23 - Red Right Returning

I breathe another deep sigh. Rada doesn't seem to be here yet, but that's fine with me, this is a lot to process.

Sirening responds to a question half-formed: the Dreams have it now. It won't be able to cause any trouble.

Actually I can't wait to see Rada. When I think of the person I saw shining through the cracks of her trying to still be Colleen, nostalgia thrums. For last night. But still.

"Okay, I need to sit and I need so much chocolate. Let's go."

I lead us back to the table, sit in my same seat, Boobsong slips back into my lap and squidges down grindily and I hold her tight as everyone else sits too. Dove plunks across from me with dolly-Mintie, but the Baskers pause by what was their chair.

"I wish a chair up,"

says Marie, and one rises from the floor just like it's in the bio-ship from the TNG episode Tin Man, then turns into a normal fiberglass fast food joint chair matching the other ones, though it's on four metal legs instead of attached to the table.

They sit in it, and pull up.

"I would've been happy to sit there. Seems like they're foreshadowing a ship that's alive or something."

What!? Where?! I don't see them. Isht Visht's voice is coming from all around. Click, scan!

[scanning tail] [nothing]!

"If you guys start doing the voice from everywhere thing too I'm going to start bugging daddy to get a body to balance it!"

Everyone giggles.

"That would be apocalyptic."

"I guess it would make a lot of people cross."

Er, oops--but my red sister's just back to jamming away. Dove looks like she can't believe I just said that, and daddy chuckles, which would be alarming if I wasn't so scary myself.

"For real, though," I say to the ceiling, "do you want us to order you pizza, sis, or is the Q continuum up there got you set?"

"Oh, I left that out before," I say to the Baskers. "I totally presented to the crew of the Titan as Q's horny little cousin. They ate it up, it was great!"

"Making Grandmother Strawberry Q's Aunt seems right. Riker sure ate fast when she called!"

Marie almost sprays her Doctor Pepper everywhere.

"Yeah especially since I only remembered her in that scene. My acting was real convincing remembering she exists being all like w-what can I do for you Grandmother. Okay. Invisible unscannable sneaky sister, would you like some pizza, or are you cool with just the skeletons in Riker's closet?"


Wait a minute. Living ship, huh.

"Hey Janna, what has four legs and flies and isn't something Boobsong turns into usually?"

She looks thoughtful, then looks at their chair, scoots it some, keeps looking at the chair as she says,

"I don't know, but I'm sitting in it!"

"Aww, you got me. I was gonna wait all through supper to reveal about it."

Isht Visht's voice is coming from the chair now.

"How'd you fend off an Acme Station scan?"

"Give me a little credit. I switched out the chair for a plain old metal one when I saw you click. Figured it'd be that or sex."

Janna and Marie are both looking at the chair, smiling, but they stay in it.

There's a really familiar whhuuuum that fills with shimmering bell sounds and the sparkly streaks of a Federation transporter surround the empty chair and Rada beams into it, looking like we just got back from hopping in the Waifu.

She's got an adorable little dolly-Isht Visht in her arms, hugged tight.


I nudge Boobsong off me and we run around the table and I plop to my knees behind the chair so I can put my arms around my sister and hug her tight. The chair's in the way but so what. She grabs my arm and leans her head on my shoulder...so familiarly...

"No heart attacks at the table and especially no warp core breaching Olympic Pizza," I murmur in her ear, silly.

Images bubble from my heart, fragments from Strawberry Home and early life, then the window of Heart Home, and I start crying. Being small and watching her iron a dress I liked...or something I was too little to get what she was doing...camera stuff, a subway car, but the images are at a remote, we're watching TV together, I'm in her lap and clutching dolly-Heartsong, I was young when I figured out how to receive what was coming through the timegate, and I could translate it with my words-machine. Somehow got these really fancy painted-china loudspeaker things. Princess powers I guess. Uncle Dagon must've helped me get how to make the electronics, or I did it astrally--I think that, yeah. No Lens yet but I could move some air.

Rada's crying too.

Some kind of table with lots of feet, aches the familiarity of being a baby. We played a game like chess on it. The world is a simple cartoon. This is Heart Home. I was small so the dreams made the journey easy for me. A flower in a thin vase, on a silver tray, there's a sticky bun in the middle, but it's all that simple cartoon again and I'm small so one sticky bun is a lot. It feels like Colleen holding me, like she made the picture and showed me. Blocks. Wood, not legos. Nice though, on a fine-fit wood floor with sun. Strawberry Home somewhere. There's a lot of them. Painting a picture of a white castle. I paint. The reset erased that so I was scared to pick up a paintbrush. It's a childish painting but I never tried to paint any other way I don't think because my astral engineering still comes out like that now but this is me painting strawberry home when I'm like five or maybe old enough to do the TV thing because I'm painting it with quicktunnel tracks all over. These are so vivid like I thought that was all gone but Colleen was what was missing...and the crazy thing about all of this is the childish-seeming girl in my arms is more like sixteen-year-old Colleen than Captain Rada ever was. A something coming on a silver platter on a high-raised hand. Don't know what but that's always interesting. Peeking through a stone-arch door, to a room full of deep blue cloth, some bedroom, someone liked blue. Turkey up out of reach but I want turkey, heh. She'll give me bits if I look pathetic. Doing pottery. Rada's helping me. Big hands on my little ones, using a ton of water on the clay to make it easy for me.


Chopping roses. She's making shampoo. Such good shampoos her hands were so kind and I liked the way it moved my head like rocking in a boat. The roses made the bubbles pink. Now grinding strawberries with kind of a sieve thing to dye my hair. I loved to watch her do stuff. I was always hovering around. A scrying board. Letters around the outside, same idea as ouija. Little pockets in the corners with crystals sitting in them and a white quartz orb in the middle. It's really old. I seem to think the way it worked was the quartz was an amp a spirit could use to project light beams onto the letter to spell messages. That seems weird in a world with black mirrors and su'khora though. Gravel--oh I think this was a barbarian thing. Yeah because it's three-sided. Eden had a weird obsession with three. I'm small and like tiptoeing to see the thing, it's like a foreign curiosity or we're learning about other cultures or something. Gravel gravel gravel oh it came from someone we conquered. They had a white castle, heh. Eden tried to make magic and scrying seem complicated and dangerous so it could do bad stuff to you more easily. Colleen's there. I got head-petted. A field of blue flowers. I'm in my green and white kid dress and it's summer, we're up in the mountains somewhere, there's a pretty view. Heartsong dolly clamped in my arm. She always is. Unless stupid Jenner is there. A single cadbury creme egg sitting on a table. I'm level with the table looking at it. Rada's on the other side, she got down to my level. The table's a piece of marble and we acting about like that. Candy from the otherworld. Family something...I'm too young for my Lens...I think maybe Uncle Dagon created it from the commercials I had, and so it was double-numinous because stars making stuff was like sacred and it was food of the other world. Yeah because I remember Uncle Dagon trying not to laugh at us being all impressed. Now more gravel. Grey. We were to see the remains of the castle it came from, conquered a long time ago. It got turned into one of those historical places that's really just a bunch of stubby ruins in a nice meadow. Being really young. Colleen's like holding me so I don't walk off the edge of the whatever. I'm pointing at a construction crane (the treadmill powered medieval kind) and saying a word I can't get right. Strawberry Home's being worked on I think. Yeah, we're touring the construction. I made a paper mache planet and I'm all proud. It's green for Colleen I think, and has ring made our of flat paper. A bit of green-and-white tracery I always thought was pretty and made me proud to eb a Strawberry because we made fine stuff. White banner with green edges. Rose in the middle. Someone's coat of arms, it's the court chamber, the banners hung along the walls and in the middle behind the throne was the Chyajjoh banner with fine green strawberry vines and a window up in the middle...it was silver. Oh the stars watching over us. And the queen below was the strawberry for the vines. It's quiet and morning before anyone gets there, Colleen is like showing me. A brown wood drawing desk. Ground floor, against the building's east wall. Nice white marble around but the room is hard more than cozy. Bits of rock on shelves, this is the sculptor's workshop. Tinglies of measurements taken with calipers so gently used. We're measuring me for a bust to be made before I grow up. Bin of scrolls. Maps or plans. Plans of buildings. That day with the parade. Sis is telling me the story of how she climbed into Jenner's chamber up the outside wall that's not supposed to be climbable, what she did with the glue. I'm eating sugar cookies with like jam in the middle. A sunlit garderrobe somewhere in the castle, high windows let light and air in but give privacy, I'm really small or its for giants. My blackmirror, wrapped in precious pink silk with soft stuffing around the edges to make it easy to hold and protect it from my dropping it because I'm like four. It has a cover flap with a little string you can wrap around a button to keep it closed. This one is special, not the ones I smashed talking to daddy. The way my tutoring chamber felt. Sunlight. Strawberry Home was full of light even in winter. There were low tables and cushions on the floor. Coloring on paper there, the paper's a little curly and has a rough edge and it's tan. Stickiness on fingers. Airplane plans. Bitter pain of Jenner's stupid box. Tweaking my just-built Sig Cub but it hurts because Heartsong should be helping and she's in the stupid box. Plumbing supplies--brought a whole toilet back from America, hehe. The crate with its packing is open and it's being installed in a high white room, I'm watching impatiently. An American doctor's office? He had a picture of like chalk sticks or something I remember the frame and the smell and the light glaring on the painting as I stared at it. This doesn't seem to be a reset memory because I'm clutching dolly Heartsong. I remember people running out of the room as I got bright. Watching telephone poles go by in the like Illuminati van afterwards. I'm all upset the way a kid who knows they're right but is in trouble anyway gets. It's because I got scary at the doctor's. We're going back to the timegate now. Maine looks pretty. The nurse had rainbow-balloon scrubs. And the picture was of like rainbow something. Paint tubes I think. It's really upsetting. Not the rainbow stuff. I submitted to the examination and even put up with tongue depressors. Then I remember heat ripples coming off me. The people who ran out of the room were big, I keep going back to that. Colleen's there off to the side. She's not running because she's fireproof too. I think they thought they were going to take me someplace other than back to the worldgate when I wanted. Gum. They offered me gum and Heartsong warned me it was poisoned like with sedative. I got so furious. Smell of burning plastic. I made the doctor who did it kneel and apologize. All the rainbow stuff, it was an Illuminati like facility. Plowstar, I guess. Another picture had rainbow balloons. Yelling at them down through the open worldgate from the Strawberry side, then closing it and like brushing off my hands all angrily. It could pick you up and put you down, I think, but I controlled it. Outdoors, America. That rest stop, a round concrete picnic table. Picture being taken. The Illuminati wanted me secret so when they turned on me like that I made them use their influence to publicize us instead. And themselves. Look at our big secret plan to poison a kid. Good thing she had the power to make us behave ourselves. Easy sell, everyone knew the Illuminati were shady, heh. Heartwarming tree. McDonalds, I remember the plastic booth. I'm still small, my growth spurt came after ten. Colleen's behind me with the tray. Star Wars, munching popcorn--how'd we see that in a theater? I'm with Colleen and we're trading off the popcorn bucket and loving this. Heartsong's in my lap. It felt like being sisters. I think we used my princess from another world pull to make a theater show Star Wars. Microphones, paper in my hands, TV camera. Must be my hello speech. I think I'm saying stuff like I'm just a kid like you...oh but the stars made me to bring fun into this world. God, not stars. I felt nervous giving a speech. Dunkins box, being offered donuts. Chocolate glazed is the instant favorite. And then pizza. I sat in some director's chair and was in love as soon as I tried it. Someone's holding the pizza box. Just like a grip I think they're called, movie set servant. Some things aren't so different between America and the Strawberry Empire. That pizza was pepperoni and sausage and olive but I learned fast which of those was the good one. Then ice cream, from some little walk-up shop. Always try the peasant food. America's a long way from revolution if it's got ice cream, heh. Sat on a sea-wall in some Maine town to eat it. Sis is standing over watchfully.

