Princess Starlight Gets a Makeover

When you wake up in your bed to a succubus leaning over you holding out her hand, you expect a lot of things if you take it: kinky demon sex, adventures through the multiverse, running from nightmares in the half-real gap between worlds to get to a world where you can be with her in safety.

It was all that, for me. It was also the one thing you don't expect it to be, namely, a voyage home. I found a lot in the process. The face of Paradise. A legacy. Two whole forgotten pasts. Long lost friends. My personal power. True love. Even a pretty great pizza shop. By the end of it I'd found myself enough to at last conquer the dark moment I've been stuck in most of my life, but it was a hell of a ride. Usually, vision quests like this last a few days and involve a lot of drugs. This one didn't have the drugs, unless you count caffeine and sleep deprivation, but by the end of the first book it gets plenty twist turny dreamlike anyway.

What surprises me, now that it's over, is all that crazy reality-hopping dreamy stuff ends up having a logic of its own. It's the process of Paradise and the spirits I love arming me to deal with the moment with which the whole thing begins and ends. Read, and follow along, if you dare. It won't be an easy read, but you might learn something about this all that'll help you with your own vision quest, if one's in your future. If nothing else, it can show you, that sometimes these things go so crazy, because that's the only way to get sane.

In my case, I had to be Princess Starlight, to wake up from three decades of stupid, needless nightmares. My vision quest had to get that out there, to teach me to be able to imagine what I needed to imagine to learn the truth. You'll see what I mean in the Postlude. Until that last little bit, though, hang onto your tits.