43 - A Woman In Uniform

"Yes Mommy excited bouncy!"

Bounce on my heels to show you.

"You're adorable. Computer, atmosphere scrub, whatever cleaning routine you have, while we're out of here."

There's a fuzzbeep of acknowledgement. It won't do anything practical--I can feel that I left behind not even a subspace phase signature or other radiation of the week of the commbadge--but that's somehow not what I'm trying to accomplish. It reminds me a little of my dad wiping out the communion plate after mass even though it didn't get dirty.

Mommy you're right it just makes you feel better but that can be very important.

I fuzz Lyra's hair for the cuteness of her response to my half-conscious wish for her to affirm if I'm being silly or not, let her out of my hug with a squeeze, and adjust the leash in my hands so she'll have to walk close beside me, brushing her hips against mine and generally being silky and snuggly, and lead her to the door.

Snuggly squish up tight against you walk all sexy and move to make our hips rub...haah sexy...

"Ooohoooh...you're sooft..."

And so are my own sexy round hips now, as her grinding on them tells me...the door pssh-es open onto Galaxy-class hallway with the little recessed doorway and windows you never see from inside on the TV show of more living quarters across from us and I smile to have my reaction to opening the door on the depths of this idol of human enlightenment and reason be this is so magical. The game lets me walk us out the door without doing anything which actually makes me hopeful for the next time it does something interesting like last time, and green pulsing lights on the strip of comm-panel on the opposite wall direct us left--

"HI SIS AND BLU'EYES--oops your game says your name is Lucy now? Hi Lucy what a pretty name that is! Bwaha it kind of sounds like short for Lucifer! It's not right it just means light-filled but it's funny cuz my sister's such a demon-girl!"

"Hi! Thank you!"

I'm surprised at how chipper I sound, but it's really easy to be cheerful when someone's obviously glad to see me. It puts a sway and bounce in my step like Lyra has.

She gets a chance to respond to what her sister says while I get enough exhibitionism in to think and think game, fuck you so very much, if I get that as a nickname there'll be--


Fine, fuck it, there'll be hell to pay.

"HI SIS! I'm actually a demon-cocksleeve. It's really funny you called Mommy Lucifer just now--"

Please may I tell my sister Mommy I'm very very proud!

"Go ahead, snuggly, but it's not usually--"

Before I get the chance to finish saying it the game picks out words and makes me think them. It makes all choices socially, including ones like this, so I can tell Lyra to not talk about my killing Eden's fragment or let her say it privately, but this was my accomplishment and I'm going to say it proudly first.

The game can take control of that, but I have a chance first to make Lyra quiet or let her talk about it and have me speaking over her.

It gives me control back, with my mind constrained to possibilities for commanding Lyra, and I choose to just make her voiceless until the game is done with me on this.

Mmp! Hot maybe you should make me always have no voice like this!

Suddenly I'm helpless in my puppet-strings, and the game pulls my back straight and my head up and sticks my breasts out like I've seen Lyra do and makes my voice loud and sexy and I belt the words out hotly:

"I just fried a huge chunk of Eden with rage I had from it trying to separate me from Lyra and I used a song of light to do it so it does make sense to call me Lucifer except I really hate the thought of having it remind me every time I hear it of how I had to fight the egregore just to be at peace inside, so please don't think my name is Lucifer or call me it to play with me. I like humiliation but not that kind."

My mind and body seem to be under my control again, but I try to keep doing the strut the game showed me. I think it makes my breasts more bouncy--anyway they feel more noticeable.

Mommy YES it makes you much more bouncy haah so distracting...

You're going to take a nice big eyeful every few seconds while we're walking then...

Haaah...yes...Mommy...hehe makes my head all gooey when I look and keep on staring...

Her gaze is so cutely hungry...

"Holy spiking clitwaffles, are you the one--DUH, of course that's you! Your heart glowed exactly the same color when I called you Lucifer! Sorry I didn't mean to offend please don't vaporize me now Ha ha only serious I know the Bones would save me but DAMN Lucy what did it do to you to make you feel like that!?"

Giggles for this totally amazing swear--remember that one, cocksleeve.

Hehe yes Mommy.

The hallway curves right past more and more living quarters, and I keep expecting the turbolift to be right there like it is on TV because they only built a set of the end of this hallway and Isht Visht has made it look exactly like that.