Tears well up fresh--I've stopped crying while all these memories come. We tried to make peace at first. I said I was there to bring fun and did stuff like rent movie theaters so kids could come watch Star Wars for free--there was plenty of gold in the Chyajjoh treasury to buy me all the American fun I wanted. It only turned into a war later...and the war wasn't nearly with everyone.

That seems to be the end of the memories. I stay hugging Rada and watching my red sister jam for a moment.

No. Shigeru. I can feel that like a continent wanting to rise. I met him in some arcade. He thought having an actual princess love his games was the absolute coolest thing that could ever happen. I remember him smiling, the arcade's empty like we're renting it out for the occasion. He's got like sparkling cider or some fancy kid thing like that in an ice bucket on a table. The arcade was great. There was Duck Hunt with a fancy cabinet with like a magnified screen. Lights like a hotel ballroom. Everything's all decorated, it's like a party or something. Pink and white. I'm lying on a throne but sit up. Shigeru with a Zelda cartridge, holding it like a trophy. I arranged him a real gold one. Still playable, obviously. I DID do that! This is me giving him an official royal commendation for Zelda, which I thought was his true masterpiece. He's all proudly showing it to reporters and stuff, acting like this makes his life. That makes me smile remembering that. I remember him popping a champagne cork, trays of glasses. Shigeru's a friend. He loves kids and met me as one. Him and Starlight Princess games...rings dead. He was a friend and inspiration. He liked to make kids' games, or stuff all ages could play. I wasn't about to pry him off making more Zelda, either. The continent that wants to rise is our friendship.

Sirening nudges, come back to the pizza shop. Yeah. Where my sister is.

"Remember the Creme Egg?"

Rada sniffles, nods.

"Just try it!"

"Steve's here! Right outside. Waiting for us to come out, I think."

"Pizza's up! Wait a minute, Rada's here!"

Peanut's standing in the kitchen door with two pizza boxes in her hands, and calls over her shoulder to her pet, who appears in behind her.

"Walt's on the roof in a Santa Sleigh."

I whirl, still holding Rada. Steve's in the door in kind of like a minimalist winter coat thing with Camphora in front of him in her usual brown and beige. She waves, and I smile.


"Nosing in on family funtime is a racket I'd get in on."

Walt comes in behind Steve in a big black felt coat, with Pleiades in a matching pink one.

"Perhaps this funtime would be better at a bigger table."

"I've got that."

"How about on Isht Visht?"

She looks up so hopeful.

"You guys, look at scans."

Huh? Click, scan!

[scanning tail] [closed eyes] [spoiler].

"Mine's getting blocked."

"Ours too,"

says our red sister.

"I didn't go full apocalypse, but even Acme Station's not getting through. Time Shenanigans...that's all we get to know for now. I mean other Sirens check me out, that's what I see."

I give Boobsong a kiss on the head where she snuggles at my side.

"Yeah, same here."

"It's part of the plan. It's just for a minute...yeah. I'm gonna be a Siren!"

Janna looks so proud.

"COOL! Congratulations!"

I make a candy that'll make her feel my hand high five hers when she eats it and puts her hand up in front of her. It comes out as a gummi hand, rubbery pink like those M.U.S.C.L.E. things from the eighties.

"High five for you. Eat it and put your hand up. No scary."

Marie's twisted around to grin at her. Janna eats the candy and puts her hand up and giggles and does the laugh-nod thing when she feels the highfive.

"Don't wanna take my hands off my sister yet."

"Scary's good though,"

grins Janna.

"Oh, yeah, what am I thinking. Here."

I make two candies in front of them. They come out looking gummi, but clear and black swirled.

"What do these do,"

asks Marie.

"Something extremely weird. No idea what. I'm doing good today, too. Peanut's pet there got turned into a dildo for like an hour off a dickwaving candy I made."

"It was great! I could vibrate, and make pretty sounds, and talk to her through her pubic bone by buzzing it, and my hands turned into rabbit ears I could use to make her clit cum!"

Butter sounds proud. Peanut looks blushy. I grin at them, then turn to Janna and Marie.

"Save it or eat it, no prescriptions for Baskers but have fun!"

They both grab their candies, and eat them, looking at each other with wicked expressions.

Nothing but candy eating seems to happen at first. Then their eyes turn black, and their voices come together, full spooky prophecy mode:

"We can see through time and space."

They look at Rada.

"Be at peace with what your Keeper says. Have no fear of Rainbow losing hope again."

Then at me, with their deep black voids of eyes.

"Your book is almost done."

They blink, and their eyes are normal.


Marie looks at her hands. Janna looks at Marie.

"Scan's good! Pizza's getting cold."

"Let's rock and roll, then--wait, what about you, Sis?"

"I want sister food. Can you make me home fries and bacon wherever we go with this?"

Okay I guess it makes sense that makes me cry.

"You got it. Wait, Dove, you too!"

"You're the Pizza freak. I want some more of that cake!"

"Soon as we're settled."

I kiss Rada on the head, and stand up, but keep one hand on Rada's shoulder (the other has to go around Boobsong, not that I'm complaining), and look at Janna.

"Hey Siren, any cool hangout spot advice?"

She looks surprised and happy, then stares through the world.

"We can go to Isht Visht or Mintie's castle, but the Heart Church down the road is better. The reason is spoilered."

She focuses again, looking happy.

"Cool. What about the thingy before leaving here?"

"There's time for family supper but then you should get there."

She looks very self-satisfied on top of her smile.

"Feels good, right? Last one. How far to Dunkin's?"

"I could do these all day! Dunkin's is after supper, but before that last thing."

"Sweet. Thank you. Let's go!"

Your tentacles will keep Peanut warm. Her pet will like the titfreeze. She has temperature play to hard.

Rainbow's rules, #whatever: the cuter the sub, the scarier the thoughts.

I pat Rada's shoulder and head for the door, and the lords of America head back out into the snowy street. Clack, clack, compelled by heels to walk sexy, oh sweet, I'm all dressed up. The fans will dig this.

Boobsong! This is the first time we've been outside-outside since Limbo! Like except a minute before with her in dollform. I make her little heels like my own, except they're rainbow-iridescent instead of crystal, and have my heart signs on them instead of arc-rainbows, right on her feet. Now our height difference is right again too.

[magnet] [silver screwdriver]!

Yes you are. Maybe my hand will slip and click fuck while we walk.

Maybe your seed-ghost has plans for this.

Unf. I could really use some happy fun easy seed-ghost squeezing.

(Oh um, screwdriver is an injoke of ours, drives you to screw, get it)

I glance back as we reach the door, everyone's coming, looking happy. Rada's right behind and still a little tearful but it just makes me want her more. I was broken up with the life where she was my nursemaid. Little sister Rada, I can't wait.

Walt and Pleiades are waiting outside, and Camphora's holding the door (trying to remember if Steve's playing the Princess game--he must be. He's more of a Princess than me).

My tentacles or spiking seem to have cleared the sidewalk so the fans out here make a wall just by the edge of it. A huge cheer goes up when we walk out, and from the sidewalk I can see the passage in the crowd turns to go down Marathon street.

Oh I know what to do hehe.

Big or little I hope you're still as into me as when we started that makeover.

I'm about ready to cum watching your ass move, so get your hands on me!

[Vision: big drippy hearts]

I turn around and hold my free arm out like snuggle now. She's up against me in a flash and I grab her by the waist and swing us around to face the crowd.

If they laugh the joke's not you.

Sirening picks out a short little curvy femme in nothing but a barely-there rainbow-sheen bikini with rainbow-striped hair and a shiny navel piercing, cheering furiously. I lick my lips at her, wink when she looks, and my boom-mic lasergrids in and I address the crowd, looking up and down the way.

"Heeeeeey cuties," I purr at them, and then push Rada more in front, and she faces out.

"My sister!"

The crowd laughs and cheers, and a chant starts:

"Ra-da! Ra-da!"

Never enough face for smiling. I let her bask a couple of iterations, then grab her nipple and she squeaks so cutely and I spin her to face me a little stumbly and lean down and grab her ass and squeeze like I've been wanting this whole time and she puts her hand that's not holding Isht Visht behind her back and looks up at me so hopingly with her eyes darting over my face and I kiss her hard and fast, filling her mouth with tongue right away and she opens so softly and closes her eyes but looks blissful. Just like that ride to the camp...I push my tongue further, fill her up, lick at the slipperiness of her throat, taste...she's got to be arranged like me, hot! I give her my whole length and find a straight yummy way down squeezing and slick and pussy-flavored, and she goes limp on my arm, rubbing herself against.

I'd make you cum five times in front of everyone if the pizza wasn't getting cold.

Isht Visht has my clit, so good luck there, but I sure wouldn't mind it!

I give her a final press and pull out, savoring her taste as I go. I end up with a ncie mouthful to swallow at her, which gets a blush. With a final squeeze, I let her go and start heading down the sidewalk.

"Okay, the family and us are all off to have some pizza, but I'm going to do something interesting soon. Don't know what yet, but if the foreplay I've been getting is anything to go by, this is going to be a doozy, so stay tuned. Happy--oooOOPS, THAT'S MY SISTER'S LINE!"

And I blow them a big sexy kiss with a spray of candy that arcs up over the crowd. Among it is a little flying-fairy me-with-Boobsong and a recorded message for bikini girl that'll land on her shoulder to whisper very hornily:

You're hhhhot. Gonna be thinking of you later. Triple dog dare you to strip that bikini for everyone after we pass! MUAH!

And then fly in front of her face to say very beggingly:

PS I want pictures if you do it.

And then dive for her hand and become heartplease-supporting candy.

Dove's voice comes from behind:

"HO HO HO Happy Heartwarming! Presents and a feast, at my castle soon! Ask the Dreams how to get there, or find a Siren like this one!"

This is so sweet. Let's all pigpile Janna with support until she like melts or something.

I glance at the sky. It's just black.

It's good to see you with doll-her too. It suits.

Thanks. You got me inspired, with Boobsong.


We're coming up on the corner of Marathon street. There are Heartwarming wreaths hanging from the street lights, and--oh my. All down Marathon street, that I can see, the front row of the crowd is Lucys all arm in arm so free arm is around neighbor's shoulder that's holding their dolly-Lyra. It's like...imagine you were a drop of water and the ocean just looked so sexy. I grin at them as we turn the corner.

