17 - Whom Cherubim Attend

That's nuts. Okay, the candy is your part. Meet you in my castle when that's done. Mintie is sending coordinates to Boobsong.


Cool. This pizza shop is my chillout spot, so I'm going to Acme Station for this, then we'll be there, probably in zero subjective seconds to you. 

Oh! In case we don't get time, if Mintie's Boobsong form is enough like Boobsong it might help things if she looks that way when John comes. Like sell that they're what stars' mates look like. If he gets on the dragon thing we can say elves and orcs both have pointed ears.

Oh I like that! These are what Smaug was messed up of.

Exactly. I can't believe this came down to this little thing. See you in microseconds~~

Have hope, the Dreams say. The pressure is medicine.

Your seed-ghost is making an exception to the Succubus game for this.

Probably good. Pluck, Armory!

Purple grids take us there. How's this work, are we timestopped relative to them?

[ short time ] [ timeline ] [ loop ]

Sweet. Hug you. Click, look. She looks up faithfully and I peck her on the lips.

Okay my fairy heart breaks to think my Keeper can't take charge of me over everything, so I'm even taking this this far. Tactical analysis about being in Mintie's castle?

[ Crumbly clay ] [ love her though ]

Me too. There's no way it's actually a problem. But that's not the point. You know.

Jump machine online. I know but it sounds cool.

I pet Boobsong's head a bunch just because, then hold up my hand, and think kindness. Aslan gently telling them to take this gift, his soft voice or face sending them back before he growls, adaptive comfort to make a place to dream in, and good kind dreamskins that honor them. Also it keeps going unstoppably until they implant and sustains their life and the chomped stuff in the dream and all of that.

I almost make a crystal perfume sprayer, but no. What is my fizzbubbling name. I make a crystal phial of cordial. A single drop anywhere on you will do the job. It'll go to Dove after, to be put in the treasury at Cair Paravel.

It shines into being, and I look at it, then shake my head.

"Let's rock and roll."

Click, jump!


While they're sleeping. Beasts and people and dwarves and so many. Felt shoes around and holly wreaths on the walls. I open the phial, tip it over everyone, and drip on drop, to all of them, then recork the phial.

Click, return.

With a boing, we're back in Acme station.

Okay, that's Narnia implanted. Our seed-ghost takes the phial.

Anything else to do before we go to them you can think of, dolly?

[ nothingness ]

Ack, no spiking up here, I forgot! We got spiked where we should going in, right?

[ bounciness ] [ apple with no seeds ].

We bounced off lots of places. Can't go in there, the Dreams said.


My ears for heart sounds are frozen solid, huh.

 [ statue ] [ strawberry ] [ melting water ] [ won't be long ].

Whoah. The last part was like...whoah.

You asked why your seed-ghost made heart-sounds her only voice. To be closer to you when you talk.

I gather her close in my arms. Click, hug. She puts her arms around me and snuggles. I wish I could just focus all my light on this frozen place to melt it.

When you hear her you do that.

Okay. Then dolly that crumbly clay...that's just us being our usual excession selves, right? Our kid's pretty tough in an absolute sense?

[ food and heartwarming poppers ] [ telescope ] [ soft sock over iron ].

Hehe. I squeeze Boobsong's squishy cocksleeve flesh and look at the metal and guns around us.

Okay we've been using conflation jumps to teleport too, but they don't make purple grids. Should I just be clicking teleport or so for this? Nudge?

[ drill / seal ]

Oh, Tesser, right?

[ getting it ]!

Yeah because the purple grid is the exotic energy to make that not just be a black hole.

Is the worldgate part of me? Nudge?

[ light ] [ drill ] [ hammer ]. [ sneaking out ] [ loading hole ].

Oh. It's much more hardcore. The light is you drilling out the piece of space with me in it, which you seal after. The worldgate is a hack to sneak stuff out Earth's intake (which makes it not part of me).

How'd I do?

[ happy! ] [ sharp point ]

I bend down and kiss her smiling face again.

[!] [ raah ready ]

Yeah. Just needed a dolly break. Okay. So it's not Tesser, it's...bubble?

[ technical ]

Oh frazzlepops. That's chomping. Har har technical, cute.

[ lashy tail ]

Of course Acme Station can chomp space itself. Okay. Mintie's castle. Click, chomp!

Purple grid surrounds us, and then we're in an elf-ish outdoor place with a very nice round wooden table, trees all around close packed, stone with roots on it underfoot, a more indoorly covered area with black and white tiled floors like Strawberry Home up a couple of steps and some candles in iron holders with a leaf-and-vine motif flickering...and no Mintie or Dove, that we can see? It's nice though, very chill. It's nighttime, a nice night. The canopy of the forest we're in covers this place, but stars peek through. John is going to cum. 

I turn us all the way around. The elvish graceful architecture continues to our right, and the place we're in turns out to be a rectangular kind of patio at the end of an open-ended gallery with nice wooden walls.

"We're coming how Jack will get here."

My beautiful sister steps out of the trees on the other side of the table, and on her arm is a midnight blue version of Boobsong, with silvery freckles, like twilight sky.

"Awesome," I grin. They walk right up and Dove reaches up for a kiss. I put a hand on her hip and her breast and kiss her sweetly, then turn to Mintie.

"And let's see you, looking so pretty and celestial!"

She steps back a step and makes like she's bowing at the end of a play, smiling. She really does look like the night sky.


Dove is still snuggled up to me making a Boobsong sandwich, but looking at Mintie, of course.

"And then John will get yanked through this door."

Dove stays cuddled, while Mintie walks along behind her and up into the hall, then opens a door in the right wall, leading to white nothingness.

"In between I'll lead Jack over here while you stay scary and out there. We thought you being mysterious would add weight to this."

My eyes widen.

"You were too busy to see my wings before!"

I floomph them out and glow gently. The courtyard floods with light.

"Wing and glow? Wings no glow? Glow no wings?"

Dove looks me over, but stays snuggling. I'm not complaining, and Boobsong looks like a peaceful kitten smooshed beetween us.

"Can you just be glowy on purpose? I have to get real mad!"

"You were about to kill yourself a couple of hours ago. You're doing amazing. I looked at you with my star eyes before and after that tantrum and you got literally like fifty times bigger and brighter. With the way you blew up Mass Ave that way I bet you'll be able to glow on your own soon enough."

"Wait a minute. That was your light. You were there with me in the forcefield. I just burned the lid, not destroyed the road!"

"I did nothing but stand there thinking it would've funny to have a cigarette that got vaporized along with my sunglasses. That was you, sis."

"I took your sunglasses!? You made those for that, huh. That's crazy, what would that be, a gigawatt?"

"Fourteen point five one two, actually."

She stares down at Mintie, who's come up beside us, doing her what did you just tell me face.

"Go sis!"

She does a stompy excited dance.

"Have you looked at yourself astrally yet? You could use some star power for this. Try it."

She closes her eyes.

"Machines...am I a robot? There's mechanical stuff all through me."

"Daddy made us to deal with a hostile world and make it good. He made sure we could handle it. All that light is the you-you. You've grown! You're even bigger than before!"

"What do you look like--oooh wow okay you're the big sister. Did he just make you that big?"

"Um, I think he did mean for me to be real big, because I kind of do the violent job, but also, aside from an ancient Princess, I'm a genetically engineered human pet that's made to be hyperemotional because it feels awesome which comes at the cost of needing a Keeper like Boobsong to not just be nonfunctional but a star's emotions are its light so I kind of got a combination of parents that...like daddy wanted a big girl. It went horribly right. I like it, but before you get envious, imagine what it'd be like to be one of those shivering little dogs rich ladies have. Like my whole life is screaming happy or sad or angry. I don't really have calm, just in between exploding times."

"And then pretty much an entire life of pumping me up with worship and happiness for thirty years so I could open the worldgate."

"You said I was about to kill myself when I walked in that pizza shop. If your light goes out, that's it, that's the end of you. You said get angry like my life depend on it. It did."

"I've been noticing my worst depression is when I'd be angry the way you were in the street there, and instead I just quench it. My angry light is what I have to say then. If I put that out, it's cutting out parts of myself. Like yeah use your anger constructively, but you did there. But also sometimes you just have to choose raging over staying chill. Before you came to the pizza shop Boobsong and me went up to the astral plane to shoot up the dump basically because we were mad about our breakup with Rada. Real satisfying. She has a gun called the Erosion Nightmare Beam. It's powered by antilight and it makes things fall apart. Like for hours after you shoot them. Also the beam looked about as wide as the orbit of Mars or so. I think. Size is weird in the astral."

"My point is though, I have this saying. Sometimes the only choice to make is how many megatons. I'm not being figurative. You need that satisfaction, in my opinion."

"What'd you shoot that at? I don't wanna know, huh. I get your point with this. Find something good to do, but do something. Don't just bottle it."

