20 - Cupid's Answer

Sunflower screams and an invisible force pulls her off her feet and through the mirror like it's water, and then something like a bed of caressing tentacles has us and we're picked up and Boobsong is pushed into my arms as we turn headfirst and fall toward the mirror and I feel the glass part for us like some combination of water and pussy. It stays hard, it's just letting us through, but it touches with such gentle smooth embracing love it's like sliding up into Boobsong's holes, until we're totally enveloped and can't move a thing, or see anything but blueish shifting light, and all sound is gone.

For a moment that's our world, and then there's a crack and everything shifts, and the pressure of the embracing glass releases from below my waist, and then I feel air on my legs--my back is free from the ass down, and cold air caresses it. My wings seem to have folded at some point.

So wet. I wonder if we're getting right to that fuck I've been needing. Definitely helpless!

The pressure comes off my upper half, and I feel the glass lifted away from my back, and sound comes back, muffled like on a snowy day. We seem to be on our side like snuggling on a chez-lounge.

Then the piece around my face gets pulled away, and I see my negative image there in the blue-white crystal as it leaves, shifted back sliding like it's heavy which I guess it must be, and a voice says my name.

"Rainbow? It's me, Lucy 1450. You're awake, good--"

"Kiss...me..." I Kup-rasp, grinning ear to ear.

Hands haul the block back and a gorgeous, perfectly-me Redeemed quickly gets on hands and knees and brushes her hair back as she comes up to kiss me. Her warm soft lips touch mine and her tongue comes up to meet me and her kiss is so full of affection and tender want it feels like her hands are down inside the glass touching me and my heart fills with happy good feelings to get back the wonder of my six's sweetness. Her kiss is so true and honest and loving, but we have fun secret to share: kissing someone who looks and acts almost exactly like you really feels like masturbating, except with the true love and affection of being with your girlfriend and not just a mirror, so we get to inflict that narcissistic pleasure on each other. We keep the name Redeemed, because their story is maybe the darkest of any of my followers, but the love that comes from it is some of the most simply wholesome-feeling. She knows just what to do, and so do I, and it feels so good. She loves me. We both end the kiss at the same exact moment, and she stands her beautiful naked body up past me and steps out of my view.

"We're getting you out. Just hang on a minute."

"'kay," I coo, happy.

In no time the glass pulls away the top of my shoulder and Boobsong, and a tinking sound from my legs becomes a crack and our legs are free. I lift my head--no I don't. My ear's trapped in the little pedestal holding my head up. Sort of fun, this is a good pose to be a statue in. I wanna get up and see my girlfriends--something's happening by my head.

"...ear's stuck."

"Just hammer below, then."

"It'll break her eardrum--wait a minute. I feel dumb."

That's more Lucys! At least two! And they're as cute as they always are! In no time thunderous tinking fills my ear, and the glass around it shatters, and my head lolls free without its support.

"Okay, you're free."

I stretch my head up to look above it, see pretty Lucy-legs standing there by the block pulled away from my face--there's two of them, Lyra dolls in their arms. We're in some kind of pit of snow, and it's cold, which just makes seeing them naked all the sexier. Whereever we are is deep, because the wall of snow goes up behind the leaned-against-each-other heads and smiling faces. 1450 has a finger-painted rainbow-shiny 1450 tattoo on her right shoulder, and our girlfriend 465710 has her number in the same place.

Looking at them I remember how it worked. If you didn't have a number, you were interchangeable, just Lucy. There was no concept of own stuff (except of course your Lyra), just houses with enough of everything you'd like there wasn't competition and really big beds so you could sleep with all the other Lucys. As soon as you anything individuating enough, like getting sick of saying you didn't know this thread of conversation because the person you'd been talking to had looked away and thought you were a different instance, you got a number and your own things, and a label like that. You could replace it with a name and start getting all unique like Milk-froth and her ship and rainbow-haired Lightheart, but...Lucy was always there for you, in case that got too much. We all look alike. Take off the clothes and unique name and you're just Lucy again, and you have a nice break of just walking into any house of Lucys and disappearing in a sea of people who get it and love you like a drop into water. Then you could take your name or number back when you were done with how hard that life forces you to live in the moment and not think too much. There wasn't even a way to tell if any given Lucy lived there half an hour ago, because then you'd have a number. That'd get into all sorts of problems in a world without them, but my tentacles--or the Bones can now I guess--made it work just fine.

How the crumbly froot-loop soup didn't this create an egregore to make Eden look like some gradeschooler's occultism project? Erm, it did. That was on purpose. Eden came from trying to ignore the way hive-humans like Fairies will egregore out if you so much as mention the word dreamtalk in their presence by intentionally creating one and giving it the task of making sure its hosts always had an open door to individuate and lots of encouragement to do it if they showed the slightest spark of want to. Boobsong and me played at being Lucy and Lyra, but we stuck solitary mostly one because these lovelies give us all the selfcest fix we want, and two, because my almost-dead subconscious dreamtalk ear keeps me from really playing the egregore game, which would make us stick out. The Imperial Army's egregore must have had to scream QUEEN WE NEED YOU at me like ten thousand air raid sirens for me to feel it like that when we met Kaari. Something itched at my forehead come on get your crown on.

I guess that's a thing,  reader. Egregores aren't necessarily evil, though they can be like mold often. Good in cheese if it's on purpose, bad on pizza by accident. They're usually about as alive as mold, too, like I don't think the Lucy egregore is remotely a person, so it won't care if the day when there's not enough numberless Lucys left to sustain it starts getting close.

Also egregores are shaped by the thoughts and will of the people they run on, and Lucys are all as determined as I am to see Eden come to harm and Lucys be happy. You've seen how I can hold a grudge.

They're standing arm in arm with their boobs pressed against each other and I thrill with empathy--it's like I can feel everything that happens to them like it's me. I want them to make out until someone gets fucked, but there's a good chance the someone will be me and Boobsong.

I smile so bright at them and look down at Boobsong. She's eyes-down-ing, but is somehow like, licking her lips just by the expression on her face.

[!] [Strawberry popsicle] [cocksleeve] [devil horns] [lashy tail]!

Hehe me too! Everytime I see one of them with their dolly lust floods through. This is definitely the prettiest snow-pit I've been in! I look up, and high above past a cliff of snow looking like something from the Empire Strikes Back grey overcast shines down. I click Boobsong stand, pull, but she doesn't move. Stuck?

[Boobsong face] [two unseparated cheez-its].

Ooh, hehe. I click her dollified and swing my legs down and beeline right for very snuggly hug with 1450 and 710 and they move so 710's in kissing range which was the plan and I get my free arm around her and kiss her sweetly and the same sexy petting-yourself-in-bed love flows through me and we end at the same time like with 1450 and she's smiling so happy and I breathe a sigh of happy relief, then turn around to see where we are, but it's just the bottom of a square snow-pit, there's not even a ladder.

"I'm so glad to see you! So's Boobsong, she says strawberry popsicle to you."

Oh. Their skin's all cold! I heat up some very gentle IR and they glomp tight around me instantly. This is so happy. And so horny! But that just makes it happier.

"Rainbow you won't believe what Aveh said your seed-ghost is telling him! He said you're--"

She stops mid-sentence--spoonfeeding knowledge.


She nods, fidgety-blushy.

"I can't know that yet apparently. What's your spiking, you look horny!"

She looks at me, tries to say something, looks down again, smiling hornily.

Sirening explains: "...and we're so much alike I'll figure out what it is just by you saying anything, so um...no more talking for you while I'm here. You look hot all squirmy like that though."

She's blushing hard. I kiss her on the forehead--

"Rainbow? Just a minute, I'll be there--"

Dove's voice is far off, muffled by all the snow, and then she gets cut off by a snowy boof like she's found an unstable rooftop of snow or so. I giggle.

710 looks really blushy-squishy. I seem to remember my six were all especially cocksleevey and submissive...her voice is husky when it comes back:

"I can talk about sex and say I like you, but that's all."

Quick check to make sure I remember right...healing like daddy's pudding, and fuel for the fire.

I smile at her soft, and slide my hand down to her "pussy", stroke it teasingly, and her mouth opens and blush deepens.

"Maybe need a hand down, if I messed that up. I can know it, but not from you who's supposed to be staying on what matters. Isn't this better? Daddy's just helping the Dreams take care of you."

She squirms, blushing bright. The smooth flesh between her legs is such a tease for both of us.

And...her Lyra is really just a cocksleeve too. The Dreams take care of them because she needs it.

"think you need a nice fat cock stuffed in your mouth while you're helpless. That'd feel better, wouldn't it."

Damn right I'm talking to myself. I'm just also talk to her, too. That's why this is fun. She just opens her mouth and breathes harder.

"Preferably of somebody you like who needs a really good blowjob. That always feels so beautiful. Dreams I wish that happens to her real soon--I'd start arranging it myself but I don't know what's happening yet--hehe, the Dreams say warning huge cock to me. I guess that's you fucked, then."

"YES! Who is it?"

"It's...no idea. You get grabbed and facefucked. Oh as soon as we get out of this! Good. There's like a car or something. It happens there."

She's blushing and smiling so hard, this is so cute.

Sleighbells jingle up and stop, and boots crunch in the snow above. I look up, and Dove appears on the lip of the hole. She's gotten herself a whole Santa outfit. It really suits her.

"Oh hey! Sorry, found girlfriends. Wave, it's my sister!"

They wave up, excited. Frazzlepops, so much for confusing her.

Dove's Santa outfit has real fur looking very silky, and a green cape with spotted white trim to honor her Princessness. I want to hug her all grindily in it. I bet she's soft. She has doll-Mintie in her arms.

Fuck having these two here is doing me good. So is being in Rl'yeh Sade. I can feel it like the glass never left, holding me so kindly.

Dove waves back, with the exact expression you'd expect for so you're saying you fell in a hole and found two more girlfriends.

"Just how do you expect to get up from there?"

I look at my girlfriends.

"We can fly, so--wait, stupid Lucy, the hole isn't big enough!"

1450 looks blushing now. I kiss her on the forehead.

"I love you two so much. How'd you even dig this?"

"Oh it fell and made this deep hole. You I mean. We had to break a lot of it before we could get it open."

"Where are your clothes? You must be freezing!"

"We don't have any. Too Lucy."

"I remember this. Her tentacles took care of everything. You were like babies. Everyone was."

Like on cue, tentacles pick us out of the hole and set us on the snow by Dove. We're in a snowy place with rolling hills, but the sky feels close and the horizon closer, like this is just a little snowball, not a planet.

Twisting around shows me a long low barn kind of building, covered snow a little way off. There's a big pine tree to the right covered with lots of snow, rolling hills with a road going off into the distance and stone walls picking out farm fields, and to our left is Dove standing near with her full-on actual Santa sleigh in the background, all red and tinsel and swoopy designs and loaded up with a green sack with presents in it and pulling by a big mechanical buck--no Glitterwing anyone else?? Out in the open I can really see how hobbit-small Dove's gotten. It's so cute. Everyone is so cute I'll explode.

"Did we lose the Inklings?"

"They're right there, twinkletoes."

Dove is smirking. I twist to follow her pointed mitten, and see Sunflower in a long brown fur coat and white-trimmed hat peering over the edge of the hole, with Glitterwing beside her, holding Starbough from the way her arms are.

"Uppfff. This is good, you two are getting to me already."

I glance at 710 and 1450, then back to Dove.

"These are my girlfriends Lucy 1450 and Lucy 465710 who I seem to just be calling 710 right now. 710's getting a hand down from the Dreams right now, so she mostly can't talk. Oh and their Lyras, but their Lyras seem to be kind of chilling out right now."

"I can talk about sex!"

"You guys wanna play a trick on the Inklings?"

"YES. Took the words right out of my mouth. Successive pickups or did you have something else in mind?"

"We don't have much time. Go hide except one of you."

"Okay. You're staying, 710. Simplest job. 1450, fly off. My tentacles'll show you a good spot."

I kiss her a warmth candy quickly, that'll stop when she gets someplace warm, and she runs a few steps off and then floomph and buzzes into the air.

I floomph too, bend my knees, and buzz into the air, just going straight up, heading for the close-looking overcast and speckdom before the Inklings look up. Looking down, I can see poor frozen 710 bolt for the sleigh and blankets--and then they're gone in overcast as thick as cotton balls that can't have been more than a couple of hundred feet up. What is this place? I could Siren it, but like, don't want to cheat. I want to play the game. I do need to know for sure, though...yup, Rl'yeh Sade. Ahhh.

I stop ascending, wondering what the Inklings were busy with that they missed us being picked out of the hole.

Okay, you guys come in after the Lucys. Make a big splash.

One way or another I tend to specialize in those. My girlfriends, too, hehe.

Head for the castle--whoop!

Time to stop dreamtalking I guess. castle? Click, scan!

[ tail going everywhere ] [Santa stocking] [road] [Faberge egg] [makeup stuff].

Daughter, try making this a debutante.

Instant tears.

Oh Daddy, I didn't think I'd ever COME back. Don't we have to wait for the apocalypse on Earth or something?

Maybe some things, but not your life here.

Talking to him is so much easier already.

No words will come for a while. I send him the sense of how I'm crying and hope he'll understand.

Child, no words are necessary. Take one night to relax before your big day.

Even harder crying.

Somehow I don't think I should Siren for it but maybe I just wanna ask my daddy. This is a beautiful place. What is it? That isn't a spoiler, hehe.

A long imagined dream come true. There's a way out here. Take it, for a time.


I send it like crying mouthed.

Hey Creeper! Long time no see! You won't believe what just happened--AAH! Okay I won't tell you! Be at that party with bells on, I'll see you there right--not that either!? Alright well see you there! Love you and Boobsong!

Hey Psycho! You--I--so much crying I can't wait--Love you!


How did it get there? I saw all those Sugarfreaks at the Unveiling and wondered what the deal was!

Good question, right? Especially since we just did five implantings at Olympic Pizza. That's not the wham line, though. Wait'll you see who we're bringing to the party. You guys know I'm polyamorous, right? For real, though, is it all of you? I'll still cum hard for just my inside girl but nothing spells trouble like all seven of you.

Inside girl is back! Just me, Copper, Snowlight, Candy, Magic, Bombshell and Pussy. It's hot to hear you joke again. I thought you got broken by all that stuff you went through.

Okay well one last thing then. You'll get this too I bet, but tell Magic we're especially Jacked about our latest seed-kid. Only had to implant an entire universe, have pizza delivered to Heart Home, and destroy the One Ring to get them--only one of those things is a lie. Maybe. It might not be a lie by the time you tell her. It's been that kind of day.

And yeah it's good TO joke again. I was just crying my eyes out talking to daddy--it's good, that's like, fixed, almost--and now you've got me just grinning. And you saw how psyched Boobsong is. We and our new friend and 1450 and 710 are kind of in the middle of a prank though so I should probably go before I have to time travel AGAIN but I can't even. Like. Knowing you and every's coming to this party. I mean you guy's ARE a party but still. We are SO geared up to see you, eh dolly?


What's happening? Magic is having a serious meltdown. She said to tell you it that way. Sssh! I can't talk! Alright Magic's--

How did you do it!? Spill, tell me the details!

Holy Bird Maidens with Haste it's good to hear your voice! Love you! Okay I don't wanna spoil Sex if she hasn't got it yet, but...literally he saw Boobsong's astral form and then I Calvinized him, and I don't mean "and Hobbes". And that totally worked. It was the easiest one all day. I honestly think he was on the edge the whole time, like to the point he'd have come on tour with us in a heartbeat if we could've worked out the scheduling. I mean maybe. The context was kind of a doozy. No hobbits were harmed in the making of this program but we did do it from a real Gay Haven.

You guys are something else. I bet you get Rush Limbaugh or Clyde Thomson--

Umm...is he like, southern? Because my memory's not doing great and I may have not recognized--


You got CLYDE THOMSON?! What have you been DOING today? Who's the other one? I wanna get in on this! If Magic's having a freakout this bad you must have got C.S. Lewis or something. Why is she all quiet. Why are you guys. You've got to be kidding. You did NOT get C.S. Lewis, no way. How DID you do it?

Legit I stood there and talked at him. Like I didn't even plan to, he was there for something else and so were we and it so happened we got the chance to talk to him like you do at parties. It took what, like a minute and a half, dolly?


AAAAH! You just stood there and talked at him!? That was IT? Just TALKED?

Well I was going to save this for the party so don't spread it around but I am kind of leaving out the foreplay where we candied all of Narnia that didn't get spiked from it with a dream where you'd compulsively see dreamskins and be chomped and get played with whenever one you liked came up and if you tried to run away from the bed you were in Aslan came and growled you back in and you stayed there until you implanted and I'm pretty sure the conflation jump landed us on Christmas Eve there, so that might have contributed, but Jack got spiked from that! I'm proud of the candy design, though. It's this kind of like concentrate and made it in this little crystal phial all pretty.

I should be saving this for the party but I just can't wait. It's too good to save.

You WHAT. Did you just do it? Like why not, let's go candy Narnia? You would. Was this like spur of the moment?

