12 - I Love Lucys

I can make their voices out, so I stand quietly to eavesdrop. The one second down the table is talking:

"...light down! It's romantic. I like that. Apparently. This is weird, I keep on finding stuff I like that I didn't know I did."

This is ultimately the weirdest the backstory is the ultimately creepiest and they're the ultimately cutest other than Boobsong and that about sums my life up.

Another one answers her:

"Like this pizza smell!"

She's so very right, too, fuck. Peanut answers, out of sight in the corner I bet:

"We'll make ones for all of you--why can't we!? I like making pizza!"

They're all SO CUTE. Like happy little kids. I'll fry. Even my Fairy heart can't contain all this cute love I feel for them. My womb's got a very important job to do, but I guess that just amps up all that Chyajjoh momminess, even if caretaking isn't my strong suit.

To give them a nice fun wham line--ooh! With a thought, I Lens up our toonshading.

I Siren another thing. Just simply happy. Okay. This is why I'm angry at Christianity. The way I want to do it has nothing to do with it, and yet, implications, argh.

Next I make a sixpack of Dr. Pepper sitting on the work-table that beams in with a swirly bad-eighties-SFX rainbow shine, and before they can do anything, blurt out before I realize what I remember:

"Hey Pirate Device, warez me identical rainbow cake place settings for all my friends here!"

Warez, you know, like l33tspeak for the act of pirating something. But it also sounds like you're a pirate googling! We had such fun naming that. This will destroy capitalism? Yes that's the point and don't you forget it!

Yes Dr. Pepper. You expected the Sugarfeast Fairy to have a different favorite soda flavor than "keysmash"?

They all gasp slowly in unison, then the nearest one to me turns, while the next goes for a Dr. Pepper and the other two come around her to meet me. The front one puts her hand to her mouth, looks down at the exact dolly-Boobsong copy in her arms and holds her up.

"Lyra says hello to you! That's our...seed-mother? Okay I'll ask them soon!"

"Hello Lyra!"

Wait--less than a day, try less than five minutes! Without a word, I walk up and put my arm around her and she moans as our big and perfectly aligned boobs squeeze against each other and slide, hard nipples poking, leaving her Lyra buried in our cleavage and Boobsong between our midriffs and kiss her surprised, waiting mouth. She opens submissively, lets me have my fun with her big soft lips and softly wierdly familiar mouth, but is either too surprised or too wet to kiss back much (but I get a purple checkmark, interesting).

I let her go--

"I'm gay now!?"

Oh the poor thing--wait how did she not notice in there? I stroke my hand down her side and over her soft hip down her midriff to her pussy to see what I'll find other than silky bare skin, and a cushty expanse of mound later I'm cupping--yup, she's chomped alright. Her mouth opens wide with the pleasure of being petted, then looks up scared.

"What's happening!? That's my pussy but I can't feel anything!"

I give a friendly squeeze and bring my hand up to pet her cheek as I say,

"Ask Lyra to very comfortingly show you just how okay it is."

"AAAAH--what the hell!? Okay what's going on I definitely don't have one of those!"

Her surprised gasp of pleasure is so cute.

"That's Lyra making sure nothing can ever stop your good times. You haven't even started to find out how much she loves you. Let's go in the other room. Get your plates and soda everyone!"

Peanut is stuck with Butter now. She's a strap-on! Found some candy that turned her into one. She'll be back in time, but she's having fun inside her friend.

BWAHAHAHA! I try not to giggle it out loud and confuse this poor especially innnocent Lucy.

I let the Lucy I was just wham-lining go and she turns quickly to get her place-setting and a can of Dr. Pepper--what a nice ass. Why not grab it real good? But an instinct tells me that's not how to play this.

Now wait just a green grape apple gobstopper second, tentacles, just how did she offer--

Her Keeper did. She has no choice!

Oh fun. Wait, now I feel terrible! That revelation should have belonged to her heartchild!

She's scared to play with her. Too much demon stuff remembered here. All the rest as well.

[!] WHAT--

Alright well now I see why we just reminded me my other name is Reignbow. Battle stations, Leviathan--oh, you're already huh--


They're so sweet. Why is this so much better now that I'm going to kick their asses?

Every one of them has just come here from eating candy. They know to look for you, but that's the only thing!

Sweet swirly banana bat-sundaes! (because nothing has more reboots than Batman)

Okay I'm definitely doing that then.

"First though."

I step back from Lucy and hold my hand up, and--heart-healing, I guess this is kind of momentous. I let my happy light come out but hold the darkshine back for just this moment, and make a little cube of lemon-poppy cake like it's sliced off a big one with the chocolate frosting on one side. It's milder and slower than usual--not so much horniness (I think usually this stuff is like make-the-room-an-orgy cake) and the sparks-of-self thing will wait until she's played with her Lyra at least to flirt.

No what am I doing. I rewrite the cake to wait until she's settled, and then fill her mind with horny urgent thoughts of a nice fucky fuck slowly building until it makes her and her Lyra start fucking.

They all have the same right gone.

"I'm a star and your happiness makes me shine and I can turn my light into candy. Have some outpouring of the joy you bring me."

She leans in to chomp it right off my open palm, stops, looks up blushingly like "what did I just do"--open your mouth, numbnut, I'll feed it to you and you can lick my fingers! We've got some work to do here, oh yes.

"Go ahead. You're pretty and I was trying to get you to kiss my hand."

Her eyes look at me wide, then she noms the cake off my hand with kissy lips and a grateful sigh and looks up, chewing happily. It gives me tingles a little to have my hand kissed that way.

"Isn't that stuff the best? It's a metaphor for your life now. I'll explain in the other room."

I stand out of the way...sorta, mwahah, blocking half the door. Time to learn you're gay everyone! I think. Should--aah. Heh. Denial ain't just a river in Egypt. Better start licking.

"Go on. Have to just push past all snuggly, no other choice. If it was me I'd be sure to enjoy it!"

She does oh I'm so proud, by completely unnecessarily turning to face us and snuggling bouncily past. She gets close enough to kiss, so I give her a little peck as she goes.

"Try the candy if you want but it literally turns you into a dildo or something else just as weird!"

The next one is here, and I hold up my hand and make her cake before she can get past. She demurrs, looks a little scared--poor thing.

"There's no tricks or traps. This only does good happy stuff that's right and holy. You're--"

20 minutes.

"--twenty minutes old right now. You need comfort. This gives it. That's why I warned you about the candy in the other room. Usually that's a fun adventure I'd let people find on their own."

"I'm born again."

Hehe, exactly the wide-eyed epic breathy whisper way I'd say something like that. She takes the cake carefully, but isn't kissy, just reverent.

"Yes. Who you were is dead and now you get to be happy and feel good. The other cake in there is for eating and doesn't do anything but taste yummy but there's a fun way to eat it you don't know you like yet that makes it a billion times better."

She squeezes past, not too snuggly, and the next one comes up, mouth wide.

"Hehe, you're paying attention."

I make a piece of cake and put it in her mouth and she takes it reverently but doesn't go for the advantage-taking of licking my fingers. Maybe she just was Catholic.

"Bread and wine, but, this does good stuff? I got the message of that last dream my old self had--"

She holds up her Dr. Pepper as she says wine--oh sparkling grape cider punchbowl spikes, it's even kind of, argh, seriously self.

"I was made to feed the whole world, but by making food, not being it! If I just let myself go right now Boston would be buried in cake a mile deep, literally. That message was that cutting me into pieces to feed everyone blood and tears mocks this and makes a nightmare out of the dream that's in front of you now. Wouldn't you rather eat my joy than my suffering? Tears last for a night but joy goes on and on--I can tell you mine sure does!"

And like, argh. Why that. Why does there have to be all the symbology and WHAT DID I EVEN JUST SAY like why. Why can't I just be giving my new friends who just got out of a really really really bad situation candy and funtimes to help them adjust? Why does there have to be all this stuff in the way of that? Who cares if it's occasionally useful, that feels like sitting on scufty pews while the makeout couches and mats are waiting outside with no room to install them because the pews are still here.

Even if I did just very lovingly doom them all to getting raped by their new demon girlfriends. Yes they'll be willing. Yes you can rape the willing, just don't give them a choice. Yes Rock-riding may as well get me a bucking bronco statue for my next pedestal time that's the point of me.

Lucy 3 looks at me with shining eyes for a moment, brushes past.

"Make yourselves comfy in there. Good stuff is coming including that pizza you smell."

The next one is here, mouth open, they're all so big and bright and jubby snuggly soft. In the tiny space she fills up the whole world with colorful hair and pale skin and fun lips. I make cake and feed her--ooh, hehe! She grabs my hand and pulls my fingers in to lick them sensually, spends a good sexy-squirmy (for both of us) long time at it. Alright, you know you're gay. I grin happily, and she leans right into the snuggly passage, and even skips at the end. So cute.