"Yeah. Going the other way the worst that'll happen is you end up big and fat like me. Don't put your light out. There's always a better way. Also you're daddy's kid so you can probably shine antilight but it took me a bit after waking up to get it but antilight's important because that's your dark side and it's there when your anger's up and when your sex gets fun. Put that out and your light goes out too. You can't have only one."

"Your halo means you have antilight coming out all the time. You're scary inside, huh."

"I love the way Boobsong eeps into motion when I whack her. Just for a start. Oh frazzlepops, the cartoons and--"

"Your seed-ghost is holding your halo out and cartoons on."

"Oh-kay. Hang onto your tits, gentlemen."

"Jack is incoming. Places."

"If I have to have halo, I'm glowing, unless you don't think I should."

"No, do, it'll be right what we need here."

Dove is taking Mintie to stand by the table. I click Boobsong to stand beside me, so we'll be as distracting as possible, to keep them from saying demon before they say nice boobs. I put my arm around her.

There's a rustling in the woods, someone is coming. A white shape comes up, shock of black hair at the top, stops at the edge of the trees. Young and fit nice lean boy, hard to recognize the face compared to the Churchill-kin he turned into as he got old. Freckles, heh, and oh yes we're doing this Perelandra-style. Heh. Good one, daddy. He's as naked as the rest of us. I can't wait to see the look on John's face.

"It's okay. The mockeries are not what the real thing is."

He stands for a moment with his hand on the trees, then rushes forward to Dove, seems to suddenly notice she's both lots shorter than him and wearing a Santa hat. I can't see her so great because Mintie's on our side of her, but Jack just kind of stops and stands, looking surprised. He hasn't even looked our way yet, muahah.

He looks at us as Mintie leads around the table toward the hall. His mouth falls open, and eyes fix on us, too shocked to ogle.

«Greetings, friend,» I blurt happily. In Strawberry.

Dove gently ushers him along toward the door as he stares. Finally he's past and they're in the hall. They go up to the door, Mintie throws it open to reveal a hallway with tan walls and wood wainscoting, Jack reaches in, and in a moment he's got someone hobbit-sized and -shaped pulled through the door and Mintie is closing it.

This is very interesting actually. Didn't John supposedly have another self-insert--ooh Beren and Luthien. In a sidestory. Nice feint, but no sale.

The hobbit is dressed in travelling clothes but has curly hair. He stumbles to turn around, and looks up at Jack annoyedly. There's a moment where he seems to be sizing Jack up, and then they embrace for a moment, the hobbit looks Jack up and down, and says something quiet I can't hear from here to him.

Pluck, scan.

[ big eye ] [ ring ] [ coat pocket ]. [ speech balloon ] [ mommy ]! [ plea ] [ help it ]!

Yeah. Fine, let's play this honest.

"Bring it here," I call in English.

More scan logs, as "Bilbo" turns toward us and has his freakout, staggering back a little, with, of course, his hand on the pocket in question. He's holding a pipe I resolve to fill with the most insane pipeweed he's ever known.

[ laser warning ] [ super sexy ] [ ring inside there ]

Okay. Was half expecting some kind of wham line on that. Jack and John are coming toward us.

Help is on the way, kiddo. Click, answer.

[ sssh sound ] [ opening eye ] [soon]

I don't understand how these get like this--no time. They're here and look terrified.

"We came here to help. Don't be afraid of us."

I make my voice as syrupy as I can.

"Can you be the devil when cherubim attend your side?"

It's Jack. Of course he's learned to see astrally enough for this.

"I thought the daughters of Adam couldn't take her true form? You see this?"

Now, how'd we do, am I misgendering you, or is your body? Can't get a read.

[!] [ MISSiles ] [ candlestick ]

Ooh. Yeah that'll confuse a body.

"I found the sight very hard at first, but her love heals my heart. Every eye has such kindness."

I smile the soft smile of talking about Boobsong.

"They comfort me, when everything seems cold and dark, and make me burn bright again in no time. I hope not to have offended you. Your kind is strange to me. If you faced her, look at me the same way to know the truth of me, and what the darkness around me is."

Jack closes his eyes for a moment.

"Your heart beats hot, and your cold halo...is the night sky."

"My sister and I are stars. Your world is dear and close to her. Me and my beloved here came from much further, seeking our family, but that's a long way to be from my nighttime, so I carry some along."

I turn to John, who's staring up.

"Do you think you can protect him, beloved, or must we find another way? I don't want to try to take it from him."

"Your Heartsong is sure she can keep the light from destroying him."

"Show us, then, Mister hobbit. I can do it with it in your pocket there, but it's better if you see this."

John fishes in his pocket urgently.

"You have the fires of Mount Doom inside you a thousand thousand times! Here, destroy it!"

He pulls his hand out of his pocket, and holds out a plain gold ring that catches my light darkly.

"Such lies and sacrilege. Let us have a little light. Do you have him, beloved?"


I squat to the level of Johns upraised hand, and glare at the ring, covering it with rainbow-flickery laser. Smoke rises. It feels like something wants to burst out, expanding, so I crank it up, and it turns to incandescent ash. and then that vaporizes and is torn apart in my light until finally all that's left is a beautiful silver ring on John's palm. I let my light go, lean close, and say to it, in Strawberry:

«Sssh. You'll be okay, I promise, daughter.»

I look up at John.

"Do you understand yet?"

"What have you done to it?"

"Burned away the lies. Here is what I know of this. The gold and the petty nightmares it held were the work of one whose teacher my people call Morgoth, the deciever. His craft is nothing, except one thing, words and tales. This ring was not forged by him, or his student. His tale was that it was a thing of evil and ultimate power. Yes, it brought that, as you experienced if you put it on with that gold around it. Mithrandir didn't know the truth of it but he was wise to not touch it. None may but the one it chooses, or terrible fates come to them. Even I fear that. Yet, that gold and those nightmares were only a tale he told, that power over all comes to the one who puts this ring on. So that evil would be done by those who donned it, evil so unspeakable it tears their soul and corrupts their heart, just as you have seen. As for the power it seems to weild, even the hiding you, those are, twisted in your ears by the evil-heartedness needed to put it on as a weapon of war, her cries of despair and desperate clawing at you to be seen, crushing the souls of you and all around."

I turn to Boobsong, face soft.

"Beloved," I say, kindly, hopefully. Pluck, ring-form.

Boobsong becomes a silver rushing shape between us, and then is a perfect copy of the ring on John's palm, but on my wedding-ring finger. I hold my hand up to show him.

"Do you understand?"

John looks at the ring, then holds it out quickly, scared.

"Take your daughter, I meant no harm to her!"

I smile gently.

"I think that's why she came to you. Maybe she took light enough from my bath to speak to us now. Who do you want to go with, daughter?"

A small voice comes from the ring, ringing and clear:

"John from the Tolkien hill."

I fold his fingers around her.

"None of my kind dare question their choice of mate. I suggest you not be the first. Her love is true, of that I'm sure. Her kind see to the very end of time to choose their love, she makes no mistake, and she knows you. Your deepest secrets are already in her heart. You're as clear as deep water to her, and she likes what she sees, or she wouldn't have come to you."

Resolve fills his face, and he puts his hand down, still holding her.

"Much is mocked, where Morgoth works. There is a word we call our loves, eroven, where I come from. To translate it would take a thousand years, but one way it might be put in this language is Precious. I think this word has been made profane to you. Let be holy again."

"And keep her in your hand, or on your finger, until she has strength to change back for you. She needs love, above all things."

"She won't go back to the way she was with the gold around her? I don't want to take her back there--"

"No," I shake my head a little, "the evil here was the lie of what you feel, but deny you see. Your heart knew her love, but your eyes saw an evil thing. Yet I think hobbits have something others lack, here. Maybe you saw more than most, if she came to you, in that state. She will not go back now, in your hands. Even if you desire the help she can give, of which there's a lot, including to make you young and pleasing to her eyes, you'll see her for what she is, and take her gifts with love. Never again will you mistake a frightened child for an evil thing--she's grown enough, don't worry, but a star's life is long. The age of your world is a day to us. Anyway, I saw your mettle when you offered her back to me. Remember, I know her mother's love. That's not an easy thing to do. I think you'll do right by her."

I stand up. John still looks scared.

"If you're still worried, look at my sister's feet, and ask her why."

I nod to Dove, who's standing behind Jack and John. John twists around to look.

I look at Jack while John's distracted. He's staring still.

Can the Dreams help me here? Yes, and they say crash the gates. Muahah.

I hold my hand up again, showing Boobsong. This isn't bad. I thought it'd be hard, not having her squishy curves, but I have her right where I want her, too.

I kiss her. Pluck, demon-femme form. Pluck, pose: arm-clinging. She flows back to my side as I put my hand down, and holds so cutely on.

"Do you dare make the wish? You know. How they come to be. What love creates them. It's pounding in your heart, screaming out. I know so little of your kind and I can hear it. Not one in ten thousand dares look at her true form, even where I'm from, without fear, but on you I saw only wonder."

