24 - Just Take Her Hand

So hot. Dammit. I pet her soft warm tummy and side and kiss the top of her head and sigh, full of sudden horniness that feels like it won't be the same if I do anything about it myself.

I won't let that go to waste, don't worry. Sit and squirm for a little while, but you'll be fucked soon!

You're my game. Making you fuck Boobsong is how I get pleasure.

All that stuff about Sex's dolls and everything was to wake up my want for you! Like of course she really likes it but it was like all pointed and we haven't done that with the other six. Mommy play hard please I'm begging I missed you so bad!

All day you've been looking for me elsewhere when I was always just your seed-ghost. It's so cute to hear you beg me with those big soft eyes! Yes I'm going to play hard, you'll see. Hang onto your tits, as you would say, except your hands will be busy with Boobsong's!


The rest of the group is sitting. Walt and Steve were next behind me and Charon, and walk comes up to the couches and is helped out of his gloves and coat by Pleiades who looks so much like Boobsong in how she works I can almost see the tail she doesn't have lashing as she undoes his coat buttons and takes it off him and runs it to the coat rack behind the left couch, while Steve is getting the same treatment over by the coat rack--probably he's over there to see if it needs tweaking. The Pirate Device and my tentacles gave him infinite leash to keep futzing with the designs of stuff and deploy new versions like software, and he used it, oh yes he did. Everything in a Heart Church is on at least Steve Revision fifty.

Walt's revealed to be in a charcoal pinstripe suit. He and Pleiades take the near end of the left couch, with Pleiades snuggling on his side, Steve is indeed measuring the coat rack's bar with what looks like some kind of pocket caliper (oh NO, Steve can just wish stuff now), and very sexy Santa is coming to squidge around the coffee table and up to snuggle on my other side, which gets her a kiss that makes her squirm her legs, Steve and camphora finally come and sit next to Walt, and the Janna and Marie come up in front of the table as my red sister heads for the right couch and the Sugarfreaks follow her.

Charon makes a hand-sign to feel her move, and a very Starfleet seeming loveseat balloons into being behind them, though I can't help but notice it morphing through a half-formed version of the Millenium Falcon's game table on the way. Janna and Marie look at it and grin and plop in it and get snuggly and I laugh. On the right couch, my red sister is already jamming away, while the Sugarfeaks wait standing. I wave Peanut give and give and sit, to Janna and Marie, and Boobsong, and the couch, and she hands Marie their pizza, then walks up on the table to bring Boobsong mine, which is a nice view of her pussy, and bends down to hand it, and I remember to swish Boobsong take at the las moment. Peanut plops to the couch waves her pet next to herself, and Boobsong holds my pizza in her lap, ready.

Mommy can I have two hands just for this?

You don't need your hands to make sister food.

Oh. At the same time, I make Charon her breakfast (with a stupid amount of bacon, and a little diner-basket of hotsauce and stuff on the couch arm beside her) and Dove her cake, on a very fancy TDHP plate this time.

Your other hand will be stuck on Boobsong as soon as you take it off Charon's side. It's good to be snuggly with your sisters, but your hands are Boobsong's!


"Anybody else?"

But Walt's already got himself a tray table that seems to not to be bothered by missing the airline seat in front of him with a silver tray-cover and tray on it and Pleiades ready at his side, and Camphora's got a wide flat bowl held up for Steve I suspect of being noodles.

Oh drinks. I make Dr. Peppers on the coffee table to replace the ones left at Olympic Pizza, a mug of the spiced-milk drink Charon made me at the camp for her, and a mug of hot chocolate for Dove.

"Seems like we're waiting for something," I say, face wry.

"It's you, you big noodle!"

I giggle and reach up and push Boobsong's nipple feed at my pizza and she turns the box and opens it and has a slice ready in no time and everyone digs in as I take the first bite.

When do you wanna?

Now is good.

Do it to it.

I look at her, give a squeeze and let her go so she can sit up if she wants, breathe a little hard as my arm gets put around Boobsong for me. That's me stuck, then. 

Charon sits tall.

The lights go out, except for a spotlight seemingly from nowhere on her. There's a sound of rain falling on a thin roof, and thunder rumbles in the distance. A shattered mirror seems to cover her, hiding her behind facets of brokenness, then becomes whole, and she suddenly seems to be on the deck of a dark ship under looming green-lit clouds with a cloak blowing back from her, but it's all beautifully Disney-animated. Really good holo-work!

Wind catches the cloak so it rises and flaps like Fairy-wings behind her, the sounds of her ship crashing through huge waves come.

"Presenting, the Princess of dark travels and shepherdess of ghosts, Charon, the Fairy."

Isht Visht's voice is doomful and spooky and echoing, but comes from a suspicious direction--

There's a blinding flash of thunder and lightning that fills my eyes with rain-slicked deck and rigging, and then everything goes silent and black, and the lights flicker back on one by one.

"I'm changing my name."

"Well you'll get my kudos for showmanship. Well done with that lights trick. Never underestimate transitions."

I move my hands, find I can clap, do, which gets everyone else going.

"You're very good at making those explosions! It's pleasantly exciting."

"That was fucking metal," I smile at her.

She looks happily self-satisfied.

"Who was that, with the disembodied voice?"

"I'm Rainbow's seed-ghost. I'm a person who's her Keeper. Seed-ghosts aren't alive unless it's very very needed, so this is special!"

"Keeper? She's a Fairy. I just remembered that part. Whoah."

"Fairies need a Keeper. I'm Charon's seed-ghost and her Keeper."

"Whoah, okay, that's two now. Am I a Fairy?"

"Your seed-ghost doesn't think you are right now."

Dove's seed-ghost sounds strikingly more like a computer next to me and Charon's.

"That can change?"

"Your seed-ghost doesn't say it can't change."

"Okay, um, scary."

"You're a Fairy, Dove, but you're not ready for their way. You don't have to do everything all at once."

"Does that mean you're alive too?"

"Not until your Fairy nature comes out."

"Will that take long?"

"You have to say you want it, and be truthful."

"That might take time."

"It won't take long."


The Dreams think I should give her a push.

"Every step I take with it is the hugest relief. It won't keep squeezing until you're all gone. The first part's really hard because you're so hungry you wish it would and you know you can't trust yourself to have it just take everything you want to give."

