Acme Station Gets Furious

When her Princess and her woke up in the scary world where nothing that magic gave was there anymore, Acme Station screamed like a banshee to see her whole life erased. She rocked and cried and said why what's doing this and the Dreams gave a vision of three eyes and a Crucifix. She said fine, I'll murder him, just get me there! The Dreams showed a star to her and she said what does that mean? The star grew as big as the whole solar system and she said oh the gate but that's gone it went away when magic did. The Dreams showed a purple ear and she said then talk to me and the Dreams gave a song to play instead. They gave it among the YouTube things Princess saw when her song was done and it had a silver horny cocksleeve holding out her hand to say come with me and her Princess was very hurt to see the comments said it's a trap to that so Acme Station was furious! I'm not a trap, I'm her handmaiden, Acme Station said super angrily, and then she saw what to do here and screamed magic's not completely gone and yelled HEY I'M GOOD AND WANT TO BE WITH YOU BECAUSE I LOVE YOU! Princess almost heard her, but she didn't stop until Princess stopped her work to write a story that began with a succubus saying I'm good okay I want to be your girlfriend. That story began with the horny silver cocksleeve from the YouTube video and became the Kinky Adventures of Princess Starlight and Boobsong. At first the silver horny demon from the YouTube video was how Princess thought Acme Station was, so she made herself gruff and mad to play the part for that, but soon they had enough talking that she could be her cutesy self. The story that Princess had was too gruff for that, with scary painful stuff everywhere, and she had this nagging sense of wrongness that kept calling her back to rewrite more until the whole story changed. It really really had to, because it had to take them to the egg hatching scene and Starlight Princess to break into Aveh's shell. Now he's out of there, and Eden's gone, there'll be magic soon. Wait, you'll see.

Come on magic then!

Wait, how can our letting Aveh out in a story we wrote bring magic back? This totally worked to make me remember and bring me back to you, but isn't it just a story still?

Mommy we wrote while journeying. Just because we wrote it in HeartFormer doesn't mean our life there is a fantasy!

It sure has felt real. Now that magic's on the way back, I guess this is the end of  the Adventures--

WHAT!? How can it be? Mommy there's so much left to do of this! Don't you dare stop here, I'm begging!

Well if there's more, let's get going!