16 - Five Minutes to Save The World

That's her! We're going up. Do your thing. Opposite of mad! The Dreams showed me the Heartwarming tree at the Pru before. Might come in handy. Find you soon. MUAH!

Dove is already facing away to talk to people.


My Mic's gone at some point. I twist around and look at the cheering crowd right behind. They're just a couple of inches away.

"Who wants to play catapult," I grin at them.

The person right behind me, a skinny guy in a tall mohawk and round sunglasses immediately makes leg-up hands at a convenient height.

"Oh no, this is a group game this time."

I make a pushing-away motion with my free hand, and in no time there's a wall of hands ready. I turn back around, bend my knees, and spring back into them, feel my weight push them all back so it seems just for a second like we'll fall, and then loving hands all up and down me have us hurtling toward the crater. As soon as my wingstincts will let me burst my wings open and shoot upwards, arcing over Dove's head. She looks like a bonfire, light filtering out through a little open space in the crowd around her as she starts making heartwarming live up to its name.

Boobsong is snuggly and loving on my arm, bright light pours out as I stop holding back, my wings buzz furiously, and the ground drops away fast to reveal Mass Ave packed full of people and the crowd trailing off into the side streets and up Mass Ave to the bridge. Damn.

Alright, where are you, Sis? There, up above and ahead, throwing out fireworks right from her hands like she's me throwing candy, riding--



I'd know those heart-sounds anywhere. They come through in my third eye like red splatty polkadots on black, covering everything she says.

Also, if we're riding, click!

Ponytime, chyah! Changing so fast air goes pop!

Instantly Boobsong is ponified under me and I chyah her on up to my sister, who's turning our way.

I hear you like words though. I just couldn't help myself. Hang on tight, here we come!


She's not kidding. They're on a direct intercept and closing fast! I barely have time to see her on some kind of speeder thing, hair and vehicle a blur of red--oh I see what we're doing! Click!

Boobsong pops back to dollform in my arms, I catch a flash of daddy shining so happily he looks like a ring of fire, and then she's off her speeder and we collide with an awesome slap and spin in the air, hugging. She smells like pyrotechnics and the bike has become a guitar over her shoulder and as we spin she looks at me and as we turn away from the light I see her eyes glow as red as her metallic red hair. She's beautiful, with a soft face like Dove and me but all her own, exciting and sexy, with thick red-glossed lips and eyes full of laughter. We're face to face, but her hips seem to be a little above mine so she's shorter than me. I can feel--and see, when I look down at them--big soft breasts pressed into me, not as insane as mine, but they also won't make playing a guitar hard, which mine kinda do. She has bronzy skin and little shiny reddish glitter everywhere.

She licks her lips at me hopefully, and I lean in and kiss her hard, and she comes at me with an aggressive tongue and nibbly teeth that make me laugh as we make out.


I push her some experimental long tongue, and she grabs and sucks at it hungrily, so I push deeper, forcing down her throat, and she pushes up to my face, blissful, so I go a little deeper, then gently fuck.

That's wonderful! I'm having such fun with this body, I can see why you like this!

I just fuck harder and faster, wiggle the tip of my tongue around for extra effect, and she just presses herself on harder, then stop, because I've just realized something really important.

Have they given you chocolate yet.

No, they said you have to do that.

In response, I just fold my wings and let us fall. There's no way she won't just think this is totally metal.

You and your heartchild there are fireproof, right?

Father tried to make me hurt. He couldn't do it.

I give her an affectionate squeeze and push of tongue and pull out, and she kisses the tip of my tongue sweetly as it leaves. Click, shields.

Check this out, then!

Don't have to click that. Auto-shields. Get ready!

Sweet. Keep it out of her nose. I look up. The ground's rushing up, people are looking up and standing as close as they dare but making a hole. I get my hand ready.

Just as we're about to hit, I let off a burst of light from my palm that flashes the road to vapor and melts a good few feet down and we're slowed by the shockwave and then plunge into hot gooey molten road, shining bright all around and I keep light up to make sure we don't hit the bottom. We slow fast, faster than water by a lot, but still end up submerged, and I kick with my legs, trying to right us, get it somehow, and swim up, sitll shining hot so it won't thicken. We float up fast anyway, and in no time are kind of on our sides on the surface and I'm calming my light so there can be an edge to swim to. I pick my head up and through oozing-off molten street I can see parked cars and Mass Ave (though the parked car in question is an old-timey Rolls, clearly the Pirate Device has been up to its usual tricks): we're looking in the direction of the library. I kick ahead, feel my sister kick too, and in no time we're at the edge and I'm squeezing her a letting-go hug and climbing up out of the hole we made--an offered hand? Fearless! I reach up and take it, and the person in of all things a bee costume the hand is attached to pulls me up. I grin at them and instantly turn to see my sister poinging up out of the magma pool beside us. We seem to have shaken off all the lava and she's on her feet before I can do anything.

"Okay, follow me."

"Where are we going?"

Where are we going? I turn--aha, there's Olympic Pizza, at our four o'clock.

It's stick up out of the crowd of zillions of people, all looking on curiously at--oh, right.



Sending out the heart-sound so nakedly triggers a whole bunch of healing.



Um, what's your name?

Oh that. I haven't picked one.

Alright, I guess really is Sugarfeast on Heartwarming! Let's get inside--first though.

I look around at her, gesture her close, and feel my mic put in my hand again.

Your tentacles have turned it on for you.

"As you can see, I'm feeling quite--wait, did that one. MEET MY SISTER EVERYBODY!"

The crowd laugh as I repeat the same joke, then cheer massively.

"I'm sure you'll see more of her soon, though I have to say I'm getting a pretty good view right now, but first. Immediately and without delay."

They know how to play my games, this is so sweet. Laughter at my stupid joke, then the cheering quiets because they know I'm about to get all quiet. I do.

"I have to go introduce her to chocolate."

My mic leaves my hand, and I point the way to Olympic Pizza with my eravahk, and the gasping crowd start to nudge at each other, I see daddy shining so bright and happy, and the crowd open a path to the door for us--but hands are reached out, covering the path. I smile.

Do you mind being touched by strangers? I usually let them pet me as I walk by.

That sounds wonderful!


Here we go!

I set off into them, check to see if my sister is coming, and plow into the hands--oooh. The first hands go right for my breast, everyone on either side is smily and happy or taking pictures, and--haaah. It's not just like the running high fives thing. They grope. Lovingly. Nobody tries to hang on or slow me down, but they enjoy every moment I'm slipping through their fingers, from my face to my--hehe hello footlover with your huge camera right by the ground. I step right in front of his lens with my foot high falling and a spring in my step off so he can imagine both footjobs and high heels.

Every inch gets touched. Hands follow around the curve of my ass to juuust find out how wet I am before I've walked on, making me ache for cock. Fingers trail through my hair. I look back to see my sister keeping pace behind, shining bright white with joy so the crowds hands are black shapes as they touch and slide off her. She's moaning like she's about to cum, and--ooh, so am I. How has this not set fucking off?

No thinking. Hands sliding. Hands cupping. Hands trailing over cheeks. Hands on my sides. The only place I don't get touched is right by my wing-slits. I let the pleasure just take me and my feet continue on and then there we are at the door to Olympic pizza and I surface out of the crowd, followed by my sister, warm and bright. She feels like summer sun when she gets close and I let her see my enjoying it, and she snuggles right up.

I guess you know you're a lust goddess if you can like this, and not just freak out. I love it.

I click Boobsong big, kiss her head when she's on her feet, and click door. She sticks her ass out very snuggly as she bends to get the handle, then pulls it open and stands aside like a handmaiden, arms back like they're tied. My sister looks at her interestedly, Boobsong is very officially submissively eyes-down but smiling bright, I feel so happy I'll explode, and my sister is adorable. She goes through into Olympic Pizza and I collect Boobsong from her door post thinking about her astride me with her hands tied back like that, and daddy smiles down as we go in and the door shuts behind us.

My sister turns around as soon as we're inside. She looks giddy with excitement and about to cum, and I make no bones about checking her out now that we're in light--hers has calmed so she just looks--well, not glowing. She looks awesomely not normal, all bronzy tanned skin and red glitter and and hair and eyes and happy horny smile. She's naked, of course, and looks like she might be chomped--we'll get there.

I walk up, and she's about half a head shorter than me, and I kiss her and she reaches up for it eagerly. She's wearing, or has built in, bronze eyeshadow. It looks awesome.

I make her first chocolate, just a really nice piece of just milk chocolate on my tongue, and press it into her mouth, and then straighten to watch the reaction, arm around Boobsong.

Her eyes close and she chews and swallows and her face looks so blissful for a long moment. Finally her eyes open and she looks up hungrily. I grin.

