of 'come on' to Lyra I join her and Isht Visht at the handle, her skin warm and silky on one side contrasting Lyra snuggly-soft alien wonder opposite.

Take handle by Mommy. Rada pushing the hatch--warbgarbl--

We all push together and instead of the hatch opening instantly water explodes from around and behind us filling the bridge and I shut my eyes instinctively and feel the hatch swing up and outward as the pressure equalizes.

I feel Rada's hand find my fingertips and grab for them and she pulls and the game doesn't let me keep my eyes closed. The Sea doesn't hurt to have eyes open in, I'd forgotten.

Now we just have to swim to safe distance from an antimatter explosion that's probably measured in p--slip--REALLY BIG given what the Enterprise canonically carries, I think derangedly.

Ahead Rada is pulling us toward--is that an Apollo command module!? I think this is a little beyond heat shielding from the 1960s! Where did she even get--ooh, Isht Visht is nowhere in sight.

Cocksleeve swim too help Rada I'm all...we're going where Rada is pulling us.

Yes Mommy SWIM Rada's taking us into my sister follow and keep Mommy between us.

In no time we're pulled to the hatch and through--

"Get in the acceleration seat you guys we're launching!"

Inside the capsule is empty of water--and gravity! The feeling of falling makes my eyes hurt but I manage to somehow find our way to the definitely-not-historically-accurate three-person seat beside where Rada's already nestling herself in and pulling the straps over her shoulders.

Get in, Cocksleeve.

Get nice and comfy hurry...

Lyra's just as graceful in zero-g as water, and though I'm more awkward I manage to get in beside her and pull the straps over my shoulders and figure out the buckle--this is familiar, huh cocksleeve?

Yeah! Buckle my straps too please Mommy I don't want to bind myself.

You are so cute. I can just barely reach to do them up and snug them down over her. Unlike the car, Isht Visht has by the weirdest magic I've met yet made chest harnesses that work comfortably and securely with Lyra and my epic racks. The acceleration is still going to be interesting with no bra...

Raah struggle! Squirm sit up can't good.

Lyra relaxes beside me, and I let myself relax and nerd out a bit. Being snuggled between Lyra and Rada feels amazing, and Isht Visht's Apollo command module is every bit as detailed and perfect as her Galaxy-class starship. Lights flash and switches switch on their own as she prepares herself, and verb-codes and their parameters flash across the DSKY so fast I can't see them--does that mean she's emulating this computer too!? Hell of a downgrade, masterpiece of software engineering efficiency or not!

"Flight plan ready, Captain. Metaphasic shield system active. Soliton relay power converter ready--guys remember that episode of TNG where they were experimenting with projecting warp fields from planets to make ships go warp by surfing them?"

"Yeah, wh--oooh no."

Everyone knows a warp core breach also makes a massive subspace shockwave. I mean, obviously.

"Oh yeah! I got it working. At least I think so the simulations worked great--"

"AAhh sis that's awesome but are you sure we should be trying it this way!?"

"How are we going to get back after this launches us like fifty light years!?"

"If I ever get back here it'll be so long in the future I did it by walking."


"Lucy I think you don't understand how big Rl'yeh Sade is. We'll still be like right in the middle of it."


"That's the plan!"

The water is dark outside the tiny window--gah. I hope those metaphasic shields are good for going to warp underwater. "Stormsurge" she said. Sheesh!

"Ten coountwithmeguys nine--"



Omifuck aaaah so exciting!



The capsule is oddly quiet, the Galaxy-class background roar missing.





Brilliant light fills the window and acceleration slams us all back into the seat with a force like that first spank Rada gave me and strange thrumming thud goes through the capsule and my vision blurs with the vibration as instant the brilliance outside the window is replaced by a few moments of the swirling lights of warp entry and then the streaking stars of warp passage but far in the distance behind them the impossibly-sized waves of the True Sea are blurring by in the same weird way the Earth can be seen turning from low Earth orbit--could be seen.

Duh. Of course we weren't going to warp underwater, we were going to warp inside a bubble of steam that's probably a few hundred miles across by now.

"Klapta, get ready!"

"I'm ready, Captain!"


The cabin erupts like a firework, sparks flying as pieces of console separate to reveal Isht Visht back in her girl-form hanging on to a big piece of Federation technology, and the capsule disintegrates around us leaving us naked in a bubble of shields.

The view is incredible. Warp plasma hangs all around us, sparkling like glitter and fire, and the stars in the distance are smeared out into rainbow-bright lines. Behind their fire-and-sparks rainbows immense waves majestically trail light smeared out like the stars, and in the deep and far distance galaxies shine with waves of Sea-water yet still looming up colored by the stars that shine near them, and beyond them are shapes that have the same fractal shape but on scales I can't even imagine. A universe could fit in between them--and I think maybe I can see one. In between us and these majestic unspeakable wonders the sea is no less dense than it was where Lyra and I landed from Limbo, but it's blurring so fast past our viewpoint it's practically transparent, letting us see just how far Rl'yeh Sade goes.

The warp plasma dissipates, and stars collapse back to points as the shield that surrounds our family collapses and fresh air hits my gasping-surprise as gently as a kind summer breeze.

Isht Visht kicks the shield generator away to get into Rada's arms, and I gather Lyra into mine, but face her out so she can admire the view well, hold her to me with a hand just shy of her pussy, and get my other hand on her breast and squeeze it's overflowing-softness happily.

Mmmh hi Mommy!

"Alright, I'll admit, that was fucking metal."

Oh my fuck this is awesome. Mommy look there!

Point show you where I'm looking.

She's pointing a bit to our left, where something gleaming floats in the Sea, beyond the arc of a bright-red gas-giant planet. It sparkles or flashes with lightning--at this distance there's no way to tell--but it seems to be solid, the white stone of some giant building or--monolith--

"Rada, look what Lyra found!"