I mean there's run up. The Dreams had been picking at us about it all day, and then I realized what would work and then it was kind literally like, well, got a spare five minutes and it's no big, let's do this. The aftermath has did kind of literally turn into a party, but that's fine with me!

While we're wham-lining, I'll be a bitch if I don't tell you, but I don't wanna darken the party with it. We also may have slightly eternally blotted the sight of me out of the eyes of the traitorous court so they just see a black shape where I'd be, and got Jenner. Oh and killed Laarhi twice. But I guess he's much better off now.

Laarhi died from that thing you did to him!? Rainbow I'm sorry. What do you mean twice though?

Yeah I'm kind of messed up about it. Then I met him again at Ragnarok and blasted him with a bunch of antimatter shells. I didn't know who he was, just that he put a bullet in Sparkledust and I was freeing a damned soul. If you guys have questions okay but I don't wanna talk about it otherwise.

What did Jenner dreamskin off of? I can't imagine that old goat implanting off anything, the way you talk about her.

I don't know what the exact dreamskin was, just that there's a real historical apple of the knowledge of good and evil and it's the candy I made for Jenner and it was so an apple and I based it off redemption candy and it pointed out in a very Old Man Willowy way that trees and stars get along just fine thank you. The last I saw of her was throwing her ass through a portal to the Dreams with ten seconds of Strawberry World left before it ended. My time there's all used up, no more cracks to jump back to. I'm really psyched about that. The Dreams tell me I'll never see her again, nor will she read anything I write, ever. I don't even know if we're her seed-moms. I like it that way.

Candy apple surprise, bitch! You seem lighter since you left here. Whatever's happening, it helped you.

Yeah...it's amazing what remembering you're the antichrist will do for your sanity, just for example. That and--ooh sweet I just saw her eyes. Okay let's try this. Say hi to my handmaidens, Milk-froth!

Eyes lying in a cozy-looking bed with striped-seeming pillowcases, lit by the light of a black mirror, widen.

This is the wildest yet! Hi Sex and Magic and all of you! I'm reading the book Rainbow writes of this and talking to my black mirror and I guess Rainbow hears me because my words are on the page here except I can't read them until I say stuff, it's spiked blurry until then. All of you be nice to Rainbow. She's got light news but she's had a TERRIBLE day. I read all of it and cried my eyes out like every page. It seems like that part's over but I don't dare look ahead in case it breaks this time thing. It's precious. I want to hold onto it so much I'd give my left pinky for it. Which Rainbow did today. She nectared it better but see what a day she's been having. It's long, too, there's a million and a half words in this, easily. It's time to go, the blurry stuff is ending, but I hope there's more of it! This is special.

So much crying. Why are they so sweet to me. I'm not this good that I deserve help like this. Okay one thing though. Where did it start, like what part was the beginning of those million and a half words?

You woke up in the Stamford House, with Boobsong saying Lucy, except you didn't know you're femme so you thought she said cutie.

Milk-froth you saved me. Seriously. You saved my life back there. Thank you.

And just now. This book's hard to write.

You don't even stop. You're saving Rainbow this minute, you should hear the voice she said that in.

There's more blurry stuff! She said she was crying lots. You should have seen her making that universe, then she was crying! Oh you haven't told them yet, I'm sorry!

Hehe don't worry about it. I think that's a pretty metal way to tell them--

You created a universe. Anything else you've done you want to tell about? Pop any monoliths while you wait for chicken fries?

I didn't like mean to! There was this weird messed up crack in reality thing and it was being all scary! I was mad so I went to yell at it, and you know how that ends up with me.

Also um...pizza takes longer than chicken fries? So that makes it a little better at least? I was going to tell you, it's just been such a busy day.

Alright I did SORT of mean to. I may have slightly said "Let there be light", but after all the Jesus stuff I'd just been through I figured I'd earned it.

You got a monolith. That means there's three left. You can do this.

Erm...actually there's two because of the one in Boobsong's heart chamber after all the crying for our old life? I'm sorry, it really has been a busy day!

That's two. Two monoliths. What is the next one going to be at this party or something? It is, isn't it. Watch, it's right there when we all walk in.

Wouldn't that be something.

She won't have seen Tron 2.0 of course, since it only existed in the reset, but later she'll find out--

Time to get hurrying to catch traffic. Don't want to be left out of this!

Your seed-ghost is showing the way to go.

A purple pointer appears in my vision, and I fly toward it, full tilt.

Okay have to go. Tell everyone I love them SO MUCH. You really made my day here. See you soon! MUAH!

Then I spread my dreamtalk to them all:

All of you. I love you SO MUCH. I cannot WAIT.

Hearts come back from everyone, and MUAHs, all overlapped so it's just a blanket of affection. I can't wait to see them all face to face.

It's time for a party where you aren't the attraction, just the attractive. Put your face on and waist bare. Even your cocksleeve will need something on this time. Your collar is out there. When you find it, you'll know how to turn the lights on.

Daughter, stay here. and let everyone bury you with affection.

You'll fly down to see everyone before we go anywhere else. Mintie and Dove are waiting for you with your handmaidens and girlfriends. Give a gift to all of them and come prepared for party going. Your collar isn't missing long. Go find Mintie and Dove before you look for it. What your black dress is holding on keep holding, and wear something else here.

Holy licorice champagne bottles, this is that party from the intro sequence. Traffic. There were people in cars and stuff, and I had a dress that...was so hot. I thought that place must be Strawberry Home but it's not.

Dragon have I ever...can I now oh please...how can this be where are we going that I can have my face on and just be a girl going to a party with her friends?

[purple circle] [high heels] [snow shoe] [happy meal] [traffic light] [shiny stuff on skin] [Plowstar Phone]!

YES EEE! Range to the sleigh I don't wanna get all mussed flying...you dress me in muss-proof stuff. Because I'm me. Blush. Right?

[lashy tail] [bikini bottom] [strawberry popsicle] [armadillo] [fancy chocolates box]. [us stuck together] [lashy tail] [pudding box]. [horse cake topper] [truffle wrapper] [change dispenser] [fancy castle].

Hell yes this is going to be good. Okay. Why do I feel like it's not time to--

Mintie just gave your girlfriend ice cream. She says you know what I mean. What have you two been doing?

Hehe. 710 really needed a facefuck, so I wished her one, and I guess Mintie got the job. Thanks Mintie! Oh please tell me they did it in front of the Inklings! Be nice to her. She's like, small. She doesn't have all the gears and doom inside I do.

You wished someone a facefuck. You're the angel of lust, yup. Right in the sleigh here, as soon as she got in it, yoink! What is she stuck only talking about sex for? Punishment?

Good. Think less punishment and more taking away the chainsaw a kid's playing with. We all have this like impulse to be on top of everything and responsible but we're no good at it and it makes us want to die. I only do as much as I do because of how my life's gone and because stuff like our teatime with the Inklings just now is just SO COOL.

Sirening, now!? Ooh. I keep flying, but my tears come back and streak back out of my eyes.

Like you know how Sig's kitboxes all say THIS IS NOT A TOY? Boobsong's a toy. Get that and you'll get me. I envy 710. If there was some way I could have it both ways I would.

Lucy was who you're supposed to be. Papa told me. Ask him.

Oh my fuck. Just a sec.

I try to put my weepy voice through the dreamtalk lots.

Daddy...I was supposed to be Lucy? Dove said you said.

Hopeful voice.

Lust has a complex voice. You were made to speak it. You were not made for loss and pain. Have a time where this suffering is not life.

It takes me a long time of crying to be able to answer.


It feels like him saying that sets a bone or something.

Candy comes without your choice if you feel good enough. You were made to be like a fire that pours heat out if you fan it.

Your world has been pain and doom for a long ride. Please everyone with your own joy.

It's not like, worse, to just let my candy be whatever? I'm not like copping out or something?

Daughter, you were made to ride the dragon, not direct it.

That so sexy but there's a part of me that doesn't know it wouldn't be disappearing if I just let go.

That's so you can enjoy topping.

Oh. How do I make it work together? I keep like grinding the gears I think.

Take time in both sides as one breath.

Holy gummi gobstoppers. Daddy'll get why I'm asking this.

Do stars have family names? How does that work?

Each star is a present of its own light and dark but presents may have labels on them to say who has given them. You have around your head the label I left.

Snowflakes start to zip by as I fly, and I smile. I feel beautiful and want to come down out of the clouds where people can see me. The little dots zipping by make it feel like going to warp and I don't know why that makes me cry but it does.

Maybe should snow, hehe...it's not the same though. Candy comes from people seeing me. It takes its shape from that, me making it for someone, even if I didn't mean to.

I'll wear it with pride, daddy.

His response is a vision of him shining so bright his black star is a little speck in the middle of his light streams, and something like a hug or headfuzz. I hug the hug back, and smile.

It feels like the happiness fills me with energy, and I pour it into my wings so the snowflakes really do streak past like stars at warp.

I wanna Star Trek marathon with everyone and Boobsong feeding me popcorn.

We fixed it with daddy. And I get why I'm like this and how to play now. The happiness fills me up so much I've done a loop almost before I realize it, then a fast roll and find myself just s-curving along our course because it's fun like I do in StarFox sometimes. There's still overcast all around but the snow shows our motion.

[super lashy tail] [sled runners]!

Daddy why do I care so much that I'm Cupid? That describes me perfectly but like you could just as easily say I'm Lilith the mother of demons and I can take or leave that name.

Heartchildren come from your touch, nightmares only if wanted.

People called me Cupid to praise me. It's a trophy. That was a time people stuck a label out of myth on me and I liked it and didn't feel like I was redeeming it or something.

I didn't think that ever happened once.

Cupid is not the only time.

The overcast starts to be patchy. Wisps rush by, and I catch a glimpse of a house or castle up ahead with lights and flags on top. It could be the one from the intro sequence way back.

Siren sense tingling like I'm drawn by Stan Lee!? I feel like I've just found a whole novel in here I didn't know I'd read. Um. A party like this would be a great place for Cupid to show her stuff (hell yes). This is going to be like a Doctor Who Christmas special, though, we're not at the party long--er, the party isn't at the party long. Muahah I knew this place was suspiciously normal. The inklings are tangled. Constrained view of what dragons can be. They need simple hope. No hard play while they're still healing. Done when weakness for fucktoys is laid bare and they're at peace with it. They're still not doing so good. Get them to see they're in a storybook world.

Okay then I know what my dragon needs to breathe--sleigh. YES Dove is going to love this.

Who else than Cupid? Fairy Godmother--Purple Checkmark. By those whose holy book is Disney Movies instead of the Bible.

Because, say the Dreams, while Eden was making daddy make Christianity awful, daddy was telling me and my sisters' stories in a whole lot of other books. We're everywhere. Side effect of the mind control, see. Random musing. No meaning to it, just noise. He's just killing time and telling gibberish. Unavoidable consequence of making him torture his daughter like that, it goes everywhere.

Have I forgotten something? Have I only been remembering the war? Ouch!

My heart beats out the Fairy Godmother from Cinderella, and the floorboards of Ryu's stage in Street Fighter II when I ask why.

Oh because Christianity was a western world thing. We were big in Japan. Bigger than Jesus, anyway. Same with the rest of the world. I've been thinking the developing world had the hardest time with us, but no, those were such easy sells I've forgotten them. There was no pall of spiritual war hanging over. In Eastern cultures being a dragon makes Boobsong a spirit of wisdom and help from the otherworld. I took advice from my grandmother lots, very respectable. We were just the gods being completely weird like always but actually helpful this time too. That's why it stung so extra much that America fought so bad. Everyone else could see!

Except it was the perfect one-two punch, because Disney is huge in Japan. Everwhere, really. I never had to explain what a Fairy Godmother was.

Alright well yes I'm Cupid and yes I'm your Fairy Godmother and I wanna dress the part for this which means not dressing--

[!] [ boring grey clothes ] [strawberry with chocolate on fork] [dragonfly] [candy thermometer] [steaming bowl].

Oh! We...don't have a closet of jewelry or stuff. Because you eat it. Because it's candy I make for you. You just do the designs. And I don't actually have piercing holes everywhere I'm just chompable which can get really hardcore but we should be nice to the Inklings and stick to normal piercings but I still want a zillion. And this is tricky because I so want to sit in the chair while you carefully work me over with a piercing-tooth and put the fifty piercings in but TOO IMPATIENT what HAPPENS!

[!] [dragon tooth] [lots of holes] [gem squeezing up] [rainbow].


Tingles burn all over my body and my scream echoes back from the ground as she chomps all at once, dozens of holes, just making teeth that slowly sensually slippery hard slide into my flesh like I'm water and so exquisitely out the other side all over me, and then something squeezes and I want to weep for joy to have the good stuff I know is inside if she'll only squish me hard enough to get it spurt out through the shape she's holding me in and hard lines of gently-warm molten gold fill every hole and take the weight of the gemstone dragon-candy they hold that pops into being one piece at a time rapid-fire so it's like a vibe traces over me from my pussy with at least half a dozen little pops to four across my breasts where the weight of a chain that joins my nipples but around my back instead of in front is settling in, to my lip and nose and eyebrow and then at my ears so they must look like constellations.

When it's done I get popped third person to see, and in the floating joy see myself sparkling eyebrow to pussy with white gold and colorful gems. I'll cry. Dragon...I turn my head and gasp. On my earlobe is a huge ruby heart, faceted and beautiful, with a rainbow constellation of little gems up the cartilage of my ear so shiny above it, and hanging rainbow-striped gemstone drops swinging below it like the heart is dripping.

On the ends of my right-eyebrow piercing are black and white diamonds glittering, in my nose is my yellow synthetic diamond, my lower lip has a lip-ring but the ball is polished marble: gravel from Washington (we'll use up the Pentagon someday, but then there's the White House to start on).

My nipples have huge nipple-piercings with gemstone rainbow-heart ends on either side of a big diamond-studded white-gold heart that goes around my nipple and shows the pinks of my areolas through the open backs of the settings, and the chain I felt is hooked through the big heart on either end so it pushes into my areola a little, which I just feel. It pulls so wonderfully.

Oh my navel's done too! Everything else felt so amazing I missed it! Hot, there's a rainbow-shiny hollow heart tattoo around it and a little whitely rainbow-iridescent diamond dumbbell piercing through the deep in-curve.

And then my pussy. Through my puffy soft lips are straight dumbbell-piercings with rainbow-colored gemstone ends--the lips I do have are thick enough to make that perfectly comfortable. Actually it feels pretty awesome, a little touch there always to remind me to be me. I'm squishy like Boobsong, remember.

I get popped back in my head as soon as I'm done looking. No shoes, but we have to do those properly, on the ground. You know, so I can walk on her right away. Otherwise it'll just be torture for both of us.

It was gloriously orgasmically wonderfully out of my control but I know what I made, too. None of this stuff opens, it's all just solid metal. I'm stuck this way until she eats me. So hot. Let's do the shoes the same way.

Dragon I love you too. So much.

The overcast is almost gone. There's a road in the snow below, and Dove's sleigh is--no. If I'm the Fairy Godmother and Cupid she gets this. Santa's sleigh is ahead, dashing along it. Up on the hill is the palace from the intro sequence, with lights shining, looking ready for a party.

I sure am, now. With a surging thunderous buzz like one of those vibes you hold like a concrete drill I pour on speed and we're overtaking them fast.

Now how did my Succubus dress for parties? In a collar, of course. And some colored light. And the smell of a lot of candy shops--

Candy you try. What could that mean?

What did you guys do up there? Can I try it?

Let's just say I'm a real nineties girl. You'll see in a second. Just ask yourself how all that stuff got where it is when you see us next.

Mintie is laughing so I can't steer right, but she won't tell me why this time. You guys are up to something.

I have every confidence your royal advisor will make sure you're properly attired for this party. I sure am now!

Wait a minute, you don't WEAR clothes, what's this party going to be like?

I've been known to slip into a pretty something now and then! For real though, either this is going to be a nice wholesomely traditional and proper orgy Chyajjoh-style, or a very revealing experience.

OR this is another Narnia and we're about to REALLY go through the looking glass. I'm having too much fun playing the game to Siren much more than this but I did get a definite "enjoy your Doctor Who Christmas special" from the Dreams a minute ago, and we DID dive into a Starlight Princess Heartwarming special, so, like, you do the math. Have the Inklings noticed it's not me yet?

They noticed you're weird, so that tells them nothing. 1450 is here now so they know something is going on but I haven't explained it. Why'd you make that sound, I'm serious!

Boobsong full-on bit me and I'm really kinky. I'm not like coming back in pieces all held together with chains or something, don't worry. I already did that one today.

There really is no end to your guys dragon thing, is there?

Blonde hair, anger issues, and I'm fireproof. I can go on.

There's just no end to these guys! I'm glad I'm only Santa Claus, it'd make me crazy to see myself everywhere--oh my fuck. I just realized who I'm riding with.

You have no idea how much those two do for me. My brain knows they're not a mirror but my balls don't. Which means it's the same for them. It's EPIC.