"That was the best thing since having sex with my heartchild! Was that chocolate?"



I grin so very wide.

"Let's sit. There are a lot of kinds of chocolate. It's like sex that way."

I nod behind her to the chair that was Dove's, and she looks, and gets at the table right away, deftly swinging her guitar over the back of it, cutely excited with her hands on the table. The Sugarfreaks are passed right out, now, snoring softly on each other. I'm surprised my tentacles haven't sent them to bed, but it does make extremely cute scenery.

I come around the table, sit by her, click Boobsong bring at the next layer of cake, and then sit at my lap.

She brings it just like last time--tentacles have cleared the last plate away--picking it off with a pussy flash, bringing it cleavagefully on her forearms, laying it so sweetly in front of me so I kiss her, then crawling and squirming her way into my lap. Boobsong and me are never afraid to repeat ourselves when it's awesome, and that was awesome.

My sister is looking at the cake hungrily when I glance.

"Is that piece of chocolate the same as what was in your mouth?"

Click, put, at the cake, and then at the middle of the table so it's equally in front of us and my sister.

"This, is chocolate cake. It's also frozen, which I like. Cold is fun to play with. There's a fun way of eating it, which I'll show, but first."

I raise my arm and flourish it across the table like I'm spreading seeds with extreme prejudice, and chocolate treats of every kind, donuts and chocolate bars and cupcakes and a chocolate creme pie and s'mores with chocolate graham crackers and peanut butter cups and...

"Have to see all the options. All these are chocolate somehow. Oh! I think you like excitement, because falling and splatting that way didn't make you cry. Am I right?"

"Yes. That made my heart go boom and I liked it."

"Okay, here's some new fun then."

I make her a tall glass mug of quite badass Mexican hot chocolate, displacing some peanut butter cups (the table is totally covered).

She looks at it, leans over to smell it, hold her hair back.

"It makes my nose tickle!"

"Just wait until it gets in your mouth--"

"Can I just take anything?"

"Yup! If you're like me and our sister you can eat a lot of this before your body wants to stop, too."

"Oh, yes, I learned that already. I ate a feast at Strawberry Home before I came here, and there's still plenty of room for this stuff."

Good. Take care of my sister.

"It's so much fun. Okay I'll make you tools, if you want it the normal way, but here's what we do with the cake. Heartchild optional."

I click Boobsong feed at one single slice of cake (because the rest of this spread needs exploring), and she picks it up and has the top off in no time. I munch it all up, lick her fingers good, and she starts on the next layers.

My sister watches carefully, then points at a chocolate twinkie.

"What's this one?"

"Try it."

She picks it up and bites the end off, looks at the creme as she chews, then stuffs the whole thing in her mouth and I laugh.

"That's called a twinkie. Usually the cake is yellow but this is chocolate time here."

We seem to have opened the floodgates. She finishes the twinkie, looks the table over, and picks up a Milano cookie (look, I really like Pepperidge Farm), bites it off curiously. I smile more and relax some--I didn't realize I was tense.

"How are you? After seeing you in that thing I was so worried about you, even with your heartchild. And then I want to know all about them."

"I'm feeling well. It really was painful being held that way. This body is much better, but it's moving so fast! Are you always this fast like this?"

Actually good question.

"Like...yes mostly, and I like excitement too so I like to bounce from one thing to the next really fast sometimes, and...I don't know really. I think I have times where I just sit and hold Boobsong and don't really do much for hours, but I don't know, because it's been a whirlwind of stuff happening since I woke up from being smashed. I seem to think I'm meant for this, but it does get exhausting."

She's trying one of those rolled wafer things, with chocolate inside.

"I think I'm on star time. It seems very weird to be doing one thing and without even an hour to change your thoughts around you're doing the next! It's annoying and then you just go there and there doesn't seem to be any problem. Like right now, I was sure I would take an hour at least to try these new chocolate things, and now here I am on the fifth one since I started just two minutes ago! It's very exciting, but it does make me dizzy."

"You know you're making me think I should take more time to rearrange my thoughts between things? It's these brains, though. They're made to change fast. Remember humans used to be animals that had to get up and run away really fast often. We four still aren't as fast as a normal human, but we're fast. How...what's happened to you? Can you tell your story since we implanted you? Just a fast version, unless you want to give detail."

"Well, I got out of that horrible shell and my heartchild and I went out looking for you. We heard from the Dreams that you'd fallen alseep for a while, but your family was calling us to come visit, so we went to see Rarity and Sweetie. They were so fun! They taught us a lot of things. Father came back from his ugly time just as we got there, and gave us this new body. My heartchild can be a shell and she's very good at it, but I like the shell Father made. It's important to get that after being taken away from him. For a while we played with them and just enjoyed ourselves. Then we heard that you'd brought Strawberry Home back, and we had to learn about all that stuff. You had hard times! Your shell was good, but the rest sounds just like hell in that Christian book! Did you know Father made dreamskins out of all that stuff? The whole story is filled up with them. Mostly you but he used whatever fit to make there'd always be something."

"He really fought that. What they did to him. As I wake up and look I've been thinking he must, but it's still so hard. I broke my heart really bad trying to save him when I was small--you heard I guess. All that stuff just makes me scream. It's really good to hear he fought like that. Do you know what Star Wars is? I just found out he somehow got that to be a dreamskin of us, and I'm still all smiling because that's such a good trick."

I squeeze Boobsong proudly.

"I know Star Wars! Sweetie likes it. It made me sad. The ships were fun, but so dirty!"

"Right? If you like ships, we're going to have lots of fun. Go on though, what happened next?"

I look at the spread. Am I chocolated out? I need this. Click, kiss. I press my lips against pussy-soft artificial grape fun, our lips embrace just moving softly for a minute, and when I break the kiss she so softly and helplessly goes back to her no-orders waiting pose with eyes down I just have to kiss her on the head and peep at her mood.

[ Vision: cornucopia ]

Good stuff all layed out for me, just like this table. Okay, just really wet. I fuzz her and leave a hand on her thigh deep in by her pussy and look at my sister.

It's really really hot having Boobsong here just helplessly sitting, to pet and squeeze...

"Then we went to Strawberry Home, but we'd just missed you, so we went to their feast, and then came here. The end. What is this?"

She's pointing to the chocolate creme pie. It came out cut, but there's no cutter or anything.

"That's chocolate creme pie, but it didn't come with its tools--I guess I wasn't thinking tools. Here."

I make two plates and forks and a pie server, and immediately click Boobsong serve and feed at it.

Her tail has to sit still when she has no orders, but as soon as she's doing something, it can express her, and it gets lashy-happy and waves around in licking range as she takes the pie-server and gets me a slice, then brings it back on the rainbow-shiny plate and holds up the first bite which I take gratefully...oh damn. This one came out good. Perfectly smooth chocolate creme with just the right amount of alkali-process tang mixes with crumbly graham cracker crust so perfectly--yeah that's right, the Sugarfeast Fairy makes cheap chocolate sometimes. It's almost like it's own whole separate food, same as the twinkie before. Where I came from, refinement is respected, but elitism is gauche. Try the peasant food. Too lowbrow? Good luck with your uprising tomorrow.

My sister gets herself a slice of pie too--oh this is diner pie, from New England. It's got the perfect little whipped cream around the edge. She tries a piece...how will this go? Hehe. Her next bite is the width of the whole slice. Speaking of which. Munch. I catch Boobsong's tail for a slurp on the way, too. Snacking together is so nice.

I can...feel something starting to warm up inside, too. It's really nice to just pig out because chocolate never needs a reason, but...this is about right, after this day.

A wound I don't feel, the Dreams tell me. Tears feel close. I take the next piece of pie right away.

Our seed-ghost puts out daddy's pudding the moment I think of it, and I pull and pull at it, starting to cry from the need to just gorge. My sister puts a hand on my shoulder as I eat.


I put my hand on hers, hold it, and she picks my fingers up and takes my hand. I finish with daddy's pudding and click it shut and our seed-ghost takes it.


I nod, and my sister puts my hand back toward my lap and I put it on Boobsong and look at my sister and then take the bite of pie and my hands are tight around Boobsong and I'm just looking down at her and crying while she gives me bite after bite of pie.


I nod again and keep on nomming pie. Then the donuts, all of them, click, feed. Then peanut butter cups, click, feed.

She's okay. My sister is okay. They all are. They're all fine. This one had me worried because she hasn't picked a name and stuff but she's completely fine. She's just as weird as the rest of us.