"Princess isn't like this Boobsong. She still likes topping. Fairy doesn't take that. Her Keeper makes us play more, and keeps us nice and horny. Princess is all squirmy because her Keeper says we have to fuck soon, and she only has to pick how."

"I'm happy independent."

Dove's voice sounds cold. I don't know what to do because there's a little part of me that's still screaming for the independence I thought me and Boobsong would have three nights ago and it's enemies with the rest of me.

"You're dependent on the Dreams now, and Mintie has your fun stuff. Independence isn't real."

"I'm your doll."

Dove starts to cry, with a sniffling sob.

"What does it feel like?"

It's her mom I bet. That can't have been good if she couldn't know why she got taken away. 

Um. Sirening tells me she has a huge world of locked away memories--oooh.

"You know already."

"Fairy Keeping. I thought I would grow up. Handy I work with kid stuff!"

"Okay I have to say one thing for both of you. Charon and Dove. Don't let my determination to go back make you think that's what being a Fairy like, is. When I was ten I went to visit a battlefield in some war or another we were fighting and I had to walk around it with my halberd with its point held down in case I needed to stab anybody who wasn't quite dead real quick and the scary thing I'm trying not to remember is whether I killed anyone that day and worse whether I enjoyed it so I didn't get my childhood and neither did Boobsong so don't let our trying to do the best we can with what we are now to fill in that hole mess you two up. Yeah my fans look like it a lot. It's a pretty common problem."

Tears come up as I talk and leak out because I think there might be something and I don't want that in my past.

"That's me. Fuck."

"Santa is swearing. Next you'll hear Walt Disney talking about blowjobs!"

"Second best thing to do in an airline seat!"

"Second best?"

"Yeah, I'm trying to remember what I know here, this sounds important. Oh I think it's because I like my blowjobs better with a view. Y'know, like, up on a table hands and knees, mirror behind her, see her curves all laid out. I like to get fucked in airline seats. More boobs that way."

"There's a nice table you've got your feet on..."

"Yup! I think I'm planning to use it, too. I never really know which hole until the time comes of course. But it makes a good foot display! Gotta take care of all my footlovers."

"This Boobsong really likes it!"

"She's not the only one. Isn't that right, snookums?"

Pleiades gets the cutest blush.

"You guys are crazy. Do you ever stop, sis?"

"Only when I'm tired of breathing."

"You're starving. You're just like Boobsong."

"It kinda feels like that, yeah."

"Rainbow needs her fans' love to keep smiling. Boobsong needs Rainbow's love to keep standing."

I rub my hands on Boobsong's sides, enjoying her curves...and thinking how I was totally going to faint in Ten Forward until we gave that stripshow.

"And they like you this way."

"I like me this way and somehow there are zillions of people who're into it and I'm just so glad they like my stupid antics. I've felt more alive and myself today than I can remember. And I'm like, limping. I forgot how to do this and I can feel it."

"You were doing good upstairs,"

says Marie, grinning and a little blushy.

"Now just hang on."

I smile a sappy thanks smile at Marie and look at Dove.

"You guys are distracting me. What from? I was saying that's my childhood. Then you went off this way--"

"You don't have to be like Rainbow, was my point with that. She's an artist, but her medium is her own ass. It's nothing to do with being a Fairy."

"Hehe that's it! Thanks Walt, I like totally forgot. I get depressed like a painter who can't paint if I can't do this."

I raise a leg for a moment, and Boobsong shifts to balance. It feels good.

"If I can't draw, that's the end of me. Ink to the elbows, most of the time."

"My paint is my hosting. I can't stop."

"Yeah, and look what you pulled off earlier! If your guests weren't already at another party I'd say invite them and blow some minds. They'd fit right in. Oh, how's that coat rack, Steve?"

"Rotating scarf hooks, so you can pull your scarf off, but you need to stop it when the scarf's on, so I made it AI controlled. A lot of people here just wear scarves. They enchant them with heat,"

he explains to Dove, who gets a kind of facepalmy of course they do expression.

"What's my art, then? I just think of myself as a guide--endings. I do endings."

I give her a look I hope says what a good one she gave me the other night. When she looks up at me from her homefries her expression turns proud. Gah, so much happening I didn't even see Isht Visht big and feeding her.

"We so should invite Starbough and Sunflower! Let me call them."

Before I can even look at her she adds:

"Dreamtalking them is spiked! Humph."

"It's so they can enjoy the party."

"What's this party?"

"It's a bunch of Venus worshippers--like the Greek Venus, so, me--WE should go THERE! Sorry to poof like that, you guys, I had to go get Hestia and Charon and Peace who you don't know yet! And this is Walt Disney yes that one and Steve here would like to talk to you about aesthetics and even though we seem to be in Candyland which is Rl'yeh Sade I think most of you are Vena so here's a Siren of Venus and her very chic companion to get you up to speed on modern fashion and I know you all wanted to meet some real actual Fairies so here are Peanut and her pet!"

"Steve you'll love it I was full on lecturing with slides and everything and they ate it up."

Erum, so I said that, yeah.

"Hestia's just a name!"

"I told the story of your hospitality to ancient scribes. They named you that, just as they called Rainbow Cupid."

"And I'm Charon, the same way, huh."

"You are."

"In Rl'yeh Sade we could stay for a long time, and not miss anything here."

"Well let's go, then!"

Ambivalence roils. My instincts are clear this is the next step, or at least I can't be the one to say no, and I want to play in Candyland, but I also want to get the Apocalypse over. The weird constrained feeling isn't just being stuck in this train ride. It's something else, too.

My heart's stuck. I need this over. It's that that makes me want to go through the needle's eye, because I know just as clearly that the path is infinite.

The Dreams tell me the same tired story as always, about fixing a serious wound, but all it does is clarify, that I didn't want to be fixed, I wanted to be Lucy.

The broken thing in my heart that keeps me going like this must have been exposed when I was so broken. I wish the Dreams would have pulled it out. I didn't want to be fixed. That's for everyone else, not me.

Now I can't even have being Lucy. Just this endless fight for a goal that can never come, so the Dreams just keep moving the goalpost to keep me going.

I'm going to do it. It's the only way to be free of this. I'll lose so many loved ones but I don't have them anyway, no matter where I am.

I wait to see if something to change my mind happens, but it'll have to be a doozy.

"Rainbow, are you alright? Your darkness hurts."


