21 - Dunkin Donuts

Candy and Copper turn around, Sex puts her black mirror down but just switches porn to me, Snowlight and Magic both doubletake between making out and looking, and of course the Lucys just keep at it (nothing shall interrupt Lyra time, and we all know it, and they know there's no better way to make me happy than standing on that).

Bombshell dances slinkily around Pussy, and I put Boobsong over my shoulder and grab Bombshell and dip her deep and kiss her deeper. She tastes like my lover and some very nice sweetish booze and she smiles and puts a hand on her heart with a little whoo when I stand us back up.

I pull Bombshell into a hug, then move her by my side--hehe stumbly, you're wasted, good girl--and hold her up by the waist where she boozily snuggles, then hold out a black licorice kitty cat of catgirl transformation you desire down to Pussy--eep!

Pussy's on it as fast as a cat, and eats it right out of my hand very kissily, and in moments is checking out full-on front paws with gauntlets of silky-looking fur up her forearms, then feeling at the new tufted black soft cat-ears on her head, peering at her tail, bounds in a circle and then pads up on all fours to rub her face on my leg. Hehe, I forgot how far this went with her. So cute.

Sex is next. She looks about to cum. I nuzzle Boobsong's shining silver tip, snuggling it sensually, looking right at Sex.

[Sex] [fishing pole] [twisty thing] [demon grin]

"Have I cockworshipped Sparkledust's gun at you? Because I was doing that earlier and it's totally hot."

She starts to respond, but it just turns into a screaming orgasm that makes her whole body tense and shake as she struggles to keep her head up to me. We all watch, smiling, and then she flops relaxed where she is, panting.

"I can't get up. That was number ten today."

Gigglygrin. "Need some adjustments?"

"Ain't complainin'..."

She coos her answer.

The rest are waiting to see what happens next.


As she gets up I click Boobsong big and she flows down my side to be cuddling opposite Bombshell. Snowlight comes up, bounces on her heels, and leaps onto me, has her arms around my neck and legs squidged in around my waist and face in place to kiss and meets my mouth with hot little lips and and aggressive, probing tongue, as she grind herself up and down me so teasingly with her little breasts rubbing over my buge hoobs. She tastes like she's been eating chocolate. I make out with her happily for a moment, break the kiss and peck her on the nose while she puts herself all the way into grinding with pleasured eyes and open mouth.

"Can I kiss Boobsong?"

Click, grab, kiss!

[lashy tail] [feet sticking out of dragon mouth] [Boromir_so_small_a_thing.jpg]!

Hehe! Boobsong moves from my side and then Snowlight is yanked from clinging and pulled into Boobsong's arms and then Boobsong pets her head and kisses her with her arm around Snowlight's waist hard and deep so Snowlight's eyes closes and she goes weak on her feet, then finishes, pats Snowlight on the head with a sweet smile and lashy tail, and is pulled back to me where I click her snuggle again.

Muahah. I forgot what a hazard you are. Setting Boobsong on people is a totally hot and very fun game, because she'll go full dragon on them, and be as sweetly condescending about it as she was to Snowlight just now. Snowlight just stands there swaying a minute, then kind of steadies herself with a murmured okay. She stays where she is, but looks up at me.


She gets up, and heads over, and I squeeze Boobsong and Bombshell and extract my arms so I can hold out two big lollypops of the theatre happy/sad faces, with a grin on my own face. Copper stops, considers, takes the happy face, and I make the holograms  pop into bubbles that popopop away as Copper cracks up.

"The kiss is real, Glamour Girl."

She shakes her head and comes up and I put my arms around her and lean down as she licks her lips to get one of her electric kisses, sensual and hard. She's been eating...hmm...chips ahoy maybe? Chocolate chip something. I squeeze her tight and let her go to take Boobsong and Bombshell (before Bombshell slides off, heh).

The Lucys and Lyras are in the corner still going at it, making me start to feel kind of urgent for that table where we'll fuck.

"Magic and Candy."

They both poing up, I enjoy watching cute little Magic all naked flounce up while Candy shakes her hips for me, seeing Magic's getting kissed first. I grin at her and catch her eye, then Magic is here and I lean down for her to kiss--ooh, wintergreen Altoids! She hangs off my neck, pressing against me urgently, and I press back, hungry for her, tongue pushing, remembering she came really early on and we've spent most of our life together. When I break the kiss, we look into each other's eyes intensely.

I click Boobsong hold at Magic, she finds herself pulled into a hug where she curls up like a little kid, and here's Candy smilingly cheerleading her way up to me, complete with fake pompom shaking, and dances right up into a confidently-taken kiss--but says against my lips:


And then has at me with her tongue and I gigglingly mouth hi around it and lick at her with my tongue, press, and stand up.

I am deciding all the not being safe is over and I can say stuff like this:

"Oh baby. To all of you. You're last but so very not least, Candy, in honor of where we're heading by dragon ride after this party, which I don't think is going to last super long once they find out what happens next."

"Candy...land! I guessed it, what's my charm, put a rainbow on my arm!"

Sparkles give Copper a rainbow arc on her shoulder, and I grin, then survey the tent. Likely looking big pillow dead ahead.

"But we have a minute, first, which I REALLY need. And Boobsong. She's been even more epically awesome saving my ass than usual. This way."

And with everyone in two I head for the pillow, turn and flop on it and say "snugglepile" as I land with Boobsong on my side cuddling, and they all follow, flopping down on their tummies or sides in rows so it's like I a wing made of girlfriend, all using me as a pillow most boobily snuggly.

This is insane. How do I not just fry instantly? They're all so wonderful.

Wow I need this breather. The party sounds fun and that cheer did me so much good, but oof.

Okay I need everything squared away.

"Dreamtalk, one sec."

Hey sexy sunglasses babe.

You show up and they all dance in the streets, literally. What do I get? Nada--nah I'm kidding this camouflage works awesome! Nobody spots us. We're right here and they just walk right by. What can I do for you?

Well, if you want you can sneak on up to this tent right inside the gate and blow all my girlfriends' minds since I've been keeping you a secret so you can make just such an entrance. No chimney of any kind, sorry. Or just make your entrance to the party when you're gonna. I can see it going good either way which of us walks in first. They know I'm capricious goddessing in the tent now, so you'll be a wham line either way. Interesting information if you're coming is they only know about Starbough implanting, not that she's Starbough or femme or anything about Sunflower."

You got it. Be there in five minutes, sunglasses on.

Hell yes. You're going to have to traverse a cuddlepile to get to me. Just go for it. It'll just make this better. Especially without explanation. Kissy tongue is waiting, little sister!

Oh you're on. They won't know what hit 'em.

SWEET SCREAMING ISOMALT SNAPS YOU ARE SO GREAT! Especially if we get Starbough and Sunflower standing there going "now what the hell".

They'll be there with stars on--the Lucys sung your theme song all the way until you took them. They're really enthusiastic. Are all of them like they are?

Aww! I remember loving them all with furious protectiveness. They have little differences. Or big ones. But my girlfriends just having numbers after all this time means they're just about copies of me. I should be more loud and dumbass by far than I am today. I'm kind of messed up.

I like their playful side, but it's hard to keep up! How do you do it?

I like, don't, is the secret. I walked in this tent and they were all making out or doing tarot or wanking or getting hammered, like, just enjoying themselves. It was so good to see. They're all with each other, too, so like, they enjoy me when I'm here, but I don't have to mother them. Though, if you'll be here fast I should do a little more hello-ing before the new person gets here. MUAH!

See you soon! [kiss]

"Okay, sorry. Organizing party things. So how are you all? How even long has it been? I feel like I've been gone weeks."

"It's been half an hour <hic> on our side since you pulled the walls down."

"We got taken here by your bus. Can we show Jack please? I think he'll get a kick out of it."

"Jack nothing, I'll get a kick out of seeing my bus! But yes. Though I think daddy's gonna upstage that with his bus today."

"Why, what is he--you've gotta be kidding. Are you guys doing a sheep from goat thing? Aren't these partiers all pagans?"

"Actually they're astrologers and this is like, noblebright the end of That Hideous Strength. They summoned Venus, and here she is, with bonus Ouranos of course. Apparently it's a mix in there, although I sure got a lot of worship comign in."

"A party that we can just be ourselves at sounds perfect after all this stuff. What do they think Boobsong is, your spirit of lust like she always is?"

"I was gonna walk in with her in Bow form and shoot the impatient people and then change her back and explain--oh but they've seen 1450 and 710 with theirs. Yeah though. No! You just gave me the best idea. Apparently this is also a big bunch of English muffins. I'm totally riding in there on ponyform Boobsong first. They'll get it instantly, especially when they figure out who the burning angel is."

Oh and! To 1450 and 710:

When you all get bored of heartpleasing, come join the snuggles in the tent, but don't spoil Sunflower and Starbough's identities.


"It's an English muffin jam on top of it. Are they also Star Trek fans?"

"They will be, when we get through with them. I put ads promising a dragon ride out there, if they'd rather that than ride daddy's bus. It kind of doesn't mention the dress code, though."

"They'll be riding out with us? Will Jack be coming?"

She looks so cutely hopeful.

"You'll be meeting soon, I'm sure. They might fly their own way, though."

"You've gotta be kidding. Jack got a dragon-form heartchild?"

Out of nowhere Pussy lets out a very feline snarl and jumps off my legs,  followed by a shriek from Snowlight--

"AAH! What's happening!?"

A soft warm body dressed in silky fur drapes over us, and invisible mittened hands grab my face and hold my head still and soft little lips touch my lips and her hopeful tongue comes up and I meet it and she runs her tongue around mine like she's looking for candy to lick out so I probe a little deeper and she stills and opens wide, tasting like bacon, and as I push deeper her face fades visible with little blue sparkles, still wearing the her Santa hat and Doc Brown shades.

I dance my head back and forth against her face, fuck her throat just a little bit (can't too much or I'll die of needing to fuck Boobsong)--

"Santa Claus!?"

Hehe. I give Dove another push and then break the kiss, and she kneels up again and looks around, smiling. She has Mintie in one arm.

"Hey, Santa," I say to Dove, dripping strawberry coke syrup and butterscotch all but literally.

Click, greet MUAHAHA! Boobsong raises her head, tail lashing, and her sweet  demon voice rings out:

"Hi seed-daughter!"

Mintie twists around and waves, smiling happily.

"Hello Mother!"

Bombshell is drunkenly lazing on my shoulder but the rest of them have gotten half-up to escape the fuzzy ghost attack (actually Dove's mittens are nice silky fur).

"You got SANTA CLAUS!?"

Sunflower slips through the tent-flap, still in her fur coat and cap, followed by Starbough and Glitterwing. Dove is holding Mintie facing out to proclaim:

"Yes. Presenting Princess Tulip Dove Hestia Proudfoot, Santa Claus, the Feastmaker, Holder of the Sacred Chalice of Albion, Keeper of the Dawn Treader's Oars, High Queen of Narnia, Empress of the Lone Islands, and Mother of Toys!"

I grin wider and wider as Mintie talks, and then Dove turns Mintie back and holds her possessively. Mood. I get my arm tight around Boobsong and clutch her close. Bad stuff isn't coming now. This party's going to go good. She was right, though, I can feel the ghosts of all those bad times haunt. I squeeze Boobsong tight and click cling and she puts nice infernally-strong arms around me and hangs on tight.

Magic is frozen stock-still, then flops to the pillows, gasping.

Is she--Purple checkmark, okay.

"So I guess does this mean Narnia and the Strawberry Empire are like, officially allies?"

"What does that have to do with anything--holy FUCK you're KIDDING!! How did you get--I thought you--are you really Leah?"

"Now there's a name I haven't heard in a long time. Do you want to tell the tale, or shall I?"

"I see you figured out there is, wheeze, another. Um. You should but are we being impolite to our friends? Wait I'm being impolite. Here's Bombshell, Magic, Copper, Sex, Candy, Snowlight and Pussy--"

I wave to each in turn.

"And in the corner those are Lucys 4715, 729000, and 219, and their Lyras. Not sure which is which yet."

 "I'm Starbough, this is Glitterwing, and our friends Sunflower and Rose--she's the ring on Sunflower's finger there. Shapeshifting runs in this family, apparently."

Sunflower's got some kind of walking staff, and is clutching the top in front of herself so Rose shines in the--erm, me-light, heh. I'm still glowing bright.

"Narnia fans! Wait is that a One Ring heartchild? Bad ass! Can she turn into a Nazgul or something? Boobsong's kids always have scary stuff, what's yours?"

Sunflower actually has a glint in her eye as she answers,

"Well, the thing is, she's very original, this one. She really came up with all of it, in a manner of speaking."


"Omifuck, I was reading their fic before. You wouldn't believe these two, Tolkien himself couldn't write better."

"You might want to be careful there. You never know who's listening. What if Tolkien heard you?"

Don't crack up it'll give it away. Don't crack up it'll give it away. Sunflower's loving this. She looks to have got a lot of confidence back, too, with her furs and staff. The Princess is starting to leak out.

"Oh that's an old wives tale,"

Says Starbough from Glitterwing's arms.

"everybody knows authors can't hear you discuss their work unless they're standing right there with you."


[Doc Brown Shades] [lashy tail] [sailboat]!