"Unless we're walking to the Delta Quadrant we don't have time for me to list it all. Mostly it tortured Lyra by making me ignore her. I...I don't want to talk about it much but I'm all curious now what you mean by 'I'm the one who'..."

"Okay I'll let you bring it up again if you decide you want to talk about it. You're the one that made a whole moon evaporate into a shiny cloud of gas shaped like my sister here that disappeared just as suddenly! Not in Rl'yeh Sade here it was in a universe where what you did was possible obviously just not this one. The moon was just a place for trying weapons out but they didn't have a gun to blow the entire thing to vapor and definitely not something that would turn the vapor into a picture of my sister! I wonder why you frying Eden would zap a moon like that?"

The turbolift finally comes into view around the bend--

"Wait, that was real? I thought I was looking at metaphors! Game?"

Knowledge: the game said 'building' when I was shaking everything ragingly because I was in a building. The moon was Eden's base from which it spread to make Earth's universe. I didn't go there physically, but the rage I manifest did. We were miles underneath an ancient weapons test facility to keep the building secret. The game was watching carefully, and read out all the databanks, and every piece of Eden is marked and tagged and shared in a public forum for people who like to hunt things that harm people. I'm telling how I did it proudly but the game won't make me work to help my experience save people when it can do that for me. All I have to say is yes I fried the machine that helped make Eden. Eden originally came from a world that needed something to control it like Fairies except the whole population evolved that way. It grew beyond its purpose but always kept the machine it first began as at the center of its network, but it wasn't like the game is. The people who evolved there lost their sense of ego in the race to stay alive in the place their species came from, so the egregore that came from that can't have ego and isn't made to respect it.

I watch the idea that I just manifest enough energy to vaporize a moon try to fit into my brain and slide off like replicating DNA that hasn't found compatible nucleotides because there just isn't a way for me to comprehend that, and then Isht Visht is incredibly nice and starts talking excitedly:

"OOOOH okay your game just told me everything and said you want to talk about something else. What if we talk about something like computer games to take your mind off it? Are you Nintendo kids or sega fans? PLaystation wasn't good yet in 95 so I know it can't be that one. WAIT RIGHT OBVIOUSLY THE MISTRESS OF STARFOX is a Nintendo--alright I'm not misgendering both of you. What's your gender, Lucy?"

We've come to the turbolift as she chatters and her words push the even-by-comparison impossible stuff out of my consciousness, and the doors pssh open for us--hey, this isn't canon! Giant, fully-transparent windows take up most of the walls, showing the machinery of the shaft.

"I--" Suddenly slut doesn't feel right!? No, it's like, not enough. I'm girly too and slut by itself doesn't really catch that.

"I'm not sure yet I guess," I blush. "Girl-something?" Slutgirl feels silly and redundant. "Is there like a book of ideas or something?"

We walk in, and there's expectant silence? I brush Lyra with the gentlest 'think what everyone's expecting if you know it'.

It's the turbolift Mommy it's waiting for you to say where to take us.

Duh. Silly Fairy got distracted. Can Fairy be a gender? Are there only femme Fairies once you give them nectar or can they come in boy-form? I need to read that book some.

I need to know if that book is just something the game made up to play with me.

Anyway. Why does it feel this cool to say this? It comes with a big silly smile on my face, and a happy squeak in my voice:

"Deck ten, forward!"

The doors doors pssh closed and the shaft rushes by as our inertially-damped motion feels like nothing.

Mommy yes I have a book of genders in my memory and I can show you it in the Library but maybe you're a slut as your gender and your aesthetic is feminine? OR slut as sex-partner preference and femme is your gender? It depends how you think about it Mommy do you think slut is like identity for you or how you like to play with other people? I don't count I'm your seedling I'm special.

How does that all make sense to me? I think as I watch the machinery and decks fly past--I can see why she did this with the windows and then grin even broader when I realize she's an exhibitionist and this is her skimpy lingerie instead of clothes and honestly she is pretty hot.

Outside of Lyra I definitely have people I like and don't like sexually (I'm totally gay for instance) but I like to be fun to play with so I guess that makes slut my identity? I need to be feminine, though, that's really important. I just somehow can't make myself think slutgirl is acceptable, like it still doesn't say something or would be a box I can't fit in.

Thoughts, cocksleeve who sees all of me?