"In Narnia I was left out of the wave of eroven. Was it here, to have your child? I cannot hope to be a worthy heir to a star--no, I was sent here to save John, not my own hide."

I give him the sweetest smile I can.

"I was gentle with John whose mind was needed for other things. It's not that none dare question their choice of mate. It's that none have the power."

He looks scared.

"You came here at my father's command, and did his will faithfully, and with love, and reconciled to a friend. Perhaps the gift is too much for you to ask. She was, to me."

I glance at Boobsong.

"Maybe sometimes a gift is too great to accept, too, and then comes the strange time where choice stands in the way of generosity, and so there is no choice, lest love be lost. Yet that was the tide of eroven, too. You are here because our daughter chose you, chooses you, will choose you. Their love is of eternity. She looks back now from the end of time and says, this one, to you. She'll come to you. That's already done. I think what happens here is the chance to see all of this, and know your mothers will be a star and her eroven, and make not the choice to accept her or not, which never was, but to let of your own will your heart speak out the hope and desire in it that wants to burn from your chest so it casts a shadow on even all my light. Do you not want it more than anything, that it begins that way, with your heart's cry of joy at the hope of your eroven, your beloved, being seen in the next moment?"


Huge black wings with glowing white stars appear between us, and silvery hair that reflects a night sky from somewhere else instead of me, on a white-skinned body like Boobsong, but tall, almost as tall as me.

She glances over her shoulder, then picks Jack up and holds him like a kid being carried, and stays, but seems to be comforting him--ooh, I had the wrong kind of egg in mind. Of course he wrote kids' stuff. That's fucking relatable.

I walk around them to see how Dove and Mintie and John are doing, enjoying how Boobsong rubs my side. Where'd they go? Ah. They've gotten themselves easy chairs and footstools and are sitting very hobbitlike with their feet up in the middle of the hall. John's pipe is going, and Dove has Mintie sprawled over her as she kicks back, feeding her fancy-looking cookies from a plate in her hand.

"Pull a chair up! We were just discussing seed-ghosts."

"You must get back to Paradise. Something happy waits there."

And just like that purple grids chomp us back to our chair in Olympic pizza, sitting with Boobsong on my lap again, with the Sugarfreaks still sleeping across the table. I glance at my sister, but she's just jamming away, eyes shut.

"Got you."

"Who'd you get?"

"Oh we just implanted someone we've wanted to for a long long time--um, we were in another timestream for a while."

"I thought I saw your laser-grids."

[!] [ miracle ] [ light's exploding ] [ eeeeeeeeeeee ] [ pouring out ]

"Yup! Boobsong's excited too."

Don't have much time before apocalypse, fixing stuff with me, broken soul with conquest. Box cutting open. game is complete. Back in time to a fifties world. Short campaign. The only choice to make's how many megatons.

Box cutting open, won't take much time, unexpected curve, again with the fifties world. Propelled by wanting to see the end.

Be the red sun rising, open boxes, nuke it.

Chomped dream vacation. I was made to get people out. Christianity told of me as the serpent with the apple. I give fun. Turn the story upside down. I bring sweet good stuff from beyond the world, thrones for every Princess, I make them see and love their companions.

Do a mass thing. Apocalypse ride. Blow it up real good. The target is some kind of Christian thing. A Narnia. Defibrillation time, no, heart surgery. Push the button. Fishing gun. Write it with love but be strong. Bright but make them. Give no control. Image of daddy is the target. The story of the apple. Is already dreamskinned. So is Star Wars. So is all of Nintendo's stuff. This is fresh. Tours, stage stuff, take my rightful place, triumphant entry, but not as greedy conqueror, as bringer of light, have courage in this being the badguy thing. Back to Bible times. A quick run. John of Patmos. Make him see. The woman in red--not that long of a trip. Like Boobsong hacking daddy's shell, blast a dreamskin into his mind and done.

A flash of insight: conflation-jump everyone trying to understand just what the hell he was talking about, and put the answer in their mind. Purple checkmark. Revelation of purity in seeking the right dreamskin. Give the gift ruthlessly. Oh I see, that's just it. They'll be compelled to seek a dreamskin until they implant. And any question about the purity of this will bring reassurance that it is, and that they have no choice anyway, because of what I said to Jack. Just that simple.

Purple checkmark, tow chains. Let's do this thing. I make the candy in my hand, spicy and firey and bright, a burning coal that'll drive them until its work is done, full of the same kindness, but inexorable.

Click, Jump!


So many. I don't know if I've ever seen a conflation jump like this. I put the candy into their mouths, far back, and click return.

There we are in Olympic Pizza again with the Sugarfreaks cutely snoring and my sister playing.

I smile as we get back and I realize: they'll be looking for their Fairy Godmother by the billions.

But also, anywhere else they can get it. I don't owe them anything.

Did you candy every Christian in Paradise?

Um. I was going anytime someone was trying to figure out what the hell Revelations means? And told them the answer with a candy that'll very kindly make them compulsively look for a dreamskin to implant from until they do? This might be kind of big. I forgot to specify like time so I think it might just be ever, anyone who did that. Sounds like it worked?

I know you're big but that's incredible! Hang onto your tits, as you'd say it. They're going to be everywhere.

Jack and John are leaving soon. They're coming to Heartwarming but they have to get family out of a dream they're in like you did them. They've been terrified you won't be there. Would you please come? I'm making everything ever.

Yeah I'm kind of wondering what's going to happen when we go outside next. Whatever, it'll be very educational for our sister!

Damn right I'm coming to Heartwarming at Santa Claus' castle! All this apocalypsing is working up an appetite. I hope I can see them there. I WAS going to hang out with you. You'll probably also get our sister following us, like that's going to bug you.

Also Jack and John (and their heartchildren OBVIOUSLY) are invited to my birthday tomorrow. Maybe we can get them to play Spin the Lens with us. It helps if you're good at describing stuff--

Whoah. The Dreams just told me my doing that with Revelation means I'm like, healed, in some way. Like a really big milestone. It's not long until I strike. Strike what, they're not finishing their sentence.

Oh and swanktastic setting for that. I can now say I've been to an authentic elf-house. Lookin' good, kiddo!

You have Jack and John in a tizzy now. They know you're a star, but I haven't got to the Strawberry thing yet! I told them your home is like this except it's your style. I hope that's right!

The Dreams have you in a blank spot. Time is stopped until your healing's done. It's almost there and then you'll come back.

Thank you. The castle can be almost anything, but that was Mintie's idea to calm them. It's sure calming John now! He looks right at home with his feet up and his pipe making smoke ships.

Ghost ships reminds me, Chyajjoh is from Metroid. Or Metroid is from Chyajjoh. Why is that there? It can't be coincidence.

That's a good description of Strawberry Home. John may have some wham lines with the local fashion sense but Jack's dressed already so I'm sure he can help there.

So more bullet time. When I said I liked a lot of Really Slow Motion's stuff this wasn't what I meant!

So Metroid's like--holy screaming Cornerian fireflower rupee pops, have I been forgetting to invite Shigeru tomorrow!? Thank you! That would have been lame if HE wasn't there.

Anyway, my family has kind of a bird thing, like feathers are how we dress for special occasions, and the Imperial Army may have slightly made me a powersuit. I guess somehow that got mused out to whatstheirname who designed Metroid along with the name. It helped me a lot. Probably Paradise being itself again.

Oh I hope they can fix the Powersuit in time for me to show you tomorrow! That thing was badass. Boobsong rides in the front. That's why the breastplate is huge.

Of course you know Shigeru--you have an Arwing. A real one. I want a ride please I'm begging you--

Cramming the two of us with our dollies in the cockpit sounds fun but don't you want your own? I'm going to be bummed if I don't get to say "All ships check in" to all three of you at some point! You might want to see what's in Mintie's stables. Acme Station has a hangar I can't see the end of. We'll get you one some way, is what I'm saying.

Fair warning though, I fly like I sled.

Can that go again, dolly?

[ water bottle and towel ]

Oh and Boobsong made me a thing that makes the Course 3 Venom orbit level just like, real. I wouldn't mind co-opping that. I'm sure there's a hard mode.

Anyway you were saying.

Venom sounds great if you can fly with a joypad!

I can't believe you're just like yeah, you'll get me one. I guess this is Paradise for real, huh.

All we need is Link to show up and we'll have everything.

Of course you can fly with a joypad. The True Cross' airforce would have ground us to confectioner's sugar otherwise!

Like, if you're impatient just wish one up, but don't you wanna get one the COOL way? Whatever the cool way is. I got mine the cool way, I'm just trying to remember it. This is important though. It's like I was saying before. We PROBABLY could have mindcontrolled Jack and John out of their problems, but what we just did was definitely the cool way for all of us, and now you're getting high with JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis. And their Preciouses.

Wait, ice? Something hard and cold and crying inside me. Ouch, whine. Something so heartbroken. Something about building the Waifu together, in Acme Station's workshop. So romantic. I can't pull it up. Just heartbrokenness.