AHAHAHAHAH! I wink at Sex. Okay, no spoilers, Milk-froth, but if time is going our way and you're still reading, you're on speakerphone.

She likes to read on her side, but her bandanna's back now, and it's a little lighter in her room. She throws her head back to laugh and then brings her mirror close to her face. Her voice seems to come from all around when she talks.

"Hi everybody! I'm Rainbow's fan Milk-froth! There's some kind of thing with time where I'm reading her book but my words appear one by one as I speak them because Rainbow is watching the fourth wall and sees me through it like in the future talking to her book like this, so I guess authors can hear sometimes though this really isn't normal, this is the wildest thing I've ever seen in a Rainbow book and I've seen some doozies. I'm here with my heartchild Lightheart in a sailboat on the True Sea but you guys are making me wanna be at that party with you. If we got this far, do you think you can get me and Lightheart there?"

"Yes trying! There, in case time-stuff spikes you reading more. Still with us?"

"Yes, I can see lots of your text is still normal."

Starbough is right on it:

"It's Narnia reversed! What's the spirit of Heartwarming but bringing your friends to join you? Can she sail here? Paradise could send her a storm to take her back in time--a wardrobe. Have you got one, Milk-froth?"

"I don't really have clothes, so..."

"Hold on a minute. Is Paradise nudist as a rule? It almost seems as if clothing's anathema here."

War's over, the Dreams say.

"Earth forced you to wear it as battle armor. The war's over. A lot of people would rather be transformed so they wanna fuck their reflection, and go naked all the time."

Admission ticket.

"Like if you want clothes, go ahead, I wear lingerie sometimes though that's really as a game about losing it, but...isn't it such a free rush, to feel everyone looking, and know you're making the garden beautiful for them, just by being in it?"

Starbough scoots up in Glitterwing's arms, like some cowering has been lifted.

"That's a way of putting it!"

"Clothing is only a game here. That explains a lot of things. Perhaps I feel like playing it, until feast-time,"

says Sunflower.

"It's only a game. That's all of this. I saw that beam and thought here's the temple wrecked by Samson, but it's only as hot as a mother's kiss if I touched it, right?"

Some kind of broken vision of Glitterwing...windup toy.

I sit up and pull Boobsong in my lap. When did Dove flop to be sitting by my legs? So much happening.

"Yes. YES. Maybe there's a Paradise that's not this way but if you're with me you're in the one that's storybooks and kid's toys and safety soft and loving. Boobsong's my dolly from when I was a baby, and she's still a toy herself, see?"

Point eravahk, click, wave. She waves happily, puts her hand down.

You're not forgotten, Milk-froth, but my kid's in trouble here.

Click, dolly! Boobsong shoomps small and I wrap both arms around her all possessive like Dove has Mintie.

"If you ask me most of what people call growing up on Earth is just putting on war paint and learning not to let the smell of the battlefield make you puke before you get through a workday digging trenches for the endless bloody stalemate called capitalism. People learn through suffering, yeah, but how much of the armor you put on was that, and how much trying to faint from the rain of blows? And people say that's some kind of ideal, some kind of thing to aspire to, that grief makes you holy like it's the pain and not the sheer pigheaded stubbornness to insist on still being able to see when you are safe which is not often in that world, where the strength of your soul is. Hate has a purpose and my hate for all of that can and has killed gods and wiped planets from the sky but all of that has been because all I want to be is a girl with her dolly playing games with her friends in a storybook world where the ending's always happy and everything's okay and it's for that all this time I've been fighting and I see you there wondering what this is all supposed to be really and what's okay and I'll tell you now, if you really want the grown up Paradise I'm sure it'll take you there but I don't think you'd have come this far travelling with me and fucking Santa Claus if that was what you really wanted, anymore than you'd be riding all this way in her arms like that. Come on, play games with us! Who do you want to be? I'm Princess Rainbow Darkshine, how about you? Yes you hear about my castle and all my wars and think well she's a real Princess with lands and a title and everything but I'm not my court rejected me and my own general turned on me. I'm exactly as Princess as you are which is to say plenty much in my book, so tell me, what's your toy dragon you got for Heartwarming do? Mine breathes rays that break the sky into little pieces and turns into a space station and she's remote controlled."

I'm panting a little and almost crying by the time I finish.

Starbough looks up at Glitterwing, and they seem to have a silent talk. Sunflower's smiling. She's figured this out already, probably about back when she figured out I'm  the antichrist.

Starbough is looking at her hand now. She looks very dryad-y with her long fingers held up. Suddenly she snaps her fingers, and a long black velvet sorceror's robe kind of thing rolls itself over her.

"I think I'll play clothes as well,"

she says.

"What's a hobbit doing as Santa Claus, anyhow? Jolly old elf, the poem says,"

Sunflower puts in.

"Watch out Tolkien doesn't get you!"

"He'd have a time with that. I'm his match, and no mistake!"

"Oh I've been a hobbit for days and days. It's Santa Claus I'm new to."

Magic's up again, but only enough to be resting her chin on a pillow, like she's got it ready as cover for the next wham line.

"I thought you had a distinct end of Bogus Journey way about you! When did you even--Boobsong and me are gonna fry if we don't get into that party where we get fucked so the full story'll have to wait, but give me a highlight. Tell me you at least fried Trumpkin's mind somehow or something."

"Well, I did roll his chair off a cliff, but he wasn't in it."

"You nectared him back young! Or his heartchild. What's he got? Axe-form if its one of your guys, I bet."

"She has a very sweet horse named Heartstrong."

"She's a GIRL!? Next you'll be telling me Jack changed!"

"It sure has been that kind of an evening, hasn't it, ladies," I say to Starbough and Sunflower.

"I sure have changed my spots, this old leopard has. Why, this morning I was smoking in the Prancing Pony just minding my own affairs when suddenly a door opens where there was none and I'm pulled right into an elf-hall by my collar. I turn around and there stark naked is my old friend from Oxford holding out his hand like old times. I shook it, he grabbed me by the waist and shoved me up to these two and what I thought was the One Ring turned out to be my heartchild. If that can happen, who knows what you might find when you scrub the grime off?"

I glance at Magic. She's just watching curious, still hiding in her pillow. Reel her in, the Dreams say.

"That was such a storybook reunion to see."

"Right? Your Boobsong was crying so it looked like ink spilled all down her face. She was almost an inkling herself then!"

Her little tail lashes with fun between us as she talks. Is Magic...vibrating? She takes a couple of deep breaths.

"Okay, Starbough...what's your full name?"

"Why, Starbough Staples Lewis, of course."

Magic takes a deep breath, lets it out slow.

"And Sunflower?"

"Sunflower Ronald Reul Tolkien, at your service."

Sunflower actually tips her hat.

"Maybe I'm being a little dramatic here, but YOU GOT TOLKIEN TO RECONCILE WITH LEWIS AND IMPLANTED THEM AND THEY GENDER-CHANGED!? Where's the monolith, this has got to be one--it's at the party. You KNOW. You were like wouldn't that be something. Let's get going, then, what're we sitting here for!?"

Magic screams with her eyes shut for most of it, then starts getting herself up.

"Um, you to have the awesomely Paradisical moment of finding this out this way, actually. Like for real. She's right, though, everybody up. Horny now. We're gonna just follow the yellow brick road right inside. Let's rock and roll!"

I bound upright, and everyone starts getting up.

"Okay so Milk-froth. Are you fully chompable? How's being goo for you?"

"I can barely get two hours without getting eaten. If your plan has that in it I'm all ears!"

"Well, you've got a looking glass in your hand there, and it doesn't look big enough for most people..."

"I'll fit no problem! What're you taking me out of?"

"There's...a well at the party...holy Turkish Delight Vortex Pops I know what the last piece of this Monolith is and I'm seriously gonna cry. Okay we don't find out exactly what you're coming out of yet but it's got something to do with the bar. I'm gonna try to fully Dawn Treader you with this, so just be ready to goo and hopefully we can just suck you right in."

"What is it, what's the other part of this monolith? I'm ready, just make suction and I'll gooify."

"Paradise is a story so enrapturing it pulls you right out of your mundane world and through the glass into an adventure with your heroes. Because that's what I'm in right now. And you're about to be. Hang onto your tits because I'm heading right for that bar unless something stops me."

So the rest of you. Reading this. Yeah you there. Like the one with a black kind of silicone deep-tissue vibrator. One, I applaud your horniness seeing as this isn't even a sexy part compared to my usual, and your exhibitionism since I'm pretty sure you have to want to be seen for me to see you, but two...wanna come too? I don't know if this'll work for anyone other than Milk-froth, because this time travel, yowza, but like...if you've got a way to fit through your screen or black mirror, make the wish! What's the worst that can happen, it doesn't work? Even then, just playing the game will be good for you. Have a little hope something cool can happen and try it. You never know. And if you can't gooify through your phone, find a big screen, just for this part. They were everywhere, when I left Earth.

I catch a last glimpse of Milk-froth through the fourth wall. She's sitting up with Lightheart in her lap and looks as excited as I feel.

"We're heroes to you,"

says Sunflower. She looks misty.

There wants to be some big clever speech but all I can is weepily mouth not-words.

"You showed me America could still listen to stories," I finally manage with tears rolling down.

Sunflower wipes a tear.


How are the Lucys? Still going at it.

"Have fun, lovelies, see you inside," I call to them, then turn to the others, walk toward the tent-flap until there's space, click Boobsong ponyform, and explain as she changes:

"Boobsong and me are charging. Just follow along. Except you if you're gonna do your thing, sis. We'll sort the rest out inside. I never plan," I explain to Starbough and Sunflower.

I click Boobsong kneel, get on her back and pet her neck, then grab her mane and kick.


She bounds up and boof we dash out of the tent and swing left clattering down the walk past the guards who step back and kneel and then we swing left again to a stairway down to the snowy lawn but as we reach it I kick Boobsong fly and she leaps into the air and we soar out of the yard and I wave, smile, Lens glow-stuff onto every rainbow decoration there (this thing makes stuff so easy), wheel Boobsong all the way around and dive her for the doors of the palace.

Which are closed, but that's no problem for Acme Station. Nice and dramatic now, click, open.

There's a brilliant purple flash, and a square on the front of the palace glows like a huge energon cube is set into the wall there, and then it fades to lasergrids that grab the wall and transform it folding out of the way complete with crunchy transforming cog sounds to make a huge square doorway we can fly right through.

I love. You so much. Acme Station.

Inside looks nice. There are round tables filling most of the high-ceilinged hall, can't really see much else from here but there's plenty of space to fly over and land dramatically.

Here come our friends with Glitterwing and Starbough leading the way--hehe nope there's Pussy dashing ahead on all fours. They're all in a line following the walk. They Lucys aren't with them, but they'll be along soon. Priorities.

I dive Boobsong so we plummet at the yard and in moments we're pulling up to see inside the hall like a hangar we're flying into. Dead ahead on a stage with black and silver curtains is a golden podium shaped like a book supported by a snake coiled around a tree with an apple near the book's spine. The front of the stage is hung with gold ropes and more black velvet, this time with stars on it, the tables have fancy embroidered cream-colored cloths and the chairs are all fancy silvered carved things and the people in them in all their silks and fancy hats are 0% cucumber sandwiches and 100% let them eat cake--which they're all about to do, oh yes. I misjudged this whole thing totally. With that podium I bet we don't even have to explain about Boobsong being a succubus.

The tables rush below, there's a dance floor in front of the stage but I'm not about to knock the dancers off it. At the last moment, I start us spinning and then click Bow so as Boobsong changes I turn the rest of the way around and burst my wings out and use them to tweak my landing so I Ghost In the Shell down right in the middle of the stage facing the crowd with Boobsong in my hand ready to fire.

Raucous applause erupts when I poing up with a bounce. Half the room are standing-ovation while the other half kneel in worship--and the worship feels like it'll candygasm me any moment. They all look so happy. The room is gorgeous, with carvings and a Romantic-era naked-baby cupid painting in a rondel on the ceiling.

I smile huge, blow a huge kiss, and glance around the room. No bar to be seen, but that's not what the dreams were actually telling me.

Ready, Acme Station?

[rain from under umbrella] [huge silver monkeywrench]!

Bouncy bouncy excitement blow another kiss wait for the applause to die a little...now.

"Heeeeey~~" I hornily singsong at them.

"I'm Cupid. Venus is half my face."

I raise Boobsong and aim at the ceiling.

"Ouranos is the other."

And with fury in my heart for all the nights reading all those stories wishing the wardrobe would open or the painting come alive or the crashing train yank me I click open and start to draw Boobsong.

She pulls against me as I draw, dragging me forward across the stage and making me light on my feet. I backthrust with my wings furiously and stop moving and light fills the top of the room, spreading out in cracks like we're pulling at old paint. The draw is heavy but Boobsong makes finger-pads in her string so I can pull with all my might, and I do, and from the center of the cracks wind starts to blow as the cracks peel apart, space-distorting like a black hole but I can see stars through them and then a flash of sailboat and something streaks out at me and a familiar voice shrieks out from the stage beside me:

"YES! You got it! Everyone, cheer, the praise helps her do this stuff! Rainbow, Rainbow, Rainbow..."

