10 - Mountain Pass

Is totally what my ten-year-old self would come up with to make an English name. And is what I look like, just like daddy's inhaling and exhaling at once and looks like a black hole that's a star that breaks your mind.

[!] EEEEEEEEE YOUR NAME'S BACK! Let your Boobsong announce you please the very next new face she begs with her heart laid out full of happy thoughts and excited prayers!

You got it. It's a little too bad so many people might read this on stuff that can't do the antilight. You can see it, behind my rainbow flare of how bright I am, in a black mirror. Black on black but it shines out, oh yes. It looks so very metal.

At the start of this day, I made a big long speech about being cool not being a way to live. I must have been trying to tell myself. May as well call myself Ebony Dark'ness something or other, except, so what if I did that, if it was who I am? Maybe I can act cool, though I hope I don't try much, but if I was cool, how could I be Rainbow Darkshine?

I think I can feel proud of that, though. Rainbow Brite's a mediocre eighties cartoon. Rainbow Darkshine blew up the worst egregore to ever exist, gave the world a lot of awesome porn, and got Earth through the worldgate to Paradise. Twice. Once using a very metal sword made of abstract poetry-based engineering, and lots of stabbing.

Which brings us to two last things. First, if Earth is here, I expect I was a good Strawberry and didn't leave any rabid dogs around where they could bite my kids more, which means those gears are smashed by Acme Station's real big guns (they're protected by the consciousness they trap, take that out, and it's a shooting gallery just like Eden's shipyard), and we went to find whoever built that atrocity and get some fizzfreezing explanations. I don't care now, but I have hope of that. We must have.

Acme Station, if anyone, you see, would be able to help everybody pluck the answers out of the pieces of their corpses.

Assuming we left pieces.

On a happier note, this is why we're EIGHTIES cartoons! Seeing Gummi Bears of course made a big splash for me, but also...take that animation skill, and put it together with everyone having TVs that do about 320 by [Neil Armstrong crunchily saying one small step] pixels on a good day because they're analog, and what do you get?

Big fat black outlines.

Made of antilight.

Which is how I keep my toonshading in the True Sea, and how Boobsong does--

[!] Just need one thing to do it. What's that sound? Wait your Boobsong was joking!

Bullet time ends, and the awesome demented rhythm of the Starlight Princess theme blasts our eardrums at the correct volume. The lights stay off, though, and I realize this can't be my antilight, because no glowing for me right now.

"EEEAAA! Light come back! The pizza oven's electric,"

Peanut cries as I lurch back to the real world, stumbling against her and Boobsong between us a little.

"Wait, what, what's happening--the theme song!? Rainbow what is this--"


Peanut steps back, Boobsong presses her ass into my crotch and rubs it deliciously as she bends down to grab Peanut's hips and have at her pussy as I hold out my hand and make Peanut a present: a battery with enough juice to run the over for a good long while, with field projectors that'll find the wiring and hook up--just gripper (it works like Butter's medal) it to the wall near the cable and it'll figure out what to do, including blocking the wires with antilight-fields to make the power grid not suck up the power--this is obviously a Romantic Power Outage, so we're just doing the oven. I'll make up some candles next if the Sugarfreaks don't have any.

Peanut's face looks about to cum and religiously rapturous (getting Boobsonged is a big deal, but I wasn't going to let her end up that teased for the same fun Butter got), so I let her enjoy it a second--ooh, hehe--

Peanut's orgasm is five, four...

Okay the oven won't cool that fast. Boobsong's slowly-pumping ass makes me feel the helplessness of not being able to start fucking her and the wish we would start builds--no let's do this. Click, fuck!

EEEE it's THIS fun! Nothing happens nothing but helplessly soft thoughts! Seed-ghost controls this there's nothing we get but the feeling our life just be the way it plays us with!

Top, Be increasingly aware of toy with Sex, half wisdom half folly

You have to be Lucy on the same kind of schedule as balls-time. Just Sugarfreaks know you're still Rainbow. Next time as Rainbow is one hour. Special exception. Usually your begging rules are the same as balls-time. Lucy is not so smart, so remember your dumbest thoughts! Complex thoughts have to break down small, or your mouth just stays and smiles like you want that cock there.

You're trapped here in the front room. Feet take you out there when Peanut cums.

Real small hands: Keep all your Princess rules. Now hands can just be fun. What's this then? Toys are allowed, if they're under fifteen age recommended? Goes to Boobsong's hands. She can't shapeshift them unless it's a sex fun thing! Stage shows get exception. Very dark here. Can't make lighter now! Acme Station contained to stage-shows.

No time to process, Peanut's right on the edge, just a second more--can I even--a tentacle comes and picks up the battery, and I clamp both hands onto Peanut's boobs and her eyes widen so cutely beautifully. I squeeze and explore her breasts, feel her smooth warm skin slide through my fingers and Boobsong--ahem, Lyra--sliding against my hips--

Over Peanut's head I can see the front door open.


The new customer starts to leave, screams at some bright golden light outside, and dashes for the chairs out of view of the kitchen door. I can't really get a look in the darkness.

"I'm sorry I'll stay right here and not be nosy!"

She sounds cute. Only one thing to do. Oh and.

"Come watch! Peanut's cumming!"

Your tentacles know to keep their mouths shut.

Can't have the Sugarfreaks giving their new customer a headache (telling people won't break Disguise, but it will make them very confused!).

"Wait, you want me watching!? You club types are something else, oh my. Handy on--"

Peanut cums with a beautiful soft breathy moan that slowly builds as I grab her nipples to pinch and feel Boobsong tense to make this good until she's shouting at the top of her lungs and obviously held up more by Boobsong than her own strength.

Is it there? Muahah. Pluck, finish her!

Because otherwise Boobsong will just keep going until everyone melts into a puddle (I don't mean us in here. Like, the entire multiverse). I smile hot love at Peanut, roll her nipples gently, sensually, grab for areola--


The customer's voice is quiet over Peanut's screaming, there's a squeak of wet sneaker on tiles, and she appears in the kitchen door, shadowy against the nightglow coming in around the curtains. It makes me feel a little like we're in a room at Geddy's, layering one sacred place on another.

"Yay! Enjoy!"

Peanut slowly subsides, Boobsong pulls back pushing her ass into me so sweetly, and Peanut looks floppy, so I click her Cuddle at Butter who's braced on the counter with a horny face just cum that makes me smile so warm and bright--the light's inside, but it's not coming out--right.

Before Peanut can obey, I switch my hands from her nipples to her cheeks and pull her in for a warm wet kiss, then let go and click Boobsong kiss at my own mouth.

Really feel like a nut right now, hehe.

[!] Teasing huh? That goes fun! Can't get your balls!