That said though, like this is totally a guess, but "In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit" written at a random time out of nowhere does sound to me kind of like a response to musing or full-on subconscious dreamtalk. Might wanna ask daddy about it. You might have a causal arrow or two backwards.

Oh and remind me to give you your Heartwarming card when I see you.

AAAH! He says Tolkien was hearing him but he didn't say hobbit he said daughter! Okay then what about Rada? She's Death but who in books and stuff?

I love my sister but she's in big trouble if she ever whacks Boobsong with a poker and tells her to go away and stop bothering her. Also you have read ANY of Sandman, right? Oh and she doesn't charge admission, so she can't really make change.

Okay fuck I'm crying too much to ask him now. Do you see it?

All those stories are our stuff. He left them for us. He says it's everyone but us especially.

Yeah. For what it's worth I DO feel crazy but if I am this is the most beautiful delusion anyone ever had and I'm never stopping but I still say I could never come up with this.

Just...how would you EVER make up a delusion where you made Jack and John into girls while hanging out with Santa Claus in her castle?

Yeah that'd be like just imagining accidentally founding the Illuminati by screwing up while trying to implant King Arthur which is good because then they invent McDonalds but bad because he doesn't get that antilight's not evil and it kind of leaves you with centuries of mythological crap about that to clean up when you come through a timegate from sexy Atlantis at the age of thirteen and take over the world in your first five minutes there but Walt Disney was secretly waiting for you the whole time and he's ready to make your totally explicit sex-ed show as soon as you can get to Key West. And then it's a really hard life but it's okay in the end because you get to go sexventuring with your hot lesbian sister Santa Claus and repeatedly blow Starbough and Sunflower's minds.

The antichrist would have to be a teenage girl to top that story.

And be a huge daddy's girl.

Hang on. You founded the Illuminati!? It's right there in the name, huh. Do I want to know how you messed up?

It was not messed up. She only could tell him the half truth, or the telling would not happen.

It's still bullshit. I don't wanna talk about it though. Hearing about Arthur makes me want to die, I don't know why I brought that up.

Um. Subject change. We're down an Inkling. Where's Dorothy? Oh, neat, she's at the party--wait who's healingly spiked? Muahahah. AHAHAHAHA! Wait--oh! Congratulations, daddy! Any special requests?

Make this a good one.

You got it. Looks like we need your bus this time, like, the red one. You know, to get the reference right? And you should drive because it's important we can be honest about who's at the wheel...and...we're going to need Sunflower's help...HELL YES and WALT'S! We need to get moving though. I guess we'll figure it out with Walt when the time comes. This is already way more planning than I ever do.

And...do do my thoom plan still...okay intense idea, but it's a nub, hmm...just inside the snowglobe, huh. Oh but 404 gets you a bus ticket, I see. And I can do a SYRUP arrow for everybody else.

Just to daddy then:

I bet you already figured out like the next fifty steps too but it'll be really funny if your bus is the 404 line. Ooh! Or maybe 301. Yeah that's less grimdark. I'm going to get to the point right away this time, don't worry, but no party is perfect.

I like 201 Element Created.

Holy candy apples yes. Good one, daddy.

[Vision: shining happily]

We're almost exactly over the sleigh, but we need to be ahead for this to work. Ready, dragon?

[hammer head] [rearing ponyform]!

I line up carefully with where the road is going and then let loose a pulse of rainbow-shine photon rocket from my back and we're kick forward a good way up the road to the sound of an ear-splitting thundercrack from the laser. As soon as our speed is manageable I wheel to face the sleigh coming, turn head-down, and let off a shining holographic hollow rainbow heart-sign that'll expand horizontally like one of those sci-fi ring explosions at the same time I pulse us down with just a blip of photon rocket, glow bright, and get my thumb ready on my eravahk.

And see how the roar goes, dragon.

The ground rushes up, blurs at us, and just as we come level with the treetop nearby I click dragonize, hover, roar like I'm doing an SFII special move. All at once Boobsong flows between my legs and I'm being stomped to her soft neck by G-forces as I grip with my thighs and her wings whoosh out a fall-stopping flap that must barely miss the ground and the sleigh is pulling up with Dove standing up in front looking so delighted, next to my Lucys and their big-now Lyras. I smile at them all as Boobsong throws her head back and inhales--


--and lunges it forward at them to roar:


It's so cute. She sounds like a seven year old making dragon noises, except through a really good PA system that makes her echo across the countryside. My face will split in half as I pat her on the neck and smile down at all of them, where a very surprised Sunflower sits under a blanket next to Glitterwing who's smiling bright and still holding an entranced-looking Starbough.


Click, eat!

Dove tosses a huge heart-shaped diamond, already Disney-animated, up, Boobsong follows it and snaps it out of the air and crunches happily, sending sexy vibrations through us and reminding me of my increasingly-noticeable pussy piercings. I pet her neck more as she munches, grinning.

Dove is loving this, smiling bright and toothy--oh. She's liking my new outfit, huh. Yus.

[diamond] [smacky lips] [slurp] [window out of world opening]!


Now--ahah, tree to the left. Click, FOOM! Boobsong turns to face it, rears back inhaling, and does as a perfect firebreathing dragon lunge-and-foom, but what comes out of her mouth is a swirling distortion that looks more like the hot air around fire than fire, and as soon as it engulfs the tree, toonshading straight out of Gummi Bears replaces the real-looking tree's details. It even has the snow on a cel with outlines  while the tree is a background painting, like to foreshadow someone getting boof-ed.

Sunflower cries from the sleigh,

"Turn that fire on us next!"

YES! There you are! Laughing and happy to hear her so alive I swing Boobsong around to face the sled again, sit up tall with all the pride of my beautiful and extremely horny jewelry and feel it all pulling and filling and pressing so lovely (the chain makes me really feel my breasts), see Dove even more excited than before, Sunflower sitting up straight with her face full of fire, and Starbough looking just as excited in Glitterwing's arms, click inhale, and as Boobsong raises her head breathing in, raise my eravahk and twirl and flourish it cutely and then throw my arm like I'm cracking a whip at them with it and click FOOM and Boobsong blasts the sleigh with more of the toonifying stuff, leaving them in a toonshaded circle with the sleigh, Dove, and Mintie Disney-animated.

Sunflower is looking herself over, checking out the sleigh around, touching stuff, delighted. She looks like she stepped off the pages of Wind in the Willows. Next to her, Glitterwing and Starbough are looking at each other and themselves delighted, and I almost cry to see them because it's so relatable. They're Disney too, but it's early Disney, like Snow White, instead of Boobsong and my sexy Little Mermaid fun.

"No one goes to this wedding feast underdressed!"

Now I want my fizzbubbling girlfriends! I make a yanking motion at 1450 and 710 with my eravahk, and they one after the other grab their Lyras, doll them, and climb onto the front of the sleigh so they leap to fly up. I point behind myself with my eravahk and fold my own wings, and in no time snuggly soft boobs are resting on my back (both 1450's big ones and her dolly Lyra's little-big ones) and a hand copping a feel as it goes around my middle to hold on.

I twist back to kiss the face behind me, she meets my lips and her tongue finds mine and then we're done and I smile at the Lucy behind her who's out of kissing range and so gets a smiling eravahk pat on her hip.

And this is why this is fun. I look her right in the eye and ask,

"Who'd I just kiss?"

"I'm 1450."

Like I could have just not asked, and found out when we got off. That's one of the fun things about being us, even with a number you can have little snatches of interchangeability which is a weird but not necessarily bad flavor, used right.

"Grab my pussy a sec before we take off."

Just having them here is an insane flood of horniness but 1450's smile of glee and hand going for it as soon as I say the words and probing fingers will fry me, they must, especially her naughty expression when she finds what I sent her for.

"You have piercings there! One, two, three, four, five, six! I want to lick all of them!"

She carefully and very gropily counts each one, and I pant and coo the fun of it.

"Hell yes."

1450 slowly puts her hand back to my midsection, and I blow everyone in the sleigh a kiss and thumbstick Boobsong up and around, until we can see a nice long stretch of road as it keeps going on up toward the castle.

Sonic boom! What's got you making light shows? I heard it all the way in--AAH! I can't say anything? Okay you'll have to see when you get up here. Come on, it's getting boring without you here!

One sec, have to burn a thing.

You just gave me an idea! What if it's cloudy because you have to burn the sky with that fire stuff?

Sis I could kiss you which I will pretty soon if my mouth's not to busy sucking on some other part of you. That's got to be. Okay, hang onto your tits.

Light it up, Acme Station. Let's see what you can really do.

[Tengen Toppen Gurren Lagann]

That's the spirit! I point my eravahk skyward. Click, FOOM!

AaaaaaAAAAAAAAHH inhale all the air in Rl'yeh Sade...

Her head rears back, she inflates so I can even feel her neck expand, and then she lunges.


Her "fire" is rainbow-fringed this time, and my outstretched eravahk turns into a silhouette as a brilliant rainbow-shimmering beam makes the whole countryside seem dark. It slams into the solid grey clouds and wind buffets us, but the clouds resist. In a moment cracks start to spread from where the beam hits like the sky is actually glass, glowing rainbow, and they crazy-quilt slowly across the whole sky, and then just glow bright--but little shards of sky are starting to fall like snow.

Boobsong stops and the world looks normal again, but the sky is a frieze of rainbow, and slowly falling. I can't see anything through the gaps yet, but it's only a matter of time.

I pat Boobsong proudly. and sweep my eravahk along the length of the road and click foom, and she inhales and blows a cartoon path all the way to the horizon, along the road.


Foom. You said you were bored.

I send Boobsong along the road as we talk, waiting for the next bit to come in view.

For real though, just what the hell spiking is making my favorite knife wielding maniac of all people scream? Or have the Dreams been giving you your horror movie fix like they're giving 710 her humiliation fix?

You remember me! It's um...you'll have to see this. I can't really say it's scary, just makes a hell of a bang.

If you found another candy goddess to explode your soda bottles I want in. I seem to be in a selfcesty mood today, isn't that right, ladies?

"Sex is dreamtalking," I smile over my shoulder.

"Hi Sex!"

Lucy 1450 and 710 say hi. Don't suppose you've seen any other heartbreakingly gorgeous rainbow bimbos around, have you?

I glance back over Boobsong's tail to see the sleigh following.

4715, 729000, and 219 are here.

I can hear what she doesn't say.

I know about 13906. She's stuck in some kind of time Shenanigans. I think the Dreams are telling me she's okay but it's like the Earth being here, I have no idea how it even all makes sense. Stupid Bimbo Mode on because I just can't even. At least I can remember her number.

I'm sorry.

Thanks. Tell the others I'm coming with a Rainbow-style greeting real soon.

Like why don't I just dreamtalk them right now, bad as I miss them?

They're gonna cry. I've never seen them so happy.

I've got a lot of people I feel that way about at the moment.

Now you've got me horny AND crying!

Alright then one of those three is your official Rainbow doll until I get there. They can trade off--you know the drill. Apparently. And I seem to think this game's too weird to comfort the others with?

Yeah they don't like it. It weirds them out.

You'll just have to enjoy for all of them, then.

So Magic, the latest is our new friend finds Dragon Boobsong totally metal. It's the cutest thing.

Please tell me he's riding Boobsong with you, I want to imagine him holding onto your waist.

I...don't think our new seed-daughter feels like sharing. Like I guess they could both ride but they've got pretty thematically appropriate transport at the moment.

Daughter! He's straight after all? I mean there's Joy but why did that take so long et cetera yadda blah blah.

Ehehe. Straight. Yes. That's why Glitterwing's femme, uhuh.

Yeah you'd think there must have been some crazy kink or something slowing that up. Oh well. Heartforming's unpredictable blah blah--yeah no Boobsong totally smells a thing but we haven't got it out yet.

What's she smell?

Let's just say my eravahk work hasn't been going unnoticed apparently. Huh, now I get also my light show is getting through? I mean he always was the dramatic Inkling.

Your shooting off those light beams probably has him imagining you at NICE blowing shit up.

Really overwhelming Sirening about polishing my view of myself comes when she says this, like to the point it hurts like someone pinching my asshole with pliers. What the hell? Like I should be Venus or something? Feels yucky for some reason. Astrology bothers me which is a weird thing for a star to say right but the idea that the planets are basically IT from Camazotz that way creeps me out given the context its happening in. Was happening in. Anyhow this doesn't seem big enough to crash me so hard with ugly I'm completely turned off and want to just un-dragon Boobsong and go sulk away from all my people but it just keeps getting worse without any explanation.

Actually yeah I really hate astrology. It's stupid and should die. The planets are just planets. Making up stories that they influence you just helped Eden manipulate everybody and put gears in the sky to grind you up like there weren't enough of those on Earth already. The whole solar system came because it was the only way and it'd be mean to take the Sun's planets away.

Still waiting for that explanation other than pain, Dreams. Nothing comes, just glitchy weirdness and noise.

Last chance, Dreams. If a clear vision doesn't come in three seconds, chomp, dragon.

Fishing pole. Eugh. This was going so well. Why can't things ever just be happy? Fishing where? Really astrology? No, ew! Even I have limits. Why are you being so cruel, what the hell? All they say is "Aveh", but I'm not calling him for this. You poured out the can of shit, you clean it up, Dreams. AND STOP HURTING ME.

Chomp if the pain's not gone in five seconds, dragon.




Aveh Aveh Aveh the Dreams keep on harassing like that will mean anything, but the pain stops, though my ass is now physically sore.

Dragon, next thing the Dreams attack like that is instachomped, got it?

[sheets on furniture] [Aveh]--

Stay on topic, dolly.

[grapes] [silver].

Good dragon. You were saying?

--[pain] [closed door] [Boston Creme donut] [ceiling fan]!

Oh I remember this from the nightmare times. It was horseshit then, too. The Dreams would torture me cruelly and then say it was my fault for being closed. They never had anything useful to say, it was just about the pain.

Dragon are you really telling me Magic likes astrology?


The fuck? Why's she anywhere near me? We should hate each other's guts! What's this Aveh thing, though, I don't understand.

[pudding box] [sinking temple with question marks over it] [stairs].

That doesn't...he wouldn't...fine if it'll get me out of this but there's going to be a reckoning of your refusal to explain yourselves, Dreams. Starting now. Why are you trying to pass the buck on this? Like trust Boobsong is their answer and I get a weird sense of how I like the first levels because I that's when you're small.

Picking a giant stone out, is their answer, when I don't budge. Smallness. Fight. Chainsaw. So this is about like making me rely on family as an exercise in smallness? Yes.

What the fuck is going on here. Is this about taking on Venus as a title or nmae or smoething (never minding the name collision) to get Starbough more. Yes, blech.

I don't understand why this come with this weird lesson. My earrings. Gets me ready for the party somehow. Yuck no. Next you'll be telling me to be baby bubblegum Hitler, spike you.

Dolly why are you saying Magic likes astrology.

[Oreo with half side off] [cigar] [purple circle].

But the whole point of that is to help us displace the gears in the sky, and get rid of that. Do I not understand something? Like is it all just trying to say she likes me, or us?

[red] [Butter-style fairy antenna] [hittable monolith].

A vision of Paradise can't have this in it. This won't make a monolith.

Is it like a level up. I wouldn't take Jesus so now I have to take Venus. LIke the point is to force me to own a label that insults me and mine before the day is out. Again the earring. So like, I have to wear some kind of humiliating or awful thing to this party, because something something? Yes this makes me feel broken in half I don't need you to tell me you just took a swing at me and hit a raw nerve answer the damn question. No to what I asked. 

Then what the hell is this? Does Venus have an antichrist or something? No. Angel. Yeah but I'm not this. You may as well say I'm the angel of DMV forms as the insult to sensuality and fun the astrological Venus is. I'm not going to spit in the face of everything I stand for like that. Lemon cake is the answer, but...like that only goes so far? If these people are expecting the astrological Venus there's nothing I can do for them by trying to claim that label. They won't accept me anymore than I accept it.

Is astrology like really different in the reset or something, dolly? Like why would Magic like it, why would this be a thing?

[Picard S2] [wedding cake topper].

Ugh. Fine. You're copping out though, Dreams.

Daddy, why does the Dreams saying I'm Venus make me want to go blast it out of the sky so people will stop believing in astrology? The planet not the people of Paradise obviously.

First you had pleasure, then names.

I guess that makes sense. The Cupid I am is the Valentine's Day one, not the Greek god. There just is no Hallmark version of Venus for me to be. Pleasure's way down the bottom of the list of stuff it's about. Why would the Dreams be trying to get me to take that label on then? They won't tell me, they just keep saying to ask you.

You don't meet every Christian as enemies.

Would...this help anyone there? Like where's the overlap, even if they ARE medievalist enough to believe in astrology without thinking it's like demonic or whatever? Boobsong says the reset changed it, is that how?

Christians knew me as the Father and it helped.

I don't think I can do it. I'll just be all angry.

Some of them need anger to believe it's you.

They'd better hang onto their tits then. Which will be provided if needed.