How long's it been since my makeover for you?

Fourteen days. Long enough to adjust to my Fairy-ness but only just. How do you take this?

When it seems like I'm really not going to do anything fun at this end of the street and we're started down Marathon street where the shops become houses, I fingergun over my shoulder and make a fireworks rocket that whistles up over the crowd and makes a big green-and-red sparkles burst that sends candy everywhere, even down the road in front of us.

You don't. You explode and rely on your Keeper to have you tied up so you explode the right way.

Up ahead I can see the right turn to go into the Heart-Church with more crowd across the sidewalk. More Lucys line the edge. I want to go up and kiss each of them cake individually, or let them pet me, but they totally joined arms so I wouldn't have to think about that, because that's what I'd do. We all have the relationship we do partly because we're giving these mirrors with minds of their own the love it can be hard to give ourselves. Because we know the other one is fighting the same battle.

So I take their generosity and just enjoy the really mindbreaking view. Like you'd think it'd get boring but actually each one is just another stroke of this giant mindfuck. They've all taken their numbers off for this, so they look exactly the same.

My mind is feeling trapped but my heart wants it more and harder and I can't stop begging Isht Visht for more stuff. How do you keep your head above water?

Fairies can't swim. Here's my SCUBA gear. Do you have something like that with Isht Visht?

She's right beside me. I show her my eravahk.

My captain's chair is still waiting for me but I feel like such a joke sitting in it.

I was freaking out earlier and suddenly just found myself having like a dom-sub checkin chat with Boobsong but with me as the bottom and I suddenly stopped and was like wait, are you okay with this cocksleeve? And she told me she and me aren't dom and sub. Ask Isht Visht, but I bet it's the same for you.

Oh and. I'm Acme Station's main reactor, not its commander, but I go right out without this demon slave game. You of all people know about taking care of a Princess. Maybe you're the dilithium and that Captain's chair and Fairy bondage is Isht Visht feeding you matter and antimatter. No plasma stream without both.

Time to turn. The Lucys look so pretty. They're on both sides as we head for the steps to the Heart Church. It's an old white stucco building, but the doors have been Steved, they're all-glass double doors with a split rainbow-heart for the handles.

I'm the bottom, aren't I?

As we get to the stairs two Lucys step out of the crowd and stand facing the doors, showing off their lovely asses for us who're below them, and ready to get the doors (the other side of that mirror with a mind of its own thing is it's impossible for us to give each other compliments without getting them on ourselves).

You MUST have had THAT conversation with Isht Visht in two weeks. Dolly for real, am I the bottom?

The Lucys push the doors open, and stand holding them with their heads down all submissively. We know how to make us hot, yes we do.

Hot, dragon wings--the inside of the Heart Church feels cozy and warm, with black starshot walls over blonde wood wainscoting stops halfway up space so it all seems like night sky at the front--I think. It's full of the same people I think I saw through my idol's eyes, though they've moved around. The owner of the dragon wings is a huge grey gargoyle girl standing on a pad near the back. She's got her hands folded like praying. In front of it all is a wall of blonde wood that makes the little antechamber with greeters (who seem to be the two Lucys on the door). You go around it to the left to get in. It's just the right height so from the street looking up what you'll see is a friendly face waiting, and not the possibly real weird stuff going on inside, but you'll still get a look at that before you open the door...just enough to make you curious. You're already on the steps, just go in!


Up at the front our idol is decked out with Heartwarming garlands--that must be what the Lucys were putting on when I looked before. I lead us around the barrier as Boobsong talks. Nobody turns around as we come in. There doesn't seem to be any specific activity going on, just people hanging out and being with other Baskers, but they're into it. The couch in the corner I saw still has the same couple, but they're sleeping together now. I wish I could sleep in a room full of people sometimes. It seems companionable.

How am I the captain if she's my Keeper?

Heart Church is about to see us. Wanna grab a timeslice and talk this out first? You don't sound so good. I just made my half the wish.

Suddenly we're in Picard's ready room on the Enterprise-D. Rada's there, and we right next to the couch, which is grey leather in this ready room. I plop on it with Boobsong, she gets in my lap, and I pat for Rada to sit with us. She sits on it cross-legged, facing me. I twist towards her.

"So like, is she your Keeper? How does it work with you guys?"

"It's our seed-ghost, but my heart won't accept that. I keep on turning to Isht Visht."

"It's the same with me and Boobsong. I think...that's okay, though? Like to be honest, this isn't easy for me, either. I keep waiting for her to tell me it's time to deal with the fact that I am just the bottom, but I feel like I'll suffocate if I give this up."

I hold up my eravahk.

"Have you asked daddy? He gave me a really clarifying answer before. Where are you and he at now?"

"We don't talk much. I'm still getting over the bad time."

"I'm wondering how I got as better as I did today. Though I think it's been a lot more than 24 hours. He told me I was made to ride the dragon, not direct it, and I was like, then how to I fix the part of me that thinks just doing that would be disappearing, and he said that part is so I can enjoy topping. Does that ring any bells for you?"

She lights up before I'm even done talking.

"That's exactly how I feel! What'd he say to do, then?"

"I didn't have it together enough to ask for advice. I'm still getting over it too. Okay. You're a million and I'm fifty. I still wanna help but I keep learning today to just be this kid-thing I am so I'm saying that. You're a million but you seemed so much older before and now it feels like we're the same age. What the hell, though, right? Um. I promise this is actually applicable. Do you actually have to eat or drink, that you know of? Like nectar notwithstanding."

"I don't know, I acted like--no there was one time. I went for two days without water. No headache, nothing. You're supposed to get bad thirst after one day."

"I'm the same way, I think. Can't get overfilled, either, right?"

She just nods.

"Okay, I'm kind of like, making this up as I go along, but...I think we're supposed to feel good, not make sense. Like, that's the whole message of us, because it's true for humanity in general. We have all these wants our bodies and animal hearts give us that were useful before we were really sentient, but now that we are, like they don't make all that much sense. We wanna fuck, we wanna dominate, we wanna submit, we wanna be held in tight structures, we wanna be with our family, you can look back and see what use all of that might have been holding a tribe of a couple hundred people together in the wilderness, but humans don't do that anymore. Now you and me do the same thing to food and drink. I think the point is, it all started being just games a long time ago, so chill out and play how feels good and stop making sense. I guess with me and Boobsong I'm clinging to the idea that the joke was my thinking I was ever some kind of wild lioness when I'd be just as much a housecat whether Boobsong collared me or not. Ugh I go on. I just gave a fizzfreezing lecture, I should be able to stop grandstanding for my own sister! Um."

"You sound like I feel. I just can't keep from turning ice cold."

I reach my hand out, she takes it hungrily. I click Boobsong kneel, snuggle, and she slides off my lap and grabs my leg. I take a deep breath, trying to find the vulnerability my sister needs.

Tears well up when I realize the only words I can say.

"Sis I don't know. It works when I don't think too much about it."

She twines her fingers in mine as I say it.

"Maybe that's the answer."

"It's the only one I've really found. What do you say to this dolly?"

"Making it a long time as Fairy without Keeping must have made your heart freeze! Fairies without Keepers die and not because they mess up. It's for mercy. They can't take that. If you're still here you must be so strong but really really hurt bad."

Rada looks down, tears in her eyes.

"I'd think I'd have noticed."

"Then you'd have died. I'm glad you're still here. I think I might have cut Boobsong off, though. Dolly?"

Mommy you can get this. [gravel].

"Or not. Um. Sis we're pets. Maybe we've got it backwards and we should be impressed with ourselves for needing as much command as we do. To be honest with Boobsong my heart can respond to the pieces but when I try to make the picture it just goes cold."

"That wasn't what I was going to say."

"It seems like we're in the same boat."

Gravel, say the Dreams, echoing Boobsong.

"I wanna take my bell off and see what happens. I think I'm gonna. It feels like the first step here. Yeah. Because then Boobsong and me feel like kids our seed-ghost is taking care of and I think that's from where to get this. You wanna ride the roller coaster with me? Why don't you ask your seed-ghost for something?"

Rada holds her breath a moment, then lets it go with a pop.

"Okay, I'll ask it. You go first I can't be first here."

"This makes me so hot but I'm so scared."

"No more taking balls off by your choice. Your seed-ghost just controls it."

"Oh my fuck harder seed-ghost harder."

"That's enough control now. Can't have more."

"I can't even beg?"

"Nothing else to do but turn your fucks on when you want to."

"You'll take it away when this gets overwhelming, right?"

"You won't be overwhelmed with choices."

"Ooookay, that's kind of scary. I'm sitting here trying to whine I want the rush of taking them off myself, but actually I just feel relieved. Sis I think you just gotta bounce off the limits and there's nothing else for it. Maybe the joke is thinking you have a choice about that captain's chair. Boobsong's not moving a muscle unless I click. I don't get her unless I play. Isn't Isht Visht the same? How much more can they pressure us than that?"

She's quiet, but fidgets, her lips are apart.

"This is making you hot, huh. It sure is me."

"It's only when it's ordered I like it."

She stops, thinking. Gravel, the Dreams say again. Fine um. How do you contact somebody else's seed-ghost?

Say she should ask her seed-ghost to take her fucks control.


"Yeah, same here. I wanna live vicariously through you. I'm cut off and I'm horny for this. Ask your seed-ghost to take this over, please, I want you to ride with me."

"Seed-ghost, control my fucks."

"The horniest command will not do one thing. You have to ask politely."

Their seed-ghost sounds like ours, a voice from nowhere.

"Acme Station, have you got a holo of me breaking on your back before?"

"Yes. Click show to see it."

Gulp. Click, show. A nice hologram of my face appears just off the couch, with Boobsong's neck at the bottom of the picture. My eyes are big and wide and rimmed with tears, and my mouth is slightly open is a frown that's barely not an O-face. I look pathetic and gulp okay I'll say it so beautiful. If a Lucy looked at me this way I'd give them almost anything.

"To show you there's nowhere you can take this I haven't. Not shown are the photographers and hundreds of people."

"And because like, until this moment, I thought I was fine. I knew I'd get my balls when I begged, and I kept being like, weird, doesn't seem time to beg yet, and she chained me and I just broke. I didn't know what I was begging for. The whole time, my conscious mind was like, nope, not time to beg for balls yet."

Rada's bouncing a foot nervously.

"You're happier without balls. Your seed-ghost makes you have them. You got so horny you got this way rather than have them."

"Oh. Dammit. Yeah, that's what happened. That's kind of terrifying."

"Seed-ghost please can you control my fucks for me."

"Please can get you somewhere. Your seed-ghost will control them."

She breathes slow, blowing.

"Wow that's so good. Seed-ghost what's this mean? Are my balls on?"

"You don't have your balls until your seed-ghost has shown you it takes care of your need for sex with Isht Visht with ruthlessness and strong love. Hope you're really horny!"

"How do you control this? I'm going to ask for more stuff."

"Good! You're unfreezing! Fairies are goo, you're gonna flow to your Keeper, or be ice. There's no controlling this. That was hot, let it have you!"

