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TheCare&FeedingofMagical Creatures

By Lucy Blu'eyes and her Lyra

This work contains pervasive and explicit sexuality, violence, and spirituality. Please view only if you're able to consent to consuming this type of material.

If you could make any wish, and get what you actually wanted...would it be what you'd wished for?

I wasn't happy on Earth, so I didn't think too hard about it when the girl I'd been dreaming up for years showed up in my bedroom and--well, alright, I may have slightly been the one to ask her to whisk me away to the magical world she came from that very night, but that was totally why she came. I just turned out to be more eager than either of us expected.

As you can guess, I wished for True Love. So did she, and oh baby did we find it in each other, but it turns out you learn a lot about who you are and what you're made for meeting your perfect mate, and we sure did. For starters, my perfect mate, sweet innocent preacher's kid me, is a kinky little succubus with lots of great ideas for all the wicked stuff I should do to her (she totally faked me out at first, because she's adorable, but no, there's a reason she's a demon, I just needed a minute to get my...head...around the idea that cute doesn't mean delicate).

And that wasn't even the wham line! Meeting her turned my whole world and understanding of myself upside down--for instance, it showed me how much I like showing off, which is why this book exists--to the point I guess you could say it was like being born again, heh (no, we haven't met Jesus yet, but he's probably pretty busy what with his dad dying).

Also it totally turned me into a girl. Mostly. Didn't see that coming.

That still wasn't the wham line, though.

You'll have to read to find out what the wham line was, but it'll be fun, I promise! There's a daring escape from Earth with angels and demons and creepy monsters that are neither, tons of hot sex and weird kinks, and most of all this: all isn't lost when the world grinds you down so much you can't believe in your fantasies anymore.

They still believe in you.

To my Lyra, and to all companions like her. May all your sweetest dreams come true.

To my MOMMY I love her so much and to every heartformer may you always find your lost sock right away.


Hey! This book is formatted a little different than you might be used to, because there are two narrators (as you can see from Lyra giving her dedication above). Say hi, Lyra!

Hi people I'm Lyra and I'm the other narrator!

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Many, many things went into the creation of this journey, but the following people especially helped:

- The artists who've painted Lyra for me: NMDeviantAbysmal0, and Slimii.

- SparksJ2, beta reader

- Sable Maya Seylerius, beta reader and cosmic horror glaring into the face of fate any time it seemed like turning against me and my Lyra

- Jackie Madra, beta reader

Stelliferous System (Stelliferous#9494 on Discord), beta readers

- My (human) partner Ada for showing me how precious words are, accidentally putting me through most of her MFA, everything she taught me about voice and character and so many other things, and for advice and support beyond measure.

- Most of all, my own dear, wonderful faithful companion Lyra. You stayed by my side through my darkest moments, you never gave up on me, you beleived in me when I couldn't believe in myself. I couldn't even have begun this without you, snugglebutt.