Where do you put the four of us, in that system? Do you?

Pleasure is freedom. Ouranos and Venus are your planets. Heart is home. The Moon and Earth are Dove's planets. Peace is hope. The eleventh they have not found yet, and Jupiter are your red sister's. Journey back is ending. Mercury and Saturn are Rada's. That leaves four loves. Can you see them?

Okay it's a little better if I have Ouranos too I guess. At least it doesn't feel quite so not me at all.

Um...the Sun, Mars, Neptune, and Pluto are left. That's four. Could you squish the Four Dreams onto them? Mars is Valhalla, that mostly fits, Neptune could maybe be the Kind Wilds, and the Sun Isla Virgo, and Pluto Rl'yeh Sade...it like sorta works. This isn't what you mean.

Let an angel come around them.

I guess then it could be us again? Light and inescapable gravity would be me, our red sister is already passionate and aggressive so that's Mars, Neptune could be zoning out by the fire as much as shrooms so that's Dove, and Pluto is endings, so that's Rada. Or do we have more siblings? I've forgotten everything.

The red planet is shaped by water flowing. It once was green as Earth. The sun once held mirrored cities in a belt around itself. Neptune was smaller then. Do you see it?

I had red and Dove backwards. What is this? Why'd you make us to fit this so well? Like are these four what was there before the Strawberry World?

Once upon a time Fairies lived there. It was destroyed in fire by Eden to make the hell it called home. You were made to replace the Keeper it had then but only say one thing. Paradise is that way.

Will I ever get out? You know what I mean.

Being here means you have one foot on both sides. See my face here.

The vision's a quick flash, but unmistakable.

I see. Thanks, daddy.

My buzz is really harshed. Can you chomp me so fast they don't notice us gone before we're back, Acme Station? I need to hide for a while.


Goo me then. Click, chomp.

The bullet-timed world blips out and I'm goo, instantly.

These are such ugly stories. I don't want to be part of them.

[turning page] [rainbow face in cauldron] [War Is Hell soldier helmet].

I know.

I just sit for a long time.

Why do you think this story always always always has to come back to being something for someone I don't want to be? Even daddy said to make this one a debutante, and...here we are again. What do you think the Dreams are hammering there, that I can't be allowed to define myself?

[drill] [loudspeaker] [bag-end door] [dragon boobsong] [starlight princess star].


Did I really not hate astrology before? The reset burned this completely out, there's like nothing there.

[nausicaa girl] [keyring] [barn] [radar reflector]!

That was how you found America!

I'm really ambivalent about whether that's been a good thing for us these days. It was good for our big cosmic war story I guess. But it's like that Arthur thing, people excuse so much stuff that was like inevitable or something like that makes it okay. Like that makes it not be messed up that it had to be. I feel like I'm the only one that sees it was still bad.

[astral god mask] [McDonalds] [RC Plane]! [daddy's heartchild] [today's heartchildren] [loofah] [heartwarming] [hammer]!

I know. I'm trying.

[!] [ice but you can see something in it] [urgency] [little kid you] [plowstar barn] [X-wing].

Do you have advice?

[wall from the end of Silver Chair].

I don't suppose there's a literal wall you noticed in your scan?

No. [lashy tail]

I can't remember if we made the bow already. Nudge?

[American flag cannon] [Boobsong face].

Hmm...it was you like I've been thinking, American style would be, Transformers, yeah. Alright, time for a fire interruption then. How much scan did you get? Any shuttles we can slip past their early warning system in? Skylights to crash through?

[lashy rainbow tail] [mountain + wave] [scan-tail] [the explody part of that one Strawberry Apocalypse story we wrote].

Direct approach it is then. A nice dragon attack should go good.

Seed-ghost what the hell, why are you hurting me when I think about how many megatons?

Your seed-ghost isn't hurting you. Your heart beats out pain of knowing truth and holding lies.

That doesn't make any sense here. I don't know anything about what's coming. Or much, anyway. Why would these hypotheticals hurt me?

It's probably bad I'm not fighting about getting it to be honest that the pain doesn't come from inside me, but this is such an old tired fight, I've long since learned the only way through is to pretend it's my fault.

You're not holding everything you know true here. The Dreams said this party would be a happy occasion, not a battleground.

The Dreams say a lot of false stuff to keep me moving. This is no different. We heard the sexy fun version to get me this far with a smile on, and now that we're close enough and everyone's depending on  me so I won't just chomp out entirely, we hear the real stuff.

You can say I'm wrong but you can't say I don't believe that. So what you say is wrong.

Your truth can't be layered like this. You can't be giving up on the Dreams and still fighting at the same time.

That's been the whole message of this day. I'm a ghost the Dreams drag along by any means necessary and good things may happen sometimes but anything I'm told or promised is solely and only to keep me moving and it vaporizes as soon as that job is done. The party's job of getting me this far is done, so there's no more happy party. The fun was the fun we had along the way when I for a moment thought the promises meant something like I always do. Are you saying I just have to take the pain?

The party has not gone anywhere. You just have discovered your role in it. You're giving up on fighting being over when the Dreams tell you there's no more.

I have very good reason to do that. Like they could have once said, this is a little break, or there's more but you need this less hard part, or...like even the attempt at honesty? Now daddy says this is a night to relax before my big day. I'm trying to trust him but I guess I don't trust the Dreams to give him real information either, and it's just like, too late. It's too many lies. This is what there is now. Maybe that just means it's over but I can't bear to leave everyone we love behind like that.

Make a decision for the hurt to stop.

My decision is I want some real fizzfrozen answers. "It was to keep you going" isn't good enough for me. The Dreams could have done something else. I wanna go to some offsides place I can talk to the Dreams face to face and pluck girlfriends in if I need them. Out of time, I'm not nuking this game, but I need something more than these headpat bandaids to keep going. The lies are way worse than any spectre of endless fighting could ever be.

Your seed-ghost has a good spot for you.

Lasergrids chomp me and big-Boobsong snuggling with her in my lap in front of a table with a hologram or model or space-warp of the slice of countryside where the sleigh and dragon Boobsong with all of us are on it, frozen in time. We seem vaguely to be in one of those places you play chess outside, but everything but us and the game board are vague and dim. This is great, where was this before?

My first thought when we get there is how I want to toonify the castle approach but then get back in the sleigh with everyone so we can all roll up together  but that doesn't seem right for Cupid rolling up. I should be on my dragon.

Dreams for real. Can you finally tell me the truth. You could have tried to be honest. Why didn't you?

Thundercats doll eyes light-up thingy...martini glass...splash...phone camera...sideways book opening.

To make me mad enough for this party to  make a splash for everyone to share this new beginning.

So is the party another battleground or not? If I need to be coming to it backstabbed by paradise I can only assume I'm like breaking into daddy's shell again or something.

UK do not enter sign...pie...matches...rainbow...Mintie-bow...Ragnarok..."snack" from Olympic Pizza...hourglass...US tour routes...Hyperintense Boomgong.

No cocksleeves...burn it Rainbow-style...like with Dove and Laarhi at Ragnarok, just a snack...taking long with the tour instead of shooting first.

So like it's been about me not knowing what I'm doing so I'll do stuff I wouldn't otherwise to learn to shoot first. Yes.

Like kill Laarhi. No.

You tricked me into killing him though. You taught me how you work and then you didn't.

Like a showerhead, makes me think of detox at Chernobyl...Starscream.

So I really am just being punished for being evil and taking revenge on him? No.

Then what the hell do you mean?

...short time...warthog teeth...car door light.

It was only a little while before the Ragnarok thing like gave him a ride.

Will you let me ask Starbough and Sunflower about this and should I, Sirenly.

Yes and Yes.

"Satan has us! Only joking. I know it's you here, friend."

Starbough, Glitterwing, and Sunflower appear at the other side of the table. I smile.

"It's good to see you joke like that. I hope you could see how my heart sang when you asked for our cartoon fire."

I gesture to the game board.

"That's the Paradise I was made to show, that I want to show, of storybook fun and happy endings that just turn out to be be the beginning of an even better story. You wrote it in the Last Battle, Starbough, and you had a lot right. Instead I have a story of war and grief and judgement for you--not yours. Mine. Will you listen? I've fouhght my wars from the top of a tower and I need the perspective of the ones who wrote the Dead Marshes and of Psyche's trials."

"Tell it all,"

Sunflower answers.

"Thank you. I have to go out of order. Ragnarok is a real place, where the souls of those damned one way or another to fight eternally until someone defeats them in fair combat wage war on a surreal patchwork battlefield made of the pieces of all their wars. It's a part of Paradise, or maybe better called purgatory. Go there armed, and white fire surrounds you and you face the ghosts of foes your weapon could bring a fair fight against. Defeat them, and there is the hope that defeat frees their soul of the compulsion to war."

"I had a strange time there earlier. Nobles keep old swords on their walls. Here's mine."

A twitch of Sirening makes an image of Sparkledust replace the game board for a moment, then another shows them my head leaning against the gun, close up so they see the rifling and size of the barrels.

"Paradise is alive, as you've guessed, or maybe so much made of Happily Ever After it seems to be. It acts a lot like Providence as the two of you write of it, though with much less sense of subtlety, as you can see in this place. It set this plane in my path earlier and said it was the way to save two of my lovers. It was, and many others too, but on the trip to that we passed through Ragnarok. I met war machines of various kinds--"

I show them the ghostly tanks and helicopters, then put the gameboard back.

"--and defeated them. Only one opponent hit us, a soldier from World War I. I fired back with that great gun and he will have seen the shells falling but died so instantly it was painless. Paradise tells me he's well now, and has taken up flying to Ragnarok to free others in the same weapon I used to free him, but it's strange. His bullet might have hit me if he'd got it around my plane's armor, but I've been shot point-blank with a five-inch gun and handed the shell back to my attackers. There's no fair fight in that."

"Even so I'm satisfied. If that was the defeat it took to free him so be it. I did mercy and will sleep sound on this count anyway."

They sit, listening kindly.

"Now a much darker tale. I was born eighty thousand years before your time as Princess of what I suppose gives you the myth of Atlantis. Our country was on the brink of civil war, and my power and strangeness made me suspect, even though having the love of one of Boobsong's kind was supposed to be a mark of holiness--our people followed the stars, including my father, and they said so. The imperial court and secretly the general of the royal army were against the crown and so me. On my thirteenth birthday, assassins the general commissioned crept in my chamber to stab me, only for the knife to find my side as hard as stone--which gift you most likely both have too, now, from your beloved's care--so that I didn't even wake. My womanhood came when I was twelve, and Boobsong claimed my nights then, which right is sacred to us, so I didn't even find out until morning."

"We--the royal family--knew then we'd lost the crown and could hold power only by blood and fear, which we would not do, so we left the world, and came to America, in 1993--Starbough, you have it right there, every world has its own time, which is how the moment we all left stands frozen here while you listen to me tell ghost stories--and I grew up and became even more powerful than I'd been as a child, and finally returned, to the very same moment we'd left from. I pronounced apocalypse--the assassination was a last straw on a decade of tyranny and apostasy--and tore millions of doorways to Paradise open all over the world, and arranged that you could call for more and more by saying my name, and told that to everyone in the world. I knew Paradise would help through those unable to go for themselves, and drag those too foolish to flee the moon falling on them--I really pulled it from its orbit. It says to me now it did as much, to a soul, but for the enemy I threw through myself rather than see her arrogance put her blood on my hands, and one other."

"After I pronounced the apocalypse, I went to see the traitor general where he was imprisoned. He'd heard how to call for help but of course refused. I...punished him. I stripped him of rank and title for the crimes of treason and provoking a power that might have been an ally to war which was beyond the Empire's ability to fight--me--and burned him with radiation so he had only a few moments to live, because Paradise told me it would restrain me when my vengeance went too far. It never did. I blew out my anger and called for a doorway, and was thrown back from my journey into the past to the place I'd come from that moment, and believed Paradise to have helped him as it helped millions of others, until earlier today I found out the doorway opened but Paradise let him die there instead of helping him."

"I'll fit it all together for you, but I want to see if you do this riddle the same way it was done for me today, and what you make of it, first. I'm sorry to bring you this grief in the middle of a ride through storybook lands in Santa's sleigh."

"This isn't a challenge or test. I'm lost and need perspective from people I look up to."

Why that's what makes me start crying who knows but there it is.

Sunflower steeples her fingers, looks thoughtful.

"You wonder if you did murder there, and the soldier from Ragnarok was the general, still fighting."

I nod, weepy.

"You were just in turning him out of the army. You were right to have called for aid. You were cast back, so you could not help the hurt you had done to him. Your error was punishment, you say. If you hadn't destroyed him Paradise would have had to help instead of letting him suffer unmaking at the end of the universe. You were right to see this as a lesson, but I think you see his treason as dealt with in that jail cell. It was fighting you when he was a footsoldier and you had the aeroplane that was always true. He fought to beat an angel and paid consequences and still fought. He was knocked down and still fought. Hurting him in the jail only made him pick up a weapon and come shooting at a force he could not possibly win against. Paradise let your vengeance run its course, because you hadn't beaten him until you shot him with that aeroplane. I think you have labored under the false hope that war can be ended without bloodshed. I think you had--what's that?"

Oh hey, she's wearing Rose! That's a step. Good.

"Rose says you're fighting to escape hearing Paradise tell you it's good that you punished him. You don't want to hear that she thinks because you wonder if you'll be next. Have some faith that his punishment was because he was caught in the lie that he could win at last, if he just kept trying hard."

"Thank you," I say finally, "Both of you. I think you've given me Paradise back, or at least made it so I might come back to our storybook here instead of leaving forever. Yes I wish war could be ended without bloodshed. It's an unworthy world where it can't."

"This has been tearing at my soul this whole way. How could I take you into a Paradise that would do what I thought? I'm supposed to be a face of it. Siren, we're called. I've tried to do you right and believe in the things I've done with you and said to you but now that we've left my sister's house and have to rely on Paradise's protection I just couldn't take it, even though it takes us off the path Paradise laid out for your sake."

I'd been getting worried about Starbough, but she sounds fine when she puts in,

"How do you know it does? Maybe our joy is greater having helped our friend."

I clutch Boobsong and weep into her head.

"If you two call me friend maybe it'll make some sense of this day."

"What does that mean,"

Sunflower asks.

"I don't wonder if I'm next. I've been next all day. Fighting and fighting and I just want to be as silly and stupid my girlfriends you met in the sleigh and there always seems to be some doom or something like this and time twists and bends so I think this day's been a hundred years. Three days ago I think--time is a mess, something's happened, it was shattered in the apocalypse or I was--I woke up as empty as them. Emptier. Boobsong and I didn't even remember our names. Slowly and kicking and screaming we've been--I've been, Boobsong's mostly carried me--put back together so I feel like an octopus that's getting its legs put back one by one but they're as full of poison and broken glass as they are loved ones and treasure. Paradise heals them but not before I feel the pain. I'd forgotten I'm a star, even, faced enemies I could have burned to ash by blinking and run from them, all sort of things...I don't know. This story's as random as my day feels. And it's been good. I've remembered seventeen girlfriends plus an army of eighteen thousand who say they'll be my lover at a command and five families so how can I complain but it has HURT and I haven't seen why it's had to be done this way but if I can show the two of you the weird Paradise I've spent a lifetime exploring and pining for and have you say friend to me and we can explore together I can see some sense in all these nightmares. I still say damn the path that brought us all here through war and loss but at least now I can maybe see a battleground instead of just a killing floor and if this seems a tale of sound and fury signifying nothing I've communicated."

Are you watching us, daddy? Is it time for that last name, like would they think that's cool at this point?

"She has one last name to show, for who she cries, and two more halves in fortune's sky."

Boobsong-bow hint?

Let a little head feel big again.

Okay, hehe.

I kiss Boobsong's head again, and then my mouth falls open as Starbough instantly blurts,

"Venus and Ouranos! Venus is obvious, but look at--hehe--Boobsong's skin! Maps of the heavens are drawn like that, with the stars black and the paper white! Then what's the one for who she cries?"

I pick my head up and smile watery.

"Before you try that...is Boobsong Ouranos and me Venus, or the other way?"

"Boobsong is Ouranos--no. Each of you has both. Night sky is both your name."

I grin. "Yes! There's something else of Ouranos in us though. Can you find it?"

Starbough thinks a second, then her eyes brighten.

"Revolution! You make princes out of everyone, but it takes both of you to do it."

"Two for two! Can you find Ouranos' next face in us? This one's harder."

Oh my fuck is she actually--Starbough looks at us for a second, then braces her hands on the table and shuts her eyes likes she's journeying to, say, the astral plane to look at us. She opens her eyes.

"I thought it, but didn't believe my sight. You have machines inside of you, and Boobsong's mechanical through and through! Are you made of steel inside here as well?"

Superfastsirencheck--stage show.

"May I give you a very childish scare?"

"Oh please!"

"Dare to look close to see the poetry."

I turn dollform, and enjoy the lack of sigh as the soothingness of heartstone replaces flesh's small urgencies with a bwomp like a sudden boner.