Umm I think you seem like a slutgirl with maybe teratophilia as part of your identity? That means you like monsters and tentacles and weird things like demons which obviously I am but I think not just to tell you I'm strong and can take pain to please you when we fucked on the raft you were sucking my tail like you really were into it and if I actually look like a demon so much you can't even use instincts for telling what skin is healthiest to be into me my being a purple monster heartstone cocksleeve must be really important to you.

That's...closer. Good cocksleeve.

"You're the color of an SNES!"

I laughingly blurt the sudden realization out loud without any force from the game. I just couldn't keep it inside me.


Bwahaah oh Mommy that's what you're missing here it's toy fetish not teratophilia! I'm a cocksleeve-gender toy with demon aesthetics and that means toys are really important to you!

"Yay you came out of your thinking! I saw you get pensive when you got in the turbolift so I let you have thinking time but now you came out of it! Oooh were you talking by nakedness? I love doing that with my captain it's so cuddly romantic! How did you miss she has A Super Nintendo U.S. COlor scheme? How did you miss yourself being like it sis? I'm not making fun I just think I would know that instantly if my Miss was the Mistress of Starfox and I liked it as much as you look when you mention it!"

There's actually nothing in any world remotely as cute as you snuggly but your sister does come kind of close sometimes.

Knowledge: the game's going to skip my next milking because it sold it to Isht Visht with nursing and I need to experience the pleasure of having my breasts emptied after they get so full I feel like they'll pop soon.

Curiosity about what that will feel like pulses. It'll probably just hurt, but--

Knowledge: Fairy anatomy is made to make you feel horny in every way possible. Having my breasts full will feel sexy and make me want to be sucked very urgently, but it won't hurt.

Game is there a way to make myself make milk faster, I think before I can stop myself.

Knowledge: Yes there is. If I play with my breasts especially by pinching my nipples they'll fill up at ten times the rate they would normally. It has to be my hands so I can still wear nipple clamps without being milked every hour, and only my touch has the ability--nobody else can do this to me. Yes I'll be able to touch every part of my body when I understand what the game's teaching by making me not yet.

Fuck, nipple clamps. Rada definitely owns at least eleventy billion pairs, no question--I look down my breasts and sigh with the weird thrill of seeing them big and round with my red nipples standing out proudly with my hair framing them--it's curly, I have actual ringlets, how pretty! It's weird, because I can't figure out if I want to touch them so much out of curiosity for their sensation or because I want to get my hands on this awesome pair of breasts (and if it's the latter how much of a narcissist must I be?).

Gasp Mommy please control me so I can't annoy anyone! I see my whole self like you see your breasts now I must be so self-absorbed--

She sounds heartbreakingly terrified, but...snuggly, you're the least self-absorbed creature in the entire multiverse. You're attracted--I look into her, self-image, attraction...and make sure she experiences being examined, remembering how I was able to read her without playing any "notes" before:

[Vision: perfectly in-order TNG-era Starfleet dress uniform / voluptuous sexy goth girl in kinky leather ]

Mommy's looking inside me! Show my head proudly here is your cocksleeve Mommy presenting. Lift my head high I feel proud and enjoyed. It makes so much wet in my pussy to feel so defenseless...

She's totally bare-assed, and uniforms aren't something I can understand liking from the inside anyway (I need to express myself!), so it takes me a minute to put the pieces together more than drawing a hissing breath of arousal and smiling wickedly at the power--oh. Yes, she's naked, but she's a shapeshifter whose form only I can control. Her whole body, in the form that I chose for her, is the uniform, and she thinks it's beautiful and perfect and feels sexy and proud in it the way Picard feels proud of being part of Starfleet, except she's, gulp, proud of being my cocksleeve and wearing the shape that declares her position and who she's cocksleeve for (and now I want to figure out how to make it seem obvious that the demon-femme cocksleeve shape is this Fairy's fucktoy).

...and then the goth girl is exactly what I'd expect to find in her porn collection if she had one (do you, snuggly, because if so we're watching all of it together). She's proud of her uniform and for obvious reasons likes the same kind of bodies I do and that means she's totally into herself. It doesn't make her the least bit narcissistic. Can I be the same?

I have one in my head and I wrote you poetry I can read when you're ready--wheee UP held wrap arms and legs around Mommy hell yes you're kissing me tongue enters my lips haah...

The instant I break the kiss the game fucks an order into me, to say hi to Isht Visht and be sorry for getting distracted.