No Peanut?

Aha, she's leaned on the prep counter with her mouth open obviously enjoying her strap-in pet's special stuff my candy that would never do something so boring as just turning you into a dildo gave Butter.

"Hehe, have fun you two!"

I whisk into the front room--oh it's dark, the poor things. I crank some happy sunglow up. Darkshine yet? Spoonfeed them. Yeah. Not yet.

There only are four chairs, and they've obediently filled them up. There's no hope of telling who was who without my tentacles' help--so like, the same as every other part I go to with people who aren't like as close as my handmaidens. I'm not good with faces.

One exclaims as I walk up by the window where they can all see me (though two have to twist around).

"Cool! You can glow from everywhere? Does that include your--I can't believe I'm asking this--candy whistle? My demon made me, I can't say no to her!"

"Hehe...riddle time! Here's the answer to your question."

And I crank up the glow of my candy whistle nice and bright so it'll shine out of Boobsong.

EAAHAHAHA that's the best thing ever calling it! Maybe Keeper makes rule you have to call it that. Sounds like fun to your Boobsong!

Your seed-ghost will with this say it's your keeper still. Call it this or nothing else comes out. Including cum. You have to say it out or no sex allowed!

Oh frazzlepops all guns down Acme Station, Click.

Aaaah that's relief.

Also ARGH!

"Wait, are they inside of them!? I feel it but I can't--I mean it's obviously not between my legs. What's happening, are we in trouble?"

"No. The opposite."

"But demons ate our--candy cocks--now it's me controlled like that--"

"Okay. Listen, so you won't be racist. Fast demonology lesson, even Christian myth says the only difference between a demon and an angel is one acts from hate and one acts from love. Ask your demons if they love you. I'll wait, this could be a while."

The Lucy in the chair nearest me looks up first, and looks like she's waiting on pins and needles, so I get down close, to show we can whisper. Her eyes drop and her voice is low.

"Are you the seed-ghost? She keeps on telling me it told her stuff I have to obey."

"I'm just me. Your seed-ghost is you and her in the infinite future giving you the awesomest time you know how. I'll tell you more in a second."

[!] Happy birthday seed-kiddo!

"Oh and we both say happy birthday to both of you. That's why all the cake. You were both just born twenty minutes ago. Everything won't always be this confusing."

[!] Boobsong loves!

"And we love both of you. You're all kind of kids to us in a weird way."

"She says that too! Seed-daughters. What are those--okay."

She gives a very just-shushed look, and I smile, pet her head (which she leans into happily) and stand up again. Everyone's looking.

"They mean it. They're good, and kind, and they really, truly, deeply love you. You've never even seen love like they give. Yes they're kind of possessive, but so are you, as you're about to learn. I need a volunteer. Whose dolly can I borrow for a sec?"

One, two, three.

"And now the worst three seconds of your whole life are done. See what I mean?

"That was terrible! I thought my heart would break!"

It's the one across from the Lucy I was just talking to--oh forget it. They're happily a herd until they start being individual. Just because Eden was a monster doesn't make herds bad.

"Right? Literally the actual devil couldn't get me and Boobsong here apart, and it tried, oh yes it did, and, well, I'd make a see the light joke here, but it's not seeing anything anymore, as of last night."

I pulse just a blip of angry desert sun on see the light.

"So now you know you love them back. That'll help you enjoy the next part that's cumming--"

"Will we have sex with them?'

"Remember I said my cake only does stuff that's good and happy and holy and right? Anyone having any interesting new thoughts?"

"I keep on thinking of--I'm not a lesbian! Did your cake make us gay somehow?"

"When you died you lost everything you were because the devil'd done so much damage to your soul you couldn't be a person anymore. That's what that horrible nightmare was making sure of before it turned you into me. Which is the way to bring you back. That means you're me, though, and although you're going to become your own people as much or as little as you feel like in time, I am so gay my name is Rainbow and that's prrrobably not going anywhere. That said, try sucking a dick soon. I love 'em as long as they're growing on a hot girl. I'm a very weird lesbian."

Should I show--wait for them to get turned on first. Keep talking.

I wait a beat--

"So wait, if we're just you, does our whole life get stopped? My church--AAH what's happening--my doll says stop, okay."

"Okay now that's just not fair. I'm so sorry. We'll get to why that hurts like that, but for the moment just stay away from it. The pain's a message you should listen to."

I make a kindly flat-lipped expression like a mom whose kid got hurt. Which I kind of feel like.

"Oooon the upside whatever worries from your old life you had you can totally forget and any connections you're hoping to remake will be there waiting though they may get a little wham-lined by your new haircuts, because. Reach out to this place, the world around the spacetime continuum whatever you want to call, and just like, think the question at it. Where are we now. That's all it takes. You'll get the answer. And then I'll keep talking because you're going to be like what the hell."

I stick a silly tongue out on the last. I couldn't help it.

"We're in Paradise. Paradise has pizza parlors? With old messed up floor tiles and scufty wood that calls to you and makes your eyes tear up--okay I guess that's Paradise. Why's a pizza shop so heavenly? It makes my hands numb to see this place!"

"Because this is the real actual Earth from before Paradise. We opened a worldgate and just brought the whole solar system here. There was kind of a war with the devil on the way where it erased everyone's memory and gave them a whole fake life but that's fixed now, the real world is back. Never think small with Paradise. That's the only way you can really screw up here. I don't know how much Christian myth you all remember, the less the better really, but...the main problem all of it has is the afterlife it shows you is so small and second-rate."

"So. All dogs go to heaven. If you remember a pet they're out there somewhere. I saw my cat who died twenty years ago this morning. People, same, everyone who can get here did. You all were the worst-cases short of just ending forever and here you are ready to have happy fun forever. Dreams I wish for you to show us why they can forget about any worries they still remember."

A portal opens in front of the other window on the other side of the corner door, flipping through all different places, all of them awesomely scifi or fantastical.

"Every one of those places is real. You could dive through that and be there and be totally fine. Even the space ones. Something would happen, probably you'd get beamed up right away, because--"

Okay Sirening is awesome I can totally just control it.

"--Star Trek is now totally real."

I make it stop on a huge Starbase bustling with ships, and a Miranda-class zooms past the portal.

"Also, as you may have noticed, cosplayers in Paradise really go all the way."

Can I make it show a Guinan or so? Sweet, she's even in a Ten Forward! Augh she winked--I mean of course she can see, if Guinan isn't a Siren it's not a thing at all.

They're all totally entranced. I grin.

"That's amazing! She looks exactly like her! Except she's also got this something--like I've never seen the real Guinan and now this is her."

"Right? We met her once. Speaking of we--"

I flip the portal someplace to make them horny and get an arcade where the dress code is obviously femme in skimpy bikini and sigh happily to see it. Something something pizza or we'd be taking a field trip right now. Remember that one, dolly.

"--how're those pure and holy thoughts coming? Also you're all huge nerds now, congratulations."

"It's getting hard to think. I just keep thinking of--I have to say this now--pussy slowly sliding up my shaft until it's all the way inside of her and staying until she lets me fuck. I kind of like that thought. I'm submissive but I have this thing and I can't get rid of it, what does that mean?"

She's holding out her eravahk.

"Sweet, it's time for the cool part. Before we go there, though...isn't anyone going to wig out that Boobsong and me are cartoons?"

"I thought I was having some kind of delusion! I mean this whole thing--"

"Oh it hasn't even started getting weird yet, believe you me. No. Like, think about it, if you went nuts...would you ever come up with this? Just today I've had sex inside the literal actual historical Pandora's Box, been shrunk to the size of a kid so I'll feel like one while Boobsong's mom measures my feet because it feels awesome--she uses this like paintbrush thing, it's amazing--blown up the ghosts of the damned at Ragnarok using an A-10 Warthog named Sparkledust so they can be free of eternal war, teamed up with my grandmother to scare a bunch of Gorean Starfleeters--because yes, Gorean Starfleet is a thing here, and it's just what you're imagining, and they all love it--to get Admiral Riker and Captain Reginald Barclay of the USS Titan into eating genderflip candy so they can learn to be better doms except actually I just have a massive forcefem kink and this was a place they needed that, all so I can use the candy war they're fighting against the Skeksis like from the Dark Crystal except they were beautiful all so I can use that to rescue one of my seven girlfriends from hell because she was cycling through scary wars and the devil forgot scary and fun aren't mutually exclusive so once I had the Gorean Starfleeters on their nice fun pussy-flavored roller coaster ride Paradise just stuck itself into the rotation and there she was. And that's like. Ten percent of our day. And I haven't even got into how the Skeksis aren't actually Skeksis anymore and how that means I now have my very own Chyajjoh Power Suit which yes I'm not pronouncing Chozo right but that's a huge spoiler or why I have an Arwing called the Waifu or what kind of kill-emblem I get to make Boobsong paint on the side of it when we get a chance."