"You've just gotta bounce off the limits. Okay."

Her hand squeezes tighter. She takes a deep breath and sounds husky saying,

"Seed-ghost please would you tell me how to give commands AAH!"

Her voice squeals as she gets to the real request, but she gets through.

"Using your voice if the computer can hear you. Otherwise with this."

Blue-white light flares and a silver kind of exoskeleton beams in around her right hand, looking like various Trek VR interfaces over the years.

She holds up her hand and looks at it, turns both sides to see. It's pretty, with clean swooping lines, and lays flat against her hand so it won't get in the way of anything. She puts the hand back on Isht Visht.

"Hear the computer means I have to make starships."

"You can make any ship. Play with the ship in its own way. Starfleet advancements aren't there in a dinghy! She can always respond to the hand signs."

She seems to go stiff. I'm not usually good at reading that kind of thing but I take the chance.

"You're freezing up. What's the heart-stop? No I'm guessing. You don't have to learn hand signs. Just make 'em up and she'll know what you mean."

"It's not only that. How am I going to feel close to her? Commands were our lifesblood."

I click Boobsong look (at my face), kiss (at my knee), pose (standing subby), hug (Rada), take (Stargazer model), pose (kneeling at my feet again).

She looks up at me with a concerned face that says have to help them, I fuzz her head as she kisses my knee, then she gets up to her knees and poings up with a bounce and puts her hands back and head down, then with a raised and lashy tail subdued by her concern bends over and puts her arms around Rada and gives her a squeeze. I can't really see Rada past Boobsong's lovely soft rainbow-stained ass and anti-gravity sideboob, but when Boobsong gives ehr the hug-end squeeze and stands up Rada looks a little less stiff.


she whispers. Boobsong sashays right by me giving me an eyeful of pussy as she goes, and I twist to watch her bend over the pedestal by the end of the couch, pull the model ship off its stand and cradle it in her cleavage, then turn with a little pause so I can check her out full-frontal holding the ship (seeing her so, smiling down so sweetly, makes me sigh lustfully), and then kneel by my knee again and snuggle up holding onto my leg, still holding the model Stargazer against her boobs with her free hand. She goes back to looking up at me, still concerned, though now there's a note of fun in it from playing. I pet her head and her eyes narrow and mouth opens in pleasure and I cup her cheek and let sticking my thumb between her shining lips be the click to suck and she pulls it in with hungry suction, tongue slurping like a popsicle.

[food metaphor: pizza]

I'm already smiling all horny but that puts a big lopsided smirk on my face.

"You look happy."

"Commands are the lifeblood of Rainbow and Boobsong's love the same as yours. It's how you give them that your seed-ghost is controlling. It's being strict to hold you so you give commands that will give your love the most fuel. More commands is more fun so you only get simple hand-signs, like Rainbow does with her clicks."

I take my thumb back and lick off the nectar at Boobsong, then click her follow (conversation) so she can watch Rada and me both. Rada looks horny, but still scared.

"I know it doesn't sound like it, but...it's right. I got so much more out of that than rattling off long words--remember we were still doing that at the camp--and so does she. I can't describe it. It just makes my heart sing. I think Isht Visht would be your first mate and not your ship if you weren't the same."

"It's time for your next step. Make the wish you have inside."

"Squeezy stripes and cocksleeve gum."

Now my hand gets tight on Rada's. I gulp.

"It's not wrong though. Dammit."

Ice? Except in the vision of it I can't help thinking I see Boobsong frozen in it. I can feel the shape of what's hidden itching with pleasure but it's scary, I won't be what I thought I was.

I look at Boobsong. She looks back with lip-bitten hope. I take a deep breath.

"Seed-ghost please fix how I give commands."

"Your fairy wand is how you give commands. Swish and strike and point with it. Buttons off. You still have mental plucks for when you're hands-full. You still can press or touch Boobsong to give commands."

All the controls melt off my eravahk and my heart skips beats but it's such a relief to see them go. I point lap, and then kiss at my lips, and Boobsong stands to show me her ass and sits snuggly in my lap with her teasy little wiggle that reminds me I'm chomped and twists around and puts her free arm around my shoulder to pull herself up and kiss my waiting lips with a mouth soft and warm with her pussyful nectar. I kiss her a short kiss, and she snuggles down in my lap again, and looks with me at Rada.

But now I'm going and melty goo wants to flow into the mold my Keeper makes. I look at my eravahk, feeling the smooth plain handle, so much more right.

"Seed-ghost please fix what I even call this thing."

"That's your fairy wand. Can't say other names. Mouth won't work."

"Seed-ghost please make me Fairy right."

"Your seed-ghost knows your wish but you have to be more clear."

"I'm supposed to be like a Disney fairy. Please make me be one."

"You have something to remember. Try your heartpleasing on friends at the Heart Church to remember it."

"Please is there a way you can push me with that or something. I'm so weak."

Tears come as I say it and know it's true and feel like I'm having trouble breathing but it's heartpleasing. Which is air to me.

"Remember at the Venus talk. You stood there still to be looked at more. Keep along that path. Find the way to be seen the most. Take your time remembering."

"You can't stop either."

I shake my head and still hold her hand tight.

"Doesn't it feel so amazing though."

"YES! That's why I'm so afraid of this, there won't be anything left--bounce off the limits, huh."

"It doesn't feel like they're there, does it. No matter what your seed-ghost says."

"I'm scared to try them."

"Yeah, same here. Seed-ghosts, why aren't you just sitting us down and telling us the rules? I might have to remember I guess, but Rada's new at this, why's she have to?"

"No, scratch that. Sis I can see you freaking out in there. Try some commands. Anything. Boobsong with the Stargazer makes my nerd heart hot but I just did it really for something to command her. Do a bunch though, not just one."

She looks at her glove again, then makes an up-stroke, points off her lap, points at something behind me, makes a come-here motion, points to her lap. Isht Visht grows big and slides off her lap, slinks over to the end table with Picard's historical artifacts like she's tightroping along rigging, picks up the sextant (wait I thought he keeps that in his quarters), looks through it, and then turns and brings it held high over her head back to Rada's lap and sits, holding it in her lap. Rada looks down at her happily.

"You're right, that helped."

"You can't be told the rules because the act of begging for your seed-ghost to control things shows you want this. Keep on asking for stuff until your heart bursts."

"Seed-ghost, please control how it works with reading Boobsong."

"Your seed-ghost can control when her thought's done, but mostly you don't like that."

[!] "It's right your Boobsong likes this way. Make her be a book for you, Mommy, please?"

Her eyes look so big and hopeful.


"You guys have that."

"Their seed-ghost doesn't let them be horny friends. Only read Boobsong like a fairytale. It brings them close that she's a passive doll."

"It's happy to you have to read her like a book that has no will."

"Yeah. Seed-ghost please would you tell me how to relate to Boobsong. Like I know how to do it some but what is she to me really."

It's hard to get through the sentence. Tears come up, and ice follows them.

"Boobsong is your sex doll, but she's alive too. Fairy magic makes her living. Your magic can control her, and make her thoughts move, but she's always still a sex doll. Dolls can't live their own life, just be played with by their masturbator."

"Your dragon times are special. Your seed-ghost helps you play that."

"Boobsong's just a sex doll."

"Boobsong isn't yours. What's Isht Visht, to you?"

"My ship."

I hold her hand tight to remind her we're still holding them.

"Ask your seed-ghost. What I just did."


She gasps like she's gearing up to jump in icewater.

"Seed-ghost please tell me what Isht Visht is to me."

"Isht Visht is your sailboat from your young years. She came to life from your love. Sailboats need a captain to get them moving. Otherwise she just sits there."

"Sailboats aren't the ones I make most."

"Computers manage starships. Your seed-ghost is the computer. You want your Keeper, so you make the ships that have one."

"Your seed-ghost is the program that Boobsong runs to give you funtimes. That's your Keeper."

I look at Rada. Our eyes meet.

"I can almost, almost get this."

"Yeah. Like our Keepers can't be them but they can't be anybody else either but it has to be a person."

Rada nods with her whole body.


"Your Keepers can't be people, and they can't not be. What if they were just you from the infinite future? Is that still just masturbation?"

"My head gets that but my heart can't. It will and won't. Seed-ghosts are you trying to say you want us to think of you as people? You've been hardcore about not, so I'm confused. Like ours has anyway," I say the last to Rada.

"Your seed-ghost has the love of you and Boobsong in it. You're thinking of a lover. It's much more like your mommy. It loves you and commands you and doesn't ask for love back, just to see you happy."

Shaking tears fill me up like I'm sinking into water.

"Then can I have a hug," I whisper-weep.

Purple forcefields soft like a hand squeeze us and I bend my head and cry in one that appears like a pillow for me to weep on. It smells like Boobsong's grape soda.

"Sssh. I've got you."

"I'm afraid of you." Sobbing, wanting, reset memories of Arlington I can't break through until I realize there's nothing behind them because I never had this in the real world. Colleen was the closest and her power was so limited. Mother couldn't do it because her station. She did, in the reset's backstory, not perfectly, but good, but the memories are scary because they aren't of Mother, just the way she made the world safe and okay. It was the same with Colleen, most times. When it wasn't we were sisters.

"It's okay, Fairies have a heart-stop that their Keeper isn't good. I'll be good, I promise."

"What are you really?"

"I'm you and Boobsong's love become a person to be your Keeper. No one else can do this, so your seed-ghost is your Fairy Keeper and alive to do that right so you won't try to make it Boobsong."

"Don't be scared to call me Keeper or just Mommy. That's what I am."

I cry harder into the pillow-field.

"Ssssh. It'll all be okay."

That just makes me cry harder. I clutch Boobsong as tight as I can, and Rada's hand.

After a long time the tears seem done. I sit there a while, just listening to myself breathe.

I look up at Rada, still burying my face in the pillow. She's in a green hug.

"You've always been alive, right Mommy?"

"I've always been your Mommy."

"This really isn't normal. Please help me understand it. Are you Boobsong's Mommy too?"

"What do you remember?"

"Something really sexy apparently. I remember feeling small beside her and you making me be good and play right and stuff. I'm so hungry for that Mommy I'm not doing it right I can tell! I don't think I'm ready for my balls! Please help me!"

"Sssh. Remember me."

"The only thing I can find is you saying it's time to play with Boobsong so sweetly. The rest just runs into remembering Boobsong scream as the reset happened."

"I watched you suffer and my heart broke. You heard my scream too."

"That's you I'm trying to remember in all those memories where I feel safe and watched but I can't seem mommy or Colleen. You watched over us. Boobsong's my dolly but you took care of us both."

"Boobsong's doll-Mommy is you, sweet one! Your Keeper just controls you. You play Boobsong."

"When's my bedtime?"

"You have lots to do before bed still! Strawberry Home is where you'll sleep tonight. For the first time in thirty years a bed will be your sleeping place--except for once on Isht Visht."

"I want my Mommy. Will you just do something to make me feel real kept? Please?"

I try to remember how my eyes went when I broke before.