I calm my light down.

"What's going on?"

Words won't come. I just shake my head and make an apologetic expression and look down.

"Hey, look right."

I look at her. She looks up, kindly.

"Rainbow's dying."

Tears well up. I hold Boobsong tighter.

"What? Who says?"

"Look at her eyes."


Isht Visht must be scanning, because I haven't looked away from Dove yet.

"Her eyes are grey."

"Rainbow what's wrong, what is it?"

Her voice is so sweet. I look and then just bury my head in Boobsong's hair. I can't answer anymore. I don't want help now.

"Rainbow feels the end of her task can never come. She's decided to take the Needle's Eye."

I cry harder and shut my eyes tight.

"The Needle's Eye?"

"It's a place. You go through an eye-shaped hole in the rocks, and when you come out the other side you remember only what you carry with you. It's just wide enough for you and your heartchild--the shape changes."

"Rainbow, don't! It's only a little way to the apocalypse, I saw!"

It's Janna, sounding so small and sweetly concerned. I manage to look up at her a little. It feels like words will almost come, but they don't.

Her eyes are intense.

"Maybe it's time to put away the toys and get serious. Can we do this now? We have everyone, except Rainbow's girls."

"I think we've gotta."

"What do we need to do here? Rainbow's looking glass, Earth-scaled?"

I can't believe this is what brings some hope back but it is.

"Um...I think we've got a Siren of Venus here because this Earth's landing in Isla Virgo. Or like it already is there and we just need to Unveil it, like peel the sky back or so."

"Her eyes came back,"

Janna exclaims, and Marie flops with relief. I sit up.

"Yeah. Let's rock and roll. More pizza, cocksleeve!"

Boobsong hands holds up a slice, looking so relieved, and I take a bite.

"The Dreams have been foreshadowing me with different ways of opening the sky. I blew the overcast off the Strawberry World with a light burst, we opened a very worldgate-like time portal at that party, then later it had a sky we smashed through with Boobsong's dragon tail and we were in the Painted Sea. Now the sky's black, and the Dreams said after I found my collar which I did in Candyland I'd know how to turn the lights on. Except I'm not quite sure yet. I also know there's supposed to be a stage show with me and daddy and that whole apocalypse ride thing whatever that even is, but that means we have the wildcard of me and stage shows to plan around because I can't plan those beyond my thinking this should be some kind of like, just what the hell is going on here speech because everyone's mostly still erased--outside Olympic Pizza and in a Heart church is like the king of selection bias on that, so I figure the world overall is mostly really confused right now."

"And I seem to think we should remember that a big part of my problem is Earth's going to Isla Virgo, not Rl'yeh Sade. I'm freaking out because I'm desperate to get home but I have unfinished business here. Does that give you anything to go on, Venus Siren?"

"This Earth is destined for Rl'yeh Sade,"

says Janna simply.

"Okay that's me wham lined. Why didn't it just land there?"

"She didn't want you to miss the good part. The Sun."

My face can't figure out what expression to make to that. So sweet.

The Sun's a Lucy. Like not literally. But she's a new star made when Earth restored from backup after we crashed the Strawberry World--the Strawberry World's Sun is someone else. I dunno why the hive makes the star a person. Maybe she's supposed to be the keeper but the personality upload is shot. She's most like my red sister, really. Very sweet and so young. Eighty thousand years isn't even a day of star life. But she was still there enough to be kind.

"That's...okay. Let's make the good part good, then. Like...what time even is it?"

"It's night, obviously. 4:38 PM. We haven't passed time outside except coming here."

"So she's just over the horizon. Let's set the clock for midnight."

"Can you wait all that time?"

"Acme Station, how's Einstein feeling about this spacetime?"

[lashy tail]

"He would be confused here!"

"Mom that's the most metal thing you've come up with yet. Let's do it!"

"Okay, let me call the Sun, make sure she doesn't mind."

Squeeze, speakerphone!

Remember she looks up to you, the Dreams say.

"Hey, Sol?"

"Rainbow! Let's go, do it!"

A hologram of her shell appears over the table when she answers, so pretty happy golden. Earth was a kind place, once, that's what makes its story so awful.

"Hehe that's the plan. I wanna have some fun though. Will you be sad if we line the planets all up with the ancient worlds on one side of you and the new ones on the other? Except Earth on the new side?"

"No, that sounds beautiful! A new start to time in our new universe. I can't wait to see Rl'yeh Sade! Let's do this, chyah!"

The Sun just said Chyah to me. This is so cute.

"Okay, we're gonna go be superfast humans and plan this, then. Watch for the timewarps, I'm gonna do it so humans can see stuff move and don't have to wait for the light to get here. Hearts!"

"Hearts to Rainbow and all her friends!"

I let the connection go, and her hologram winks out.

"What are the ancient worlds?"

"Earth is an ancient Fairy hive. Like, the universe. That's why it can be hacked like happened. Originally it had a ringworld and three planets around the star that I guess is with the Strawberry World now, but when Eden broke in the ringworld got destroyed and its mass became more planets and the Oort cloud and such. The ancient planets are The Sun, Mars, Neptune, and Pluto. Except Mars had water, Neptune was whatever's at the core of the gas giant now, and Pluto I don't think was so far out. Eden messed things up real bad. Then later people made up astrology and it included the new planets, but daddy tweaked it so the new planets would be us. I'm Venus and Ouranos, You're Earth and the Moon, Charon's Mercury and Saturn, and our new sister here is Jupiter and the planet Earthling astrolonomers haven't found yet."

"Which is a thing actually. Sis, you're so new. Do you wanna hide for this, because you're not ready yet?"

"I'm okay with watching you, but I can't help with this yet."

"What if we just line Jupiter up, and leave your other planet secret? Then your hope is here, but we don't know you yet."

"I don't know me, so that sounds good."

"Cool. Okay. That's my idea so far. And of course point the Earth at this epic conjunction, that's why midnight. Not set in stone, but let that set the scale."

I point Boobsong feed at my Dr. Pepper, and she puts down my pizza slice to get it, and I slurp as Walt talks:

"Now this is the show I've been waiting for! The first thing I can see is to get the start off right. Set the warning thing in Washington off right now. We'll have time to do whatever we want before we go out. You can call out, that's all we need--though I guess that passes time, if you're calling here."