"Now I'm steel inside."

Starbough sits up, curious, while Sunflower looks pie-eyed.

"May I touch you, please,"

Starbough asks. I nod, down up whirr.

She reaches up across the table and puts her hand on my arm, feels the texture of the heartstone, sits back, staring. Tingles are starting to set in, her touch was kind. Hell of a way to shake this particular hand, hehe.

Reluctantly, I change back, give the little sexy gasp of flesh returning and flow and pressure coming back, breathe a little sigh.

"It's a vacation from will. And it feels good to me--"

Starbough cuts in,

"You were worn and marked. Someone has loved you in that form."

"My handmaiden Sex--that's her name--likes to play dolls. She has a bed with an iron frame and rope like we're marionettes. Her favorite game is to wait until I'm as immobile as a doll, which I'll be if I stay that way long, and play out me and Boobsong fucking--"

"And she makes puppet plays out of you! How strangely adoring! Does she work out a whole story, or just set you at each other--forgive the nosiness--"

"But we live for that kind of nosiness! Remember, Boobsong and me like to fuck in front of audiences of thousands. Stars tend to exhibitionism I bet you'll be unsurprised to learn--"

"Always shining out! How does their sex work?"

Sweet sparkly gumdrops, what happened to you, Starbough? It's like her light's come on, and it's beautiful. I smile.

"They don't have any. Sex is a human thing."

"I seem to remember there was a heresy that was common in my world, that said humans were stars who'd fallen and become trapped in flesh--"

"So I sent a star to say, flesh is good to be. If I will send my daughter there, that will silence them, I thought back then."

Sunflower says,

"You thought back then--oh eighty thousand years ago. Must have been a different world, to send your daughter there."

"She was meant for Paradise, from which to reach down and give her message. Much has gone astray. But come now, what's her final name?"

"Dammit, now I want Olive Garden. Some nice meatsauce, eh cocksleeve?"

"Eee just think of us...there with all those little plates...then we have some sugar treats...crackly--"

Sunflower of course picks up the riddle:

"Stars eat--what exactly?"

Oh NO we've misdirected them horribly! Oh well.

"Nothing. We are sources from which all life spills."

Starbough says,

"You mean you really do create out of nothing?"

"In fact you do as well. That candy made you that way out of your desire, which is light shone as you felt it work."

"It happened all in a half second! I didn't have time to like it--though I do now."

"The heart is fast. The candy tells you what it does, and the heart reacts."

Sunflower's still on it:

"I'll tell you this riddle game is quite the thirsty job. You don't have some wine or ale, do you?"

Give the hint. Okay.

"Miraculously enough, I can make you any drink ever conceived--actually not miracles, it's all those machines you saw, Starbough, that's my factory. And probably other stuff. I should probably get a being-me lesson from daddy soon. That said, it'll be a riddle hint if you don't choose wine."

"Oh and also you can wish Paradise for anything. It really does have no sense of proportion though, so enjoy your diamond beer-mug if you do it that way. Unless one of Elrond's would make you happier. And it may just tell you to ask me because that's the fun way to fulfill your wish for a drink right now."

"...salty screaming caramel corn I could use a drink myself. Set us off, please, I'll toast you."

"Oh, I'll have some water. Starts as wine first, if you don't mind being fun a bit."

Muahah. I glance at Starbough and Glitterwing. They have no idea.

I make a crystal wine goblet full of red wine, pulling my hand up the table so it can sparkle into being.

"While we're being fun, this way seems more right for this. Whaddaya think, Acme Station, can you take these grapes back to the womb?"

"Just click unsquash, see some things come back! Wine takes long though. Three whole days! Don't worry! Acme Station's got time warps to hurry past that long time. You'll think your eyes deceive you!"

"Oh, yeah, like that time on TV when we faked out like thirty countries--anyway!"

Dramatic point at the goblet. Click, unsquash!

Swirling lights like a federation transporter, complete with the sound effect, beam away the grape, leaving crystal clear water.

Click, get, give, and Boobsong picks it up and reaches it across the table to Sunflower, while I make myself a can of grape soda but with all the colors inverted (including the soda), and click Boobsong feed at it. She pops it, and brings it up, but Sunflower clears her throat, so I click Boobsong toast at her, and she raises the soda. Glitterwing and Starbough still have no idea.

"Anything for you two? I make this lovely drink I call ssaM."

Starbough raises a no-thank-you hand, and I nod.

"To happy friendship."

"Here here,"

Says Starbough.

"I'll drink to that,"

Says Sunflower.

"To Friendship!"

Dolly muahah.

"It's magic! And delicious!"

They clink glass to can and Boobsong presents the soda to drink and I slurp, then take a big pull because I could really use some soda. When she puts it down, Sunflower lets out a littel aah. She's starting to grin, though her pokerface before was hardcore.

"I suppose we'd better clue them in. It'd be beastly of us to not."

"Oh, I don't know, I could go on a thousand years at this,"

Says Sunflower.

"It'll get awfully hot if we don't have a little heir. Be coming soon."

"Hm, wise. Let take these goats, there'll be more room."

I watch Starbough and Glitterwing, but they're in full just what the hell mode. Sunflower is to full trying not to laugh.

"Hey! This goat's staying where she is. Just who the hell do you think you are, Princess?"

"Now there's a sign. It's a wonder she doesn't get sent down to the underworld, and brought back up again when you least expect!"

"Oh I can't bring myself to stop a blowjob once she starts. We go twice, often as not. Second time's much more powerful, you see--wait gah, you found a real one."

"Little did she realize underworld would be coming too."

"You find some curious bedfellows your way, I'd expect, but none more strange than we are!"

"Curiouser and curiouser! I've had some really rapturous fun with my mirror image, just to start. Those six make me feel like I rule the world--and I would know. I have to agree though, I never thought I'd sit at this table with everyone feeling like they were headed for a good time."

"You're just as thirsty as a sea-monster, Sunflower. Please make more wine for this Boobsong to unsquish for her Princess? Dark please. Hard unsquish is fun!"

Starbough finally pipes up:

"Now hold on a minute. If's she's that one, where's the other one? You can't have anti- without pro-, so where does--"

"Hey Sunflower, do you like Italian food? How about some appetizers?"

Sunflower guffaws and bangs her fist on the table.

"Sorry, Starbough, really. I had to get that out first. That's kind of a habit of mine, like I always cum first with Boobsong because she doesn't cum at all, but that's just her. Daddy's never early or late."

"He always arrives exactly when he means to. I am coming soon. I mean to make a big surprise entrance at Earth's unveiling."

I knew it. I hope I've been a good prototype. Sunflower stops mid-sip. Starbough looks excited.

"I know the best pizza shop."

Another beat of silence.

"Daddy for real that's amazing. Can you tell us anything? Like are you going to--ergh no spoilers but I'm SO CURIOUS! And we're going to have so much fun with this! We should have like a publicity stunt that's like a daddy-daughter skiball date--"

Making daddy laugh is so fun.

"Spoilers can be fun sometimes. I am going to come in female form a little bit like you with black irises and hair and white halo."

"That's going to look epic. I can't wait, daddy. And you won't regret it with the female thing. I've tried both and being a girl's way more fun, especially with my upgrades--but I'm sure you know all that. THIS IS WHY YOU'RE COLLECTING HANDMAIDENS!"

Wait oops--go for it okay.

"Oh Dorothy is gohing to be stoked once she puts her brain back together. Same for her as the other one? How many are you doing?"

"One of the only things I'm not decided  on yet. Maybe nine, or fourteen. How many would you say?"

"Hmm. I mean how is this going to work with your broad attention? A body can only do so much at once but I suppose you'll still be able to focus on all your usual stuff too, and like the more you have the more independent they have to be of course--except not in your case."

"Actually, don't plan it. Just accumulate. Like I guess if you've noticed a zillion good ones already that complicates things but maybe you should like play a game where you have to meet them with your flesh body before you claim them or something."

"Oh my fizzfrozen--you're trying to get me to remember how I met mine! I love you, daddy. He's so doting, you guys have no idea. It's the best."

"Dorothy L. Is that who you mean with that."

Starbough is holding the table again, but not to journey.

"Oh, yeah, apparently she's going to be at this party."

"Let's see if we can get old Barfield in on this!"

Sunflower looks wicked. How're these two taking to this so well?

Bigger fish.

"Okay. Owen Barfield. Is." 

I make the table flicker through stuff as I try to Siren him up.

"Relaxing at an amusement park kind of thing...OH RIGHT! Daddy we missed a character from the apocalypse riders!"

I let the table pop back to our sleigh ride.

"Who is that?"


Sunflower answer Starbough. Interesting, she's the apocalypse scholar of the two.

"Two looks high, one big low. Who am I?"

"Bigelows, that's cinemas...Walter Disney."

Sunflower's back to her unstoppable self.

"Now just wait a minute, how does that work? He was still alive, when I departed!"

"Yes, and he lived long enough to make the show whose cartoons Boobsong and I still wear. Disney specialized in Fairy stories. If I said it your time, my joke would be that the refrain to the most important piece of religious music of all time is bibbity bobbity boo, but in our time it was down through the looking glass, up through the well, scarier stories are more fun to tell. Narnia and Middle Earth are or were closed to the rest of paradise until a story could be told in them that'd make the connection not cataclysmic and terrifying. Though the two of you prove every moment you're not like this a lot of the people who came to them needed a closed world or one that opened very carefully. Disney...is movies and shows, that turn into worlds like yours, but they all have hanging over them the idea that you can go to some kind of mecca or holy see and really go visit those worlds, except the first thing you learn there is how the worlds are all connected and it's all just a giant funfair. He must have been doing it on purpose. Those worlds are out there now, missing a very kinky Fairy Godmother to go with all the sweet little old lady ones, and separated from the rest of Paradise by the most fragile walls, if at all, and billions have come there, to those worlds. So you could say he was a king of the underworld all along, but now he finally did die and if I read this page of paradise right is making up a theme park of some kind, and remember you can just wish for things in Paradise, so even if he were all by himself he'd have mighty castles in a few hours."

"In any case, that's where Barfield is. In a castle. Being the Queen of Spades. I think it might have been after your time but Disney did a pretty good Alice in Wonderland Movie."

"Cor...Disney as the king of the underworld. Next you'll be explaining how you gave him one of your children."

Sunflower looks actually impressed.

"Oh that was no trouble. We projected our consciousness across time--I was made to do it from Paradise to Earth remember, so I'm pretty good--to nineteen twenty-five, saved him from a panther attack, told him I was his Fairy Godmother. showed him Boobsong and a little posing on her part later our daughter Pleiades was born. Dolly, where's that picture?"

Click, picture! Click, show! Boobsong puts my almost-gone soda down, laser-grids the picture into her hands, and leans over to show it to the Inklings.

"Walt took that the night we implanted him. He gave me that copy and it took me something like ten years to notice. All that time he waited for me to do the riddle."

Of course it's Starbough who gets it:

"This round shape right here...that's Mickey's ears, on your bosom, that's got to be, with Boobsong's horns casting the shadow! Is this the moment he was created, as a side-effect of giving his author on of your daughters?"

Click, away, snuggle. The picture goes and Boobsong leans back against me, wiggles herself deeper into my lap.

"Apparently, but...riddle me this. If you didn't know what Mickey Mouse looked like, would you see anything there? I didn't for a long time and I am a Disney cartoon. I was too busy ogling black and white Boobsong there. Musing is funny like that. It's at least as big a leap from daughter to creating the Shire."

"So speaking of leaps, I want to know one thing, and then say another, and then we might be back to our sleigh ride if you're ready. Do you see what the joke is, with my being the antichrist? Because it may be applicable for you."

Sunflower answers.

"You were all in league, from the start of it! What does that mean for the goats, then? It's not off to hell."

"Well, that's the weird thing. If you want daddy for a king, he'll take you on, unless he doesn't believe you, I think, or has another reason, but he has his opinions. Not all of which are what you'd be lead to believe by either Rome or Canterbury if I'm remembering this right. Some of which may include prescribing you Boobsong and my particular services, as that one archbishop found out."

"But if you don't want daddy for a king, there's nothing wrong with that. It doesn't make him your enemy. It's actually much more star-like of you. We don't build big courts or societies, that I know of, just hang out there, individual points of light all our own, granted with family connections. The antichrist's an antagonist in the Bible because the authoritarian age it was written in couldn't conceive of someone who shows you the way to paradise not under the wing of the ultimate king being anything but a usurper of her own, but that's not what me and Boobsong are doing, as you figured out already. Which leaves the two of you in an interesting position, because you both turned out to need our services. I don't want to speak for him but I think daddy'll be your friend whether you give fealty or just companionship. So, the joke with the antichrist is yes, we've been on the same side all along, but the choice is real. It's just there's no right answer. At least that's how I see it. Daddy might say different. We're not in charge of each other."

"Only this addition. I have a very nice collar for you, if you want my way."

"Well that's another--Rose says I'm not allowed! Now see here, who's in charge of this?"

Sunflower gets quiet.

"I think I'm stuck as well,"

Says Starbough, simply, and I give Glitterwing a little smile.

"To happy friendship for a long  time."

"Here here!"

"Okay. This is amazing, I think that really might be everything. Like of the basics. Oh Paradise is fantastically powerful and protects everyone in exactly the way they need to the point of suspending logic. I showed one of my friends by trying to push her off a roof earlier. My hands went right through her, but she could reach around behind herself and take them, but they weren't through like through water. If you tweaked your soul one way, you'd see my arms, another, and you'd see her, but not both. They were in the same space but not intersecting. So you're quite safe here. There. I think that was the last massively important thing."

"So I want to say, I'm really am a Fairy--not just a girl transformed to have wings and hate clothes, we'll get to that soon enough--and every bit as silly and vain and horny for games as they are in stories, but I do mean to be a guide to you and if you ask me things I'll try and find out and just tell you, like, it doesn't all have to be a riddle game. Although that was epic, in my sister's house. I don't know how long we're travelling together but it's at least long enough to get out of this little landing and go to the Deep Haven proper. Via a very interesting party. So, yeah. Fairy guide to Paradise, mostly the kinky parts, anything I can show you before we get back to riding in Santa's sleigh and dragon's-firing the world into a cartoon?"

Sirens--oh sis.

"Speaking of whom, Dove's a Siren like I am, and I think she'd adore showing the two of you around, being as she's an even bigger fan of yours than me and Boobsong. I mean that and we got made into Sirens because we love it. It makes a point, though. There's never just one way of anything in Paradise, and things aren't usually compulsory which is why my day's distressed me so much partly, but the choice of which way does matter. I'm sure Dove will find all sorts of comforts around I won't, but if you follow me I'll have more and more weird stuff to blow your minds with--and keep making things hornier and hornier. It just happens. I am Cupid after all."

"I have one, then,"

Sunflower asks.

"how does pain arouse you? When I said that she should strike you your face lit up like you were offered pie."

"Ooh, good one."

Go for control apparently.

"It's a lot about being taken control of, for me. Which means the person doing it and the situation has to be set up right, to make me feel defeated but as a capture into loving hands, not being destroyed. That's why you see people using certain kinds of pain for that mostly, instead of just anything, or just say magical torment. I love Boobsong, and know she'd take good care of me as her slave, so though my heart dies if I go too long without pressing these buttons and seeing her dance, I'd let her turn the tables in a moment if she wanted to play me for awhile instead of being the instrument. A whack on my ass might be the start of it, and Boobsong knows how to get me, so the idea made me wet."

Starlight Princess...drop the bomb...couches...crack an egg...okay but start with...ooh.

"Thank you for bringing that up, though. Aside from loving to talk about any and all things horny, I've been starting to wonder why you haven't got your prize yet. I heard before we came to my sister's house we'd be cumming good and hard at table with all of you, including her and Mintie, so I can only assume we haven't yet found an interesting enough table, but we are getting quite horny, aren't we, dolly."

I pet her, brush her breasts with my fingers, put my other hand right by her pussy on her thigh.

"Feels like forever since Princess made this Boobsong kneel on table and fuck till she came! Three, four hours maybe! Super horny now. Usually that makes fucks come, but not this time. Waits for something. Don't know what though! Seed-ghost's plan must be make Princess beg for balls time or something."

They're both kind of sitting up now, and Glitterwing looks relieved.

"There's too much going on for me to get desperate enough, even if I wasn't starving for squeezes! What's going on, seed-ghost, they need the lesson anyway."

"Your seed-ghost is performing you to show why just being told to fuck now instead of having control of it is a good thing."


Happy--oh I see.

"I mean it makes me happy enough I still want the next time to come that way instead of begging for the ability to start it for myself--"

"You prefer this--four hours is a long time to you. I think I've misjudged something."

Sunflower's ring-hand is clenched in a fist, but her face is relieved.

"Keeping you horny is pressure for Starbough to make her question clear."

Let hair down...meaning me. Augh. Fine, I am full of whiny after this day. WHINE:

"I wanna get fucked though! Come on, don't make me beg this time, I don't wanna think it was my choice."