"Sweet One, Mommy's watching, don't be scared of leaving Boobsong empty just because your balls are there. I'll make you fuck anyway. That care won't stop. I'm squeezing out your hottest most horny thoughts by making you have balls on. Give me one good sex thought to start your night with Mommy as your Keeper."

"I think it'd be hot to be snuggly with my sisters while we all fuck our dollies and maybe see if we can all cum at the same time. Like as bonding for everyone. And we can all enjoy each others' sex faces."

"I can make you cum exactly when they do. Just let Mommy hold your hands at the last part. All your sisters' seed-ghosts say yes to this, so there's a party soon!"

When I look at Rada, she's still hugging Isht Visht and crying into her hug.

"Yay. Thanks Mommy."

"Don't say thanks."

"You're a person, though."

"I'm your Keeper that controls you. You don't have power to say thanks."

"Oh. Okay."

"Try some girlfriend thoughts now."

"I wanna change my game I was playing with my Lucys but I don't know how. Candy's so nice but I feel like I'm not there enough to her. I'm scared of how I can't remember them. How did I get Bombshell from the past?"

"Candy loves that you're a control freak. Try that out on her to remember something fun. Lucys aren't just fun. Maybe let them help you be yourself. Bombshell will be sober enough to help you remember her past soon."

"What about the Lucys at the Heart Church? I think I thought all Lucys were my six because I didn't remember them but Milk-froth is like an instant crush--"

"You like Lucys. They like you. There isn't much that's different between them and your six, except the time you spent with your six since you met. Milk-Froth is an exception. She's very a unique Lucy!"

"I like her. She makes me happy. So we really do all have an automatic crush on each other? That's so like, fanfic, I can't believe what I remember."

"You all like the same stuff and feel attraction to your bodies. That's a crush, says your Keeper!"


"I'll bring you some Lucys after supper to help you have good playtime. The family will enjoy them."

"Yay! I'd think the whole thing was super wrong if I wasn't myself every moment on the edge of jumping in that ocean never to come out."

"There's nothing wrong with Lucys. Their hearts are very good and their minds are strong. You think it's very weird but so is cream cheese roast beef on white bread and you like that very much so just think of them like that."

"Oh yeah, that place across from Park Street, okay that's on the tour plan, need to get my jacket anyway--when did I start caring so much about food? I'd say I'm getting Dove on me but this isn't new."

"Food comes with Aveh's design."

"Try some horny soft thoughts."

"Hehe, I wanna make Boobsong pose in here with the Stargazer model. And rub my feet until I'm all tingly and then grind her pussy on them. Maybe she should take it with to supper just to make all the Trekkers at the Heart Church hot. Or maybe I should just make her stand holding it until I fuck her--"

"Playing in the sunshine hasn't happened since you woke up. How about thoughts of beach fun?"

"Mommy it's already so hard being stuck in this train ride so long even though it's through good places--"

"Paradise has you this held until the apocalypse. That comes very soon now. Try a beach thought."

"Hot dog truck! And everyone's in bikinis duh. There's always that conflict. Cocksleeve, but bikinis! I mean a bikini bottom doesn't so much get in the way. What do you think, cocksleeve?"

"Bikini's aren't a problem. Just push to side, there, fucked."

"Then sitting together in our bikinis so you can feed me soft serve. Maybe I am the soft serve, hmm."

"Here's some sexy pressure to become soft serve. Next time you have sex in sunny weather, you'll start to melt, unless you're holding ice cream!"

"Hehehe okay."

Keeper doesn't say anything right away. When I look up from the pillow, Rada's looking up too. Her eyes meet mine.

"We've got some intense kinks."

I nod seriously.

"Spend time with your sister. Keeper still has hands on you."

It gives a squeeze, and releases, and the pillow goes away when I lift my head. Rada's free too, still holding Isht Visht tight.

"How ya doing?"

"Okay. Heart hurts but kindly. Can we snuggle?"


In a flash she's gestured Isht Visht small and is leaning on my shoulder with our joined hands between us. I give her fingers a squeeze and she squeezes tighter so I just hang on instead of putting my arm around her.

"I don't think I could have done that if I wasn't holding your hand."

"That was scary. I'm only out of its hug to snuggle you."

"Your Keeper's hug will be back so soon you forget it stopped."

"I'm trying not to tangle myself all up in asking it if it's okay and happy and all that. It's a struggle."

"I'm your god. You don't take care of me, I take care of you."


I squeeze Rada's hand tight.

"Gulp is saying that small!"

"I'm your god."

"Sis, I'm scared."

"Be okay here. We love you and want to see your hearts burst with joy."

"Don't be frightened. I'll be good."

Rada snuggles and grips my hand tight.

"I'm terrified."

"Tell about the soft serve."

"Hehe...so mine was like try some beach thoughts and after it got me over how I feel like I'm never getting off this infinite roller coaster leading to the apocalypse ever I thought about being at the beach with Boobsong and like heartpleasing in our bikinis and then eating soft serve together sitting on like the sea wall and I was all like or maybe I am the soft serve all teehee and our seed-ghost was like next time you have sex in sunny weather if you're not holding ice cream you'll start to melt. So now I totally will which of course means I won't be able to resist doing the sex as making me feel how Boobsong's licking the ice cream away until I cum. Maybe crunching the cone can like make my balls pop or something."

"You guys aren't nice little cute stuff, are you. You just look that way."

"It feels like hairbrushing tinglies when she takes me apart. It's wonderful. I'm the hugest pain wuss there ever was. Wait--you don't have much back, do you?"

Rada nuzzles my shoulder.

"I'm trying not to. I don't want that life. I want to start again."

"Okay then I first met my long lost sister who I at the time just thought was a kindly and very hot ship's captain giving us a ride to Rl'yeh Sade three of my sleeps ago. The only thing that keeps me from marching right down to the Needle's Eye this moment is all these amazing people I'd lose to that. I'll bring out Acme Station's biggest guns in defense of that, and she's got some doozies, let me tell you."

"Thanks. Tell me about her guns!"

"Well, the most metal one so far has gotta be the Erosion Nightmare Beam. It uses antilight--all her stuff's powered by my light of course--and it looks like, trying to think of a reference...dunno but it's a big square cannon that could be on top of a shmup ship, except its um. Big. Anyway when you fire it it totally does the blow up everything around you anime thing, and shoots this black beam because antilight of course, but it wants some normal light too, and if you look close which you really really shouldn't without safety glasses because doing that made feel like my--like astral sight? Know what I mean? Feel like that was cracking in half. But if you do look close, you see there's little like, it's like the beam is made of stuff packed together, which it is, because in addition to just blasting what it hits like a particle beam, the backscatter I guess unfolds into Erosion Nightmares which are kindof like shadow dragon things that just chew stuff up until they run out of power. It's about as effecicent as it sounds but it so very satisfying. Dolly how big is the beam? Does that even make sense astrally?"

"It's about eight AU diagonal. Sixty solar masses a second to feed that thing. You were very mad."

"Sixty a second!? You guys aren't small. What's the very biggest?"

"Jump machine. Kardashev four for most stuff. Can be more if the target's big."

[lashy tail] [star]

"Kardashev four--wait. You're playing with me. Earth has only one star in it! That's a good one, but that's still a lot of power! What could use that much?"

"Um, spreading our consciousness over every place an emotion exists. Like through all of time and space. It's really useful for delivering Sugarfeast baskets."

"Actually um. That's how we got to Strawberry Home during my makeover. You took me back to feeling like a Princess on my birthday. Thank you. But like, I kind of saved it, Strawberry Home, and now it's back and stuff is okay there and they're throwing me a birthday party tomorrow and I'd love for you to come to stay for heartwarming but there's no way it's not going to bring a whole lot of stuff back if you do so I understand if you wanna skip. I fully intend on getting out to check out Rl'yeh Sade after that, so it's not like we can't have adventures together. Don't have to decide now but you should know."

"This is how it got you. Your old life."

"Yeah. I'm not gonna say it's not worth fourteen girlfriends and three sisters and a whole world of fans, but...it's been hell. This day was horrible. Not the makeover. Everything up through that except Limbo was nice."

"Ooof. That heart-hurt in the Mechanical Heart was just the beginning, huh."

"Yeah. Well. It was just the middle. You missed a lot of drama. And I mean I don't know if it has to be like that for you. I just think I'm likely to remind you of stuff a lot I guess."

"I'll take it."


Spiking Rada's closed door. Dreams I really don't know if I can support that.

Strawberry Home will. Oh I see.

"Okay the Dreams just told me coming to Strawberry Home will spike your closed door. I don't get to know if you can get out of it by avoiding Strawberry Home but if you need to try you have my full support."

She starts to cry as I talk.

"It's not going back that'll spike it, it's you in my life at all! There's no escaping our whole past!"

She screams the words into my shoulder and I kiss her head as she talks, holding her hand tight.

"I seem to think I promised myself if this shoe was ever on the other foot I'd understand, so...I really, really want you in my life, but do what you need to do."

"You'd understand my leaving?"

She gets off my shoulder to look at me.

"I'd be heartbroken, but I'd get it. Mostly my life has been charmed, but I'm really good at seeing the bad parts. I can understand why someone would just want to start all over."

Hold her up--oh I did. Nursemaid.

"That said...we did just slightly canonize Pandora/Colleen as hard as its ever gonna get canonized. Don't you kinda wanna bask in that?"

"I still did all that stuff, though."

"I think you were a ghost. I think it took you all that time to come back, like that whole vision quest. When I hugged you in Olympic Pizza I remembered all this stuff from our childhood--yeah, our, sixteen year old nursemaid--that I couldn't before because you there with dolly Isht Visht in your arms looking so small reminded me of the person I knew in Strawberry Home when all the rest I'd seen of you didn't even ping it. You know you might be freaking out for nothing? don't remember bad stuff with you, when we lived in Strawberry Home. I remember you chopping roses to shampoo me and picnics in the mountains and the way we boffed the popcorn bucket back and forth watching Star Wars that first time because it was so exciting and how we felt like sisters. Other than the one day it seems like you already remember, I don't think there was much else, just the pain of alienation, and then me and Boobsong looking at you like some kind of incredibly hot alien in Isht Visht's airlock."

"I guess we'll see, because I'm staying with you for Heartwarming."

"Yay! I think you're scared though."

"This whole thing is terrifying!"

"Do not EVEN get me started. For real though, do you wanna talk about stuff?"

"I want to get some hotsauce on my homefries. Can we go back now?"

"Me and your seed-ghost and are controlling that. Ask it."

"Mommy, can we go back please?"

"Let's still stay for a little bit. Tell Rainbow what's scaring you."

"I'm really scared all this stuff will pull my arms off. My life is just one big poofball of snuggly stuff and coddling, and I just ask more stuff. Now my seed-ghost's a person, and I just called it Mommy! Where's it stop?"