Hehe your voice gets so dumb. Peanut heads for Butter, and Lyra--

"Oh god there's one here too!"

--turns still on hands knees and then winds up looking so cutely wild and pounces up to hang from my shoulders and I grab her ass and waist and her tail goes around my back and legs around my waist and her big soft impossible candy lips make such a nice contrast to Peanut's human ones and she still has yummy Peanut-pussy mixed in with her own delicious pussy-nectar kiss.

"How can you stand her ice--or does she have that trick where you--"


"--can't feel how cold her touch is while you make love?"

I stop kissing Lyra, click wave at the new girl. Peanut must have a candle, because light from behind us shows her pale in the dark, with a soft face but kind of pointed nose frame by long curly hair I think is red or brown--the light's weird--and a plaid or tweed one of the greatcoats Boston girls have worn since there's been a Boston covering everything as she leans out, kind of hiding behind the counter.

Boobsong lets a hand go and turns to wave furiously at her.

EEEE friend hope! Looks nice and yum! Slurping thoughts...

Keep that up, I'll give you something to slurp.

Okay how'd this go. Rainbow would be offended at this racist assumption, and then play it like Lucy. Lucy's too dumb to realize, and just crams it into her worldview.

For which Rainbow would have her ass, but she's not here right now.

"Why would she be cold? I mean temperature play's fun but she's warm, not cold. I like hot sex."

My feet are moving? Oh because have to go out front. Click, snuggle. Lyra slides down me very pussy-grindingly and glomps around my side with her leg up so she can grind on my thigh and hugs there looking horny and cute. I fuzz her head--feet have stopped? Oh we're in the front room now. The new girl backs along the counter as we come out.

"Stay away, I'm not being next!'

"I'm sorry! I didn't mean to pressure you, I just thought you'd like to see, since you came in at the good part! Wait--"

Butter's voice comes from behind us:

"I'm going out for a cigarette. Be back soon."

There's a sound of a kiss.

"Wait I only asked once! I guess that's a lot for a stranger. Oops."

The back door slams.

"Don't--stay--another step and I'll--say sorry?! To THEM!?"

Wait--holy lightsauce pops--oh no the poor thing. I kind of forgot that if I can do all my scary antichrist stuff here, and Copper has her witch powers, daddy will definitely have his literally god powers...and a whole bunch of people who insist he's their god. One of whom is here right now, getting told to be nice in her head no doubt. It comes complete with bright shiny godray from nowhere shining on her for a minute as daddy talks to her.

She's backed into the little corner between the counter and soda fridge, and looks so pathetic. She's breathing hard, but uncurls like one single hair.

"I'm sorry. Please don't attack me!"

"It's okay. Wait, why are you scared of us?"

I wouldn't be turned into Lucy if she wasn't the one for the job, but...I hope this works out okay. I'm surprised to have hope this'll be fun, but I want this somehow. I can't explain it.

"You're a demon! Wait, is that you? Is she not possessing you?"

Aveh sees here. He arranged this to repair your sight. Cooking her clothes off is the first step. Do that with candy or scary teeth, but make it happen. Your seed-ghost says this is a good fun plan.

Your seed-ghost has one spot for a candy-make. She will get warmed up by the fear show if you don't say calm here but otherwise she'll get hot chocolate via tentacle.

Fear show is okay, she can take that hard.

Well that's a big strategy question--but I'm Lucy, and she just does stuff without thinking about it.

"Oh! No, look!"

I point my eravahk really obviously and make sure she can see and hear me press the button (Peanut's behind with the candle still, giving enough light to see that by). Click, kneel!

Lyra slides down my side and kneels in worship, with her hands on my foot and her face nuzzling it so sweetly oh dolly I love you too.

"It's the collars, right? I don't know what happened to mine! I'm so mad I could spit! Everything's all weird and I think I was in like California for some reason and then suddenly Rl'yeh Sade and my day's been confusing I can tell you but anyway my collar didn't come with us somehow and I don't know where it is and she's been so strong not having it but it's really bugging me to be honest and now you think she's the dom I bet and AT LEAST I HAVE HERS I was having like a panic attack a minute without it but even that took half the day to get and I don't even know where to start looking for mine. Is that why you're here? Maybe the Dreams nudged you in here because you've seen it. It's tall and silver and has diamonds in a square grid pattern and there's a leash ring. And we won't attack but actually that's still a mean assumption to make here in Isla Virgo especially I mean we do ride the rocks a lot but that's for Rl'yeh Sade not--"

"Okay STOP just wait a minute! You say she's submissive to you, but you're the demon slave, I see that collar on you looks like her thing, but you have a collar she supposed to have...are you like married to her? Are those your wedding rings?"

I blink and stare. It's easy to act this frying Lucy's brain, because it's reaching right up and frying Rainbow's.

I look at Boobsong, kneeling there so adoringly, nuzzling away wiht her ass up some and her tail half-up suggestively.

"Um...I mean..."

"Are you just staring at her or do you have to look? I can't take my eyes off her! Please stop if you're making me stare somehow!"

I look at the new girl, whose eyes are stuck on Lyra.

"Hehe, she's your type, huh. Isn't she so pretty? It's not mind control. She really is that hot. It does kinda make your brain like melt and get a super boner at the same time though. I bet that feels like mind control if you don't know mind control. Like if you never bottom for it."


The golden light comes back. Seed-ghost please tell daddy I love him and I don't know why but I think he's right about my needing this and this is ultimately the awesomest and I hate how what we just did is probably the most I can talk today and--oh you know.

She's closed her eyes and is full on folded-hands eyes-shut praying now. She gets to her knees, even, which the coat makes hard. The gold light stays.

Oh and it's really okay if I play scary because I think I'm about to.

Aveh says she's tougher than she seems outside. She likes the scary rides at Six Flags and books about monsters--but she won't say that to you! It's a secret part of her she's ashamed of.

He hears your love and sends his own. He knows you fear hurting him but is not hurt. He's open there when you're ready for him.

This is what I hate about this. Here, now, doing this, a part of me is like, and so begins the path that goes back to me being a good little Christian boy with Lyra cast out. That's insane. That's how evil Eden was. It was a fractal of nightmares that made everyone it touched crazy somehow. How can I think that stuff? It's all just sneaky tricks, all the worst things that could, that's what happens, Eden said. BLEAH. I cast that out. Puke it right up and quench it in antilight that drags it down to oblivion.

Yeah. Blank right out, bad stuff. I feel strong. Boobsong was right before, that was angry sparks. I wanna really blow shit up soon.

Hmmm...a little scare play might go good here.

New girl stops praying and looks up, right at me. The light fades out.

"He tells me a new thing but I can't trust that thought. It might be my thought. How can you tell? He says you pray all the time. He says ask you. You're a demon slave, isn't he your enemy?"