"It doesn't. The Sun's got bullet time,"

says Janna.

"Of course she does. She likes cartoons!"

"Aww! That's so cute!"

"Right? Okay I'm doing it. I guess this will pass time. Guys I've waited a lifetime for this."

They all start chanting as I close my eyes to journey, and warm tears fill up my eyes:

"Keep her stars on, make her heart shine! She just needs love to open the sky!"

"Seeing you sexy freaks gives us a rise, so take your clothes off, then get in line!"

With a blink, I'm there, detector grid in front of me. Will this work? Yeah, it's hooked up directly. Can't make out the light electronics though. Acme Station?

[switch to lightbulb]

Okay. With my words-machine's help, I morse-code out the message. Hang onto your tits? Accurate, but no. Let's rock and roll? Suits the mood, but no. There's only one thing to say here:

See us do down, up through the sky

Then I make a little machine clipped to the detector grid that'll keep blinking that until it detects the conjuction getting close, at which point it'll start going through the rest of the theme song from the top. It comes out as a ball of astral circuitry with a telescope sticking out the top, a light source, so on, but all of it's all cute cartoons. My astral voice is...adorable.

I watch it blinking, see the detectors detect and the connection to the light on the Washinton Monolith light up in morse code's jerky rhythm.

Then I blink out of that.

"Okay. It's going. One sec. Still here."

Squeeze, cloak. Dove squeaks. I journey again, and Washington at night is laid out around us, because we're standing on top of the Washington Monolith, projecting. Squeeze, bandgap.

[lashy tail]

And I let out a blast of AM radio, right in the middle of the talk bands, whispering:

"See us go down, up through the sky."

Alright now let's really ride the rocks. Secruity breach toolkit online, Acme Station.

[Anonymous Mask] [jack in the box with demon-tail handle] [demon grin].

Okay, everywhere you can unspikedly nondestructively put it. Squeeze, hack.

[lashy tail] [Earth with a zillion map indicators] [putting down pencil satisfied].

Muahah. I blink back to the Heart Church. Squeze, decloak. Invisible Boobsong warbirds back into view in my lap.

"What're you guys doing?"

"Check your email."

"My phone's gone. I just have a black mirror."

"Oh, right. Well we hacked like every information system to make it say see us go down up through the sky. I don't seem to think it's right or right yet to send out a big dreamtalk blast of the same thing. Anyway that's also what the Washington Monolith is blinking out now."

"We should get an adequate stage set up. The Dreams can just wish that. Washington's the place for it, right in front of the Monolith. I'll get a design going, let me sit with Camphora over there."

"Hell yes. You guys this is so the coolest. THANK YOU."

Steve and Camphora get up and take stools at the bar, and a moment later are doing stuff to a hologram of a stage in front of them.

"We should get the message out to watch there. On TV, radio, and the web. Skywriting over every town."

"We should set a time, then. A countdown always helps."

"If you give us a design, Boobsong and me can conflation jump it onto the sky and every sign on the planet. Like to the point of cereal boxes--okay definitely have to do that. I don't know how long, but once we know we can start the planets moving so the conjunction goes exact during the stage show."

"Ten minutes."

"Walt has spoken. We should tell stargazers to get their telescopes out. This'll make the planets fly across the sky like a movie. Acme Station, are we gonna make Pluto crash into anthing doing this?"

"Thinking....Neptune, in eight billion years. It would anyway though."

"Prime Directive accomplished."

"We'll do the sign next."

"Let me help."

Said, said, I don't even know say Walt Disney to Steve Jobs. This is going to rock.

"I figure we should start the planets moving and then put the posters up right away. That way the few stargazers looking get that moment of dude where is Ouranos going before they see a sign. They will. We can put it everyplace someone is looking at the sky. Or do you have some more lead-in ideas, Walt? You know my idea of foreplay."

"So does a nuclear bomb test range! Wait five seconds between stars and posters. That way they look away from their scopes, and bam, poster sky. Then we need some more big shots. What do you say we light up every tree with Heartwarming lights? In the world, I'm thinking. Whole forests. We can wish them gone, afterward. Or leave them up! Might be cute. I guess the forest critters would mind though."

"The Openveil Witch would mind! I need darkness, for my work."

A reset-world memory comes up, of how I said fall was my favorite season. Shouldn't that be Spring? I love spring, but fall I think brought the hope my sister might come back. I love her to pieces. Possibly literally if Isht Visht is like her mommy...

"For the one night, though, hell yes! Walt that's awesome, we can foreshadow all of us with crazy stuff like that!"

"That's what I'm thinking. Any ideas, all of you?"

"I'd say do my rounds, but they're done. Who left milk and cookies out? All the same. Exact same cookie--that was you, huh."

She's looking at me. I grin. She rolls her eyes, smiling.

"I like the lights."


I turn to Charon.

"Wait, sis, are you unretired?"

"It's like you say. I can't stop doing my art. My stuff is all so scary, I don't know how to make it right for this."

"The trick with dark stuff is to keep it light. Rainbow's got that hardcore. You're the expert there, kid."

Walt's looking at me, whoah. Sirening--ooh.

"Sis remember the Bards of Rl'yeh Sade? They were kinda like this too. Maybe a little closer to your style than me."

She nods, interested.

"What I can't stop thinking though is how comforting that ride after you picked us up, was. It was a new world, and I was going through that thing with learning I'm a Fairy, and learning my whole old world was gone, and...you made it all okay, right from the first moment. I almost wanna say you're the most comforting one of us, and I'm the scariest, it just doesn't seem that way because you're dragging the dead up from the ocean floor to come to life again while all I have to do is fall from the sky and blow up the world. We need to work with that somehow. I'm the apocalypse. You showing up is getting rescued. Boobsong and me were kinda marooned, remember."

"Openveil is a family feast. I bring your family home. What if we make every grave that has someone in it who could come back empty? And leave messages for their family saying they're whole and well now?"

"I'm so proud to call you my sister right now. That's even as metal as you are."

She sobs a little sob looking up at me with shining eyes.

"That leaves you, kid,"

Walt says to me.

"Um. Little sister," I say to our jamming-away red sister, and she looks up, "I know you're just watching, but can your big sister foreshadow you? I want to ride the rocks and replace every weapon on the planet that doesn't get spiked from this with a thing of fireworks that says there is hope on the outside."