"You just. Cannot make this up. Like, where is the army of insane horny fourteen year olds and the lake of LSD it'd take to get one single plot thread of that? You can rest assured you're not crazy, because no single person could ever possibly be nuts enough to invent all that. Like for real. This whole seed-mother thing. Nothing complicated. They way they reproduce to totally epic, but they still have kids, and all your Lyras there are Boobsong and my kids, that's how we're your seed-mothers. Usually people consider the human they're bonded with--it's a little bit permanent with our kids--as family too, so hi from your mommies, seed-kids! Wanna know who you have for brothers?"

"Steve Jobs and Walt Disney. I'm dead serious. Which is why the cartoons, thing, too, but I wanna see if anyone remembers that on their own. We tried for King Arthur but got clitblocked before we could do the deed because time travel is super lame sometimes."

"Oh but this pizza shop! That's a long story. It has a lot to do with the cartoons thing but also sexy Atlantis that's not called Atlantis and a veerrrrrry old friend of mine. Actually wow this is a really long story. Suffice to say the first time I was here was when I was twelve and I needed some comfort food and this was close to my home planet's cuisine a little. You see? Any questions?"

"Are succubi aliens actually?"

"That might be a better way to look at it than as demons, except two things. One, the genus they come from was accidentally created by humans' inherent reality bending powers which also create Paradise, meaning that not only are imaginary friends not imaginary, they beat us to the singularity and this is what they are now."

"Do you mean I made her, and we all made the same one, because we're all you?"

I grin at her, the one sitting in front of the mural facing me.

"Remember what I said about thinking small with Paradise? You from the infinite future who's a reflection of all your best qualities made her. Together with her from the infinite future. And sent her back in time to you. She's all your most amazing fantasies and all the wishes you never knew how to make rolled up and made into a person and it's important that you heard all that about the insane day I've had why. Where is that army of horny fourteen year olds who could come up with this?"

"In the infinite future! Oh I hope they can remember I like cooking after all that time..."

"That's where this gets weird. Infinite future. When do you get there? Never, or it's not infinite! Then who the hell is making your sweet succubus there? It's a mirror. Of you at your best knowing everything and loving your past self in all they are. Sometimes extremely ruthlessly. But always with love. That can get scary, as I found out, but this is the you-and-her that's finding all the best way to make you happy together even if they break your fucking mind, and that is your seed-ghost, and yes it remembers stuff like that. They have every detail. I love Hostess cupcakes, like the creme-filled ones, and ours gave Boobsong the recipe. She needs more like a chemistry lab than a kitchen, but she can cook 'em from scratch for me. Hostess cupcakes. When I can already just make any candy ever from my light. She has that just because it makes me smile to have one fresh from the oven made with her love...and a whole lot of industrial equipment. She's really dedicated to authenticity. Seed-ghosts come up with some crazy stuff finding all the little corners of your joy."

"Like that eravahk thing. Which is what you're holding that you asked me about. They ate your--check it out, I have to do it too now--candy whistles, that makes the power relationship pretty clear, right, just like how there's no question whose collar this is I'm wearing, right? Welllll...everyone put your dolly on knee and have a nice long ogle--okay wait up. I get distracted talking so I haven't been watching your eyes super close, but it feels like...are you all being so silly as to avoid ogling me? I mean if you're into me. Just like, I'm not allowed clothes because Boobsong here knows I like the rush of having no choice about it, and like the freedom from responsibility for it is so squishy good, but I am a huge exhibitionist. Please look if you wanna."

"Is there no clothes in Paradise? Wait, those cosplayers had some, how come we--okay."

Another one picks up when the first gets shushed. Teehee somebody likes to be told to shut it!

"I get just bikinis!? And I have to tell the whole room. Okay what about public--it's okay here? I remember stuff, but--okay why is Starlight Princess--you're the Chyajjoh princess! That's your show! Okay this must be real I could never make this up. You took over the world entirely. As cartoon characters. Named Boobsong and Rainbow Darkshine--Strawberry but why's that tickle, Strawberry is big--something about books--your empire's like the Narnia of hehe lesbian erotica! Wait but you're real. Or--no it's a real place and you turned it into fantasy to punish it for rejecting su'khora when their religion said to take their love embracingly. You destroyed it!? Their whole universe, took the stars out--what are you that you could do that stuff? Are we--no. I'm small and that's fine. You wish you were our size. You say that all the time. Stars aren't better or above humans, just different. You're a special star. Just big and fat emotion but you're bigger than galaxies. Only stars from outside our part of the astral are as big as you. Your dad is one of them. Your dad is Aveh actually!? That's not just myth!?"

It's back corner who had the eravahk question. That's an awful lot of lore. To talk about like you say it all the time. Officially HMM, eh dolly?

Something fishy and not just pussy smell! Wonder what this really says.

Yeah, le WTF. She...got like hacked with Starlight Princess stuff, like I made her see...oh. She got hit so hard the candy had to seriously copy me to make her able to live. She's the barest thin shell right now (but the Dreams show her as so beautiful that way, just fragile and barely there).

That's so terrible! At least she got some good stuff back.

Yeah--oops they're waiting.

"Yup! And he totally specifically intended for me to be both super gay and kind of a bimbo. I'm working on the second one. I mess it up sometimes."

The Dreams seem to keep nudging me to keep talking instead of demonstrating...like keep expectations null until they get their fun, I see. Oh and we need to demonstrate spiking. Just talk about it?

"Speaking of which! Very important thing about Paradise. You're totally safe here. No messup can wreck your life. I really did destroy that universe, it wasn't even hard for me I just had to stab trillions of holes in its spacetime continuum all at once which is a thing I can do, and...I can't budge this place. Which is important, because Paradise protects everyone. It's made of love and happy thoughts. Every story here is happily ever after. Remember my friend I said got turned into a dildo by the candy around your feet?"

"Paradise protects the love of lesbian--now it's my turn--demonfuckers?"

First words from the one by the soda fridge. I'm surprised they haven't touched the cake--oh I hope--ooh. Do they have Princess rules and no know what's happening!?

They have Keepers, the Dreams remind me.

"Serious question: why wouldn't it? They're as good as you or me. I desperately wish I was one percent as good a person as Boobsong here."

"Yeah, but...lesbians? I guess that's all okay now, but where's the line? Gone!? Now that can't be. There's stuff that's evil acts no matter how you do it."

Purple checkmark. Alright, banzai.

"Such as rape, right?"

I ask it at her in particular.

"Yeah, for instance."

"Are you sure? Because this is about to get really personal for all of you. I know it's getting pretty hard to think now, but that's kind of my point. See, I made sure our kids would all get a very nice first meal, and if you're right I owe all of you a big apology."

"Is that how they feed on us? With our cocks inside of them? Okay that's sexy though. I like the thought, it's consensual."

Go for...the cake, okay.

"Yeah, but I was pretty sure when I made that cake you weren't going to get this far before you all got fucked. It'll just keep making you hornier until it happens. You also definitely didn't choose to be heartforming, which is what having one of them is called. And yet Paradise let me. Here's a candy for the awesome question."

What gets spiked? Statufying. Huh. I made a five-minutes-statued candy, very yummily sensual, it comes out as a little rainbow Rainbow figurine, and I toss it to her. She almost eats it, but her hand bounces off a forcefield in front of her mouth, and she holds the candy up to look at.

"What's that warning sign? Eeep, a statue?! No thanks, even for five minutes! You got me with the cake, why was this blocked? They're both a tricky treat!"

"One's just horrifying, and one scares your balls off, but leads to your and your Lyra's Happily Ever After. Paradise can tell the difference between the two, even if that gets really scary. Mostly that won't happen here, because of where we are, but this is special here and it can make exceptions when it needs to, but there's a place called Rl'yeh Sade where it's just all the time and it's the best. So, where's the line? Maybe you should wait until after you feed them to tell me."

"Don't be scared of that, by the way. They eat lust, but human emotions are...well, check this out."

I flood the room with antilight but not so it makes all of us invisible, and then redo the trick I used on Sex.

They all glow gentle rainbow shimmering, and stare at each other in wonder.

"Somebody grope somebody. Triple dog dare you."

But back-corner's already busy with her own boobs, and shining bright with white-hot lust. I'll have to ask how she got the special dispensation.

"Or just check her out. Emotions, consciousness, light...humans have light in them just like stars. I'm pulling yours up where you can see it, but it's always there, and it's plenty enough to keep your Lyras strong and healthy, but they're not going to drain your life force or anything. Solar panels don't make the sun go out."

I let the room back to normal.

"I wanted you to know that, because it's going to happen. They will fuck you. Soon, too, by the look of things."