"Um...he who?"

Hearts toward daddy but I'm not sure if I actually sent that or just hoped our seed-ghost does because my heart clenches down after I say it in case he answers.

"You mean you don't know who I'm--"

The light comes back for a second.

"Yaveh. That's his name. He says to say it now."

"Of course I'm not enemies with Rainbow's dad! No. We just talked a minute ago. It's been hard since I got redeemed because--"

Now you can say it made you.

"Oh. Call it the--OH I see yeah that makes sense. It so was that. The devil drove such a wedge between us I thought we would never talk ever again and it's still hard and that was the first time since I got redeemed and it was just a little and it was all I could take but I did it and it was good--"

"Are you saying you're sanctified!? AAH! Okay! Please tell me the way you tell--you pray all the time, he said. You said just this once. How can that be?"

She gets illuminated hehe for a sec on the AAH.

"Oh not to him! I mean, pray is how Christians say dreamtalk, right?"

I think I can find her with my mind...yeah. Feels kind of tweed greatcoat and girl shampoo.

You know, like this?

She gasps.

"What's that sound? Is that you?"

"Oh no, I'm sorry! I forgot Christians are only supposed to dreamtalk with Aveh! I get so dumb sometimes. Sorry to both of you. I didn't mean to step on that, I just wasn't thinking. Why didn't you spike me, Dreams!? Or you, seed-ghost?"

Answer her Aveh's help.

"Oh. Oops. Now I'm doing it and about to be in as much trouble I think, heh. Okay. Rainbow says the big two things are expectedness and like...your tells? Does he give you twitchy stuff or bad feelings when you get stuff wrong? I get twitchies. It's like full on Pinkie-sense sometimes, hehe. If it's really hard, though, she says use tools and use them with care. I like cards but...I mean aren't we making this so complicated? I like to dreamtalk with my lovers and my brain's just connected to Lyra here, but...why don't you just ask him to talk outside your head, or show you a sign or something? That light's him, right? If he will! He's your dom, not mine, I can't tell him to! I mean I guess I couldn't either way--"

Lucy's always about five steps behind where her mouth is leading with what that means socially. Rainbow's worse, but Lucy admits and does so very much cleanup it while Rainbow ever tries to be smooth.

Also every move is making me itchier to use Lyra to get her clothes off. Though I have some candy plans too muahah.

"WHAT?! You guys are them? You just look like her--"

She stands up, looks around the room, eyes wide, bolts and jumps over tables to get to the door (which is impressive in that greatcoat), but when she gets there and throws the door open, solid snow covers it.

Starlight face on. Full heat allowed. Stage show in here in timelike chamber that won't move past the moment she walked in here. Take your time and have fun with this.

Heh. Short hour.  Let's rock and roll.

She stands by the door just staring at the snow, arms out like she's about to wrestle it.

Smell report, dolly.

If her scent was much stronger your Boobsong would scream for the pussy that smells like a Sunday at Heart-Church! She's so gay it'll break your mind. It almost did your Boobsong's! Hasn't had sex in a million years, she smells.

Yeah. Heh. Who's she more attracted to?

You most definitely. Don't know demons aren't scary bad so that kills her love.

Somehow I know though the first thing to do is watch. I feel like I'm looking at Peanut sticking Butter's hands through the cuffs of a star-frame. This part's her scene with daddy. She actually means her submission to him and is sub enough to live that way, or none of this would be happening, not here in Paradise.

Also this racist crap is ending the moment the next move is mine.

Daddy shines on her more.

Without turning around, she says:

"He says I'm forgetting something you can tell me."

BWAHAHAHA OH MY FUCK! Going for a  cigarette, hah!

Click, jump! Click!

This is funtime now! Super demonface let's do this thing! EEYAH jump up and head for her!

I snuggly-walk with Boobsong past the tables and let my light out, kind and gentle every-wavelength glowing from my flesh...with a wicked black halo of antilight. It won't even redirect a single dust mote, but it sure does look metal.

As we get close I come around in front of her while Boobsong creeps up behind, and starts to stroke at her own pussy, covering a hand with nectar, and I grab new girl around the waist, hard.

You said fear show hard. You asked for it.

Her tweed's wicked and scratchy on my naked skin, but somehow that's good, eggs me on, brings my teeth out. She smells like pretty floral girl-shampoo, the grocery-store kind that's not anything in particular, but I like it.

She gasps as grab her, and I take one her hands in my free one like we're about to dance.

Which we are. But my dance is a lot scarier and funner than the Watlz.

Get it. Because Disney. Yeah me neither.

"I messed it up with Arthur, and the whole mess you're stuck in now got a million times worse. I won't do that to you, I promise."

She's frozen, looks like she wonders if we're seriously about to dance, stares wide-eyed into my glowing face.

Still going fihhingers wettinnnng...have to get right time and not go early!

That's my cocksleeve.

New girl is pretty. I want to kiss her, I want to bite her neck until she squeaks and leave a hickey, I want so much.

I lick my lips slowly with a lot of shiny tongue and lean in like I'm about to kiss her, then go for her ear when my lips are micrometers from hers and whisper with a piece of Boobsong-grape hard candy suddenly in my mouth to give my voice some interest, breathy and tauntingly-hot.

"Come on, Eustace, this whoooole place is the sighhhhn you asked for. Can't you see this snowy crack is a letter?"

I come back to meet her eyes, make like I might be about to kiss her again.

Almost time but still going...super wet this is awesome!

"What's it say? AAAAAH!"

Her eyes go wide with fear and surprise and a lot of wet lust, and her breath comes hot on my lips.

"She's inside me?! How is she inside me!?"

Good question, right? Boobsong has a very neat, and kind of cute-sounding until you get to a moment like this, superpower. See if you can figure it out before I explain.

I shake my head naughtily.

"Nope. Have to figure it out. Feel what you're missing yet?"

She gasps hard and her mouth and eyes widen as Boobsong gets playing for real. You enjoy yourself back there.

Time for fingers done. Shapeshift big fat cock!


EEEEeee it's this now! Then fingerbang super far up OOPs whole hand stuck! Nectar really gives stretch to this one! Fit whole arm in one more second...going deeper yet...

It we're teased, we're teased together. No cock for me means no cock for her.

Our game's like this, constantly squeezing each other this way. It's the best. So much wet hot horny gooey lovey squishes out when we do this.

New girl is starting to struggle, so I hold tighter, raise a mental eyebrow at my tentacles. Her eyes start to harden with cold fear.

"She's going to tear my insides up! Is that--"

"Does it feel like that's what's happening? She and me are candy. We don't do that stuff. Come on, you're in heaven, let the pleasure touch you. What can you feel?"