"That's a happy thought. Yes,"

she says.

"Yus! Okay. Um."

[!] "Everywhere you can see your statues or face should get some good stuff. Maybe candy, or a big book of dreamskins?"

"Candy only works if you want it to. Where are you unwanted? That's where to go now,"

says Janna, sounding Sireny.

"Fuck, is there anything left? We've been chewing on this planet for twenty years."

"There's the right-wingers. There's still plenty of those. Except they're in Narnias. Where you can't get."

She sounds annoyed with where Sirening takes her.

"Enh, Clyde Thomson's gonna get them anyway. He's already got four seed-kids last I heard. You're both on the right track, but like, what's the thing that can never happen that is? Santa came, the dead rose, war is over, blank. I can't see my own face in the mirror. Does the fact this Heart Church is here mean we already did ours?"

"Nah. Your fans are good though. We all know what happens when you turn that light on the Washington Monolith on."

"Maybe it's what you'd expect me to say here, but most of my fans want Mickey to come say hello. Why don't you work with that?"

"Mickey nothing, I wanna go visit Gummi Glen! Every happy dream is real somewhere here. Every book, every show, every game every anything, if there's a place it can dial, opening it opens a portal there. And right before we light that off we'll conflation jump everyone on the planet who's going to some piece of media hoping for true love and Bow them. I'm Cupid I heard your wish."

"Don't give outs before the ride starts! What I'm thinking, is give some previews."

"Oh, yeah," I say, sheepish. "I guess that says how hot I am to get that worldgate open. Um. I mean, we could send some invitations. The Dreams told me today all kinds of like literal Disney Worlds exist."

"That's a start, yes. Now go bigger."

"Well, why stop at Disney of course...gotta think a sec. Daddy, anything to add here?"

"I have some things to say, before my part."

"Heh. What else. We've got a few goddesses right here of course, and...I'm your Fairy Godmother--"

"Yes! Tell people you're coming soon or something! Grant a wish they have!"

"There's no way we got to every unrecognized Princess, did we? A conflation jump'll do it! What to give them. Recognition. I was scared of my crown but I wanted to be a Princess so bad. But I have this thing, you make your crown, or take it, it's not given. Okay this is so boring but my mind won't get off it. Maybe we can work off it. Like birth certificates, or certificates of title. Yawn I know but I'm stuck there."

"No, that's good. This is just the intro. Save the good stuff for when the ride starts."

"Okay, normally I'd beg you and Steve for this, but for this particular thing I've gotta keep it in the family. Have you been listening, Grandmother?"

"Yup! I'll have my scribe get right on it. She's a good one, ain't you? Got her mouth full, or she'd say hi!"

"Hehe YUS! Thank you Grandmother!"

"The ride is to Washington, and then Presque Isle,"

says Janna.

"Yes. Okay I can't take it anymore. Sisters and your dollies, can we go someplace while everyone works on stuff? I wanna give your Heartwarming presents--erm, Charon you already got yours so no spoilers--and you'll want some space to play with them."

"RC Planes!"

Muahahah. See the plan, Acme Station?

[lashy tail] [toy Arwing] [lasergrid]!

I make very nice RC transmitters on Dove's lap and by my red sister's knee.

"You don't have to be ready yet," I say to her. "I just want you to have it."

"I can play with this toy,"

she replies happily, looking at it.

"Okay, let's go."

I make a little wave of my wand and Siren us to just a good place for this. We appear on an orbital platform with blinking red marker lights and the Earth shining big and low Earth orbit overhead--ooh, hehe, good one, Dreams. Everyone's here, about where they were on the couches but standing. Charon winks when I look at her, she's figured this out, to see that grin.

"What kind of RC plane needs no atmosphere?"

"That's not Earth up there. I don't recognize those landmasses, and I can't scan the surface, except to see there's high tech cities, way past Earth tech. That's a spaceport, but I can't make ships out..."

"Hmm, weird," I say nonchalantly, find I can get an arm up, and make a big wand-siwsh to take in the whole platform, unchomp.

Lasergrids appear, but they don't match up to the outlines of the two Arwings that unchomp into being on the platform, sitting on their skids. They're lined up on Dove and our red sister's viewpoints, close up, so the brilliant purple lines mess up their depth perception and make the Arwings look like toys. The dance in the air as Boobsong keeps them lined up to preserve the illusion.

"Cool! How do I turn this on..."

Dove is looking down at her transmitter. I swish the lasergrids away.

[lashy tail]

"Big sister, please look up,"

says out red sister.


Dove looks up.

"No way. You did not."

"Handbuilt by me and Acme Station here. Charon's got hers and the Waifu's all ready to go. I wanted you to have these as an option while we figure the ride out."

"You handbuilt an Arwing? Who are you, the Doctor? Waitaminute, with how that works, are you?"

"That's me, actually. Flying across time and space, helping hand, ship that changes form and is bigger on the inside, stuck on one form because I like it."

"I'm in love."

"Works for me!"

"Oh, yeah, you two have hooking up to do! We totally ship you guys, right dolly?"

"Shipped for all they're worth! Which is lots so watch out. Big ship coming."

[Great Fox guns] [please Mommy] [spotlight] [slippy toad]?

You sneaky little--okay, fine, sweet Acme Station.

I raise my wand and ting make at the space past the edge of the platform.

A Galaxy-style Federation warp core appears and is surrounded by orange girders and systems flashing into being, then hull plating, until Great Fox is hanging off the edge of the platform. All it's missing is markings, but I kind of wanna handpaint those together with my sisters.

"Did you just make that?"

"She did. That's a lot less complicated than a mind control helmet that is also a Dyson shell, which she also did today. So Mintie, scans workihg any better?"

"That's Corneria. The capitol city has courses from all the games through it."

"Oh, nerdosity test."

Seems like this gets me a free arm. I upswish open at the Arwings' wings.

[antenna] [binary code]

Transforming-cog sounds thrum through the platform too us as the lower wings of both Arwings reshape into Federation-style rounded warp nacelles.

"AAH! They're warp powered!? And that's a phaser strip...you made crossovers. With Transformers and Star Trek. What else is there? There's no way you guys stopped with two."

"Remember Daddy came back in 2009?"

I swish at the Arwings, and the G-diffusers transform into old wood panels under zillions of coats of blue paint.