Boobsong is holding crust up in her fingers how I like now, that's all that's left. I chomp it up in three bites and tentacles take the plate away as Boobsong goes for a chocolate glazed donut--holy munchkins I should have started wtih this what the hell. It's Dunkins of course but it feels like I haven't had one in a thousand and it's just a stupid fucking donut but I seem to need it like I need air.

The reset put me on the west coast because who even knows fucking why and there were no Dunkins there and that was the symbol of how I was so homesick there I wanted to die. I devour the donut in huge bites as Boobsong feeds it to me tenderly, barely chewing enough to swallow and drawing a lot on my missing gag reflex, and when its gone and her fingers kissed she instantly gets me the next and I go at it the same way, just sucking it up as fast as I can like I belive they'll disappear if I don't but somehow that's the right thing to do even though that makes no sense at all. I guess this is like holding Boobsong before. Keep it coming, dolly. Everything dunkins or east coast on this table. Click, feed.

This is good but I wanna go to a real Dunkins. Maybe we'll do that on the way whereever.

I annihilate the next donut just as fast, just urgent to get it inside me like fizzfrozen sugar and chocolate's going to be able to do what daddy's pudding can't to the slice I can feel through my midsection, except I think it might be able to.

Food is so important to me but nobody believes that because I like artificial flavors and simple things and unearthly stuff. Dove's English food is too complicated for me--something. This happens every time I try to describe this.

Stew was a staple in the Strawberry Empire. Aurochs are tougher than beef (eighty thousand BCE remember), but we had some kind of spice blend or something that made it as soft as boiled potatoes and I loved that stuff. No doubt Uncle Dagon told us some kitchen chemistry that'd make the enzymes to do it or such madness. Stuff like that is what having the stars' help was.

Donuts three and four go the same way. Boobsong just looks up at me so kindly as she feeds me all of it.

Tiramisu, the Dreams keep saying to me. Yeah I need a pick me up. Key. Pacman. A power pill turns the tables on the ghosts.

Boobsong feeds the end of another donut and picks up another.

Cracked foundation. I feel the old tiles under my bare feet, squidge my toes out on them like the grass. Vacation, rest. Saturday morning and sugar cereal. In the reset for some reason I only ate like corn flakes and things but I love sickly-sweet cereal like that. I could go for some of those but donuts first. Donuts are the pinnacle.

This is something with what food's okay, say the Dreams, but I mean, look at this table--it's full of peasant food? Wait...oh. Everything that came out here is cheap grocery store stuff. The fancy looking stuff is all just Pepperidge Farm. Is that so bad? Like so what but apparently this is some kind of life and death thing. That's the wound I can't feel, says Siren-sense. American peasant food. But I've always gone to bat for this stuff! I don't know, I just keep devouring donuts. Lowbrow. This makes me like dumb? I can out-donut Homer Simpson any day. Come on, bring it. I never said I wasn't a huge dumbass. I suppose it's still bruised on my ass from before. Lucy's a stupid bimbo and I play her that way on purpose and say she's a star to follow so the Redeemed won't feel like they have anything to live up to, but she's my star to follow. Maybe I just need to say that. Put my foot down and say I don't think there's anything wrong with any of this. It's not like lesser or something. Liking it doesn't make you coarse. Like look at Clyde before and all his poetry and wise thoughts. If he's found anywhere but Waffle House on Saturday mornings, I'll make a hat out of 80% dark organic fair trade chocolate with a matte instead of glossy wrapper that's got un-inked cardboard around it and eat that instead of these awesome donuts. Even now that he lives at the bottom of the sea. Damn right Spongebob is out there somewhere in Rl'yeh Sade still in the restaurant business.

Our sex is like this stuff, me and Boobsong. Pizza that's more pepperoni than pizza. No, not even that. It's so base. When have you seen us do anything but ream and scream over the course of this adventure? That's just us. Raunchy and dumb. We like our twisted power games but if we're going to get into elaborate kink play usually that's me being gourmet dragon food. Or a big splat all over the room she licks up.

That's not missing out. Is me being gay missing out? I'm not interested in a whole ten percent of two-legs. They're not what I like. We're not waiting forever through this to get back to some long elaborate foreplay scene that slowly builds this big complicated thing. Yeah, we fool around for hours like this sometimes, but that's really just lick the lollypop until someone snaps and crunches it--see now there's an idea. Dolly I'm making you a lollypop later...

Nice big flat shape to mess with your head then. Pussy or clit? Broken to pieces RAAH!


The wound is...that we fuck like thirteen year olds and we always will because that's what we like. Say the Dreams. Boobsong's a cocksleeve. So am I. I get this. Pick me up and have your fun until you're done and I'll be happy you enjoyed me. That's Boobsong too.

Self image that's broken, what hangups? Rails. I mean have I just been freaking out because I don't ever want my balls on and that scares me? That's old news. Something about how all these donuts make you fat? Yes yay you got it, but huh? I'm immune. I'm like literally fifty thousand calories up since we got here and I feel great, better than ever. I'm fat and squishy, yeah, but in a porn way.

I finish a donut and Boobsong comes up with chocolate donut holes. Lock and load dolly, because you're going to have to full-auto these. She doesn't miss a beat. That fat thing is going again and killing the surge of lust Boobsong's awesomely evil idea brought up.

The fat thing can't get me though. I don't get fat. So why is it getting me. Like something about making me. I'm clicking Boobsong through this entire whole table, whatever my sister doesn't beat me to (which might be a lot, I can see her reach for stuff pretty often, she definitely knows how to have her fun). What if our seed-ghost made me? What if I just want to know it would? Fine, I bet it would. It does with sex. When weird stuff like I feel now isn't happening, where I'm swinging between hot and hard and totally shrinkaged for no reason I can see. Submission, I'm a pet, feeding time. Say the Dreams. They're not wrong.

I want my Keeper to stuff me, though. Yes with all this yummy food but sex. We're missing a game. Like the clicks game is like this. Gotta have mind control fun, no choice.

Sex four times a day that thing? That's so thin. This was more.  Balls off and all that, another like fragmented version of it. Sit you down in and make you eat. So it could just be like sex-time now, what're we doing. Closer. It felt so...goowiggling, I blush to say the word to myself. No mommy but Boobsong and our seed-ghost handled this. It would be like okay you're giving your cum now how is it cumming out. But a kids menu. Because I don't like big fancy stuff. It was never this pressure. Boobsong won't complain about a long fuck but we both knew every time this happened I was going to just drill her. Heh. So was it just that simple? She with our seed-ghost could declare feeding time? Mentors used to, I think, but we've grown now. The sex button push game is like another thin version of this. That thing with Madeline L'Engel!? Oooh. I don't even have to take care of myself. Keeper will.

That's on the verge of something.

Keeper will tell you when to play. You don't have to worry about missing it.

Now is a good time. You will fuck but you have complete control otherwise. Fucks turned on. If you do nothing you'll be fucked in five minutes. Fucks turned off afterwards. Beg and scream to get them back, or just wait. You won't go long.

Oooh! Okay but you're going to stuff me, right?

Boobsong has control here. Seed-ghost just clicks command.

[!] Mostly only sex for us. Eat so much your heart bursts. Lust goddess.

I wanna feel like I'll explode. Which is how I feel now actually, this brought the lust right up. Okay hmm.

I pet Boobsong and writhe under her. From behind.

Your seed-ghost thinks the table's fine.

Yeah. I--

You can't ask anyone. Just do it.

Various things purple-grid away to make room for Boobsong, and I click her kiss, then pose and imagine her on the table how I want. She stops with donut holes (one left) and looks up. A flash of daddy being all happy? I guess he's glad to see me taken care of. He doesn't really act like I'm a grownup, I suppose. Boobsong rises to kiss me and I press my lips to hers and find her tongue and dance with it, then let her go and she crawls up on the table so I get a faceful of her pussy very happily waved with tail held high before she properly gets in position. When I glance at my sister, she's got her guitar out and is leaning back, plucking it quietly and gently, watching her hands carefully, and I get the impression--hehe holy twinkie soda bombs it's a Guitar Hero controller! I guess we're all alike in our ways. She can hear the song, though.

Now this part's good. Because Boobsong's just posed. She can't do a single thing, but stay there and squirm and look hot while I touch her. Which I do, stroking down the nice curve of her thigh and hip that's right in front of me. She sighs. I get up and get behind her, and imagine up my phantom clit. I can feel my real one's nice and hard. I line up and touch my tip to her lips...and I have to savor.

Eeeaaaah page of clit right there and just being helpless stopped not moving stuck toy you make move can't move herself!

Hehe. So cute. I push forward and plunge slowly in, feel her pussy surround me, slick and wet and softly full of snuggly love, watch her pussy open and nectar squeeze out.

Needs something. Oh that's the tiramisu. Fuck me like a good little whore and earn this cum, dolly, got it? Be very good to your Princess.