Well, unless you're my handmaiden Sex we don't do that stuff, but that's another story.

"She's making a path...where there wasn't one...where my heart connects...to my butt? Why, what's aaaah that MEEEAAN?"

She's making the most awesome wide-overwhelmed face, but actually manages to look at me curiously a bit. I'm surprised she's not gasping more until I realize she's probably scared of getting hurt if she moves too much. I'd reassure her, but a little fear is just what this need, and I think she likes the rush?

Fear can't slow this one down! Only cold like she's dying fear made her heart stop.

Alright well then welcome to the apocalypse, kid.

"You're locked into this pizza shop by two walls of ice. One's right behind me. Where's the other? You can see it from here."

Boobsong's still going, just slowly pushing in and in, and yet somehow new girl manages to look around, then doubletakes at the kitchen.

"There's....eeaAAAH a BACK DOOR!? I was free this whole time!?"

I can get the sense of Boobsong's sliding-in arm with new girl's slippery new tightness all around it, going deeper and deeper, when I check on her. Hot.

"You haven't been free your whole life, least of all now. Until Boobsong's hand gets where it's going, you'd have an easier time squirming out of my arms and walking right through that snowbank like it was a tunnel in an aquarium than you would taking the back door."

"My hhhaaawhole life I've been--locked in this--hhhaaah--what (pant)--have I been going to hell the--"

Daddy's light shines down on her, and the gently sunny gold he's using makes such a weird contrast with my otherworldly colors I'm going to be thinking about the implications for months. It's like the doll somehow. It makes me feel so hot and so scary.

 "He says ask you this but I'm scared to say it--haah--okay I will it's hard to talk with a demon squishing your insides out! Dark shine is what you show me, and your halo shines with black fun. What's that halo show me?"

Augh! Um! Aaah!

"What's the devil's first name, according to Christian myth?"

"Lucifer--oh my god hhaah the light's not the good side. Dark's not the evil one. They're something else."

Fuck. Okay, good button-mash, daddy.

"It's just as much not the other way around. Look."

Seed-ghost don't let me harm her.

And I wrap antilight around her and start pulling. A human won't have much, but it's dark in here, and I can make it darker yet.

"I'm right here. You feel my hands. And Boobsong's, heh. Look at your own body."

I put her hand in front of her face and move my hand to her wrist so she'll have a good view, and then blank the pizza shop totally black except a her-shaped hole, and pull harder...and there she is. I'm shocked at how bright. Rainbow colors, swirling under her skin, shining out in the blackness, with my hand a black cutout at her wrist.

"Hate is a consuming fire that blots out everything with more and more of itself. Love makes a space for its beloved to shine in. That's you glowing. That's the light of your soul. I'm not doing anything but pulling it up with dark shine, and making everyone else be quiet so you can be heard. Humans have small voices, but they're so beautiful."


Boobsong does something and her light pulses bright with it, turning her delicately-rainbow face firey for a second.

"She pushed on me and my light flared! What's that mean--I like this, huh. Wow. And yet I'm not damned?"

"Hate's a consuming fire that blots out everything with more of itself. Love makes a space for its beloved to shine in in their uniqueness--"

I let the antilight surrounding her go and bring my own dark rainbow shine back up, gentle and hopeful, and my our hands to her hip.

"--and shines its own self in the hope of being recieved the same way, but even when it's unstoppable going through you--"

I take her hand and face it toward her and shine bright enough visible that it'll glow through her flesh without burning.

"--it does it with care and illuminates, not destroys."

Her scared fingers wrap around my hand, and I let the joy that brings me shine out everywhere else, dropping the antilight blot-out so the room flares bright.

"Your finger--"

I've forgotten I'm holding her with the hand that's got an eaten finger.

"Soon. First answer me which of those things sounds like the side that wants the Earth so full of people they poison the Earth and choke the sky just with how many there are and they fight over scraps of desert and bad ideas like dogs with a bone just to stay alive? That has to go so far with that it blots out every kind of relationship but the ones that make babies as fast as possible? What might my daddy who said a rainbow was his sign he would never destroy the world again want instead?"

"It's past my eeaahahh she's in my chest how's she doing that? Does her arm get longer?"

I raise my eyebrows.

"Rainbow...in your eyes...variety! He wants all the different--HHEEAAAAAAH AAAAAAH--"

What--OH she's cumming yay! Click!

hand to pussy lips...eee it's wet like soaking in here! Slowly keep stretching and now making orgasm good with careful soft fingers all up her mound and clit...oops can't go that way Aveh's here! Carefully away from his moves...what's that thought EAAHAHAHAA Princess click it your Boobsong's begging with eyes so soft that's the BEST! He has hands for all his people he won't miss one for this!

Click, but that has one doozy of a prerequisite!  You get it seed-ghost.

Alright well apparently daddy's got skills, because new girl is CUMMING. Her gasping screams pant echoing off the walls with her high fine voice, louder and louder as she goes limp in my arms and I start to sway her gently like we're dancing--that'd throw off most people's fingerbang skills, but what can I say, I have faith in her current partners' skills.

Carefully match the swaying...find Aveh's hand means no more pussy touch oh well...there's hand FIST BUMP!! AHAHAAHAH Fist-bumped Aveh!! Right there pussy giving us both hugs!

I've given Boobsong a lot of weird and epic commands in my life, but I'm pretty sure that one's going to be in the top three for a long while.

Top, Make Sex end to end piercable, Fear dance inside of her

Wait, huh? I get the fear dance, and the sex thing before meant the act not my handmaiden, and we are end-to-ending her, but how's that making Sex end-to-end piercable?

New girl gets it together some as I watch the most epic fistbump in the multiverse happen right under her teehee nose, enough to talk:

"He called me his handmaiden and told me I'm one of a chosen few. He said my name is...Sex. He um...says you know stuff about that. Handmaidens."

She's as awesomely blushing and submissively-cringe-y about the name as you'd imagine. Also, aww!

"Awwww! have a handmaiden named Sex! Not you, not you, you're his, but yeah, I have seven of my own--alright if he's bringing that up I'm glad there's time travel holding the clock still and pizza coming because we have a long and very fun night ahead of us--if we get to play that long? I don't know how far he wants me to take you--but that can wait. How're we doing here, Succubus?"

"He says all the way, you know what that means."

"Almost there, just one thing left. Up or down? Down, your Boobsong thinks."

"He says down, yes."

Oh hell yes. I get back to looking kissy, lick my lips at her like I'm fixing lipstick--hey where'd my lip gloss go? I must have accidentally made it transfer perfectly.

"The first lesson about handmaidens, is you call them the stuff that makes your life worth living and your heart sing. Mine are Bombshell Candy Copper Magic Pussy Snowlight aaaaand Sex. It's a post of honor. Which is a message. To you. About how daddy feels about you. Or he wouldn't have told you to say that about me knowing stuff."