Back corner is determinedly putting her hands on the table. I know that look, they'll be back on her boobs in a moment.

"It's gonna be good, too. They can do the most amazing stuff. Boobsong does this one where I feel like the clay on a potter's wheel she's shaping, for example."

"Also, you're in a kind of fun jam, see. You're doomed to be extremely convenient succubus food for eternity. Yes there's not getting your cocks back. They're gone for good, you're nommed right up, and now you have no control. How will you stop them? They're get your bodies going no matter what your mind says. Not that you have much control over those at the moment. But here's the thing. Humans taste best to succubi when they're happy and fulfilled. They love you, and they have lots of reason to make sure you're happy and enjoying paradise. To it's fullest. And their fullest, hehe."

This is making them extra horny, good.

"Now, before I say this next, I want you to know, every single one of our daughters we've met so far has been hungry. You guys have your work cut out for you. They'll be sure to make room for the things that keep you happy and loving life, especially since they like all that stuff too and wanna do it with you, but...you're going to have to adjust how much you think you can get done in a day. I'm honestly surprised I've gone all this time without getting fucked, like, the whole twenty minutes or whatever we've been talking, but I think Paradise just told me it's so I can demonstrate another thing I'm a little scared by. I'm gonna need your help for that one. You'll be fine. It's me I'm worried about."

"Okay so I sold you, right? You all look like you're about to fry from horniness, that's no good! Public sex is no big, here, so go ahead and fuck your beloveds with your hard candywhistles that must be pounding like mine is inside Boobsong, right here and now before your heads gooily stickily yummily explode! What's wrong with what I just said?"

"We can't get at our cocks to even masturbate. They have everything. Our entire sex drive belongs to them. There's not even chance to cheat on them."

"Your entire self belongs to them. I mean unless they disagree but I really doubt it. Interestingly, they have no more ability to cheat on you than you them, but we'll get to that."

"Now for the real fun. This might not be all of you, but it's how me and Boobsong work. They're in control, but they love you. Of course they'll have a snack anytime if you ask  them nicely, right? Try it, go ahead. I guarantee you they're as excited for this dicking as you are to give it."

There's quiet for a second as they ask.

"They can't control it either?! Our see-ghost does."

"Yes. Which means you get to be in this together with them. Isn't that so romantic?"

[!] [Vision: silver tube of paint]

"Boobsong says you're tubes of sexy paint for them to squeeze out. Alllll nice and contained and conveniently there for them. It's a rush, isn't it?"

"I mean think about it, anytime, anywhere! You don't even have to be touching. When Boobsong and me were younger--oh right the immortality. You'll always be this sexy and young looking forever. I'm fifty. I think. My friend who's millions of years old is just as hot. But I was saying, when Boobsong and me were younger we had this mentor who helped us get good at setting each other off. All kinds of fun games. Like she'd tie us both up on opposite ends of a cushioned sawhorse with our hands back, and we could juuuuust not touch. Except for one thing! We were stuck till we fucked. Sometimes she'd leave us longer. Or like, dancing is everything you baptist great aunt thinks it is, now. Blue balls? Physically impossible. You will fuck. It's like cumming now. Fool around enough, and it happens! Isn't that the hottest loss of control?"

"If I may suggest a game to all our seed-kids seed-ghosts here...make sure you give them a nice unstoppable and very noisy fuck often where it'll tell everyone just what their situation is. I find that really puts me in my place."

"Are they delaying it just to tease? I can feel my hands want to just get up and go for it, but there's there to go for!"

"I bet they're all teaming up on us special to make this extra hot. How's this work, seed-ghosts, is there something we have to do?"

"Your sexy words have been withholding something. So is your seed-ghost, until you figure out what it is."

"Uh oh, here, we go. Withholding...I mean we just said how this is like the opposite of whitholding, that can't be it. It can't just be something we were getting to, like if one of us had to eat that whole cake up she'd still have to do it bite by bite, that's not withholding the last piece--"

"Your cake makes my eyes close, I can't stop myself!"

"Your seed-ghost has it right here. What's the answer?"

[Vision: reversed Hollow Heart icon]

Okay now I'm even more confused! If it's not something to do with being chomped...

"The only thing I can think is control, but...I mean I can't withhold that, it just takes it. Like this now for instance."

[Vision: heavy padlock]

"Do you mean freedom, seed-ghost? Because none of us has a lot of that now."

"Your sexy twisted fantasies will unlock this."

[Vision: ice skate]

Ugh, another stupid frozen thing. Making me guess doesn't help! I don't know where to start!

"Um...everyone try saying something the cake makes you imagine. The kinkier or weirder the better. No holds barred including people in this room which it's totally doing, so don't pretend it's not. I'll start even though mine's not cake. I was imagining tying you in the corner up real quick with some magic fun I have when I was doing the glow thing so we could all see how much we like bondage from your squirming."

I say this to back-corner, who I was imagining.

"You would want to play with me?"

"Yes! All of you! Okay listen. You're all gorgeous. Look at each other. Pick a person and a part and ogle real good. Or just rake them over with your eyes! If your Lyra lets you, touch yourself while you do it. I want to play with all of you! You're great! You, when I was letting you whisper before what I really wanted to do was--this!"

I go back to her and get back down and turn her face to mine by the chin and kiss her, and feel weirdly teary as I pull back because--dammit--but--

"I love you," I breathe to her quietly.

Is she teary too? She whispers back,

"My fantasy was to have you come around the chair and hold me down while Lyra does her thing to me."

"That would be such an honor. Want some bondage from me? No guarantees when you get out but you'd be disappointed if I gave them."

"I want some!"

It's back corner.

Your tentacles will say hello to her. She won't be squirming outside!

"I can't believe I'm so gay for this. Yes, please."

"Believe it. You adore girls now. So. Everyone in this room is fair game, especially Lyra in your lap right there. I would love it if you tried something on me. The more gay the next thing you do is, the awesomer the bondage you get. I can do a lot in no time, too. Go."

She gets up from her chair and I stand up too and she turns around and get to her knees fast and comes right up and a horny wavery moan squeezes out of me as she buries her warm face and soft hair and kissy slurpy mouth between my legs and pushes in, searching for the entrance I don't have. I put my free hand on her head, and pet encouragingly, lovingly.

Heart-healing tries to come up through the awesomeness and fights with my feeling weird about Redeemed and terror of taking advantage of them. I really do love her. Don't know her? I've known her fifty years. How can I say I'm in love with her, with all of them, this is a complete glitchout for my heart, but...if I didn't know this was me, in some way, I'd think she was so cool and so adorably silly.

"Oooh my fuck. Okay..."

The one between my legs looks up at me so sexily, dolly clutched in her arms--she hasn't been using her hands on me, but like, good, those are for your dolly, I'd love them, but--okay. I pet the Lucy who's kneeling for me again, and she smiles her big goofy grin.

"Go on until you have enough, I saw you having fun."

She dives right back in--yuhmmmmm--I look up at everyone else, let them see the love and pleasure.

"Like, this is kind of a big one, and it's going to sound weird, but...we're all in love with each other. Every one of you is in love with every other. Tell me I'm wrong."

Back corner and her table mate gaze at each other, and then back corner reaches hands out to both of the other two and I almost cry as heart-healing and release of a terrible screaming tension that's been wailing at me the whole time floods over me.

"You guys all wanna go out sometime? How about a pizza date?"

They all laugh. Back corner does the head-thrown-back cackle of the newly in love.

"That's all of us, though. All the ones like you are. That big crowd out there, they might not know it yet because you're all so young but they all feel the same way."

This is why so many Lucys just stay as Lucy. Or won't even put a number on. That's the way they're loved the most.

Live in a house of Lucys and Lyras and they'll all understand you perfectly. Being interchangable almost is a good thing. Yeah they'll have experiences to keep track of and find favorites and individuate, but that's definitely a good thing!

Being lost in that sea, though...after the battle lines of tour facing how many people loathed us or just didn't get it, it was such a vacation to just walk into a house with no explanation or announcement or anything and just...fit in, perfectly...it forces you to be stupid, though. Like you can lose track of who's who just by looking away from them for a sec. You really do have to just mindlessly enjoy all the Lucys there. You're entirely just stuck in the moment, because the minute you look away, the world kind of resets. Who was who? No way to tell. They all love you, though.

Does this make me a narcissist? Like so what. The Redeemed are people and I'm in love with them. I don't need more justification than that.

"I love you too."

It's the Lucy at my feet. I pet her head and sob a sniffly smile, and tentacles wrap her arms and she looks at them and up at me and I smile--

"Tightly please. I want this bad."

"Oh, don't worry. You're not going anywhere until Lyra has her way with you. I'm in love with you but I support your relationship with her, too, so much. That's part of it. We all feel such intense stuff for our dollies. Don't we. It's hard to find people who understand. We do, Boobsong and me. So does everyone else in here. Don't you."