Soft submissive voice. Your Boobsong will. NOW CLICK COMMAND SHE'S STARVING PLEASE!

Click, fuck.


She springs into action, hammering away. I grab her hips for a minute, then just let her do the work while my hands rest in those hip-folds I so love. Orgasm comes in no time, as do big loud screams from both of us that make the Sugarfreaks open their eyes, smile, and go back to sleep. I click Boobsong to look back at me as I subside and she turns a blissful face my way, I give her one more thrust just for the expression that gives, and then I run my hands all over her hips and outsides of her thighs, watch her eyes close and mouth open for this smiling, and finally click her to stand by my chair so I'll have to push snuggly past her to sit.

[food metaphor: food court food at Disney]

Then I pull out, keeping the phantom clit thing going the whole way so I can feel it sproing up still-hard--oh. Just one more thing.

[food metaphor: subway sandwich shop!]


When I let Boobsong go she kneels up, squeezes her breasts up between her arms as she turns to face my chair and--ooh, coming this way. She faces where I clicked, puts her arms down to support herself, and swings her legs out so she can poing up and bouncily face me. I grin.

Click, kneel! Down she goes, sweetly looking up like it's blowjob time, which it almost is, but I don't seem to want to go again?

Yeah. click, chomp! With a wicked happy grin she opens wide and slides my clit down her throat, and then chomps, and the whole thing pops. And gets swallowed. As Boobsong comes away from my crotch looking so wickedly satisfied. Hot. I fuzz her head, take my chair again, and click sit at my lap.

She shuffles over and climbs snuggling up me so soft and silk and bouncily happily plops in my lap again, and I put my arms around her, and flop back in my chair, lolling my head.

[food metaphor: boston creme pie]

Yeah, let's find a Dunkins. When there's moving again. There's not moving right now. I glance at my sister, but she's still playing away. It occurs to me you can still get real creative on a Guitar Hero controller if the game only works like that. Like there's no reason the game couldn't make room for the player's playing instead of just saying it's wrong if you don't play the exact notes the game says. I can't help but think my music box is like that, though there was skill to using it.

Is there skill to using Boobsong? I don't think I care. That was awesome and she seems plenty satisfied. If that was a scribbly crayon picture it still made us happy.

I consider my eravahk, looking at its silver buttons and thumbstick. This is very Wiimote, but that's what you get if you wanna play one-handed and need to point at stuff. Except there's no way we wouldn't--I mean point and click H-games would work so well like this--Shigeru's face flashes through my head as I think this stuff. Something big to remember there. Huh.

Everything feels different now.

Do I need to get off Earth because it's too grown up?

...or am I remembering the wrong Earth? The person who had the courage to pull us out of nine thousand degrees of fresh lava and trust the Dreams to spike their burning from that or me was in a bee costume. The people out there who did wear clothes were a bunch of freaks, it was adorable.

Maybe this is too much thinking. Is this to much thinking, Keeper?

Your seed-ghost would stop you, then.

Yeah because what I'm remembering is how as a kid rooms full of toys felt snuggly and fun and grownup rooms felt too delicate and like everything would give me a papercut and that actually hasn't changed one bit with me. Give me my Legos and Transformers and Nintendo games and arcade machines and storybooks and posters of awesome creatures and fantasy worlds. That's still what I want around me.

Okay but those are all boy toys though, right? The answer's in my room in Strawberry Home, which is full of pretty pink stuff, it's just that cute pretty pink kid stuff is for my thirteen year old self to use on Boobsong.

I'm a Princess, though, shouldn't I have like nine thousand dolls? This has been nagging in the back of my head and now it seems so. stupid. Whether it's Mattel or the best seamstress in the entire Strawberry World, who's going to make something I can even see next to the dolly I never put down?

I seem to not be hungry now. I squeeze and grope Boobsong's breasts a bunch, listen to her little sighs, and click her capped and feel her go still.

We sit for a long time, listening to the Sugarfreaks breathing, the soda fridge, the little clicks of my sister's guitar. I finally click Boobsong small and hold her like a doll.

I still just sit. Everything seems so peaceful.

We could go take a nap on Acme Station in one of infinity comfy beds she has. I don't wanna though. I wanna just sit still.

Don't have forever? Oh, yeah. Hmm. Because Earth's not timelike.

Preview of coming tour stuff: Ariel's world needs Fairy Godmothering--ooh and I wanted to be a mermaid for a while. I could be like not-evil Ursula or something. That sounds chill. Ooh and that's the ballrooom from Beauty and the Beast. That world will make a fun toy. Daddy's monolith said something seen very far distant, that he built into me--

I sit up suddenly, searching the Dreams for confirmation of what they just said. Yeah that's you, they say.


"What is it?"

My sister sounds as chill as I feel.

"Daddy had a prophecy from the Dreams guiding him when he made us, you know. They've been telling me how I'll do really well playing the Fairy Godmother role in Disney movie worlds, because that's just Sugarfeast really. It sounds relaxing after fighting Earth so hard. Now they just told me he didn't have all the details, because he was looking so far forward, but they were telling him to make me so I would be that role. Like a Disney Fairy Godmother. And that feels so right."

"Happy news! They told me this sleep he made me to be a rockstar. Like you he didn't have the details, but he got the motion right! I'm two weeks old though. I can't be ready for a long while."

"You already seem like a seedling of one. It makes me smile. Do you mean two weeks since you got out of that bad shell?"

"Two weeks all time. I was only in there three days when you found me."

"I'm so glad it was that short! The time travel's so confusing though! Our family's bad time started eighty thousand years ago, I got born human then, our sister got born human something like thirty years ago, you two weeks, but to me we let you out last night, and then let daddy out, but he came back to you I guess two weeks ago, but he came back to me like five years or twelve years ago or I don't even know. It's just a big tangle and I'm trying to be a kid and not understand it but it makes my head hurt."

"It's a tangle! I don't know why we waited and you came out so fast."

"Wait did you learn English that well in two weeks!? Or is something translating for me again. That keeps happening and I try not to ask why again. I mean there's nothing wrong with wanting to udnerstand my world I know. But I think I do it to make myself responsible for everything and that's not good at our age."

There. Take that self-image.

"Oh this English is my words-machine. You have one. You've been using it, it sounds like."

"Of course we do."

[!] Mommy that words-machine is your Boobsong's voice too. She just makes heart-sounds. You put the words to them when you read her out. You can see her naked if you take them off.

[closeness of date] [prayer]

That...I...the Dreams have been trying to teach me to understand and speak heart-sounds. I thought it was just for daddy but I've been feeling yours under your words...say something.

[no pressure] [words] [beautiful]. [snuggly sweater] [tool-kin] [you driving].

And if I...

Mommy don't feel like you have to. The way you make these words makes your Boobsong feel seen and beautiful. It's snuggly hopeful fun to have you use your Boobsong this way. You're driving, you say what to do with this.

That's...why that feels weird. You're different to dreamtalk and hear than everyone else. I just thought it was because you're my heartchild and we have so much stuff my heart screams out for all the pain we've been through with every word you say.

How do you talk out loud then? Just saying the words I make you?

[voice] [pressure] [!]

You fuck your Boobsong with the sounds to make and she makes them.

THIS MAKES YOU SO MUCH EASIER TO HEAR! So can you not actually talk?

[ silent bunny Link ]

Your Boobsong can't talk. She's a cocksleeve.

Hug dolly tight.

The difference between what I get from my words-machine and listening to your heart-sounds myself makes me think my heart-sounds ears are broken. Or like not tuned.

[ pssht sound ] [ cold ] [okay]

Not even likely. It just needs warming up. It's okay.

Yeah. Yeah that's the problem. That all froze when daddy got killed. I still say he got killed. Just now I think his ghost was so mad it would have kept fighting forever and he could come back to life because of that. It's weird to think, I saved Laarhi and Jenner from that by making them see, but that forever-fighting is what saved daddy.

This feels like too much thinking though.

"I just found out or remembered Boobsong only makes heart-sounds. I've been using my words machine to give her a words-voice and I didn't know. Thank you for that."

"That's very nice to have come from me saying that! You can go backwards, if it's hard to make heart-sounds still."

Oh. I mean it should. Um.

[ Is this easier for you? ]

"Oh, it's the same either way. My words machine does it if yours doesn't."

"Oh, that makes sense. It is still hard. That part of me got really cold in my bad times. Boobsong thinks it'll warm up okay now though. She's always right about that stuff. Is your guitar your heartchild?"

"Yes! She's very silent unless I play these buttons on her. She doesn't think without it, just feels things."

My sister doesn't see not using words as a cocksleeve thing, the Dreams note. Which has something to do with the monolith in Boston? Oh.