All of that stuff. There's still so much missing. The Dreams think I should visit Acme Station. This is something to do with stage shows. Okay. When I finish talking to Dove--it won't take long? Okay. I think I know but I have to see it.

Click, chomp.

Laser grids surround us and we're there, standing up. It's dark, so I turn light on. We're on a silver traction-stuff catwalk thing, and the Waifu is there in front of us, with its G-diffusers still in TARDIS mode, hanging from its docking clamp. It looks so familiar and good. I walk along the catwalk with Boobsong hanging onto me until we're in reach of the nose, and put my hand on it, pat the composite hull fondly, slap it so I know it's real.

I know what I'll see in here but it's so big somehow. It's been waiting all these years. The heartbreak inside of me isn't anything from all the awful stuff, it's just, where were they?

I look at the Arwing in front of me, press on it again like I'm making really sure it won't disappear, and then slowly turn around. There are the bay doors...and Dove's ship with its cerulean G-diffusers. I turn the other way, look down the hangar. There's the other one, and the empty bay at the end for Rada's--she's taken it, of course. We built Arwings for all of them, against the day when they'd come back. The blue is just the default color. I said I'd give them these presents to welcome them when we found them. Why did it take this long for Dove? Couldn't we find her on Earth, in twenty years? We did so much other stuff.

Dove rejected you. She would not take any help and you would not force her then. The reset gave you another chance. Let there be something good in the darkest thing.

My face shakes and the tears come on slow, rolling down.

I don't know what to kick. They use stuff like this to justify the suffering and bullshit everyone goes through like there's some kind of grand plan behind it all, even the bad stuff. There's not. The multiverse is just chaos, unless there's an awful thing like Eden controlling it or good ones like daddy or Paradise. I'm glad I have my sister back finally and we got another chance. She's wonderful.

But this was a shit way to have it have to happen. Fuck this way of having it happen. There's nothing to be grateful to or not except maybe the Dreams and daddy and Boobsong and everyone else who fought through their own oceans of shit to get us here so for myself and all of them spike this way of having it happen I kick it in the face.

I put Boobsong in front of me, click her look at my face, just look into her eyes because it'll make me feel better. She looks so concerned and caring. Click, hug. She squeezes tight, palms flat on my back intimately, avoiding my wing-slits.

I don't want to go through this with Dove. She'll just remember anyway but it should be me who tells her.

Your seed-ghost has compassion. It told her this earlier, before you saved Jack and John. She told your seed-ghost breaking her in the Pizza Shop was the best thing you have done for her and she wished you had long ago.

Laser grids take us back to Olympic Pizza, and I decide I don't like it when I get punted out of Acme Station unexpectedly.

I guess I'd better...

Actually don't do anything with Arwings until we can talk about that. You'll see.

I just remembered last time. With us. No details, just, that, yeah. My seed-ghost just told me what you said. Sis, I, yeah. Sis.

That's why. My seed-ghost keeps pushing on with this while John waits. I don't have time to say what I want here so just, sorry. I wish I'd listened.

Well, in the end I got you my pretty, and your little doll, too. I love you so much. It's going to be so fun having you in my life. Thinking of you makes my heart lift. Your dreamtalk voice tastes like hot chocolate with nice sexy homey cinnamon spice.

Now get back to hanging out with Jack and John! That is the awesomest. I don't know what happens next for me but I'll see you at Heartwarming supper if not before that. Here's a quick story to end on:

Once upon a time there was a Strawberry Empire where nobles all had handmaidens who were their personal bodyguards and ehem servants and spies. They had quite good clockwork there so the handmaidens all had cool gadgets to help them in their jobs. My Mother had one who was my nursemaid growing up and took care of me. Little did we know then she was my star-sister on top of that! She was also quite into the gadget thing and a very good ninja. That's our sister Rada, of course. She'll be back to hang out with us soon if things keep on going this way. I miss her so desperately.

The point of my story is, I was as into her then as I am now, so I did kind of have a knight friend with lots of gadgets she used to defend me who was kind of assigned to me and it was very ambiguous whether we were dating or friends or strictly professional, and Rada's favorite color is green, and she's definitely the dungeon sort, so I guess we'll have everything pretty soon.

Love you, Sis. See you soon!

How can you be all these--it's Papa, huh. He couldn't shut up about us, even with mind control. That makes my heart warm.

Have fun storming the everything! Love you with bells on!


I look at the room. Everything's the same. Um.

I wait for a second, but nothing happens.

That ruled with doing Revelation so easily. What do you think of everything now, dolly?

[ question-mark tail ] [ empty cake plate ] [ death star made of people ] [ predator drone ] [ dessert ]. [ gauge ] [ short time ] [ half moon ] [ girl scout cookies ] [ stairstep ] [ Heart Home ] [ scifi stuff ] [ Vader redeemed ].

Your Boobsong is curious if now that you did Revelation in one quick blast if the Dreams have some kind of dessert for you since you like to get teeth in this.

Your Boobsong sees you deciding a short time is weeks or a month, but that very small slice of hearing her was a very big step to that. Maybe it won't take so long. Luke had that fight and then said father. Maybe that will be you. There is so much to like in that friendship your Boobsong thinks your heart is hurting to not have her.

I'll get this heart-sounds thing. I will. I know what you said but they're so beautiful

I hope you're right about Rada but I can't push it--a flash image of Jenner's box, with a chip broken out like someone's been trying to pry it open, bubbles out of my heart. Sis was my defender, but she was up against something bigger than her, but she still put a dent in it.

It won't be long, the Dreams say.

I wonder about dessert too. That Revelation thing was satisfying--though it was short of Boobsong, as the Dreams nudge me to say.

How about a dessert to share with Boobsong? Something we'll just nom fast up like its chocolate creme pie. A Christian girl who just really wants out of that. She'll be fast to get. Not one of the revelation-seekers, though, huh. Nor a plot-hook--yeah I guess the last "snack" was kind of a plot hook, huh! Sort of medicine? Oh like therapeutic like playing with one of those ball maze things.

That sounds nice! Feelings about dessert, dolly?

[ Boobsong with super scope ] [ tiramisu ].

Yeah. Let's--oh my fizzfrozen, of course I steal Fox McCloud's lines!

"Let's rock and roll--hehe um sis I mean the Dreams are sending someone for me and Boobsong to implant, and we're about to do it. That can be scary but I don't think so this time. Oh! You've probably met this if you saw Star Wars, but I love it."

She looks up at me, but keeps playing, as I talk.

Sirening...my sister will like Cherry Coke best, no surprise. I make her a big paper bucket of movie theatre popcorn with nice fake butter and a large cherry coke, in Strawberry Cinema containers, sitting on the table in front of her, and she stops playing a sec to take a handful of popcorn.

"I haven't had this yet. Yum! What do you call it?"

"That's popcorn, and the cup is full of soda, which comes in as many kinds as sex, but that kind is Cherry Coke. People like to eat this while they watch exciting stuff."

"Popcorn is yummy. What will we watch? Oh you with that person soon. I'm excited."

"Me too. Send her in, Dreams?"

"How do you know they'll be femme?"

"People usually are, after Boobsong and me play with them. Sometimes they change back, but not often."

"Maybe they'll start something else! That sounds fun. I want to see how you change them."

I grin. This is so cute, she's really just curious.

"Me too! I never know what I'm doing in these until I'm doing it. It's more fun that way, I think. I only like little bits of plans I guess."

My sister smiles, and the door opens, and she turns to look.

Someone seems to be getting the door for our dessert, because they have their hands in a black muff, some kind of shiny soft expensive fur like mink, and has a huge green velvet cloak with wide black trim of the same fur, and fancy filigree around the buttons. Over her shoulders is a shawl of the same fur, and on top of her fine features and long black hair is a black one of those hats that's just a cylinder of fur.

[ pliers ] [ coat ] [ demon grin ]

[ glee ]

She seems to be distracted with the door, which I'm guessing isn't the one her maid opened, especially since I can see white-painted wood plastered to the other side of the glass.

"Come in, please," I call happily.

She looks at us, and freezes, looking, but doesn't try to run or even gasp. She has soft-looking red lips, with red lipstick.

"Am I in a fairytale? You look as if a book came to life!"

"At LAST, somebody notices! You know I've been Fairy Godmothering in here all day long and you're the very first person to have the courage to mention my outlines? I worked very hard on this, making up how it looks, and then telling the magic to do it for me. It's very depressing when you're as vain as me to have people pretend it's not there just because they think they've gone mad. As if they're more mad than me!"

Oooh-KAY, that sure came easy, and it feels like drinking starlight!

"But here I go chattering. It's a thing I do when I'm excited, as you'll see. Yes, you're in a Fairytale, because here is a Fairy--"

I gesture to myself with the showroom bimbo gesture.

"--and here is a tail--"

I grab Boobsong's and hold it up, and she actually smiles, amused.