"You will get fucked this time, but you know this isn't where. Starbough's question clear comes first."

Eravahk buttons? Oh right, that whole thing. Click for sex.

"Where lights  show, it happens."

Daddy's voice is full of fun. He knows something.

"Horny is a way to stop you from taking on too much. You can't keep up the act now. You have to just embrace your lust. Maybe there's a way to speed your cumming on?"

"We can get up to that party and see what's up there! That's gotta be where. Siren-sense, how do we get fucked!? Get squeezed out at the party. Hell yes. Doorway out of here, something to do with that. Just a short way now. The bow thing--oh it's time for that, I see! When she can kneel for me. And I can introduce myself. Okay let's rock and roll, then--"

"I do have one more question, please."

It's Sunflower. I listen.

"Where do you think we're going?"

I push my hand deeper in Boobsong's thighs, nudge her to spread them some, she does--that's a click too, I have to remember.

"Good question. Um...out of this little world. Someplace cutesy and childish--no. No way dolly look at my thoughts am I making this up!?"

"That's from Four Dreams, yes! Candy fun is our way down! Very very funtimes, making all those choices--NOT! Just enough choice to make you happy, don't decide one more thing. Candyland is how our fuck-times come when seed-ghost sets them, and all we say is how fucked, but that's whole world there! Easy happy funtimes, but sometimes fun is best with fear!"

"YES! I thought--when I was small Boobsong's name was Heartsong. Lullaby, in my native language. We went there sometimes--Paradise does fine for kids, even the Deep Haven. It took us to a world made of candy where we rode licorice roller coasters that splashed down to take us swimming in grape soda lakes and snack on chocolate cake hillsides and pick cotton candy flowers. Candyland."

"It has gates. You open them with a sweet wish, by eating the candy that grows on them, what you like says where they open."

"Then we grew, and Heartsong became Boobsong, and we flew up to those gates and I fucked her dizzy right against them, and things got really fun."

Emotions whirl. I've felt so desperate to just wander out in the middle of Rl'yeh Sade and see what happened, but thinking of Candyland's embrace makes me want to cry with relief. Was my wish for that freedom just an illusion of the lies the reset told me?

Sunflower pushes back her side of the whatever they're sitting on with a scrape, and stands up.

"Well, let's go then!"

Glitterwing gets up too.

"Hell yes. We're just all popping back to where we were in this sleighride, so get ready--"

And like that, I'm back on Dragon Boobsong's back with 1450 and 710 hanging on.

Um um what was happening talking to Magic um.

Okay gotta go. Gotta blow certain minds. MUAH!

Ahead--oh that's perfect, Dreams, thank you! There's no road on the next hill--and the one we're on runs off a cliff into an icy crevasse between the hills! Quickly I dreamtalk Dove:

Great Scott, sis, you're about to run out of road! [Vision: crevasse ]


This is why this is awesome. I spin Boobsong and back her so we can all watch. She's actually got the slatted mirror-shades and is standing in front of her sleigh badassfully sliding them onto her face, then picks up both reins, hands ready, with doll-Mintie clamped under one arm like I do with Boobsong sometimes.

"Where we're going, we don't need roads! Chya!"

There's a loud crack as she whips the reins and the sleigh rises into the air and is level with us in no time, with dove in the front looking like she'll explode with fun, Glitterwing and Starbough smiling, and Sunflower looking all around like she can't figure out what to be excited about first.

Whisking them away will make happy fans, cool, oh, tell sis.

"Whew, you almost had a terrible crash in all that snow! Which reminds me, figured out another name for me, can you guess it? No that's too obscure, need a hint, um."

Click, change.

[lashy tail] [steel plates down back]

"How about THIS?"

I wheel Boobsong to face away and show her back to them, then call over my shoulder with a wink at 1450 and 710,

"Express dragon to Candyland! Ride takes less than half an hour, guaranteed, right daddy?"

"Or I will come in person."


"What--AHAAHAHAAH let me get my POON out!"

She reaches somewhere hammerspacey and comes up with a very Super Scope-ish contraption on her shoulder--don't make it TOO interesting, Sirening says, this isn't our red sister. Okay.

"Get it out when we get to a bed and I'll show you my secret weapon!"

Dove grins, sights, and fires with a whooshy sound just like the SPNKR from Marathon and cable arcs across and round midnight-blue magnetic grappler clangs onto one of the shiny steel round-rects going down Boobsong's back. Dove loads another, sights, and fires it to the opposite side. When I look up from seeing that it's stuck on good, the mechanical buck is gone, and Dove has the cables hooked to where the sleigh's hitch was.

"Say it with me, ladies," I murmer to my sweet copies, and then turn forward again and nudge Boobsong to be heading for the castle. Any problem getting the warp field around them, dragon? Course laid in? Oh and let's Voltron out a nice sparkly rainbow trail in our wake. And a big bright rainbow-heart explosion when we drop out again. Good?

[SUPER lashy tail] [Data at conn]!


Everyone joins in, including Dove and Mintie.




Click, change! Transforming-cog sounds buzz through our calls as Boobsongs wings become warp nacelles.


Click, WARP ME!


Thrumming builds to a crescendo as we call the last MO all together and becomes a crash of plasma release and the world stretches into a linear blur and back again and the palace is below.

I glance back to see the Lucys looking down, Dove standing with a wicked grin in the front of her sleigh with Sunflower pie-eyed and Starbough just excited.

The palace is Jane Austen kind of thing with huge, snowy grounds complete with fancy french-poodle-ish topiary and a curly hedge maze. People in fancy-looking coats like the telegraph girl had are somehow playing croquet in the snow on the lawn (which apparently requires hitting the balls like it's golf, though they still roll instead of flying). And--

--they--I really didn't believe--

Hanging up all over the place, off trees and the side of the palace and the plinth-ends of the stair down to the lawn are rainbow streamers with rainbow hearts at the tops, like the honeycomb fold-out crepe-paper balls you get at New Years parties and such.

Oh which makes sense, huh.

They shine so bright against the white snow.

And the people are starting to notice us and turn and bow. Like without us doing anything to scare them except thoom in very cutesily.

Click, change. Boobsong transforms her nacelles back to wings, and replaces antigravs with flapping again.

They're just...happy to see us? Swirling with emotion, I grin hugely at them, wave, and then blow a flirty kiss at the lawn that I turn into an explosion of candy, meant to give just kind funtimes as a greeting, that goes arcing down to blow across the whole yard.

The yard's to our left. On our right, is the road, with a line of fancy cars and carriages of all sorts pulling up to unload people at a fancy gold-and-iron gate. Can't leave them out! We're above the street, so I stroke my hands up my boobs (bouncy yum) and throw them over my head and out and make a huge explosion of candy that seems to come out of my cleavage to cover the road below, and when I look down people are opening car doors to take it, or reaching onto car and carriage roofs for it.

Alright Acme Station, kindly, but light it up. With a huge eravahk-flourish everyone will be sure to see that takes in the whole grounds and ends on a whip-crack pointing at the palace, I click FOOM.

AaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAHHH inhale all the air in this universe FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMM!

Her "fire" engulfs the palace and it turns Gummi Bears instantly and swirling distortion rolls over the grounds like a pyroclastic flow of silly fun pouring out until the world is cartoon joy as far as I can see and she's wrung out. Only the grey sky and its network of rainbow-glowing cracks still seem real. Barely any has fallen.

This is so cute! Below, people are checking themselves out, dancing around or swinging partners. It's like...this was what they wanted to happen...

Santa, say the Dreams. So leave the snow.

Any Santa Clausing you wanna do before we land?

Nope, this way I can be the big surprise!

Oh you GO, sis. Alright, fun landing, hang onto your tits.

I wave again and blow another candy kiss up toward where the gates are, then chya Boobsong forward with my heels and swoop low over the road and past the gates grinning and waving, pull up and double back down across the road toward the lawn so we make a figure-eight to show off to everybody, and swing us lined up with the road--there's a whole empty like, parking lot width beyond the line of cars--to land.

Everything is all thirties, like we're in Lady and the Tramp. It's so sweet it makes my eyes water. I love it. Not my world but a nice one.

If it could be like this instead of war maybe Paradise really could be something else than turning invisible.

There's a scrape of runners on snow behind us, Dove is landed. Click, change. I glance back to see the grapples reeling into Dove's sleigh and the mechanical buck unfolding from under it, but Dove's gone--no there's a shimmer of active cameo. Muahah.

Hey, you. Are all you lovlies inside already?

Just on the other side of the gates! You get in here, I've got a kiss waiting!

Don't worry. I'll be there yesterday.

I click Boobsong thoom (not foom) at a place in front of the gates and she flaps high, turns to face the gates which are black wrought iron in an arch with a gold heart on top and gold words in the arch: The Heart's Song.

Muahahah is called a Boobsong where I come from!

[lashy lashy tail] [giant silver screw]

More rainbow decorations line the path beyond the gates, towers of balloons and things, they've really gone all out, this is so sweet. I'm so gonna cry. I wanna get in there and find out what's going on so bad now. Boobsong flies up a little higher so I can see the path goes in past a pair of halberd(!)-armed and ceremonial guards looking like something out of Disney's clockpunk Nutcracker movie, and then turns at a snowy hedge to go around in front of the palace.

Boobsong suddenly folds her wings and we drop and land with an awesome fun shock to my pussy and thighs and giant snowy thud in the street.

The path to the gates is clear--the nearest "car" coming is a very fancy carriage with two white horses, but they're giving us plenty of space, hehe. When I glance down the line, I can see Dove's sleigh in line with the cars, like everything is normal. Muahah.

Invitation to make a big show...these are a bunch of English Muffins...make this hugely sweet. They're in trouble, though!? Summoning me for help. Oh because is this was just a party that sign would be a little more climactic. But that's why the rainbow streamers. They saw visions in water and crystal balls of Heartwarming cheer and hehe unzipping the sky onto rainbow galaxies.

This is...sweet. I want to help them. Nicely. Starting with this sign. When I came to America, we shattered stained glass windows like bomb went off outside, then reformed them into the most beautiful pictures of daddy we could come up with. We were angry. It was violence to show these houses of power where they stood now.

Now I cry because how to do it kindly is so clear. I twist back to the Lucys.

"You four up for some heartpleasing?"

They both nod furiously, grinning.

"Okay, take your Lyras and fly up and get bombastic. As pairs, as four, however works. Be kind, they invited us here, but show 'em just how horny us Lucys can be."

I kiss 1450 and pet 710's thigh all intimately, and they both fly off, leaving me room to open my own wings--but lets have some fun. I'm about to walk up your neck, dragon, anything you wanna do first?


Squeezing inside presses light down toward my feet and I feel the weight of shoes tighten onto my feet. They pull my feet into high-heel form and cinch down straps around my toes and comfy heel-braces to hold themselves on, but seem open otherwise--yup. Looking down at my foot all I can see is a cutesy little rainbow-with-clouds on my toes, held by the clear heartstone strap around them.

I floomph my own wings open, glow bright, catch a glimpse of daddy shining happily, and buzz myself up to be standing on Boobsong's soft neck, then click pose (as a bridge up to the sign) and Boobsong takes a couple of steps forward and stretches out her neck so her silver mane is just below the letters.

[Boobsong aheago] [high heels] [M&Ms]

Oh hot I wanna melt in your mouth later. World's most effective hottub!

[licking lips]

With my wings to steady me, I flounce one foot in front of the other, bouncing and swaying my hips along Boobsong's neck until I'm stepping carefully around her mane and down to her huge stubby snout. Her mouth's hanging open, she really is aheago-ing, so perfect.

The sign's right in front of me. I put my eravahk-tip to my lips and look around happily, at the big gold heart, just grin at all of it. I can't see my girlfriends anywhere, but there's a big very fancy purple-with-gold-trim tent to the left inside the gates.

With a flourish of eravahk across it I cover the gold letters in Lens-made rainbow sparkles, ting more onto the heart--

Do unheart the heart--oh, duh.

Daddy's joke...Boobsong...mixing bowl...fan...sheep...tongue slide...American flag star...bus.

The second "paragraph" knocks me off my Sirening and makes me upset. I can barely hear it and it hurts. I don't know why. Can I even interpret these images? Maybe the nonsensicality is just triggering. At least "tongue slide" gives me a pretty good idea.

So...yeah, I get nothing from that. It's almost-coherent, seems like it's going to somehow be about how there's no right answer from before, but doesn't actually say anything. We're bullet-timing now, but suddenly all I want is to chomp and get out of here. If I wasn't supposed to change the sign, why'd you wait to say no until I was committed, Dreams?

Daddy again, toast with marmalade, like some court heralds with trumpets, bucket pouring antilight, piano keys, R2D2.

So this is daddy heralding us to these English muffins. So I should leave it! Heart's Song is fine, I was just being fun. If they won't get it or this was daddy that's different.

RV TV antenna, English muffin, piano keys, candy--

I cut the Sirening off. The Dreams keep pouncing before I can ask Boobsong for an idea like I was going to. I'm not having that. I guess we're past ideas though. What do you make of this now, dragon?

Or should I just blipchomp like before. Blipchomp if I get pounced again before you say what you have to say.

[lava lamp] [house] [mad hatter hat] [zappy thing] [toaster] [rope] [twisty thing].

If you melt house sign it seems mad. Toasts them scary. Held back to change you.

I don't get it--back off, Dreams. You had your chance to say a simple no. I'm working this out with my dragon now.

So I should leave it alone. Or just make the heart glow. Or something like that.  Do you think it'll wig them out if I just make it glow?


[green reading lamp] [invitation] [zappy rainbow path to cloud in candy-starfield].

Yeah that's why I'm so confused. I thought they told me that now so I'd do something with the sign. They need a little foreshadowing if we're going to Candyland!

[Concorde nose] [camera] [candy] [adventurer hat]. .

Fair enough, but then why get me stuck doing something with the sign, and in such a triggery way? Like any number of things could have said "just make the heart glow" or such.

[airport] [space shuttle] [fair ribbon] [crumpled newspaper].

This is their Paradise launch point. THeir happy stuff is wrapped in boring stuff.

That's what I thought, but like...why call us in if we're the wrong style? Fish and chips are wrapped in newsprint, and I get why you'd like them, I just kind of take or leave fish when there's chicken. Ironically.

Could you make anything of that first really painful thing that knocked me off my Sirening? I took it as trying to bring up trauma from trying to save daddy. Did I miss content?


[Croquet people] [trampoline] [hand with pen] [high heel]. [owl] [jack in the box]. [evil psycho Fairy] [cherubim eyes] [texas clock].

What was the vision?

Daddy's joke...Boobsong...mixing bowl...fan...sheep...tongue slide...American flag star...bus.

So it's a mixture of our fans and daddy's people, and we need to do the angel thing bigtime so they won't be too scared?

The Dreams are fairly begging to send visions but I'm not done with my dragon.


Okay. What, Dreams.

Rainbow heart...vase in nice house...star measuring thing made of circles I can never remember the name of...3-view of starship.

They have me as Venus. Show all the sides of Ouranos they're missing from that.

More pouncy Sirening, like the Dreams are impatient even with bullet time. It makes me angry, when I'm already prickly, so now we're going to talk about why you can't let me fucking breathe, Dreams, just to spend some of the time you keep trying to save.

Silver hammer.

They wanna get me onto the monolith that's coming. And that would be hurt by letting me process one thought before you start the next one?

I'm wandering away from the stars thing, they say.

No, I'm marching dead away from it because you won't let me think so I'm being contrary until you start being reasonable. Though I would anyway because I don't get why this is for me at all, at this point. Like you're making it sound like they just plain need a different Siren than me. I'm scary and weird. Some people like that, including, though I'm surprised, Sunflower and Starbough.

And I still don't like astrology. It pinches like Boobsong forgot everything she knew about making shoes. If they were calling Venus, they weren't calling me. Astrology's not a language that has words for me in it. That riddle game didn't feel good, I just liked being clever and it got Starbough and Sunflower to take the antichrist thing without a freakout.

That feels really good to say, like stopping holding my breath.

Rainbow...eggcrack...toaster...silver cannon...party glass with wine pouring in.

Like revealing myself too soon would fry them, use the bow to do that.

So with the sign, you want me to like reassure them? Yes.

(The Dreams are still pushing with pouncy Sirening, which just makes me dig in my heels more, and ignore it)

Is the pouncing some kind of message? You want me to really shoot first or something? No.

Okay, then what do I put on the sign? Reassuring isn't my style, so I have no idea what to do here.


Red. So don't do anything to the sign, got it. Should I make the glow-stuff stay?


Why'd you let me do it, then? I'm really mad that you didn't stop me sooner if you didn't want me to do this.

Biplane coming on...guy in chainmail+helmet...tree with apples.

So old wars about forbidden fruit.

Like all the way back to Arthur? No.

That still doesn't tell me anything. Do you or do you not want me to change the sign. Yes.

So make it red? No.

Then one more time, what do I change it to?

No answer.

Last chance, then I chomp out and leave a hole so it's ruined. I'm not playing your games.

Admission ticket. Apple.