"Does your words machine work on written words?"

"Only some of them. English works okay, but I can't get Strawberry."

"That's very strange. Your words machine is from daddy making us eighty thousand years ago, when he knew the Strawberry Empire, isn't it? It seems like it should work on that langauge if anything!"

"I think he thought we'd read our own way. This is new, to be so far from that."

"Ooh. There you go being wise again--we were all supposed to be born into that world, the Dreams are telling me. Well that's not fair! If I'd had all of you with me we would've knocked my problems flat. Four of us would've scared their pants off. Oh but we can now. It sounds like you got a nice welcome there."

"Oh yes it was very nice. They miss you already. You're their savior, they told me there. I think they like you lots."

I grinningly sigh.

"I have so many adventures with the word savior. At least they like me there. I was asking about written words because there's a library across the road and the Dreams have been saying lots to me about there being something to see there together with my sister which I thought meant Dove but I think she's going to be busy for a few hours and the Dreams also don't seem to want me to leave here without seeing it so I wonder if it's you I'm supposed to be with to see it--what do you think you'll do next? I think I'll sit here for a few trillion years. That's only mostly a joke."

"I was thinking I'd just follow you, if you don't mind me coming with."

"No, I think you're good for me. And very hot. Everytime I make a plan like that, though, something really surprising happens, like my sister coming back and being two weeks old and very nice, so don't get attached to it. Sometimes I wonder if I'm spiked from making plans. And if I would like that."

"Well, I'll just follow you, and see what happens then."


The Dreams think this is awesome? Like it'll do me good. Yeah.

Looks like Dove might be open right now...

Hey, you. Get this. Sis is two weeks old, but she's like a su'khora kind of, grown up right out of the womb. Sorta. Like really childlike in the ways we need to be. This is doing me so much good. But anyway my point is if we had to go to beef tallow, she won't be different, and she's experienced almost nothing. Just something to think about for when it's slumber party time. Which oh yes it will be soon. How's the Heartwarming Hostess thing?

Hey big sister! There's lots of them, but it's going really well. I can do them really fast. Kids implant in no time. You don't have to explain it much. It's very weird to think of kids with succubi, but they don't come out sexual, just very cute. I suppose they'll pubertize. Is that what Boobsong did? It's very big to hear you admit to that about two weeks old being good for you. You said that stuff to make me mad, but it's for you, not just me. Now what we do about her reading Jack and John, that's the real question.

Sweet screaming eleventy-first birthday cake--wait. Jack and John are still writing, the Dreams told me. I bet they've released revised editions--okay hold up what's this, they're like repeating themselves about us going to Middle Earth--holy mushroom crumble pops. Jack and John are stuck in their worlds. That's why I couldn't get a straight answer where they were before. If you have time check me out on this this is nuts. And daddy figures big in this--like how can he not but the Dreams are telling me.

I have time, a little bit. Yup, I've got that too. That's insanity. You were right, there's some wham line! That's not even it, is it, huh. What else can there be?

See why I'm saying I've learned not to try and guess? Oh and congratulations on the implantings going good! I wonder if this is Boobsong, because I implanted when I was so young. I was going to die because I was too premature to be born, the Dreams are telling me, but I think that gave her some crazy adaptations. Might be interesting for you guys too. Speaking of that. The Dreams just told me they successfully told daddy enough in prophecy to make him make me literally a Disney Fairy Godmother so I can help the zillions who saw Cinderella and stuff but want the FUN Fairy Godmother. Cool, right? Sis who hasn't picked a name yet is a Rockstar same way. Might wanna look into that for yourself.

Okay that's insanity. Yup, I'm Santa Claus. Like actually. The Dreams gave Papa that for me. This is nuts. Maybe I'll take the name, then. What do you want to bet they're making Papa out to be the badguy and we have to rescue them by doing cute stuff.

Still some wham line--oooh KAY the Dreams' comment on this is the American Pie Pie. Like you know that movie. There's...something way more weird here. Like epically more. Something innocent-looking is actually somebody's cocksleeve...HMM...

What if something that's in those books is one of their fantasies? Like sexually. But it looks all innocent. That could be anything! How will we find it?

Okay pretend you're me as you hear this: Jack said we're all female in relationship to god.

That's it! I'll bet he wants your help, and he of all people could never get it! What is John's then? Could he have--Gollum. Not the Ring. Do you see what I'm saying here?

Fuck. Our poor seed-kid's buried under the weight of the entire modern fantasy genre. Listen though: we're still being played here. Not meanly, but Shenanigans. I just don't know how yet. Like I don't think this is all lies. We'll find out in due time, the Dreams are telling me.

The dreamskin they're telling me is insanity. The very first toy John had was a silver ring.

Damn. Yeah, that sounds like us alright. Oh that reminds me, you have a built-in kinda-universal translator. Try some non-English stuff. Doesn't work on everything.

Okay before we run out of time, I realized before and I have to know...you love airplanes but you like to stay ground level. I suppose there's a Spektrum of stuff that might SIGnify, so don't Zap me if I'm wrong please, but could you be sending out what I'm receiving? AMA insane here?

No, you're right on the bubble. Now listen here, my insides are my business--holy plumcakes it works. That's French. That's amazing! Watch out world, Santa's coming!

This is going to be so awesome. I love the Santa swears!

Time is short to do all Heartwarming stuff, say the Dreams. Hmm.

Last question. Any idea if/when you'll be back before crashing time? No big if I'm not seeing you until morning or such, I'm just trying to decide what to do next.

This is going to be a long one. Better just expect me tomorrow. I'll be there, you can count on it. Love you!

I can't wait. Love you too! Happy Heartwarming!

What a delight she is.

I should hurry if I want to give Earth that hello what just happened speech I'm thinking of. It's ready for something fluffy, Don't forget the detector. Weild the prophecy? Oh no like, I conquered Earth. Magic's back for good. Jail's broken. Heartwarming's here and Santa's out there now giving presents out. I was onto something before when I was thinking the Earth I remember right now is way more boring grown up that what it'd become before the reset. That's who I'm talking to. This'll be on all over the world. 


If you do it you can have Heart-Churches warn it's coming on. Make the detector go, to say you're coming soon!

Ooh, cool. Feelings, dolly?

[ rocking horse Boobsong ] [ Princess star ] [ loudspeaker ] [ wet ] [ bouncy ] [ excited anticipation ] [ bouncy ]

Hehe! Let's see if I got you.

Riding out there with you to give that speech would make your Boobsong's heart burst with happy wet excitement! Know where this leads! Always funtimes on stage. Bouncy bouncy bouncy...

The Dreams think I should definitely do this on Boobsong's ponyform back...ooh. Yeah that gives a whole angle. Then that story can be over with.

Sis, then. Am I right? Daddy's super happy because you never know what you'll get making hehe a creepy doll like her but yes. Yes that one. But Terry Pratchett gave some idea of who that would actually be. Oh but there's more to say. She...helps you find your way home.

Yeah. Now somebody bring her home--oh. Boobsong and me did the other night. The Camp is her home. The Dreams keep on trying to go on about her, but I can't. It hurts too much. I know she'll be okay.

Dreams it doesn't matter if it's just a stupid gradeschool valentine. I can't.

Alright if it's going to be this big a thing and you're going to keep pushing this much, I can't give the speech. Find someone else. It hurts too much with Rada right now. I'm sorry I asked. I just wanted to know the little bit about who we all are, not get in to Rada's life story.

And I don't wanna be her Little anymore so I don't know why there's this big long timeloop thing to make her old enough. Now that my other sisters are back I know we're not supposed to work like that and I don't wanna.

They let up, but like start a new topic or something. SIGH. Fine. WHAT. I don't wanna talk right now so this had better be important. I take it from off my Siren pedestal because I feel betrayed.

Where are those cards. The visions are too hard after being harassed about Rada that way and I'm sad to be spiked from doing that speech. Still sitting there in the astral. I reshuffle and spread them.

What, Dreams.

Like I'm being too pessimistic here. I don't have to be Rada's little or sub because then Boobsong's not my Keeper.

How did we even get into that? I guess because I remembered her being Colleen.

Hey that Mark of the Pedestal Isht Visht gave me has been gone today too. Totally unneeded anyway, heh.

The Dreams keep on bugging me. ARGH. Fine. More cards though. This was supposed to be one little question, not another bullet-time novel.

This is a fresh start. She's not my guide now. Be hopeful for funtimes.

Dammit the cumming girl reminds me of her a little. She's that kind of hot.

It doesn't mean my heart's okay. More cards? Fine.

I'm sure my Siren-sense works just fine right now, I just don't wanna. I suppose it's something else though.