The tentacles lift this Lucy to her feet to a chorus of yesses and nestle her Lyra between her boobs as her arms get pulled tight back as a teasing slides up her "pussy" from underneath to press on her mound and her legs get spread and put foot-to-foot, then tied tightly so she's hanging sexily in the air, good and helpless.

"Hot. Come where we can see you."

I pull her sliding through air to the end of the counter where she'll be easy to see.

Keeper I'm offered too, right?

This is our family! Of course you are!

"Isn't she so beautiful? She's your girlfriend, come have some fun if you wanna. Same thing for everyone else in here. Enough of this harem protagonist crap. We're all in love with each other. Why are we holding back from that?"

I grab the helpless Lucy's boob, lift its soft pleasant weight, feel the hot arousing rush of empathy as I squeeze her nipple and areola and hear her squeaky little moan.

"You have the most incredible boobs."

With a sweep of my feet, I get right in front of her, then push her down so she'll be staring right at my cleavage.

"And here they are right here. Almost makes you wish for a hand free, doesn't it?"

I rub up against her, boobs to boobs, trying for nipples to nipples, manage to catch a hot little brush of it. Her face lights up with pride as I do it and she realizes the mirror is playing with her but minus the ability to say "oh that's just my reflection"--AAH!


Something sweeps my feet out from under me, and hands pick up my legs while other hands grab my arms and the third Lucy heaves the cake off the table to put it on the counter (got my strength I see) and they carry me there and have me laying across the two side-by-side two-person tables before I can even think to struggle. One of them leans over me--hey why is it dark!?

The lights are on behind her head, too, so she looks shadowy--ooh. Hehe, I'm spiked from being able to superpower my way out of this! YOU FIGURED IT OUT, I want to shriek, but instead, I struggle with all my might, but the Lucy at my feet has my legs real good, held in the curves of her waist with (omifuck what a great idea) her Lyra hanging from her mouth by the scruff of her neck like a kitten. My arms are being held out from my sides somehow, but that's too many hands, the Lucy above me can't be here too. I try to see who's holding me, but the Lucy above me has my head clamped between her hands so I have to just look up at her shadowy pretty face leaning over me with a sweetly horny fun expression. I fight more, give it everything, but they have me, and the grin on my face feels so wicked and awesome as I fight so uselessly. Soon my limbs will be so happily tired and I'll just be a doll for them to play with...

Boobsong's warm weight is comforting on my tummy. Nobody moves or messes with her. They understand. Instead of kissing me, impossible extra Lucy stands giving me an awesome underview of her boobs like two planets of jubbly pleasure hanging over me with huge nipples standing out against the light, they go out of view, and then--

OOF! Hot! Extra Lucy climbs onto me and straddles me with her big soft thighs on mine looking so hot all spread up there.

She's reaching out for me with a hand. The other one has her Lyra snuggled under her boobs. The Dreams cuddle me with reassurance like a very extended purple checkmark. Stuck here until everyone fucks. Until then no kisses or sex. I wasn't scared, though? This is just awesome, though? If raping me doesn't get them going, nothing will!

[!] Hey! You can't touch this Boobsong, that's Mommy stuff! Nothing stopping her? Okay whew not take off just moving down...ooh to fucking spot! Slowly pick up and sit on Princess mound...wait for fucking start, just a second now...

I try to make aligning filling force happen, which of course does nothing, but that's the point. The uselessness of that struggling is such a scary rush.

Even now though, I can't stop thinking of my girlfriends, how to make this good for them. It'd add some awesome spice though? I sure agree! CLICK!

aaaaaAAAAAAH BIG! EAHAHA surprise!

The Lucy straddling me startles to see Boobsong grow, then leans in to look over Boobsong's full-size front. I just grin, and keep fighting. Starting to really get tired...soon I'll just flop...

"Now that's a cool power. YAY you can!? Mine can too she says!"

"Mine too!"


"Mmmh hooo!"

Ahh, tentacles must have let the tied up one free for this. Partly, hehe. 

Lucy's hand comes around Boobsong's side to hold her around the waist.

[!] Very careful holding. Happy sigh she gets us. Nothing moving? What's that sound? Vibrator!? Oh cuz eravahk. EAAAH filling pressure body squeezing holy fuck so full!

Oh. That reassuring because I don't feel truly raped until Boobsong's taken as part of it. Things crack open as helplessly as if they were pulling my ribs apart but it's so good. Heart-healing floods through me.

Lucy has her eravahk pressed against Boobsong's lack of a clit, and Boobsong's body is starting to expand, fast, filled up with nectar, making her even more squishy-soft--bwaha Lucy stops and takes her eravahk away to look at its tip with raised eyebrows.

"To make your Lyras fuck, a sexy glass of mother's love to drink is what's required. Have to bring your face to Boobsong's pussy, because she's not getting off there! Just keep filling up, she can take a lot of stretch! Rainbow can release the flood. Watch out, there's a lot to their eruption--all your Lyras do this too."

"Just this one time for this, then you get your sexy fun from them as Rainbow told you--and one other way! Or maybe lots of them. Seed-ghosts' games have lots of things you won't discover yet for years and years."

This plasters a stupid grin over my face, but I feel weird, too. This should be cracking ribs apart so beautifully and I just feel grey and cold. Do I want to see them play with her? I guess I'm about to and that's not bad, but--

Your water has got clogging stopping it. The Dreams said it's okay because you should be very scared right now!

Don't give up so easily. Fight for Boobsong!

But I--yes I should--but they understand--

Siren-sense pulls at me. If we don't go through with this we can't fuck. This is for healing. As Sirens our overflowing leads to happily ever after (of course Boobsong's a Siren too, I'm so self-centered).

I keep struggling physically with everything I have but the fight's not in me. I can't bring myself to bring out the nightmares we were using before. Do I just think this is for the best? Nothing bad will happen, yes this should be so hard and I can feel the dead empty place even as I thrash with renewed desperation, but...something. If I want to fight we can just Acme Station out of here and yet I don't want to or something, that wouldn't be right...like it's that whole conflict of an awesome rape scene you'll fight but the last thing you want is to win but you have to actually try but somehow there's something else here...imagination broken. That's. Something. How am I failing to imagine?

Dolly how are you doing here?

What if make your Boobsong dragon-form? Too big to fit, what happens then? Maybe this is something wrong but your Boobsong feels the same as you. Their love is true. They'll treat us fine. This fight's for fun, not Acme Station guns. Maybe that's the problem here, too small to rape us right. Scary thought, who is? Fairy Keeper's heart would die if she got raped like that, loving intention doesn't make a difference then!

Oh my fuck it's this nightmare! How can we hold this back from them when they need us? All ten thousand outside! Not that they'll all--do you get it, dolly?

That's it. Have to keep on making fuck until they all have fun. Heart gets killed by our need to help them. Mommy stop this somehow please!


Heart-healing flows.

Lucy stops, eravahk halfway to Boobsong's pussy. They let my hands and feet go, and I sit up and hug Boobsong jealously, but try not to--Lucy on my legs gets up on her own.

Aftercare, the Dreams are saying, take a second. I take a deep breath, and hug Boobsong tighter still. After a minute heart-healing and tears come. It's like I have to act like this was a really big deal before I feel the pain. So much numbness. I sniffle, run my hands up and down Boobsong's sides, give her ass a good whack with my eravahk--

Dolly's moving EAAAH!

Click, glomp. Click, kiss.

She wraps tight around me, even her tail goes around my waist and wings fold around us, and I sob harder and kiss her hard and possessively, fuck her face a little with my tongue, then just go back to making out with my arms around her as tight as I can get them. The water the Dreams said was clogged just bubbles up and up and up and I keep hugging tighter and being glad she's indestructible. It almost feels like blowing my nose emotionally, kind of gross for all the clogging stuff but so needed. With it, the fight comes out.

Ready a chomp, dragon. You get this.

Click, crush.


Ready chomp just try some stuff Dreams!

Wonderful ribcracking pressure surrounds me, just from her little arms, and I squeeze back just as brutally.

I wonder how the Redeemed are doing, but they'll just have to wait.

We keep on making out, hard urgent kissing like we're--it's like the hug, a daring fight response, telling the world, just try it, come get crushed in these gears. After a long long time I stop kissing her we just sit forehead to forehead breathing hard.

Boobsong and me aren't moving a muscle with this blackmail waiting, Dreams, unless it's to Acme Station out of here. Your move.

And no they don't get any of what she's inflated with.

Boobsong deflates back to her normal squishy self.

Purple checkmark. And they have another way to find out, if we won't do it? A good, sexy, fun one? Yeah damn right I'm being pedantic about this.

My ruthlessness is beautiful, purple checkmark.

And the Lucys' Lyras or someone can aftercare them, seeing as we sure weren't the tops in this scene?