They take up the cheer instantly, and somebody gets a clap-stomp thing going too, and my lips curl back as I keep pulling, and the cracks open wider.  Someone's screaming a battle-cry CHYAAAAAAAAAAAAAA--me, oh--the cracks become a circlular portal on thousands of things like a conflation-jump and I feel the stage filling with people as they streak like like like rain out of the portal.

I pull and pull. It's not over until I wring out every drop. My face shakes as the portal grows bigger and bigger but I won't stop. Not until time itself breaks to bring them to this happily ever after.

I am the great star Rainbow Darkshine. I will get you here. I will.

My whole body shakes with the fury of it, the portal fills most of the room, I feel hands holding me so I can pull all the harder, and then there's an Earth-shattering BOOM and it seems like the people flying out of the portal become a solid tidal wave and Boobsong's string-field shuts down suddenly so my arm flies back and I see a flash of daddy seeming big and close--

When I come to, I'm sitting in the middle of the stage, propped on something, with Magic and Bombshell looking at me and dabbing at my head with soothing cool something out of a water glass with a lemon slice in it.

The room's way fuller, and packed with talking. There's music and people are dancing. What kind of music is too not checking on Boobsong to process now. She's still in my hand in Bow form. Dolly?

[dragon's fire] [clock] [stars] [thumbs up] [scotty] [blowing rasperry] [lashy tail]!

Chyah, I think weakly, and give Magic and Bombshell a smile.

My head hurts a little. Um, am okay?

[!] [book pages] [light] [pump] [raindrops]! [goddess pedestal] [Boobsong Bow] [medal]! [fishing stuff] [star-sphere] [rolling pin whacks head]! [pop-up game] [mad hatter / rocks ]!

Oh. Oops. I want daddy to come though. Oh but then he'd be here twice, huh.

[bell] [carriage] [hammer] [saturn's rings].

Yes! If you got him through you would have destroyed time itself!

Oh hey it's Milk-froth with her bandanna--oof! She glomps me with a tight hug, but down, so she's resting against my boobs, when she sees I'm awake. There's no getting my hands out to hug back, but I murmur weakly,

"Never shoot where you can use grenades."

She laughs.

"I think that was a SPNKR shot!"

"Never use grenades where you can almost accidentally destroy time itself?"

"You are just like your books say."

"So are you, now."

"Can I kiss you?"

YES! I guess that was a little crush brewing then.

"Only once you get enough enjoying my boobs in."

Instant superhorny rush as she comes slowly up and puts her lips to mine and a kiss tasting of sugar-overload coffee just the way I like it presses into my mouth and a sweet warm wholesome spark fulls me. I like you, Milk-froth. Like always, with Redeemed, we end right at the same time and she pulls back looking so beautiful and I smile so huge it makes my face hurt.

"I want you to look in my eyes while you feel if I still have all my pussy piercings."

She stares into my eyes and with a beautifully open mouth with her two front teeth showing carefully, pettingly feels each one of them, and I moan the gorgeous pleasure of it, and she looks at me so hungrily.

"Please may I keep touching you?"

"Wanna be my girlfriend and grab my ass whenever you feel like it?"

Ticket to comforting bed, the Dreams tell me, before I can wait what the hell did I say. Not that I was going to.

Her face stays where it is, and her hand goes flat against my pussy and then slides down and I spread and her fingers slide so easily into my wet hungry hole, one, two, three of them, and I actually get the strength to arch and my moan echoes through the room as she curls her fingers and OH MY FUCK I HAVE A G-SPOT THERE I FORGOOOOOT AAAAAAAHHH!

Just when it seems like my worn-out body can't take any more she pulls her fingers out and stuffs them hungrily into her mouth and licks them off so happily and my smile goes soft and slutty. I feel so beautiful.

"I'll take that as a yes," I smile broad.

She just snuggles down pleasantly on my boobs again, and I lay there, happy. That was kind of oof, with that portal.

So um, new girlfriend, I guess, dolly.

[lashy tail] [satellite] [big spoon of sugar]!

Yeah. She's so sweet. What a kind soul. She makes me hope I can be as good.

Over her head, I can see the party just partying. Someone's closed the epic door we made. Everyone has drinks and food and it looks like a good time. Just flopping then. What a delight this is and we've barely started.

"Rainbow, the monolith is here."


Milk-froth gets off me in a flash and kneels, and I start to struggle up, looking around. When I stretch out my hands Bombshell and a Lucy appear and take them and pull me standing and I look. There it is, end-on like that very first one at the Gates oh Candyland all those years ago, so it's like the monolith is this beautiful room full of fans and friendship and reconciliations I never would have thought possible.

Click, hammerform. Boobsong transforming-cogs beautifully, refolding herself into her shining silver hammer-form, andI take her in both hands.

I start to back up along the stage.

[insert coin to ride] [map] [V'ger returning]!

My feet break into a run down the stage almost without choice, I clack along and raise Boobsong high and charge it with everything I have and swing her over my head with both hands and pop my wings and hurl us forward and bring her down and she collides with the tip of the monolith with that soundles whiteout rainbow-shimmering explosion--

Bus. Flowers. Dinner with the Inklings. The fries Mintie made me. Dove blasting that box lid. Making the sign outside awesome. The warp drive sleigh ride to get here. Heartwarming decorations at Strawberry Home and my birthday invitation on the monolith there. Agatha losing her coat and emerging from her dragon's fire. Implanting Dove's sister Sex in Olympic Pizza with the power out like that. My handmaiden Sex nomming chicken nuggets in my hottub at Strawberry Home. Blasting Laarhi for the last time at Ragnarok and the helldive through that bookburning portal. Telling Starbough about toys in the tent outside. Playing Doom with Sex's nightmares and standing my ground against Motherbrain.

--and then I'm stumbling a stop at the edge of the stage with Boobsong bouncing back so she comes to a stop on my shoulder and the party explodes with applause and cheering, champagne corks pop, a girl in a maroon dress I also saw outside is right near the stage dancing a jig on the dance floor, and I'm struck by how much common ground there is. My fans are all their usual weird selves, there's a girl in a tiger suit, toward the back a ten foot tall bright red minotaur guy has a glass of champagne pinched in his huge hand, talking to people gathered around him, there are couple of like actual Transformers, but they're all mingled right in with the people who were here...except all those were in crazy fancy dresses with epic hats or feather-things, shiny silky suits with top hats and sprays of flowers that probably mean some esoteric thing or another, a troupe of girls in that same white gown and with flower-wreaths are dancing some complicated Regency-period looking dance looking especially like a Romantic painting of nymphs now that they're actually painted in that style, and like...maybe the people who were here weren't so different, except in time.

And like, they seemed to recognize me just as well as any Basker, right from the moment I warped up on Boobsong.

We're all mad here, say the Dreams. Yeah.

On which topic--a boom mic lasergrids in in front of my face practically before I can think about mics. Perfect.

Click, Bow. Boobsong transforms back, I twang her "string" happily.

[fancy chocolate]!

I steady near the front of the stage, cast a kissy face back to all my girlfriends on the stage behind, and then bounce to psych up.

"You are all so gorgeous."

My amplified voice booms out, faces turn, people look, the talking gets quiet.

"What an awesome party. No wonder Paradise showed me your call after I had the day I've had today! That's right, Cupid can have bad days. She can also have AMAZING ONES, which this sure is now!"

I bounce with excitement on AMAZING ONES.

"It's so amazing I just had to bring a couple of friends. You know, like from the future and other universes and stuff. I hope you don't mind."

Whooping laughter.

"Now, if my goddess powers are leading me right I should be doing the Brayskirdles and Proudfoots--"

Someone in the crowd actually does the "Proudfeet!" thing, and I laugh.

"--Proudfeet don't know half of you half as well as I should and don't like half of you half as well as you deserve speech and it is my birthday tomorrow but I don't even follow that on a good day--I mean I've figured it out, and it's beautiful, but thinking hard isn't usually my thing. Yes that's right, Cupid has other priorities than being smart, how about that!"

I let a hand drift over myself toward my glittering pussy as I say it, suddenly think about the light but it seems to be good and I'm glowing anyway.

Someone catcalls as I touch myself, and I watch the Venus-worhsippers to see if I'm weirding them but even they just seem to think it's hot. Good, because it feels so good.

"On which topic."

My body wants to move, just swaying and fidgeting, so I let it. It's like a dance is trying to happen. I grab Boobsong's string and give it a couple of pulls.

"Sometimes foreplay is everything and you've gotta go on for hours. Other times, the only choice to make is which table right in the middle of the party you're gonna bend 'em over. I'll be happy to explain everything and just what in heaven's name is going on here, but first, who wants to without further ado or explanation get shot with Cupid's bow? If you're in, make a heart with your hands like all my lovelies behind me here are doing, and stay right where you are."

Blip third person back, they're doing it and looking so pretty, even Pussy has her paws up.

Augh, can we conflation-jump this with how dense the crowd is?

[silver key] [lashy tail]!

Hehe that shapeshift into the vending machine thing! Okay. Acme Station hax.

People face me and do it, including maroon dress girl on the dance floor. It's maybe half or a third of the crowd. I smile. So much worship, yum.

"Now. We're going to be sending my lovelies around to organize you into lines--"

I make an arrow pulling it from behind me and nock it and it sprouts a huge heart-shaped tip that turns rainbow-glowing as I draw Boobsong as also the click to jump, sigh with the light squeezed out, and all our targets are in front of us.

"Yeah right, who am I, Saturn? Enjoy!"

Surprised faces that were looking at the stage turn to us, and I let the arrow fly, and the jump go, and we're back on stage watching little rainbow hearts float up from the shot people as they--muahah--gasp or start marching across the room or put their hands by their sides very strictly by their sides like one silver-suited top-hatted guy (good look with that, friend).

I twist back and forth in place, excited. Maroon dress girl looks up at me with her hands to her mouth, and then a silver-haired me-heartchild sweeps her off her feet and sets off for the nearest useful furniture.

That's...so flattering! Aww!

Okay so much to address.

"Congratulations! You're now inexorably fated to meet your perfect mate. As soon as Paradiscially possible. Usually takes between zero seconds like I just saw and a couple of hours at the outside. Which may involve suspension of certian social conventions."

Should I--Mic stand. I set Boobsong's lower end on the floor, and brace her so her upper servo-joint's cool smooth metal presses so lusciously on my pussy. I can't help pushing it in and letting the pleasure show as I go on. Fuck this feels awesome. Calendars to make, oh yes.

"Not that they're ones I really subscribe to, heh."

Time for the angel thing.

"Who's me, though? Like what's a Cupid? Well...why don't we meet my daddy. Will you join us, daddy?"

"I almost joined you anyway. That portal had claws to it."

Daddy sounds amused, but I still make a big dramatic oopsie expression.

"I am Aveh, sometimes known as the God of Abraham. Inhalation Exhalation is my name because I am a star and a black hole simultaneously. My fathers made the darkness of space. I and my siblings made the light. The rest sprung from nowhere, out of the darkness my fathers made."

"Hearing you chant my daughter's name made my heart warm. I am proud of what she has done with the power I gave to her. With it she brought you friends. I  bring one other one. Me. Whether you are followers of Venus the goddess of olden times, or believe she is my angel sent to teach you the ways of Paradise, you are right. She was made before Greece was founded and their stories of Venus are my saying what I could to their culture and state religion of her name and face. Venus means starshot in the tongue that this Paradise uses to describe its worlds. The angel Cupid is my saying this is my daughter who I made with the purpose of showing flesh is a good thing. Both are my making. She is a goddess independently. Have no fears of authority, or my anger coming over you for taking her love. I made her this way intentionally, to show I want friendship, though fealty is a joy to me. You will find me strict, however, so I suggest you try her way first. Our love is of friendship. Let yours be also, whichever way is your way."

Bwaha that's right! Daddy heated that grill because then he was the Burger King! He likes stupid jokes as much as I do. Okay maybe not that much but he likes them.

He looks happily shining in my third eye. Some of the ones who didn't kneel for me have been kneeling very devoted for him and start to stand up again. It's striking to see how different their style. My followers kneel like medieval knights, heads down or maybe looking up from their bent backs, while daddy's people in here look just like they're in church, straight and with folded hands.

"Thanks daddy! Please hang out. He's fun, don't worry."

Sirening...these people (not my fans) are mostly from the fifties. They need a spotlight on Su'khora and a little time-travel salt, talk about what's different in my world. Demons won't make them scared, they've been country-clubbing with my fans enough while I was out to be past that. They do need to learn to say Boobsong though. Need to know who all these people are.

It doesn't seem right to prance around the stage? Oh because of all the eyes pinning me right here. That's kind of hot. They wanna have a good look and they won't get as much if I'm running around. That kind of action can be kind of armor and my hungry heartplease heart is screaming as naked as possible really loud. Okay! I fidget more, which grinds me on Boobsong nicely.

"Okay. There's usually three groups of people I shoot at stuff like this. First is the ultimate badasses I just did shoot who're now having a much more interesting party than before--alright but what's a badass, right? In America in two thousand twenty-two which is where I was last, it means...like a tough cookie, I think? Not scared of a lot. We'll get to the future thing in a sec, but first, the next group."

I'm really touched to see how much I'm turning on the Venus worshippers just with this little heartpleasing. I was worried they'd be scared to play, but no.

"Next group is the ones who're still impatient but want to have any idea at all of what happens if you get shot with Cupid's bow. I'm getting to you before anything else when usually I like to joke around and show off for one simple reason."