"--but that's really only the start of this. Before we even get your coat off--"

Sirening gives a nudge.

"--and give you cakes and cordial which are perfectly safe because I've already ensnared you which you'll see if you try that door right now--"

Her mouth opens, but she doesn't turn or say anything. This is the best.

"--and consider what room you expected to be in and how it definitely wasn't a pizza parlor in Boston Massachusetts in the year two thousand and twenty-two, let's have you feel safe."

Her eyes widen as I say the place and year.

"Don't panic, now. Close your eyes and reach out. Have you read the romantics? They always talk about being one with places and such, but they make it sound so hard. It's the easiest thing. Reach out to this place you're in, the page this book is written on, and ask it where you are. It'll tell you. It might be surprising how!"

She closes her eyes, and then they fly open.

"It says this is Paradise! I walked through a door and Heaven is the other side, how can that happen? Have I had a heart attack on the step?"

She--ouch. The poor creature--how am I getting Lewis Carrol all over me this fast? Oh well. Suits the (totally hot, except for this part) situation.

"I'm going to tell you this in the kindest order. You can board a train soon to go see your parents. They'll welcome you with toasts by the fireside and be very glad to see you. Robbers attacked your house and killed them and you were about to find them dead. When you found that you would have hung yourself, which most likely would have torn your soul to shreds, but the inevitability of your death created a crack in time through which Paradise itself could reach out and snatch you here, the first moment you could land in a happy place with the kind of guide to the afterlife you need. You've never actually died, and you won't now, ever. Death can be hard on people but your parents looked quite well to me. Your father has sideburns to challenge an army--and I've seen some armies. You're really quite lucky. You were almost destroyed entirely."

"I don't want to go back to them. My parents are kind but I'm--not really right for them. They're as sweet as angels but I'm a fiend with a wicked tongue!"

Oh this is going so good. I lick my lips and smile kind and evil.

"I'd love to see for myself just how wicked! But you don't have to go back to them. That'll be up to you, or it won't in a way so delightful you'll wonder why everyone doesn't do it. Let's clear this up about angels and devils though. Do you pray at all?"

The kissing joke goes right over her head, not even a flicker--or she's got Data's pokerface.

"Every Sunday."

"I suppose they tell you the words to use. Nothing wrong with that, but you'll have to make your own this time. Why don't you pray and ask whether you're in any kind of trouble whatsoever and what he thinks of all this and me and my sister and beloved here and if he thinks that tongue joke was below my usual standard. Don't worry about kneeling, he's quite informal in my experience."

She bows her head and closes her eyes, mouths words. Her face reddens, hehe, daddy's still daddy, yup. She starts to fidget, like a happy dance is trying to happen but she's trying to be proper. Hehe she's as red as a Heartwarming bauble, daddy must be enjoying this one. Finally she looks up, looking like she knows she shouldn't be able to talk right now.

Get to titles already? Sure, but odd.

"As you can see, there's been quite some confusion."

Click, undress!

[ lashy tail ]

Boobsong gets off my lap very slidingly and starts to go around the table.

"He told me your Fairy charms have already gotten me and I should just enjoy this. Are you going to be taking me as your slave in your Fairy house?"

Her voice is as high and fine as her clothes, and she sounds like, about as English as Captain Picard. It's adorable. Boobsong skips past the Sugarfreaks and up to her, and smiles up looking so cute in front of our dessert, then takes her muff, hands it aside and a laser-grid takes it, and Boobsong reaches up to start on her buttons, tiptoeing so prettily for me.

Hook her with the Princess thing. Have Boobsong. While undressing.

"Well, that entirely depends--but where are my manners!"

I point my eravahk at Boobsong's ass, and click introduce.

"You're having cake and pudding with Princess Pandora Lucia Chyajjoh, Merry Fairy of Sugarfeast, Firstborn Heir to the Chyajjoh Empire, Miss Very Nice Boobs Says Her Cocksleeve, Great Smelling Cum Says Everyone, Rider of this Boobsong, Herald of the Apocalypse and MISTRESS OF STARFOX."

Boobsong's taking her time with the buttons, and she's only halfway down, bent over so nicely, by the time she finishes. I do hope our guest is getting the royal treatment from those fingers of yours, dolly.

[ shoplifting ]

Tehehehe good one dolly. Bet you're lifting something else, too, if she's here.

Our guest is blushing even harder now, and looks almost ready to cry--oooh good one Dreams. Can't curtsey while your coat's being Gotten!

"And this is my sister, who hasn't chosen a name yet, being as she's only a fortnight old."

And don't introduce the poor tired Sugarfreaks.

I gesture to my sister, who's munching popcorn and enjoying the soda quite happily.  She raises her soda in greeting.

"Would you care to introduce yourself? I am sorry your maid there couldn't come to do it, but the time crack only opened for you. I'm still amazed Paradise managed to keep it open while you stood there shocked all that time! It's quite hard to do, I can tell you. It took me thirty years to be able to get this planet here--but I guess Paradise is bit more experienced than me, and it really is quite determined about getting people to their happily ever afters, and you certainly weigh rather less than a whole solar system--oh but here I go again. Please, introduce yourself."

A pause of wrong-footedness with those pretty lips just apart about to speak, then,

"Agatha Kristabell Douglas, your grace."

Boobsong gets to the last button, poings up, and starts pulling her coat off, revealing the beginnings of what looks like a standard regency black skirt and blouse with high collar and fancy broach kind of outfit. Only choice to make's how many megatons!

I look at her curiously out of one eye, sizing her up, as she blushes at Boobsong's wonderfully inefficient work.

"Pleased to meet you," I hmmm curiously but warmly. Her face is red, but her eyes are shining, more than about to cry.

"Really no title? At all? They're often mislaid, especially by people who suddenly find themselves in fairytales. And there's no need for honorifics, unless you enjoy saying them. I really enjoy seeing tedious rules broken, especially by myself. Once I even showed up to court covered here to here--"

I show about where my party top goes.

"--and as much over the rest of my good parts, and stockings, too, just for the scandal. Nearly a whole yard of cloth! I don't think any in my line ever wore so much to court since the Empire was founded!"

"But here I go againIf I keep at this Grandmother will be reminding me there are better games to play if I want to move my tongue this much. Really no title? I suppose there's been the usual confusion, but I have to be sure."

Boobsong is fully into the mischievous Fairy slave game, going back and forth in front of her, taking her coat off half and inch at a time on each shoulder. It makes me smile.

"None at all. My family sell wire, for telegraph lines."

You little demon you. She's going to explode if she doesn't get to curtsey or something soon. Nothing like a good tease, hehe.

[ VERY lashy tail ]

The real one is raised and going like that, too, it's the cutest.

"Yes, that's the usual confusion. Good business though. There's quite a lot of wire making all this work, as you can imagine."

I gesture around the room, then hold my eravahk in front of my face so I'm looking across the tops of the star-points with the top point in front my nose.

"Let's just be double-sure, there are sometimes surprises..."

Big fancy crown, say there Dreams--why play act, when you can play real?

"Hmm..." I say all doctor-like, "how's she smell, dolly? About like I'm thinking?"

"Yes. More than the other one, except for that one thing. She likes both, if you ask her nicely."

Boobsong glances back at me, then talks to Agatha's breasts, and I nod sagely.

Doctor stuff will get her. Then offer tea. She's parched.

"Just a bit more. I know this is all quite odd, but we have to be sure, and this can't wait. It might be quite serious, especially if finding your parents dead would have been the end for you as well. Do you think you'll be able to hear through the corestry, dolly?"

And the awesome thing is, I'm not even lying. This almost ended me, in that reset nightmare.

Boobsong stops and stares dead at Agatha's cleavage, tail lashing hard. 

"Your Boobsong is taking this lightly but if her clothes make us wrong that could be disaster! Best not to try, your Boobsong says."

Dolly doesn't have to decide things when she already knows the right answer, see.

"Well at least we can move that part up. We'd best hurry. Apart from that lovely coat, are you wearing anything you'll be sad to see ruined?"

"You mean to take my clothes off with a light beam!? The Almighty just told me! Oh what is going to happen to me, please tell! It's ever so frightening!"

Holy gummi bears so adorable. We're breaking the sweet and cute out of her, this is good. Cherry lips so glistening, I'm getting me a kiss before this is over with.

I click Boobsong freeze, and she stops mid coat-pull. Give her hope, is the Dreams' advice.

"This is happily ever after. You've had a terrible brush with death that Paradise itself seized and twisted into the beginning of the storybook adventure you've pined for all your life. You're a curious girl with a beautiful and gently feminine exterior, but a heart of steel, and that's only the beginning of you, so your adventure starts not in the Garden of Eden, nor some fairy glen, but here, in a lowbrow restaurant a century on from what might have been the moment of your death, half a world away from the place of it, meeting a real live Fairy Princess and the dragon servant she calls beloved, because for your happily ever after to turn out to be one single speck less strange and wonderful than this would make you turn right around and march back through that door and go hang yourself after all and be right to do it."