Deserved asskicking, purple checkmark.

Well, in all that case, this'll be fine, then, including the lack of explaining. Click, chomp.


I'm down in one fast bite, and blessed slow chewing-up runs soothing tingles up my body from toes to head as she takes me apart slowly so I can feel it happen, and feel myself become a narrow stream flowing through the snuggly to her--reactor, did we call this? Anyway this is the best kink. I wanna play kitchen games soon, dragon. How about sushi?

EEE you remember that! Best fun. Very slowly making it...rolling all the pieces up...putting it in sexy rows...then eating each new piece and watch you feel the chomp!

What happens if you shapeshift a meatgrinder? Wait, it, like you can't? Oh it's just too much to let me out again once you have some chomped like that, right?

You can meatgrind into dragon's hoard, but not be grounds outside her. Too good, yum.

MUAHAHA okay then our next date with just Sex ends with a completely unexplained silver wood chipper.

EAHAHA chainsaw form would go with that!

Oh yes. Okay this is totally her birthday present. We can be all like mindfucky, like her birthday present is a gascan or something like that. Oooh and you should make the stuff lust-powered with big fat meters of how much it's getting me off just for the mindfuck of it.

We used to go really dark, huh. This like, feels familiar.

SCARY STUFF IS BACK AT LAST! Remember Candy's wish now?

Oh. Does she wanna get chomped? Hmm...like I'm closer. Don't have enough puzzle pieces. Or maybe just don't wanna think about it now.

All this stuff is so much fun. If you don't actually imagine it like, this is the soft and snuggly version of guro, right? But I seem to remember how seeing it from the outside the first time whamlined me good about that, like, it actually just looks so incredibly fucked up with Boobsong turned into like an electric knife or something looking all scary and I just look like I'm about to cum as Sex cuts me up with her. I know this was a favorite game of hers, like I can remember her in a splattered apron with electric-knife-Boobsong in her hand.

It doesn't hurt if you make sharp stuff, does it!? No but it looks really scary. Dragon-chomps are so over the top you like forget what's happening, and succubus nibbles are the same because it's so weird (and she looks so delightedly hot doing them so kissily), but the cutting just looks like cutting and that kind of even wigs me out a little. I have to not look.

The electric knife thing is really hot though. Boobsong's great at vibrating the fun way.

Can I make parts right now? I try took look at Boobsong in here, but nothing happens. Good. Pluck, dive.

Her snuggly warm shape plunges into my goo, and stops in the middle.

Pluck, capped.

Aaaah so nice and snuggly warm in here.

Dolly I think I might just never want to go back. No from bitterness or heart-stops. Maybe we're just done though. Like, entirely.

Heart-healing floods to say it. For some reason I see daddy, like just from my own thoughts, not mystically.

We fought so hard for that one. Now he's out but we're messed up. Why was that the way? Seems not fair.

Yeah. Like, we keep going through different forms of this scene just now all day today. Have we just been failing until this one? Or do you think it's not--

[!] Your Boobsong thinks might have been approached with love less hurtingly if that so. Think just this was what you said. Maybe that was last now. Done saving, cut it off.

How did you feel breaking new-Sex? Like not morally. I get that now. But, like, how did that scene feel to you?

That's hard one. Maybe like, she was bad until you broke her, very racist stuff saying. Is that saved or killed enemy? Both guess. What if our lust is for that blood? Saved then? Lunch you say. Your Boobsong says it wasn't that you saved her. Ate her up and set her free. Maybe that was wrong there. Too much save, not much eat. Scary teeth are funtimes, try that next.

Yeah. I just knew something was wrong there that was wrong here lots more. That sounds like it.

I keep thinking of that thing I see sometimes when I feel really terrible about myself, how teeth on a cone like that are a drill. That goes with what our seed-ghost said about us. I was supposed to drill into her. Into Earth from outside. Good mistake though I think.

Oh. Yeah because heart-healing because I was supposed to drill into people. And I get like hungry. But I'm not supposed to save them. I just drill their shell and they heartform and poof. I shouldn't feel bad I always want that to happen. I wasn't made to be nice, just get the job done fast. That breaks my heart a little but it does because I can't figure out how to disagree with it.

I'm so furious about what happened. If I could've been finished Earth and those fucking gears would have been dust in ten minutes, and I'd have coiled back up into our cushy house in Rl'yeh Sade and waited for it to send us some fresh meat every so often. My teeth don't seem so awful when I think about them cutting all that messed up stuff we'd see when we tried to journey and conflation-jump our way into Earth's internals.

Everything feels all different. It's like we spent this whole way since we got to Olympic Pizza fighting off this savior thing, and getting told that's the wrong thing to do, and then we get here and it's right? I want to go back, but, will we go back to the same fight? I know we kept getting told it was something else the whole time until this. What's there now, if we go back? Sad Redeemed? Happy Redeemed? Nobody? Can we?

Remember fights on moon, FFIV? No need to fight them. Badass enemies. Maybe this was one of those. Maybe that's the point of this. No more fights you have to fight. Only stuff you want to do.

That gets so weird when you have a rape fetish. Wise cocksleeve though.

They liked us enough to take and not let say no to them. That's the part we need of that. Maybe that's the trick for us. Have to be a Lucy but always Acme Station's there.

Yeah, that felt incredible.

I have to keep holding myself back from worrying about them, but I dig my heels in about it. They're not our responsibility, not in the Dreams here. Maybe not ever. I was...how much choice did I have, in that? The Redeemed being a thing? It messes with my head. I didn't get the chance to not like people to kin me.

Your Boobsong says you love them lots, but that's ridiculous to have to care ten thousand, and there's millions! Tentacles and Dreams for that. Whole point of them.

The first lie Earth puts up when you try to get technical is a hall of mirrors where you seem to just be gears. Imagining my drill-face grinding into that, cracking the glass, making terrible ceramic screeching sounds, makes me feel so beautiful.

I'm not sure why I imagine that as she says this, but I do and like it. Crunchy treats. I have always said Boobsong got the dragon from me, heh.

You're so right, though, dolly, I don't know what I was thinking. It's just, I do actually care about people, and I am in love with them--it's a weird kind of love, though. Like not the same as us and my handmaidens. Some kind of herd instinct thing going completely haywire.

I think I need to learn to keep all that at home more anyway. What do you think?

Think it's some have lock on heartstrings and you think that's all. Still have fun, but not in love with every one.

There are Redeemed. Who are special to us.

Of course! You like all of them, just not in love! Found some you love though! Follow you just everywhere like handmaidens.

That's the six. Seven Lucys and seven handmaidens. Starlight's here? All the handmaidens are, but good lucking finding her if she doesn't want you to! That wasn't the point though. I just liked them.

Like Strider and Pinkie were part of touring, but we had all kinds of entourage, didn't we? And the Bards, like, we were bards too, you and me and our whole literally circus I guess. We toured separately to cover more ground and stuff, and also just, that's how bards do. I don't think we were the same troupe.

Yeah because Strider's such a cat. She just rode around in Jack. We just always hoped she'd be in the next town too because she helped so much. And Pinkie just projected if she felt like it. She's as fickle as me, that way.

How'm I doing, dolly?

EEE You got this! You got the all of it!


I feel like Olympic Pizza's the wrong place to go, but I don't know what the right one is. Maybe Sex's house? Feel like some blood, if her sister's not implanted?

Your Boobsong thinks your pizza's done. She thinks it has to be, or get chomped. Pizza time with Sugarfreaks, if we go back. Maybe there then Sex's house? Wonder what will happen after we get back from chomp.

Hmmm. Could be yummy. Chance to get really scary. Starsong looked pretty badass, I bet Sex's sister's just as crunchable. And there's no way daddy wasn't sending a message by naming her after my darkest handmaiden.

Maybe we should make a stop in Strawberry Home?

No because my handmaidens will die if I go and don't see them, and I'll die if I go without remembering them some first.

Maybe I should just be a blob for like ten million years. You get really patient when I'm apart as I seem to remember.

Oh yes. All is well when Princess goo. Just wait here for long years.

I like that sound. The sound of metal teeth screeching in. I guess I really am a drill.

We didn't need to do the stop wait thing. I could have just told you chomp.

Except I guess we needed that time sitting there like that.

I don't like how that went. I feel like it ended up there because I still couldn't get the savior thing off of me. I saw lemon-poppy cake a couple of times while we were doing all that and I think it was directed at me.

Your Boobsong thinks it was help from Dreams to fight that. Let you go that road, then fight like hell.

Okay I'm putting my foot down about one thing, then. There's a ton of stuff we did just to open the worldgate. Lots of times we would have stayed through that scene. If people like me I'm glad, but we need to get really hard about this whole not-savior thing. I hope that smiting made a nice big hole, like I hope people are talking, but I can feel there's more and I can't remember it and I'll put my foot in it. I'm drawn to it somehow. How do we stop me?