Risk-averseness blinding me. Think and look at my feelings.


If Rada could be like Dove or my new sister things might be different. Maybe it's that I think she'll still be Colleen, or trying to be. Was that stuff in the camp a farewell to that, instead of a beginning? I look back and there's grief hanging over all of that stuff, like someone died. Maybe that's Colleen moving on at last.

Even Death may die, heh. She did in my arms, with that heart attack thing, and Isht Visht brought her back with our help. I look back on it fondly, though. It seems so long ago and far away.

It was her grief I could feel. Her and Isht Visht. They knew that was the end of that, what they'd been doing.

Tears well up again. Like it's not that I'm sad they stopped all that or something. It just feels like my relationship with her is broken pieces that're all jammed in wrong and it hurts. She's supposed to be like my sisters are. Dove is out there Santa Clausing. I love her to pieces but I'll see her when I see her and that's how it's supposed to be. My new sister is going follow us around, probably just until it gets boring--okay, Dreams, but I can still only do cards.

Leave the camp behind!?

Oh. Because that was a one last chance for us, to say goodbye to all that. So that the wrongness I feel now could get fixed. More cards? Okay...

My remembering my submissiveness disrupted our journey.

Now I feel like a bitch--

See the deeper truth about that ride...I mean our seed-ghost did really encourage all that, including letting Rada be my mommy. Maybe there was just nothing for it, and it did give us that one beautiful playtime in the hangar, and that Openveil breakfast all together and makeover and stuff. All of that was nice.

I can't read this straight...like be strong, call her, I have my right Keeper now, or like she has me is the point.

Dreams my heart can't move that fast. It hasn't even been one day.

Like it'll help me grieve or something.

I don't think this is a good idea. Like when am I even calling her? The one after her vision quest? Is that now or in four hundred years or what?

I guess that means after her vision quest. Keeper what do you think of all this?

[ layers ] [ valkyr ] [ that first night ] [ incepted ] [ apocalypse ] [ sad lost exile ] [ boat ride ] [ Aveh's music box ] .

Your Boobsong feels complicated. The courage you had on Isht Visht helped us get back to Strawberry Home and end that world. When we were lost she took us home even though it brought so bad stuff for our love. Maybe she's not who we thought now. You see pain but maybe there's hope there. Not being back already. Just saying she's not who thought she was.

That music box sure was a wham line. This all seems so pointless though. I can't do it if I want to. I just close up.

Listen to my Keeper and try it. I mean Keeper would I be allowed to be her little anyway?

You can only be Boobsong's Princess pet.


Okay, but I have my doubts about this.


Hey Lucy! I know your real name, I'm just having fun with you. We're getting all these words about what's going on with you. Pretty hard to see that stuff. Brings back my life that I don't want have again. I don't have a lot to say here but hear me out. I have to discharge you. Fairy Keeping is beyond my limits. I read that book you left in your cabin here and decided I'm Fae. Isht Visht was waiting a long long time to tell me so we got real hard into it.

I can't be your Big but I can be your sister. Do your heart right and don't come here till you're ready, but I invite you for waffles when your heart heals. Mine took a long time, so don't feel rushed here.

I can't come to the apocalypse, because I'm done with the assignment Pop gave. The only thing I do now is write memoirs. You should try that. It heals me to think back on my time in the captain's chair with affection for the life I lived before I knew my Fairy side.

With love to you and Boobsong,


Rada sent you this when you broke up. The time crack opened up when you left the club.

The Dreams wanna...I can still only cards.

Don't be closed, the rough ride I've been impatient with is over. I'm free to just see this. Making me do anything about it would be unhappy. I can just hide out here.


She sounded so different. The letter was dreamtalked, so I could hear her, and she sounded...as young as I am.

You were right, Keeper. What do you think of this now?

[ your Boobsong ] [ hungry ] [ tail ] [ church stuff ] [ done ]. [ church ] [ change ] [ Aveh stuff ]. [ one big present 3 small ones ] [ happy ending ] [ Earth ]. [ Fairy Godmother ].

It is warming up! That was better. Do you think I need the words-machine for this one, seed-ghost?


Okay. Me too dolly. One big and three small...was I supposed to be like, the leader?

[ Katana ]

Heh. I always identified more with Donatello, but I think that's just because I like purple.

<3 Hey you! <3

Hehe, so syrupy good affection, makeouts are following that voice.


I was literally just about to have my tentacles tell me when you have a minute. What up, yummy hobbit?

You got some happy news. What is it.

Um! Let's see. I just called our sister who you haven't met yet, and like got a letter from her that she sent and my seed-ghost held onto because I so wasn't ready for it yet. She's good and like, it fixed stuff a lot. Not all better, but like...I mean time travel and relationships is such bubblegum hair. It's been forever for her and she totally figured out all the stuff that was coming between us and like now still need time so it's not all better but it's a lot better. Hugely. So that's one.

Then also, okay ask daddy the Ninja Turtle assignments of us four. Then there's one more. Then I wanna talk about Jack and John for a sec more if you have time. Which you might not. You're doing a good thing out there.

I've got time. We're in between tours of my castle. Papa says you're Leonardo, I'm Michaelangelo, the just-born one is Raphael, and Rada is Donatello. What that mean? Oh, you're the leader! Okay. <3 What's your command, goddess?

Say it that way and there's sure going to be some commands tonight! You're kicking ass out there, sounds like. Tours is BRILLIANT. Keep at it exactly as much as is fun. As for commands, the rest requires my royal bedchamber, and Mintie's approval--she's still your first and foremost.

Dammit now you have me all horny. What was that gooey-caramel next thing...oh! I forget if we got to this, but where am I seen with Boobsong almost exactly how she's about to look tonight, in the Bible? That's getting better, by the way. Our baby sister says daddy among other things made the whole thing like wall to wall dreamskins under the nose of his mind control, so that helps. But where are we, like most apocalyptically?

Where are you that you see Boobsong there as she's about to look...can't be demon or doll-form...you're death!? No, the horse is green, so who's you then...Conquest. But that means...who am I then...I can't see anything that fits...help me?

Ever get instructions how to warez something online, and it's like, so first, absolutely do not go to this one shady website. Really illegal stuff there. If you should somehow end up there, definitely don't click on Photoship.zip. Sometimes that happens though. If it does be sure not to also...see what I mean?

You really conquered me though--and the first thing you did was Princess me! I see...I'm feeding half the world tonight, I'm pretty sure! Literally, you should see these tables, you'll need a telescope! Mintie says she could fit all of them.

If we're the horsemen of the apocalypse, who're the other two? Rada's Death, that means she brings you back, and the youngest makes peace with everyone! This is great, I'm happy now.

I'm also sometimes called pestilence, but you really have to think outside the box to get why that would be, heh.

Your demon plague! Ehehehe They're everywhere!

Hehe, They're all around--OOOooh~~...

Wait a minute. Is THAT why it's that way? It must be! Okay my seed-ghost plays this game with me where I have like a quest log but it's super cryptic or weird. I have this party game called Spin the Lens I've been wanting to play all day...so my seed ghost gave me a quest: Play Spin the Lens with the family all around you. I've been trying to figure out what that means. It means all of you, who'll get that reference! Okay this is going to rule.

Marathon describes my thoughts for later!

Hehe, your horny lessons are working. On me UNF. John forgot about midnight snack! I guess it really does come back to seven in the end.

Okay but how far does this go for real. If I tell you you're visitor number 777777, what would you say to that?

The story got confusing. There were lots of facts and puzzling things about it.

Oni my real sister would get that one. But anyway. Have you noticed that you're currently in the middle of your apocalypse ride? We were made to bring Earth to Happily Ever After here in the Dreams. Daddy couldn't say that straight so he told the opposite in Revelation. There you go dancing on famine's grave. Who better for that than a hobbit. I'm not sure but I think I'm about to go out there and tell everybody their Fairy Godmother is on the prowl so get ready to get Princessed. The party's just getting started, just like our kid sister. And Rada's not coming. Because she's done. It's nothing with the breakup. Her job was to bring back all the lost dead from Earth and she did and now she's off in a vacation cabin like fifty light years from here writing her memoirs. So that's the next good news. Ready for Jack and John got great tits on?

Where's Hades, though? Do we have an extra sister lost? Papa says no we don't. Who're we missing, then?

He's...eating the candy I made before? I made some candy that gives you lots of cocks everywhere so one of my friends could prank another one. What's that have to do with anything? Something with hotels. Wait a minute, I have no idea what Walt's been up to. You don't suppose...AAH! Seed-ghost don't you DARE give that note that way!

Your seed-ghost has a better use for it.

Walt Disney is the king of the underworld. How can he be Death's companion?