"Well, if I know the Dreams, the very soonest it can stop is when you have justice for having to be one sixteen year old kid against the entire court of the most powerful empire in the world torturing her charge because they think she's the antichrist while your charge IS this weird alien Princess who's somehow heartforming even though she's a toddler and prophesied to like bring the apocalypse which you think is bullshit until the day her heartchild turns into a dragon and eats her in the middle of court and oh yeah forgot the part where you went eighty thousand years to the future and hung out while she scared the Illuminati into playing nice for her so she could start taking over America early and then after one doozy of a year you at least are thinking her birthday seems like a good party but you don't get to get go because all that ninja training you had to go through in your teenage years still isn't enough to fend off the army of assassins they send after you and you get fucking killed on the way to the worldgate to say goodbye to all this bullshit forever which would seem like a heartbreaking twist except that outside popcorn and rosewater shampoos it's kind of how things have gone overall but it's cool you reincarnate and spend a million years wandering cut off from everything you knew before until you finally get back and have what you thought was just gonna be a makeover with your new little at the end of a life you're just plain wrung out on due in no small part to having been a Fairy with no Keeper all that time which is supposed to be quickly terminal and means you actually needed that snuggly poofball the whole time, go real apocalyptic real fast and maybe I'm projecting here but you know so what it takes one to know one and I know I'm getting my cuddly poofball when I get through this apocalypse thing and I think you deserve yours too and I don't think there's a force in the verse that could pull your arms off and I'm counting me who just did that to a fucking star but suppose there was, if so, so what, you get to be done with them. You've earned that. After all of the bullshit you've seen you should get your poofball and your seed-ghost as your mommy. Here."

I make a little square of lemon poppy cake on her right knee, just a dessert, but it'll make the point.

"All those clones of me have been through some bad stuff to get like that. I give them this to say after it they're done now. Owe no-one anything. It represents light horny fluffy fun. You're my little sister Rada but I think in this sense you're an honorary Lucy. If anybody ever earned their poofball you did."

"Except this is the Dreams of course so it's actually going to go until the gravel is ground so fine it gets mistaken for confectioner's sugar."

She takes the little square of cake and eats it.

"Thank you, that's good. You don't see this as going backward to babydom?"

"After all this shit, especially that reset thing, me and my dolly are marching right the fuck back to babydom with our middle fingers raised and the music of the gravel crunching under my feet with every step. Maybe that's easy for me to say because a Princess is just a big baby anyway, but like, you're already in Paradise. I made that cake with my Lens but I could as easily have wished for it. How much use are arms here anyway? You're not like gonna forget how to make waffles. I'm still Fairy Godmothering, and our last client was a guy from wartime London who got killed by a V-2 and needed understand he's trans to implant. That's hardly kid stuff. "

Making sure...yup.

"ERGH I chatter so much! Sis listen. You got that crown for a reason. Thank you for passing it onto me when the time came, but...there was a message in that for you. Have you remembered about my thing with crowning Princesses?"


"Good, because you are one."

"Oh. Is that why this is happening?"

"Fairy Princess is double trouble."

"It's time to tell the bad part. You won't be the only Princess at this party. Steve and Walt and Dove all share this with you."

"Oh is that the theme! Should have known when Steve showed up. He might be the most Princessy Princess I've ever acknowledged."

Rada sounds better when she answers.

"My happy side is growing. What's this mean now, my hands are just for playing? I remember that from yours."

"Your hands are just for playing. We'll talk about the rest in our time. See you at the party, Rainbow, Boobsong, and seed-ghost!"

"Just one thing to say first."

"Yay! Okay I assume we're going back to our same poses. If so, grab my hand again. I wanna walk in hand in hand." 

Lasergrids chomp us to the getting-ready room on Acme Station, sitting in the chair. The huge holographic mirror in front of us is off and the faceted-mirror table to the right is empty, because we're just here to talk, which I know because I was about to ask for it. Memories of all the soothing tingly stuff that happened here set me waiting for it. I think I'll make Boobsong rub my feet in a minute.

How are you doing with all this, dolly?

[clothes iron] [magnifying glass looking down] [rocks]! [thumbstick] [wand] [stage magician] [switch] [rocks]! [rainbow] [elephant]!

I swizzle my wand at my feet, rub, and she slides off my lap, faces me for a smiling wiggly full-frontal second that has me instantly hard, and then kneels and picks my left foot up with her hand gently holding the arch and starts massaging the top of it which you wouldn't think does much but ooooh my melty gummyworms yesss it does.

It's easy to tell when sex time is. If you're asking, it is!

(I was about to ask) Yeah. I want my sex doll all flustered then. I swish my from her held-high tail-tip to her puss, tease. Her tail goes around her hip, and she spreads her legs wide to let it in, and her smile turns into an open mouth of pleasure and her brows squidge up as her barb presses at her pussy and tip curls to try to get inside. She keeps going faithfully with her footrub, though. Tingly and turned on is such a nice combination.

Today's foreplay, dolly, is you sitting there giving me a nice footrub while you imagine grinding your pussy all over my foot and getting in inside you. Thick hard shaft filling up your body is coming soon...ting, imagine.

When you can give me those pretty desperate eyes I'll make you pose for me.

[!] [heart sign] [finger through hole-finger sex-sign]!

Oh right, you're a sex doll, you start out broken, hehe. Upswish, point at my eyes, with my wand. She stands, slowly, looking longingly at my foot as she goes, then puts her hands back and looks at me with her mouth so open and little black tongue shining in it so prettily and her eyes big and round and pleading. Her tail is still urgently pressing at her pussy, trying to push inside, but my command will only let her tease the penetration she's about to get.

Tail's in the way, I wanna look at your pussy. Swish aside. Her tail moves away and stands up behind her, revealing her pussy and a lot of her mound covered with the shine of nectar. Her mouth relaxes to just hopeful parted lips, shining too. It's all I can do not to jump off the chair and grab her--

Her pussy is so full of nectar it'll splat on the floor when you take her! I'll hold it to give you as treats soon.

Hot I want you to squeeze me real good with that!

There's never a choice with your keeper!

Okay I can't take this let alone Boobsong. Point, climb on! Her face turns wild and she bends her knees and flaps and leaps and lands spread across my lap and nectar splats everywhere in a big sparkling explosion and I whack her butt with my wand fuck and she looks at me with greedy dragon eyes full of pleasure and bounces furiously so her breasts fly and I cum in no time a fast sudden orgasm she bears down and grins greedily at as she suck me, hungry, and I finally remember I even have hands and put them on her hips to hold her in place, squishing her down.

When I'm wrung out she's left sitting there on me all big round curves and soft joy looking at me with a very self-satisfied got your cum grin, and there's new color across her tummy.

Let's have chomps by her pulling your clit up inside her.

Yeah, that goes with the theme. Upswish along her mound. Her expression turns positively draconic for a second and then open with pleasure as she looks down and I feel my body let go of my clit so tinglies-easily and it go sliding up inside her with her soft squeezing insides all around.

[!] [dragon's teeth] [huge rainbow gem] [slurpy tongue].

I fuzz her head, give her boobs the squeezing I was too fucked to think to while we had sex (which makes her eyes and mouth wide with pleasure again), cup my hands under their soft silky weight and run my thumbs around the kinky sex-doll smoothness of her areolas and over her bouncy nipples for a moment (which brings her tongue up and rolls her eyes back just a little), then rub her breasts against each other's cleavage and put my arms around her and hold her tight. I squeeze her snuggle and she burrows and sighs happily with a little coo.

[!] [cherry on top of whipped cream] [party balloon]?

Yeah. This wasn't what I planned on, but it gave what I was looking for. And good sex.

Just be little and play with your dolly. I would have warned you if your advice wasn't helping Rada. I'm always watching. See how I see your questions before you even think them? That's why it feels weird to ask me. You know I'm supposed to just answer.

You aren't losing your arms either. You just have the Fairy blood that makes you need Keeping.

You'll go back to the party in three minutes. Just take the time to hold Boobsong.

Okay. I hold her tight and pet her head.

[!] [pearl in big golden bed]

Yeah. Kiss your head. You're everything to me and you make me feel so beautiful. I hug her tight and cry a little.

I love you SO much, dolly.

[!] [big fancy lamp] [heart sign]! 

[steamboat paddlewheel] [tea set] [blowjob] [flower in hair] [bubblegum] [lashy tail].

Hehe RIGHT--lasergrids surround us and we're back where we were walking into the party. Rada's fingers find mine and I twine mine through hers and hold our arms high for a second, happy, then pull her close. I keep thinking I'll make her stumble but her ninja skills just mean she's there faster than I can pull.

Sis I can't talk fast enough slow down a bit?

Welcome to bullet time. What's up?

Where do your powers stop?

Says the ninja pirate princess. Boobsong and me are cartoons and action movies are the closest True Sea thing to cartoons so we can bullet time. You should see us in the Painted Sea.

I think I will! Okay I'm changing my name. I'm Charon the Fairy, get it? I'm going to tell everyone at the party but I want you to know first so you don't say my old name before I get to announce the new one.

HAH! That's awesome! Hi Charon the Fairy. I'll keep mysterious until you announce. Make a big splash, you're a Princess after all!

Oh I've got something planned.


I can't reveal it, if she is!

I'll be chairing this meeting of the Princess Club, but you won't see everything...


No, just this party here. We might come to the apocalypse after all--

OH SIS PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE. It'd mean so much to me to have you there.

You got it.

Her dreamtalk voice is all choked up, and I feel that way.

YAY! You don't have to like, do stuff. I was all going to talk about how cool it is that you could retire and stuff...I mean assuming even this is a stageshow kind of thing coming up. I actually don't know what's happening.

Oh, yeah, stageshow apparently. Cool.

I'll have to get ready, then! I always work hand to hand, I'm not used to facing crowds like this.

Make sure you ask Dove to tell you about her first time out before you do any rehearsing. Also remember you're totally superhot gorgeous. Always helps me. Maybe less useful if you're less into selfcest than me though.

You do have that trophy! Are they all for you? Dressed up in your body?

Okay official memory nudge. I wish they were just turbofans but their real story is about a zillion times more grimdark and we're all trying our best to give it a happy ending.

I don't remember--gah. Yeah that's dark. That cake you made was their food.

Yeah. I mean yours was just cake, it didn't have the medicine theirs does. I'm just trying to tell you what you went through was just as bad, except it took longer. Not in the specifics, but in terms of being done now it's time for vacation, hell yes.

That's why you think this Fairy thing is good news.

Don't get me wrong, it's terrifying news, especially now AAH, but...existing isn't supposed to be hard like it's been. I'm about to walk into this party and show you off and do some heartpleasing and then everyone's gonna look to me for what we're doing and I don't know that's too much for me right now but my Keeper will tell me or us what to do. I don't have to worry about it. Have you gotten as far as feeling it when a choice is too much decisions? If not I bet your heart's a block of ice. Just having my seed-ghost there watching me to see when I can't decide and choosing for me...like it's the next thing down from not having Boobsong, to miss that.

The Fairy thing is just news. It's what you are. Knowing is good news because now you know why everything hurts and feels cold all the time and how to fix it. To my eyes the way it figures into your life is it doubles up all the bullshit you've been through, so you're just all the more owed as much poofball coddling as you want which is going to be a lot because Fairies are pampered pets when their life is good. You were an unkept Fairy for a long time. You have catching up to do, I figure. You will though. You saw I barely took a step of my own aboard Isht Visht after it started up when you picked us up before, but now, like for one thing I haven't got directly mind-controlled this whole day, and I'm fine.