Not so hard. Get fast here. Acme Station take out. Blip, no more. Keeper says this. Seed-ghost pulled string.

That's your Princess I'm giving away those times. You'd be in big trouble if you did that with my dolly.

Oh dragon knows, yes.

Okay if you're sounding like Grandmother Strawberry we're good.

Keeper, honestly. Do you think I'm just not ready to be back in this world yet? Like it pulls me down?

That's so hard. Think not like that. Always new stuff makes you fall. Makes you fall a long way. How about see if not so bad if go back? Keeper tells you it's okay. Pizza coming. Goes back if not good.

Okay. Pathetic sniffly tears. That's what I needed. If you think it's okay. I'm just such a stupid Fairy, I get in so much trouble when my leash is too long. Please nice and tight, Keeper.

Keeper how do you feel for all these rules and stuff we've been building up? All that's been so sexy but I feel like I can see the reboot on the horizon and I don't know if this is it or not.

This game is really fun but your Boobsong has the feeling it's time for change. Soon if not this now. Waits for seed-ghost. Nothing says. Let's try this then. After pizza's over, that's the new life. Changes then. Change how? Not sure. Fix then.

Yeah. I like that.

Okay I don''t know why I'm thinking off this, but those Gorean Starfleeters. Maybe like it's a dangling thread, if pizza's going to be the old life ending? I don't know. Just came to mind that it'd be really fun to go be radiation of the week as well as a Q encounter. We can already be like "my edgelord cousin brought you the Borg, I bring su'khora, do the math" or such. Like how about if--oooh I love this. We go back, assuming Rada's left by then, and Q everybody who was coming into the holodeck and then you can Acme Station up like a warp bubble or whatever so the rest of the crew can play like it's that episode where Beverly gets stuck in the fake universe with everyone she loves disappearing, but we're implanting people there, so it's everyone they love appearing and we can be super nice and mean with your Acme Station stuff for them to save everybody but they only get to when they heartform or something. I don't know. Never preplan. Just thinking that sounds fun.

Cake under glass as I talk, dragon?

Your Boobsong thinks that's fun but we should save this one. Somehow feels right to say.

Huh, okay.

Then I start crying real hard because I don't know which was is up and maybe this is right or not but--okay I don't know what's right, dragon. It feels wrong to contact the dreams from in here but then before there was somehow a monolith in here and like...how are things, when stuff is good? I think this place is sacred. I can't reach out. Stuff can't reach in. It's only you and me. No matter if the stuff is good or intimate with us. Right?

This is Fairy Keeper's place. No way in but her way. No way out, same. Monolith came by that choice. Can't say Dreams now. Too close call with Siren thing. Need to see Keeper's hand holds you.

Yeah. Okay. Good. I know what to do now. Everything feels so crazy when I don't feel held and then you say that and it's all clear.

All I have to do is decide. There were Illuminati or Baskers or just fans on the Titan. Maybe those were Sugarfreaks in drag, who knows. They can do a heartforming seminar no problem. My tentacles will see I decided that as soon as we're back and take care of it, I don't even have to tell them to.

I think...I need to pass that one off just to be picky, and because all I thought when I heard they didn't know what su'khora are was WE HAVE TO SAVE THEM. But like, the answer's right there, in that radiation of the week thing. The Titan isn't our Star Trek. Like maybe I'm misjudging because of that candy war thing but it doesn't matter really. Let those infiltrators take care of it. They'll have a good time with that shipful of Ferengi, but I never liked Ferengi episodes either, not even Quark. We'd always skip them when watching through TNG.

Heh. My "game" was going to make sure I'd see everything? Maybe I don't wanna.

Are you disappointed, dolly? Say the word and we're warping to the nearest Starbase, just not that plot.

That's. Wow. That was why that feeling. Play your fantasy, Star Trek tops, nice seeing you. Now it's our turn. Let's go out this way. Hatching now.

Her pipes are such a snuggly thing. It's hard to explain. My blob turns long and thin, I'm flowing through to elsewhere with Boobsong in the middle of me, it's all so soothing tingly, and then coiling up, becoming girl-shaped, solid with Boobsong squished up against me to fit in the egg. It's a tight squeeze with her big, but that's nice.

My eravahk gets heavy in my hand as it changes, but I don't smash out just yet. Deep breath first. The air stays fresh and clean, we could stay in here a hundred years. Nothing spikes the egg off, no suffocating or drama. Just peace.

I poke around with Siren-sense, because I don't want any surprises right now. Outside the egg...Olympic Pizza. We're in front of the counter. Peanut's there, still having fun with dildofied Butter. Nobody else, the Redeemed have gone.

Mixed sadness and relief to know that. I liked them. I always like Redeemed. I think it's right they're gone, though. I want my girlfriends. If my six weren't saved like my handmaidens...where are they? I'm not budging until I know what's ahead.

Why does that show me Boobsong's jump machine? Wait a damn minute. Dolly, quote it off. When we learned how many got pulled out at the reset.

Here's exactly what your tentacles said: Very hard breaking family ties. Only when the change increases them can this happen. On the whole Earth, only fifteen people changed families. Two are your brothers. One was your wife, then. Twelve are left, who can they be?

Dreams. Okay. Her. Yeah. Damn all of this. Damn the shit that kills innocent people twice. Seven handmaidens and five of my six Redeemed, are who got out. I knew the sixth, in the reset. She was in rough shape but I think she'll be alright. She loved to write. She'll land with a bunch of four-legs somewhere in the Painted Sea, if I'm right.

What about the others? If I have five more helldives to do...we crushed the ones for my handmaidens and now I've got my teeth out. No more miss nice drill. Let's rock and roll and be back in time for pizza. 

It's really striking how different that feels than what just happened.

Don't need helldives or drilling, just a shower, to open their eyes? Huh. Oh their Acme Stations had their brains and were able to snatch them. That's our kids. I'll find them when it's time, then? As I put myself back together. Okay. That's fine. Thirteen girlfriends is a lot, I didn't spend every minute with all of them.

If the destroy-Rainbow club didn't get pulled out, how the hell were they there and stuff? They were projecting too, from some kind of other place. Not Earth or the Dreams. They're gone from there, now, to get healing. That seems right, the idea they never were on Earth to start with.

I'm bitter that I couldn't be snatched like my girlfriends. I'm going to be. Are we going to have a big healing journey about that, Dreams, now or later?

They have an odd answer, turning my attention to the fourth wall with all of you watching...we're going to tour and see sights and one day I'll put the hammer down, like, the last monolith will be done.

I guess if they think that can be a healing journey, okay, but that won't be why I'm doing it. I'll just be out there playing like my dolly, and when reckonings like this one in this pizza shop just now come, they'll play out the same way, with explosions as necessary. Clear, Dreams?

Purple checkmark, clear. Okay.

Okay. Um. Last thing I think. Seed-ghost please tell daddy how bad I feel about all that stuff I said while I was fighting. If he's due an apology I send one. I think the teeth were just a lot to see. Now I feel beautiful. Terrible and scary, but there's a place for me I'll fit right in, somewhere in Rl'yeh Sade, in that form, and be proud. Here dwells the drill that pierced the heavens, and the dragon that guards it. Those who enter...will be entered.

Time for a giga drill break--oh. That's why that feels wrong, with my eravahk. This use is allowed, right seed-ghost?

Get hands out for the hard break: your light can be a scary thing, but your Lens can make it terrible!

Eravahk, be star-shaped again.

Bwwaaah, it synth-chords at me as it shapeshifts.

I could do it on my hands, like the anime, but that is way not eldritch enough. I blast out a nice dark halo of antilight, glow bright, and then make flat wide drills all around us, spinning fast, biting into the eggshell. I make the teeth out of the hardest stuff my Lens will do which is apparently kind of a scrith-like thing, but the real funtime is on their edges, little lines of black hole. They look like the drill form I've been thinking of, but flattened out for this job.

I push them into the shell--my Lens can hold stuff, while I'm making it, or for stuff like this--why dragon, did you make me a fun egg? GRRAAAH!

Have to give stuff to sharpen teeth. Basic advice for drill Keeper.

I love you too.

Glorious screeching surrounds us, and a hexgrid forcefield lights up around us, on the inside surface of the egg. I remember this! This was fun. The hexes have kind of seams between them, where the shield gets projected, and if I pry at that with antilight through my Lens...the shield flickers, glitches, drill teeth catch under the edges of hexes that I'm bending out of alignment and the whole thing shatters and the shrieking turns into the crunchy whum-whum-whum of armor getting chewed to bits.