I adore scenes like this. We've got her in perfect can-just-barely-function-overwhelmed mode, just soaking as we talk. Maybe we'll stay a bit...

"Your handmaiden's name is--Pussy?"

She barely gets it out, whispering--

"Okay gah I won't say it that way! Pussy! Okay that's a fun word I see why--I'll grow here? He says you've got things for me to try on? But first the pizza comes? This is so weird!"

I grin at her language lesson. This is so cutely normal sheltered-sub-initiation in some ways!

"So much, you have no idea. And of course the pizza comes first. We wouldn't want to ruin your appetite!"

My hands are full so I stick out my tongue, only slightly foreshadowing what comes next, and make just-sweet candies in the other three Dreams' colors (flames, sky, jungle), then recolor and renew the purple one to Sade's proper color: antilight.

"Okay now wait a minute. Candy caused a lot of problems for the Pevensy children. Are you the White Witch now?"

I pull my tongue back in and crunch them epically, mixing up the flavors.

"You and your really good questions. I'm working on your request, daddy, I promise."

I fill the room with a ring of huge glowing rainbows on clouds and Rainbow Heart signs, slowly orbiting us.

"I sure have magical powers, and I'm aaaaaalmost as pale as Boobsong here, but if I was going to be a witch, would I be a white witch? More importantly--"

I turn the light solid, into open-intended candy in fake freezer-pop artificial flavors matching its colors--oh and cotton candy clouds--but don't let it fall just yet. Apparently my Lens can do that. Cool.

"--Jadis did something very evil with candy there. What was it?"

I let all the candy fall, and the colored light drops out with it. Out the corner of my eye I catch Peanut setting the candle on the counter and diving for some, and glance to call to her:

"I have no idea what any of that does and it's all made entirely out of my dickwaving!"

That should have this place cleaned up in no-time flat! Oh and Sex is settling in too much. Click.

EEEE! Sex for Sex, here it comes! Slowly moving arm in some...then out...eee her wet's filled up while hand was still! Gooshy fun when hand comes out!

Muahah. I can feel my grin turn lopsided. I look back to Sex.

"She wouldn't give it unless Edmund did bad stuff! And yours I can't stop you feeding me, which you're about to, huh. It does stuff? I'll see, huh."

Oooh this is good. She's just settling in now. This is life, no more thinking about stuff they're not telling you to. Her voice twists and turns with the pleasure of Boobsong's slow gentle fucking as she talks, and her face looks soft and easy, pleasured, loved.

"Oh yes. But while we're thinking about cream filling and other white stuff, whaaaat very important basic fact about demonology have you been forgetting this whole time?"

"Angels come from heaven, demons come from hell--no they don't they fell! Could they get back up again? Don't see why not, Jesus had mercy--oh g--ulp! Can't say that! Am I--are you--"

Oh frazzlepops, that didn't go where I expected--

"Don't say J-word!? Just say tides. Did you make the tides stall!? Okay are you him. Just say it that way."

I give an obviously-fake-and-I-know-it sigh.

"I mean I must have. I've had a really annoying--"

Oh fizzfrozen relighting birthday candles. FINE. ARGH. FINE, but ARGH.

"--past three days and my memory's--"

She looks about to exclaim and I shush her with raised eyebrows and she deflates some. Hmm. Inflation? Daddy said she'd grow! Have to see what's under this coat finally first.

"--kind of messed up, but we did so much stuff trying to wake people out of the devil's grip especially at the end, I must have. I always liked the black hole best--oh I KNEW we were missing something for this scene!"

Seed-ghost do you have it?

It appears on my breasts, along with the tug of its gravity, just sitting there stuck in my cleavage, a shiny flat rainbow-iridescent rock with a hole for a chain at the top, but the chain is gone, interestingly. Before Sex can react, I lean in and nibble her earlobe, pressing it between us, and whisper: "I know your real question. The answer's cumming. You'll see. Right now it would blind you, so tell me this instead: what possibility are you missing about my sweet devoted Succubus here?"

And I kiss her ear so gently, mouth still full of candy bits, then look at her, ready to kiss again.

"She...isn't a demon at all she's an angel because succubi were created the same way all angels were, in heaven. Why is this rock pulling at my heart?"

Seed-ghost you brilliant epic psycho.

"Because it's the Rocky Mountains and they have enough mass to have gravity."

And I lean down and slurp it out of my own cleavage with my long long candy-bits covered tongue and kiss it into her mouth and infuse my candy-bits with the need upgrades--waaaaay more stretchiness, no gag reflex, insane pleasure from penetration, taste and touch receptor tweaks to make certain things a lot more appealing and give appreciation for finer points of their flavor, some reflexes to make sucking feel as natural and easy as eating, and lots more girl-goo glands. I push before she can get freaked out, feel her flesh reshape to let me through like a zipper unzipping in front of me...

Oh and I'll take requests but that's for after supper I thought.

 "Aww, black hole game's back! Here comes funtimes with what's inside you Sex! Don't forget clothes off before hand comes out, Princess! Wouldn't want to spoil your treat!"


Sex is just limp, submitting, in my arms, as I push further and further--hi dolly! Click!

Slippery fingers caress the tip of my tongue like a cock head oooh dolly and then close around the rock. ies.

Damn that was good, we need to play this more often. I'm sure Rl'yeh Sade has way less allthewaythroughs than it needs to have!

I writhe my tongue to enjoy her slippery inside, then pull slowly back, and she gasps for air as I pull free, then looks at me really intensely, still panting.

"I can feel something pulling my insides, like a slippery hand--what'd you guys do down--haaaaah--but if my holes go through, that leaves my stomach out--do I--"

"You're getting to play a fun game I play too, we didn't just turn you into a succubus although I think you definitely have the lust of one, yum, and you are going to eat your fill of pizza in just a minute by the smell of things and be nourished by in and feel good and full like always because there's no way I who love candy so much would take all that fun away from you. You're getting something else entirely. Which you can't imagine yet, and don't have time to, because now every stitch of clothing is coming off you, right as you stand. Are you having the interesting experience of taking it all off yourself, yes with Boobsong's hand still sweetly up you and the Rockies pulling gently on your heart like a country song gone horribly right, knowing the whole that you never had a lick of choice in any of this, that you bear no responsibility for anything that's happening right now, or shall we do it my way, in which case you find out how undress people, and if you ever see these clothes again they sure look nothing like they do at the moment. That's it. No writing or wrong answers and that's all the choice you've had for a bit and get for a while. Just a little toy to play with, to feel good. It's kinda wet to think of that way, isnt it? Ending up bare in the next two minutes no matter what you do, only choice is which way the roller coaster rides?"