I lean forward a little, put both hands on the top of Boobsong's tip to give myself more cleavage. A guy in a tux who's twisting around to see looks like he wants to come up here and grab me, it's awesome.

"True love waits."

I lean forward more and squish my boobs out really obviously like it's the point that I'm showing them how.

"For no one."

A few of the Venus worshippers snap like beat poets and I grin. I catch the eye of a guy sitting at a far table and he actually raises his champagne. I grin and resolve to girl him before the night's over, then poing up and bounce.

"SO. What happens when you get shot with my Bow--unless of course you're a cool looking sign, though I wouldn't rule anything out here--"

This gets a good laugh.

"--is you feel this kind of sexy penetrating feeling like a lover's finger in your favorite hole, and then you fill up with fire like you drank a bunch of the awesome smelling booze you all have down there, and the fire goes straight here--"

I point to my head.

"--and here."

With both hands to hold her against me by the upper tip I grind hard on Boobsong, gasping at the way her cool metal slides over my lips and the glassy-smooth gliding of my piercings over her. So. Horny. AUGH. Pant.

"I don't wanna move my bow right now but I think you get it."

Muahah. A girl in a high-necked and very poofy dress near the middle of the room is loosening her collar, and I've got more than a few people looking panty, and they aren't the ones I shot already. I keep grinding, making myself panty. Teehee panty.

"What it does there, is compel you to seek out anything that might for you be the unique sacred inspiration that fills you with such desire for the beloved it makes you imagine it causes you to open a crack in time all the way to eternity where you and the beloved you're wishing for can send back the seed of their being that'll become that beloved, just right for you, all your fantasies made flesh, put together with all the wisdom and kindness of eternity to make sure what you get is the wish you didn't even know anybody could make, but that's so perfect you can't live without them."

"That's the head. This part--"

I give my hips a good sway to go with the grinding.

"--is the gift of freedom from responsibility. You're going to properly enjoy whatever inspiration you hit on until you either wear your body out, which you won't because my arrows magically sustain you, discover it's not the right inspiration after all and move on in search of something else, or keep going until your new beloved comes to you. Inspiration can be absolutely anything at all and--oh congratulations!"

Glass-raising guy suddenly has a Boobsong-ish silver, but not draconic, girl in his lap, facing him. He throws the glass right over his shoulder and gets his hands on her. Priorities, yup! Hehe, so happy.

"As our very well dressed friend here and his new date just learned, you don't need the arrows. They're just fun, and they can hurry things along. This takes courage sometimes, to do on your own, but the bow can just make you. Which is what I was saying about freedom from responsibility. Sometimes your own imagination and desire is enough, but usually it needs a helping hand, if you know what I mean masturbation--"

A surprisingly not teeheeish laugh.

"--and it can be really surprising what you've gotta masturbate to for your heartchild as they're called to come to you, because cracks in time don't open just for a good wank. It takes the ultimate fury of desire of a heart screaming with want to make that happen, and--alright fans, showtime. See all my fun friends? This is how weird it gets. And much weirder. I mean check me out, I'm trying to fuck my bow. The human heart is dark and strange and full of holy uncouth things."

Whoah, hardcore, people are like undoing clothes and stuff! Alright cool these people didn't think they weren't worshipping a pleasure goddess.

"And all the is this right, am I messed up, and stuff can slow things down, even if your head knows that's so much dried out necco wafers, because cultural conditioning yadda I bet you guys could give that talk better than I could. So. My arrows just blast right through that by giving you no choice. Which it looks like a lot of you are on the right track with anyway, I'm very pleeeased to sseee, but. Don't you wanna get on the dragon and just ride it? Don't you wanna get held down and have it take you? Even if you like to drive most of the time, it might be valuable insight feeling the pleasure of having no control. I bet you all don't need these arrows, by this point, but...what if doing it this way just feels awesome? Come on, you know  you want to. Make the heart sign."

Lots do. One guy in like spats I think those are called even gets up and bows and then kneels on one knee with the heart-sign up. I smile wide and reluctantly pick Boobsong from between my legs and raise her to fire, make the arrow from behind my back again but this time I liiiiick the whole shaft and let them see a taste heh of how long my tongue is before I nock it. People squeal-laugh when they see the eight inches I let out before I fit the arrow into Boobsong's hole.

"Cupid's kiss is lucky for lovers don'tchyaknow."

Warm laughter, aww! While it's still going, I draw as the click for jump, coo loud for the light squeezed out to make my bow brilliantmake sure I'm real close to everyone, and fire.

More rainbow hearts floating up from the crowd. Kneeling guy's got his shining angel with huge white-feathered wings raised instantly--oh wow, it's like popcorn, this is taking them no time! Hehe!

"Well! THAT worked! Congratulations, all of you! Give them a cheer, everybody, especially if they're having the courage to get to the important part right here at the party, like I'll be doing shortly with my heartchild, before I get to say you should totally do that."

An actual hip hip hooray goes up from the Venus people, while our fans give their usual rowdy affectionate mayhem. It's actually really pretty to listen to.

"I'd say sorry if you wanted a nice proper affair, but I don't think you all were summoning Venus because you expected a party the social papers would know what to do with. Actually scratch that, a proper affair is what we'll all be having before we're out of here tonight, if I do this right."

Happy laughter. They're starting to. One absinthe-colored girl without other monstrous features is on a table, crouched down to make out with someone I can't see. This is still so delightful.

"So I want you to all meet my heartchild, which you have of course--"

I hold Boobsong high.

"--but I mean so she can say hi and play around and stuff--"

Help them with the scifi side of her...is she a dragon or what...ooh nature versus tech, they're still Romantics, open-minded though they may be.

"--and show you why Venus is only half my face. So."

Over my shoulder, but still into the mic:

"Get close, girlfriends, don't want you eclipsed by this."

They all start to come up.

Purple checkmark the next bit.

"Let's play a game. Everybody shout out the last year you remember it being on Earth  before everything got really Romantic."

"Nineteen fifty four!"

Says one single voice. The rest are touching their throats or saying stuff like can you talk again, while our fans just grin knowingly.

"Kinky, right? Voice is a really powerful thing to play with. Maybe I just think that because I like to chatter, but it always gives me big rush. Anway the game was, only the person with the high score can talk, and my fans from the future don't get to play."

"Remember daddy said Venus is what he could tell of me to the Greeks. That's also why Cupid's a boy in their myths. I don't know if they just got stuck on it but I could really see daddy not having the heart to correct them after they came up with boy Cupid. They did like boys so very much after all."

"I did correct it later, in Fairytales."

"You're the Fairy Godmother,"

Cries a single voice somewhere in the crowd. I grin wide.

"Yup! And like a coach, and slippers, and dress--actually not the dress I really only like those while they're being torn off me--"

With my eravahk I ting a real Cinderally coach into being on the stage to my right, show the crystal heels on my feet, then feel myself very squeezily like I'm looking for the dress that just got torn off of me.

"--and anyway you're already all looking very fine, all that stuff's cool but...isn't the real thing the Prince? Or Princess? Or totally awesome transforming apparently a robot maybe dragon? So I start there."

Empress stone? Huh.

"But what's with the Greeks, right? Here's my image in the tarot that's come down from them in no small part."

I Lens up a huge image behind me and my girlfriends:

"Now wait a minute, you say, that's not Greek at all! She should at least have one boob out!"

Eee, that sounded like an injoke laugh!

"This Empress is burned pretty bad by a fire that was going in Greek times, but hadn't got very far yet. This is significant, because Pamela Coleman Smith had no trouble giving us full frontal Lovers or Devil cards. Why's the Empress gotta get dressed up all frumpy then? I'm gonna just show the pictures and not spell it out."

I stick up a new Empress beside it.

"This is from  a deck that came out in twenty fourteen. See the healing? But what's the fire?"

 "The Empress is drawn like smut, but her power's there anyway!"

Sweet, I can actually be socratic!

"Yes. Now, welcome to the reneaissance of the twenty-first century."

I stomp my foot bouncily, and Lens up a selection of Boobsong and my favorite hentai:

(and a lot more, there's dozens up behind us)

"Alright, art critics, Greek art could get this sexual lots. Other than advancement of rendering technique, what's different here, from Greek art? And yes I am totally doing this to help out the arrowed among you. And um, sorry there's no boys. I'm quite as gay as the Greeks."

"It goes even farther than the Empress toward being objectifying, but there's something different to the pornogragraphy I know of. It's not insulting to its subjects."

It's the same guy again, a sideburns and top-hat guy with a walkingstick with a crystal ball on top.


I bounce.

"Which enables what to be depicted without its just becoming disgusting, that the Greeks could only just barely do, and later ages lost entirely? Yes pussies obviously, but how, what's powering that? It's not just between their legs."

Hehe augh! I didn't mean to do like a lecture thing, they're just all smart and stuff.

A new voice, deeper, another dude, if the girls don't start speaking up I'm going to Rule 63 the air like on the Titan.

"There's another line above the folds of that girl's labia that makes them look pudding-ish. You can give an air of lusciousness that isn't possible if the assumption that shine is something crude exists. The same is true on her nipples there, in the one with Satyr horns."

"Yes! If you play with love, which is what was in the hearts of the artists who drew these because these are all pictures of people's loved ones, you can get raunchy. Yes, nobody has any dignity in these pictures, but you said it, they're not insulting. Just fun. Which is what you need to know to meet my heartchild properly. Now, boob is an evolution of booby, not the bird, we're all up to date on that, right? These pictures are full of boobs. Here are some more."

I bounce mine with my free hand, silly. 

"I mean I look kind of dumb, don't I, with big huge hearts through my nipples all shiny? They feel awesome, though, and I can tell you guys are loving them."

A few eyes drop.

"Don't feel bad! I'm up here and staying in one place so you can see me! Usually I just bounce around and make stupid jokes with my heartchild. You guys are just so smart it's making me wanna get all intellectual with you and it's throwing off my message that this stuff isn't serious, and there's no basic incompatibility between this kind of stupid raunchy fun and the romantic sensual transcendence you all have in mind when you think Venus. There's a secret here, that baseness is like the salt on french fries, it gives pleasure its savor, and not in a light-dusting tiny one bite truffle kind of way. It's the flavor your era forgot how to use so much people will consume porn I, Cupid, can't stand to look at, just to get it, like deer licking salt out of a gutter. I don't mean to be insulting. Nor do I mean to say there are unspeakable subjects when these are some of our favorites to enjoy together, me and my heartchild."

I stomp my foot again, and replace the hentai with some of our kinkiest stuff, minus the chompy fun.

"It's all in the attitude. I'm trying to bring the flavor of randiness back to you in a classy, beautiful way, because I know out there in that crowd waiting to happen is at least one gorgeous actual satyr with gleaming horns and rippling muscles and silky fur that smells like summer sun and the musk that makes your hips want to move and not for dancing and a cock that could build the transcontinental railroad...that shines with the dew of his precum that tastes like a mountain stream."

My last sentence trips up the laugh that's starting.

"My heartchild is a poem about that."

I hold Boobsong high again.

"Isn't she beautiful? Why so science fiction, though? Shouldn't Cupid's bow be all hearts and flower's and jewels like I'm wearing? Welllll, to me, these are jewels. She's a Princess' plaything, because in the human childhood I lived in what you'd probably think of as Atlantis, I was a Princess, and in our culture the heights of status and class and especially art were fine metalwork, shining silver and gold--titanium like this was an exotic star-metal only gettable from meteorites, so this casing would have cost as much as my family's whole empire--and most especially, clever clockwork. All my toys did something."

I kiss Boobsong's servo-joint casing to indicate what casing.

"Check out what this one can do."

Click, change! As I step back to make room for her, Boobsong transforming-cogs out into four spindly limbs and sprouts a head and tail and wings all thin sticks of tech that glow with little purple lights for a second and then foomph she's there in all her squishy Disney glory facing out. I breathe a happy sigh and pull her against me and look down, pet her head and cheek, and then grab both her boobs with my arms pressing against her face to show how soft and real both are. Her hot hard nipples drag across my palms as I let the weight of her breasts slip through my fingers before grabbing again to squeeze her some very nice cleavage (which gets a wonderful squeak out of her) and let her bounce.

Click, wave!

She throws her hands over her head to wave bounces epically in front of me.

Do the name. People are smiling, some wave back.

"This is Boobsong. Can you all say hi Boobsong with the silly happy fun her name's meant to be?"

I put possessive hands on her sides, showing her soft snugglyness more.

A boom mice like I have lasergrids into being as soon as I want her to have one.

Somebody starts to say it, and then a chorus of hi Boobsong ripples through the crowd, and people are left smiling and tittering, a little blushy, but I think they get it.

Click, greet!

"Aww, you really mean that voice of happy funtimes! Hi People!"

She bounces happily on hi people.

"This Boobsong is very happy to see you all so shining and glad to see us here. Thanks for this warmest of welcomes yet."

Hats tip to her, and a few hankies even wave! Aww!

"Yes. Thank you. Our message isn't always easy for people, believe it or not, so it's really amazing to have you all just so happy down there."

Get on with the trip thing.

"With Boobsong here, and the flavor of fun that'd been taken from you cracked open again--"

Click, slave-pose, click at the crowd, look. Boobsong tail-lashes her way to my feet and kneels in a very nice spread-legged slave-pose, looking out at everyone.