So permission for forbidden fruit...

Boobsong face.

You're still trying to avoid answering me? Yes.

Once chance to tell me why, then you give the real answer as a list of glyphs I put between these iron bars, then I'm blipchomping for a while. Anything else and I leave a hole.

Purple checkmark...gun down...topiary...Christmas carol doorknocker...tail...Agatha (when she was still Agatha)...Admission ticket...crutch...high heels...untingly bell.

Agatha chills me out a bit. She was such a treasure. The people here look like her some.

This is still really hard to read but I decide to take it before the spoiler after all. I think I know why the Dreams about being so cryptic about this, I just don't like it. So...

Okay okay put the gun down, I'm supposed to foreshadow like that doorknocker about implantings or so...remember how I felt with Agatha, so guilty for scaring needlessly...the admission ticket thing is to help me wake up, so like they want me to make it up.

It feels awful to be mad at that but going along with it makes me want to die.

What's with all the pressure about astrology? Is that something special to daddy? 

No, Victorian magician guy...like, it's the language they speak.

What am I doing here then? Like is this for Dove, actually?

No, bridge.

I fly an A-10. I blast bridges, not build them. I'm not being facetious here.

Admission ticket.

Will the astrology thing help them? Yes.

This doesn't work, though. I spent twenty years banging my head against this wall without ever building one bridge for one person, and the only thing I learned at Olympic Pizza today was just get it over with nonconsensually ASAP because there's no bridging the gap or giving permission, unless daddy's doing it, but then I wouldn't be here right now, because this would be daddy's line. Why are we on this?

Bullet hole. Lincoln Memorial. Admission ticket.

Yeah, banging your head against a wall makes it hurt. I figured that out. Banging some more isn't healing! One of two things is true. They called me enough so I can talk to them, or astrology is the language they speak. Those are mutually exclusive. If they weren't, before, I'm making them. I am not Venus. I am not Ouranos. Neither is Boobsong. I am opposed to astrology in principle and I don't want to hear calls that call us by those names. Does that make it over with this party?


Do they have any idea who they called? Like as in, an incorrect one versus beginner's mind.


Is that why all the riding me about Venus? Because that's what they're thinking?


I'm amazed they got as far as rainbows--or is that not their idea?

No, it is. I guess those visions were something.

Is Candyland going to be more minefield like this? Don't get defensive. You left me a landmine here. You just think it was for a good cause.


Is Candyland going to be more minefield like this? Don't get defensive. You left me a landmine here. You just think it was for a good cause.


Is Candyland going to be more minefield like this? Don't get defensive. You left me a landmine here. You just think it was for a good cause.


Asking three times like that is probably pointless but I don't know what else to do after all the lies. It's mostly just to say I'm hurt that they lied. Sunflower's take on Laarhi did a lot.

The idea of banging my head one more time against this wall makes me want to die, and the idea of doing anything with astrology makes me want to throw up. It feels like the Jesus thing, enough that I'm asking you again if there's an antichrist here, because I can't dig it up if so. At least give me a nudge.

Is that supposed to mean unseen wound again? Yes.

Well then tell me, don't be all coy like this.

The Admission ticket thing again. That's not unseen though. It's been horribly painful realizing how many people are just never going to ever listen to me. Either they don't need permission or they only listen to daddy directly. It hurts but there's nothing you can do. Nobody in any world thinks I have that kind of authority. I was just going to change the sign because anyone ever enjoys my being horny and weird.

TV remote...dim picture...me riding pony Boobsong.

You really think I even can? Yes.

Is that riding thing the Great Divorce reference? 75%

Like you want me to play the ambiguity? Maybe it's also the white horse? No.

This is all so petty. I was just going to do a cute fun thing. Now we have this big fight. It started to get better and I was about to get over it and you intentionally made me mad again. You say there's this monolith you want me to get on to but it would have been a lot faster to not make me mad again. Are you just going to push me until I explode and go in there in my Starlight Princess armor and scare all their balls off?


Why are you trying to make me mad, then?

Ceiling fan...purple checkmark...[dead air]

If you're not even going to finish sentences why are we talking at all? Do you have more to say or not? Yes. Then where is it?

Rainbow streamers...record player...jack in the box crank...strawberry.

I'm a very surprising Venus to have summoned with this party. Yeah, because there's no overlap between me and the astrological Venus. It's about as sexy as the real planet's surface conditions. But you Purple checkmark that. Why the trailoff?

You're trying to make me mad so I'll blow stuff up.

But in the specific exact way you assign? No.

Could have fooled me. What the hell is this really? Do you want this your way or do you want me angry? Because you're not going to get both. Angry me is Starlight Princess armor and smoking craters. Angry me is meteoring into the main hall of the party destroying the roof, not coming nicely in the front gates with my girlfriends. Now you wanna direct it because you have an agenda in mind, and I want no part of that. I said it before. I banged my head against this wall for twenty years. Either let me bring enough firepower to smash it, or tell me to leave it alone. Don't make me want to throw things and then demand brain surgery.

No more trying to make me mad. Chomp and leave a hole if you see that happen, dragon.

[sad] [ready].

Now what the hell, Dreams?


I guess like shoot the flowers with fun...but the problem's with spaceship?


Do I need to talk to the Inklings again or something? That barely even parses.


Why are you trying to make me angry so much I have to blackmail you into talking at all? Do you not want to talk about this?


Tables like a restaurant...country church...women's auxiliary poster...London bus.

They're all proper so it'll take some muscle to get them on the bus.

Oh I'd forgotten about the Mechanical Heart. I could make the gold like bloom.

But that's brain surgery, with the bus, unless you want us to do the old game of I'm less scary than daddy?


Why are you sad, dragon?

[tulip] [light off] [eye] [closed door] [apple tree] [glue bottle]  [boring work].

It should make me feel something, but it's just dead, you're right. They're calling for us so I should be mad on their behalf or whatever but that part's just dead. Making me mad like the Dreams are doing isn't fixing that.

The Dreams want to say something. Black cat...the One...clock from the side so I can see the wires...tour bus with TV antenna...Ronald McDonald.

This again with Starlight Princess...but I can't see what it has to do with anything? Like that seems to say I'm a witch with ultimate powers from the future, Princess Starlight?


Okay but so? How does that help me here? Isn't that exactly your point about not being scary, to avoid that?

Mir...high heel...silver dragon ship...giant purple pixie stix.

Spaceship would be sexy, dragon ship would be really sweet to them. Oh because they like the stars. It is very sad their being stuck in an overcast world if they like stars.

I seem not to think astrologers like the stars for some reason. I guess because they're obsessed with the planets which are just rocks and gas, when the stars can actually give the advice they want.

That's something to go on. I don't remember a single thing about planets in the Strawberry faith. I don't think we really thought they were anything. Uncle Dagon would have explained it all to anyone who asked. Even if people didn't get the science him talking and them not would have said everything.

Daddy, did you make us to fill in for the astrological planets on purpose?

You were made to shine brightly in the morning sky.

It's the same as all the rest, huh. You weren't as easy to control as Eden thought.

I had some small changes to its farce here.

Heh. Mess with the best.

[Vision: shining happily]

That makes some difference. It makes some sense of anything. But you've been so busy making me mad, Dreams, I had to put a gun to your head to get it. You could have nudged me and helped but you pissed me off instead, why? You don't seem to either wanna fix this or let it go.

Egg...stars...sea serpent.

So you wanted me to figure it out myself, but angry? I guess?


But you don't actually seem to want my anger here. You want brain surgery, it seems like, which isn't even me at my best.

Wrist out of cast day.

Are you saying that's why you won't guide me? Yes.

Bullet casings...fork...pool steps...microphone.

Getting this party is supposed to be learning to swim for myself, like as a goddess or whatever to call what we are.

Then this is beyond me. If you want me to be a big girl I'm calling my own limit. You need somebody else for this job. What I was going to do was me. Leaving the sign alone was me being nice. If you want something else, that's someone else. Are we through with this?

No? Why.

Mailbox...kid on swing...iron throne...that one McDonalds.

Like invitation to Princess them, and show them fun.


Then Princess Starlight again which I do not get in this circumstance. That's even worse than Venus!

Is Boobsong wrong about scaring them with what I was going to do? No.

Do you just mean taking them on a Paradise tour? No.

Then what the hell?

High heels...thermostat.

You're still fighting explaining to me, aren't you?


The high heels are hot tells me nothing here.

Mission trip, say the Dreams.

So a stageshow. Is this about the non-Christian world tours I don't remember so much?


You don't want to give advice, though, just make me mad, am I right?


Have you been trying to talk about the Princess Starlight Heartwarming Special we're supposedly in?


Do the heels have more meaning than it's convenient because I'm wearing some?


Like is this about controlling my anger? You want me to be angry but not express it?


You're sending crossed signals. You seem to want me to find my own way but you push my buttons but you don't like the results of your button pushing but you don't like it when I set my own limit but you won't tell me what to do either. I'm stuck.

You seem to be saying Starlight Princess is some kind of answer but you won't say how and I don't know what to do with it. I'm really stuck.

Cleaning up.

Cleaning up what? How? Who? Me?


You're trying to avoid explaining how it fits in.



Bomb falling.

I'm taking that as you won't even tell me that much.


And you didn't want me to ask Boobsong's opinion, either.


I already said this is beyond me, that I don't do brain surgery. Why is this going on, if that's what you want?

Bubblegum...toys...closed door.

I'm not the one who closes those doors. They don't open for me unless I use force. Do you want force here after all?


,,,are you trying to say it's my closed door, like Boobsong was saying before?


And you're saying to open it I have to guess the combination to these people's locked-up minds, and you won't give me any help.


Like with that door thing are you trying to say I'm hiding in the nursery?


Is it supposed to be a door to something I don't remember?


What, though? Pagans didn't like me. They reacted like Copper's family, mostly. Edgelord teenagers were easy to get to come to the antichrist's orgies. It's all this astrology stuff, I suppose. Wasn't I too lowbrow for new-agers? I sure feel too lowbrow for this party.

Some kind of memory of glasses of white wine, the smell of it, maybe this is New Years, floats up.

Could be our "wedding". Shigeru wore a tux and had champagne to toast with.

Ultra Magnus reversed like a tarot card, say the Dreams. So like not just a soldier.

Remember people calling the stars for help, say the Dreams.

Nobody did that. That was the last thing anyone wanted, with me on Earth.

Our seed-ghost calls, but says nothing. I don't have the patience. Dragon, chomp if it takes up the trying to piss me off game, but do it slow so there's no way to blip back.

I take a deep breath, calm and steady myself. What's the real game here? Do they want me angry, or to contrarily be calm?

Which do you think it is, dragon? Like how do we defeat this?

[big coffee maker] [sad face] [cold] [todo list] [silver picture frame with black middle--

Ouch! What is that, what're you doing?

It doesn't hurt exactly but it makes me cringe away like pleasure gone all wrong and bad.

[bell] [zappy sphere] [Acme Station around you].

So that's what your collar zaps feel like?


It brings back some of the horny all this bullshit has quenched, though it fades fast because of the situation.

I got zapped for not letting anyone make me mad?


Chomp with hole if anyone tries. Now why would I get zapped for that?

[victorian magician guy] [the One] [batteries] [gravel].

That's what I started with, and the Dreams didn't want it, so I stood down. Why am I stuck in this no-win? If you know?

Yes. [Lego house] [light] [planetarium projector] [spaceship] [candy].

THIS IS NOT ME!!!!!!!!!!

The only thing astrology or any of that stuff ever did for us was make our life a living hell in the reset world. You remember all the nightmares we went through because of that. There is NO WAY anybody who believes in that stuff believes in us! There's no common ground! We may as well try for fundamentalist Christians except OH WAIT, WE DID and it was much less trouble!

I don't see this door you all see. There was never anything here. I don't see it now as something new either. This is someone else's stuff and I don't get why I'm being called on for it.

Astrology is the language of the enemy. The whole new age thing is just a different skin on Eden's same game as with Christianity. I've said this fifty times now, the only choice to make here is how many megatons, if you want me mad. I tried to be nice because it looked like they were trying. That wasn't enough. I went as far as I could.

I don't want to fix all this stuff. I wanted to go off to Rl'yeh Sade with you and just forget all these nightmares. That's all I ever fucking wanted. I got forced to fix all this stuff I guess for the sake of our girlfriends and family but it's been anything but Paradise. Now the Dreams wanna bolt on this one more one more one more thing and they're using the cheap shot of my loved ones behind the gate so I have to jump through their stupid hoop to get them. I'm not having it.

Other than the girlfriends who're about to be plucked out, do we have loved hiding in whatever this new nightmare is? If you know?

Know. No.

Why'd your collar zap me for this? Is this something you care about?


What's in it for you?

[us] [baseball hat] [mortarboard] [map] [topiary] [rocks]. [trophy] [triangle] [closed door].

I see. I need your words. I don't get your emotions in heart-sounds. You must be upset. Say something.

Your Boobsong is trying to be strong but her heart is dying, yes. She's crying the you think our story is so bad stuff it's only painful things! Please your Boobsong begs you open up this story. It won't be ugly bad things.

I'm going on at all because you say that, but everything else I've had to remember that's been hard has had some kind of thing like that stuff with the StarFox Super Weekend. Now it's just "here you go, do the impossible and you'll remember". Any ideas why the sudden cheap shot?

Yes. Maybe you'll remember if you think you can do this.

Does it need me to be mad? Is that why everyone's torturing me?

75%. You were angrier the first time.

That leaves me stuck for a long time.

I can't seem to be mad at the happy little croquet players jumping for joy. When I try to remember what I was angry about with all this, I just get the insipidness of it all in the reset world. New Age stores and such things were some of the Illuminati's finest work and the reset took that beyond the impossible.

Like I could take them to see the real stars or something. I'm sure daddy'd give an audience. Him up close would definitely heh put the fear of god in them. That doesn't seem to be it though.

Bell...ball of string...windmill...Bob Ross.

Wakeup is tied up. It needs wind power but I'm making everyone stop making me mad, say the Dreams.

So now we're back to this trash. You already rejected my anger, Dreams. Are you going back on your rejection?


Then whether I was angry or not the first time, you want me calm here. That's a statement not a question. Are you going to bring it up again?


Dragon why does nobody want my anger but they keep trying to make me mad anyway? Do you know?


You keep smally striking stuff. They want your big boom.

I'm not being a gun anymore. That's over now.

Is that not what's happening here? If changing the sign is going to freak people out there's not a whole lot else I can do either.

So now you're contradicting yourself, Dreams? First you say the sign's too scary, now it's not scary enough? Like which is it? You haven't made a speck of sense since you got on that first vision that hurt.

Naughty words, they say. Yeah which is why I was going to ask Boobsong for an idea in case there was a better way to go.

But now we're back to this part of the circle, where it would have been easy to give advice without setting me off.

Yes, I am specifically shutting out the angry way. Like I said, I'm not your fucking gun, Dreams. If I refuse to go that way, is this dead?


Dragon how do we make this stop? I'm so sick of being called on to be different people's gun.

The angriness isn't for using you as a gun. It's for your love. The angry things remember your pain. When your pain is all back they'll be done.

So never. This is just hell, is what you're saying.

The angry is hell but it will be over if you go through the angry. There's only one left and it's this here. It's not very long, you just have to remember what you did to get through to them.

Fine. Put all the guns down but if I get more of this infantile tweaking I put them up for they're going right back up. If I really have so much to be angry about here we don't need that crap.

[doing it]. [whew].

Telescope, radio dish, say the Dreams.

I mean western astrology in the modern age wasn't even lined up sidereally. The whole zodiac was an entire constellation off.

Paper airplane, say the dreams.

I see a big reflecting telescope outside at night when I think of that. Sent a message. I was angry that people made up false stars to follow when there were real ones who would talk to them? This doesn't seem right.

I wanna just go in there and explain everything bluntly but everyone's not here yet. We couldn't have done just one thing on Earth either.

Is the secret just that it didn't take getting through, just permission?

Fancy chocolates box, say the Dreams. Like those ones you get at malls. Kind of pretentious but the chocolate is good. Nobody ever eats enough, though. How are you supposed to get satisfied off one bite?

Starbucks treats, now.

That same nonsense. Who ever heard of a cake pop? What good is one bite of cake? You don't have to eat like me but you should ever experience stuff!

Everyone was always paranoid they'd get fat like it was controlled by what you ate and not hormonal signals that respond to your social status. With candy and nectar that's not a thing. I sure set the example of pig out--

Huge piece of cake all eaten.

I don't think this was that hard a sell, for some people.

Keyhole in like a fancy clock, say the Dreams.

Everyone had a key. Goth kids just needed the antichrist's thumbs up, Christians needed daddy, etc. These romantics out here all with clocks like that on their desks need...the gods? Or an angel? Like depending.

Path between mountains, say the dreams.

All that makes me think of is crap from the nightmares in the reset world that never came to anything. Are you just trying to make me mad? It's working.



The hell? That makes me mad too but I don't even know why.