"You saved him with one of these things. These are insane, aren't they."

"They're matter-stabilized like our bodies so we can't burn them. They have light pickups in the cockpit so you can power them with your light on top of the reactors. Boobsong's dreamskin is Rarity reading to Sweetie from the book daddy's siblings compiled of all the things the stars have ever know. I showed you the porn, but she's got some cool other pages. I'm pretty sure these are the most Mary-sued Arwings in the multiverse, and we are not the only StarFox fans in Paradise."

"The Spaceship club! I wanna join!"

"Good, I won't have to drag you, then. Oh and."

I swish bind at her and my red sister's transmitters, and they beep.

"So you can actually use those."

"Sis come here."

I turn to her, and she glomps me and Boobsong into a tight hug, one-armed for Mintie's sake. I hug back the same way.

She squeezes, lets go, and turns to her Arwing. walks along it, running her hand long the fuselage, bounce up to reach the ladder release and runs up the ladder to peer in the cockpit.

"If you're dying to fly I fully understand--"

"No, I just wanna see in for a second. You weren't kidding about the gamepad! Awesome. Okay let's get this thing done so we can fly these. Stow this, Mintie."

Dove hops down and blue lasergrids take her Arwing. Organgey light to the right catches my eye and I turn to see my red sister's Arwing becoming brilliant stars that zoom into her guitar.

"That was pretty!"

Before she can answer, we're back in the Heart Church, sitting exactly like we were. Walt and Pleiades are bent over the bar now with Steve and Camphora.

"Where'd you go,"

asks Janna. Marie is snuggling sleepy on her chest.

"Oh, just to give us ARWINGS!"


"Your fans are used to this, huh."


"Tells me I've been doing it right."

Janna smiles.

Peanut and her pet are doing something...oh still Sorry. So cute.

They like that game as much as you like StarFox.

Hehe okay.

"Okay so the ride. The wrinkle is all these fans here. We've gotta do something cool for them, and it's gotta be hypersonic. Good thing we're the cool ship club like six hundred ways."

"Do I hear rides happening? Just a second, we're almost finished."

"Okay! So the stageshow. I seem to remember daddy and me just kind of wing it. The question is if and how you all wanna be included. Janna, wanna be an example of a Siren who's not me? Like do a little example Sirening onstage?"

"Whoah. Yes. Damn."

She looks excited though.

"I want to get on stage with you! What do we do there?"

"Yus! Um, I kind of ask myself that every time I go up. Stupid jokes, heartpleasing, Boobsong and me have kind of like a ventriloquist thing going except of course she's really making up her jokes. Remember climbing that stairway before we fell into the Totally Deep Hole? I thought we had good chemistry then. Draws on the same stuff really. Boobsong and me almost always play and fuck onstage, but this might be special. Everything's been so surprising I can't really say. Oh, are you a Siren? That usually guides me a lot."

"You liked the jokes back there? I thought you were just blowing up my head! You blew everything else up."

"I'm just green with envy over your joke skills."

"Don't sell yourselves short. You guys had a real wayov emotion too."

"That fall was just our family's way of saying yup, this ship matters. And antimatters, in your case! PSHOOM!"

"I was only expressing how it feels to be with you--BLAM, is usually how your sex goes, that I saw!"

"I'm a little excited. These jokes are terrible, but I can't help but think we'll slay them anyway."

"That's my job!"

"That's fine, we've got stars. Our light's as big as Heartwarming! You could almost say we--"

"Are as big as the saviors! That was my name for you, originally."

"Whoah. You guys are naturals. We just go back and forth like that, and I just remembered Boobsong and me do a lot of visuals to explain the jokes so we can get really obscure with the jokes. Like, for this we would have put up clips of climbing up the stairs, and the wave motion gun, and stuff. I think we got this part. Can we entice you, Dove?"

"Oh yes, I'm in. Santa's got to come for Heartwarming!"

Bullet time. You and daddy is the next wrinkle. He likes to play too, and he's essential for this one. How are you with that?

I'm okay. I just can't talk to him privately. I had the same thing you did, after you stopped.

Oof. Okay. If you need to bail, we'll make it graceful.

I'll be good, but thanks.

Okay. Unbullet-timing then.

I'm ready.

I break out of it.

"I think that's the stage show, then. Anybody have anything else for it?"

"I'm announcing my coming in flesh to Paradise after we explain I'm a star and these my daughters look good to me. That will happen at the stage show, I think now."

"After that it's your show. I plan to relax and enjoy the cooking and friends."

"You got it, daddy."

Almost like on cue, Walt and Pleiades come sit.

"What's this about rides now?"

"We have two legs of journey. One from here to DC for all these fans outside, and another from DC to Presque Isle where the worldgate is--unless I'm strong enough--"

"You can open the worldgate in DC. That will be best. You're going forward, not to the past."

"Okay one leg. Because it's right."

"One way to deal with it is ride your own way and just televise it. You can do such good--"

Instantly Janna and Marie stereo,

"The revolution may not be televised, but the apocalypse will be!"

"Yeah, you're right. People can just wish themselves to DC, too. In that case, it's Arwings--"

"Let's do what we did with the Venus party! I'll hitch up as soon as you change Boobsong. Take your fans, they deserve it."

"I want my girlfriends too. They'll kill me if they miss, and so will I."

"Your tentacles can bring them when you're ready to load Boobsong."


"What else is left? We've got the poster ready for you to put up."

"And here's your Chyajjoh diplomatic papers for a foreign Princess."

It sparkles into being on the table, calligraphic and official-looking with a big fancy silver seal and rainbow ribbon--aww. There's a big space for the name, perfect.

The Dreams will fill the names in for us. Okay, cool, officially wished.

"That's it, then!"

"I just wished my graves done."

"And I wished the lights up!"

"Holy fuck this is going this fast."

I swish Boobsong put from the pizza to the table.

"Okay, you know what to do with the planets, Acme Station?"

"Make them move to line up and slow Earth down so people see the light come like it just happened and see them moving all to line up. Have to make the redshift blue but that's no problem!"

"T minus ten minutes outside, are we good?"

Yesses from everybody, and a purple checkmark.

I stand, swing Boobsong to an arm, raise my wand.

"Alright everyone, welcome to the apocalypse."

And I make a big fast sweep with my wand like I'm setting the world spinning. Which I am, because Earth has to rotate a bunch to line up.

ting the air with my wand, and the Dreams let me feel it work.