"I'll take your way! What's she do, cut my dress the rest of the way with eye-lasers?"

"BWAHAA I knew you were full of fun waiting to come out and make us all slippery! Eye lasers are my thing actually."

I beam some harmless gentle every-wavelength godrays that're actually made of my lens shining light out all-directions from line-shaped volumes between us--and into her flesh fading off as they go deeper--down at where her cleavage would be if her coat wasn't there for a moment. She gasps and her chest heaves like she's fallen into ice water, and when I look you her eyes stare into mine with new wonder.

Best scenes.

"Boobsong--you'll see. I think you wanna use that free hand to see what's happening down there first though. It's okay, you can touch her."

She twists, but can't see of course, then reaches behind her, feels around--

"She's going through my coat? And panties, and--oh my--do you even have to take clothes off, to have sex with a succubus?"

"Not this one! She'll go right through. Not that I get dressed really but it's fun with friends!"

Okay Acme Station, got some good drama? I'm thinking her lingerie collection needs a refresh.

You'll see kinds of stuff you never even thought of, just click! First unwind, then rewind!

Click, unwind!

Threads pull up from Sex's coat, her clothes puff up, and threads start flowing up to make growing loops in a halo around her head. I can feel them moving, pushing past my skin, fields of Boobsong's love holding space for the threads to move against me so snuggly. Sex watches in wonder, head swiveling between the "spools" as they grow and her outfit grows thinner and more like gauze.

"How's she sew? More like god telling plants to spring up than needle and thread, I think!"

"I don't know, what were you thinking of, Acme Station? Any good ones? She has kind of a lot of options, and I was just going to turn her loose at her horniest. On this, not you. Unless daddy thinks that'll help the next part. I think you need pizza next though. I know I sure do. I feel like I've been waiting like eighty thousand years for this."

"Maybe start with this young thread that's not too worn to make bikini briefs in different grades. Soft and thick to just invisible! That way Aveh picks how pussy your pussy seems to everyone outside. Oh yes you go outside in this, you'll see. Aveh's not big clothes guy. Then make straps for high-hip way-up doll harness from the outside coat. Not so rough if you use fibers that way and sort by length. Have to unravel the felt but no problem! Bra clips make nice chain for small hole in bikini sides on one pair of panties. Weak but that's the point of this. Break soon unless very careful! Umm...the take wires from your bra and thurn them into heart-shaped collar ties. Maybe not real collar but fun for play making collar from shoe-sides stitched by cells so you don't get seams. Kinds of stuff like that are tricky. Maybe seams look awesome! Depends on taste."

"You're going to sew them on the cellular level. To make straps. To make a collar like you wear. Out of the--ack, my shoes are leaving!? What will I wear to go--I'm an idiot sometimes. What do I think is happening after this? I go back home to string lights up and make popcorn strands with my sister? What is happening? I stay here with you until you're done, but then what? I can't go back to life now--"

"Did you walk here?"

"Yes--the demons. Angels. Everywhere. The sky's all changed. Something's happening. They fill up the Earth in the End Times--"

Her clothes are almost gone now. I can feel and see her skin through the wisps left. It's freckly-pale, adorable.

The niggling fear that we're going to trip over the whole monotheism thing badly is starting to grow on me. She can only be held off so long. I try to Siren into that, what to do, if daddy or my seed-ghost had advice I'd know...tell her the war thing. Out with it.

"I bet if you ask daddy he'll take you to see your loved ones who got here before we did."

A heartbeat passes, and then:

"HALLELUIJAH I ACTUALLY MADE IT! Are they here? All of them? I don't know who got saved and who didn't--"

This is so cute. I grin. Oh. And that Flash vision from waaaaay back aboard Isht Visth lifetimes ago just keeps growing because I was born for this and I'm going to fucking explode if I don't get to herd some anything.

"Hehe if anyone can be here, they will be. There's a few special exceptions because people have weird stuff like I do sometimes but that's not normal. This is human Paraside, yup. Period, end stop, it's the place for us, the good one. Even when it gets dark and scary. Especially when it gets dark and scary. Saved and not saved isn't how it really works. It's more like...while you were on Earth did the devil eat too much of your soul for you to get here and get healing. That's not good deeds or bad deeds really--but who cares? I'm a lot of things but one of my favorite is sort of a guide to Paradise so if you wanna know something ask me, I can find out lotsa stuff. Not everything because that would be boring, but a lot."

Okay...should I...yes. And. Okay. I lean in close again, like this will do anything to make this secret.

"Between you and me, though, I think daddy likes it when you ask him." 

Then back to her face, so I can look at how her undressing is doing.

"Or ask for yourself, straight to Paradise! No more glass darkly. No more intermediaries. I'm here for this because some people like a pretty face on all this and I get off on having answers, that's all. The're no one way of anything. Do stuff how you feel like. Or, you know, how daddy tells you, seeing as you're probably technically wearing his collar already."

Taking her clothes off is like plucking a bird. Underneath she's a lot smaller, lithe and slim with cute little A-cup breasts with slowly-unstitching bra cups still over them.

"Paradise has a weapons range where you can soak targets in gasoline and set 'em on fire before you blast them with ancient--this can't be. Weapons that make holes with light. Isn't that a laser pistol? Like Star Trek?"

She...has a bit of love of the old west. Huh.

"Yoooou asked for a fun surprise, didn't you! There's all kinds of stuff. Crazy stuff. Like for instance, I spy with my Siren eye...a place like old westerns when you were a kid with adventures and gunslinging but it's all just kind of a comforting videogame. You can bake a pie or ride out to war with a posse and a big gun and a mustache even daddy'd be scared of...be the sheriff or a badass outlaw...and if you get shot it just goes black and you get up later. Doesn't hurt, just, you know, go back to your save point a few days or weeks after. Lots of stuff here is games. Games are what humans do when things aren't torturing them. Which you can't be, here. You're safe as safe. It's built into the very nature of the world. This morning I was showing one of my handmaidens--Sex, actually--that, and like, I'm not sure how but somehow I got her to snap and try to cut my hand off--she's a very dark girl, she'll be the first to tell you--and like, the knife went one way, and my hand went another, but they were in the same space like I could even feel the cut she made in the countertop. Just not touching. Doesn't make sense? Too bad, it happened. Paradise is like that, when it needs to be. If love doesn't make sense it'll just happily not make sense."

Her left bra strap is gone now and the cup losing its stitching. There's still a wisp of right bra strap, but only a few threads. Nothing else is left.