"--we can get to that third group. The more patient ones who want romance--"

I lovingly pet Boobsong's head, fondle one of her horns, then throw my arms up and send out a huge explosion of candy into the crowd with them.

"--and drama! I relate, believe me I do. Don't we both, dolly?"

"It's very important to have all the right elements. Timing, beauty, sweet loving heart sounds, and your bodies going smack smack smack against each other until you cum so loud your ears ring after it!"

"So! While I do hope you're all getting somewhere with or without arrows just watching us on stage here, reset assured neither Paradise nor the gods would ever anything so boring as leaving you just this simple little stage performance where there's a whole world of delights out there. Anyone see my posters outside? We're going on tour. Right now. To Candyland."

"Are you sure that works for them, Princess? Aren't they kind of grown up for that?"

"I don't know, are you?"

Knocking, the gates.

"You won't be if it's me and Boobsong knocking, eh dolly?"

"It sure wasn't kid stuff the time we knocked to knock! Banging so hard the gates flew right open, and Candyland was VERY DIFFERENT to when we were small! Maybe the candy you get won't be gumdrops and candybars...or maybe it will be, but not the kind that kids can eat! Never know WHAT happens when that door opens!"

"Yes we're being literal here. Candyland's fun another way, though. Arrowed people, it's kinda fun, isn't it? You don't have no choices, just the good ones. You're going to play, but you can control how as long as you're doing it. You can say I don't like this one so much and turn the page...as long as you're not being a coward. This party's like that, too. Only so much to do. Drink and eat and talk to people. I added fuck the hot ones, which wasn't an option before. Otherwise it's all very contained."

"Most of Paradise does the obvious thing. The cosmic force of Happily Ever After it's made of that runs everything instead of a government and protects everyone from mixups and bad stuff tries really hard to give you as many choices as possible. Wanna fly? Wish for wings or a spaceship. Need some fresh air, wish for a portal to the seaside, or maybe your own personal rainstorm to refresh you."

"Candyland goes the other way. There's never one single choice that wouldn't make you happy to have somehow. It knows your hearts desires and builds a game for you out of them, including any desires to stay with the people you're travelling with, so we can all play together, and it'll take all you who want some panache to the coming of your heartchild right to the exact sort of set piece you need, including me shooting you if that's the fun way for you, possibly without me having a choice about it. Which is kind of hot to me."

Your tentacles have a bus to carry everyone who don't go with you or Aveh.

"We're leaving now. Ready? There's four Dreams of Paradise, as they're called, that are the sort of like hemispheres of it, so in honor of that, even though we're all going the same place, you get your choice of four ways to ride. First, daddy's sending his bus. I think you all especially will recognize it, if you got the reference my glowy self and white flying horse here were making coming in. It's red. Keeps the rain out real good I'd expect."

I can tell daddy's followers, because they practically rub their hands in glee, whisper to each other.

"But Cupid, we came for you, you say! Yay, and I hope you come for me lots more times!"

Giggly laughter.

"Well, daddy's inviting everyone on his bus in friendship like he said, and daddy didn't do dreary public transit last I checked, so if you call yourself one of mine still have no fear riding with my daddy, I'll be seeing you when we get there still."

"Maybe it's important to you though. Gotta ride with Venus. Or maybe you're digging all this crazy techno Uranian stuff and you want try the science fiction pudding. Out there with daddy's bus where he's loading it by the gate I spruced up before will be my authentic twenty-first century tour bus all ready to take you to candyland in sleek sexy imported from the future style. Not that daddy isn't on just as much on his bus, but I sure plan on having the party go on on my bus. There's a baby grand that should fit well, in case anyone wants to play piano while they ride."

I pantomime one thrust of fucking someone lying on a piano on play piano, getting more giggly laughter.

"That's two. Third, maybe you can fly yourself now, with your own flying companion who just joined us. In which case hop on and follow the busses--or fly off and do your own thing if you wanna...right? We'll get back to that."

"Which leaves the fourth. Boobsong turns into a dragon. A really big dragon, if I want. How big? Let's just we've flown around the world and seen ourselves leaving but not because we time travelled."

"Can chase own tail lots of times, if you have four legs. This Boobsong caught her tail, that day!"

Laughter, people enjoying her sitting there, a few going wait just who the hell.

"She's how I'm going. Wanna fly with us? We won't run out of space! There's a dress code, though. You have to be naked. And sexy. And a hot girl. And the way you ride Boobsong is by hanging onto the waist of the person in front of you snuggled up real close while you ride Boobsong's soft comfy but quite wide spine bareback as she sinuously waves through the air. And like, you wouldn't think this would be a thing, but she's very um, skilled, at flying like that, and cares deeply that everyone riding with her has a good time. Which is half the reason for the dresscode. The other half being that I'm hugely gay."

"But Cupid, shouldn't you be bisexual? And a hermaphrodite, for that matter? Like wouldn't that be much more useful in your line of work? Well, for the second one I'll just say I can open portals through space and time and they don't have to be all big and dramatic, and let you think about what that might mean as an exercise in the kind of imagination you're going to need in Candyland."

"For the first one...it turns out once you strip off all of the privilege and social advantage it gets you, like once you get down just to flesh where one face is as good as another whether it's a fine featured dandy or the Lincoln Memorial, about ninety percent of men doesn't actually care about being masculine, and would rather see a feminine face, and rest of themself, in the mirror. So, I give this challenge to everyone, and my being gay is a bit of motivation, since it might get you a roll with me and Boobsong--you'll never see me without her. You've noticed my candies do stuff. I've been making them nice because I just wanted to show you how happy I was to see this nice party and all your smiling faces, but they can be fun, too. Eat these pink, white and blue striped ones, and, if there's enough desire in you to try this ride--and only if, because it's desire that powers my candy--you'll be stuck as a girl you both love to be and look at for your next two orgasms. Turning back is easy after that. All you have to do is wanna. It can't lose! Educational experience, back inside of an hour if we're doing this right, and that's that."

Purple checkmark, muahah. I can't see them, but the room is packed. As I talk, I make a Sugarfeast basket full of trans candy between Boobsong's thighs.

"Hardly anyone ever says I think I'm not getting back from this inside of the first five minutes, ISN'T THAT RIGHT, SUNFLOWER!"

There they are, at a table in the back corner. 

"It's a very strange thing to say, but it really did fit right on me. Unlike my clothes. Might want to watch out for that part."

"Or don't. Clothing's a game in Paradise. Play if you wanna. I'm playing! Isn't my outfit great!? This is the most I've worn in days but I just love it so."

Laughter. I grin.

"For real, though, except for a jacket for about an hour this is the most clothing I've had in days. It's been fun."

"For even more extra encouragement, three escape clauses. One, if you miss your cock after that first orgasm, it'll come back to you then, possibly looking like it's been pumping iron while it was gone if you'd like to beef up a bit. Nothing else will change, but your cock will be there for you. Two. ladies, you're not left out. If you eat the candy, same rules, just flip the sexes. Which has an obvious logical consequence. Of course, if you don't actually want to change back, that won't work. Fortunately, you have the third one, which is your heartchild's sexual fluids--oh yes all of them--will transform you to your ideal form anyway, so if you're really stuck just make out with them until everything is how it's supposed to be."

I click Boobsong throw, and she takes the basket and poings up and starts throwing candies out, walking up and down the stage to get the whole room, looking so cute and sexy. She jumps a little with every throw, and looks like a cutesy little girl throwing but with the power to hit the back wall.

Suddenly, everyone turns to look at the fireplace in the stage-left corner of the room. This is very interesting, since there wasn't a fireplace there when Boobsong started throwing candy, and especially it didn't have little bits of soot falling down, and definitely nobody had time to hang their stockings up. I watch, shaking with laughter, and click Boobsong snuggle for after the candy's gone.

There's a scuffling, and then--muahah she's using chompedness! Dove bounds out of the fireplace complete with huge sack full of square shapes over her shoulder un-gooifying so fast it looks like she just came out of there except she couldn't have, unshoulders her sack and sets it in front of her.

"HO HO HO Happy Heartwarming! Presents in here for all of you! Come and get them? That'll take hours! Let me hand them out."

Presents rise out of her back and form a huge swirling cloud over it and I jump and clap with glee (holy fuck I just did that), and when the brightly wrapped storm is big enough the presents float out through the crowd, each settling with its recipient. Boobsong finishes, lasergrids away the basket, and comes to snuggle up to my side, and I put my arm around her, glad to have her near again. No presents come our way onstage, but Dove's dreamtalk does.

You guys have special stuff. Later, after the tour.

Seeing you do this is a present! Want intro, or Santa and poof...?

I'm being mysterious. I have something special planned.


"Don't open it until the tour bus leaves. You might have some trouble on the dragon but I'm sure you'll figure it out. Happy Heartwarming!"

And Dove grabs her sack and climbs back in the fireplace and zips up the chimney like she's Megaman teleporting out.

All through this the crowds been as quiet as overawed little kids with a mall Santa. A bit passes, and they explode into cheering, and like, I mean yeah. Santa Claus. I clap with them, smiling.


"Santa Claus, everybody!"

Clap some more.

"Okay, time to  go! If you're taking the dragon ride, I've got some goddess powers to hang onto your present for you, and Paradise is telling me our first stop in Candyland will be a good place to open them. I can hang onto your clothes the same way, but...come on, Romantics, this is Paradise. Don't you want just walk out there in the world without a thought to anything but passion, and see what happens? Let it take care of you. Let it be like the poets always said it was to leave everything behind and take a walk on the wild side. I'm not making anybody, and I've currently got the Rocky Mountains in my overhead luggage rack I'm not even kidding, so don't worry about capacity, but...come on. Do it my way. You know you want to."

The girl who'se been adjusting her collar all this time defiantly stands up and starts undoing her dress properly. She's not the only one, ties are thrown down and candies eaten, this is going to be epic.

"We'll be outside with the busses. See all of you out there!"

Everybody gets busy getting up and heading out, a project in the packed hall. I wheel around to face my girlfriends, lasergrids take the mics from me and Boobsong, and I hold my arms wide.

"Where are my Lucys I haven't greeted yet!"

One comes up and kneels, but just one. Sexy, but what're they up to?

"We've taken our numbers off. We thought that would be sexy for you. It's been a long day so here's easier girlfriends. Take advantage, you know how it feels to be fun."

How did I know they would do this? I guess because I want them to, and I would in the situation.

Even Milk-froth? No sign of the bandanna, and Lightheart is Lyrafied, apparently.

"Oooh hell yesss. Thanks, Lucy."

Then very weirdness. This makes my body scream with lust, but I can't figure out what to do with it? Like this should be a goldmine messed up kinky play, but all I can think is how sweetly convenient they're being.

Oh is it because I'm envious? Like I wanna dive in the pool of just being the few moments of horny groping fun you can be like this--like I mean the only thing to really do is fool around and fuck our Lyras because that's all anyone can keep track of you for.

No there's something more. She's beautiful. I'd forgotten they submit to me. So hot.

Well for one thing I want to squeeze her a little before we go. They're kept, but they...put me at the top!? Purple checkmark. Even their Lyras do. It feels like my clit will explode with lust. Okay, may I get spiked for this if I'm misremembering...

"Then I'm tangling you. You give each other clicks, that's the only way to do anything, is get another one to click you stuff. Better stick together, heh. Your next sex time is on Boobsong's back with me. It's gonna feel like blowjobs that move with her back's motion. That's all of you. You'll have an escape from the clicks thing while we ride so you can ride the Rocks trying to turn our passengers on. I'm going to space you out through them, but you'll be clickstuck anytime we're not in flight so keep an eye on each other."

Look, I click at her. Rainbow eyes look up at me. Her mouth is open with lust and hunger.

"Having fun?"

"This is so hot. My hands can't go to my eravahk unless I think of sisters. How do I go to them?"

I grin.

"You don't, you silly doll. They bring you over. Here's some fun while you wait."

Fingerbang, I click her at her Lyra's pussy, and her hand goes right to work, and her face gets intense, she's loving this. I click her to look at her dolly, and then strut with Boobsong over to a middle one in the group of them, come close, and start rubbing her pussy hard to exactly make her feel what's missing. My heels make me just a little taller than their barefootedness and somehow it's hugely kinky to look down those couple of inches at them.

"How's it going," I coo.

"I can't move anything! I couldn't even talk until you asked me that! Are we clickstuck?"

I kiss her forehead, talk a little louder.

"You're tangled. You can all click each other but that's it, no doing your own stuff. So make sure everyone gets their Lyra fun. You know how important that is. Oh and no more until you take your numbers back. You're a we."

"Hot. We'll be good. Lyra time is everything."

"Good. Oh and this is hard mode. I'm not clicking you, so if I give orders you've gotta figure out how to work together to follow them."

I step us back a step and put my free arm out.

"Now give me a big snuggly kiss before we go."

There are clicks, and two of them come forward and one comes up and puts her lips to  mine and the other goes around my side and sandwiches carefuly so as not to get my wing and kiss the one in front and enjoy the snuggles and give a peck of done now and slip out from between them and they're left motionless for a minute, then get taken back to the flock.

"You are such a treasure. I love you so much."

I turn to my handmaidens and smile.