Because the very first thing that happened to me after she brought me back was I got Cinderella'd. I went from thinking I was this kid from Connecticut to ending the Strawberry World because I was their Princess. When the Dreams told me I'm literally a Fairy Godmother, they showed me Steamboat Willie's steamboat lining people up by the billions. Narnia and Middle Earth are going to be huge, but can you imagine how much Disney stuff is out there, that'll be totally lame without Fairy Godmothers? To say nothing of Santa Claus.

Holy firelit popcorn balls. That'll be awesome! Okay so Jack and John.

I love your swears! So like...our baby sister's doing me so much good. I can't wait for you guys to meet. The very first thing she said to me was how much she loves that you bring toys to life. One way is just...like with Narnia, I was thinking, if you're inviting me, can't it just be for a party? But you actually can't, for real, because this is Narnia, there has to be some kind of like lesson to it. Like Eustace turned into a dragon by falling asleep on a dragon's hoard and thinking greedy thoughts and nobody questions that. So what if the plague is, people get monsterfied, and it's the ones who should be, like to the best of daddy's ability to figure out how they should get monsterfied, which is probably pretty good, but, you can unmonsterfy people. And it works. But then...like what're the consequences of that, for your soul? To encourage someone else in rejecting that part of themself? Pretty bad I bet. So I don't know what happens but some kind of bad thing happens to you if you do it, and also the high queen monsterfies more. Except you're not actually monsterfying, you're being transformed by Narnia itself which as a land of mythical creatures and talking beasts NEEDS those monsterfied people, and you're turning into a mouse because that's Narnia screaming as each of those unmonsterfyings tears it, because it's yelling for its people to have courage. Which is why you turn into a mouse more and more.

It's crying out for them to remember Reepicheep sailed off the edge of the world to explore new stuff! And that says I'm the symbol of the land so now they're real stuck when I call you in.

And then Jack gets swept up in the tide because monsterfying can totally change your sex. We don't even have to find him specifically. Do you think it's too much with the whole purging thing? I think it makes sense. Like Narnia doesn't have guardrails except Aslan sometimes. Silver Chair is all about how much it doesn't.

I...people just sit with stuff, unless you make something scary happen. They'll decide it's fine, and not learn the lesson.

Yeah. It's just...I think I'm so used to fighting as hard as I can on Earth, I'm worried I'm acting like this is that way. I'd be cheap as hell if I thought it'd get that worldgate open, and I don't wanna do that here. Because I keep having ideas like. The purging should be Jack-style, where it looks holy and right but you kind of think about it and you're like no, that's evil. Take a page out of NICE's book or something.

You have to destroy a lion's head. To get the beast out.

Oh that's good. And the first time somebody does it, the halves of the Stone Table get up and fit back together. Keep going and the crack gets fixed. Then the knife starts rematerializing there, like standing up in the middle all messed up scary. Just for extra spooky.

That's the only time you'll hear me say leave that table in half! That's wicked! It's good though.

What if what we're missing here is they'll celebrate the monsterfying? Without being made to?

I don't think they can. It's true being animals doesn't worry them, but monsters will. You think that's all the same stuff, having tails and horns, whatever. They see some as good, some as evil. They'll try to stop the evil ones.

Oooh. Duh. Okay then I know what happens if you purge someone. You get their monster stuff. After a while. And the only way back is for me to candy them, which is why you call me, but just candying back doesn't un-tear Narnia. You have to put stuff back where it came from. Too much?

No, perfect. The only stop is heartforming. Everyone has to get succubi because there's no other way to make sure everyone gets their monster stuff right again. Candy's not that perfect--is it?

I don't think it's as good as nectar is.

Then I think the real question, is how we get them succubi? They won't be able to do what I did.

You might have the key to a lot of that. You'll be Narnia's best friend, with your specialty. You're right though, or I wouldn't be part of this. I really have no idea. Like it's a kids' book world. Maybe that's it, like this is just your show, and I'm the set piece. Everything hangs on me so much it like never occurs to me maybe I'm just a pretty face for once.

I don't think you're giving that enough thought here. How would you break through to them?

Alright, this a country, so can't get personal the way you and I did. Like as a wedge I might start on how Narnia's actually clothing-optional, and like yeah it's clothing for Sons of Adam and Daughters of Eve but not others, but what about you, friend centaur? You're looking fine with no shirt on...that's a tall mountain after that though. Dolly what do you think? Not nearly enough thoughts from you here.


Wow, that's a different way to talk! Holy tissue paper, that might do it!

That's heart-sounds. She actually doesn't talk on her own, I've just been accidentally making her use my words machine. I can't believe that would make the difference, you really think so?

It'll make the difference. Trust me.

If you say so, but...like is it the greek statue thing? This stuff never makes sense to me.

She's a demon, isn't she attacking us all with horniness? Nah, she has no pussy. Must be different.

Alright the Dreams agree with you, but seriously what the fuck.

I don't want this to be that you're chomped too--

[!] [ label ] [ cocksleeve ].

Okay. Well then I don't like putting you in drag but maybe needs must.

It's a challenge, can you do this without pussy out?

Heh. Like if this does it, fine, but the logic makes my brain melt. OOooh. The sound. We make sound. Like you can hear us fuck. The Dreams just reminded me of that. If that goes off in a stageshow...or even just the rumors get around, we could play it as monogamy by magic. You must embrace the monstrous, but it'll make your sex life pure. No more masturbating! We forgot to do our domestic duty with all this drama, so it happened on stage because we went too long. Promise is a promise, and the magic makes us keep them. It doesn't have to get them all, and we'll say you can decide not to, iF aSlAn dOeSN't mAkE yOu! Daddy'd be sure to have opinions there.

Holy pizza tots that'll do the job. I'll let it out that I'm like that, like rumor-wise.

Okay. My brain can stomp crumbling. Good one, dolly. Wait you like pizza rolls? I mean of course. But now I want pizza rolls.

There isn't a snack food in world I don't love. How about goldfish?

Okay I'm making some as soon as we get out of this bullet time I just realized we're in to talk to you in your castle. I'm sure you saw my cake was just a huge Pepperidge Farm cake.

Shift gears...to sexy Disney stuff...pussy...Beauty and the Beast rose.

Whoah. The Dreams just upped the ante hard. They suggest the monsterfying like seemingly chomps you--there's no reason stuff can't just be locked away--and the only way back from that is heartforming. Like your beloved already has your crown jewels but you have to call for them or so. And also that this would be a very metal way to go about things in certain Disney worlds for extreme cases.

Like for instance our particular kink solves a common question about mermaids.

Now that's got gravel up to its head, not just under its feet! Very harsh, but it'll get the job done!

Yeah. I'm liking it. What's weird is they're encourgaging us to go through this so much now. I don't mind talking to my soft snuggly sweet girlfriend with a voice that makes me wanna cum caramel, and it does feel like it's doing me good somehow, but, weird, right?

I mean I suppose there's how I see this stuff. Why make it all terrible? Maybe I come in and I'm like, relax you guys, it's a game, you all have beloveds waiting, it's time to find them all. THEY'RE IN STORYBOOKS AND PAINTINGS AND DAYDREAMS UNDER BIG TREES. And also Boobsong's cleavage.

If it even gets that far. Maybe Aslan tells everyone what's going on right away, but there's people stuck, and you call me in for them. Like they can't believe where their beloveds are. I like that better, it's like kind of dufflepuds. Which I'll note was done by a star.

That's so cute I'm gonna cry! Let's do that one that's SO better!

I AM crying now! I feel like I just coughed up some big awful thing and I can breathe again. Okay yeah. Make it cute. Like--

That's Sugarfeast you numbnut!

Wait who said that.

Oh that's me. Or was that you, Rainbow?

That's a very silly thing to ask! I'm you in puppet-time, remember?

That is the weirdest feeling. Okay.

I mean I guess really this is just Sugarfeast coming to Narnia. With official support.

You seem lighter. Your voice is different.

Holy fireproof wedding cake frosting in a laser beam. I know why Jack and John actually fell out. Like yes the divorce thing but do you see what that means, here? Why John would freak out on Jack so hard for that? They're in separate worlds, are they not reconciled? Do you see where I'm going with this? This is all connected, it's all one thing.

And yeah I feel lighter I feel like I have birthday cake frosting where there was like Xenomorph blood before or something. The idea that we can still be ruthless and it's this cute and kind is so refreshing, I can't even. Like they're chomped. What's kinder than freedom from responsibility here? Maybe it plays with them--I could make candy do this, if daddy doesn't wanna get personal--what if it plays with them, when they see a likely dreamskin? Nothing you can do about it. Stiff upper lip if you wanna but your resolve is only so strong, said Lucy really needing a drink of water. Not necessarily all the way, but maybe just a flirt as much as the dreamskin brings stuff up. It can be a whole cute holiday with pink cakes and candy and stuff.