"You have a broken heart, and my dragon and I are trying to take its measure and find out how to save you. I don't mean I smell lost love on you, or some romantic nicety from a book of bad poetry. I mean your soul is cracked in half like a mirror, which you almost just discovered first hand can be deadly. I think I know why, and what's to be done for it, but we have to be sure. That's why I've been so horribly impolite. My servants here should be stacked in the other chair so you can sit with us and drink cocoa or cognac or something far stronger and we can make proper introductions but there isn't time. You've been perfectly nice and delightfully patient so I hate to be so rude but needs must. When all this is done you'll walk or fly or blink out of here to some other lovely place--unless this one amuses you. The food is delicious, and I'm I think about to give a sort of speech outside, to which you're invited. You'll be with a friend, one you'll love so dearly you wonder how you breathe without them, and free as a bird, at least from any chain I put on you--I've got three dance cards now, and they're all full, so have no fear of me, unless you're extremely seductive."

"You mean I'm not going to burn in hell or be a fairy slave? I know the almighty said I'm not, it's just that your fairy slave is a--did you say she's a dragon, just now? I'm so terribly distracted, I lost track."

Oh you poor thing.

"Yes. She turns into a proper one, though not in here. I can show you later, and we can go for a ride, maybe. I never know what happens after these. You're not going to burn in hell, or anything like that, at all. You can trust what daddy says. As for the other, I really don't think you're Fairy Slave material. You wouldn't be happy that way at all, I think. It's possible to apply anyway and there are lots of people who'd consider you but even with your strength I don't think you could pretend well enough if you didn't like it to make them keep you."

Should I--need the pick-me-up, just blurt.

"What I think, that I was holding back because I wanted to be sure first but I can see you need at least the hope, is that you're a Princess like I am. There's been a terrible mixup on Earth, where it's been lost that Princesses can be born to anyone, anywhere, and far more of them than just the nations of the world need to rule them. You shouted that you're one of those so loud to me the moment that door opened I've been bursting to just say it but that can be fatal if we don't go through all the steps, because you won't feel the truth the same as if we do."

Her eyes shine at me so I think the real problem is she doesn't dare believe what she's hearing.

"Are you with me so far? I really can be vain and silly and talk people upside down, so don't be afraid to interrupt me. We barely have time for manners let alone protocol."

"Do you mean that I'm one of you? A Fairy? I don't notice wings, do fairies not have them actually? What does a Princess mean, if she's not royalty?"

"A Princess is one who has command in their heart, loves fine things, and whose heart dies if there's no one to order. You have a maid, and maybe that thin thread sustains you, but I think you need stronger stuff. Whether I'm right and in what way is why we need for my beloved here to hear your heartbeat. Her kind know human hearts better than any human ever will, so she would know."

"You can hear all that in a heartbeat?"

Go for--okay.

"She can. As for wings, I can give you some right now, if you'd like, though we'll have to do something about your clothes. Mine get terribly uncomfortable if cloth brushes them while I fly."

She looks fidgety to explode, but trapped by Boobsong's paused assistance.

"Just your coat now."

I click take at her coat, and Boobsong smoothly pulls it off her shoulder, goes around behind her unwrapping it off her body, slides it off her other arm and holds it over her head for lasergrids to take. When it's gone I eravahk Boobsong back a step.

Agatha fidgets on her feet, so painfully uncomfortable, and, the weird thing is, as much as I want to evilly have my fun, just sitting her down to explain everything like that won't actually be kinder. As it is we're still going way to slow. I should have blasted her naked before the door even finished closing. What will it take for me to learn?

Dreams I don't understand why you're showing me that public transport bus unless I do in which case I...help me please. This is how you're getting me there, doing this. Okay.

"Now, look around the room for me. You're the only person in here wearing clothes. Isn't that so terribly awkward?"

She does look, and seems about to talk, but before she can I use my Lense to make rainbow-shimmering cookie-cutter shapes of hearts and stars and fairy wings and castles and crowns cut her clothes, first just so it seems like holes will be cut out, and she looks down at herself, then puts her hands to her mouth and squeaks so adorably I want to cry. I add more cutters, so she shapes overlap and her outfit entirely goes to pieces.

Heat from the lasers lifts the pieces so they float around her and I start burning them, too, making them into brilliant shapes in the right colors, pink hearts and gold stars and crowns. No shamrocks or horseshoes, but I don't think those apply here, hehe.

It works perfectly. When the shapes float up, she looks at them, entranced, reaches out to touch--no, just reach at them. In a few moments she's bare and the shapes have gone. The clothes were hiding pale skin, dark freckles, pretty round breasts with big tan areolas, a tightly corset-trained waist, and quite au naturel pubes. She's quite pretty, but we haven't even started here.

At her heart I click listen, and Boobsong flounces over and takes Agatha by the sides and lays her head sweetly to her chest.

What is my Great Divorce hell? That I won't just bite, and not let up until it's happily ever after? She's so beautiful, I want to play with her. The Dreams set this up to be easy for me, they say. I think they're just trying to say I'll do fine.

"I know that's a little intimate. Be strong. The more you enjoy it, the better she hears, and the more healing you'll get from her touch. Just being held that way is doing a lot, I can see it on your face."

Boobsong looks so kind and sweet, standing there with her eyes closed, listening, holding gently. Agatha's lips are just parted, and her cheeks are soft and high with oncoming tears.

"Oh please, tell me what she hears in there!"

Should I--ooh, good one.

"Your heart's barely beating. She has to wake it up, first. There's a faster way, and more fun, but you'd have to be terribly brave. We'll pile you with kindness after, either way. You can just stand there and this will work."

The robbers thing is just a story. This was the real reason. Wow she got lucky then. Go for this, the Dreams say. The direness isn't fake.

"What's the faster way?"

"Choose the one of us who draws you more to kiss, and have the courage to feel the joy that would bring you, and carry that on until your heart beats hard."

She looks down at Boobsong, resting so kindly there, then at me, and even I can see the lust on her face, mixed with so much fear...

Purple checkmark.

"There's even a kinder way. You've shown such courage, I asked too much strength of you. I'm sorry for that. Here."

, say the Dreams.

"Fight this, so you'll know there was no choice."

I point my eravahk. Click, hold. Click, kiss (cheek). Click, fingerbang.

Purple energy surrounds her--I want her to feel Boobsong's love, so Acme Station it is--and pulls her arms out to the side, and she thrashes her head and throws her body around for just a moment before those are held too, and Boobsong tiptoes up to kiss her cheek, then snuggles close and slides a hand between Agatha's legs.

Agatha looks at me terrified, her pretty mouth open wide at last, and I can see her strain in the fields, but they don't let her move at all.

Need me to candy off those pubes, dolly?

[ finished ] [ short time ]

Heh, okay.

It looks like Boobsong is starting to get somewhere--

"Stop, please, don't do this! You can't make me one of them, I have pills I take--"

"Agatha, that's not how it works. Those pills don't do anything. Look."

I make candies on each palm, orange and blue, and hold one and then the other up.

"I make candy, but it's medicine, too. This orange creme will give you fairy wings like you asked for, that can fold away like mine do, glow beautiful colors, and let you fly like a hummingbird that can stop in the air how it likes. This midnight treat will make you fall into a trance and show you visions of lovers more and more beautiful until every poet in the world is hammering at your door begging with tears in their eyes for you to describe some of the inspiration you've seen to them. Even I couldn't make the kind of pills you're imagining. This isn't changing you. If I'd wanted that I would've had her put one of these candies in your mouth. She's revealing the truth right now, what's always been from the moment you were born.'

I close my hands and unmake the candy.

Oof, take the suicide angle? Okay, but poor thing.

"That's why you came here instead of another place. To get our help, to save you, before you destroyed yourself to be rid of what you feel now. This is your heart, not something you can cut out or cure. That rope you have hidden in the attic is calling you because it's the place the road you've been walking goes. Instead you came here, to meet all of us, and be put back on the good and right road that leads into another woman's bed. You heard me. Look at the rest of us, so happily enjoying our lovers--yes, that toy guitar is my sister's beloved. They enjoy unusual games."

Being a Siren is intense. You find out people's suicide plans.

"There's no rule it's against this, it's not dirty or wrong, all of that's the same rotten mess of confusion as the rest of it. Suppose there were though. That rule would kill people, the way your belief in it almost killed you today. Should daddy let you be sacrificed to that rule like it's some kind of pagan god? Should I? It's still moral to drag a madman who fights you out of a burning house. That's what we're doing to you, now, before you kill yourself."

"There's no rule against Lesbianism?"

A little pause where her eyes roll back.

"You can't be serious! Father why's the Bible say--you mean that's not--"

She looks at me suddenly, face full of fire, like the lights have come on.

"Take me with her! She's your tool, right?"

Show her. Okay! 