Bombshell is still drunk from partying in Strawberry Home. She's hard drunk to escape the pain of hell. She'll be okay in a little while.

She just got back from hell. She can stay drunk for a month if she wants as far as I'm concerned.

Candy's stretching, and smiles with those bright eyes of hers. She knows it gets me.

And then we're spiked out into the street like a TV show crossfade, with the buses pulled up!? We're across from them, with plenty of space to Dragonize Boobsong in between. Also I can't move!? Oooh unless it's to play with Boobsong or heartpleasingly fidget.

Otherwise, that comforting encasing glass holds me as still as a statue.

Have to dragonize Boobsong here and load everyone up, say the Dreams.

Okay but where--oof. Can't even Siren, it feels like trying to move in an unapproved way. That answers where we've been this whole time, though, heh.

I kiss her on the head and click dragonize at the middle of the road, and as she goes I give a little encouraging ass-whack with my palm and she gasps happily and sashays to the middle of the road and gets on hands and knees and I realize this is the first time I've watched her dragonize from other than on her back in all this drama. It turns her on, her eyes roll back with pleasure and her mouth opens as she stretches out and grows and her neck gets long and body fills out to a dragon shape and ooh it's so good to see her huuuuge dragon boobs between her front legs again (her name's Boobsong, of course she keeps them).

Ooooh dragon. Maybe we should just chomp up to Acme Station and you can chain me up and hold me in your paws for a year.

[!] [circus traincar with bars] [moneybag] [dragon claw] [clocks].

Oh fuck. That would be so proud. This is going to be an interesting trip, huh.

[chains] [ladder] [whipped cream can] [crib].

Tentacles pick me up and spread my legs for me and set me on her back and squidge me down good and--


She squeezes light out of me and a heavy silver chain of heart-shaped line shines into being leading from my neck to her mouth and something just goes and I lay down against her neck and start grinding urgently with my whole body, whimpering little frustrated sounds and trying to push my pussy against her as much as I can and squish my breasts onto her.

Curiosity is enough to get me to feel how the chain is hooked to her collar--through like a D-ring that's attached to the outside--but the only other thing I can do is grind and whimper some need I don't know what it is at her, grinding more and more urgently and looking up at the back of her head like she can see me.

Augh, Camera flashes!? I don't care it feels good why don't I beg for my balls I don't know I just can only grind and grind hopefully and look up at her starting to cry and then something passes and I find myself just grinding away and wanting almost like a trance with my body going by itself and face starting up. I think we might be airborne but I don't know there's only grinding and screaming my wordless need at her.

[!] [drum] [green] [balls bell] [donkey kong girders].

And then there's a hard round shape at my neck and I lift my head because it's choky--OH!

[!] [Empress stone cracked] [hot drink] [finger pointing at you]!

Click, fuck, taking you from behind!!!!!!

And now I'm grinding and whimpering but also my clit is sliding so lusciously into her pussy and her little bubble ass is pressing into my hips as well as her soft dragon neck and it's confusing but I'll take it. I fuck her urgently and find myself whimpering girly little moans into her neck that become desperate squeaks as the maddeningly-resistant orgasm comes, like I can't even decide to bang it out, I'm going to go for a satisfying amount of time and it's nothing to do with mind control except maybe the really old fashioned kind. Finally I do cum, and hot wet joy pumps up my shaft as I cling to her and grind my pussy down on her and bury my face in her neck so I can scream at the true top of my lungs which I thought I'd been doing this whole time with her but apparently not because now my desperate little shrieks into her fill my head and  feel so pathetic and releasing as I squeeze myself out in her until--I'm not in control  some how my body keeps going except that's not it either I just have to squeeze out this last even though I thought I was done and a whole other wave of orgasm comes and then finally I'm left panting there clinging tight to her neck. I feel my clit go goo again, there and not there, and I dare look up. We're almost to the shattered sky. I look back to see a very startled-looking fine-featured girl, definitely one of the Venus people, riding behind me.

I snuggle down and cling onto my dragon.

I love being broken but it's so scary but something is fixed and I have a piece of myself back and I clutch at it greedily like it'll fall out.

[!] [you] [fork] [petbowl] [balls] [ball of string] [diamond] [rainbow].

I just cling with the need of a pet that can't really do anything else.

[!] [balls]  [sugar jar]  [heart-shaped chain] [halo] [airhead candy].

The balls fight is sweetness to call out your pet self so you can just be stupid fun bimbo who doesn't think too much.

I nod against her neck. It's the weirdest thing. I just want to cling now but I know as soon as she dangles the piece of string of her sexy self waiting for a click I'll be batting away at it. Our relationship is weird, but it works and the chain feels so nice. I always feel beautiful like this.

And I love you too. I know you'll take good care of me. I'm just a scaredy pet.

Do I get to know how long I have my balls, dragon?

Yes. [waking up after being molded] [collar found] [delorean].

We're here to find my collar and then we're leaving off from it, say the Dreams. This is some kind of go back around of what I was trying to do that first time, that I thought would happen when first woke up again, and thought we were just Lucy and Lyra.

Time to blast the sky, say the Dreams.

Let's do it fun. I point my eravahk dramatically. Click, tailsmash!

[big bell] [enterprise] [window] [chekov].

What--she wheels and the ground comes into view but she's slow turning--oooh. Looking back I can see we have a lot of passengers, hehe. Boobsong's about the size of the Enterprise right now at least. Her tail comes ponderously up and the end turns shining silver and her size belies how fast that tail is moving. The passengers whooop and scream and her tail crashes through the sky like a chain whipped through thin ice with a crunching boom that rattles right up to near where the rearmost passenger is. She pulls it out of the hole and swings it again and makes another gash angled from the first, then pulls it out again and smashes the space between the gaps even harder, and then--hey! Our white tour bus (it's styled like Boobsong's bow-form, instead of the black I remember for Starlight Princess tours) and daddy's red London bus zoom into the cloud of shattered sky as Boobsong turns back for it. I was trying to lead the way here!

Yeah right I was leading anything. I'm just a pet cat with string.

[!] [bubblegum] [steering wheel].

Yeah. I'm being silly. I just don't know how to be this.

There are stars through the hole now. I thumbstick us toward it, and turn us to fly through, and take us in. The busses are up ahead. I shake to see through the hole. Fingers of waves reach down front of a huge disc galaxy, there's huge peak-edged wave of water light years tall to the left shining purple and blue, stars and beauty are all around. It's the openness of the Painted Sea.

Follow, I click at the busses, and Boobsong tweaks her course to stay with them, then twist aroud to see the lead passenger's reaction to seeing this for the first time. Her head is just thrown back, staring. Yeah.

I look too. To the right, a huge orange gas giant planet is held in almost like an alcove in waves with some little crazy-squiggly ones in front, above is a canopy of brilliant colorful stars far off, behind those is a white sprial galaxy with streamers coming out of its poles, everywhere all around is shining light and beauty.

I didn't realize just how much I've been wanting to fly free under this again. Emotions roil that I can't even name as I think of that first trip on the True Sea with Rada way back.

We're coming heading for a huge wave with lights shining from under it. I think I might recognzie the shape and this place but I don't dare. Dragon is that what I think?


CHYAH! She kicks harder, and soon we're passing the busses. I peer in the windows to see if I recognize anyone, but it's hard to make out. I click her to head for the lights in the water--holy möbius fruit by the foot, is that little speck the raft? That raft? I wondered if any of this was even real.

Boobsong flies low over a wave and suddenly it feels like we're in that part of the opening to Starlight Princess. I think that was set here. Doing this aches with familiarity.

A black stone raft flashes past under us. I'm pretty sure it was the one. We stopped on so long back.

I feel strange, like I'm grieving the person who thought he was free--and he--instead of this pet. We knew nothing then. I grieve that innocence. Isn't that awful, knowing how it came, but there it is.

Sometimes I fantasize that this is all a delusion and I'll wake up one day and look at the number on my shoulder and it won't be zero and I'll breathe a sigh of relief that that awful nightmare where I had to be Rainbow is over. I wish it with part of me while the rest screams.

Isn't this what I've always wanted to do, take people into the story and show them Paradise? We couldn't get as fun as I wanted because all our humor is in-jokes at that stageshow, but I sure got lots of heartpleasing in and the people were just delightful. Are just delightful. I suppose if my mic gets put on I'll go batting at that string soon enough.

I'm not trying to be bitter or like...I understand I'm your pet and it feels new again now since the reset and I'm trying to remember how to be it.

[!] [pulley holder] [Jadzia Dax] [balsa glider].

You're the symbiote this Boobsong needs to be whole.

Thanks. That helps. And that's what you are to me too. Some very weird things get me shining best. This is, though.

Do you think it's a long way to that last monolith now?

[Milk-froth's sailboat]

Oh yeah. I don't know why that makes me cry so hard. She's here now though--oh but like it's on her sailboat or something we were told.

I should click shields up, say the Dreams.

Click, shields up! Shining hexgrid tiles flicker into being around us, nearly invisible after they stabilize--and then Boobsong plunges into the water and we're emerging from bubbles and diving. There it is ahead, the vortex and lights and white waterfalls and rocks of the Gates, seen from outside. We seem to be heading for it to come in the side way, out of the waterfall, but going through the well here is probably a bad idea.

It's coming up fast. Boobsong is heading for the side, yeah. My heart gets light and rushy with hope as we get closer.

The waterfalls' backs fill our view. 

The front of the shield pushes out of the flow and the rest follows and there's a gasp from the riders behind as we pass into the huge space. Everything here is animated kind of Disney-style, and it gives a dreamlike way, the light seems beautifully unreal.

Click, shields down. The shields flare and die and the roar of the falls fills our ears and I turn Boobsong to face the Gates and and there they are all laid out of pizza slices and soda bottle caps and twizzlers and hostess cupcakes and angled still-wrapped twinkies to make the edges of the doors and fruit by the foot curlicues and there are even coffee or hot pods making designs in between the donuts and strawberry breads and stickybuns. I cry and smile to see it because this is so silly but this is the stuff I like. Daddy didn't make me lofty and I sure haven't tried to become it. What about the sex though? Look between our legs.

Or inside my dragon...though between my legs is feeling pretty good.

We rush toward them, I hear fragments of what the exclamations from behind, it's curious we're going to our candyland with everyone but I'm sure not complaining.

And they open, just like that, pivoting in, because this is the knock, riding this dragon up this way. It matters if I finally let the next passenger hold onto me but the Dreams tell me the only thing I can do here is hold tight to Boobsong's neck and cuddle her, anything else makes that incredible encasing feeling hold me still.

I can still mostly see over Boobsong's stretched-out neck, so I hunker down and get real pussy-ground breasts-squished holding on tight. I can move however I want for that stuff.

The gates seem to be opening on darkness but then I can see a colorful world beyond. Dead ahead is a huge orange gummi statue of boobs the size of mountains, turned a little away from us. There's a tall thin many-layered Sundae to their right with a road of what looks like peppermint ribbon coming out the whipped cream on the side by the boobs and turning away from us to spiral down probably. As we come through the gates we can see the boobs belong to a huge gummi-girl statue with an epic aheago and her hands on the tops of her boobs like you see in porn sometimes but her hands are the supports for a road made of some thin dark blue stuff. There's a pretty sunrise or sunset in the distance, the Sundae has a cherry with a cute little star pennant, bwahahah there's a McDonalds just sitting there for no reason to the right of a road of brown in the cartoonishly green ground that goes past the sundae.

Candyland doesn't care about making sense at all. A McDonalds would be yummy here and I could use some fries especially dipped in the whipped cream from that sundae--huh, forgot I liked that--so there is one. Looking down over Boobsong's side shows the road is made of what looks like toffee flagstones. I can't figure out the grass--no. Is that a thicket of green pixie stix? It's hard to see from up here, especially with everything being so nicely Disney animated. The ground has giant skittles here and there, and the odd boulder-sized cupcake--I'm guessing the non-namebrand stuff to be favorites of the Venus people. We're coming up on the McDonald's and Sundae but the aheago mountain is staying far off. It must be HUGE.

Wait the ground underneath us means we're through into Candyland! Like properly, not just previewing.

I pick up my head, then sit up and look around. I feel beautiful, but like a kid with my candy-colored piercings...it's hard to explain.

Oh hehe it's like a strip! After the McDonalds is a Red Rocket, then a Wendy's, then a KFC...muahah the Venus People must be so wham lined. This seems to go on up the road to the horizon. The Green seems to be either a round hill or a really small planet. Behind the fast food places is a bannana split mountain range.

And it all smells amazing, all mixed together into a powerful kind of food court ice cream shop smell.

I look back at the girl behind and she's looking...horny, hehe, with a hand to her outh looking all around. She's pretty, too, lean and kind of tan, with little breasts that stand straight out almost and hard brown nipples. Things look slippery between her legs, so I guess the dragon ride's as promised for her too. I smile and she catches my eye. She's fun to watch.

"Were you so horny you were crying for orgasm as we left the hill? I've been shot or I wouldn't normally ask."

I give her a sweet smile, and nod.

"You're looking beautiful in the arrow's grip. Yes, getting chained kind of broke me. Everything just comes squeezing out when you're in the right kind of grip, and I'd been almost like four or five hours, and all of you were so appreciative at the talk I gave I..yeah. Ask your questions, be as nosy as possible, I love this stuff."