And hell yes I'm projecting here but I still say it takes one to know one.

I'm surprised you can adjust so fast. What's your secret?

I grew up this way.

I'll be back.

Her dreamtalk is hard. Must have chomped--

Okay sis I remember now. You don't have to hold back about our past. Those were scary times!

If you remember there's news. I don't wanna tell it here and I don't wanna save it. Real short timeslice? I wished.

Everything's black? Oh. Good one, Dreams. We're in the Enterprise-D's phaser range. That means I should, okay--ooh.

I'm still holding Rada's hand. I smile at her and face her.

"Okay. Grimdark first. Yeah that was bad stuff. I'm kicking your ass about the Fairy thing because you must be made of steel to stick up for me as much as I remember you doing." 

"But. Closure on all that. If you don't wanna hear this all stop me but I figure being on the front lines with me you should know. Remember at the camp I went to see Laarhi after the apocalypse thing? I tore him a new one in my offical capacity as ranking Strawberry left in the universe and then fried him within an inch of his life with gamma and called him a portal and then got kicked out of the journey. I still can't believe I didn't get spiked but I guess this is what it took to end that story. I thought the Dreams would take him through the portal but they didn't, they just left him there to die, which I only found out after the other part, which is I've been to Ragnarok today, in my A-10. Met a lot of tanks and stuff, freed them. Also one soldier with a rifle, who was the only one to get a shot off at all. I still blasted him. Turns out that was Laarhi again. He had to be shot at Ragnarok with the air power I was always trying to sell him on before he was free of whatever insanity was driving him in life. I was really messed up to find out I killed him that first time but now that I'm telling you this story, I think he was a ghost in life, too. He always felt like that, you know? I've been remembering him as a creep but if only that was all that was wrong with him. So that's thing one."

She looks surprised, then wickedly satisfied when I talk about killing Laahri.

"You killed Laarhi twice! Ooh that bastard had it coming. You don't remember him if you're so nice to his memory. He was nasty."

"I have to say the Imperial Army I met earlier today sure didn't seem sad to be rid of him. There's wham lines there but they're happy ones so I'll save them for fun. Just know the new general is totally cool and you guys are going to freak. Out. To see what they built me."

"The Imperial Army's still going!? How long is their timeline?"

"Eight thousand years, they say. They got back to being proper Strawberries after I fixed Laarhi for them, too. You should see their tech now. Sufficiently advanced, is all I can say."

"Grimdark the second. The court, like, They, wanted to make peace today and I just couldn't do it. Please tell me I'm not wrong in thinking they sacrificed me to the cause of not pissing Jenner off, because that's what I acted on using a conflation jump to antilight the sight of me out of their eyes for all eternity. If we meet I'll just be a black void to them so all they see is Boobsong."

Sis gets a wicked grin as I tell this. She looks mean, like this is still as fresh to her as me.

"Also yeah Strawberry Home is saved but she'll chomp me if I try to go in the court chamber and all I see through the doors now is stars. It's like Strawberry Home is selectively haunted just for them. Though I'm considering being being like the castle ghost in some kind of sexy way for everone else."

"Strawberry Home is haunted by Pandora's ghostly form prowling the halls for turkey and strawberry bread!"

"Sweet screaming sticky buns I have to see how much unpsiked access I can get for that! I bet Acme Station can get us walking through walls all spookily. DoN't lEaVE yOuR tuRkEY uNAtTEnED!"

"The court deserved every bit of that, though. They cared about only one thing which was seeing Jenner's face smile. Please tell me you got to her too?"

I squeeze her hand and let go and remake the phaser I used on Jenner a target mannequin appears and I aim and fire and hold it for a second, then stop and aim the phaser up like you're supposed to.

"Get a good scan, Isht Visht?"

"Yeah. Do I wanna know what you did with that thing?"

I delete the phaser, and hold out my hand to Charon again, and she takes it fast.

"So after I burned Laarhi there were still like a minute and a half of universe left we could theoretically conflation jump to. Forty seconds of that we used antilighting all Jenner's Earth Spirit temples to not even dust. That left fifty seconds. I went to see Jenner where she was praying to her tree for like how to stop the apocalypse I guess. I shouted her name, and she turned around from her altar and I made that phaser just like I did all celestial and eeeevil and shot her with it for like, I dunno, five seconds. Which did what, Isht Visht?"

"Toe curling pleasure--yeah no. Made her guts turn to jelly and her heart stop while you were phasering her. It ends with a nice defibrillator shot. I can't believe your candy could make such a thing! Aren't you limited from making bad stuff?"

"I don't think I could if the situation was any different than it was, or showing you guys here. Because while she was getting shot, my tentacles left her a present on her altar, a candy I made. She likes natural stuff so I made her an apple. You know how authentic I can go if I want. So she like stumbles, because that phaser was mean, and turns around, and then comes back with the apple all triumphant becuase of course she thinks her tree gave the apple and like and my tentacles did whisper to her the apple would heal her wounds which is true except how much lasting harm does that phaser do, Isht Visht?"

"Nothing. It's just a nasty time while it's hitting you. The oxygen starvation from having your heart stopped while it's hitting you will make you feel shit but that gets back in seconds."

"You gave her the candy the Lucys get."

Sis has a hard expression.

"Yeah, a special edition just for her. You should have seen her face as she bit into she was all MUAHAHAH got you good."

"And then she fell on her face because it puts you in a trance of course. Where she met her tree again. And it told her she fucked up the natural order by being a hummingbird whose long beak was meant for sipping nectar thinking it was something to peck dragons with, and that she was insane to think that and cutting up a tree to make a box out of and calling that a source of holiness would ever do anything but make the Earth her enemy. And then the sun came up behind her tree. And the tree moved out of the way full Old Man Willow style and there was and Boobsong shining bright. After this point any time she wants she could run through a portal to the Dreams and escape the trance, so she wasn't like trapped, but if she'd stayed, my light would've started cooking her like being on a barbecue, and if she ran for shade the tree would just keep moving to not shade her. And then the tree would be like how dare you insult not only the natural order but my friend. Because remember how I used to sit in trees and shine on cloudy days? So I figure I can validly say trees are my friend. I like them. And then yeah, if she'd stayed to cook to death she'd be Lucified, or like whatever version of that could work for her. I'm not sure she had the right damage to be Lucified."

Sis looks like Agatha's last moment with that name as I tell the story, eyes full of dragon's fire and a burning world.

"Anyway the last I saw of her was her unconscious ass being thrown through a portal by my tentacles because I wasn't going to have repeat of Laarhi. I went and antilighted her altar away and then we got spiked off Earth because it got sucked through a portal to the Dreams and our being there would have caused time weirdness."

"After we got back the Dreams told me two things about her, and that's all I get to know. One, she never reads anything I write, and two. She's happily playing with her heartchild."

"She's heartforming. You should be a physical therapist like Earth had because you're wicked when helping people! I wished Jenner was dead for lots of reasons. Never did I think heartforming would make me more satisfied than seeing her head rot on a spike, but you did it. Remind me not to get on your bad side!"

"There's nothing being right, is there?"

"Okay, ready for the unicorn chaser or do you wanna bask in the screams of your enemies a little longer?"

"I'm ready, but wow that's hard."

"Need both hands for this one."

I squeeze her hand and she lets go and I take a step back, then move Boobsong in front of me. She wiggles her ass into me when she's in position.

With my hand on her waist, squeeze, Bow. Boobsong puts her arms up and shrings and transforming-cogs into my Bow and I reach behind myself to make and arrow as her tips unfold, nock it and draw, coo aloud at the squeeze of light and grin at the heart-shaped target the Dreams put up for me.

"Cupid's bow. You're actually Cupid, that's not just a name you took."

"Says the spooky ship's captain who gave me a pretty great Fairy ride after I died."

Charon gets blushy when I say that.

"Which so happened to very nicely finish the unfinished business I had with my sister so we can actually be sisters now which is why this is all happening. Seems like there's a mythological figure for that, let me think..."

"I'm so blind I can't see my face in the mirror. I did myself with that! And you too, I mean, it's both of us."

"Worked good, too, it seems like, Charon."

Her eyes fill up with tears. I give her a kind smile and sight the target.

"Make a wish."


"On my arrow. I'm not shooting a person so you gotta make a wish."

"It's made. It's secret like a Earthling birthday candle blowout."

I grin and let the arrow fly. There's seems to be more recoil than usual, like the arrow is heavy. It hits the target and they both disappear with the usual rainbow-hearts explosion.

[!] [Boobsong lifting heavy dumbbell] [Boobsong wiping forehead] [crown] [big heavy cannon] [recoil damping ropes]!

"Holy pound cake that fired like the arrow weighed fifty pounds and Boobsong says she soaked up most of the recoil for me. She also says oof, which is something considering we almost accidentally pulled daddy through a time portal earlier."

"I made a big one."

"Never shoot where you can use grenades."

I tap Boobsong cocksleeve-femme on the dais we're on, and she transforms back and snuggles, and I put my arm around her, then hold out my other hand to Charon again.


She takes it as hungrily as the last time, and we're back in the Heart Church.

We're going to the parish hall underground. Turn right around the barrier and the door is in front of you. Nobody sees you yet so you can make a big splash saying hi to them. Find a spot and do it before you go downstairs.

Okay, good heartpleasing audience then...the Dreams pick people out for me. Catian in a post-TNG Starfleet uniform partway up the right wall, dancing like she's catnipped out...pink Dr. Light robot girl with short-curvy Megaman proportions in the back row, sitting to journey...Lesbian couple making out near the front-left corner, looking very traditionally Strawberry in nothing but ribbons tied around their arms with long tails, and flowers in their hair...Gargoyle Girl right in front of us with her very squeezable-looking ass and hhhot wings.

Baskers are so fun. Can the part of me that's saying the only play my way because they're scared of me shut up please.

The Dreams remind me of the detector on the Washington Monolith. Yeah. Like that should fix it, but there's a hole and the love just runs right back out again.

Silver planters. Like maybe at some point I have to decide it's so insane to feel this way I'm going to just not.

Vision of a Lucy lying very sexily on her side--oh that's me huh. I'm their sexy goddess. Alright well then heartpleasing for everyone I'm going to turn this up to eleventy billion. Boobsong's advice to Mintie rings in my ears: this might look dumb, but it sure is sexy!

I break out of bullet time and put a bouncy spring in my step just to get in the mood and quickly dreamtalk to everyone:

Go on past along the barrier when I stop so we spread out. Add heartpleasing to taste. We're cloaked until--

I grab Dove into a bullet time just for us.


You can bring people into time-stops, just whenever?

I rode the Rocks. Live action cartoon is called an action movie. Got bullet time as a power in the True Sea where we are. It's Heartwarming Eve and we're cloaked until someone says hi. Wanna do the honors?

Only if you take over when I stop.

Absolutely. As soon as you pause. Wait for my signal.

Okay then.

I break the bullet time.

--Dove says hi.

Sis wait where I stop I'll be right back.