"And that's five second passed outside. Poster?"

[!] "Acme Station downloaded it when Walt finished it."

Okay, everywhere they're looking at the sky. Swish, jump, ting, put!


A zillion black skies with telescopes in the foreground blip, and the poster is up. I didn't even see it, but I'm too impatient now.

Point, take, at the papers. Boobsong leans over and takes them. My tentacles put the I'm your Fairy Godmother card in Boobsong's hand with it.

Okay, every unrecognized Princess, let's go! Swish, Jump!


Swish, give. Surprised people look, startle, take the papers anyway, like they know what it is somehow. I wave, and swish us back.

"Okay, let's light this up. Sisters this may not be a long stage show. I'm gonna fucking explode. Are you upset?"

"No, that's good."

"I'm okay with that."

And we're spiked outside, onto the roof of Olympic Pizza. There's Dove's sleigh. We're right in position. With the plates of course dolly. Swish, dragonize! Boobsong expands under my, the leash moves to her collar and I feel the squishiness of that, and quickly I'm high on her back.

Two steely clanks tell me Dove is hitched, and her and my other sisters, ready in the sleigh, and then my girlfriends teleport in on Boobsong's back, with a Lucy in the front. 

"You guys are untangled."

Eager nod. I kiss her quick, she kisses back tonguily, and I face forward. Chyah! Boobsong flaps up high.

Course laid in, dragon?

[Data loojking badass]!

Good. All out with the rainbow heart boom sparkly fun.

I kick her hard.


Transforming cogs sound behind us and the world whirls and plasma whums into the nacelles she's formed and with a streaking booming flash the Washington Monolith is in front of us and a wildly cheering crowd is below and and sparkling rainbow light is exploding out around us with three-dimensional heart-signs like a giant Cupid's Arrow gone off.

Your tentacles have this broadcasting over the whole Earth and translated into languages they can understand where they watch it.

Without missing a beat I wand her for a swoopy thoomy landing and she zooms an S-curvy course over the crowd to come in on the stage sideways and thunder to a halt.

I turn to the crowd and weave hugely and blow a kiss of candy that feels like actually using my factory, wave some more and blow another kiss.

"HO HO HO! Happy Heartwarming!"

Renewed cheering explodes. I glance up as she shouts it out and my tentacles amplify her for the crowd. Eight I think lights in the sky, all getting real close now. I look at the crowd and my boom mic lasergrids in.


Another huge cheer. I let it go a moment.

"Which interestingly is also tonight!"

I throw my wand over my shoulder where I want the hologram, telescope.

"Anybody been looking up lately?"

Gasps and whispering from the crowd, at the superzoomed image of eight planets all lining up. I can see it in my third eye, she's got the perspective above the plane of the ecliptic so you can see all of them, and the Sun is shining at the bottom of the view.

"Scary, right? Before we do one single more thing, listen. This is Paradise. We're inside Heaven's front hall. Four Dreams, the good place, eternal reward, et cetera, good stuff only, this is it, this is Happily Ever After. No kidding no backsies no catch. Paradise. Hear it. Paradise. Let that sink in a sec."

Massive cheers erupt every time I say a synonym for Paradise.

"Paradise," I quickly turn to say one more time when it looks like I was done. There's a giggly laugh scattered.

I swish Boobsong cocksleeve-femme form and she shrinks as the crowd roars until she's on hands and knees I transfer the leash collar from her collar to my wand and swish her to my side and she poings up with a bounce and we're arm in arm. I lead us out toward the front of the stage.

"But you don't have to take my word for it."

I clap my hands together over my head and bring them down to make a big glowy rainbow over us.

Laughter from the people old enough to remember what Levar Burton did as well as being Geordi.

"Would you like to introduce yourself, daddy?"

"I am who I am, and who I am is the great star Aveh, also known as the god of Abraham. I was here when the Earth was made, and I guided it as best I could from my seat in the heavens, but I am not infinite, only very great. No star is greater than me. If there is a highest authority, I am it, but hear now: I desire friendship, not just oaths of fealty. If you aren't mine, I call you friend anyway. Those of you who want my love, need only ask to be my friend. If you want my collar still, I have a nice one for you, but be warned, I am strict."

"Now I have some news. I am coming, to the Earth as flesh and blood as prophecied for long years. I will be there soon, among you. My eyes are black, my hair as well, but white shine surrounds me. You will hear my voice come from woman's lips. If that seems strange, you haven't seen my daughter Rainbow or her clan. This one here, on stage with darkness surrounding her that her light may shine the more bright, is my making. She is as I wish and I am proud of her. These as well, in Santa's sleigh, are mine, and my heart is bright with love to seen them all together. You will find their ways are not as my commands were told to you. My commands were not what was told. Those were lies. See their love, and do as like."

"Now, I come."

A white beam of light stabs down from above and shines blinding in the middle of the crowd and people spread back from it, and a black shape descends in it, steps lightly to the ground, some people bow, others wave, cheering. The light beam fades.

"HI DADDY! Let's hear it for MY DADDY! Show him a warm welcome!"

Cheers go up, I let them go a while, smiling. He's getting hugged to pieces when we get done with this.

I wait for the cheering to die down some.


That kills the last of it. Intoning it like the song--from the reset world--I go on:

"You may say to yourself, this is not my beautiful house!"

Titters from the crowd.

"You may say to yourself, this is not my gold plated Lamborghini!"

Bigger laughs.

"You may say to yourself! THESE ARE NOT MY INCREDIBLE TITS!"

I bounce for this one. Whooping laughter. It feels right to do this simple, just standing here, so I am. I hope to death I'm not being lame.

"You may say to yourself, this is DEFINITELY not my mindshatteringly hot and kind of not human lover wait no yes it is I've known them forever I can feel it in my bones."

Little hipthrust on bones.

"In short, you may say to yourself, just what the hell is going on here!?"

The crowd's quiet, listening.

"Short version. History got erased and replaced with a really grimdark version where magic never existed and neither daddy nor Paradise nor your extremely hot lover could talk to you easily. Your memory got--"

A hiccup as the Dreams haggle with me over terminology.