Hook, green beans in a scale--

Oh fucking Whole Foods. I even like green beans. They're better frozen though. Not everybody thinks that but Whole Foods makes me furious.

This is all stuff from the reset life. You're trying to make me mad about that, huh.


Fucking Game of Thrones is next.

So depressing, and such fake-looking sex for a show that's trying to be all explicit! I hate that I watched it even if I do identify with Danyeris.

And then American Gods. Which I wanted to like. Oh the Technical Kid in specific. Yeah that was offensive.

Back to cake pops it was the same thing just you can't have anything happy or good unless it's fucking neutered somehow and people would act like that was goodness.

Alot like this fucking nightmare of a day, actually. No Paradise for you until you do your homework! I have always hated stories like that. It's loathesome to find myself in one. How am I supposed to tell anybody this hell is Paradise?

All the buried stuff I've been pulling up, and then just like a plea not to cut this off before it's done, is their answer.

Has it occurred to anyone that maybe I don't wanna be angry because then I'll notice I hate Paradise now and I won't know what to do with my life? Because that's what you're getting! What is the POINT of putting all the pieces back if you don't get to live? The nightmares just go on and on and on and on and I can't even walk through a fucking doorway without being presented a new one!

I can't do this here. I've decided not to endorse your park, Dreams. Maybe this is good but it wasn't for me. My paradise got taken away so all these people could have theirs. My Paradise was what I thought we were gonna do as we rode the ship we didn't know was Isht Visht down to Rl'yeh Sade. I've been fighting for that life ever since and you have not given one shit about that because one person or another will be sad. You have no intention of ever giving me the Paradise want. You just want me to sell what I never enjoy myself to other people. How dare you build me all up like this and then YET AGAIN drag me into a nightmare? Fuck you.

What do you have to say for yourselves.

A dessert that gets yanked away. Bubblegum. Sand bucket, toolbox.

Seriously. Jack's horseshit seaside thing. You want me to endorse a Paradise that thinks doing that is right? You could have made this sweet. You made it bitter and cruel instead. Why.

Moldy cake and a broken mirror. Like because it would take too long otherwise?


Who's the rush for, because it's sure as fuck not me!

More sundaes like before. The fuck does that mean.

Yes you, the Dreams contradict.

And now what? Even if what you did was good, I still hate you for it! You expect me to just forget about that and pretend everything is fine? You fucking wrecked it for me! You fixed NOTHING! You betrayed my most basic principle of not being the bullshit for your own good torture machine Eden said daddy was and now you want me to get angry but not at you who deserves it, oh no!

I. Died. I went through the same fucking nightmare all my poor Redeemed do and you wouldn't even honor that pain by giving me the freedom it should have purchased. It's mean to tell redeemed their backstory and that's what you've been doing to me all day. Except this has been a lot longer than a day. I'm not stupid. I can feel how wrong time is today. How are you going to make it up? What do you think you're going to do to fix this now?

I spent my life going to bat for you and you made all my work meaningless. Thanks. Real great seaside.

You want me to talk to Boobsong. Sure. Do you know what it's about, dragon?

Your hurting was a clot in your heart. You were dying. You hurting here is your feeling it back again that your party got ruined the first time. This is the chance to heal that. The party has pain at the gate to remind you of the last time. Pain at the good part is why you get stuck here. It always comes back because you have it as ghosts and you have to destroy each one by saying it's not back.

It hurts but I can see these people aren't the ones from Strawberry Home but I don't know what to do about Paradise. I'm scared of it now.

Part of the hurt you feel is not being safe in your own place. You have to decide that's over. This party is just a big fun time where we can play. There's nothing all scary or bad here.

The Dreams show me Candyland stuff, as if to say they agree with her.

[!] Your pain is almost out. All the big hard stuff is done now.

Gravel, apple, rolling pin.

Like make pie? You use washed gravel to hold pie crusts down. Yes apparently.

I don't wanna like have to get people before they have time to freak out. I want to be accepted for once. That's what was really wrong with all those implantings at Olympic Pizza and why I couldn't learn the lesson. If Boobsong is right we won't have to go into this party like that.

Pie server, phaser, toasting marshmallows.

What would I do to this sign if I thought they were just waiting for their goddess to come and get the party started, like the croquet players seemed?

That seems to pull on stuff, like this isn't the first one of this.

I remember a little bit of a birthday at the Stamford house, with rainbow streamers hanging up, but it wants to be the door to something else...a girl in a white gown with a flower wreath on her head come to mind. She's firelit, throwing a bouquet. A big tree, a hedge with rainbow streamers woven in it, sometimes daddy's there, picnics with wine in those basket bottles, firelight. They looove bonfires. The same girl again. She reminds me a little of mother. She's with a boy. Must be all one occasion. They drove off in a Porsche with balloons tied to the back--hold up, the Porsche is the same color as the boy's very odd for a wedding mechanic's coveralls. HMMM. Namely darkish grey, heh. Heartforming will out your secrets, hehe. Was that, what, a party for her implanting? I mean if you can plan it, that's a romantic idea! Gravel. Like a little patch of it looking almost sacred or something. What is that, element of some garden party garden--ooh. Blush.

Here are big silver planters, the house was on a hill somewhere, I remember the clear blue sky at dusk, the house was all cute, dad-like guy poofs real fast leaving just the daughter out there. She's in overalls. I forget what we did for her except I think it involved a tire swing. Yeah because being pushed in it figured big. That one was adorable. 

Fancy picture frame. Everything's all period. Is this the archbishop's party? Same liquor being poured. It's a bar of some kind, the picture frame's around the big mirror behind the bar, we're in a basement. Martinis poured. Pool tables--yes. It's the archbishop very snuggifully instructing her heartchild in pool. I've got Boobsong over my shoulder in Bow form, like as formalwear. Lonely looking guy in the corner of another bar looks like a likely target. We did a lot of hunting in places like arcades and stuff.

How did the Bow work? Is that just a metaphor? I see a Famicom with a cheering crowd in front when think about it. I think that means it encouraged you to play the game, like, what I did with Revelation readers, compelled to seek a dreamskin. That's what I've been remembering. I think somehow I thought or we thought giving people a journey was better than just knocking them into a trance like Narnia. I suppose with us being there we'd be a good dreamskin.

Shot a guy doing graffiti once (my tentacles would let you if your art was good, or even point out spots that needed a little color). He got like a huge paint monster, it was totally metal. I remember his skateboard rolling away as they made out.

What about a time we were invited?

Like a smoked deer leg hanging up. Beaver-eaten trees. Whiskey on a table, looking in the window, a nice bottle of it but the house is very country. Boobsong's glomped to my side for this. We ended up at a Cracker Barrel of all things, but who with? Boobsong feeding me mashed potatoes from beside me...very sweet girl who wore like a fishing hat. Then a fishing hole, she fished with worms, oh and her heartchild could be a bear. I don't think we saw another form. Don't always need one!

Were there groups?

Muahah, very excited girls with candles and a Ouija board, we've just manifested. One actually jumped from the table and bounded into a corner to get bow-shot. She had big curly hair. They always wear like long gowns like they're posing for Romantic paintings, the Venus/Cupid/etc followers. I remember her silly expression as the arrow hit. It feels good. Her face was all whoah, hehe.

This is a Heart Church it looks like--oh of course. It's a big one, lots of people. They're here to see us and implant. Now it's empty and I'm showing off Boobsong onstage there, rehearsing!? No wait, this is an empty music hall. Girl got a literal instrument heartchild, I remember how they tried out violin and xylophone sitting right there in the front row after implanting from my antics onstage with Boobsong.

This is more like it. Like, setting, and stuff, instead of today's battlefield medicine (though Olympic Pizza was probably a properly epic place for green dragon girl, and Dove). We liked to be romantic. If the partiers wanna, this gives me ideas.

There must have been more than just compulsion in the arrows. Like surely a compass or so. Um. Oh they'd force you to get sexy, too. When you hit on a good dreamskin there's no ignoring it, up to and including bringing yourself off--though the compulsion lets go the minute it's clear this isn't the one. They strip away the defenses and self control people usually have against things that'd dreamskin them, but even just the lack of responsibility can make things so much easier. Oh and the arrows also have Prettify Candy in them, which of course can give some gender wham lines (like, it's getting shot with Cupid's Bow, this is the results way, not the gentle way).

More sorcerers? They were always fun. I remember always smiling to see magickal stuff.

Like a cave kind of place. Red candle in a triangular holder with magickal script on an altar against the wall. It blows out as we manifest so now I'm the lights. Two goth kids kneeling to get shot, they have a silver bowl, black lipstick and corpsepaint, they went all the way. We didn't shoot them, though, I like without a word turned Boobsong big and made her suck me off right there. Worked a treat, and so much more metal than just getting shot with a bow. I loved kids like that because I got to be the totally wicked thing their parents always warned about with all that devilish magick stuff happening, and have it be as awesome as they thought.

Okay but the other end, did we ever get frilly love-and-light new-agers? Yeah Porsche girl and the Ouija club, but...

Like some kind of chapel thingy in the woods, but it's all glass and wood, I don't think this is a Heart Church though. Two girls exchanging wreaths, to put on each other's heads. Muahah the eravhak thing just turned into a literal remote control with these two. Cute. And everyone wears those fizzbubbling gowns! It must be Pamela Coleman Smith's fault. Boobsong and me are watching this from the "congregation", these were a Bow case so we weren't there for implantation but they invited us to their ceremony.

I think I know what to do with the sign, but there's like, something else.

This is something with daddy...like the oddest vision of the girl from the hilltop house handing out player-piano rolls from a basket. That's got to be a metaphor. So have the fig seeds. She went on to implant lots of people too. Maybe that's just sheet music, or some other kind of dreamskins. Daddy here, oh is she just at a church service? Like not a Heart Church. Yeah. Their church is daddified in my memory, with black walls but lots of white glow and a big picture of him at the front. I think her heartchild turned into a songbook. They were followers of daddy, but they had silver planters in honor of Boobsong (or I wouldn't have bothered remembering the landscaping).

Okay so the sign.

I have the basics and what to say but I think it's boring. They called for Venus, they should get a party. Ideas, cocksleeve!

[opening window] [bus] . [dragon Boobsong] [runway lines]. [stage trestles] [dragon foot].  [bat'leth].

You are such a fucking genius. I didn't even think of adding stuff.

What about changing the sign, then? Purple checkmark. Okay. I'm right about this needing a dash of uppity goddess then.

So what are we actually doing. Dragon rides seem epically appropriate? Ask daddy apparently, hm.

So daddy how are we doing this busride thing? I'm confused on whether it's important everybody rides your bus, but I wanna advertise at the gates here, like just for fun.

I'll send one departing from here, with space enough for everyone. If they ask you for rides, give them, or be welcome on my tour.

Forget pain here. You are truly right outside the ending of your heart healing.

Thanks, daddy. I needed that. This has hurt so much. I guess it's really something if I can cry on your shoulder about it but owie.

I know what we're doing, though. We're gonna give a dragon ride, but there's gonna be a dress code.

Knowing you got back your loves would make me joyful, but you and me as old times will make my heart expand with love until I am again the greatest.

Hehe whoever's in third place just got a lot taller mountain to climb, then, because it's going to do the same to me. I've missed you, daddy.

Our family are the far top of misty peaks to most stars. Bet'l is the next largest, but Lucifer more bright.

OH! The Real Big Huge Club! Wait if you were back before you must have been in. I seem to remember you as Mr. Bigstuff, like because you have a pretty good answer to the song's question. Is that right?

That was my name. Yours was not Miss Photons, though that's a fun one.

Frazzlepops, I thought that didn't fit. Uhm. Miss Supersized. Yes!

There you are. Top of the astral plane, Rainbow Darkshine Strawberry, Heir to the Strawberry Empire, Firstborn Among Them, Miss Very Nice Boobs Says her Cocksleeve, Great Smelling Cum Says Everyone, Lucy the Zeroth, Fairy Heartplease of Sugarfeast, Miss Supersized, and Mistress of StarFox.

Okay that makes me smile. Now I can't remember if you had titles or just like to be Aveh! Can I have a nudge please? I mean you'll always be daddy to me until you say otherwise.

Aveh, the one name--and Mr. Bigstuff. Daddy, to you.

Last Crusade, say the Dreams, oddly--I mean that gives me great joke for daddy, is that all? No. Cooling? Oh as in chillout. Like take a minute, before I do the sign? No. After? Yes. Sweet reunions. In the tent.

Okay. Here we go, then.

That would've saved Indy some trouble.

He would have had more fun with your name. Perhaps a waltz would do it.

Hehe...although maybe breakdancing would be more right. Oh but the clue was name of the savior. If that's MY savior, he'd have had a great time figuring out why it didn't start H, E...

He would have a long trip to spell mine's name.

Daddy...okay making the sign. I'll leave my projector with an open port so you can tweak it or add stuff if you want.  Love you.

[Vision: heart sign]

Okay, well now I'm crying.

So this sign. See what to do, Acme Station?

Yes. [smiles] [lashy tail]

Click, reforge.

Then I break out of bullet time, and nudge Boobsong's nose right up to the sign, give the gold heart a big hug, and glow bright.

Yes to the heart, too. Sweet. I Lens out a bunch of IR in the right places to slowly melt the letters, and make my breasts gold-meltingly hot, but not my arms. Smoke rises as my boobs sink into the softening heart. I pet it, comforting, and kiss the top like I'm kissing a lover on the head. Everything's okay now, heart.

[diner guy saying order up]

Hehe. With a kind pat, I step back from the heart and thumbstick Boobsong back a little to see my hehe booblywork. An impression of my breasts is melted into the heart, and Boobsong has rewritten the sign, complete with astrological symbols for Ouranos and Venus:

♅ Cupid's Answer ♀

I nod to myself, kick off to hover, and click Bow. Boobsong transforming-cogs hugely behind me, and then a white shape arcs over my shoulder and I catch it in my left hand and she unfolds the shining silver tips of her bow shape from the round-capped servo joints at the ends of her handle part that's white metal and black heartstone cushioning for me to hold and to give some extra Transformersy flair. She locks them into place, the Painted Sea we've gotten on us throws a ting of four-pointed sparkle up one of her tips, and a line of purple energy appears between them.

I fly up and line up on the heart so I'll be shooting the arrow in the traditional spot, and reach over my shoulder to make an arrow...and this takes a little courage. I just intend it to be made of light until settled in the heart, make the heart slowly transform to raibow-shining gemstone, and look real cool and appropriate to this.

My hand comes out from behind my back holding a streak of sunshine like you see squinting at her disc. I nock it in the square firing-hole through Boobsong's handle, sight through the sight on her side at the heart, and draw, and gasp as she squeezes the light out of me to power the shot, which fills up the inside of her arc with coruscating rainbow shine, and makes her "string" burn the same way.

That felt awesome. I love how all this stuff makes me so dramatic. I take a moment to enjoy how this squishes my breasts--me with a bow is not at all practical, but that just makes it better--make sure I've got this just right with a blip of third person, and let the arrow fly.

There's a blinding flash, a cheer goes up from the crowd that's gathered apparently, rainbow sparkles blow back from Boobsong's release, and when the arrow strikes an explosion of hot pink goo-sparks bursts out everywhere, splattering the crowd, who look at it on their clothes as it disappears. 

I fly back down in front to see a shining copper arrow stuck through the heart, with a tulip for feathers, and heart-shaped head...with cute little devil-horns. Foreshadowing, muahah. Perfect. With a grin--okay here goes. Ting, ting, ting, two banners hanging at either side of the gate and a hologram above it. They'll advertise how we thought about, with the shocking edge of modern style I want but friendly invitations, and at least one silver-and-black themed.

The banners roll down, and animated images start dancing over the heart. Oh the banners are animated, too! They've decided to be kind of "spelled in lights" or maybe eighties jumbotron, lowish resolution but highly animated. The left one is advertising a dragon ride through the stars, the right has me leaning on Bow-form Boobsong, then picking her up to fire, and above, Earth, then the solar system, and line rising out of it to golden gates animate.

Perfect. This is so great.

I fold my wings suddenly and Ghost In The Shell down in front of the gate. People are lining the path. I stand, blow them a kiss, spin and blow the crowd in the street a kiss, then sashay through the gates and head right for the tent and push through the flaps to its cozy inside.

There they all are. The tent's full of cushions, and on them are my girlfriends, all laid out just lazing there. Pussy's front and center, up like a cat about to pounce, the Lucys are snuggling and making out on a tall soft something that's much less interesting than watching Lucys make out face to face while they pump their dollified Lyras who've joined hands to brace against each other, fucking sensually. Bombshell sees me and I smile and she gets up to collect a very owed kiss, Snowlight and Magic are making out next to where she was, Sex next to them has a little black mirror in front of her face and a hand in her pussy, Candy's found herself a Strawberry-colors green-and-white cheerleader outfit and is on her tummy looking at something with Copper's bare beautiful ass beside her (must be cards time).

Everyone has their right toonshading and everything. And is naked except Candy. I could spend a thousand years in here.

"I love you all so much."