"You've got westerns? Oh sign me up! Daddy--I'm supposed to call him that, does that mean you're his handmaiden--you're his daughter though, except I am, in one sense--that's confusing--"

"Okay, too much thinking. Back into your fun fun body with you. What do you think we did with you, tell me all the good stuff you feel. You're with daddy now, I think there'll be a lot of that, so better start practicing. But! Not too much thinking. No mental effort. Stop in the middle of a sentence if you have to. You're a hole that feels good and being more is strictly optional. Go."

"Well...I feel my heart pulled by magnets almost, that's the scary one, every minute your Succubus has her arm inside me I feel like I open more and get more filled with--okay I'll say it! I feel myself filling up with pressure as the girl juice fills up my passage and it's going to leak soon but I just keep filling more...my hand keeps on wanting to stray to my, um, you know, it wants me to--I have to? Okay, I guess I'm kind of a d-licker because I like that thought...here goes--"

Her hand comes back from behind her where she was kind of holding it and slides between us to her mound. I give her room, but she's not getting through this without it being extremely snuggly. Her fingers work once--

"hhyeeahaaaah--that's sensitive--it was never like this before, did you do something?"

"Be really hot if I do say so myself, naked and pressed up against you, and remove any shred of a thought of you having the slightest bit of responsibility for any of what's happening at all. Also there's Boobsong and all that."

The Dreams show me a purple checkmark--drop the bomb about Boobsong--okay ooh myahah.

Sex is really into it, this is the cutest! I smile it out at her wide eyes and raised tongue, watching the beauty of someone inventing the aheago again right in front of me.

"You look hot doing that! Okay but this is important. Keep going. The coolest thing might be about to happen. This is more than just a funtime, feel that? I can. I know I'm hot but check this out."

I blanket the room in antilight and fill the space--help me out here seed-ghost--with images of Boobsong, me with Boobsong, shadowy me with Boobsong, do all different kinky things, head held down to fuck, all different blowjobs, her waiting patiently or presenting a cup...

"We all know it's Boobsong you're really into. What's your fancy? Does one of these get your attention? I'll make it big. You can see it any which way you want. She's inside of you already, your daddy's here and he's the one who asked me to do this to you, you're not in control of any of this except one thing: what's the sexiest, best-feeling way you wanna have this happen? Because it is happening. That's no question. Your daddy already said. That's the all the way he was talking about. All the way here."

"EAAAAhhaAAHH that one, in the corner, you're holding her face to a mirror and she's--impaled on your clit he says I have to say it--"

Smiles you're doing so good. Our seed-ghost highlights one of the images and I make it center-stage, hyperreal-huge. Is this really going to be so simple and direct as this? If it works, okay! I just thought she'd be more complicated. Maybe I'm too used to complicated.

Should--heh that's a yes on that. Click!



Our seed-ghost seems to think it's right to just focus on the one image, not give her anything more.

"Intense, right? Breaking you right open, so she can get in...just a little more...you know what's happening, right? Opening you up like this, making space, giving you sex you like and the freedom to enjoy it..."

Do it--gravel--wow that's a hard checkmark. Alright banzai. Fast hard rush pinned between Siren sense and seed-ghost to understand what to make here...

"...but I think your poor broken heart needs stronger stuff yet, Eustace. Sometimes it takes a lion's claw in your back to undragon and find your nakedness again, but sometimes, you need a dragon's tooth inside you, to hotwire your heart, so you can shine as hot and soft as molten steel."

I make the toy, stuck in my cleavage again, as I talk, forming it slowly so it looks like it's becoming out of liquid fire shining with the same black antilight halo I have.

What it does is so simple. It's compulsion. When she takes it there will be only one thing she can do, it'll keep her going with restored energy and lust so she cums and cums, and all the while it'll make her see images of Boobsong that adapt to what she likes best, until one snares her as helplessly as if she's been eaten by a dragon.

Will this reference work? HAH, she's a total English Muffin. Alright, hang onto your tits and think of your crown, Teaboo Princess!

"You know where you've seen Boobsong, in books, and you know what Jack had wrong. He couldn't see the dark for the light and his angel lost its halo. You know what happens to that little whispering lizard you can barely hear when that burning angel comes around and you dare get close enough to feel her heat, and it's not turning into a white horse, is it."


"Treasure's waiting. An armband you can't take off is only terrible if it doesn't fit right. My dragon's bite is the most comforting thing I've ever known."

And I pick her free hand up and put it onto the toy in my cleavage and let go.

Oh also the vibe will reach for anything like the black hole inside her and vibrate that too and give her the feeling her heart's being cracked open so something wonderful and come in and love her....and that's there's nothing at all she can do about it.

She takes it lazily it and instantly her hand slams down between us as the vibe leaps to life--


There's an instant of black-and-silver wierdness like eyes from behind and then--YUS!! SIlver hair fills my view and our new seed-kid's forming body pushes me back and becomes a black curvy dragonkin with a tail as thick as her legs and little soft spikes on top of it and glowing stars everywhere like Boobsong's. She turns and glances at me smiling with a beautiful snouty black dragon face and then turns to her heartformer and picks her up--click--and then her jaws grow enormous and she seems to become all mouth and grabs her heartformer and slurps her up like a strand of spaghetti with meatsauce and just vanishes quite Acme-Station-ually with a kind of black ring effect, leaving Boobsong kneeling there still in the middle of having been pulling her arm out and back to normal--hey! That greedy kid didn't leave us one single drop of girl-goo!

Well, good. I'm glad she's thorough. I'd hate to think anyone was missing out on the fun of dragon's greed.

I stand there, panting, grinning at Boobsong, watching her pant back.

"That ruled."

A thin black zap hits the table to our left like an antilight laser from the ceiling, and a shiny black card with a complicated white border and some engraved text is there.

Top, Be scared of each other, Lightly arousing talk


Lightly arousing talk is the scene you have just been through. When were you both scared of the other one? When the hour was so dark you saw yourselves disappearing? What if you haven't? Better get fast or this jump will go on for a long while. Then you will be very stuck. Maybe miss Heartwarming!

Maybe this game went off with your doing the small size Lucy and Lyra pilot. Now it's replaced by a different one with the same hope to feel connected and lost in each other's dragon-food adoring clutch. Four fingers thumb: Lyra has hands only, no shapeshifting cocks. Read her idea to retaliate.

Hot! I--argh I just have to! Better not go too soft, because I won't!

EEEE retaliate! Um. For healing of heart-shaped wound, can't go out without heart sign on ass.

You are stuck in here until mark's put on. Now you retaliate.

Why are you so nice to me. Oh dolly....okay. You need helping down. Your mind's the same but your speech is stuck between "stupid cocksleeve" and "actually can't talk but knows words" at our seed-ghost's choice.

Your seed-ghost says this rules needs a helping hand. Stage-shows are ultra-fine. Speaking? Not all the time! She can't talk sometimes. Just make friendly sounds.

Now Boobsong's turn. Keep turning up the heat, or seed-ghost will for you!