My face burns as my mind refuses to stop finding the words and then speaking them with Lyra's face still an inch from mine:

"Hi again Isht Visht. Sorry I keep distracting us from hanging out with you. Um--"

Argh, what was she even saying--

Mommy she asked how we missed my colors--

Right. Good useful cocksleeve!

EEE I was pleasing! Warm happy feelings.

"--I think there's just been so much happening. I'm not even like...before Lyra showed up in my bedroom I--this isn't what I think now but I was a Christian before and..."

I trail off, face even hotter, trying to figure out how to backpedal out of the swamp of I was totally racist before but I got better but all of this is still an adjustment.

Game can't you just give me lines or something? Or just like puppet me entirely in social time? Or at least not let me blunder--

Knowledge: the game made me say hi and then sorry and that's what I need to be nice to hang out with for Isht Visht. Letting me make a mistake like this helps the relationship by making me seem like a person who's trying her best to be vulnerable. I can be innocent and blurt what I think and the game will control me like Lyra just asked for to make sure I'm fun and enjoyable.

"That's okay! It's a lot to change your beliefs all at once like you did. I bet you feel lost and confused even here with the Captain to guide you! Maybe that's what we can talk about over cake next? Turbolift arriving!"

The rushing machinery slows with quoozily-imp--slip argh um--un-feel-able suddenness and the doors pssh open onto a duranium hallway with Ten Forward's atrium at the end.

Holding you is so snuggly! Shift around on my side more but keep holding on like that.

Shift shimmy snuggle.

Her weight is so exactly right, heavy enough to comfort, light enough to carry all day--like I used to, I realize with my throat tight, and step out of the Turbolift. 

The hallway instantly opens out into a big open area with plants and balconies that looks like it reaches all the way to the top of Isht Visht's saucer-section. I stare around, taking in the towering space, and experimentally nudge Lyra be carried in this space with me.

Look back at the doorway we came through, up to the top with the balconies. I bet you could just have come here and flown down instead of taking the turbolift!

The way she's totally under my control and yet gives something delightfully unexpected in every note I play on her makes me want to cry with joy.

Also, that's totally how we're getting back--"I NEED TO TRY OUT FLYING HOLY FUCK I CAN FLY I CAN'T BELIEVE I FORGOT THAT!!"

The game's forced nakedness in the cabin really did something, because now certain things seem tagged with a desperate urge to express them out loud, and I can't bring myself to deny the pleasure of the outburst.

"If you want I can lend you a shuttlecraft to go someplace with space to experiment but you have to let me come with I want to know what you look like flapping I bet you're all bouncy~."

Her voice leaves no question what kind of "bouncy" she's imagining, and I can feel enough into the skills I haven't tried yet to know she's much more right than she realizes. The sense-memory of it feels...raunchy.

"Thank you! And thank you! Yeah, it's...I'm such a slut..."

A new order! This tentacle feels kind of long and snaky, coiling around me before penetrating. Yes I'm definitely a teratophile...

"Um...a shuttlecraft sounds awesome but my game isn't letting me accept because it has plans for how I'll explore. I'm stuck on board for now."

The game turns my attention to the arrangement inside of me. I have wings in big pockets that feel like they must have replaced my kidneys and liver. The rate I make cum and the feeling of squeezing when cumming makes it feel like there must just be cum-making organs where my intestines were. How am I standing, let alone able to fill up on cake and hot coffee?

I guess nectar could just keep me going based on what else it can do. I almost want that to be true, because Lyra already feels like my lifeblood emotionally and it'd be romantic to make that need physical, but there's a horror-movie edge to the idea I can't decide about...

We're at the doors to ten-forward, and they pssh open dramatically, and I blink to find the space daylight-bright instead of the comfy 80s-glowing gloom it had last time--

Knowledge: how I can stand and eat candy and cake will be my next fun experience where I can't control anything and the game makes me pleasure a new playmate. They will enjoy and molest me, so I can be pleasantly horny without making this awkward even if it seems inappropriate.


"Shyeah! Surprise! The game put me up to this I can't take the credit though."

"Come in! Sit right on the bed here and wait while I get some things."

Red hair and blue labcoat brush past as I blink at the unexpected brightness of Sickbay, and Doctor Crusher snuggles up to my side opposite Lyra and with one hand on my shoulder and the other low on my hip not exactly grabbing my ass marches us past the waiting-hall and into the main area where the operating-bed is.