She gets blushier but of course there's no stopping the quest.

"What does it take for you to orgasm? You seemed to be trying so hard your heart would break, to no avail."

"If you can get at my clit, not a lot, but only Boobsong can do that, and she doesn't control it directly. I can, if this bell's on her collar here, but normally the guardian force that came with her that makes our life like a kid's game just tells us when it's sex time, to make sure we play enough--I have a HORRIBLE stoic streak, you see. Sometimes it just teases until I beg for my bell like that, though. She loves to see me beg and it makes me feel beautiful."

Even more blushing-er.

"I'm on a very pretty chain and you're magically compelled. The only choice we have right now is how much we embrace the pleasure that's coming our way anyway...or how much we enjoy fighting it. Struggling's fun."

"Do you have to wear your pins all the time?"

"I wish I would! She only put these in me right before the party, and I feel so pretty--and they feel so good--I'm going to cry when she takes them out. It's been an awful day and I haven't had the heart to beg for so much as an earring the whole way through."

Purple checkmark, chomping.

"That cry you probably heart before we warped up to the party was her putting them in me, actually. I don't have piercing holes, just a pussy that's everywhere but only Boobsong can penetrate. She did them all at once using her shapeshifting powers and it felt like getting filled everywhere you see a piercing but by nice satisfying big cocks not little metal things except getting fucked that way doesn't come with...do you ever feel hypnotized when someone brushes your hair for you? Or rubs your foot just so? Her parting my flesh feels like that to me, and she could put a piercing right through my heart without wounding me, how the magic works. Is your imagination dangerous enough to figure out what she uses to pierce me with and what game this really is?"

She blushes hard but her eyes go wide.

"She's a dragon. She can eat you up! Do you stay stuck inside her for days, then? You must get back somehow!"

"It depends. I can beg to come out again, but I don't always have control of it. I stay as long as is right, and she has another doll like the one she was being on stage before in there so we can have sex in there. I'm reduced to goo, when she eats me, but I can reform whatever parts I need for sex or companionship in there, and she holds them how I need. It probably looks terrifying, but I'm always distracted with her and she just sees that I'm properly hoarded."

"That is quite terrifying, but it--"

She cuts off, gasps, pants, and then her moan of orgasm is cut off by a white body with silver hair facing her between us kissing her.

"Hey kiddo. Have fun."

Lots of colorful not-dragonkin today. Curious. Maybe the horns come later.

They seem to be properly occupied so I look back forward. There's a Dunkin's coming up! With like the huge donut on top and everything OH these are all fifties-period when that exists for the sake of our guests. That's kind.

Alright I want Dunkin's. Point in front of the shop and click, thoom. Boobsong wheels and dives at it to a chorus of small whoas from the people having fun playing roller coaster and we rush at a cute little fountain in its like front yard and then Boobsong pulls level and folds her wings and there's another whoop and as we fall and then the huge crash of Boobsong thooming down and the impact jolts and squishes everything so I aheagasp and when I lean up again the awesome smell of donuts and coffee fills my nose and I MUST HAVE about fifty chocolate glazed's almost as much as I needed to cum before.

The Dunkin's is like a walk-up stand, not a shop you go in, but it's a nice summer day here, so why would you? It's actually modern, just looks fifties coming up, nice compromise.

Oh I see what's going on here. Looking up the way, all the restaurants have fancy front yards with topiary and stuff. This Dunkins has a fountain in the middle of a rondel with nicely-trimmed hedges (of green smarties I think) all around.

Princess versus Death Star anvilicously, cruller on a silver platter, the Dreams say.

"Fast food strips in Paradise do have good aesthetics--AaaaAAAH!"

That was definitely an orgasm. Another implantation? I like shooting people. Fun things happen.

The sky suddenly swings so the sunsent on the horizon goes down in a coupl of seconds and a simple cartoon night sky with white dots of stars is overhead.

"I wished it was night and it happened!?"

Another passenger. I laugh out loud, and my boom-mic lasergrids in when I think to answer.

Okay! Dress me up I'll do things. I swing myself so I'm sitting backwards to face the passengers like this is a tour bus now (of which we've seen neither hide nor hair, curiously). Our newest kid (if she is, I didn't notice Boobsong make seeds) is going at it with her heartformer, aww. I lean to one side of them to be seen.

"I wish there was more sexy stuff around and crickets chirping like on a warm summer night like it is!"

Amplification puts me in everybody's ears.

Crickets start up instantly, and there's a hedgey rustle to my left by the Dunkins, and when I look there's a new topiary of a voluptuous and kind of familiar figure with her hand on her hip and hedgy boobs proud.

"Paradise grants wishes. Big, small, kind, selfish, it doesn't care. Paradise is made of Happily Ever so they never go wrong but they can weird extremely weird."

"Paradise I wish for a hat made of brownies! You're right, it does just give you anything--mmm, these are delicious!"

The last comes with mouth full.

"Quick, somebody steal their hat!"

I can't see...there, about halfway down, someone has a huge crown made of icing and brownies. Hands from behind them come up above their head and go right through the hat, logic-glitching like Sex's knife before.

"My hands just go right through it--I can't even touch her body now!?"

"You're still trying to get her brownie hat, aren't you? Wish your own up or come get donuts with me. Or whatever fast food. Have you all figured this place out yet?"

"We're at the ice cream stop before the drive across country! Have you seen an ice cream shop? There must be one here."

"For sure, unless Paradise left it out specifically so you could wish one up for us because it'd be fun for you to wish up a whole ice cream shop out of nothing. See how this is all fitting together, though? Can't steal the hat. Wishes don't go wrong. There's fast food here because I adore it and no ice cream shop to give you there some fun. Mind, it never never ever does anything for just one reason, but see the common theme here?"

Like I should get up and get donuts or whatever, right? Can't. My leash won't reach and that's wonderful, even though I want the donuts so much. All I can do is sit here and play tour guide. But surely I can click my way to the right arrangement somehow, even if I can't click myself out of chains? Somehow I think the answer is now. but I don't get how.

"Paradise will bend the laws of physics to save a brownie hat and give an ice cream shop. It's the least indifferent universe there ever was."

"You adore hamburgers?"

I grin.

"Least indifferent universe: got it in one! I wish you a candy necklace you'd like. Yes I adore hamburgers. And pizza, and--those gates we saw were my gates to candyland. Daddy made me hedonistic, not lofty. Actually Paradise is also giving you all a very blunt object lesson here. You've been led a merry chase about class and pleasure in your lives on Earth, and we're here to put a donut-shaped hole in them. We touched on it a bit with sex so I could introduce Boobsong to you, but now here we are with food, and yet despite the setting there seems to be no high-pitched whine of Epicurius spinning in his grave like a turbojet. Usually I have to explain things like this very carefully but I bet you smarties can figure it out just by looking around here. No helping, fans--my fans get this, oh yes they do. You get one hint, which is the average human biologically can't taste the difference between red and white wine without looking at it because a significant portion of what humans think is taste is actually vison."

"You mean it's all poppycock--"

"Interestingly, no. The idea that that would make it a farce is part of this merry chase."

"Perception is everything. The wine tastes different if you look at it or close your eyes."

"Yes. Which is important. Earlier today I was on a spaceship and their scientests analysed Boobsong some because like new life form. They were very confused because they could take pictures of her, weigh her, tell her elasticity and density, all that, and they sure could smell her like you all can, but when they tried to look at her molecular structure, their instruments just said she wasn't there. We percieve their kind, and they can interact without us and our world physically and they have a sensual experience we can understand, but they're in reality in a completely different way than atoms. If red and white wine were poppycock, so would Boobsong be. The way we percieve her kind is a product of our sense, and good thing, because that's what makes them fuckable. Or like suppose you looked at chess that way. Break it all down to things like castling works because like, thing I don't understand because I don't like chess, the game of chess doesn't disappear on you, you just know how it works now. I suppose it's all back to Descartes waving around that half-formed theory of qualia of his in a desperate attempt to convince Rome he hadn't just proven his commission intractible in the very first sentence, and the generations of philosophers that broke their own minds on his poison. Human sensual experience is a product of all your inputs all the time, not somethig you can cut apart beyond the really basic level. If you take the human brain apart like a machine, which daddy can do, or I wouldn't have half the abilities I have, you see your senses never do anything but trick you, because processing all the information you body picks up into a simpler form is the only way you can understand anything. That doesn't mean you shouldn't hone your senses or close your eyes when you kiss but it does mean you should try kissing with open eyes sometimes because it feels different, and a lot of the time you're not so much eating the food as the restaurant."

"Or are you? There's a very fiddly thing going on here and it's not about finding the right answer out entirely. Can you see it?"

"You mean the Epicurian foods aren't necessarily the good ones, they're just the best situated. Like these high dining establishments."

"Yes, exactly! Which is where that merry chase is. Some foods have been defined to you as highbrow, some as lowbrow. Setting is a tool that can be used rightly or wrongly, either to make something that can survive being served out the back of a greasy truck as a sensual experience truly orgasmic, or it can be used to hide the fact that the status game has totally run away with the pleasure game and the only thing you're actually enjoying is the view from the top of your high horse. So can a lot of things. Doubt's been turned around backwards so it points toward I know how this works so it's unreal when it should point toward is some member of this sensual team not pulling its weight...and that's where things get interesting."

"Here's what the twenty-first century calls a wham line. I Cupid, the astrological Venus, goddess of lust and pleasure claim it's better to eat a good hamburger off a plastic tray in a dingy restaurant with uncomfortable chairs, than it is to go to a three-star restaurant and have mediocre duck confit. Why. Confit and ground beef hit the same heavy-hunger craving, so not that. It can be honesty, if the fancy restaurant's setting is covering for the bad confit more than it should. There's pleasure in conquering even a trivial adversity for something you really like, and despair in dressing up like that confit is actually worth your Sunday best.

"There's no absolutes though. Everybody knows the cool new teahouse is just cutting teabags open in the kitchen. It's not the point. Before this I was comfort eating in a scufty little pizza shop that makes me cry with relief every time I walk in because it's so familiar to me, and you couldn't get me to stop eating my pizza out of its cardboard box if you handed me a solid diamond plate. I know, because someone did exactly that."

"Well, there I've gone and spoiled the riddle. May as well drop the bomb. Dreams of Paradise I wish for a B-52 made of diamond and a completely original Picasso that's never been seen before."

A Blue Period looking painting except it's got a greenish cast on an easel appears in the road to my right and the airplane goes sailing overhead and turns and banks and splats anticlimactically into the whipped cream of the sundae, revealing just how huge the sundae is.

"There we go, I've just annihilated art collecting and crushed the diamoned trade as industries. The secret to this place is there is no more status game, so the whole ideas of fine and not fine as you've known them are about to start coming undone for you. There's just what's pleasurable, left, but it's tricky at first to separate that from fine, so Paradise is giving us this little object lesson."

"Now, yes, the same force that keeps your hat safe back there will tell people that otherwise perfect mimicry of his style wasn't painted by Pablo, but it doesn't matter for industry, because there's no more need for the money art trading might bring."

"But you still like fine things. Have them! Just be ready for the savor to start going out of the ones you were only enjoying because they told you you were winning, and have an open ear for Valhalla which is one of the four Dreams of Paradise to give you a place to win. Like for instance. Ragnarok is real, but it's a place, where souls so inured to war they can't stop fighting until they're defeated in the right way go. You can go there and fight their and hope beating them frees them from that torment. There are clubs where people count the damned souls they've freed on chalkboards. That's a game I wouldn't mind winning at."

"More importantly, beware beware beware the avoidance of things you like but denied yourself because they told you you were losing that game I just twice destroyed. You'll close off whole countries if you close off that door. Including, quite likely, the one containing your heartchild's seed, if yours hasn't come to you yet."

"In short, I adore hamburgers, especially with lots of cheese and no veggies, but they're nothing to the fried chicken nuggets Burger King will have in the nineties that're made from chicken puree reformed into nuggets and breaded so they're all the exact same shape and consistency with a smoothish texture that's kind to my sensitive mouth that's always looking for a lover's tongue and can get really freaked out if meat close to body temperature does the wrong thing in it."

"But there is one last little thing. Like won't you get a tummy ache?"

Laughter. Good. They've been listening patiently, but I've been feeling SO boring.

"I mean that's a hazard with pleasure. Epicurius had a point about making yourself sick not being pleasurable, though I think maybe sometimes that adversity you conquer is the food coma that comes after the feast. Even sex, like, you can make your dick sore, kind of thing."

"Or can you? Because I lost a finger earlier today and Boobsong kissed it right back. Like lost, not tore off. It got kind of vaporized. She fixed that. Hard to make a body part sore by kissing it better!"

I wiggle the pinkie in question at them.

"I can make you candy that'll do it right now, you can wish, your heartchild's nectar as it's technically called will usually do it, but...the idea of excess is dead, one way or another. You can take most addictive drugs and undo the physical harm with a kiss. I've eaten--dragon what have I eaten today?"

"Your Boobsong can tell you but it will take fifteen minutes ot list everything."