"You're alive! Yes. Here."

I smile, and pop up and come around the table to stand by them, close where she can see, and show her my eravahk's handle.

"It's a game we play. Each key gives her the order I hold in my mind as I press, but if I press the same key twice nothing happens, and the orders I give can be only a single word. I can make her do whatever I want, but it's like playing harpsichord, I have to keep my thumb dancing to get my wishes. It makes me feel like she's a toy or muscial isntrument, but she's as alive and feeling as you or me. Aren't you, dolly?"

I smile as we wait pointlessly for her to answer, until Agatha looks up at me. Click, answer! I make the gesture obvious.

"It's this Boobsong's pride and joy to be her Princess' toy that moves when she says, and not without. You should try this, you won't go back. It's like being held by love so strong and hard you can't move or blink, then that love says do this and you have to go, you just can't stop, and then back to love that holds you still. If she had to give up all her chances to ever have another thought, this Boobsong would still be this way, to just feel that love."

"Now, take you, I think you said."

Agatha nods fast, and I click Boobsong grope, at her breast, and suckbite, at the other, and wrap at Agatha's waist. Boobsong puts her free hand on Agatha's breast and dives for her other breast, and presses her face into it hard, gets the nipple right in her mouth.

"AAAH! Her teeth are soft!? Round on top! What kind of dragon is she? Don't they eat aaah lambs?"

She's stopped straining in the fields, and her voice is hot with lust as she talks. She looks beautiful horny, with her lips looking even softer then before and her high cheeks flushed.

I quirk my smile lopsided, and, showing Agatha what I'm doing, use the thumbstick to pilot Boobsong's kissy head down her midsection and teasingly to her mound, stop a moment.

"Here's what she eats in this form."

I click her eat, very ostentatiously, at Agatha's pussy, and Boobsong, who's kneeling now, grabs Agatha's hips and pushes her head in and Agatha's eyes close in pleasure.

I pet Boobsong's head, once, as she goes to work.

"You have such beautiful lips. Do you like me, too?"

But she's lost in the pleasure, just riding the joy of Boobsong's amazing skills. She looks about to cum, her mouth opens--banzai. I lean in and kiss a little nibble on her upper lip--

Dreams I don't know what that means. Oh!

I step back, eravahk held up to show to her.

[!] [ APPLE ] [ GOT HER ] !!

A green-streaked black phantom appears between Boobsong and Agatha, pushing Boobsong back, and I click her to kneel, look, and she bounds to my feet and watches happily as a bright green version of Boobsong takes over for her mommy, wings raised high, and Agatha cums with a scream. Flashes of light spike Boobsong's fields off Agatha's arms before I can even click release, and Agatha grabs her new heartchild's light-green-haired head and pushes it deep in to her pussy.

After a long while, she releases her heartchild's head from between her legs, and they look at each other, then Agatha raises a bright green eravahk a flying-dragon-silhouette tip, points it straight down and with a wicked happy sneer that screams Princess so Clyde'll hear it at the bottom of his ocean, clicks, and her heartchild kneels at her feet just like Boobsong is doing for me.

"Hail Princess Agatha and her dragon!"

She keeps looking at her heartchild. Makes a little stirring with it, still pointed down, and her dragon turns to face us. Agatha lowers her eravahk and looks at me, face so hot even I might burn on it.

"Princess Pandora Lucia Chyajjoh, thank you. you brought my heart to life."

Smiles. "Thank you. I started this day thinking I was a doctor nobody wants to see, but you enjoyed that. That lights my heart up."

I point my eravahk at Agatha's dragon, and click greet.

"Mommy's happy to see you, kiddo! Name if you have one yet?"

Agatha looks down a minute, then with that same wicked grin points her eravahk and clicks. Such an inspiration.

Her dragon looks up and answers in a small sweet unhuman voice a little like her mommy's, but less techno:

"How you name dragons?"

Click, answer.

"That's between you and Agatha. If you want this Boobsong's advice you can ask but she thinks you should decide your way."

"I'll tell you of Boobsong's name if you want, but otherwise I agree with her."

"Please, I've been curious. Her voice doesn't sound like the bird--or does she make racket when you pleasure her?"


A wicked smirk climbs up my face and annexes my cheeks as I point my eravahk and click stroke at Boobsong's pussy, and her hands go to work.


"In the century you'll be increasingly glad to have skipped as you study its history, boobs has become a thing to call breasts when bosom is too serious. She and me are very silly people. Boobs are quite silly if you think about it, what with all this bouncing."

I poing on my heels.

Agatha smiles and looks good and pleasantly shocked. I click Boobsong clean at her hands, and then pose (hands on thighs).

"You named her that? Or did that come from her mother?"

"The way her kind come is through a crack in time at the hour of your death, when you cannot live if you don't have them. They're born of the image you see that takes you there, like you just saw, reflected from eternity to become True Love--so yours will be true to you, and as right for you as Boobsong here is for me."

"But the name. I was born the Princess of a country on the edge of civil war, and by the time I was six months old I so wished a dragon to carry me off and make me its pet rather than be Princess of the tide of blood I must have somehow seen coming even then, that she came to me. She would sing to me as I held her in my cradle, when the castle was full of angry voices or I could feel my Mother's fear of the assassin's knife through all the walls between her chambers and mine, and I could sleep. Heartsong is a way to say lullaby in my native language, while a boobsong is what you've just sung in your climax just now--my people are romantic, and see the heart in sex, not just base lust, so we make that connection. When we grew, and gained our boobs, my Heartsong became Boobsong, but she's still my lullaby. This story is important for you. Do you see why?"

"I'm still in danger of going back to seeing sex as what makes children come, instead of what we did here. Ironic that that made a new life appear! She's full grown, right?"

"Yes, and full of the knowledge of how to be good to you and how to teach you to be good to her so effortlessly you never notice you're being instructed. Which reminds me, since you may miss a fun chance before she can tell you, Boobsong and I have millions of daughters like her, so anywhere you go you'll likely meet one of your sisters, and find them to be a kindred spirit, because you meet someone who's human made a wish like you did just now. Which means they'll want to play with you and your dragon, and it'll be awkward unless you know their kind have no concept of incest."

"You speak as if we're family as much as they are. Is that true somehow?"

"Yes. You and I are kindred enough spirits to make the wish on her line, by seeing an image of one of her family. That makes us family, in a way. I bet you find your family's telegraph work fascinating, and have a secret hunger for carnival food over finer things, like I do, for instance."

"Telegraph--the keys on their magic wands! That's telegraph leaking into the wish we made! In a century it must have advanced so much I could barely imagine it! And yes, the things on that table look so good I have palpitations. Please may I try some?"

"Yay! Let's see if--"

As always, my tentacles are way ahead, having Peanut neatly in Butter's lap, still fast asleep.

"Excellent. Come sit--oh! Usually our children do something like this."

Click, glomp! Click, small!

Boobsong bounds into my arms and turns dollform, and I face her out so she can see.

"In case you find the chair crowded with her in your lap. I like it. I think places like this are fun, and comforting, including weird stuff like this table."

With a couple of clicks, Agatha has her dragon dollified and in her hands, and I lead us to the open chairs, and sit, and click Boobsong big.

Agatha comes around the table, looks curiously at the chair that's part of it, forgets she doesn't have skirts to gather, and sits.

"Those are Peanut and Butter sitting next to you. They're asleep magically, so don't worry about waking them. They're resting up for a big job they have later."

I stroke Boobsong, and squeeze her, just glad to have her in my lap.

"Now, try absolutely anything and don't fear reaching. My manners and fashion sense have something in common, hehe, but first, my powers told me before we even got your coat off you were parched. What's your favorite flavor? It needn't be something normally juicable."

"Oh dear, let's see. Do you have any tangerines or nectarines? I know it's the season--if I fell through a century, who knows what day it is! When is it, please, this is very confusing."

"Well, it's not really a matter of season."

I sparkle a tall rainbow-swirly glass of tangerine soda into being in front of her.

"I can make just about anything. The date is December twentieth, twenty twenty-two. When and where did you come from?"

She grabs the glass and chugs, then looks at it.

"I've never had this as sparkling before. How do you get the bubbles to stay while you mix the juice in? These bubbles are so fizzy I can't feel my tongue!"

"There's a machine that does it by pouring the syrup and tonic together without stirring, but my power just creates it that way."

Why--oh. Yeah.

"Would you like something more substantial. I really can make anything. Actually, I could use a snack myself."

I make a hot dog with ketchup and mustard on a paper plate, and click Boobsong feed, and she holds it up for me, and I chomp the tip off. Hehe.

"That smells amazing! I'll try one of them."

I make her an exact copy--except it's on a diamond plate. She grabs it up and takes a bite, and I remember to make napkins, which I do of rainbow silk. Gotta have some princessing.

She notices the plate as she sets down the hot dog, picks it up and holds it to the light.

"Is this plate a diamond!?"