Eeee this is hard! Speech makes it yum already, see? Have to make hard...let's see...bigger the piano smaller the voice. Have to keep clicks up or can't speech. Thoughts stop too with this. There lots of talk? Keep clicks or can't do it. Stuck from long deep rescue things. Seed-ghost says done these, so clicks hard rule. Make it squeeze up lots of intense deep stuff.

Seed-ghost will make this rule: if Boobsong has lust, clicks keep her body doing something amsuing or helpful, or her mind is blank and can't read thoughts. If Boobsong is stopped, you can read her as normal for a thousand years. What's this do different then for making the click-stop come to these times? She can't see the horizon, how could she know if a bad one is coming? Too much upset, and her pages darken. Click to keep going--but then you're in clicks time!

Rainbow's turn. Keep going hard ways.

Dolly, that's incredible. Squeeze us, seed-ghost, that's great!


Click! Boobsong gets into slave-pose with her tail on the floor between her legs pointing to her pussy and sighs happily. I point my eravahk at her boobs.

Click, play!

Aaah...fun! Breasts so full and heavy...

She does look so full...memories of the first night aboard Isht Visht, after the nap in Ten Forward, flood back. wHy iS tHE iDeA oF lIVinG iN a CaStLE sUcH fREAkOuT RaINBoW? That was clever, Guinan's thing with the legos. I wonder what those blueized wings really mean to her? Feathers for Chyajjoh, I suppose. Makes it even more significant I have fairy wings instead of feathery bird wings.

Seed-ghost, why would you say lactation requires Heart Home when we can't go back there? Maybe we can now. I don't know. Seed-ghost don't understand that. Can you explain before we keep playing?

I get this scene, a little, too, because I felt like I was as bitterly at war as with Them with Sex or whatever her name is going to actually be just now and I don't think that was right. And. Tell daddy thank you for that and I hope he doesn't feel like we stole his handmaiden but I get that was probably the point. I want to keep playing this but that needs talking about too I guess.

And isn't it time for pizza yet? And where's Peanut--oh probably in the kitchen with Butter. Heh. Whoah, weird, if she really was Strawberry, that'd be Tuchyuh's favorite pizza, peanut and strawberry! I must have brought her some? No. Huh. That year was such a nightmare, even though it was me swinging the eravahk. I'm so sick of being the terrifying alien nightmare but I don't feel like myself when I stop, and it really helped Sex just now.

Heart Home is there. You will go back soon. The grief will be hard but not drown you.

You lifted a million pounds to implant her without going through all the stories of your war with Eden. You were able because you were made for it. The war is not you versus that girl. It was you against Eden's last remaining pieces, and you won so easily Aveh's voice rings out across the sky for joy that you have found your hands again. The very fight you feel guilty for is what saved her. Have a lift of joy in your accomplishing what she came here for and look at the card they left you. Then we will play more of this.

...okay. My heart half-does the math why lactation requires Heart Home but the gears are still sticky or broken.

Boobsong looks so hot sitting there squeezing herself and making cleavage and letting her breasts bounce free only to pick them up again, but I--would still do this the Princess way anyhow. I point at the card with my eravahk. Click, show.

She gets up, still playing, goes to the table so she's between me and the card and bends over, pussy out on tiptoe with her tail up invitingly and then straightens and tosses her head and pauses while I check out her gorgeous back and big soft ass and then she whirls and with her hands on top of her breasts and the card cutely in her mouth perfectly positioned she skips the one skip over to me and drags her spread fingers down her breasts so they riffle her nipples like book pages, making her eyes soft and half-closed with pleasure.

By the time she gets here I'm giggling and doing the not-enough-face-to-smile-with thing. I love her so much. I'd also be jerking off furiously if I could to see all this--and if she wasn't right here to grab by the boobs so our hands are joined for a minute as I squeeze and then lift them and give her a nice squeak-making nipple pinch.

[!] Hands pussy! Please-eyes and hopeful face!

I put them on her hips, in front like I'm about to fingerbang any minute. The scariest new rule for our game comes to me but--

Can't hide a rule when you think of a good one. This is your turn this time.

Your seed-ghost will do it this way: in balls-off time, no penetration of your pussy without eating everything. No penetration of Boobsong in pussy or ass or cocksleeve holes, until you fuck!.

Boobsong's turn after you read the card.

Fuck. Why am I so full of wishes that'll destroy us. Gulp. Seed-ghost, be kind with this. I know I know but AAH!

Nothing like struggling in your bondage, though. I point at Boobsong's pussy. Click, fingerbang!

One hand goes to her pussy and her face looks even hornier but when she poises three fingers to go inside her hand just stops and her eyes look wide with horny intensity.

Can't put fingers even a little pressure!? So hard eep! Princess please horny thoughts of pussy gets filled up! PLEASE COCKSLEEVE HEART DIES WITHOUT FILLING!

Click, stroke.


You mean like of kneeling and worshipping my clit so snuggly with your lips nice slippery but I won't make you suck me off? Or lying in bed with no commands at all just my arms tight around you and my hard clit pressed between us?


I know. This is what I do to people. Push until they break. Like I did with that girl just now. Also this. Click, imagine.

EEEE Princess' clit sliding up into pussy so slowly...big Princess hands holding your Boobsong to the table while she pushes pussy open with clit-end and slowly expands...

That should have us fucking in no time. It'd sure be a fun horny tease if our seed-ghost didn't make us start until I read the card.

That's exactly your seed-ghost's plan. Don't take too long or you'll explode from the pressure!

I might want to, though. I guess we'll see...

READ BEGGING!!! Hard clit down pussy-soft throat so breath stopped...

Hehe okay okay. You keep it up though...

The card has a picture of our very draconic new seed-kid lying on her side with her head propped on a hand across the top, with Sex as a tiny white dot in front of her by her head. I smile to see it, they look happy, and our new daughter is so beautiful. They sent this so fast...they must have timesliced while she was eaten, like Boobsong and me have been doing all day.

Mothers we welcome you to our home in Lexington any time. Please come and visit soon! Sex's sister needs a hand with the puzzle of Jesus having curves like Jezebel and calling a serpent her girlfriend. There's a bed made up with nice silky sheets waiting for you. Just don't announce you're coming unless being terrified is the way to our sister's heart!

We have very hot news for you! Your telling her all that stuff made Sex's eyes open to see Aveh clearly. She knows he's a star and that you're his savior too. She says you've been terrified that your trick wasn't spiked when it should have been, but this is the spiking. She's become a Siren too!

We'll be very happy to see you but we know you have lots to do before midnight. Our house has a time rotor, if that helps.

Love from your daughters Starsong and Sex

Top, Big fun with ice gone, Fairy blanket time