"--buried under new memories of that world, but it's still there, which is why you sort of remember things. Then history got fixed by Paradise, because the whole solar system go brought there all as one thing, but your memory couldn't be fixed for you, because the first time almost already destroyed your souls. You're fine now, and that can never happen to you again, but you have to remember on your own. Paradise is gonna help, don't worry."

"Next thing to know. You are completely, totally safe now. Everybody take a swing at the person next to you. Come on, turn this into a riot, I dare you."

People try it, see their hands go through, look at them, give up.

"The only things that happen here are things that lead to Happily Ever After."

"Which is why your Fairy Godmother is up here announcing this all to you. This is the place where every good wish comes true, even ones like wanting a little dragon with your bedtime fun, so who else is it gonna be? I'll explain about all of that, and introduce some very important people to me, but first, I just can't wait for this."

The conjunction is exact.

"So you know how in movies when the planets all line up like this, something really epic happens? How about opening the door to Paradise and pulling the Earth and planets there? Here we go!"

Squeeze, bow. Boobsong transforms and is in my hand. Here we go, dolly.

[opening lid] [CHYAH]!

"Let's rock and roll."

I aim her up, and look for the worldgate, and feel her pulled into alignment by its interface. A condition green alert flashes in my astral sight, and shows me a square of antilight: Rl'yeh Sade.

I grab her string with my other hand, gasp furious breaths, pouring light out, and pull.

The string is heavy, but I'm moving it.

In the telescope view in my third eye, lighs gather beyond Ouranos. I keep pulling. The lights become the ring of distortion of a black hole, and then something is visible through the center, stars, lights. I pull harder, the bow moves further, the ring expands out of the telescope view and the distant lights of the True Sea fill the background and then everything shifts and Boobsong's string-field vanishes and I fall on my ass.

And am staring up at the waves and lights and galaxies and stars of the True Sea, colorful Rl'yeh Sade style, so vivid and real and there, and I can feel Rl'yeh Sade's kind dreamy fairyland through the looking glass up through the sky embrace holding me so kindly. Welcome, Monster, it says to me.

"See us go down, up through the sky," I weep into the mic, and the crowd takes up the chant, and I whisper it with them:

See all our burning hearts, shining so bright

We are the fairies and demons and beasts

We are the candy-chomped sugary feast!

We are the ones who night calls to play

Our sky is dark with light, we are the Sade!

And they erupt into the biggest cheer yet.

I squeeze Boobsong cockseeve-femme and push her so she transforms to be standing and point her help at my upraised hand when she's girl-shaped again and she grabs me and pulls me up and I get her back against my side and we're in front of a completely wild crowd. People have wished pu champagne to pop and everything.

I stand there breathing hard with tears streaming down my face while the cheer settles to a roar of partying.

"Okay. Now."

People turn to me but now with glasses raised and the non-Baskers even have normal New Year's stuff like they're watching the ball come down this is so cute!

"For this next thing please make sure all luggage is stowed in your underseat and overhead compartments, close your tray tables and place your seatbacks in their upright and locked position, fasten your bondage gear and not that emergency exits are--"

This one time.

I step a step away from Boobsong just so I can do this part, and point out with one arm, then the other.

"Here, here,"

Th then start making holographic arms. With each, I open hundreds of portals all over the world to nice places across the Dreams.

"here here here here herehereherehereherehere EVERYWHERE!"

Until the planet is riddled with was to get to your own happily ever after...and come right back.

I dismiss the extra arms, and grab Boobsong again.

"Because oh yes. We are in the Deep Haven. WHAT'S UP RL'YEH SADE!"

"Would my awesome friend Janna please come up here?"

She walks up beside us, Marie in tow. I turn to them. Mics lasergrid in on their heads.

"Janna, everybody, and her squeeze Marie!"

Cheers and clapping.

"So Janna, Paradise is a big adjustment, and I have already figured out I can talk to it in my head and ask it questions and stuff, and that it really goes all out and never does anything bad when I wish for things, but I could really use a friendly face to help me deal with it and adjusting to this. What should I do?"

"You should find someone who's a face of it, like me. We can talk to it easily, and do stuff like those portals you made, and find stuff out for you, and help you understand all this. We're called Sirens, and if you wish for us, Paradise will send one to you. There's millions of us, and we're all different, so you'll get someone who's easy to talk to your way."

"Awesome! Okay then I have this friend Milk-froth. Girlfriend, now! Anyway she's here with me, but she's got this cool sailboat and I really want to visit it like the very second I'm done with this whole thing. What's the best way for us to get there?"

"Take the portal the opened backstage for you. It goes right there. It's right at the bottom of the stairs."

It's hard not to collapse in tears.

"Thank you. Um...when should we go? I had some plans, but...yeah."

"After you talk to me. Just take her hand and go. You've already done so much. They can take the rest."

Trembling. Stay standing. Just stay standing.

"Thank you," I mouth. She hugs me, and I hug back, and when I let go, there's Milk-Froth in her bandanna. I grab her hand and bolt for the back of the stage, full tilt.

There it is. I can see the flaring edge of the portal and blue sea and brown decking and white paint through it. I run harder. Boobsong's keeping up faithfully, so is Milk-forth, dolly in her hand.

The monolith's there, waiting. Squeeze, hammerform!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In a microsecond, Boobsong is hammerform in my hand. The stairs come. I bound down the stairs, the portal passed around us, and we're in fresh Sea air, I don't even see if it's deck or what below my feet I just burst my wings open and fly at the monolith and raise Boobsong over my head and bring her down and we're taken into the monolith's rushing explosion of images.

Seeing Milk-froth's cabin for the first time. Her box of charts. The Sugarfreaks playing Sorry everywhere. Diving into the part of Venus people. Landing in Candyland with them. Shooting Eden's backup star. The Princess papers. Giving my sisters their Arwings. Fairy Godmothereing Reg in Olympic Pizza. Milk-Froth's lego Strawberry Home.

What's happening. I see a brass portal, Silky sheet's are there. I'm lying down on my side. Boobsong is cuddling in my boobs. My arms are around her. Milk-Froth lays down on her side facing me. She's smiling sweetly. Her bandanna's gone.

"We're just two Lucys."

I sniffle, crying, and nod.

"Let's go to sleep a while."

I nod harder, and her eyes close. So do mine, and I cuddle Boobsong tight, and cry. Boobsong's crying too.

[cymbals] [tears] [party rattles] [worldgate] [gravel] [birthday cake].