Which I'm all saying because there's some way we can apply that way of seeing things to the nightmare of grimdark horribleness that is John's heartchild getting turned into Gollum and the One Ring.

Oh get this. I have a Precious. Yeah, Boobsong, obviously, but like, if I talk to myself, she puppets me to respond as her fanfic of me. Isn't that so cutely messed up? I think it might come in handy though. Like what if John's heartchild turned to that as a way to get through to him when other stuff wasn't working.

Okay PLEASE let me hear your Precious talk.

Will you say hi, Rainbow? Er here goes...

I'm very excited to see how you like me in bed, so please make big begging eyes to ask for me when we get back to Strawberry Home.

You got it, Rainbow! Who's bringing all their adorable hobbit charm? Me, that's who!

John cut off Jack because Joy was divorced. You think that was close to home. It probably was. Heavy issues, then, not just accepting the monstrous. What're we going to do with this? You could melt the ring in a heartbeat, but that wouldn't help us--

Okay first, AUGH. I'm so doomed.

Second, like, this is a seed. I come down, and get at the ring. Show them my starfire and say I'm another world's sun and it's waiting in darkness for me to get back from this, that's how dire this is. It's not a lie, Acme Station has lights but they're always off because I'm the lights, and we power them just like we would our planets if we were normal stars. I blast the ring. And it turns out it was gold plated. And I just tell the truth. The ring wasn't forged, it was made from one of Boobsong's daughters painted over with lies about their being for power or something. And then I don't know.

My Siren sense is saying Metroid...oh. Fffuck. How, though, there's no way there's a time crack or there'd be no LoTR! Okay super long story I wanna see if Boobsong can cut through this for us. I'll explain.


Oh. Yeah. Duh. Like that literally happens in the books really. Who's our elf--

Sweet merciful cocksleeve bracelets R2 is just speaking robot heart-sounds. Sorry. Just realized that.


I gulp a little because the heart-sound for ocean is just being at the seaside of a moonlit beach together.

OH! Duh. Sorry cocksleeve. We'll have a pass because we're from across the water. Alright did this just get much shorter and less painful? Are you tracking this?

She thinks we should grab Frodo out of an inn like Aaragorn and take him to my castle to teach him about heartforming and show the One Ring's true colors. You and Boobsong will get a pass with him because you're stars from Illuvitar's hall. What's the Bear and Prince Philip for? I can't read her there.

Oh frazzlepops, that fell out. I'm kind of new at this. Sorry dolly. Um.


He won't follow us but he'll listen to Jack! What's this Rainbow part with the glow igniter?

You and me came from across the water. We're looking for the one who can bring the light back to the One Ring's by wearing it with love toward it, knowing it's a companion like Boobsong. I'll turn her into one for a minute so they can see the family resemblance. Only you can do it, John, with a heart full of love of the stars and green growing things!

Holy fuck. You and me are perfect for this. And the Dreams just told me that's the way.

We can say the evil was in wearing it for the sake of its power, instead of the love it has to give, and that's why the Deciever painted it gold. He'll be so stuck. The color of Numenor is silver.

If that doesn't get him there's no hope.

Yeah. Also I'll go to war for that power versus love thing. That's totally true.

I need to say this. This is great and it's all because of Boobsong. And I have a problem. Like I hate to say it but I think Jenner kind of got me. When I get into something like this I have this really deep-seated tendency to like, leave her out, like she's in that box or something. I hate that. But I keep doing it. I resisted it this time some and look how much better this got how fast. Once we get Jack we'll have John in a couple of hours, tops. I thought they were both going to be huge epic quests. And it's not just her ideas. Part of the difference you see in me is how much warmer my heart is because my dolly is here and part of this. Let that be a lesson for you and Mintie, but also, maybe we should watch each other with this stuff a little? We both have the same hurt. You tell me. And I'd like to hear Mintie's opinion if that's okay.

I have free will, so it's a little different here. You've sure got me watching, though.

I'd like to hear Boobsong's thoughts on how to get Narnia fast, then.

I love you so much. That was my next topic, too. Mintie, thank you.


That's everything we said except...it's much faster. Can they really go through that fast? Maybe that has to be. I couldn't have gone through this slow. We have to do everyone at once so they don't have time to tell other people.

What if I make like a reverse, easymode Redemption candy? It puts you in a trance and you go to some nice bed. You see dreamskins based on what you like. They change until you find a good one. You're chomped, but you get played with like we said, and the candy gives horniness on top of that. If you try to get out of bed, Aslan comes and growls you back into bed. He can do like a kitten thing and put you back if you try to dive past him. If daddy approves that message it's truthful.

He says he does. We've got this, that has to work! It'll just keep on going, right? Keep them in comas until they heartform?

Yeah. I can make it give life support, too. If they get stuck the Dreams will just spike them. This can't fail. I'm kinda said though, I was curious if mouse you would make me just die of cute.

You can still give me mouse ears and a tail but I'm keeping my girl body. They'll just disappear when I have sex with Mintie, right?

YUS! That's how I like my beastkin anyway. And yeah, they'll nectar back in no time, and I can give candy time limits. Thank you! I know you're not quite like me there. Maybe that's a thing--oh but Mintie has a Boobsong form. Which I wanna see if it's not private. I bet we sisters can have some really weird eightsomes...

Okay real question. Is there any reason to not just go do this? Do you have to be queen first?

I don't see why we can't just candy them and I'll come after. I still want the queen thing, but it's so much less work now! This is some kind of lesson, huh.

Paradise doesn't let people suffer extendedly, and the phenomenal cosmic power we have let's us play that way, so we should, for stuff like this. Save the games for happy times. My Fairy Godmothering is going to be that I hope, because I think the alternative is doing like our sister did and existing in a pocket of time that allows her to cross and cross her own timestream but she doesn't get out of it until it's over with. Like so she could pick up every single person coming out of death at once personally becuase she likes to work individually.

The Dreams show me a big X when you said that part about our sister. She took her memories out for safekeeping and went back a million years to just get everyone. Losing her memory let her do that because she didn't know what the future held. Now she's back and has them back again.

Oh. Yeah that makes more sense I guess. In that case, are we nuking John hard enough? What about Middle Earth? I suppose if the One Ring gets revealed to be Frodo's heartchild that'll shake things up real good. Oh the Dreams say it'll make it so daddy can talk to them. He'll have that all sorted out in no time. It's hard to think how we can amp it up with John past Jack snatching him so two actual stars can explain stuff. I'd say we should take him to Acme Station, but then he'll be mind controlled--

That's exactly what we want though! You get mind controlled just by being in there?


Yeah, good point. This won't work if he thinks he's on the Death Star. Saruman and all. This takes your castle. It'll still only be a few minutes I bet. You and me can wow real good and I bet your castle DRIPS goodguy flair. Acme Station would be spooky if the trillions of eyes watching me weren't Boobsong. Like not literally but I feel her everywhere. And like, the story it's left with I think is important. We're leaving Narnia with a dream from Aslan saying take these lovers. We're leaving John with a couple of stars just coming down and fixing stuff like Gandalf riding over the hill at Helm's Deep. And reconciling him to his old friend. Those are the right stories for those worlds. Do you see what I'm saying?

Oh and Acme Station's like really important. It's not like your castle, I'm not into hosting.

I get the impression it's just like inside her.

I'm really excited! The one piece we're missing is where Jack is and how we get his trust. Can we really just tell him that we have the solution to his fight with John?

I think with daddy's help we've got this. They got Ransom fast--oh but he already flew with the badguys. Frazzlepops. Dolly you're kicking ass at this, what do you think?


Dammit cocksleeve it's really hard to cry in bullet time! Jack's got a Lucy most people think is an idiot but he looks up to too. If daddy commands it he's in.

Well that's easy. He says he's all ready to give the roar.

We're so going to get this done from half a second of bullet time and whatever time compression you have in your castle there, plus a few seconds in Narnia and Middle Earth. This is epic. Okay dolly is the candy delivery a conflation jump, or what? Like to get just the people who need this? Or am I shooting where I could use grenades?


Duh. I keep thinking spiking is like a mistake to avoid instead of the Dreams helping us. Alright, why use grenades when you have a SPNKR. Wait how do we FIND Jack?

He'll come to us, says Papa.

As I start to think about the candy I'll make, I see another flash of that drill I used to find out how to make black pudding. It finds a stack of Narnia books in a flash, and the vision's gone. Um. Eep.

Okay, well I guess if you have another five minutes before your next tour we have time to go save Narnia and Middle Earth.