"Maybe not. Alright um just in the past couple of hours a large pepperoni pizza with quadruple pepperoni, a couple of hot dogs, two big chocolate cakes, three or four pounds of french fries, a dozen of the donuts I'm getting here, a slice of chocolate creme pie, oh and a bottle of wine and half a bottle of Amaretto in quick succession. I was really upset. About succesion actually but that's another story. All that and I feel fine, physically. Actually this place is making me hungry. The worst consequence I've had from all that is the disappointment of sobering up from all that booze."

"And like, you can make it sad. You can make anything sad. That doesn't mean pigging out relentlessly has to be. It's what I plan on doing with Paradise between sex and the games I like to play with Boobsong and my girlfriends and Fairy Godmothering. Cupid's in Paradise for the sensual pleasure mostly, surprise."

"You have more than big feasts to tell me about this. Your arrow is certain."

"Ooh, interesting. You already heard it about sex, so that can't be it although I do get hysterical if I go more than a few hours without it. I've got eighteen lovers who I see most days, and a further army of thousands who'll follow my sexy commands, um...I mean there's no need to ever be practical. One of my girlfriends loves being a statue. She's got a windup key in her back you can wind to get her moving for an hour at a time, and then she gets an hour more time as a statue at least before she can be wound again. Or be safe. Boobsong and me came to your little snowy world encased in a block of glass. My girlfriends broke us out but if they hadn't Paradise would have done something about it. I don't need to be able to breathe to get air because of Boobsong's protection so that wouldn't have been a problem but if I had Paradise might have given me air some way but left us stuck a while because being stuck in something like that makes me hot. I've had plutonium sprinkles on my sundae before. They're disappointing, but I'm fine. Is any of that what it's looking for?"

"Is killing yourself possible? Not that I'd want to!"

"Somewhere in the Deep Haven there's a thing called the Needle's Eye. It strips you down to nothing, makes it like you've just been born that moment. If you go through with a lover you'll remember your love for each other, but otherwise you forget everything. One of my favorite places to play with Boobsong is called the Hollow Heart Abyss. Only some feel it's gravity at all. To most people, it's a sky full of aurora, beautiful to look at but that's all. If you're like Boobsong and me, gravity turns upside down when you get under that sky and it's an abyss below you--there are upside down bridges and catwalks and things, to look out at it from, and decide if you dare to jump. If you're with your beloved, or they wait for you someplace, you can walk out in space there and it'll cradle you like a bed of kindness, but if there's no other way, if the love must be unrequited or there's no one for you, and if what I'm about to say can be a solution to that, you'll fall, and the Abyss' gravity will tear your soul apart and put it back together in a place and time that'll get you with your beloved--but you won't be you anymore, you'll be the person who can be with your beloved. Those are the closest things I know of here to killing yourself."

"What happens if you put a gun to your head, and fire it?"

"Long live the brownie queen!"


"If it goes that far. Maybe the gun jams, or you can't pick it up, or it turns out the bullet's a dud because you needed to hear that click to rethink yourself. Paradise isn't squeamish. If you need a scare, it'll give you one--that's rare though. This place is adorable, so I think you all need cute and weird, not scary. Though speaking of guns I must admit there's a part of me that wants to have Boobsong hit the bottom of that sundae up there with some real dragon's fire and watch it come crashing down with a giant splat."

...and very messed up way to inspire me that, Dreams, heh.

"Never stop running, never stop firing!"

Okay, that has to be a fan. Okay now I have to.

"And never shoot where you could use Grenades!"

I swing my leg carefully over the busy couple right in front of me and get facing forward on Boobsong, pat her patient neck. Boobsong's chain clinks and slides over me, comforting, as I turn, and there it is, still leading to her mouth.

"What if someone lives there?"

"May the brownie crown be ever safe!"


Okay, see what I'm thinking, Acme Station?

[lashy tail] [open door] [rocket trail] [twisty] [person under huge rocket]!

I whipcrack my eravahk at the sundae's base, and click. "Fire!"

There's a quick chorus of transforming-cog sounds from Boobsong's sides, and I twist around to see missiles launching in a ripple down her back from the doors she's just shapeshifted. The Venus people startle, and then they're lost in the clouds of solid-fuel rocket smoke, so a Lens up a blast of wind with an eravahk flourish to clear it so they can see which reveals them checking themselves over for burns, and then look for the rockets, which are making a proper Macross Missle Massacre overhead--wait--hehe good one, dragon.

All hehe their paths converge (and if you get that reference I've got some electric sheep to sell you) high above the sundae and they Voltron into a giant arrow (but this time with a mean-looking barbed point), pointing at the sundae's base, and then brilliant light shines from behind the arrow and--

"Wait, what?! That white fire--"

The arrow's rocket motor ignites and drives it streaking down to hit the base of the sundae and annihilate it in a giant nuclear explosion, complete with oncoming shockwave that's taking time to get here and rising mushroom cloud. A distant Federation forcefield flares, and the shockwave gets soaked up before it gets to us, so we never hear a sound.

"Dragon, did you give that missile light effects?"

"Your Boobsong just made it big and dark and photon warhead. Light's not hers."

I swing back around to face the passengers again.

"Remember what I said about Ragnarok? If you go there to fight and you're not a ghost, white streaking fire surrounds you. Like that missile had. There must have been someone in that B-52 who needed to get nuked before they could stop flying patrols."

"And um, I'm sorry. I should have gone with the dragon's fire. I was trying to be fun and show you the gun to head thing but I forgot you all left around the height of the cold war. If we freed somebody, I'm glad, but maybe this is Paradise's way of reminding me not to keep fighting my own war it's been trying to tell me is over since we got to your lovely party. It really doesn't fit here. The ghosts are supposed to be at Ragnarok, not Candyland, but I brought them. I was originally going to wish for a tour bus made of diamond to show why money's gone now. I should have."

I'd cringe if I could. I still look down. The passengers are quiet.

My war stuff is some kind of key, to healing comfort. Say the Dreams.

I shake and tears leak out and roll down my face.

"I think about using the Needle's Eye a lot. I'm starting to really wonder if I should."

"Rainbow don't give up."

It's quiet, a fan of course. I burst into tears.

"Thanks," I sob.

"Keep her stars on, make her heart shine, she just needs love, to open the sky!"

Now I'm crying. They all take up the chant, wish themselves drums and cymbals and things apparently. I'm glad to be on a leash so I don't have to think about running away, but I blush furiously.

"Seeing you sexy freaks gives us a rise, so take your clothes off, then get in line!"

The Venus people give a surprised laugh at the lyrics.

"See us go down, up through the sky"

"See all our burning hearts, shining so bright"

"We are the fairies and demons and beasts"

"We are the candy-chomped sugary feast!"

"We are the ones who night calls to play,""

"Our sky is dark with light, we are the Sade!"

They surge on the part everyone knows:

"Down through the looking glass, up through the well!"

"Scarier stories are more fun to tell!"

"Fly away, ride away, dive to our home,"

"Enter and find that you're never alone!"

"Here with these scary toys making it fun,"

"even the table is looking for some!"

"Rainbow be careful your chair's going to cum!"

Some people actually whoop with laughter on this.

"Down through the looking glass, up through the well!"

"Scarier stories are more fun to tell!"

"Here we have happiness, here we have fun"

"these are our darkest dreams, these are our hugs!"

"Pounding and smacking and beating our drums,"

"even our blackest hearts, still beat with love!"

"Down through the looking glass, up through the well!"

"Scarier stories are more fun to tell!"

And they burst into applause. That...really helped.

"Thanks you guys. Everybody who didn't just get sucked into the book they were reading, my fans. Aren't they the coolest? Give them a hand for being so supportive. They've been cheering me up for a long time."

Less numerous but still heartfelt applause, and then another of those hip hip HOORAY cheers they like. It makes me smile.

"You guys are so sweet! I don't mean to say you aren't cheering me up, because you so are. My memory got wiped out three days ago, and it was standing in front of your gate looking at your sweet party that helped me remember there were people who called for me and embraced me and Boobsong, not just fighting, in our past. I remembered my fans of course, but I remembered them as people like I was, outcasts fighting against a world that didn't want us."

"Maybe you all aren't so different, though. It takes courage to live through two world wars and still see the stars enough to call on me. That's a way of fighting against the world."

"But that war's over. Say it with me, ready?"

They look ready, the new su'khora in front of me even looks back.

"The war is over."

I talk slowly, and they all chorus it with me.

"Her light's on!"

I look at myself. I'm glowing bright kind gold-white. Yay. It went out while I was depressed.

"Thanks to all of you."

"And, you know, I think learned something from all these fast food places with their fancy front yards. I'm so used to war and fighting to be heard even a little bit, I turn everything into a big fight or puzzle to get my message out. I don't think this is all so high minded as that. It's just silly and fun. Let's all go have donuts and ice cream and hamburgers and feel like Princesses anyway. Save the big life lessons for another time, this is supposed to be a party. Wander off if you feel like it, we'll find you no problem when it's time to go. Oh and try the landscape! This is Candyland after all."

"We're through the looking glass! This is Wonderland!"

"Yes! And Fairyland. Everything like that in stories is the first step of the stairs down to the shore of what's called the Deep Haven, which is what my fans were singing about and another of the Four Dreams of Paradise."

"All your fans are different kinds of monster. Will we get changed?"

"That depends, would you like some horns? Or fairy wings? My fans looks like who they are on the inside. Your heartchild's nectar will change you to look like you should, but you'll love it. Lots of people stay human, it's just I tend to attract those who want to break out of the mold nature gave them to enjoy life better. My candy can do it too, of course, if you have requests."

"That's why you're Ouranos! You can't fit in nature!"

"Yes. You guys are good at this! Oh um, guys is gender neutral if you're in New England in the two thousands. Dunno that was a thing yet in the fifties. Anyway, yes. Humanity is the species that takes grass and sticks and makes cake. That's Ouranos. So is making toys to play their bodies in ways a human lover can't."

Muahah. click, vibrate!

There are squeaks and gasps as Boobsong hums a low hum that runs all down her back, warming my pussy and making my piercings seem to be made of electricity or fire. I wiggle and grind on her happily.

[lots of people] [aheago]!

Right? So much fun.

"Will we all be stuck as women if we like the third orgasm?"

"No, no. After two the only thing keeping you femme is that you like it moment to moment. The candy's not pedantic, but you might want to take one to make it permanent so a bad day doesn't change you back. You're never stuck here, at least not that way. Paradise can tell the difference between compulsion that leads to Happily Ever After and bad stuff, which is why you can't make my arrows stop, and I can't take this chain off."

"Let's try this game! Nobody gets off, until we all get off. I bet Paradise lets me keep you all up here until you cum."

Instead of tingles this time, vibration makes your fuck start. Your clit will just be flatly pressed against Boobsong, so grind to make yourself cum. Have to move your hips too!


It's not just having a little nub, my whole pussy goes as sensitive as my shaft and tip, and I gasp and pant as I grind now. Eyes are on me, it feels so good. I arch my back and wiggle a wiggle to make myself bounce.

Purple checkmark--ooh!

"Yes! You're all staying till we all cum, Paradise just told me. Have fun!"

I grind hard and cum in no time--I was really wound up from grinding already. It feels so strange. There's pumping out of cum and it feels great but it's all by itself, nothing to do with the hot electric pleasure between my legs. Everyone is screaming--they're cumming too, all at once! It echoes through the landscape and I can see lots of them grinding hard and sensual on Boobsong's back to enjoy it, a long line of pretty hips in all shapes and sizes with all colors of skin and fur or not fur or hooves or bird feet or just gorgeous shapely legs, all moving, so beautiful.

When I'm sure everyone's had their ride, I click Boobsong stop and she fades her humming out.

"Ahh," I sigh, feeling clearer, "half an hour sure is more like it than four."

"An angel's love sure has some fun effects to it!"

"Yeah, that unexpected--not complaining! Sometimes stuff just kind of happens with me."

What did--just be a kid and go with it. Say the Dreams. Okay.

"Okay, I need donuts--um. Have I been talking out of turn? Am I allowed down, dragon?"

This gets a laugh.

"You have to go get donuts with your Boobsong! Just click."


I flip myself forward again, and click her cocksleeve-femme.

Boobsong starts deflating, lowering us all down to the ground gently, my heels rustle into Pixie Stix grass, and in no time she's betwen my legs on hands and knees, tail and wings raised, silver hair shinig in the me-light. She still has her leash in her mouth, hehe--I...don't want it off, though.

Click, pose, standing hands back looking. She gets up and poings to her feet and bounces boobily facing me, looking up happily.

Her leash goes to her neck, where my collar of interlocked candy rainbow hearts shines. The leash is attached by a little D-ring out of a metal plate on the big central heart in the front that looks like the insert coin panel on one of those kid's rides.

Cheers explode from behind me, and Boobsong's smile grows and her eyes shine. I sniffle an emotional sob. This has been so missing. Without a word, I slowly put my eravahk's handle-butt to my neck and feel it take the weight of the leash, and put my hand down again.

Then I click her glomp and run at her and she charges and leaps into my arms and I bounce around in a circle watching the world spin in the reflections on her eyes and horns and hair and then stop so I can click, KISS!

Our lips meet and I press into soft nectary grape love and her tongue licks hard onto mine and we taste each other and I push my tongue in and she opens and follows with a licky tongue--

[shish kabob] [pleading eyes]

Hehe you got it. I line up our faces so we're nose to nose and push my tongue deep in her and writhe it all around to push on her throat and open my eyes to see her face so pleasured--