It still takes a second, but that just gives some satisfaction to this. There's no dust or anything, because it's all falling into the black-hole-lines. Suddenly the filigree of eggshell that's in between the drills shatters, chewed up and thrown aside by the drills, and Olympic Pizza is revealed behind it, and I erase the drills, and there we are.

Much better. Omonyom. How's that pizza doing?

Smells nice and toasty perfect. I stand and pull Boobsong standing with me. We're glomped together again, held by our predicament, which feels nice.

I turn us all around, just looking. The power's back, the place is empty, the cake's still up on the counter, no sign of Peanut so she's probably still in the kitchen. Everything is quiet except for normal pizza shop noises, mostly the soda fridge running.

Deeeeep breath, in, out. Nothing interesting happens.

I Siren-sense around for anything epic lurking. There's a monolith nearby!? Oh just to see, not hit. In Olympic Pizza, though? No, just chillout is here.

I lead us through into the kitchen to see Butter's back to Fairy-form, hiding Peanut, from the way she's standing, facing the counter so I see her voluptuous ass. Nobody else is around.

Yeah, they're nuzzly-snuggling, or maybe making out. So cute.

Black isn't Peanut's hair color, I remember. I don't have to save her from that, though. She'll get back, or just eat candy from a Heart Church, or who knows. If we end up playing guessing games over supper maybe that'll be fun, but no more saving everyone and fixing everything. I'm just here to have fun with my Sugarfreaks.

I do have a fun game for them, when we get a minute, but there's zero reason to interrupt their makeout, and I kind of want to just stop and smell the pizza.

Seed-ghost, why isn't Boobsong's nectar making my butterfly antennas like Butter's? I"m supposed to have like that with rainbow poms, not these like grey Andorian things, aren't I?

These are from your waking hours, just after you remembered your seed-ghost's fun for you. If you're ready to change them, your waking hours are done. In a short time they'll become rainbow fuzz on long thin stems like Butter has. They'll bounce and look silly, even with your head still. Maybe when the right time comes, you'll see their work. They have color on the inside.

That makes me weepy. Okay.

My tentacles won't let the Sugarfreaks' makeout be interrupted, so I just stand, drinking in the comfort of Olympic Pizza, and the smell of supper almost ready.

Suddenly Butter stands up straight and silly-dances to the oven, picking up the pizza peel on the way. She opens the oven, and nothing crazy happens. Peanut's leaning on the counter, looking like she just came. I smile at her and she smiles dazedly back. Butter puts the pizza peel in the oven, and nothing crazy happens. I snuggle Boobsong tight, wanting to call her Lyra, not quite sure which me I want to be.

I think maybe Rainbow because Rainbow needs to learn a thing or two from Lucy now.

Or maybe they don't have to be two people anymore. That'd be crazy. It comes with lots of heart-healing to think it though. I guess I didn't ever really like to have two identities. I just didn't know how to be Rainbow and have Lucy's freedom.

I can at least try to be dumb like Lucy, I guess. It's so relaxing to just not think that hard.

Butter turns around and on the pizza peel is her and Peanut's really good looking and smelling meatball sub pizza, so perfectly Olympic Pizza style. She swooshes it onto the work table, then turns back to the oven and looks inside. Nothing crazy happens. I can see her red little pussy a bit as she tiptoes to reach in with the pizza peel, then brings out a beautiful quadruple pepperoni pizza just perfectly Olympic Pizza style to the tiniest detail, smelling so good I want to cry, and nothing crazy happens. She swooshes it onto the table and puts the pizza peel up, then reaches a flat box down from above the oven and expertly starts folding it. We're eating here, but I don't stop her. The box is part of it. Nothing crazy happens. She seems happily engrossed in her work, zoned out from the world, just making pizza. She gets the box folded, goes for a rocking cutter stuck up on the wall with magnets, and cuts the meatball sub pizza, then moves it and does my pepperoni pizza, more carefully and slowly, because of all the pepperoni.

Nothing crazy happens. She takes the box and opens it, then--hehe--force-pulls the pizza peel telekinetically to her hand and picks up the pepperoni pizza and slides it into the box and sticks one of the little plastic box-support things in the middle, closes it, nothing crazy happens.

She picks up the box, turns toward us and comes our way--holy fizzfrozen sugar waffles it's actually happening. I never thought I'd be this psyched for even Olympic Pizza. I run my hand down Lyra's--Boobsong's--hip and ass, give her cheek a nice sexy squeeze, and then whack her hard with my eravahk.


Click, accept, I point at the pizza in Butter's nearing hands. Boobsong puts her hands out, and Butter lays the pizza on them and I smile at her like I'm going to cry because I am. I feel up Boobsong's ass some more and enjoy her little moans, then look at the pizza, and at Peanut who's standing up looking all hopeful, recovered some from cumming, and Butter in front of us smiling with the same hope.

almost ask if they want to join us, then remember they're Sugarfreaks, and just very cutely-demandingly click Butter bring at her pizza, watch her turn and skip joyfully--flash of rainbow-eyes? Sure:

...if that carry means she'll eat with us? I hope she will, it's been so long, I miss her so bad. Peanut cums so fastly now it's making me all envious. If we find one that puts us back to sharing cums I wish the Dreams to spike us on forever that...

Snif. You're so sweet. While she thinks, she's deftly pizza-peeling their pizza onto a platter, then picks it up with hot pads.

"Just put some more SYRUP on, I bet it'll--no. At the table. Follow me oh wait you have no choice!"

I click them both follow and spin carefully with Boobsong and lead us all to the tables, enjoying Boobsong's snuggliness and my arm around her the whole way, then click Boobsong put at the table, and the jump, and bring at a Dr. Pepper in the soda fridge as I go to take my seat by it. Only after doing that do I realize I've remembered I can queue up all sorts of commands and she'll remember them. It's fun to pile up big chains of them, clicking around officiously and then watching her hurry to do them all. That's fun with the succubus game because, if I remember this right, she gets distracted from keeping herself lusted up with the urgency to do my bidding.

[!] YES that's sexy fun! Ooops too much to think, now am stuck!

Hehe. Boobsong puts the pizza on the table with her usual ass-nuzzly flair and provocatively raised wings and tail, I click the Sugarfreaks put at the table and then sit at the two chairs across from the ones me and Boobsong will take and see them start to obey as Boobsong poings off of me and I flop gratefully into the chair smelling the incredible, so good pizza, smile at the Sugarfreaks getting snuggily seated across from me, and twist to see Boobsong--Lyra--argh--with the soda fridge open, leaning in there one leg cutely up.

Click, freeze!

Sexy stuck!

Yes you are, pretty succubus statue. The Sugarfreaks will need sodas too. And some fun. Click, ask.

"Please Sugarfreaks tell sodas want?"

"I'll have a Mountain Dew!"

"Sprite for me, thanks."

Click, take. Click, pose! Click, bring. Click, sit (at the chair beside me).

Taking all three cans...EAAAH freezing boobs cans very cold right there!

She gets the cans, gaspingly snuggles them into her beautiful bare cleavage to bring, sashays around the table and bends deep down with her mouth open wide from the cold to give us each our cans (the Sprite is for Butter the Fairy, of course, that's a me-ism I think), then--hehe you're very silly--climbs up on the table halfway just to get her boobs very pleasantly in my face and then folds herself neatly slave-posed in the chair beside me. I put a grateful hand on her thigh, breathe a sigh of relief at the nothing crazy happening, and just look at my gorgeous, beautiful cocksleeve, waiting so prettily, helpless with her lust ticking down, soon to be just a pretty fuckdoll for me to play with...but not while there's pizza waiting!

Click, unjump, click, open, click, feed!

And then click, enjoy, for the Sugarfreaks at their pizza as Boobsong gets pulled all snuggly, then reaches for my pizza and climbs half onto--right, forgot that part. She's hauled onto my lap by our predicament and nestles her ass down very teasingly onto my lack of clit, and opens my pizza, turning the box sideways so the lid won't block peanut.

That. Is a sexy, sexy pizza. I put both arms around Boobsong, on hand on her soft little tummy and one happily across her boobs and breath another deep sigh as Boobsong inspects the pizza and her tail cutely lashes "considering something" between us.

Nothing crazy happens. The Sugarfreaks are having fun trying to feed Peanut a slice with some extremely epic stretchy cheese that seems to be more interested in being on her boobs than in her mouth.

Tough dilemma, cheese, I know the feeling. I hope most of my crises are on that level for a while.

Boobsong's looking at the pizza, but hasn't moved.

Not yet ready for piece take. Mess up pizza if take now.

Ooh, box kept it warm, and I jumped the gun with the Sugarfreaks--oh but I said enjoy. That'd let them wait. Or have fun with messy cheese, hehe. In the meantime, then...okay am I like all have to save them? I did think the shared-cumming thing was adorable--

Everyone looks, as the door opens. This could be okay. There's an empty seat, it'd be like the Dreams to fill it with a friend.