We're rounding the end of the barrier, ahead is the door to the parish hall, Steveified glass with rainbow heart handles like outside. This is a nice place. It feels good to be in and the atmosphere's all Heartwarmingy and the lights are soft and good coffee is brewing somewhere.

Don't leave me up in front of everyone without you!

Don't worry.

There's just enough space for what I want to do beside Mega-girl, and she's hot, perfect. As we get to the middle of the room I squeeze Charon's hand and she reluctantly lets go and I creep up behind Mega-girl (for diamond high heels on wood values of creep) and point my wand worship beside Mega-girl--but the worship-target is my idol. Boobsong folds into place beside Mega-girl with her face down and I get to one knee behind her and use her as a cushion to brace one arm between her wings and lean in over her.

[bending over Boobsong] [hot] [bellows]!

Hehe. I kiss Mega-girl gently on dedicatedly-cospplaying extra-rogued cheek and get a ssh finger up in front of my lips. Her closed eyes squidge like OMG journeying sheesh, then they fly open and she turns to look at me and claps her hands to her mouth and screams silently into them and I grin and wink naughtily at her and push off Boobsong to poing up and bounce and she turns and follows my bounce with her head as I smile--wee that really did bounce me too--her eyes on me feel so good, she's looking at me like a cookie to eat--and then I dramatically yank at Boobsong with my wand and she poings up with a bounce too right in front of Mega-girl and backs into place snuggling me with a hips-wiggle and I smile again as Mega-girl stands there in her pink spandex suffocating of holding her scream in. She's got cute pink shiny Megaman boots and has even mastered the stance as a habit if she's doing it now. I turn and sashay the couple of steps back to Charon's side with Boobsong arm in arm so she can get a load of both our asses and bouncy-spin to face Mega-girl and give her a little butt-wiggle that gets her blushing so I can see it past her makeup.

Is that lust or aaah she's acting so stupid? Yes! And that's what makes it so fun! MORE!

Glances show we're all in position with Dove to my right, Walt waiting by the doors, Steve next to him inspecting the barrier (of course), Dove between them and Charon on my right, and my red sister, the Baskers, and Sugarfreaks, on the other side.

I grab Charon's hand again.

Dignity is boring heartpleasing is fun, I dreamtalk to her.

Doesn't your heart turn to jello?

I'm trying to look stupid anyway. Cool gets in the way of sexy.

Santa baby~~, I singsong to Dove as hornily as possible.

"HO HO HO! Happy Heartwarming!"

Everyone whirls to look at her, the Catian stops her dance, the Lesbians look up from their makeout (but not their groping), Gargoyle girl turns and cheers with her hands over her head. Dove stops there, and I give it one single heartbeat for her to drink the cheering. I still seem unnoticed.

With all the stupid horny fun this is pumping up in my I purr:

"Heeeey Heart Church!"

Everyone turns and sees us for the first time and explodes in cheering. Mega-girl breaks into a dance that could be right out of a Capcom game now that she can scream, and Gargoyle Girl turns out to be a full-on dragonkin with a soft round snout like Boobsong and a big soft huggable body with boobsong like mine.

"Look at you hotties. Rrrow. May I introduce--"

I take my arm from around Boobsong and whip around to the right with a hop that bounces me and bend half over so I can put one leg up against Boobsong's ass and point with my wand at Dove. Boobsong leans back to snuggle my leg, unf.

"--my sister and her heartchild--"

Renewed applause. 

With a flip of hair I stand and bounce to face the other way and flip my arm over Boobsong's head with a little snuggle wand jerk as I go that makes her squidge against me to show her ass better and point with my arm past Boobsong to my red sister. I'm trailing my hand back to Charon which should give a fun view of my side, all out of the way of my sideboob.

"--my sister and her heartchild--"

I can feel the crowd's energy swing like a searchlight as they burst into a new cheer and my red sister bounces happily and waves to them. I grab Boobsong with my wand arm that's beside her and swing her in front of me and upswish her tiptoe to show everyone her pussy along with her ass and she rises the little bit against me.

[heartwarming wreath] [painting facing out like shown] [blushy slave girl] [pretty pearl]...

I throw the hand Charon's holding as high as she can reach and point my wand around Boobsong's back at her.

"--my sister and her heartchild--"

When the cheering for Charon peaks I down-point Boobsong to slave pose legs wide facing out at my feet and watch her pointedly as she gets to her knees facing me--okay fine point, kiss at my foot on the way and she gets down and pulls her hair back and kisses the tips of my big and middle toes with her ass high, which gets her some dragon ROOAHs from the crowd--alright well we can't ignore that. Swizzle, chomp, at my two middle toes (I can't do these heels without a big toe) and tingles surprise me as she puts her mouth on them and just slurps them up like soup from a spoon.

Holy soft serve gummi bears just lick up every bit of me that way aaah! Whistles from the crowd? Oh because I'm making the face that goes with this hehe.

Okay don't get chomped yet self! Boobsong kneels up and gets slave-posed very nicely in front of me and I blink out of tinglies-trance all dramatically except it's real and twist to point with my wand all the way to the end where the Sugarfreaks are.

"--two very tasty pizzas...holding two very tasty pizzas--"

A little giggly laughter.

"--that's the lovely Peanut and her adoring pet--"

Peanut smiles hugely and Butter looks all blushy-happy, rosy-cheeked from a titfreezing even I'd think twice about. I wink at the Baskers, and flip back to point at the other corner where Walt and Steve are.

"The hand that launched a thousand ships, and the original Miss Friendly Skies, Walt Disney and Pleiades!"

Cheering and a scattering of people chanting the Starlight Princess theme. Walt steps out smiling and waves, and so does Pleiades. Needless to say his Princess game is top-shelf.

"And! The one, the only, the architect of our feast-house, Steve Jobs, and his beautiful assistant Camphora!"

Steve laughs and shakes his head as most of the crowd does a near perfect starting-Mac dsssong sound, and applauds.

I let the applause start to die. The Baskers start to head over, nudged by my tentacles.

"Oh! Just one more thing."

The crowd actually get quiet.

"Yeah that's right, there's a one more thing and Steve is in the house and it's not him, what could this be?"

Janna and Marie arrive, and take up their usual Janna holding Marie from behind snuggles. I hold my free hand out to them, palm open.


Wait I guessed the right Dream, right--yes.

"The gorgeous and gorgeously-dressed Marie, and her just only-one-bed-ified companion, the stylish, the sexy, the ISLA VIRGO'S NEWEST SIREN, JANNA!"

The silly wrong grammar puts the exact kind of dumb grin on me needed for this. Sincere applause, happy cheering, from the crowd.

"Obviously she's got fashion advice down Siren or not but she was looking pretty metal seeing through time and space at Olympic Pizza before, too."

I turn back forward and hold my wand like a mic.

"Now. I'm sure you're all wondering why I didn't tell you the names of my sisters or their Heartchildren. There's a very simple reason for that."

I lean forward and purr it out, silly:


--and then bounce up again.

"Although you will notice this is all four of us now. Hmm, weird. Speaking of sisters and well dressed though, I see you--"

Augh what were they called!? The Dreams save me with a nudge.

"--Strawbery Vinters back there looking so very ready for the party! And, you know, all over the room. For almost eighty thousand years, questions have raged. Then I came to America and answered like most of them. Except for one. Well, here's my answer now."

And I turn to Charon and kiss her hard. She rises up to my face and kisses back warmly.

Doing okay?

I straighten and face the crowd, who've started a chant of Chya-jjoh, Chya-jjoh. I grin.

(Basic medieval warlording advice: if you're trying to conquer the world, make sure your family name makes a good chant. Otherwise you're not even conquering your sugar bowl)

Hhhow do you stand it? I feel like my heart will burst, and that's just this little room!

She seemed so powerful before my makeover...did I not realize my poor sister's an introvert? She's not, say the Dreams.

I think the two in the back are into you, lookit! [Vision: Strawberry Lesbians]

They're staring lustfully our way.

How do you know it's not you they're looking at?

Because they didn't start ogling that way until I brought you up.

Maybe I could get used to this.

Heartpleasing runs in the family. You don't have to be a big dumb clown like me, I just like to. Oops timing.

The chant's starting to weaken.

"That's right, massive puppy love, the whole time. Rainbow ribbon thing, totally real. I'm glad I finally caught up in years enough to date her!"

Renewed cheering.

"Okay. We're all off downstairs to have pizza, but I'm apparently going to do something very interesting soon. Don't really know what, so stay tuned. Kisses!"

And I blow them a huge candy-explosion kiss and wand-swish Boobsong pose (hands and knees) and then point her to crawl ahead of me, and she leans forward onto all fours and turns for the doors and I head for the doors and Pleiades gets one and Camphora gets the other and we head through into a bright (after the Heart Church) white stairwell.

Boobsong brings her feet up to slink down the stairs using her knees as feet so she can stay crawling, and bounds down like a cat. My dolly has skills.

[meteor] [lashy tail]!

Hehe. I follow, there's a landing with a U-turn, the stairwell is violently normal, the only fun thing is the black carpet with rainbow candies, but that's on purpose, so you can plunge right into aftercare normalcy if the service got weird. I can see into the comfy-looking parish hall downstairs through the propped-open doors that open into the bottom landing of the staircase. The floor's plain polished concrete, gentle halogen recessed in the ceiling of exposed beams lights it, there's a foosball table and nice white drywall walls and a coffee bar with stools in front of like a kitchen area, three big black leather couches in a U with a coffee table across the room in a nook, an outcrop to the left of a couple of rooms for Getting a Room (which is usually more emotional conversations than sex, here), the whole thing is comfortably aggressively normal. This was why we got Steve (other than that every heart shall sing) and why Camphora is beige. I would've thought of aftercare areas, but never that they should be boring but they so should. It looks really so comfy for pizza on those couches, and Mintie and Isht Visht will get funtimes holding plates.

I clack right across (that sound makes me feel so slutty) and almost take us to the end of the couch on the right, but that's where I'd sit if I was a fucking coward. I head right for the coffee table, Boobsong poings up onto it and I step up behind her, Charon hops up catlike with a little blush but she's actually sashaying as we cross the two steps of table and pass Boobsong who's reading my mind enough to know to stop there and I poing us down to the floor in front of the middle of the middle couch, squeeze my hand free of hers so I can whirl and flop on the couch boof and feel its cool leather get all intimate with me, and throw my feet up on the table as I wave Boobsong slave-posed facing me on the coffee table.

Charon plops beside me and snuggles up and I put my arm around her. Her feet look pretty beside mine on the table. She's wearing sandals like that first night on Isht Visht. They suit her. Boobsong all the way on the table is tension like having my tongue pulled on, but she looks so gorgeous slave-posing there with her head down. Maybe just a little longer.

That's too far for too long. Have to put her in your lap now. Acting out means you need squeezing, so I'm sticking you tight to her. In the Heart Church you can't stop from holding her again as long as you're here this time.

Purple forcefields pick Boobsong up and sit her in my lap and my free hand gets pulled around her and trying to take it off her just gives me the sexy glassy feeling of slipping that comes when I try to do something with my body I'm not allowed.