She takes another bite of hot dog, still holding the plate up to look at. 

"I did say anything. Except, Dreams of Paradise I wish for a demonstration of how money works now."

A gold globe the size of a normal Earth glove appears in the center of the two tables, and just stays. Agatha looks at it, and puts the plate down.

"Diamond is still really pretty though, isn't it? I was thinking after this I might go find a boring street and fill it with little ones so I can see them sparkle. Real diamonds. But you can't buy a thing with them. There's your fairy gold."

"That globe is solid."

"Try to lift it."

She puts her hot dog down, and gets both hands on the globe, heaves mightily, but it won't move. She manages to spin it though, and I see it's a globe of the moon. Agatha finally gives up and sits back down.

"It's as heavy as the real moon!"

"Anyone could have wished that up. Which is important. Daddy made this power for me so I love to use it, but you can just wish for things. Selfishly and arbitrarily. Paradise always answers kindly."

Show of power will be hot to her?

"Boobsong made me this."

Purple energy carries the globe to the counter.

My sister's gone back to playing, her popcorn gone.

"Can I make you anything else, sister?"

"I'm all filled up, thanks."

Agatha's voice pulls me back to her.

"You just lifted that like it was nothing. Paradise would just give you that if you wished for it? That kind of power?"

"You are learning what a Princess is. Yes, and it would also protect you from all the unintended consequences you'd get from wishing for a copy of the machine Boobsong made me that lives in another universe and coordinates the lives of an entire planet, replaces all of its governments and runs things so there's no war, takes care of parentless children, reminds me of engagements and does things like stack my sleeping pets here together so you can sit by watching my mind and doing what I need before I've thought to command it, but most interestingly has been known to hold me down and give me a good fucking when I really need it. That sounds terrifying, I know, but it's a tiny speck compared to the power Paradise has to protect you with."

"Oh my goodness me, I'm glad I didn't wish for that! It wouldn't have come to me, would it, I'd just have got a globe-moving machine."

"Yes, or something more wonderful. Paradise has a way of giving you what you want more than what you ask for. What do you want? I still am your Fairy Godmother, that's what you're here for, or your dragon probably would have run off with you already. There's a lot of sex to catch up on when they're first born."

"Paradise gave me life when I was about to die. How can I ask for anything?"

I shrug.

"You'll get just as much if you ask for nothing. This is just the fun way to do things. You could walk out that door as bareassed as you are now and just go wandering, and never make one single wish, and be fine. Paradise would take care of you. Instead, here you are with a real authentic Fairy Godmother, who's already Princessed you, but it's gone all strange and fun, hasn't it? Since when does the story of Cinderella start in America in the future, with the dragon making off with you being the happily ever after that begins the story? It's all about what's fun. For instance, ever seen a diamond shatter? Wanna? Here."

I make her a paper plate to replace the one she's about to break.

"This is a good place, but you must be so angry at the path that lead you here."

"You don't mean break the plate!"

"Everyone telling you how lucky you are, how fortunate your family is, looking up as if you're some kind of idol, but they don't know. They don't see the sleepless nights, the crying into your pillow, the crumbling inside. They don't see any deeper than the brave face you put on every day until you feel like you're just the empty space inside the smiling shell. They don't know the pain. And all for what? The sake of a rule that wasn't even real! A stupid misunderstanding repeated for centuries against--


She suddenly raises the plate and smashes it against the table with a motion so fast I can barely see it, and the plate explodes into shards that rattle and spin among the treats for a moment before tentacles-fields clear them away.

"Now your anger's to the surface and you can see it, and recognize it, and fan its flames. That's the fire of your heart, and if you put it out to stay calm and demure your whole light goes out, like yours was going to. It's sad it turned on your parents that way, but I think that wicked tongue you mentioned was your protecting yourself from going out entirely. Now you can find better ways. The world hurt you so bad, that you got here this way. Enjoy paradise, but don't go thinking you have to be accepting about what happened to you. I don't know what you exactly do need to do, but I bet your dragon does. They're sweet, but they're still dragons, they know about this stuff, isn't that right, dragon?"

I look down at Boobsong.

Dragon face. "RRrrrr."

Agatha is sitting with hard fists on the table, with fire in her eyes.

"Does it have to hurt so much?"

, say the Dreams.

"You spent a lifetime falsely imprisoned, and now you're rushing out to the field to be with your beloved, but you're also seeing the sheer cruel pointlessness of what was done to you. Would you want that not to hurt, if you could?"

"Your anger must be terrible! Have you ever felt this way?"

"Sometimes it seems my life is nothing else. The assassin's knife my mother was scared of all those nights came to me when I was thirteen--but Boobsong's magic made me as hard as stone to the blade. It still makes me burn inside to think of it, but now, I'll forget we mentioned this soon enough. What you have is a lifetime built up and unaddressed. There may be something you can do. If you sit with anger, feeling it, you'll find a path through it, what must be done. That'll probably be a path of blood and darkness for you right now, but you don't have to walk it, only see it. I think one of the biggest mistakes people make about anger is trying to blow it off too easily with just bluster and violence. Real resolution requires poetry. Try it. Do you find anything beyond the wish to break jewelry?"

"There's a Bible verse. I want to tear it up. I can't get home. Can you help me get it here?"

"Let me see."

The only choice to make's how many megatons.

"It's in an antique store. Up on a shelf. I can get it with the globe-mover...there."

It appears in front of her, where the plate was, in a wooden frame, embroidered on old fabric.

"That's it! That's incredible, how'd you get it here?"

"Through a hole in space. Go ahead, you've seen how messes get cleaned up. I mean, unless you'd like a little more drama. My other sister blew a pretty big hole in the road outside getting rid of her version of this."

"You can make anything. That includes a cannonball with a lit fuse."

"For a start. She used starfire. Sometimes, though, I think it's your own two hands that do the best. If the fabric resists, why don't I give you dragon's claws, just for the time it takes to do this?"

In response, she lifts the frame over her head and bashes it against the table over and over until it's twisted wreckage, then grabs the fabric and starts to pull at it, but it's still strong after all these years.

"Dragon's claws. Please."

I make the candy, a little black hard-candy dragon's claw, and hold it out to her. She takes it quickly, eats it, and her hands morph into a dragon's talons. She holds them up to look at, wondering, then scrabbles mercilessly at the fabric until only fluff and tiny shreds are left. When stops and holds her hands up, they turn back into human hands.

She's smiling, as they change back. The fragments stay. I wait a moment to see if she'll say or do anything.

"You're reminding me of a family tradition I have. The castle I grew up in has a huge gravel courtyard. It's made of the pulverized fortresses of our enemies, as a reminder that we triumphed when people brought war to us. Is that gravel, or trash to be taken out there, in front of you? There's no right answer."

"I want to see it all burn up."

"I don't suppose your dragon can breathe fire? Her mommy can breathe things for which your world has no name."

Click, shielding.

Purple shields go up around the the wreckage, open to Agatha and her dragon.

I can see the cities burning in her pupils as she raises her eravahk and points it at the wreckage and clicks with that same wicked smirk on but far more dark now and her dragon-dolly inhales and then flame and black smoke fill the shields, billowing out the top. The fire grows brighter, turns white, and billows terribly against the inside of the shields smelling of soot and ash, and then is gone, and Agatha is transformed: her hair has become like molten gold, or glowing embers, shiny metal outside over glowing inner fire.

Click, unshield.

I make a big mirror in front of her, to show her. Then think to make it show me her through itself, this time. She's leaned forward, looking at her new hair, turning left and right to show it to the mirror.

"The fire burned me up. I thought I was dying. Did I kill myself after all? Am I a ghost now?"

I take the mirror away and hold out an open palm. She takes it, touches my hand with both of hers. It's soothing to be touched, and I let her see the peace that brings me.

"On the first day I was old enough, Boobsong ate me. Head to toe, until I was entirely inside of her. It didn't kill me, and I came back in an egg she laid, but...ever since I've been dragon-chomped. I can never go back again. That old life is ended. That Princess was eaten by the dragon she always wished for. Maybe this is the same for you."

"Yes. I think it is. I can never be Agatha again. I need a new name, now. How do I get one?"

I take my crown off and hold it between us, show her.

"I made this crown, as you can probably tell. I made it, and took it, and I didn't ask anyone or give any warning, I just put it on my head. That's how Princesses like us get both crowns and names."

I put it back in place, careful of my butterfly antenna.

"That doesn't mean you know right now what your name will be. It took me a long journey before I understood why this five-pointed star with the points that don't quite line up was right for me. It might be the same for you. I suppose your first thing to do in Paradise, might be to look for your names together."

"I really like that thought. We're going to go now. Thank you, Princess Pandora Lucia Chyajjoh. I hope we meet again someday."

She stands, and bows, holding her dolly.

"I think so. An invitation to my birthday party tomorrow will find you soon. I'd be delighted to have you there."

She actually bounces, and squeals with delight, and then they're gone in a burst of fire.